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More Crap about IQ from the IQ Haters

From Facebook, referring to my posts:

I would never deny the value of a High-IQ person over a Low-IQ person. However, there are many things that might easily allow a Low-IQ person to beat a High-IQ person at any skill.

Patience and Discipline are the most important of those things, followed by Experience and Lowered Neuroticism. These are the qualities that can defeat a High-IQ person.

Any skill?

No way, but there is truth to what he says. You can certainly get far in life with a normal IQ or even a low IQ. Charles Oglivy, the founder of modern American advertising, took repeated IQ tests and always scored ~95. He was one of the most successful men in the history of this country. Elvis Presley scored 70 on an IQ in school but he was one of the greatest entertainers of all time. 70 is borderline IQ, verging on retarded, but it didn’t stop him from being famous and wealthy. Muhammad Ali had an IQ of 85. That’s low normal. But he was very charming, had delightful verbal skills almost like a pre-rapper and was funny as Hell. An IQ of below 100 is often not a barrier at all to success at least in America.

America is a nation of IQ haters. It is completely unacceptable to discuss this matter or even write about it. You would not believe the grief I get for even daring to write about it. Most people you meet flip out when you mention IQ, especially high IQ, and start getting upset and angry. However, almost all of these are people who apparently do not have very high IQ’s. Every single high to very high IQ person I have ever run into likes to talk about this subject, and they are not bothered by it at all. The truth is that most Americans hate IQ and high IQ discussions because their own IQ isn’t very high!

I fail to understand why Americans are so bizarre about this.

A high IQ is simply a talent, and inborn one, a gift. So many people are born with gifted talents. Think of all of the musical, artistic, literary, mechanical, thesbian, dancing, singing, mathematical, athletic and even socially talented born geniuses there are out there. Americans admire anyone who has any of these natural inborn talents.

“Ooohhh ahhhhh wow she is such a great artist, oh wow, impressive.”

All inborn talents, even beauty, are respected and even cheered on except for brains!

Yes lower IQ people can outperform higher IQ on many tasks and even jobs, and many lower IQ people can and do still earn a lot of money. Brains, even brilliant brains, will only get you so far in society.

Now to the suggestions in the argument above. I believe they are not valid. I have been around many people in my life, high to low IQ, and I would say that high IQ people are much more likely to be patient and disciplined than lower IQ persons. Yes, lower IQ people are less neurotic, but they also often suffer from other disorders such as mood, psychotic, character or substance use disorders.

I have a hard time understand why some anxiety disorder (neuroticism) is such a big deal. Generally speaking, these are pretty minor mental illnesses, you know.

At any rate, IQ is correlated very well with work performance, attendance, discipline, all the sort of things that lead to success on the job. I would hire a higher IQ person over a lower IQ one in a heartbeat.  IQ is correlated with many things that will help you be successful and healthy in life.

A lower IQ person is no more likely to have a lot of experience than a high IQ person is. Anyway, all of the Renaissance Men I have known who were experienced and very good at all sorts of things had high IQ’s. Your lower IQ guy is often good at one thing, say being a short order cook in a taqueria.

Also, below a certain level, low intelligence is downright dangerous. Dumb people are sort of dangerous solely on account of being dumb. Haven’t you noticed that in life?

Stupidity is dangerous!


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The Rule of the Masters of the World: “Anything Goes to Get What We Want”

Obama’s early foreign policy advisors were people called foreign policy realists. They’re terrible, but they are lot saner than neocons, which admittedly isn’t saying much. But I will say that the background of their view of the world is at least reality-based. What they want is still sleazy,

Foreign policy realists live in reality, and they see the world as it really is, not as Politics dictates it to be or as Neocons create it to be. Their world view is the opposite of the self-created and -creating fantasy worlds of the neocons, who view reality and changeable and see reality as whatever they want it to be or more accurately what they are going to turn it into.

These folks see themselves as actually in charge or reality or better yet History. They think they are Gods. Reality and surely History is whatever they are going to create it to be. If the truth does not match up to their self-created reality, then the truth is wrong, and the fantasy is what is real. This is the crazy world in which the neocons and people like Bush operate.

Bush’s domestic policy was similar. To these people, there was no objective reality – there was only Politics. Reality was simply whatever Politics dictated that it should be. If truth conflicted with Politics, then truth was wrong.

Their moral philosophy is:

Truth: Whatever is good for or justifies our Politics or ideology.

False: Whatever is bad for or rejects our Politics or ideology.

