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Why Does the Left Support Mass Legal and Illegal Immigration?

A commenter writes in regard to this post:

Then why are they importing them? Cheap labor? To incite a culture war? I’ve been wondering for a while. I can only speculate.

I think they are just on some sort of a PC crack.

Here in the US, the Right wants to import as many 3rd Worlders as possible for cheap labor.

The Hispanics want total open borders with Mexico. Here both parties are competing for the Hispanic traitor vote.

The Left goes along with this and says they “do jobs that Americans won’t do,” which is a complete lie.

If you are going to be on the Left nowadays, you have to support unrestricted mass legal immigration and apparently unrestricted illegal immigration. And once they get in, they all get amnesty. The Left thinks that opposing unrestricted mass legal and illegal immigration is “racism.”

You simply have to be for this if you are on the Left, otherwise they throw you out of the Left and call you racist, fascist, KKK, bigot, hater, White Supremacist, reactionary, Republican, conservative, etc. I have been called all of these names and have been thrown out of the US Left simply because I oppose illegal immigration and mass legal immigration. There is a lot of pressure to go along, and people are trying to be PC and are afraid of getting called racists.


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First Thing the New Republican Congress Did Was Try to Destroy Social Security

For the 100th time.

And they did this first things first, on their very first day in power. Talk about priorities! Apparently the Republicans want to destroy Social Security above all other goals they have.

What is at stake is a routine reauthorization of funds that has been done 11 times since 1968 with little or not controversy. But this time we have probably the most rightwing Congress in US history, and that makes all the difference.

The Republicans are blocking the reauthorization of funds necessary to keep the SSDI or Social Security Disability program going. Without this routine reauthorization, the program will fall short by 20%, and SSDI checks will have to be cut by 20% across the board. I doubt if the consequences will be devastating as SSDI recipients tend to receive $1,200-1,400/month, so instead they will receive $960-1,120/month. I don’t see how you can live on any of that, although I suppose $1,200-1,400 is marginally doable as that is about what I make these days.

I would say that a lot of people are going to have a hard time making it and may have to do without such things as cars. They may also fall behind in their bills and run out of money period towards the end of the month. It is not unusual for me to have ~$2 to my name or less for 3-4 days at the end of the month and God help me if my car breaks down.

This is part of a larger sleazy Republican project to divide and conquer Social Security recipients. They want to divide them between the deserving ones – the good old people who worked their whole life and are now getting their deserved pension and the lazy, able-bodied scammers who are faking disability in order to milk the system. They are trying to turn the former against the latter and they may well succeed considering how stupid so many of America’s elderly are. This is part of a general war on the Disability program which Republicans have been plotting for some time now. It is being aided and abetted by the US media, including NPR of all places, who are running programs detailing scamming in the disability program.

Conservatives love to rant about people scamming social programs. Since people scam these programs, conservatives say, we need to get rid of the programs. But that makes no sense. There are bad cops, so let’s do without police. There is waste in the military, so let’s get rid of the military. Like almost all conservative thinking, this relies on logical fallacies and crappy reasoning but the thing about logical fallacies is that they work great because most people are too stupid to realize what a fallacious argument is.


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Comments Rules Regarding Capitalism and Economics Discussions

Mark Graybill writes:

I wish you allowed people to express capitalist ideas on your blog. Posts like these make me want to discuss your economic attitudes, but I don’t think you would allow it.

Yes you cannot cheer for laissez faire capitalism on here. You can support some sort of a market, but you aren’t supposed to cheer it on, more like you have to say at least that it has a lot of good points and also a lot of bad points.

You can support highly regulated capitalism, state capitalism, capitalism with social liberalism, social democracy, a mixed economy, market socialism, socialism with a market, or Socialism with Chinese Characteristics like in China, but laissez faire, Hell no, I ban on that.

You also have to support some sort of a safety net and some sort of social programs, even as meager as US social liberalism. You are not allowed to advocate gutting or getting rid of essential social programs. I ban on that too.

