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Suzi Quatro,”Suzi Quatro”

Suzi Quatro! From 1973! Oh Hell yeah!

Suzi Quatro was one of the first female lead singers and guitarists of a real rock and roll band. She was the queen of leather rock! She also plays a mean bass guitar. I can’t help thinking this is actually punk rock. But it’s only 1973. This is really pre-punk like the New York Dolls. It’s all coming from the same place. Let’s face it, glam was pre-punk, and Suzi Quatro is glam rock!

Similar acts from around the same time are Sweet and Slade. Sweet is downgraded nowadays but I really liked them back in the day. Slade is also very underrated. Sort of a glam AC/DC.

None of these songs mean much of anything. They’re just silly, dumb songs to rock and roll too. But rock and roll was never intellectual.

Real rock and roll (not prog, folk, country or metal) is sensual and experiential. It’s the music of the pure ID.

Music to fuck to. Fucking music.

There’s a reason for that beat. It’s the beat of sexual intercourse. BAM BAM BAM BAM. The early haters of rock and roll figured this out quickly,and that was one of the main reasons why rock was hated so much all the way back to Elvis Presley.

Back in the 1970’s all the mafia produced porn back then had hard rock soundtracks going on through all the fucking and sucking. There’s a reason for that.

It’s because it’s fucking music, music to fuck by.

Or in the case of punk rock, music for people who like to fuck and fight!


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Johnny Thunders, “There’s a Little Bit of Whore in Every Girl”

Johnny Thunders! Johnny Thunders is God! I also like that he is a true pure androgyne. But then all the Dolls were pure androgynes. As were all the fellows mentioned below.

If you watch that video, can you see where the Dolls gets their shtick? The Dolls are the Rolling Stones! And of course if you look at the video carefully, you will notice that Johnny Thunders can only be Keith Richards, though I think there is a bit of Sex Pistols in him too. David Johansen can only be Keith Richards and of course that’s exactly who he is if you have been following him for long.

You will also notice one more thing if you look at this video closely. The Dolls were punk rock! And there were punk rock before there even was punk rock! Punk hadn’t even started yet and the Dolls were already punk. Born too soon! But then again? Were the Rolling Stones punk rock? One wonders. Aerosmith? Queen? Roxy Music? T. Rex? Mott the Hoople? I can see all of that leading right up into punk rock honestly.

But then a lot of these were glam bands and the Dolls if nothing else was the epitome of glam. And glam led right straight into punk rock.

If you want to know what I am like, I am this guy. I am also David Bowie. And Marc Bolan. I am David Bowie, Marc Bolan, the New York Dolls, Iggy Pop and Mick Jagger all wrapped into one.

Which is apparently where a lot of the sexual orientation confusion comes from I suppose. Not that I am not getting sick and tired of it because I am. But if I am just David Bowie then it all makes sense and I should not expect anything different.

I loved this guy when he was in the Dolls too. There are a number of photographs of him in this video. This is said to be a live in the studio version bujt that’s not the case. It’s actually from a song that was played live in a Swedish radio station!. Other than that, it’s never been heard before.

P.S. I more or less agree with the sentiment behind this song, but I don’t think it applies to all of them. And a few years after menopause, I suppose it doesn’t apply to any of them.

That’s an even better version, a lot more cleaned up. I have no idea what this version is off of.

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RIP David Bowie

Wow, that really hit me with a shock.

He had been very ill with cancer for the last 18 months, but they had kept it a good secret. In addition to the cancer, he had a heart scare seven years ago when he had to have an angioplasty. He made very few appearances in recent years. Shockingly, he made a stage appearance a mere month before he died, and he looked reasonably healthy. But his rail-thin appearance stunned a lot of people and left many of them wondering what was going on.

What type of cancer did Bowie have? He died of liver cancer, but it was not primary liver cancer. Instead David Bowie died of lung cancer that spread to his liver and caused secondary liver cancer. Well, that’s what the rumor mill says anyway.

Lung cancer itself is a bitch, with 5-year survival rate of a terrifyingly low 5%. In other words, lung cancer is a death sentence. Everyone I knew who had it was dead pretty damn quick. Liver cancer is not much better, with a 5-year survival rate of 17%. Liver cancer is pretty much a death sentence too. I have known a few people who had it, and none of them survived long.

I always loved David Bowie, even back when it was pretty uncool to like him. I started listening to him around 1974. I do remember that the Ziggy Stardust album from 1972 was still popular around that time.

