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Some Descriptions of the Alt Left on the Net

The Alt Left is just the Alt Right, except they like Mao way more than they like Hitler.

Sort of correct.

The Alt Left are basically Alt Right Communists.

Sort of right.

The Alt Left is the left wing of the Alt Right.

Sort of, yes.



I would imagine an “Alt-Left” would go beyond and be above that, putting class struggle over identity politics without using “class above all else” to shut down any debate over racism/sexism/etc. A Left that didn’t think accusing people of racism is enough to dissuade them from voting Trump/UKIP/Le Pen/et al but actively sought ways to persuade those with racist tendencies to not be racist.

A Left that was able to inform the working class that the Alt-Right and Far-Right are bad news for the working class as a class – as well as the well-documented ways they are bad news for various oppressed demographics. Finally, above all else, a Left that rejected the loopy elements of Identity Politics (as commonly found in academia particularly in the US but an issue in the UK as well, especially with the NUS) and injected some much needed rationality into the debate.


Aren’t the Alt Left just social democrats who are critical of immigration? Something like that.


Seems like there are already people self-describing as the ‘Alt-Left’ in the sense of being the ‘leftwing of the Alt-Right’ — from what I’ve seen, social democratic on economic matters, very hostile when it comes to Identity Politics, feminism, etc., occasionally antisemitic.

Probably one of the best definitions so far.

There’s definitely a return to imagined Christian values/hetero nuclear family at core …you could have an Alt-Left that did that too I guess if you really wanted.

There are Alt Left people pushing exactly this. And anyone into traditional morals or traditional values with Left economics would absolutely be welcome here.

I think the Alt Left is the left wing of the Alt Right. That is how it seems to me anyway. Where the Alt Right embraces fascism, they embrace concepts like Maoism.

That’s about it.

Having said that, I think there’s space for some form of Leftism that is skeptical of both market and state but doesn’t sign up to any of the current far Left ideologies. And has good memes.

Sort of, yes.

Again, it’s just a liberal guy who is a White Nationalist. It’s basically the leftwing of the Alt-Right as the blog itself says or some kind of lite version of Nazbol with emphasis on the Naz and not a whole lot of Bolshevism.

Discussing Rabbit’s page. Nazbol Lite is a pretty good way to describe Rabbit, too.

Class Left is better. Or Classical Libertarians. Or Class Realists.

Classical Libertarians no; Class Left and Class Realists are both perfect. We are “class reductionists.”



We’re back to “we want a UKIP of the left” again.

A UKIP of the Left would not be a bad thing. It would seem to be an Alt Left project.


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Realist Left Replies to Robert Lindsay

Originally from my own site, then a response by Realist Left here on the Alt Left page on Facebook which is reprinted below, then Lord Keynes’ response below that, the latter two of which are reprinted below in this piece. 

Robert Lindsay has an interesting post here on the Alt Left.

Realist Left (whose Twitter account is here) posted an excellent reply to this on the Alternative Left Facebook page, especially on the question of Marxism/Communism in the Alt Left:

A not-so-brief reply to Robert Lindsay with regards to the role of Communists, Anarchists, Marxists, the ‘Left Wing of the Alt-Right’, conservatives, etc. within the ‘Realist Left’ and ‘Alt Left’ in general (to the extent that we and I are a part of it).

I agree and yet also respectfully disagree.

To me, the anti-Regressive Left, anti-SJW, anti-post-structuralism/PoMo, etc. in many ways is the bait. People are sick of it from across the board, and if that means that Libertarians (cultural or ideological), populist-conservatives, moderates, or even the Left Wing of the Alt Right get attracted to it, all the better for us because that gives us a platform to listen to our economic views, which in popular discourse have been completely neglected. Ultimately though, our ‘base’ will be ‘liberal’, ‘Center-Left’, and the Non-Marxist ‘Left’.

In my experience, Communists, Anarchists, modern Marxists, etc. are a lot more trouble than they are worth. They’re tiny, and yet they’re incredibly divisive, prone to conflict and moreover give off a terrible message to anyone else given their cataclysmic human rights and economic failures.

We (or I at least) don’t want them around or to be influential, or to be the ones holding up the microphone for our groups (or at least mine). I especially don’t want them in any position of power or influence within our groups. They’re welcome to join, listen in. There’s even some room for Marxian analysis here or there when it’s interesting (and especially when it comes from those who are the most interesting and prescient, i.e. Kalecki, Baran & Sweezy). But I don’t want to hear about ‘bourgeoisie’, neo-imperialism, Labor Theory of Value or any other buzz-words and simplistic forms of analysis.

It doesn’t matter too much anyways, since most Marxists/Commies/Anarchists are themselves Regressives as well. So when the opportunity comes around to distance ourselves from Communists/Marxists/Anarchists, I’ll gladly do so. Castro is terrible; Stalin is far worse. The theory concerning the Falling Rate of Profit is wrong, and no, the Revolution is not coming.

Clearly, I do not put Ryan England/Agent Commie in this group. He, unlike many Marxists, has actually read Capital and articulates its good points. And of course he’s not really a Marxist/Commie as we all know.

Same thing goes for the ‘Left Wing of the Alt Right’ – you’re welcome to hang around, bash Regressive Leftists, et al, but I don’t want to hear about proactive White Identity politics, minority bashing, Jooish Conspiracy, etc. There is NO place for that here. Period.

