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Robert Stark Interviews Robert Lindsay about the Oregon Shooter

There is a new interview with me up. Mostly about the latest mass shooting. Give it a listen and let me know what you think.


Another Incel Shoots up College, 10 Dead, 7 Wounded
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What Is This Man Doing Wrong? ( Why hasn’t Game Worked?)


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What Attracts Women 3: Ext. Red Pill Remix

Incredible video. Guess what? Looks matter to women!

Towards the end they do an experiment on Plenty of Fish using male model pics. They do these experiments all the time over at Sluthate and the results are extremely interesting. Furthermore, they tend to very replicable!

So the made the POF fake profile using Chad, and boy does Chad look good! He’s a 10 if there ever was one. Almost as soon as the profile goes live, he’s getting messaged by women, over quite attractive ones. They were coming in at about one every 10 minutes.

They then asked the question of whether Chad needed Game, confidence, money, status, or any of that. They deliberately made him screw up horribly in conversations, made him act excessively forward and gross, more or less asking women to fuck, made him into a moron who couldn’t understand big words. One woman listed five personality traits that were mandatory in any man. Chad then says he fails on four out five. The women responds that the list isn’t set or anything like that, and he’s fine anyway. Suddenly her must-have personality traits all vanish into the win. She gives Chad her number and makes a date for the weekend. Every woman he talks to gives him her number pretty much.

Moral to the story: If you truly are Chad, you don’t need much of anything else. You can have lousy Game, a crap personality, the brains of a slug, act like a perverted, creepy jerk, be dead broke, have no ambition or prospects in life, and guess what…?

None of it matters!

Because if you are Chad, you really don’t need personality, Game, brains, tact, decency, money, money, ambition or prospects. In other words, you don’t need jack! Women are willing to overlook all of your shortcomings because your killer looks trumps them all.

However, I would say that if you are not Chad, any or all of that stuff may well come in handy. I always thought it was personality, confidence and Game that got me women, but maybe it’s not true at all. Nevertheless, I think there is something going on there because I doubt if I’m Chad anymore if I ever was. So if you’re not Chad, gather all the personality, Game, confidence, status, fame, power, money or whatever else you need and add it to whatever looks you have. Based on my own experience, I think that you could increase your SMV significantly.

In other words, Chad doesn’t need any of this stuff but the rest of you (us?) sure as Hell do.

In the middle there is an excellent section about Game fraudsters who sell the idea that looks don’t matter and all you need is Game. In one session, they don’t even tell a man with an obvious facial deformity (Crouzon’s Syndrome) that maybe he should lower his standards a bit due to his looks problem. Nope! Mr. Fucked Face can slay like the rest!

Video then follows (apparently shot in Spain) of the poor schmuck’s progress running Day Game and trying to meet women. He fails horrifically. An interview afterwards shows him nonplussed, confident and feeling great.

That video is pathetic. It’s sickening the way they sold this poor sucker a bill of goods. They got his hopes all ratcheted up for nothing at all.


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What Should Bald Men Do?

What should bald men do?

  1. Get transplants?
  2. Wear a hairpiece?
  3. Just go ahead and be bald?
  4. Get some hair seeds, put them on their head, put some dirt over the seeds, pour some water on top, sit out in the sun and try to grow some hair?
  5. Find a bald woman, marry her and have kids who will grow up to be bald?
  6. Kill themselves?


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By the Time a Woman Is 50 Years Old, a Man Will Have Tried to Murder Her

It’s not my place here to analyze men, but to say we are flawed is an understatement. No matter how bad I say women are, I honestly think we men are about 20X worse. I just don’t feel like analyzing men. I will let someone else do it. Maybe there should be women who devote themselves to the study of men.

The genders can’t really study their own very well. Feminists claim to study women, but their understanding of women is pathetic and self-serving.

The best articles I have ever seen on female nature were written by men. These men were often bastards, but the articles struck me as spot on.

The main problem with men is VIOLENCE. It is outrageous how aggressive and violent we are. ALL of the women I have dated recently aged 48-56 have either had a man try to kill them (been a victim of attempted murder) or had a man threaten to kill them. One was shot in the head by her husband. Another was raped and beaten so badly that she suffered temporary brain damage. She’s lucky to be alive.

Also most women ~ 50 years old that I know have been raped by men. It was mostly date rape, true, but one woman suffered a date rape that was far worse than most stranger rapes. Not all date rapes are relatively mild affairs.

