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New Policy: All Conservatives Will Be Banned on Sight

Whereas before I used to allow conservatives to post here if they kept their traps shut, and I am now getting rid of that policy. If I even suspect that you support the US Republican Party or Donald Trump, you will be banned immediately, no questions asked. So this is going to turn into quite a partisan blog. Not that I think much of the Democratic Party. Of course I don’t think much of them.

  • No supporting the Republican Party.
  • No supporting any individual Republicans ever for any reason.*
  • No supporting Donald Trump in any way, shape or form.*
  • No supporting the general thrust of US conservative movement.*

Now I will make some amendments to these rules. If Trump ever does anything that is supported by the ideology of this blog, you are free to praise him for doing that.


  • You may praise his anti-free trade actions, since we are anti-free trade here. For instance, you may support his getting rid of the odious TPP trade deal. That’s about the only good thing he’s done so far from the POV of this site.
  • You may also support his actions on illegal immigration because this site is anti-illegal immigration. Some other things I am more agnostic on such the immigration ban from certain Muslim countries.
  • You may bash away at Islam as long as you keep it reasonable.
  • The rule above does not really apply to US foreign policy unless you support attacking socialist or Communist countries like Cuba or Venezuela. Anything other than that, just say whatever you want.
  • These rules in general do not apply to most reasonable social conservatism, but you start getting all the way over to Republican Party social conservatism, you are walking on thin ice. If you are to the right of the more egregious aspects of the Cultural Left and the insane SJW’s, bash away. This site is extremely anti-Cultural Left and anti-SJW. You may also bash any and all Identity Politics such as gender feminism, modern anti-racism, gay politics, tranny politics, BLM, La Raza, etc. because we are very much opposed to Identity Politics here.

So it looks like you can support his immigration and anti-free trade proposals. I can’t think of any other decent thing they are going to do in the next four years.

If you have any questions about whether you may support something Trump does, simply ask in the Comments Section. Just post a comment that says, “Can I support Trump’s ban on immigrants from some Muslim countries or fill in the black issue.” Nobody will be banned for asking such questions.

Other than that, just carry on the way you have been and don’t worry too much. I cannot see how any recent commenters will be banned under this new rule, so don’t let this make you shy. We are always very reasonable about our bans here, and often it has to be a dual decision with Alpha and me. And she often vetoes my requests to ban someone. But that’s a great thing because Alpha is the pro-freeze peach voice on the blog, and I am a bit censorious, so it all evens out. Obnoxious commenters in general cannot be banned by Alpha or me however much we would like to. Annoying pest commenters are the responsibility of the commenters to decide whether to ban or not. Simply take votes on whether to ban or not. We keep track of the votes and will throw off anyone the commenters want gone.

Most of all, don’t worry about it!


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New Open Topic Page Up

It is here.

I had to close comments on the last few posts because the comments filled up so rapidly that it was hard to even load the pages. So if you all are looking for a place to c carry on your conversations, head on over here!

Have fun!


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New Policy on Regular Commenters and Donations

From now on, all regular commenters will be requited to donate to the site. Regular means you post on here on a relatively regular basis and at the very least, I’ve seen you before. You guys don’t get to use this as a free platform to shout out your views  at 6,000 hits/day at one of the top 100,00 sites on the Net.

You will have one week to comply after you have read this post. Everyone who hears of the policy for the first time will have one week to  comply. If you do not comply within one week, you will be banned. However, all bans will automatically appealable. All you have to do is donate one time. After that, just start posting.

The posts will go to the Trash on my blog, but I look at the Trash all the time because it’s mostly non-banned commenters in there. Somehow they just got accidentally banned somehow by email or IP string or whatever. So you will just end up in the Trash and I will see that you were banned. I will go try to figure out how I banned you, but IP string or whatever. Then I will take that ban off my ban list. This is actually something I do all the time. I am always removing people from the ban list. Most of them were banned accidentally somehow or other.

Donations are best done via PayPal, and put a little note by the donation telling me it’s you. I might even unban you right away if I can figure out your IP string and go unban it. If not, just start posting and you will be unbanned soon enough. No hard feelings for anyone who is banned or anyone who got banned and then unbanned. I’m not going to hate you for not donating or for not donating until late. Your money situation is not my business and it’s not my problem. You get to do whatever you want with your money and I have no moral right to comment on it.

But you can donate any way you wish. Just send me an email telling me how you are going to do it, and we will make arrangements.

This rule applies to everyone who has already donated, even small amounts. I already know who most of you are. If I ban you and you have already donated, just send me an email and we will work it out. If you donated and you are not sure if I know about it, send me an email reminding me or or remind me in the Comments Section.

