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Fatal Attraction

Idiots meet at Date to Die Club, go on first and last date. Two less idiots in the world. Oh well.


I suppose I ought to be sympathetic to the suicidal, since we’ve had experience with a suicide attempt in our family, but in this case I’m not. If you’re so nuts and suicidal that you are hanging out in suicide chatrooms and going on suicide dates, screw you.

I spent some time in a chatroom once with a 30 year old woman who suffered from chronic depression and chronic suicidality. She was quite nonchalant about the fact that she really did not want to be alive, and she looked forward to death. I found her very hard to deal with and ended up having no sympathy for her. In fact, her whole attitude really pissed me off.

OTOH, people should not be encouraged to kill themselves, especially if they aren’t suicidal. About 28 years ago, I was going through some heavy stuff emotionally, mostly a lot of anxiety. I suppose there was some depression going on. Frankly, it was just hardcore OCD. One friend of mine at one point said, “Why don’t you just kill yourself!” That was the wrong thing to say, you know. And I wasn’t suicidal anyway.

Three years later, I spent an entire year feeling suicidal. It was really still OCD, and it had gotten way worse over 3 years. I didn’t really know what was going on in my head at all. I just thought I was going through some tumultuous stuff. I had no idea there was a name for it.

I kept thinking of taking a gun to my head and blowing my brains out. It seemed like a really good idea! OTOH, I was too terrified to do it, never made plans, and never told anyone about it. I certainly wasn’t nonchalant about it. I was just in tremendous emotional pain and was fantasizing about an out. Yet I was quite aware that I was fucked in the head.

On the other hand, I was very active, working full-time, taking classes, having lots of friends, partying all the time, somehow dating countless women, going to an endless whirlwind of parties, shows and nightclubs all the time. I was also taking quite a few drugs – mostly pot and coke – and I was drinking fairly heavily. The booze and dope weren’t making me worse. They were just keeping me going. That was actually the fun part!

So the depressed can be quite active, as you can see. They don’t necessarily sit and home and stew. They can be working full-time, socializing like crazy, dating like musical chairs, hanging out like social butterflies, going to never-ending rounds of parties, shows and nightclubs, and the whole time, they feel like blowing their brains out.

Isn’t that strange? People are funny.

I’m normally a happy person, and going through that Hell was so horrible that there is no way I am going to experience that again. In the 25 years since then, I haven’t suffered much depression, so maybe it was a good experience after all.

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The Terrorist Nukes Bullshit

Barack Obama is in Washington hosting a stupid international conference on terrorism and nuclear weapons. Supposedly, the terrorists are trying to make a nuclear bomb. Once they get one, they will use it. Everyone is scared! Even the smart people!

There are several strands of idiots who are feeding this Stupid Frenzy.

First, there are the National Security Staters in the US, ever hungry for a bigger budget.

The Defense budget is higher than any time since WW2, we spent more on defense than the rest of the world combined, yet it’s never enough, and we are terrified of nations like Iran with a military budget 1% the size of ours. There must be a name for this psychological syndrome. The bigger and stronger you are, the more worried you are about pissant, insect-like threats.

None of it makes sense, but it’s been a part of American Stupid Culture for a long time now. Both parties are “strong on defense.” Why? Who knows? With the Republicans, it’s an article of faith, and with the Democrats, they keep trying to act like Republicans on this issue, but no matter how hard they try, Republicans scream that the Dems are “soft on defense.” Tens of millions of otherwise intelligent Americans are actually intensively involved in this insipid debate.

There is one reason for a gigantic military budget like that, and one only. If the US is an Empire, and US capitalist imperialism intends to rule the globe for multinational corporations and the world elite, then the gigantic US imperialist army makes perfect sense. Like the Roman Army back in the day. But no one ever says we need the huge military for Empire, although apparently that’s what it is for, since it can’t be for anything else. Why is that?

US imperialism is funny. Anyone with a brain can see it exists, as all huge capitalist powers are necessarily imperialist, but no one ever admits it.

