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Antisemitism Offers Next to Nothing for Leftwingers

Latias writes:

I used to be a fan of Kevin MacDonald, although I never really agreed with him. I have became a little more internationalist, and associate mostly with Marxism-Leninism. Still, I am suspicious of Jewish influence, since the have disproportionate financial and cultural influence, but that does not mean that a Jewish presence is generally toxic.

Still, I would be happy to do a quenelle (like Tony Parker did) to convey an anti-establishment message, and be considered as an “anti-Semite” by them. Indeed, I would be proud to be regarded as an “anti-Semite” by the ADL and AIPAC because I acknowledge disproportionate Jewish influence in politics, finance, and culture and that I am anti-Zionist (and anti-imperialist). I have no problem with Jews personally, except when they espouse Zionist views.

I said to myself with some hyperbole that I would become the biggest anti-Semite if Israel bombs Iran.

Sure, according to the Jews, apparently I am already an “antisemite of the Anti-Zionist variety.” In fact, someone tried to make a Wikipedia article on me saying that I was a prime example of “an antisemite of the anti-Zionist variety,” but it was soon deleted as Robert Lindsay is apparently not “notable.” So how do I get notable anyway? Shoot up the local mall?

This is pretty much where I am at. McDonald doesn’t really resonate with me. He’s gone over to some hard rightwing views for some reason. Once you start talking about “Jewish Bolshevism” like almost all of these clowns do, you have lost my interest. These guys just don’t get it. I like the Bolsheviks. You want me to hate Jews because the Bolsheviks were Jews? LOL. First of all, the Bolsheviks were not all Jews or even majority Jewish, and second of all,  I like the fact that Jews were heavy into Bolshevism. That’s a good reason to like Jews, not to hate them. Like I said, antisemitism seems to be inherently rightwing, and there just doesn’t seem to be much of a meal there for a Leftist to eat.

For some reason almost all antisemites either start going rightwing as they get more antisemitic, or they were already like that to start with. If someone is a known “populist antisemite” like Gilad Atzmon and Mary Rizzo, I can assure you that they are not very leftwing. Indeed, Atzmon and Rizzo are both quite hostile to the Left, but that’s just typical of antisemites.

Antisemitism sucks in my opinion because you just can’t get into it without moving further and further to the Right. That’s a good reason for saying antisemitism blows right there. I think no matter how Jews act, Leftists should avoid antisemitism. Really now, Jews are not that bad, are they? Come on. And Jews have been great for the Left. If you want to balance things out, Jews have done more good for the Left than harm I would say.

It is quite typical of Leftists who go antisemitic to start talking about “getting rid of Right and Left.” That makes me nervous right there because the only people who talk like that are fascists. Fascists often say, “We are neither right nor left! We are about merging the right and the left! Left or right, come join us, it makes no difference!”

It’s not surprising that Third Positionism is regarded as a form of fascism. I have seen the position papers of 3rd Positionist parties, and trust me, they are not very leftwing! Sure, the Strausserites were interesting and they were great on economics, but should we forget that the Strausserites were hardcore Nazis? If the Strausserites had not been massacred on the Night of the Long Knives, when the Nazi Left was exterminated (which actually proves very well that Nazism was not a Left philosophy), do you really think they would have opposed Nazi antisemitism all the way down to the Holocaust? I doubt it. Sure they hated capitalists, but they also hated Jews, no doubt on a genocidal level like any good Nazi.

Sure, Jews are not the greatest thing since sliced bread and a lot of them do act bad in many ways (but many Jews don’t act bad at all and instead act just like you or me), but I still think that antisemites act far worse than Jews. I also think that any Gentile country that lets a bunch of silly Jews take over the country and brainwash them and lead them around by the nose has no national consciousness or sense of their own good and they pretty much deserve to be colonized and manipulated. I don’t have a lot of sympathy for people who let themselves be willingly brainwashed.


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Are There Really a Lot of Antisemites on the Left?

