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Talking Heads, “Heaven”

From 1979!

Great song! This is one of my all-time favorite bands. They were one of the first punk/new wave bands out, in their case out of the New York art school scene. All band members met in art school. David Byrne is a damned genius, and everyone else in the band was also very smart. I always loved Tina Weymouth, the chick on guitar. Their first album was actually called More Songs about Buildings and Food and was usually listed as a punk album alongside the Clash, the Pistols, etc. though they were always more weird and arty than punk.

Fear of Music, which this song is off, was the second album. It came out in 1979. It’s one of the best rock music albums ever made! This song is great, but really they are all great. The whole album is great from start to finish.

If you have never heard of this band, check them out. They’re glorious.

N.B. I saw the Talking Heads live at UCLA of all places in the summer of 1979 with some friends of mine. This was one of the first punk rock shows in LA. There were a lot of arty/nerdy college kid types there. UCLA is a very selective school, and you can’t get in unless you are wicked smart.

It was a great show! Oingo Boingo (if you have heard of them) were also there. That is another great old punk/new wave band from the old days.

Here are the lyrics. Even if you’re an atheist, it’s as great a song about Death and Heaven as has ever been written.

“Heaven – heaven is a place. A place where nothing – nothing ever happens.”

I’m not quite sure this is what the authors of the Bible had in mind, or, Hell, maybe they did. World-weariness is a thing as old as our race (and it’s always just a bit charming, especially in a handsome man of a certain age). It didn’t just sprout up in the age of Information Overload. No matter how much you love to run, you always reach a point where you just can’t go anymore, and you’ve just got to lie down, dammit. And I’ll be damned if it doesn’t feel good.

I was talking to a friend once, about death. What else is there to talk about, after all? All roads lead to the same destination. Think about it.

I asked him if he was scared.

“I don’t know Bob. I’m tired, Bob.”

Sure. Well, yeah. No train runs forever. They all run out of steam at some point, and there’s always an end of every line.

Then again, maybe Heaven is like a Chili’s where they never quite run out of applewood bacon. Which, you’ve got to admit, would be pretty cool right there, n’est pas? Better than most of my life anyway.

Last call! Last call!

Last call for alcohol! Last call for alcohol!

Hurry up boys, it’s time! Hurry up boys, it’s time!

See ya all on the other side!

Everyone is trying
To get to the bar
The name of the bar
The bar is called Heaven

The band in Heaven
Plays my favorite song
They play it once again
They play it all night long

Heaven is a place
A place where nothing
Nothing ever happens

Heaven is a place
A place where nothing
Nothing ever happens

There is a party
Everyone is there
Everyone will leave
At exactly the same time

It’s hard to imagine
That nothing at all
Could be so exciting
Could be this much fun.

Heaven is a place
A place where nothing
Nothing ever happens

Heaven is a place
A place where nothing
Nothing ever happens

Heaven is a place
A place where nothing
Nothing ever happens

Heaven is a place
A place where nothing
Nothing ever happens

When this kiss is over
It will start again
It will not be any different
It will be exactly the same

It’s hard to imagine
That nothing at all
Could be so exciting
Could be this much fun.

Heaven is a place
A place where nothing
Nothing ever happens

Heaven is a place
A place where nothing
Nothing ever happens

Heaven is a place
A place where nothing
Nothing ever happens

Heaven is a place
A place where nothing
Nothing ever happens


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Theme Song of My Life

Seems like a lousy song to have as a theme for your life, but I am quite happy with it and even proud of it. I am not sure if that makes sense to you.

John Cash! I just heard this one today and damn it is so good. 1989 (late Johnny Cash),

Motorhead! Not as good as the other three but still pretty cool especially if you like Lemmy.

Social Distortion! This one is so awesome! Punk rock! 1992 (late punk rock).

I was brought in this world 1962
I didn’t have much choice you see
But by the time I was eight
I could tell it was too late
I was already barking up the wrong tree

When I was in school
You thought I was a fool
In trouble, Breaking all the rules
I was absent from class
My Daddy spanked my bare ass
But I sure tried hard to be cool


Born to lose, was what they said
You know I was better off dead
Born to lose
You’re just bad news
You don’t get a second chance!