Ever hear a Republican shout, “Hooray for US imperialism!”? Of course not. Republicans all insist there is no US imperialism, and they call you Commie for even bringing it up.

Democrats, sadly, also say there is no US imperialism, and they give you a disgusted look when you say there is. The more intelligent ones say that we used to be an imperial power, back in, say, 1903. But we chucked all our colonies, except for a few! Whoops! And we have not been imperialist for decades now. Others will tell you that the USSR was imperialist because they controlled Eastern Europe, but the US isn’t.

US imperialism works great. Everyone who matters knows it exists, but they never talk about it. The other 95% are deliberately kept in the dark by a propaganda system dedicated to denying the fact that this imperialism even exists. The magician gets to fool everyone, and no one ever sees how it’s done, or even that he’s playing tricks.

The second faction is International Zionism.

International Zionism is in control of about 400 nuclear weapons, including atom bombs, hydrogen bombs and the ultimate capitalist weapon, the neutron bomb. The neutron bomb is cool because it kills off the useless wage-hogging human workers while letting the capitalists keep all their stuff, like buildings and factories and banks. Israel also may have tactical nukes, which are some of the worst of all. These are designed for specific situations, and can be supposedly fired out of artillery.

Like the Americans above, the Israelis have Insecure Bully Syndrome. They have 400 nukes and the 4th biggest military on Earth, but they scream and yell like children every time some nignog from Gaza shoots a glorified bottle rocket at them. It’s like there’s a 300 champion prize fighter screaming that 7 year old girls are going to kick his ass. So he beats up little girls in self-defense, while everyone nods and agrees with him. That’s how nutty it is.

Anyway, Israel doesn’t want any competition. They get all the nukes, and their enemies get none. That’s called: fair. I’m not kidding. That’s what it’s called: fair.

International Zionism is always yelling, “Terrorists will get nukes and drop them on Aunt Ruth in Tel Aviv! Oy vey!”

It’s ridiculous, but it’s mostly just a way of whipping up anti-Muslim hysteria. After all, terrorists = Muslims.

The other faction are the liberals.

Liberals hate nuclear weapons, and they are always wringing their hands about them. We have to stop proliferation!

Hmm, are the nuclear powers going to give up their bombs? Course not. Don’t ever challenge a liberal on this one. They will stammer and sputter and slam their fist on the table. The US must have nukes because we are Good. Possibly even God-ordained Good. Therefore we can’t give up our nukes. So…does anyone else get nukes to, like, defend themselves against the saintly Americans? No way! The liberal is pounding the table by now and his face is turning red.

US liberalism has always been pretty bankrupt.

So Obama’s hosting the Stupid Conference. You know, the Conference To Keep Muslims From Getting Nukes, because that’s what it’s really all about:

The day before the conference, the Indian prime minister met Obama and tackled him about Pakistan’s inaction against Muslim terrorists and exhorted him to jointly combat terror emanating from Pakistan as the most dangerous source of potential nuclear terror.

According to Debkafile’s military and intelligence sources, the Indian and US leaders failed to agree on whether Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal was sufficiently secure. Indian leaders as well as their military and intelligence advisers have repeatedly warned Washington that al Qaeda and Taliban were moving in on Pakistan’s nuclear facilities through their deep penetration of Pakistan’s intelligence service and may soon be in position to take over.

In his previous conversations with Obama, Singh reported that Israeli intelligence shared India’s assessment of the Pakistani nuclear hazard.

Or maybe it’s the Get Pakistan Conference. Pakistan is home of the Muslim nuke, and Muslims are terrorists, so Pakistan = nuclear terrorism. Um, right?

Benjamin Netanyahu, leader of Israel, was supposed to show up, but he canceled, afraid he would have to admit to the 400 nukes he has stashed in his backyard.

Well? So is it real or what? I mean the terrorist nukes?

No, no and no. It’s not real. The terrorists, whoever they are, cannot make a nuke. Even large countries with huge budgets, gigantic universities and thousands of the best engineers have the darnedest time making these things. It’s quite difficult, and many nations have tried to make nukes and given up because they were not able to do it.

