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My Vision of the Alternative Left

This is from the group description of Alt-Left, a great Alternative Left group on Facebook. The groups are different. Realist Left is a lot like this one but with possibly more of an economic focus. They are probably also not as leftwing as the Alt-Left group and are more focused on social democracy than harder Left projects. Alt-Left Manifesto group was started by Ryan England and some of the people behind the Alt- Left group. I haven’t been there much, but here is where I think they are posting position statements, etc.

Alt Left is a bit more disturbing to me and it seems a lot more Left Wing of the Alt Right. There’s rightwing anti-Communist propaganda, a very emphasis on HBD, a lot of talk about race, support for Milo, a disturbing amount of support for Trump. There’s also people using words like nigger. This is the largest Alt Left group on Facebook, with over 1,000 members. But I don’t know about these people. It was founded by Abel Dean, who makes a lot of posts on race realism and HBD. I don’t know about this guy.

This is a group for those on the economic left, like socialists or communists, who are done with the mainstream left and their SJW, Postmodern, etc stances but also can’t stand the alt-right and fascists. That means no social justice warriors, postmodernists, or fascists/white nationalists/Nazis. Also no capitalists. Other than that discuss as you like.

I like this introduction.

Down with the Cultural Left, SJW’s and Postmodern obscurantism, but at the same time, down with the Alt Right and the fascists. No SJW’s and postmodernists, but also no fascists, White nationalists or Nazis!

Exactly. The Hell with both of them. Let both ends burn.

I like this recipe. I think I’m going to try it at home. Smells like teen spirit!


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What Is the Republican Base?

A lot of people think Trump and his followers are the Base now, and some say that means that the Alt Right is the Republican Party Base now. I agree that the Trumpkins are now the Base. There are other groups in the Base, but the Trumpkins have drowned them out with sheer numbers, I’m afraid.

Base would seem to imply a group with large numbers.  The RNC crowd is no longer the base of the Republican  Party, if it ever was.

One might also argue that the Base is the hardcore party supporters and volunteers on the ground who man the phone banks, knock on doors and get out the vote. In that case, the Democratic Party Base would be the Daily Kos crowd or the left wing of the Democratic Party. The right wing of the Democratic Party lacks mass support. All they have is money. But it’s that group that elects the candidates of course. Money talks and bullshit walks, right? This year, I would say that the Democratic Party Base was pretty well split between Hillary and Sanders. We would have to count Blacks and Hispanics as part of the Base if we are being fair. I doubt if union members make up much of the Base anymore, but they used to.

If we want to refer to the Base as the basic constituent elements of the Republican Party, we can say that the party is now made up of:

  • Alt Right Deplorables
  • Christian Right Pro-Life Churchies
  • Small Government Conservative Corporations and 1%’ers

Alt Right Deplorables, including the far moderate end of the Alt Right in the Breitbart Crowd. The talk radio crowd, Dittoheads, the militias, the Oath Keepers, the preppers. You get the picture. At this point, this group is the majority of the party and is able to swamp the other elements.

And yes, it is as vicious, ugly and deplorable as the Republican Party carefully crafted it over all of these years, like ostriches refusing to believe that the monster they were feeding would one day grow up to be a Frankenstein/Tyrannosaurus menace that scares the crap out of even its RNC creators.

See, they thought they could nurture this monster forever without birthing it into an actual living, breathing entity. Instead it would just be confined to the lab as a experimental meme to be fed like growth hormone to the Base every election so they could get elected. They always thought this monster would never escape from the lab to stomp around menacing the nation, but of course that’s exactly what happened. If you don’t want to loose terrifying monsters on your fair land, then don’t create them in the first place.

Expecting your monster creations to stay happily in the lab forever without busting out some time is hopelessly naive, but hopeless naiveté and blind optimism without side mirrors is after all an essence of our momentary high time preference egos. In other words, refusal to predict logical bad outcomes or even figure the probable future consequences of present behavior is essential human nature, and may even be adaptive in a sense. People who worry and fret all day never get anything done, and when they get too scared, they can barely leave the house. And so we humans plunge blindly forward, damning all of the tomorrows.

