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Time Wounds All Heels

I was worried that I was a narcissist myself because I had a therapist who told me I was one, mostly because I happen to like myself a lot. So I sought out my best old therapist from the old days and asked him. He told me that I had “high narcissism” which just means “high self-esteem.” I am perfectly happy to have high self-esteem, but some people don’t like it. I have had girlfriends complain that I am “self-impressed.” My attitude is, “This is bad?” When I was young I remember a young woman maybe aged 18-20 once offhandedly said, “All men are vain,” in a world-weary tone of voice. She acted like it was some sort of basic fact of nature.

I don’t have NPD because I still care quite a bit about other people. But I have gotten the “You don’t care” thing from girlfriends before. One thing is just that I don’t need humans all that much. I won’t even call my best friends for long periods of time simply because I don’t need them. I mean I love them, but I would probably only call them if I needed them. I am quite happy by myself, and I don’t have huge needs for others. But girlfriends keep interpreting this as “you don’t care.”

What’s nuts is when they say this I am so crazy head over heels nuts in love with them it’s pitiful. I keep trying to tell them that, but they keep coming back with the “You don’t care” thing. I told my Mom and she said, “Oh, women are always saying their husbands don’t act like they love them.” Then she told me the story above about the guy who responded to his wife that the fact that he stuck around at all meant he loved her since if he didn’t love her, he would be gone in a New York minute. I think men and women have different ways of expressing love.

Generally speaking, when narcissism is excessive and you are turning into an asshole, it’s better to tone it down, and you will often become a better person as a result.

I watched a couple of documentaries about some rock stars who are now in their 40’s and 50’s. A couple were notorious for being arrogant, egotistical assholes. Actually I imagine it was more than a couple. But I noticed that so many of these guys had really toned it down at age 48-58. Even the ones who were serious arrogant assholes had seriously toned it down. They were so much more likeable as a result that it is hard to put it into words. A little bit of humility goes a long way.

A lot of people are pretty narcissistic, arrogant, egotistical and assholey when they are young. In particular, many young men in their 20’s and even into their 30’s are serious assholes. I like to say that the reason they are like is because they haven’t had enough bad things happen to them yet!

But usually by age 40, most people have toned it down. Arrogant people over age 40 are not common. The thing is that by age 40, most people have had about a million failures and bad things happen to them and not too many still think their shit doesn’t stink. With age comes humility. This is a rather normal life course for a lot of basically normal people who do not have any particular personality disorder, narcissistic or otherwise.

The problem with NPD is the narcissist hits 40 and has had a million failures and bad things happen to him, but instead of becoming humble, his response is to wildly ramp up the narcissism as a response to all of the narcissistic injuries or wounds that these bad things and failures caused. NPD’s also don’t take to aging very well. Aging is hard on anyone’s self-esteem, and to the narcissist it is positively confounding.

In other words, NPD’s do not follow the typical life course of increased humility with age.


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We Are All Narcissists Now

This is an older post that I fixed up and added a lot of new stuff too.

fMRI scans show that we’re most comfortable looking at faces similar to our own.

As you can see, we are always in love with ourselves. Even when we are in love with other people, we are really in love with ourselves.

In my opinion, everyone is somewhat narcissistic. It’s adaptive to a certain degree, especially among males. It’s only when it starts getting out of control that it is pathological.

Keep in mind that another word for narcissism is self-esteem. You either have low, moderate or high narcissism, which means you either have low, moderate or high self-esteem. High self-esteem in and of itself is not pathological and instead is typically seen as a sign of good mental health. However, they can seem a bit overbearing or too much, I would agree with that. These are the people who we say are egotistical, have huge egos, or are self-impressed.

Visualize a scale from 0-100. A score of 1 is the least narcissistic, most ashamed, guilty, self-effacing, self-denying, masochistic doormat around.

Anything above 50 and you are starting to get into the narcissistic without being pathological, high narcissism or high self-esteem folks, which is where a lot of males are anyway, and it’s definitely where I am. Here you find a lot of folks, mostly males, who are vain, conceited, self-centered and sometimes arrogant. They are friendly people, but people who get close to them, for instance female lovers, often complain, “You don’t even care about me.” As a matter of fact, this is a very common complaint that women in general make about their male lovers/spouses in general. They make this complaint because males tend to be more narcissistic than females.