Also most women I know ~50 years old have been molested as girls. In some cases, the molestation went on for years. Perpetrators were siblings and a friend of the father.

And all of these rapes and attempted murders were done to White women by White men. By all reports Black men are quite a bit more violent than White men. If this is how violent White men are to women, I shudder to think of how violent Black men are to women. It must be nightmarish.

I figure by the time a woman gets to age 50, one or more men will have molested her, raped her and tried to murder her.

That’s if she survives.

The violence we men commit against women, even the nonlethal variety, almost looks like a hurricane.

Men are probably even more violent against men than they are against women. I’ve already had one man sexually assault me (all he did was fondle me), and one another occasion, several men all tried to kill me.

What men do.

We try to kill women.
We kill women.
We rape women.


Because it’s what we men do.

Blacks create slums, Jews create anti-Semitism, and men molest, rape and kill women.


Because it’s what they do.


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Feminism Explained

That's pretty much feminism summed up. Alpha fucks, Beta bucks applies to feminists too, I am afraid.

That’s pretty much feminism summed up. Alpha fucks, Beta bucks applies to feminists too, I am afraid.


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Alpha and Beta Males and Why Women Blame Men

The guys who use girls for sex are the Alpha males

who are either:

1) Alpha males with the dark triad of mild sociopathy, narcissism and Machiavellianism, so it’s in his nature to be confident, charismatic, dominant, and get what he wants – sex


2) Alpha males who are simply attractive men with generally good faces and are generally muscular and over 6′ tall. So in this sense, even if he doesn’t have the Alpha personality, he still ends up using women for sex simply because women throw themselves at him and he doesn’t actively manipulate them into bed. This Alpha male simply has a ton of opportunity for poon and doesn’t have the self restraint to say no (granted it’s tough to say no).

So even if he’s a nice guy, he obviously can’t commit to the 3-10 or so girls a week that throw themselves at him, so girls get hurt. It’s worth noting that in this instance of the attractive Alpha, the man is not manipulating women to have sex with him. The women are voluntarily sleeping with him and pursuing him hungrily simply because he is attractive and tall.

The women are being shamelessly shallow in this instance, and it is nobody’s fault but their own when they get hurt. 90% of women cannot throw themselves at the top 10% of attractive men and expect them to commit to all of them.


On the other hand, Beta males – guys who are less attractive, less charismatic/dominant or don’t have the dark triad, have a harder time getting females. So they learn to hold onto one woman since they don’t get individual women that often. These guys do treat women well. Women sleep with the Alphas casually, not the Betas. So the claim that Beta males use her for sex is ridiculous. The guys who do want relationships are not users of sex. Nope, nope, and nope. Sorry ladies.

However, women use rationalizations to convince themselves of why the nice guy Beta male is somehow not a good guy. Whereas the Alpha actually wants to use her, and the woman lies to herself pretending, “Oh he’s probably a good guy deep down…” because she really badly wants the Alpha in the most carnal of ways.

The Beta male shows clear signs of loyalty, love, honesty, and she convinces herself he must be a creeper if he’s too affectionate or otherwise that he must “secretly be a player/jerk” even if he’s shown absolutely no reason for her to logically think that.

In fact women use very specific word choices to rationalize men they find attractive/Alpha vs. men they find unattractive/Beta. Even if the two men have exactly the same personality and behave in exactly the same way, if one guy is uglier or more of a Beta in general, women will call them this vs that.

Hot/alpha guys are “confident.”

Ugly/beta guys are “cocky.”

Hot/alpha guys are “intelligent, learned, cultured.”

Ugly/beta guys are “nerds, pompous, dorks.”

Hot/alpha guys are “funny, witty.”

Ugly/beta guys are “overcompensating, annoying, weird.”

Hot/alpha guys are “sexy and charming” when they make a move.

Ugly/beta guys are “creepy and stalkerish” if they make a move in the exact same way.

NOTE: By ugly I mean having an unattractive face or being short. Short oftentimes will do it right there. Very ugly or fat are often instant DQ’s. As a side note, it’s funny how women flip out about men being shallow regarding fat women, but women are also shallow about fat men. They say “I need a fit man who can protect me.” Uh, protect you from what? We live in a civilized society with advanced weapons a fat person can still use.

And women DQ and judge short men too.


