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Welcome to Donald Trump’s America

Found on the Net:

I live in Tennessee in an upper middle class neighborhood and some of my neighbors now have trump signs and confederate flags in their yards. Literally every house with a Trump sign has a confederate flag. I am blown away. They are no longer ashamed of their racism. They wear it like a badge of honor. Nothing good can come from empowering the crazies and that is what Trump is doing for his own selfish gain. I now feel uneasy in my own neighborhood…

The people next door actually told me that they are waiting on the rapture and that Trump is God’s deliverer.  They went on to explain that God destroyed Haiti because “it wasn’t a Godly country.”  He is a pastor of a church with about two thousand members…

…The confederate flags were out in swarm when South Carolina took their Confederate swastika down. But they went back into hiding after about 4 weeks here.

I’m in very rural east TN and the open hatred for people of color around here truly shocked me. A lady I thought was my friend said she didn’t want to sing from a certain hymnal book because it was nigger music. Another woman who I thought was smart said she couldn’t bear the thought of those little nigger girls playing on the White House lawn when Obama got elected. I hear racist crap like this just standing in the grocery line.

I’m from Baltimore and raised in a family that fought against racism. As a child we went to Martin Luther King’s funeral. And my mother went around posing as the wife of a black man to expose redlining. So, I am horrified by these disgusting bigots, if I could get my money out of my farm, I would move.

Trump has seemed to reinvigorate these hideous people. They seem to think Trump is their savior and will get rid of anybody different from them. They think they are Christian, they think they are so put upon, they want to turn the US into Nazi Germany…

…I don’t know where your from or where you reside but I live in NE, a solidly red state in the middle of the bible belt. I hail from OK. Even more conservative. I’ve listened to the racial rhetoric and experienced the hatred all my life. For a long time, society managed to tamp it down, but now it has a national voice and people by the millions are flocking to it. This will not go away after the General Election. It is here to stay until, and unless we find a way to stomp it out and force these miscreants back under their rocks.

This is really starting to get scary. Good God, what have we unleashed?


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Trump As the Voice of the Justifiable Rage of the Angry White Men

Found on the Net:

Despite my personal opposition to Trump, I’ve got to acknowledge that he has (probably inadvertently) tapped in to a deeply held, normally quiet, but justifiable anger in response to the war on white men being waged by women, blacks, Latinos, and other groups that have bound together to advance their own interests.

There’s nothing wrong with any of these groups doing that, but it is all directed against white men, who are presumed to have unjust privilege. These anti-white-men groups have made substantial progress over my lifetime, but they have gone too far.

White men’s rights are being trampled on by every special interest group. White men are portrayed by the media as stupid, caring only about sex. Young white men are portrayed by the media as being irresponsible. Evidently being a white man is now some sort of disease.

This 30-year trend pisses white men off, or at least it ought to. Usually this pent-up anger doesn’t get voiced, but it’s widely held, and if it’s not dealt with in any other way, then it will be dealt with by the likes of Trump. In my view this is a very bad turn of events, because there are very good ways to fight the war on white men on the basis of social justice and fairness… but that’s a liberal way of thinking, not the conservative way and certainly not the Trump way.

Nope, we’re going to get a big dose of the Trump way because a huge percentage of our population is feeling disenfranchised. We see our college-educated white sons unable to get good jobs. We worry about our own jobs and what would happen if we lost them, and we see our companies court young women and diversity precisely BECAUSE they are not white men.

That’s wrong, folks. Dislike Trump for all his ugly beliefs, nasty rhetoric, bullying nature, and simplistic thinking, but he’s tapping into a deep resentment felt by the white male voter.

IMHO, he has awakened a sleeping giant that will outlast his candidacy.

I think this guy just might be onto something. Society has been pummeling us White men for decades now, and we are getting really sick and tired of it. I do not support Trump at all and never will, but I am starting to understand his appeal. Sure the Republican Party created this Trump monster but so did the liberals of the Democratic Party with their continuous contempt and hatred for White American workers (much in evidence by liberal commenters on this blog).

And so did the SJW and PC morons and the whole lunatic Identity Politics gang. They’ve been poking this White male polar bear forever now, and it’s starting to lash out at its attackers. Remember that White polar bears are quite deadly. They will eat a man for lunch without batting an eye.

