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The Old “Arab Israelis Have It So Good” Argument

Malla: Well, I did some research on this and it seems the Mizrahi had a more realistic opinion about Arabs and non Whites in general, while the Ashkenazim (and maybe Sephardics), especially during the early days of Israel, had a more idealistic opinion of the Third World. But the Mizrahi themselves are non-Whites. If Arabs and non-Whites then so are Mizrahis because Mizrahis are just Arabs. Besides, many Ashkenazis came with socialistic ideas of kibbutz farming and hippieness, while the Mizrahi were more realistic.

Check this interesting video:

Check out the Ashkenazi/Mizrahi couple at 6:52. So it seems more Mizrahi (Middle Eastern Jews) are more right wing and support predatory violent behavior towards Arabs and Palestinians, while the Ashkenazis (Euro Jews) vote more left and are friendlier to Arabs (idealistic mindset). I do not know how the Sephardics and Ethiopians Jews vote.

Besides, Israel has a massive poverty rate, one of the highest in OECD countries. No wonder they get pissed by migrants from Africa taking way their jobs.

But Israel has an overall high standard of living. Arabs in Israel, in spite of whatever racism they face, have a higher standard of living and social freedoms than most other Arab countries. Only Tunisia and Christian-dominated Lebanon come close in social freedom, and the Gulf states are the only ones who have more income among Arabs.

This is similar to the case in Rhodesia and South Africa where the Blacks had a higher standard of living than Blacks in the rest of the African continent. Or Singapore, where the Indians and Malays have a higher standard of living than Malaysia and definitely (much, much, much) higher standard of living than India thanks to the huge Chinese population. Singapore’s quality of life is comparable to other Chinese majority developed places like Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. One may ask that if Anglo-Celts and other Northern Euros never came to Australia would such an Australia (Australia full of only aborigines) be so developed as it is today or it would be more like Papua New Guinea.

It’s pretty bad to compare the surrounding Arabs with New Guineans and Aborigines. The whole Arab World is built up to Hell. They’re all modern countries over there. I have seen photos of Libya before the war, and it looks like Miami. I saw a recent photo of Casablanca, and it looked like LA. I have seen photos of the rest of the region, even war-torn Syria and Iraq, and they look like regular modern countries. There’s not a lot of difference between in the ordinary street scene between Amman, Beirut, Damascus or even Cairo and Tel Aviv. It all looks the same, like any modern built-up country.

There is none of the horrible poverty you see in India, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Latin America or Black Africa.

Arabs will not tolerate that sort of abject shantytown type poverty. They are basically socialist people who don’t care about money too much and believe that everyone should be well taken care of. Social safety nets are ordinary things in every Arab country. There’s no debate about this sort of thing. They are not individualists. They are collectivists. And they don’t think rich people are better than poor people. They are not particularly greedy, and they have a “We are all part of one village” mindset wherever they live.

Semi-feudalism came late to the Arab World via the Ottomans, and it never worked well. There were landed gentry and fellahin, or landless peasants. Nasser was the man who confiscated the land from the land barons and gave it to the landless peasants. If you went around the whole Arab World back then, even in say Yemen, there was a portrait of Nasser on every wall. Now in Western or Latin American culture, doing that is called Communism, and everyone hates it. But the Arabs love this sort of thing.

Baath nationalist parties came in in Syria and Iraq around 1960, a revolutionary socialist state arose in Libya in 1969, and another one was birthed in Algeria in 1964. Land was confiscated from feudal latifundiaists in all of these place and distributed to the peasants. The governments were all officially socialist, secularization was enforced even at gunpoint if it took that, huge safety nets were set up, and the state even got involved in quite a few of the larger industries and became a major employer. All of this was wildly popular all over the region.

US style radical individualism and Libertarian free market capitalism is totally anathema to all of those societies. For one thing, it goes against Islam, as Islam is a socialist religion. In feudal times, large Arab landowners enlisted the help of the local imams in interpreting parts of the Koran where it said, “Some are rich, and some are poor, and that’s all just fine” or something to that effect, but it never worked well. It ended up turning the local imams into hated figures like the priests of Catholic Church in the West and Latin America who always sided with the rich against the people.

So this whole idea that the Israeli Arabs have it good for having some extra money falls flat on Arab and even Arab Israeli ears. Standard of living is not number one on their list of the most important things in life.

If the Arabs are all so jealous of Israel, why are the non-oil Arabs are not jealous of the oil Arabs? Typical Jews to reduce everything down to money. Arabs don’t care that much about money. They don’t revolve their whole lives around money or sit around hating Jews for having more skyscrapers. That’s not important to your average Arab.

I have never in my life heard one Arab tell me they were jealous of Israel.