Pumpkin Person writes:

You could be right. Traditionally WASPs had all the power in America so perhaps that’s why there are so many right wing anti-Semites. Also, WASPs represented tradition & Jews caused a lot of social change so that’s another reason antisemites might lean conservative

But I have heard there are a lot of antisemites on the left, particularly among anti war types & the occupy Wall Street crowd.

Antisemites are not really anti-power structure. They are more like, “We Whites used to have all the power until these Jewish bastards stole it all, and we want it back.” And a lot of antisemitic conservatives think Jews are behind the moral ruin in the country.

As far as the notion that there are a lot of antisemites on the Left, that is a great big fat lie pushed by the pro-Israel crowd and US rightwingers. The truth is there are almost no antisemites on the Left other than some Muslims or Arabs, if they would even consider themselves on the Left at all.

There are almost no non-Arab, non-Muslim antisemites on the Left among the antiwar crowd and the Occupy Wall Street folks. The reason is that antisemitism is absolutely not tolerated on the Mainstream Left. It’s seen as poison, and if you start talking that way, they come down on you very hard. If you don’t shut up, soon you are ostracized and thrown out of the Left or out of whatever movement you were with. Most of your Left friends take off.

What you see instead of antisemites are anti-Zionists or the anti-Israel crowd, but generally on the Left, you have to say, “I don’t hate Jews, I just hate Israel or Zionists,” something like that.

It’s uncertain whether anti-Zionism is a form of anti-Semitism at all. The Jews say it is, but so what? Jews say everything is anti-Semitism. Jews probably even think some animals and plants are anti-Semitic. They literally see it everywhere and are always looking under the bed for more.

There are a lot of Israel-haters who differentiate well and refuse to hate Jews per se, but it sort of a tightrope act. And for sure there are a lot of Jew-haters who are wrapping their antisemitism up in anti-Zionism and hatred of Israel. Yes, they hate Zionism, and they very much hate Israel, but they also hate Jews, probably because Jews were behind the former. A lot of Arabs are like that.


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I Am Definitely an Anti-Semite of the Anti-Zionist Variety

Christoper writes:

Interesting that you should say that Jewish hatred is mainly a right wing thing when many people over here in Europe know that it is right-wingers who support Israel and lefties who support Palestine.

Sorry Robert but it’s nonsense to say that Jewish hatred is a only a right wing feeling.

There are indeed some leftwing anti-Semites. There are definitely some in Eastern Europe and Russia and it takes an odd form: “Jews destroyed the Soviet Union. Jews are responsible for Nazism.” Things like that. There are a few others here and there, but those are even less common. One thing you notice is that Left anti-Semites are so rare. The other thing you notice is that pretty soon they start cozying up with the Right, especially the Far Right.

Why? Because that’s where all the anti-Semites are, that’s why? Sooner or later the anti-Semitism takes hold of their Left orientation and they start actually moving to the Right. More than a few of them convert to Islam. Bottom line is that Left anti-Semites gradually either move right or cozy up with Rightists because as I note in my post, anti-Semitism is basically a rightwing ideology with some exceptions such as Arab Leftists and Arab Communists.

Most of those pro-Pallie leftwingers do not really hate Jews per se. They just hate Israel. Now there are many forms of anti-Semitism according Jews who dedicate their entire careers to studying this as a form of obsessive solipsism. The Jewish diagnosis of anti-Semitism is completely wrong of course. They say “Jews are always 100% innocent and anti-Semites are always 100% liars hating Jews for no reason.” But anyway, Jewish anti-Semitism researchers like the Roth Institute in Tel Aviv have done much good work in sorting out different forms of anti-Semitism (they are indeed many forms of Judeophobia) and reporting on incidents, trends and whatnot.

Supposedly there is now a form of anti-Semitism called Anti-Zionist anti-Semitism. This is surely valid when we are talking about many Arabs, especially Arab nationalist types. The best among of these types, if asked if they hate Jews, will respond something like:

Q: Do you hate Jews?
Arab nationalist: Well, I hate the ones squatting in Palestine. Darn right I do! Go back to Europe!
Q: What about the Jews outside of Palestine, living in other parts of the world, mostly in the West?
Arab nationalist: Are they living in Palestine? Well, they’re not part of the problem, are they?