Hunky Dory from 1971? Even earlier stuff like The Man Who Sold the World? Hardly popular at all, though I do remember being at some stoner hipster groovy people’s house around that time, and a teenage girl smiled a sly, devious smile and put on The Man Who Sold the World.

Aladdin Sane was quite popular, but only with the stoner underground freak crowd. I remember when it came out, and one of my best friends, MJ, went to visit a mutual friend of ours, an Italian guy who worked in a liquor store at the beach but lived all the way up in in north Orange County. MJ went over to that guy’s apartment one night, and they listened to that album and smoked lots of weed until dawn, MJ later told me.

Pin Ups followed later in 1973. This album was not very popular at all; however, some of the “underground” crowd was into it. I first heard it on an 8-track in a Volkswagen being driven by one of my total hipster surfer cool guy friends as he pulled his car up to us late one school night out in front of NF and DN’s house. I think his name was Perrault. The song was Sorrow, and damn it was cool.

I was just starting to smoke pot at the time, and I was growing my hair long. I got hazed pretty bad when I first started to hang out with the cool guys because they were pretty rough street kids, basically juvenile delinquents. RN, NF, CD and TB were there.

We were all smoking pot outside late one school night.

They hazed me. CD and TB swarmed me, jumping in to hit me and jump away. They were calling me gay. I kept saying, “I’m not gay. I’m not gay.”

It was one of the most traumatic nights of my life, dealing with that bullying. It was also my first gay bashing, and two much worse ones would follow. Yes, it is true! Straight guys get gay bashed too! Quite a few of them do in fact.

RN was trying to calm the scene down, saying, “It’s cool. It’s cool.” I don’t think he thought I was really gay, so I suppose he thought it was an injustice. NF was quietly snickering. He didn’t think he thought I was really gay either as he knew me pretty well since he was the one who introduced me to the local delinquent crowd, but I guess he thought it was funny.

I put up with the hazing, and pretty soon I got to hang out with the bad boys, but they never totally accepted me. CD and TB later burglarized my house and stole my coin collection. A year earlier, CD had thrown a rock through my window. I was in the room at the time, and it was terrifying.

CD was basically evil, but TB was just a stoned out delinquent surf cat. I met TB ten years later around 1984, and he acted very apologetic. He didn’t say anything, but his body language told me he seemed sorry for what he had done to me. He had cleaned up his act as so many White delinquents do and had a good job and a girlfriend.

NF, who was basically heterosexual, later turned into a gay rent boy or a gay prostitute in Laguna Beach. He was the kept man of an older gay man. I always figured he was in it for the money because he always seemed basically straight to me. A tough badass surfer juvenile delinquent, he was extremely macho and overwhelming. He always had beautiful girlfriends. A lot of very good-lookng young straight men get into gay prostitution. I guess they do it for the money. It’s quite common.

When he was about 30 years old, NF the kept boy was a passenger in the  sports car owned by his older Sugar Daddy. They sped through an intersection in Laguna Beach very late one Saturday night, and NF never made it out of that car again. A terrible car accident sent NF, maverick, stud, Greek God, surfcat and ultimate bad boy, into the archives.

RN turned into a White Supremacist and moved to Idaho.

CD was still a sadistic shit the last I heard, and it was rumored that he beat his wife a lot. Some people seem to be born evil.

JB across the street was a Mormon who was never into dope or rock and roll. He was the typical straight guy. Apparently much later in the early 1990’s, he became a heavy cocaine user. He came around to my friend BD’s workplace one day and said goodbye to BD. BD didn’t understand what JB was doing. Why was he saying goodbye? Huh? But there’s a logic to most things people do. JB was going around to all of his old friends and saying goodbye to them one by one. Very soon afterwards, he went home, sat down, pointed a gun at his head, pulled the trigger and blew out his brains. We were all stunned.

The rock and roll had come a year earlier or so. The fights with my father over the hair were legendary and often quite violent. A lot of objects got smashed up. Good times! I was fond of tipping the dinner table over when everyone was seated at it, and everyone’s food would go crashing on the floor. Usually a plate or two broke. Dinner was often interrupted by me jumping up at the table and yelling, “Fuck you!” at my father as I threw a glass of water in his face. Those fights were cool! A great time was had by all. God I love my family! We sure knew how to live it up. Lot of excitement growing up, and never a dull moment!

Pinups was a very underground album, and only the coolest, hippest people were into it.