I DO want more conservatives to read things like the Realist Left / Alternative Left or at least a certain type of them. I will always be against the Religious Right (of which the Reg-Left seems like the new moral puritans), against neoconservative hawkery, and I will of course always be against the ‘neoliberalism’ or worse, libertarianism and corporatism that’s found within modern ‘Conservative’ movements.

But you have to realize, ‘Conservatism’ is a VERY malleable concept. 150-200 years ago, Conservatism was busy trying to keep the last vestiges of feudalism, monarchy and agrarianism alive and even included protectionism and industrial policies. 40-60 years ago, we had ‘Tory Keynesianism’ and Nixon’s ‘We are all Keynesian now’. I’d like Conservatism to go back to being more sensible on economic policy and perhaps better on foreign policy too as they were. They may be more socially conservative or religious than we are, but that’s okay. Conservatism will always be around, so let’s try to make the best of it, instead of ceding it to the worst forces possible.

One extremely important thing is we absolutely cannot become another mirror image of ourself. We cannot become the Alt Right to the Regressive Left. We cannot become the Communists to the Fascists. We’re basically somewhere between the center and left, and we’re non-dogmatic about what the ‘truth’ is; rather we’d prefer to intellectually be in pursuit of the ‘truth’. Let’s not become another religion or ideology as has befallen so many of the others (Marxism, Intersectionality Feminism, Libertarianism, Neoliberalism, Alt-Right and Fascism).

– Realist Left, comment here.

Lord Keynes responds below:

Yes, this more or less nails it.

In my experience, a lot of Communists/Marxists and Anarchists are already utterly indoctrinated in Cultural Leftism and SJWism and so are doubly wrong – both on their cult-like Marxist ideology and Regressive Leftism.

There is something of value in Marx’s economic thought, as I have pointed out here, but you can strip out the insightful points and reject Marxism as a political ideology.

My own final thought in this is: we need to *reclaim* the Center. The political Center – at the moment – isn’t much to boast about. It’s mainly neoliberalism and Cultural Leftism-Lite.

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One Thing People Keep Forgetting: Alt Leftists ARE Leftists

From Facebook:

Dan Paton: Little do they know that if we starve enough people, we’ll have a Communist utopia.  Yes, of course. First starvation, then the Utopian Star Trek society. Because trade is no longer necessary. It all makes sense now.

Alt Leftists are not supposed to be rightwing anti-Communist fanatics. Even those of us who do not like Communism criticize it from the Left, not the Right, and even they have a certain amount of respect for it even if they think it doesn’t work. The whole “Communism starves the people” nonsense has been proven endlessly to be not true, and it’s just rightwing anti-Communist cant.

We have to keep reminding people forever that Alt Leftists are Leftists. The word “left” is not put in there as some sort of a joke. It’s real. And it says, “left,” not “right.” If you really more on the right, head on over to the Alt Right or the Republican Party, the Libertarian Party or Hell, even the DNC Democratic Party nowadays. But leave us alone please.

People just don’t get this about us, and I have to keep repeating this over and over.

I remember a White nationalist posted an interview of me saying, “Alt Left, these guys are interesting.”

This other WN said, “Meh, it’s just the same old namecalling Left. Racist, sexist, prejudiced, bigoted, homophobic, etc.”

And they other guy said, “Well, what do you expect? I mean, they ARE Leftists. But it’s a step in the right direction.”

I cannot emphasize this too many times. We are Leftists. Now we might be really, really weird Leftists, but we are still Leftists and always will be. People keep forgetting that, and we get called Nazis, fascists, reactionaries, conservatives, Republicans, bla bla constantly, and none of it is true.

As a matter of fact, one of the pillars of the Alt Left from the very earliest days is “Anti-Conservatism.” We dislike conservatism at its very core essence from
Burke to Kirk to Trump and before and beyond, especially the US conservative movement and the Republican Party.*

It’s just that we think that the Cultural Left has gone so far to the Left in their anti-conservatism that they are off in La La Land. We are on the Left, but we are not insane! And this is our main and only beef with the Cultural Left.

We hate conservatism and SJW’s! We think they both suck! We disagree that everyone needs to pick one of these terrible/insane choices. We happen to think there is a middle ground between the leftwing loons and the rightwing malignancies. But that said, we definitely hate conservatives much more than SJW’s. The conservatives are the our deadliest enemies, and there can be no peace with them, ever. The fight goes on until we take them out or they take us out. Zero sum game. I’m serious. Dead serious.

The SJW’s, on the other hand, are mostly just annoying, insect-like creatures similar to mosquitoes or gnats. Now granted, sometimes they are as bad as Alaskan mosquito swarms, but at the end of the day, it’s still just a damned mosquito, and bug spray still works pretty well. I highly recommend bug spray for both mosquitoes, SJW’s and other buzzing, swarming insects.

SJW’s are annoying pests. Conservatives are Enemy #1.

*We might be open to some other types of conservatism such as the Marine Le Pen Right in France. In fact, I would go so far as to say that Marine Le Pen is not even rightwing at all. Instead, she’s straight up Alt Left.


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Just Got Thrown Out of Two Alt Left Facebook Groups

I have now been thrown out of two different Alternative Left groups on Facebook.


That is actually rather funny. I believe one was called Alt-Left and the most recent one was called Alt-Leftists. The Alt Left group were just PC Cultural Left SJW’s who were mad at some even more insane Cultural Left types who they felt had gone too crazy for even the crazies to bear. So it was crazy people attacking crazier people.