In Palestine, White European racist fascists invaded the region, started wars with everyone around them, and, being high IQ, produced a developed economy. So what? These jerks get brownie points because they are rich? I’m supposed to love them because they’re rich and hate those Arabs because they’re poor?

The commenter is an Indian, that’s why he thinks that way. We are socialists here; we don’t think like this. Actually I think the more money someone has, the worse of a person he tends to be, but that’s just me.

All of these arguments were used by the South Africans who practiced a very similar White settler-colonial project far after this stuff went out of style.

Arabs in Israel are not happy people. They’re angry, and they have no loyalty to the state at all. The Jewish fascists say the Arabs are traitors, and the Jews are actually correct on that score. Indeed they have no loyalty to the state and do not even see themselves as Israelis.

The similarities between Israel and apartheid South Africa are striking. It’s notable that Israel was long one of South Africa’s strongest allies, and towards the end, it was one of their only allies. Arab Israelis are are institutionally treated as second class citizens in exactly the same way the Blacks were under apartheid. 

Were those Blacks happier on their South African Nigger Plantation because they had a higher standard of living? They were not, but this was the argument that was used to show that they were happy Negroes toiling away cheerfully in the sun for their beloved White slavemasters. Similarly, South Africa moved into the neighborhood and in a matter of time, like Israel, it was soon also embroiled in wars with most if not all of its neighbors. Similarly, South Africa, like Israel, had zero friends in the region.

Blacks in South Africa and Arabs in Israel don’t want money and stuff. White Gentiles and Jews only care about money, and they don’t care about humans, so they think everyone else feels that way too. But they don’t. People want to be free, even if being free means not having as much stuff. Stuff doesn’t make people happy. You can keep giving your slave the latest gadgetry in his slave quarters, but he’s still not a free man.

Same with South Africa. Hey look, these White European racist fascists came in here and built up the region and made a big economy because they have higher IQ’s! So what. I am supposed to like them more because they are rich and hate those Africans because they are poor? I realize this is Indian thinking, but we socialists do not think that way.

Arabs have more political rights in all of the Arab World. In the Arab World, they are not systematically discriminated against due to their religion or ethnicity.

I would argue that those Arabs in Israel do not want all of those social freedoms. Freedom to do what?

And what social freedoms do they have there that they do not have in the rest of the region? How are the social freedoms of Arab Israeli Christians better than those of Arab Christians in Lebanon or Syria? Someone needs to clue me.


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Foreign Policy of the Alternative Left: Israel-Palestine Conflict and US Imperialism

We are not necessarily anti-Zionist, but I would say that the Alt Left is pretty disgusted by the behavior of the Israeli state, their ongoing settler-colonial project and the deplorable way they treat the Palestinians. It’s simply outrageous.

Earth to Israel! Hello! Settler-colonialism went out of fashion in the year 1890! Are you Jews living in a time machine?

I do not think we should say that Israel should not exist, but there is no way that we on the Left should support an insanely racist, apartheid, ethnic nationalist, basically national socialist or fascist, ongoing settler-colonial project in 2015. I do not see why we on the Alt Left should support any rightwing ethnic nationalists, fascists or National Socialists. We are nothing if we are not anti-Nazi, and I do not think that what are frankly Jew Nazis or Jewish national socialists should get a break from us.

I think we should allow moderate Zionists into the movement, especially those aligned with whatever remains there are of the Israeli Left, but I would say that hardline Zionists are very much going against the basic values of the Alternative Left.

I think we ought to point out that the Arabs seem to be promoting a racist ethnic nationalist project of their own in the region and the anti-Semitism and terrorism of the Arabs in general regarding this crisis is not acceptable. As I said, Nazis are not ok. And that means Arab Nazis. You want to kill all the Jews in Israel?

That makes you an Arab Nazi. Arab Nazis and Jew Nazis, what’s the difference? The Hell with both of them, really. I think the Alt Left ought to be pretty cynical and dubious about the extreme racism, genocidal talk and radical ethnic nationalism on both sides. I don’t see how replacing Jewish ethnic nationalists with Arab ethnic nationalists and killing lots of people in the process is something the Alt Left should support.

I really think we ought to be anti-imperialist at the minimum. How can be “left” at all and support US imperialism. We can allow liberal or leftwing supporters of US imperialism (yes, they do exist) into the movement, but support for US imperialism should definitely be contrary to the values of the Alternative Left.


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India as an Imperialist, Expansionist Settler-Colonial State

Eurasia E Zine writes:

Its not well known that British India comprised only about half of the sub continent at the time of Independence. During partition of India, a murderous civil war was unleashed between the Hindus and Muslims when the British agreed to the creation of the Islamic state of Pakistan and what is now Bangladesh. After Independence from Britain (mostly the former Mughal states) the Indian Union spearheaded a war of territorial expansion during which it forced, coerced or invaded the more than 550 independent Princely states including Kashmir and Hyderabad, as well as Goa and Pondicherry.

