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Trailer for William S. Burroughs Documentary

Human faces tentative flicker in and out of focus. We waded into the warm mud-water. Hair and ape flesh off in screaming strips. Stood naked human bodies covered with phosphorescent green jelly. Soft tentative flesh cut with ape wounds. Peeling other genitals. Fingers and tongues rubbing off the jelly-cover. Body melting pleasure-sounds in the warm mud. Till the sun went and a blue wind of silence touched human faces and hair. When we came out of the mud we had names…

…Larval people whispering flesh. Eyes ejaculated spine mud. Black gum in member. Old junky coughing limestone in the obsidian morning: the sale mirror to red sky. Manipulated spasms puppets vestigial meat. Pulsing pink shell. Red pagodas and crystal accounts. Wet dream eyes hanging in lust of dead flesh patios. Boy chrysalis in streets of postcard. Eating birds patrol black lichen. Catatonic sports sear lungs of dream clay. Lust of mud bubble coal gas the insect street. Flesh ejaculation. Penis in the broken mirror rocks of Marwan. Serving the crystal dawn photo of sex. On the Brass and Copper Street…

An evil old character with sugary eyes that stuck to you…They were ripe for the plucking forgot way back yonder in the corn hole—Lost in little scraps of delight and burning scrolls…The man opposite me didn’t look like much—A thin gray man in a long coat that flickered like old film…in these times when practically anybody is subject to wander in from the desert with a quit claim deed and snatch a girl’s snatch right out from under her assets…When the boy peeled off the dry goods he gives off a slow stink like a thawing mummy…Crab men peer out of abandoned quarries and shag heaps some sort of vestigial eye growing cheek bone and a look about them as if they could take root and grow on anybody…

William S. Burroughs, The Soft Machine, 1963.

William S. Burroughs is one of those authors that people either love or hate, but that’s the objective, the purpose of his work – to be a human lightning rod of gesticulating and mercurial passion. Like yours truly, in other words.

Always wanted to see a good movie about this maniac, who has always been one of my favorite writers.

I gave out Naked Lunch to a few of my friends, and they would bring it back warily with shaking hands convinced that I was obviously gay. Well, Burroughs’ writing is full of gay sex, but that’s not a reason to read it. The sex is boring and repetitive anyway, but the descriptions of it like all his writing are often beautiful. Gay sex scenes usually disgust me, and I end up throwing the book at the wall. This often breaks the spine and pages fall out, but it’s just as well. That book deserved that wall for the audacious travesty of daring to put that awfulness in there. But Burroughs, that I can read.

Anyway, 90% of the people who read Burroughs aren’t gay. Burroughs is so much more than a gay writer. For a while there, he may well have been the greatest writer in America.

I read almost all of his writing. Most people thought I was a freak for liking the guy in the first place. But Burroughs is not only a Beat but the original avant-garde writer and the forerunner to punk rock. More than that: Burroughs actually was a punk, decades before his team. He’s been loved by hipsters, artists, and cutting edge freaks and psychos for decades. He’s very much worth reading.

His writing is a lot of things, but it’s often also beautiful, which is strange given its often ugly subject matter. But to find beauty in the awfulness of life, the sublime amidst the squalor, is one of the purposes of life.

Viewed one way, half of life is glorious and the other half is sad. Half of life wonderful and the other half is horrible. And that’s if you are lucky. I have counseling clients who are sad. I tell them that sadness is a natural part of life and that half of life is sadness, even if the other half is radiant happiness.

“When you feel sad,” I tell them. “Say to yourself, ‘Thank God for that feeling! Sit back somewhere alone and just immerse yourself in the sadness of life. Don’t kill yourself or do anything drastic. Just be part of the reality of life’s essential sadness.”

If half of life is sad (and that’s being generous – Jack Kerouac often said that that Buddhists said, ‘All of life is sadness’ – and in way he was correct), then it only makes sense to make yourself aware of that fact and even bask or immerse yourself in it if you dare. If you do that, you may find that there is even an a transcendent beauty in sadness, something the great artists and mystics have taken about forever. Ever seen a great sad movie that moved you to tears. It was awful and beautiful at the same time, right?