Christian Right Pro-life Churchies: This group was never a good fit with the decadent 1% or the increasingly degenerate White working class now squandering into debasement, raw indulgence and general wiggerdom in broken guns-and-pills blighted and bankrupted working class towns across Flyover Country. Most of these declining towns are also full of fundamentalist churches, which makes no sense in light of their general decline, monetary, moral and otherwise. Or perhaps it’s an antidote. Or maybe it’s like going to Confession. Or maybe it’s that classical crazy American mix of Puritanism and Wild Hedonism while claiming to be morally coherent which has long defined our people.

At any rate, many in this group are still quite upright and proper or at least try to be, and this group is in increasing conflict with a morally degenerate Alt Right group and a 1% class which has always been as depraved as the rich have ever been. It’s a combustible mix heading for head-on collision. The pieces of the puzzle just won’t fit together anymore.

Small Government Conservative Corporations and 1%’ers: Really this is the Alt Right crowd, but it’s also long been the Christian Right crowd too, which makes no sense as Jesus himself was Big Government socialist. But this group also includes the usual decadent 1%’ers and the large corporations. It’s the rich and the large corporations, in other words. These are the ideological Libertarians pushing the minarchism model that Paul Ryan and the rest of shill for. The rich and the corporations have long cynically used the Alt Right-Breitbart and Christian Right bases, but the whole idea was to string them along and collect their vote without ever implementing the Base’s actual projects. Rich men want their daughters to have abortions too, you know.

The RNC is mostly made up of the small government conservatives, the 1% and the corporations who are now fleeing the Alt Right base like a lethal stampede at a stadium.

The whole mess is fracturing, not that it ever made sense anyway.

There is now some movement on the Christian Right of outrage over the most un-Christian behavior of the lecherous misogynistic rake, Mr. Trump. Trump after all is the antithesis of everything these Christian Right folks stand for. Asking these churchies to keep voting for the worst sinners on Earth would seem a tough sell, and one wonders how long this fragile, insensible scaffolding of an alliance can even hold up without collapsing under the weight of its violently clashing contradictions.

The Alt Right is increasingly at war with the 1%’ers and corporate crowd at RNC, Inc., who they regard as cucks and general sellouts.

The RNC crowd has been holding barf bags all this time while urging everyone to vote Trump, but now they are actually using the bags and denouncing the man who left them heaving at the porcelain throne. A human being can only take so much contradiction, you know.

There’s no real split between churchies and Alt Right at the moment, except that the Alt Right is swamping the Churchies numbers-wise. Churchies Rubio and especially the vile Mr. Cruz lost big to Alt Right Trump in the polls.

The RNC poster boy Jeb Bush and finally the hail Mary pass called John Kasich didn’t stand a chance.

The Alt Right is storming the Party Committee Bastille and screaming for the heads of the leadership. The party types run in terror from the villagers with torches.

It’s a revolution all right, but it’s the wrong kind.

Oh Lord steady our hand as we go forward, feeling our way in the plunging gloom.


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Trump Speech at West Palm Beach, Florida, October 13, 2016

It’s pretty ugly stuff, but this speech is getting a lot of writeup all over. Some on the Alt Right are saying that Trump has gone full populist here.

I would agree that he’s gone full rightwing populist, but I don’t think too much of rightwing populism because it’s always so incoherent. Plus rightwing populism seems like an oxymoron. The rightwing would seem to be opposed to populism by its very nature and vice versa. Hence, rightwing populism is always a bit phony and tends to scapegoat minorities, Jews, bankers, Gypsies, Communists or whoever is vulnerable and needs to be beaten up. In this way, they redirect working class rage at being screwed over by capitalism away from the capitalists and towards these handy targets. Needless to say, not dealing with the root of the problem or even identifying it for that matter doesn’t exactly help fix things.

That said, I do support Trump’s efforts to attack the “globalists,” although he means something different from that than I do. He’s against free trade and open borders, which is frankly the whole globalizing project right there. Let’s not forget the immiseration of states, nations and cultures and creating a Corporate-Elite Dictatorship to rule the whole world. Obviously this globalization project is failing badly, but so much is riding on it for corporations and elites that they keep pushing it anyway.

I also appreciate an America First policy as a general rule, which is what Trump proposes. I am an economic nationalist. He’s a bit of an isolationist, and that’s good. He wants to patch up relations with our designated enemies like North Korea and Russia and generally wants to stay out of foreign entanglements, military alliances and trade pacts. Of course I support him on all of these views. So you see we can make some sort of an alliance with these Trump folks however deplorable they are, and yes, most are pretty deplorable.

