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Sexual Assault for Beginners

RL: Who is sending men to prison in the UK for banging a 15 year old or grabbing a woman’s tits 30 years ago?

Jason Y writes: Grabbing a woman’s tits? 😆 That sounds like naughty fun. Too bad the YouTube videos etc.. on the subject seem staged and fake.

I’ve done it. Grabbed their tits, their asses, their pussies or just their bodies in general. Or I just felt them up discreetly. I have not gotten in trouble yet. No female has pressed charges or even threatened to. But I don’t go around grabbing or even touching females all the time. I am very careful about how I do it, and I only do it if I can read some pretty strong green light vibes from her. If you’re not getting those vibes and you start grabbing or touching her, you are asking for trouble.

Once I was with a party after a concert, and we were going out to eat very late at night. This one woman, the lead singer of a fairly popular gothic punk rock band, had been teasing me all night, and I was starting to get mad. So as the group was walking into the restaurant, I grabbed her, shoved her into a wall and kissed her really hard. There was another woman there who I was also sort of dating, and she looked at me and said, “Boooooooob?” Then they purposely sat the woman I kissed a ways away from me at the table.

She got what she deserved. She deserved it for teasing me all night like that.

All the females I have touched, grabbed, forcibly kissed, etc. mostly went along quite willingly. I would estimate that 90-95% of the time I have grabbed, touched or forcibly kissed females, they just went for it, usually responding very strongly.

There was one time I had this 15 year old girl in my car with me late at night. We had just gone over to her friends’ house to buy some pot and cocaine. Her friend was this 17 year old girl who was living with this 39 year old guy. The guy started out dating her Mom who was about his age, and then he dumped her for the daughter. The girl seemed quite proud of this caddish behavior. They were totally cool people, both of them.

I got back to her place around 10 or 11 and parked in front of her house. We both just sort of looked at each other a bit, and I read the vibes that said it would be ok. So I just assaulted her very aggressively. I lunged at her and started making out with her like crazy, kissing her really hard. She totally went crazy kissing me back really hard like a maniac. That was all I did with her that night though because she lived at her parents’ house, and there was no place to go.

But you have to scope out the situation very, very carefully beforehand to see if it is going to be ok. When a female is giving off some pretty strong feelings or vibes like that, you can grab them, touch them discreetly, scratch them, tickle them or whatever just about anywhere.

If you don’t read the situation correctly and you’re not on a date, and you grab or even touch some female who does not wish to be touched, you are definitely committing sexual assault. That said, this sort of thing happens all the time.

But you are definitely risking it if you grab females who have not been giving off strong green light vibes beforehand. She might threaten to call the cops on you, or she might actually do so. And you can indeed be arrested for sexual assault for what boils down to attacking females like this.

If I do not get those strong green light vibes, and I am not on a date, I will not try to touch her at all. On a date of course, I always try to touch them, but you have to figure out how to do it just right or else you mess up the whole thing. And even on a date, you need to be reading the situation the whole time and looking for green lights.

Grabbing women is actually called sexual assault in the law. Every time you grab some woman’s body in however way or grab her and kiss her really hard, it’s called sexual assault because you are supposed to ask permission to do these things I suppose. But I’ve never asked permission to do any sexual things in my entire life outside of a bed, where things are quite different.

Bottom line is if you don’t “assault” females, you will probably die a virgin.

Asking a female permission to do anything sexual with her is insane because she will probably say no.

The rule #1 of seduction is to not give her a chance to think about anything sexual. You want to get her to shut off her brain any way you can because as long as her brain is clicking along, she will often bail on various sexual activities. You want to get her into a situation where her brain is shut down and she basically can’t control herself around you anymore. She might hate you for making her lose control of herself, but that’s part of the game. Never ask permission to do anything. Just do it.

In dating, assault is mandatory.