The Nizam of Hyderabad, the largest state in the subcontinent, appealed to Britain to become an independent nation within the Commonwealth but his request was refused by the Viceroy Lord Mountbatten whose wife Edwina was reputedly having an affair with Jawaharlal Nehru. The invasion of Hyderabad state by Operation Polo was on par with Hitler’s invasion of Poland and Czechoslovakia. India is a mosaic of culture and language that has been homogenized by Hindutva or Hindu fundamentalism.

Even now, Indian troops are occupying Kashmir against the will of the people. Indian nationalists were pro German and supported the Axis powers during WW2 and Hindutva and RSS brown shirts are ideologically fascists whose agenda is modeled on that of the Italian fascist Mazzini.For this reason, India should not be allowed to buy uranium or develop nuclear weapons.

So India is a settler-colonial state, an expansionist and imperialist state that likes to wages wars of aggression and expansion to conquer other states, steal their land, annex them to itself, and then settle them with Indians. Wars of expansion are now called Nazi-type wars. They were frequent in the old days, but since WW2, they have been banned. You are no longer allowed to seize territory in any war, even if the other side started it. Wars of territorial expansion no matter who started are banned by the UN Charter and international law.

The resemblance with Nazi Germany, Mussolini’s Italy and Tojo’s Japan are instructive. All of these were fascist and militarist states that sought to have empires or expand their national territory in one way or another by conquering other lands. These lands and peoples were to be exploited for their resources and labor an settled with settler-colonists. But the main principal is “Lebensraum” – living room – the desire for more territory, for territorial expansion. Although it is dubious whether India is a fascist country and I doubt if it is a racist fascist (National Socialist or Nazi) country, the similarities with other ultranationalist states that waged wars of aggression and expansion is most disturbing.

The fact that the vast majority of Indians apparently see nothing wrong with being an expansionist imperialist country that wages wars of aggression, territorial acquisition and expansion is possibly even more disturbing.

What the heck is wrong with these people?


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Nazi Support in the West Rises to a Feverish Pitch


A war is going on in the Ukraine. A fascist, specifically National Socialist, regime has taken power in Ukraine, installed by a US-NATO coup in an effort to provoke Russia. Russians have been fighting Nazis for a long time now, and the installation of a genocidal Nazi regime next door that immediately set out threatening Russia, claiming large tracts of Russian land, threatening to fire nuclear weapons at Russia, and issuing repeated “kill the Russians” calls (this calls were actually “knives for the Moskals”) set off alarm bells in Russia.

The Russians in far eastern Ukraine were outraged at the genocidal rhetoric aimed at them and new laws which declared them enemies in their own country. Their language was forbidden. The pro-Russian political parties were banned, their members beaten, tortured and murdered or driven out of the country. In one case, the Nazis attacked the Ukrainian Communist Party who took refuse a labor union building.

The party members were chained to objects in the building and then the building was set on fire. Over 100 peaceful peaceful pro-Russian protestors were chased into a labor union building in Odessa and then trapped in the building. The building was set on fire. Nazis invaded the building and murdered everyone they could find. Most were killed with gunshots but some were beaten to death and a pregnant woman was strangled with  wire. All of the women were raped before being killed.

The bodies were then set on fire to prevent them from being identified. Over 130 people were murdered this way. Some tried to escape the inferno by jumping out of the burning building, but they died after jumping out of windows. Some survived to the fall but were beaten to death after they landed on the ground and tried to run away. Bystanders stood by and shot pro-Russians as they appeared in windows. Others threw Molotov cocktails.

The US, especially the CIA, supported this attack. The Nazi government constructed a gigantic lie about how the protestors set themselves on fire and how the protestors were all Russian intelligence agents. Every Western government and media organ repeated these lies in whole.

Some of the people managed to escape. All of the victims of the attack were called “terrorists” and were blamed for the killing their own fellow protestors which was actually done by the enemy. Warrants were issued for their arrest. A number were hunted down and murdered. Others were arrested and sentenced to long sentences on “terrorism” charges of having suffered the misfortune of almost being killed by Nazi gangs. To this day, the ferociously pro-Nazi CIApedia repeats a total lie version of the event that was cooked up by the Nazi regime.

After Slavyansk was captured, all men were taken to “filtration camps.” These camps were set up by the Nazis under the advice the Rand Corporation, a CIA outfit that issued a paper telling the Nazis what vicious means to use to fight the partisans. At the camps, attempts were made to determine if the men had been partisans or had helped the partisans.

If they had been partisans or had helped the partisans, they were killed. A number of women were also arrested on charges of helping the partisans and all female relatives of partisans, especially wives and mothers, were arrested. Some were executed. The fate of others is not known. To this date, it is not known if any of the Slavyansk men have returned.