Others note that he seems to be naming the Jew in this ominous landmark speech. On the Left, he’s being accused of blaming Jews for the difficulties his campaign is experiencing.

He talks about how Hillary sits down in secret meetings with international bankers to plot the destruction of the country. Actually that is not far off. This is the part that seems to be naming the Jew.

Trump goes on and on about the Establishment, but what the Hell is this Establishment anyway. The Cathedral? Isn’t he a part of this very Establishment he is ranting against? He claims that this Establishment, whoch the Clintons are a part of, is also made up of the entire US press.

Does he mean the “invade the world – invite the world”, neoliberal economics + neoconservative foreign policy bipartisan Washington Beltway Consensus crowd? If so, why doesn’t he say so? Instead, the Establishment is apparently liberals, who run the government (Really?) and the media (What?). This is standard Republican nuttiness about how liberal Democrats are in charge of the levers of power in Washington in addition to owning all of the so-called “liberal media.” We on the Left don’t see any progressive people in charge of the state, and we don’t see any running the media either, so the whole “liberal media” thing has always been a sick joke to us.

In days past, this Establishment was also accused of being secret Communists who worked for a one world government via the UN which would wipe out all sovereignty and install One World Communism all over the globe. The people pushing this World Communism were a lot of the richest people on Earth, including the Trilateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations.

Sure these people have lots of power and in fact constitute the Deep State (along with the Big Media), but they sure aren’t liberal or progressive. They’re hard rightwing on everything that matters, pushing neoliberalism at home and neoconservatism abroad. Economics for the rich and corporations at home and US imperialism abroad. How this is somehow liberal or progressive needs to be explained to me.

As you can see, the rightwing populist project is incoherent when it’s not flat out wrong. It’s associated with plenty of paranoia and conspiracy theory, which Trump is now mining well. Check out Richard Hofstader’s The Paranoid Style in American Politics, written back in the 1950’s, to learn more about this quintessentially paranoid American politics. The paranoia is particularly relevant on the populist Right, but it has taken over the mainstream Fox News Republican Party in the last two decades, and there are even some insane leftwing populist elements on the Left that are about as insane as those on the Right if not more so. “No One Died at Sandy Hook” – “The Moon Landing was Faked” – “911 Inside Job” and other conspiracy theories has long been popular with an insane leftwing populist element.

Trump denies all of the undoubtedly true charges of sexual abuse and general creepiness being leveled at him by what is now nearly a brigade of female accusers. They just keep flooding in. Trump says these are all lies made up by his evil liberal enemies. He goes on and on about the corrupt Clintons and the Clinton Crime Family, etc. and how this mysterious liberal elite is not only corrupt but also evil and vile. The language he uses to attack the media, the Clintons and the Establishment (whoever they are) is frightening.

Trump’s people are already saying that the corrupt Establishment press is faking almost all the polls and that Trump is actually ahead by a couple of points, using a fake Rasmussen (Republican whore) poll to make that point. Well they can go on believing that.

But I am worried. Surely he’s going to lose, and then what? The language he uses against his enemies is incendiary stuff. Their whole line – the press is smearing us, the polls are rigged, the vote will be stolen by mass voter fraud, the Establishment which is doing all of these things is corrupt and evil – seems intended to push his supporters to their limits and then some. I’m worried that we will see more violence and unrest before this Ugly Campaign is over with.


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Robert Stark, Rabbit, and Alex von Goldstein Talk about the 2nd Presidential Debate, Milo & the Alt Left

Here and clickable title below.

This is a great show with Stark, Rabbit and von Goldstein. It’s not an interview – instead it’s just them discussing various things. They discuss me a fair amount here, so obviously it’s a great interview! Yay!

The first half they are mostly talking about Trump and Hillary and the election. All three of them support Trump, but the things they attack Hillary on are absolutely correct. She does indeed represent the worst of the Right and the Left.

They go on to discuss social democracy, health care models, and Trump and Hillary on US foreign policy in Syria.

They then go on to talk about the Alt Left a lot, including Rabbit’s piece, A Proposal to Go Away which takes on the newer Alt Left entryists who have heavily taken over the movement and are moving it away from Rabbit’s and my alternating views on either White advocacy, race realism, the Jewish Question, gender realism, Pedophile Mass Hysteria or other taboo topics some of which Rabbit and I have specialized in.

