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How Those Hip, Groovy, Cool IT Capitalists Are Actually Some of the Worst Capitalists Ever

There was this idea that the Internet capitalists were somehow going to be different from the rest of the capitalists. The Internet guys were cool, hip, groovy and right on.

The truth is that the IT capitalists have actually turned out to be some of the worst capitalists of them all!

The brick and mortar model is far better for consumers than horrific ecommerce, where consumer abuse is the name of the game, and customer service is a nonexistent concept.

Ever noticed that if you ever have a problem with a product, you can always take it back to the brick and mortar store and get the matter cleared up to your satisfaction? That’s customer service at the brick and mortar level. It’s almost always superb because in brick and mortar, the customer is always right.

Because ecommerce has severed the face to face ties that humanize and create the great customer service model at the brick mortar level, the motto in ecommerce is the customer is always a sucker to be milked, ripped off, and hung out to dry. Ever tried to get your money back on software? I have. Suppose your software simply does not work. It’s happened to me. Too bad there are no refunds! I mean maybe there are refunds, but good luck getting one because all software companies have destroyed the notion of customer service. There simply is no customer service desk at most IT corporations. There’s no such thing.

A Rogue’s Gallery of IT CEO’s

Look at the examples.

Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, and a truly horrible human being. Amazon’s corporate culture is one of the worst in the US and for the life of me, I do not know why anyone would work at this modern day IT salt mine there unless they were a masochist. Bezos orders all higher level employees to be at each other throats all the time, and everyone is trying to backstab and sabotage everyone else so they can steal that person’s job.

Quite a few people said that working for Amazon ruined their mental and physical health. The warehouse workers are horrifically abused, worked like whipped pack animals and forced to work in sweltering heat until they collapse. They are poorly paid and are frankly some of the worst-treated workers in America today. Psychopath Bezos delights in this dog eat dog law of the jungle atmosphere, as he feels that this is what has driven his company’s success. That’s dubious to me. At any rate, what of the human tool?

Bill Gates’ behavior when running his corporation was about as sociopathic as any career criminal.

(((Steve Ballmer))), his second in command, is an obvious psychopath and a terrifying man.

(((Ralph Ellison))), CEO of Oracle is an extreme narcissist and all-around lousy person. He’s basically a Libertarian like so many capitalists.

(((Mark Zuckerberg))) of Facebook out and out ripped off the idea for Facebook from a fellow college student he developed it with while never giving his partner a nickel.

If you study enough of these guys, you will notice how many of them stole their way to the top.

Microsoft stole just about every piece of software they ever developed. They violated endless patents. They cheated and backstabbed every single company that partnered with them. They tore up and violated every legal contract they ever signed. Bill Gates was the Ted Bundy of the IT corporate world.

Scott MacNealy, head of Sun Enterprises, was hero of the new geek Net culture. MacNealy slyly made use of monopoly law to go after Microsoft, and that was a very good thing. On the other hand, MacNealy was a Libertarian like so many capitalists, and it was clear to anyone that MacNealy was only anti-monopoly because a monopoly was ruining his business and would have loved nothing more than for Sun, victim of  monopoly, to become a monopoly itself and victimize its own rivals.

Even Steve Jobs was said to be an awful boss, a tyrant who terrorized all of his employees. He was an A-1 asshole of the first degree.

The founder of the Adultfriender dating site Andrew Conru ran an extremely amoral business, was an extreme psychopath and was hated by everyone who worked for him. His site, like most dating sites, is run on an organized crime model. For one thing, overbilling is standard practice and not an error. The FTC has issued at indictment against the company for systematic billing fraud. The overwhelming majority of dating sites and almost almost 100% of the sexually explicit ones are nothing but criminal enterprises run by organized crime masquerading as legitimate businesses. The vast majority of the CEO’s of dating sites belong in prison for fraud. The whole industry is incredibly enough run on an actual Fraud Model.

Former founder and CEO of Uber (((Travis Kalanick))) is a narcissistic psychopath and a sexist to boot. His corporate bro culture is horrible to their female employees, and the corporate environment is toxic and terrifying. Uber drivers are terribly abused, dishonestly called independent contractors, receive no benefits whatsoever, and are often paid below the minimum wage.

You could always boycott Uber and try Lyft, but Lyft is almost as bad as Uber.

Let’s hear it for the new sharing economy! Hip, hip, hooray!

Peter Thiel, the founder of PayPal, is a monster of a man with truly horrifying political views. He believes society should be ruled by an aristocratic elite, no doubt especially Internet billionaires, has a near-monarchical view of the state and displays a profound hatred for democracy, which he wants to phase out as it gets in the way of aristocratic royalist billionaire rule.

Elon Musk is no good. All you decent humans need to quit idolizing this capitalist POS right now. He’s the latest groovy businessman that everyone loves and idolizes.

He is very smart, this is true. He has some good ideas, this is true.

But have you seen how he runs his factories? Workers at his factories have long complained of severe abuse by management. The rot starts at the top with Musk and extends all the way down. They are poorly paid, seriously abused, and not allowed to from unions. Musk has arrogantly refused to even look at these problems and insists that they do not exist. He seems to have contempt for his own workers like so many capitalists. This guy is not the latest Tech Age groovy billionaire idol of humanity. He’s just another piece of crap capitalist like all the rest of them.



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Is HBD an Ideology of Hatred and Racism?

Hatred? Well, effectively it is, that is the thing.

Is it an ideology of racism? Almost always it is. Non-racist or even antiracist HBD’ers are hard to find. We have a few on this site, but there are not many anywhere else. This is because HBD facts tend to lend pretty regularly to quite a bit of racism and the hatred that goes along with it. And if you notice, the more hardcore the HBD’er is, the more racist they tend to sound. HBD does not inevitably lead to racism, but it tends to do so in a pretty regular way. Those HBD’ers who resist racism are sort of swimming against the tide, and they probably have to exercise quite a bit of energy and self-control to not go over to the dark side.