Many of the remaining people fled the town. People returning later found that most of the dwellings in the town were inhabited by Nazi settlers from Western Ukraine. The Nazi government told people that they were driving out the terrorists and their supporters and that anyone who went over there would be rewarded with a house and whatever else they could steal.

So in this sense you see, this fascist conquest was very similar to the fascist Nakba conquest by Jewish fascists in 1948 Israel, when Arabs were driven out of their homes and their homes and possessions were taken over by Jewish settlers. It is also very similar to the various fascist ethnic cleansings that took place in the former Yugoslavia.

In cities occupied by the Nazis, terror was unleashed. In Mariupol, a number of young women were raped and murdered, apparently just for fun. Citizens were frequently arrested on little or no charges since it is assumed that they support the separatists.

The Nazis in Mariupol act like hostile invaders. They go into stores and steal whatever they want. They pull out guns and steal any car they want to, often carjacking it from the driver. Citizens are shot regularly. It is similar to the West Bank occupation by the fascist Jews in Israel where they regularly brutalize the native Arabs. This behavior is typical for an army occupying a town considered to be full of hostile citizens who support the enemy.

The shelling of cities has been done by the Nazis from the very start. The intent is apparently simply to terrorize the residents, kill and wound as many as possible and make the rest flee so the cities and towns can be emptied of their population so that the Nazi civilian settler-colonists can come in and take over and settle the city by taking over everyone’s homes.

This is also similar to what the fascist Jews did in 1948-49. They shelled and attacked cities until the residents fled in terror and then the Jews moved in and took over the city. They town, emptied of its residents, would then by populated by Jewish settler-colonists. So you see, the Ukrainian Nazis are doing to the Russian partisans exactly what the Jewish fascists did to the Arabs during the Nakba. The mechanisms are the same.

On July 17, 2014, the Nazis and the US, with the possible assistance of NATO, conspired to shoot down a Malaysian passenger jet in order to blame it on the Russians and the partisans. The false flag operation by the US and its Nazi allies was very successful.

Every single Western government and media outlet bought the phony lying story that was immediately put out that the jet was shot down by a partisan BUK missile instead of the truth which was that the jet was shot down by a Nazi jet probably with the assistance of the US. The investigation by NATO and US allies in the EU was then completely botched in an apparent coverup of the crime by their Nazi friends. So all of NATO worked together with the Nazis and the US to coverup the Nazi shootdown of the jet.

Various other crimes were pinned on the Novorussian antifa partisans who took up arms to defend against Nazi invasion of their land in the same way that their grandfathers defended the Nazi invasion of their land 70 years ago. In every case, the killing of civilians was done by the Nazis, but it was always pinned on the antifas. All Western governments and media outlets have gone along with these Nazi attempts to frame the antifas.

Support for the Nazis is at a feverish pitch in the West. All Western governments are extremely pro-Nazi, and all Western media outlets are taking a strong pro-Nazi stance. Too bad Hitler missed out on this! He would have enjoyed this dispensation. Never before has the West been so uniformly and determinedly pro-Nazi. Nazi allied government in NATO are issuing louder and louder cries to arm their Nazi friends, especially now as the partisans are dealing some serious blows to the Nazis on the battlefield.


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India To Abandon Palestine


Hindutvadis are ultranationalist fascist bigoted scum, and Zionists are ultranationalist fascist bigoted scum also. The Zionists have the added bonus of being settler-colonialists a full century after the twilight of the movement!

Down with Hindutvas. Down with Zionists. Turds of a feather congeal together.


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Welcome to Lugansk

Thank you America! Thank you for supporting the Ukie Nazis that are terror bombing this city with their artillery. Nazi artillery in these cities does not aim at anything in particular. It is just terror bombing. It is typically directed at hospitals, water plants, sewage plants, manufacturing plants, markets, and residential areas. The rebels are all spread out through the whole city so there is nothing to target. The object is to get all the civilian population to flee. Then they can level the place, and if they conquer it, they can settle it as settler-colonialists with their own Western Ukie invaders.

Vacate the land, create the lebensraum. Populate the vacated land with your settler-colonists. From Nazis to Zionists, tried and true, works very well.

Certified effective in Croatia, Kosovo, Serbia and Bosnia in the 1990’s, where ethnic cleansing was strongly supported by the US and NATO. In particular, Tudjman’s Ustasha were backed 100% by the CIA and the Pentagon. While the Kosovars were victims of ethnic cleaning themselves, they turned around and ethnically cleansed the Serbs. Really you have fascist ethnic cleansers on all sides here fighting against each other. There are no good guys. It’s a choice of one scumbag country over another. Which is sort of the definition of the sociopathic game called geopolitics anyway.


