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What Is a Patriotard?

I love this word. From the Urban Dictionary. I agree with most of this definition, but sadly I would say that most liberals I know are also patriotards just like this. You simply cannot oppose US foreign policy in the United States. If you oppose our foreign policy, that means “you hate America.”

And most liberals will tell you that too, just like conservatives. Most liberals I know support US foreign policy 100%. They seem to support it more when a Democratic President is in power, but they support most foreign policy under Republicans too. And when they oppose foreign policy, they are often quiet about it, as if they are frightened and ashamed. My father was an ADA liberal, but he backed US foreign policy 100%, in all of its most crazy and reactionary forms. He hated the Sandinistas in Nicaragua and he supported the US armed coup that removed Aristide from power in Haiti. He even supported that Bush’s insane Iraq War and he tried to start a fistfight with me over it, calling me a traitor.

I will say that he turned against the Vietnam War, but he waited until 1968 to do so like most antiwar types. My father was what you call a “Cold War Democrat.” They are and were much more common than you think.

The common line that Republicans say that liberals hate America and especially that they hate US foreign policy does not appear to be true.

Most liberals support the Democratic Party, and their foreign policy is about as horrible as the Republicans’. This is something called “the bipartisan foreign policy consensus” that was put in after World War 2, mostly by Harry Truman and one of the worst Americans of the last century, a Republican who served under Eisenhower named John Foster Dulles, who singlehandedly launched and maintained the Cold War.

Under Truman, US policy was bad enough. This was when the containment doctrine was set into place, Greece was destroyed and 50,000 Leftists were murdered by reactionary Monarchists supported by the US, the Korean War was engaged, China was threatened with nuclear weapons, and the wartime spy service was turned into the CIA.It was Truman who is more responsible than any other man for the birth of the National Security State.

Dulles thought Containment was too wimpy. He wanted war, or rollback, or liberation. Liberation meant the placement of a Far Rightwing Monarchist, authoritarian or fascist state, preferably a dictatorship, to make sure the country did not go Communist. It was Dulles who set in stone the crazy US policy that if you were not with the US, by default, you were with the USSR. You’re with us or against us. This ended up labeling much or all of the Nonaligned Movement as Soviet supporters and fellow travelers. Dulles was a monster and set off 45 years of diabolical US foreign policy, which by the way did not change even 1% with the fall of the USSR.

The standard US liberal argument was that the US did a lot of bad things during the Cold War, but we had to because if we did not, the Soviets would have taken over that country. This implied that with the fall of the USSR, we would finally be forced to stop acting so bad and could go back to being the World Nice Guy that liberals think we are.

However, when the Wall came down, US foreign policy was exactly the same as it was during the Cold War which implies that all of our wickedness came not from a realpolitik Cold War with the USSR but instead derived directly from US imperialism acting on behalf of US capitalism in the form of the US corporations and the elite rich.

By the way, most US liberals that I have met defend US imperialism. They tell me that “a lot of US investment dollars are at stake” in various countries, and that is apparently why we have to be so reactionary and vicious when we stage coups, launch revolutions or assassinate foreign leaders, usually for doing something like raising the minimum wage.

Yes that is correct. The US staged coups in Haiti and Honduras in the past 20 years. The reason for the coups? Aristide and the Honduran President both raised the minimum wage. Apparently according to US bipartisan foreign policy, raising the minimum wage means you are a Communist. I swear to God this country is nuts.

The only people who qualify as “America-haters” are Leftists like me who truly do oppose the Elite/Corporate Fake Managed Democracy and its imperial, reactionary foreign policy. If opposing such things makes me an America-hater, then I guess I am an America-hater. If that’s the definition of the word, I would say that a lot more Americans ought to sign up to be America-haters.

Urban Dictionary patriotard:

An American who is easily manipulated by appeals to superficial pro-American sentiment. Is often a jingoist and rarely if ever opposes any US military action; dismisses all who oppose such military action as liberals or Un-American.

Typically rejects out of hand any criticism of his country’s foreign policy, no matter how justified, unless the criticism is that America isn’t being ‘tough’ enough in some way. Confuses support for the people and/or the founding values of his country with support for his country’s government, especially if his political party of choice (almost always the Republican Party) is in power.