Actually most of these types are a lot worse and have somehow managed to hate Jews period no matter where they are, not just the squatters in Palestine.

At any rate, I would say that I am very much an anti-Semite of the anti-Zionist variety according to modern definitions. My whole beef against the Jews is that they have subverted my country into a colony of a foreign power and have gotten us involved in a number of foreign wars to fight the enemies of the Jews in the Middle East. In the process, we and the Jews have pretty much set the whole region on fire with the help of quite a few other ugly parties of course. American Jews who are not part of this project to turn my country into an Israeli colony basically get a pass.

As you can see in my previous post, all of the other forms of anti-Semitism do not really resonate with me and mostly seem to be forms of rightwing ideology. Jew-hatred is just not a progressive thing. There’s literally nothing there for us. Sure, Jews are rather crazy and annoying, but that’s no reason to hate a man. Let him who is with stone, etc.

But for getting us involved in all these wars for them and setting the whole region on fire, I do not think I will ever forgive the Israelis or their Jewish supporters in the US. I will hate them for the rest of my life for that, and they deserve it.


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Anti-Semitism As an Essentially Rightwing Ideology

In this post, I will lay out why anti-Semitism is basically a rightwing philosophy, and while it may have made sense at one point (in fact, 100 years ago, it was important and essential that most Gentile businessmen were anti-Semites), it really doesn’t make sense for progressives or non-rightwingers anymore.

The Jews are much better behaved than they were 100 years ago when they were waging ethnic warfare against all non-Jews and made repeated runs of various industries in the US. At this time, anti-Semitism was essential for any American patriot. Indeed, Gentiles were so anti-Semitic back then that they repeatedly blew the whistle on Jewish attempts to use ethnic warfare to make runs on entire industries such as finance banking, consumer banking and Wall Street.

Unfortunately, Hollywood and the media succumbed to coordinated Jewish ethnic warfare-driven runs that resulted in the successful Jewish takeover of these industries. If Gentile businessmen had not been anti-Semitic, Jews would have taken over even more industries in the US. I don’t see why any Gentile businessmen should have supported this.

When an ethnic group wages ethnic warfare on your people, the other rational response is racism. Your group needs to fight back against the group attacking you, using the same tactics they use and nothing more. You either go racist or you get taken out. Which will it be. Racism can be a form of essential survival at times.

Anyway, Jewish ethnic warfare has calmed down dramatically though it still exists (see New York City’s housing city owned housing leasing). Jews have assimilated in a major way and hence they act much better. There is little need for defensive anti-Semitism anymore.

Below, I will point out how there is nothing in anti-Semitism for a progressive person. I have nothing against racism per se. If Jews deserve to be hated, then they should be hated. Personally, I despise certain ethnic groups. I have a deep and abiding hatred for Gypsies; that is, I am very racist against Gypsies. In my opinion, Gypsies simply deserve to be hated. How else should we react to a criminal race and a nation of thieves.

But it’s quite hard to make a progressive case for anti-Semitism as the major anti-Semitic case against the Jews is a rightwing argument, and anti-Semitism has always tended to be rightwing. Antisemitism has been, in a nutshell, a reaction against modernity. Jews were seen, accurately, as the carriers of modernity as mosquitoes carry viruses. But most progressive people are children of modernity and generally support the modernizing and forward looking view of life as progress.

In short, there is little if anything in anti-Semitism for progressives. The case against the Jews is largely a rightwing case that we do not support. Further, in becoming an antisemite, you associate with some of the most vile philosophies of the modern era: Genocidal antisemitism or Nazism.

Below I will go through the charges against the Jews and show why I do not find most of these arguments persuasive or compatible for progress and the Left.