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America Supporting Nazi-Style Ethnic Cleansing in Novorussia

See here.

Just like their Nazi forefathers, the Ukie Nazis are engaging in the Lebensraum strategy. We have long theorized that the Nazis were ethnically cleansing the cities of Novorussia. Now we have solid proof.

A Novorussian man returned to Slavyansk after being lied to be the Nazi government who said that it was safe to go home and 60% of residents had gone home. He was shocked at what he found. Most places were abandoned. He reclaimed his apartment, but he soon noticed that he did not recognize a lot of his neighbors. He asked a neighbor to identify himself and the man said he was a relative of the man who lived there (he gave the name of the family who lived there).

Soon the man noticed that there were strange people everywhere, all claiming to be relatives of certain named persons who had resided in the city. The new people spoke in an odd dialect which he soon realized was pure Ukrainian. They could not speak Russian very well. When they tried to speak Russian, they spoke it with a heavy West Ukrainian accent.

The city was now filled with new residents from Western Ukraine – settlers who were colonizing the land. The Nazis drove out the natives by killing them or making them flee, and then the Nazis moved in their Nazi civilians to settle the land which is apparently the lebensraum for the Western Ukrainian people.

This is also similar to classical settler-colonialism practiced by many peoples, most notoriously and publicly by the Israelis. Note the similarities to what the Nazis are doing in the Ukraine with what the Israelis do.

The Israelis:

  1. Invade Arab land with an army.
  2. Force the Arabs to flee by killing them, terrorizing them or driving them out.
  3. Steal the Arabs’ land.
  4. Settle Arab land with Jewish colonists.

The Ukie Nazis:

  1. Invade Russian land with an army
  2. Force the Russians to flee by killing them, terrorizing them or driving them out.
  3. Steal the Russians’ land.
  4. Settle stolen Russian land with Ukrainian colonists in the name of lebensraum.

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The Left Case Against Israel

Fermin writes:

Hey Robert, we are friends of fascists, like the Israelis, so what do you think of the practical ethnic cleansing that’s going on with the Palestinians in Israel?

I find it pure politics and pure hypocrisy how Americans and the US government in general supports Israel as a civilized democratic state when the Israeli government regularly breaks human rights laws with regards with Palestinian citizens of the state by implementing draconian apartheid/Nazi-style laws and claiming them to be in self-defense against extremists and the old victimhood of the Israelis by saying that they need to do what they need to do in order to defend against neighboring countries and Palestinians (sound like Hitler’s Germany much?).

I find it ridiculous when Americans support Israel and have fundraisers for Israel and all these silly money-raising events when these monies are going towards funding the Israeli government’s consistent human rights violations of Muslim (and also Christian) Palestinians. These funds should be considered “funding a terrorist group” by international and US law because that is what it is, the funding of Israeli terror upon Palestinian people.

The Jews say they are the indigenous people of Israel and Palestinians are foreigners? First off, DNA studies prove Palestinians are genetically simply descendants of Christianized and later (mostly) Islamicized Hebrews, second the Jews are mostly from Europe and are consequently only partly of Hebrew descent while most Palestinians are closer to the Hebrews by blood, and finally, the Torah itself states how Jews are not indigenous to Canaan, but rather invaders who genocided the native population (women, children, elderly, and even “cleansed” their animals and plants) and discriminated the remaining survivors by segregating them.

Then there are the militant migrants to Israel from around the world who set up shop and teach others how to “defend their (new) homes” (aka illegally colonize and take over Palestinian lands and kill the owners if they resist), or simply they go out “hunting” for Palestinians.

I don’t really blame the regular Israelis, I blame the government and its propaganda as well as militant and extremist Zionists who are responsible. All of this that is happening there disgusts me, but of course the Jews are always the victims and are always justified in whatever they do, that’s why we should always support the “civilized man” (Israelis) over the “barbarians” (Palestinians). Garbage.

There are many factors that go into US support for Israel. America is a settler-colonial state, so we will tend to support all other settler-colonial states because after all they are only reproducing our original sin. Americans have never really made peace with the crimes of the nation’s founding – after all, if they had come to terms with it, we would not be supporting these Israeli, Moroccan and other monsters so much. The Jews are the early Americans and the Arabs are the savage Indians – that is sadly the way that many Moronicans no doubt view this issue.

Jews are 2% of the US population. Sure they have a lot of media and money power, but that only goes so far. The Jews have a lot of media and money power in Russia and the Ukraine too, and look how far that got them. The money and media power of the Jews in 1932 Germany was immense. Mass Jewish money and media power is no guarantee against the inevitable anti-Semitic nationalist backlash that so often occurs historically.

