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A Dark and Ominous Phoenix Rises from the Past

A Black Bird Rises in the West

My understanding is that in 1932, Jews were 1%* of the population of Germany. At that time, the Jews reportedly had 32%* of the wealth in the Germany.

The very next year, in 1933, Adolf Hitler of the Nazi Party was elected to rule German democracy. They quickly did away with that pesky democratic part of the state and imposed a dictatorship on a shocked but quite willing populace. This party had been trafficking in toxic anti-Semitism since its birth in German beer halls in the early 1920’s. Almost all of the leaders of this movement were very racist White men. All were White Supremacists and anti-Semites.

They preached ethnic ultranationalism and taking back the nation from the (((liberal and decadent cosmopolitan Establishment))) that had run Germany into the ground in the previous decade. It was time to take the country back from these (((liberals usurpers))) and make Germany great again. A vicious antisemitism was imposed very early on and quickly assumed savage and even homicidal proportions. Several years afterwards, those homicidal tendencies detonated into a full-blown genocidal project targeting not only Jews but also many other hated peoples such as Slavs and Gypsies. For four short years, this unstable and deranged party set the world on fire worse than it had ever been lit up. The fading remnants of that darkly incandescent blazing inferno leave traces that to reverberate among us to this day.

Of course I opposed (to put it very mildly) the Holocaust, the whole Nazi antisemitic project and the German/Japanese alliance in World War 2. It was as if a dual headed Satanic hydra had simulatenously risen in both the West and the East to menace all of mankind itself.

But then I look at that figure. Jews were 1% of the population and they controlled 32% of the wealth in a nation with an increasingly immiserated, disenfranchised and enraged majority.

I look at that figure. 1% of the population controlled 32% of the wealth. And I think, “You know what? There’s not too many countries in the world where people would put up with that for very long. At some point, the majority is going to rise up and try to take back a lot of that money from that tiny group that is monopolizing it.

In Another Century in Another Land…

In 2016, Jews are 2% of the US population. At this time, they reportedly have 28% of the wealth of the nation in a nation with an increasingly, immiserated, disenfranchised and enraged majority.

That same year, a fascist-like movement was elected to rule American democracy. They planned to quickly do away with some of the pesky democratic part of the state and impose an authoritarian government on a shocked but significantly willing populace. This party had been trafficking in increasingly toxic racism since its rebirth in the orange groves of the nation in the early 1980’s. A significant number of the leaders of this movement were quite racist White men. A few were White Supremacists and antisemites.

This movement preached an increasingly ethnic form of hyper-nationalism and taking back the nation from the (((liberal and decadent cosmopolitan Establishment))) that had been running America for most of the previous two decades. It was time to take the country back from these (((liberal usurpers))) and make America great again. A vicious racism loomed very early on. No one knew if this unstable and deranged party would set the world on fire in the next four years.

Let’s look at these two paragraphs again.

In 1932, Jews were 1% of the German population. At this time, they reportedly had  32% of the wealth of a nation with an increasingly immiserated, disenfranchised and enraged majority.

In 2016, Jews are 2% of the US population. At this time, they reportedly have 28% of the wealth of a nation with an increasingly, immiserated, disenfranchised and enraged majority.

I suppose my position would be that if the Jews, 2% of America, really do have 28% of my country’s wealth, I would say that not many countries in the world would put up with that for very long. I would also say that being 2% of the country and having 28% of the wealth is definitely not good for the Jews. Of course I don’t always support what is good for the Jews (Why should I?) but in this case, I definitely would, out of worry, fear, alarm and compassion for my fellow man alone.


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America Is Israel Once Again

I’ve always said this country is USreal. Israel and America are one country. That’s the reason for the overwhelming US support for that shitty little country festering over there in the Middle Eastern desert. It’s not due to any Jewish conspiracy. That would mean that the US media and political class secretly hate Israel and only support them because the Jew-Nazis are forcing them to. But that’s not what’s going on. America and Israel are joined at the hip. This nation has a profound, deep, wild love for Israel.