Hollywood and cultural decline: I could care less that Hollywood and the Entertainment industry is full of Jews supposedly making filth and porn to supposedly corrupt the country. If you got rid of this Jews, a bunch of sleazy Gentiles will take their place.

We are all Jews now.

Promotion of anti-White racism and demonization of Whites: I could care less that Jews are very active in demonizing White people. Granted this is pretty ugly stuff, but the fact of the matter is that for every one anti-White Jew, there are probably 10 White-hating White people. And the anti-White poison has spread very badly to Hispanics, Arabs, and especially Blacks. If you are a non-White, particularly a young one, in the US, chances are very good that you are anti-White.

We are all Jews now.

Jewish role in the 1960’s cultural revolutions: I could care less that the Jews were behind feminism, the 60’s Counterculture, gay liberation, men’s liberation, trans liberation, and Identity Politics in general. I supported most of these movements at the beginning back when they were more or less sane.

All of these movements have gone completely insane now, as is to be expected, as all Identity Politics movements will go crazy and overreach like this because that’s in the DNA of Identity Politics which frankly is reactionary politics and fake nationalism with the given identity movement playing the role of “nation.” Hence most Identity Politics movements are about as crazy and often about as fascistic are your average ultranationalist.

Your ultranationalist Turk categorizes his form of reaction as “I am for the Turkish nation.” The feminist nutcase categorizes her reactionary nonsense as “I am a member of the Womyn Nation!” Honestly there is not a lot of difference between the two.

Just as ultranationalism usually leads to some form of fascism, a close look at most Identity Politics movements will notice a distinct fascistic or at least nationalist type of discourse.

The Right was not wrong when they labeled feminists Feminazis. That’s exactly what some of them are! The Christian Right now refers to Gay Identity Politics as fascism. They are not completely wrong and some of the nuttier Gay Rights types indeed look quite fascistic. Hispanic and Black Identity Politics have long appeared fascistic. See the New Black Panthers, the Brown Berets and the Aztlan nationalist nutcases.

This fascist poison is often disguised as Left politics. For instance, the Hard Left in the US has long been pushing Hispanic (really Mexican) nationalism and Black nationalism in the US to the extent of advocating splitting up the union and giving the West to the Mexican fake state and giving the Southern US to the Black fake state. This is supposedly “progressive.”

Honestly, it’s about as progressive and racist as the White nationalists who want to create their White state. The White, Black and Aztlan nationalists are really all the same. Not one is worse than any others. Anyway, all these trains left the station long ago and they don’t need Jews around to run them anymore. So if the Jews all took off tomorrow, these movements would keep steaming away.

We are all Jews now.

Jewish media control: I don’t particularly care that Jews run our media, and indeed they do. It’s pretty sleazy though. Suppose Swedes or Hungarians ran our media and every time you turned on the TV, there was some Swedish idiot eating meatballs and going on and on about how Swedes are the greatest thing since Kleenex. You could only watch so much of this until you start yelling at the TV, “Guess what? I’m not a Swede!” That’s how I feel about Jews in the media.

The media Jews use the media and entertainment industry to talk about themselves endlessly and solipsistically as Jews are nothing if not unbelievably solipsistic. Jews are an ethnic group and they are somewhat interesting, but they are 2% of the population. It makes me angry that every time I pick of Time Magazine or Jewsweek Magazine or whatever they are called, there’s some Jewish author going on and on about Jewish people. Very annoying.

I want to hear about Jews maybe 2% of the time on the media. I don’t want to have every other story being read by a Jewish newscaster or written by a Jewish writer. I don’t want to have to read about Jews and how cool they are every time I open up a magazine or turn on the TV. As I said, it’s just as annoying as if Swedes ran our media.

Jewish media pushing cultural liberalism: I could care less if media Jews use the media to push cultural liberalism, antiracism or White-hatred. I am a liberal myself, so I don’t mind folks pushing liberalism. Modern antiracism is completely bonkers and looks nothing like the Freedom Fighters. The problem is that the media is all full of Gentiles believe it or not. Many large papers were never owned by Jews and they always sounded just like the Jewish papers. The LA Times was always run by the Gentile white bread Chandler family. It might as well have been the Jew York Times because the two paper were exactly the same.