Uncritically swallows propaganda and slogans representing the above mindset – for example: America is ‘Hated For Our Freedoms’ and the troops are ‘Fighting For Our Freedoms’.

Tends to place far greater importance on the trappings of patriotism (American flags, etc.) than on protecting the Constitution or upholding America’s founding values.

Worships the US military. Often a Fox News fan.


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Robert Stark Interviews Ogi Ogas


Ogi Ogas  received his Ph.D. in computational neuroscience from Boston University, where he designed mathematical models of learning, memory, and vision. He is co-author of A Billion Wicked Thoughts . He was a Department of Homeland Security Fellow and conducted biodefense research at MIT Lincoln Laboratory. He was also a contestant on the game show Who Wants To Be a Millionaire.


Topics include:

How Ogi analyzed web searches, web sites, erotic videos, erotic stories, personal ads, and digitized romance novels.

How his study is the most extensive since Alfred Kinsey’s in the 1950’s.

How censorship and barriers to sex research used to come primarily from social conservatives but now often comes from cultural liberals.

How men and women’s brain’s are wired differently.

How men’s desires are primarily visual while women’s are more psychological.

How physical arousal can contradict psychological arousal in women.

How women’s desire’s and what they find attractive in men are more influenced by culture than men’s.

The attraction to youth and how barely legal porn is the only subscription genre to survive the proliferation of tube porn.

The misconception that homosexual men are women in men’s bodies.

Homosexual porn.

Why heterosexual men are surprisingly interested in tranny porn and penises.

The theme of domination in porn and how it’s viewed by women and both heterosexual and homosexual men.

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How US Jews Infiltrated, Subverted and Manipulated the US Government to Serve Jewish Goals

The Jews have managed to insert themselves in vast numbers all through every inch of the US foreign policy apparatus. They are also deeply embedded in the Pentagon. Most of them, like Mr. Friedman, are de facto agents of a foreign power, Israel, and almost all of these Jews are wrapped up in the Jewish Lobby that nearly controls US foreign policy.

This process began in the early 1980’s when the Mossad managed to penetrate the US government in huge numbers. At some point a decision was made that there were too many Mossad agents and characters like Friedman in the Pentagon and the Defense Establishment, and efforts to root out the spies were sidelined either out of resignation or surrender.

1982 – Israel Successfully Penetrates the US Government

In other words, Israel penetrated the US government 30 years ago, and the penetration has only increased by a great deal since. The US government has stopped trying to stop the infiltration and at this point has apparently simply surrendered the US government to Israel and its agents like Friedman in the US. Attempts by the FBI to go after the Israeli spies in the government have resulted in firings and career destruction. The word has gone out – the Israelis and their US agents are untouchable.

Under George W. Bush, Jewish power in the US government reached its zenith under the neocons. You know their names. These psychopathic neocons directly manipulated the US government for years on end to serve among other things the foreign policy goals of the Jewish people.

For instance, these neocon Jewish psychopaths declared war on Putin early on. This is because Jews hate Russia.

This hatred goes back to the formation of Israel and US Jews lining up with the US in the Cold War. Many US Jews spied for the US in the Cold War against the USSR. Israel was then enlisted as a Cold Warrior against the USSR.

Israeli special forces psychopaths trained murderous death squads that rampaged across Latin America, torturing, imprisoning and murdering hundreds of thousands of people. The reason for this was that the US was outsourcing the dirtier aspects of US foreign policy to the psychopathic Israelis. The South Koreans and Taiwanese were also enlisted to some extent. At any rate, there was an Israeli hand in back of the mass slaughters of the innocent poor in Latin America in the 1980’s.

The only major country to vote for the US embargo on Cuba has been Israel. Once again, the US-Israeli alliance means that Israel must support all US foreign policy, no matter how reactionary.

While the rest of the world boycotted the reactionary racists in South Africa, the reactionary racists in Reagan’s America and Israel continued to blatantly trade with the apartheid regime. Racists supporting racists.

The Fake Soviet Jewish Emigration Cause

After World War 2, Israel quickly turned to the US, and the USSR turned against both Israel and sadly the Soviet Jews, who were seen as pro-Israel traitors.

