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Game/PUA: Grab Them in the Pussy!

That’s a great motto, isn’t it? I like that. It has a nice ring to it, sort of like an ad jingle, right?

So, what do you all think of the latest blowup with Mr. Trump?

Surely you have heard of the sex scandal with the 2005 recording with Billy Bush and Trump recorded before a TV show in Hollywood.

In it, Trump brags about how he grabs and kisses women without getting their permission beforehand.

Supposedly this is sexual assault, but this is just how you do it. Up with sexual assault! The only way I have ever gotten laid in life is via sexual assault.

Sooner or later, you grab her. You grab her hand and put it in yours. You put your arm around her. You put your hand on her leg. You put your arm over her neck and reach down to feel her breasts under her shirt. You lunge at her in the passenger seat and kiss her like a madman. You take your foot and put it gently into her ass as she stands in front of you. You start feeling her clothes.

You start feeling her shoulders. You put your hands on her face. You gently lean forward, put your hand on her chin, and start kissing her. You grab her, throw her up against the wall and start kissing her really hard. You grab her ass. You put your hand in her dress pocket. You start feeling up her tits. You reach down, unzip her pants and start feeling her pussy. You start taking her clothes off.

I have never asked for permission to do any of these things. Why should I? You never ask for permission to anything sexual with a woman. You just do it. If she likes it, she reciprocates, often wildly. If she doesn’t like and firmly says no, you better knock it off. Why don’t ask? Because if you ask her, she will probably say no! The dumbest question ever to ask any female is, “Do you want to have sex?” But “Can I kiss you right now?” is not far behind. We are supposed to ask for permission to do any of these things now? Forget it. That’s madness. Down that road leads the monastery.

Of course I have mostly done this sort of thing in dating situations, but not always.

The thing is, I only do this when I get a signal. And you should too. Sexual assault is only ok if you get strong signals that it’s ok, and even then you knock it off as soon as she gets angry.

I used to get them quite often when I was young, but even then if it was not a dating situation, I was scared to assault her due to what is happening to Mr. Trump right now.

But the signals are pretty unmistakable. It’s talking without words. You look at her, and her mind is sending out a message that says, “Kiss me” or “Go for it”, or “If you want to go for it, go ahead”. Sometimes she looks at you, catches your eye, says, “Hey, Bob,” and nods her head a bit. That meant “If you want to go for it Bob, go right ahead. I am giving you the green light.”

I know these signals are real and I am not imagining them. You know how I know that? Because I hardly ever get them anymore! That’s why? I’m the same guy as I was back then. Was I hallucinating then and I’ve only stopped hallucinating now? Hell no. Am I getting the same signals now as I was then, only then I read it one way and now I read it another way?

Hell no. I can read women very, very well. And if there is one signal I get very, very often from women these days, it is, “Sorry, not interested.” There are 10,000 ways to convey that, and I know them all. Once again it’s mind reading, but it’s not hard to do.

My philosophy would be that of course you sexually assault women on dates in the sense that you grab them, touch them, kiss them, poke them, etc. without asking for permission. Legally that’s sexual assault, but sexual assault makes the world go around. If you don’t assault females, you will die a virgin. And on dates, when you she knocks your hand away a few times, you might consider stopping the assaulting. It’s pretty low to keep after her the whole date while she’s slapping you away the whole time. A lot of males do it just like this and yes you can wear them down over time, but it’s sleazy and it’s pretty rapey too. And it’s not very nice at all. It’s a dick move another words.

When not on dates, sometimes you can assault women, but these opportunities do not happen a lot. It’s better to do this very subtly. Invade her space. If she stays there, you’re ok. If she moves away from you, leave her alone. The assaulting should be a lot more subtly and gently than when on dates, and it should only be done if you get a clear signal. Even then, if she knocks you away or acts angry, just stop. And if you see her again, remember the message she gave you last time, and don’t do it again.

Mr. Trump is not really guilty of assault here because he states that though he assaults them, which is ok in my book, the vast majority of the time, the women go along with it. So it’s consensual. Consensual sexual assault is not even sexual assault. It’s consensual sexual behavior. It’s sex of one form or another.

A number of other cases have come forward of Mr. Trump acting very creepy and rapey towards even married women, sometimes when they were with their husbands! He kept bothering them and assaulting them, trying to get them into bedrooms, shutting doors behind them and not letting them leave, and he wouldn’t keep his hands off of them. And some were married women! That’s just messed up, and yes it is more or less sexual assault, not that anyone should go down on such a thing, but it’s a dick move and it’s a crappy thing to do to any woman.

On the other hand, men do this. Bill Clinton has done such things. Mr.
Guiliani has. Roger Ailes has. I have commenters who have forced themselves on women. Date rape is as common as dirt.