HBD in and of itself is not racist of course, not in any sane sense of the word.

Almost all HBD is a hate ideology in one way or another. Let’s face facts here for a minute. I have been studying this group of people for a very long time on here. The nonracist or even more uncommon antiracist HBD’ers on the Net can be counted easily, as their numbers are very low. And in a way, I hate to say it, but all HBD, at least the hard kind, is sort of racist ideology. I do not mean the people who merely believe in it but don’t really like to talk about, as it’s ugly. These are the “What the Hell you want to talk about that for?” types. Mere belief in HBD does not make you bad. Some of those are decent people.

But the ones who are very deep into it and talk about it all the time, well, it’s quite clear that they have a pretty low opinion of NAM’s. Even worse, a lot of them are just out and out racists. Some are even vicious racists. And almost all of them have the worst rightwing politics, usually Libertarian, that you could imagine.

More importantly, HBD is a profoundly pessimistic doctrine. Just to give you an idea, they hate the idea that the environment or even free will has any role to play human affairs. Look at how furious they get about the Flynn Effect. Look at all the bending over, twisting themselves into weird yoga positions, hand waving, magic wand waving, “Don’t look over there”, and  “just-so” explanations they have come up for to deny what is an obvious rise in human intelligence. The idea that the environment could actually increase intelligence fills them with rage because they are all wrapped up in this “intelligence is purely genetic” argument.

Of course, that argument is a death knell for Blacks and other NAM’s. These people have enough problems as it is, but HBD just drives a stake through their heart to make sure the Black man (or other NAM’s) never rises again. It pretty much condemns them forever as genetic inferiors in sense.

It says “niggers ain’t got no brains,” and while that may be true in a very ugly and racist sense that most us don’t want to think about, instead, the HBD’er is overjoyed at this fact. “Black people are stupid!” he hollers to the sky with joy. “And they will stay that way forever!” he yells gleefully. “Environment can’t help them. They are condemned!” At this point, he is nearly gleeful and ready to party.

These profoundly depressing facts actually fill the HBD’ers black heart with the greatest of joy. Now what sort of human rejoices at bad news? An asshole, a lousy person. And what human rejoices at the inferiority of another man or God forbid race? A lousy person, who is also a very nasty racist to boot. And that’s what hard HBD’ers are. They’re lousy people.

And most of them are racist lousy people, but they are quite smug about their racism because now their racism is given the imprimatur of science. “If science says it’s true, I can’t be racist,” he chortles.

After all, science isn’t racist. I agree, but distortion of science for racist means sure is, and delighting in the disturbing “racist truths” of science is doubly so.

Sure, gay men are at very high risk of HIV, and up to 20% are infected. That’s a fact of science. So does that make you want to get up and party for 30 days and 30 nights? I hope not, and if so, you are one ugly homophobe.

So yes, there are ugly truths, even ugly truths stamped so by science, but these are of course more tragedies to be mourned than reasons to whoop with joy.

Decent people don’t rejoice over tragic facts, racist or otherwise.


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More of My Reddit Enemies


Damn, Reddit must be SJW Central! That place is so shot through with PC and the Cultural Left that I cannot believe it. Needless to say, most people on Reddit despise me.

Here are some idiots on a Reddit called “I Am Very Smart.” Many of these Reddits are set up just for SJW-Reddit smart asses to troll around the Web and look for “idiots” who they can tear apart. Examples: Bad Linguistics, Bad Science, Bad History, I Am Very Smart, Nice Guys. They’re all set up to find people’s prose on the Web and rip it to pieces. Don’t people have anything better to do? I think there is something wrong with smart asses who sit around all day tearing down other people for being ignorant. What’s wrong with being ignorant? We’re all ignorant about some things. So what.

The sort of person who trolls around the web looking for “idiots to tear apart for being ignorant” is what I would call an asshole. It’s someone who spends their whole life tearing other people down for being ignorant. Suffice to say, people like this should not be caught within 1,000 feet of any classroom. If you hate ignorant people, the last thing you should be doing is teaching. I really don’t mind goodhearted ignorant people. So they’re ignorant? So what? Better to be ignorant than to be a mean-spirited piece of shit.

I would like to point out that a lot of their critiques are very poor and shitty. With me in particular they go through my stuff with a fine tooth comb, looking for all manner of petty things to nitpick it to death about. A lot of their critiques of my stuff are not even good critiques. They’re crappy critiques. Nitpicking stuff to death isn’t good criticism. It doesn’t show you’re a good critic. It shows that you’re a smart-ass, that you’re arrogant and that you are a huge asshole.

I do not even think this I Am Very Smart critique of me is all that good. Mostly it’s just lame, assholes being assholes for sheer sadism. I’m an adult, a real grownup, and I graduated from 8th Grade a very long time ago. I don’t see the point in tearing people to pieces just to be a dick or show how smart you are. That’s so 8th Grade.


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A Bit More on Bullying

Jason Y thinks that just because I said that bullying is ok sometimes means that I think it is ok all the time. Absolutely not so. Only serious outliers need this treatment to get them in line. However, teasing, taunting, and roughhousing is just boys being boys. It’s not as bad as severe bullying, and as a boy you need to learn to handle being teased, taunted, or roughhoused around without flipping out. So maybe it is a test for toughening you up.