Many Soviet Jews began agitating to leave for Israel. It was very difficult for anyone to get an exit permit in the USSR due to brain drain, and the Jews were no exception. Nevertheless, Israel and the US Jews took up this cause of “Let the Jews go to Israel!” Why should the Soviet Jews get to go to Israel? Other Soviets were not allowed to immigrate to the West. Are the Jews special people deserving special rights?

At any rate, the US government soon took up this fake cause about “persecution” of the Soviet Jews by the big bad USSR government who wouldn’t let them leave the country. This became a huge cause celebre for Israel and the US Jews, despite its highly dubious moral grounds – Why carve out an exception for the Jews? Who says the Soviets were “discriminating” against Jews? They wouldn’t let anyone go to the West, not just Jews.

Nevertheless, the US used this phony “human rights” club to beat the Soviets over the head all the while dubiously labeling the USSR “anti-Semitic,” while the truth was that the Jews had it pretty good in the USSR. The Soviets began slowly allowing small numbers of Jews to emigrate. Many of these folks were barely even Jewish, but for some reason, Israel let them in anyway.

Russian Jews As the Worst Jews on Earth

For a long time now, the Russian Jews have been some of the most criminal and racist Jews on Earth. When it comes to tendency towards organized crime and sheer vicious Gentile-hatred, no one beats the Russian Jews. The reason for this may lie in centuries of conflict between Jews and Gentiles in Russia. For instance, Russian Jews pour themselves Bloody Marys out of habit, proudly proclaiming while they drink them that they are drinking the blood of the Russian Gentiles. Russian Jews have a profound vengeance mindset against the Russian people who they think owes them one.

The Jews Declare War on Russia and Loot the Place Bare

Hence when the USSR fell in 1991, Russian Jews quickly formed the Russian Mafia, and many became oligarchs. With the help of Jews in the US (Jeffrey Sacks, psychopathic economist), London (a sociopath named Lord Rothschild) and Israel, these Russian Jews, with the help of quite a few Russian Gentiles, set about stealing just about everything in Russia that wasn’t locked down. By the end of the decade, the state was destitute, looted bare. The Jews and their opportunistic pals had stolen just about every last nickel in the country. They shipped much of the stolen money to their psychopathic Jewish friends in London, New York and Tel Aviv, a sort of a tri-city Jewish nexus for the looting of Russia.

Putin Cracks Down on the Carpetbaggers

After Yeltsin was voted out and Putin came in, VVP began cracking down on some of the oligarchs, Jewish or otherwise. A few oligarchs found themselves athwart Putin. He put them in prison on various charges. They were guilty of all of these charges and then some. Mr. Khodorovsky,a Jewish psychopathic criminal, was one of the worst of the lot. He was sentenced to eight years in prison, and he was guilty as Hell.

Jewish Dual Loyalists Subvert the US Government to Force a Conflict with Russia on Behalf of the Jews

The Jews in power in the US, including psychopaths Richard Perle and Paul Wolfowitz, began screaming because their fellow Jewish psychopath had been caught red-handed looting the hated Russia. Perle began issuing a number of warlike threats in the name of the US government. In this way, under George Bush, Jews like the psychopathic Perle not only inserted themselves into the highest echelons of the US government but then attempted to use this power to manipulate the US into foreign conflicts on behalf of the Jewish people. Perle and his gang of neocons also became very active in supporting the Chechen rebels against Russia.

Just before Khodorovsky went to prison, he managed to ship most of his stolen loot out of the country. It just happened to go directly into the bank account of a Jewish psychopath named Lord Rothschild.

The Roots of US Anti-Russian Hatred

These are some of the roots of the US hate against Russia. While it is true that the US elites hate Russia for many reasons, part of this mess is that the US Jews are spoiling for a fight with their old nemesis, Russia.


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Robert Stark Interviews Matt Forney about Tag the Sponsor


He also refers to one of my articles.

I enjoyed this article, but I am starting to feel cold about the Alternative Right stuff. All of these morons keep insisting that I am a rightwinger, but I go to rightwing sites and I want to punch the computer. I do not agree with these people at all. Matt is very much anti-Left and that is a big turnoff. I am against the Cultural Left, but not the Left per se. Forget that.

Topics include:

Matt’s article Tag the Sponsor Exposes the Depravity of Modern Women about Instagram models who whore themselves out to Arab oil sheiks in Dubai

The depravity of Dubai and other oil rich Arab Gulf states

Do these women become irreparably damaged?