Israel was created by Jewish fascists. It’s fascism for Jews. It always has been. Ethnic nationalism is fascism. Ultranationalism is fascism. There no other way to slice the cake. For a while there, they were electing some weird “Labor Party” leftwingers who were sort of Strasserites or leftwing Jew-Nazis. That’s all done and over with now. For decades now, the Jews have been electing very much openly fascist candidates for President. The Likud Party is a fascist political party. Its philosophy is Revisionist Zionism. Revisionist Zionism is open fascism. The founder of this  movement was named Jabotinsky. Jabotinsky was regarded by everyone as a fascist. His seminal tract was called “The Iron Wall.” Jabotinsky was an open admirer of fascist movements in Europe at the time.

Since all US Jews love Israel, this means that all US Jews are either fascists or support fascism. But they’re hypocrites like Jews always are. Jews love Jewish fascism. Jewish fascism is just fine and dandy for Jews. They wouldn’t have it any other way. According to US Jews, Jewish fascism is the best political system for the Jews. Now we can argue why we feel that way, but that’s the truth.

However, being Jewish hypocrites, they hate everyone else’s fascism. Except the US Jews are supporting ISIS, Al Qaeda and all rest of the arguably Islamic fascists. The US Jews are also supporting the openly Nazi government in Ukraine. I guess you can argue they are doing this because this fascist movements are fighting the enemies of the Jews. So the Jews love fascism for Jews, and they will openly support any fascists who attack their enemies.

On the other hand, they have a wild paranoia of all other types of fascism and even the fascism they support above is very dangerous to Jews to say the least. The Jews correctly believe that most if not all other types of fascism will eventually turn on the Jews sometime or another.

Once again, as I have said endlessly, America is a Jewish country. Trump is just Sharon and Netanyahu rolled into one. The Jews have been electing open fascists for 20 years now in Israel, and now Jewish America is following the lead and doing the exact same thing.

But did we just elect an antisemitic fascist? It’s hard to say. Americans still overwhelmingly support Israel, even as they elected Mr. Trump. Go to websites of Trump supporters and the support for Israel is over the top. Mr. Trump himself is an extremely strong supporter of Israel.


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What is the Future of the Alt-Right/ Dark Enlightenment?

My Quora answer.

At this point, it can only grow. No one in the movement is going to leave, and obviously quite a few are going to join. All of the people appalled by them were never going to sign up anyway. They have a lot of publicity now and they will only get bigger in the future. A couple of other comments follow.

The question seems to be worded as though those things were synonyms. They are not. The Dark Enlightenment (DE) is a scientific critique on the fundamental premises of The (so-called) Enlightenment: specifically that human liberty and equality are unalloyed goods. Since it is obvious that human (racial, sexual, religious and ethnic) equality is patently false, and that liberty is not an unalloyed good (e.g., offering fertile opportunities for the rapacious to profiteer off the poor impulse control or future time orientation of others), the DE is not going to go away. While politically inconvenient truths about matters may be suppressed for a time (cf. heliocentrism), it is expensive and indeed a sign of collapsing legitimacy.

The “Alt-Right” has really come to mean the non-mainstream Dissident Right. It is a loose, often tumultuous, alliance of a wide variety of anti-progressive particularists—including paleoconservatives, paleolibertarians, neoreactionaries, anarcho-capitalists, separatists, southern nationalists, white nationalists, ethnic nationalists, identitarians, and even a few national socialists. It has no essential nature, therefore, to conform to, no central control, and cannot act in a coherent manner.

Various arms of the Dissident Right have their own plans to create institutions, and propagate their ideas in various ways. Some seek power within the existing political structure. Others see themselves primarily as Samizdat organizers.

If the progressive neoliberal establishment continues to collapse both the psycho-social and economic health of Western nations, dissident movements of all sorts may be expected to continue to attract followers, financial backing, and a modicum of power.