Rabbit takes offense to one of the entryists saying that Rabbit’s wing does not even belong on the Alt Left at all, when Rabbit practically founded the movement! Rabbit is a bit outraged about that. He also notes that the same person said that I might be ok, while Rabbit isn’t. Rabbit points out that I am not so sweet and innocent either and that I am tainted like he is. He makes the point that the whole idea of the Alt Left was to be a Left where you could talk about all sorts of taboo topics like race and gender realism, Red Pillism, MRA’s, PUA/Game, anti-feminism, sexual orientation realism, gender identity realism, etc.

Rabbit notes that first of all, I have been writing about Left Race Realism for a very long time – up to seven years. He also notes that if you go back and look at my older stuff you will find all sorts of incendiary material on Jewish influence, my being attracted to teenage girls (no apologies folks), etc.

In discussing Ryan England’s article, Rabbit, Stark and von Goldstein all agree that they would be on the Left Wing of the Alt Right. Rabbit also notes that he likes Ryan, and I agree. I like him very much. Actually this is still probably the biggest wing at the moment and the biggest Alt Left group on Facebook is apparently a problematic Left Wing of the Alt Group. They talk about Rabbit’s article about how Milo, whoever he is, is not one of us. He’s not Alt Right for sure, and no way on Earth is he Alt Left. They then go on to discuss why Rabbit never felt at home on the Alt Right – for much the same reasons I never did either.

They also discuss Retro Futurism, New Retro Wave, Synthwave, etc. and how some on the Alt Right are adopting some of these movements. Honestly, I have no idea what these movements are at all.

Robert Stark, Rabbit, and Alex von Goldstein Talk about the 2nd Presidential Debate, Milo & the Alt Left

Trump’s debate performance far exceeded the first debate and was consistent yet combative from the beginning.
How despite that, Trump did more to solidify his base rather than appeal to undecided voters.
How Trump responded to the leaked lewd comments of his.
Trump vows to get rid of the carried interest loophole, despite his support for tax cuts for the top 1%.
WikiLeaks Dump: Hillary Dreams of ‘Open Trade and Open Borders.
Excerpts from $Hilary Clinton$’s $Wall Street Speeches$.
How Hillary Clinton represent the worst of both the left and right (corporate plutocracy, anti-worker, anti-white and male discrimination, and neoconservative foreign policy).
In contrast, Bernie Sanders proposed policies that would have benefited the working and middle classes and like Trump posed a threat to the establishment.
How the political ideal would be to combine the best aspects of Trump and Sanders (ex. Radical Centrism).
How Trump’s economic policies are not ideal, but he is going as far as he can within the limits of the GOP’s Overton Window.
Health care in the debate, how Trump focused on criticizing Obamacare but only briefly touched on his proposal to allow insurance companies to compete over state lines.
Robert’s point that in the American health care model you’re screwed if you can’t afford health care, but in the public model in England where he lived, everyone gets health care, but the quality is not the same as private hospitals in the United States.
Rabbit’s point that socialized medicine works best in small homogeneous societies but not on a large scale in the United States.
Robert’s point that the Swiss Model for Health Care is the best of the existing models, but ideally insurance should be a usury-free public utility.
Trump correctly admitted that Russia, Iran and Assad are a counter balance to ISIS and Wahhabism to the dismay of GOP foreign policy hawks.
Why there needs to be restrictions on democracy.
Rabbit’s article A Proposal To Go Away about the Alt Left and how many of the new members are saying that Rabbit isn’t Alt Left, despite his being involved much longer.
How Alt Left founder Robert Lindsay has been involved in Left Race Realism for a long time.
The article Sub Types on the Alternative Left, and how Rabbit as well as Robert and Alex fit into the Left Wing of the Alt Right.
How the Trump’s campaign, Milo, and Breitbart are bringing mainline conservatives into the Alt-Right, and the Alt-Left is attracting disaffected Bernie Sanders supporters who still hold onto a degree of Political Correctness.
Rabbit’s article Milo Inc. – Not One of Ours Either about how Milo is a mainstream capitalist conservative, is not Alt -Right, and supports importing foreign tech workers and neoconservative foreign policy.
How despite that, Milo has been useful in trolling Political Correctness.
How Rabbit’s socially liberal views and interest in futurism and modern art often make him feel out of place in the Alt-Right.
Robert’s point that the Alt-Right is adopting Retro Futurism, New Retro Wave/Synthwave, and Vaporwave  (ex. Alt-Right Synthwave Artist Xurious).
Rabbit’s response that they are attracted to the aesthetics and popular memes but still hold onto reactionary traditionalist views.

