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“News Reporting” in the United States of America

For all intents and purposes, there is no such thing as investigative reporting in the US anymore.

Nor will Hollywood even make dissident films. I listened to an interview with Oliver Stone today and he said that in this climate there is no way that he could make JFK or Nixon and it would be a hard time making Born on the Fourth of July either. Even the somewhat dissident film Bush could not get any money raised in the US because no one would fund it. Instead, Stone had to get his funding from Hong Kong.

So Hollywood, yes, liberal Hollywood, along with the “liberal media,” is now part and parcel of the Deep State and the US State Propaganda System.

So even the word liberal doesn’t mean much anymore. Apparently there is a “liberal” wing of the Deep State/US State Propaganda System and a “conservative” wing of the Deep State/US State Propaganda System. Big deal! This is important? This is a distinction without a difference.

Democratic Party liberals are as much a part of the problem these days as Republican Party conservatives. And on foreign policy, they are more or less advocating the same thing, though the Democrats want a kinder, gentler US imperialism while the Republicans want the usual rabid sociopathic US imperialism that the world knows so well. They both have the same goals – they just differ on how to go about them.

This is what “the news” means in 2015 America.

News in America is made up of two things:

1. Hollywood. And all that implies (sheer entertainment, titillation, gossip, nonsense).

2. Propaganda. And journalism in the US nowadays is yellower than at any time since the early 1960’s. We aren’t going forwards at all. We are going backwards to the Hearst era.

Some US news is pure Hollywood silliness, and some is pure undiluted propaganda.

But the best US news of all mixes the fireworks of Hollywood with the totalization of propaganda to produce a full, dazzling, mesmerizing, nearly all-encompassing Matrix-like alternate reality.

Like any good addicting drug, it takes you under its spell, hooks you til you can’t think straight, and won’t let you kick the habit without nasty withdrawals.

You have heard of full-spectrum warfare?

How about full-spectrum brainwash?

Too late. It’s already here, zapping around in your lulled, dulled and hypnotized brain.

Welcome to the show!


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The Islamic States of America


All quotes from the comments at the link:

 Read Reuters 6 – 8 months ago. They ran an article ( with pics ) that showed US Senator John McCain at a US funded training camp in Jordan. ISIS fighters were training there for Syria. US Govt has denied saying this camp was a Al Nusra camp ( Al Qaeda ) if that’s not bad enough. Reuters however have stuck to their guns over the article while McCain hides.

Mujahedin in Afghanistan, ISIS in Syria, all the same thing. McCain and ISIS sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g!

So what else is new? Those who carried out 911 got their funding via another US proxy the Pakistani ISI who were funded by the Saudi’s. The same ones who funded al queda and are now funding ISIS. plausible deniability only works when you don’t know who is involved.

Yeah. It’s called blowback.

ISIS better be careful crawling into bed with professional terrorists from America. As soon as ISIS has served their purpose America won’t just pretend to kill them anymore, they will kill them.

With friends like America you better make sure you don’t have any enemies.

Yep, take heed ISIS. When we are done making love to you, we will throw you out, treating you as if you were a used tampon. I hope America was a good fuck ISIS because it better be worth it.

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Is There Such a Thing as a Rightwing Socialist or a Racist Socialist?

Jason Y writes:

White Nationalism is pretty much a “straight up” right wing thing. No tolerance for the left, as they seen as the “devil” At least that’s the way it is on Stormfront, and in the USA.

As for Republicans, they seem to be some kind of “gateway drug” into white nationalism.

Not really.

There are a lot of racist socialists over at Stormfront. There is a whole large section of them over there. I am not sure what they are, if they are National Socialists or what, but a lot of them like socialism and hate capitalism. They want some sort of “white socialism.” I always found them interesting and even though they are scumbags, I would rather ally with some harmless Nazi socialist loudmouth than a boutique upper middle class Cultural Left neoliberal from the Democratic National Committee. The latter is probably going to cause a lot more damage. The Nazi is annoying, but he probably won’t hurt anyone.

These racist socialists really do not exist at any other sites like American Renaissance.

I am not sure what other movements like that are out there, but the National Bolsheviks and Third Positionists are sometimes said to be racist socialists, nationalist socialists or rightwing socialists. I know the Baath Party Arab socialists were very much racist socialists or nationalist socialists. A lot of people say that Marie Le Pen’s party is a rightwing party, and they call her a racist and a fascist. However, her economic program is very populist and extremely socialist. The Khmer Rogue were racist Communists.

I know a socialist who is more or less of a White Nationalist. He is allied with Putin’s Eurasianist project and the National Bolsheviks. I know a Communist who is very much an anti-Semite. He has since converted to Islam. Israel Shamir is a Russian-Israeli Jewish Communist who is often called an anti-Semite (correctly so).

