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Is the Alt-Right Fascist?

My Quora answer. Oh Hell yeah a lot of them are fascist! The non-fash wings would be the Manosphere and the HBD folks, but one thing that was loud and clear to me after years on the Alt Right is how fash these guys are. I kept telling myself it wasn’t true because I didn’t want to believe it, but at some point, I could no longer lie to myself about it. The fascism reaches out of the screen and punches you right in the face, that’s how bold and up front it is. Anybody who denies the fascism on this scene is going damage control or out and out lying.

Most of the real hardcore wings of the Alt Right are absolutely fascist and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. The movement as a whole is fascist as Hell. How do I know this? I have spent years observing the scene, though I am not an Alt Rightist.

However, the moderate wings of the Alt Right like American Renaissance and especially Breitbart are not particularly fascist, or maybe they are fascist in sort of a “Donald Trump fascist” sort of way, if you think Trump is a fascist.

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Has the Alt-Right Taken Over the Republican Party?

My answer on Quora. There were another two nice answers after mine.

If you consider the Breitbart wing of the Alt Right to be the Alt Right then yes, the Breitbart Alt Right is the Republican Party, or at least the Trump campaign. Keep in mind though that the Breitbart wing is on the far moderate end of the Alt Right and as you start getting away from that wing, you start getting into some very nasty stuff.

The Breitbart wing is the Trump campaign. The Trump campaign is the Breitbart people. But really Breitbart is not a whole lot different from World Net Daily (especially) and Free Republic. Really there is almost no difference between WND and Breitbart. The Republican Party has been going nuts for some time now.

But as far as the real ugly stuff to the right of WND and Breitbart, I do not think that this thinking has taken over Trump’s campaign much less the Party.

No. The Republicans this year have been taken over by various people angry at loss of the middle class, job loss to overseas, and people in the Dem party caring only about immigrants and the “disadvantaged.” Which is largely not middle America.

They KNOW Trump is nuts. They are too angry to care.

This is a superb answer that explains the Trump phenomenon excellently. I could not have summed it up better. This really is what is going on. Exactly.

The Alt-Right component of the GOP has certainly been given its head during this cycle. It’s what has propelled Trump into his current status as nominee. As the years have gone by and moderates have trickled out of the party, the remaining Alt-Right membership has gotten more prominent by default. The party leadership is obviously of two minds about it. On one hand, they’re grateful at this point for votes, any votes, because the old stalwarts of the evangelical right have been less reliable of late. But the Alt-Righters are an embarrassment and give moderates and swing voters even more reasons to run away.

The Alt-Right has also gained more prominence due to the decline of party influence in Congress, which at one time could exert downward pressure on members who were too far outside the mainstream. No longer. Trump isn’t an outlier in the party anymore; he’s just the logical extension of the warfare within the GOP that’s been whittling away moderates for many years. The Alt-Righters have always been there; it’s just that now they’re about all that’s left of the Republican energy. There are plenty of GOP’ers who aren’t in the Alt-Right camp, but they’re being sidelined so as to give The Donald a clear run. It’s anybody guess what they’ll do from here.

Another absolutely fantastic answer. The part about the evangelicals not being as reliable anymore is great. The evangelicals were not really with Trump. That’s a misconception. They were with Cruz and Rubio. Also the rural US was not with Trump either. That is another huge misconception – that it’s rural hicks like TRASH talks about that are the Trump base. The rural areas went for Rubio and Cruz. It is mostly exurbs in the Northeast and Rust Belt that gave Trump his votes. He also won the big cities in the same region. He carried entire states in the Rust Belt. That’s where Trump’s real power is coming from.

Trump has pretty much traded in the evangelicals for this new Alt-Right type base. The Republican Party obviously created this whole Trump phenomenon with their decades of dog-whistling. But these people are arrogant and they thought that they could just dog-whistle away and get votes and never really have to pay the piper or cash in the chips at the end. The used the Religious Right in the same way. These elites just wanted their votes. They never intended to actually put in this Christian Dominionist clerical rule that the Christo-fash want. They thought they could just cynically use these people and run on their issues without ever having to implement any of these Christian Right projects because the people who run the party never supported the hard Christian Right projects. They are just rich men who mostly want their daughters, wives or sisters to be able to access abortion.