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Immigration Is Not That Important of an Issue

Stalin Tonks writes:

Fine Robert. Go vote for Hillary and bring in millions of non-whites to depress wages for the average person.

It’s not that important of an issue. I never vote for conservatives ever, for any reason, and I’m not changing. Conservatives are my class enemies. Why should I vote for my enemies? Not only that, but I am opposed to the whole basic conservative way of looking at life and the world, which I think sucks. Yes, the conservatives are more correct on immigration, but even there they are insane (Build a wall and make Mexico pay for it? WTH?). They are right on immigration and wrong on just about everything else. Being right on immigration is not enough to make me vote for them. It’s not important for me to switch my vote.

  1. They’re already here.
  2. 2. The country’s already gone politically on this issue. The whole thing is a dead issue to me as I think US society is totally gone on this issue. US society seems to be majority in support of illegal immigration and high levels of legal immigration, if not H -1B’s. Both parties seem to be dead set in favor of mass immigration, both legal, illegal and Hindu 1B. It’s just hopeless and there’s nothing to be done.
  3. 3. Obama deported more illegals than any other President. More illegals have gone back to Mexico than have come in since 2009, so the # of illegals is actually declining in the US. I know in my area this summer, they said a whole bunch of them left.
  4. 4. We are already dealing with it. The INS was in my town about 1-2 years ago, and they stayed for a month in the Best Western downtown. They raided all over my city the whole month and they rounded up 2,300 illegals. It was brutal – they were stopping mothers walking their kids to school and asking them for papers, etc. This raid occurred under Obama.
  5. 5. It’s already been done and it’s already over with. The country’s already gone on this issue anyway on the ground from my POV. You fail to understand that I live in California. This is already post-White America. We’ve already imported millions of non-Whites to drive down wages. We’ve already imported hundreds of thousands of H-1B’s to drive down upper middle class workers’ wages. Our cities already look like the UN. We’re already living in Mexico or the UN and you are jumping up and down yelling that Hillary is going to turn this place into Mexico and the UN. You are yelling about something that’s already happened. It’s like yelling at a cancer patient that they are going to get cancer. My own city is 67% Hispanic. It’s not great, but honestly, it’s not the end of the world. I can live with these Mexicans. Anyway, in Mexican society, Whites rule, so if you are a White in an Hispanic city, you are ruling class de facto. Mexican is not a race. I could be a Mexican. Or I could turn into one. Just start speaking Spanish and call yourself a Mexican. Real simple. That’s all you have to do. White Mexican culture is not that different from White US culture anyway.
  6. Now, if you can find me a nice leftwing nationalist or even left wing of the Alt Right candidate to vote for, maybe we are talking. Get Marine Le Pen’s ass over here and run her for office. Then I will vote “rightwing” in a New York minute.


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The Choice Between the Democratic and Republican Parties Could Not Be More Stark

Stalin Tonks: Two other things on (((HBO))).

John Oliver a white flaming liberal cuck faggot from the UK who makes jokes about Trump non stop but as far as I see not about Hillary.

Real Time with (((Bill Maher))) a political discussion show starring a kike who is a flaming liberal (except on Muslims) because he’s smart enough to realize replacing white people with Muzzies is not a good idea in the long term.

But Robert says the (((media))) isn’t biased.

You act like there’s some sort of a difference between Hillary and Trump. What’s the difference?

Apparently your definition of “liberal” means “supports the Cultural Left.” And your definition of “conservative” is “opposes the Cultural Left.” This is what you’re all up in arms about politically in our fair land. These Cultural Left pinhead fools? This is the most important issue in our country. The Cultural Left isn’t even important. It’s just idiotic.

Hillary’s not a liberal. She’s a conservative.

We have a choice between a liberal Republican (Hillary) and a conservative Republican (Trump).

Some of the media does have some biases. There are some outlets that support the Democratic Party. Others support the Republican Party. Other mix and match. What’s the difference anyway?

  • Democratic Party: neoliberal economics, free trade, globalization, Wall Street, the 1%, US imperialism, neoconservative foreign policy, and the Cultural Left.
  • Republican Party: neoliberal economics, free trade, globalization, Wall Street, the 1%, US imperialism, neoconservative foreign policy, minus the Cultural Left.