A female friend of my mother’s once asked her husband, “Do you still love me? You never tell me that you love me anymore.” Her husband looked around at the room he was sitting in, looked back at her and said, “Well, I’m still here, aren’t I?” A classic male response. “Hey, if I didn’t love you or like you, I wouldn’t even stick around.” But that’s not good enough for women. Women want to be reminded. Males and females are capable of love, even intense love, for each other, but they often express it in different ways. Women fall in love and form relationships for attachment needs – needs that want and require continual reinforcement. Males fall in love and form relationships for other reasons.

When you start getting up around 70 or so, you get into some pretty pathological narcissism, but it’s not yet the nightmare world of Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

I had a friend on the Net who was very perverted and loved to talk about sex all the time. He was a bit of a swinger, and he had screwed countless females. He was also somewhat bisexual, as many male perverts are. We would get into long, dirty conversations on the Net, and he would tell me all about his life from a sexual point of view.

One very interesting story he told was that when he was a teenager, his parents hired a Thai maid. She slept in a bedroom next to his and they could sort of hear each other through the walls. He jerked off every night like most teenage boys. At some point, every time he jerked off, he heard strange noises coming from the maid’s room. After a while, he figured out that every time he jerked off, she was also masturbating in tandem with him and getting off herself. A great story!

But he would go on and on with these wild stories, talking a mile a minute like someone hyped up on speed. But the stories were all about him and his doings and goings on. I really didn’t mind because I am narcissistic myself and listening to others gets me out of my head for once. But he was definitely a self-centered person, and he was also pretty vain. These people can be annoying, but they are not a walking catastrophe.

The dividing line seems to be whether or not you care about others. As narcissism goes higher and higher, typically people care less and less about others. It’s as if we only have so much love inside of us. If we use up all of our “love potential” on ourselves, there’s nothing left for anyone else. I have no idea if this theory is correct, but it’s an interesting idea I thought I would toss out there.

Now we get to the NPD’s, the Narcissistic Personality Disorder types. These are simply a disaster. Some of them can be nice to some people if they choose to be, but in general, they are uncaring and not very nice. They brag constantly and can’t be bothered to do anything for you.

There are degrees of NPD. There is Mild, Moderate and Severe NPD. NPD is not incurable, but it is quite hard to fix. But some can get better if they work on it. I have known some NPD’s who made some decent progress. The NPD’s who get better become much less annoying and insufferable, show more insight into their behavior and in general simply become better and wiser human beings.

The reason NPD is so hard to fix is because most simply think there is nothing wrong with themselves and hence don’t think they need fixing. If you have NPD and are aware of it, look around at your relationships with others. Are they satisfying or dissatisfying? If they are dissatisfying, you might want to look at working on the NPD.

I had an NPD friend who made a big deal about how he was going to my father’s funeral, but then he never showed up. It turned out he didn’t even have a very good reason either. He just didn’t care. If it wasn’t about him, it was irrelevant. If you started talking about you, he would listen for a bit and quickly become bored and uninterested.

An NPD I have known for many years will ask, “So what’s been going on with you lately?” You start to tell them, and after about 15-20 seconds, they are already bored and looking around the room. Like most narcissists, this person is absolutely clueless about how and why they offend others or why so many people despise them and want nothing to do them. I finally cut this person out of my life after decades of trying to suck up to them, be nice to them, and get them to like me. They were always disappointing me, and it felt like they hated me. I blamed myself and said it was because I was such a loser: “If I wasn’t such a loser, they might like me better.”

After decades of this, I started acting about as crappy towards them as they did towards me. This caused this horrible person to have hurt feelings that I didn’t like them, which they tried to make me feel guilty about. This person was also 100% clueless about why I was returning his jerkiness in pure form. Mutual friends got on my case about why I was being “mean” to this family member. Apparently this person gets to be a shit to me for the rest of my life, and I’m evil if don’t kiss their ass, smile and refuse to fight back.

NPD’s are a nightmare. If you have an NPD in your life, you really need to think about maybe getting this person out of your life. Some of the NPD’s I have known have only caused me pain and damage in my life. It’s not worth it.

Going further along, you get to the Elliot Rodger type of Severe Narcissistic Personality Disorder. NPD’s are not typically violent, but they are definitely capable of it, especially if they are shamed or rejected – because they can’t handle any rejection. They may then commit acts of aggression, dishonestly, and even violence as revenge. Elliot Rodger is a case in point that shows how NPD at certain times can lead to violence, even extreme violence.