They used the anti-illegal immigrant crowd in the same way. These elites ranted and raved about illegal immigration, but they never intended to do anything about it.

At this point, the Trump genie is out of control. They created this monster by their arrogance and cynicism and now they have no idea what to do with it.


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Alt Left in the National News!

Well I am copying this from Rabbit’s fantastic blog. Rabbit of course is one of the pioneers of the Alt Left. Rabbit says his traffic has gone through the roof today apparently with folks searching for Alt Left. I do not think that the Alt Left really got mentioned in the news today. Instead what happened was that Hitlery gave a speech denouncing the Alt-Right and tying Trump to it. Now the national news is all abuzz with “What the Hell is the Alt Right?” stories, which of course will probably give these guys a huge shot in the arm.

So what is happening is that everyone is writing about the Alt Right today and no one is writing about the Alt Left. But that’s ok! In fact, Trump did mention the Alt-Left briefly when he said, “There is no Alt-Right or Alt-Left…we are just spreading love.”

Rabbit sort of has his own little wing or tendency in the movement. I see this as a multi-tendency movement with some general lines to be drawn around the tent that you have to fit into before you can be let in. Rabbit’s wing is much more racially oriented than I am. Rabbit is almost a Left White nationalist, or at least he hobnobs with them a lot. Anyway, he is quite unabashedly pro-White.

Whereas I would like to bring non-Whites into my wing of the Alt Left. My wing would be for anyone who is basically progressive or liberal especially on economics who has been driven up to here with the idiot antics of the Cultural Left Freakshow. So we are sort of the Old Left before all the Identity Politics insanity came in in the 1960’s. I would say though that non-Whites in my wing cannot hate White people. They have to like White people.

If I am against anything, I am against the constant demonization and bashing of Whites. I like Whites. I like my people. I like White culture. I like my culture. We are not bad people. Actually I think we are good people. I also think that White culture is worth saving. Even if White people go out, I would like to see non-Whites carrying on with the best of White culture.

Alternative Left! Alternative Left! Alternative Left! Alternative Left! Alternative Left! Alternative Left! Alternative Left! Alternative Left!

W e w lads!

Well, traffic to this site is booming after Hillary’s speech and the subsequent media coverage. I’ve noticed lately that a lot of oblivious idiots have started using the term “altleft” recently without bothering to google it or do any research as to how it emerged. It’s like they just wake up one day and start identifying as something without even checking to see if it already exists. The AltLeft originated with those of us race realists who rejected the anti-white social justice prioritization of the postmodern left and also understand that racial differences are real and acknowledge that multiculturalism transforms society in undesirable ways.

People like Bernie Sanders and Jill Stein are not “altleft” because they represent the dominant ethos. They parrot all the same social justice crap about “black lives matter” and promote mass immigration from the third world(which makes social programs, population control and resource conservation that much more unworkable.) Identity politics aren’t going away, and only whites think in terms of “colorblindness.” Other groups(with rare exceptions) simply work in their own ethnic interests unapologetically. Demographics matter for the future. That’s reality, though we don’t all agree on solutions.

So before you go on Twitter and change your twitter bio to “AltLeft” or create another misinformed altleft Facebook group, maybe read a few blog posts/manifestos here and on Robert Lindsay’s blog to get an idea if you really want to be associated with this label.


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Confirmatory Bias: The Normative Mode of Human Thinking

I have noticed something funny. Back when some polls showed Humphrey Trumpey ahead, the Alt Right was going berserk. They were all insisting that Drumpf was 100% sure to win while they patted themselves on the back.

Now that recent polls show Hitlery beating Drumpf by double digits, suddenly the polls can never be trusted because polls are wrong, polls don’t mean anything and polls cannot be trusted. In other words, when Drumpf was ahead, the polls were all correct, but when he is behind, the polls are suddenly all wrong.

I think this is called confirmatory bias. Confirmatory bias is the basic mode of human thinking. People’s minds are pretty funny. People don’t believe what is true. People could care less what is true. To most people, “truth” means “whatever statements make me feel good or support my ideology.” These feel-good statements become “facts.” Falsehood or lies means “whatever statements make me feel bad or contradict my ideology.” These feel-bad statements become “lies.” This is really the way that the human mind operates. Most people I know think this way.

