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Robert Stark interviews Luke Ford about Ann Coulter & the Jews

Robert Stark interviews my favorite Jew, Luke Ford. Topic is mainly Ann Coulter and her comments about Jews.

Superjews have a real problem when guys like me say that I love Jews like Luke Ford. The Superjew responds, “Yeah! You like some Jews! You like Jews who hate Jews! You’re still an antisemite!” They’ve actually said this to me. Lots of them. I am telling you, you just can’t win with these people.

As far as the Jews and I, I just pretty much want them to lay off, shut up and knock it off. And if they can’t go that, just go away and leave me the Hell alone. Other than that, I have no ill will or ill wishes towards most of them whatsoever, and I wish most of them good health and good luck in whatever they wish to pursue in life.

Sure, a lot of Jews deserve to be hated (as do countless non-Jews), but I don’t really have the energy for that anymore. I am more at the “please just go away and leave me alone” phase in my life. I guess this is what getting old is like. Sigh.

Anyway, I really think the yelling “antisemite!” think is a great big Jewish con. I really do think that the Jews want as many people as possible to hate them (hopefully not too much or too lethally). So when you hate Jews, you give these idiotic people exactly what they want. You go antisemite, and the Jew claps his hands and jumps up and down, “Yipee! Another antisemite! It’s a mitvah!” I wish I liked these people enough to give them that gift, but I really don’t. If you find these people incredibly annoying as so many do, you should maybe think before you start hating them. Antisemitism is just another Jewish trap. They want you to be antisemitic. Get it? You really want to fall for another one of their scams?


Topics include:
Ann Coulter & the Jews
Ann Coulter’s controversial tweet about Jews after the Republican Debate
How Ann Coulter’s Faux Pas Calls Attention to Jewish Influence
The Jewish Reaction to Ann Coulter’s Tweet
The Jewish Drive To Marginalize Ann Coulter
Philip Weiss: Coulter’s point Is That Republicans Pander on Israel to Win Donors, Not Voters
Ann Coulter’s book Adios, America which has a chapter praising Israel for it’s immigration policies
Whether Ann Coulter will survive this incident, and if she does, it will further expand the Overton Window
Roosh Triggers ADL Cyber Police Investigation for stating Israel’s border walls work
How Jewish organizations in the diaspora oppose nationalism for non-Jews
Donald Trump & the Jews
How Donald Trump symbolizes a resurgence of nationalism and populism
How like Coulter, Trump is also pro-Israel but is opposed by Jewish activists for fear of a revival of nationalism
Orthodox Jews for Trump
Jewish Organizations Supporting Muslim Migrants into the West
Luke Ford’s interview with Roger Devlin about his book “Sexual Utopia in Power”
How Luke often has “Beta male” characteristics in relationships
How when Luke showed his vulnerable side, that was often seen as a sign of weakness
The affects of promiscuity on women
How the more people lack bonds, the more likely they are to engage in reckless behavior
When Beta Males Go on a Shooting Spree and how Luke views the key issue as a lack of social bonds
How narcissists seek attention as a substitute for attachment
JSwipe Vs Tinder
How when Luke showed his vulnerable side that was often seen as a sign of weakness
The affects of promiscuity on women
How the more people lack bonds the more likely they are to engage in reckless behavior
When Beta Males Go On A Shooting Spree and how Luke views the key issue as a lack of social bonds
How Narcissist seek attention as a substitute for attachment
JSwipe vs Tinder


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The Most Evil Woman on the Internet

Here. Definitely NSFW! Adults only please. I must warn you that this Tumblr blog contains a lot of pornographic writing. There are no pornographic photos or videos on the blog, but there is a lot of pretty dirty writing. So if you do not like to read pornographic prose, don’t go to the site.

I suppose I should just let you peruse the blog for a bit so you can figure out what this evil bitch is up to, but in lieu of that, I will quote her About page here, and that should give you a clue as to what she is about.

I’m better than you.

I am a 20 year old sociopath recently graduated from university. I had a long-distance boyfriend for 2+ years who I cheated on all the time, until he finally caught me (well, for the second time) sucking my flatmate off.

Then I went out with a virgin and cheated on him while keeping him a virgin, fobbing him off with excuses and broken promises. I let him catch me fucking twice in a row which is when I ended it with him.