So that means a bunch of terrorist yo-yos hiding in caves are going to “make a nuclear bomb,” right?

Can you believe serious people discuss this stuff?

Another thing is that a nuke, if you have one, is more or less useless. For instance, if I were a terrorist, I could not stash my secret nuke here in my apartment. That’s because a nuke is about the size of a Volkswagen. Should be simple to smuggle such a tiny object around, no?

OK, suppose I got a nuke the size of a Volkswagen. I bought it at Osama’s Used Terror Supplies on the Internet.

I somehow got it shipped to my house without the world’s intelligence agencies finding out, and now I’m storing in my garage, next to my other car. Suppose I put it on a truck to detonate it. Thing is, there is no way to detonate this bomb.

I could even put it in a plane, assuming I could find a plane big enough to carry a Volkswagen, and drop it on New York City and nothing would happen other than a few folks might get squashed. Same as if you dropped a Volkswagen on Manhattan. Just dropping the thing won’t detonate it.

You could shoot it with any weapon you can think of, drop bombs on it, set the darn thing on fire, heck, I bet you could even stick on a rocket and shoot into the Sun and nothing, I mean nothing, is going to detonate that bomb.

In order to detonate a nuclear bomb, you have to perfect a detonation device. The device must be calculated down to the thousandth or millionth of a second. Many nations have spent years trying to get the detonation right and have not succeeded. I doubt if North Korea has the detonation down yet, and they’ve probably been trying for 15-20 years.

So, obviously, a bunch of yahoos who ride donkeys and live in mountain caves could make a detonation device just like that, huh?

See how dumb this debate is?

The International Zionists and US Security Staters (pretty much the same folks anymore) like to scare themselves, and scare you. They’re like this international brotherhood of Steven King types running around thinking up scary stories all the time to keep their oft-useless paychecks coming.

One of their latest horror stories was something called the suitcase nuke. Fools have been on prime time news for 20 years now warning us direly about these suitcase nukes, perfect for terrorists. And the terrorists are always trying for the suitcase nukes. You know, so they can act like they’re going to the office and instead blow up Washington DC while they’re riding on the subway reading the paper.

You picture some guy with a suit and tie, carrying a suitcase, right? Inside is a nuke! To blow up Manhattan! Scary, huh?

Know what? It’s bullshit. There are no suitcase nukes. They exist in the same netherworld as anything in the world of science fiction. They are totally theoretical, and anyway, they would be the size of a footlocker, not a briefcase, if they even did exist. After the USSR broke up, wild rumors swirled around that the Soviets had developed suitcase nukes. 20 years later, and not one has ever turned up. No photos, no evidence, no nothing. So far, they’re as real as the Man in the Moon.

So this is what Obama is hosting an international conference about right now. Barack today:

Ahead of the Washington conference, US president Barack Obama called nuclear terror “the single biggest threat to US security, short term, medium and long-term.”

You idiot.


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Fight Between Black Woman and Chinese Woman on a Bus

This video, like the Epic Bearded Man video earlier, is also going seriously viral right now. All of the versions combined have about 2.1 million views so far.

Similarly, it is being promoted by White nationalists and White racists online who are linking it and forwarding it around. Instead of a fight between two middle aged men on a Bay Area Muni bus, one White and one Black, this is a fight between two young women on a Bay Area Muni bus (this one in San Francisco’s Chinatown), one Black and one Chinese. The Chinese woman wins the fight, and the Black girl goes off the bus and sulks.

It looks like the Black girl starts it by putting her stuff across two seats. The Chinese girl moves some of the Black girl’s stuff to sit down, and the Black girl goes nuts.

There’s some funny dialogue in there because the Chinese girl can hardly speak English.


The Black is being the aggressor, invading the Chinese girl’s space and repeating moving her hands toward the other girl’s face. The Chinese girl is backed up against the side of the bus, defensive. The Black also throws the first blow.

Black girl: “Say it again, say it again…”
Chinese girl: “FAK YOU!”
Black girl: “Say it again, say it again…”
Chinese girl: “FUT YOU!”