People can’t handle cognitive dissonance. My guy is always 100% good. Their guy or team is always 100% bad. I know hardline Democrats who feel this way. Everything a Democratic President does is automatically good, no matter how awful or reactionary. We have to support him 100%. We can’t oppose a single thing he does. It’s all or nothing.

And their attitude about Republicans is that Republicans are 100% wrong, in general. They never credit Republicans with anything.

Most people use this tactic in arguments. I often “lose” arguments because I freely admit that my side does bad things. My opponent then jumps up and seizes on this as, “Hah! Even you admit that your team is the bad guys!” And of course they never concede one point about their side. Their side is always 100% good. But they “win” the argument because the result of the argument was that their side was 100% good (because they said so), and my side was only 80% good and even I admitted that my side did some bad things. 0% bad beats 20% bad every time.

You see, they can’t handle the idea that their side is even 99% good and 1% bad. That screws up everything and causes confusion. The only way to fight the confusion is to say that their side is 100% good. Because once you start admitting that your side is at least a little bit bad, people feel bad for supporting bad guys. Also people start to wonder if they should really be supporting a side that is somewhat bad. Are they really only somewhat bad?

Same thing holds for the opposing side. The opposing side cannot be given any credit. Once you say they are 1% good, everything is trashed. So the opposing side has to be 100% bad. That way you can support the good guys and oppose the bad guys, which is really what most people want to do.

I infuriate people because I break through this all good versus all bad thinking. I just pour cold water all over that concept. That is why people say my ideology is “incoherent.” It’s “incoherent” because I am more rightwing on some things and more leftwing on others and maybe more centrist on other stuff. That boils down to “incoherence.” If you’re Left, you’re all Left. If you’re Centrist, you’re all Centrist. If you’re Right, you’re all Right. This is the only way to be non-contradictory and coherent.

Most humans think this way. This is the way humans think. Just get used to it. I have known people who have gifted to genius IQ’s from 130-150, and they thought this way as much as anyone. I do not really think that smart people are any more open-minded than anyone else. Smart people are prone to the same bullshit thinking that everyone else is.

Humans just can’t deal with ambiguity and grey areas. It causes anxiety and makes them wonder if their views are really correct. Are the good guys really the good guys? Are the bad guys really the bad guys? Am I rooting for the right team? These thoughts are confusing and cause anxiety, so most people don’t want to think them. So they do the Manichean thing and avoid all of the confusing uncertainty.


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Alan Greenspan the Libertarian Ayn Rand Acolyte Who Wrecked America

And for all you anti-Semites out there who like to see Jews as society wreckers, yes, Alan Greenspan is a Jew. Sort of a Murray Rothbard (Jew), Frederick Hayek (Jew), Ludwig Von Mises (Jew), Ayn Rand (Jew), Milton Freedman (Jew), Jeffrey Sacks (Jew) type, but a Jew nonetheless. What that has to do with anything, I have no idea, but I know that Libertarianism, like Neoconservatism, is a largely Jewish philosophy or at least a movement that was birthed by Jews, like a number of other 20th Century movements. Now what Libertarianism has to do with the Jews or how it benefits the Jews, I have no idea.

I do know that Jews are radicals. They are always trying to upset the apple cart or redraw the circle no matter where they are on Earth. They’re sort of “born revolutionaries” people with “fanaticism in their hearts” as both Cicero and Voltaire noted.

Kevin MacDonald also noted that Jews tended to be attracted to extreme, radical, or revolutionary movements and that Jewish politics tended to be characterized by a sort of fanaticism. This was noted over a century ago in the ghettos of Galicia. Those Jews were dirt poor, but they were still susceptible to fanatical politics usually cooked up by rabbis and then driven to greater and greater extremes by people fanning the flames. There was also a tremendous amount of “totalitarian” peer pressure applied (calling people self-haters) such that most Jews, even those leery of the Fanaticism Du Jour, eventually were brought into line.

Jews are also sort of born rebels, which may be the same thing as born revolutionaries.

As a Jewish girlfriend told me when I suggested that,

Yes, we are always rebelling. We rebel, the rebellion gets crushed, lots of us get killed, we don’t learn our lesson and then later we do it again, and the cycle repeats.

Jews were staging revolutions as far back as 2,000 years ago with the wild and fanatical Maccabee Revolt and the even more fanatical, suicidal vicious and brutal Bar Khokba Revolt.