Beyond that we get into the real monsters. These are the malignant narcissists. Ted Bundy comes to mind. Others call these narcissistic sociopaths, among other terms. I don’t understand them very well, and I am not sure how this differs from pure narcissism or pure sociopathy. Obviously, these are some of the worst human beings on Earth, incurable and often highly dangerous. A number of serial killers have been diagnosed with malignant narcissism as opposed to sociopathy.

You might be interested to know that our own President Donald Trump is a classic malignant narcissist. Of course he is an awful person, and he is definitely dangerous. All malignant narcissists are dangerous by default, but they don’t always act out with violence extreme enough to get them in trouble with the law. There are controlled malignant narcissists just as there are controlled psychopaths.


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What To Do If Someone Is Trying to Kill You

By the age of 50, if you even make it that far, most men will have experienced at least one man trying to kill them. Now me, I have not had just one man try to kill me. I have had four different men try to kill me. When those incidents happened, I simply tried to kill them and then escaped. That’s what you have to do when someone’s trying to kill you. Somebody’s going to die, and the Hell if it’s going to be me. When someone is trying to kill you, you have to either:

  1. Take their weapon away from them, if they have one, and then threaten them or attack them with it.
  2. Kill them.
  3. Knock them out, unconscious or nearly so.
  4. Put them out of commission (injure them so badly that he can’t get up and come after you).

#1 is hard to do, as they don’t always have weapons. All of the men who tried to kill me had only fists and feet as weapons.

As far as I can tell, out of the four men who tried to kill me, I got one of them, and the result was #4, though I was trying for #2 of course. I hit him with my vehicle. Why? Because he was trying to kill me, that’s why! He went flying in the air, limbs all akimbo, just like in the movies. I took off in the vehicle immediately afterwards, and I didn’t stick around to do a damage assessment. There were too many homicidal maniacs back there (his equally insane friends) around to do that. I think I broke a bone or two though. I certainly hope so. Getting hit by a vehicle is a pretty serious way to take a blow, and serious injuries and deaths are common.

And once you do either 1-4 above, you:

  • Get the Hell out of there as fast as possible.

This is because if you only #4’d him, he can always pick himself up and come after you, and if he catches you, he will try to kill you again. And now it’s a case of who runs faster, which is always as a bad bet in life. Even if you killed him or knocked him out, he may well have some equally homicidal friends either at the scene or soon to arrive there who want to kill you just as bad as he did.

Afterwards, you have to decide whether to go to the police or not. I chose not to go to the police, which I think was a wise move. Besides, I don’t think I killed him anyway, though I certainly hope I did. I think I just broke one or more limbs of his. So you have a choice of:

  1. Go to the police and report that you just killed someone, knocked someone out or tried to kill them and only hurt them in self-defense as they were trying to kill you at the time.
  2. Don’t go to the police. Just get the Hell out of there and try to forget about it.

I chose #2, and I think it was a wise move.

There may be cases where you either need to do #1 or you might want to do #1, but I can’t think of a lot of them. If you have a dead body on your property, you have to go to the police obviously. If you kill someone in some public place like a nightclub, the management might want you to stick around to tell the police what happened. If you are in public and there’s a crowd, I am not sure what to do. Sometimes you had probably better stick around. Other times, you need to get away. But if their friends are still on your property, in the nightclub or in the crowded public place and they are trying to kill you or may be trying to kill you, you just have escape and deal with the injured or dead man later.

As a general rule if there was hardly anyone around, I would probably just get the Hell our of there, even if I killed a man. Who wants to deal with the cops? You just killed a man in self-defense and now you want to deal with the cops? Why?


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Alt Left: Gay Men Like Em Young

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Gays and Pedophilia

When a straight man looks at an unusually mature 12 year old girl he thinks…”I know she is only 12 and I won’t do it even though she looks older.”

Gay men like Kevin Spacey do not seem to have this moral sense or switch. They see a 12 year old boy and they think “his ass is firm and tight.”

I don’t know that gays have the same moral sense about sexual behavior that straight men do. It seems to be a part of their genetic makeup that is missing.

It may be wired in somehow.

  • Peak age preference for heterosexual men: 20-25 year old women.
  • Peak age preference for gay men: 18-20 year old men.

I am not sure how it ends up that way, but it does.