Not that that justifies it, but it’s just that sleazy, creepy and rapey behavior in the date rapey sense is extremely common among men. If you started throwing every man who did that in jail, you’d jail have the men in the land. We can’t even get a handle on actual stranger or violent rape. Let’s tackle that first. Then maybe we can move on to the he said, she said minefield of date rape and acquaintance rape, where once again, you will have to jail millions of men. After that, we will work on the sexual assault and the grabby dudes with the wandering hands.

First things first, ok?


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Rabbit, “Milo Inc. – Not One of Ours Either”

Another post from Rabbit’s site. This one on the execrable (((Milo Yiannopoulos))), who I really cannot stand. People are trying to say that (((Milo))) is Alt Left, but nope, (((Milo))) ain’t one of us! Sorry (((Milo)))! That’s because the Alt Right is trying to disenfranchise itself from (((Milo))), which actually makes sense. I mean (((Milo))) is a flamboyant homosexual who makes no secret of his penchant for taking large Black cocks up his ass. Well, I would say that goes against 100% of what the Alt Right stands for right there, no? (((Milo))) is part of the Breitbart wing of the Alt Right, which is barely even Alt Right at all. Instead it’s just Republican Party Base Trumpism.

I listened to a whole hour of (((Milo))) speaking on his Dangerous Faggot Tour (well at least he titled the traveling show correctly). He spoke at some university. It was quite bizarre.

He made a number of comments about what a great big fag he is how he likes Black cocks up the ass or sucking Black cocks or something along those lines. There was a fair amount of gay pornographic content in his talk. Anytime he talked about his love of Black dick, the mostly male Trumpist audience went nuts. So this is what Trumpers are for? Black cocks up the ass? Who knew? He talked about Trump. He talked about feminism. He talked about PC. He talked about SJW’s. He talked about Black Lives Matter. He made fun of the last four. He talked about his love of Black dick. He talked about his hatred of Hillary. I believed he proudly announced he was a Zionist which got a huge roar out of the crowd. He made lots of jokes. He was very entertaining.

At the end, I was very annoyed. He just stands up there and makes fun of SJW’s and urges everyone to vote for Trump and that’s it. Yes he hates feminism but why? Feminists looooooooooooove gay men. What’s the problem?

What I got out of this is that (((Milo))) is one of those not small faction of gay men who hates women. It’s a little known secret (Shh! Don’t tell the Cultural Left!) that quite a few gay men hate women. In fact, this has been known for quite some time, possibly over 100 years. So (((Milo)))’s hatred of feminism, which sounds disturbingly personal, is all wrapped up in his misogyny, which I get the feeling is considerable. And that left a bad taste in my mouth. You don’t like gender feminists, fine. But if you don’t like them because you are a depraved woman-hating queer, you’re just not so endearing to me. That’s just yucky. If you’re going to hate the Gender Fems, hate them for a good reason!

This whole (((Milo))) thing is just…stupid. Alt Rightists say he is engaging in a hostile takeover or the Alt Right on behalf of (((certain groups))), and they are probably correct. His purpose in the Alt Right is apparently to say hardly any of them are really serious about that White nationalism and that Jew-hating and you know that Hitler stuff because it’s all a big edgy joke. And by inserting a major gay Jewish figure into the Alt Right, he is trying to slay both the Antisemitism and the Homophobia of the Alt Right in one fell swoop. Well that’s a clever move, I must admit.

Honestly though I do not feel there is much substance here, and he feels way too rightwing for my tastes. So if you love (((Milo))), you’re voting for Trump…you love Israel…you hate Democrats…and you think Black cocks up the ass is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Well that’s quite an interesting project but it’s not coherent. In fact, it makes no sense at all. It’s the political equivalent to one of those modern art paintings where they splash a bunch of different colors of paint on a canvas and call it a painting. It’s nearly devoid of meaning, and what meaning it does have is annoying at best and toxic at worst.

(((Milo)))’s sort of a Postmodern Political Figure. It’s like he was created by Derrida. He doesn’t even make sense! And nevertheless, everyone loves him and thinks he is full of all this brilliant wisdom even though he’s incomprehensible and void of meaning anyway even if you could figure him out.

Milo Inc. – Not One of Ours Either


I’ve noticed people trying to disassociate Milo Yiannopoulos and some of these other Libertarians from the Alternative Right, by branding them as part of the Alternative Left. 