We used to have Libertarians and economic conservatives on here all the time, and all I did was argue with them constantly. It took up a lot of time, and I do not feel like wasting that energy anymore. I also had to waste a lot of time chasing down rejoinders to their arguments, which were almost always lies or untruths of some sort.

At one point, almost everyone on here was an economic conservative, and I thought, “Wait a minute! I am a socialist, and this is supposed to be a pro-socialist website, and all the commenters are free marketeers! Screw this, this is stupid!”

So I made some rules about that. I hate to say it, but economic conservatives actually bug me a lot more that White nationalists, anti-Semites or White racists. One Republican is worse than 100 American White nationalists. I consider those racist types to be unpleasant yet mostly harmless, but the economic conservatives are in power now, and they are committing tremendous harm to millions of  people. Lots of people are being hurt, and lots are dying. They are the enemies of all mankind, are dangerous as Hell, sadly are quite popular in some lands, and they really need to be resisted.


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The Myth of the Champagne Socialist and the Limousine Liberal

JMS writes:

For Champagne Socialists and Limousine Liberals

(who know it’s safe to masochistically support socialist / communist systems which have serious hope of coming to pass)

it’s all about the social signalling.

I have been around people like this my whole life. Not very rich people but people who definitely have some money and are still quite liberal. I used to be very active in the local Democratic Party in Orange County, California. I was also active in a group called Campaign for Economic Democracy. These people were absolutely sincere. They were not advocating something because it will never happen.

Also it is extremely difficult to be like this because as you get up into the moneyed classes and start living in moneyed neighborhoods and working at high paying jobs, just about every single person around you is a rightwing asshole. So everyone at work will be a rightwing asshole. Work will turn into a minefield. All of your neighbors will be rightwing assholes. Those neighborhood barbecues are going to be painful. If you are doing business, almost all of the businessmen you will be working with will be rightwing assholes. Have fun doing business with them when they find out your politics. Your colleagues in your profession will almost all be rightwing assholes. Those conventions are going to be awfully lonely.

Truly rich liberals/socialists making over 350K/yr are not common. I have met a few of them. I used to work in a law office, and there were some leftwing and liberal attorneys there who made that kind of money. I know my boss, a liberal, did. He loved JFK and hated McNamara for instance. All due to the Vietnam War.

But the truth is that the moneyed classes, which means everyone making over $106K/yr (top 6%) are rightwing. Period. You won’t find a lot of liberals or certainly God forbid socialists among these types. Instead your class will be swarming with rightwingers. Among the truly rich making over $340K/yr (top 1%), liberals are not very common, and socialists are truly rare. Even among the upper middle class making $75K/yr or more (top 20%), liberals are not common, nor are socialists. I almost think you might find these types more among the rich than among the mere upper middle class.

In short, all of this about champagne socialists and limousine liberals being phonies is nonsense. It’s a red herring. I have met quite a few such types, and they are quite sincere. They really are ready to take a pay cut or a cut in their net wealth due to their politics. I know it is hard to fathom. Also they are not masochists. They think they are doing the right thing, and they really do not care about money all that much. They think they have plenty anyway. They are dedicated, passionate ideologues – true believers in an unpopular cause.


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Stratfor Is CIA

Stratfor, a private intelligence forecasting casting group, is widely considered to be a CIA front. These private sector corporations are often referred to as “private CIA,” the “shadow CIA” and other such terms. Whenever you hear the word “contractor” in association with some devious US government conspiracy in some foreign land, the reference is to one of these CIA front corporations.

Stratfor is run by George Friedman (R-Tel Aviv), a neoconservative agent who infiltrated our government and inserted himself into the highest echelons of the US defense and intelligence establishment.

Another top Stratfor executive is Robert D. Kaplan (R-Tel Aviv). This dual citizen of dubious loyalty is a former soldier in the Israeli military. Like Friedman, this mole has also managed to worm his way into the highest echelons of US military and intelligence, all the way up to the Joint Chiefs.