From the Net:

The Warning” – Alan Greenspan’s deployment of Ayn Rand’s version of Austrian School objectivism, libertarianism, and its catastrophic moving aside of regulation.

Very few people wanted to take him on because he knew so much more than they did and if he didn’t he certainly appeared to. Alan Greenspan was looked-upon as the great Wizard – nobody understood what he said, but he said it in such a way that everybody bought it.

It started back in the Ford Administration.

Alan Greenspan was a financial consultant who was hired by Gerald Ford, first to be head of his council on economic advisors in the 1970’s

…he had made himself rich on Wall Street and embraced an unusual guru…Any Rand.

Greenspan is a disciple. She is the great champion of government as a destructive force that just gets in the way.

Rand, “I am opposed to all forms of control, I am for laissez-faire, I am for a completely free unregulated economy…let me put it briefly, I am for the separation of state and economics.”

He had a very clear ideology. His philosophy was in the form of what would be called “libertarianism”

Those who do well prosper, those who do not fail and the market clears the transactions.

It was a philosophy made to order for Ronald Reagan.

“Government is not the solution to our problem, government is the problem.” – Reagan

in 1987, Reagan made Greenspan the most powerful banker in the world.

Greenspan was a believer in Ayn Rand, a believer in free market, a little bit curious for a central banker because what is central banking? It’s a massive intervention in the market, setting interest rates.

Greenspan worried about the contradiction, he knew that he was sworn to abide many laws of the land which he believed to be wrong…“I had long since made up my mind to engage in reforms of capitalism as an insider, rather than as a critical pamphleteer.”

He intended to do as little as he could in terms of regulation and he proceeded to do just that.

…The Chairman of The Federal Reserve (a regulatory body that now had at its head a Chairman opening its gates)

When Clinton was elected, he asked Alan Greenspan to stay-on.

Clinton also announced that he would “ask Robert Rubin to serve as the assistant to the President for economic policy.”

The Glass-Steagall Act was repealed under Clinton’s administration: The act did away with the separation of commercial and private banking – allowing investment bankers to use private money, to gamble with the money of private citizens.

Rubin was the best known financier at that point because he had run the legendary Goldman-Sachs.

Bob Rubin was Clinton’s emissary to Wall street and Clinton placed a great deal of trust in Bob Rubin’s knowledge of financial markets and financial regulation.

He had an enormous amount of credibility because he was a business success; and Democratic administrations always seemed to worship people who could excel in business.

And at the White House and as Treasury Secretary, Rubin found an “unlikely” ally.

Bob Rubin and Alan Greenspan had very similar views on Wall Street: it boiled-down to ‘the less regulation the better’

Rubin populated the White House with a network of free market true believers; including Timothy Geitner and Larry Summers.

“The market will take care of everything and regulation will be counter productive.”

Brooksley Born, regulatory interventionist:

Clinton was presented with the opportunity to hire market interventionist Brooksley Born as Attorney General of The US but hired Janet Reno instead. He is said not to have hired Born because he found her “boring.”

Born was given a role of running the obscure CFTC (Commodities and Futures Trading Commission) …. from there she remained a representative of regulation and was invited by Greenspan to lunch.

It didn’t take long for Born to realize that she and Chairman Greenspan were not going to see eye to eye.

He said something to the effect of, “Brooksley, we are never going to agree on fraud.”

She said, “well what do you mean?”

He said, “You probably think there should be rules against it.”

She said, “Well, yes, I do.”

He said, “You know, I think the market will figure it out, and take care of the fraudsters.”

Brooksely Born, as a derivatives expert, saw the catastrophe ahead and tried to challenge this and Rubin told her that she “didn’t understand the law”

SEC Chairman Arthur Levitt had been personally lobbied to shut Born down in her challenge to this.

And then it was Alan Greenspan’s turn:

He was adamant that this was a serious mistake, that it would cause significant damage to the financial services market and that she should stop.

Rubin, Greenspan, Levitt attack..

They were believed by Congress, 90% of whom did not know what a derivative is, they only knew that these (((guys))) seem very smart and they say that if we do this it will be a disaster.

Born responds, “we’re trying to protect the money of the American public, which is at risk in these markets.”

She had no support anywhere.

They banish her powers.

