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Delphi Murders: A Request for Delphi Readers

I am all set to go with a major new post which will include a lot of information that has not yet been released on any large sites. However, I have many photos of the area, mostly focusing on the kill site, the cemetery and the trail leading from the cemetery to the dump site. Actually I have a number of photos of the kill site from different views and angles.

Problem: The files are huge (1-6 MB) and I need them shrunken down to web size, hopefully below 100 KB or up to 200 KB if necessary. I understand this is trivial for anyone with graphics skills.

Thing is, I cannot publish this new post until I get those files shrunken. If any of you Delphi readers know how to do this and would like to help me, I would greatly appreciate it.


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Delphi Commenters: On the Lack of Posts

Sorry folks, I am not able to work. I survive on a small trust fund and whatever side jobs I can scrape up. I could probably work for a friend or relative with a very flexible schedule, but I could not work for a stranger 9-5. The thing is, I cannot stay awake! This has been going on for over 20 years now. The last job I had, I was taking so many stimulants that my blood pressure went nuts, and it was either keep working and die or quit working and live. I love to work, but I decided I like life more than work, if that’s the choice.

The only thing they ever figured out was chronic sinusitis and allergies. I am now getting checked out by a sleep specialist. I have had two sinus operations. They only things that have ever worked are things that treat the sinusitis and allergies. Mondafinil or Provigil is one of the only drugs that helps. I drink 5 cups of coffee a day and take Wellbutrin, but those don’t do much. I probably need another Provigil script.

Well, anyway, it is pollen season, and I have been sleeping 14-18 hours a day lately. Yes, I have another Delphi post to write and a profile update, among other things. Sorry for the delays, everyone.



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Nutcase of the Day

I ban at least one person every day on here. You all never have the pleasure of seeing these lowlifes because they are banned before they even make one post. These folks “come in the door swinging” so to speak. Well, what happens when someone at your house comes in the front door swinging their fists, so to speak. You boot them right back out the same door the crawled in through, right? Well, same principle here. First post, new blog, and they came barging through the front door of my site swinging their fists at me and screaming to High Heaven.

Bloggers need to make it a policy to ban these people. If people knew they could not come in the door swinging like this so to speak, comments sections would be filled with many fewer trolls. Main problem with the Net is not enough hostile commenters are banned. Um, this is my site. You are a hostile commenter. What in God’s name are you doing on my site, for Chrissakes?

I used to let them post once and then blast the Hell out of them, insult them, their extended family, their homeland, their genetic stock, their anti-culture, the whole nine yards, but I started getting a bad reputation for doing that, so I stopped. The high road’s usually the road to take, unless someone is trying to kill you, in which case, there is no high road. There’s the Homicidal Road and the Suicide Highway, and you best pick the first. There’s times in life you have to fight dirty, but it’s best to minimize them if only for your own dignity.

Here is a particularly bizarre lunatic. Germans have nothing to do with any other Indo-European people, especially those disgusting Slavs. Instead they are related to Finns, Hungarians, Turks, Mongolians, and Siberians. What-ever! Anglo-Saxons and Germanic people in general aren’t even White! Well, gosh, if a Swede isn’t even White, then let’s just can the whole concept and kill the whole damned White race, Ignatieff-style.

If even blond and blue doesn’t cut it anymore, let’s just hang it up an become just another shade of brown like rest of the unwashed masses. I’m anticipating the trend, being an early adopter. I’ve been a transnigger for about a year now. I recommend it, especially with Affirmative Action the way it is.

It’s just not worth it being White anymore, guys. Time to hang it up and call it a day. We had a good run there for 10,000 years or so, but we are in Brazil Uber Alles, and White is just passe. White’s just not hip anymore. Mongrelization is the order of the day. Take a hint, paleface. Drop the charade, and join the Rainbow Millennium. Monochromatic ain’t where it’s at, daddy-o. The phenotypical flavor of the day is Human Mystery Casserole.

But seriously, Germanics aren’t White? Swedes are really Mongolians? Oh Adolf, you big silly! You’re so cute when you’re mad!

We Krauts are actually Finns? No way! Finns? Forget it! They were Finnish before they even started! Bunch of losers!

Sparky seems to be a little upset. Guess it takes all kinds to fill the freeways.

You are a real lowlife dirtbag. Germans were, are, and will never be one of you Indo-Aryan queer freaks of nature. We are Uralic. We are the MASTER RACE!!! My ancestors conquered the true Indo-Aryan pathetic weakling bastards with amazing ease over 1,000 years ago. But it serves them right for being so racist, sexist and lazy! Those inferior, subhuman scums never knew what was coming for them!