When the natives of a land have had quite enough of you, all your money and newspapers won’t amount to a hill of beans. The problem of the Jew (or the human in general) is that he is never satisfied with just a bit of money, media or power. No matter how much he has, the Jew always wants more. This is called greed. History has proved this many times. The Jew never stops pushing. Sure the reasonable Jews start warning, “What are you trying to do – start a pogrom?!” but greed is a powerful emotion.

You can only push people so far until they start fighting back. The Jewish problem is the human problem – the Jew always fails to look at the long-term and looks only at the short-term. Furthermore, the wild paranoia of the Jew drives him to ever-more escalations of greed  – after all, the Jews never have enough money, media and other power to fight “the Nazi enemy,” but the problem is that as Jewish money power increases exponentially, the inevitable ugly backlash only gains steam, so the increasing accumulation of money and power only serves as a huge factory for making more and more Nazis.

In 1932, Jews were 1% of the population of Germany and they had 32% of the wealth. The next year, the Nazi Party had taken over with a viciously anti-Semitic program. That’s a sad chapter. but how many human societies will sit back and let a minority of 1% grab 1/3 of the economy? There are not a whole lot of human societies who are that magnanimous or capitalist-minded. I suppose people should be good Libertarian rightwing capitalists and just let the rich of whatever ethnicity grab as much wealth as possible while reducing the natives to penury (After all, Ayn Rand would have approved!) but humans are much more fair-minded people than they are Objectivist capitalist ideologues.

Also Americans don’t really need the Jewish Lobby. Sure the Lobby is ugly and horrible, but the sad truth is that the vast majority of US Gentiles (especially the Whites) are lined up right behind the Isralo-Nazis all the way, Lobby or no Lobby. The American people are really nothing but a bunch of Jews anymore anyway, as Christian propriety in terms of behavior and business was long since overridden by what I call “the Jewish spirit.”

Of course, the often-genocidal Nazi-like rhetoric and horrific terrorism of the Arabs against Israel doesn’t exactly help matters. The Holocaust was a very ugly thing, and most decent people don’t want a Round Two. From afar it looks like the Arabs/Muslims are itching for a movie called Return of Holocaust, and most decent folks recoil at that. Because giving the Arabs what they want seems to horrid, most just sit back and let the Zionazis do whatever they want to. No matter the atrocity, the Israelis justify as “fighting against the Arab Nazis!.” When it comes to fighting Nazis, most decent folks will give you a lot of leeway.

Th above post pretty much sums up all of the ugliness. Israel is a fascist state. In fact, it is a classic ethnic nationalist fascist state similar to the Nazi Germany and many other such states. It is also a settler-colonial state similar in many ways to the early US, some early Latin American countries, early Turkey, the new Balkan states of the early 1990’s, early Australia and New Zealand and South Africa. Anywhere where the later immigrants to a state move into an area and commit ethnocide against the natives of the land, it is always settler-colonialism.

Settler-colonialism is ongoing on Tibet and Xinjiang right now. Fascist style ethnic cleansing has also been employed in Arab nationalist states such as Morocco (in Spanish Sahara) and in Syria (Muslim Arabs throwing Christian Arabs off their land) and Iraq (Muslim Arabs throwing Kurds and Christian Arabs off their land while Iranian-Iraqis were actually thrown out of the country and all of their property was stolen)! There is also some very serious “nation-building” and fascist ethnic cleansing going on in the new ultra-nationalist fascist state that the US set up in the Ukraine.

The Arab examples point out that that the Arab nationalist enemies of the Israelis are just as bad as the Israelis themselves. An ethnic nationalist is an ethnic nationalist. A fascist is a fascist.

Sure Iraqi/Syrian Baathists and Israeli Zionists absolutely hate each other and would as soon slit each others’ throats as drink a glass of water, but they have a lot more in common than you might think.

If you think this website is valuable to you, please consider a contribution to support the continuation of the site. This is my only job.


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India As an Imperialist Country

Creaders writes:

The man white ally with India. The white man is always covering India. White man media do not report the real truth about India and all India transgression was forgotten. India is a key player against China. But I will honestly say its not a NATO style alliance but a low level type.

India invade Diu, Daman, Goa, Dadra and Nagar Haveli from Portugal, no white man newspaper ever bark.

India invade Hyderabad, white man keep quiet. India invade Kashmir, white man keep quiet. India invade Sikkim, white man keep quiet.

When India invade Kashmir, India say Kashmir ruler like India but so I don care if they people hate India. When India invade Hyderabad, India say Hyderabad people like India, but I don care the ruler hate Indian.

When India annex Manipur and Sikkim, both people and ruler hate India. India say fuck it, I just want your land, never mind if you hate me. In fact, Indian just know how to talk and talk. They are liars and can come out any reason to harm you.

white man keep quiet. India invade China, white man keep quiet.

