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I Have Never Been a Conservative. and I Do Not Think I Ever Will Be

Everydayanewday writes:

How could you NOT be with the French Right if you don’t want to see France commit national, ethnic, and cultural suicide? ….They are the ones standing up for reason and survival.

I think people still don’t understand this website. This website has said for the very beginning that it is a leftwing site.

How could I not be for the French New Right? How about because I’m never for the rightwing anything, anywhere in any way at any time?

How about that? I never give one nickel to any conservative political organizations. I never support any rightwing political campaigns that I am aware of and I support political campaigns all the time. I have never been a member of any rightwing political group and I have been a member of a number of groups. I have never given one nickel to any rightwing candidate or organization ever for any reason and I have given to a lot of candidates and campaigns.

I cannot remember the last time I voted for a Republican unless there weren’t any Democrats running. When I vote, I just do down the line and vote for all the Democrats. I never vote for any Republican for any position in this state ever for any reason. If there is more than one Democrat running, I usually vote for whoever is more leftwing. If there is a rightwing Democrat and a liberal Republican running, I vote for whoever is more leftwing (Feinstein versus Campbell). If the Democrat is sufficiently disgusting (rightwing) and it looks like they will win anyway, then I vote Left third party like Green. In nonpartisan office races, I get the Democratic Party guide or ask my friends and I either vote for who the Democrats say to vote for or I vote for my friends’ recommendations.

I believe I have actually voted for a few rightwing propostions, but it happens so infrequently that I can’t even remember the last time I did it. I sometimes pass around signature boards for propostions for the ballot. They’re always for leftwing campaigns.

Sure the Left is stupid a lot nowadays, but I will always support Stupid over Evil any day of the week.

I cannot imagine voting for any Republican candidate for anything ever in any competitive race. Why would I?

I did vote Libertarian once in 1980 because I was young and stupid. Never again.

I am simply a man of the Left. When the cards are down and it comes to voting and it’s for the Left or the Right, I simply always vote Left and I never vote Right.

Given all of that, how is it that people keep saying that I am a conservative or a Republican or a reactionary or a fascist? I never vote for reactionary. I doubt if I would vote fascist if one ever showed up. How could I possibly be a conservative in any possible political universe.

And the movement I am pushing is called Alternative Left, not Alternative Right and it ain’t about to change any time soon.

I simply have a strong aversion to core conservative principles that almost every conservative believes in. I just reject them. I always have and I always will. The very fact that a hardcore die-hard, committed, party line, contributing and funding leftwinger gets called “conservative” is more a symptom than anything else. It shows you just how insane the Left has become in the US if someone like me gets pegged conservative.

I am not even sure why conservatives comment here. This is not a happy home for them, and most figure that out after a bit and take off, thank God.

So if I were in France, and I voted French New Right, that would be pretty earthshaking in terms of my political tendencies.


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I Guess I Am with the “French New Right”

Whoever criticizes capitalism while approving immigration whose working class is its first victim had better shut up. Whoever criticizes immigration while remaining silent about capitalism should do the same.

– Alain De Benoist, founder of the French New Right.

You know the European Left is failing when the fascists have the best ideas in the political marketplace.

US Politardics:

“Right”: I love capitalism! I hate immigration! (lol wut)

“Left”: I love immigration! I hate capitalism! (wtf)

The Politics of Idiocy.

That’s your choice folks. You get to choose between two perfectly awful views. Isn’t that cool?

There is no Left or Right. There are only nationalists and globalists.

– Marine Le Pen, French rightwing politician.

Another fascist gets my vote. This is absolutely repulsive. The European Left is so evil, insane and retarded that the even the fascists are better in comparison. Pathetic!


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New Interview with Me Up

Warning! This interview is definitely NSFW! A lot of discussion of explicit sex acts in this interview, so be warned!