The neocons of course operate in a similar way. We say the neocons are crazy, but they are not cray at all. Crazy like a fox? Sure. But nuts? No way. They’re more evil than nuts.

We also say that they are idiots, but they are not stupid at all. Instead they are very dangerous and reckless people. We see their danger and recklessness, and we say that they are foolish or stupid, but they are really not either. They’re about as stupid or foolish as Hitler or Stalin.

They’re out to get what they want, and they will do just about anything to get it. If they have to tell a million lies to get what they want, they will do it. If they have to kill people, arrest people, frame people, beat people up, torture people, ruin economies, give people diseases, blow up, ruin or damage perfectly good infrastructure, destroy whole industries, stage military coups, cause violent riots in the streets, assassinate people, they will do it. It’s pretty much anything goes to get what we want.

This is the philosophy of most of the powerful people in the world today: Anything goes to get what we want.


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Stupidity Kills

You guys wonder why I have issues, or worries as it were, with low IQ people. Bottom line is I just don’t think that low IQ people are the greatest thing since Cheez Whiz. I also think that being dumb has a lot of consequences, mostly negative, and mostly on society as a whole. I realize that these are human beings we are talking about, but considering all the damage that stupid people do to human society, my general view is the fewer dumb people the better, and the higher the average IQ in any given group, the better and that average low IQ’s in nations and groups are not without consequences.

One of the problems with dumb people is a hunch I have always had. I have long believed that dumb people are automatically statistically dangerous simply on account of being stupid. You don’t have to be dumb to be dangerous, but it sure helps. This is one reason why I frankly do not trust stupid people all that much. Experience has also taught me that the dumber the person is, the lower their values and morals tend to be and the more likely they are to be criminals or bad people in some way or other.

As I said,

Dumb people are dangerous simply on account of being idiots, even factoring out everything else.

Case in point. Eight people murdered in cold blood by a village full of idiots. Motivation for the crime: stupidity.


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Food Fight at Wal-mart

Video here.

This is a video of a food fight at a Wall-mart in Jacksonville, Florida. I found it on a site that was talking about Black riots. The site has a White racist perspective in that it claims that all of these riots are Black people rioting and deliberately targeting White people in the riots. Sadly, there have been some cases of this which we really ought to discuss on this site. Especially at fairs in the Midwest, young Blacks have gone on rampages, calling them things like “Beat Whitey night.” In some of these riots, only White people were targeted.

Although the site lists many recent Black riots and flashmobs, most of these have not targeted White people at all. Some were just general Black riots at fairs and whatnot. The rioting often began with rival Black gangs targeting each other. In other cases, young Blacks flash-mobbed shopping malls for the purpose of stealing stuff.

Although these riots targeting Whites are an incendiary issue, we really do need to look into them. The ‘Beat Whitey” riots do seem to be increasing in recent years, as is “Polar bear hunting” and “The knockout game.”

The White nationalist and White racist perspective on this is that US Blacks are declaring war on White people. This seems overdrawn to say the least.

Another one of their lines is that this behavior has increased since Obama took office. “Obama has empowered the Blacks,and now they feel strong, so they are declaring war on us,” is the line. The problem with this ugly line is that Blacks in the US can apparently never be empowered because they will just use it to attack White people. We must always keep them down so they don’t feel empowered enough to attack us. Raise their self-esteem, and they will just go after Whitey. That is a very depressing analysis, and I certainly hope it is not true.

As I noted, this Wal-mart riot was said to be one of the “Beat Whitey” riots. In fact, it is called “Food fight at Wal-mart.” If you look at the video, all it shows is a crowd of ghetto Blacks acting all wild and crazy in a Wall-mart.

The odd and disturbing thing about this is that these Blacks act like this is their idea of a great time. As a White person, if I were at this scene, this crowd would spell “dangerous place” and “someone is going to get hurt” to me, and I would try to get the Hell out of there as fast as possible. But many of these Blacks are laughing, smiling and hooting it up like they are having the time of their lives. It is as if they find chaotic, dangerous scenes exhilarating or something. I have noticed this many times before – that ghetto Blacks actually seem to get off on wild, insane, chaotic, dangerous, urban jungle like scenes that would send most White people running for the exits.

I really don’t understand Black people at all.


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Blacks Beat and Strip a White Man

Video here.

This video was making the rounds in the White Racist Sphere, an odd part of the Net consisting of White nationalists, White anti-Black racists and White race realists. I pass on most of these videos, but I did grab this one.