Stratfor’s lair on the Net is here.

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Enemies of the People

This man, Robert Kagan, runs our country along with a handful of his Machiavellian allies. Meet Robert Kagan (R-Tel Aviv), founder of the Project for a New American Century. Kagan’s Dad is Donald Kagan (R-Tel Aviv). He serves as the capo of the Kagan Gang, an Organized Internationalist Crime Gang. His brother Frederick (R-Tel Aviv), an AEI fellow, is no better. Three loathsome criminals, a kingpin father and his two deputy sons, from one depraved crime family, heading up one of the world’s most powerful nations. Three Enemies of the People.

Their wives serve their men as partners in crime.

Robert’s wife is war criminal and coup-promoter State Department flunky Victoria Nuland (R-Tel Aviv) who helped install the first Nazi government in Europe since World War 2. Kagan’s nefarious duties in the State Department center around overthrowing government’s that refuse to obey America. Frederick’s wild-eyed wife Kimberly is yet another salivating warmonger who has managed to infiltrate our military up to the highest levels, the central command itself, where she has inserted herself. She heads the Institute for the Study of War, which looks to me like a CIA front.

All five of these flinty-eyed people are agents of the deepest of the Deep State of the US.

I know what you are thinking…

All of the Kagans are Jews, and Nuland is also a Jew.

Not only that, but they are archetypal Jewish neoconservatives, the very rulers of the Ninth Circle itself.

These scumbags are now running our foreign policy. They were run out at the beginning of Obama’s term in favor of some relatively sane imperialists called Realists. The neocons were kept out for the whole first time, but in the second term, they somehow wormed their way in the back door like they always do and took over the government again. So really we are living in the Bush Administration again with Cheney, Perle, Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld, Feith and all the rest of the usual human garbage. The faces change, but the depravity remains the same.

Imagine that. The most powerful country in the world being run by a handful of psychotic Jews.

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Worse Than the Cold War

Yep. And 80% of the population has fallen for it. By the way, Hagel was fired because he was not a neocon. Barack Obama is for all intents and purposes now a neocon. For most of his term, people called realists were in charge and the neocons were sidelined. Then the neocons came in through the back door and took over again. The media is all cheering on the removal of Hagel in favor of a “more forceful” foreign policy, which means that most of the media is apparently run by the neocon crowd. At any rate, 100% of the Western media is now down with the neocon project. But then the media has always been part of the Neocon Project. Name one major media outlet that opposed The War on the Iraqi People. Name one. One.

Worse Than Cold War

The neocons who manipulate America’s clueless politicians have not got us into a new Cold War. It is much worse. The long rivalry with the Soviet Union was “Cold” because of MAD, Mutual Assured Destruction. Both Washington and Moscow were perfectly aware that “Hot” war meant nuclear exchanges that would destroy everybody.

The danger of outright war between the two nuclear powers is actually much greater than during the Cold War. We are now in a sort of Frozen War, because nothing the Russians say or do can have any effect.

The neocons who manufacture U.S. policy behind the scenes have invented a totally fictional story about Russian “aggression” which the President of the United States, the mass media and now the Congress have accepted and endorsed. Russian leaders have responded with honesty, truth and common sense, remaining calm despite the invective thrown at them. It has done no good whatsoever. The positions are frozen. When reason fails, force follows. Sooner or later.

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Libertarians Are Calling Me “Racist”

Boy this is really stupid.

Republicans do this all the time too. Republicans are always calling me racist, sexist, anti-Semite, homophobe. That is so weird. Except for the anti-Semitism, what is the most racist, sexist, homophobic political party in the US? The Republican Party. If you are a racist, sexist, anti-Semite or homophobe, which party do you automatically go to? The Republican Party. 100% of the hardcore racists, sexists, homophobes or anti-Semites are voting either Republican or Libertarian. None of them are voting Democratic.

Also, we get a lot of racists, sexists, homophobes and anti-Semites on this site. So far, 100% of them support either the Republican or Libertarian Party. I don’t think I have found one yet who voted Democratic.