Not so fast. While we may be a tad more degenerate than the radical traditionalist factions of AltRight, we sure are not Libertarian capitalists (barf.) Milo and Co are not part of our little AltLeft netherworld either. Here are some simple and straightforward reasons why he’s not one of us:

  1. He is a Libertarian capitalist. Milo loves capitalism and the free market and always talks about it. He’s the kind of Republican who will make claims like “Democrats ruined Detroit.”  He’s the type who will brag about Silicon Valley companies as if they are still part of the US in any real sense…rather than just international entities that act in their own interests, which may or may not correlate with the interests of the country at a given time. The Alternative Left (to the extent it’s even a real thing) leans toward Scandinavian socialism, communism,  state capitalism, public works, social credit, etc….all things Milo would disapprove of.
  2. He’s not a race realist. Milo rejects identity politics altogether, in the tradition of Republicans who like to parrot Martin Luther King cliches about “color of skin” and “content of character.” The Alternative Left believes race is real (for practical purposes at least) and race matters. There is some disagreement about how to deal with that reality, which I have discussed elsewhere. Some of us just openly promote a White-Left futurism and others prefer to focus strictly on class struggle issues with the belief that this will minimize ethnic conflict over time. Others are National Bolshevik types. Milo doesn’t fall into any of these camps. He’s just a flamboyant Republican who thinks “Dems are the real racists.”
  3. He supports importing foreign tech workers as well as many of the other items on the globocorp agenda to sell us out. He loves immigration and at the most maybe just wants to cut it down a bit.
  4. From what I can tell, he supports neoconservative foreign policy or some milder version of it along with American exceptionalism and all that jazz. He’s Jewish and makes clear where his tribal loyalties are. I’m pretty sure we can leave it at that.

The only areas where there is any overlap is that he’s “anti-PC” and socially liberal as far as sexual depravity. Well, big deal. Almost everyone opposes the type of low hanging fruit loop, blue haired, fat acceptance, Tumblr feminists and diaper wearing furry activists that he targets. Milo simply is what he is, a Libertarian-Republican free speech advocate of the Breitbart variety with an aggressively marketed, highly successful personal brand. Milo has put himself out there and has done some good things in pushing back against speech police on college campuses, but he’s not “AltLeft” or AltRight. Glad we cleared that up.


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Stop the DNC Before It Kills Again!

The Alt Left of course opposes the horrific DNC Clintonite wing of the Democratic Party which is on record for rolling back and even getting rid of Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, the whole nine yards. I have seen the DNC documents. Yep, the DNC is actually on record (in secret) of getting rid of the entire welfare state. They hoped to have gotten this seriously underway in the 2020’s, with heavy rollback by 2025 and full rollback by 2030. I am serious. The DNC is actually on record saying just that!

They say essentially that all of these things are on the wrong side of history, neoliberalism having won in 1990 with the collapse of the USSR. They sound exactly like rightwingers who equate the welfare state with “failed socialism” and Communism when they say that, and of course, DNC Clintonites are rightwingers.

These people are Corporate Democrats. That is the best and most sensible way to look at the DNC crowd, (((Debbie Wasserman))), (((Henry Kissinger))), (((Victoria Nuland))), (((Donald Kagan))), (((Robert Rubin))), (((Larry Summers))), Joe Biden, John Kerry, Obama, and the rest of the despicable Clintonite types. (((Dick Morris))), the poisoner of the well of Bill Clinton’s mind and inventor of triangulation, was always nothing but a Republican (and boy is he a fire-breathing one now) even when he was pretending to be a Democrat. The above are the neoconservatives and neoliberals who now run the Democratic Party.

Stop the DNC before it kills again!


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Death to America? Sure, Why Not?

I am one of the worst America haters you will ever meet. I am a very happy person. I am not miserable at all. I go on living my life and just say the Hell with the country and assume it’s hopeless anyway. I really hate this country. I hate the government of course, but the government is put in by the people, who know exactly what the Hell they are doing. You can’t hate a government without hating the people who put it there.

This is actually rather painful to me as America is a part of me like my arm or my leg is. Hating my country is almost like hating my own body. It’s hard to take. I would much rather love my country, but how can you? That would be like loving a serial killer. How could I do that? I couldn’t do it if I tried.

Death to the US elites? When do we start? Some people need killing.

Increasingly our elite is even going against what the people themselves want. I am starting to really hate the US elite. Elites everywhere suck balls to the max because that’s all they can ever do in time and space generally. Elites suck because they are human. When a human turns into an elite, he automatically starts to suck if he didn’t suck already.

Our elites are true scum. I haven’t felt this much hate for them in a long time. What is really starting to make me mad is that now the people are starting to catch on to their crap, and they don’t care. They are just blazing right ahead with their elite project, and the Hell with what all of us think. Sheer, utter contempt for the population. What vile people.