Donations of $10-20 and up are much appreciated of course, and the site is surely worth that for a lifetime reading opportunity. However, any donations from a few bucks or so up will be perfectly acceptable. You just have to show some sort of a commitment to the continuation of the site.

Thank you all for your cooperation.


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All Rightwingers Get off This Blog Right Now

Look, I am changing the rules here. I have been allowing conservatives to post here for way too long. If you are on the Right, get the Hell off my site right now before I throw you out on your ass. I am sick and tired of you scum festering here on my board and I am not going to tolerate you anymore. If you are reading this and you are a conservative, just get off right now and don’t ever come back. I don’t care if my readership drops 90%. If that’s what I have to do to get the rightwingers off here, I will do it.

This is no longer peacetime. This is wartime. Our nation is at war and conservatives are the enemy. If you are a conservative, you are supporting the enemy. It’s like you are on the other side in a war attacking me with your weaponry and trying to kill me.

This is a fight to the death between the Left and the Right in this country. Conservatives are my mortal enemies.

Social conservatives and conservatives on race, gender, sexual orientation, sexual identity or people who hate the Cultural Left can stay as long as you are not a conservative. The problem is all social conservatives are pretty much conservative in every other way too. All the social conservatives voted for Trump this time around. The social conservatives vote for the Ruling Class Enemy in every election, so I am wondering if they are only conservative socially.

One last time, if you are conservative and reading this, get out! Out out out out out out out! Just go and don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out. And no thanks for stopping by and visiting us here. I honestly wish you all never showed up.

No more time for playing around. It’s time for some real talk.


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Banning a Lot of Fash This Morning

I am banning fashies, I mean Trumpsters, sorry, this morning. Already banned two little fashies. Anymore of you fashies want to step right up so I can ban your cute little brownshirt asses?

You know how Woodie Guthrie had that sticker on his guitar that said, “This Guitar Kills Fascists.”? Well I feel about the same way towards fash.

Sorry fashies.

No pasaran!


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How Common Antiracist Arguments Are Inadvertently Viciously Racist Themselves

We know who is violating the Comments Policy against, well, classism really. There are two of you. They are both blaming Whites who are the victims of Black/NAM crime here and in South Africa for being losers who are too poor or stupid to move. This is really shitty.

It’s appalling too. You are attacking White crime victims with a “blame the victim” game which is objectively rightwing.

And the thing is that this line really insults Blacks and NAM’s. It says that living around Blacks and NAM’s is sheer utter Hell such that any sane person would automatically move away from them. In other words, Blacks and NAM’s are scum. Get it? This is an antiracist argument that ends up admitting that Blacks and NAM’s are the scum of the Earth and that no sane or decent human would want to live around them. So this antiracist argument is actually viciously racist.

The argument that only loser Whites (low income) live around Blacks and NAM’s is very insulting to NAM’s also. It says in effect that NAM’s are losers themselves because the only places they ever live are low income loservilles. In other words, once again, NAM’s are scum. Poor scum in this case.

So this antiracist argument, in order to shift the blame off NAM criminals for committing tons of crime and destroying neighborhoods onto their White victims as an antiracist deflection, ends up calling all NAM’s poor losers and hyper-criminal neighborhood destroying scum that no sane human would want to be around.

Do you see how these nutty antiracist arguments end up being unbelievably racist themselves?

I’ve been pointing out forever how modern antiracism has gone completely off the tracks bonkers for a long time now, and this is just another example of it.


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Persistent Comments Policy Violations

A number of commenters lately have been violating Rule #7 of the Comments Policy. The attacks on poor and working class Whites are getting quite extreme in the Comments Section. Someone needs to tell me how it is progressive, leftwing or socialist to attack people for being poor or working class. That’s classism of the worst sort and there is no room for any classism whatsoever on the Left.

In particular, we are seeing all sorts of attacks on Whites who are the victims of criminals, particularly criminal NAM’s. This is called “blame the victim.” This sort of “blame the victim” has very strong roots in American thinking. In fact, it is a particularly American way of thinking. I fail to see what is so progressive, leftwing or socialist about blaming victims.

The idea that any White person who does not wish to live around NAM’s can simply up and move away from them is crazy. In many parts of the country now, if you do not have a lot of money, you simply will end up living around NAM’s. I pointed out that in my city of 60,000 people, there are 18,200 White people who are living around NAM’s. If you want to live in this city at all, you are going to live around NAM’s. If you wish to live in any large city of the US, you are going to end up being around NAM’s quite a bit of the time, if not in where you live than for sure in where you work or play.

I don’t see why we should tolerate this anymore. No more attacks on poor and working class Whites!