It can be very gentle assault where you grab her chin tenderly, look deep into her eyes and slowly bend down to kiss her very softy, sweetly and lovingly. But it’s still assault technically if she decided she didn’t want to do it. If she goes along with it, I suppose it’s not assault. So committing sexual assault in one way or another is mandatory if you are going to date at all. Later when she gets to be a close girlfriend, you can discuss things more, but I still would never ask her if she wants to have sex. That’s giving her a chance to think.

Have fun sexually assaulting women, guys!

But be very careful, and don’t get carried away. A jail cell is not a fun place to be. I have been in those cages a couple of times. You probably never want to go there at all if you can help it.


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Shakespeare Updated

“First thing we do, let’s kill all the feminists.”

– Robert Lindsay, channeling William Shakespeare

I am serious.

Feminists need bullets.

These satanic harpies have for all intents and purposes declared war to the death against us men for the crime of having sex with females is how I see it.

They’re out to ruin our lives forever, get us put on fake sex offender lists for life, jail us for merely having sex with females of any age, imprison us for merely touching females of any age, jail us when girls pretend to be adults and trick us into sex, when  women say, “Don’t cum inside me!” and five minutes later we do, when we have sex with women with broken condoms, when we have sex with women without condoms, when we have sex with our own wives, when we use trickery to get a woman into bed (this is arguably the definition all of seduction – seduction is all about tricking women into bed), when we have sex with a drunken woman, when e don’t get consent from women in writing before we have sex with them (!?), when as children we play doctor with each other in childhood sex play, when as teenagers we take nude photos of our own selves (!?), when we pay legal aged teenage girls for sex, when we have sex with one of our legal aged or even adult students, when as teenagers we exchange nude pics of ourselves with each other, when as teenagers we talk dirty to each other on the phone, when as adults we talk dirty to teenage girls on the phone, when as adults we so much as kiss teenage girls, when as adults we so much as talk to teenage girls (!?), when we as 13 year olds run through the hallways slapping girls’ butts, when we misrepresent ourselves in order to have sex with women (which arguably is one of the essential methods of seduction).

The feminists want us arrested and strip searched, all of our possessions ransacked and some of them destroyed, charged with serious crimes that land us 10-20 years in prison, convicted of these crimes and sent to prison for decades, and put on the sex offender registry for all of time.

In other words, the feminists’ agenda is to destroy as many men’s lives as possible. Them’s fighting words, bitches.

We didn’t start this war, the feminists did. We didn’t ask for it, it came to us.

There will be no truces, no ceasefires, no armistices, no peace talks, no prisoner exchanges and of course no humanitarian missions. There won’t even be any refugees unless we men turn celibate.

This war will only end when one side takes out the other one. Either we take out the feminists, or the feminists take us out.

There will be no peace with the feminists.


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The Sixth Decade of Life: Welcome to the Sexual Desert

SHI writes, referring to this post: I’m at 200+ already. How are threesomes supposed to be enumerated? Two or one notches in the bed?

It gets confusing when you have been in orgies involving multiple women and even men (not in a gay way though but it was a bit unnerving to see so many dicks on display). But the most decadent thing I ever participated in is something I simply don’t feel free to discuss. It was in Uzbekistan.

Add two for every threeway, but I’ve never been in one anyway. Never been in an orgy either. Threeway sounds interesting, but how often do you meet two hot women who both want to screw your brains out at once? Basically never.

I don’t like to call them notches, but a lot of men do.

I am at 111, for what it’s worth.

It was all about a huge complex to prove I wasn’t gay. I mean I know I’m not gay, but the complex is I think other people think I am. So the idea was I would try to break Wilt Chamberlain’s record, and then people would quit calling me gay.

It didn’t even work. All they did was start calling me bisexual! Thanks a lot! I finally sort of gave up when I realized that I could have screwed half the women in LA and I wouldn’t change even one mind. Anyway, as far as psychological complexes go, I must say that this has been one of the more fun ones.

Anyway, I am not even at Casanova’s, but that’s just fine. I think I am going to die at 111. It doesn’t look like I will be adding any new ones anytime soon or maybe ever. Oh well, it’s an interesting looking number, and plus it’s been a good ride. I can die happy right this minute.