A White man is caught late at night in the ghetto where a gang of Blacks confronts him, knocks him to the ground, beats him up, and strips his pants off, all apparently for no reason. Black females participate in the chaos. Black males hoot and holler the whole while. The White man pulls his pants up at the end of the video, shocked by what has happened to him.


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Are Blacks Closer to Apes Than Other Humans?

Justin writes:

Since Khosians lie at the root of modern humanity, are they more closely related to apes than the races that followed? I’m serious. Africans have features like flatter faces and noses, flared nostrils, big lips, etc which make them look more like more like Mighty Joe Young than Paddy the Irishman.

You can pick any black out of a crowd in America, strip ‘em of his clothes and place him in a jungle and he’d look right at home. Just give him a spear and wish him good luck.

Whether or not Khoisans are closer to apes than other races of humanity is not known.

Whether or not Blacks are closer to apes than other races of humanity is very controversial. There is a book out called Erectus Among Us by a virulent racist named Richard Fuerle that makes the case for this. His argument is that Blacks are actually a separate species, a vestigial Homo Erectus. As far as his Homo Erectus argument, the general agreement is that Blacks are Homo Sapiens sapiens, just like all the rest of us. Fuerle’s argument that Blacks are Homo Erectus is completely specious.

I am uncertain of the evidence he presents that Blacks are more ape-like (he does present a lot of evidence for this case), as the studies he references are mostly very old, from the early racist era of US history. It’s not an issue that is likely to be looked into soon in this era of political correctness.

If you think this website is valuable to you, please consider a contribution to support the continuation of the site.


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Man Versus Car

Man assaults car. Car sustains injury, rights itself, fights back, wins the fight. KO in one round.

Steel 1, Flesh 0


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The Downhill Cross-Traffic Event

Sensitive viewers please exercise caution.

The downhill cross-traffic event is is one of the more dangerous events in the Darwin Olympics. It involves the highest speeds and hence involves the greatest risks. Speeds up to 130 mph are common. The technical expertise required in the downhill event is different from the slalom even in which turns are progressively emphasized.

Races must be over 1 minute in length to meet international standards, hence this race, which ended prematurely, may not meet standards. Tenths, hundredths and even thousandths of seconds count in scoring. Deaths and serious injuries can and have occurred either during the event or while practicing. 3 people have died during the Downhill event in recent years and one was left paralyzed.

The cross-traffic aspect of this particular downhill event is obviously the most hazardous of all. It is so dangerous that many downhill racers refuse to participate in this event and just do the regular downhill races instead. The downhill cross-traffic event is so hazardous that recently it has come to be dubbed “The Suicide Run.” Nevertheless, this event continues to draw extremely large crowds. The large draws may be due to the risks involved.


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Fatal Attraction

Idiots meet at Date to Die Club, go on first and last date. Two less idiots in the world. Oh well.


I suppose I ought to be sympathetic to the suicidal, since we’ve had experience with a suicide attempt in our family, but in this case I’m not. If you’re so nuts and suicidal that you are hanging out in suicide chatrooms and going on suicide dates, screw you.

I spent some time in a chatroom once with a 30 year old woman who suffered from chronic depression and chronic suicidality. She was quite nonchalant about the fact that she really did not want to be alive, and she looked forward to death. I found her very hard to deal with and ended up having no sympathy for her. In fact, her whole attitude really pissed me off.

OTOH, people should not be encouraged to kill themselves, especially if they aren’t suicidal. About 28 years ago, I was going through some heavy stuff emotionally, mostly a lot of anxiety. I suppose there was some depression going on. Frankly, it was just hardcore OCD. One friend of mine at one point said, “Why don’t you just kill yourself!” That was the wrong thing to say, you know. And I wasn’t suicidal anyway.

Three years later, I spent an entire year feeling suicidal. It was really still OCD, and it had gotten way worse over 3 years. I didn’t really know what was going on in my head at all. I just thought I was going through some tumultuous stuff. I had no idea there was a name for it.

I kept thinking of taking a gun to my head and blowing my brains out. It seemed like a really good idea! OTOH, I was too terrified to do it, never made plans, and never told anyone about it. I certainly wasn’t nonchalant about it. I was just in tremendous emotional pain and was fantasizing about an out. Yet I was quite aware that I was fucked in the head.

On the other hand, I was very active, working full-time, taking classes, having lots of friends, partying all the time, somehow dating countless women, going to an endless whirlwind of parties, shows and nightclubs all the time. I was also taking quite a few drugs – mostly pot and coke – and I was drinking fairly heavily. The booze and dope weren’t making me worse. They were just keeping me going. That was actually the fun part!