Boys can’t be falling apart every time there is a bit of roughhousing, teasing, or taunting. This is a universal aspect of boyhood, and they need to get through it, learn to take it, and not have it destroy or damage them into adulthood. However, this can be a bad thing, and I know a man who is still angry at his brother for teasing and taunting him into a reaction and then using that reaction to beat him up. This man is over 50 years old, and he still has not forgiven his brother for this, and knowing the brother’s personality, an apology is not forthcoming.

Nothing about Jason and nothing Jason did deserves bullying. Or even teasing and roughhousing. And I would say that none of the men on this site revealing how they were bullied as boys deserved it. That’s just mean, and sadly it can leave scars into adulthood.

You see, Jason thinks when I say bullying is ok sometimes, he thinks I said bullying is ok all the time. See? It’s an error in reading comprehension.

But I don’t say that. A lot of the time it is not deserved. So Jason’s hair was sort of curly and messed up. So what? You can’t help it. No one should be bullied or maltreated over things that they cannot control.

However, I do feel that serious outliers deserve to be bullied, teased, taunted etc. about things that they can control. They need to get the message that what they are doing is not ok. But only some kids need that sort of treatment:

Assholes, psychos, mean boys. Fuck em, bully em. They deserve it, they should not be that way, that’s no way for a boy to be. That behavior needs to be arrested. An asshole, psycho, mean boy may well grow up to be an asshole, psycho, mean man, and that is a lot more dangerous. Nip it in the bud. How would you like to see way more asshole, psycho, mean men than there already are? There are enough men like this as it is, and even one is unacceptable. These men do a lot of damage to society and the people they victimize. Boys need to get the message that it is not ok to be an asshole, mean, psycho male. We cannot send boys out into the society of men acting that way. It causes serious societal problems.

Crybaby boys. Boys should not cry or at least they should not cry excessively. It is not acceptable for a 10 year old boy to be crying all the time. He needs to be bullied, teased, roughhoused, even hit, to get the message that males simply cannot do that in our society. Also the rest of the boys need to be taught that boys and men simply cannot be crybabies. That is as unacceptable as it gets. Do you want to raise generations of crybaby men? Come on.

Seriously effeminate boys. Sorry, no boy is born effeminate. This is obviously learned behavior. That means they could knock it off anytime. Boys need to get a strong message that serious effeminacy is not acceptable. If that means teasing, taunting, etc. effeminate boys, that is fine with me. The rest of the boys need to be told that this is not ok. If you do not do this, you might end up with a lot more effeminate men than there already are, and that would not be good. You could end up with whole generations of effeminate men.

Weirdos, idiots, seriously dorked out nerds and fools. Look, if you are this much of a nerd, idiot, fool, dork, clumsy, awkward, idiot clown of a boy, that is just not acceptable. Boys who act that way deserve bullying, teasing, taunting and even a bit of roughhousing. They need to get the message that they need to knock it off, and the rest of the boys need to get the message that this is seriously not ok. Otherwise you might end up with whole generations of nerdy, dorky, idiotic, lame, and foolish men.


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Most Depressing Website of All Time


I have nothing more to say to this, but once you start reading around, you will probably find a lot of things to talk about. I have been on both sides of the fence here. I have been like the author himself (though probably not nearly so much of an asshole), and I have also been like the people he is insulting and blasting and like his commenters, who are the people being blasted for the most part.

This is the Normie World folks. That guy who’s writing the article? He’s Mr. Normie. They’re all like that, as far as I can tell. Sure he’s mean, but I think that Normies are mean themselves (in fact, they are unbelievably mean) and I also think that Normie World is a very nasty and ugly place. If you can negotiate it just fine somehow whether you are a Normie or not, then you can have a lot of fun in Normie World. I had fun there for many years.

In fact, I was a sort of King of the Normies for a bit – about as popular a person can get in their age group. I would throw parties with live bands and kegger and lots of drugs regularly and  ~200 would show up. It wasn’t really a problem at all, although even during those times when I mastered the Normie World, people were being mean to me all the time. I simply did not really care all that much, a nd way more people were being nice to me than being mean to me, so the meanness didn’t really matter.

I could go on and on here, but I think I should stop now. I have been what seemed like the most social person on Earth who dated maybe 20 females a year and had a phone book full of friends and went to 7-8 parties on a typical Saturday night all the way to a more or less complete hermit who hardly socialized at all, had no friends to speak of and hardly dated at all. This also coincided with some long incel periods that lasted  into the years (I will say at least 2 years for now and let it sit at that).

My attitude is pretty much fuck the Normies, but when you say that, now you will really be alone, because most everyone is a Normie. Especially the women you date. All the women I date and every girlfriend I have is a Normie. So you have to sort of fake Norminess or you will get no dates, have no girlfriends and I guess get no sex unless you buy it. I am saying that I despise Normies, but I more or less need them too. You need them to live and survive, you have to put up with it and fake it to some extent.

I guess you could hook up with some other non-Normies, but that pretty much sucks because now everywhere you go, not only you will be rejected but your girlfriend will be too.

In other words, now you will be rejected as a couple. You will be the laughable Reject Couple and Normies will more or less laugh at you both of you and make fun of you all the time. This will be your wonderful life as a couple.Also the Normies will find it amazing that you even exist because in their stupid world, social rejects simply cannot get laid. So the idea of two social rejects finding each other and then maybe fucking each other’s brains out never occurs to them, but if you think about it, it’s only logical.

Also if you are in a relationship like that, everyone will think there is no sex happening because both you and your girlfriend are seen as idiots who can’t get laid, so how could you get laid even if you are together? It’s not possible, as Non-Normies are apparently incapable of sex with anyone even in a relationship.