In the aftermath of the 2008 crisis it would be hoped that people would see what went wrong and say, “let’s fix it”…but…it may well be that we’ve passed that critical moment and the necessary reforms will be much more difficult to come by.

Born concludes, “I think we will have continuing dangers from these markets and we will have repeats of the financial crisis of 2008 ..they may differ in details but there will be significant financial downturns and disasters attributed to this regulatory gap, over and over until we learn from experience.


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Chavismo Must Stop the Economic Bleeding

This is one of the most sensible articles I have read on the Venezuela economic crisis yet. The first three proposals will be bitter pills to swallow, but they need to be done. Apparently those subsidies, put in as popular redistribution methods by the government in which the government enacted subsidies enabling many things to be sold below cost with the state making up the difference, can no longer be afforded. They were great at a fantastic growth in the standard of living (before the economic crisis) of the lower classes, but they have to go.

The problem will be getting it through the Opposition controlled Legislature. The Opposition’s screams about the terrible state of the economy ring hollow because every time Maduro goes to the Legislature to offer plans to deal with the economic crisis, the Opposition refuses to enact any of them. That is correct. The Opposition refuses to do even one tiny thing to try to deal with the economic crisis. This is highly suggestive that they are part of the crisis themselves and that in part it is manufactured.

Obviously the Opposition wants the economy to tank as much as possible and for the crisis to go on as long as possible because they see the crisis as good propaganda that “Chavismo doesn’t work.” Also the crisis offers them a perfect chance to throw out the government. In this way, they are similar to US Republicans who blocked everything Obama tried to do apparently in an effort to make his Presidency fail.

You guys wonder why I hate capitalists and rightwingers. Well, the Venezuelan Opposition are capitalists and rightwingers. The US Republican Party are capitalists and rightwingers. If you ask me, capitalists and rightwingers are literally the worst people on Earth. I do not care how well capitalism works. That is not my concern. My problem is not so much with capitalism as with capitalists, the people who engage in the activity. The system can work reasonably well with a lot of socialism to make it go down easier, but the people who run the system are simply pond scum. They’re horrific and despicable human beings. I’m starting to see why Stalin shot them.

Chavismo Must Stop the Economic Bleeding

By Joe Emersberger – Telesur English
July 20th 2016

A special economic team convened by UNASUR, part of its effort to promote dialog between the Venezuelan opposition and Maduro’s government, has put together a detailed plan to lead Venezuela out of its worsening economic crisis. The key features of the plan are listed below:

  • A unification and clean float of the currency that should be implemented immediately.
  • Gradual lifting of price controls over an 18 month period.
  • Gradual lifting of all energy subsidies (not just gasoline) over an 18 month period.
  • Implement direct government subsidies to consumers, preferably universal subsidies, through an electronic discount card.
  • The indexing of all salaries to the monthly inflation rate for 18 months or until single digit inflation is achieved if that happens first.
  • A thorough and transparent audit of government assets so that non-strategic assets can be sold to finance the plan but also so that options for external financing become available.
  • The introduction of financial transaction and wealth taxes.

Implementation of an employment program to help people whose informal work (for example standing in lines to buy then resell price-controlled products) is eliminated through this plan. It would cost about 1 percent of GDP and would be financed with the taxes proposed above.

The first three proposals eliminate indirect subsidies which make certain products (and U.S. dollars) cheap for those lucky enough to get them. UNASUR’s team advises that the government support people’s incomes directly instead.

The first three proposals would be the most controversial to the Chavista base and to the Venezuelan left. The plan would be denounced by many as an IMF-style “paquetazo” as the IMF’s destructive policy recommendations have come to be known in Latin America. The left gained power throughout the region in the twenty-first century primarily because of the devastation caused by governments that followed IMF orders during the 1980-2000 period. It is not hard to see the huge political risk of doing things that look like backsliding or betrayal, but this plan is not in any way a return to IMF imposed neoliberalism.

Over the past three years, the costs of Venezuela’s indirect subsidies have not only skyrocketed, they have also largely failed to protect the poor, especially after oil prices collapsed near the end of 2014 but even for about a year before oil prices plummeted. UNASUR’s economic team estimates that Venezuela’s indirect subsidies cost the government anywhere from 11 to 17 percent of GDP.