Then the Black girl punches the Chinese girl! Bam! At about 1:16.

Then after she throws the punch, she runs away like a typical chick (LOL). The Chinese girl follows her, they grapple a bit, the Chinese girl karate chops her a few times (LOL) then she Kung Fu kicks her a few more times (LOL). Some older Chinese woman breaks up the fight. The Chinese woman is speaking Chinese the whole time, so it’s hard to figure out what’s being said.

As tulio noted in the EBM post, likewise with this video, it’s produced a veritable flood of anti-Black racism in the comments section, mostly by Whites but also quite a bit by Asians.

The Black woman is a stand-in for Blacks in general, the Chinese woman is Civilization Fighting Back. The general tone of the comments is, “Look how Black people can’t control themselves.” This is really just a fight on a Muni bus, and I’m not sure what race has to do with it too much, but once again, the tsunami of anti-Black hatred these random videos provoke is pretty breathtaking to behold.


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I Guess That’s What They Are There For

The inspectors, that is.

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Dude Was Awful Damned Hungry!

I’ve heard of being hungry before, but this is ridiculous. Guy must not have eaten in days!

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Muslims Are Dumbfucks Too


In addition to all the other problems with Islam, and I believe that they are considerable, it turns out that Muslims are complete dumbfucks when it comes to science. As you can see in the article, Islam is opposed to the Theory of Evolution. It’s often said that this is yet another problem with Islamic fundamentalism, but actually the rejection of evolution is across the board with Muslims, with a majority, and possibly a vast majority, of Muslims rejecting Darwinism, including most moderate and liberal Muslims.

Like everything else between the West and Islam, Evolution is coded in the Muslim World as a tool of Western imperial hegemony. Battles are being fought all over the Muslim World, mostly in the moderate states, to remove evolution from the public school curriculum. These battles have been most prominent in moderate states like Turkey, Indonesia, Egypt and Lebanon. I assume that in the rest of Dumbfuck Land (excuse me, I mean the Muslim World) evolution is simply not taught in schools so there is no curriculum to remove.

Now that the battle against Idiot Christian Creationists has been all but won in the West (despite a 60% majority of Americans rejecting evolutionary theory), the next battle will move to the Muslim World. What is even more disturbing is that Islamic Creationism is being taken up by Muslim progressives, liberals and more secular types as some sort of a way to bridge Islam and science, religion and the secular world.

Belief in Evolution
Nation             % Believing in evolution
Iceland*           80
Denmark*           80
Sweden*            80
France*            80
United States**    40
Turkey**           25
Indonesia**        16
Pakistan**         14
Egypt**             8

*Smart countries
**Dumbshit countries

So, in addition to making people violent, (Yes, Islam makes people violent indeed.) Islam also makes people stupid. A stupid person is just an idiot, but a violent stupid person is a dangerous idiot, and that is another matter altogether.


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Libertarianism – The Enemy of all Non-Human Life on Earth

As several posts on Occidental Dissent make clear, libertarianism (and its mainstream congener, neoliberalism) is utterly incompatible with the preservation of any non-human and non-domesticated or non-utilitarian life forms. Libertarians like to throw up weird scenarios whereby preserving wildlife, wild spaces and wild places would somehow be more economically viable than exterminating them, exploiting them, and devastating them.

The problem is that this never works out in praxis. Even when we environmentalists produce reports showing that preserving forests and meadows is worth way more than chopping them down or ruining them with cattle, 100% of libertarians always line up with exploiters. I’ve been reading them forever. Libertarian environmentalist is an oxymoron.

Since neoliberalism is just libertarianism, neoliberalism also can never support environmentalism. Market-driven environmental policies must be some kind of a cruel joke. They can never work. In strict economically rational terms, it is either never or almost never economically rational to save species, habitats or places. Destruction and extermination is where the money is, and in neoliberal theory, maximum return is the only variable we are allowed to consider.

Libertardarians now argue that humans (I guess maybe those of White European stock) now care enough about environmentalism that we can zero out government, privatize everything, and everything will still be hunky dory for the bighorns, the spotted owls and timber wolves. Yeah right.

