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In the Electoral Vote, Hillary Won and Trump Lost: The Election Was Rigged Electronically by Republicans


I was wondering about this. The election was hacked again, just like in 2004 when hacking threw the election to Bush and just like in 2006, when hacking threw the election to a Republican Congress.

In 2016, there were two instances of hacking. First of all, the primaries were repeatedly hacked by the Democratic Party, or Hillary, or the DNC, or some Democrats somewhere. Anyway,  the Hillary people repeatedly hacked and rigged primaries electronically all over the land. In every state that did not allow an paper ballot handcount, Hillary’s people hacked the election and threw it a few points in Hillary’s direction. We don’t know it was Hillary. It was Hillary’s people. Is Hillary wicked enough to electronically rig and hack elections to steal them in her favor? I asked myself this many times. Of course she is! Hillary Clinton is stone fucking evil. Sure, Trump is the Devil, but Hillary’s his handmaiden. In the Evil Sweepstakes, this election was always a close call. Personally, Hillary is about as wicked as Trump.

So there were two major computerized election riggings done in 2016: In the primaries, mass computerized rigging and hacking by Hillary Clinton in her primaries against Sanders.

In the General, mass computerized election rigging and hacking in at least Wisconsin, North Carolina, Florida and Pennsylvania, four states with Republican governors. With more apparent hacking and rigging in at at least nine other states.

In other words, this was probably not one of the worst polling failures of all time at all. In fact, the polls were probably fairly accurate. But the polls only measured how people voted. They didn’t measure how those votes would be counted, something they had no way of knowing.


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Not Everyone Who Voted Trump Is a Fascist

Trump himself is absolutely a fascist, all the way. And I would say that quite a few of his followers are headed in that direction also.

But Trump has a lot of other supporters who do not appear to be fascists. Jason discussed many young male Libertarians at his college who support Trump on economic grounds.

  1. Non-fascist wingnuts. I think a lot of wingnuts are actually appalled by seeing fascism real and in the flesh here. These are all of the Republicans speaking out against him during the campaign. These are just corporate and rich types who want their money and nothing else. They see real fascism in Trump and they do not like it.
  2. Non-fascist racists. Trump has a helluva lot of racist supporters, but it’s important to note that not all racists are fascists. Not at all.
  3. Libertarians, often young men.
  4. MRA’s, but with a lot of overlap above.
  5. A few very confused Leftists who need to have their heads examined. On looking into them, most of them are “leftwing racists” and yes there are such a thing.
  6. 1%’ers. Tulio pointed out that a lot of the rich just voted for him to get their tax cut.
  7. Corporate types. As corporatist as Hillary is, I think many corporate types thought Trump would be good for business, and in fact, he will.
  8. Middle class suburban types in flyover country and in the South. They always vote Republican, especially in the South.
  9. Christian fundamentalists. They just want to ban abortion and get their other judicial stuff done. Purely utilitarian. There are indeed quite a few Christofash out there, but many rightwing evangelicals are not fascists at all, and I am convinced that many are not even racist.
  10. Muslim haters. These are the types who go into the voting booth and vote muh fuck Islam. Lot of overlap with a lot of the above, but a lot of people just pull the lever on screw the Muslims.
  11. Aggrieved workers. Many working class people may well have felt that Trump was their only hope as the Democrats for the 1% like Hillary wrote them off long ago. Trump won’t help them either, but at least he’s addressing their concerns. These people are voting against these horrible trade deals.
  12. Opponents of mass immigration and illegal immigration. Of course,  most of these folks are racist as Hell, and there’s a lot of overlap above, but I could see a guy like me going in there and pulling the lever for Trump because I am sick and tired of mass immigration, want to throw out all the illegals and want to slash 95% of the fake guest worker scabs. It’s possible to be against all of these things and not be particularly racist. I don’t think I am all that racist, and I oppose all of this.
  13. American nationalists. Although there is huge overlap above, and the fash component is all these types, I suppose it is possible to be a US nationalist without being a fash or a racist. I get called America hater all the time, but the truth is that I am an American nationalist. I love my country, so it really pisses me off when I see my country acting evil. It’s like love for a wayward son. As a man who loves his country, I want to see my country doing good, not evil. The main reason  I oppose all this mass, illegal and guest worker immigration is it’s bad for country. That’s why I oppose the trade deals too.


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Banning a Lot of Fash This Morning

I am banning fashies, I mean Trumpsters, sorry, this morning. Already banned two little fashies. Anymore of you fashies want to step right up so I can ban your cute little brownshirt asses?

You know how Woodie Guthrie had that sticker on his guitar that said, “This Guitar Kills Fascists.”? Well I feel about the same way towards fash.

Sorry fashies.

No pasaran!


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Please Stop Saying, “Oh Well, It Won’t Be That Bad.”

Willie: Anyhow Trump struck a pretty moderate tone in his victory speech. I predict he pulls a Sarah Palin anyway.

OK, so he talked like Mussolini + Idi Amin the whole time he was on the campaign trail, but now he gave a “moderate” concession speech, so everything is going to be fine?

I really get tired of this, “Oh he won’t be that bad,” stuff. They said it with Reagan, they said it with Bush, they said it with Romney. They were wrong about Reagan and Bush, and they would have been wrong about Romney.

There’s no sense saying, “Oh he won’t be so bad,” about Trump. No one knows what he is going to do, so there is no point predicting.

A conciliatory tone from the most unconciliatory man who ever ran for President? Dubious.

Look man, when people talk like maniacs all during their whole campaign, I take them seriously. All Republicans talk like screeching, bug-eyed, spitting, foaming at the mouth, dangerously mentally ill types during their whole campaigns. I am always stunned by the lunatic shit they say.