Death to America? Good idea. I would love to say it’s too soon to tell, but I will die before then. Anyway it’s been looking pretty self-inflicted for some time now.

Death to the American government? That’s a thousand times more true than the first statement. The US government has sucked balls forever. Even when they get it right on domestic policy (Andrew Jackson, FDR, Teddy Roosevelt, JFK, LBJ, and even Nixon), the foreign policy has always been horrific, even before 1900 when US foreign policy was US-internal for all intents and purposes.

Death to the American people? I have always felt this way, but it seems we are finally starting to act sensibly for the first time in many years. Its been ages since I felt any love for the American populace, but in the last year or so, I have felt those faint stirrings in my heart once again. God bless. I am even starting to think that the American people are sort of ok.

But the fact that 40-45% are perfectly willing to elect an incompetent, terrifying, psycho maniac as US President once again makes me think that people who say Americans suck have a good point. No decent people anywhere would come close to electing such a nightmarish nutcase. So maybe half the people are ok, and the other half ought to be taken out and shot, but it’s been that way since the early 90’s.

Bottom line is we have been a ferociously reactionary people for most of our history. What’s to love? Read Dickens and De Toqueville about how much we blew, and that was over 150 years ago. Sucking is in our blood.

Under George Bush, another shameful face of collective America not far off in memory, polls regularly showed that very high numbers of people hated the US and by extension its people. And who could blame them? Bush was the face of America. Sure, he stole the 2000 election (and the press knew that full well and refused to report it) and was sworn in by the most corrupt Supreme Court finding since Dred Scott. And he stole the 2004 election out and out with hacked voting machines but the press was again too corrupt to find out.

But still any decent people should have caught onto this and filled the streets until he left office head in hands.

Lousy people make lousy countries.



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America As a Wealthy Version of a Banana Republic

Lousy people create lousy countries. We don’t even have a democracy anymore. We have a Latin American style oligarchy with a Latin American style corrupt press that speaks with a single voice. We even have Latin American style corrupt courts all the way up the highest court in the land.

The Legislative branch is as corrupt as any Latin American Congress as 90% are directly on the take and bribing politicians is for all intents and purposes legal thanks to another corrupt Supreme Court act.The Legislative branch has spent most of its time lately dissolving the state (shutting down the government), resembling a typical do-nothing minimal Latin American state in the process. And it attempted an electoral coup with a Latin American style fake impeachment attempt on a sitting president.

The Executive Branch is truly scary like a Latin American dictatorship that just dissolved Congress like they always do, having decided that Congress is no longer needed to declare war, I mean any war anywhere.

George Bush’s caudillo-style signing statements were one of the worst abuses of power the nation has ever seen. The government spent most of its time using the state to target and smear opponents, Latin American-style.

We have state governments who used corruption to redraw electoral maps in the spirit of utter contempt for democracy. The same states spend most of their time trying to prevent people from voting. Sort of like Latin America where armed troops stand outside the polling places and watch you vote. Who ya gonna vote for?

Now one of the political parties is apparently openly fascist in the style of a typical Latin American rightwing party. The other political p0arty of the so-called left is absolutely useless to lift a finger against the oligarchs, or worse, they are the oligarchs, once again in the style of Latin American Christian Democrats (Duarte) and social democrats (APRA, AD, PRI) who are anything but.

And now we have an open fascist running from President while a complaint press cheers. His opponent is an Accion Democratica-style fake left cipher. As usual, there’s no one to vote for. There’s violence in the streets and at the rallies. Politicians are making open violent threats against the opposition. Demonstrations turn into free for all’s between gangs of the hard Left and Right.

And I’m sitting here thinking, “Ok so when do the death squads start? The political assassinations? The cardboard shack slums tumbling down the hills for miles on end?”

I’m thinking I must be in the wrong hemisphere. Banana republic, here we come.


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Killary Clinton, Racketeering Gangster for Capitalism

Found on the Net:

Statement 1: The United States of America does not invade other countries to plunder and pillage. We don’t send our brave men and women around the world to steal oil, and that’s not even getting into the absurdity of what it would involve,” Hillary Clinton, 2016.

Statement 2: “Businesses like those represented here at this table create jobs, provide livelihoods, increase standards of living, give hope to individuals.. and what government should do, whether it’s in the United States or in Iraq is to be a good partner (to Big Business)Iraq is a business opportunity…” Hillary Clinton, Business Forum Promoting Commercial Opportunities in Iraq, 2011.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that Hitlery’s lie in Statement 1 is completely proven to be false by her spill the beans confession below it. The starkness of this woman’s hypocrisy, lying and doublespeak are staggering.