Which brings me to my point. All of these critiques against the media Jews apply in equal weight to the media Gentiles. The media Gentiles push just as much cultural Left stupidity, modern antiracist poison and White-hating idiocy as the media Gentiles. The problem with the media isn’t the Media Jews. It’s the media people in general! They’re all drinking the same Koolaid.

We are all Jews now.

Further, the media Jews, though they are as disgusting as any rich people, are actually somewhat liberal in a pro-Democratic Party way. Honestly, while rich Jews are rather lousy (look at the media Jews and tell me these people are ok), rich Gentiles are usually much worse. They are out and out reactionary kooks. So if you got rid of all the media Jews, rich Gentiles would take over and the media would be run by media Gentiles. They would be far more reactionary than the media Jews are. The whole media would sound like Fox News and Rupert Murdoch. Sure, the media Jews stink, but the media Gentiles would be far worse.

Jews as sleazy businessmen: I could care less if Jews are sleazy businessmen. Yes, Jews are sleazy businessman and are natural born white collar criminals. This has been known from time immemorial. There was a type during which Gentile businesses, particularly in the Midwest and Rust Belt, practiced a sort of honor code which kept lousy behavior to a minimum. Corruption was low. Businessmen seldom cheated each other. A man’s word and handshake was good. This was done in part by social policing as Gentile businessmen who violated the code were run out of polite society.

The problem is that at this point, the entire business class is “Jewish.” In other words, the Gentile businessmen are about as sleazy and crooked as the Jewish businessmen. “Jewish” business practices of rampant sleaze, cons, scams, ripoffs, and 100,000 different types of white collar crime and now the norm all across the US. The days of the honorable Gentile businessmen who feared the social codes and policing of his people are gone.

We are all Jews now.

Jewish support for Communism and the Left: The Jews have been associated with Communism, socialism, the Left and liberalism for over 100 years. Even the Protocols makes this accusation. Almost all anti-Semites are fanatical anti-Communists. After all, Jews are Commies, right? Communism is Jewish. The Left is Commie. Socialists are Commies. Liberals are Commies. They’re all Jews too apparently.

It is beyond me when anyone on the Left should buy into this particular anti-Semitic meme. I mean, after we like liberalism, the Left, socialism and a lot of us even like Communism. We should be deeply grateful for the role that Jews as agents of modernity played in our movements. There’s noting of us here once again.

Jews are annoying, conceited, narcissistic, solipsistic, belligerent, rude, clannish, xenophobic, on and on. Indeed, this particular unpleasant set of baggage is part of the Jewish soul. Nevertheless, there’s a lot more to Jewish people than that, and these personality attributes don’t seem to be severe enough to hate an entire group of people.


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What’s Up with the European New Right

RudyM writes:

Not to piss you off Robert, but sometimes you seem to fit more in a current European “new right” category, along the lines of people like Alain Soral or some of the people covered on Joaquin Flores’ site, for instance.I have felt a little attraction to that variety of “new right,” but I find I am too socially liberal, maybe way too socially liberal, to feel comfortable under that label.

I might be down with them. I like the Left-Right National Bolshevik type coalition in Greece and I am a huge fan of Edouard Limonov. I love the Russian Communist Party and Zyuganov. The KPRF is extremely non-PC and would be despised by most Western Leftists. The Russian Commies are also extremely nationalistic and they are quite socially conservative.

I like that New Right guy in Hungary, and I very much like the left-right National Bolshevik style uprising in the Donbass. I don’t mind the left-right mixture called the Syrian regime.

Is the European New Right the same as the Net Alt Right? Because I hate the Alt Right. People keep saying I am Alt Righ,t but I went to a number of Alt Right sites, and they were sickening and repulsive. Quite a few were out and out fascists, and I saw a lot of Evola worship. I am very wary of Evola as he is said to be a fascist. I am pretty much a bash the fash type Commie. I am like a Red Army guy in WW2 when it comes to fascists. No pasaran!