An excellent overview of the Dark Enlightenment, although I suspect he is whitewashing it. From what I know about the Dark Enlightenment as envisioned by Mencius Moldbug and Nick Land, British “accelerationist” British philosopher, it is not something I want anything to do with. In fact, it seems like my and hopefully most of your worst nightmare. I would say that if the Alt Left is about anything, it is about Enlightenment values, so this would right away put us at odds for opposing the Dark Enlightenment.

Dim obscurity. While a few events recently have brought them to the front, their ideology is toxic to the majority of people, and that will lead to them back to the fringe. There’s no real future, especially as more and more people learn that “alt-right” is largely a synonym for white supremacists and neo-Nazis. The new branding will not change the outcome.

I expect they’ll remain a nuisance online. But any sort of intellectual or cultural influence? Extremely unlikely.

This fellow seems to feel that the Alt Right will become a collapsing star and black hole of hatred and nihilism after burning so bright after a brief flash in the spotlight and the camera clicks. I am not so sure about that. How many Alt Righters will say, “Whoa, this movement is neo-Nazi! I never knew that. I’m out of here!” About zero. Everyone involved in this movement knows exactly what it is all about and none of them are taking off. I assume that there are quite a few newbies out there who would love to sign up. They ain’t going away anytime soon I am afraid.


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Multi-Ethnic Fascism?

Hasbrudal writes: Isn’t fascism just a kind of ultra-nationalism, the most important thing is what defines the nation, if it’s a multi-ethnic nation, the fascism will reflect that. If the nation is defined in very narrow terms, e.g. how the Croatian fascists during WW2 viewed Serbs, despite having much more in common on the surface than a Tartar and a Slav from St Petersburg, then it can get very granular. I don’t think Mussolini or Franco gave too much thought to the “Jewish Question” without prompting from Berlin.

There is no such thing as multi-ethnic fascism as far as I can tell. There has never been one single case of multi-ethnic fascism recorded in history. This is probably because the phrase is a contradiction in terms, an oxymoron. If it’s fascism, it’s not multi-ethnic. If it’s multi-ethnic, it’s not fascism. Period.

In a fascist state, when there are multiple ethnicities, religions or languages spoken, the fascists always, always, always, try to wipe out all of the ethnicities and turn them into a single ethnicity and wipe out all the religions and get everyone to speak one national language. For instance, Franco tried to turn everyone in Spain into a Spaniard who spoke Spanish. Hence he waged war on all of the other ethnicities and their languages. Mussolini waged war on all of the other languages in Italy (falsely called Italian dialects), not to mention the non-Italian languages in Italy. I think he went easy on the Germans in the north so as not to anger Hitler.

Fascism is a sort of nation-building run wild, or you can think like I do and say that all nation-building in the modern era is basically fascist, which it is. This is because all nation-building projects try to dissolve all of the ethnicities in the country and turn them all into one ethnicity and try to wipe out all of the languages in the country and make everyone speak one language.

In the case of religion, fascists would probably try to wipe out all of the other religions and force everyone to be a particular religion. The Croatian Ustashe actually ordered Serbs to convert to Catholicism or die in a similar way that Islam was converted by the sword (convert to Islam or die). ISIS is practicing this sort of convert or die Islam right now. This convert or die method of spreading Islam is very much in the Muslim historical tradition no matter how much Muslims lie and say it isn’t.

As you can probably tell, I do not think too much of nation-building projects. However, I have met people from the 3rd World who justified nation-building projects in strong terms. One man I know was an Iranian Azeri who spoke Azerbaijani but justified the Iranian government’s attempt to wipe out the Azeri language as a necessary step that Iran would have to go through in order to build a nation.

Nation-building projects are also often accompanied by mass killings. The emergence of the state of Israel, birthed in blood like so many new nations, is a good contemporary example of bloody nation-building.

Ukraine, Georgia, Turkey, Abkhazia, Kurdistan, Lithuania and Latvia are all modern examples of it. The first four were all quite bloody. One of the disgusting things about nationalism and nationalists is that when the nationalists are a minority in state dominated by another ethnic group, they are all about minority rights, decentralization, regionalism, federalism, autonomy, etc.

