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The Man with the Golden Sperm

This is a repost of an older piece that was very popular that fits in with a lot of the Game articles I have been writing lately. It also allow a lot of you to meet Sexmaniacman for the first time. He’s quite a character. Enjoy.

All hail Sexmaniacman!

Sexmaniacman showed up the other day, and we had an interesting talk about womanizers. Sexguy calls a womanizer, “The Man with the Golden Sperm.” I think he’s onto something!

“Hi Bob, thanks for letting me write on here. I used to be a PUA, but I haven’t been for some time now. Bachelor life is feast or famine, but the feasts were never so much fun.

My hero was this guy I knew in my teens, Steve. I knew him best when he was around 18-21 years old. This guy always had three girlfriends at any one time, and he juggled all three of them. He also had as many other women as possible who were not in the top three and constantly shifted somehow. The top three also changed on a regular basis too. Nowadays, you would about need an Excel spreadsheet to keep up with his antics.

On a typical day, he had three or four dates. He had a morning date, an afternoon date, an evening date, and then around midnight, he would climb in some girl’s room at her parents house, and that would be the midnight date. He had sex with all of them, and they were all quite willing.

This was in the 1970’s, and it was before most STD’s, herpes, AIDS, etc. I never heard of anyone catching anything more than crabs.

In the summers he and his buddies would rent a house on the beach and surf all day. The house had a keg of beer continuously refilled and about a pound of Thai weed, continuously resupplied also. They would have sex with about three women and girls on any given days. Whether the females were always new, I have no idea. The females were always very willing. It’s conceivable that he could go through up to 100 females in a summer.

This guy was this ultimate bitchin’ surfer dude who lived at the beach with all the rest of us. Despite his endless conquests, no one hated him, and females gladly lined up to take a number and wait in line to have sex with him, I guess for a notch on their belts too.

I figure he was “The Man with the Golden Sperm“. I think evolutionarily, this guy is seen as having the most awesome genes of all, and a good number of young females subconsciously want to bear his kids and perpetuate his awesome line. There’s no other explanation that makes sense for this behavior.

He was a very good friend of mine, but you had to watch out when you hung around with him. Everywhere you went with him, strange women would start staring at him like they were hypnotized.

Also, whenever you were with him more than a few hours, there were always going to be some good looking females popping up out of nowhere, mostly ones you had never seen before. They always wanted to have sex. First with him, next, as second choice, with any of the Men with the Semi-Golden Sperm who were accompanying him.

So if you were worried about having sex with strange women on a moment’s notice, you couldn’t even hang around the guy.

One thing that I noticed was his life was quite hectic! Juggling all these women is pretty much a full time job. The phone was always ringing, he was always going here or there, you were always meeting different people, or new people were showing up and leaving. He was “hypersocial.”

He finally got married and moved to San Francisco with his wife and a couple of friends. I saw him a year or so later (30 years ago). He called me, and I showed up at a hotel room on the beach around noon (I was a working college student at the time). As I entered the room, a beautiful young blonde was leaving with a satisfied smile on her face. He swore he was going to be faithful to his wife, but I guess not!

He opened up a suitcase on the bed, and there were several pounds of pot in there all neatly bagged into one ounce bags. I looked and started laughing. We both started laughing really hard and almost fell onto the floor. Heavy drug scenes like that were always funny, because it was totally illegal, and you could get busted anytime, but that just made it even more exciting, daring and ultra-macho.

I bought an ounce from him and saw him later that evening. I never saw him again.

Five years later (25 years ago), I heard he was still in San Francisco. At age 25, he now owned two or three homes in SF, not cheap real estate. He was a major cocaine dealer. He lived in one house and kept his stuff in another one. He was described as “so hot you don’t want to go near him.” That means he’s a huge dealer, and he’s dangerous in that he can be busted big-time at any time, and if you are with him, you’re going to jail too.

Six years later, I heard he was still around and out of jail somehow.

Last year, I saw him on the Internet. He had landed on his feet and was back in Orange County and selling real estate. I called him up, told him I was a ghost from his past and asked him to figure out who I was. I couldn’t stop laughing. He kept saying, “Who is this?” but I never told him. Then he hung up.

Even when he was doing the ultimate womanizer thing, he wasn’t an ass, and almost everyone liked him. Even females who had been with him didn’t resent him and most seemed to be pleased to have his notch on their belts.

I never lived like anything close to this guy, but he was my idol for a while, and I was always trying to emulate him when I was young. At one time though, very long ago, I regularly had three girlfriends at once, and there were as many casuals as I could manage in between.

Females were always dumping me and screaming at me, people were always telling me what a scum I was, but in between, the fun never stopped. I was lying to everyone all the time, but I didn’t care. People see what you are doing and can’t believe it. As word gets around, instead of being repulsed, all these new strange females start showing up acting awfully friendly, asking to take a number and stand in line. You’re The Man with the Golden Sperm.

But more than anything else, my life was totally hectic and insane. People have no idea how much work this is!

I remember once I went to visit my cousins in another state. They lived there with my aunts and grandparents. A while before, I had had sex with my hot female cousin, but that ended, and we were just best friends. I would go up there, and she would get out her phone book and start calling all her female friends. The Man with the Golden Sperm is in town! Any takers?

She took me around to her friends, introducing me to them. Some said forget it, but one liked me, N, a Russian girl. My cousin fixed me up with her.

“Sexdude,” my cousin said, whispering in my ear. “When you go out with her, make sure you fuck her.”

“Why?” I asked incredulously.

“I don’t think she’s ever been laid,” my cuz said, “and you’re a great place for her to start. After all,” she said with a sly wink in her eye, “You’re the Man with the Golden Sperm.”

I dated her friend, and there was lots of fun.

Later my younger cousin came around. She was 14. She saw that my older cousin, age 18, was fixing her friends up with me. She got jealous.

She called me aside.

“Sexman,” she said. “I want you to go out with my friend.”

“Huh?” I was incredulous.

We had spent the day riding skateboards and smoking dope.

“She’s 14. And I’m 21. I could go to jail,” I pointed out.

“So? What does that matter to the Man with the Golden Sperm?” She said with a hurt look on her face.

She was right. So date her I did, that very night.

I was staying at my cousins, and the phone kept ringing when I was gone. My aunt kept answering it and taking the messages. She would rattle them off when I got home.

In a single day, Female Cousin One called, Female Cousin Two called, Strange Girl One called, Strange Girl Two called. My aunt was standing there, wobbling a bit, unable to believe this was really happening. She was shaking her head incredulously. I had just shown up from another state yesterday, and half the girls in town were already calling for me. How could she not admire The Man with the Golden Sperm?

My aunt’s best friend M, a Greek woman, was 40 years old and single. She caught wind of my antics. Of course, instead of being disgusted, she wanted a piece of the action herself. I met the older woman, and she was hot for me all right, but nothing ever came of it.

I always laugh whenever I hear people (especially women) say how much women hate womanizers. That’s not been my experience.

Even my Mom, a deeply traditional woman born in the 1930’s, chuckled and shook her head with a hint of admiration and incredulity when I told her of Steve’s incredible sexual accomplishments. How many men could pull off what he did? Truth is almost none. Even my own Mom found a tiny place in her heart for the Man with the Golden Sperm.

Later I told her how he was running around being a huge cocaine dealer, and she chuckled and shook her head again with that same look of incredulity and a hint of admiration. She’s never done an illegal drug in her life, and she doesn’t think much of dopers.

Recently I told her who he had landed on his feet and was selling real estate in Orange County. She stopped in her tracks and stared at me.

“So he never got caught. He never got caught from all that coke dealing.” She was chuckling again and shaking her head with that same look.

“Guess not,” I said. “He always seemed to land on his feet.”

There’s a moral to the story, Bob. Everyone talks about how evil womanizers are, but deep down inside, a lot of us love The Man with the Golden Sperm. How could we not?


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Child Pornography on the Internet: An Investigative Report by Internetman

A few years ago, I met a fellow who I will call Internetman. Three years ago, he was about 40 years old. I didn’t take notes of our conversation, so I will reconstruct it from scratch. Obviously, he will sound like me. This is what happens when you don’t take notes or record. All interviewees sound like you.

He was involved in the early Internet scene from 1998-2001 or so, and he delved into the Internet pedo and child porn scene, if only out of curiosity. He’s a straight male with an attraction to mature females, but he’s also somewhat attracted to females aged 13-15 and very much less attracted to females age 7-12. In other words, he’s a completely normal male in terms of age attraction.

One thing I will say about him is that he is a trysexual. He’s a total sex maniac who has screwed more women than I can count, plus maybe a guy or two. He is into most every perversion and kink on Earth, so it figures he would dabble in the pedo thing for a bit.

My dx is that he is not a pedophile in any way, shape or form, though obviously, many may differ. He’s simply one of the biggest sex freaks I’ve ever met, and he’s a guy who thinks about, fantasizes about but not necessarily always does just about anything sexual.

During the interview, some strong pot was smoked by both parties, and we were drinking quite a bit of wine.

RL: Hi there, how are you?

Internetman: Fine,and you?

RL: So tell me about the Internet pedo/child porn scene. How did it all start for you?

Internetman: Well, I was into Yahoo chat rooms. I also went to all sorts of other perverted Internet chatrooms. I used to have cybersex with women there all the time, and also I made a lot of female friends and used to talk to them online about sexual matters and other stuff. I was also spending a lot of time in chatrooms chasing women of all sorts, trying to find new women.