Normies have a herd mindset and are honestly incapable of thinking no matter what their IQ is.That is because every single thing a Normie believes is exactly what society has taught him his true. The Normie is incapable of figuring out and that the shit society taught up about Subject X may be a preposterous lie. Also Normies hate having opinions that are outside of the norm, so even if they think society is full of shit and retarded, which it generally is about most things, they will go along with all the society bullshit and lies anyway so as not to be rejected.

Most common adjective in a Normie’s vocabulary: weird. Normies use this adjective probably more than any other adjective they use. It’s nearly a tic.



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Ever Been in a Fistfight or Other Physical Altercation with Another Man in Adulthood?

I have been in a number of fistfights, etc. with men, but you don’t need to know the details. Once I got beaten so badly I had to go to the hospital. I’ve been hit and beaten with objects all the way up to baseball bats.

If a guy hits me, he’s doomed because I will hit him back as hard as I can right away, and then a fight’s on. It goes on until it ends, usually quickly. Once I grabbed a guy and threw him down on a table, and the table broke into 100 pieces. He totally deserved it too because he came up to me at a party, insulted me to my face and started pouring his beer down the front of my shirt. I immediately punched him full force in the face, and the fight was on.

Even though I destroyed their table, the people who owned the table didn’t even care. They didn’t care that the table got destroyed because I kicked that guy’s ass, and everyone really hated him to the ultimate. For everyone at that party, that guy was on their list of Most Hated Persons on Earth so they felt that what I did was like a pubic service in some sense.

Anyway, I hate fistfights and avoid them at all costs because I perfectly well how strong and dangerous men are. Men are completely nuts and very powerful, and they can either beat the living shit out of you or even kill you just like that, in a heartbeat. I know that very well, and I am basically afraid of other men, so I try to completely kiss their asses when I am around them so they won’t try to hit me or kill me.

Now if you try to kill me, that’s another matter. If you try to kill me, I will try to kill you. It’s real simple. That’s already happened at least once.

As I noted, almost all of the time, I won’t hit someone until they get really physically aggressive with me first.

Only one time did I hit a guy who didn’t attack me. Two other guys and I had been sitting around drinking beers one evening, and I think we killed a case. Anyway, they started insulting me in these low level ways, laughing at me, making fun of me, etc. about halfway through the evening. I put up with it for some reason, but when they left, I grabbed one of the guys who had insulted me for a couple of hours, took a beer, threw it in his face and then punched him hard right in the face, both of which he deserved. Then I threw him out the door. So it’s only that once.

I don’t feel bad about any of these incidents. They all got what they deserved and then some. I sleep very well at night.


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Bigfoot News September 9, 2015

Great news! Melba Ketchum’s DNA results independently confirmed! Apparently another lab operating completely independently of Melba Ketchum’s group has independently confirmed her much-criticized results on Bigfoot DNA. Now we have two completely independent science groups who have replicated DNA for Bigfoots, first Ketchum’s and then Ketchum’s result was replicated by another group. Reportedly, the other team replicates Ketchum’s results in their entirety.

If you read me on here, you would know that I always said that Melba was right. In part that was due to my good friendship with Richard Stubstad, who assured me that Melba’s methods were good and that there was no way on Earth she would engage in scientific fraud. Also I know a scientist who ran all of her data and said that it looked out to him. Another scientist also run her DNA and said that all the results checked out. I told you so. You guys should listen to me? Why don’t you listen to me?

Best version of Prince Edward Island Bigfoot video ever released! After months of hard work, Nominay has just released the finest version of the PEI Bigfoot ever. This is a legendary Bigfoot film. An indie film producer was shooting a monster movie on Prince Edward Island. As one of the actors was running across a clearing, a Bigfoot suddenly ran out of the woods behind him to the right of the viewer.

The Bigfoot then races across the clearing, partly on two legs and partly on four, at an amazingly fast speed. The speed of the Bigfoot has been calculated and it is running as fast as a competitive sprinter. The speed is even maintained when it goes effortlessly on all fours. There is no way on Earth that a competitive sprinter could run that fast or go down on all fours without slowing up in a bulky monkey suit.

Furthermore, the size of the Bigfoot has been calculated at ~9 feet tall. It also appears to have a massive weight. How do you get a stunt actor to put on a bulky monkey suit, run across a clearing as fast as a competitive sprinter, go down on all fours without losing speed, all the while somehow being 9 feet tall. How do you find a 9 foot tall stunt man. How do you make a shorter stunt man appear to be 9 feet tall. How do you make this stunt man appear so bulky that he appears to weigh 700 pounds?

None of this makes any sense.

Of course, most Bigfoot footage released by indie film producers turns out to be hoaxed, usually in a sleazy attempt by the director to gain publicity for themselves. Many have been much less than forthcoming with investigators. The famous Redwood footage comes to mind. The director, now in film school, simply refuses to discuss the movie at all. It seems almost certain to be a hoax. And many of these film industry hoaxes come to light after a while; that is, the director fesses up that it was a hoax.

None of that seems to be the case with this video. The directors were apparently making cheap straight to video movies and have no need or desire for publicity. They have cooperated completely with investigators. Investigators felt that they were credible. The attitude of the filmmakers towards the even in the footage seems to be utter bafflement. They have no idea what ran across that clearing that day.

Nominay has improved this video so much that it is nearly a brand new video. All serious Bigfooters need to check this new video out.

The original version on Nominay’s fine site is here.

Bigfoot hairs for sale. I have a few Bigfoot hairs gathered in the Michigan Peninsula a while back. They look exactly like those crinkly, pubic hair-type hairs that Erickson collected for Melba’s project. I also have a photo that seems to prove that they are Bigfoot hairs. I used to have a similar photo of a human hair for comparison that showed that this hair is absolutely not a human hair. The only thing it remotely resembled is bear hair, but the hair is lighter brown and all of the bears in the UP have dark brown or black hair.

