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Dealbreakers: What the Alternative Left Is Not

The Alternative Left should be for people who are mostly liberal, Left or progressive in their characters, souls, politics and voting. However, we are disenchanted with some aspects of Left, especially the Cultural Left in the US. On those issues, we feel that the Left has gone too far. So while we are more conservative than the Cultural Left, we are not all the way to the social conservatism of the US Right, which mostly appalls us. So Alt Left types would be more centrist on cultural issues, not as leftwing as the Cultural Left but at the same time repulsed by the cultural reaction of the Right.

However, on economics, most Alt Left types would feel that the Western liberal/Left has not gone far enough. The Democratic Party in the US, Labor in the UK, the “Socialist” Party in France, and the “Social Democratic” PASOK in Greece have all sold the workers out badly for the rich, the corporations and capital in general. They claim to represent the working people, but instead they are traitors to the working class.

So the Alt Left would be for people who feel that the Western Liberal-Left in governments of the West is too rightwing on economic issues but too leftwing on social issues.

We would be quite leftwing in economic issues (although we would let in anyone disenchanted with rightwing economics) but more to the center on cultural matters.

Some mandatory qualifications for joining the Alt Left should be support for some type of Left economics (at a minimum Cultural Liberalism and Keynesianism) and opposition to at least part of the Cultural Left. Dealbreakers would be support for any sort of rightwing economics (including triangulating DNC, Clintonites and Blairites), along with a Cultural Left mindset.

Mindsets that might not be welcome on the Alternative Left. That is, we could probably tolerate people with up to a few of these vices as long as they were quiet about it, but the bottom line is that the things below are not really Alt Left values:

  • The belief that White people are evil. Black Lives Matter is that-a-way.
  • Belief that anyone who is non-White is automatically a saint. An update on Rousseauan noble savage theory with about as much as evidence as its predecessor.
  • Carrying on about “White privilege.” The university is over there.
  • Obsession with “structural racism.” The Sociology Department is that-a-way.
  • Race denial or hostility to race realism. One of the pillars of the Alt Left is race realism.
  • Support for anything goes pansexuality and promotion of such to the masses as a hip fad. Come now. Can’t we have some limits on degeneracy and depravity? Just some?
  • Excessive support for Gay Politics or Political Homosexuality, yet another Identity Politics (IdPol) dead end. *1*
  • Feminazism, Gender Feminism, Radical Feminism or Male-hating or Male-hostile Feminism. *2*
  • Transgender Idpol or Transgender Politics. *3*
  • Support for gender insanity, 147 different genders (or even three), or getting rid of gender. *4*
  • Promotion of diversity and multiculturalism as ends unto themselves *5*
  • Favoring multiculturalism over assimilation. You must have gotten lost.
  • Belief that the West is evil, and the non-West is wonderful. The Cultural Left is that-a-way.
  • Support for radical Islam, ultra-Orthodox Judaism, Trad Catholicism, Fundamentalist Protestantism, or hardline Hinduism. A Left is anti-obscurantist or it is nothing.
  • Support for fascism as a general principle. *6*
  • Support for any sort of Nazism (racist fascism) in its various permutations in any way, shape or form. *7*
  • Obsessive anti-Semitism, anti-Semitic cranks. This sort of dangerous nonsense is not just not a Left value.
  • Support for segregation, apartheid, discrimination or expulsion of any group on the basis of race or religion. I fail to see anything leftwing about any of these things.
  • Contempt for poor, low income, or working class people. The Republican Convention is being held over there.
  • Blame the victim mindset. The Libertarian Party is that-a-way.
  • “I made it, why can’t you?” “Anyone can make it if you try.” “Anyone can get rich.” “Everyone can get rich.” Ayn Randists not welcome.
  • The idea that the person who has more money is superior to the human being who has less money. What are you doing on the Left? Bye.
  • Opposition to social spending or social programs. Major dealbreaker.
  • Advocating excessive materialism or conspicuous consumption. Champagne socialists and limousine liberals welcome but please keep a low profile. Ostentatious display of wealth has never been a true Left value.
  • Extreme patriotardism. The Republican Party is that-a-way.
  • Support for US/UK/EU imperialism in any way, shape or form. Can someone please tell me what is so leftwing about US/Western imperialism, Cold War liberals like Bernie Sanders notwithstanding?
  • Strong support for US foreign policy period. The Democratic Party is that-a-way.
  • Support for Revisionist Zionism *8*
  • Hard-line, Obsessive or One-Note Zionism of any variety. See no fascism above, and add no colonialism and certainly no settler colonialism to that.
  • Antisemitism or antiracism witch hunting. So go join the Cultural Left.
  • No antisemitism detectives searching hither and thither for every last crumb of a threat to the Jews. This sort of Jewish paranoia is almost as bad though not as dangerous as anti-Semitism itself.
  • Obsession with name-calling epithets like racist, sexist, homophobe, antisemite, bigot, Nazi, White supremacist, transphobe, Islamophobe, etc. The Cultural Left is calling your name.
  • Use of the term “scientific racism.” And out the door with you.
  1. Gay rights, yes! Gay politics, no! Support and tolerance for biological homosexuals to live their lives as they choose in freedom and happiness. No discrimination against gays. On the other hand, homosexuality should not be cheered or championed, and certainly experimental or opportunistic homosexuality should not be promoted as some sort of cool thing or hipster fad.
  2. Women’s rights, yes! Women’s politics, no! An Alt Left should support Equity Feminism but not Gender, Radical, Man-hating or Anti-male Feminism.
  3. Bare minimal rights for transsexuals. Nondiscrimination against transsexuals in many but not all jobs. Transsexual rights yes, Transsexual politics no. Transsexualism should not be promoted as a cool thing or a fad as it is nowadays. Many though not all transsexuals are probably mentally ill. A transwoman is not a woman; it is a man who thinks he is a woman. A transman is not a man; it is a woman who thinks she is a man.
  4. There are indeed only two genders, male and female. Nevertheless an Alt Left should be compassionate towards certain rare persons who are biological oddities from a very early age through no fault of their own, and we should have sympathy for their profound struggles with gender identity.
  5. In areas that are already diverse, nondiscrimination and non-racism as general principles are good things. People ought to get along, and an Alt Left should not be a racist movement. Immigrants should be allowed to keep their own cultures (multiculturalism) in the first generation, but after that, assimilation should be encouraged. Certainly the notion that lack of diversity is in and of itself a problem should be opposed by an Alternative Left. Peoples’ desires to be culturally conservative, monocultural, traditional, or to have a national, ethnic or religious identity should be seen as rights that an Alt Left would not interfere with. No wars on tradition, nationalism, religion or ethnic identity.
  6. An Alt Left can hardly support fascism, but some leeway ought to be allowed for Third Positionism or especially National Bolshevism, Dugin’s Fourth Positionism, etc.
  7. See that “Left” in Alt Left? We can’t very well be for Nazis, now can we?
  8. The Alt Left will be mostly skeptical about Zionism and the state of Israel at the very least. Anti-Zionists are of course welcome. Moderate, toned-down Zionists should be allowed but not encouraged.


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“Time to Rekindle the UN Spark,” by Eric Walberg

New article by my friend Eric Walberg.