I like Joaquin Flores site a lot, but I have no idea what his political project is over there. I like Keith Preston a lot, and he likes me very much, which surprised me. Preston said, “If I were a Marxist, I would be Robert Lindsay.”

So how to characterize me? I think maybe National Communist, Communist nationalist or some sort of socialism combined with nationalism (not national socialism fash!) would be where I am at.

Remember the anti-immigrant Left of the early 1900’s? I am with them, even all the way down to the eugenics stuff. They were right.

Actually I think I might be the mirror of the Alt Right. Some White nationalist types are saying I am the Alt Left. Maybe I am. I ok with that.

Most people think I am sort sort of a bizarre political freak but that’s not true, as most folks are a bundle of contradictions anyway who are lying to themselves saying they are following some sort of coherent political line that is not contradictory.

Soral and Diudonne are crazies; they take the Jew thing way way too far off into some really ugly and stupid level of anti-Semitism. I am as as Jew-wise as a human can be. I know these people like the back of my hand.

Nevertheless, at some point when they are taking it way too far, anti-Semites are ugly people who are allying themselves one of the most evil ideologies of the 20th Century – fanatical anti-Semitism or Nazism. You don’t have to like Jews. I know a lot of Jews who don’t like Jews! But you don’t have to line up with Nazis. Fuck that.


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Letter From the UK

JackiLB writes:

The Mirror is leftwing tabloid. The Guardian was very pro-Greens in the run-up to the election (who are far Left) and i personally feel the Guardian is the most leftwing of our broadsheets. Remember that it was the Guardian who printed all the Wikileaks info originally. They are also pro-Jeremy Corbyn too, so I do feel the newspaper is more to the Left rather than Centralist. Owen Jones is a regular writer and he is definitely socialist, but then Mark Steel writes for the Independent and he is also a socialist.

The rightwing newspapers to avoid are:

The Sun (Murdoch)
The Daily Mail (has fascist roots)
The Express
The Telegraph (Murdoch)
The Times (Murdoch)

Unfortunately here in the UK so many people are influenced and dumbed down by our horrible right wing tabloid press. Only 24% of the country voted for the Tories in the last election, but as with all corrupt countries, the most powerful, wealthy and corrupt people always get their ways and screw democracy by cheating (the Tories changed the constituencies to suit them). So even though it would appear that most people in the UK have gone to the right, it’s actually not the case at all. Most people awoke the next day of the election in total shock, and there has been a huge increase in people moving abroad in response to more years with a Tory government. I want to go to Spain.

As far as UKIP goes, ‘kippers’ are a mix of far Right fascists (defected from the Tories or the BNP) but there are also solid working class leftwing union people too who joined UKIP as they became disaffected from Labour. Not because these people became rightwing, but rather than they felt UKIP spoke to the ordinary man when it came to protecting jobs from cheaper foreigner workers. When UKIP was first formed, it was purely anti-EU, but it got hijacked by the Tories (most UKIP MP’s are Ex-Tories, and they receive a lot if funds from the Tories). I honestly think this hijacking was engineered by the Tories to screw over Labour, and if the Tories hadn’t won a majority, then THE only party they could have formed a coalition with would have been UKIP.

Our Tory government here is truly terrifying. They are literally tearing apart the welfare state and all the progress that the Liberals and Labour put into place over the years. They won’t stop until the poor are literally being kicked in the street. They want to change our Human Rights Act, and they have discriminated against the disabled so badly that we are the very first country to be investigated by the UN for human rights abuses. I don’t know my country anymore. It’s truly terrifying. I wish Guy Fawkes would reappear and destroy Westminster. Its sick, corrupt and very, very, very nasty.

With the events unfolding in Greece, the Left too is now becoming anti-Europe. We have been terrified of the start of the TTIP with Europe and America, but seeing the eradication of democracy by the power of the banks and big business, we have very rapidly see our European life being twisted into a form no one recognizes.