Then as soon as these nationalist punks get their independence, what’s the first thing they try to do? The first thing they do is persecute all of the new minorities in the land where they are now a majority. Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Georgia, and Kurdistan are excellent examples of this. Kurdistan is a particularly awful example, as in Southern Kurdistan only Sunni Muslim Kurds have full rights. Non-Kurds? Of course not. Kurdish Yezidis? Nope. Kurdish Christians? No. Kurdish Shabakis? No. Kurdish Shia Muslims? Nope. Assyrian Christians? Are you kidding? They are not even Kurds. Sunni Muslim Arabs? Not at all. Shia Muslims Arabs? Even worse.

In the first elections in Southern Kurdistan, everyone except for Sunni Muslim Kurds was seriously disenfranchised. I mean in a lot of places they were actually denied the right to vote. Non-Kurdish Sunni Muslims were also driven out of many villages in order that they could be populated by Sunni Muslim Kurds.

With independence, Georgia immediately said that everyone in Georgia was a Georgian and revoked the ethnic and linguistic rights of everyone else. This was the cause of the Ossetian and Abkhazian rebellions. Russia had nothing to do with either of them, especially as they started back in 1991 when Gorbachev was President.

With the new fascist Nazi coup in the Ukraine, the rights of Russian speakers were revoked, and their supporters and politicians were murdered. Keep in mind that the CIA was up their knees in all of this. Everyone was a Ukrainian. No one else had any rights. Hence the declarations of independence in Crimea and the Donbass. Russia had nothing to do with those declarations of independence. Those are Russian speakers in those areas, and they despise Ukrainian nationalists who they call Nazis (because they are).

Keep in mind that Crimea never agreed to become a part of an independent Ukraine. As soon as Ukraine declared its independence, the Crimeans said they were not a part of this new country. Several referenda were held in Crimea early on, and the votes were 80-90% for independence.

The new Ukrainian state subsequently calmed them down, and for the next 20-some years the Ukraine was in a stalemate with maybe half the population supporting radical Ukrainian Nazi nationalists and the other half more pro-Russian or wanting a federal state, including all of the non-Russian minorities in Ukraine, of which there are quite a few. So Crimean independence has nothing at all do with Putin, as it started way back in 1991 under Gorbachev as with the Georgian separatist splits.


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Is Putin a Fascist Like Everyone Says He Is?

Every time you hear people talk about Putin the Nazi and Putin the New Hitler and all of that, keep in mind the reality of Russian politics and especially culture.
The real Nazis inside of Russia are all with the Ukies, and they hate Putin for cracking down hard on them. I have seen their webpages on Facebook. Their pages are full of posts raging at Putin and talking about all of the Nazis he has put in jail. During the war, all of the Russian Nazis were with the Ukies who the Russian Nazis said were true blue, real Nazis. In fact, many Russian Nazis went off to fight for the Ukies during the war. Nazis came from all over Europe to fight for the Ukies.

The Duginites that all these idiots call Nazis are not Nazis at all but instead are Russian nationalists. They believe in the concept of a multiethnic Russian empire. These people are 100% with having a Tuvan (essentially a Mongolian) as Defense Minister of Russia. They don’t give two damns about race mixing or even the White race very much. They don’t think like that.

I remember an interview with some Russian nationalist group which had a paramilitary branch that had sent volunteers to fight in the Ukraine war. The interviewer asked if you had to be White to join. The leader was taken aback and said, “Oh no! We are not Nazis! We hate Nazis. We kill Nazis.” He then said that in order to join, you had to speak Russian and practice the Russian Orthodox religion, and that was it. he then pointed out some non-ethnic Russian members of his group around him, including a couple of rather Asiatic-looking fellows. The leader noted where they had come from and pointed that not only were they not Russians but they were not even really White.

I have no idea if Russian nationalists are fascists or not. One thing is certain and that is that they are not racist fascists (Nazis) Personally, I am dubious that they are fascists because they have made an extreme alliance with monarchists, Russian Orthodox culturalists, and Communists. I doubt if there is any real true-blue even Mussolini style (nonracist fascism) fascism in Russia. The Russian nationalists are pretty sui generis.