So the depressed can be quite active, as you can see. They don’t necessarily sit and home and stew. They can be working full-time, socializing like crazy, dating like musical chairs, hanging out like social butterflies, going to never-ending rounds of parties, shows and nightclubs, and the whole time, they feel like blowing their brains out.

Isn’t that strange? People are funny.

I’m normally a happy person, and going through that Hell was so horrible that there is no way I am going to experience that again. In the 25 years since then, I haven’t suffered much depression, so maybe it was a good experience after all.

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The Terrorist Nukes Bullshit

Barack Obama is in Washington hosting a stupid international conference on terrorism and nuclear weapons. Supposedly, the terrorists are trying to make a nuclear bomb. Once they get one, they will use it. Everyone is scared! Even the smart people!

There are several strands of idiots who are feeding this Stupid Frenzy.

First, there are the National Security Staters in the US, ever hungry for a bigger budget.

The Defense budget is higher than any time since WW2, we spent more on defense than the rest of the world combined, yet it’s never enough, and we are terrified of nations like Iran with a military budget 1% the size of ours. There must be a name for this psychological syndrome. The bigger and stronger you are, the more worried you are about pissant, insect-like threats.

None of it makes sense, but it’s been a part of American Stupid Culture for a long time now. Both parties are “strong on defense.” Why? Who knows? With the Republicans, it’s an article of faith, and with the Democrats, they keep trying to act like Republicans on this issue, but no matter how hard they try, Republicans scream that the Dems are “soft on defense.” Tens of millions of otherwise intelligent Americans are actually intensively involved in this insipid debate.

There is one reason for a gigantic military budget like that, and one only. If the US is an Empire, and US capitalist imperialism intends to rule the globe for multinational corporations and the world elite, then the gigantic US imperialist army makes perfect sense. Like the Roman Army back in the day. But no one ever says we need the huge military for Empire, although apparently that’s what it is for, since it can’t be for anything else. Why is that?

US imperialism is funny. Anyone with a brain can see it exists, as all huge capitalist powers are necessarily imperialist, but no one ever admits it.

Ever hear a Republican shout, “Hooray for US imperialism!”? Of course not. Republicans all insist there is no US imperialism, and they call you Commie for even bringing it up.

Democrats, sadly, also say there is no US imperialism, and they give you a disgusted look when you say there is. The more intelligent ones say that we used to be an imperial power, back in, say, 1903. But we chucked all our colonies, except for a few! Whoops! And we have not been imperialist for decades now. Others will tell you that the USSR was imperialist because they controlled Eastern Europe, but the US isn’t.

US imperialism works great. Everyone who matters knows it exists, but they never talk about it. The other 95% are deliberately kept in the dark by a propaganda system dedicated to denying the fact that this imperialism even exists. The magician gets to fool everyone, and no one ever sees how it’s done, or even that he’s playing tricks.

The second faction is International Zionism.

International Zionism is in control of about 400 nuclear weapons, including atom bombs, hydrogen bombs and the ultimate capitalist weapon, the neutron bomb. The neutron bomb is cool because it kills off the useless wage-hogging human workers while letting the capitalists keep all their stuff, like buildings and factories and banks. Israel also may have tactical nukes, which are some of the worst of all. These are designed for specific situations, and can be supposedly fired out of artillery.

Like the Americans above, the Israelis have Insecure Bully Syndrome. They have 400 nukes and the 4th biggest military on Earth, but they scream and yell like children every time some nignog from Gaza shoots a glorified bottle rocket at them. It’s like there’s a 300 champion prize fighter screaming that 7 year old girls are going to kick his ass. So he beats up little girls in self-defense, while everyone nods and agrees with him. That’s how nutty it is.

Anyway, Israel doesn’t want any competition. They get all the nukes, and their enemies get none. That’s called: fair. I’m not kidding. That’s what it’s called: fair.

International Zionism is always yelling, “Terrorists will get nukes and drop them on Aunt Ruth in Tel Aviv! Oy vey!”

It’s ridiculous, but it’s mostly just a way of whipping up anti-Muslim hysteria. After all, terrorists = Muslims.

The other faction are the liberals.

Liberals hate nuclear weapons, and they are always wringing their hands about them. We have to stop proliferation!

Hmm, are the nuclear powers going to give up their bombs? Course not. Don’t ever challenge a liberal on this one. They will stammer and sputter and slam their fist on the table. The US must have nukes because we are Good. Possibly even God-ordained Good. Therefore we can’t give up our nukes. So…does anyone else get nukes to, like, defend themselves against the saintly Americans? No way! The liberal is pounding the table by now and his face is turning red.