So I was online talking to women, playing sex with women, or talking about sex with women a good part of the time. I was also dating sporadically. And of course I was jacking all the time, because I am Fapmaster Flash, the greatest fapmaster that ever lived.

RL: Not bigger than I was? I nearly broke my dick off there for a while!

Internetman: Well, close. A dick’s best friend is its hand.

RL: Anyway…

Internetman: Well, on Yahoo there used to be chatrooms that were turned over to Adults Only. There were also Romance Chat rooms, but those were bullshit, because I only want sex. Screw love. Sex first, then love later, maybe, if the woman wants to take it that way. There were also other weird Internet sex chatrooms set up all over the net, some devoted to particular fetishes. There were also swinger chatrooms, for sex swingers. I used to go to all those chatrooms to talk to chicks, play with them, whatever.

RL: How many women did you meet that way, in a sexual sense?

Internetman: Scores, hundreds, no idea.

RL: Were there cams around, or voice?

Internetman: This was before the cam era. The cams were just coming online around 2001. Voice was not common, but I voiced with a few chicks towards the end, around 2003. Also some called me up on the phone, and we sort of did phone sex. Most cybersex was just typing. Many people of both sexes and all ages were in on this. The number of women in the 20’s, 30’s and even 40’s into this stuff would seriously blow you away. Sure, there were tons of guys, but there were many, many women. And some were married women, looking for men.

RL: Did you meet any of them?

Internetman: No comment, but typically, or rather sadly, many lived too far away. I had women constantly inviting me to come see them, and saying that sex was going to be on the agenda. But I would have had to fly there, so I never went.

RL: What is the scene like now?

Internetman: Dead as Hell. It has all been taken over by scammers, spammers and camwhores. The rooms are full of women on cam, but they are all camwhores. All other women are bots advertising camwhores or porn sites. The chatrooms have all been destroyed by capitalism. There are no more female humans of any kind in there. It’s sad.

Also, around 2004, the rooms got invaded by Internet romance scammers out of the Philippines, Russia, Eastern Europe, Nigeria and other places in West Africa. You would strike up a relationship in there, and then the women would start asking for money while professing love. They ask for money for airline tickets to come see you, etc. A lot of times, it is a man pretending to be a woman, so you fall in love with a man. LOL. Many guys have been taken for a lot of money via this scam.

I also developed many close relationships with women overseas. Some fell in love with me. This was nice, but we never got together. Sometimes we talked on the phone. It seems ridiculous, but it’s always nice to be in love, even if it’s a continent away. If I had a choice between overseas Internet love and no love, I would choose the former. A life without love is painful to me. I’m a man who likes to be in love with a woman and especially vice versa.

RL: What were the adult rooms like?

Internetman: Yahoo set up many rooms around all these different adult themes. Then there were user rooms set up for different themes, and this is where there was some really perverted stuff going on. I mean seriously perverted! LOL!

RL: Did you keep doing this into the cam and voice era?

Internetman: Yes I did. After cams got big, a lot of guys had cams. But few women did. I would meet women online, and as soon as they figured out I had a cam, they would be like, “Get on that cam right now, dammit!” Then when I got on the cam, they would be like, “Take it off, baby!” You know how women are, a lot of them are just whores deep down inside. And I seem to bring it right out of them.

RL: Me too. Thank God for sluts!

Internetman: Yes, on the seventh day, God made sluts! Anyway, in 2004-2008, I had some relationships, mostly overseas, that were fun. Twice the women got on cam. One time this chick who lived a few hundred miles away was banging herself with a candle for like 1-2 hours. I had my cam on too, and I jacked and came, but she was a freight train. You know how woman are. They’re like a machine that once you turn it on, you can’t figure out how to shut it off!

Another time this woman from the Netherlands masturbated for about an hour or so with me. She was hot! Those were the only two times. One time a woman from Egypt got me on cam and I put on show while she cheered. Then she got on voice and masturbated on voice for a really long time. “Uggh, Ohhhh, Owwwwww….” It went on like that for 30 minutes or so. It was hot, man! You could hear the Cairo traffic below LOL. All three of those women were about 42-45, an age at which a lot of women are incredibly horny.

I had others who were always getting me on cam. Then they would start demanding I get naked. Then they want a show! So I gave them one. I used to jack for women all time on cam. It was a blast! They would watch, urge me on, cheer me on, etc. Sometimes I would take pics with my cam and mail them to the chicks, and the chicks would collect pics of me naked, jacking, whatever.

I also got some pics from women, like pics of their pussies, their tits, them wearing little to nothing, them naked, them fucking or sucking guys, etc. I had a whole collection of naked women pics. They were sending me this stuff all the time.

RL: I have a bunch of those too. Women were always sending me that stuff for a while. What is your opinion of cybersex?

Internetman: Good times! I even cybered with some relatively famous women. I talked to a few porn stars, mostly amateur, but some not. One from Japan and one from Germany. And one famous one from the US who I will not name. Straight cyber is a blast, but audio is better, and camming is the best. Best of all is audio or camming with the woman getting off and you can see or hear her, but it’s not that common. It’s mostly chicks getting you on cam and the chicks not having a cam.

RL: Did you ever worry it was a guy on the other end?

Internetman: A few times it was! One time I think it was a whole Internet chat cafe in Nigeria, with Black guys who must have been all laughing at me.

RL: Is there ever action right in the room?

Internetman: Sometimes there was action right in the room. In user-created rooms, they would set up themes. Some of them were really wild. Some had torture or enslavement themes. There were women in there who wanted to be submissive or enslaved or whatever.

I remember one time I was in this room called “Rape Me!” I know it sounds insane, but that room was full of women! And they all wanted to be raped! Crazy or what? This 33 year old married woman came in the room and she goes, “I’m going to piss all over these Goddamn bitches!” LOL. Good times!

Sometimes there were sex scenes right in the rooms. I would go at it right in the rooms with chicks and these other women would start cheering us on. “I’m watching Internetman! Oh Hell yeah.” I think they were masturbating watching me play with the chicks. It was fun!

There were rooms set up for kinks like golden showers. I went in this one room and there was this chick in the room and she was like, “Piss on me!” all the guys were walking up to her and pissing all over head. LOL! It was great!

RL: Were any of the females underage?

Internetman: You see,that’s the thing. Back in those days, there were so many females in rooms and on the Net. Females of all kinds were coming to chat on ICQ mostly, and some were underage. And there were some underage girls in the rooms too. And there were user-created rooms like Older Men for Younger Women and Younger Women for Older Men. They were extremely popular! Mostly teenage girls in there, age 15-up to young adulthood. You would go to talk to them, and they would be like, “I love older men! I love older men!” Guys would be like 20’s to 40’s or so. Do you have any idea how many teenage girls are into men, even older men? A lot! That’s partly why all these guys are going down. The girls are probably going after these men because that is exactly what they do.

RL: Did you ever mess around with the underage girls?

Internetman: Yes I did! LOL, what does that make me? A pedo? A pervert? Fuck it. I did it and it was fun. Girls were 15-17 for the most part. One was 14 from the Netherlands. She was in this room and she writes, “I want to suck a cok!.” She misspelled it LOL. I’m like cool, so I message her and we do it, tons of fun, and she was really perverted. After she asks me my age, and she freaked out at how old I was and was disappointed. I didn’t care, screw it!

One time I met this chick in there, 15 year old girl. She was seriously perverted, and we had a lot of fun. We exchanged pics, and I thought I was just going to get normal pics. Instead this 15 year old girl sent me nudes! So she sent me some nude pics, one when she was 14 and one when she was 15. The conversation ended because her mother’s boyfriend who was like 35 years old came in the room and wanted sex. She said she was going to go fuck him. I said, “Whoa! Don’t do it!” She said, “I can’t turn him down. I’m addicted.” Then she went offline.

RL: How were the pics?

Internetman: They were hot! A naked girl that age just looks like a woman, a little young, and the breasts are not quite as full, but they have full pussy hair and all. More or less a woman’s body by that age. Looked just as good as a naked woman, no better, no worse.

RL: Where are the pics?

Internetman: Deleted. Back in those days, it was no worries. But now things are extremely insane, and no way am I going to have any nude pics of teenage girls on my drive. I like women just fine anyway. I don’t have a teen fetish, and I think it’s weird if you do.

Another time this woman was in a chatroom. She was 18, but she had been molested all through her youth since age 8 by her family. Or that was her story. She told me this story, and how she had two sisters, 9 and 12 or so, and they were in on the scene too, the pedophilia scene. Pennsylvania, family affair. The girls were having sex from an early age with all the males of the family, father, uncles, cousins.

I guess a lot of guys must find that story exciting, because she said she had told it to like 90 young guys in that room, and they were all getting off on it. She thought most of them were just regular guys. I think they were just normal guys, but they liked the forbidden nature of it.

I realize that it was a story of molestation, but the kids were getting off on it, so it seemed less bad. Though just the same, I guess it’s not right. Anyway, I would not do it. I wouldn’t turn them in either though. The girls were apparently having fun, so why turn them in?

RL: Ever do any cam or voice cybering with underage girls?

Internet Man: Well, sort of. One time I was in this room. It was full of people, mostly teenagers, but there were a bunch of adults in there too, and even several adult women! The people in the room said a girl was naked on cam, so a lot of us went to look at her. She looked really young, but she was seriously hot too. She was naked, and she was masturbating like wild! It was cool, man!

I was like WTF. Then the people in the room said she’s only 13 years old. One guy said, “I know her! She goes to my school!” Well, she could well have been 13. But she had very full and large breasts, though they had that funny look about them? You know how girls’ breasts about 14-16 look, even if they are good sized? Sort of funny or weird in some strange way. Not quite a woman’s breasts for some reason.