Now I am back with the earlier guy, having been teasing and tormenting him online for a long, long time and making him obsessed about being back with me. I promised I wouldn’t cheat on him again…I’m doing my best 😉

I don’t need you to tell me I’m a bad person. I know I am and I don’t care what you think. Before you send me what you’ve angrily written, don’t you think I’ve had it all before? I’ve had all manner of death and torture threats. It doesn’t make you look like any better a person, just a hypocrite morally speaking. I just love sex and I love fucking around and being nasty. But I know I’m bad.

For every person who loathes me with a passion I have ten people who love what I do here.

NO I won’t put personal photos up for obvious reasons (I’m not completely thick, once on the internet forever on the internet). If you don’t like that you know where to go.

Don’t send me cuckold shit and no I won’t cybersex with you. I also won’t answer things I’ve had a million times over. I get a huge amount of asks and I do have a life. Pay me if you want a PM conversation lol.

Fuck kik.

Don’t use your pop psychology on me, I don’t give a shit and you don’t know shit. The vast, weird ocean of sexuality is beyond your understanding of common decent human behavior. Everything I do and say is because of fetishes I hold. Including a big cock fetish, emotional cruelty fetish and a vanity fetish.

Let the cheating continue.

Bottom line is this is a sociopathic psychobitch with a lot of narcissism going on too. In fact, I think narcissistic sociopath is a better characterization of her personality.

The behavior displayed on this woman’s blog completely validates Game Theory as elucidated by Roissy, Roosh and all the rest. In some pretty important ways, these jerks are simply correct.

What is even more terrifying about this blog is that there are many women writing in to her who have the exact same mindset as she does. They have Beta or Omega boyfriends and they wish to humiliate and mock them, deny them sex, and cheat on them with Alphas. The hatred and sheer, utter contempt that these women have for their boyfriends is stunning. A lot of them are flat out using these guys as portable wallets. They have no attraction to them, they don’t love them in any way, shape or form, and most of them are denying their boyfriends sex in some way or another.

However, it is very important for men who want to get along with women to read her blog at least for a bit because sadly it will help you to understand the female mind.

See those guys who the women are portraying as Beta or Omega boyfriends? The ones that they are humiliating, degrading, denying and cheating on? That’s the guy you don’t want to be.

See those studs the women are cheating on their boyfriends with? That may just be the guy you want to be.

I wish you didn’t have to choose between being a loser and an asshole – two lousy choices – and there may be more choices than that, but still, this is a good introduction to female psychology.

This is pretty much what happens when you unleash women. You see me on here talking about “feral women?” A lot of people hate me for talking like that. Well, guess what? Feral women are a real thing, and they are becoming increasingly common these days as modern women turn more into what I call “Cavewomen,” and this blog is an excellent example of a feral modern Cavewoman. There’s a good reason men put a check on female sexuality in a lot of societies. When you take the controls off and let women run wild, this is one of the nightmares you end up with – women like this blogger.

One more thing I would like to point out as much as it pains me to say it, but there is a little bit of this bitch, at least, in just about every woman including the women you love most, the best and most beloved women in your world. Your mother, your wife, your sister, your daughter. Yep, there is a little bit of this psychobitch Cavewoman in all of them.

Why? Because this nasty behavior is an integral part of heterosexual female sexuality, that’s why. Most societies have figured out ways to control this bad side of women, so down through history, this type of behavior has been pretty well blocked and inhibited by society, often with extreme force. You heard me right. In a lot of parts of the world, a woman who acts like this blogger does would simply be killed, just like that. And nothing would be done about it. There would be no investigation, no arrests, no crime report, no nothing. A terrified woman is a well behaved woman.

There is obviously a dark side to the Male Principle or Masculinity. This is clear. Men can be downright genocidal.

But there is also a very dark side to Femininity or the Female Principle and this is a good example of it.


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Narcissism, Power and Hollywood

Lady Matilda writes:

I like the continuum indexing of the various symptoms of this common malady. Rick Dyer is not know to me (but I just looked him up and now he is!), but I would wager that some of our leaders may be quite high up in this ranking; when it comes to the career pathways indicated by their narcissism. It seems natural for someone so afflicted to crave and lust after the power of taking over an entire state.

The ranks and corridors of power are teeming with narcissists, often highly pathological ones. You know how when you are dealing with power types, the word ego keeps coming up over and over? “There are a lot of conflicting egos going on here. He has a huge ego. Massive ego conflict.” In people without narcissistic issues, there is generally no need to talk about ego this and ego that, ego clashes and conflicts, huge egos and whatnot because in healthy folks, the ego tends to stay in the background unless the person is under attack. Whenever you hear the word ego used this way, think narcissism!