Let’s face it. It’s not only the Republican Party that created this Frankenstein but it’s also the PC, SJW Identity Politics Cultural Left liberals that have taken over the Democratic Party and declared war on White males.

White men, especially working class White men, look around themselves and see that something is very, very wrong. And they are right.

They are under attack from the Right and the DNC centrists by an economics that supports the 1%, ships their jobs overseas, signs trade deals catastrophic for White workers, sucks up to their worst enemies on Wall Street, destroys their environment with fracking and pipelines and imports millions of Mexican illegals to take out low level White workers’ jobs while importing countless more higher-level legal H1B immigrants to the computer industry ruining millions of great office jobs for White workers.

The same thing is happening now in the accounting industry. Americans, mostly White men, are being fired in droves from accounting companies who are replacing them with imported H1B workers while the Democratic Party cheers and slaps the accounting companies on the back.

For a very long time, White white collar workers sneered at working class White men who lost millions of jobs to Mexican illegal aliens. “If you lost your job to an illegal alien, that just shows you what a loser you are,” they snarled with classist contempt.

But the white collar office worker Whites are no longer protected. Now they themselves are starting to be hit by the same forces – mass importation of cheap labor to replace White workers – that earlier devastated the White working class. Increasingly, even they are no longer safe.

Whether an American White man has some particular privileges over the even worse condition of a Black man in America is not really the issue. To a White man living in a ruined White working class city like Muskogee, Oklahoma, those words fall on deaf ears, and who can blame them? To a White man economically devastated by globalized transnational corporations, telling him that he is privileged is a slap in his damned face, and you SJW idiots know it well.

This beating up on White men crap is just not working. These SJW morons are helping to create a unique American fascism as efficiently of all the Republican dog whistles of the last 30 years.

Love him or hate him, Donald Trump and his American fascist movement is our baby. It is we ourselves who birthed this bad seed, and now we must live with the terror we have idiotically unleashed.

Way to go Identity Politics folks. You have created a monster. Are you proud of yourselves?


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Republicans for ISIS

I have been checking blogs about the Syrian Civil War for some time now. One thing has become very clear. I now have a handle on what the supporters of the Syrian “moderate rebels” are all about.

Here is the profile of supporters of “Free Syria” and the “moderate rebels” including supporters of the “Free Syrian Army:”

They all and I do mean all, love ISIS. Every time ISIS succeeds on the battlefield, all supporters of “Free Syria” roar with approval. The also love the Nusra Front (Al Qaeda), Jaish al Islam and all of the rest of the Islamist groups.

Secular or nationalist groups make up maybe 10% of all fighters, but even they engage in the worst sectarian language such as calling the Alawi Nusayri. Nusayri is a vicious Sunni insult for Alawites and it has a murderous or even genocidal history and current project behind it. All of the secular or nationalist groups fight alongside the Islamist groups, in particular, they all fight alongside Al Qaeda or Al Nusra. So really all of the Syrian rebels are just Al Qaeda, ISIS, other Islamists or their close allies. Those are your moderate rebels for you.

They all hate Russia. This extends to general Cold War style propaganda against “Russian Communists” where Russia is conflated with the Soviet Union as all propaganda of the current Cold War 2 does.

They all describe themselves as conservatives. On these boards, all of the conservatives are cheering wildly for ISIS and Al Qaeda. So I guess conservatives love ISIS and Al Qaeda, at least in Syria, right?

Like all conservatives, they have an extreme hatred of liberalism and socialism. Anti-Communist language is very common, and Obama and the Democrats are called socialists or Communists as all Republicans do.

They all have an insane hatred for Obama along the lines and intensity of the Birther Tea Partier crowd.

The Chavista government in Venezuela is bashed on a regular basis as an example of the “failures of socialism” even though the whole economy is in the hands of the capitalists and obviously the fault for the shortages is 100% the fault of the Venezuelan capitalists. There are shortages of this or that product which is made or imported only by Venezuelan capitalists? Well gosh, then why don’t these capitalists start manufacturing more of that product, or barring that, importing it? The Venezuelan capitalists are fault out refusing to manufacture more of the products in shortage and they are also flat out refusing to import more of the products in shortage.