US liberalism has always been pretty bankrupt.

So Obama’s hosting the Stupid Conference. You know, the Conference To Keep Muslims From Getting Nukes, because that’s what it’s really all about:

The day before the conference, the Indian prime minister met Obama and tackled him about Pakistan’s inaction against Muslim terrorists and exhorted him to jointly combat terror emanating from Pakistan as the most dangerous source of potential nuclear terror.

According to Debkafile’s military and intelligence sources, the Indian and US leaders failed to agree on whether Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal was sufficiently secure. Indian leaders as well as their military and intelligence advisers have repeatedly warned Washington that al Qaeda and Taliban were moving in on Pakistan’s nuclear facilities through their deep penetration of Pakistan’s intelligence service and may soon be in position to take over.

In his previous conversations with Obama, Singh reported that Israeli intelligence shared India’s assessment of the Pakistani nuclear hazard.

Or maybe it’s the Get Pakistan Conference. Pakistan is home of the Muslim nuke, and Muslims are terrorists, so Pakistan = nuclear terrorism. Um, right?

Benjamin Netanyahu, leader of Israel, was supposed to show up, but he canceled, afraid he would have to admit to the 400 nukes he has stashed in his backyard.

Well? So is it real or what? I mean the terrorist nukes?

No, no and no. It’s not real. The terrorists, whoever they are, cannot make a nuke. Even large countries with huge budgets, gigantic universities and thousands of the best engineers have the darnedest time making these things. It’s quite difficult, and many nations have tried to make nukes and given up because they were not able to do it.

So that means a bunch of terrorist yo-yos hiding in caves are going to “make a nuclear bomb,” right?

Can you believe serious people discuss this stuff?

Another thing is that a nuke, if you have one, is more or less useless. For instance, if I were a terrorist, I could not stash my secret nuke here in my apartment. That’s because a nuke is about the size of a Volkswagen. Should be simple to smuggle such a tiny object around, no?

OK, suppose I got a nuke the size of a Volkswagen. I bought it at Osama’s Used Terror Supplies on the Internet.

I somehow got it shipped to my house without the world’s intelligence agencies finding out, and now I’m storing in my garage, next to my other car. Suppose I put it on a truck to detonate it. Thing is, there is no way to detonate this bomb.

I could even put it in a plane, assuming I could find a plane big enough to carry a Volkswagen, and drop it on New York City and nothing would happen other than a few folks might get squashed. Same as if you dropped a Volkswagen on Manhattan. Just dropping the thing won’t detonate it.

You could shoot it with any weapon you can think of, drop bombs on it, set the darn thing on fire, heck, I bet you could even stick on a rocket and shoot into the Sun and nothing, I mean nothing, is going to detonate that bomb.

In order to detonate a nuclear bomb, you have to perfect a detonation device. The device must be calculated down to the thousandth or millionth of a second. Many nations have spent years trying to get the detonation right and have not succeeded. I doubt if North Korea has the detonation down yet, and they’ve probably been trying for 15-20 years.

So, obviously, a bunch of yahoos who ride donkeys and live in mountain caves could make a detonation device just like that, huh?

See how dumb this debate is?

The International Zionists and US Security Staters (pretty much the same folks anymore) like to scare themselves, and scare you. They’re like this international brotherhood of Steven King types running around thinking up scary stories all the time to keep their oft-useless paychecks coming.

One of their latest horror stories was something called the suitcase nuke. Fools have been on prime time news for 20 years now warning us direly about these suitcase nukes, perfect for terrorists. And the terrorists are always trying for the suitcase nukes. You know, so they can act like they’re going to the office and instead blow up Washington DC while they’re riding on the subway reading the paper.

You picture some guy with a suit and tie, carrying a suitcase, right? Inside is a nuke! To blow up Manhattan! Scary, huh?

Know what? It’s bullshit. There are no suitcase nukes. They exist in the same netherworld as anything in the world of science fiction. They are totally theoretical, and anyway, they would be the size of a footlocker, not a briefcase, if they even did exist. After the USSR broke up, wild rumors swirled around that the Soviets had developed suitcase nukes. 20 years later, and not one has ever turned up. No photos, no evidence, no nothing. So far, they’re as real as the Man in the Moon.

So this is what Obama is hosting an international conference about right now. Barack today:

Ahead of the Washington conference, US president Barack Obama called nuclear terror “the single biggest threat to US security, short term, medium and long-term.”

You idiot.


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