The man who sent it to me is a very good researcher and he spent a long time studying these hairs. He is quite an expert on Bigfoot hairs. Photo comes with it. I haven’t the faintest idea what to charge. Make offer.

2015: Science amidst the rubble. The response of the mainstream scientific community to Melba’s paper was simply despicable. They refused to even consider it, read it or see if the results were right or wrong. They dismissed it out of hand without even checking to see if the results were right or not.

I know some of the scientists and science writers who engaged in this nonsense, and they are very famous people. They all have Wikipedia entries and are considered top scientists in their field, mainly Paleontology. The science writer is one of the top science writers in the US. The fact that all of them simply dismissed this report out of hand shows us that something is horrifically wrong with science in the West.

Not only are almost all of the biggest scientific figures massive asshats, blowhards, and all-round horrible human beings, but the very structure of scientific inquiry itself seems to be compromised by a new mentality I call Scientific Fundamentalism.

Scientific Fundamentalism, which almost all modern scientists practice, elevates science into a religion itself. The revealed truths are whatever scientific consensus is. Anything attempting to overthrow consensus is treated as apostasy or heresy is in religion. I am surprised the scientists have not tried to kill some of the fringe science guys who are trying to topple these idiotic Edifices of Consensus.

Scientific consensus operates on the utterly insane notion that whatever the scientific consensus is at the moment, these are the facts for any and all of time. This once again is similar to religion in which the revealed facts in the holy books are true for all of time when they were written down and can never be changed, updated or modified.

I know, I know…

Scientists are always lying and saying that all scientific consensus is open to inquiry, that nothing is really true, that everything is just true for now, that all consensus is up for grabs and only a paper away from being toppled, and that science is all about perpetual doubt and endless inquiry. Those are their glorious mantras they repeat to make themselves look good but none of them are true.

But the truth is that all of this is lies. Scientific consensus is indeed treated as Truth with a capital t, and no it is not up for grabs, and no it’s not even just true for now. Go find some scientists and talk to them. Throw out some scientific consensuses and see how many are “true for now” and ready to be toppled at any time, if only disproving conclusions are presented. It’s about 0%.

Another fake mantra of scientists is all about perpetual doubt. Oh really now? And is scientific consensus open to being doubted? Are you kidding? Anyone who tries gets burned to death at one of their “empirical” witch trials. Is science really all about endless inquiry and curiosity? Hardly. When most consensus is walled off from further inquiry, and there’s nothing to be curious about anymore as the consensus has been proven true, there’s not a lot of curiosity or even inquiry going on in science anymore.

What is going on in science nowadays? A lot of conservatism. Granted a certain amount of conservatism is warranted, as we would not want rational science to be overrun with nutcases and their pseudoscientific nonsense. But scientists are already 100X more conservative than they need to be. Surely we could let up on the conservatism a bit and still be rigorous enough to keep the nonsense out?

There is also a serious problem with the abuse of the term pseudoscience. Pseudoscience is probably best described as scientific inquiry that does not even follow the scientific method. If a scientist uses proper method but simply comes up with false results by accident, overeagerness or misinterpretation, that’s hardly pseudoscience. He simply got the wrong result. Happens all the time. So what?

If a scientist is promoting a theory that seems to have good evidence yet the evidence is not yet of sufficient quality or quantity to convince the Vatican of Science, that’s hardly pseudoscience. A more proper term might be Fringe Science. The data and evidence have been assembled, hypotheses have been tested, studies have been undertaken, and conclusions have been reached, often in a high-quality manner. But it’s just not good enough for science, often because science has its eyes shut and its fingers in its ears. Just because science won’t accept the conclusions of something doesn’t mean it’s pseudoscience. And what of that term pseudoscience? Why such an arrogant, snide and vicious term? What’s the point of that? Are the scientists trying to start a war?

There is yet another problem with this loopy notion of pseudoscience for unproven theory. I am 100% certain, and I will swear over my dead body that I know for a fact that certain things that are now called pseudoscience are actually true. And you are reading a column about one of those things right now. These things simply exist, full stop, and it will be proven soon enough. There’s absolutely no doubt about that. If they exist, they will be revealed. There won’t be any way to stop that.

And when they are revealed, then what? Then automagically “pseudoscience” gets elevated to proven scientific fact. There’s something wrong with that model right there. Pseudoscience ought to be the realm of the wreckage of theory, hypotheses and inquiries that are bad more because they are not following scientific model than anything else.

Anything in pseudoscience should be so bizarre, idiotic or unscientific that it could never make it to proven fact. When you start having “pseudoscientific” theory elevated to proven fact, you’ve got an awful problem with your whole notion of pseudoscience, and you need to send it back for a rewrite or trash it all together.

Yet another problem is that modern scientists have turned into Douchebags with a capital d. Practitioners of modern science are some of the meanest, most vicious and downright evil people out there. This petty evil-mindedness stems completely from pride and from nothing else. Science has decided to invest its very self when arrogance such that the two are one and the same. To be a scientist nowadays is to be an arrogant ass. Humble scientist is an oxymoron.

Scientists behave this way supposedly because they are “waging war” against some Evil Entity called Pseudoscience. In order to put on battle gear to fight this war against Existential Evil, many scientists have armed themselves with vast amounts of Douchebaggery. What’s the point of that? Why be a Douchebag?

Yet when it comes to Fringe Science (a valid subfield of science by the way) we see scientific Assholery around the globe, from sea to scientific sea, from snide lab workers to snarling university professors to sneering lecture circuit celebrities. I am having a hard time understanding this. This war against the Evil of Pseudoscience is so important that in order to fight it, scientists must act like the worst people on Earth and engage in behavior that is low, depraved, disgusting and even embarrassing? Why? Is it really that important?