I finally figured out that the group had two, two, I said two separate moderators, both of whom were transsexuals! And I had thought one was a woman all along! A  weird looking woman but a woman nonetheless. So the group was run by two transwomen, which is a statement right there because that sort of thing should not be as common as weeds like that. Transsexualism to me is a once in a blue moon type thing, but it’s turned into a blades of grass in a field thing – there are a huge number of them, and they are everywhere. Every time you turn around, there’s some transsexual something or other. It’s madness.

Further, the group was full of homosexuals, gay men. I was on one thread, a commenter asked who was gay, and most of the commenters started lighting up the screen saying they were gay, or bi, or poly or pan or whatever the Hell. I was just about the only cis straight man in the thread. As such, I was a weirdo. See what I mean? The Cultural Left is trying to make it so the freaks are the norm and the normal people are the freaks instead of the other way around the way it should be.

It’s getting to the point where if you are not down with whatever the Cultural Left weirdness du jour is, you are some sort of an uptight, puritanical prig who is against fun and hung up about sex because you won’t go out and suck a penis like all the other hip “bi-curious” guys are doing or let your wife peg you with a strap-on and cuck you with some Black bulls like all the other hipster husbands are doing. To be a cis straight guy now is almost like being a stern, censorious party-pooper.

I started going off on transsexuals in the way that I usually do and they all freaked out. But before they had started attacking me on race, homosexuality, feminism and lots of other Cultural Left hot buttons. The way they responded to me was straight out of the SJW handbook. They even attacked me for using the term Cultural Left which they claimed I was using as a cover for Cultural Marxism, which is a concept and conspiracy theory that I do not even happen to believe in. It was not long before I was booted.

With these latest clowns, all I did was say I founded the movement, these were the core founding principles, and what do you all think of them? They started unloading on me all over the place.

The “Alt-Leftists” group was full of economic conservatives, Libertarians, supporters of the Republican Party, neoliberals, free marketeers of all sorts, etc. One of the founding Alt Left principles was that we rejected all of that. If you believe in that, you are out.

The pillars and principles of my version of the Alt Left have been laid out carefully. Others have made manifestos and principles about their particular take on it. My attitude is, “Everyone form their own faction.” That sounds insane, but wait a minute. If you go down the line and see my principles of the Alt Left in my pieces, do you really agree with every single one of my views? Come on.

So your own “faction” would be your own particular Alt Left principles, values, and positions on a variety of political issues of the day. Your “faction” could be you just go down my list of principles and say you agree or disagree, and any caveats you have in addition to those two statements. Got it?

Look, few people have the same values, principles and positions as other people. In a way, it seems like when you have 30-40 different issues that you are working on as we are, most people are going to have a different take on that set of issues. They will agree with some, disagree with others, and agree or disagree with qualifications on others.

However, we do have some boundaries around the Big Tent. At some point, you are just not Alt Left anymore. In order to be Alt Left, you have to be down with at least the very core principles of the movement that we will not budge or compromise on. Agent Commie has listed some of these over on his site. I have listed them many times myself, and if you want, I will list them again in another post. You go beyond a certain point, and you’re just out. Bye bye.

Now obviously just because I founded the Alt Left (along with a few others not far behind like Rabbit, Ryan England and Prince of Queens) doesn’t mean that I get to take the movement in any direction I want to. Others can carry the banner and run off and splinter away all they like.

Imagine if someone had invented a movement called “Conservatism” in the early 1800’s after the French Revolution as Burke pretty much did. He and some later folks, especially Kirk, laid down more basic principles. Now suppose the movements that called themselves Conservatives started taking off in directions that the founders had not envisioned?

Well that’s perfectly fine of course, and this happens to movements all the time.

How far away is modern feminism from the feminism envisioned by the founders of the movement in the early 1960’s like Friedan, Streisand, Abzug, Greer, Wills and some others? Who knows? Movements take off on their own once birthed by whomever, and there’s no rule or law that says that movements have to exactly like what the founder wanted. And it’s not immoral or improper for a movement to do so. Movements can do whatever the Hell they want to. It’s perfectly fine for them to veer off in their own direction, even if it is quite far from what the founders wanted. That’s perfectly acceptable, and that’s the way or the world.

You give birth to kids, raise them to have certain values, and they turn out however. Maybe they completely reject the values you instilled in them. What I am saying is that just because you give birth to something – anything – there’s nothing stopping and nothing wrong with the thing you birthed taking off in whatever direction it wants to, not caring what the person who birthed it had in mind.

Turns out all these Alt-Leftist idiots care about is being radical skeptical scientistic atheists. It’s all about Islam. Islam is the issue of the day. Oh, and Christianity too. Oh, and by the way, we hate all religions, did you know that? Another aspect of them was a jihad against SJW’s. Now I hate SJW’s as much as anyone, and they hate me too. Actually they started it between them and me.

But they’re not what’s important. What’s important is stopping these fascist freak Libertarian Minarchist maniacs who took over the government from destroying our whole society once and for all. The war is against Trump, everyone who is with Trump, the entire Republican party and the very principles of conservatism in general. Trump and this new insane government is the five alarm fire in the American neighborhood. Fighting stupid SJW’s or ranting about religion or even Islam is like going after the boy playing with matches while the disco down the street burns down with 100 people inside of it. There are these things called priorities.

And really which is worse, SJW’s or radical social conservative reactionaries? Who’s worse, Trump and the Republicans or the Cultural Left? Come on, people!