It was a hot summer night
In mid July
A hangover and a black eye
Your Momma said I was a loser
A dead end cruiser
And deep inside I know that she was right


Born to lose, was what they said
You know I was better off dead
Born to lose, you’re just bad news
You don’t get a second chance!

I tried to get myself a job
Because that’s the way that things are
Wanna have nice things and go far
Well I’m sorry honey
I ain’t got much money
But I can sure play this here old guitar

As the years went on, I made a few mistakes
It was a troublebound for this young man
The police knockin’ at my door
“Well he don’t live here no more
and he’s playin’ in a rock ‘n’ Roll band.”


Born to lose, was what they said
You know I was better off dead
Born to lose
You’re just bad news
You don’t get a second chance!

And my favorite of all far, Johnny Thunders! In other words, my alter ego. That’s photo of me in the video in back of the song. The original proto-punk rockers. Punkers before there was even punk rock. The whole punk rock movement grew directly out of bands like this. 1977 (early punk rock).

That’s the way you go
This city is so cold
And I’m, I’m so sold
That’s why I’m know

I said hit it
Born to lose, born to lose, born to lose
Oh baby I’m born too loose

Nothing to do
I’ve nothing to say
Only one thing that I want
It’s the only way

I said hit it
Born to lose
I said hit it
Born to lose
I said hit it
Born to lose
Oh baby I’m born too loose
Oh baby I’m born too loose

Living in a jungle
It ain’t so hard
Living in the city
It will eat out, eat out your heart

I said hit it
Born to lose
I said hit it
Born to lose
I said hit it
Born to lose

Baby I’m born too loose
Oh baby I’m born too loose
Oh baby I’m born too loose
Oh baby I’m born too …


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Sonic Youth, “I Wanna Be Your Dog”

Iggy Pop and the Stooges cover with the singer doing an excellent Iggy Pop imitation. At first I thought the lead singer was a really hot, sexy skinny long-haired blond chick and…it’s a guy…no it’s a chick, no wait a guy…no, a chick…Ah the Hell with that! It’s a human goddamnit!

Trip to Wikipedia: Turns out this is a chick after all! Kim Gordon! So she’s an androgyne, so what? So am I. So’s Joan Jett. So’s Suzi Quatro. So’s Bowie. So’s Jagger. So’s Marc Bolan. So’s Lou Reed. So’re all the sexy people!

Wow! I never thought too much of this band, but boy do I love them now. This was what early LA punk rock was like in the late 1970’s-early 1980’s.

Check out those horns! James Brown!

What about that ominous sound? Mott the Hoople. Of course the Stooges. And before that, what else? The Velvet Underground!

I’m looking at that band in back of her and I’m thinking…the Ramones! I’m also thinking…New York City punk rock! Late 70’s-early 80’s. CBGB’s and all that. That band is so New York. Over to Wikipedia, yep I was right, early New York punk band. Formed in 1981. I’m a psychic! Isn’t that weird how you can just read the vibes of something and pin it down place and time almost perfectly? Must be intuition. Can’t possibly be logic. Woman thinking. The genius of the woman.

What else is this? What’s the general vibe, the Gestalt, the reading, the “smell?” It’s the goddamned end of civilization, that’s what it is! Oh no but it’s so much worse than that. This music is actually a perverse celebration of the end of civilization. And that’s so much better, you know? Rockin’ to the Apocalypse!

I am sitting here listening to this song…and everything’s getting darker…and my heart’s sinking into my stomach…and I’m thinking…”Jesus Christ, man. This is the last rock and roll band on Earth!” And you know what is so much worse than that even? “And tomorrow…after they play this song and stomp off the stage…the world is gonna end!” And you know what’s a whole universe way worse than even that? It’s that oh man isn’t that most gloriously beautiful part of it all! Let’s have a wake for mankind. Have another drink, on me. Drink up one last time as the Titanic goes down!

This is what rock and roll is all about!

Rockin’ til I drop!

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Suzi Quatro,”Suzi Quatro”

Suzi Quatro! From 1973! Oh Hell yeah!

Suzi Quatro was one of the first female lead singers and guitarists of a real rock and roll band. She was the queen of leather rock! She also plays a mean bass guitar. I can’t help thinking this is actually punk rock. But it’s only 1973. This is really pre-punk like the New York Dolls. It’s all coming from the same place. Let’s face it, glam was pre-punk, and Suzi Quatro is glam rock!