In the first place, this would only work with White people, because only Whites can be environmentalists at the moment, and only more advanced Whites in North America and Europe need apply even here. That’s because Whites in Latin America and Russia have proven to be utterly capable of taking care of the environment. Native Americans and Siberians can probably preserve things too, but they don’t run any states.

Let’s test out the libertarian theory on most liberal-minded of the more progressive Whites on Earth, the ultra-liberals in California (though not a White state anymore, nevertheless, California is one of the most pro-environmental states in the nation).

The argument that humans now care enough about species to preserve them is proven wrong here in the West. Even here in ultra-liberal California, the glorious salmon are nearly extinct. The striped bass fishery in the Delta and Bay has also been ruined. The vast herds of Tule Elk that roamed all over the valleys and coastal areas of our state have been decimated and only exist on miniscule preserves that look like petting zoos. Fishers and spotted owls are being driven extinct by the timber industry as we speak.

A lot of CA endangered species are not real celebrities, but salmon would seem to have quite a bit of worth. Yet the salmon fishery in CA and up and down the West has been decimated. And even the ultra-liberal CA senators like Dianne Feinstein insist that we have not creamed the salmon enough, and need to take them out once and for all now. Feinstein’s mostly doing this for one of her rich Jewish buddies, Stewart Resnick of Beverly Hills. So much for liberal US Jews!

The notion that humans (Anywhere!) now value wildlife enough to be trusted with preserving them in a libertarian society is seriously wrong, and we can prove it right here in California.

In the 3rd World, humans are so bestial, venal, animalistic and backwards that they indeed are well on the way to extrerminating everything non-human, non-domesticated and non-utilitarian in sight.

An excellent argument in favor of White superiority (which I agree with) is, as I noted above, that Whites are really the only humans on Earth (who run states) that care about non-human life enough to preserve it.* Virtually every other race and ethnic group of man will gladly exterminate every single non-domesticated species and non-utilitarian species in its land at the drop of a hat.

Preserving species is something only Whites can do. And it’s something that only White governments can do, the White private sector haven proven endlessly to have failed at this endeavor.

*I honestly wish that non-European states were capable of not exterminating everything in sight, but I doubt it. The Middle East is an environmental catastrophe. The only environmentally decent place is Israel, but that’s populated by White people. The only environmentally progressive place in Latin America is Costa Rica, but once again, that’s a White country. It seems that all Arabs and mestizos can do is destroy.

Asians seem like a nightmare in environmental terms. They aren’t even capable of tender feelings towards cats and dogs, which they massacre for sport and food, so how can they possibly be trusted with non-domesticated things. The Japanese have been some of the worst scofflaws in international fishing and their bestial exploits in whaling have earned them the scorn of the planet.

True, in some ways, Koreans and Japanese seem to want to preserve what’s left on their lands, but environmentally, those places are pretty much human-nuked anyway, mostly by overpopulation. A preservationist impulse isn’t worth much if there is nothing left to preserve.

The hunter-gatherers of Southeast Asia never had the caretaker mindset of American Indians, instead opting for the more primitive mindset of “kill everything that moves.” The extinction process in SE Asia is very advanced and the state does very little to stop it. Environmental consciousness is extremely low.

Probably Vietnam is one of the more standout states. China is just now starting to develop an environmental ethic, but it doesn’t seem to be very advanced, and in a lot of ways, environmentally, China looks like America 1890.

I’m amazed that anything non-human and non-bovine is still walking around in India, where the extinction process is quite advanced, the state is extremely weak, and poachers are everywhere.

Russians have always been some of the most backwards and barbaric of the Whites, and environmentally, that’s still the case. Since the collapse of the USSR things have really fallen badly apart. Market hunters and poachers stalk the land. In Siberia, the poacher harvest of salmon is the same size as the legal harvest. The Amur Leopard and the Siberian Tiger are hanging on by their bare claws, and I expect them to go extinct soon.