As much as I hate those SJW’s, I will ally with them against the Republicans because the Republicans are the enemy right now, particularly the maniacs that have taken over the US government.

And commenter Tulio is correct. This indeed a fascist movement. We have been yelling and warning about this at least since the 2000 election was stolen. Maybe they had some fascist characteristics before then, I have no idea. But it’s been getting worse and worse, and I believe somewhat more fascist (George W. Bush was almost a crypto-fascist, pseudo-fascist or pre-fascist) with every election, to the point where we now have a full-blown US fascist movement of our very own that looks exactly like people like Upton Sinclair said it would look like back in the 1930’s.

Everyone who is with the Trumspter fascists is a fascist themselves, whether they realize it or not. And certainly everyone helping them at the state and local levels is a fascist. I would go so far as to say that the US Republican Party is now a fascist political party, particularly the Trumspter faction. Everyone wants to leave out the Never Trump Republicans, but trust me, I know them very well, and they are pretty fascist themselves, about on the George W. Bush level. The Trumpsters are the grownup fascists, and the rest of them are the teenage fascists who wear the latest outfits all the time so we can’t figure out what they are.

I will throw down a challenge right now. Show me any significant Republican Party figure, and I will see if they are fascist or fascist-like. I do not think there are many non-fascists left in the party. But let’s play the game.

Here is my post on Alt Left and Radical Center, a group that has not thrown me out yet.

Just got thrown out of another Alt Left group. This was  Alt-Leftists. They have gone so far away from my vision that I am renouncing them. It’s all “fight Islam and fight SJW’s!” Hell with that. To me, the task of the Alt Left right now is to fight the Right. One of our founding principles is Anti-Conservatism. We do not accept rightwingers of any way, shape or form with exceptions for social conservatives, race/gender realists, etc. And we are not militant atheists.


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Alt-Leftists: An Alternative Left Diversion

Original post here on the Facebook Alt-Leftists group.
I am the guy who actually created this movement. It has now grown wildly beyond my craziest dreams, but I am also pretty out of touch with the movement in general anymore. Sort of like Deism where God created the world and then sat back and smoked bongs for eternity, I created the movement and then sat back and let others take over.
Recently a lot of the movement has gone in a direction which I completely renounce and reject. Mainly they have voted for and supported Donald Trump. Trust me, no original Alt Leftie would vote Trump except maybe if they were an accelerationist.
The original Alt Left was supposed to be Left and only Left. They are the sort of who say that they would not vote for a conservative if you held a gun to their heads. One of the main points of the movement was Anti-Conservatism. We simply dislike it in any way, shape or form and we dislike it at a deep or Burkean level. Conservatism is a whole way of thinking and we just reject that way of thinking in favor of the different liberal way of thinking.
The movement was originally considered to be multi-tendency. In fact, my attitude was to let everyone form their own faction or micro-faction as it were. As of now there are maybe 10 large factions of the Alt Left. You folks are definitely one of those factions. You can go over to Ryan England’s site to see where he names you and talks about you.
The Alt Left was also going to allow for social conservatism because that is not something we care about. In fact, there should be a whole faction called Social Conservatives. The one thing we will never compromise on is economics, and if you are not down with at least social liberalism and a welfare state, then you are out of the Alt Left. You need to go. We are considering letting some Left Libertarians in, but we are worried about some of them. Economic Libertarians or neoliberals have no place in this movement, and they need to get out right now. One of the other major platforms was Opposition to Neoliberalism.
Although I am a liberal-Leftist myself, I have little interest in fighting religion and am a bit religious myself, though you will hardly find a more secular Christian. I welcome all progressive religious people into the Alt Left. They need only be progressive on economics, for I am an Economic Man. The Left needs to stop driving religious people away to the Right. That’s the sort of thing that just elected Trump.
I am opposed to militant atheism, but nonetheless, you guys are not the problem, and in fact, I even see you as allies deserving of your own faction.
That said, I feel all of this anti-SJW stuff is distracting us from what is really important right now, which is fighting Trump and the Republican Party here in the US. Outside the US, I have no idea what the Alt Left should be doing, but I would say something similar if possible.
Also it is important to note the the Alt Left is a revolutionary movement. If you are not revolutionary, you are not Alt Left. In that sense, we are “the Left wing of the Alt Right” as some have called us. A while back, someone asked another person on Facebook what the Alt Left was. The other responded, “It’s the Alt Right, except they like Mao more than they like Hitler.” That probably sounds awful to a lot of you, but there’s more truth in that than there is falsehood.
We hate Steve Bannon, but he is correct in wanting to topple the whole system. We want to do the same, just from the Left, not the Right. If that frightens you or sounds Marxist, what I mean to overthrow the system would be in line with the project of the US Greens.
The US Greens are not reformists. The System cannot be reformed; it must be overthrown. The agenda of the Greens is to overthrow the whole system. If you observe their ideology and behavior at the moment you will see what I mean when I say they are going to overthrow the system. That is what they are doing right now, in fact. They are trying to overthrow the System as I type this and I cheer them for this.
If you are part of the System, you are part of the problem! And the Democratic Party is absolutely part of the System, so they are part of the problem. They don’t want to get rid of the System. They think running up the white flag forever is the way to win wars. Why are they running up the white flag? Because to stay and fight would jeopardize the System, and they will do anything to keep this System going. The Democrats will run up the white flag forever in the name of saving the System. That’s clearly not working now and in the future if not already, the consequences of endless surrender to the enemy are going to become a lot more dire, and that’s assuming we are not there already.
You guys are on some sort of a rationalist jihad, but I have my differences with the so-called rationalist crowd in that they are too scientistic, and they have turned science into a fundamentalist religion. At least 95% of the things that I believe cannot be proven by science. If you are sane, you will say the same thing. The rationalists elevate science to a godhead and in the process, they doubt everything to the point of refusing to believe many clear facts simply because they do not want them.
And their hatred of Conspiracy Theory as irrational is part of what is flushing down the whole country right now because the System runs on endless conspiracy. If you say conspiracies don’t exist, you are just going to let the enemy win all of their battles because every time they hatch another conspiracy and win another battle, you guys say the battle never happened, so you concede more territory.
As I said, fighting SJW’s and especially religion right now is a distraction. You guys should be fighting Trump and the Republicans now, not fighting these SJW three year olds. That’s what you are doing. When all you do is fight 3 year olds, you are saying that a bunch of three year olds are the whole problem with the System right now. They’re not. SJW’s are the three year old in the corner, screaming and raising havoc but not really doing much of anything.
So anyway, carry on, but the main enemy right now is not religion, even Islam. How is Islam a bigger threat to America than Trump? If you believe that, you must be crazy. Islam threatens nothing. At most they might kill a few Americans, but the Republicans will kill millions of Americans. Islam is not an existential threat to the nation. The Republicans are.
This is one of the foundational documents of the Alt Left. I leave it for you to look over if you wish.
I would be interested in any comments you might have about what I wrote here and in the foundational document post.