Often these leftwing racist types start moving to the right the deeper they get into their racism. There is some dynamic about racism that seems to naturally make the racist person rightwing or drive them further to the right if they are already on the right. This makes me think that racism is sort of inherently rightwing project that simply does not fit in well with the Left.

As former liberals and Lefties get deeper into racism (as some people do become racist or more racist later in life) they seem to automatically move towards the Right. They also start speaking favorably about the racist Right, especially the fascist Right, who after all hate the same groups that the racist Lefties do, and they start advocating tactical alliances with the fascist Right. They use phrases like “getting rid of Left and Right.” I get a nervous feeling every time I hear that phrase because it is associated with these racist Leftie types.

Leftwing anti-Semites often convert to Islam because, let’s face it, Islam is an anti-Semitic religion.

We do not really have a word for most of these type of “rightwing socialist” or “racist socialist” groups. The idea is that all socialists are non-racists, but that is not necessarily true. I will tell you being into Left politics in any way, you will get a lot of pressure to tone or shut down any racism or even “PC-racism” (which isn’t even racism) that you might have.

As racist Lefties get bashed more and more by their Left colleagues telling them to tone it down, most of them tend to play down the racist stuff more and more over time. The Left is extremely intolerant or racism to the point where it has invented an entire fake category of racism (PC-racism) which is really hallucinated racism that doesn’t even exist and persecuting people for telling the truth.

The socialist project is frankly an economic project. A lot of working class people are socially conservative. They don’t like gay marriage, want to keep their guns, do not like abortion and may not be too wild about Black folks. The Left has blown these people off and now they are voting Republican for no good reason. A lot of them have become Obama haters. A union member was on the radio yesterday telling about how the Obama people had passed out Obama stickers at their last union meeting, and a lot of the rank and file workers tore them up or threw them away.

If the socialist project is about economics – socialism or some sort as an alternative to laissez faire capitalism – then really all of the rest of the dross has nothing to do with it. What does feminism, antiracism, abortion, gun control, gay rights, animal rights, open borders and the Cultural Left freakshow have to do with socialism as an economic project? Nothing, and in some cases such as open borders, you have a wildly anti-socialist project being pushed by Lefties.

At the end of the day, Leftwingers are human beings like all the rest of us.

Quite a few are sexist. Back in the 60’s, they asked Eldridge Cleaver what the position of women in the Movement was and he said, “On their backs.” That is the way a lot of men in the Movement felt and that gave impetus to the Women’s Movement.

A number of leftwingers are homophobic, racist or anti-Semitic. I was on a forum once with Arab Communists, hardcore Communists all right, and they were raving anti-Semites all the way down to Holocaust Denial. George Orwell was said to be an anti-Semite.

Really leftwingers are just human beings who have an interest in a particular economic project. Human beings are often homophobic, sexist, racist, anti-Semitic, etc. That’s just the way they are. Since Lefties are human, they are of course susceptible to all of these quite human foibles also.



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Racism and the Republican Party

From here.

Not every Republican is racist, but every racist that I personally know votes Republican.

This sums up precisely the relationship between the Republican Party, racism and its base.

When did this sordid strategy start?

The rot started during Nixon’s Southern Strategy and Agnew’s Creative Polarization, when some high-ranking Republicans began using racism as a tool. During the Reagan Administration , most Republicans were using bigotry as a tool. Now, bigotry is using Republicans as tools…

Let us not forget the late Lee Atwater’s role in all of this.

That pretty much sums up the sleazy history of the transformation of the Party of Lincoln to the Party of Willie Horton.



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Capitalists Hanging Themselves with Their Own Rope Again


I live right in the midst of all this Almond Insanity. It feels pretty hopeless on the ground here. All of the local media is completely controlled by Big Ag. The Fresno Bee is the largest paper in the region. It took me a long time to figure out how they were lying to me constantly. That’s because they do it so well. Big Ag literally runs that newspaper.

And Big Ag controls the entire state government too. That means both parties, Democrats and Republicans, and all politicians, liberals to conservatives. Looks like they’ve even got Jerry Brown by the balls.

Yeah, turn all of California into a dust bowl, that’s the ticket. Thanks a lot, farmers. Fucktards.


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Ownership and Regulation of Basic Utilities in the US, 2014

Daniel writes:

What about a mostly free market domestically, but limited economic internationalism (since I think globalism is a sovereignty stealing scam), a basic income (partly as a way to say “that’s it, you get nothing else. Spend it wisely” so as to avoid entitlement culture and single motherhood subsidizing), good immigration based on a points system?

And utilities and infrastructure done by the gov.

I have no problem with most of this other than the anti-single mother stuff and the “mostly free market” stuff which I dealt with other posts.

The rest of it is not bad at all.