How society’s sexual mores have declined

Matt’s article on Cassandra Lynn’s Death Shows Why You Should Never Wife Up Broken Girls

Matt’s review of Jared Taylor’s Face to Face with Race

Matt’s article The Triumph of Hope Over Experience about Mayor Bill De Blasio and New York City

How New York City’s gentrification killed it’s created energy and how it’s symbolic of today’s decline in creativity


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Feminists Don’t Even Understand Men

These silly feminists don’t understand us men at all. It is odd because their whole raison de etre is all about hating us and yet they don’t have the faintest understanding of us. They have written endless documents about men and spent decades lecturing the world about us, and they don’t even have the faintest understanding of us.

As a Leftist, what makes me sad is really sad is that the only people who really understand men are conservatives. Isn’t that sad?

The Right understands men, especially the Cultural Right. The Manhattan Institute, who I despise, has written some superb articles about the Manosphere and how feminism created this whole Manosphere Backlash Nightmare in the first place. They get it. I hate them, but they got the memo.

My mother understands men. Her support for feminism is odd in such an older women (born 1932), but in her case as with so many feminists, it all boils down to revenge.

Feminism is revenge against men.

Feminism started out as equal rights but it quickly evolved into revenge as all Identity Politics groups do at some point. For instance, Black rights groups are much more motivated by revenge against Whites than equal rights for Blacks these days. This is because they have evolved beyond equal rights are now into the move towards Supremacy.

No Identity Politics group wants equal rights. But they all start out this way, and in this aspect of their evolution, they are correct and deserve and gain a lot of support. But they quickly move beyond that into revenge and the drive for supremacy.

Honestly, any Identity Politics group advocating mere equality is going to be left in the dust by the groups advocating domination and supremacy, as the latter will outcompete the former.

All women from my mother’s generation understand men. However, some of these older women are feminists. I know some of them.

These older feminists have a vengeance mindset:

Men hurt women for many years. The only way to get back to the equality of a zero state is to counter the male traditional abuse with vengeance based abuse of men.

At some possible future point, the abuses of each sex by the other will all balance out, and then we will arrive at the zero state everyone really wants, but this probably will not happen because once groups get a vengeance mindset, they seem to want to hold onto their retaliatory tactics forever. In other words, in order to sign a peace treaty and quit fighting, Identity Politics would have to admit that they are no longer victims.

However, at some point, former victims will become rulers. This is the phenomenon known as When Victims Rule. Even when victims transform into rulers, they are loath to give up their victimhood. The Jews are a classic case of When Victims Rule. The worst thing you can do to a Jew is take away his victimhood. This is a dangerous thing to do, and the Jew will do anything, possibly even kill, to retain his cherished abused status.

I don’t like the ideology of these older feminists, but they get it. Their ideology is:

Yes, women are insane, but so what? They still have a right to repress men because…:

1. Fairness (victims have a right to victimize their abusers to “balance things out”)

2. Puritanism (vengeance against male sexuality)

3. Women got their feelings hurt (vengeance for assaults)

Number 3 is especially important. If you study female psychology, you realize that the worst thing in the world is for a female to get her feelings hurt. Of course they get their feelings hurt every day of their lives, but no matter. It is still the worst of cardinal sins if you are the one who hurt her feelings.

Worse, when this ultimate sin has been committed against a woman, she has a right to use any weapons at her disposal to retaliate, so great was this crime. All the rules of war are off. Why? She got her feelings hurt.

The most base, amoral, sleazy, evil and even criminal tactics are all approved. Why? She got her feelings hurt.

That crime gives the mandate to remove all rules from the subsequent retaliation. Many women have told me that they have a right to engage in the most abusive tactics towards people they hate.

You would not believe how many women have told me that they had a right to make up complete lies about their enemies. Now this is something I will never do. There is nothing worse than false accusation. I will not do this to my worst enemy. Why should I? If he is really as evil as I say he is, I shouldn’t have to make up things about him. Right? The record of evil should speak for itself.

And if I have to make up things about my worst enemy, this implies that he was not such a bad person after all, right? If so, then why do I hate him? Why is my worst enemy a good person? What does that say about me that I make enemies out of good people? See what I am getting at?

You never make a false accusation about any human ever for any reason. I would not make up a false accusation about Hitler! Why should I? His record of evil is bad enough, why bother about making up lies about his evil when the facts should suffice?