Burroughs led a very interesting life. He lived in Mexico City for a while with some other Beats. One night he was playing “William Tell” at a drunken party with his wife Joan (yes he was married for a bit and even fathered a child named Billy), trying to shoot a drink glass off her head. He missed and shot her in the head instead. Police interviewed and determined it was an accident and let him off. Talking about this with a friend who liked Kerouac a lot more than Burroughts, my friend shook his head, “He definitely went crazy after that,” he said. Maybe so. But Burroughs was always pretty crazy, even as a boy. The great writers and artists often are after all.

Your task: Identify the following famous Beats and hipsters in this short film:

  1. Allen Ginsberg
  2. Lucien Carr
  3. Patti Smith
  4. Herbert Huncke
  5. John Giorno
  6. James Grauerholz (twice)

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People Are Better Than You Think: Humans Vastly Overestimate the Evil of Their Fellow Men

One thing I have noticed in life is a lot of people have a tendency to put sinister motives on people who have done nothing to deserve it.

I had a bartender job once. Lasted one weekend. The  boss came in on Sunday night and  said someone had stolen money out of his safe. Of course I did it. So he fired me. Thing is, I didn’t take anything out of his safe. In fact, I had no idea he even had one and I would never go in his office anyway.

An aunt of mine does this all the time. She needs to see people as having lousy and nasty intentions. She heard that I had made $9,000 off this website. It’s true. At the time she heard that, major car repairs were needed on my car to the tune of $2,000. I only had $1,000. My Mom kicked in the rest and I’m paying her back. This ugly-minded aunt of mine actually thought that I was sitting on $9,000 and refusing  to pay the $2,000 for the car repair, instead claiming poverty and forcing the bill on my Mom. In other words, she thinks I’m a huge scumbag. Well anyone who knows me knows I would never do that.

This idiot aunt has known me my whole life, but she doesn’t have the slightest understanding of what sort of a person I really am at the core of my being. I’m actually quite decent, but somehow she’s always seen me an evil-minded scumfuck.

She also routinely thinks I am dangerously incompetent to the point of being a menace, such as driving vehicles. True, I burned up a couple of transmissions because no one told me I needed to be in 2nd all the time. Turns out Drive is actually Overdrive. If you put the car in “Drive” and drive it that way, after several years, you burn up your tranny. Counterintuitively, the car is not supposed to be driven in Drive. It’s supposed to be driven in 2nd.

I figured it out and started driving it in 2nd. But she insisted that I was a permanent menace behind the wheel because I burned up car engines, apparently because I am a dumbass. I guess she also assumed that I am incapable of something called learning. I drove a new vehicle 35 miles from my Mom’s house to my home, in 2nd of course. She was alarmed and running around like a circus geek insisting that I had just blown up another transmission by driving a car 35 miles in the wrong gear. Truth is you don’t blow the tranny by driving it a few dozen miles that way. Instead, the tranny blows after ~60,000 miles when you mis-drive it like that.

I could go on and on. She has been doing this my whole life. 

Why do humans do this? We vastly overestimate the evil of our fellow humans.

Most people are actually quite decent people. They are also generally competent, responsible, considerate, thoughtful, conscientious, pleasant, self-supporting if not out and out giving and generally harmless and efficient.

Yes, scumbags, layabouts, fuck-ups, assholes, incompetent morons, leeches, and generally dangerous idiots exist of course, but they’re not too common. I don’t see a lot of evil or wickedness in my day to day life, and I live in a slum!

Most people want to be good people,  not bad people, regardless of their religion. And most people are going about their day to day lives trying to be about as good or decent as they can be, simply because most people seem to have well-developed consciences or religious beliefs that keep them from acting too ugly.

Yes, there are nasty, wicked, unpleasant, malevolent, and downright evil people in the  world. I assume there are some even around this neighborhood. But most humans, at least in the US, don’t seem to rock that way.

So once again, why do we vastly overestimate the evil of our fellow man? What’s the advantage of seeing someone as evil when they’re not, or even if they are the opposite? What’s the point? People want to see a nasty world crawling with very bad people everywhere? Why? If I felt that way, I would hardly go outside. How does this mindset benefit the person who twists reality in this way to put a malevolent spin on so many innocuous things?