Are you trying to tell me one is “liberal” and the other is “conservative”?

All in all, the corporate media is not a liberal or progressive institution in any way, shape or form except for that Cultural Left crap, but that’s not even leftwing. That’s just bourgeois hedonistic degeneracy.


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Why the New York Times is a Rightwing Newspaper

I still don’t buy it. Didn’t you call them out earlier (“Jew York Times” and other lying media houses) for pushing the boundaries of left. (Cultural Marxism) and now how come they come across as right wing to you?

Yeah they’re Left on that crap, but the Cultural Left is not that important.

Cultural Left isn’t even Left. It’s just bourgeois hedonist degeneracy. There’s nothing Left about it.

It is the most Jewish newspaper in the US, that’s for sure. The (((NY Times))) is stacked with Jews from top to bottom. Not that that’s a bad thing or anything. I’m just pointing it out. The (((Ochs-Sulzbergers))) have filled that whole place up with the fellow tribesmen. That and (((New York))) is pretty much the Jewish State outside of (((Israel))).

The (((New York Times))) is rightwing on US foreign policy (neoconservatism and US imperialism) and economics (neoliberalism) as per the bipartisan consensus. There is nothing Left about neoconservatism, neoliberalism or US imperialism. That’s all just rightwing crap.

The really important stuff is:

1. US foreign policy.
2. Economics.

All this Cultural Left idiocy is just distraction and nonsense. It’s not even really important. It’s more stupid than anything else. It’s like mass retardation on the Left.


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Open Borders, Free Trade, Globalization, and the End of Democracy

From Ian Welsh‘s fantastic site. Check it out if you never have. He’s just about Alternative Left himself I believe.

Ever get tired of reading media lies all the time? Well then, come on over to Beyond Highbrow, where our motto is “We will never lie to you.” And if you want a dose of honesty as anti-venom for the lies you are force-fed every day, just read the piece below. Everything you will in that piece is 100% true. There is not a single false sentence in there. Read it and digest it.

Bottom line is you can either have open borders, free trade and globalization or you can have democracy, but you can’t have both. In other words, open borders, free trade and globalization will always be voted down by any sane populace and any attempt to implement these projects will involve not only massive amounts of lying and propaganda and but also probably some sort of authoritarian, anti-democratic or even dictatorial rule.

Sort of like what Milton Friedman said about how the masses will never vote for his radical Libertarian neoliberal ultra-laissez faire project, hence the need to for a dictatorship to impose Friedmanism. This is why Friedman loved Pinochet so much. Friedman freely admitted that a dicatorship was necessary to implement his own project, as no self-aware population would ever vote for it. If you have ever wondered why the US is always overthrowing democratic governments and fomenting rightwing military and legislative coups to overthrow anti-neoliberal governments, there’s your answer. We’ve always loved rightwing dictatorships. Anyone knows rightwing dictatorships are great for business. None of that messy democracy stuff to fool around with.

I like this guy. He’s really got a way with words.

My problem with the EU’s Four Freedoms and the Euro project, as with NAFTA and its successor treaties, now being debated, is that they enshrine the democratic deficit at the core of the legal order of the nations party to the relevant agreements.

One may argue over the details of the legislative procedures by which all of the agreements were adopted, ratified, whatever – and the respective statuses of different agreements and mechanisms – but it seems intuitively obvious to me that, had proponents of these treaties openly discussed both what they entailed as a matter of law and what was likely to ensue, practically, upon their implementation, public disapproval would have been overwhelming.

Such agreements have always been sold to the public as reforms that will bring about a state of comity between nations, increase general prosperity, and basically result in every child having both a puppy and a pony. The realities of hot, speculative capital flows, regulatory arbitrage in some areas, convergence in others, mass immigration, the destruction of whole sectors of national economies, and the resultant marginalization of whole classes – even generations, in some societies – were not only not mentioned, even as possible consequences, but denied, either openly or implicitly.

To make matters still worse, when folks began to voice their objections to the new regime and its consequences for their lives, they were first dismissed as rubes and bigots (and sometimes, they were), and eventually informed that their objections were misplaced because the immiseration of one section of the population, by the destruction of its employment, had made possible X% gains in well-being for Y millions in countries A-G, thus returning through the back door the very “zero-sum”, some will have to sacrifice argument that was explicitly rejected by the initial apologetic for the reforms. So, in the end, it is Who? Whom? Just as the critics alleged in the early 90s, say.