Unless Labour can regroup to the Left and win the next election, then we are well and truly doomed.

I saw some leftwing UKIP guy speaking the other day and I was really impressed. He was great! He was everything Labour ought to be. Supposedly there is this Left tendency in UKIP which you allude to here and he was representative of that. But commenters said that the Left tendency was completely at odds with the official positions of the party. However, UKIP is apparently a multitendency party which believes in complete democracy within the party so that is why a Left UKIP exists at all. I do like the idea of a multitendency party with internal democracy though.

I did not know that these modern Tories were so horrible. Someone told me that the new Tories were “the moderate Tories” and that the party had completely abandoned Thatcherism. According to the above, this is not the case.


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Political Parties and Newspapers in the UK

From the UK wrote:

The Mirror is to the left of The Guardian but is a tabloid. The Independent, while ostensibly supporting no party, does seem to have more left-wing sympathies than The Guardian.

The Lib Dems are an odd mixture – partly to the left of Labour and partly to the right – however in the last election they were pretty much wiped out and are hence an irrelevance at the moment!

Would you say that The Guardian represents the left wing of Labor, the center of Labor, or the right wing of Labor? I am sort of thinking it is like the rightwing of Labor and maybe the leftwing of the Lib Dems.

Personally, the Lib Dems struck me as in between Labor and the Tories, sort in the center of the two, which would make them to the right of Labor.

UKIP is the to the right of the Tories, correct? Or they are the rightwing of the Tory Party. They remind me a lot of the US Republican Party.

I liked The Mirror a lot, but some of my UK friends flipped out when I said that. They said that all of the tabloids were rightwing. They were all like the US Republican Party. But then I would go and read The Mirror and it sure didn’t seem so. They also said that no decent person would be caught reading a tabloid, as they were just crap papers for idiots. But I found a lot of wheat among the chaff on The Mirror anyway.

The Independent seems good. They run Robert Fisk right? I could never see The Guardian running Fisk. He’s pretty brutal on US foreign policy, and The Guardian reads like it’s headquartered in the Washington DC White House.


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There Is No Left in the UK

I am starting to get a very bad feeling about the UK. Correct me if I am wrong here, but the Left in the UK is essentially the Labor Party, right? The Labor Party is the equivalent of the US Democratic Party. And correct me if I am wrong once again, but the house organ of the Labor Party is basically The Guardian, correct? The Guardian tends to represent the views of the Labor Party of the UK, I imagine most of its readers are Labor supporters, and if you want to know what Labor thinks about anything, read The Guardian.

Problem is that on foreign policy, The Guardian is utterly reactionary. It might as well be the New York Times. Guardian foreign policy is exactly the same as US foreign policy. No matter how crazy US foreign policy is, The Guardian simply supports and goes along with it.

This has been going on for some time now with the Labor Party. The foreign policy of the Labor Party in government is simply US government foreign policy. Even when a crazy Republican US government is in, Labor simply follows and supports every nutty and reactionary thing that the US does.

This monkey see, monkey do, poodle behavior has been referred to as “Atlanticism” for some time. Atlanticism is simply the pro-US foreign policy of many northern European states such as Norway, Denmark, the Netherlands and the UK. What it means in effect is that these Northern Europeans see themselves somehow ethnically, culturally or otherwise in alliance with the US to the point where they are nearly states of the US like California and New York. Everyone thinks that those countries are leftwing socialist countries, but the truth is that on foreign policy, most of those countries are reactionary and crazy. They simply support US foreign policy no matter how rightwing or imperialist it might be.

If The Guardian is the voice the UK Left, all I have to say is that the Left in the UK can go straight to Hell. And furthermore, they should quit calling themselves the Left. Labor is about as “left” as the US Democratic Party which it increasingly resembles.

Add the UK to the list of Western countries with utterly useless and worthless national politics.


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So I Am a Republican, Right?