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Something Wrong with my About Page?

I think a lot of my haters people simply hate me for being me. An example is my About page. For some reason, almost everyone on the Net hates that page. I think one person on the whole Net, a guy on American Renaissance, actually figured out what I was trying to say on that page.

I’ve reread it 5,000 times to try to figure out what’s wrong with it, but I’m stumped. It’s actually rather clever, and I think it’s pretty funny too. Sure, it uses some big words, but if you can’t handle obscure vocabulary and lexical gymnastics, you’re reading the wrong damn site. is that-a-way. You know, the site most people hang out on?

Almost always when someone posts that About page, the reaction is, “Wow, that guys really insane/crazy/lunatic/mentally ill/weird/freaky/bizarre/incomprehensible.” The About page is apparently evidence of insanity. As someone who works in mental health, you would think I know a thing or two about that. I’ve read that page over and over looking for sins of mental disorder or dysfunction, and for the life of me, I can’t see any signs of psychosis or  any mental illness on Axis 1 or 2 on that page.

The latest is that the About page is very weird, disturbing, and creepy, and it makes people very uncomfortable. Why? What’s so weird about it? How is it disturbing? Where’s the creepiness? Why in God’s name would a page like that make you creeped out or uncomfortable? I don’t get it.

Guess what? That About page is me. It’s really, really, really, really me. If you hate my About page, you simply hate me because that page is me at my absolute essential self, my being, my soul, my Dasein. You don’t hate me for one sentence I said or the way I walk or how I looked at that waitress or the strange expression in my eyes or some funny mannerism I just made. You don’t hate me for some minor situational behavior. It’s much worse. If you hate the About page, you hate me at my very core essential self. In other words, you’re an enemy. When someone hates you for being you, hates your true, pure, real, authentic self, they’re gone. There’s no bringing them back, and nothing you do can change them because you can’t stop being you.

More importantly, if someone hates you at your deepest inner self, your very Being, why on Earth would you want to change yourself to please this person?

You know what? What you see is what you get. You either like me or you don’t. You either love me or hate me. Take your pick. And if you hate me for simply being me, if you hate me at my very essence of selfhood, I have only one thing to say to you:


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“If You Really Do Think You Are Hot Stuff, You Don’t Have to Prove It”

I know it’s a cliche. It’s one of the hoariest out there. But an old chestnut retains its value no matter its age. That it’s been around so long without being falsified speaks to its verity. That so many people repeat it so often speaks to the fact that so many people understand it and think it is an important fact about quotidian existence.

This way of thinking – the superior people versus the inferior people – is not a healthy way of thinking. You’re locked into this resentful rage all the time, and you spend every day of your life going on and on about why you are better than some other group of people.

You see, deep down inside, I think I am great. And that’s more or less independent of everything. I’d feel that way if I were homeless or in prison. As it’s not dependent on anything, I don’t have constantly go around listing the 101 ways I am better than others on this or that variable (which I am). What’s the point? I’ve got nothing to prove.

To me, the evidence speaks for itself. I exist, therefore I am hot shit. It’s not rational, and it’s certainly not provable by science, so the scientistic crowd will insist it’s a lie, but it’s just the way I feel. I don’t need to do 100 damned controlled double blind studies to figure out if I am hot shit or not. I simply am, and that’s all there is to it.

I walk into a room, and that fact right there – my existence in that room at that point in time – proves that there is now at least one hot shit guy in the room, that being me. I feel this should be obvious just by perceiving me. If others look at me and don’t think I’m hot shit, to me, they’re just not getting it, and that’s their loss.

Anyway, my feelings are not dependent on them. And this is crucial. We all need the approval of others, and every extrovert who told you that he didn’t need that is a liar. That said, you can’t trade good, solid, independent self-esteem for all the gold in the world. It is literally an irreplaceable resource.

We get into the whole knocking people down to your level, which is also terribly trite, but the wisdom of elders is precisely that because it survived the test of time and generational heterogeneity. There’s something solid there – a real fact, hard and sharp as a diamond, about a core reality of human existence.