Robert Stark Interviews Robert Lindsay About the Alternative Left, Immigration & Cultural Leftist Insanity

Topics include:

Topics include:
Proposal for an Alternative Left
Robert Lindsay as the Left Wing of the Alternative Right
Why it’s hard to be politically homeless in American politics
How the Establishment Left is a fusion of neoliberal capitalism and cultural leftism
Why Robert Lindsay rejects the term “Cultural Marxism”
The Alternative Left’s stance on immigration, trade, the environment, and social issues.
The corporate push for open borders and the Mainstream Left’s collusion
The Progressive Case for Reducing Immigration
Progressive UC Davis Prof Endorses Trump Immigration Plan
Donald Trump’s stances on immigration and trade
When It Comes To Sex, Nothing Is Too Perverted for the Cultural Left
How society has become more degenerate in general while at the same time becoming puritanical about certain issues


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The Big Lie about “Cultural Marxism”

Latias writes:

“Cultural Marxism”? Why? Why not just cultural liberalism? I do not see anything about a class struggle there? It makes preferring bourgeois values (or their radical perversion) over traditional aristocratic values “Marxist”.

The Right calls the Cultural Left “Cultural Marxism.” It’s bullshit. It’s all based upon a nutty anti-Semitic conspiracy theory centered around Communist subversion and a bunch of postwar German Jews out of a school of thought called The Frankfurt School. Supposedly these Marxist Jews plotted and encouraged the total cultural degeneration of the West in order to weaken us to make us easy prey for Revolution. As far as I can tell, this is nothing but bullshit, but the Right, especially the Alt Right, the Hard Right and the Racist Right, won’t shut up about it.

Most Cultural Left types aren’t even all that Left on economics. Most of them seem to be pushing a combination of Cultural Left with neoliberal economics. No one in the Cultural Left is pushing any sort of real Revolution other than a Revolution of Depravity and Degeneracy.

The real Marxists in the Cultural Left are usually pushing social conservatism and puritanism – see Radical Feminism for instance. Their view is about as “libertarian” as Maoist China. Socialist feminism is not a whole lot different from radical feminism, with an emphasis on puritanism, celebration of political lesbianism and other forms of conservatism, insanity and idiocy.


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Robert Stark interviews Dota about Oligarchy & National Capitalism

Dota and Bay Area Guy are former commenters at Robert Lindsay who went off to form their own site. May we spawn many more such Lindsaybabies! Many more! Forever more! I always liked Dota, even if he is more conservative than I am. You can’t expect everyone to be your political clone. Then you won’t have any friends. I don’t even know what national capitalism is. But if that’s what the Chinese are up to, I do not mind it at all actually.

I don’t really mind Paleocons. I will take a dozen Paleocons over one leftwing PC SJW. I am somewhat embarassed that American Conservative resonates with me. Nevertheless, I am not really a conservative in any way, shape or form. Even social conservatism doesn’t resonate with me in any  way, shape or form. Nor am I much on the Left anymore. Nor am I a mushy Centrist invertebrate. What am I? Alternative Left maybe?

Interview here.

Dota is a Canadian Paleoconservative of Indian origin. He blogs at Occident Invicta.
Topics include:

Dota’s article Oligarchy 101 about how 5 banks rigged the foreign exchange market
National Capitalism – A Third Alternative?
Dota’s article America’s Tainted Democracy about how South Asians are beginning to use their wealth to buy political clout
Resisting Our Cultural Marxist Elites – A Few Strategies To Consider


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Robert Stark Interviews Roger Devlin about Sexual Utopia in Power


This is actually excellent. This is one of brightest, wisest, sanest and most likable people Stark has ever had on here. I highly encourage you to listen to this. It’s mostly about feminism, gender and politics of sex.