When other girls sleep with hot/Alpha guys and get used, they do not want to blame the Alpha male specifically. To do so would mean she would have to admit to herself that her choice in men was bad and that she should lower her physical or dominance/Alpha standards to have a chance at keeping a man. Women don’t wanna do that. Not. One. Bit.

So what do they do? Instead, they like to lump all men together. And since women are like dogs in the sense that they naturally attack the weakest members of a tribe, women instead choose to lash out and take all their anger and frustration out on the weak, nice, passive men who can’t defend themselves, the Beta males. The Beta males get blamed for everything.

Even though the Betas wouldn’t dream of using a woman for sex and would love nothing more than to cuddle and love one woman, women still harshly judge the Betas. Women also judge the Betas because it makes them feel less guilty for rejecting them. Women don’t like to feel shallow and mean, so  instead they will deflect the blame onto the Beta even though the Beta has done nothing wrong.

They will use what Alphas do as an “excuse” to reject the Betas. Women use Beta males for emotional support, attention, and money. In essence, just like alphas use women for sex, women in turn virtually rape the Beta males by stealing/manipulating their time, attention, money and resources.

Ultimately, the problem is with women because women are responsible for their own life and sexual choices. Women want equality, don’t they? Women want equal wages, don’t they? Well then, they need to accept responsibility for their bodies and stop blaming men for who women choose to have sex with.


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What Attracts Women

I will go through these one by one here:

  1. Hypergamy
  2. Women’s dishonesty about what they’re attracted to being biologically hardwired because of them wanting one man to beta provide and another man to fuck her.
  3. Looks = Personality. Your personality and behavior are largely dictated by uncontrollable factors (how people reacted to you during upbringing, hormonal profile during puberty, your background, etc.).
  4. Social life and hence status being extremely affected by the way one looks.
  5. Men being more productive and contributing more to society and to general development throughout history, and how marriage and monogamy in the old days was a way to control and make sure that every man got his needs met and hence contributed to society. Basically one can easily conclude that female to male choice based mating selection is very bad for society overall.

Let’s start with 1 first.


Yep, females are hypergamous by nature. The Blue Pillers, feminists, male feminists, etc. are absolutely furious about this notion. They say it’s all a great big lie. Are they really that clueless?

But yes, female hypergamy is real. It is also a big problem if unleashed. In order to keep it at least manageable (because you can never get rid of it altogether), institutions such as marriage with enforced monogamy are devised so you can have a halfway civilized society and restrain female hypergamy significantly.

Women’s dishonesty about what they’re attracted to being biologically hardwired because of them wanting one man to beta provide and another man to fuck her.

Yep. Women lie about what they want. They lie about what turns them on. They lie about a thousand things. Why they lie so much, I have no idea, but I suspect that women don’t even know what they want or what turns them on either.

I do not agree with women wanting one man to be a Beta provider and another to provide stud service. Ideally, I think most women would like to marry Chad, tame him so he’s monogamous, and hopefully have Monogamous Chad Dream Man be a great provider for her so she doesn’t need to settle with a Beta as a provider.

You will notice that women’s romance novels are typically about this totally unrealistic dream man who is this hunky male model stud who is a man’s man, masculine as can be but at the same time sensitive, loving and kind, who has women after him all the time but settles down with the heroine after she tames him.

My mother notes that the male heroes of romance novels are men that more or less do not even exist in real life. So women’s dream men are so fantastical that they probably don’t even exist. They’re pining for nonexistent entities!

The problem that Alphas are often lousy providers. Many Alphas are not employed. A lot of others work in the criminal economy, often selling drugs, etc. A surprising number work at low paying jobs and continue to live in cheap apartments and drive old cars into middle age. A stunning number of Alphas are in jails and prisons. Many Alphas spend most of their life essentially living off women in exchange for providing what boils down to gigolo service.

Even if a woman could pin Chad into a long term relationship or marriage, Chad makes a lousy boyfriend and an even lousier husband. He tends to be an incorrigible cheater, among other things. He is at least a little bit narcissistic/sociopathic, he is typically vain, conceited and egotistical and is often rather short on empathy. In other words, Chad is an asshole.

So women don’t need a Beta provider. They need a provider, period. Chad would be the #1 pick of course, but he’s not available, so she settles for Mr. Beta with the good job as a provider. But now she still needs Chad for sex. What’s a lady to do?