To get a sense of how huge that is, consider that the United States presently spends about 3 percent of GDP on the Pentagon budget. The Venezuelan economy is being bled dry by massive indirect subsidies that do not work. UNASUR’s plan would stop the bleeding. It would replace outrageously costly and inefficient indirect subsidies with vastly more effective direct subsidies.

The UNASUR team does not address long term problems with Venezuela’s economy that have tended to confuse people about the immediate crisis it faces. Venezuela, like all developing countries, needs to diversify away from oil, and increase productivity generally in order to achieve the living standards of developed countries – at least key features of those living standards that should be strived for, like very low infant mortality.

In the Chavista era, the government has only had control over its state oil company, its main source of export revenue and hard currency, since about 2003, four years after the late Hugo Chavez was first took office. It took South Korea, a country not regarded as an ideological threat to the imperial powers, about 40 years to achieve the living standards of a rich country. It took Cuba about forty years to achieve a lower child mortality rate than the United States – a rich country that is a notorious laggard by that measure.

No “solidarity economy” that seeks to develop local production is going to begin to offset the hemorrhaging of 11 to 17 percent of GDP. There are many factors that go into successful long term planning and development, but no country striving to develop in the long term can afford incredibly wasteful and destabilizing polices in the present – especially in the context of a balance of payments crisis and low oil prices. Admonishing the Venezuelan government about long term planning and diversification is like talking to person with a serious stab wound about diet and exercise. The priority must be to stop the bleeding.

Venezuela’s Vice President has recently made remarks indicating that he understands and supports the nature of the UNASUR plan. It has never been totally clear if the government has allowed things to get so far out of hand as a result of political fears or from lack of understanding. People who have years of experience among grassroots Chavistas do not report that pressure from the government’s base will make them implement UNASUR’s plan. The base, it appears, do not know about the plan and would be probably misled about it by many grassroots leaders who would see it as a betrayal of Chavismo.

The government relies heavily on grassroots leaders during elections but that is no excuse for inaction. Moreover, as the UNASUR team points out, Venezuela has already made painful adjustments over the past few years through a huge reductions in imports. It could therefore very quickly deliver the benefits of implementing this plan, which is the best way to convince people that is necessary.

All around the world, people must really struggle to get any semblance of economic literacy. This is not a problem unique to Venezuela or to the left in Venezuela. The global economy was tanked in 2009 by massive housing bubbles in rich countries that “experts” failed to warn people about. Governments and big financial interests then took advantage of public ignorance again to make working people pay for the disaster.

People who care about the success of progressive change in Venezuela – and in Latin America – must do all they can to ensure that huge self-inflicted problems are avoided. Progressive governments will face extreme hostility abroad and at home during the best of times. They can least afford to make such serious mistakes.

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US Foreign Policy 1946-2016 in a Nutshell: Kill the “Communists”

The US foreign policy line since 1946 with regard to other governments particularly in Latin America, is that anything leftwing in the economy, including government schools, state health care, land reform, labor regulations, labor unions, the minimum wage, and any and all redistribution of wealth programs is all Communism. We have murdered or helped murder millions of people since 1946 after calling them Communists for doing a land reform or raising the minimum wage.

The US has also murdered or helped murder thousands of labor union members and leaders because the US line since 1946 is that labor unions are Communism. Hence all members of unions and especially their leaders are Communists.

The US line since 1946 is that all of these leftwing movements must be suppressed in one way or another, and anyone standing in the way, such as community leaders, labor union members, students, peasants, and native American tribe members are all Communists and are subject to harassment, arrest, beating, firings, torture, imprisonment, and especially murder.

The US, the land of freedom, has murdered or helped murder hundreds of thousands of the people listed above, since according to the US, they were all Communists, and Communists need to be killed. Even with the end of the Cold War, we are still murdering or helping to murder thousands of these people every year after calling them Communists.

This “kill the Communists” campaign is one of thee pillars of US foreign policy for both the Democrats and the Republicans. This project is run out of the Executive Branch, especially the State Department (many of whose employees in embassies are CIA agents), the CIA, the DIA, The National Republican Institute and the National Democratic Institute, USAID, the Foundation for US Labor Reform, and especially the Pentagon.