Africa has to be one of the worst places on Earth to be a species of wildlife. Africans are primitive people, and primitives tend to kill anything that moves, usually for food. The only reason that there were still huge wildlife populations 50 years ago is due to White colonists, who forbade the Africans from wiping out the animals. With decolonization, Africans quickly set work slaughtering anything that moved.

That they had not done so in centuries past was due only to the crudity of their weapons. You can’t kill many animals with a spear. In 1965, Africans with firearms were a threat the animal population of the continent. The large megafauna were only saved when the former White colonists were called back in by concerned Africans to save the animals.

Many of the large animal populations still exist, but poachers and bush meat hunters take a devastating toll. I don’t see anything positive in the future. Africans don’t seem to be capable of not exterminating animals.

One argument is that non-Whites do these things because they are poor.

Equatorial Guinea now has a PCI of $21,000/year. Anyone seen any nice environmental initiatives coming out of there? Has the wealth of the Japanese prevented them from killing whales? Has Korean wealth prevented them from waging mass pogroms against dogs and cats? Has the relative wealth of Brazil and Argentina prevented environmental devastation in these places? The Gulf Arab countries are extremely wealthy, but my understanding is that they are environmental wrecks.

So much for the “they do it because they are poor” line.


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Rob Taylor Redux

Rob Taylor, author of Red Alerts, is a very strange fellow. He’s an extreme rightwing biracial (formerly mulatto) Republican, a neoconservative, a Bush supporter, some weird guy who seems like he just walked out of your TV set when Fox News was on.

Rob has some very strange obsessions. As a person of color, he’s got race all figured out. The Right, and especially the Very Far Right, are the friends of Blacks and Browns not only in the US but all around the world. It’s the liberals, the Democratic Party and especially the Commie Left who are secret White Nationalist Nazis, trafficking in Jim Crow White racism and bristling with hostility towards Blacks, Browns and non-Whites in general.

In addition, the liberals, the Left and the Democrats all hate the Jews. This is the well from which the evils of anti-Semitism seep – the well of liberalism and especially Communism. No Judeo-Bolshevism for Mr. Taylor! Nay, indeed, he devotes much of his site to make the case for the obvious Commie-Nazi Judeociding nexus.

Like all good Republicans, Taylor just can’t get enough of the Jews. He ought to just convert and get it over with. The shitty little country the Jews stole, a little hate state called Israel, is the Western Civ’s greatest, most shining golden edifice.

Rob’s also done some long and hard thinking about terrorism. There is no rightwing terrorism. It doesn’t exist. All terrorism is Commie terrorism. That includes Islamist Terrorism, because Commie Terrorism and Islamist Terrorism are one and the same, since Commies are all Islamists nowadays and vice versa.

At first glance, most reasonable folks looking over a brainwave resume like that are tempted to call the cops on a 5150 call. But lo and behold, Rob Taylor is nothing but a glimpse into the lunatic heart of American conservatism, late 2000’s style. No wonder they are losing elections. They’re insane. They’re too crazy to win office anymore.

Rob may have cafe au lait erection as wide as the Gaza Strip for the Jewish state, but he’s also pretty turned on by this website. He’s had a raging and vindictive hardon for Robert Lindsay for years now.

Here’s a snippet of Rob’s latest rantings (Don’t worry, he’s been re-banned):

You claim to not find 12-year-olds attractive but I remember you claiming to have “almost” nailed a 12-year-old when you were 20 and a janitor at a school. Just one of the many lies you told in this piece you rubbed out while looking at that oh so hard to find child porn.

Did you claim to have pedophilic thoughts O.C.D related to OCD just a couple of years ago? You blocked access to the page but I distinctly remember blogging about it.

In other words isn’t this all a load of crap from a registered sex offender pretending the world is unfair?

Rob really ought to just hang up the blog and go work for Carl Rove. He’s like a Republican Dirty Tricks beacon blinking away in the intellectual fog of the Net, blinking out new beams of character assassination every few days or so.