7. Support for the dropout lifestyle. I dropped out of society and the world of materialism, money, status and all that crap a very long time ago. Most of my friends are proletarians who live paycheck to paycheck. Many people I know cannot even afford a car, so they walk, ride bikes or take buses. No one I know has any money saved up in a bank account. Most are renting apartments or rooms in homes. You may not attack poor, low income, working class or proletarian people on this site. You may not attack people who are homeless, jobless or without vehicles. This whole line of talk is objectively reactionary and will result in an immediate ban.


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New Comments Rule: No Anti-Communist Fanatics

I don’t allow anti-Communist rightwing fanatics on this board. If you attack Communism, you have to do so from somewhere on the Left of Center, in other words, you have to at the very least support social liberalism like we have in the Democratic Party in the US or the Labor Party in Canada. You can’t attack Communism from a rightwing position.

Now granted there were a lot of lousy things about Communism. You’re free to discuss that, preferably in some sort of a balanced manner.

In fact, I don’t think I will allow anti-Communist fanatics from anywhere on the spectrum. I have know liberal Democrats and social democrats in Europe who were anti-Communist fanatics. So no anti-Communist fanatics period. You commenters know what an anti-Communist fanatic is, and you know what sort of talk constitutes one, so I will just leave it at that.

And I won’t allow people to post endless lies about Communism. Anticommunist fanatics almost always lie like crazy about Communism. Communism has all sorts of problems, so you would think they would have enough ammo even just using the facts, but no, they still have to lie like crazy like all fanatics. Also, anti-Communist fanatics will never admit to one good thing  about Communism. And of course the were some good things about it. That is because they are fanatics.

Almost all of them also hate socialism or social democracy or anything that smells like that. Most of them even hate social liberalism and the Democratic Party.


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Happy Birthday to Me! Give Me a Birthday Present

Hi folks, not sure if you knew, but it was my birthday 12 days ago. That was on September 30, one of the greatest days of the year. Why? Because that’s when I was born, silly!

Of course I am broke like I always am. I have $190 in unpaid bills this month, and I am right at budget. I need to be $175 over budget to sensibly pay those bills.

Also I am in the process of buying a new car. I don’t have a car, so I have been getting chaperoned around by people close to me. My car got its engine destroyed five months ago through no fault of my own. I may tell you that story later. So I’ve been without a car for five months with no transportation other than feet, a bus and begging rides.

I did buy another car four months ago. It’s not a really great car. This will probably be the worst car I have ever owned. But it’s better than no car. I came up with $330 for it, and people loaned me the other $1,870. So that means I have to pay back $1,870, and I have no idea how I am going to do that.

I’ve paid $2,200 on the car so far, and it still needs work. The idiot was supposed to give it to me right away, but after I gave him the money, he sat on the car for four months like a complete asshole. He was supposed to put a new transmission in. So I bought him a transmission and gave it to him to put in. He said he could do it in a day. Well, it’s been four months. He’s finally put the tranny in, but now there are other problems. The tranny was broken in three places even though it was guaranteed. And it also needs U-joints. So there’s more money that needs to be spent on it.

So that’s $1,870 for the cap + more somewhat more to come.

I also have quite a few other things I need to buy that I have not been able to purchase in, like, forever.

New headphones for broken ones $25
New speakers and subwoofer for broken ones $80
New ink for laser printer $100
New can opener for broken one $30
Large floor lamp needs to be fixed $?
Carpet needs to be cleaned $100
Deep cleaning on my gums and teeth $300

So there’s $610 in immediate expenses.

So that’s $2,480 in expenses and loans with no real way to pay any of it.

You guys read for free on here, while I work my butt off every day. What you are doing is very much akin to reading a newspaper or magazine regularly without buying a subscription or even copies.

It’s true that I write a lot, but that’s mostly because I have nothing better to do.

Attempts to monetize the site have not worked even though I get $117,000 uniques a month. WordPress will not let us run ads and I have only had one person buy a sponsored post. He spent $50. This whole pipe dream of monetizing your site seems nuts to me.

Come on man, you guys are holding out on me. You need to kick down.

Don’t bogart that money my friends. Pass it over to me!


After that appetizer, you really need to listen to this for the main course.



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Question about Rabbit’s Posts

I was thinking about running more of Rabbit’s posts on here, but the last one I ran got such an explosive reaction that I thought the commenters were going to lynch me.

So the question is whether you all would like me to run more of his stuff purely for discussion purposes of course since most of us are not White nationalists.

That harsh racial language in that one post is the first time I have ever seen him talk like that. I never found any such talk in any of his previous stuff. In fact, I was beginning to think he was the nicest White nationalist I’ve ever known!

Anyway, you guys let me know if you want me to keep running his stuff or not or if you will stage a mutiny if I do.



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