Being pure Anglo-Saxon and 100% literate in German and Scandinavian languages, Germanic has NOTHING to do with Slavic bullshit. Germanic people are actually a group of Uralic-Altaic people with 0 genetic or cultural connections with you despicable, psychotic, Indo-European degenerate scum! Hah… We’re not even fucking “White”! Please…STOP with the corrupt, bizarre, phony bullshit you insane assholes keep concocting about my race. Go to hell!


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A Proposal for the Banned Commenter Trash

A lot of folks are upset that I banned him, although I am quite happy with my decision and I know Alpha was quite happy to see him go also.

A proposal:

I will allow Trash to stay as long as he only posts in Open Topic and in no other places. Is that ok with you guys?


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Warning to Delphi Commenters on Comments Policy

Most of you are doing fine in terms of comments, and I would like to thank you all for coming here for these posts. Since most of you are new here and are not our normal readers, I will have to warn you about the Comments Policy. This blog is a very leftwing blog. It’s a socialist blog. You can define that any way you want. Anyway, we hate rightwingers here. I mean really hate them.

So rightwingers, conservatives, Republicans, Libertarians, etc. are simply not allowed to post here. They are warned once and then banned. Social conservatism is ok though as long as you keep it out national politics. I also don’t ban on racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, anti-Semitism, bla bla. I don’t like this stuff, but I won’t ban on it. You can bash feminists, gay rights nuts, tranny crazies and Black Lives Matter fools all you want to on here. And we’re  very much against illegal immigration and want a dramatic drawdown on legal immigration.

This site is part of a new political movement called the Alternative Left. Yes it has some similarities to the Alt Right as it came out of that movement. But we are a lot different. It’s very hard to describe what we are like, but we are Leftists who hate PC, SJW and Cultural Left insanity. We are “conservative Leftists.” If that makes no sense to you, recall how the Communist states were often pretty conservative on a lot of social issues? Well we are the same way.

The working class guy who hates feminism, the union worker who can’t stand illegal immigration, the truck driver who’s had it with Gay Pride parades, the construction worker who’s had it up to here 135 different genders, the working class redneck who thinks masculinity in men and femininity in women are unfairly maligned. The Alt Left is for all of you, but you have to support our Left economics. The Alt Left is sort of “socialism for rednecks,” if you will.

And if it makes you conservatives feel any better, we can’t stand Centrists either. Centrists in the US are just rightwingers. By definition that is someone who votes Republican half the time. And believe it or not, we hate the Democratic Party, even Democratic Party liberals. Liberal Democrats are some of the worst people of all. Conservatives have an excuse – it’s their ideology. Liberal Democrats have no excuse. They are supposed to be progressive people, but most of them are just the left wing of the Republican Party. As you can see, my politics is pretty nuts. I think liberal Democrats are just the milder Republicans! So you guys probably hate my politics as much as I hate yours, and I don’t blame you. My politics is pretty radical.

A lot of you come from a conservative part of the US, and the milieu for these victims was in a very conservative local area. Also the subject matter of true crime attracts mostly conservatives. I don’t care what your politics are, but if you are conservative, just don’t talk about it on the site please. Then we will be just fine. I do not want to have to ban you.

TIA for your cooperation.

A good overview of the Alt Left is here.



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New Comments Rule

No More Thread Hijacking: I am starting to get very tired of this. Every single thread on this site gets terribly hijacked and taken off in directions that have nothing to do with the post. A few commenters take over, hijack the thread, and turn it into a discussion of themselves and their pet peeves or axes to grind or resentments or themes of their lives or whatever.

And these people are are unbelievably repetitive. Are humans just naturally obsessive? Or maybe most people seem to have only a few underlying themes in their lives of things that are really bothering them, their axes to grind. These beefs have in a way become part of the theme of their life – this is their pet resentment serving as one of the themes in their life. I am really amazed at the limited range of topics that humans seem to want to talk about. It’s like everyone’s a bit autistic. Commenters on here usually have one overriding theme that they hammer away at for weeks, months or years. Are humans really that single-minded?

Anyway,  Trash is by far the worst violator here. Lately Mayur is giving him a good run for the money. And they are dragging lots of other crabs down into the barrel with them, one lately being A-Man.

If you want to hijack a thread, no problem. Just take it over to Open Topic. That’s what it is there for.