  • 25% of gay men over age 23 have had sex with a boy 13-15.
  • 6% of straight men over age 23 have had sex with a girl 13-15.

Gay men are much more into those teenage boys than they are into those little boys. That gay men like teenage boys has been known since Antiquity (Ancient Greece) and continues to this day in Afghanistan. If we move the age range of teenage boys up to 16-17, you will get an even higher figure. Or just read Death in Venice for that matter.

Older gay men who prefer teenage boys are called chicken hawks. They often use teenage boy prostitutes. Many of these boys are runaways. Gay districts of Los Angeles (West Hollywood), San Francisco (Polk Street is notorious for underage male prostitution), and New York (West Village) are full of teenage boy prostitutes working the streets, many of whom are runaways. I remember reading articles about this phenomenon all the way back in the 1970’s. People have known about this forever.

A gay man is 12X more likely to molest a child 12-under than a straight man is. There is a lot of overlap between homosexuality and pedophilia. That said, the vast majority of gay men are not pedophilic or child molesters.

Gay men like ’em young. Everyone knows that. Why they are like that, no one seems to know.

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Alt Left: Gay Men’s and SJW Views on Statutory Rape: Shocking Revelations and Outrageous Bias

Gay culture even today is extremely protective of older man – teenage boy relationships. Forums for gay teenage boys are full of comments from the adults running the site saying, “We know a lot of you are in relationships with older men, and that’s just fine. Don’t worry. We won’t turn your boyfriend in.”

Part of the long-term gay agenda has been to lower the age of consent precisely for this reason – because so many gay men love those teenage boys. That is what is insidious about their devious Gay Agenda. Adult man – teenage boy relationships and sex go on all the time in the gay community. No one cares, and no one turns them in.

This is one more type of SJW hypocrisy. SJW’s hate straight men and are on a jihad against male heterosexual sexuality. This jihad is led by feminism. If you are a heterosexual adult man, and you say that 17 year old girls turn you on (all heterosexual men are maximally aroused by 17 year old girls in the lab), every SJW for miles around will bash you accusing you of being a pedophile and demanding you be arrested.

They will even call the police on you claiming you are a pedophile and try to convince the police to raid your home or investigate you. Apparently dozens of people have called the police on me to try to get me arrested for “pedophilia” because I write that it is normal for adult men to be turned on by teenage girls. Nothing came of it, but it is still scary.

The people doing this are feminists and “femiservatives.” Femiservatives are conservatives who are to all intents and purposes radical feminists in the way that they persecute and prosecute normal male heterosexual behavior. They are actually more dangerous than feminists because there are so many of them.

However, if you bring up gay men and teenage boys to these same feminists and SJW’s? Crickets! Silence. At the very least. That’s if they do not come right out and support it, which I am not sure of. All I know is they never mention it even one time.

100% of the “pedophiles” that SJW’s are hollering about are adult heterosexual men having consensual sex with 13-17 yr old teenage girls.

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Alt Left: The Very Uncomfortable Truth about Gaybashing



When I was doing manual labor in college sometimes gays would actually come around.

It is wrong to harm people for being gay but gays do put themselves in harm’s way sometimes by hanging around masculine settings like construction sites or whatever offering to suck men off.

Why do you think they get hit so much? This is one of the main reasons they get hit.

I have heard that most gay bashings are simply due to gay men doing things like this, propositioning straight men or groups of straight men, endlessly propositioning straight men and refusing to take no for an answer which they are notorious for, etc. Often it’s just a simple punch in the face that one might expect to receive for doing such a thing. Personally, I think they deserve to get hit for walking up to groups of straight men at construction sites and offering to suck anyone’s cock for free. The Hell with them. They’re asking for it doing things like that. I don’t want to see them killed or even seriously injured over an offense like that, but a punch in the face should suffice.

I can understand some of the female rage over sexual harassment. The way we straight men react to gays hitting on us or not taking no for an answer may well be the same emotion women experience when getting harassed or dealing with men who won’t take no. We react with violence to this, and I could understand a woman reacting with violence too, except that we are 10-20X more violent than they are.

One thing about gays is they never leave you alone. Once they start propositioning you, they never stop. I was once befriended by a bisexual man (really he was a closeted gay man with a girlfriend “beard” who was afraid to come out of the closet) who lived across the street from me.