In fine, the reason for the rancor and distrust is not merely that there is bigotry rife within the masses of mankind, but that whole swathes of the populace were betrayed, rooked, and then mocked and degraded for the amusement of those who did they betraying and rooking.

If one extends the benefit of the doubt to the constructors of the European project, and of NAFTA, etc., and assumes that they were all enlightened social democrats of the most impeccable convictions and intentions (which is, of course, far too generous by several orders of magnitude), it still remains that what they proposed was a multi-step process, with immense possibilities for slippage as one negotiated each transition.

There never was a guarantee that, when the reforms were implemented, and whole communities and economic sectors were obliterated, the political system would bestir itself to redress the dislocations in precisely the correct manner. There are always too many contingencies in politics for that, even granting the best of intentions.

However, the projects of globalization have always had a clear class valence: they are clearly in the interests of the elites and the professional classes who simultaneously serve elite interests and operations and aspire to ascend to the elite plane in the social hierarchy.

Once one accounts for objective class interests in the unfolding of political ‘reform’ movements, it becomes rather difficult to assume as possible, to say nothing of probable, that the classes benefiting from the reforms will, having increased their wealth and power precisely by disempowering and immiserating the working classes, will immediately turn round and say, “Well, boys, now we have free trade and freedom of capital movement, what do say we tax ourselves a lot more to provide for the sort of social democracy that will cushion the lives of the workers?” The entire logic of the projects is the gradual attenuation of social democracy.

And thus, the democratic deficit. It’s not that one could have expected the advocates of these policies to be honest with their electorates, admitting to them that most of them would suffer stagnant or declining living standards, all so that the professional classes could grab larger shares of a larger pie. No, it’s that the very proposal of such reforms, absent any binding mechanism to build social democracy concurrently with them, was a case of the elite hiving itself off from the rest of society, no longer professing to represent the people and their interests, at best implicitly claiming an identity of their class interests with the national/continental/international interest, and in practice governing strictly in their own interests.

As the US could not – and still cannot, really – claim the mantle of democracy while maintaining Jim Crow, so the neoliberal elite cannot claim that mantle while deliberately, knowingly marginalizing and rubbishing large swathes of the societies they (mis)rule. Unless, of course, democracy is nothing more than the bare formalism of the ritual plebiscite, one of the formal freedoms of bourgeois society.

In closing, since I have droned on a bit, I am dubious that integration can proceed beyond any horizon, wholly without limit – to take but one of the issues raised by the populist discontentments. The most tolerant and generous societies we’ve yet known, in Northern Europe, are now experiencing some of the same discontents that we witness in France, Germany, and the UK.

While the ideational structures and symbols that transcend discrete tribes can mediate a common culture to diverse groups, or mediate multiple cultures to each other, it is not obvious that this process can or will continue indefinitely, either temporally or in terms of effectuating the union of cultures and tribes. There are always potential sources of friction and resistance. In fact, I’m not certain that wholly open labor/migration flows could ever be managed save by a combination of undemocratic policy-making and illiberal tutelary policies. People can be more tolerant than they are, this is certain. I don’t believe that large groups will ever be as tolerant as neoliberalism requires that they be.


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There Is No Liberal Media

Stalin Tonks: Robert, are you fucking high? Of course the media is biased. The (((media))) may as well be an extension of the Democrat party.

Not really. Time, Newsweek, CNN, etc. are not liberal at all. US News and World Report is not liberal. None of us in the base of the Democratic Party thinks the print media is liberal.

Fox News is for Trump. NBC is now run by a former Fox News producer and has been supporting Trump for a long time now.

The entire radio band is run by a very rightwing outfit called Clear Channel.

The media supported George W. Bush all through his Presidency. The US elite which the media are a part of, has basic class interests and projects involving neoconservatism and Empire abroad and neoliberalism at home. Media “Democrats” and media “Republicans” don’t differ much on the basics of the elite project. They only quibble about some of the details. As long as the President, Republican or Democrat,  supports the basic elite project, the media tends to support them.

The media backed Bush’s wars in Afghanistan and Iraq to the hilt. The media supported every single war that Reagan, George Bush Sr. and his son ever started.

The media has long supported the rightwing project to gut “entitlements” including privatizing Medicare and Social Security.

The US political class, Democratic and Republican, is against Trump, but I do not think the media even cares.