We have yet another problem and that is arrogance. Sooner rather than later, some of these “pseudoscientific” claims will become proven science. Do you think that even one of these scientific Beavis and Buttheads who nearly drove fringe scientists to nervous breakdown and suicide will apologize?

Are you kidding? Science is now the realm where arrogance crowned supreme. It’s worse than Hollywood. Even more appallingly, increasingly, science is Hollywood, and that’s probably the root of a lot of the problem right there. Once again we see a parallel to religion. Ever noticed how arrogant the believer is, how certain he is of his Truth. This is the way the scientist acts towards his precious Consensus.

What do you think will happen when, in the future, some of this pseudoscience is proven fact, which of course we know will happen with 100% certainty? Do you think even one of these strutting jerkoffs will apologize for even one second? Will you hear a single, “Hey, we were wrong. We’re really sorry about that. You guys were right along.”

We will never hear this. Not one scientist on the face of the Earth will ever say this to us. Why not? Because they’re not human enough. Science lost its human face some time past, and it’s gone all asshattery all the time for decades now. In order to practice mainstream science nowadays, first you must lose your humanity. That’s the first thing that has to go. We can’t have any of those measly, petty human emotions getting in the way or Revealed Scientific Truth, now can we?


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Responses to More Stupid Charges

The lame charges keep pouring out of the Institution for the Dangerously Mentally Ill known as Randy’s blog over in Atascadero.

I find that much of this nonsense gets passed around uncritically on the Internet, so it ought to make sense to respond.

First of all, I must say that the level of discourse is frighteningly low. I would not attack my worst enemies in these ways. I would never make up a lie about anyone, including my worst enemies. If they are my worst enemies, why should I have to make stuff up about them? Obviously they are no good in some way or another, but if I have to make up lies about them, that implies that they are good people, and why would I hate a good person?

I would never attack anyone on the following basis. Anyone who attacks people on these bases, I feel, is not a human being. They are simply a piece of shit who ought to be killed.

You’re ugly. I would not attack my worst enemy for being ugly or homely. What’s wrong with being homely? There is nothing whatsoever wrong with not being attractive. Not everyone can be beautiful. Anyone who attacks another human being for being homely is a subhuman. Furthermore it is the better looking people who are always being told that they are ugly. And the best looking people of all get called ugly the most. Crazy.

You’re gay. Is there something wrong with being gay? I would not attack my worst enemy for being gay. What’s wrong with being gay? Anyone who attacks people for being gay is a very bad person, barely even a human.

You never get laid. This one amazes me. All over the Internet, I see people ranting and raving at other adults, accusing them of never having sex. How in God’s name would they know if they never have sex, if they ever have sex, or how often they have sex? There is no way to know this about anyone you see on the Net.

Furthermore, what’s wrong with not having sex? I do not hate men who have no luck with women. Women can be difficult if not impossible sometimes. One of my best friends was a virgin at age 50. He was 100 times better person than 95% of the posters at Randy’s site. Why does not having sex make you a bad person? Why does the frequency with which you have sex imply whether you are a good or bad person?

You live with your Mom. All over the Net I see people accusing adult men of living in their Mom’s basement. How could you ever know that anyone you see on the Net lives with their mother, much less in her basement? There is no way to determine this. I suspect that this charge is not accurate 98% of the time.  How many adult men live in their Mom’s basement?

Anyway, what’s wrong with living with your Mom? In the small Sierra town where I lived, many middle aged men moved back in with their mothers after a nasty divorce. Their kids were grown. Further, many middle aged people move home to care for parents. I would not attack my worst enemy for living with a parent. There’s nothing wrong with an adult living with a parent.

You don’t make any money. What are you, a Republican? The best people are those who make the most money and the worst people are those who make the least. Well, I always thought it was the other way around. I would not attack my worst enemy for not having any money. Having a low income does not make you a bad person.

You are not married. Wow! This is a crime! You got something against single people? What are you, a Republican? Only a Republican would hate someone for not being married. What’s so special about being married anyway? I have known plenty of divorced people who tell me, “Never again.”

You drive a lousy car. Wow! What are you, a Republican? Republicans say that the best people drive the best cars that run great all the time, and the worst people drive the worst cars that are in need of repair. Amazing! I never knew you could determine how good of a person you are based on what kind of a car you drive or how well it runs! You learn something new every day.

You don’t go out much. Well, some people are extroverts, and some people are introverts who like to be alone. I never knew that the more extroverted you were, the better of a person you are, and that the more introverted you were, the worse of a human being you are! Is this another crazy thing Republicans believe? If so, why would any introvert vote Republican? In my life, I have found that almost all of the evil and bad people were on the extroverted side and most everyone on the introverted side was very nice, sweet and kind. I never knew it was better to be evil than nice!

You are lonely. Wow! Another crime. Is this something else Republicans believe? The lonelier you are, the worse of a person you are, and the more friends you have, the better of a person you are? Amazing. I have known plenty of lonely people in my life. It’s pretty sad. Lots of people are lonely. There are lonely people everywhere and most of us are lonely at times.

All this time, I thought lonely people were basically nice but shy, and now I learn that they’re all evil! Well you learn something new every day. I must say that in my life, most of the lonely people I met were very nice. They were often painfully shy, but it’s beyond me why shy people are evil. I have known many bad and even evil people in my life, and in general, the worse a human being is, the more people they have around them. The worst people of all seem to be surrounded by friends and acquaintances all the time.

You live alone. Incredible! If you live by yourself, then you are obviously evil! Worse than that, people who live alone apparently never have sex! And they are lonely all the time! Who believes that, Republicans? Well I live alone and it is true that I am alone a significant amount of the time.