Worst friendship I ever made. I was puzzled by his weird cryptic language and behavior for a while, but it finally hit me like a ton of bricks. He was a faggot! He simply would not stop his sleazy gay hints, flirtations and propositions and he would never take no for an answer. One day I had enough of his faggot nonsense, so I walked over to his house in the middle of the day with a baseball bat and smashed his front door down! Then I turned around and calmly walked across the street back to my house. I didn’t want to hurt or kill him, and I didn’t even want to get into a confrontation. I simply wanted to send a Mafia-like message.

Also a week prior, I had hired him to do some work on my car. Partway through, a friend heard about the job and offered to do it for free, so I laid him off halfway through the job and had my friends finish it. He got furious, came over to my house in the middle of the night, switched every wire you could switch, and turned the key on. This killed my $800 engine. My mechanic confirmed that the engine had been destroyed by a saboteur. Obviously it was him. That was the real reason for smashing the door down, but the fag stuff added to it.

Police were called, but a cop across the street kept them from arresting me. Cops called me a few days later to question me. At first they laughed about me “getting my pound of flesh,” but then they got serious and said they did not like vigilantism. They were also rather disturbed at me bashing the door down, and they seemed worried that I was some sort of maniac. They were right. I am a maniac. This is what I do to my enemies. So watch it, everyone.

We struck a deal where I would pay to have the door repaired, and they would not press charges.

The funny thing was the whole neighborhood heard about it. This guy had a very bad reputation, as he had been known for breaking into neighbors’ cars and stealing car stereos for years, but he was never caught. It was thought that he was splitting the proceeds with his father. His father also had something evil about him.

Anyway, the day after I smashed his door down like a maniac, I was leaving for work in the morning and several neighbors came out onto their porches and gave me standing ovations and waved to me. These were people who never even talked to me. So I was the hero of the neighborhood for smashing the guy’s door down because everyone hated him so much for stealing from them.

Then I got together with my friends, and we terrorized him for months. I was trying to force him to move. Every day I would walk out of my house and look over there and notice he was living across the street from me, and I thought he had a lot of nerve to destroy my car engine and then continue to live across the street from me. I got so furious that I vowed I would terrorize him into moving. So we launched a terror war against him.

We did all sorts of nasty things to his house. It never ended. We even made homemade bombs (my friends and me knew how to make homemade bombs and made a number of them – they were not shrapnel bombs though – more like huge firecrackers), lit them and threw them at his property. One was a sort of a firebomb. Mostly it’s similar to a gigantic firecracker or M-80 and shoots up a huge flame. We lit it and threw it on his lawn, and it started a small fire on the lawn that burned a huge hole in the grass.

We continued the terror war for 3-4 months until his family finally made him move. They reported some of it to the police, but the police did not want to get involved.

I have had had some friends who also befriended gay men and went through the same shit. One said he was “this far” from punching the guy in the face because he would not stop with his sleazy remarks and propositions. Another went home with two guys from a bar who seemed really cool, but really they were fags. At first he could not figure out why they were acting so weird, but after a bit it dawned on him. He stayed there until very early in the morning and they never stopped with the hints, flirtations, and propositions. He told them he was straight but that never stops them.

I have since read a number of other accounts of straight men going through the same thing. A number of them said they were a few inches away from punching the fag in the face. I kept reading similar sentences like that over and over. These faggots push straight men right over the edge with their outrageous audacity and rudeness.

This is one reason I have never had a gay friend besides the fact that a straight man having a gay friend strikes me as the most bizarre thing on Earth.

They simply never stop trying to have sex with you.

I really hate gaybashing*, but they really do deserve it when they start acting like the men above. If you are a decent gay man, you really need to leave straight men the Hell alone and in particular learn to take no for an answer. But I absolutely oppose with all of my being gay men being bashed just for being gay. I have my own reasons for that as you can see under the asterisk below.

Everyone thinks gaybashing is so horrible, and a lot of it is, but I would estimate 50% is some fag like the above getting a well-deserved punch in the face.

*As a straight man, I have been gaybashed a few times myself. Once at age 16, again at age 21 and again at age 25. Once was with a baseball bat. Actually a large % of gaybashings are of straight men who are thought to be gay or accused by other straights of being gay. It is pretty humiliating to be a straight guy and get gaybashed so I figure most victims probably never report the crime.


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PUA/Game: The Ethical Pimp


The Ethical Pimp: How to Get Ass without Being an Ass, by Tim Mojo Moore.