Diamond Dogs came out the next year in 1974. It wasn’t a hit, and most people just thought it was weird. However, the title track is awesome, and Rebel Rebel is out of this world!

Next came Young Americans in 1975, which was Bowie’s disco album. I was very much into the disco craze at the time. I wore platform shoes – at one type I had four-inch high purple platform shoes. I wore cotton and silk scarves a lot. Some people thought it was gay, but most people called it “stylin’.” Gay men don’t usually wear scarves. But a lot of straight disco guys were wearing scarves back then.

I know Tim Leary was fond of silk scarves. Some friends of mine used to visit Tim and Rosemary at their house in the Hollywood Hills pretty often. Once DL and I were in a video store on Sunset Avenue in Hollywood on the Strip in the 1980’s. DL said, “Bob! Look! The Godhead! It’s Timothy Leary!” He had his hands folded in front of him and was bowing his head repeatedly like a Buddhist monk in the direction of a white haired man at the checkout counter.

It was Timothy Leary himself, the first time I had ever seen the man. Leary had a copy of Amadeus in his hand and was renting it for the night. He had a huge ear to ear grin on his face. Every time I saw him on TV, he always had that grin. Face it, if you took LSD 2,000 times and saw God as many times as he did, you might never stop smiling either.

I had velvet pants and silk shirts. All of that sounds pretty faggy, but you have to understand that all of this stuff was the style back then, and most of the guys who were wearing this stuff were straight disco guys. Gay men didn’t wear clothes like that, but they did have their own gay disco scene about which I know little.

I hated Young Americans, but I still like some disco music. In 1973-75, Bowie, Mott the Hoople, the New York Dolls, Queen, Lou Reed and T. Rex were pretty much the glam scene. The glam scene was extremely underground and druggy, and you hardly ever met anyone who was into it. The people who were into it were basically “freaks” who were completely outside of society.

A lot of more conservative types hated all of the above music, which they thought was sick. I believe the basic complaint was that the glam bands were a bunch of faggots. It wasn’t true, but they did play up a phony angle like that – fake faggots, or straight guys pretending to be gay to shock people.

None of the big glam stars except Freddie Mercury were really gay, and even Bowie and Reed who were playing around with homosexuality later “came out” as straight. Back in those days, it was groovy, transgressive and shocking to be bisexual, and there was a bit of bisexual chic going on, but I never saw much of it. Bowie was always a closeted straight man, and Iggy Pop said he got more pussy than any man he ever knew. “From waitresses to heiresses, David Bowie fucked them all,” said an incredulous Pop.

Reed later settled into a longterm straight relationship with Laurie Anderson, who was always straight but played up the lesbian look and act as some sort of a weird art statement. A girlfriend of mine told me that she knew people who knew Reed, and they described him as omnisexual or pansexual. He pretty much fucked anything that moved without much preference or care. All of Mott and T. Rex, the rest of Bowie’s band and the rest of Queen were all straight. They were messing around with the androgyne look, which incidentally was very popular among straight men at that time.

I went to see Bowie for the first time on the Station to Station tour when the human chameleon was in his Thin White Duke role. It was bad, man! I went with BA and maybe BD, and we smoked pot the whole concert and got stoned to the gills. You could openly smoke pot at rock concerts back then, and generally no one even cared. There was security all over the place, but they generally never tried to stop the pot smoking. Pretty soon a huge cloud of pot smoke would collect toward the top of the stadium. Funny.

BA died ten years ago at age 47. He was a hardcore alcoholic who used alcohol to make a beast of himself. People went outside one sunny late morning and saw him in his parked car, slumped over the steering wheel. He would never drive that car again. A massive heart attack kindly released him at last from the unbearable pain of being a man.

The next year featured Station to Station. By this time, Bowie was mainstream. I still think Station to Station is one of the greatest albums ever made. During this phase, Bowie was living in London and was completely gone into a drugged out world – in Bowie’s case, cocaine. He got completely out there on coke to where he was more or less psychotic.

Cocaine was a much discussed but little used drug back then. It was so expensive that really no one could afford it, but everyone was in awe of it anyway. At that time, we thought cocaine was a “soft drug” like pot, and boy were we wrong about that. I was already hearing ugly stories about cocaine as early as 1976, and with  the years, they only got worse.

Low came out in 1977 and was widely panned by critics. This was an ambient music album patterned on the work of Kraftwerk, Brian Eno, etc. I actually liked Low a lot, and I still do. I think it is underrated. It was such a change for Bowie that people were freaked out by the new sound. Philip Glass later described Low as a “work of genius.”