And the entire town of Tinseltown/Hollywood is filled to the point of exploding with narcissists. Many to most actors are narcissistic (it’s almost a necessity) and highly pathological narcissism in Hollywood is not uncommon at all.

You know the old joke about the journalist interviewing the actor:

Actor: Well, enough about me already! We’ve talked about me long enough! Let’s about about you for a change. What did YOU think of my latest book?

I recently had some dealings with two men famous in the Science world. One is describes as one of the top science writers in the US. It’s rude but I may as well name him – Carl Zimmer. He even has a Wikipedia. The other fellows were two of the world’s leading hominid paleontologists – John Hawkes and another man whose name escapes me. But of these men are widely published and one has even published a number of books. Both of these clowns have Wikipedia entries.

I must say that in Hawks, Zimmer and this other man that the egotism, narcissism, overbearing attitudes, condescension and wild arrogance were simply stratospheric. It was obvious to me that there were some crazy levels of narcissism along with egos the size of the Olduvai Gorge going on with these guys. Cocky, strutting, swaggering, bragging, shouting, blustering, insulting, demeaning, extremely unpleasant jerkoffs all of them.

And these men are world famous. World famous assholes I guess.

I now assume that a lot of famous folks have serious narcissism issues. Perhaps it just goes with the territory.

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Oriana Small Reading “Choked Out”


More extremely disturbing stuff about Khan Tusion, the abusive and ultra-misogynistic real estate developer/porn director from LA. In this video, Oriana Small (aka known as her porn stage name of Ashley Blue) reads from a chapter called Choked Out in her extremely disturbing book Girlvert. The reading took place at a bookstore in San Francisco. In the background, a video of the porno scene described in the chapter plays.

Choked Out describes how Khan Tusion told her he loved to choke women out in his videos and asks her to let him do it. Her then-boyfriend also gets in on the choking out action. At one point, she looks up in his eyes and sees sheer hatred a desire by Khan to stomp her into the pavement forever and ever. This man’s hatred for women is simply visceral. We watch the video as her face gets red and then purple. Finally, she passes out. Small claims she almost died on the set that day.

So really Khan almost murders her, which is something that he obviously fantasizes about doing.

Not that that is outrageously abnormal. I am certain that millions of American males like to fantasize about torturing, raping and even murdering females. My contention has always been that for every one maniac running around killing chicks, there’s 100 or so who only dream of it. They simply have enough controls for a variety of reasons to keep from acting out their fantasies. Reasons for controlling themselves range from wanting to stay out of prison to a feeling that while it’s ok to fantasize about doing such things, it is immoral to actually do them.

In fact, I know some men who told me that they like to fantasize about killing women. One is a horror movie fan. He especially likes movies where beautiful women are murdered because he is a misogynist. He is also a very nice guy and he is also a confirmed pacifist. The movies serve as a pro-social outlet for his antisocial misogynistic feelings.

While antisocial fantasies about hurting and killing women are common, I do not feel that they are optimal. As one who loves women, I must object to this type of thinking. If you love or like women, you don’t fantasize about torturing, raping and murdering them. Sorry. It just doesn’t work that way. If you like to think about these things, you have some serious misogyny going on. There’s no two ways about it.

Choking out women has now become common fare in porn movies, and I would love to see the courts outlaw this bullshit as obscenity even though I am a civil libertarian and a libertine. One actor in particular likes to choke out women. A critic of this behavior, Mike South, has pointed out that this actor formally served in California state prisons. South also notes that the latest thinking is that choking women out during sex may need to TIA’s (Transient Ischemic Attacks). These are mini-stroke or tiny strokes, and it is very bad to have them. It remains to be seen what will happen to these actresses as they move into middle and old age. Will they be at increased risk of strokes? Will there be side effects from these TIA’s?

Choking out women is also highly promoted on PUA blogs. Roosh loves to do this to the women he screws. Many of his fans and other PUA fans have taken up this nonsense. I just can’t see it, sorry. If I choked out a woman, I would feel like a serial killer. But I guess that’s the general idea. In choking out a woman, you get to fantasize for just one moment that you are a murdering rapist. You too can be Ted Bundy! You get to vicariously murder women and you won’t even go to prison! Step right up and get in on the latest depraved thrill!

On other sites, Small recounts her first visit with Khan. She went to his studio and was met by an Asian man in his late 20’s in the parking lot. He seemed so nice and harmless that Small said, “I didn’t even think he had a penis.” Later she found out that this guy had previously been arrested for pistol whipping his girlfriend. After the shoot, the guy’s girlfriend was murdered and the rumor around Porn Valley was that he was the one who did it. Looks deceive!