They do not like Trump one bit. In fact, they repeat the Economist line that Trump is the #1 threat to the world economy. Along with the Tea Party thinking, I would assume that these people are supporters of the US Republican Establishment – Ted Cruz, Jeb Bush, John Kasich, Marco Rubio, etc. All of them have voiced strong support for the Syrian rebels which in effect means that these Republicans are all backing ISIS and Al Qaeda. Trump is the only candidate who has questioned arming the Syrian rebels and he said Putin was right to go in and help Assad. On the Democratic side, both Hillary and Sanders have voiced support for the Syrian rebels – in other words, both Hillary and Sanders are supporting ISIS and Al Qaeda, at least in Syria.

Their line about Syria mirrors almost exactly that of the US government and the US media. I conclude then that the US government, both political parties and the US media are all supporting ISIS and Al Qaeda, or at least they are supporting them in Syria. Really the truth is that the entire US establishment is behind ISIS and Al Qaeda at least in Syria. There is a tremendous amount of evidence that the US is using ISIS and Al Qaeda to try to destroy the Syrian regime.

They all have an extreme hatred for Iran. They make a big deal about Obama’s supposedly poor nuclear deal with Iran. When they do this, they sound just like the US Republican Party.

They all use extreme sectarian language. For instance, they say things like there is a Russia-Assad-Iran-Hezbollah project going on right now to genocide the Sunnis. They sound just like the Saudis when they talk like that.


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Sanders Voters for Trump?

There are a few but not too many.

I have seen many Trump supporters writing in the comments on articles on the Net. Except in the piece linked above, I have not yet seen one liberal, progressive or leftwing person who commenting saying that they are voting for Trump. Hell, I haven’t even seen a moderate or centrist who says they are voting for Trump.

All, and I do mean all, of the Trump voters I have seen so far on the Net have been rightwingers – even worse, real wingnuts. This is the Fox News crowd, the base of the Republican Party. They’re all Obama haters and not because he’s too conservative. These are the Birthers. The kooks. The crazies. As I said, the base. As far as I can tell, that’s all who’s voting for him.

Apparently there are some left, liberal, progressive or even moderate people voting for Trump. It’s just that I never see any of them. I assume that that means that they are few in number.

If it’s a choice between a rightwing neoliberal, neoconservative and a fascist maniac , I don’t have much choice but to pick the former. I have been voting for the lesser of two evils for as long as I can remember. I usually hate the Democrats that I end up voting for, but vote for them I do anyway.


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Economic Organization Says Trump Is the Number 1 Threat to the World Economy


The Economist Intelligence Unit, run by the very rightwing pro-corporate magazine The Economist, said in an analysis that Trump is the number 1 threat to the world economy due to his opposition to free trade and the possible killing of the nightmarish and catastrophic Transpacific Partnership free trade deal (TPP).

I suppose we could say then that anything that The Economist says is terrible for the world economy is probably actually great for most of us and no doubt anything that The Economist says is good for the world economy is bad for most of us.


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Hitlery Clinton Embracing Her Best Friend


BFF’s. Republicrat on the left, Dempublican on the right. Vote Establishment!


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Chomsky on Trump’s Appeal

Found on the net:

Though we do not have detailed data, it appears that Trump is appealing primarily to less educated White sectors of the population, lower middle class and working class, people who are angry, frustrated, frightened, bitter about the fact – and it is a fact – that they have been in many ways cast by the wayside. The neoliberal programs of the past generation have been harmful to affected populations almost everywhere, sometimes severely so.

Rising global inequality, which has reached extraordinary proportions, is one (and only one) of the many indications. Oxfam produces annual reports of poverty and inequality. In 2014, they found that about 90 individuals held half of total world wealth. In 2015, the number was reduced to 62. Meanwhile perhaps 5 million children are dying of starvation every year – more than 500 an hour, a tragedy that could easily be remedied by available resources.

Among the developed (OECD) societies, inequality is particularly prominent in the Anglophone countries, with the US well in the lead. Despite its unique advantages, by most measures of poverty and social justice the US ranks with the poorest OECD countries alongside of Greece, Mexico, Turkey, facts heightened by lavish displays of concentrated wealth.

The disparities have increased since the latest crash, with some 90% of growth going to 1% of the population. As widely reported, the global rich now live in a different world from the general population.