Later in 1977, Heroes came out with the same type of weird ambient music. However, this was more popular. The single Heroes was well received, and it’s always been one of my favorite songs of all time. The Heroes album was very weird, but I still like it.

In 1978, when I transferred from junior college to four year university, Lodger came out. Lodger was widely panned upon release, and some still hate it. I liked it a lot at the time though, and it was a bit of a cult album. Note that Low, Heroes and Lodger were seldom played among the crowd I ran with in the US, though they topped charts in the UK. The only people listening to this stuff in the US were “underground” people.

However, time has been kind to Lodger, and its status seems to increase with each passing year. It is now regarded along with The Man Who Sold the World and Diamond Dogs as one of Bowie’s most underrated albums. Boys Keep Swinging is a great song off Lodger.

Scary Monsters (Super Creeps), released in 1980, was also very weird, but by this time, Bowie was starting to get a bit more mainstream, and his popularity was moving out of the underground crowd. The title track and Ashes to Ashes were hits on the album, and Ashes to Ashes ended up being a huge hit single in the US, where it was on the radio all the time. The title track was a less popular song, although I like it about as much as Ashes to Ashes. During this phase, Bowie was into the New Romantic movement, which most of you have probably never heard of.

1981 featured only a single with Queen’s Freddy Mercury called Under Pressure, but boy is that one incredible song. It’s one of my favorite songs of all time, a work of genius and as good a song as Heroes. By this time, Bowie was just about mainstream.

1983 saw the release of Let’s Dance with the fantastic hit single China Girl, one of the greatest songs he ever did. That song was very popular with the mainstream crowd, and it seemed to never leave the radio dial. Not that it mattered, as you could about listen to it all day anyway with no loss of pleasure. The song Let’s Dance was also a big hit, but I never liked that song much.

After Let’s Dance, Bowie never made another good album until two days before his death, and he did not write one good song for the next 23 years. Most of his albums and singles in that period were poorly received.

However, I heard a track off of Black Star which came out just this month, and I think he finally broke his losing streak with that album. I heard part of one of the tracks on the radio today, and it was awesome!

Black Star had been 18 months in the making. Bowie started making it at the same time as he got diagnosed by metastatic cancer (Get it?). The album absolutely baffled listeners who didn’t seem to know what to make of it.

But now that he is dead, this haunting, dark, brooding yet sentimental and beautiful album titled Black Star makes sense, and people are putting the pieces together. Bowie knew he was headed out, and Black Star was his farewell. Black Star is David Bowie saying goodbye to all of us. It sounds a lot like the Low/Heroes/Lodger ambient sound of the late 1970’s, the perfect sound for one last exit from the Stage.

A wave, and gone.

Goodbye David Bowie. I loved thee well.


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Information Overload

The 21st Century disease.

My brain hurt like a warehouse
There was no room to spare
I had to cram so many things in there
Everything in there

– David “Nostradamus” Bowie, Five Years, from Hunky Dory (1973)

Hi David! Greetings from 2014! You don’t know you right you are!

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1970’s Androgyny Explained

Homer Simpson writes:

As someone who was a metalhead back in the late 80s-early 90s, I’ve always wondered what was the whole point in glam metal, in which glam band members went out of their way in wearing flashy multi-color spandex, teased hair, women’s make-up, frilly clothes, but @ the same time often had misogynistic/sexist attitudes about women & even could be somewhat homophobic as well. (Then again, most people were homophobes back then, even sometimes the homosexuals themselves,) & to what audience they were playing too?

It seems like the majority of female metalheads back in my day were into glam metal, even if those bands lyrics were always seemingly addressed to adolescent male hormonal urges. Now with ‘classic’ metal bands like Iron Maiden, Judas Priest or AC/DC, they were a lot more logical in regards what heavy metal was supposed to be,& much more blatant in regards to whom they were playing & singing about to what audience (white,alienated males).

Then came ‘glam metal’,especially the bands that came out after the likes of Motley Crue, Dokken, Twisted Sister (aka Poison, Bon Jovi, White Lion) , all of a sudden, I was all bewildered from it. Maybe that’s partly why I listened to bands such as Megadeth, Metallica, in which I’ve always understood where they were coming from, & also I could relate to far more than the likes, also I enjoyed their music a lot more too.

As you can see, a lot of the female metalheads were glammers. So that would be a great reason to get into glam oneself – the Hell with the music, just get into it for the women!