She had full hair on her pussy. She was just like a woman in so many ways. But she had a very young little girl kind of face, and when she shut off the cam, she acted like a little girl in some way I can’t describe.

But to tell the truth, the show was seriously hot! LOL.

RL: Was it illegal?

Internet Man: LOL, I guess so, but there were a bunch of adults in the room too, including grown women, so what the Hell, eh? She was putting on a show for everyone of her own free will. What are they going to do? Arrest the whole room? Crazy. They would have had to arrest like 30 people, including quite a few girls and a few grown women.

But this was in a freer era. I’m very paranoid now. I don’t know what I would do if I ran across that now. I hope I don’t. Things are so weird now.

RL:  Anything else?

Internet Man: Well, I used to talk to this young girl, 14 years old, on ICQ. She was rich and lived in Venice Beach, California. Her Dad was a notorious playboy, and she lived with him. Never-ending parade of women coming in and out. She thought it was funny. She used to talk to me about her body and how it was developing. We had some interesting conversations!

She kept bugging me to send her porn to look at, so finally I sent her some. It was really hardcore stuff, way dirty, but I won’t say what it was. She thought it was sort of shocking. Cool chick, lot of fun to talk to, but we never did anything sexual.

RL:  Is any of that illegal?

Internet Man: You see, this was another era. You could send a teenage girl porn online. You could cyber with teenage girls. But now, adults are actually going down for talking dirty to teenage girls via texting and whatnot! There have been some cases. And clearly they can bust you for sending porn to a teenage girl.

And I think some guys on To Catch a Predator were even busted for talking dirty in chat to teenage girls. So anymore: You can’t talk dirty, cyber with or send porn to teenage girls online. It’s apparently all illegal now. No way am I ever doing this again, or at least I hope not.

RL: Ever see any real child porn (CP)?

Internetman: Well, you see, those rooms, they are perverted. Nothing but perverts in there of both sexes. And one thing is porn pic trading. People do pic trading all the time in there. Well, one time I was talking to this guy who was in there with his young wife. They were both perverts. The guy sends me this pic without asking, and I accept it. It’s like an older man nailing some little girl, screwing her! I look and it, and I’m like, “Whoa!” and deleted it right away.

RL: How did it look?

Internetman: Not erotic. More sick and disturbing. Like wrong. Hard to describe. It seemed like a bomb was heading right in my face from the computer ready to blow up in my face when I saw that pic. I couldn’t delete it fast enough.

Another time I met this guy in the rooms, and he was a major pervert. Young guy from San Diego, 23 years old, had a hot live-in gf, and they had sex all the time. But he also had a thing for girls around puberty age. I was getting curious, so I started talking to him.

He started sending me pics from Russia. I forget what they were exactly. Seemed to be girls about age 12 or 13. That doesn’t do much for me, but there is a “forbidden” factor about it that can be exciting. I didn’t really understand the guy’s fetish. He spent a lot of time dredging this illegal stuff up because it’s hard to find.

Guys would come to me on ICQ and say, “Pic trade?” I usually said yes because I’m a perv. One guy from Netherlands sent me CP without asking. I was mad and deleted it instantly like it was poison.

Later I got a bit curious because I came across the CP fiction stories.

RL: What are those?

Internetman: Well, they are legal! I got into that for a while because it was forbidden, so it was kind of hot. I actually jacked to some of those stories because they were exciting in some forbidden, ought-to-be-illegal kind of way. So it just became another of my zillion perversions and kinks. Later I felt guilty about jacking to those stories, and I decided I didn’t want to explore that area of sexuality.

RL: So are you a pedophile?

Internetman: Don’t think so. I’m not into that stuff, don’t want to explore it anymore, don’t want to read about, and anyway, I get off just fine on like a million other things. There’s a million other kinks, etc. I would rather explore. If you dx me pedo, you have to dx me with every other thousand kink and fetish in and out of the DSM. I don’t get off on little girls really. Like not at all, or not much anyway. Pedos are crazy for little girls. If you’re not crazy for little girls, you’re not a pedo, period.

RL: I don’t think you’re a pedo. Keep in mind that 26% of males react pretty strongly to pedo stimuli in the lab. Are 26% of all men pedos? I don’t think so. Most of them can take it or leave it. Pedo stuff is a very strong and persistent interest though, one of their main interests.

Internetman: Well, anyway, I started exploring further, and I got interested in CP. I wanted to see it, to see what all the fuss was about. So I spent like 2-3 weeks pounding away at the Net trying to find it. It is that hard to find. Finally I found a lot of it, but it was in Yahoo Groups! Back then Yahoo Groups were almost unpoliced, and there were lots of Yahoo CP Groups springing up all the time. They would pop up like mushrooms, immediately get like 8-14,000 members, then vanish into thin air. That was the MO.

RL: What guys were in the groups?

Internetman: Well, back then, you could talk to people in the groups, but Yahoo got rid of that feature. I talked to some of the guys. They seemed like regular, normal guys, just really curious. This stuff is illegal, and I honestly think the vast majority who look at it are just “curiosity seekers.” Not pedos in any way, shape or form.

One time I talked to the owner of a group.

RL: Who was he? Was he a pedo?

Internetman: A Bulgarian. I don’t think he was a pedo even 1%. What was he then? The guy was simply a criminal. He was Organized Crime. He was just doing this as a lucrative criminal venture. He said, “Here in Bulgaria, nothing is legal, nothing is illegal. Everything is legal, everything is illegal.” He was laughing the whole time.

RL: You saw the pics? How did you react?

Internetman: Yes, I did. Grown men having sex with very young girls for the most part. Well, some of it was a bit hot, because it’s like a beautiful young girl sucking a cock, say, and it seems the same as if it was a woman.

But a lot was downright disturbing and even upsetting, and I think the very idea of adults have sex with kids is dubious and ought to be illegal. A lot of kids are hurt by this. Yes, some like it, but so what? It should be illegal just because it’s weird if for no other reason. Guys who do it need to go down hard. And CP unfortunately probably needs to be illegal too. I won’t have any on my drive, I won’t mess around with any kids, and pedo stuff is not part of my fantasy life. I don’t want to do any of those things anyway though. There is some stuff kids should not be exposed to, and one of those things is sex.

I remember one pic in particular was very upsetting. I think that guy in San Diego sent me the url. It was a guy about 40 screwing this girl who was like 8.

Something was just so wrong, sick and messed up about that. The man was way too big and too old, the girl was way too young and too small. I would not say it was “sick,” but it was just very weird, disturbing and upsetting. Sort of like those sicko gore and shock videos online. It was almost traumatizing to look at it. You look at it, and the main thing you think is, “WRONG. That is so wrong.”

You can’t even put your finger on why it’s wrong, it’s just wrong in some hard-to-describe way. It’s fucked up, and it’s so fucked up, it should not even be legal. It almost seems to scream crime too. But was it “sick?” Not really. Some behavior is just fucked up, wrong, not OK, messed up. So messed up that it ought to be outright banned, and if you do it, the cops should be able to haul you off. It’s something society should not tolerate for the simple reason that it is too fucked up to exist in a decent society. OK?

RL: More or less my feelings too, though I have seen little of this stuff.

Internetman: You have seen CP?

RL: Only a few times. I used to prowl around on dirty Yahoo profiles all the time. And I found a few profiles that had CP on them as profile pics. Mostly it was young kids screwing each other, like a 9-10 year old boy and a girl the same age, but that also looks very weird and disturbing in some bizarro kind of way. Should it be illegal to do it? No idea. But pics like that should not be allowed.

I also saw some weird profile pics that were like mothers and daughters. Not sure if it was CP, but it seemed messed up. And a couple of times pic trading morons sent me pics of that crap. Like you, I was freaked out and deleted it immediately. I have seen maybe several photos of it – a few on Yahoo profiles, couple others idiots sent me.

Internetman: Oh well, so I completed my investigation!

RL: You sure did. Should CP and adult-child sex, say, adults 18+ and girls under age 13, be illegal?

Internetman: Oh Hell yeah. That stuff is so hard to find, and that’s because it is illegal. Once you make it legal, it will be everywhere, and that will be a catastrophe. And it’s a lie that it’s everywhere on the Net, simple for anyone to find. It is nearly impossible for the average surfer to accidentally run across such things.

Adult-child sex needs to be illegal, especially age 12 and below. I don’t care what excuses they have. It hurts a lot of the kids, and anyway it ought be illegal, #1, just for being weird if for no other reason.

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The Advantages of Patronizing a Prostitute

There are indeed advantages to buying a whore.

I decided to ask Sexmaniacman about it. He’s bought a few whores in his life. Not too many. Less than a dozen I would say.

I must say that buying a beautiful whore at say an Oriental Massage joint is a great experience. You get to have total knockout, kickass, disease-free sex with a totally gorgeous babe, and there’s no bullshit and crap that I always have to put with with a regular woman in order to get laid. No whore has ever questioned my masculinity or wondered if I was gay or not. No whore ever told me I was not a man. No whore ever emasculated me.

No whore ever screamed at me. No whore ever bitched me out. No whore ever started whimpering and bitching that I was mistreating her and using her. No whore ever hated me when we were done for what we just did. No whore ever complained that I hustled her into bed. No whore ever accused me of using her.

No whore ever played phone games with me. No whore ever demanded that I make more money. No whore ever called me a loser. No whore ever laughed in my face.

It’s just straight up fucking! The way sex ought to be.


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Sexmaniacman Praises Sex Crimes

Repost from the old site.