There are other problems. If you hate someone, it is usually based on, “I am a good person and they are a bad person.” I am convinced that this what most interpersonal feuds are about. But when you make up lies about your enemies, you’re no longer on the good side of the ledger. Now you are being a bad person too. And how can a bad person attack a bad person on a good vs evil basis? See? Moral warriors must retain the high ground or lose all standing in their crusade.

Hi, I am a bad person and I want to fight this other bad person because he is evil.

Why would anyone ally with you on that basis?

And warriors need allies as otherwise wars are lonely affairs.

I would add that the women of my mother’s generation didn’t seem to like sex very much. The less women like sex, the more they want to stick it to men because of:

1. Puritanism
2. Revenge

Women who really like to have sex with men don’t want to stick it to us very much because they figure the result will be less sex for them, and women who love men are typically cock addicts. I am serious. They are addicted. They cannot keep away from the dick. Even many feminists are like this. So one of the requirements to be a feminist jihadi is to either not like sex with men very much or to be a clueless fool, a hungry person who is eliminating their own food supply.

If you talk to any woman from a 3rd World country, they understand men implicitly.

All men from 3rd World countries understand men completely.

The guys in the Manosphere are sleazy misogynists and I hate them, but of course they understand men. They know us too well, and this is part of the problem with that movement.

Traditional society has always understood men.

But feminists don’t even get us at all.


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Mass Support for Chavistas in Venezuela


Fully 62% of Venezuelans say they are Chavistas.

The opposition goes on and on about how the Chavistas are ruining the country. There is not one word of truth to any of this, but more important is the wild bias of the Opposition. In all of my years reading the Venezuelan Opposition, not one Opposition person of any type has ever said one good thing about Chavez, his government, his movement or his followers. In other words, the Chavistas have simply never done one single positive thing for Venezuela. When someone cannot say one single good thing that their ideological enemies have ever done, I start to worry about them. Because that means you are dealing with an ideologue, a fanatic, and quite possibly a fascist.

Meet the Venezuelan Tea Party

At best the Venezuelan Opposition are rightwing ideologues. The Venezuelan Opposition is simply the Venezuelan Tea Party. Your average Opposition supporter is a Venezuelan Dittohead. The Venezuelan media is simply Fox News Venezuela with one important caveat: The media is a version of Fox Lies that is so exaggerated, you might think it is a parody. If you speak Spanish and go to Venezuela and turn on the TV, you will fall out of your chair when you see how the Opposition media talks about the Chavistas nonstop on a 24 hour news cycle.

It is some of the most over the top, hysterical propaganda you will anywhere.

And the Opposition owns 75% of the media. The Western media says Venezuela is a dictatorship. Can someone please explain how a rabidly fanatical and belligerent opposition owns 75% of the media in a dictatorship?

America Hearts Fascists

And you how the US ruling class and MSM can’t even enough of their fascist pals. The US elite has been palling around with their fascist and rightwing dictator BFF’s for over 100 years.

In fact, looking at the last century, the best conclusion you can come to is that except for a brief interlude, America Loves Fascism. Not that Americans are fascists. We are not. But we can’t get enough of our fascist boyfriends.

The “free” Western media of course echoes their heroes, the fascists of Venezuela.

Alice in Venezuela Land

Listening to the Opposition describe Venezuela, you would wonder why anyone in their right mind would support the Chavistas. Yet we see in the latest polls that 62% of Venezuelans are proud Chavistas. There is a reason the Opposition has been losing elections for 15 years now at the federal, state and municipal level.

They lack majority support. The majority of Venezuelans either dislike or actively hate them, and they don’t think the Opposition has a better plan for the country. Most Venezuelans think the Opposition are their class enemies, and they would be right. Your average person thinks that if the Opposition gets in, they will only make things worse.Venezuela is one place where history never stopped, and there was no reversion.

Sure, Venezuela has problems, but most Venezuelans blame those on the Opposition. And in many cases, they are correct.

When asked why they love being Chavistas, Venezuelans will rattle off a long list of the achievements of the Chavistas.