Well I can relate to glam metal. I am an androgyne myself, 1970’s style. See back than anyone could be an androgyne and most of the androgynes were not the slightest bit homosexual. It was just normal to be an androgyne, and chicks went nuts over androgynous guys. Then the gays came along and ruined 1970’s androgyny. Nowadays androgyny means homosexual and nothing else. Thanks a lot gays!

Back then it was just about being a full human being and also doing sort of what we used to call a “gender fuck.” I am pretty homophobic myself do not much like homosexuals, and I really do not want them around me. If you call me a fag, I might hit you. I am pretty untamed and incorrigible about females. Even my Mom considers me to be a hopeless case; she just shakes her head and laughs. On the other hand, I wear my girlfriends’ clothes in the house and out of it (a lot of women’s clothes fit guys just fine), help them with their makeup and let them put makeup on me.

Personally, I would love to wear spandex, tease out my hair real wild if I had enough of it to do that, wear makeup, wear frilly clothes and all of that, but at the same time, I am basically a typical macho pig I suppose at the end of the day. Most 70’s rocker androgynes were like that – they were actually really macho guys. The New York Dolls were practically street gang members.

Women love androgynes. David Bowie got more pussy than your average army. Iggy Pop lived with him in Berlin for a while and he said he had never seen any man get as many women as David Bowie did. “From heiresses to stewardesses, he got them all,” Iggy said. When I wear my girlfriends’ clothes out in public, I know it sounds vain, but a lot of women drool over me. That would be especially young women aged maybe 25-30 or so. Those are the ones who really like that sort of thing. And I am 56 years old!

As an aside, most of the most notorious and insane, out of control womanizers that I knew were basically androgynes. They were about half female themselves, and that  helps you to relate to females. Most of those guys related to and understood females pretty well. Most of their friends were females, even females they were not dating. They just preferred to be around females.

They could hang out with guys just fine too though and when you have females around you all the time, trust me, a lot of guys will suddenly become your friends one way or another anyway. Bottom line is if you have a lot of females around you, you suddenly get all sorts of new male friends. I guess they are hoping for some of the by-catch or overflow.

If you think this website is valuable to you, please consider a contribution to support the continuation of the site. This is my only job.


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Poison, “Look What the Cat Dragged In”

I like this. Sort of sounds like Rick Derringer from the early 1970’s. More great glam metal from 1987!


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Poison, “Talk Dirty to Me”

The New York Dolls! Actually, I still love to dress like this if I can. I like to wear my girlfriends' clothes, and they often let me wear them. But not the dresses!

The New York Dolls! Actually, I still love to dress like this if I can. I like to wear my girlfriends’ clothes, and they often let me wear them. But not the dresses!

Fantastic glitter – glam – bubblegum – early metal – hair metal song from the early 1980’s. These guys were fantastic. Out of LA. The song sounds like “glitter-glam bubblegum” from the 1970’s like a band called Sweet which was one of my favorites.

Interestingly, Slash of Guns N Roses auditioned for this band.

This song was from 1987, so this glam hair metal stuff was still going strong even into the late 80’s.

According to Wikipedia, this genre is called “glam metal.” I like it!

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Twisted Sister, “We’re Not Going to Take It”

This is a really great song from 1984! Early heavy metal was really excellent.


This looks a lot like a 70’s glam type look. This is how they looked when they first started out. They started to get more metalish-bikerish-badass/macho later on.

A lot of it sounded like punk or especially glam. Had a great “anthem” type sound. Love the hair and the glam outfits too.


Dressing up like chicks, cool. Straight out of the New York Dolls! The political gays and the politicization of homosexuality have ruined this look. Nowadays everyone who looks like this or like the guys in any of these photos is assumed to be gay or bi. But it didn’t used to be that way. You used to be able to be an androgynous straight man. That is what 70’s glam rock was all about. One more thing the gays have ruined – androgyny. Androgyny now equals homosexuality, no ifs ands or buts about it.

I saw Motley Crue in 1982 and they were out of this world. One hot metal chick after another kept rubbing up against me, but I was too shy to do anything about it! Idiot! Motley Crue was another excellent early metal band.

The more recent look, with still a Kiss look about them.

The more recent look, with still a Kiss look about them.

This is a cool hate song. I love hate songs!