Looks = Personality, your personality and behavior are largely dictated by uncontrollable factors (how people reacted to you during upbringing, hormonal profile during puberty, your background etc).

This is very sad, but there is probably a lot to it. I do not think we are doomed by what happened to us in junior and senior high school, but those experiences are so important that it is hard to overlook them. While no one has a set in stone lousy personality, we all have a certain personality type, and it is set by the end of adolescence.

There is a healthy and unhealthy side of each personality type. Even the Sociopath has a healthy mirror image called Aggressive Personality. The Borderline has Sensitive Personality. The Dependent has Loyal Personality. The Narcissist has Confident Personality. And so on.

A man with good looks often has so many great experiences during these formative years that he ends up with a nice personality pretty much locked in place by the time adolescence is over. The man who had a rocky road all through middle and late school years has a huge hurdle to overcome in transcending these traumas and becoming healthy.

Social life and hence status being extremely affected by the way one looks.

This is sad as Hell too, but there is probably a lot to it. People need to consider that when they see people with great/poor social skills and high/ low status that quite a bit of how high someone scores on those variables may be due to uncontrollable factors like looks.

Men being much more productive and contributing much more to society and to general development throughout history, and how marriage and monogamy in the old days was a way to control and make sure that every man got his needs met and hence contributed to society. Basically one can easily conclude that female to male choice based mating selection is very bad for society overall.

Women are not going to like this one. But I would agree that men create civilization. There have been periods in history when most of the men left, often to wars, and the society was left with mostly women to run the show. Things fell apart pretty quickly. Women simply can’t create or run civilizations. They need men to do that for them. Women can help the men run things, but they can’t do it alone. This is quite all right. Women can’t do everything. The sexes tend to need each other.

But since civilizations needed men to create them in the first place and then to run them, marriage and monogamy was a way to control society such that most if not all men got their basic needs met. Once their basic needs were met, these men would be able to do a good job contributing to society. Bottom line is a totally free market in marriage where women’s choices set the tone is probably going to cause all sorts of societal problems, like maybe mass shootings for one.


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Hypergamy Experiment

The site used was Fling.

Here is the pic that was used. She is nice looking, but she is also fat.

My position on here is that most women can pretty much have sex anytime they want to. I get a lot of enraged responses to that on here, mostly from male feminists and women. They say it’s just not true. By the same token, a man cannot just go out and grab a woman anytime he wants to.

Incredibly, most women actually believe that any man can have sex anytime he wants to. Women are incredulous when I tell them that that’s not so.

One woman asked me, “Well, can’t you just go to a bar? I mean you could go to a bar and there are all sorts of women in there to get picked up. Just grab one of them. How hard could it be?” But there are men who spend years in bars and clubs and come up empty handed. A bar is no guarantee of anything.

This shows how solipsistic women are. Women think, “I can have sex anytime I want to, therefore, men can do.” They generalize their own experience out to everyone else because they are so self-absorbed that they can’t conceive of people having different experiences than they do.

Anyway, this experiment was made to show that women can have sex anytime they want to. A profile of a pretty but fat woman was uploaded to Fling. Within only 1 hour, she had already had nine men email her. Nine. In one hour. And some of them look fairly decent. By the end of the day, she already had 30 messages. 30 men to choose from in one day!

Hypergamy experiment. Click to enlarge.

Hypergamy experiment. Click to enlarge.

Indeed, I am told that some women get incredible numbers of emails on these sites. I met a Mexican-American woman on a dating site once. She was 60 years old, but she looked fantastic. I could not believe she messaged me back. She told me she had just joined two days before and had already gotten 200 messages from men. And she chose me out of 200!

Are you folks starting to get it? Women, just like female animals, have lots of options. They have all sorts of male suitors to choose from, just like female animals. This woman who had nine men come to her in an hour? Guess what? She can afford to be very choosy. Very, very choosy. As choosy as Hell. How choosy? She can afford to pick the best men out of the scores to hundreds who apply for a date with her.

By contrast, I assure you that if you put a profile up on these sites as a man, you will rarely get an email. I am getting some now, but those are from women my age when everything starts changing, and there’s a man shortage. Since men hardly get messaged at all, they can’t afford to be very choosy. I mean how many applicants are they getting? Zero.