Oh, and guys? Guess what? Got some news for you. There is no one single overriding resentment theme in your life that explains all of the problems of your life journey this far. That’s one of the first things you are supposed to learn in therapy if you any of you needy folks bothered to go. Blaming all your problems on one bogeyman is simplistic thinking. You’re thinking like a child. Which is perhaps the level beyond which many of us adults never manage to transcend.

You guys keep hijacking threads, and I am going to start banning some of you.

Have a nice day!


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Delphi Murders: About Donations and the Delphi Murders Posts

There is a new policy on this site that all regular commenters have to donate to the site. The policy was put in for various reasons, the main one being that I’m broke. I’m broke and you guys read for free. So what you all are doing is similar to picking up a newspaper at your local coffee shop and reading through it without paying for it. If you do that, the employees will generally tell you that you need to buy it. Same here.

Anyway, all regular commenters now have to donate minimum $10 to keep the site going because honestly, donations are the only thing that keep the site going at all. A minimum $10 donation, and you can comment here for life! Is that a deal or what?

Of course, if you don’t donate, you as a regular commenter can still read here all you want. There’s no way to block IP’s from reading the site. Note that I am only charging commenters, not readers. If you just read and never comment, I will not hit you up. Not only that, but if you are not a regular commenter, I do not ask you to pay either. So I am letting all irregular commenters slide. However, at some point commenters become regular, and at that point, I ask them to pay.

As you can see, I am letting all sorts of people slide, and no one being denied access to reading the site. You just can’t comment anymore. The reason I am leaving so many people off the hook is that this policy is controversial enough as it is. I had a number of regulars tell me that they were leaving the site due to this change. These poverty-stricken people had plenty of money to fly on airplanes all over the world, but clearly they do not have $10 to donate to the site. I feel their pain.

Lots of regulars already donated before the policy went into effect, and they are all off the hook too.

OK, now we get to the Delphi readers.

The haters flooding in here are quite comical because they insist that I have no readers. Not so. I get over 185,000 hits and 120,000 visitors a month here. That is considered to be excellent traffic. This site is in the top 100,000 sites on the Net.

The Delphi posts have caused an explosion in traffic. We have already had 280,000 hits this month, and the month is not even over. That’s over 10,000 hits a day, which is very respectable. If you don’t agree, set up your own website and let me know when you hit 10,000 hits a day, ok?

This past week saw 92,000 hits. That is ~13,000 hits a day. So traffic is just going up.

Now to the question. Do Delphi commenters, even regular ones, have to donate or be banned from commenting? I am currently letting all Delphi posters slide on donations. Of course if you wish to donate, you might want to do that.

I really appreciate all the traffic and comments on the site, except for haters of course. These Delphi posts have caused far more haters than usual, and these Delphi commenters are some of the most vicious and evil commenters I have ever had. Many seem to be from that town or nearby areas in that state. You never see these comments because I ban these human slugs before they can even slime their way onto my site.

I have tried to accommodate the complaints of the haters and address them as best I could if they needed addressing. There was no change. No matter how many changes I made, the haters kept flooding in. I assume that there are no changes I could make that would satisfy the haters. They’re just going to hate me no matter what the Hell I write here.

Why let Delphi commenters slide? I really appreciate all this new traffic. Inside Edition called me the other day and wanted me to be on TV. Those posts are making me a bit famous.

That’s how much of a loser I am, haters. I get offers to be on TV. Do you?

If I start charging regular Delphi commenters, the commenting at least is sure to drop way off or even collapse. You would believe how many people have an issue with 10 bucks. OK, so say I just scared most of the commenters away on the most popular posts on the site? Why might I do that for? A decision like that would make no sense.

Also the Delphi commenters are only coming in for Delphi and crime posts. This is not a crime blog. It is an everything under the sun blog. If this site ever turns into a crime blog though, I might start charging you all. And if you Delphi commenters wander over onto the other posts to much and start commenting there, at some point you become a reg, and I hit you up.

As you can see, all Delphi commenters can comment away to their hearts’ content on Delphi posts. All of you are being waived from the donations requirement.

You’re welcome.


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New Policy: All Conservatives Will Be Banned on Sight

Whereas before I used to allow conservatives to post here if they kept their traps shut, and I am now getting rid of that policy. If I even suspect that you support the US Republican Party or Donald Trump, you will be banned immediately, no questions asked. So this is going to turn into quite a partisan blog. Not that I think much of the Democratic Party. Of course I don’t think much of them.