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Afrocentrist Idiot of the Day

I get comments like this all the time. Like just about every week. I delete all of them now because I am tired of banning people in public. To tell the truth, I ban people every single day on here! Every day, someone comes in the door swinging, so to speak.

This was substantially cleaned up of punctuation errors, of which there were many. All of these Afrocentrists write poorly. None of these idiots can punctuate or spell correctly. It’s pitiful that they talk about how superior they are when they can’t even write a proper English sentence. I think of all the ethnic nationalists out there, the Afrocentrists are some of the most retarded of them all.

Afrocentrists are dumb.


You sound extremely one sided about this topic and a little racist. If you learned about TRUE Black history, we did NOT come from Africa. We populated the entire world before Europeans (cavemen) systematically over time, pillaged, stole, killed, and destroyed millions of people and stripped them of their culture. God is a Black man with woolly hair and skin of bronze. We swear more because our skin is adapted to the sun.

People of European decent (White people) were originally from the caucus mountains in Europe, and they stayed in the caves to avoid the sun. That’s why present-day cavemen have to lather themselves in butter and sunblock to keep from burning like toast and peeling like bananas (:. Black skin is in because the elements don’t burn us like it does vampires and people that are similar to vampires (:.

PS – if you don’t believe me, look it up for yourselves. (:

PPS – Brown/Black/Red/Yellow people are all Black. Dominicans, Puerto Ricans, Iranians, etc.


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Max Nordau, “Degeneration”

Max Nordau was an early Zionist proponent in Europe. What is disturbing though is that like many other early Zionists, he was also a proto-fascist. Of course nationalism in general and in particular ethnic nationalism is typically associated with fascism more than most nationalists would like to admit. In fact, one definition of fascism is that it is simply ultranationalism.

Nordau wrote in the early 1900’s, and at this time, he wrote a book called Degeneration. A lot of people dislike this book because they think it is fascist, and possibly it is.

However, it is still probably a good book with interesting parallels to our modern predicament. In fact, Nordau and especially his book are eerily prescient of the Alternative Right and also of our society itself today. What Nordau was complaining about was exactly the sort of society that the Cultural Left has created, which is of course the very thing that the Alt Left is the backlash against.

I am also thinking of Oswald Spengler’s seminal book, The Decline of the West, which ought to be put on your must read list. Spengler’s modern day avatar, the pseudonymous “Spengler” who wrote for Asia Times, also comes to mind. I also think of James Kuntsler, who you folks really need to read if you are interested in this sort of thing. It appears that Max Nordau was born too soon. This book looks like an interesting read.

I found this short review of the book on the Net. I do not necessarily agree with this review. In particular, there is a type of anti-Semitism here which I find disturbing and unpalatable. But it is interesting how much Nordau’s book resembles the Alt Right of today. That is what I am getting at here; I am not promoting either Nordau’s or this reviewer’s views.

Early Zionist Max Nordau’s Degeneration is an important and insightful book yet not for reasons most would assume. Nordau describes “degenerate” artists as antisocial individuals that lack the normal social traits of his race. The degenerate will dress absurdly just to get a rise out of his kinfolk and lacks the self-control to conduct his behavior in a normal healthy way.

Funny thing is all of this was stated by one of the co-founders (with Modern day Zionist founder Theodor Herzl) of the World Zionist Organization, a movement set out to return the Jews to the mythical heroism of King David’s Kingdom. Back during Nordau’s day, only a small minority of Jews were Zionists. As the brilliant Otto Weininger once stated of Zionism, it “is the negation of Judaism, because it seeks to ennoble what cannot be ennobled. Whereas Judaism stands for the world dispersion of Jews, Zionism strives for their ingathering.” It seems Nordau was doing nothing more but projecting his own newfound cultural degeneracy onto brilliant Europeans minds such as Tolstoy, Wagner, and Nietzsche.