And then I am around people a lot too. I go visit friends and stay at their places for weeks on end. People come visit me and stay here for periods of time, over a week sometimes. During those periods, about the only time I’m not with another person is when I am in the bathroom! So I can pretty much be alone most of the time for long stretches of time, even months, or I can also be around other people almost 24-7 for weeks on end. I am pretty comfortable doing both. Anyway, writers are notorious for being loner types.

You are a pedophile. This one is chronic. All over the Net, males accuse other males of being “pedophiles.” How could you possibly determine if someone is a pedophile or not by observing them on the Internet? There is no way to tell, obviously. This is a false charge 99% of the time at least. True pedophiles are rare.

Child molesters are a lot more common, but surely most folks accused of being molesters on the Net are innocent. Child molesters are not very common. I have only met one in my entire life, and I have met countless people. I know a lot about this issue as I work in mental health and I have actually worked with a couple of true pedophiles. In addition, I have to do differential diagnosis with pedophilia all the time, and I almost always rule it out.

You look like a pedophile/rapist/serial killer. As someone who works in mental health, let me assure you that there is no such thing as looking like a rapist/child molester/serial killer. What does a rapist look like? No one knows. Most of them don’t look like anything special. What does a child molester look like? Nothing. They generally look like the guy next door. What does a serial killer look like? Not much of anything, although some of them might look rather cold and mean. But the world is full of very cold and mean looking people who never spend a day in jail in their lives.

I would like to add that it would be very nice if we could somehow spot these folks because then it would be so much easier to catch them! We could follow them around, put them under surveillance, interview people who know them, investigate their life histories and unsolved crimes in the areas where they lived, etc.

Ask any detective or FBI profiler if they can spot these folks as they are walking around in society. See how hard they laugh when you ask them that. I must say in that my entire life, I have not met one person who looked like a child molester, a rapist or a serial killer. There is a child molester who is probably a pedophile who works at the local market. I knew him for years before I found that out about him. I never thought for one second, “That guy looks like a pedophile.” I just thought he was a sort of sleazy looking middle aged Mexican guy, however that describes about 50% of the middle aged Mexican guys in my town.

One thing that I have noticed is that these pedophile/rapist/serial killer charges are usually leveled at the most innocent looking men you have ever seen. A lot of these guys look sort of nerdy. Many wear glasses and look like the introverted studious type. Is this what people actually believe? Do they believe that most molesters, rapists and serial killers are introverted, studious, brainy, bespectacled nerdy types?

I have been studying these criminals for much of my life and I know more about them than most anyone you will ever meet. I assure you that most rapists, serial killers and even molesters do not look like dorky nerds. In fact, it is quite uncommon for a dorky nerd type to be such an evil criminal. Most dorky nerd types are just that, dorky nerds, and in general, they are shy, meek, kind, sensitive people who commit little or no crime and have very high morals. Where on Earth did society get this lunatic notion that most dangerous criminals look like awkward nerds? That is so weird.

You are stupid. This one is strange because it is typically only leveled at people who are bright. The smarter you are, the more you get called stupid. This makes no sense. Furthermore, it is difficult to determine someone’s IQ level by reading their writing. Anyone who thinks they can look at someone’s writing and give a figure for their IQ is out of their head. There is no way to do this. Anyway, some high IQ people cannot write very well.

You cannot write. This one is odd, as is it only leveled at good writers. The better of a writer you are, the more you get accused of being a lousy writer. And the best writers get accused of this more than anyone else. This makes no sense. If you write well, people will tell you. The people to listen to are published authors, magazine editors, creative writing professors, English professors, journalism professors, other professors, high school teachers and bright people in general. All of these types of people have been praising my writing to the skies since I was in grade school. I think I will listen to them and not some subhumans on the Net. If you can’t write worth a damn, not one person is ever going to tell you you are a great writer.

You are autistic/Aspergers. This one is truly bizarre. I constantly see people being accused of being Aspies on the Net. I happen to work in mental health, and I have to do diagnosis including differential diagnosis all the time. Suffice to say that there is almost never a case where you could read someone’s prose and determine that they are Aspie. There is no such thing as writing like an Aspie. There is no such thing as Aspie writing. Anyone who thinks they can diagnose Aspergers based on someone’s prose is out of their head.

You are a narcissist. Well anyone who blogs is obviously narcissistic. Aside from that, it is often hard to tell if someone is narcissistic based on their writing. Furthermore, most people are so damn stupid that they do not even know what narcissism is.

I have met and had conversations with quite a few famous people, including authors, professors and whatnot. I must tell you that many famous people are horrific assholes. They have egos the size of solar systems. So are they narcissists? I do not think so. Narcissism is so much more than egotism, and anyway, fame, money, power and egotism go hand in hand. Most famous, rich or powerful people have gigantic egos as it goes with the territory. As someone who works in mental health, I do not feel that most of these people are clinically narcissistic and they certainly do not have Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Unfortunately when you get towards Hollywood, you start seeing a lot of pathological narcissism.

Keep in mind that I have to diagnose narcissism. I am working with a client right now who has this as an issue. He does not have NPD, and he isn’t even particularly narcissistic. He is just solipsistic and worries too much.

Some bloggers do seem narcissistic, but this is uncommon. However you do see narcissism in spades in the Manosphere and especially on PUA/Game blogs, where it is truly out of control.

You are obviously mentally ill. It is extremely difficult to diagnose mental illness based on someone’s prose. I read people’s prose all the time, and I almost never decide that this person is mentally ill unless they are describing some sort of symptoms. Persons who have mental disorders do not necessarily write in any particular way, and our finest writers had mental illnesses at a very high frequency, but it was never apparent in their writing.