You can also try to go wild messaging women or sending them emails. My friend told me that you have to send 100 flirts to get maybe one in return. So that was what he did. He sat there and sent hundreds of winks a day. And yes, he did get dates, but he’s also Chad, and he’s a huge asshole and a liar to boot with his rich parents’ credit card.

My experience on those sites has been similar. You have to give hundreds of likes to get maybe one response who’s not a scammer. For women in my area, I think I got one response. I had better luck with women overseas, but then you need a plane ticket.

Think about it now. If you are maybe getting one response to every 100 likes, exactly how choosy are you going to be? Not very. Hence we have the old adage that men will screw anything. That’s because they can’t afford to be choosy.

I have a hard time understanding why we even have debates about such things. It’s like debating which direction the sun rises and sets. It’s so stone obvious.


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Alpha Fucks Beta Bucks Has Been the Norm All Through Human Evolution

Steve writes:

A society where 20% of men have a harem and 60-80% of men aren’t getting laid is a complete fiction.

Yet apparently at least statistically, this is what is happening on Ok Cupid. 80% of the women are chasing 20% of the men according to studies, leaving 80% of the men to battle over 20% of the women. And it looks like there is 60% lockout.

If you think it’s complete nonsense, why don’t you go on those dating sites and see how you do? Ever been on a dating site? I have been on lots of them. Hint: Dating sites are the biggest cockfests in town.

I have always known that of course 60% of men are not being locked out of the dating market. For instance, in my neighborhood, I would say that nearly 100% of the men around here have a woman. There’s no such thing as a man without a woman around these parts. If you are a man without a woman, people think you are really weird, and if you are White, they say you are a “pedophile” or “predator” simply because you don’t have a woman.

So 60% lockout is not happening here. However, most of the women these guys are with look pretty awful. Hambeasts, landwhales and other monstrosities abound.

There is some general truth to Alpha fucks, Beta bucks. When I was in high school, I looked around and said, “You know what? This is crazy. 10% of the guys are getting 90% of the (best) girls.” I didn’t even know what Alpha fucks, Beta bucks even was.

Yet we keep on hearing this. Someone on Spearhead said they had just gotten out of law school. They said most of the people there were going back to school, often in their late 20’s to early 30’s. They said that over the course of the time they were there, they witnessed almost all of the best women cycle through about 15% of the men at least once. They often didn’t stay with them long, but they did cycle through them. So the top 15% of the men at the law school got 100% of the best women at the school.

This sort of thing is true as sort of a “general truism.” You out and talk to some men sometimes. The more experience a man has with women, the more he is going to agree with Alpha fucks, Beta bucks. The men who don’t agree with it often don’t have a Hell of a lot of experience with women. Who should I listen to, the man who has lots of experience with women or the one who has little?

A society where 20% of men have a harem and 60-80% of men aren’t getting laid is a complete fiction.

You say that a society where 40% of them have a harem and 60% are locked out is science fiction, but do you realize that this is exactly what mankind has been like for most of our history. In the Paleolithic, almost all adult females bred. But only 40% of the men bred. It’s logical to assume that 40% of the men monopolized all of the women leaving the other 60% with zero. This would not be unusual at all as harems and mass lockouts are very common in higher mammals – see elk and seals.


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October Is Bash a Violent Bitch Month


Please feel free to celebrate accordingly.

This is the 5th annual Bash a Violent Bitch Month. I am so glad that they finally decided to set aside a month in order to promote this activity.

Bottom line is:

  • If a woman hits a man – She gets hit.
  • If a woman steals from a man – She gets hit.

Obviously the main reason for a lot of horrific violent and criminal activity that modern women engage in is because they think they can get away with it. If a woman knew she was going to get hit hard if she hit a man, she might think twice. Further, if the punishment for hitting a man was that she herself gets punched, she might think twice about stealing from us.

I am hearing more and more stories about women stealing from men. You go home with a woman to her place, have sex with her and leave in the morning. Turns out she rifled your wallet and stole $29. She also tried to steal your pants, belt and sandals when you went out to the car in the middle of the night, and she locked the door and would not let you back in.

You have a woman over at your place on a first date. She says give me some money for some booze and food. You give her $25. She vanishes out the door, never to be seen again.

The only solution is to start hitting them over some of these serious transgressions such as assaulting men and stealing money from us.

Should you beat her up? I do not think so.

How many times should you hit her? One good solid punch ought to be all it takes. Hopefully, you won’t cause any serious permanent injury to her body.


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