Economic nationalism is going to be very hard to do. Both parties in the US and every major party in every large country on Earth is down with this IMF, World Bank, TPP, NAFTA, WTO free trade agreement scams. Even the “liberal” or “Leftist” Democratic Party is on board with all this stuff. If you look at Europe, apparently most social democratic parties in Europe are down with the globalism thing too. The globalist madness seems to have captured the elites of much of the world from Right to Left and it is going to be very hard to build any opposition to them. This is mostly because most governments in the world supporting globalism are controlled by the corporations of that nation. We have made some progress in Latin America with the Bolivarian system and with the BRICs plan of Russia, but it is an uphill battle.

How do we promote a project that both the Republican and Democratic Parties are determined to implement. How do we oppose it when much of the rest of the world is drinking the globalist crack. It is a depressing project.

Infrastructure and utilities run by the state would be a good thing. I think infrastructure is still run by the state here, but there seems to be a determined bipartisan project led by the Republicans do defund infrastructure spending at every level. Why do the Republicans want the country to fall apart. I don’t know. Why doesn’t someone ask them?

Utilities run by the state is a great idea, but just recently we had electricity degregulated in a number of states. It was a disaster at least in California, but the deregulators don’t admit it, and they have stated that they are determined to keep pushing this until they get it through. Privatization of water has not yet succeeded in the US, though this is a corporate goal. We deregulated the phone and cable companies with the Communications Act in the Clinton Era, but what is bizarre is that the vote was somethign like 450-14. Yes that is correct. The vast majority of liberal Democrats voted for that scam. And here we are, 20 years later, with the ruins of communications degregulation lying all around us for anyone to see, and hardly anyone has turned against it. Neither party wants to re-regulate the phone or cable companies.

The cable companies obviously need regulating as they are a classic example of an unregulated monopoly. You see anyone even suggesting that we should regulate the cable monopolies? The phone companies are formally still regulated, but the truth is that it is pretty much a hands-off approach now and they get to abuse any way they see fit. The phone companies are for all intents and purposes unregulated monopolies in the US. The cable and phone companies run the Internet, and the Internet is not regulated at all. Instead it is run by tow of the most evil industries in the US, the unregulated phone and cable companies. There are efforts now to put in some basic regulations (to treat the Internet as part of the regulated public airwaves which clearly it is) but they are having a very tough time. The terrifying battle over Net Neutrality shows just how badly the pro-people forces have lost control of the narrative.

The cell phone companies are also using the public airwaves, at it is obvious that they need to be regulated too whether they are monopolies or not. They are actually not monopolies, but the industry is extremeely stupid and wasteful (for example, each company built its own cell towers instead of having one set of public towers used by all of them), and while the companies are not yet monopolies, there is not much competition. The cellphone companies are operating on the model of Let’s all collude to screw the customers! This is actually the case for a number of industries. All of the “competitors” in the industry agree that they are going to screw the consumers as much as possible to rake in maximum profits. One would think that a pro-consumer company would rise from the muck but it doesn’t seem to happen. This is a clear case of market failure and it is more common than you think. We are now seeing the beginnings of some real pro-consumer competition with these cellphone rats, but it’s been slow going.

So as you can see, we are having a hard time holding onto regulating the utilities that we do regulate and there is a constant danger of looming deregulation. New monopolies were deregulated and there are no plans in sight to re-regulate them. Existing regulated companies are poorly regulated and given largely free reign to abuse society as much as possible. The possibility of regulating new utilities such as the Internet have run up against tsunami-like corporate lobbying and overcoming these colossal efforts seems daunting.

As you can see, having the state run or at least regulate (For Chrissakes!) utilities is a great idea, but it is running into all sorts of problems, probably the worst of which is that both parties and a huge sector of the population including all the corporate media are hooked on the Deregulation Crack. The deregulation narrative has penetrated deeply into ordinary society such it has nearly become a national Zeitgeist.

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Vote McCain/Al Qaeda in 2016

John McCain? Why isn't he dead yet?

John McCain? Why isn’t he dead yet?

John McCain will be running for President on the Republican ticket in 2016. His running mate for Vice President will be Al Qaeda.


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India: Where the Values of the US Republican Party Reign Supreme

RL: “India’s Constitution says it is a socialist country”

SHI responds, setting me right:

India’s socialism is a complete farce because the entire wealth-creation process thrives on the economic exploitation of social underclasses. It was always this way long before the British colonized this place. Perhaps India is the only nation on Earth which comes close to the US Republican Party vision and values, ad nausea and infinitely worse. This means no caring for your fellow man, glorification of Adam’s Smith “survival of the fittest” and indifference to the poor and suffering.

One of the reasons why so many white collar jobs are being outsourced to India: it’s not that people here willingly like to work for shit money. Basically Indian job-creators in the software industry are in bed with the organized crime cartels of Wall Street, the Goldman Sachs, George Soros etc. Together they take great pleasure in exploiting the poor Indian workers.

