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Woody Guthrie, “Miss Livichenko”

No pasarán!


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Peter, Paul and Mary “Where Have All the Flowers Gone?”

This is a great song that I remember from my childhood. It is actually a cover of a great antiwar song by Pete Seeger. Came out in 1962. It became a popular antiwar song in the Vietnam era, but the song was written and this version was released before the war really got going. Seeger took a long time to write this song. Started writing it in 1955 and finished in 1960. It was based on an old Cossack folk song.

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Gordon Lightfoot, “Rainy Day People”

This is a great song! Folk rock from the 1970’s. Is he from Canada? I love music like this…

And here in California, today, it is raining.

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Ian Tyson, “Four Strong Winds”

Probably the greatest Canadian song of all time, or maybe just the greatest song of all time. Some say this is the the real Canadian national anthem. Many excellent covers of this song have been made. I like Neil Young’s version very much. Ian Tyson wrote this song in 1964. He also wrote the great “Someday Soon,” the Judy Collins version of which was uploaded earlier. He was a cowboy and wrote some killer cowboy music.

May Canada keep its glorious socialist spirit forever and never turn into Moloch America!

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Judy Collins, “Someday Soon”

Now this song I really happen to like a lot! The song was written by Ian Tyson and it is about a rodeo. In this clip, she is singing on the Smothers Brothers show in 1969. Great footage of the famous Smothers Brothers. Younger folks are not familiar with them, but when we were young, we used to watch them a lot on TV. Something like watching Johnny Carson or Jay Leno later on. She sure is beautiful, and I also like her makeup, especially on her eyes!

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Check Out the People of Lorestan

Here is a video of a people from Iran called Loris. They live in a place in Iran called Lorestan. They speak a language or languages closely related to Persian and one of the Kurdish languages. Apparently they are genetically related to both the Persians and Kurds.

There are some very interesting phenotypes in these men, though the hairdos seem like they are out of the 1970’s. The guys are dancing with each other, but that’s apparently their culture. As long as the guys don’t queer around with each other, I have nothing against men of other cultures showing physical affection, holding hands, dancing, whatever.

Some of these men look very standard European. Others look like Greeks. Still others have very interesting phenotypes that may be from the Caucasus. Others look like Gypsies. I was sent this video by a Lori friend of mine who refuses the “White” designation for some reason. He aid that his people, the Loris, are pure Aryan Iranids, with “no mountain nigger” in them. LOL, what’s “mountain nigger” in an Iranian context? What a funny term.

The music is interesting. I have heard some Pakistani music that sounds like this, and a lot of Punjabi music sounds like this.


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Johnny Cash, “God’s Gonna Cut You Down”

This interesting music video is full of cameos by many of the world’s most famous rock stars and movie stars. See how many you can identify. I will start in the Comments section.

From the video: “Well, you know, Johnny always wore black. He wore black because he identified with the poor…and the downtrodden.”

A great proletarian singer, a working class hero!


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Johnny Cash, “The Wanderer”

We punkers have always loved Johnny Cash. Check him out. He’s a punk! He’s one of the original punks, face it.

Look at how good looking he was a young man, and how dignified he was as an older man. He always had that sad look on his face. That’s the blues.

He’s also a working class hero. His songs are all about the working class, not about the idle rich.

You go Johnny! Even now, he’s singing from the grave.


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Johnny Cash, “If You Could Read My Mind”

Great cover of the Gordon Lightfoot song by Johnny Cash. The pain in his voice in these late covers is something to behold. I always liked the Lightfoot song, but Cash’s cover is something special. They are both great but in somewhat different ways.


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Roy Zimmerman, “Socialist!”

Listen and learn, bitches!


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