Time to Rekindle UN Spark

Eric Walberg

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon recently held a commemoration of the 40th anniversary of the squashing of UN resolution 3379, equating Zionism with racism. It was passed in 1975 by a vote of 72 to 35 (with 32 abstentions). The festive event this year was attended by US Secretary of State John Kerry and head of the Israeli Labour Party and Zionist Union Isaac Herzog, son of Chaim Herzog, president of Israel from 1983 to 1993, and star of the 1975 UN session.

The 1975 vote took place approximately one year after resolution 3237 granted the PLO “observer status”, following Yasser Arafat’s “olive branch” speech to the General Assembly in November 1974. It succeeded only because the Soviet Union and its allies were there to support the Arab and Islamic majority countries.

It was revoked in December 1991 by UN resolution 46/86. At the commemoration this year, Ban Ki-moon recalled Chaim Herzog’s words in 1975, “I appeal to the community of nations to always act to uphold the principles of the United Nations Charter to practice tolerance and live together in peace with one another as good neighbors.” Such nice platitudes coming from the Israeli ambassador—community, principles, tolerance, peace…

It is odd that this year’s festivities actually celebrate the passing of the resolution, rather than its demise, commemorating the chutzpah of Israeli UN representative Herzog, who stole the show, recounting how magnanimous Israel is with its Arab citizens, who apparently held the same rights as Jews, worked in border and police defense forces, were elected to parliament, studied at universities…

He pointed to Arabs coming from elsewhere for medical treatment, and to “the fact that it is as natural for an Arab to serve in public office in Israel as it is incongruous to think of a Jew serving in any public office in an Arab country.” The UN ambassador finished his tirade by ripping up the resolution and defiantly stating he would have UN Avenues in Haifa, Jerusalem and Tel Aviv renamed Zionism Avenues.

Herzog didn’t mention how traditionally Jews lived freely under Muslim rule and often served Muslim leaders as advisers, how Arab anger today is directly due to Israel’s murderous, illegal actions against the rightful citizens of what was once the Roman province of Syria Palaestina. He didn’t mention the millions of Palestinians denied their basic rights because Israel is apparently free of racism.

At least the 1975 gathering had some punch. There was no substance in the commemoration in 2015. Kerry waffled, despite a weeks-long wave of violence that has claimed the lives of at least 77 Palestinians along with 10 Israelis. No mention of that. He said that a two-state solution in the Middle East was “not an impossible dream” but would require courage. Yawn.

Kerry called the 1975 resolution “ominous” because it gave “a global license to hate” the state of Israel. But then “hate” covers just about any word of criticism of Israel. After all, election fever is rising in the US and the Israel lobby is alive and well.

Bush Senior’s Half Truths

It is more instructive to deconstruct the speech by US President HW Bush, who introduced the UN motion overturning resolution 3379 in 1991, which he said “mocks this pledge and the principles upon which the United Nations was founded. Zionism is not a policy; it is the idea that led to the creation of a home for the Jewish people, to the State of Israel. To equate Zionism with the intolerable sin of racism is to twist history.”

He was half correct. Zionism is an idea, one that turned into a policy of racial exclusion and victimization of the Palestinian natives, whose land and property the new immigrants stole, even as they conducted a state policy of terror against the natives. Bush made no explanation of why Zionism is not a policy. But the Soviet voice was gone by 1991; only the US voice was heard defending the pious hope that Israel would one day make peace with the Palestinians based on the original 1947 UN Resolution 181 to partition the territory.

Bush’s claim that Zionism is not a policy of racism simply flies in the face of reality. But then the US itself was founded on an idea much like Zionism. The Puritans, Quakers and many other religious groups immigrated intending to establish an ideal Christian society modeled on the Bible, an idea which also was a policy of genocide of the American natives.

The 17th philosopher Francis Bacon penned a utopian novel New Atlantis based on his enthusiastic support for establishing the British colonies in North America, depicting the creation of a utopian land where “generosity and enlightenment, dignity and splendor, piety and public spirit” are the commonly held qualities of the inhabitants of the mythical Bensalem.

The idea of a “new Jerusalem” is the bedrock of the US idea.
Even such a respected philosopher was able to disregard the racist policy of genocide against the American natives in the name of “generosity and enlightenment etc.” No one noticed that, from the start, that the idea of the US (Bensalem) was a racist idea, just as its policies were. Only in the 19th century did international opprobrium finally push the US to abolish its most glaring racist policy—slavery.

But by then, the idea of a Jewish state in Palestine was already being mooted by British politicians such as Lord Shaftsbury, and Israel was finally forced down the UN throat by FDR and Truman. For Shaftsbury et al, it was merely a logical development of western ‘civilization‘.

Bush lauded the crushing of the racism resolution in 1991 as “a real chance to fulfill the UN Charter’s ambition of working ‘to save succeeding generations from the scourge of war, to reaffirm faith in fundamental human rights, in the dignity and worth of the human person’.” Yet he was unable to see that the emperor (himself) and his offspring were wearing no clothes, that it is Israel that is the scourge of war, the violator of human rights and human dignity.

Bush stated that the UN “cannot claim to seek peace and at the same time challenge Israel’s right to exist.” Again a half truth. No one intended to wipe Israel off the map, as long as it was a nation that followed international norms, in particular human rights of the peoples who live there or who will return there from refugee camps when a peaceful solution to the stand-off is agreed. But this is only possible if we address Bush’s other half truth that lies at the heart of Zionism, both as idea and policy.

Bush’s other mistake was to define the State of Israel as “a home for the Jewish people”. This makes Israel racist by definition, just as Hitler identified Germany as the home of the Aryan people, a similarly vague, racist definition of the state.

Bush’s Lesson: Don’t Cross Israel

There is a bitter irony in Bush’s kowtowing to Israel in 1991. In September he had asked Congress to delay Israel’s request for $10 billion in loan guarantees to help settle Soviet Jews, trying to force Israel to stop its illegal settlement construction and negotiate a real peace. He no doubt was recalling how Eisenhower had made Israel bend to the US game plan in 1956. Ford/ Kissinger/ Carter had too, though just barely in the 1970s, curbing somewhat Israel’s colonial ambitions. Both times, ironically, US leaders relied on the Soviet ‘threat’ to give them some backbone.

But ‘in victory, defeat’. The Soviet ‘threat’, providing the US some leverage with Israel, was no more, and in the meantime, the Israel lobby in Washington had become too powerful for a president to counter. The Zionists were in no mood to swallow their pride and obey a newly holier-than-thou imperial Washington.

Bush senior found he had no allies for his plan to bring Israel into line. He scurried to the UN to burnish his credentials, but to no avail. The Israel lobby mobilized, found their ideal candidate in Bill Clinton, and Bush suddenly was being attacked in the media. Incessant negative publicity as election day approached did the trick. He lost his re-election bid, going from a 90% approval rate following the Iraq invasion to 37% on election day.

It is time for a new resolution 3379, something with teeth that will wake Israel up and push it to admit its sins. There is no hope to find a sponsor in Washington. However, the support for Palestinians struggling for their rights continues to grow. The EU, BDS and others boycott settlement goods are having their effect. Israel‘s neighbors continue to resist. As US power wanes, there is hope that the UN will once again find some backbone.