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Not Everyone Who Voted Trump Is a Fascist

Trump himself is absolutely a fascist, all the way. And I would say that quite a few of his followers are headed in that direction also.

But Trump has a lot of other supporters who do not appear to be fascists. Jason discussed many young male Libertarians at his college who support Trump on economic grounds.

  1. Non-fascist wingnuts. I think a lot of wingnuts are actually appalled by seeing fascism real and in the flesh here. These are all of the Republicans speaking out against him during the campaign. These are just corporate and rich types who want their money and nothing else. They see real fascism in Trump and they do not like it.
  2. Non-fascist racists. Trump has a helluva lot of racist supporters, but it’s important to note that not all racists are fascists. Not at all.
  3. Libertarians, often young men.
  4. MRA’s, but with a lot of overlap above.
  5. A few very confused Leftists who need to have their heads examined. On looking into them, most of them are “leftwing racists” and yes there are such a thing.
  6. 1%’ers. Tulio pointed out that a lot of the rich just voted for him to get their tax cut.
  7. Corporate types. As corporatist as Hillary is, I think many corporate types thought Trump would be good for business, and in fact, he will.
  8. Middle class suburban types in flyover country and in the South. They always vote Republican, especially in the South.
  9. Christian fundamentalists. They just want to ban abortion and get their other judicial stuff done. Purely utilitarian. There are indeed quite a few Christofash out there, but many rightwing evangelicals are not fascists at all, and I am convinced that many are not even racist.
  10. Muslim haters. These are the types who go into the voting booth and vote muh fuck Islam. Lot of overlap with a lot of the above, but a lot of people just pull the lever on screw the Muslims.
  11. Aggrieved workers. Many working class people may well have felt that Trump was their only hope as the Democrats for the 1% like Hillary wrote them off long ago. Trump won’t help them either, but at least he’s addressing their concerns. These people are voting against these horrible trade deals.
  12. Opponents of mass immigration and illegal immigration. Of course,  most of these folks are racist as Hell, and there’s a lot of overlap above, but I could see a guy like me going in there and pulling the lever for Trump because I am sick and tired of mass immigration, want to throw out all the illegals and want to slash 95% of the fake guest worker scabs. It’s possible to be against all of these things and not be particularly racist. I don’t think I am all that racist, and I oppose all of this.
  13. American nationalists. Although there is huge overlap above, and the fash component is all these types, I suppose it is possible to be a US nationalist without being a fash or a racist. I get called America hater all the time, but the truth is that I am an American nationalist. I love my country, so it really pisses me off when I see my country acting evil. It’s like love for a wayward son. As a man who loves his country, I want to see my country doing good, not evil. The main reason  I oppose all this mass, illegal and guest worker immigration is it’s bad for country. That’s why I oppose the trade deals too.


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The Libertarian “Crony Capitalism” Nonsense

Shooter: “All capitalism is crony capitalism, always and forever.” – Well, did WordPress come about because of socialism? Aren’t most of the things you talk about, even the medium you’re on, came about from capitalism?

All civilizations have to have some form of economies to raise capital. No matter how socialist you get, there’ll still be capitalism in there. USSR was not fully Communist but was socialism with state capitalism. Making money is just what nations do. I don’t see how GDP and other forms of wealth are inherently crony capitalism. Sorry, but you don’t get me on this one.

Any normal capitalist country, leaving out various forms of actual socialism and Communism, will generally speaking have an unbelievable amount of crony capitalism.

According to Libertardians, the whole problem with their glorious capitalist system is the fact that government is involved in it. Once the government is involved in the capitalist economy in any way, shape or form, apparently we have some form of “crony capitalism,” whatever the Hell that is. I say that because I have no idea what it is that this term is even referring to. According to Libertardians, if you completely eliminate the state from the picture, then and only then do you have real true capitalism. Anytime you still have a state in the picture somehow, the system is not actually real true pure capitalism. This is some sort of a joke. Their crazy “pure capitalism” has probably never existed, does not exist now and no doubt will not exist in the forseeable future.