In the US, the neoliberal programs have led to stagnation or decline for much of the population, undermining of functioning democracy, and reduction of benefits and social welfare.

People do not have to read academic studies to know that real wages for male workers are about what they were in the 1960s while wealth has concentrated in very few hands; that corporate strategies have shifted manufacturing abroad; that a considerable majority of the population is virtually disenfranchised in that their representatives disregard their attitudes; and much more. Years ago, academic studies showed that the socioeconomic profile of abstention in the US matches those sectors in similar countries who vote for laborite or social democratic parties, lacking in our political system, which in some ways still reflects the Civil War.

We also cannot overlook the deeply rooted historical background of White supremacy and racism that has never been overcome and the increasing atomization of the society that leaves people alone and isolated, feeling helpless against forces that are crushing them. Under these circumstances it is not hard for demagogues to stir up anger against those who are even more victimized – immigrants, minorities, “welfare cheats” (demonized by Reaganite racist slurs) – and to stimulate highly exaggerated fears of threats ranging from the federal government to Islamic terrorists.

We should also remember that what we are witnessing is not entirely new. A decade ago, the distinguished scholar of German history Fritz Stern, writing in the establishment journal Foreign Affairs, opened a review of “the descent in Germany from decency to Nazi barbarism” by writing that “Today, I worry about the immediate future of the United States, the country that gave haven to German-speaking refugees in the 1930s,” himself included.

With implications for here and now that no reader can fail to discern, Stern reviewed Hitler’s demonic appeal to his “divine mission” as “Germany’s savior” in a “pseudoreligious transfiguration of politics” adapted to “traditional Christian forms,” ruling a government dedicated to “the basic principles” of the nation, with “Christianity as the foundation of our national morality and the family as the basis of national life.” Hitler’s hostility toward the “liberal secular state,” shared by much of the Protestant clergy, drove forward “a historic process in which resentment against a disenchanted secular world found deliverance in the ecstatic escape of unreason.”

That was ten years ago. The words resonate more ominously today.

It is also useful to compare the current malaise with the Great Depression in the 1930s, which I’m old enough to remember. Objectively, conditions were far worse than today. Subjectively, they were quite different as I could see even from my own extended family, many of them unemployed working class with limited education. Despite the grim conditions, there was a sense of hopefulness, a belief that we’ll get out of this together.

The labor movement had been virtually crushed by the 1920s, largely by force but reconstituted in the ‘30s with organization of the CIO and militant labor actions that helped induce a fairly sympathetic administration to institute significant social reforms. The unions also provided crucial forms of association and interaction, including educational and cultural opportunities. There were also lively political organizations – Communist, Socialist, others – participating actively in labor and civil rights actions and general intellectual life in which much of the working class participated.

Business publications warned of “the hazard facing industrialists” in “the rising political power of the masses,” but were powerless to stem the tide, though Reaction was building up by the late ‘30s and picked up forcefully when the war ended. This is not the place to review what has happened since, but one consequence is that the hopefulness of the ‘30s and the social struggles and achievements that inspired it have been largely supplanted by fear, despair, and isolation, opening the way to the Trump phenomenon, which should be cause for deep concern.

Perhaps the most favorable observation that can be made about his candidacy is that Cruz is even more dangerous, and the other likely Republican prospect, Rubio, is hardly less of a threat to the country and the world, at least if he means a word he says.


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The Reason for Donald Trump’s Success


All of the Democrat candidates but Sanders are free traders. All of the Republican candidates are free traders.

If you listen to Trump’s speeches, he talks over and over about trade. No one else, not even Sanders, is talking much or at all about trade. This, not racism and bigotry, is the source of Trump’s success with working class White voters. Neoliberalism has failed. Free trade has failed. And really the only person talking about this, and he is talking about it all the time in almost every single speech, is Donald Trump.

Hillary is a free trader. Bill was a free trader. Obama is a free trader. The majority of the Democratic Party leaders and elected officials are free traders.

Both Bushes were free traders. Reagan was a free trader. The entirety of  Republican Party leaders and elected officials are free traders.

The entirely of the US media from “right” to “left” is made up of free traders.