From the same site:

Her contention that it is an “absurd” conspiracy theory that government and Big Business conspire together is undermined by her statement in 2011 that that is exactly what she thinks government should do… be a good “partner” for Big Business both in Iraq…at home.

Of course this fits right in with our previous piece on Smedley Butler talking about he was a gangster for corporate capitalism in Latin America 100 years ago.


…Hillary Clinton is showing how desperate she is in the wake of her failing numbers and trust ratings among the public in this country. You can attribute that in part to the facts of her corruption slowly leaking out into the public view but you can also attribute that, I think, to her continually sticking to the bullshit line that the US never does anything overseas in any interests other than “humanitarian, democracy-building, freedom-seeking” intentions.

Even Republicans know the US isn’t the hooker with the heart of gold anymore. The taint of Bush/Cheney has spread like a cancer. Just ask Jeb about that one.

The fact that Hillary is still trying her best to serve as a racketeer and a gangster for capitalism is the one thing that holds her back more than any other aspect of her corrupt, soulless self and I would be willing to bet that is what lies at the heart of her extremely low trustworthiness ratings…

In short, she made this bed and now she has to lie in it naked and exposed for all to see what she really is: a war-mongering neocon who sold her soul to the MIC… She is a gangster and a racketeer, and she is for life. The only problem is, she’s a desperate gangster and racketeer and surrounded by a gaggle of other desperate gangsters and racketeers…

Exactly. That sums up this monster of a woman so well. Hitlery cannot be transformed. She’s incapable of change and she doesn’t care what the public or the voters think. She is out to promote her neoliberal, neoconservative corporate whore agenda and she doesn’t care whether any of us like it or not. She’s going to put her project in through Hell or high water and public opinion be damned.

Sort of like Obama…

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Shillary Clinton, the New Joe McCarthy

See here.

Greenwald laying into Killary.

That is interesting because Greenwald is part of the left wing of the Democratic Party, a major part of the Party’s base (think the Daily Kos site). I think he now supports Hillary, and I think he is very much opposed to Trump. But he’s had it up to her with her rightwing crap, the latest being a disgusting attempt to link Jill Stein, Donald Trump and Wikileaks to Russia. In other words, Trump is a Communist, Stein is a pinko and Wikileaks are fellow travelers.

Unbelievable! The Democrats are attacking a Republican candidate from the Right, calling him a Communist! Because whenever you attack Putin, you are attacking the USSR. And whenever you try to connect anyone to Putin, you are calling them a Communist.

Bizarrely, the Democrats seem to hate the dirty Commie Putin way more than Republicans do these days. Democratic pieces on Putin spend much of their time either calling him a Commie or implying that he is one. This is either sick or nuts or both or something different. It’s like the world got turned upside down.

The Democrats are now the rightwing Cold Warriors cheering from unbridled, brutal capitalism that lays waste to the workers, and the Republicans are going easy on the Commies (Putin) when they are not allying with them, all the while attacking Friedmanite trade pacts for their devastating effect on the working class. It’s almost as if the more socialist party is…the Republicans!

What the Hell man? Someone get me to a doctor. I just woke up, and somehow I was in an alternate universe where everything was backwards and upside down. How do I walk back through the looking glass again to the world where things are right-side up again, assuming such a place even exists?

Every day, the world seems a little bit more weird and nuts. What’s going on?


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The Foreign Policy of the United States of America

I spent 33 years and four months in active military service and during that period I spent most of my time as a high class muscle man for Big Business, for Wall Street and the bankers. In short, I was a racketeer, a gangster for capitalism.

I helped make Mexico and especially Tampico safe for American oil interests in 1914. I helped make Haiti and Cuba a decent place for the National City Bank boys to collect revenues in. I helped in the raping of half a dozen Central American republics for the benefit of Wall Street. I helped purify Nicaragua for the International Banking House of Brown Brothers in 1902-1912. I brought light to the Dominican Republic for the American sugar interests in 1916. I helped make Honduras right for the American fruit companies in 1903. In China in 1927 I helped see to it that Standard Oil went on its way unmolested.

Looking back on it, I might have given Al Capone a few hints. The best he could do was to operate his racket in three districts. I operated on three continents.” Gen. Smedley Butler

This man was a general in the US military. And this is what he spent most of his time doing as a general in the US military – rampaging around Latin America overthrowing governments, raping countries, stealing resources and slaughtering people, all so US corporations could rule over their lands as de facto colonies of the United States. None of these countries were even given the opportunity to pursue an independent course of development. None of these actions were ever done in solidarity, instead they were all done in the name of neocolonial imperialism as part of the creation of the American Empire in Latin America, a project which is ongoing as I write this. That is correct, Latin America is still a colony of the United States. A few places tried to liberate themselves from US colonialism and achieve independence, and look what happened to them: Haiti, Grenada, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Venezuela, and Brazil. Earlier cases involved Guatemala, the Dominican Republican, Guyana, and Chile. Brazil and Argentina just got taken down and the Venezuela is finally in the process of being taken down after over 15 years of unrelenting US warfare.