Oh you’re so condescending
Your goal is never ending
We don’t want nothin’, not a thing from you
Your life is trite and jaded
Boring and confiscated
If that’s your best, your best won’t do

Just you try and make us
We’re not gonna take it
Come on
No, we ain’t gonna take it
You’re all worthless and weak
We’re not gonna take it anymore
Now drop and give me twenty

Love the platform heels! I used to have 4 inch high blue platform shoes! They were so cool! Everyone called me a fag but so what!

Love the platform heels! I used to have 4 inch high blue platform shoes! They were so cool! Everyone called me a fag but so what!

Unfortunately, this song has turned into an anthem for US reactionaries, which I doubt makes Mr. Snyder very happy. There are lots of interpretatins of the lyrics, but Snyder said it’s just a hate song for people who had a bad day at the office or if they team is down by two late in the game…

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Sparks, “This Town Ain’t Big Enough For Both Of Us”

The original promo that went with this 1974 song, years before MTV. Not only that, but it’s in mono! Mono and stereo are two different ways or recording music. This is one of my favorite Sparks songs of all, from the great Kimono My House album. They were very controversial back then, and I knew lots of people who utterly despised them for some reason. Around this time, they were in a glam phase. Early Queen (Sheer Heart Attack), Roxy Music (Stranded) and early Be Bop Deluxe (Axe Victim) all had a similar sound (listen to those guitars!) and they were all making music right around this same time. PS all of those albums are great, and I am also a big fan of early Be Bop Deluxe.

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Sparks “Angst in My Pants”

Sparks from 1981! I saw them at the Whisky a Go Go right around this time, in 1981 or 1982. Ron and Russel Mael are both Jewish. They were born in Pacific Palisades, so this is a real LA band.

From the very start, they were very controversial and polarizing. You either loved them or hated them. A critic for the LA Times raved about them, and that, among other things, made him very unpopular. I knew people who absolutely hated them along with David Bowie, the New York Dolls, Lou Reed, Kiss, T. Rex and Mott the Hoople. All of those more or less glam bands were considered to be decadent, depraved or gay back in those days.

A very weird version of Angst in My Pants from the Plagiarism album of 1997 in which they recorded odd versions of their own songs, often in conjunction with other bands.

Ron Mael has always had a little Charlie Chaplin or Hitler mustache, however you would like to see it. The lead singer Russell Mael sings in a very high falsetto voice. This band has always been weird as Hell. Considering they are Jewish and some of the early band members were Jews, I doubt if he is imitating Hitler.

Almost nothing is known about either Russell or Ron Mael, as they are notoriously reclusive and refuse to give interviews. A recent book about the band admitted that little is known about the brothers. One thing is for sure: neither one is gay. The brothers have always been said to have been dedicated artists who spend most of their time in the studio.

This is often thought to be a UK band. They are from LA, and were raised on the LA club scene of the late 1960’s centering around the Whisky a Go Go with the Doors, Love, etc. They relocated to London for four years from 1972 to 1976, but then they moved back to LA. However, they do perform a lot in London.

Unfortunately, this band never got very popular. They are still releasing albums 40 years on. Absolutely incredible. This is one of the great highbrow rock and roll bands, perfect for this site.

Great songs and photos down through the years.

Lyrics for Angst in My Pants about a situation familiar to many males:

I hope it doesn’t show
It’ll go away
It’s just a passing phase
It’ll go away
You can dress nautical
Learn to tie knots
Take lots of Dramamine
Out on your yacht
But when you’re all alone
And nothing bites
You’ll wish you’d stayed at home
With someone nice
But when you think you’ve made it disappear
It comes again – “Hello, I’m here!”
And you’ve got angst in your pants
You can be smart as hell, know how to add
Know how to figure things on yellow pads,
Answer so no one knows what you just said
But when you’re all alone, you and your head
What’s the computer say? It’s mumbling now
It says “Hey, Joe”, it’s spelled it out
And you’ve got angst in your pants
You’ve got angst in your pants!
But when you think you’ve made it disappear
You’re sure you’ve made it disappear
And you’ve still got angst in your pants
I hope it doesn’t show, it’ll go away
It’s just a passing phase, it’ll go away
I hope it doesn’t show, it’ll go away
Give it a hundred years, it won’t go away!
And I’ve got angst in my pants!
I’ve got angst in my pants!
I’ve got angst in my pants!
I’ve got angst in my pants!
I’ve got angst in my pants!
I’ve got angst in my pants!
I’ve got angst in my pants!

Sparks in London in 1972. Glam rock all the way. Wow!

Sparks in London in 1972. Glam rock all the way. Wow!


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