She went to the shoot with her boyfriend and met Khan for the first time. She described him as a complete slimeball, a man who disgusted her at first sight. Later in the shoot, Khan convinces her to let him piss in her mouth. Her boyfriend gleefully joins in the action. Small seems to be willing to tolerate just about any abuse that men in porn want to dish out in her direction. I don’t know why she tolerates being abused like this. Is she a masochist?

Elsewhere in Girlvert, she describes how she went from shoot to shoot in the porno world and encountered director after director who tried to “break” her. That is, they would try to push her to her limits to the point where she freaked out or broke down crying. She defiantly tolerated all of this abuse and resolved to never let any of it break her. But in the choke-out scene above, she was indeed reduced to a pile of blubbering tears.

I hate to break it to you guys, but these directors who try to so hard to abuse actresses to the point where the break down or burst into tears are a bunch of misogynists. It’s not cool or hip or cutting edge or edgy or avant garde or any of that. It’s just misogyny, as old as the human race.

Although moronic feminists accuse me of misogyny all the time, I plead innocent. I have my own definition of the word. I see what I call misogyny all over the PUA/Manosphere/MRA sites, and I don’t like a bit of it. And I am repulsed by the misogyny described above. But then the feminist definition of the word was always insane and all encompassing, so expansive that it covers vast areas of thought and behavior that no sane person would consider to be misogynistic.

As Jews see anti-Semites under every bed, so the feminist sees a woman-hater in every closet. Both Jews and feminists are insane in these regards and indeed they are mirrors of each other, as Identity Politics and ultranationalism are mirrors of the same narcissistic and paranoid mindset, part of which could be called a Paranoid-Masochistic character. This character is simply the result of extreme egotism.

Paranoia is the other side of the narcissistic mirror. If he’s as great as the egomaniac says he is, obviously the world is full of various enemies out to get you. It’s lonely at the top and all that. In the same way, nationalistic nations fill the minds of their citizens with enemies real and imagined. A great nation needs enemies, after all. Why are we great? Because they envy us so. Why are we failing? Because they done us wrong, the bastards. You see this narcissism in all Identity Politics and all nationalism. If the Left opposes nationalism due to the psychopathology inherent in such a mindset, any sane Left must opposes narcissistic Identity Politics and victimology for the same reason.

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Libertarianism Hostile to People of Color

Repost from the old site.

As usual, this post has been accused of racism, this time by a bunch of libertarians who have nothing better to do than thrown epithets around. Blog position on racism is here. Sometimes I wonder if I should just call myself a racist for the Hell of it so I can get on with my life and be done with all these rejoinders. Why was this post even accused of racism anyway? I don’t get it.

This post also got accused of sexism, which is kind of an honor, as I hardly ever get called that. If I’m ever really bored, maybe I will write up a blog position statement in sexism? I wonder if the purpose of these characterizations is to keep the person tied up running around denying things?

Just to be an ass, and to piss off people who call me a sexist, I will link to the glorious I Hate Women site. And, as we believe in equal time, I will also link to the excellent I Hate Men site (actually the sites are sort of brother and sister sites, as the owners know each other. The hate mail page on I Hate Women is great. I was pleased to see so many women out there hate women too. I knew there were some sensible ones out there.

One of the latest political fads is something called libertarianism. What it means, more or less, in an economic sense, is that the government will not regulate business in any way, shape or form. This includes any and all rights for workers, consumers, society, health and safety codes, environmental rules, etc.

There will be no laws against monopolies, so blatantly unfair cartels will inevitably arise everywhere, illegally thwarting all competition.

Workers, consumers and society will be screwed over by these nasty monopolies, the same way the phone (all phone companies, but ATT is by far the worse), cell phone (all are at least utterly unregulated), cable (all are monopolies), oil (a de facto price-fixing cartel), computer software (Microsoft) and hardware (Intel) monopolies do now.

One of the comforts of modern capitalism is that if a business treats you like crap, you can always easily take your body and money somewhere else. Not so with a monopoly. With a monopoly it’s bend over and take it, with no options to go elsewhere, as there is no competition. It follows that any monopoly granted by the state (phone, cable) must be a regulated monopoly, otherwise the consumer is in for a major screwing.