Conservatives are always screaming that “liberals are the real racists.” Well, that’s very interesting, but why is it that 100% of the hardcore racists, sexists, homophobes and anti-Semites on this site are conservatives? How come I haven’t even met one liberal like this ever?

I suppose we can also look around in Meatspace. You almost never meet a liberal who is a hardcore racist, sexist, anti-Semite, or homophobe.

I confess I have met a few liberal anti-Semites, but they are not common. Anyway, the deeper they get into anti-Semitism the more they get friendlier with the Right, especially with White nationalists and fascists. Anti-Semitism has always been a conservative movement. It was in 1800 and it is today. There are a few Left anti-Semites, but they are not common and the rest of the movement is going to be pounding them constantly.

I have hardly met any liberal racists, but I know some who are anti-Hispanic and anti-South Indian. The Hispanics have invaded California, and the South Indians have bought up all the gas stations.

There are a few liberal true homophobes, but they are not common.

I am not sure if I have ever met a liberal who was a true sexist. I wonder if they exist.

I guess we can look around the Net too. The are many anti-Semitic sites on the Net and many others that are borderline. As a general rule, almost 100% of anti-Semitic sites are run by conservatives. Most of them support the Libertarian or Republican Parties. Anti-Semites especially like the Libertarian Party because the Republicans are “Jew-owned.”

There is a place called the Manosphere on the Net, and it is run by MRA types. It is insanely sexist. The Manosphere is 100% conservative, and they all support either the Republican or Libertarian Parties. The sexists tend to be more Libertarian than anything else.

There is also a huge HBD Sphere or even a network of White racist blogs of different types. Some are overtly Nazi, but most of them are not. It’s a big lie that all White racists are Nazis. Most of them want nothing to do with that.

Almost 100% of the HBD Sphere is run by conservatives. Most HBD’ers are Libertarians. Many of the harder-core racists are also Libertarians, but more of these types vote Republican.

I am not sure if there are homophobic blogs on the Net, but a lot of the above groups, especially the hardcore White nationalists and Nazis, are not gay friendly at all. There are quite a few anti-gay sites on the Net, but they are all run by Christian conservatives. They are very closely tied to the Republican Party.

While the theory that “liberals are the real racists/sexists/homophobes/anti-Semites” is an interesting one, it seems to have no basis in reality. Instead, nearly 100% of hardcore racists, sexists, anti-Semites and homophobes are voting Republican and Libertarian.

It does seem that the Republican and Libertarian Parties have a serious problem with bigots. While it is debatable whether the parties themselves are bigoted, there must be some reason why 100% of the bigots vote Libertarian and Republican and 0% of them vote Democratic. Obviously they think the Libertarian and Republican Parties have something to offer them in terms of their bigotry.

The Libertarians are calling this passage out as “racism.”

‘Even some of the ghetto types are ok (especially the young women) but they have this “ghettoness” about them that bothers me for some reason.

There are also some older Blacks who are not ghetto, but they are not really assimilated either. I am not sure how to describe them, but I know people who would call them “real Blacks.” Real Blacks as opposed to what these types call “White Blacks.” Honestly there is nothing really wrong with them except they are not that smart, and their culture appears somewhat degraded to me. They remind me of the sort of more traditional, well behaved, working class Blacks you might find in a lot of the South. A lot of them are very religious and have strong accents.’

That sound racist to you? Yep, I am not wild about ghetto Blacks. That makes me “racist” in Libertardian World?

That is also an accurate description of Blacks who, while they are not degenerated ghetto types, are nevertheless living in more of an “authentic Black culture” that I personally am not so wild about. That’s racist? Not being wild about less assimilated Blacks deep into Black culture is racist? Why?

The Libertardians are all calling this out as “racism:”

I have been called a liberal race realist. Liberal race realism has been described as “a dash of race realism, positive White racial identity, the leftist view of American history, anti-racism, and a base of liberalism.”