Robert Stark talks to Roger Devlin about his book Sexual Utopia in Power: The Feminist Revolt Against Civilization.  F. Roger Devlin, Ph.D. is an independent scholar. He is the author of Alexandre Kojève and the Outcome of Modern Thought (Lanham, Maryland: University Press of America, 2004) and many essays and reviews in such publications as The Occidental Quarterly, American Renaissance, Counter-Currents/North American New Right, VDare, Modern Age, The Social Contract, Alternative Right, and The Last Ditch. A bibliography of his work is available online at

Topics include:

His original essay Sexual Utopia in Power
The origins, motives, and outcomes of the sexual revolution
Back to Africa: Sexual Atavism in the Modern West
How mainstream social conservatives have failed to diagnose the problems and offer solutions
How economic changes have affected marriage and relationships between the sexes
How the sexual revolution has led to less sex for the masses and more for a few
Why many men are dropping out of society
The question of female masochism
Article about girls in Norway submitting to Pakistani immigrants who bully Norwegian boys
Why change will not come through political reform but rather by creating subcultures

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Proposal for an Alternative Left

Do you think I should start an Alternative Left movement? People are calling me the Alternative Left. Alternative Left would be something like:

Economically Leftist or liberal (left on economics)
Socially Conservative or at least sane (right on social issues)

It would be something like a leftwing mirror of the Alternative Right.

Do you think it would go over? I am really getting sick of this Left/Right bullshit. Everyone has to decide if they are “conservative” or “liberal.” What bullshit. What if you are a little of both?


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Robert Stark Interviews the Truth Will Live About Why People Become Leftist, Myers Briggs Personality Types & Sexual Morality

I do not mind this young lady. I listened to about 30 minutes of this interview.

Interview here.

Topics include:

Her video Do Leftists Have Legitimate Grievances? in response to Richard Spencer’s interview Surviving The Global Monoculture

How people often become Leftist in response to a materialistic, bland, monolithic consumer culture and are searching for something with meaning

How the Alternative Right overlaps with the Far Left

The Myers Briggs Personality Types

Portrait of an INTP

People with this personality type are most likely to be unemployed

INTP’s: Ethnicity & Race

Chastity, Monogamy & Slut Shaming

Response to a comment about whether morality is a weakness

Jewess Heroine Overdose (Jewish Hollywood Starlets)


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About Those Obamaphones

The Right and the Racist Right (Is there a difference anymore?) made a big stink out of this video in which this stupid Black woman says, “Vote for Obama. He will give you a free cellphone.”

The video is regrettable, but a lot of these ghetto types are not very bright, and they can usually be counted on to say something completely retarded that makes their entire race and the Democratic Party that they drag along look bad. Stupid people will say stupid things, and now in the era of ubiquitous videophones, it is trivial to record idiots making fools of themselves. There’s nothing to be done about this because stupid people can’t really help being stupid. Furthermore, they are part of a culture that isn’t exactly diplomatic about promoting a good self-image.

Anyway, people can probably go out with armed with cellphone cameras and record idiotic ghetto Blacks making fools of themselves and possibly making the Left and the Democrats look bad, so it’s almost pointless to respond to these conservative liberal-bait videos.

The truth about Obamaphones, is, as usual, not so simple. First of all, that’s not any ordinary cellphone. It’s an Obamaphone.

And guess what?

That Obamaphone barely even works. My girlfriend had one of those. They suck. They only have 200-300 minutes a month on them and then they don’t work anymore. It’s just sort of an emergency phone really. You can’t use it like a normal cellphone. I remember when she had it, she would call me and say, “Call me back. I have my Obamaphone.” She was always saying she couldn’t call me and couldn’t talk on the phone because she had an Obamaphone and she didn’t want to waste any minutes. So I always had to call her. Her basic attitude was that the Obamaphone was crap but that it was ok as an emergency phone, which is all it was intended for.

Apparently Obama decided that everyone ought to have an emergency phone, and I agree with this logic.

Another fake rightwing issue they made up, just like all of them.


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Niggers and Beaners Destroyed the Economy, and Other Disgusting Lies of the Right

A conservative wrote:

And actually, Clinton DID say “Everyone Deserves A House”, which is why he passed laws making it “discrimination” if the banks looked up the habitual welshing of the would-be mortgagers!