If one were to utilize Nordau’s theories for the modern day, it is apparent that all modern-day institutions now advocate and legally enforce degeneration on their victimized citizenry. This cultural degeneracy  virtually engulfs every aspect of American society: Gender, Race, Sex, Literacy, The Arts, Film, Education, Philosophy, etc. etc.

First World countries now flood their nations with uneducated, unassimilable, and hostile (especially towards the indigenous populations) third world aliens, which academia and the internationalist “Western” media describes as “progress” (despite all evidence towards the contrary). By Nordau’s standards, multiculturalism would be at the pinnacle of cultural degeneracy, a sign of a very sick, confused, and distorted racial collective.

Funny, how the same people that promote Zionism (NeoCONS for example), also endorse the bulldozing of all National borders (except for Israel of course, those borders are expanding) and organic cultures. We live in a world where “Whites” now feebly imitate other races, and it’s considered the height of American culture. Whether it is some white trash wigger like Eminem (Western music is known for it’s complex melodies – RAP has no melody at all) or a world class whore like Lady Gaga (who is weird for weird’s sake), the traits of cultural degeneration are more than obvious.

The claims that Nordau makes against Nietzsche and Wagner are minor compared to what passes off as “art” nowadays. Degeneration is a book that truly puts things in perspective, showing how a certain secular Zionist movement is consciously subverting every aspect of Western culture to its own advantage.

If a degenerate is a racially deracinated individual, that would make Karl Marx (if one were to consider him a German) the biggest degenerate of all. Of course, Marx as no doubt conscious of the fact that he was promoting the destruction of all aristocracies, nations, cultures, and Western civilization with his fundamentally anti-Western theories (a legacy in which Freud, Boas, and Einstein would continue).

After all, Karl Marx (like Lenin) was a failed bourgeois who mostly lived off the generosity of others which included Engels, so if you can’t join them, you might as well destroy them. Of course, Max Nordau makes no mention of Marx in all of Degeneration. Innovating atheist philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer is routinely criticized as a top degenerate.

We now live in a world of complete intellectual abstraction and anti-kultur/anti-organic internationalism. Degeneration was written at a time when the world had yet to be “globalized,” and most Europeans/Americans actually felt proud of their nationality (and back then, they could). Their nations were still producing great art movements, philosophers, writers, and other cultural producers. Now we live in a world of intentionally stupid (and soulless) media/Hollywood, junk/fast food, hyper-consumerism, pseudo-individualism, and other related societal ills that are propagated by an international plutocracy willing to do anything for an extra buck.

When read and put in context with the changing times (both past and present), Degeneration makes for an enlightening read.


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Critique of the Alternative Left


This Leftist posted a friendly unfriendly look at the Alt Left, which he had never heard of until recently.

He’s not impressed, to put it mildly:

For Christ’s sake, this is a truly bizarre movement. Curiously, one of them seems to be a lapsed Marxist, but still spouting Marxist claptrap about the labour theory of value. Perhaps some of these current “Alt Left” supporters are more reasonable than others, however. See here for an interesting description of the politics and views of one of the less extreme “Alt Left” bloggers.

It’s always pleasant to be called bizarre of course. But the compliments don’t stop there. I am the less extreme and more reasonable Alt Left supporter that he discusses above, and the link is to my site. Yay! It is so nice to be less extreme and more moderate. Feels great. Well, there’s my one compliment of the day quota. Now I can sleep well tonight.

He didn’t capitalize Christ in the above post, so in order to not disrespect my idol and mentor, I kindly did it for him. It really annoys me when  atheists don’t capitalize God or Islam or Christianity. What’s the point they are trying to make, other than to be childish?

The “Alt Left” seems to me – if such a movement does exist – to be mostly a bizarre product of extreme left-wing Postmodernist ethnic-racial identity politics, except – and here is the key – applied to white people.

These are Western white people who have been brainwashed in Postmodernist and Social Justice Warrior identity politics, but suddenly transform into supporters of white identity politics.