As you can see, raw, naked US imperialism of the most vicious and brutal kind has always been the way of the United States, dating back all the way to 1900. So we were nice guys before that? Nope. We sucked in the 1800’s too. The US spent most of the 1800’s slaughtering American Indians, stealing their land and stabbing them in the back with fake treaties. That was when we were not invading Mexico and stealing and annexing Mexican land.

Although we didn’t do much in Latin America in the 1800’s, that was only because there was not much to do down there. The US did not have much of a foreign policy period, and US corporations did not tend to operate overseas. Further all of Latin America was in the hands of the vicious and voracious Latin American ruling classes which kept their nations in the most abject poverty and pitiful underdevelopment while the rich stole every nickel the economies ever created, leaving everyone else in rags holding the bag. Rule by the vicious 1% has always been a-ok with the US; in fact, this is how we prefer it. Any nation that overthrows rule by the rich to put in democratic rule by the people is usually taken out sooner or later by the United States, often using the very military that Butler lamented being a part of.

I would like to point out one very sorry thing. First of all, not one single thing has changed about US foreign policy since Smedley wrote those famous words. This is still exactly what US foreign policy in Latin America and to a lesser extent other places is composed of. And in between the time Butler is describing until our present day, what he describes has been US foreign policy the entire time. We’ve never had a decent foreign policy for a day in this country. Even the most liberal regimes pursued vicious foreign policies. FDR’s foreign policy in Latin America was monstrous – “Somoza may be a sonofabitch, but he’s our sonofabitch.” Teddy Roosevelt was a progressive reformer at home and a monster overseas. “Walk softly and carry a big stick” was his vicious, violent, brutal policy of conquest and dictatorial rule in Latin America. In fact, most of the continent was actually officially colonized under Teddy’s rule. This has always been the way in US politics. That disgusting foreign policy described by Butler has been fully embraced by both parties from Day One. The Democrats were down with it just as much as the Republicans. This is what was known as “the bipartisan foreign policy consensus.” The Democrats were only progressive on domestic issues. They were just as reactionary as Republicans on foreign policy. The two parties have always only differed on domestic policy. This year is no different. In fact, this year Hitlery’s foreign policy is actually much more rightwing and imperialist than even the Republican Donald Trump’s! Trump isn’t really an anti-imperialist, but he’s the closest thing to one in US politics – a good, old-fashioned isolationist. The upshot is that his foreign policy actually ends up being a lot more progressive than “liberal” Democrat Killary’s. Unbelievable! The Democrats are more rightwing that the Republicans!

There doesn’t seem to be any way out of this imperial bullshit. This crap has been the America way for so long that I am not sure that we as a country understand any other way of looking at the world. It’s gotten to where this vicious imperial foreign policy is the only thing we understand. We literally do not know how to act any other way. And when you get both parties in on the program along with ~100% of the media, you have what amounts to 100% US political, corporate and media elite consensus on the outlines of a foreign policy along with a full spectrum dominance way of promoting it. Poll after poll for years shows that Americans almost always support whatever shenanigans US foreign policy is up to at the moment. So the elites do not have to worry about the masses marching in the streets over foreign policy. Americans are always in complete lockstep with foreign policy probably due to media brainwashing. Deep state media control is so complete that the entire media spectrum typically supports anything and everything the Deep State does and believes foreign policy-wise. There’s literally no dissent. The media is that controlled, 100% controlled. With wall to wall 24-7 broadcasting, net and news publishing it’s no surprised that on foreign policy, Americans appear about as brainwashed as a North Korean.


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Robert Stark Interviews Rabbit about Hillary’s Speech & the Alternative Left

Superb interview. Rabbit talks about me a lot on here and he says that we pretty much agree on most things, and the only areas that we disagree on are solutions for the problems that we have identified. I would actually agree with Rabbit here. I do agree with about everything he says, but I don’t see eye to eye with him on what if anything to do about it. Although even there we share common interests such as ending illegal immigration, restricting legal immigration, etc.

Rabbit’s traffic definitely went through the roof after Hitlery’s speech about the Alt Right. The Alt Right has been going berserk over all the publicity, although frankly, most people who never heard of them before are going to be more appalled than enthralled by this group.