The Pentagon actually has an institute called the School of the Americas in the US South where they teach this “kill the Communists” philosophy to military officers all over the continent. These officers are trained in how to set up and run rightwing death squads to terrorize the people, or excuse me, the Communists. There are also many courses in advanced torture techniques. Almost all of the worst mass murderers in Latin America since 1946 are School of the Americas graduates.


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Charles Lincoln Commentary on White California RIP: The Death of a Dream

Charles is a very good friend of mine, although he is quite to the right of me politically. Nevertheless, we agree on more things than you would think. I do not agree with his lament about California declining into socialism, since as a socialist, I consider that an upgrade and not a downgrade. Charles is also one of the smartest people I know. He has a PhD in Anthropology and Archeology from Harvard and he also has a law degree. He reblogged my article, White California RIP: The Death of a Dream, with this commentary below. Let me know what you think of it.

Reblogged this on TIERRA LIMPIA by Charles Lincoln and commented:

Robert Lindsay is a raging liberal…far, far, far to the left on most issues. It’s very interesting to see his perspective here…I would beg to differ with him on one point however: Cultural and racial diversity and both unambiguously good, positive features of both biological and cultural evolution as well as world history. I would go so far to say that the generation of diversity is the heartbeat of all kinds of evolution and history.

But the California melting pot (and globalism generally) create the antithesis of diversity. A world of the dichotomous Rich and Poor, of those who shop on the Monte Carlo Riviera, London S.W. 7, Paris Rive Gauche, and Beverly Hills 90210 especially Rodeo Drive, against those who shop exclusively at CVS, Target, and Walmart, is not an evolving world. It is a frozen world. A world where all cultures come together and become one, a world where all races come together and become one, is standing at the end of history in my opinion.

California does seem to me to be in an apocalyptic moment, about to fall, willingly, into a millennium of degraded human slavery called Socialism. Governor Brown, A.G. Harris and Senators Boxer and Feinstein are the apostles and acolytes of this Horrible Brave New World. The California soup is now so dark…there is no room for light.

Even during my high school years in the early 1970s, Los Angeles was mostly a White Christian city, with what we then thought was “admirable” tolerance for Buddhists, Jews and Muslims who were still distinct and very small minorities. In fact, it was in the 1980’s that I really saw the change, when I came back with my soon-to-be wife (a Greek-born UCLA cheerleader interested in Maya archaeology), the city was still majority White but Reagan had unleashed the floodgates – yes, Ronald Reagan, whose name is so reviled by the multi-culti crowd…is the one who really did the major damage to White California…


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Pass the Zika Funding Without Impediments!

This is from ActBlue, an organization I am part of. They also call themselves Peace Team and The People’s Email Action Network. These guys are all right. This is the hardcore base of the Democratic Party, if you consider the left wing of the Democratic Party the base of the party. Do you think that is a good definition of the base?

Anyway, the left wing of the Democratic Party is a pretty cool place. I get mails from these folks all the time. What is interesting is that they do not care much about Cultural Left stuff, which they seem to think is a distraction. They are more into the meat and potatoes of policy like economics, public health, etc. The people who write these newsletters are often very smart. Some have legal training and their parsing of recent Supreme Court decisions was superb – easy enough to understand but comprehensive at the same time.

Although these folks have been around long before Sanders, I suppose you could call this the Sanders Wing of the party. Anyway, the left wing of the Democratic Party is a pretty happy home for me, and a lot of people in that wing don’t really care much for Cultural Left stuff.

I actually feel that the Cultural Left stuff is more prominent in the center and right wings of the party (Clintonites) where they push rightwing economics + Cultural Left/Identity Politics BS and call it “progressivism.” What they’ve done is taken the left and shorn it of economics. Where there was once economics and a party of the workers (Democrats) versus the party of big business and the rich (Republicans), now you have two parties of big business and the rich but the Democrats have substituted Cultural Left stuff for the economics that they threw by the wayside.

That’s Ms. Clinton in a nutshell. Hillary made $28 million last year. Isn’t it obvious that she represents her class interests and especially those of her donors? What makes you think this ultra-wealthy woman cares about you and me?

You’ll have to forgive us, folks. We have some strong words to say, and this time it is directed at the Republicans.

What the self-righteous Republicans in Congress are doing, by
obstructing the funds needed to stop the Zika pandemic, is so
treasonous it needs to be called out for what it is.