Similar acts from around the same time are Sweet and Slade. Sweet is downgraded nowadays but I really liked them back in the day. Slade is also very underrated. Sort of a glam AC/DC.

None of these songs mean much of anything. They’re just silly, dumb songs to rock and roll too. But rock and roll was never intellectual.

Real rock and roll (not prog, folk, country or metal) is sensual and experiential. It’s the music of the pure ID.

Music to fuck to. Fucking music.

There’s a reason for that beat. It’s the beat of sexual intercourse. BAM BAM BAM BAM. The early haters of rock and roll figured this out quickly,and that was one of the main reasons why rock was hated so much all the way back to Elvis Presley.

Back in the 1970’s all the mafia produced porn back then had hard rock soundtracks going on through all the fucking and sucking. There’s a reason for that.

It’s because it’s fucking music, music to fuck by.

Or in the case of punk rock, music for people who like to fuck and fight!


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Johnny Thunders, “There’s a Little Bit of Whore in Every Girl”

Johnny Thunders! Johnny Thunders is God! I also like that he is a true pure androgyne. But then all the Dolls were pure androgynes. As were all the fellows mentioned below.

If you watch that video, can you see where the Dolls gets their shtick? The Dolls are the Rolling Stones! And of course if you look at the video carefully, you will notice that Johnny Thunders can only be Keith Richards, though I think there is a bit of Sex Pistols in him too. David Johansen can only be Keith Richards and of course that’s exactly who he is if you have been following him for long.

You will also notice one more thing if you look at this video closely. The Dolls were punk rock! And there were punk rock before there even was punk rock! Punk hadn’t even started yet and the Dolls were already punk. Born too soon! But then again? Were the Rolling Stones punk rock? One wonders. Aerosmith? Queen? Roxy Music? T. Rex? Mott the Hoople? I can see all of that leading right up into punk rock honestly.

But then a lot of these were glam bands and the Dolls if nothing else was the epitome of glam. And glam led right straight into punk rock.

If you want to know what I am like, I am this guy. I am also David Bowie. And Marc Bolan. I am David Bowie, Marc Bolan, the New York Dolls, Iggy Pop and Mick Jagger all wrapped into one.

Which is apparently where a lot of the sexual orientation confusion comes from I suppose. Not that I am not getting sick and tired of it because I am. But if I am just David Bowie then it all makes sense and I should not expect anything different.

I loved this guy when he was in the Dolls too. There are a number of photographs of him in this video. This is said to be a live in the studio version bujt that’s not the case. It’s actually from a song that was played live in a Swedish radio station!. Other than that, it’s never been heard before.

P.S. I more or less agree with the sentiment behind this song, but I don’t think it applies to all of them. And a few years after menopause, I suppose it doesn’t apply to any of them.

That’s an even better version, a lot more cleaned up. I have no idea what this version is off of.

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Even Better Than #whitelivesmatter

How bout some nihilism?


I like it already!

I came out of the punk rock movement where most of us had the attitude of, “Decline of Western Civilization? Cool! What can I do to help?”, so I’ve had a soft spot in my black heart for nihilism since my salad days.

Modern SJW culture is getting pretty damned nihilistic if you actually sit down and think about it. Who knows, maybe in 20 years, narodniks will be in style again. After all they killed the Czar, and that’s impressive.

Maybe we are already there. Nietzsche is the quintessential modernist. Who else can speak to our age? He said we were already trapped in a nihilistic black hole, and that was a hundred years ago.

Why else is Buddhism, the original nihilistic religion, so popular with hipsters these days?

What else could you call postmodernism but nihilism enshrined in the academy and intellectual? Derrida is Nietzsche updated to a new century. From there we move on to Lyotard and especially Baudrillard, and then it’s a hop and skip to Badiou and especially Brassier, the echoing voice in the darkness of the black hole of our time.

The art world was never far behind, or maybe even out in front.

Sade was scribbling in his dungeon a century before Nietzsche rocked the world.

While narodniks were throwing bombs, Turgenev and Chekhov were following them in the literature of the time.

From there we went to Dada, which is nihilistic or it is nothing at all, or perhaps it is both or neither, which all mean the same thing if you think about it.