I will admit that an actively schizophrenic person writers in a pretty strange way, and sometimes you can ever diagnose schizophrenia based on a writing sample. Depressives and people with anxiety disorders do not write differently from anyone else. Even manics do not write differently, although I can determine that a friend of mine is manic by his emails. I have never read one snippet of prose on the Net and decided that this person is manic.

Bottom line is that a person’s degree of mental health is almost always impossible to determine by looking at someone’s prose. The only way to determine such things is by observation and talking to the person.

You obviously have terrible social skills. This one is truly bizarre. How could you possibly determine someone’s social skills by a writing sample? What insanity. There is no way whatsoever to determine someone social skills level by reading their writing unless they are writing about such things. Anyone who thinks they can figure out someone’s level of social skills by their prose is out of their head.

Your politics sucks, and therefore you are evil. This one has always amazed me. Now I am not wild about conservatives, but I would not criticize my worst enemy based on their politics. I may make exceptions for certain fanatics such as political racists, jihadis, fascists, Nazis, ultranationalists, etc. Having odd or objectionable politics does not make you a bad person. Most everyone I have known in life has had crappy politics in some way or another. You can’t go around hating people for their innocent political beliefs or you will never have any friends.

You believe in weird, crazy, stupid, irrational or false things, and therefore you are evil. LOL! There goes 99% of the friends I have ever had. And all my girlfriends to boot. Most everyone has some sort of nutty belief about this or that. You can’t go around hating people for their beliefs or you won’t have any friends.

You do not have that degree. This one is very strange. Many people on the Net have stated that they have degrees in this or that, Bachelors, Masters or Doctorate. How could one possibly determine with any degree of certitude whether someone actually has that degree or not? There is no way to tell. On what basis could you possibly determine that someone does not have the degree that they say they have? There is no way to figure that out one way or the other. Maybe they have it, and maybe they are lying and they don’t. However, I suspect that in most cases where people list degrees in CV style on the Net, they are telling the truth. Why lie and say you have a bunch of degrees you don’t have?

You get a welfare check every month. How would you know? How can you tell based on someone’s prose whether they are on government assistance?  Someone enlighten me here. Not that there is anything wrong with being on government assistance. I don’t get one of those checks. Can someone tell me how I get one of these checks every month? I would love to get one. I have never read one single piece of prose on the Net and decided that this person is obviously on government assistance. How could you tell?


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The Latest Stupid Idea from Lunatic American Gun Culture


That’s stupid. Now all those idiots getting wounded in gun accidents are going to die instead. Brilliant.

The gun nuts are really like any other conservative. Every single thing a gun nut says is a lie in some way or another, or is at least irrelevant. They have no good arguments about anything, and they never have.


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How Bill Gates Forces You to Buy and Use His Crap

Well, it has always been possible to use different OSes on a standard PC- with the Acorns for one thing you couldn’t as the OS was hard-coded in ROM! I meant to add you could always use other software applications too- like with IE and Netscape (now Firefox, Chrome etc.), or perhaps Wordperfect, Lotus, StarOffice etc. (now OpenOffice/LibreOffice) instead of MS Office…

Not really true as many websites were IE-only and many still are! See how Gates tries to force you to use his shit. These stupid fuck web companies and web designers make their site to work in IE only and make it so it fails in everything non-IE. Just lazy coding. It is very simple to use web standards to make sites that work in all browsers.

M$ made this all much worse by coming up with M$ only computer languages, M$-only fake JavaScript, M$ only JavaScript coding that fails in everything else, M$ only HTML (MSHTML) with HTML codes that break in all non-IE browsers. Furthermore, IE deliberately violates all web standards all the time, so if you try to design to standards, IE will often deliberately break it, forcing you to incorporate separate IE only code on your page. Since IE forces you to make IE only code anyway, a lot of designers say screw it and just make the page IE only and forget about standards.

IE has always been by far the worst about implementing web standards. They either don’t care due to huge market share, or they are out to deliberately break and destroy all standards.

Wordperfect was always better than Word and may still be. Bill Gates personally destroyed the best word processor.

Can you name any other industry where the inferior product always beats the superior product? This is what happens in software due to its monopoly nature. Gates leveraged his monopoly to destroy all the competition. The result was that his inferior programs always beat all of the superior competing programs. This can only happen in a monopoly and computer software is a natural monopoly, and this is why so many application areas get overrun by one monopoly vendor.

The whole idea of an inferior product overrunning and forcing superior products out of business by monopoly means is insanity and goes against everything capitalism is supposed to stand for – vigorous competition and a product range varying from superior to inferior with choice up to the consumer. There is almost no other industry where inferior products always run superior products out of business and end up with monopolies. Most industries are sane. Computer software is insane.

We have always tried to make standards for all applications. We tried to have a word processor standard so all word processors could save in that file format and any WP could read anything produced in any other WP. M$ deliberately broke it. M$ deliberately made their crappy Word program so that it would not open or read files in other formats. Also Word files could not be read by competing products because M$ refused to release the Word protocol so competitors could fix their product to read Word files. Reading Word files has always been guesswork as the protocols are proprietary.

M$ did the same for .odf which they are trying to make into a standard word processor file format that can be ready by anyone anywhere. M$ has made their own competing M$ .odf which is not the same and breaks .odf. All the while M$ is singing about how much they love standards.

We also tried to make standards for database files and for spreadsheet files. As it is, you need to read .xls files for work, so you let Bill Gates fuck your ass while he forces you to buy overpriced Excel.

Databases written in M$ file formats cannot be read by other databases. Result: You are forced to buy Bill Gates’ Access program to read work files.

You see how Bill Gates forces you to buy his product? You see how computer software is a natural monopoly?

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