No one will talk about this. It’s the elephant in the room that no one will talk about because they all corrupted by and supporters of it. So instead of talking about trade, their Achilles heel, the elites of both parties talk about racism and bigotry. And they miss the point, probably deliberately. Deliberately because no one in the elites wants a conversation about free trade because they will probably lose that debate. So instead it gets the silent and deflection treatments.

Against free trade, Trump sounds a message, sincere or not:

One man is fighting back.


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Ding, Dong, The Bitch Is Dead


What took her so long?

Of course the stupid US press today is full of gushing editorials about how great Nancy was. She was not great. She wasn’t even good. Nor was she even fair. She wasn’t even 50-50. Nancy sucked, plain and simple. She was lousy. Worse than that, she was downright malign.

Worse, her suckiness was emblematic of the suckiness of far too many Americans in the last 35 years.

Also, why must we praise everyone who dies here in the US? Did we praise Ted Bundy when he fried? Did we praise Stalin? Ok, so why praise Nancy? If those two are in Hell, she’s about ready to buy a house on the same flaming street where those two reside

Ronnie never really had any political values. When he was an actor in Hollywood and President of the Screen Actors Guild, he was known as a liberal Democrat. As governor of California, he was terrible with campus protesters, but he also legalized abortion. To tell the truth, his conversation to radical conservatism in the space of a mere decade was all down to his wife Nancy. Nancy came from a very wealthy and deeply conservative family of Old White Rich Elite stock. Old White Money.

She was a deeply reactionary ideologue at her very core. She was also a very political activist.

It’s not well known, but Nancy truly was the brains behind the Ronnie Raygun Frankenstein Monster. Ronnie wasn’t very smart, and he was easily manipulated into his political stance by his crafty and devious wife.

As long as majorities keep saying that Reagan was a great man and a hero, America is screwed. The percentage has been going down for some time now, but last I heard, it was still at 53%.

If you said that almost all of those are White people, especially older White people, you would be right.

Another problem is the silly “Reagan generations” of younger people who came of age during his era when it was groovy to be a Reaganite. Large numbers of these younger folks still love Reagan because, well, because they came of age during his era. Apparently there was no one else around to like. You can see this shockingly even in some non-Whites like Obama. Obama says Reagan is his political hero! That’s because he grew up under him, see?

Also I must tell you that as a liberal Democrat during the Reagan days, anti-Reagan even here in California during that era was seen as very uncool. I had a couple of girlfriends during that time, and I told both of them that I hated him and asked what they thought of him. They both said that they did not like him, but acted like they were sort of ashamed to say so and afraid of the consequences, the same way so many liberals will quietly say that they opposed the war on Iraq, once again ashamed and afraid of the consequences.

We say we are the leader of the Free World, but when it comes to criticizing our reactionary nut leaders and their insane decisions, people act like they are living under Stalin. White America is a funny place.

There was always a lot of hatred towards Reagan, an extremely polarizing man. We think that working class White men are all reactionaries now, but I remember working as a security guard at a trucking yard for truck drivers in 1984. There were trucks with pro-John Hinckley graffiti on them praising Hinckley as a hero. It sounds terrible, but some of us actually cheered when that guy shot Reagan.

That’s how much we hated him. We hated him!

The problem is that any country where the majority thinks that maniac was a great man is a screwed country. When that number finally dips below 50%, we can start talking about whether there is hope for America. But as long as it’s a majority, forget it. This aspect is where a declining White percentage of the US will actually be a good thing. We will finally rid ourselves of this idiotic conservatism nightmare, inspired entirely by US Whites, that has gripped us for 35 years now.

Nancy Reagan will never be a hero to the Alternative Left. Is she is one of your heroes, you’re in the wrong movement. The Alt Right is that-a-way.


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The Alternative Left Must Oppose Donald Trump

The guy’s a reactionary. He’s just another radical rightwing capitalist.

There are Leftists and people who call themselves socialists all over now saying how much they support Trump. They’re all crazy. There is not one single progressive thing about any aspect of his campaign. He’s just another rightwing Republican, albeit probably worse than most.

Any Leftist, socialist, progressive or liberal person supporting this maniac is out of their heads. This rightwing nut is bad for workers, consumers, the poor, the low income and the middle class. He is also bad for our Black and Muslim brothers and sisters in America.

As far as I am concerned, the Alternative Left absolutely most oppose Trump. We cannot support him in any way, shape or form.



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