Bottom line is I think this whole “I am superior and these people are inferior” is a most unpleasant way to walk through life. Actually it is a rather ugly way to move through life. Sit back and think about it. Does this sound like fun? Being filled with rage towards inferiors all the time? What’s so fun about that? That sounds like a drag to me.


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You Will Never Figure Out Why People Hate You

You will never figure out why some people dislike you or hate you.

There are some people around this town who either don’t like me very much or out and out hate me. Wherever I go and have gone in life, there are always some people like this. I don’t have the slightest clue why they felt this way in many cases, though I have been trying to figure it out forever.

In fact, of most of the people in my life who hated me, I still do not have the tiniest clue why they felt this way. And this is going back almost 40 years. Almost four decades have gone by and I’ve been thinking about it all of those years, and I still don’t have the tiniest notion why those people hated me or what I was doing to piss them off. And I’ve looked at it from every angle. I’ve almost done controlled, double blind studies with multivariate analyses on a lot of these people, and I still have no idea at all.

One theory was that I provoked strong reactions in people because for a long time when I was generating a fair amount of haters I was also generally a lot of people who liked me a lot.

If you generate quite a few haters but you also generate a lot of people liking you a lot, I would wager that you provoke strong reactions in people. There may be something about you that seems to challenge other people. A lot of people will like this because it’s bad boy and badass. But a lot of insecure people will feel threatened by you and think you are trying to fight them or say you are better than they are. If you even seem to be objectively better (say better looking, smarter, or any other ways to be objectively superior on some variable) or doing better than a lot of people, you will generate a lot of haters because you are making others look bad by doing so well.

One thing I figured after many years of life is that you are never going to understand why someone doesn’t like you or hate you.

Number one, they’re never going to tell you! If you ask them why they hate you, they will say they don’t hate you and quit being paranoid. If you ask their friends, you might find out, but often your friends will come back and say, “They say they don’t hate you. They say they really like you.”

If you ever get an answer, it will be something, “He thinks you are a geek” or “He thinks you are a nerd” or “He thinks you are weird.” That’s all interesting, but how do you fix it?



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Types of Haters: Essential Haters (Enemies)

There is a lesson here in life that I learned a long time ago.

Your enemies are gone.

G – O – N – E gone.

They are dead to you for all intents and purposes, and that is how you need to treat them. Quit trying to suck up to your enemies and people who hate you.

I spent a good part of my life trying to get people who hated me to like me. I changed so many things about myself to try to meet their approval, and they just kept on hating me anyway. I finally realize that they had some deep inner need to hate me based on things that happened in the past or their own psychological bullshit. I figured a lot of this in years of therapy, which is one great thing about therapy. Therapy at the very least should enable you to figure out why things happened to you in life the way they did, why people behaved towards you the way they did, etc. After long therapy, your whole crazy life that never made much sense suddenly starts adding up. It’s all so logical.

You cannot win back your enemies.

I should spell that out letter by letter.

Once people start hating you, they’re pretty much gone forever. There have been a few cases in my life where they came back but not many. A recent case was my landlord. I was actually able to figure out why she hated me and why she stopped hating me.

There’s is something about humans that once they start hating you, they simply never stop and they keep hating you for the rest of their lives. Quit trying to get your enemies to love you. Your enemies are enemies. They quite literally hate you. In most cases, there is nothing you can do to win them back.

In a lot of cases, these people said they hate me for X reason. Well, I went and fixed the reason and they looked confused and shocked for a bit, and then they looked around and grabbed some new reason to hate me. I could literally see them looking around when I asked them why they hated me. They couldn’t think of a reason! They would look around a bit and then come up with some generic thing that I could not much change. It was obvious that they didn’t have much of a coherent reason for hating me!

I remember my father hated me for being a playboy and a womanizer as a young man. At some point that changed, and I went through a phase where I couldn’t get laid with God’s help. Then he hated me for never getting laid.


He hated me for getting laid, and then he hated me for not getting laid.