Most of the women in my age range either look like wild animals, or they have simply given up sex and men altogether or honestly both. The % of women who give up all sex after age 52 is extremely high.

Menopause kills the female sex drive. Period. Of course women lie about this, but then women lie about everything. Women lie and say, “Oh no, menopause doesn’t kill women’s sex drives. It only does it for some women, and for others there is either no affect or it even increases their drive.”

I’ve known six postmenopausal women so far, and three women told me they were done with sex. One who said she wasn’t was not dating and didn’t seem to be interested in starting. The other was very nice, but sorry, I don’t want to date grandma. Another was apparently into it, but she was 67 years old, so I was a bit leery.

In my age bracket, 50% of married women had zero sex last year. Zero! As in none! Zero, sip, nada. And those are the married ones. For the single ones, it’s probably even worse.

For some stupid reason, I went to a meeting of the local Senior Singles up in the mountains. Apparently I am eligible, as you get in if you are over 55.

I figure there was one woman there who was still having sex, and supposedly she was only 54 but sneaking in. And she was making herself really inaccessible to me. All of the rest of the women seemed to have just about zero interest in meeting a man for dating or really for anything. The men didn’t seem to be interested in meeting women for dating or sex either. The guy across from me seemed like he was down, but the women he was hitting on (my aunt) was not interested.

This was a local singles meeting where nobody was trying to pick up on anybody! Nobody was looking for a date. Nobody was looking for sex. Nobody was looking for a relationship. Nobody was looking for anything! It was pretty incredible, but I guess this is it from now on in.

That was the stupidest singles meeting I have ever been to.

And at my age, I am basically an Omega as far as most young women are concerned. They are a very few young women who are into me, but that number is small. I think the % of young women who are into men my age must be vanishingly small. Granted, there are a few young women who are into guys my age, but I figure it’s less than 1%.

And most women in their 30’s and 40’s do not seem to be interested either. I don’t run into many of them, but the ones I do run into seem to be saying, “Get lost.” I think some women my age might be interested in me, but I take one look at them, and I wonder why they are not in a zoo instead of running loose in society. Think of the children! I look at them and I think, “Get away from me! You look like a monster!”

I’ve been doing great with women my whole life, and now it’s a desert, and I’m an Omega. What the Hell, man? What the Hell is going on?


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Winners of Most Valuable Player and Player of the Year Awards Down through History

Who were the most spectacular womanizers of all time? The list below is an attempt to codify the greatest ladies men that ever walked the planet.

  1. Tony Ferrino – (?) 30,000+
  2. Fidel Castro (head of state) – 29,200+
  3. Wilt Chamerberlain (sports star) – 20,000+
  4. John Holmes (actor) – 13,000+ HIV positive
  5. Warren Beatty (actor) – 13,000
  6. Georges Simonon (writer) – 10,000+
  7. Thomas Peffer – (?) 8,200
  8. Umberto Billo (hotel porter!)- 8,000
  9. Charlie Sheen (actor) – 5,000+ HIV positive
  10. Gene Simmons (rock star) – 4,600+
  11. Jack Nicholson (actor) – 2,000+
  12. Kenny Chesney (rock star) – 2,000+
  13. Magic Johnson (sports star) – 1,000+ HIV positive
  14. Lord Byron (poet) – 250+ (250 in one year)
  15. Casanova (aristocrat) – 122

I realize it is quite hard for a woman to transmit HIV to a man, but am I the only one who finds that fully 20% of these men were HIV+? I suppose it’s possible that once you have sex with a thousand females or more, perhaps you tempting fate and pushing your luck as far as female transmission to males goes.

Let’s all take a moment to throw a shout out to all of these fine men, some of the best examples of our gender in all of history. But how come the Guinness Book of Records doesn’t cover this?

Oh one more thing. Go to Hell feminists!