If crony capitalism means corruption, well of course capitalism generates corruption. It generates a phenomenal amount of corruption. It does this because the nature of capitalism is to cause a lot of corruption. The corruption is built right in to the system. It’s not a bug. It’s actually a feature! And the more capitalism you have in a country, the more corruption. Countries that went neoliberal and privatized everything typically saw tidal waves of corruption exploding very quickly. They also saw huge organized crime syndicates pop up almost overnight.

Corruption is generally seen at the state level. If it’s in business, it’s called something else. Corrupt officials are usually just stealing from the coffers of the state and sticking the money in their own pocket. How does state corruption help business? It doesn’t do much of anything to business. So how is state corruption crony capitalism?

Fraud is also ubiquitous in capitalism, and the more capitalism you have, the more fraud you have. In fact, fraud, ripoffs, stealing and cheating is so huge of a problem in most capitalist countries that the state typically has to set aside a lot of law enforcement resources to keep a handle on this situation at all. How is the state going after crooked businesses for fraud crony capitalism? That’s not helping business, it’s putting them clean out of business.

They make all sorts of stupid examples of this crony capitalism such as:

The government picks winners and losers in various industries. Of course the government does not pick winners and losers in industries. The market does that.

Companies go to the government and have the government make legislation to help them and hamper all of their competition, resulting in monopolies. This is laughable. The government never does this, ever! Monopolies result because the natural tendency of capitalism is towards monopoly, and illegal monopoly at that.

Businesses go to the government and pay them off so the government will do the businesses all sorts of favors. Actually, the only favors the government does for any of these businesses is in refusing to regulate them! So they are paying the government not to do things. Someone needs to tell me how keeping the government from regulating your industry is crony capitalism.

The government sets minimum wage laws which affect business. Sure, but they usually affect business in a bad way, or at least Libertardians think so, as they oppose any minimum wage. How is the government limiting profits by imposing minimum wages crony capitalism? The state’s not helping the businesses – it’s hindering them.

Universities pick only one vendor, limiting competition. An example given was that a university offered only the local DSL company to students for broadband. Supposedly allowing cable too would allow competition, but as cable and DSL don’t compete anyway, I don’t see how this would help competition. Universities hire vendors for all sorts of things, and I assume for most stuff, they choose a single vendor and go with them. Why buy your textbooks from 50 different companies? Why buy your food from 20 different food companies? And why not pay one company for Internet rather than two companies? It’s so much easier to go with just one vendor. Incidentally most branches of the government do this exact thing.

Government places barriers to entry in industries, vastly reducing competition. Laughable. Apparently this means this zoning laws, business licenses, liquor licenses and whatnot. For instance, we have some corner markets here where I buy my food. No doubt those lots were zoned Business. But to get into that industry, you are going to need a lot of capital. The local store is being sold, and it goes for $1 million. Local gas stations also go for $1 million. That’s the price that the market set for them. The government did not set that price. The market did.

I guess Libertardians would like to get rid of all zoning laws so everyone and his uncle could open their own little “corner markets” on the sidewalks or right here in my apartment complex. That’s not going to work. You need to buy a license, and if they want to sell booze, they need a liquor license. You can’t have everyone opening up a “corner market” out of their apartment. It’s nuts. There would be so much abuse, it’s incredible.

In my town I assure you there is no shortage of corner markets. There is nearly one on every major corner if you include the gas station marts. There are plenty of drug stores in this town. Plenty of supermarkets. Lots of auto repair joints. Plenty of car dealerships. Taco shops and carnicerias everywhere. A number of pizza joints. A small number of nice small restaurants. A number of insurance companies which apparently compete with each other. A small number of bars. A number of different competing banks, including a credit union that gives better customer service than any of them. There are a few different chain auto parts stores in town.

All of these businesses compete on price, service, goods available, quality of product or work, and all sorts of things. The competition is apparently quite ferocious everywhere you would expect it to be. Even the car repair joints seem to compete on price, which is amazing (the Mexicans are cheaper, but they do not do as good of a job).

There is no industry or business in this town that does not have enough players, lacks competition, or needs a lot of new players in the market. There are no monopolies or cases where a business is the only one of its type in town. I don’t understand why we need a ton of new competition. What for? The market’s full up as is. There’s not a lot of room for new players in town, and everyone is competing like maniacs as it is.

Neither business licenses, food inspections, liquor licenses, the cost of purchase of store (set by market and not by state), taxes, nor any of these things are acting as any sort of barrier to entry to business in my city. I might add also that this city is very rightwing and has probably set things up to be as business-friendly as possible. That’s not necessarily a good thing, but it does lower the barriers to entry even more.

I have nothing against WordPress. It is actually possible to be a halfway decent capitalist company, and they seem to be doing that. But they eliminated their tech support, which I thought was pretty shitty.


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Rejoinders to Some Critiques of Obamacare

Shooter: I disagree. Obama had to cheat in order to get it passed.

That was the only way to get it through.

Shooter:  That sounds like a form of cronyism and crony capitalism to me.

All capitalism is crony capitalism, always and forever. That’s the nature of capitalism, and the capitalists love it that way. Read Marx, or read anyone, even Adam Smith. The Libertarian dream can never happen because it’s not possible.