Ayn Rand hated nihilism, which is funny considering that Objectivism is about as nihilistic as you can get. I mean come on. Religion is dead, so it obviously follows that God is too. No religion, no God. That’s not too hard to understand. Without God, there is nothing, and that is our postmodern predicament du jour. Sartre would call it a “dilemma.” It certainly creates a lot of angst. Look at all the people on psych meds.

Hilariously, the Objectivists look out at the world with their cold sociopathic dead shark eyes and call their evil ways a temple. “God may be dead, but it matters not,” they cheer. “For we have money, and in money we have more meaning than a thousand Gods!” Yeah. Let’s all go pray at the bank. Maybe they’ll give me a loan.

It’s such pitiful thinking until you realize probably half the US population are Randists. Then it becomes frightening, yet another dangerous popular delusion.

And no, money is not a substitute for meaning. All the meaning in my wallet and a $1.79 will get you a Slurpee at a 7-11.

Money is God! Surely you jest. But our Randists do not, and that’s scary. Serial killer scary.

Music was a bit late to the game, but as mentioned above, nihilism was Punk Rock’s middle name. Probably the Velvets were the incubators, and then the Pistols blew it up for the world to see. Punk is nihilistic to this day, assuming it’s not commodified yet.

Industrial, Black metal, death metal, and doom metal took the ex nihilo baton from punk and ran with it. Black Sabbath were the Velvets of metal. Metallica, Slayer, Alice in Chains, Ministry, Motorhead, Nine Inch Nails, Pantera and especially Marilyn Manson blazed a trail of destructive nothingness that rages to this moment.

Film was even later to game, but the movies always catch up to culture eventually. It’s a law, written in stone on Hollywood Boulevard. The Big Lebowski was the first step, and what is Fight Club but nihilistic? The Matrix and its sequel probably wrote the ultimate cinematic treatise on our modern disease. What’s with that hollowed out book in Thomas A. Anderson’s hand? And what’s Agent Smith ranting about anyway, or is he really just ranting about nothing?

More recently, the Joker in himself  in Dark Knight Rises is none other than the Agent of Chaos. With no love of money, he wants nothing to do with filthy lucre. He only wants to make everything burn. In the ultimate anti-Objectivist statement, he even burns a gigantic pile of money.

Most people troll on the Net, but some hardcores troll in real life. That’s called Trolling IRL. At the moment, that is exacting what Mr. Trump is doing – trolling IRL. That silly billionaire is trolling the whole damn world.

Some folks who troll IRL are harmless like Andy Kaufman, probably the finest IRL troller that ever lived.

Others who troll IRL are downright evil. I can’t help thinking that Adolf Hitler was trolling the world with his crazy philosophy. Unfortunately, this mad trolling IRL episode left 50 million bodies in its wake.

James Holmes was another evil IRL troller, though he was a mere piker next to Der Fuhrer. Nevertheless, this exemplary philosopher/man of action understood The Dark Knight movie at its essence. Hence he dressed up as the Joker and crashed a movie theater in Colorado, spraying the packed crowd with machine gun fire, trying to make the world burn in his own petty and failed way.

And our trajectory of nothingness, with all its bumps and lurches along the way, leads us here, to our modern nightmare. In the ultimate act of nihilism, a man dressed up as the Joker, the Agent of Chaos himself and raided a movie theater with a machine gun in a failed attempt to set the world aflame, in a nightmarish act of horrific violence utterly devoid of all meaning.

And here I leave you, dear reader, staring off into space, looking at nothing at all.

Have a good trip, if you can bear it.


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TSOL “Peace through Power”

Also from the debut album, Dance with Death, 1981. That was the only one of their albums I listened to much. After Revenge, they turned into a metal band and a lot of people didn’t like them anymore.

The politics of this song sucks, but then this band always had crap politics. Their name was True Sons of Liberty, and they were founded in my hometown of Huntington Beach. They were Reaganites from the original Reagan Country, Orange County.That said, a lot of Orange County punks had crap politics.

But it’s still a good song anyway. Hard to believe this was 35 years ago. And punk is a commodity. I never thought I would see the day when punk was just another commodity. I assume we will have the Sex Pistols playing at the Republican Convention soon. Well, considering that the Pistols and the Republicans are both destructive nihilists, maybe it will all make sense after all.