Here is the petition text:

“What is it with you poison pill Republican obstructionists? Can’t you deal with an emergency public health crisis without an ax to grind for Planned Parenthood for the umpteenth time? Release the Zika defense funds without such strings attached, or in about 6 months your red state bible thumpers will be hollering for their abortions. This is treason!”


The day President Obama was inaugurated the Republicans in Congress swore they would fight to make him a failed president, even to the mortal detriment of the whole rest of the county. The had a big secret meeting and they actually did what they promised.

And this week they are making good on that threat again, by
deliberately leaving us defenseless against the Zika virus invasion about to hit our own shores.

The health care professionals in America are practically apoplectic. There is a reference link on the action page itself talking about their utter despair at the inaction of Congress.

You really need to read it.

The fear is growing that it may already be too late, that we will soon see pictures upon pictures of American babies with shrunken heads, just like in Brazil.

But whereas Brazil has now mobilized to take strong action, the Republicans in Congress sit on their hands, traitors hoping that the horrific tragedy to befall American will somehow inure to their political benefit.

We all know the Republicans can move fast when they really want to.

Boy howdy, when FBI Director Comey said he would need a referral from Congress to investigate whether Hillary Clinton had committed perjury, they had it drafted so fast no Olympic sprinter could have gotten it there any sooner.

But, no. Republicans think they were elected to obstruct and
grandstand, and in particular to stage endless votes on defunding Planned Parenthood, the one national resource we will need most dearly to confront the Zika emergency.

It is beyond reprehensible. And you tell them we said so.


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Robert Stark Interviews Rabbit about Futurism


Great interview. Rabbit is now a regular co-host on Stark’s program, which is great because it gives the Alternative Left more publicity. Also it seems to imply that Stark himself is identifying as Alt Left! Yay! And maybe more of Stark’s guests will start identifying as Alt Left. Wow, looks like we could really start to grow a movement here. I have noticed that Stark’s guests have become more Third Positionists or even “Alt Left-like” in recent months. It’s a great trend!

Really cool interview with Rabbit. Rabbit and Stark discuss me in the last 10 minutes of the show. Rabbit says he thinks that I am afraid to take much of a stand on race because I am afraid of being called a racist. You know what? He is right! I do not want my Alt Left wing to be associated with any sort of real, hardcore racism at all. Forget it. On the other hand, race realism, cultural critique and just straight up honest talk about race is fine.

If it’s just SJW’s calling me racist, I don’t care because they call everyone racist who doesn’t buy the lunatic Cultural Left line on race. And the modern anti-racist movement can burn in Hell. That said, racism does exist and at some point, you are just being a flat out nasty, ugly racist. That sort of thing is wincingly repellent and unacceptable in my book.

Rabbit’s Alt Left wing is much bigger on race, especially being pro-White, than I am. Rabbit for all intents and purposes is some sort of a leftwing White nationalist, or at least he is not afraid to hobnob with such folks. That’s fine for him, but I am going to have to pass. I am not into primarily emphasizing race and I am not a White nationalist. If you are more into being Alt Left in a ore explicitly pro-White sense, then  maybe you want to identify with Rabbit’s wing. Sadly, he does not have a comments section.

In his favor though, I will say that I think Rabbit is a brilliant thinker and a fine writer, and he’s doing something that has needed to be done for a long time.

To me, Alt Left means more left on economics and moderate on social issues (in between the insane Cultural Left and the regressive social conservatives). However, I would still accept people who are economically left and socially conservative. That actually describes a lot of the working class right there and we need to quite turning these people off and shoving them towards the Republican Party.

Rabbit blogs at

Topics include:
Filippo Tommaso Marinetti & Italian Futurism.
Marinetti’s Manifesto of Futurism.
How Futurism emphasized speed, technology, youth, and violence, and objects such as the car, the aeroplane, and the industrial city.
How Hitler’s exhibition on “degenerate art” included Marinetti and other futurists’ work.
Italian Futurism’s connection to fascism and how that led to its marginalization.
How despite that, Italian Futurism had a major influence on culture, art, and architecture, including Cubism and Art Deco.
Antonio Sant’Elia and his Futurist urban vision which inspired the films Metropolis and Blade Runner.
Constantin von Hoffmeister’s National Futurism.
Guillaume Faye’s Archeofuturism.
A Short Trip through the Long View.

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