This simply means that they hated me at some basic deep internal level for something that happened in the past or for their own hangups or even for a psychological need to hate someone.

Keep your friends close. There aren’t enough of them in this world.

Your enemies can go to Hell and burn there forever.

Quit trying to change to please them.

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Be Anti-Paranoid, Not Paranoid

Don’t Be Paranoid. I would advise instead to be “anti-paranoid” which is my favorite style. Simply choose to interpret most things in the opposite manner of a paranoid person. If someone’s not nice, tell yourself that they really like or that they are having a bad day. Exaggerate your ideas about how many people like you and how much they do. If you hear an ambiguous comment, interpret it in the harmless way instead of the pernicious way.

Let me give you an example. One time I was jogging in the park. A man suddenly leaped out from under a dip with a camera in hand and shot my picture. He had a strange look on his face too, rather devious. It might actually be rational to think he was some enemy, spy, private eye, or cop who was monitoring me because of his weird behavior and his expression. At the time I thought, “Well I can be paranoid about this or be anti-paranoid.” I decided to be anti-paranoid. I decided to say he was just some photo bug who liked to take photographs. He leaped out at me for kicks or to catch me unawares. He had a strange look because he’s some weird photo bug guy who jumps out at strangers and takes their photos.

I also made a note of it though and decided that if things like this kept happening to me in the near future, I would have to start looking into this a lot deeper to figure out who was spying on me.

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America Has Never Been a Democracy, Nor Was It Ever Intended to Be One

Another wonderful comment by the great Francis Miville!

There is a problem with American identity: its founding mythology, its Constitution which is supposed to be the result of an Enlightenment-Inspired humanistic democratic republican revolution against a colonial empire. This can be understandable in as much as most scholars tend not to know too much was the real Enlightenment movement was: a movement of the filthy rich of their times who wanted first and foremost to do away with the various particular and limited rights many rather modest or middle-rank people had inherited from the Christian Middle Ages on a caste-basis most of the times.

American-style slavery was the epitome of the ideals of Enlightenment as applied to political economy, and if you care to have a look, you will see that the bulk of the clientele of those ideologues were the slaving classes on both sides of the Atlantic. But the problem now is that the truth about 18th-century Enlightenment cannot be sold due to popular hope worldwide.

Another big identification problem stems from the very word “democracy”: in ancient Greek, it did not mean at all the modern ideal (not the reality) of a government held in check by the commoners’ right to depose tyrants and vote down laws felt as abusive, it never meant government of the people by the people for the people, it meant government by a single governing party (dêmos, from verb daiomai, I divide, I take apart, like the Latinate word party which is related to the very partire meaning taking apart) Eastern European style (minus any form of social ideal however mendacious) or by a closed-access class, and moreover it meant that this ruling party or class had or felt no responsibility towards greater good but cared for their group interests only as a gated community is managed.

It was not different from the modern concept of oligarchy. The ancient concept of oligarchy was rather government by a team so small that everybody knew who did what and who ordered what: as soon as the elite, while comprising no more than 1 or 2%, was just big enough for the power it exerted to be anonymous and without any real possibility of influence from any single individual within it, it was called dêmokratia, and especially when the real leaders preferred to keep their identity secret thanks to the anonymous crowd they manipulated at will, which was the case in Athens, whose symbol of the owl meant that very ideal of secrecy and shady dealings.

When such a ruling class or body felt responsibilities towards the greater good, the regime was no longer called a democracy but a timocracy (government according to honor fostered by personal contribution to the greater good): timocracy was a government of takers and givers, a democracy of takers only, and if you check on ancient Athenian mentality, it considered any form of productive work (poiesis), even the production of poems, a dishonor (another gross insult was demiurge, which meant nothing more than a productive artisan at the city’s disposal).

Greek had a word to denote the right of the commoners to vote down tyrants and bad laws, it was called laodicea (the common people judging), but the city that used this system existed in Phrygia only, in Asia Minor, not in Greece proper, who had too high an opinion of themselves as a superior kind over all humans to stoop down to such a regime. In the 18th century most scholars still knew more or less what real Athens was about in the Classical times, a government where the rich and well to do were told by no one they too had duties towards a higher political or moral authority. The partisans of “democracy” just wouldn’t admit to being compelled to practice the same religion as was needed to keep their inferiors in line.