China arrest India’s aggression in 1962 Sino-Indian war, white man say China is aggressor and send arm to India.

India is really a crap nation.

I thought US imperialism was bad until I heard about Indian imperialism. India is obviously one of the imperialist countries. Even worse, like the early United Snakes, Zionist Israel, Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan, it has been conquering and annexing land since the day of its birth. I suppose one could argue that many new nations engage in a “nation-building project” that involves some sort of conquering of other people’s land to annex their lands into the new nation.

However, if we look around the world, we do not see a lot of examples of new imperialist countries engaging in nationalist conquests upon independence.

In the modern era, the examples are not many:

Nazi Germany: program of conquest, annexation and colonization in WW2.

Imperial Japan: program of conquest, annexation and colonization in WW2.

Fascist Italy: program of conquest, annexation and colonization in WW2.

Indonesia (independence in 1949): Program of conquest and annexation of Aceh, East Timor and part of New Guinea now called Irian Jaya. There was also a project of settling colonized lands with settlers in order to subdue the natives. A number of genocides ensued. This project was led by an openly fascist political party pushing a fascist project called Pangasinan.

Pakistan (independence in 1948): Attempted to annex Kashmir by force (uncertain if Kashmiris wanted to be annexed by Pakistan). Annexed Balochistan by violence soon afterwards after Balochis voted not to join Pakistan.

Israel (independence in 1949): Its very birth was created by invasion, conquest, ethnic cleansing and displacement of natives. Colonization of new land by settlers followed. The following years, more and more land was conquered, more natives were thrown off the land, and more settlers were moved onto new conquered land. The project continues to this day.

Russia (newly independent in 1991): Invaded and conquered Chechnya which declared independence from the new Russian nation. Later invaded other Caucasus republics attempting to break away from the new nation.

Armenia: Invaded and conquered part of Azerbaijan called Nagorno-Karabagh on an uncertain moral basis but strategically because it was full of Armenians. Later conquered “buffer zones” of Azeri territory similar to Israeli “security buffers.”

Georgia: Invaded South Ossetia when South Ossetia refused to join the new country called Georgia.

Morocco: Invaded and conquered Spanish Sahara after the region was decolonized. It then settled the area with 200,000 settlers.

Sudan: Upon independence in 1954, launched a war against South Sudan that continued for decades and killed 2 million people.

Eritrea: Soon after achieving independence in 1991, Eritrea attacked Ethiopia and tried to annex border land. It also attacked Djibouti and tried to annex part of that country.

Ethiopia: After independence, Ethiopia immediately annexed Eritrea. This led to a 30 year war which Eritrea finally won and achieved independence from Ethiopia.

Somalia: The new nation of Somalia attacked Ethiopia in 1977 and attempted to conquer the Ogaden region and annex it to Somalia.

Libya: In 1978, Libya attacked Chad and attempted to annex a strip of land called the Aouzou Strip.

However, India seemingly takes the cake. Soon after independence, India quickly invaded Hyderabad, Diu, Daman, Goa, Dadra, Nagar Haveli, Sikkim, Manipur and Kashmir. All of these places had decided that they did not want to be part of India, but India invaded them anyway. Sikkim was actually a separate country, but India invaded it anyway and annexed the place. Many people died because of India’s imperial conquests. The Manipur conflict lasted many years and the Kashmiri conflict continues to this day. Many other areas in the Northeast also refused to join India in the beginning and all were attacked sooner or later.

In the midst of this wild imperial conquest spree, apparently India received 100% support from US imperialism. When India attacked China in 1962 for no good reason, US imperialism supported them 100%, apparently as an anti-Communist move against China. India was even supplied with weapons with which to attack the Chinese people.

When you talk to Indians (generally high-caste Indians) one thing you will note is the fanatical nationalism many of them have. Many don’t know their country’s history, but if you recite it to those who know about it, almost 100% of them will support Indian imperialism to the hilt. The average Indian is an ultra-nationalist, a nationalist fanatic. In part this is because the media and the government has been pushing fascist like ultra-nationalism from the early days of the Republic. The number of Indians opposed to this fascist ultra-nationalist and imperialist project must be very small, because you never hear of them.

Of late, radical Indian ultra-nationalism has been married to Hindu fanaticism in the form of Hindutva ideology. This is a marriage of fascist ultra-nationalism and with radical religious fundamentalism. The result has been a potent movement that looks fascist in many respects. This nascent fascist movement has taken high caste and middle class Indians by storm. We should not sit idly by and watch this fascist movement form while we twiddle our toes. Instead we should watch this dangerous movement very closely. It threatens not only India itself but parts of the rest of the world too.