Shooter: But Obama also forced people to buy it or else they’d be fined or jailed. Not really a solution, and the blame game to Republicans kinda dismisses the matter.

Had to be done. That was the only way to make it work. Otherwise you remove all the young healthy people, and any insurance program crashes if you remove the good actors.

What do you suggest instead?


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The Alt Left, Leftypol and Third Positionism

Nebulous Maximus: I’ve noticed the Alt-Left group on Facefuck seems like it’s settled into being a /leftypol/ kind of crowd…mostly Socialists, Social Democrats and even Anarcho-Communists who happen to have a disdain for SJW’s and IdPol bullshit. But few people seem to want to touch HBD issues at all. I dunno, to me HBD seems like an effective normie-repellent. The Alt Left becomes a lot lest Alt in groups that are unwilling to at least entertain HBD issues.

As you may be aware, I started a movement called Liberal Race Realism a long time ago, maybe seven years ago. It was notable mostly for being a complete failure. It was a disaster. Basically nobody signed onto it. The few people who called themselves Liberal Race Realists assembled in the Comments Section and hurled racist rhetoric at each other forever. The whole idea of Liberal Race Realism was that antiracism was supposed to be a component. Well, antiracism and HBD go mix like oil and water – they don’t mix at all. Liberal Race Realism collapsed under the crushing weight of its own contradictions.


Nebulous Maximus: So the question is, is /leftpol/ culture even Alt Left or is it just a Cultural Libertarian -meets- Social Democratic movement?

Some say that leftypol is a type of Alt Left, but their only known position on the Alt Left is that we can go to Hell, so I am thinking that whatever they are, they are not us.

Just for the record, leftypol has linked to my website and Rabbit’s in the early days when we were the only ones. They absolutely hated both of us and called us fascists and the usual crap. I think maybe they called us National Bolsheviks or Third Positionists, whom they hate.

Third Positionists also linked here and were a lot more positive, but some of them really hated the race stuff because as 3P’s, they were only into nationalism, and they figure a nationalist of any X nation can be of any Y race. In other words, race is irrelevant to nationalism. They added a well known photo of a Black man who lives in Brittany and dresses in traditional Breton garb that looks rather unusual because you never see people dressed like that. Closest thing might be Scottish Celtic dress such as kilts and knee-high socks. The implication being there is no such thing as a racial Breton if a Black man can be a Breton.

They were more positive about Rabbit’s site and they described me as somewhere in between leftypol and 3P but closer to 3P at times. As a leftwing nationalist, that would probably be correct. Leftypol rejects me heatedly and says I am not one of them so I guess I am out with those guys, and I don’t really identify with 3P which sounds fash to me. I’m a nationalist, but I don’t like fash, and no, that’s not a contradiction. I believe you can be a nationalist without being fash, and I assume that is what a leftwing nationalist is.

Nebulous Maximus: I do understand the existential threat that a friendly stance toward HBD poses; go deep enough down that rabbit hole, and it starts unraveling the massive rat’s nest of fallacies the past century or so of the Left’s egalitarianism orthodoxy completely depends on.

It’s fine with me to unravel these fallacies, but I think they are going to stick around a long time anyway. People just don’t want to believe HBD. They simply cannot handle  it. As long as they cannot handle it, they will keep throwing up the fallacies forever.

Nebulous Maximus: And then of course there’s the obvious, as Robert has pointed out so many times, HBD attracts the deplorables crowd like maggots on dog shit. But…in the end, the truth is the truth, as ugly as it is. It’s a very rare breed that can handle inconvenient truths in a responsible manner.

It’s hard to find an HBD’er who is not some sort of deplorable. I hope I’m one of those rare breeds. Tulio is a great example of a Black HBD’er who has not gone nuts.

Finding Left HBD’ers is quite uncommon. I don’t like the liberal HBD bloggers like Jayman because for starters, they are not very liberal. When leftwingers do go HBD, they typically become a lot less leftwing over time. There is something about HBD that seems to destroy any progressive thinking. It’s like pouring anti-progressive corrosive into your brain. It’s as if the human brain can be either HBD or progressive, but it can’t be both.

Nearly every HBD’er who comes here is a rightwinger – usually a Libertarian, loves capitalism, and embraces Social Darwinism as a religion. I might add that they are a particularly vicious type of rightwinger, as many HBD’ers’ ideas for how to deal with “inferior” races including phasing them out, withholding food and medicine from them until they all die, throwing them out of the country, or some sort of segregation. They seem to think that mercy is some suicidal form of weakness and they say just this many times. Even most conservatives aren’t that ugly. HBD’ers are nastier than even 90% of conservatives. Vicious little shits, most of them.

Also almost all HBD’ers with the notable exception of Race Realist here are hard hereditarians. They always say that they believe that both environment and genes play a role in phenotypic behavioral expression, but then whenever you throw up any environmental evidence for behavioral variation, they jump up and shoot it down. So I think they just say “environment is part of the picture” as rhetorical cover because when you get down to the nitty-gritty, most of them seem to allow no room for environmental effects on behavior at all. Even culture does nothing because culture is entirely mediated by genes.

It’s such crap. I’m an HBD’er, but I am a soft HBD’er. Soft HBD is the only thing that makes sense. Anything more implies that humans lack willpower or even agency. It’s absurd.



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What Is the Republican Base?