Rob has published several strange posts attempting to smear me as a “pedophile.” I actually think this is humorous. It’s so ridiculous that I actually encourage it – please call me a pedophile!

Rob has the nose of a great investigative reporter and he’s done his facts. He has determined that I am actually Robert Lindsay, a sex offender and meth cook in Arizona who burned down his house and fought hand to hand with the cops who came to arrest him. He’s published a photo of this guy and he says it’s me. I guess I must be writing this post from prison or something?

He also found some webposts of mine proving that I’m a pedo.

1. Indeed, I have written about OCD, as I suffer from it. I have never admitted to having “Pedophile OCD.” I have written some articles on “Pedo OCD” because I have noticed that a lot of mostly young OCD sufferers have developed this new form of the illness. I work with these people a lot online and learned a lot about this subtype, so I started writing articles about it. At the moment, I know of two young people, one male and one female, who have this. I do therapy with them online.

Pedo OCD is just OCD. The person worries that they are a pedophile, but they are not. They worry that they may molest a kid, but they never do it. It’s an anxiety disorder, and it has nothing to do with pedophilia at all. That’s all I can say about it at the moment.

Rob says that because I know about this strange OCD subtype and work with sufferers, that that makes me a pedophile. There is not much I can say to that.

2. Rob brings up a case I wrote about. When I was 20, I was working as a janitor at a school. I had a little friend there, an 11 yr old 6th grade girl. I guess that’s practically illegal nowadays due to shitheads like Rob Taylor, but back then people were sane and it was nothing. I never thought twice about it, and neither did anyone else. She used to follow me around like a mascot and help me do my job sometimes.

Anyway, the job ended, and I was jogging in the park that summer. There she was, jogging. We stopped and talked. She was a straight A student, a star athlete (runner), plus she was beautiful, and as you can see below, she was 12 going on 35.

Then she said, “I’ve been thinking about sex a lot lately.”
“Oh really?” I answered. What am I supposed to say to that?
“Yes I am,” she said.
“Ok,” I said, not sure where this was headed.
“I’ve been thinking about doing it,” she said, smiling.
“Um, ok…” I said. How do I answer?
She got a mischievous grin on her face. “I’ve been thinking of doing it with you!” She said.

Well, that was an interesting experience. How many 20 yr old guys deal with that? Back in those days, I was an uber-alpha male* and it seemed like about half the females I met wanted to jump on me. The more females I slept with, the more wanted to sleep with me.

That’s how it works. You start accumulating some kind of “Females Love Me” vibes about you, and each new female just piles the vibe higher and higher. Females being intuitive creatures can smell the vibe at 50 paces and come running like fetching puppies. I assume this kid was just plugging into the vibe.

I didn’t answer right away because I was so freaked out, but I answered pretty fast.

“I don’t think that would be a very good idea,” is all I remember saying.

12 year old girls looked a lot better at 20 than they do now at 51, and afterward, I used to sometimes wonder what it would have been like. I still do, once in a while. The fantasy never seems to work because the girl seems too little or small something (hard to explain).

Now, according to Rob, the fact that some 12 year old girl asked me to fuck her makes me a pedophile. That I wondered what that might have been like had I taken her up on it for sure makes me a pedophile. Once again, there’s not much to say.

3. Rob Taylor also insists that I am a registered sex offender, some guy named Robert Lindsay from Arizona. It’s not so.

I’m not the Robert Lindsay from Arizona that he says I am. That guy looks nothing like me (pics available on the Net). Anyway, that guy’s in prison, and I’m writing this from my home. There is not much I can say to that.

4. Rob Taylor also says I’m a pedophile for looking at child porn on the Internet, in this case the Brooke Shields bathtub scene from Pretty Baby. First of all, that scene is legal. It’s not CP. CP is illegal. You can find that Pretty Baby scene easily on the Net, and its actually rather boring. Any male readers who want to instantly turn from normal guy into Pedo For Life are encouraged to go check out this video.

Can someone tell me why Rob Taylor does these weird things?

*Nowadays, I’m sort of an uber-Omega, but at least I can die happy.