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Islamophobes are Insane

Despite the fact that I have some critical views about Islam myself, I continue to hold that the Islamophobes of the world are insane. They make no sense at all. Another commenter noted recently that the Hindutvadis of India (really nearly all middle to upper class high caste Hindus) have a hatred of Islam that makes no sense whatsoever and is completely irrational. I would agree with that. The Hindutvadi commenters on this blog have a truly irrational hatred of Islam.

To some extent it is true that Islam is a menace, and it is a violent religion, but it’s mostly a problem in the various sandboxes that are ruled by Islam. In other words, Islam is mostly a problem for Muslims and not for the rest of us. To the extent that it is a problem for the rest of is is mostly due to the fact that we can’t seem to stop attacking and killing Muslims. As long as we do that, they will wage defense or revenge based Islam on us.

The truth is that that most Islamophobes are motivated by reaction. There are very few progressive Islam-haters (there are some in Afghanistan and Iran) because Islamophobia is not a progressive value.

Almost all Islamophobes in the West are motivated by political reaction. In other words, they are beasts themselves – they are the very beasts that they accuse the Muslims of being. In Europe, Islamophobes are associated with the most reactionary elements of Europe – European and even White nationalists. They are also associated with all of the fascist and quasi-fascist parties in Europe.

They are strongly aligned with Zionism, a vile imperialist and settler-colonial fascist project that occupies and conquers Arab lands and has expansionist aims on the rest of it.They are politically reactionary, and many of them have begun to rail against socialism and the welfare state and have started to rail for radical neoliberal economics. In the UK, they are responsible for Crusade-like invasions of Muslim lands in Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan.

In Russia it is much the same, except the Islam-haters are even worse – more racist, more fascist and much more violent. They are associated with a violent project to deny the majority-Muslim lands in the Caucasus their right to self-determination, which is their inherent right after all. Instead, like Crusaders of recent European colonizers, the Russians have made much of the Caucasus into colonies. In the meantime, they committed genocide against the Muslims of Chechnya.

In Israel, the Islamophobes are associated with the most fascist,  backwards, conquering and expansionist elements of the Jews. I should note that these same elements hate Christians and non-Jews about as much as they hate Islam. These are the monsters of the Jewish people, as wicked as they accuse the Muslims of being. This group is also politically reactionary, and is responsible for imposing radical neoliberalism on Israel which has resulted in many social problems, including widespread homelessness.

In Lebanon, the Muslim haters are associated with the Maronite Christian Falangist movement, a true fascist movement that has the distinction of being the first movement to bring European style fascism (like the Nazis) to Lebanon. The founders of this movement worshiped Hitler. This is a true monstrosity, a blood and soil fascist movement that has deep roots in Maronite society. In addition, this group is politically reactionary, supporting the closest thing to radical neoliberalism anywhere in the Arab World.

In India, the Muslim haters are the most poisonous, backwards, fascistic and casteist elements of Indian society, strongly associated with the high caste Hindu elite. There is a lot of evidence that the hatred of Islam by Hindutvadis is because the Muslims humiliated the high castes and removed them from their position of privilege in Hindu society. This is an extremely fascist movement whose leaders also worshiped Hitler. They are responsible for a genocide against Muslims in Gujarat in which 2,500 Muslims were slaughtered with state support.

This movement is associated also with radical neoliberal economics and hatred for socialism and the poor and lower castes of India. It is an elite movement designed to deepen poverty in India, enrich the high castes and restore the high castes to their position of privilege which they felt was denied them in a movement since Independence. They represent the most primitive and barbaric elements of Hindu culture, which is backwards, cruel, amoral  and parasitic anyway. These are the monsters of India and the monsters of the world, a danger to the SubCon and to the rest of us as they spread out like a plague around the globe. They are every bit as vicious and monstrous as the Muslims they hate so much.

The bottom line is that Islamophobes are simply bad people.

Everywhere it exists on Earth, it is associated with idiotic and barbaric religious fundamentalism, either Jewish, Christian or Hindu. It is generally associated with the most reactionary elements in every society, and it usually wishes to impose radical rightwing economics on society in the form of neoliberalism.

This is an elite project designed to enrich the top 20% of society while impoverishing when it is not starving or killing off the bottom 80%. It has been responsible for many millions of deaths in the last few decades, mostly via denial of medical care through mandated state kickbacks. In some societies like Israel, Europe and Russia, it is associated with racism in the form of ethnic nationalism – Jewish nationalism in Israel and White nationalism in Europe and Russia.

If Islamophobes were decent people themselves then we might have a movement to counterpoise the backwards and violent nature of Islam. Instead they are just as bad as the Muslims and in fact in many cases, they are probably even worse. They vastly exaggerate and lie about Muslims and Islam, and ridiculous overplay the dangers associated with this religion, which is mostly a danger to its own adherents anyway.


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