I actually do not mind rich Jews. As long as we have to have rich people, I would rather have Jewish rich than Gentile rich. None of the rich are very progressive, but the rich Jews are remarkably progressive for rich people. The Gentile rich are frighteningly reactionary (Koch Brothers, etc.). I don’t even mind the “liberal Jewish media” except for the problem that it isn’t very liberal. But Jewish media outlets like the (((New York Times))) do tend to be more progressive than the Gentile media outlets (Rupert Murdoch) for what it’s worth.

But one group of Jews that I really do not like at all are the media Jews. I don’t dislike them because they are Jewish but more because they are classic media whores who are devoid of any real ideology whatsoever except for their class interests and their desire to make a buck.

The media Jews are the worst Jews on Earth. They’re not even liberal! The media Jews are simply whores. That’s all they are. They have one interest and one interest only, and that is to sell more newspapers and magazines and to acquire more eyeballs and ears so they can sell more ads and make more money. The media Jews care about money and nothing else. I don’t think they even care about their own Jewish people. They would probably sell out the Jewish people themselves if they thought they could make a buck at it.

The capitalist will sell the hangman the very rope that the hangman uses to hang the capitalist.

– V. I. Lenin

(((Sumner Redstone))) a supposedly liberal media Jew, was quoted as saying that he wanted Trump to win because Trump was the best thing that had ever happened to the media business in a while. He said that a Trump presidency would be great for the media as they could make lots of money.

The media Jews literally have no ideology at all except to make money.

“Money is the jealous God of Israel…The religion of the Jews is the religion of hucksterism!”

– Karl Marx, The Jewish Question


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Deadly Trump Tapes: The Worst Is Yet to Come

From a mailing list I am on. I had heard that there was more and even worse than this out there. Now we have to wait and see if it gets released. This shows then lie of crazy conservatives when they talk about the liberal media or the antisemites when they talk about liberal, Jewish, anti-White media. NBC has long been supposedly Jewish-run, but that may not be true anymore. Anyway, the head of NBC now is a former producer for Fox News.

I think increasingly these stupid networks have no real ideology at all behind them other than support for the ruling class. A big network will drop a Democrat-supporting CEO and hire a reactionary from Fox News. Because of…I dunno…the money? It’s probably all about money anymore. Media corporations are corporations after all, and corporations are reactionary by their basic nature. Expecting media corporations to violate this rule is expecting a lot.

In other words, I don’t think the people at the station even care if it’s pro-Democrat or a Fox News clone. There’s no ideology anymore. They bring in a Fox News guy, and everyone goes dittohead. And pro-Democrat guy was a corporate Democrat anyway, so he wasn’t much better than a Republican. There’s never been a reliably liberal media outlet, although some say that MSNBC came pretty close. But all media outlets are necessarily owned by the richest of the richest of the rich. I think Carlos Slim just bought the New York Times. I assume he can now dictate ideology to them. MSNBC is owned by a poor working class man named Bill Gates. One good thing about Marxism is it helps you to understand capitalist society. Probably no one ever analyzed capitalism better than Marx in Capital.

If you thought the tape of Donald Trump bragging about sexual assault to NBC’s Billy Bush was bad, buckle up. Multiple TV producers are now saying there’s worse footage, much worse, of Trump being sexually predatory and extremely racist.1

But NBC is refusing to release the footage. In fact for a year now, the network has been protecting Trump — from Matt Lauer’s biased presidential forum to Jimmy Fallon’s softball interview with Trump.2 With 29 days left until the election, voters deserve to know just how much of a racist, hate-filled serial sexual predator Trump is.

Since the tape of Trump leaked on Friday, NBC has been under such intense pressure that it suspended Bush for encouraging Trump’s behavior. If we speak up now while NBC is reeling from the leak, we can force the network to stop protecting Trump and release the rest of the tapes.

Trump’s leaked tape has become the most talked about topic this election. Despite an overwhelming backlash from both his supporters and a growing list of Republican leaders, he still defended grabbing women by their genitals as “locker room talk.”3

Producers claim that the footage NBC is sitting on is far worse, including one of Trump using the n-word.4 If more recordings of Trump’s behavior is made public, Trump’s bid for the presidency is over.

Despite NBC’s cozy relationship with Trump, the leak and the resulting backlash has made it nearly impossible for the network’s executives to keep protecting him.


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