I hear this sort of thing all the time from rightwingers, so I thought I really needed to respond to this. What you are about to read below will show you just how disgusting capitalists are. You guys wonder why I hate capitalism. Well keep reading. And all of you readers who cheer for capitalism, how is that you can support what I lay out below? You guys cheer for this stuff? What’s your excuse?

No.! That’s not true. It’s a rightwing lie. The capitalist finance companies and banks created the crisis 100% by themselves. No one forced any banks to loan to unfit borrowers. The banks no longer had to get the loans repaid! After banks loaned out the money, the sold the mortgage to someone else who was left holding the bag. The banks didn’t care and honestly they knew that a lot of those mortgages were shit and many were timebombed and they were almost literally impossible to pay back but the banks set it up that way!

They deliberately loaned to people who they full well knew were not creditworthy but they didn’t care as it didn’t matter to them whether they got paid back or not. Then they timebombed the mortgages so they kept getting more and more expensive to pay back to where no one could pay them back! They were set up to fail! They sold the mortgages to suckers and idiots and got crooked accountants to grade them AAA mortgages and then they got crooked insurance companies to insure the bad loans.

They full well knew most of these loans would go bad but they didn’t care! Places like Countrywide were getting paid per mortgage signed so they would have sold a house to a dog or a seal if they could have gotten away with it. All the banks were criminals, all the mortgage companies were criminals, all the accounting companies were criminals, and all the insurance companies were criminals.

They packaged these crap loans into securities like a stock or a bond and sold them as investments to suckers who were left holding the bag. As they full well knew, sooner or later, all the mortgages started going bad and the people with the investments were screwed. They were left sitting on billions in bad loans. The insurance companies could not pay out on the insurance for the securities so they started going out of business too.

The whole thing was just a giant capitalist crime wave. Everyone knew what was going on, but no one cared. We put in Glass-Steagal to separate the consumer banks from the financial banks and many other things to prevent insanity like this, because if you give the capitalists a rope to hang the economy with, they will gleefully do it every time! They did a very similar thing in the 1920’s when we took all the regulations off the stock market and people were able to buy stocks with borrowed money paying on maybe 5 cents on the dollar down. That crime wave brought down the whole system too.

If you don’t regulate the capitalists, the whole mess turns into nothing but crime and eventually there is a horrific economic crisis as the unregulated capitalists crash the economy. Under capitalism, the capitalists always take over the media to brainwash the people with the capitalists’ lies. Then they take over the state and deregulate business. After the capitalists get deregulated, a crisis soon appears. Remember the deregulation of the power industry in California? Same thing. Deregulated capitalism always blows up the economy sooner or later and causes a horrific crisis.

In this case, the US capitalists not only blew up the whole US economy, but they blew up the economy of the world as they took the whole work with them.

Then the rightwing scum made up a bunch of lies called “niggers and beaners blew up the world economy.” Supposedly the evil Leftist government forced kind, loving, sweet, gentle, compassionate bankers to make loans against their will to worthless Blacks and Browns who the banks knew could not pay back their loans. But the evil Lib Government forced the Mother Theresa-like banksters to loan to these good for nothing, worthless NAM’s, the result being, the non-Whites destroyed the economy of the US and the World.

It is absolutely disgusting and it is a 100% lie. The banks deliberately sought out borrowers often Blacks and Browns and told them they could buy a home on great terms. They banks knew that these NAM’s were not creditworthy but they didn’t care as they were selling the mortgages anyway so it was someone else’s problems.

The banks timebombed the mortgages in fine print that no one could understand with balloon payments that eventually exploded to where anyone making less than Donald Trump couldn’t pay it back. The banksters victimized those poor people! They ripped them off! It was all a gigantic con. Those NAM’s were not bad people. They were just duped by capitalist con artists who took them for a ride and stole everything but the shirt on their back.

And the Republicans had the nerve to blame the victims for getting conned by criminals!


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