My mother had never heard of them before, and I discussed it with her. She said they were White Supremacists, and her attitude was screw them. Like many Whites, she despises what she calls White Supremacists. She does not like White nationalists either. She says those are just White Supremacists. About their White state, she laughs at them and asks, “Why don’t they just move to Iceland or Idaho?”

What is interesting is that my mother is also a Liberal Race Realist from way back. She has long believed in differences between the races, especially in intelligence.

It was something that she long suspected, but I converted her and her boss, a PhD Hispanic Clinical Psychologist, to actual race realism via a fine article by Roger Pearson in the late 1980’s. The psychologist said he had always suspected this was true as he had been observing exactly these differences in intelligence for decades, as he did IQ testing (he tested me in 1987).

He also felt that intelligence might be more inborn that anything else. He said he always thought that smarter people just studied more, but he used to ask high IQ Asians, etc. how much they studied, assuming they would say all the time, and he was stunned when they laughed at him and said we never study, maybe one day before the test. Then he had lower IQ people who studied all the time and got poor grades. It didn’t add up.

My Mom keeps these views pretty much to herself, but she is not stupid. She has a ~145 IQ around my score, and she is not dense to the world around her. I told her how the HBD’ers were part of the Alt Right, and she said, “You know that stuff should not be about Left or Right.” But she didn’t think much of the rest of the Alt Right, and she was shocked that I had spent a lot of time over there. I submit that there are an awful lot more soft Liberal Race Realists out there than one might think.

Because the speech was about the Alt Right, a lot of folks started thinking, “Hey, what about the Alt Left?,” so they ended up at Rabbit’s site.

However, the Alt Left meme was quickly grabbed and destroyed by utterly moronic and insipid mainstream conservatism in the US which decided improbably that the mainstream Left and the Democratic Party were the actual Alt Left. Well if that were true, there would be no need for us to make an Alt Left eh? As the Alt Left is against most everything the supposedly Alt Left Democratic Party and Left is for. These pundits went on and on about how SJWish and socialism are examples of the Alt Left, but that makes no sense as socialism has been around longer than most trees and the real Alt Left is reaction against the Cultural Left.

So the Cultural Left or “Alt Left” is just the Left nowadays, and increasingly it is also the Democratic Party. And what’s so Alt about socialism? The Left has been socialist since the term was invented in the French Parliament. This characterization is insipid as usual for mainstream conservatism, where nearly everything they say is retarded or asinine in some way. Well, they can go around to all of the Cultural Left and socialist Left and ask them if they are the “Alt Left.” See what they say. I am sure that these people do not wish to be characterized this way, and they would probably take offense.

The term is in safe hands.

A few scattered pieces here and there discussed the real Alt Left as founded by people like Rabbit and me, there was not much talk going on. The general perception was that this was some very odd but tiny movement on Left that no one could make much sense of.

So while Rabbit got a ton of traffic out of this, mostly what happened was that a truly retarded and false narrative of the Alt Left was created by cuckservative pinheads, which served only to confuse matters and no doubt will never catch on with any sensible political observers.

This matter confirms my opinion that while the Alt Right is evil, I don’t think they are retarded. Their discourse is at least coherent and rational. It’s just wrong, morally.

Mainstream Republican conservatism as usual constructs yet another puerile narrative that doesn’t even make sense. So the Alt Right is evil but rational while the cuckservatives are mostly just Down’s Syndrome nutcases. They’re almost too crazy to even be evil. Is a ranting nut on the street evil foremost, or is he just nuts? Mostly he’s just nuts. That guy with the headphones jabbering away at the sky is modern WND/Breitbart/Free Republic/Republican Party conservatism – the ravings of idiots and fools rather than menacing hardheaded thugs.

Anyway, take a listen.

Robert Stark Interviews Rabbit about Hillary’s Speech & the Alternative Left

Topics include:

Hillary Clinton’s speech against the Alt Right
Donald Trump’s response to the speech, that there’s no altright or altleft,”  just “common sense.”
This comment led to a massive inquiry into the Alt Left and resulted in massive traffic for Rabbit’s AltLeft blog.
AltLeft in the National News
How mainstream journalists often fail to do research on the topic they are covering.
How mainstream conservatives are now saying Hillary Clinton is behind the Alt Left.
Conservative trolls on Twitter accusing Rabbit of being part of Clinton’s campaign.
Many people are also claiming the Alt Left is Bernie Sanders’ and Green Party candidate Jill Stein’s.
How the Alt Left is a movement started by blogger Robert Lindsay for liberals who oppose political correctness.
Rabbit’s Alt Left Manifesto.
Third Positionists, Rabbit views them as potential allies but is also in conflict with them over their opposition to his interest in futurism, modern art, and his socially liberal views.
Is there room for a chic, left-wing, futurist variety of “soft fascism?”
How political labels such as Left and Right have become obsolete.
Rabbit’s plans for his blog to focus more on culture instead of politics
The Vaporwave themed Neonopolis in Las Vegas.
Conceptual ideas for self contained autonomous futurist societies.