Sexmaniacman kept reading the news in the papers and on the Net, and could not believe his eyes anymore.

A US diplomat goes to Brazil and “molests” some “little girls” aged 14-17, which Sexmaniacman assumed is perfectly legal in Brazil. He comes back to the US and gets arrested on “pedophile” charges.

A gay man “molests” a 15-year-old gay “little boy” prostitute in the Philippines, comes home to the US, and is arrested and labeled “pedophile”. His arrest is uncovered when he goes to work for a local politician and his career is shot.

A local US mayor with long hair and a beard like a ZZ Top musician “molests” a 15-year-old “little girl”. He’s sentenced to prison and reviled by a town who hopes he stays away for a long time.

Roman Polanski gives a 13-year-old girl a Quaalude long ago, “molests” her, flees the phony prosecution for the sanity of France, where he remains to this day.

Mark Foley does little more than talk dirty to some “little boy” pages aged 16-17 (some of whom apparently enjoyed it), never touches any of them even once, and is labeled “pedophile”.

In the UK, a father takes pictures of his kids on a slide in the park and insane irate mothers order him to stop taking pictures, and when he refuses, they go to the cops. Obviously he’s a child molester. Whoops. He’s just a father taking pics of his own kids.

Sexmaniacman looks at all the “pedophiles” above and cheers them on, despite the hysteria, although he thinks Mark Foley was an idiot. Sexmaniacman figures that if these guys want to have sex with teenagers, that’s their business. Sexmaniacman realizes it’s illegal, and he hopes he won’t do it himself, but he can’t see it as a sin.

We’re in the midst of madness. Child Molester Mass Hysteria, to be precise.

Sexmaniacman did lots of “molesting”, and had lots of fun, back in the day. He was 18, 19 and 20, and the women and “little girls” never stopped coming. The females were all ages, but plenty were 14, 15, 16 and 17. He had sex with them all, and then he got up in the morning and did it some more. He’s proud of it to this very day. Nowadays, he’d be a “pedophile” for doing that. Back in the day, it was just good times.

Sexmaniacman had some “pedophile” friends. One was 28 years old, had a 16-yr-old “little girl” girlfriend, and “molested” her regularly.

Sexmaniacman cheered his friend on for this dastardly “pedophile” episode.

Sexmaniacman had another friend, Killerdude. He was 29 years old, and they were over at Killerdude’s Mom’s house getting high as kites and laughing their asses off. Killerdude’s little sister’s 15-yr-old girlfriend walked out of the bedroom and out the front door, waving goodbye. Killerdude confided to Sexmaniacman that he had just had sex with that “little girl” the other day.

His sister had approached Killerdude, said her friend wanted to have sex with him, and would he do it? He obviously obliged. What else could he do but “molest” her, right?

Sexmaniacman approved, and cheered his “pedophile” friend on.

Sexmaniacman gave up on the young girls when he turned 21. After that, they needed to be 18. In dubious cases, he even asked for ID.

Sexmaniacman read a pdf on the Net about Costa Rica. There are all kinds of American men down there having all sorts of sex fun with girls and women. In Costa Rica, a girl is a woman at age 13.

So you could say that Costa Rica is just a nation of sex perverts and child molesting sick fucks, and the whole country needs to be arrested. The males all need prison or castration or preferably both, and the females all need lifetime therapy for “getting molested”.

Sexmaniacman cheers on Costa Rica in their freedom of choice and thumbing their nose at Child Molester Mass Hysteria.

There are men down there, American men, the pdf said, older guys, and some are having sex with underage girls. It didn’t really give ages, but the implication was they were 14-17 years old. The guys were also doing it with women. They were just screwing anything, like any real man does if he gets a chance. The Costa Ricans wouldn’t do anything about it because they didn’t think it was a crime.

Sexmaniacman cheered them on, all of them, the American men doing this, the Costa Ricans for shrugging their shoulders, and the girls for having a good time. He didn’t think he would want to go to Costa Rica, or any foreign land, and do it himself, since teenage girls hardly interested him much anymore, but he didn’t care if another guy did.

The idiots in the US government, egged on by the Child Molester Mass Hysteria sweeping the land, passed a weird and retarded law. Only women and pussy-whipped married men would ever pass such a bitchy law, but pass it did.

It bizarrely extended the purview of US law overseas! If an American man of any age goes to a foreign land and has sex with a girl or boy who is 17 years and 11 months old or younger, he goes down on US child molesting laws!

Although at first it would seem that US law should never extend to crimes committed in foreign lands, which are properly the purview of those foreign lands, Sexmaniacman realized that this happened for a reason.

Actual Western pedophiles were going to Philippines, Thailand and other places and having sex with really young kids, because it was more or less legal over there, and the locals didn’t care. In order to put a stop to this, the US and Western Europe passed some laws to bust pedos when they went overseas to molest little kids.

Otherwise, Western pedos would run around the world seeking out 3rd World hellholes where no one cared about pedo stuff, and dollars shut up everyone. In order to put a stop to this, anti-pedo laws were passed in the West extending Western law to other nations.

Sexmaniacman thought long and hard about this, and finally decided that this was really weird and legally obtuse, but still unfortunately right and proper in the case of Westerners having sex with actual little kids, but not with teenagers.

One thing Sexmaniacman bemoaned with the coming of Child Molester Mass Hysteria was the extinction of statutory rape, a perfectly valid category, and its blurring with actual pedophilia with young kids. Child Molester Mass Hysteria came to America, and quickly, a 17-yr-old girl and a 9-yr-old girl were the same thing. They were both “children”, and those of all ages who had sex fun with them were all sick evil pedo fucks.

Even teenage boys were going down on these sissy, bitchy pedo laws for the crime of proving their manliness by sticking it to their teenage girlfriends. It was as if Iraq or Iran had come to the USA. A 13-yr-old boy and his girl have some sex fun, videotape it on cell phones and pass it around. The boy, but not the girl, goes down on charges of distributing child pornography. Just as the feminazi bitches would have it.

The anti-pedo laws, the blurring of teenage sex fun with sick child sex, the idiot wind attacking virile teenage boys and young men – they were all part of the war American women and girls were waging on real American men and boys. The bitches’ wormboy boyfriends, vaginized male allies and pussy-whipped husbands defending the chastity of teenage daughters – they were all behind this bullshit too.

Real American men and testosterone-charged American boys, the few that were left, should have stood up to this attack on manliness, but they were too scared of the pedo charge to speak up.

Millions of vaginized males and girlymen all over America stood up alongside their pants-wearing, hysterical girlfriends and wives, screeching defense of the fake honor of hymenless 17-yr-old girls all over our fair land.

There were some serious issues here. Sexmaniacman had to agree. What was to be done?

You couldn’t exactly legalize sex between adults and teens all the way down to age 14 or so. Otherwise you would have guys 40 and 50 walking down the street in broad daylight with their 15-yr-old girlfriends in tow. Sexmaniacman decided that that would not do.

How’s about we went back to the old days, Sexmaniacman suggested?

Two laws.

One called statutory rape, judiciously prosecuted against egregious cases of sex between men and girls and gay boys 14-17. Another, child molesting, for sex between adults and girls and boys under the age of 14.

Overseas, clearly there was a national interest in the West to stop pedos from heading to SE Asia to have sex with little kids. If the Thais won’t stop it, doggone it, we will. Sexmaniacman nodded his approval.

But Sexmaniacman could see no national interest in busting a Western man of any age for messing with a teenage girl in some sweltering foreign land. That was beyond absurd.

Child porn. Sexmaniacman pondered the very phrase, and lately did so frequently, and he didn’t even feel guilty. He loved to think about child porn, since it offered so many legal and philosophical quandaries.

Child porn! The phrase alone drove Americans to paroxysms of madness.

It actually posed a most difficult case, Sexmaniacman noted. To merely look at the stuff was a crime. Child porn was on the Net, and you could find it if you really, really tried. Could you stumble upon it? Highly dubious.

Sexmaniacman felt that in analogy, child porn seemed like the case of a book in a library. It sat on a special shelf called the Internet Shelf. The book was out there in plain view, but there were signs next to it saying DO NOT LOOK AT THIS BOOK! ILLEGAL! LOCAL ORDINANCE BLA BLA BLA! Now and again, some maniac thrillseeker would grab the book and sneak a glance at a few pages.

They would almost always be caught, and the police would haul them away. They would be bashed in the press and their communities as sickos for looking at a book in the library, and their careers and lives would be ruined.

Although this scenario seems absurd, Sexmaniacman realized that that’s pretty much how it is with child porn. It’s out there on the Net, but if you look at it, you’re going to prison. It has to be just about one of the only things on Earth, Sexmaniacman noted, that, if you look at it, you go to prison. Think about it, real hard. Anything else illegal to steal a glance at? Anyone?

Sexmaniacman pondered the weird legal and philosophical arguments for why looking at something , say, child porn, or anything, really, should be illegal:

Child porn is the portrayal of a crime.

Therefore, when you look at it, you violate the kid’s privacy. Ok, but the kid has no idea you looked at their pic. Sexmaniacman felt it was impossible to argue that by stealing a glance at their porn pic, you have psychically harmed this kid via telepathy.

Furthermore, Sexmaniacman pointed out that there are all sorts of videos out on the Net that depict crimes, sometimes homicides. You can even find them on this blog. Should those not be illegal too? After all, they portray a crime, no? Or should they be allowed because the victims are dead and can’t be harmed anymore?

When you look at child porn, you create a market for it, and that makes producers abuse more kids.