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Antisemitism Offers Next to Nothing for Leftwingers

Latias writes:

I used to be a fan of Kevin MacDonald, although I never really agreed with him. I have became a little more internationalist, and associate mostly with Marxism-Leninism. Still, I am suspicious of Jewish influence, since the have disproportionate financial and cultural influence, but that does not mean that a Jewish presence is generally toxic.

Still, I would be happy to do a quenelle (like Tony Parker did) to convey an anti-establishment message, and be considered as an “anti-Semite” by them. Indeed, I would be proud to be regarded as an “anti-Semite” by the ADL and AIPAC because I acknowledge disproportionate Jewish influence in politics, finance, and culture and that I am anti-Zionist (and anti-imperialist). I have no problem with Jews personally, except when they espouse Zionist views.

I said to myself with some hyperbole that I would become the biggest anti-Semite if Israel bombs Iran.

Sure, according to the Jews, apparently I am already an “antisemite of the Anti-Zionist variety.” In fact, someone tried to make a Wikipedia article on me saying that I was a prime example of “an antisemite of the anti-Zionist variety,” but it was soon deleted as Robert Lindsay is apparently not “notable.” So how do I get notable anyway? Shoot up the local mall?

This is pretty much where I am at. McDonald doesn’t really resonate with me. He’s gone over to some hard rightwing views for some reason. Once you start talking about “Jewish Bolshevism” like almost all of these clowns do, you have lost my interest. These guys just don’t get it. I like the Bolsheviks. You want me to hate Jews because the Bolsheviks were Jews? LOL. First of all, the Bolsheviks were not all Jews or even majority Jewish, and second of all,  I like the fact that Jews were heavy into Bolshevism. That’s a good reason to like Jews, not to hate them. Like I said, antisemitism seems to be inherently rightwing, and there just doesn’t seem to be much of a meal there for a Leftist to eat.

For some reason almost all antisemites either start going rightwing as they get more antisemitic, or they were already like that to start with. If someone is a known “populist antisemite” like Gilad Atzmon and Mary Rizzo, I can assure you that they are not very leftwing. Indeed, Atzmon and Rizzo are both quite hostile to the Left, but that’s just typical of antisemites.

Antisemitism sucks in my opinion because you just can’t get into it without moving further and further to the Right. That’s a good reason for saying antisemitism blows right there. I think no matter how Jews act, Leftists should avoid antisemitism. Really now, Jews are not that bad, are they? Come on. And Jews have been great for the Left. If you want to balance things out, Jews have done more good for the Left than harm I would say.

It is quite typical of Leftists who go antisemitic to start talking about “getting rid of Right and Left.” That makes me nervous right there because the only people who talk like that are fascists. Fascists often say, “We are neither right nor left! We are about merging the right and the left! Left or right, come join us, it makes no difference!”

It’s not surprising that Third Positionism is regarded as a form of fascism. I have seen the position papers of 3rd Positionist parties, and trust me, they are not very leftwing! Sure, the Strausserites were interesting and they were great on economics, but should we forget that the Strausserites were hardcore Nazis? If the Strausserites had not been massacred on the Night of the Long Knives, when the Nazi Left was exterminated (which actually proves very well that Nazism was not a Left philosophy), do you really think they would have opposed Nazi antisemitism all the way down to the Holocaust? I doubt it. Sure they hated capitalists, but they also hated Jews, no doubt on a genocidal level like any good Nazi.

Sure, Jews are not the greatest thing since sliced bread and a lot of them do act bad in many ways (but many Jews don’t act bad at all and instead act just like you or me), but I still think that antisemites act far worse than Jews. I also think that any Gentile country that lets a bunch of silly Jews take over the country and brainwash them and lead them around by the nose has no national consciousness or sense of their own good and they pretty much deserve to be colonized and manipulated. I don’t have a lot of sympathy for people who let themselves be willingly brainwashed.


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Are There Really a Lot of Antisemites on the Left?

Pumpkin Person writes:

You could be right. Traditionally WASPs had all the power in America so perhaps that’s why there are so many right wing anti-Semites. Also, WASPs represented tradition & Jews caused a lot of social change so that’s another reason antisemites might lean conservative

But I have heard there are a lot of antisemites on the left, particularly among anti war types & the occupy Wall Street crowd.

Antisemites are not really anti-power structure. They are more like, “We Whites used to have all the power until these Jewish bastards stole it all, and we want it back.” And a lot of antisemitic conservatives think Jews are behind the moral ruin in the country.

As far as the notion that there are a lot of antisemites on the Left, that is a great big fat lie pushed by the pro-Israel crowd and US rightwingers. The truth is there are almost no antisemites on the Left other than some Muslims or Arabs, if they would even consider themselves on the Left at all.

There are almost no non-Arab, non-Muslim antisemites on the Left among the antiwar crowd and the Occupy Wall Street folks. The reason is that antisemitism is absolutely not tolerated on the Mainstream Left. It’s seen as poison, and if you start talking that way, they come down on you very hard. If you don’t shut up, soon you are ostracized and thrown out of the Left or out of whatever movement you were with. Most of your Left friends take off.

What you see instead of antisemites are anti-Zionists or the anti-Israel crowd, but generally on the Left, you have to say, “I don’t hate Jews, I just hate Israel or Zionists,” something like that.

It’s uncertain whether anti-Zionism is a form of anti-Semitism at all. The Jews say it is, but so what? Jews say everything is anti-Semitism. Jews probably even think some animals and plants are anti-Semitic. They literally see it everywhere and are always looking under the bed for more.

There are a lot of Israel-haters who differentiate well and refuse to hate Jews per se, but it sort of a tightrope act. And for sure there are a lot of Jew-haters who are wrapping their antisemitism up in anti-Zionism and hatred of Israel. Yes, they hate Zionism, and they very much hate Israel, but they also hate Jews, probably because Jews were behind the former. A lot of Arabs are like that.


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I Am Definitely an Anti-Semite of the Anti-Zionist Variety

Christoper writes:

Interesting that you should say that Jewish hatred is mainly a right wing thing when many people over here in Europe know that it is right-wingers who support Israel and lefties who support Palestine.

Sorry Robert but it’s nonsense to say that Jewish hatred is a only a right wing feeling.

There are indeed some leftwing anti-Semites. There are definitely some in Eastern Europe and Russia and it takes an odd form: “Jews destroyed the Soviet Union. Jews are responsible for Nazism.” Things like that. There are a few others here and there, but those are even less common. One thing you notice is that Left anti-Semites are so rare. The other thing you notice is that pretty soon they start cozying up with the Right, especially the Far Right.

Why? Because that’s where all the anti-Semites are, that’s why? Sooner or later the anti-Semitism takes hold of their Left orientation and they start actually moving to the Right. More than a few of them convert to Islam. Bottom line is that Left anti-Semites gradually either move right or cozy up with Rightists because as I note in my post, anti-Semitism is basically a rightwing ideology with some exceptions such as Arab Leftists and Arab Communists.

Most of those pro-Pallie leftwingers do not really hate Jews per se. They just hate Israel. Now there are many forms of anti-Semitism according Jews who dedicate their entire careers to studying this as a form of obsessive solipsism. The Jewish diagnosis of anti-Semitism is completely wrong of course. They say “Jews are always 100% innocent and anti-Semites are always 100% liars hating Jews for no reason.” But anyway, Jewish anti-Semitism researchers like the Roth Institute in Tel Aviv have done much good work in sorting out different forms of anti-Semitism (they are indeed many forms of Judeophobia) and reporting on incidents, trends and whatnot.