Well sure. I noticed this a long time ago. In exactly the same ways as any other Identity Politics (including the non-White IdPol that the White nationalists hate so much) is irrational, contradictory or flat out crazy, so indeed is White nationalism. I recognized a long time ago that WN’s are just Afrocentrists, Atzlanistas or Asian supremacists in whiteface, except that the WN’s are sworn enemies of the others and vice versa. But they are so much alike! David Duke has more in common with your average Black Lives Matter fool than he has with my Mom or William Playfair, who don’t particularly give a damn about the White race.

Paint Duke up in blackface and wa-la! Hey, it’s Louis Farrakhan, what do you know!

Put whiteface on Al Sharpton and whoa, lookie there, it’s Alex Linder! Isn’t that amazing?

All these groups are really saying the same thing, but it is only the object of their ethnic obsession that is different. But the core manner of thinking and message is the same.

A while back, I noticed that all nationalists are the same. I mean the ugly Patriotard type, not the ethnic ones.

…could, by using Postmodernist identity politics ideas, easily morph into a bizarre left-wing mirror image of the right-wing white nationalists or “Alt Right.”…And, even worse, this Alt Left movement could then morph into a type of left-wing fascism.

This is a significant concern. I assume that such a wing of the Alt Left will spring up or perhaps it already has. There are “Left fascists” who have been pushing me in that direction for some time now. In fact, there are “Left fascist” grouplings already on Facebook. Left fascism is not as nuts as it sounds. Third Positionists are a real thing. The National Bolsheviks actually exist in Russia. Strasserism was a real political movement until a Sea of Blades ripped it to gory shreds one Darkened Eve in 1932.

Already some were describing at least one wing of the Alt Left as “really just national socialism.” And indeed, that is quite well what it could become if it’s not headed there already.

His core critique is actually a bit more involved than I laid out here and has to with the definition of postmodernism and national progressive politics or the lack thereof. You are welcome to hop on over there and try to figure it out.

All in all, this is quite a bright fellow, and whew! It’s so nice to be moderate and extreme for once, even if it’s only for a day! A man cannot live on radicalism alone. He needs a more balanced diet of ideas or else signs of various cognitive deficiencies emerge.

Anyway, it’s nice that folks are talking about us. May the discussions and of course the attention continue! As the Hollywood people say, “There’s no such thing as bad publicity. I don’t care what they are saying about me, as long as they are talking about me.” And in a monetized world of quarter hour glory quotas, perhaps attention equals money just like in Our Lady of the Angels.

Just think about it. You too can become a commodity! Get on board the Attention Train! Hop up on a table near you and start dancing, dammit!


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All Types of Nationalists Are the Same, Except They All Want to Kill Each Other

It was only after I had listened to quite a few nationalists for a while that it dawned on me that they were all saying the same things but about different countries of people. Yet other than the object of their nationalism, the content of their messages was exactly the same, except that most of them hated each other.

I noticed this when I saw Greek and Turkish nationalists go at it on the web. Turks are a case study in fulminant ethnonationalism turned overtly malignant and apparently terminal as in that case, this disease in particularly morbid form has somehow infected an entire nation of some 70 million.

Then a Greek nationalist came on board, and he started off spouting this whole well crafted Greek nationalist screed. And guess what? I was shocked to see that the Greek nationalist was saying exactly the same virulent mindset, except he was saying these things about Greek people, not Turkish people.

But really the spiels were the same. Take a Turkish nationalist rant and replace the words Turk and Turkey with Greek and Greece and abra cadabra, now you automagically have a Greek nationalist, just like that! And of course vice versa.

Then I started hearing some more nationalists. Russell Means, Native American nationalist, sounded exactly like a crazed Mexican nationalist who came to the site the other day (you did not see her because she was instabanned).

Albanian nationalists sound the same as Ukrainian nationalists minus the swastika.

I never heard of an Indian nationalist until the Internet, but now that I have seen them, I must say that they are up there with the Turks as the nastiest of the nasties. Something terrible has happened to Indian people. Besides all the other ways they are screwed up, every Indian you meet is a fanatical Indian nationalist nutball. Even in my town. Somehow these Indians got exposed to one of the most sophisticated nationalist brainwashing projects in our time. I do not know who is responsible. The Indian media? The Indian educational system? Something else?