That was the real meaning of “democracy” under Jefferson’s pen. The ideal sold thereafter to the European commoners was meant as a propaganda trick for useful idiots only, exactly like the worst aspects of totalitarian Marxism later on. That is the identity problem I would like to terminate as regards America.

In a certain sense, I want that country to turn officially fascist – that would be actually more in tune with the real Founding Fathers’ will. This country should no longer be declared to owe its existence to the Founding Fathers of the American Revolution, nor even to the Mayflower Pilgrims – neither describe its real essence in the ears of most.

The US should officially declare that it owes its existence as the first White predator political entity on the American continent to the Viking invader Eric the Red. All Americans should idealize the conquering Viking as their ideal ancestor, thanks to whose blood and example the Wild West could be conquered as a prelude to the imperialistic conquest of the whole world.

America did not appear on the map devising a perfect constitution for the human gender; it appeared as a reality of the soil of its continent as an enterprise to genocide all Indians and all other all-too-romantic bums of that kind to make room for slaving plantations furnished with Negroes and Irishmen.

The main difference with Nazi Germany is that Nazi Germany postulated that the Germanic race was the only worthwhile and successful predator in the world and could propagate only through physical breeding. On the other hand, America postulates that the Viking predator, apart from having ideal blood, has even more value as the most perfect example anybody in the world can follow as a model of self-transformation into a monster, though some races like the Viking-descendant Wasps and some Jews are statistically nearer that ideal type than others.

The US should officially declare itself to be the fatherland of all predators of the world, and of all religions having declared war against common humanity. Any delinquent in the world committing vicious acts of predation or betrayal against their community of origin (as the Vikings were for instance, and as the Jews were according the American Protestant ideal of what a Biblical Jew should be) should be considered a de facto American citizen.

LBJ used to say, in order to justify his policy of desegregation and the temporary establishment of his Grand Society, that the real reason for his move was for the elite to be able to roll back America to official racism and segregation. This was badly needed prelude to get the White Trash ready for a future in which they would be prepared to jettison all human rights and accept a dictatorship together with an Indian-style caste society in exchange for their only real dearest right, that of knowing that however hard they have it, Blacks will have it ten times as hard as servants of the lowest of their own servants, as quoth the Bible.

And I think that time has come. Ideally, the future official religion of such a country formed during or after a second Civil War to come as a revenge for the first should be some form of Hinduism, with the Jews being the Brahmins, the Vikings being the Kshatriyas, and the contemporary Indians being the Vaishyas.

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There Is a Whole World Out There That Is Outside of the Realm of Science

Steve: Besides, it seems like most of what is presented as “science” in discussions is not actually scientific praxis but philosophical theory: scientism and materialism. The insistence that science alone can answer all questions about the nature of reality—often paired with materialism—is actually scientism, a type of quasi-religious faith that holds scientific knowledge as the only viable knowledge.

My mother and my best friend in my whole life have seen ghosts. Science tells me that they are lying, full of shit, hallucinating, or insane. I do not believe that are any of those things. They told me flat out that they saw them with their very own eyes as real as day as if you were standing here next to me as I write this.

My mother has also had some telepathy and clairvoyant experiences. Science tells me my mother is full of it.

People’s pets will often run to the telephone just before the master calls home. Science says this doesn’t happen or it’s just chance.

People go on vacations for a long time and on the day they come back, the cat goes outside and sits by the sidewalk waiting for them. Science says this doesn’t happen or it’s just chance that the cat sat outside.

They have done actual experiments that prove that people can sense when someone is watching them even when they cannot even see the person who is watching them. These studies are well done and have been replicated numerous times.

But Science refuses to accept these studies, with endless complaints about poor design, chance, lack of controls, selection bias, etc.. The truth is that the studies are never going to be good enough. For science to agree that humans can sense that someone is watching them even when they cannot see anyone watching them would mean that we have some sort of psi skills outside of the five senses. There is nothing that Science hates more than the idea of Psi Abilities. They probably hate that more than anything else. Because they hate it so much, they will never believe it. Their minds are already made up. They will reject every study showing that psi is real because it’s coming up with the wrong conclusions.