The Opposition refuses to acknowledge even one of these achievements, not even one. And in many cases, Chavistas will tell you that the Chavista project has objectively improved the lives of them, their friends and their loved ones. When faced with a choice of an objectively improved existence versus an Opposition that lies and tells you that you are hallucinating your improved lives, it’s not hard to understand why most Venezuelans are contemptuous of the Opposition and its surreal media.

Are 62% of Venezuelans really so stupid that they think a system that has ruined them and their country is actually the greatest thing since Kleenex? The opposition would have you believe that people are just that stupid.

We Had to Destroy the Country to Save It

The Opposition hates the Chavista project so much that they will do anything to bring it down. They will riot in the streets, murder doctors and nurses in cold blood, fire guns and set off bombs, plan coup after endless coup and even try to ruin the economy that they themselves depend on. Yes, that is true. The Opposition hates Chavez so much that they will ruin the whole country just to bring down Chavismo.

Get Smart

Oooooh oh, I’ll never understand!
Oooooh oh, complete control
Lemme see your other hand!

I don’t trust you!
Why should you trust me?

All over the news spread fast
They’re dirty! They’re filthy!
They ain’t gonna last!

The Clash, Complete Control (1979)

Your average Venezuelan is highly politically educated. Their political consciousness makes most Americans seem like Special Ed students. Unlike Americans, Venezuelans are very hip to lying and propaganda. They have heard all of the Opposition arguments and have been told why those arguments are all wrong. Most Venezuelans don’t even watch or listen to opposition media because they think they that media  does nothing but lie. And in fact, they are correct.

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The Big Lie: The Democrats Are Threatening to Shut Down the Government

From the Internet:

It’s long been obvious that the Republicans had a special gift for “I know you are but what am I” politics. (Some people refer to this as “projection” in which someone applies their own faults and flaws onto another.)

One example of this is how they routinely threaten to shut down the government unless the Democrats acquiesce to their outrageous demands by insisting that it’s the Democrats who are shutting down the government by failing to acquiesce to their outrageous demands.

It’s a very common right-wing tactic designed to twist liberals into pretzels trying to explain why that makes no sense.

I do not want to go into details here, but first of all, some background to the craziness of the notion of a government shutdown in the first place.

Before the Republicans started shutting down the US government under Newt Gingrich’s Contract on America, Congress rarely if ever shut down or threatened to shut down the government for political reasons. But most folks do not seem to know this. I have even had liberals argue vociferously that Congress used to regularly shut down the government pre-Gingrich.

These people need to offer me some proof. Based on my analysis of US political history, I am not aware of  one single incident of the US Congress shutting down or even threatening to shut down the US government if a certain bill doesn’t pass that they demand. I am not even aware of a single case of a US political party shutting down or even threatening to shut down the government unless they get what they want. But I am all ears. If you can show me one single case of Congress or even one party even threatening a government shutdown, God forbid enacting one, pre-1996, show me your cards. Because I don’t believe you.

People say to me, “Well of course the government got shut down or was at least threatened with a shutdown in past.” Because we all know that Congress has always voted on outrageous must-pass funding bills that had “If you don’t sign this bill, we will kill this dog” poison pills in them.

First of all, I am not aware that legislative outrages were regularly put into must-pass government funding laws before 1996.

But I do seem to recall some logjams where the parties could not agree on some aspects of a must-pass funding bill. The way I remember it is that in these cases, Congress routinely passed what is called a “continuing resolution” which would simply reinstate last year’s funding bill as this year’s. Federal budgets for each agency would be funded at the previous year’s level, and the buck would be passed on until the next trip around the Sun.

Yet there is a method to the madness of Republican government shutdowns, and it is rooted in ideology. There is a reason why the Republicans started shutting down the government in 1996.

The Republicans have shut down the US government many times in the last 18 years. Poll after poll shows that despite the idiotic government-hatred of Americans, the public is furious about every one of these government shutdowns. They’re not popular.

Nevertheless the Republicans have nothing if not huevos, and they don’t care about popular opinion about much of anything they want to do. They just say, “Damn the polls, people are idiots,” count on the corporate media to cover for them, and go ahead and do it anyway. After the Republicans do something that has say 2% public support, the public yawns, the corporate press writes what a great idea it is and how it has mass support, the Overton Window gets reinstalled even further Right, and the goalposts move to barely within squinting distance as the latest reactionary outrage becomes yet another New Normal.