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A Bit on the Genetics of Mexican-Americans

RL: By the third generation around here, most Mexican-Americans are just White people for all intents and purposes. Many to most of them are behaving very well, and many are smarter than you would think. Intelligent, 3rd generation assimilated Mexican-Americans are fully capable of running cities here in the US…They need to chuck the Mexican thing and pretty much just turn into White people which is what most of them are majority racially anyway.

Jm8: I thought they were a bit more Amerindian (or about evenly both) on average. But I guess it depends on what part of Mexico they come from (the North having more White ancestry). In New York, where I live (and in South and much of Central Mexico, from what I saw), they tend to look very Amerindian. In some places (mostly S. Mexico), people from communities called Indian and nearby ones considered Mestizo/Ladino look very similar, the main distinction being language/the degree of cultural Hispanicization.

Here in the Southwest, the Mexican-Americans have always been mostly White. For a long time, they were 70% White. That was the standard for maybe 70-80 years. Then it shifted to ~60% White and stayed that way for a couple of decades.

Now here in California, they are 47% White, 45% Amerindian and 8% Black. That’s the whole genome, and it reflects the recent mass immigration from the south of Mexico, which is very Amerindian. There are also quite a bit more Black ancestry in the south, even in places like Guerrero where you would least expect it. This is because Mexico, like Argentina and some other places, dealt with the Black population issue by simply breeding them completely out of existence. 100-200 years ago, the % of Blacks in Mexico was much higher than it is now. However it was still a small population, and they bred so heavily into the surrounding White, mestizo and Amerindian culture that they more or less vanished off the face of the Earth.

The reason that Mexicans of the Southwest have traditionally been ~65-70% White is because they have usually come from northern Mexico. The north of Mexico is quite White genetically, much Whiter than the rest of Mexico. There is a city called Monterrey there that is actually mostly White people. This has also been not coincidentally one of the most productive parts of Mexico.

Around here, the % of Mexican-Americans who more or less look like White people (by that I mean they appear to be majority White) is truly stunning. We are talking about many thousands of people just in my city alone. If go around this town, you will soon see so many mostly White Mexicans that you will not even be able to count all of them.

Mostly White Mexicans are hard to describe racially, but they often look like Spaniards, Italians or Armenians. They sort of look like Med Whites. There are also a shocking number of Mexican-Americans in this town who seem to be full White. I have no idea what their genetic makeup is, but they appear to be about as White as I am. Some of them look even Whiter than I do because they have very pale skin.

Another very large group of Mexican-Americans is frankly such a mixed race group that you really could not call them Amerindian at all. They do look sort of White, but you couldn’t really call them White either. They are simply completely mixed race White-Amerindian people, full mestizos who can’t and shouldn’t be dumped into one or the other race.

However, I will admit that if you go around my city for a while, you will see many, many people who are mostly or fully Amerindian. These tend to be more the working classes or the field workers and quite a few of them are illegals.

The more Amerindian they are, the more likely they are to be illegals. The Whiter they are, the more likely they are to be Mexican-Americans or legal residents. The number of green card legal resident Mexicans in my city is very large, much larger than you might think. It’s not true that this group is mostly illegals. They are seriously mixed between illegals, green card-holding legal immigrants and Mexican-American citizens. The last category is surely the largest. Anyone who equates Mexican ethnicity in the US with illegal immigrant is nothing but an idiot.

I am getting a bit tired of this Cultural Left crap that Mexican-Americans are mostly Amerindian. The Cultural Left wants to believe this because they hate White people, and they want to see as many of this bull category called “people of color” as possible. Also the Aztlan Reconquista fools are very much into pretending that Mexican-Americans are mostly Amerindian. You will frequently find morons like this on the Net with fake Aztec names claiming that Mexican-Americans are 80-90% White. More often the idiot who is saying this lie looks like a White person.

Mexican-American nationalists of the Aztlan Reconquista variety are truly some of the stupidest ethnic nationalists of them all, especially because “Mexican” isn’t even a race.


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