Science says that all of the psi evidence above is laughable bullshit, and anyone who believes it is an idiot or a kook or both.

I think science is wrong about all of the psi-type things described above, but on the other hand, most of this sort of thing is probably not provable by the scientific method anyway. The truth is that a whole huge hunk of the world is simply outside of the world of science. Science can prove, disprove or explain many things. But for a big slice of life, science has nothing to do with it, nor should it. Science needs to butt out of the whole part of the world that is outside of its realm in the first place.

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Scientism: Anatomy of a Modern Fundamentalist Religion

Most scientists nowadays do not even practice scientific thinking anymore. Instead, they are scientistic.

Scientism is where one states that the only things we can even know or pretend to know in this world are those things that have been proven by science, preferably in endless double blind studies with much replication. Even there, they pick and choose. Studies that show what “science” does not want to believe is true are dismissed by scientistic types, and the findings are derided as pseudoscience. Granted pseudoscience is a thing, but it is not nearly as much of a thing as the scientistic types say it is, and a number of things that are supposedly pseudoscience are not pseudoscience at all. Instead, they are simply true.

You can’t go through your life only believing those things that science has told you are true.

For instance, in any given day, I am constantly making generalizations about my environment. These generalizations are treated as facts by me. I also believe many things that, as far as I am concerned, are not beliefs at all. Instead they are simply true, at least as far as I am concerned.

True, a number of these beliefs-as-facts will later turn out to be false, but I regard them as true for now because they are based on the evidence available to me. Later when I get new evidence that disproves my previous beliefs, I junk my previous belief and pick up the new one instead. I am always changing my mind like this, which is one of the Net criticisms of me that I am not consistent, I am all over the place, I change my mind all the time. All of these things are true, but none of them are bad things. There’s a word for people who never change their mind: rigid. There’s another word: foolish.

A good 95% of the things that I accept as flat out truths or generalizations that are basically true in my day to day living have never been proven by science. I am sure that quite a few things that I believe would be called pseudoscience by scientistic types.

Scientism is a form of idiocy masquerading as genius, competence, and rationality. It is none of these things, and in fact it is more the opposite. It is science as a form of religious fundamentalism.

It’s also pussy.

These people believe in what I call Mommy Science. Remember when you were a little boy or little girl and you were always running to Mommy asking her if such and such was true or not? Mommy was literally your principal source for facts about your existence and the world around you, and what she said was golden, 100% truth that could not be challenged.

Well, scientistic types are five years old for the rest of their lives.

Adults don’t need science or Mommy or anyone else to tell them what to believe and what are the facts of the world around them. They simply observe the world around them repeatedly, draw up logical patterns, and label those patterns as facts. They don’t need to test their day to day theories about life with Mommy. And they don’t need to test them with science either, or Mommy Science as it is.

Scientistic types are babies until they die. They can’t make up their own minds about what’s true or not because like 5 year old’s, they are too scared to come up with their own answers. So they have to run to Mommy Science whenever there’s any question about anything. These are people who need to be told what to believe because they are too weak to figure out any facts on their own. And Mommy Science is just like Mommy when you were five years old. Mommy Science is always right. She’s never wrong.

These are pitiful people because they don’t trust their own senses to tell them what’s true and what’s not. Instead they have to run to some damned scientific journal to find out just about anything true about life and the world we live in.

The problem is that Science is not always correct. Many things are unprovable by science. Others are untestable. Others will never be tested. Others are untrue for now but will be proven true in the future, so in these cases, science is actually flat out wrong and those that have figured this out are simply ahead of the curve. Many other things are stated by science to be false because Science has become a fundamentalist religion that has decided that certain things are false forever and will never be proven true. No matter how much evidence you throw at them, they insist that these facts of existence are pseudoscience simply because they do not want to believe they are true.

If you could only trust or believe those things that were proven by science, you would not be able to live as a modern human being. You might not even be able to get out of bed.

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