Supposedly there is now a form of anti-Semitism called Anti-Zionist anti-Semitism. This is surely valid when we are talking about many Arabs, especially Arab nationalist types. The best among of these types, if asked if they hate Jews, will respond something like:

Q: Do you hate Jews?
Arab nationalist: Well, I hate the ones squatting in Palestine. Darn right I do! Go back to Europe!
Q: What about the Jews outside of Palestine, living in other parts of the world, mostly in the West?
Arab nationalist: Are they living in Palestine? Well, they’re not part of the problem, are they?

Actually most of these types are a lot worse and have somehow managed to hate Jews period no matter where they are, not just the squatters in Palestine.

At any rate, I would say that I am very much an anti-Semite of the anti-Zionist variety according to modern definitions. My whole beef against the Jews is that they have subverted my country into a colony of a foreign power and have gotten us involved in a number of foreign wars to fight the enemies of the Jews in the Middle East. In the process, we and the Jews have pretty much set the whole region on fire with the help of quite a few other ugly parties of course. American Jews who are not part of this project to turn my country into an Israeli colony basically get a pass.

As you can see in my previous post, all of the other forms of anti-Semitism do not really resonate with me and mostly seem to be forms of rightwing ideology. Jew-hatred is just not a progressive thing. There’s literally nothing there for us. Sure, Jews are rather crazy and annoying, but that’s no reason to hate a man. Let him who is with stone, etc.

But for getting us involved in all these wars for them and setting the whole region on fire, I do not think I will ever forgive the Israelis or their Jewish supporters in the US. I will hate them for the rest of my life for that, and they deserve it.


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Jews Lie, Part 1,530,961

Yes, Jews lie. They do it a lot. I don’t necessarily hate Jews. They have a good side and a down side. The down side is the lying, among other things. A lot of times, I think the good side outweighs the bad side, and a recent long-term girlfriend was Jewish. I do not think being a liar per se makes you a bad person. It has to be weighed against the good side of the person to see how it all balances out.

Jews mostly lie about themselves. They are not capable of being objective about themselves, hence, anytime Jews are saying anything relating to themselves as a group, you need to be careful, because they lie constantly about this sort of thing. This is unfortunate as a lot of our sources about the Jewish people and especially their conflicts with others were written by Jews, hence they are very suspect.

For instance, most work on “anti-Semitism” is written by Jews. A lot of this work is complete garbage. In fact there is a whole institute set up in Israel that does nothing more than study anti-Semitism. I think it is called the Steven Roth Institute. Almost nothing they write can be trusted. Anti-Semitism is a complex phenomenon and it would be better if disinterested parties wrote about it.

The biggest Jewish liars of all are Jewish nationalists – Zionists. The problem with Jews is that almost all Jews are Jewish nationalists or Jewish ultranationalists. Nationalist lie. Ultranationalists lie. Not just Jewish nationalists and ultranationalists, but all of them.

Jews have a great deal of power in US media. This is not necessarily a horrible problem except that having one ethnic group have so much power over one’s media is always troubling, whether they are Jewish-Americans, Swedish-Americans or whatever. It is not exactly democratic to have one ethnic control so much of a nation’s propaganda network.

Jewish media power is not as important as most make it out to be. Jewish media barons are simply US imperialists who work in tandem with large corporations, the Pentagon and the State Department exactly as their Gentile colleagues do.

If anything, Jewish media barons are a better class of the 1% as they tend to be fairly progressive for rich people. If we tossed out all the media Jews and replaced them with media Gentile moguls, the media would not be much better. In fact, it might be worse because Gentile 1%ers are very reactionary and they are not nearly as progressive as Jewish 1%’ers. Furthermore, Gentile 1%’ers might not differ much from Jewish 1%’ers on the Israel Question.

However, on the subject of Israel and US support for Israel, Jewish media power is a very bad thing for America and this is where the lying comes in.

Jewish nationalists have been very active lately screaming and yelling about “growing anti-Semitism” in Europe and the West. There really isn’t any growing anti-Semitism in the West. There is growing sentiment against Jewish nationalism – Zionism and Israel – but beyond that, anti-Semitism is not very high. Jewish nationalists need to do this because they have an extreme hatred for White Christians and especially White European Christians.

Lamentably, White European Christians do have a long tradition of anti-Semitism. The subject is extremely complex and the reasons for it go beyond the scope of this essay. This phenomenon culminated in the Holocaust, in which the Germans received a lot of assistance in the Jew-killing from European Christians, primarily in Eastern Europe. On the other hand, many European Christians saved Jews and many others effectively laid down their lives to save the Jews by fighting the Nazis. Tarring all European Christians with the Nazi brush is ridiculous, but Jews, especially Jewish nationalists, have been doing this ever since the 1940’s.

Jewish nationalists need to do this since Zionism is predicated on the notion that Gentile (especially European Christian Gentile) anti-Semitism is perennial and eternal in that it will never go away.

This can be seen in the preposterous Jewish nationalist saying that begins, “Every generation they rise up to kill us all…” The Zionists need to see the Gentile World as full of raving, genocidal anti-Semites, and they are always working on this propaganda meme. All nations in the Diaspora must be seen as savagely anti-Semitic and not safe for Jews. In order to be safe, all Jews must go to Israel (except don’t hitchhike and watch out for missiles landing on your head). Hence every anti-Semitic incident in the Diaspora receives breathtaking coverage in the Israeli media. Leading Israeli politicians then go on TV and urge the Jews of the nation where the incident occurred to high-tail it to Israel right this minute.

In the Jewish nationalist media in both Israel and in the US (including huge media networks like CNN that have been effectively taken over by Jewish nationalists) a recent meme is that the Jews of Europe are no longer safe due to rising anti-Semitism in Europe. They single out Sweden, France and the UK for particular abuse. This is a clever lie since like most propaganda, it’s not completely false. In fact, there is rising anti-Semitism in Europe, including the three nations listed above.

However, the problem is in how the story is told. Jewish nationalists tell the story as if Sweden, France and the UK have been raving Nazi countries full of White Christian Nazis ready to kill all the Jews at any moment. All of these reports also conflate the anti-Israel movement in Europe (often a project of the Left) with the rising anti-Semitism. In fact, the Left anti-Israel groups are committing few if any anti-Semitic acts. Beyond that, White Christians are committing few if any of the grotesque anti-Semitic attacks in Western Europe. Nevertheless, Jews are in danger in these nations, but it’s not from Nazi Whites.

Who are they in danger from? Simple. Arabs. Arabs and other Muslims, such as Pakistanis and Iranians. There are indeed quite a few very ugly anti-Semitic attacks occurring in France. Jews are assaulted on the streets, synagogues are attacked and there was recently an anti-Semitic murder at a Jewish Museum.

The US media cleverly lies about all of these attacks to make it look like evil, Nazi anti-Zionist leftwing French Whites are doing this vile things. But it’s not true. Almost 100% of the anti-Semitic attacks in France are being done by North African Muslim Frenchmen, immigrants and sons of immigrants. These people come from Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia. The recent homicide at the Jewish Museum was by an Arab member of the ISIS group in Mesopotamia.