Libertarians love monopolies. The more monopolies the better. Libertarian-world will probably be one giant monopoly, and all the libertarian consumers will get reamed by the monopolies just like everyone else, but the libertarians will probably shout for joy as they get big business-sodomized, theory being all that matters.

In libertarianism, there will be no state anything. All will be privatized.

No state education, health care, roads, sidewalks, streetlights, bridges, ports, sewers, lands, electricity, plumbing, building or street codes, water systems, street lights, road signs, parking meters, emergency services, Social Security, Disability, school breakfasts or lunches or postal delivery.

No garbage collection, liquor or cigarette laws or taxes, transportation or aviation agencies, trade commissions or agencies, game wardens or laws, ambulances, immigration agents, border control, planning commissions, business licenses, no state anything, except I guess an army, cops, and firemen, and printing money, although some libertarians oppose some or all of that too.

There will be minimal taxes, and what taxes that exist will probably be slammed on the working stiff, not the “entrepreneur” that the libertarians worship.

In other words, libertarianism is Haiti.

Supposedly this is a revolutionary theory. The joke is that this was the actually existing state of capitalism as it first developed, and continued to be the state of capitalism until the 20th Century in the West. It is still the state of capitalism in much of the Third World. Go to Mexico, India, Peru, El Salvador, Thailand or China to see libertarianism in all its shining glory.

Yet I digress.

What about who supports it? Libertarianism is heavily made up of of healthy young men in the 20’s and 30’s making very good incomes. A few older guys and married men are into it, and they are usually making very good incomes too.

There are not many libertarian women, because the life of woman is vulnerable, as she is the bearer and raiser of the very “weak”and vulnerable people, in this case children, so despised by libertarians. And woman is vulnerable herself, as biology and cultures the world over inform us.

The number of poor, low income or working class libertarians is not large.

As these libertarian and far-right men age, many shed off some of their extreme conservatism or libertarianism, as entropy inevitably attacks their mortal coils. In particular, they often endorse more socialist health systems. A tiresome saying says, “Any man at age 20 who is not a socialist lacks a heart, and any man at age 40 who is still a socialist lacks a brain.”

Well, wages of time being what they are, I’ve noticed that older conservative guys sort of move back into that age-20 thing as they grey and hobble. Past 65, you are one of the “weak” that the libertarians hate so much, and most smart American conservatives figure this out.

But this post was about libertarianism and race.

Hanging about the libertarian scene on the Net, one notices something: almost 100% of US racists, racialists, White nationalists, White Supremacists, racial anti-Semites, Holocaust Deniers, along with Indian upper-caste Hindutvas, Asian (usually Overseas Chinese or Indian) Supremacists, in short, racial Supremacists of many types, seem to endorse “libertarianism” as their philosophy.

Whether many of these folks (especially the US Mighty Whiteys) are real libertarians is dubious. Most White racialists are really just very rightwing small government types who want low taxes and and end to social programs. Most don’t want to end regulations on business, most oppose free trade, and most want to restrict immigration. All are anti-libertarian positions.

Hatred of liberalism, socialism and of course Communism is an obsession with Mighty Whiteys, as Whitey and other natural racial and caste elites can make it on their own, thank you very much.

White racialists and their Indian and Chinese allies see government as existing only to steal from the hardworking superior light races and castes and give to lazy, overbreeding, degenerated, inferior dark races who refuse to work and instead live off their paler superiors, while conversely hating, insulting and even committing crimes against the superior lighter races.

So here in the US, National Socialism is dead on the racialist scene. Go to Stormfront and do a search and see how many socialists show up. American Renaissance is hostile to all government social programs. Even Overthrow, a purportedly National Socialist rag, was still “libertarian socialist” last time I checked.

To White racialists, Government can’t do anything for the White man and supports the enemies of Mighty Whitey, so it needs to go away.

Conversely, in Russia, most racialists are explicitly socialist in one way or another, usually in a Third Positionist, National Socialist, or Strasserist way (Interesting links – check em out – also interesting links from ADL bitches Morris Dees, of the clownish SPLC, and Chip Berlet, “anti-racist” super-twit, on Third Positionism).

Saying that almost all US racists and racialists are libertarian types is not the same as saying the obverse, and I would not be so wicked as to suggest that.

But lurk around the libertarian world on the Net a bit and one notices disturbing things. There is a lot of sympathy for the overt scientific racists Charles Murray, Philippe Rushton, Linda Gottfredson and Richard Lynn’s hardline views on race and IQ, which translated into colloquial English, are just, “Niggers sure are stupid!” Some throw Mexicans in with the dumb Blacks.