And every single election, the liberals I know say, “Oh don’t worry. He won’t be that bad. He’s not going to do any of the crazy stuff he’s talking about. That’s all just talk.”

Reagan and Bush did do all the crazy stuff they talked about and then some, and Romney would have too. With nothing else to go on, I have to take Mr. Trump at his word, which is a very frightening thing indeed.

Come to think of it, on what grounds are people saying, “Oh well, he just talks like a flat-out lunatic. He doesn’t mean any of that stuff.”? Isn’t it bad enough that someone talks like an escaped mental patient with a list of enemies he’s going to kill? I mean, when an insane person is running for President, I would definitely pay attention to what he has to say. When was the last time you pointed to a lunatic on the street and said, “Oh he just talks crazy. He’s really perfectly sane.”?


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Lots of Squeakers

Trump wins:

Trump is winning in Michigan by 12,000 votes. 99% in. Michigan not called yet.

Trump is winning Arizona by 82,000 votes. 98% in. Arizona not called yet.

Trump won Wisconsin by 27,000 votes. 99% in.

Trump won Pennsylvania by 68,000 votes. 99% in.

Hillary wins:

Hillary is winning New Hampshire by 1,000 votes. 100% in. New Hampshire not called yet.

Hillary won Minnesota by 43,000 votes. 100% in.


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Hillary Is Winning the Popular Vote

As of 5:30 AM PST,  Hillary is up by .1% in the popular vote. She is winning by 138,000 votes.

Hillary 59,182,281 votes (47.6%)
Trump 59,044,562 votes (47.5%)


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Is Trump a Fascist? Oh Yes

Nebbie Olpimd: He was openly mocking the #TrumpNazi clown company and making satire. Or so I hope.


Not sure if he’s a Nazi, but he’s definitely a fascist. Or he has fascist tendencies. Or he’s fascist-like. Or however you want to put it. I mean, there’s no argument there at all.

This will be the most fascist President this country has ever had. You guys want to know what fascism looks like? It looks something like this.

This will also be the most openly racist President the country has had in a long time. Way to go, everyone.

He will also be the most openly sexist President this country has had in a long time. This guy is Mr. Misogyny. Way to go, ladies.

And he is the worst President elect this country has ever had by far. I can’t think of anyone worse. Can you?

All you “Hillary is too rightwing” Lefties, you fucked up so bad, man. You have no idea what you just did.


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Who Voted Trump? 100% Rightwingers and Racists, 0% Anyone Else

Every American I know who is voted Trump is either:

A conservative, reactionary, rightwing extremist or fascist.

Those who do not claim they do not fit into those categories (which are very few) are all racists. These are all White people, White men, and they are all voting for Trump on race. They either hate Blacks or Hispanics or both. And furthermore, all of these people identify themselves as rightwing even when they say they are not.

Who did not vote for Trump:

  • I do not know one single person who does not identify as rightwing, conservative, reactionary, rightwing extremist or fascist who voted for Trump. Not one.
  • Almost everyone I know who voted for Trump is White, and almost all of them are men.
  • I do not know any moderate non-racists who voted for Trump.
  • I do not know any non-rightwingers who voted for Trump.
  • I do not know any self-described moderates or leftwingers who voted for Trump.
  • I do not know any Blacks who voted for Trump.
  • I do not know any women who voted for Trump.

So Trump was elected by:

  • Conservatives. I do not know one single non-conservative who voted for him. Right-wingers elected Trump. Everyone who voted for him was rightwing, even if they said they were not. In fact, those who said they are not have been identifying as rightwing for a long time now.
  • Racists. On the off-chance that anyone I knew denied being conservative, then they were absolutely racist. The only possible non-racists who voted for Trump were hardcore conservative Republicans, and that’s a wildly racist position right there. Note that a number of these horrifically racist Whites virulently denied that they were racist to me. All of these people who denied being racist to me were overt Alt Right supporters, and all were more or less Nazis.
  • Whites. Whites elected Trump, mostly White men. Almost everyone I know who voted for him is a White man. I only know one non-White who voted for Trump, and he is Alt Right Hispanic.
  • Men. I do not know one single woman who voted for Trump.
  • Muslims. I do know some Muslims who probably voted for Trump, and it would be nice if Trump would do them a favor and throw them out of the country. I have no idea why they did this, but Muslims are profoundly conservative, even reactionary people.
  • MRA’s. I do know some men who voted for Trump on sexism (MRA types), but almost all of them are also very racist, so it’s a wash. I only know one nonracist MRA who voted Trump.


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2016 Elections Thread

OK, go to it everyone. 5:55 PM PST here.

Clinton is ahead.

Kentucky called for Trump.

Indiana called for Trump without one ballot being counted (!).

Trump ahead in Florida.

Clinton projected to win California.

My opinion? Well of course Hitlery is going to win.

Who did I vote for? Well Hitlery of course. Who else would I vote for? I realize there is a danger with Killary, but actually I think I would rather die in a nuclear war under Killary than live under a President Drumpf which would surely be a fate worse than death.


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Now It’s Miss Finland


Next up to the plate is the gorgeous Miss Finland! Good God, there is not enough newsprint around to print up the stories of all of the accusers that could potentially come forward.

It looks like the Donald never missed an opportunity, eh? Jeez, there must be 2-3,000 women out there like her, just waiting to offer up their stories. Bring em on! Get in line, ladies, and we will get to you in a bit. We may not have time to get to all 3,000 of you, but don’t worry. We will definitely hear your story when the time comes.

PS What is it with Finns anyway? Someone told me they were Finnish before they even started! Is it actually true?


Dang, look at her! Of course he grabbed her ass. You could you be around that and NOT do that?


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