Well, ok, Sexmaniacman nodded. But once again, the criminal appears to be the person who made the child porn, not some guy looking at a picture.

What about trafficking? Sexmaniacman agreed this was a tough one. Here things get more dicey. Now you are actually making money off kids getting molested. He noted that this is getting quite close to actual harm, but there are still some problems.

Sexmaniacman offered up the scenario of the stuff being traded back and forth by pedos for free. No profit is involved, but Sexmaniacman figured we can’t really legalize it, can we? If we did, child porn trading sites would open up all over the web, and probably those who make the stuff would create more of it. Sexmaniacman felt that society had an interest in preventing that.

No matter that merely looking at the stuff constituted quite a bizarre sort of crime. Sexmaniacman offered up, “What if we acted logical and said it was legal to look at the stuff, but not to peddle it?” But then he noted that child porn sites would pop up all over the web, just for folks to “look at”. Society clearly has an interest in preventing that.

As far as the Internet goes, Sexmaniacman felt that probably the present state of affairs is the best. Child porn is quite illegal, hence it is extremely difficult to find, although with enough effort and hours of searching by savvy Net users, it’s surely out there. So child porn is rare and very hard to find. It’s almost impossible to stumble upon it by accident. This is probably the way it ought to be, he agreed.

Sexmaniacman pointed out that if we allowed folks to look at it, websites would sprout up all over, and hundreds of thousands or millions of people would be looking at the stuff, just like they are feasting on all the other shock stuff out there. And that didn’t seem right to Sexmaniacman.

Sexmaniacman bemoaned the fact that child porn, child molesting and statutory rape are subjects that are banned from polite conversation, and frankly all conversation, in today’s Idiot America. The only talk allowed about these subjects is to rant about how we want to castrate the sick fucks who “molest”. No problem ever got solved by not talking about it, or only talking stupid about it.

Just to piss people off and make them hate him more than they already did, Sexmaniacman deliberately brought up these subjects, especially in public, just to watch the freakouts and hard stares.

Despite the fact that hardly anyone was talking sensibly about this sick stuff but Sexmaniacman, he noted that these areas opened up a lot of interesting philosophical and legal dilemmas that do not have easy answers.


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Western Women’s Culture of Meanness

Repost from the old site.

In the comments section, Lafayette Sennacherib says, possibly jokingly:

I’ll go along with feminism this far: it’s ok for women to bring in a wage, as long as they still rear the kids, clean the place, cook, sew, provide regular sex, are totally faithful unless it’s with another woman and we can watch/share, and don’t mind their men having a bit on the side. Fair’s fair! We owe them that much!

I don’t know if he’s joking or not, but I won’t even go that far. I decided to ask Sexmaniacman his opinion of LS’ post, and here is what he said:

Bob, first of all, thanks so much for inviting me over so I can write about this. My complaint, Bob, is that feminism has cultivated a culture of meanness, at least here in the US. I would say that American women have cultivated a culture of meanness, but I think they reason they have is feminism. Feminism makes women pissed off at us men. Period. Full stop.As a het guy who chooses to deal with women as more than platonic friends, I don’t dig being hated on. It sucks, and it feels deflating to my cock.

I’ve gotten to the point now where I can have sex even with a woman who completely hates me and is making that clear as we are engaging in the sex act, but it wasn’t always that way. Angry, bitchy, emasculating women make men impotent. Either physically, psychologically, or spiritually.

I figure even non-feminist women are bitchy enough sometimes. Add feminism into the stew and now they are way bitchier even than they are normally. Fuck that. I hate bitchy women. Nothing worse.

One thing that I have noticed is that a lot of wimpy, leftwing, pro-feminist men love bitchy women. They sit back and cheer them on.

And these bitchy feminists are attracted to wimpy pro-feminist guys, but the truth is that these guys’ wimpiness drives the feminists insane, because even though they are feminists who say they hate macho men and machismo, they are still women, and most women hate wimpy guys and long for a macho man to reduce them to meek, wimpering Southern belles.

That’s why feminism doesn’t work in practice.

It creates what we’ve got in Northern California. The stereotypical Northern California male: so wimpy and/or feminized that a lot of people will think the guy is gay. And it concurrently creates the Northern California female: so butch and/or masculinized that a lot of people will think she’s a dyke.

These two things attract each other. That’s why you will find a fair number of these wimpy-type guys messing around with guys, and you will find quite a few of these dykey women either messing with women or just going full gay either part of full-time.

Macho guys create feminine female counterparts and vice versa. Wimpy guys create bitches at best and vice versa and create macho dykey women at worst and vice versa. At both extremes, normally het people will start moving into homosexuality and bisexuality.

This is another thing I have against feminism: it’s full of lesbians. Now, I have nothing against lesbians and gay men being members of gay rights organizations. But why should feminism, objectively merely pro-women’s rights, be full of a dykes? Reason is that feminism creates lesbians, and for some weird reason, lesbians love feminism.

Have you ever noticed that the women who scream most about rape are lesbians, probably really butch, dykey, homely and living in some gay community, IOW, just about the least likely women to get raped!

The women most likely to get raped are het women, women who are fully involved with men and men’s lives, and who have men in their lives. Straight men, not gay men. Often they are raped by their boyfriends, husbands, dates or just guys they know.

I go to a feminist site and typically it’s swarming with lesbians. My first reaction is why? I went to a feminist site, not a gay rights site. Second reaction is turnoff. I’m here to see what straight women think, not lesbians.

Final thought is even more disturbing. A lot of radical feminists and feminist separatists openly hate men. They’re into misandry. Yep, the very women screaming most about misogyny are often misandrists themselves. It’s it’s bad for the goose, it’s bad for the gander.

As feminism has cultivated misandry (something many feminists now admit), it’s turned lots of feminists into a bunch of lesbians. A family friend was one of the founding members of NOW, and I was a member myself for years. She eventually quit going to the meetings because the feminist women wouldn’t stop hitting on her and propositioning her. Even back then, the movement was swarming with lesbians.

I’m perfectly willing to help raise the kids, clean the house and cook the food, but I am sorry that I cannot sew. I’d be glad to learn if it was easy. I’m not sure I even mind if women cheat. I never used to mind and often had open relationships.

I was raised in the androgynous 1970’s. In part I was never comfortable with the macho man thing, so I rejected it because it just wasn’t me, and though I was always into masculinity deep down inside, I was also influenced by feminism wanting to make us into “New Men” – sensitive, vulnerable, all that.

I turned into a straight Mick Jagger – Steve Tyler – New York Dolls androgynous surfer – rocker – punk rocker – doper – dope dealer – compulsive womanizer.

What did I get for this? Guys tried to beat me up for “being a fag”. I even got beat over the fucking head with a baseball bat once. Nicer people were continuously suggesting that I was gay or bi, much to my consternation. Usually it was guys saying I was gay. Females, being more intelligent, usually thought I was bi, because gay men have no interest in women.

I was attacked by my very own girlfriends, heads full of feminism, for being gay, bi, wimpy or just not much a man. Screw this. What did I get out of going along with this feminist “New Man” shit? Not a damn thing. Hell with it. I’m gonna be a macho pig, and the feminists can fuck off if they don’t like it.


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Do We Live In a Patriarchy?

Repost from the old site.

In the comments section, two of my favorite bloggers, k&y of to the ambient void suggest that we live in a patriarchy today. I think that these two guys are both gay, but that’s fine with me, in fact, I think it’s great! I decided to call Sexmaniacman over to ask him what he thought of the notion that we live in a patriarchy today. Here’s what he wrote:

It’s easy for gay men to side with women in the War Between the Sexes because they’re not trying to fuck women, so they don’t have to put up with women’s bullshit that is inevitable in those of us who do.They’re trying to fuck guys in a gay culture that seems a Hell of a lot more sex-friendly and sex-positive than this chilly het culture with these censorious female and mostly feminist Comstocks wanting to beat us with rods every time we get a hardon.

Like to look at porn? You’re a woman-hater. Can’t get laid, poor guy? Haha, say the feminists, you loser. Now, me, a masculinist, I side with the guy. The guy’s not getting laid because of women. Women don’t put out that much, and they’re collectively refusing to fuck this guy, and then ridiculing him for it.

Like to girl-watch? You’re a woman-hater. Like to look a pictures of pretty girls in magazines or on TV or like to watch beauty pageants or have girlie pictures on your walls? You hate women. Excuse me, feminist ladies, but that is one chilly anti-sexual turd you’re laying on our sex parade. This society of yours, where 90% of the time guys get hardons, it’s due to “sexual objectification of women”, sucks.

I don’t know if we have a patriarchy or not. I go to the feminist sites and read about really horrible, obnoxious, and, yes, misogynistic behavior, and I feel tremendous empathy for these feminists in their frustration, depression and rage. Really I do. Now, these feminists probably hate me for being a dog, but I want to tell them that I feel your pain, ladies.

Thing is, if we have a patriarchy, I, being a male, am supposed to be on top and winning the race. Instead I feel like I’m getting fucked, and have been getting fucked for much of my life.

I don’t feel like I’m winning, or like I’m a member of some male ruling class, or anything like that. A lot of my non-rich male friends feel that way. They feel like an oppressed class, not some member of some ruling class called a patriarchy. I can’t think of one benefit I ever got in my whole damned life due to having a dick.

So a lot of us are pissed at feminists. Feminists are sitting on the sidelines, screaming that we’re a ruling class that’s oppressing them, and we don’t feel like we’re oppressing anyone. As for being a ruling class, a lot of us can hardly pay the rent, much less take out one of these expensive things called females.