From the Net. Supposedly Republicans and Democrats differ on all of these issues. According to most of the liberals and Leftists on the Net, and I not a liberal or a Leftist. In fact, I am a conservative, Republican, Rightist, fascist, reactionary.

I don’t agree with this. On the vast majority of issues, of course I go liberal or Left.

I come out Democrat on 23 issues and Republican on 3 issues. According to most morons on the liberal/Left, this means I must be a Republican! Some people can’t do math.

This just shows you how utterly insane our political system is. If you’re not 100% on one side, they declare you an infidel, excommunicate you, and throw you over to the other side where they don’t want you and you disagree with them on 90% of the issues. This whole binary political system belongs in the toilet along with everyone retard who thinks like this.

Abortion: Democrat

Balanced Budgets: Democrat

Climate Change: Democrat

Defense Spending: Democrat

Education Vouchers: Democrat

Fracking: Democrat

Gun Control: Democrat

Hate Crimes: Republican

Income Inequality: Democrat

Judicial Nominations: Democrat

Keystone Pipeline: Democrat

Legalized Marijuana: Democrat

Marriage Equality: Democrat

Net Neutrality: Democrat

Obamacare: Democrat

Prayer in Schools: Democrat

Quarantining of Health Care Workers: Republican

Religious Restoration Laws: Democrat

Standardized Testing: Democrat

Teacher Tenure: Democrat

Undocumented Immigrants: Republican: Democrat

Voter Id Laws: Democrat

Workplace Regulations: Democrat

Xenophobia: Democrat

Youthful Offenders: Democrat

Zimmerman (George) Verdict: Republican


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US Debt Has Been Flat for 30 Years

Sam writes:

Our country is going broke. We are very close to being 100% debt to GDP ratio. Greece. When countries hit this point a serious disaster is not far behind and these people you’re crying over don’t give a tinkers damn

That figure is a lie. The CIA figure is 71.8%.

The Big Lie: US Debt Is Skyrocketing and Is Unsustainable

Actually, US debt to GDP ratio has been flat for 29 years. It is about the same now as it was in 1986. I am sure you keep hearing about how we are going broke and we are going to turn into another Greece. It’s nonsense.

For one thing, we can print our own money.

US debt last year was 71.8% of GDP, a perfectly respectable figure. The rate was pretty much flat from 1986-2009, 23 year period. It has risen somewhat in the past 6 years, but it is now at exactly the same level as it was in 1991-1998 under the Clinton Administration.

Bush inherited a huge surplus from Bill Clinton as a result of Clinton’s economic policies. That could have been used for a rainy day fund or to pay down the debt. Instead Republicans screamed to give it back to the American people, which was retarded. Most people only got small rebate checks. So when conservatives scream about the debt, they are lying, just like they lie about everything. Conservatives could care less about the debt. When Bush was in, the debt was rising and all the conservatives were saying “debt doesn’t matter.” As soon as Obama got in, conservatives started screaming about the debt again.

Conservatives care nothing at all about the debt. Ronald Reagan blew up the debt badly, deliberately increasing it by 50% by cutting taxes and vastly increasing military spending. All during the Reagan years, the line was that debt doesn’t matter.

Conservatives only scream about the debt because they want to use the fake debt crisis as an excuse to cut government spending, especially on programs they hate. That is why conservatives often deliberately run up the debt by vast amounts – so they can turn around and scream, “Oh no! Look at the huge debt! We are going broke! We have to cut all these programs right now!” It’s just another rightwing lie, like everything the right says, because conservatives lie about everything as a matter of course. Oh yes, and the “liberal” media supported the Republicans 100% in deliberately running up the debt to cause a debt crisis, then screaming about how we need to gut all these programs to solve the fake debt crisis.

Deliberately run up the debt, then scream we need to cut all these programs! Conservatives are utter scum. I cannot put into words how much sheer hate I feel for them.

American politics frankly is retarded and insane, so consequently that is what most voters are.

US debt has been flat for 30 years.

US debt has been flat for 30 years.


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