Nice little ebook. It’s only 63 pages. Since I am such a tight bastard, I read it in part for free instead of forking over the money. Also the author is a little bit of a dick, so I almost did not want to pay him. But mostly I am just cheap and more than that broke as Hell.

I read 13 pages of this book. That’s 20% of it. Based on what I have read, this is actually a good book. I am not sure if it is redpilled. Maybe it is. Maybe it isn’t. But it’s not bluepilled at all.

Let’s face it, the PUA/Game Sphere is horrific.

Main problem with the Gamesphere? The truth they dish out so brutally is pretty awful, especially from the point of view of a Leftist, liberal, progressive, feminist or woman-loving man. Turns out you were taught a bunch of crap and lies about women. Turns out that most of the advice that women have been giving you all through the years is crap and lies. Turns out that most of what women have been telling you that they want all this time is mostly crap and lies. Turns out even your beloved Mom was wrong. That goes without saying, and men should not listen to their mothers when it comes to women anyway, but it’s still a bit painful if you love your mother like all good men do. And in my case, even my father was wrong.

And the lessons of the Gamesphere plays into a lot of what we were always told was old fashioned sexist lies about women.

The sad truth for all men, and especially for us men who love women, is that the truth about women, what they want, what they do and say, their worldview, and what works and doesn’t work with them is just awful. It’s enough to break your heart.


Red Pill and the Gamesphere is utterly horrific, but the tragic and cruel truth is that a lot of the things these awful men are saying are simply true. And if you reject their diabolical advice and try to be the nice leftwing feminist guy, you might just end up with a lot of problems with women. Now all men have women problems with women. The only men who don’t are gay men and dead men. If you have a woman, you have woman problems by definition. You can avoid these problems by being volcel or incel, but that’s no fun.

But there are degrees of this pain. And the idea as a man is to have as much success, fun and happiness with women as possible and as little failure, pain and misery as possible. And if the nice leftwing feminist stuff just leads to a lot of pain and failure with women, maybe you need to check your pointless values at the door and try something that works. If what works in enabling you to have happier, more fun and successful relationships with women is a little bit evil, well so be it. I don’t know about the rest of  you, but I am into success. If I have to be a bit evil to be successful, well I will blame God for that and go right ahead. If being a good guy and doing the right thing leads to failure, what’s the point? You hoping to get an A on your Life Report Card from Jesus? Screw it.

Look, if there is one truism in life, it is this:

  1. Do what works.
  2. Don’t do what doesn’t work.

The world is not a very moral place. Humans are really just mammals, and we are a result of tens of thousands of years of typically vicious Darwinian evolution. You play the game of life with the cards handed out to you by the world. I suppose the key is being as good as you can possibly be and still be successful. If you have to be a bit bad to make it in life, well, fine, but evil is usually best when kept to a minimum.

It is in this vein that this rather vulgar book is written. Tim is trying to show you how to get women without being a what women call a creep. He also doesn’t want you to be a douchebag or an ass. In the lawless Mad Max World of Third Wave Feminism, you are going to get called sexual harasser, sexual assaulter and maybe even rapist if you even try to have sex with women at all, but if  you follow this guy’s advice, you will get called that less and the charges will lose a lot of their bite.

Tim says you can be successful while avoiding all of these rather evil shortcuts men use to get what they want. He calls his formula being a “nice bad boy.”

I like it.

Heterosexual sex, like geopolitics, is a dirty game. Martyrs and choirboys need not apply. You’ve got to do what works. But you can always minimize your assholery along the way.

Carpe diem!













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Women Are Awful, but Men Are So Much Worse

Many of the  painful truths about women are considered downright misogynistic if you utter them in polite company. You spout out any of these truths, and you will be shot down as a creep, a pig, a pervert, a harasser, a rapist, a misogynist, a maniac, a serial killer, etc. You will be told that obviously you can’t get laid and have never been laid. You will be told until you are blue in the face that you hate women even though you search your mind and don’t find that emotion and maybe even never have, not that it matters. Instead, you feel like you’ve been loving them all these years.

Well, the painful truth about men is not so pretty either. I am not here to whitewash my gender. We are just awful. And as bad as women are, men are so much worse. Women are simply nuts, but that’s relatively easy to deal with because as a general rule, you deal with that mostly by semi-ignoring them and pretending to be sympathetic to whatever their latest Freakout du Jour is all about. Women are dangerous, aggressive and violent only verbally and psychologically and generally not physically, and even then, men are vastly worse.