In the same way a lot of White guys are mad at White Privilege Theory and the notion that we live in a White Supremacist society. What did I ever get from being White. How was I ever privileged in life? I can barely even pay my rent and bills. I’m privileged how now? I’m oppressing who now? It’s the same thing – they say we are in a White ruling class but a lot of us feel like an oppressed underclass.

It also kind of pisses off us het guys that so many women are still gold-diggers, I mean whores, I mean, well, what do I mean? They want money, our money. Much of it, most of it, all of it, whatever. They go for the guy with the most money. If we don’t have lots of money, we don’t get laid. Worse, we are not even men.

The number of women who have abandoned this collective gendered money-grubbing thievery of us men is small, although some middle-aged women start to leave it behind, because they lose their looks and are not much wanted anymore, so they can’t sell their fucking pussies anymore. If you’re a woman going for the rich guys, you’re a whore. You’re selling your pussy for money, real simple. If you’re not a whore, what are you?

What does feminism say about this ubiquitous behavior? Nothing, nothing, nothing. The silence is deafening. You see the charts about how women make less money than we do. Are they including the zillions of dollars women steal from men by selling their pussies to us?

Nowadays a lot of women make as much money as we do, or more. My girlfriends always seemed to make more money than I do, and that, by the way, pretty much ruins any het relationship nowadays. Even though these bitches made more money than I did, I still had to pay for every single fucking thing when we went out anywhere.

All her money’s for her, and all my money’s for her. Nice arrangement. Nice rip-off arrangement. Rip-off of me that is.

What does feminism say about this grasping whoredom? Nothing at all! Well, I’m a guy and it pisses me off. My friends and I regularly refer to women as “whores”, because from our vantage, that’s what they are.

We’ve discussed this with some women. Those who responded civilly suggested that when you get married, the woman’s not whoring anymore, but then the conniving bitch gets 1/2 my money for the rest of my life.

Does this sound like patriarchy to you? Sounds like women on top and us lowly males as some kind of Underclass.

I’m tired of a lot of feminists, though I do support a lot of, or most of, their goals.

What I’m tired of is this anti-sex shit. They seem like they don’t want me to get laid. And they don’t want my friends to get laid. They don’t even want me or my friends to look at women in public. God forbid we look at pornography. I’m not allowed to look at any sexual depictions of women whatsoever. That’s reducing women to sex objects.

Well, fuck.

If I’m horny, women are sex objects to me. Sorry.

I’m not gay. I’m interested in fucking women. Have been my whole life.

My surfer friends on the beach used to fuck everything female that moved. They’d rent a house on the beach, have permanent kegs of beer, sell dope, and screw 100 women a summer, three a day. These guys were my idols, but I could never quite do it like they did, no matter how hard I tried. It seemed like they were trying to set new world records. I understand that feminists hate this behavior and regard it as misogyny.

Well fuck me.

I guess I’m a boys will be boys, girls will be girls type. I notice 3rd world women take the attitude that all men are dogs and nothing can be done about this, so don’t worry about it. That seems a lot more helpful.

I’m basically a dog anyway when it comes to women. I’ve always been one. I may not even be capable of monogamy. At various times in my life, I’ve been a compulsive womanizer. I understand feminists hate compulsive womanizers and say we’re misogynist.

Well, fuck you, feminists.

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Sexmaniacman is a Rapist

Repost from the old site.

I thought this definition of a the crime of sexual violence was interesting:

Regarding the “incapable of giving consent” hypothetical you posited, my response is, violence and/or a crime occurs when anyone’s body is touched beyond incidental contact or for more than a brief instant unless the person being touched affirmatively gives permission for such contact.It is not the “responsibility” of the person being touched to give permission. It is the responsibility of the person doing the touching to ensure that the other person has voluntarily given permission. If the other person is “incapable” of giving permission, for whatever reason, that means no permission has been given, and a crime has been committed.

Along the same lines, the feminazis says every time you have sex with a drunk woman, you are raping her. I decided to ask Sexmaniacman his opinion on this definition of rape.


According to that definition, I’ve been raping women and girls all my life! I’ve always touched women, I’ve reached around and jumped them and started kissing them, I’ve grabbed them, thrown them up against walls in public and kissed them, I’ve done all these things. I always grabbed women or touched them, and I never asked permission first.In general, most of the time, permission was granted, though sometimes, when I tried to go beyond kissing, she stopped me.

I picked up a hot 20 yr old woman at a Hollywood nightclub, the Anticlub, two minutes after walking in the door, then had sex with her in my car while driving around Hollywood at 1 AM (to the extent you can have sex with someone while driving a vehicle) then after the show, she tried to weasel out of coming home with me.

I pointed to her, pointed to the car, and said, “You are going home with me. Now get in the car.” It was an order, but she was free to refuse, and I was laughing. I sneered at her like Johnny Rotten. She smiled, sneered back, and said, “Says who?” I said, “Says me.” Women love guys who give them orders and they love to follow orders. So she got in the car. Quite willingly.

I drove her home and we had sex on the 5 Freeway in Downtown LA at 3 AM while going 55 miles an hour, to the extent one can do such a thing. Good thing I didn’t crash the car. I deny that this was either kidnapping or rape, but it was pretty fun.

Another time I had sex with a drunk 14 yr old (I was 16) on the rooftop of an apartment building at 2 AM, and later she went around telling everyone I raped her. I didn’t rape her; she was drunk. I deny that this was rape.

Another time I went to a punk rock show with this beautiful 20 year old named Linda and we both came back, drunk, to my house. I got her on my couch, pulled up her top and started feeling her breasts. “Pleease let me go home,” she whined unconvincingly in her best little girl voice.

“No!” I said. “You’re staying right here!” I was pissed that I went to all this damn trouble and she was trying to weasel out of the dicking, like they always do.

Plus, earlier in the evening, both of us drunk, she had put me in a shopping cart and raced me up and down some 2 AM streets. She kept “dropping her lighter” on my groin in the cart, and then “having to fish around to find it”. Now she was trying to get out of the boning. Well fuck that. The Hell you are, woman.

She was free to leave at any time, as the cops say. “Now get over on that bed right now!” I said, half-smiling and not really threatening. I’m not sure what happened later. Finally I just said, “Fine, you don’t want to have sex, I’ll just sleep on the couch. You take the bed. See you in the morning.”

Then I lay back on the couch and closed my eyes. Next thing I remember, she was saying, “Come on over to the bed.” And so it went. I deny that this was false imprisonment or rape, but it was pretty fun, except when she started to puke in bed while we were having sex, grabbed her mouth, and ran to the bathroom and puked for a while.

Basically, with women, you have to read their minds. At some point, via telepathy, you figure you can make your move. At that point you just grab her and start kissing her. You can do it really aggressively or you can do it real soft and nice. Most of the time, it goes just fine. Having to ask permission for everything you do sexually is insane. If we had to do that, no one would ever get laid.

I’ve been having sex with drunken women most of my life, and I hope to continue doing so. A lot of women are way less inhibited when they’re drunk.

I’m embarrassed to admit that there have been quite a few times when I grabbed at women and they did not want to do go along, so they pushed me off or said no in some way or another, along the lines of, “Hey! Knock it off, asshole! Get your hands off me!” Most of the time, I did just knock it off right then, though sometimes I kept trying my luck, and she kept knocking my hands away, raising her voice.

I deny that this is rape or attempted rape or any crime at all. It’s actually something called “dating”, and I never got any sex any of those times anyway. Once they brush you off once, you might as well give up, because you aren’t getting any.

I don’t believe I’ve ever raped a woman according to the legal definition of the word. If she’s not interested, no problem. She has ownership of her body and the right to decide not to do this or that with me. As far as the feminist version of rape law above, well, they can just fuck off.

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No Wonder White Men Are Pissed

Repost from the old site.

Cool post from the comments from an American mulatto woman, telling it straight up like it really is about masculinity, femininity and race:

I enjoyed reading your post. I am mixed-race, Black and white. I have been with both types of men. I feel that White males used to be much more masculine and the media portrayed them as masculine on TV, but now Black men are portrayed on TV as the heroes. On the other hand Asian men are under represented by the media. 

Black men are too masculine for me, and I am really not attracted to them.

I wish White guys were the way they use to be – in charge and take control. As a female I feel that a lot of this has to do with the feminist movement. No other men in the world give their women as much freedom as the White male, and in the end they tend to lose their woman to other men because they have let go and have given her too much power.

In turn, the White female now has the power and is in charge in most White relationships.

As a female I have observed the huge difference in how a White female treats a Black male as compared to a White male. It is like night and day.

She is much softer and feminine with the Black male and takes care of him and his needs. With White males, all you hear is there was lots of sex before marriage, then after that she cut off the sex, then has a kid to keep him in control. This strategy does not work with a Black male because he may or may not even marry the White female and may or may not assume responsibility for the child.

This makes the Black male appear as a challenge to a White female or any woman for that matter. Also White men are handsome and may have facial features that are handsome, but no male has the body of a Black male when they are in shape. Muscles make a man appear masculine. I don’t date black men mainly due to the fact that I find them to be very promiscuous.

With Asian men the problem is their height. I prefer a man at least 5’10 at least. I find when the Asian man is mixed with white they are usually taller and better looking.

As far as Black females I feel that European males appreciate them more than White American men.

We showed this post to Sexmaniacman, a decayed roué, of doubtful origin and uncertain means of subsistence straight out of the Eighteenth Brumaire of Louis Bonaparte.

That does it, Sexmaniacman said. I knew there was a reason I never married! Lots of sex before marriage, then tie the knot and no more sex. Then the kid-anchor, or ball and chain. The anchor plus the no sex. Plus the bitching, carping, emasculating shrew-thing you’re forced to co-habit with.