There are some anti-Semitic attacks in the UK, but not many. Almost all of these are being done by Pakistani Muslims. None or almost none are being done by White Britons.

Sweden is becoming a dangerous place to be Jewish due to an increasing number of frightening anti-Semitic attacks. All or almost all of these assaults and threats are being committed by Arab and Iranian Muslims, particularly in Malmo, where many of them reside. White Swedes are committing few to no anti-Semitic attacks.

In conflating European White Left anti-Zionism with White neo-Nazis and Muslim anti-Semites, Jewish nationalist liars create an effective yet devious propaganda piece.

In suggesting that White European countries are “turning Nazi” by suggesting that Muslim anti-Semitic attacks are actually being by White Nazis, Jewish nationalists get to lie about ancient enemies (White Christians) and modern ones (Left anti-Zionists), resurrect the hoary image of the Holocaust as an eternal part of White Europe’s personality, and bash innocent White European nations as Nazi countries (such as “Nazi France”).

The most troublesome part of the equation is the notion of anti-Semitism itself.

  1. Jews (especially Jewish nationalists) act terrible.
  2. Good people notice Jews acting horrible, get upset at their bad behavior and protest it.
  3. Good people protesting bad behavior are called evil. They become evil people – anti-Semites, Nazis, etc. – merely by being good people protesting bad behavior.

It seems there is no way out of the rigged anti-Semitism game that the Jewish nationalists have set up.


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The Left Case Against Israel

Fermin writes:

Hey Robert, we are friends of fascists, like the Israelis, so what do you think of the practical ethnic cleansing that’s going on with the Palestinians in Israel?

I find it pure politics and pure hypocrisy how Americans and the US government in general supports Israel as a civilized democratic state when the Israeli government regularly breaks human rights laws with regards with Palestinian citizens of the state by implementing draconian apartheid/Nazi-style laws and claiming them to be in self-defense against extremists and the old victimhood of the Israelis by saying that they need to do what they need to do in order to defend against neighboring countries and Palestinians (sound like Hitler’s Germany much?).

I find it ridiculous when Americans support Israel and have fundraisers for Israel and all these silly money-raising events when these monies are going towards funding the Israeli government’s consistent human rights violations of Muslim (and also Christian) Palestinians. These funds should be considered “funding a terrorist group” by international and US law because that is what it is, the funding of Israeli terror upon Palestinian people.

The Jews say they are the indigenous people of Israel and Palestinians are foreigners? First off, DNA studies prove Palestinians are genetically simply descendants of Christianized and later (mostly) Islamicized Hebrews, second the Jews are mostly from Europe and are consequently only partly of Hebrew descent while most Palestinians are closer to the Hebrews by blood, and finally, the Torah itself states how Jews are not indigenous to Canaan, but rather invaders who genocided the native population (women, children, elderly, and even “cleansed” their animals and plants) and discriminated the remaining survivors by segregating them.

Then there are the militant migrants to Israel from around the world who set up shop and teach others how to “defend their (new) homes” (aka illegally colonize and take over Palestinian lands and kill the owners if they resist), or simply they go out “hunting” for Palestinians.

I don’t really blame the regular Israelis, I blame the government and its propaganda as well as militant and extremist Zionists who are responsible. All of this that is happening there disgusts me, but of course the Jews are always the victims and are always justified in whatever they do, that’s why we should always support the “civilized man” (Israelis) over the “barbarians” (Palestinians). Garbage.

There are many factors that go into US support for Israel. America is a settler-colonial state, so we will tend to support all other settler-colonial states because after all they are only reproducing our original sin. Americans have never really made peace with the crimes of the nation’s founding – after all, if they had come to terms with it, we would not be supporting these Israeli, Moroccan and other monsters so much. The Jews are the early Americans and the Arabs are the savage Indians – that is sadly the way that many Moronicans no doubt view this issue.

Jews are 2% of the US population. Sure they have a lot of media and money power, but that only goes so far. The Jews have a lot of media and money power in Russia and the Ukraine too, and look how far that got them. The money and media power of the Jews in 1932 Germany was immense. Mass Jewish money and media power is no guarantee against the inevitable anti-Semitic nationalist backlash that so often occurs historically.

When the natives of a land have had quite enough of you, all your money and newspapers won’t amount to a hill of beans. The problem of the Jew (or the human in general) is that he is never satisfied with just a bit of money, media or power. No matter how much he has, the Jew always wants more. This is called greed. History has proved this many times. The Jew never stops pushing. Sure the reasonable Jews start warning, “What are you trying to do – start a pogrom?!” but greed is a powerful emotion.

You can only push people so far until they start fighting back. The Jewish problem is the human problem – the Jew always fails to look at the long-term and looks only at the short-term. Furthermore, the wild paranoia of the Jew drives him to ever-more escalations of greed  – after all, the Jews never have enough money, media and other power to fight “the Nazi enemy,” but the problem is that as Jewish money power increases exponentially, the inevitable ugly backlash only gains steam, so the increasing accumulation of money and power only serves as a huge factory for making more and more Nazis.

In 1932, Jews were 1% of the population of Germany and they had 32% of the wealth. The next year, the Nazi Party had taken over with a viciously anti-Semitic program. That’s a sad chapter. but how many human societies will sit back and let a minority of 1% grab 1/3 of the economy? There are not a whole lot of human societies who are that magnanimous or capitalist-minded. I suppose people should be good Libertarian rightwing capitalists and just let the rich of whatever ethnicity grab as much wealth as possible while reducing the natives to penury (After all, Ayn Rand would have approved!) but humans are much more fair-minded people than they are Objectivist capitalist ideologues.

Also Americans don’t really need the Jewish Lobby. Sure the Lobby is ugly and horrible, but the sad truth is that the vast majority of US Gentiles (especially the Whites) are lined up right behind the Isralo-Nazis all the way, Lobby or no Lobby. The American people are really nothing but a bunch of Jews anymore anyway, as Christian propriety in terms of behavior and business was long since overridden by what I call “the Jewish spirit.”

Of course, the often-genocidal Nazi-like rhetoric and horrific terrorism of the Arabs against Israel doesn’t exactly help matters. The Holocaust was a very ugly thing, and most decent people don’t want a Round Two. From afar it looks like the Arabs/Muslims are itching for a movie called Return of Holocaust, and most decent folks recoil at that. Because giving the Arabs what they want seems to horrid, most just sit back and let the Zionazis do whatever they want to. No matter the atrocity, the Israelis justify as “fighting against the Arab Nazis!.” When it comes to fighting Nazis, most decent folks will give you a lot of leeway.

Th above post pretty much sums up all of the ugliness. Israel is a fascist state. In fact, it is a classic ethnic nationalist fascist state similar to the Nazi Germany and many other such states. It is also a settler-colonial state similar in many ways to the early US, some early Latin American countries, early Turkey, the new Balkan states of the early 1990’s, early Australia and New Zealand and South Africa. Anywhere where the later immigrants to a state move into an area and commit ethnocide against the natives of the land, it is always settler-colonialism.