  • No supporting the Republican Party.
  • No supporting any individual Republicans ever for any reason.*
  • No supporting Donald Trump in any way, shape or form.*
  • No supporting the general thrust of US conservative movement.*

Now I will make some amendments to these rules. If Trump ever does anything that is supported by the ideology of this blog, you are free to praise him for doing that.


  • You may praise his anti-free trade actions, since we are anti-free trade here. For instance, you may support his getting rid of the odious TPP trade deal. That’s about the only good thing he’s done so far from the POV of this site.
  • You may also support his actions on illegal immigration because this site is anti-illegal immigration. Some other things I am more agnostic on such the immigration ban from certain Muslim countries.
  • You may bash away at Islam as long as you keep it reasonable.
  • The rule above does not really apply to US foreign policy unless you support attacking socialist or Communist countries like Cuba or Venezuela. Anything other than that, just say whatever you want.
  • These rules in general do not apply to most reasonable social conservatism, but you start getting all the way over to Republican Party social conservatism, you are walking on thin ice. If you are to the right of the more egregious aspects of the Cultural Left and the insane SJW’s, bash away. This site is extremely anti-Cultural Left and anti-SJW. You may also bash any and all Identity Politics such as gender feminism, modern anti-racism, gay politics, tranny politics, BLM, La Raza, etc. because we are very much opposed to Identity Politics here.

So it looks like you can support his immigration and anti-free trade proposals. I can’t think of any other decent thing they are going to do in the next four years.

If you have any questions about whether you may support something Trump does, simply ask in the Comments Section. Just post a comment that says, “Can I support Trump’s ban on immigrants from some Muslim countries or fill in the black issue.” Nobody will be banned for asking such questions.

Other than that, just carry on the way you have been and don’t worry too much. I cannot see how any recent commenters will be banned under this new rule, so don’t let this make you shy. We are always very reasonable about our bans here, and often it has to be a dual decision with Alpha and me. And she often vetoes my requests to ban someone. But that’s a great thing because Alpha is the pro-freeze peach voice on the blog, and I am a bit censorious, so it all evens out. Obnoxious commenters in general cannot be banned by Alpha or me however much we would like to. Annoying pest commenters are the responsibility of the commenters to decide whether to ban or not. Simply take votes on whether to ban or not. We keep track of the votes and will throw off anyone the commenters want gone.

Most of all, don’t worry about it!


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New Open Topic Page Up

It is here.

I had to close comments on the last few posts because the comments filled up so rapidly that it was hard to even load the pages. So if you all are looking for a place to c carry on your conversations, head on over here!

Have fun!


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New Policy on Regular Commenters and Donations

From now on, all regular commenters will be requited to donate to the site. Regular means you post on here on a relatively regular basis and at the very least, I’ve seen you before. You guys don’t get to use this as a free platform to shout out your views  at 6,000 hits/day at one of the top 100,00 sites on the Net.

You will have one week to comply after you have read this post. Everyone who hears of the policy for the first time will have one week to  comply. If you do not comply within one week, you will be banned. However, all bans will automatically appealable. All you have to do is donate one time. After that, just start posting.

The posts will go to the Trash on my blog, but I look at the Trash all the time because it’s mostly non-banned commenters in there. Somehow they just got accidentally banned somehow by email or IP string or whatever. So you will just end up in the Trash and I will see that you were banned. I will go try to figure out how I banned you, but IP string or whatever. Then I will take that ban off my ban list. This is actually something I do all the time. I am always removing people from the ban list. Most of them were banned accidentally somehow or other.

Donations are best done via PayPal, and put a little note by the donation telling me it’s you. I might even unban you right away if I can figure out your IP string and go unban it. If not, just start posting and you will be unbanned soon enough. No hard feelings for anyone who is banned or anyone who got banned and then unbanned. I’m not going to hate you for not donating or for not donating until late. Your money situation is not my business and it’s not my problem. You get to do whatever you want with your money and I have no moral right to comment on it.

But you can donate any way you wish. Just send me an email telling me how you are going to do it, and we will make arrangements.

This rule applies to everyone who has already donated, even small amounts. I already know who most of you are. If I ban you and you have already donated, just send me an email and we will work it out. If you donated and you are not sure if I know about it, send me an email reminding me or or remind me in the Comments Section.

Donations of $10-20 and up are much appreciated of course, and the site is surely worth that for a lifetime reading opportunity. However, any donations from a few bucks or so up will be perfectly acceptable. You just have to show some sort of a commitment to the continuation of the site.

Thank you all for your cooperation.


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