Women are still the fragile and tender gender, and all of the frothings about the evils of women pale in comparison to men. As I said, even in verbal and psychological violence where women excel and are sometimes nearly Olympians, men are vastly worse. Men are much meaner verbally than women. And though a woman can be cold and cruel, that is nothing compared to the feral savagery of psychological and verbal violence that men unleash on the world day in and out.

Hey, it’s all down to hormones, eh? We men suffer from testosterone poisoning, and on top of that, we have a wonderful cultural disorder called Toxic Masculinity that I wouldn’t give up for a million dollars.

Face it, we men are born killers.

There are two types of men. Men who want to kill and do it, and men who want to kill and spend their whole lives painfully holding back their urges. So far I’ve apparently been in the latter group, and I think I would rather stay there, but I’ve definitely got that Repression defense mechanism down, let me tell ya.

Furthermore, the vast majority of men’s violence, especially physical but also verbal and psychological, is directed at men. I believe that 90% of men’s physical violence is directed at other men. The figure for homicide must be as high.

And that doesn’t count all of the ferocious assaults I have suffered that would not be considered attempted homicide. Like being beaten in the head with a baseball bat. Yes, it happened to me, but no, he wasn’t trying to kill me. So that doesn’t even count.

You women have no idea what we men deal with with other men. The vast majority of men’s hate, rage and physical violence is directed right at us. An overwhelming majority of the physical injuries and deaths from male violence are experienced by us men. You women think you’ve got it bad, but you ain’t seen nothing. All I have to say is feel lucky you are a woman. Just by virtue of being female, you are avoiding 90% of male violence of all types. You only get 10% of what men dish out. Think about it. You’re getting off easy, dammit.


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PUA/Game: Face It: The PUA/Gamesphere is Horrific, and Most of the Men are Monsters

Let’s face it, the PUA/Game Sphere is horrific. Roosh’s site and his horrifying Return of Kings are awful. r/redpill in Reddit is monstrous. Heartiste is so disgusting I can’t even read it.

The PUA/Gamesphere is not monolithic, though it might as well be. What it is at the end of the day is rather innocuous: men talking to other men about how to get women. The PUA bloggers are attempting to discuss how to get women. A lot of them are putting out their own ideas about how to do it. This in turn is picked up by the commenters, and you get whole discussions going. Roosh’s sites are not about Roosh telling you how to get women, though he is doing that. There are all sorts of other authors on there putting in their take on the subject, and there are countless commenters throwing in their own two bits. It’s a discussion group.

The PUA/Gamesphere has no particular guiding values other than a basic core view laid out by Roosh, Roissy and the rest of the ignoble bunch. Advise varies but centers around an essential core of concepts.

The Gamesphere is science-based. I have been watching it for a while and many of these men have actually been doing amateur scientific experiments to see what works and what doesn’t. And the Gamesphere is full of “I tried this and it didn’t work. Then I tried this instead and it worked.”

After you have hung around for awhile, you start to notice that there is a general redpilled sort of view of heterosexual relations that they are putting out. You can argue until you are blue in the face that it is all lies, but there are legions of reports of men trying on these attitudes and methods and often reporting dramatically better success with women.

The Gamesphere, in all of its awfulness and horror, is simply the ugly, brutal and vicious truths about heterosexual relationships. But Good God is that depressing.


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Male Empowerment, Cultural Left Style


The very definition of male empowerment, Cultural Left style. 

C’mon boys! What are you waiting for? Bratwurst tastes great! Try it sometime! Your wife will love you for it, promise! You won’t be a literal cuck faggot or anything like that! Oh Hell no! This is the new Manhood, guys! Move over Syl Stallone and Marlon Brando! Let these brave male blowfish show you the way! Women all over the land are clamoring for cuck fag male blowfish boyfriends! This is the way to get laid, guys! Do it now!

The Cultural Left has never just been all about liberation and basic rights for biological gay men and lesbians (a noble goal). Instead it’s been all about the normalization of homosexual behavior for all of  the rest of us and the promotion and encouragement of converting and recruiting straights to bisexual behavior.

I have studied the Gay Rights Movement for a very long time. Their true goals are much more insidious than the goals that they holler about in polite society, many of which are quite reasonable.