Settler-colonialism is ongoing on Tibet and Xinjiang right now. Fascist style ethnic cleansing has also been employed in Arab nationalist states such as Morocco (in Spanish Sahara) and in Syria (Muslim Arabs throwing Christian Arabs off their land) and Iraq (Muslim Arabs throwing Kurds and Christian Arabs off their land while Iranian-Iraqis were actually thrown out of the country and all of their property was stolen)! There is also some very serious “nation-building” and fascist ethnic cleansing going on in the new ultra-nationalist fascist state that the US set up in the Ukraine.

The Arab examples point out that that the Arab nationalist enemies of the Israelis are just as bad as the Israelis themselves. An ethnic nationalist is an ethnic nationalist. A fascist is a fascist.

Sure Iraqi/Syrian Baathists and Israeli Zionists absolutely hate each other and would as soon slit each others’ throats as drink a glass of water, but they have a lot more in common than you might think.

If you think this website is valuable to you, please consider a contribution to support the continuation of the site. This is my only job.


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Some Saturday Thoughts on the Jews

A Jewish visitor writes:


I’ve read a lot on your blog and I appreciate that you can talk about race, ethnicity, Jewishness, and Zionism without necessarily being racist and anti-Semitic. I think one of the reasons why there is no discourse on Israeli policies in the U.S. is because, as you pointed out, the people who tend to be anti-Zionist also tend to have outright anti-Semitic views, which to us Jews is frightening.

But a few thoughts: when you say “holocaust porn” that’s a little bit offensive. It’s one thing to claim that we still perpetuate a victim mentality despite being successful, but out of respect to the survives and the 5.7 million slain and those who survived, you shouldn’t make a joke of what happened.

When you talk about the influence of Jews in the politico-economic and media spheres, I think what you have to say isn’t too far off, but that the “tribal mentality” and “ethnocentrism” happens on an individual level rather than a group conspiracy. I know a lot of prominent Jews and I can swear there are no secret synagogue meetings in which we malevolently plot to hurt gentiles.

It’s just that from a young age we’ve been taught that yes, we consider ourselves special, and that as a people, we should look out for one another. This may be a form of ethnocentrism, but as you yourself as stated, you take pride in being white, so why shouldn’t we take pride in being Jewish?

I also wonder what your theories as to Jews’ relatedness to the rest of the Caucasian population. Jews suppress white nationalism because it often turns populations against us, and until ’48, we had no place to go.

Ashkenazic Jews look white and resemble their European populations because of intermarriage. But we were told we were “Semitic” and “non-Aryan” and thus non-desirable to White nationalists. Yet recent DNA tests have shown that the Y-chromosomes of Ashkenazic Jews (these lines were generally unbroken) are closest genetically to Greeks and Italians, which maybe hints that we share a common pre-Indo-European (maybe Hittite?) ancestor.

Does this make any sense, and would this mean that Jews should stop advancing our own interests and instead join forces with our fellow white populations? I do think that the sense of Jewish victim mentality is calming with my generation and that besides intermarrying, we’re much cooler-headed on other Jewish issues.

I also read somewhere (maybe on the Occidental Observer) that the Jewish drive and Protestant work ethic have converged in America so that we find ourselves fighting on the same side as our Caucasian brethren against radical Islam and China. So maybe perhaps there is hope for Western Civilization, and perhaps some of that hope lies with the Jews.

First of all, welcome to the site! Jews are always welcome to this website.

As far as his first sentence goes, that’s one of the main things I am trying to do on this site.

Jewish ethnocentrism becomes a problem when they discriminate against non-Jews in hiring, promoting and whatnot. That’s not ok. It’s also pretty sickening that the Jews who helped write the Civil Rights Act tried to make it so Jews could continue to discriminate without running afoul of the Act.

There are some anti-Zionists who are not anti-Semitic, but as they get deeper and deeper into it, many anti-Zionists just get worse and worse that way. Also, anti-Semitic stuff is always infiltrating anti-Zionist sites in all sorts of ways. Of course, the Zionist folks who are acting like such bastards over there are indeed a bunch of Jews, and their crappy behavior is all wrapped up in Judaism and Jewish culture.

Nevertheless, US Jews are not stealing Palestinian land, beating up their kids and whatnot, so why not let them off the hook? Any chance I can get to take the non anti-Semitic side, I will gladly do that. We can blame US Jews for supporting Israel to the hilt, but then many Gentiles are supporting them to the hilt too, so it’s not fair to single out US Jews for this abuse.

Truth is that a lot of countries around the world act just as shitty as Israel, and a lot of their co-ethnics in the US support the crappy behavior of their co-ethnics abroad, so there’s nothing unusual about Jews and their ethnocentrism and tribalism.

One problem with Jewish ethnocentrism is that, in a word, that is what all the horrors of Zionism are all about. Zionism is simply Jewish ethnocentrism writ large and encompassed in an entire state and society. It’s Jewish ethnocentrism on steroids. And the most ethnocentric of US Jews are also the “Jewiest” (the most unpleasant to us Gentiles in their stereotypical ways) and also, surprise, surprise, they are also the most Zionist!

The Y-DNA probably comes from the early migrations of the Israelites after the fall of the temple in 0-500 AD. The first places they went to after leaving Israel were places like Greece and Italy.

My understanding is that there is a also a strong line in the Ashk Jews that is related to Kurds, Turks and Armenians. These are probably the ancient roots of the Jewish people, a Semitic people from northern Iraq. Semitic in language, Anatolian in genes. If you look at Armenian people, you will often notice that they look a lot like Ashk Jews. Look at them closely!

Joining forces with your fellow Whites is probably a good idea. Jews always oppose White interests because they think it will lead to some form of White nationalism or White ethnic nationalism which historically turns on the Jews as aliens and non-Whites or non-ethnics. Certainly Jewish movements against White interests dredge up a whole lot of antisemitism among a certain segment of the population. But one might argue that the type of White who gets so upset about these Jewish behaviors doesn’t like Jews much anyway, and even if Jews stopped their nonsense tomorrow, these ethnocentric Whites would just fish around and find some other reason to hate the Jews.

I really believe that these folks need to hate the Jews for some reason, and I am not sure that there is anything that Jewish people can do to win your favor. At some point, you just have to write certain folks off as lost causes.

The new generation of young Jews is ok. I don’t mind them too much. The problem once again is anti-Semitism. As soon as any significant anti-Semitism gets riled up in US society, those very well-behaved Jews will quickly become the Jewiest Jews you have ever met. Besides being anti-humane, anti-Semitism is bad for the Jews in other ways. It tends to bring out the worst most stereotypical behaviors in Jews, which of course causes even more anti-Semitism, which makes Jews act even Jewier, which causes more anti-Semitism, well, you get the picture. You probably know how this story ends, too, and it’s not a pretty picture.

True the Jews are lining up with White interests somewhat against China and against radical Islam. However, most Jews don’t care about China. Only Jewish neocons want to fight China. And I don’t think most Whites care about China either. Yes there is a marriage of interests against Islam or against radical Islam as you put it, between the Jews and the rest of US Whites. This is not a very pretty marriage though. A lot these folks make no distinction between Islam and radical Islam. To them, all Muslims are radical.


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Poisoning Wells

Repost from the old site. Great old post from 2007.

We deal quite a bit here on this blog on anti-Semitism, in fact, one of the purposes of this blog has been to examine the subject in the clear light of day. One of the problems with research into anti-Semitism is that it has largely been done by Jewish people.