I think at that point I might be feeling homicidal, he averred. Towards my wife, Sexmaniacman said. Yes, you read that correctly. Living alone sounds like a tropical island by comparison, and plus Sexmaniacman still doesn’t have any murder convictions yet.

Well, of course. The masculinity thing. Like the Kabbalist conception of God – that which can not only never be discussed, but can never be conceptualized either. Can you discuss masculinity with other males? You jest. With a group of males? The conversation will be shut down in no short order. With females? Oh, but they don’t understand.

Boo hoo. They whine sorrowfully, full of pity. Why are we fragile males so concerned about such a meaningless subject? Why are you guys so worried about that anyway? What’s the big deal? Why can’t you relax about it? After all, women don’t have complexes about their femininity, or whether or not they are a woman. They get furious when we won’t cry. And why should we? Men don’t cry, you know.

Read the story above, lady. That’s why it matters. Feminist Woman created Wormboy, and she’s been stomping her foot in frustration and screwing sociopathic Black men ever since. They demand that we cry like woosies, Sexmaniacman pointed out, then they get furious when we do because even they know crying’s not manly.

Unlike Sexmaniacman’s mother’s generation, they delight in attacking our masculinity when they get mad. Sexmaniacman’s Mom shook her head when he told her that. “Oh Sexdude, hun,” she said solemnly, putting her hand on his shoulder. “We would never do that. That’s one thing we would never do.”

Like guys in prison with Mom on their shoulder, Sexmaniacman cherishes his mother. If anyone suggests that he’s too close to her, he’ll just threaten to slit their throat, just like that.

It’s not just guys like Sexmaniacman who get it. All men do. The most macho guys Sexmaniacman ever knew have been taunted with this shit, and they are the most furious and homicidal of all about it.

One day Killerdude and Sexmaniacman were drinking and getting high.

Killerdude was feeling angry and homicidal, but that was ok, because men are supposed to feel that way sometimes. “Sexman. Bro. I want to kill her,” he confided. “I want to kill that fucking bitch.”

Sexmaniacman’s ears perked up. “Oh? Who?” It wasn’t every day they talked homicide.

Killerdude looked at the ground. He’d been shooting coke and doing lots of PCP lately. Just the other day, he was lying on the ground at Sexmaniacman’s place, pissing his pants, orbiting the solar system on angel dust, while Sexmaniacman and his friends were drinking and laughing at the spectacle.

“My old lady. I want to kill my old lady. I swear. I swear. If I could get away with it. I swear. If I could get away with it, I’d do it. Just like that. I’ve thought about it many times. I’ve got it all planned out. The crime, the weapons, the getaway, the whole thing. I just need you to swear you won’t tell.”

Sexmaniacman didn’t have any tea to stir, but he wanted to. He took a swig of beer instead. “Maybe. Maybe I could. Why? What did she do to you?”

Sexmaniacman knew Killerdude could do it, and he knew the bitch deserved it.

Killerdude was quiet. His mood was bleak and scary. “She took my kid. She won’t let me see my kid. And she attacks me. She attacks me as a man. She attacks my manhood. I can’t tolerate that.”

Sexmaniacman understood completely. In Man World, such a crime could and often did carry the death penalty. You attacked a real man’s manhood at your own risk, knowing that he may try to kill you anytime you did it.

“Yeah. I’ve seen that. She calls you Pipsqueak. You. Of all people. The most macho guy that ever lived. A lot of other dudes, I can see it. But you? No way.”

Killerdude is livening up. “Yeah!” He’s smiling and frowning, and he’s nervous and agitated, and it looks like he’s going to cry, all at once. “You’ve heard that? You’ve heard that? You heard that shit?”

Sexmaniacman was quiet. “Yeah.” He shook his head with mournful outrage. “I’ve seen it. Unbelievable. She practically deserves to be killed just for that right there.”

Killerdude is out of his chair, jumping up and down, spilling his beer. “Cheers!” They clash bottles.

Attacking their manhood, the ultimate weapon of modern woman. The weapon that violates all rules of the World of Men. For in Man World, there are all sorts of highly intricate rules, and there is even a Geneva Convention. If you attack a man’s masculinity, that’s a war crime, and he has a right to punch you, and no one can stop him. He doesn’t have a right to kill you, but many times he’ll do it anyway.

Well, women get to violate all the rules of Man World and violate all the conventions too. All war crimes are on the table. The bitches can do anything, and we can’t even raise a pipsqueak in defense, Sexmaniacman noted angrily, or they call the cops and lie and say we beat them.

Sexmaniacman actually opposed misogyny, believe it or not. Misogynistic porn and misogynistic websites make him frown. The web sites tell how to treat your woman just shitty enough in some certain ways to make her really love you. Yuck.

A friend told Sexmaniacman, “You can’t be a nice guy to women, Sexguy. You’ve got to be an asshole. You’ve got to be an asshole to women. That’s what they want. They want to be treated like shit by a macho jerk so they can sit around with their girlfriends and complain about how their boyfriend treats them like shit.”

Sexmaniacman has a feeling he’s right, but it bothers him, and he thinks he still can’t do it.

I really don’t care if girlfriends hate me, Sexmaniacman said. They can hate me all they want to, as long as they still keep coming around. They can call me names, insult me, call me lazy, rage at me, threaten to kill me or cut my dick off. It’s not exactly optimal, but it’s pretty much unavoidable. Hopefully, I’ll just laugh in her face, Sexmaniacman thought.

Just hate me as a man, that’s all I ask.

Don’t hate me as a not-man, Sexmaniacman said. That I won’t tolerate. No wonder that’s their favorite weapon, their secret weapon.

Don’t date other guys, or screw other guys, and wave them in my face, just to taunt us, Sexmaniacman said, waving his beer bottle in the air and taking a swig.


Women do this to us nowadays. They don’t just screw other guys while they are with us. That might be tolerable if they were civilized enough to keep it a secret, but of course they’re not.

No, they do it right in front of our faces. They parade the new guy, or the other guy, or whoever the Hell the jerk is, around right in front of our faces, just daring us to do something about it. Hard to believe? Just try.

Feminist Woman created Wormboy, and she’s been stomping her foot in frustration and having masochistic sex with 80 IQ thugs and ex-cons, ever since.


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Sexmaniacman Is A Creep

Repost from the old site.

It’s official. Sexmaniacman is a creep. And a pervert. And he’s proud.

Sexmaniacman just learned the definition right here. First of all, “creep” is a woman word, and no real male would commonly use such a word as a noun or a verb. Sexmaniacman just doesn’t use it in general, because he’s a real man, not a pussified ally of the females, but every now and then, it’s appropriate.

For instance, Sexman’s Mom works at a college. There was a male student there for a while, socially inept, who used to hide under and behind cars out in the parking lot and jump out at the college girls. I guess he thought it was funny or something.

The girls were not amused and they kept complaining to the administration. With some regret, Sexmaniacman will admit that this guy’s behavior is creepy. But really, it’s only creepy in that they don’t find him attractive.

If Leonardo DiCaprio was hiding behind cars and jumping out at them, about 50% of these fine upright examples of innocent American feminine goodness, purity and light would have fucked him already (Not that they’re sluts or anything like that!), and most of their “sweet and innocent” friends would be waiting in line.

So it’s not necessarily the behavior that these silly little woman-children don’t like, it’s the fact that the guy is unattractive, unwanted and unappealing, and then he’s trying his luck with them.

He realizes this was frightening to the girls, but Sexmaniacman happened to know the idiot who was doing this, and it’s just his opinion that the guy’s completely harmless, though obviously a social retard.

These strong, modern, rough, tough, feminist puffed-up ladies should have just told him to fuck off a few times, and probably it would have all stopped. But apparently they kept running away like the little girls they really are deep down inside, so the behavior continued for too long.

So, yeah, Sexmaniacman is obviously a fucking creep according to the definition above. Plus he’s a pervert. He never was one, but then he hit 47 or so, and now he can’t look at young women anymore in case he gives them a heart attack or induces post-traumatic stress disorder or molests them with his eyeballs requiring years of weepy and bank-breaking therapy sessions to untwist their poor fragile psyches.

Sexguy is perfectly aware that the vast majority of young women don’t find guys his age attractive anymore. That’s very painful for him to realize. He looks at younger women, and he doesn’t think, “Wow, I have a chance with her.” Instead, she often reminds him of so and so who he dated or slept with back in 1978. So he’s looking at them and reminiscing, wistful memories of days gone by. And if that pisses you little bitches off, well he says too fucking bad.

They looked great then, and they look great now.

Beauty contestants focus on females aged around 18-20. Other than the fact that they probably can’t use minors, the reason they do this is because at this age, females of all races, in all cultures, and at all times, are at the peak of their physical beauty.

It’s a common myth that a guy hits 45 and 50 and can’t get an erection anymore. Actually, many of us guys still can and do, believe it or not, Sexmaniacman noted. We may be old, but we’re not dead. You can’t touch a 16-17 year old girl with a 10-foot pole and an 11-foot extension, but they sure are nice to look at. If acknowledging this makes Sexdude a pervert and a fucking creep, then he will wear that badge proudly.

Sexmaniacman probably wouldn’t want to sleep with them even if it were legal, because it’s impossible to have an intelligent conversation with these silly girly things. Not that older women are much better!


From the site:

I think I’ve generally come to the conclusion that a lot of women’s definition of a “creepy guy”/pervert is: 

A guy they find unattractive, who checks them out.