First thing you need to know is that it is nearly an axiom among gay men that there is no such thing as a straight man. All of us men are really just bisexual to some degree or another. Probably 90% of gay men believe this. This is a core belief of their culture. There are a few who buck the trend and say it’s wishful thinking and it’s not true, but they are a small minority. Unfortunately, far too many straight men have given gay men all too many reasons to assume this about us.

A longstanding goal of the homosexual movement has been to convert and recruit as many heterosexuals into bisexual behavior and a bisexual lifestyle. The reasons for this are obvious. There are millions of hot straight men, and gay men drool at the thought of getting their hands on them. You can hardly blame them. If I were a gay men, I would want as many straight men to be into bisexual behavior as possible. More hot guys to screw!

Nevertheless, the Gay Lobby is very dishonest about this issue, and they have always lied and said it’s not a part of their project.

Another part of their project is access to male children. I am uncertain if they want to convert and recruit male children into homosexuality. I am not sure if this can even be done. But they definitely want straight male adolescents to not take their sexuality for granted. They strongly promote sexual confusion among straight adolescent boys.

Adolescent boys are asked if they are “questioning” or not. This is a very bad thing to ask, as around puberty, many boys (1/3) are still uncertain of their sexual orientation. Encouraging them to to question whether they are gay or not will not lead to any positive benefits, but it may well cause a lot more boys to experiment with homosexuality. Really no one has to question their sexual orientation as to most boys, by a certain age, it is biologically fixed, and there is nothing to question.

Even unmistakably straight boys often suffer from a lot of sexual confusion where they worry that they might be gay. Fully 62% of all men have worried that they were gay at some point, according to a Playboy study in 1976. So this sort of thing is pretty common. Encouraging boys and young men going through this normal sexual confusion to get out there and experiment, see what you like, see what you don’t like, try it with guys, try it with girls, see what you like best (these are actual words of advice given to young men on many gay websites), is not the best way to handle this.

It’s best handled by a sober assessment of one’s true sexual attractions. Does the boy fantasize about sex with males or females? Does the boy check out males or females when out and about? When the boy is at the beach, who is “in the way,” the males or the females? What does the boy think about when he masturbates? Asking just a few of these questions is sufficient to perfectly determine sexual orientation with most males past age 15.

I know this because I often have to do sexual orientation assessments with my male clients due to the nature of my counseling work. After I ask a few questions like this, the sexual orientation of the male is usually quite clear very quickly. In other words, there’s nothing to question. Almost all males past age 15 already know their sexual orientation. There’s nothing to go round and round about, and encouraging people to do that just promotes needless neurosis and anxiety.

Articles like the above all the time in the Cultural Left media. And those of you interested in a racial angle might be interested to note that it is almost always a White man who is encouraging other straight men to get out there and suck a cock to see what it tastes like or get pegged in the ass by your girlfriend (a profoundly emasculating and feminizing sex act) because it feels so wonderful to pretend to be a gay man getting it up the ass from another guy.

I don’t like racial conspiracies, but if someone were to say that the Cultural Left is encouraging straight White men to discover what a penis tastes like or to play the profoundly feminizing role of being buggered San Francisco style by a dominant woman, I would not say they are off-base. Notice how the last one is encouraging straight White men to feminize themselves in the most profound way (getting buggered, even by a woman, is the ultimate feminizing act) while at the same time, in the ultimate feminist romp, encouraging White women to wear the pants, play the male role, dominate their wimpy cuck men, and essentially lord it over their men as superiors. All of which are long term goals of Female Supremacism, I mean Gender Feminism.

I can’t help but note why non-White men are never encouraged to engage in gay sex, get cucked and buggered by their domineering wives, etc.

I have no idea if this is a deliberate conspiracy, but it doesn’t have to be. Cultural projects have their effects whether their outcomes are deliberately promoted or whether it’s all accidental. The result is the same. So in a sense a lot of conspiracy theory is misguided. All that matters is the end result of the cultural project. Determining whether there is some devious hand promoting it intentionally or not is ultimately irrelevant and beside the point.

This is sadly what happens when you normalize homosexuality. You’re not just normalizing it for the 3% of the population who deserve such kindness, you’re normalizing it for everyone else too.

Solution? As usual, I doubt if there is one. Perhaps it’s best to just celebrate the decline and party it up until the ruins.

We are all dead too soon anyway.

Momento mori!


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