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What a Trump Presidency May Look Like: Worst Case Scenario

Found on the Net:

Anonymous said…

“Trump will win in November, and God only knows what will happen after.”

Let’s also not kid ourselves about this. We know what will probably happen, even if we don’t wanna look too closely.

Civil unrest, to which Trump will respond by lifting the fetters on the police. (Look what he said about Chicago: that a “top” police official told him they could solve the crime problem in a week, if the gloves came off.) A purge of the civil service, just as Christie promised. Hillary in handcuffs, kicking off the de-legitimization of the opposition.

A round-up of all illegal immigrants, with knocks on the door, camps, abuse in the camps, and generalized terror. A lock-down in communities of color. Abroad, an instant unraveling of the world order, as Europe and Japan (the latter will go nuclear) detach from America’s security system and Russia and China seize their opening.

A devastating fall on the stock market and a depression, to which Trump will respond with scapegoating and with Paul Ryan’s feudal program of tax cuts and budget decimation. A no-holds-barred surveillance state. A day-to-day atmosphere of menace and cruelty, at work, on the streets, and even in the home, in which the dissident American will make a tenuous internal exile.

Nuclear weapons use in Syria and/or Iran cannot be ruled out. Neither can genocidal warfare in those countries, or a nuclear arms race in the Middle East. Neither can a Russian invasion of the Baltics.

Martial law is an almost-certain eventuality.

If he wins, Trump will arrive as the equivalent of Stalin or Hitler. What is so terrifying is that there will be no free world left to stop him. I’d say we’re staring down the barrel of the end of days, but that’s a little too sunny. This approximates the beginning of the world that formed in “1984.”


Let’s see how much of this is even true.

Civil unrest, to which Trump will respond by lifting the fetters on the police. (Look what he said about Chicago: that a “top” police official told him they could solve the crime problem in a week, if the gloves came off.)

Civil unrest, yes. Vicious crackdown, yes.

A purge of the civil service, just as Christie promised.

Civil service purge, yes.

Hillary in handcuffs, kicking off the de-legitimization of the opposition.

Arrest of Hillary and war on opposition, yes.

A round-up of all illegal immigrants, with knocks on the door, camps, abuse in the camps, and generalized terror.

Illegal alien crackdown scenario above, quite possibly.

A lock-down in communities of color.

Would not be surprising.

Abroad, an instant unraveling of the world order, as Europe and Japan (the latter will go nuclear) detach from America’s security system and Russia and China seize their opening.

No, this is dumb. Smashing NATO is a great idea. Yes, Japan will go nuclear. Russia and China will seize what opening? Where? Ridiculous, paranoid view of foreign policy. Russia wants to cooperate with the US, not kick our butt. This is neocon talk.

A devastating fall on the stock market and a depression…

Quite possibly, but why?

…to which Trump will respond with scapegoating and with Paul Ryan’s feudal program of tax cuts and budget decimation.

He would absolutely respond to a crash and depression with scapegoating and the Ryan plan.

A no-holds-barred surveillance state.

Would not be surprised.

A day-to-day atmosphere of menace and cruelty at work, on the streets, and even in the home, in which the dissident American will make a tenuous internal exile.

Probably, look what happened after Brexit. This sort of thing emboldens people, and you have a fascisization of society.

And it might get hard to be a dissident, right. Dissidents may indeed go into a sort of internal exile, but that is hard to predict. On the contrary, the Opposition may become highly energized.

Nuclear weapons use in Syria and/or Iran cannot be ruled out.

I sure hope not, but I worry.

Neither can genocidal warfare in those countries…

Ongoing anyway.

…or a nuclear arms race in the Middle East.

Quite possibly. Saudis may want to get nukes.

Neither can a Russian invasion of the Baltics.

Ridiculous, Russia has no territorial claims on the Baltics and has no desire to invade or occupy these lands. Neocon fantasy.

Martial law is an almost-certain eventuality.

Would not be surprised, but how would they implement it legally?

If he wins, Trump will arrive as the equivalent of Stalin or Hitler.

Sort of. Hyperbole.

What is so terrifying is that there will be no free world left to stop him.

Say what? And what’s with BS Cold War “free world” talk? This is neocon talk.

I’d say we’re staring down the barrel of the end of days, but that’s a little too sunny.

It will be ugly, but this is probably hyperbole.

This approximates the beginning of the world that formed in “1984.”

Absurd hyperbole.


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