While the American loses his job, there isn’t much hope left for his outsourced Indian counterpart either. Here’s why:

  1. The average wage in India isn’t rising while the prices are – including rent, food, travel and health care. This means negative earnings and accumulated debts.
  2. The majority of workers do not have job security – they can get fired at the whim of some random prick who decided it was time to “trim the fat”. I have known talented people who worked 8 or 10 years in the same company – the bosses having sucked the best years of their life. Then they were suddenly asked to leave with no career skills and mounting debts especially after having kids and going for a huge mortgage.
  3. Rampant ageism at the workplace – According to Indian recruiters, you’re fine as long as you’re in your 20s or even early 30s. But once you’re in the wrong age group, despite tons of experience, you won’t get hired by anyone.

Basically, a lot of people in India don’t have a safety net and are at the mercy of their employers, landlords and banks. Now with a right wing BJP government at the helm of affairs, it’ll be a field day for economic vultures who are hand-in-glove with US corporations to exploit Indian workers to the hilt without repercussions. There will be more Union Carbide-like disasters as it happened in Bhopal, 1984.


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First Thing the New Republican Congress Did Was Try to Destroy Social Security

For the 100th time.

And they did this first things first, on their very first day in power. Talk about priorities! Apparently the Republicans want to destroy Social Security above all other goals they have.

What is at stake is a routine reauthorization of funds that has been done 11 times since 1968 with little or not controversy. But this time we have probably the most rightwing Congress in US history, and that makes all the difference.

The Republicans are blocking the reauthorization of funds necessary to keep the SSDI or Social Security Disability program going. Without this routine reauthorization, the program will fall short by 20%, and SSDI checks will have to be cut by 20% across the board. I doubt if the consequences will be devastating as SSDI recipients tend to receive $1,200-1,400/month, so instead they will receive $960-1,120/month. I don’t see how you can live on any of that, although I suppose $1,200-1,400 is marginally doable as that is about what I make these days.

I would say that a lot of people are going to have a hard time making it and may have to do without such things as cars. They may also fall behind in their bills and run out of money period towards the end of the month. It is not unusual for me to have ~$2 to my name or less for 3-4 days at the end of the month and God help me if my car breaks down.

This is part of a larger sleazy Republican project to divide and conquer Social Security recipients. They want to divide them between the deserving ones – the good old people who worked their whole life and are now getting their deserved pension and the lazy, able-bodied scammers who are faking disability in order to milk the system. They are trying to turn the former against the latter and they may well succeed considering how stupid so many of America’s elderly are. This is part of a general war on the Disability program which Republicans have been plotting for some time now. It is being aided and abetted by the US media, including NPR of all places, who are running programs detailing scamming in the disability program.

Conservatives love to rant about people scamming social programs. Since people scam these programs, conservatives say, we need to get rid of the programs. But that makes no sense. There are bad cops, so let’s do without police. There is waste in the military, so let’s get rid of the military. Like almost all conservative thinking, this relies on logical fallacies and crappy reasoning but the thing about logical fallacies is that they work great because most people are too stupid to realize what a fallacious argument is.


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The Answer to the Problems of Imperialism/Militarism Is Much More Imperialism/Militarism

Wow, the Deep State is actually this insane.

Truth is the ultra-militaristic USA is hated and of course feared all over the world due to the fact that the US is Dictator of the World, and we have the whole world by the balls via the ultraviolent military of the US World Dictatorship which is called the Pentagon. Of course this makes sense. The only resistance against Emperor Obama’s ultraviolent miltarism and imperialism comes from Republicans DINO’s who say he isn’t a violent enough emperor! In other words, the only opposition to US imperialism in the US comes from a group that says US imperialism needs to be dramatically ramped up! Amazing, what a lunatic country we live in.

From here:

During a discussion of the Gaza War, ABC pundit Cokie Roberts (7/13/14) argued that the problem with US foreign policy was that no one fears the United States.

You know, we just haven’t made a strong enough presence in that region to have people be afraid of this country. And so I think there’s a sense that, you know, they can get away with anything they want to get away with.

So the problem with the Iraq invasion, which killed roughly half a million people, along with a 13-year occupation of Afghanistan, the destruction of the Libyan government and drone strikes that have killed thousands in Pakistan and elsewhere – is that they don’t instill enough fear.

Cokie Roberts is nothing less than the voice of the Deep State. Here she is just channeling the CIA like she always does. I wonder how much they pay this slatternly whore?

Yeah, so we simply haven’t slaughtered enough people yet in the Middle East, so they whole region thinks we are a bunch of pussy faggots. 1.4 million in Iraq wasn’t enough. Only fags would slaughter such a tiny number of people. They laugh at America, a nation of small-dicked Frenchmen who wet their pants when asked to pull a trigger.

I can’t believe this actually passes for political discussion in this surreal country. America is insane.


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