So we can see that in terms of government shutdowns, American society seems to have Borderline Personality Disorder at least in their view of the state, the hallmark of which is, “I hate you, don’t leave me.”

Apparently the Republicans seem to have gotten the memo that the US public is getting sick and tired of these idiotic shutdowns. So now the latest scam is to say that the Republicans are not shutting down the government. It is the Democrats are shutting down the government.

I was stunned when I first heard this, so I asked for details about how the Democrats were shutting down the government.

Of course it turned out they weren’t, but everyone was saying they were anyway. All the Democrats were doing was refusing to vote for the Republican must-pass funding bill which included a lot of the usual Republican poison pills. Because the Democrats refused to vote for a funding bill with these diabolical poison pills in them, the Democrats were “shutting down the government.”

It is an insane argument that makes no sense, but there is a nutty “logic” behind it.


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The History of and Rationale Behind Republican Fanatical Government Hatred

When Ronald Reagan came into office in 1980, he launched a campaign of demonization of the federal government the likes of which this nation had never seen before. Even Goldwaterites, John Birchers and Southern Democrats had never shown this level of contempt and hatred for the federal government before. Keep in mind that a Republican lie is that they only hate the federal government. Like most things Republicans say, it’s a lie. Republicans hate all forms of government. They mostly hate the federal government, but they do not like the state governments much either. Nor do they even like county or even city governments.

When Republicans spit their contempt for “government workers,” we need to know a few things. First of all, they do not only despise federal government workers. They despise all government employees who work for any branch of the government, even City Hall. And there is something else. “Government workers” is shorthand for two things.

  1. Union thugs. First of all, it means “union members.” Government unions are last unions in this insane state that have not yet been destroyed by the capitalists. All capitalists hate all unions. All conservatives hate all unions. If you love unions, you can’t be a conservative. It’s ruled out. Hatred of labor unions and state education are two of the principal pillars of US conservatism. All Republicans, even the RINO “liberal Republicans” of the East Coast, were united in their hatred for state education and labor unions. Those are two things you need to check off to get your conservative card.
  2. Shiftless, sponging nigs. Second of all, “government workers” means niggers. Excuse me, I mean Black people. Lazy Blacks, shiftless Blacks, incompetent Blacks, Blacks ripping off hard-earned White taxpayer money – “government workers” implies all of these things. And there is something else. There is the assumption that government workers are the least competent workers in America. The idea is that they work for the government because they are so incompetent that no one in the private sector will hire them. Government workers are the ultimate American failures.


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Next NATO/CIA Target: Vojvodina?


The usual jerkoffs who brought you the Ukraine mess are up to no good again, this time in Serbia. Serbia is being punished because even though it is more or less permanently occupied by EU/NATO sops, Serbia and its people consider these leaders to be traitors and the people are trying to get out from underneath NATO’s boot heel.

All of the ingredients in the wonderful Ukraine Mystery Casserole are in place:

Zionist Jew neocon George Soros and his “Open Society” Institute. I used to think this guy was ok, but now I think I agree with the Tea Partiers that he is Satan. The only Left he promotes is the Cultural Left freakshow, but he only promotes this for the Gentiles, not for his own kind.

When Cultural Left feminazi Femen tried to expand to Israel, Soros cut them off. Decadence and degeneration are only for the Gentiles, and his own people must be kept pure of such things. This guy seems like he walked right out of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. If you ever wonder why so many people hate Jews, it’s because too many of them are just like this clown. George Soros is poison, a US imperialist agent.

Neoconservative Jew Victoria Nuland. “We paid $5 billion to conquer Ukraine,” and “Fuck the EU.” Wherever this psycho shows up, turbulence and chaos seem to follow.

…the Soros and Central Intelligence Agency-financed NGO operatives in the province who work closely with U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for European Affairs Victoria Nuland, the person who helped shepherd [Croatian Nazi President] Grabar-Kitarovic to victory in Croatia and who stands ready to launch a Vojvodina war for independence among recently-arrived professional provocateurs from Romania, Hungary, Albania, and Roma camps in the Balkans.

Looks like Ms. Nuland is palling around with her Nazi buddies again. I guess her motto is, “We like Nazis, as long as they are pro-US Nazis.”

NATO. North American Terrorist Organization. Lost its raison d etre in 1991, made some new fake enemies so it could have an excuse to keep threatening, invading and warmongering. Killers gotta kill.