You gotta hand it to the capitalists. They can commodify anything. I mean a capitalist could put “Revolution” on a t-shirt with Che’s picture on it, sell it at a major chain store and make $1 million. What an amazing system.

Marx praised capitalism to the skies. He just thought it was immoral and ultimately not sustainable. He never said it didn’t work.

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TSOL, “Code Blue”

I actually like this song. From 1981. I saw them live in concert in Fall 1981. The concert was at a football stadium in Santa Ana, California. They were playing on the field at the finish line. We sneaked into the concert by climbing a fence and going under some barriers. Then we ran on the field right next to where the band was playing. Some of the bouncers look at us like, “Dudes come on man,” and ran over to us but we ditched them and ran up into the stands. There were other guys doing it too. It was cool! A bunch of people sneaking into the concert! What a punk thing to do – sneak  into a punk rock concert without paying!

PS. They were good.


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New Interview with Me Up

In this interview, Stark interviews Charles Lincoln and me about Los Angeles, the 1980’s, the movie Blade Runner and quite a few other things.  Hope you enjoy it!

Interview here.

Robert Stark Talks to Charles Lincoln & Robert Lindsay about LA, the 1980’s, & Blade Runner

This is a continuation of the discussion on True Stories

Topics include:

The demographic transformation of Southern California.
Robert Lindsay’s experience as a substitute teacher
Beverly Hills.
The film Fast Times at Ridgemont High set in the San Fernando Valley in the early 80’s.
The depiction of adolescent sexuality in the film.
How in the 70’s and early 80’s, hedonism existed with less materialism and higher social trust than today.
How the rise in hyper-materialism coincided with the popularity of Reagan.
How Robert Lindsay was involved with the punk scene in the 80’s.
The film Earth Girls Are Easy.
The porn industry in the San Fernando Valley.
Southern California mall culture.
How the decline of traditional mall culture symbolizes how all of society is becoming one giant mall.
How strip malls in LA are being replaced by higher density development.
The debate about density and urbanism.
Mexican culture vs. Mexican American culture in California.
The film Blade Runner, which is set in LA in 2019.
Whether Blade Runner is an accurate depiction of the future.
The genre of dystopian future films (ex. Hunger Games, V for Vendetta, Mad Max)
Neon signs of Blade Runner.
The film Her which depicts the future of LA as an eco-friendly SWPL utopia.
The decline in the quality of products.

This website takes a lot of time, and I do not get paid anything for it. If you think this website is valuable to you, please consider a a contribution to support my work.

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Lemmy Finally Killed by Death

Two days ago, at 4 PM on December 28, Ian Fraser “Lemmy” Kilmister, lead singer of the band Motorhead, died of a very aggressive cancer at his home in LA where he lived only two blocks from his favorite hangout, the Rainbow on Sunset Boulevard. The cancer had only been diagnosed two days prior.

Motorhead was always one of my favorite bands. It is interesting, but Motorhead was one of the few metal bands that was very popular with punk rockers for some unknown reasons. Motorhead is almost like “punk metal” perhaps.

I also appreciate the fact that he was trying to beat Wilt Chamberlain’s record, though he only reached 1,200.

Amazing he lived to 70 on a bottle of bourbon a day. He loved drugs, especially speed and he used drugs up until the end. How did you do it, Lemmy?

In old age he had cut down on his drinking and drug use due to diabetes and hypertension. Two years ago, he had a defibrillator fitted in his heart, so it looks like he had heart trouble too. Nevertheless, he did not cut out the drug use entirely. He referred to his ongoing drug use even in to his old age and despite health problems as, “Dogged insolence in the face of mounting opposition to the contrary.”

I always thought that at the end of the world it would be only cockroaches, Lemmy and Keith Richards left, as all three seemed unkillable. But Lemmy was finally killed by death after all. Which reminds me:

Momento mori!

Speaking of being killed by death:

Check out those dancing girls. Eat your hearts out, feminists.

One of their greatest songs from Top of the Pops 1980.

People don’t become better when they’re dead; you just talk about them as if they are, but it’s not true! People are still a–holes, they’re just dead a–holes! … I didn’t have a really important life, but at least it’s been funny.

  • Lemmy, White Line Fever

RIP Lemmy!

Lemmy forever!


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