Yep that’s the definition of Liberal Race Realism. According to Libertardians, Liberal Race Realism is “racism.” What’s so racist about it? Must be that Leftist view of American history. That’s so Nazi. Must be the anti-racist stated position right there in the definition. That’s so KKK. Must be that base of liberalism. Just like Bull Connor.

So members of what are by far the biggest racist, sexist, homophobic and anti-Semitic parties in the US are calling their liberal enemies PC insults – racist, sexist, homophobic, anti-Semite. That is so lame.

Either that or Political Correctness is spreading like a cancer all over our blighted land, and it is even know infecting the US Right.

They are also attacking me for this and calling me “racist”:

I am not crazy about fascists or hardcore White racists, although I do have a couple of friends like that.

Yep, I sure do. What am I supposed to, get rid of everyone in my life who has some sort of repugnant, insane or idiotic viewpoint? I wouldn’t have any friends, and I would have never had a friend in my life. Sure I have a couple of racist friends, and one guy has fascist tendencies. I am pretty much of an antifa, and I am not wild about hardcore White racism, so I don’t agree, but I am a nice guy, and I am willing to overlook a lot of things in the name of friendship.

Lastly, I would like to point out that these Libertariantards remind me of nothing less than the fanatical PC Leftists and Communists I know. They are basically the same sort of kooky, abusive nutcases, and both use logical fallacy like mad and seem to be allergic to the truth. They seem to be mirror images of each other. I guess a fanatic really is fanatic at the end of the day.

They also attack me for saying that Libertariantards are the enemy. Damn right pals. You guys are Enemies of the People, and you know what happens to them. They are also my personal, deadly enemies and I will fight them with everything I have until the end. I don’t care if most Libertarians drop dead tomorrow. That’s how much I care about their lives. It would be a better country.

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Is Putin a Rightwinger?

People keep coming here and asking me how I could possibly support Putin as I am a Leftie. However, the KPRF, the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, supports him, as do many leftwingers the world over. In what way is a he a rightwinger anyway? Keep in mind that Putin was a Communist Party member and not only that but he was a high ranking KGB operative. Why would someone like that be a rightwinger?

Further, Russia is still a substantially socialist country. As you can see below, Putin is spending more than even the USSR did on healthcare per capita, and the school year has been extended beyond what it was under Communism.

Heath care:

Russia has more physicians, hospitals, and health care workers than almost any other country in the world on a per capita basis. After Putin became president in 2000 there was significant growth in spending for public healthcare, and in 2006 it exceed the pre-1991 level in real terms. Subsequently life expectancy increased from 1991-93 levels, and the infant mortality rate dropped from 18.1 in 1995 to 8.4 in 2008. In 2011 Putin announced a large-scale health-care reform with a budget increase of more than 300 billion rubles to improve health care in Russia.


Russia has more academic graduates than any other country in Europe and is the world leader in percentage of population with associate’s degree or higher: 54%, compared to 31% in UK. Education is provided by the state, and spending for education amounted to 3.6% of GDP or 13% of the consolidated state budget. Before 1990 the school period in Soviet Union was 10 years, and now it is 11 years. The literacy rate in Russia is 99.4% (99.7% for men, 99.2% for women). According to a 2008 World Bank statistic, 54% of the Russian labor force has attained a college education with at least a two year degree, giving Russia the highest attainment of college-level education in the world.

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The Blurring of the Lines, or It’s All a Grey Area

Conservatives say everything is black and white, a 1 or a 0. It’s a binary world.

Liberals say well some things are black and white but other things are grey. 1 are usually 1’s and 0’s are usually 0’s, but sometimes a 1 is a 0 and a 0 is a 1.

Robert Lindsay says everything is a grey area. He likes to say that a lot. People usually get really upset every time he says that. A category-less world is a Hell of a scary place. If you don’t break stuff down, you’re lost in a strange country without a map or a dictionary. It is terrifying.

Smash all lines!

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