Most straight women, of course, liked to be noticed by guys they find attractive, and a lot of women will dress to attract men they fancy. The problem a lot of women seem to have is, is that there’s an unwanted side effect. If they dress sexy, they not only get looked at by the sexy guys, they also get looked at by the guys they don’t fancy.

Well, yeah, duh. If you don’t want us to look at your fucking tits, Sexmaniacman suggested, then don’t walk around with your boobs hanging out. If you’re showing cleavage, or God forbid have your tits halfway hanging out, Sexbro is going to look right at them, Goddamn it, and fuck you if you don’t like it. If it pisses you off so much, dress like a lady for Chrissake.

It’s like during the 1980’s when all political correctness issues came to the fore with a vengeance. In a work setting, a bloke could chat a woman up. If she fancied him, it was fine and dandy. If she didn’t, it was called sexual harassment. 


Sexcat figure that’s probably what’s going on in a lot of this sexual harassment bullshit. He remembers he worked at a place once where the whole office freaked out because some poor schmuck asked a woman out. To look at the guy, Sexman figured he probably hadn’t been laid by a non-professional in at least months, so he had a God-given right to ask, and Sexguy felt deep sympathy for his sex-deprived brother.

She was being nice to him and talking him, and all the silly bitch had to do was say no and that was that. The guy was civilized, he would have just taken it like a man. But oh no, Ms. Silly made it into a capital fucking offense, and it was the talk of the whole office for a while.

Being a real guy, not a wuss, of course Sexbuddy took the guy’s side in this skirmish of the War Between Men and Women, but most of the “men” in the office sided with Ms. Silly, like knights running to save her honor.

Afterward the poor guy told Sexpal that management told him that sexual harassment guidelines said that employees should not be dating. Great. Here it is, in the modern US, where so many of us are working long hours, and we can’t date at work. Great. So how are we supposed to get laid?

Sexmaniacman finally had to adopt some new rules to deal with this bullshit, but he realized he was not the only one. He read a sociology paper about guys who moved down to Costa Rica. One guy said when he was 50, an uppity 17 year old girl spit at him for looking at her. I guess that was the last straw, and he high-tailed for the sexually relaxed tropics.

His 43 year old sick, perverted, creepy brother had some advice: “Sexguy! Look. Invest in some sunglasses! I look at them all the time. That’s one of the great things about being in junior college – I’m surrounded by 18-20 yr old hotties!”

Sexdude’s new rules were to avoid looking at obviously underage girls or sometimes even those around 18-20, but it was so hard to tell ages. He’d look at em a bit, see if they looked back, and if they didn’t, he’d try not to look at them too much. Kind of hard to do when they are young and beautiful!

Sexmaniacman also noticed something disturbing about this bullshit. As much as these silly little twats claimed they hated it, he could not help but notice that a certain number of them (Definitely not all but for sure some!), often the better looking and older ones (18-23 or so), relished the attention they got from him.

They deliberately strutted, tipped, weaved, swayed and sashayed, flirted and winked, stole glances and battled lashes. At the stores, they shoved the others out of the way so they could ring up Sexman and reap the harvest of his loving eyeballs. They smiled at him coquettishly and made bullshit excuses to get up and strut in front of him, to nowhere and to do nothing, and then traipse back, basking in the warm, delicious rays of his sick, pervy, aging gaze.

They looked at him out of the corner of their eyes and winked. When he wasn’t looking, they moved way too close and pretended to look at store things they weren’t interested in. Sexmaniacman would look down, notice a 16 year old just about brushing her tits up against him, and pretend nothing was happening.

It sure was an idiotic little girl game these female things were playing, but females often don’t make much sense to Sexguy. Some were jockeying for the eyeballs and others were bitching about illegal looking. Were some of them one and the same? Who knows?

Sexmaniacman thinks we can look at them all we want, that’s his position. If they don’t like it, they can call the cops, or take pictures of us with their bitchy cellphones and post them on their screechy blogs, or sit around and carp to their girlfriends about us.

There’s also a right and wrong way to look, Sexman thought. You look a little bit, you look away, a while later, you look again. Staring is pretty uncool.

Sexmaniacman can’t remember the last time he catcalled a woman. That’s rude, and he’s not rude.

Sexmaniacman doesn’t rub up against women, but when he was a lot younger, especially at bars and rock concerts, women were always rubbing up against him and touching him, because he was drop dead gorgeous guy, especially when he wore a beat-up 1950’s James Dean leather jacket.

Touching and groping is rude, and he’s not rude.

Jerking off in public is illegal, and guys who do that deserve cuffs.

However, he objects to the whole Feminazi mindset behind this bullshit movement, mostly because they haven’t specified where harassment begins and where it ends. Supposedly the females get to make up the rules here, on an individual, case by case basis! Great!

Webpage here, and most of these guys portrayed here are idiots, Sexguy agrees, but he’s still worried that there are no boundaries here. Sexman is particularly disturbed by the modern notion that he can no longer talk to teenage girls or young women in any way or at any time or about anything, since they automatically assume he’s trying to pick up on them, when usually he’s just trying to make some innocent conversation.

Also, the silly feminist bitch idea is that all women hate being looked at. Bullshit.

Sexman’s beautiful aunt was in the Castro District of San Fransisco eating at a cafe with Sexman’s Mom. His aunt is a silly woman, like most women are at least sometimes.

She’s getting all upset. “None of these men are looking at me,” she pouted huffily. She’s beautiful, and male looks are like vitamins for her soul.

Duh. They’re all gay.

Sexmaniacman also knows some older women who love to be or would love to be looked at. One, 50 years old, mournfully told him that she wishes men or even boys would look at her. One delighted in telling him how young men and even boys continued to check her out, and how she loved every second of it, being 50 years old.

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The War Between The Sexes

Repost from the old site.

Ok, look. If you’re heterosexual and involved with women, especially sexually involved, you’re going to get into fights. That’s pretty much just all there is to it. The more women you date and sleep with, the more fights you will get into. If you act bad, like Sexmaniacman does, or are probably incapable of monogamy, as Sexmaniacman is also, you’re going to really attract a lot of fury.

But you’re also going to get it if you’re just a mild and soft-spoken, non-macho type guy. This will bring out the shrieking, cackling dominatrix in most any woman, and these guys often end up with real bitch types.

Why? In part because no other man would put up with these bitches. Any normal, macho type guy, paired with an evil bitch like this, well, he would just leave. Sexmaniacman says he would either leave, or if not, he would just have to kill the bitch.

So the only guys who won’t murder them or run out the door are wimpy guys. Also, normal, feminine, submissive type women don’t really like wimpy guys, so they go for macho guys. Wimpy guys and bitches are stuck with each other. They both hate their roles, but there’s no alternative but singleness and masturbation.

I asked Sexmaniacman what he felt about this and this is what he said:

Thanks Bob, for letting me post on another sex-related topic. I’ve dated, or slept with, or whatever, something like 10 Black or mulatto women. I don’t really mind em. They are kind of aggressive though. But the ones from the Caribbean, North Africa and even Black Africa are much less so. They are often quite submissive and feminine. I’m not really into aggressive women. I’ve dated enough bitches for 20 lifetimes, and one of my mottoes is no more bitches! I don’t have to worry about the former girlfriend bitches, because I already killed all of them! LOL! Just kidding! That’s funny, huh?

Interview pauses for about five minutes while he falls off his chair laughing, rolling on the floor.

No, really man, I’m going to be single for the rest of my life before dating another emasculating, ball-breaking, cruel, mean, sadistic bitch. 

I’m having a hard time figuring just what is a bitch though. I mean, women have a right to get mad at us, right? I really think they they do. Women have a right to get furious at me, throw non-lethal objects at me, threaten me, push me, shove me, threaten to kill me, threaten to cut my balls off, call me every evil name in the book as long as it doesn’t imply I’m not a man.

I guess what I’m saying is I don’t mind women getting mad at me as long as they are getting mad at me as a man, and acknowledging that I am a man in that process. It would be helpful if I did something to piss her off, but it’s not necessary. All women are bitches sometimes, whether we provoke them or not.

I don’t mind if it feels like she is retaliating, getting back at me, fighting back against me, calling me cruel, mean, evil, bastard, asshole, etc. It’s not ideal, but it’s probably inevitable. She’s attacking me from the point of a view of an outraged women defending herself against a masculine, objectionable, caddish, rougish, man.

She’s a victim of a cruel, mean, evil, assholeish, aggressive man who has hurt her terrible. She’s fighting back, as a victim retaliating against an aggressor, and that feels ok. I’m sitting there laughing in her face the whole time and she’s getting even more pissed.

Plus, this is the way relationships are supposed to be – I’m the masculine, dominant male and she’s the feminine, submissive female, albeit a highly combative one at this point.

Ok, so why does some of it feel so objectionable? I guess I don’t like blatant sadism, attacking me in public just to publicly humiliate me, laughing in my face, condescending towards me, mocking me, belittling me, ridiculing me, or certainly attacking my masculinity in any way or implying that I’m not much of a man.

It’s like she’s the aggressor and I’m the victim. She’s beating up on me. I’m a wimp and I’m just sitting there taking it and I haven’t even done anything to fucking provoke her, except maybe not make enough money for her money-grubbing hands to grab and shove into her purse!

I feel like a pussy, or a fag, or a wimp, or not much of a man. If they do it in public, Mexican men and women look at me like, “You fucking pussy! You wimp! You wuss! You LET your woman talk to you like this public! Faggot!” And she’s doing this to me in public of course just to provoke precisely that sort of reaction.

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