A lot of people think Trump and his followers are the Base now, and some say that means that the Alt Right is the Republican Party Base now. I agree that the Trumpkins are now the Base. There are other groups in the Base, but the Trumpkins have drowned them out with sheer numbers, I’m afraid.

Base would seem to imply a group with large numbers.  The RNC crowd is no longer the base of the Republican  Party, if it ever was.

One might also argue that the Base is the hardcore party supporters and volunteers on the ground who man the phone banks, knock on doors and get out the vote. In that case, the Democratic Party Base would be the Daily Kos crowd or the left wing of the Democratic Party. The right wing of the Democratic Party lacks mass support. All they have is money. But it’s that group that elects the candidates of course. Money talks and bullshit walks, right? This year, I would say that the Democratic Party Base was pretty well split between Hillary and Sanders. We would have to count Blacks and Hispanics as part of the Base if we are being fair. I doubt if union members make up much of the Base anymore, but they used to.

If we want to refer to the Base as the basic constituent elements of the Republican Party, we can say that the party is now made up of:

  • Alt Right Deplorables
  • Christian Right Pro-Life Churchies
  • Small Government Conservative Corporations and 1%’ers

Alt Right Deplorables, including the far moderate end of the Alt Right in the Breitbart Crowd. The talk radio crowd, Dittoheads, the militias, the Oath Keepers, the preppers. You get the picture. At this point, this group is the majority of the party and is able to swamp the other elements.

And yes, it is as vicious, ugly and deplorable as the Republican Party carefully crafted it over all of these years, like ostriches refusing to believe that the monster they were feeding would one day grow up to be a Frankenstein/Tyrannosaurus menace that scares the crap out of even its RNC creators.

See, they thought they could nurture this monster forever without birthing it into an actual living, breathing entity. Instead it would just be confined to the lab as a experimental meme to be fed like growth hormone to the Base every election so they could get elected. They always thought this monster would never escape from the lab to stomp around menacing the nation, but of course that’s exactly what happened. If you don’t want to loose terrifying monsters on your fair land, then don’t create them in the first place.

Expecting your monster creations to stay happily in the lab forever without busting out some time is hopelessly naive, but hopeless naiveté and blind optimism without side mirrors is after all an essence of our momentary high time preference egos. In other words, refusal to predict logical bad outcomes or even figure the probable future consequences of present behavior is essential human nature, and may even be adaptive in a sense. People who worry and fret all day never get anything done, and when they get too scared, they can barely leave the house. And so we humans plunge blindly forward, damning all of the tomorrows.

Christian Right Pro-life Churchies: This group was never a good fit with the decadent 1% or the increasingly degenerate White working class now squandering into debasement, raw indulgence and general wiggerdom in broken guns-and-pills blighted and bankrupted working class towns across Flyover Country. Most of these declining towns are also full of fundamentalist churches, which makes no sense in light of their general decline, monetary, moral and otherwise. Or perhaps it’s an antidote. Or maybe it’s like going to Confession. Or maybe it’s that classical crazy American mix of Puritanism and Wild Hedonism while claiming to be morally coherent which has long defined our people.

At any rate, many in this group are still quite upright and proper or at least try to be, and this group is in increasing conflict with a morally degenerate Alt Right group and a 1% class which has always been as depraved as the rich have ever been. It’s a combustible mix heading for head-on collision. The pieces of the puzzle just won’t fit together anymore.

Small Government Conservative Corporations and 1%’ers: Really this is the Alt Right crowd, but it’s also long been the Christian Right crowd too, which makes no sense as Jesus himself was Big Government socialist. But this group also includes the usual decadent 1%’ers and the large corporations. It’s the rich and the large corporations, in other words. These are the ideological Libertarians pushing the minarchism model that Paul Ryan and the rest of shill for. The rich and the corporations have long cynically used the Alt Right-Breitbart and Christian Right bases, but the whole idea was to string them along and collect their vote without ever implementing the Base’s actual projects. Rich men want their daughters to have abortions too, you know.

The RNC is mostly made up of the small government conservatives, the 1% and the corporations who are now fleeing the Alt Right base like a lethal stampede at a stadium.

The whole mess is fracturing, not that it ever made sense anyway.

There is now some movement on the Christian Right of outrage over the most un-Christian behavior of the lecherous misogynistic rake, Mr. Trump. Trump after all is the antithesis of everything these Christian Right folks stand for. Asking these churchies to keep voting for the worst sinners on Earth would seem a tough sell, and one wonders how long this fragile, insensible scaffolding of an alliance can even hold up without collapsing under the weight of its violently clashing contradictions.

The Alt Right is increasingly at war with the 1%’ers and corporate crowd at RNC, Inc., who they regard as cucks and general sellouts.

The RNC crowd has been holding barf bags all this time while urging everyone to vote Trump, but now they are actually using the bags and denouncing the man who left them heaving at the porcelain throne. A human being can only take so much contradiction, you know.

There’s no real split between churchies and Alt Right at the moment, except that the Alt Right is swamping the Churchies numbers-wise. Churchies Rubio and especially the vile Mr. Cruz lost big to Alt Right Trump in the polls.

The RNC poster boy Jeb Bush and finally the hail Mary pass called John Kasich didn’t stand a chance.

The Alt Right is storming the Party Committee Bastille and screaming for the heads of the leadership. The party types run in terror from the villagers with torches.

It’s a revolution all right, but it’s the wrong kind.

Oh Lord steady our hand as we go forward, feeling our way in the plunging gloom.


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