That would be like having paranoids do research on why everyone really hates them and is out to get them and then having everyone accept those preposterous conclusions. Some Gentiles have also researched anti-Semitism, but the only ones that are taken seriously are the ones that toe the Jewish line.

The Jewish line, is, in a word, preposterous. Not that they don’t have reason to feel paranoid. Lots of races and ethnic groups have been picked on and persecuted throughout history. During the Middle Ages, the Jews actually had it good. They were much better than everyone else other than royalty, who were all serfs.

Yet Ashkenazi Jews, sadly, see this whole period as one of unrelenting hatred and persecution. And do the rest of us mourn the serfdom and misery of our ancestors? Of course not.

Jewish and Judeophilic research into anti-Semitism is some of the silliest research ever done. All stereotypes about Jews are “canards”, it turns out, with no basis in truth whatsoever. All complaints about Jews are lies, for the Jews’ history is one of perfection. And on and on.

Now and again someone like Kevin MacDonald comes along and actually tries to do some sensible research in this area, and the result is the typical Jewish swarm attack. MacDonald has been massacred verbally by Jewish activists, such that he says he is going to quit writing about Jews. You see. This was the purpose of the swarm attack all along – to shut him up. And it worked.

Look, let’s get real here. Anti-Semitism exists. Anti-Semites exist. Jews have reason to be suspicious of various things. Gentiles with an inordinate interest in Jews and/or who criticize Jews are often anti-Semites. Often, but not always.

A particularly vicious brand of anti-Semitism infests the Arab and Muslim World, an anti-Semitism terrifying in its passion and frenzied hatred.

In Latin America, there is long-standing Catholic anti-Semitism that is a real thing. There are real anti-Semites in the US. There are White Nationalists and Nazi types and Ukrainian, Polish and Russian nationalist anti-Semites. Jews have been attacked physically many times in the past, and assaults, verbal and physical, continue.

What we really need is a scholarship that points out what’s real anti-Semitism and what is not. This article, Poisoning Wells by By Irfan Khawaja, Executive Director of the Institute for the Secularisation of Islamic Society, goes a long ways towards that. The main thesis here is familiar: anti-Zionists are not necessarily anti-Semites.

Yet he makes a few brave statements along the way. He notes that many anti-Zionists are anti-Semites, and many anti-Semites use anti-Zionism as a shield to hide behind. He also notes that anti-Semites are very real. However, the essay stumbles when Khawaja accuses Nation writer Eric Alterman of anti-Semitism, when he is guilty of no such thing.

The article itself is a nice roundup of the controversy surrounding the so-called “New anti-Semitism”, an anti-Semitism, that, strangely enough, has purportedly infected vast sections of the Left in the West. This is news to me.

The comments at the end of the article are interesting, but the thread gets taken over, as usual, by Jewish Zionist activists engaging in their usual obfuscationist rhetoric.

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Jewish Militant Thugs Are Destroying Liberal Internet Forums

Repost from the old site.

Update: Since this piece was linked at Whatreallyhappened, we have gotten a lot of traffic coming to read it. Many are asking for the DU censorship rules and the 149 page hate directory referenced in the post below.

It is due to the psychopaths in the Jewish Israeli Lobby that America has gotten so wrapped up in the Middle East as a supporter of the KKK-Jews in Israel and their criminal wars in the region.

Some question whether the Israeli Lobby is really a Jewish Lobby, pointing to Christian Zionist support for Israel. True, Christian Zionists do support Israel, but they do little political lobbying for Israel, and this is what it is all about (see this article by Jeff Blankfort, who is Jewish, or really any article by him, for more. Blankfort is the Pope of the Anti-Jewish Lobby Crowd).

The Israeli Lobby is all about Jewish money, and I mean Big Jewish Money, not Joe Finkelstein, the librarian down the street, giving $25. Only 2% of the US population, Jews make up 25-30% of its wealthiest members.

That’s no reason to hate Jews. Even if you hate the rich ones, what do they have to do with Joel Cohen, the small businessman next door? Nothing. He’s not a member of the Jewish Millionaires Club, and they don’t give him a check.

Jewish money (generally meant to mean Big Jewish Money) is 60% of Democratic Party money and 35% of Republican Party money. Money talks and bullshit walks. Big Jewish Money is so powerful in US party politics that they are able to dictate the terms on various issues – in particular, US foreign policy in the Middle East (read: unstinting support for the KKK-Jewish state of Israel).

Jewish domination of our media is quite helpful too in furthering the aims of the Jewish Lobby. If anyone bucks the Jewish Lobby, the heavily-Jewish media can be counted on to massacre the miscreants in the press. As the media has the power of life and death over US politicians, most US politicians live in terror of bucking the Jewish Lobby and getting creamed by Lobby journalists in the press.

There is ample evidence that when US politicians buck the Lobby, the Lobby’s press members go to work on them. The result typically is the destruction of the politician or a serious drop in his poll numbers.

Jewish control over the US media was initiated via a conspiracy that took place from about 1890-1920 in the US. At the time, the US media was largely in the hands of Gentiles, many of whom were savage White Gentile racists (See the movie Birth of the Nation for an idea of their mindset).

At the time, there was some serious Jewish money consolidating in the US, mostly back East, while at the same time, most US Jews were terribly poor and living in de facto ghettos, also mostly back East.

This poverty, incidentally, is what gave rise to the Jewish role in the US Left and Labor Movement. While other ethnics may just grin and bear it when exposed to capitalist hyperexploitation, US Jews took offense to being downtrodden proletarians and organized to do something about it. Subsequent generations of Jews never forgot their impoverished origins and have remained on the liberal-Left.

The Jewish role on the US Left gave it a shot in the arm, for which all of us on the Left will be forever in debt to the Jews.

Anyway, during this 1890-1920 period, there were some important meetings with some of the very wealthy Jews that were emerging on the East Coast. They were concerned about the US press being in the hands of racist Gentiles. Logically, they feared that this press would be used to harm the Jews. In order to protect US Jews from anti-Semitism, these wealthy Jews resolved to try to acquire as much US newspaper media as possible.

Thus the New York Times ended up in the hands of the Ochs-Sulzbergers, and there it has stayed ever since. A corollary of Jewish ethnic warfare is that once a business interest is in Jewish hands, it must remain in Jewish hands – that is, it is not to be sold to the Gentiles. If it must be sold, it needs to be sold to other Jews, thereby remaining “Jewish property”.

Since Gentiles lack ethnic solidarity and will typically just sell to the highest bidder, Gentile or Jewish, with time, more and more Gentile interests will be sold to the Jews and few or no Jewish interests will be sold to the Gentiles. This has been one of the Dirty Little Secrets of the Jews for a long time now.

By 1920, a significant portion of the US media was in Jewish hands. The percentage seems to have only increased since then as Jews initiated and consolidated a hold over TV news and newsmagazines. The mechanisms underlying Jewish domination of US broadcast news and newsmagazines are obscure and warrant further research.

Domination of broadcast news may have been ancillary to general Jewish domination of Hollywood, which took place from 1900-1920, via another conspiracy of a few very wealthy Ukrainian-Polish Jews. Like the Jews who tried to grab the newspapers, the ones who nabbed Hollywood were motivated by fears of Gentile racism in the movie industry.