The message is clear: cognitive elites, and the White and Northeast Asian races, are superior, and all those dark races are inferior. Gene Expression, the premiere cognitive elite blog, is packed with libertarians and extreme rightwingers (libertarianism is the official political philosophy of the site).

GNXP, in addition to the usual White Supremacists, also has Overseas Chinese Supremacists, Upper Caste Indian Hindu Supremacists and just plain Indian Supremacists.

Steve Sailer, a popular scientific racist on the Net, calls himself a libertarian.

Increasingly, these various Eastern racialist Supremacist formulations are forming some tentative and uneasy alliance with the Mighty Whiteys. Some not obviously racist libertarians support Holocaust Revisionism, while others advocate historically for “neutrality in World War” and other gut-wrenching positions.

One thing is clear: libertarian-world is not friendly to Blacks or Browns in theory, prose, or mindset. Any libertarian vision, as an overtly ruling class philosophy at odds with the common man, would harm disadvantaged and mostly-poor non-upper-caste Blacks and Browns anywhere on Earth.

Indeed, the world over, de facto libertarian third world states where the government doesn’t do a damn thing for anyone already are harmful – deadly harmful – to Black and Brown people.

Libertarian hostility to People of Color is not generally rooted in any real racial hatred per se inherent in libertarianism itself. As a philosophy, it is probably race-neutral at core. Instead, Social Darwinists simply see Whites, Asians and natural elites as having won the race, and are entitled to all the fruits of victory, hence they embrace libertarianism as a way to lock in their elite dominance.

Also, White, Asian and Upper Caste Asian Supremacists see in libertarianism a vindication for their elite dominance over others. So racists are attracted to libertarianism and not the other way around.

It follows then that any Hispanic or Black libertarian in the US is a race traitor working with the White man to harm his people. Black libertarians are House Negroes named Tom sucking up to their White massas, selfishly promoting libertarianism to preserve their good-paying White collar brain jobs.

Hispanic libertarians are either mimicking the Hispanic elites in Latin America (“libertarians” themselves) or objectively working against their people.

One wonders why such folks even exist. Here is one. This Black fool, who describes himself as a libertarian, wages Holy War on the countless legions of scientific racists populating the Internet, who are, of course, almost all libertarians and rightwing extremists like him. This is ridiculous. It’s akin to a man who goes to live in a flophouse and then ends up in continuous crusade against bums.

Abiola Lapite, an incredibly belligerent, irritable, arrogant, immature, rude, selfish and conceited upper class Nigerian expat who has the outrageous gall to describe himself as an “intellectual elitist” (Good God!), has only lined up with libertarianism to preserve his ultra-selfish bourgeois upper-class lifestyle.

Lapite has been banned from several prominent Internet forums, has been described as one of the worst-behaved prominent trolls in the blogosphere, and repeatedly threatens to sue those who attack him on the Net for libel. Fortunately, Britain had the pleasure of being tainted with this clown’s presence back in 2004, but he is now polluting New York City by existing there.

He claims to have built, all by himself, a search engine that could easily kill Google’s (He says any intelligent person could easily build one!) yet the company that he worked at, due to their stupidity, refused to recognize his unheralded genius and idiotically refused to invest in his Google-killer (!).

This is narcissism in its most virulent and pathological form. He is simply a Netkook, an Internet crank extraordinaire. An interesting question is whether the Net (especially blogs) is increasing narcissism, or is merely serving as a flame lit up in blinking neon lights to the narcissist moths.

Then he ends up waging continuous Holy War against his fellow libertarians for their anti-Black racist BS. Well duh! Libertarianism is consonant with and an ideal seedbed for every Black-hostile POV around (though I’m sure the Haitian Duvalierists find it endearing). Libertarianism is not, and probably cannot be at any time in the foreseeable future, Black-friendly to the Black masses of the world.

On the other hand, significant numbers of Whites and Asians stand to benefit from libertarianism. Even here, it will typically only benefit the top 20% of society. Repeated studies have shown that the “libertarian” neoliberal reforms of the last 30 years have only benefited the top 20% of society. This has held through time and across widely varying societies.

So why do Black libertarians even exist?

These are narcissistic young men who care nothing about their people and care only about their preening, overbearing, loudmouthed and ultimately grotesquely immature selves. They commit treason against their own kind and ally with the enemy, then rant about their “funny” White friends with their nasty White minds.

Good God. What were they thinking?


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