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James von Brunn Was a 9-11 Truther

There are Obama Birthers and there are 9-11 Truthers. I certainly do not believe in any hard form of the 9-11 Truth Movement, such as Israel Did 9-11 or the US Government Did 9-11. I think Al Qaeda Did 9-11. However, I acknowledge that the Israelis may have had some foreknowledge and may have failed to warn. They’ve done that before, notably in the Hezbollah truck bombing of the US Marine barracks on Lebanon in 1983. Thanks Israelis!

Anyway, the 9-11 Truth Movement is kind of like the Obama Birth Movement in that it has attracted all sorts of kooks and nutjobs. They range from Left to Right, but one thing they often have in common at the very least is some kind of anti-Zionism at best or anti-Semitism at worst, as is frequently the case. In fact, this James von Brunn guy’s belief system is quite common in the Movement.

James von Brunn was a 9-11 Truther. He signed some petition for the movement, but as soon as that came to light, the 9-11 Truthers scrubbed his name. Here’s the scrubbed version of the page with his sig missing. But not so fast. Here is the cached version with von Brunn’s name intact.

Here is a Yahoo posting where von Brunn mentions that he is a 9-11 Truther. According to von Brunn, the “Illuminati” did 9-11.

This guy who calls himself Tommy Overload on his Yahoo profile reposts a lot of von Brunn’s stuff. He’s a retired jazz musician living in Arkansas. Here is Terrible Tommy’s blog, Constitution Revolution. It provides a good overview of the mindset of guys like Tommy and von Brunn.

There also seem to be links to the Patriot or Constitutionalist Movement. The rightwing crazy, Scott Roeder, who shot George Tiller, one of only three doctors left in the US who perform late-term abortion, was also heavily involved in the Patriot Movement.

A White Supremacist shot and killed three cops in Pennsylvania recently. Richard Poplawski frequented Alex Jones’ 9-11 Truth Movement Infowars site, a site that von Brunn and Roeder also frequented. 9-11 Truthers have murdered five people in overtly political killings so far this year. Poplawski also frequented the Stormfront White Supremacist and neo-Nazi site. Poplawski was also an anti-Semite like von Brunn.

A schizophrenic who frequented the White Supremacist site Podblanc shot and killed his father for unknown reasons. He was also a 9-11 Truther and he frequented Alex Jones’ site. He was on a mission to save the White race.

Here is a comment from von Brunn commenting on an article called Bali Bomber Claims CIA/Mossad Involvement. It’s not yet been scrubbed, but in case it does get scrubbed, here is the cached version.

I am starting to think that a lot of these 9-11 Truthers are a bunch of time bombs.


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James von Brunn’s Federal Reserve Caper and Precedents

This is the strange document from James von Brunn’s website, Federal Reserve Caper and Precedents, in which von Brunn discusses his caper at the Federal Reserve Board in 1983, where he attempted to place the Board under citizen’s arrest. He was armed with a rifle, a pistol and a large knife at the time and he had a fake bomb in his car. He was apprehended by police in the hallway outside of a room where the Board was holding a meeting.

I have not yet read this document, but I hear it is pretty entertaining. I enjoy this guy’s writing style. He’s an excellent writer and we can see a fine mind at work here, despite the whacky politics. If not for the deadly antics at the Holocaust Museum, the guy’s practically engaging in Life as Performance Art. Well, I guess even the Holocaust shootout could be seen as a Performance Art performance, albeit a deadly one.

Other than the fact that he killed some poor guy for no reason, I think James von Brunn is pretty damn funny. And when you think about it, that Federal Reserve caper is downright hilarious, especially since no one got hurt. He should have charged admission for that one.

Check out this line from his correspondence I posted earlier:


Is that funny or what? I italicized the punch line in case some of you are too slow to get the joke. I think that’s pretty funny, albeit in a sick way since I believe in the Holocaust. When I read that line, I could not stop laughing, but then I’m a sick bastard.

Here is a cached snapshot of the page, or you can download my pdf version of the page on my site here.

It’s 22 pages and I have not yet had a chance to look it over.


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