During this period, some US Gentile moviemakers were making some very racist movies (see the reference to Birth of a Nation above) and this deeply worried these Jews. And thus a plot was hatched to grab Hollywood in order to safeguard the Jews.

When TV came online, Jews were a widespread force in Hollywood and members of this group probably moved into the nascent TV industry and dominated it also.

In 1983, an authoritative Jewish source placed the percentage of the US media elite who were Jewish at 60%. It’s probably only increased since then. Even accounting for higher Jewish IQ, there is absolutely no way that 2% of the population could acquire 60% of the media elite based on IQ alone. Jewish ethnic warfare must account for quite a bit of this domination.

Now that we have postulated, proven and explicated Jewish domination of the US media, we can understand why US politicians live in terror of this media.

And it is time to move on to the more mundane realities of the Jewish Lobby, such as the work of the Jewish Lobby on the Internet. While discussing the Jewish Lobby, it is useful, just to head off the usual Jewish Swarm Attack, to question just what percentage of US Jews we are talking about here.

About 30% of all US Jews are politically active in Jewish politics. The other 70% have better things to do with their time.

Interestingly, about 20% of US Jews, mostly the liberal-Left, are pretty much cut off from their increasingly sickening and reactionary Organized Community. These Jews have little attachment to Israel, are not passionate about Jewish issues, and would rather worry about their love lives and their bills than anti-Semitism. A number of them are actively hostile to Organized Jewish politics. Others are just apathetic.

During Israeli wars, such as the recent Lebanon War, many of this 20% will emerge from hibernation and start supporting Israel.

Just how many of the Zionist and pro-Jewish Internet furies are Gentiles? Observation tells us not many are, although there are a large number of US Gentile neoconservative bloggers who are passionately pro-Israel.

Which brings us to the topic of the day – the role of the Jewish Lobby on US liberal websites. I had always assumed that such sites as the Democratic Underground and the Liberal Underground were relatively free of the feverish slanders of the Lobby and its foot soldiers. Turns out I was wrong.

I recently received some correspondence from a man who was quickly banned from both DU and LU for challenging the reigning Zionist Paradigm on these liberal sites. I will let him speak with his own words here:

A year ago I joined the forum Liberal Underground. I don’t dwell on the Israeli/Palestinian issue because it’s not something that dominates my priorities – the Iraq war and labor are my pet issues (I protested in DC ’05) – but I saw a group of pro-Zionist campaigners with an obvious agenda in the forum, squatting like basilisks with tongues at the ready, really distorting the facts whenever Israel came up, and since there was no dissenting opinions rising to the challenge I took them on.

I was very soon labeled an anti-Semite and banned. All I did was state the facts. This was an education for me.

About a month ago I joined the forum Democratic Underground and in the Israeli/Palestinian forum I found the same thing going on, a sort of propaganda campaign to put Israel in the best light and the Palestinians in mud, so I politely and firmly contradicted the nonsense with backed-up facts.

Here again I was called an anti-Semite and banned. I realized that I’d been baited into violating some very strict and narrow rules applying to that forum. A violation of these rules will get you banned:

  • No links to Whatreallyhappened or any sites on an Internet hate site list that’s 149 pages long.
  • No posting that AIPAC (or other Jewish orgs) exercises undue influence in Congress or on our foreign policy.
  • No saying that the attack on the USS Liberty was deliberate.
  • No calling someone a “blind supporter” of Israel, a conservative, or an Israeli-apologist.

I posted an article by Charlie Reese, one of my favorite columnists who’s critical of Israel’s policies and the Iraq war, by way of, and the post was deleted with the warning that LewRockwell was a bigoted site and Reese a rightwing conservative, both unsupportable claims IMO.

Reese has some conservative views, but in many ways he’s on the left and progressive. Labels don’t work with him.

The restrictions I listed are accurate and spelled-out in the forum rules, and are also based on comments made by the forum moderator (Lithos).

I don’t see how any meaningful, useful debate can take place under these restrictions, and what’s too bad is that DU is one of the largest and most active boards on the net. Oh well.

Then I discovered a site called Prosemiteundercover. It’s made up of banned and active members of both Liberal Underground and DU, along with Israelis, and their gig is to read, post and archive every anti-Zionist, Israel-critical post on sites like DU, then go on an e-mail campaign to alert and complain to the mods and demand the posts be deleted and the poster banned.

They participate under different usernames and bait the posters that are critical of Israel, hoping to goad them into a hot response that’ll get them banned.

This kind of covert intellectual Jihadism can definitely contribute to mistrust and resentment of pro-Israel Jews in general. But your take is correct IMO, the majority of Jews are reasonable and straightforward, you just have this fanatical and mendacious minority that suffer from cognitive dissonance and anger issues who exercise a disproportionate influence on public discourse and effectively poison the atmosphere.

While anti-Israel criticism on Liberal U. is non-existent in the face of the Israel-firster squatters, on DU in the Israeli/Palestinian forum there is criticism, but it’s restricted to following a narrow and channelized corridor.

And the inability to bring up a range of subjects, facts and events that are inter-related to honest criticism of Israel hog-ties open discussion. Some stridently pro-Israel posters at DU have had their posts deleted and been banned for straying outside the strict rules themselves, many of them landing at Prosemiteundercover.

This might be merely an attempt by the mod there (Lithos) and the Skinner to maintain the appearance of neutrality, but the fact remains that the majority of banned posters and deleted comments are from those critical of Israel, and the Prosemiteundercover (and doubtless other) e-mails and alerts are still read and obviously acted upon by the mod and admin.

As you can see, the Jewish Lobby has total control over DU and LU and God knows how many other good liberal forums. There’s an active Jewish conspiracy driving all of it, as we suspected, involving a Jewish site – Prosemiteundercover – that archives all anti-Israel posts and then organizes campaigns to get the poster banned on spurious and phony grounds.

A good overview of the nonsense involving PSU and DU is here, on a decent site called the Progressive Independent. It appears that the DU is run by a guy named Skinner, who is a Democratic Party guy with a capital D. The US Democratic Party is bizarrely, insanely pro-Israel (due to the Big Jewish Money described above) and this rhetorical straitjacket in the party is mirrored on DU.

Furthermore, the Jewish militants conspire to try to provoke the poster into making overtly racist remarks out of anger – the ultimate goal being to get someone to scream KIKE or some such epithet, a tactic I observed countless militant Usenet Jews engaging in. As soon as they provoke the person into making the racist remark, they pummel them for being “racist”.

Then the worms archive the post for all time in their files and bring it up endlessly to try to permanently destroy the person’s reputation.

There are lots of folks around the world who have gotten pretty good at Dirty Politics, and the Jews are surely counted among the best. After some time in Middle East fora on Usenet, I arrived at the conclusions that Jews were the finest propagandists in the world. I also concluded that I had never met a more flagrantly dishonest group of humans than these Jews.

Just a couple of observations that rumbled through my mind at the time – not trying to make any scientific proofs here.

The conspiracy is working very well, as DU and LU are still under the death-grip of the Jewish Lobby. The Moral Left has a duty to take back these sites from these Jewish psychopaths, or, if not, to resign itself to the reality that US liberalism is morally bankrupt.


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