EU. More like PEE-UW. Stinks to high heaven. Rapidly becoming the most disliked organization in Europe for good reason.

Your friendly neighborhood Nazis. What would NATO mischief be without Nazis or Al Qaeda type jihadis? The Nazis this time are the Croat Nazis, and those are some real Nazis, at least as bad as the Ukie kind. Actually probably worse, sorry. The Croat Nazis were so bad that the Germans themselves were appalled at their brutality.

Oil and gas. All wars are oil wars? Well not quite, but you get the picture. Otherwise known as Black Money.

If Ukraine is any example, what Nuland and her neocons have in store for Vojvodina will cleanse the province of its Serbs and provide a friendly country for Western oil and natural gas companies to exploit known reserves of the hydrocarbons in eastern Vojvodina, an area known as Banat.

No war for oil! Where have we seen this movie before?

Jihadis or Baby Al Qaedas: Apparently the Kosovars are meant to serve this role.

Zionazis: From the article:

And in yet another example of the close ties between neo-Nazism and Zionism, Grabar-Kitarovic’s presidential political adviser and the head of her transition team is documentary film maker Jadranka Juresko Kero, yet another American implant in Eastern European governance structures and an individual who avidly supports Israel and the Zionist cause.

These Zionists and pro-Israeli types are really nuts. Making alliance with out and out neo-Nazis. How insane can a Jew get? Another reason so many people don’t like Jews. Apparently a lot of Jews are so sleazy that they will even make alliance with and use real bonafide Nazis if they share the same enemies. I would say that the ultimate in sleaze for a Jewish person would be to make a cynical, money or Realpolitik based alliance with out and out Nazis. I mean talk about no values.

I always said that National Socialism can unfold in any society, and by that token, Israel is a Jewish National Socialist (Nazi) state. I



in Israel, the “Germans” are the Jews and the “Jews” are the Arabs. It’s an +e++++++++++++++ down world. But really National Socialism is just racist fascism. Some fascism is not racist, say Mussolini or Franco. But then there is the racist kind – Nazis and many others. So in that sense as a racist fascist state, Israel could be seen as a Jewish Nazi country.

National Endowment for Democracy: Laughably named US CIA front for engineered regime change in states hostile to US imperialism. Where Trouble is, NED is.

Monsatano (Monsanto): Where Evil is, Monsatano is. Monsatano is busy at work in the Ukraine too. In fact one of the main reasons so many people are dying over there is so Ukraine can be secured for Monsatano colonization.

Just as Kosovo was carved from Serbia to facilitate a trans-Balkan pipeline and provide the United State a permanent Balkans military base at Camp Bondsteel, an independent Vojvodina is designed to provide NATO with a ready supply of oil and natural gas from Banat and a fertile Danube valley for the production of genetically-modified foods. Like Ukraine, Vojvodina is being targeted by the Western military-commercial complex for hydrocarbon fracking and Monsanto agri-exploitation.

However, I do not think this is going to work. There are too many Serbs here (66%) and they are scattered all over, so there is no way that Vojvodina could secede as long as it has a strong Serb minority.

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Propaganda Works Great


Well at least it does in the West, where no one believes they are being subjected to 24-7 full spectrum dominance propaganda by 100% of the mainstream media! Oh no, we don’t have propaganda here. Of course not. The only people who have propaganda are the enemies of America. Yeah.

I am absolutely stunned at the number of Americans who believe every single word the US government, its allies and the mainstream media says about US foreign policy. I would say that Democratic Party liberals are probably the worst of all, as a lot conservatives now are libertarians and paleocons who are cynical about both the US state and Western media. This type of conservative believes full well that the US state does all sorts of nasty, wicked stuff and both the state and the media are liable to lie on a continuous basis.

But honestly I am shocked at how gullible Americans are. Americans just seem to go along with the propaganda du jour. Very few Americans dissent, and trust me, being a dissenter on US foreign policy is not very pleasant, even in liberal circles. You are called a traitor, a nut and a conspiracy theorist and an agent of the enemy states. I am starting to think that Americans may be some of the most brainwashed people on Earth. Most of the problem is they don’t think they are being brainwashed. The most brainwashable people of all are those who do not think they are being lied to.



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