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One More Problem with the Cultural Left “Homophobes Are Gay” Argument

RollD writes:

And besides, why can you be “accused” of something so noble and righteous by those who are the thing? Aren’t they “proud” of it? How is something they are proud of an “accusation?” Did you ever hear a communist (red, not pink) angrily and acidly accuse a “conservative” of being a communist in an effort to out him?

I doubt the folks are actually proud of themselves.

Exactly. It’s like a Communist pointing to a conservative and yelling, “You fucking pinko scum!” It’s so crazy.

This is another problem with the “Homophobes are gay” argument. The people using this argument are gays, bis and trannies and their Cultural Left allies. If they catch you criticizing gays, they start screaming that you are gay yourself. They act like it’s a complete insult when really they should be praising you and giving you a medal of honor for Sexual Valor in the Midst of Butt Combat.

So being gay is either the greatest thing since sliced bread or it’s a horrible insult. By screaming, “Homophobes are gay!” these idiots are also screaming that being gay is a terrible thing and it is a huge insult to call someone gay.

Bottom line is at the day all these Cultural Left types screaming, “Homophobes are gay!” are really just calling people faggots. They are pointing to homophobes and screaming, “Fag! Fag! Homo! Faggot! Cocksucker! Queer!”

Honestly it doesn’t make any sense at all, but most of the lies of the Cultural Left and Gay Lobby are pretty irrational.

I was over at Data Lounge once and I reading some threads on “Are homophobes gay?” If you are interested in any of these topical Gay Politics questions and can stomach the gays without freaking out, it’s a great site. All I have to say is that if most gay men were like those Data Lounge guys, I would probably like gay guys 100X more than I do now.

Well it was a very interesting thread. Of course there were plenty of Cultural Left types on there screaming, “Homophobes are gay!” But then a number of other actually sensible gay men were answering them. They were saying, “Look I know these makes us feel good to call our worst enemies queers and sure it’s true in some notorious cases, but I don’t think most homophobes are any gayer than any other straight guy. Maybe even less. As painful as it is for us to admit, gay men need to face the fact that some people just hate us so much that they practically want to kill us. They hate us because of what we do. They think it’s sick and disgusting. These aggressive homophobes are not necessarily gay. Instead they are just huge assholes who really, really hate us for whatever reason. I know it is hard to face up to that.”

I thought that was a pretty cool response.


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A Cultural Left Lie: Strongly Homophobic Men Are Really Gay

Hasbrudal: As for the guy who freaked out over being hit by another guy. Methinks the lady doth protest too much.

Jason Y: I suppose it would depend on the person’s personality. A person drawn toward racism and homophobia is going to react way worse than some hippie guy.

Hasbrudal: and so would a self loathing homosexual.

Jason Y: Good point. How do we know this guy who is a homophobe isn’t a homo himself? I mean, really what’s the big fucking deal? I mean why would someone be so obsessed with gays, when most straight guys just ignore the issue.

It is basically a Cultural Left lie that guys who are super homophobes or who freak out if some gay makes an unwanted advance are gay themselves. It’s just not true. Obviously there are a few cases like that, and I could tell you some wild stories from my life* but in my experience, the guys who were like, “I hate faggots” the most were the most macho of all, were the least gay and were the least likely to do anything gay. There was a strong correlation that way.

On the other hand, there seemed to be a correlation that the more non-macho or let us use the word feminine* (as opposed effeminate like a gay man acts – acting like a woman) the guy was and the more ok and even accepting he was of gays, in many cases, he was sort of gayish himself, and I saw a few of these guys experiment with gay sex or even more than experiment. I’m a little worried when I see a straight guy who is extremely ok with gays. Historically in my life, that has sometimes been a red flag thing.

A little homophobia goes a long way, and it’s not even a bad thing. After all, why do most straight guys react violently and almost phobically to the thought of gay sex? And don’t give me the Cultural Left lie that “Well, obviously they don’t have it in them” because straight men have a tremendous capability for bisexuality when pushed that way, and as we saw before, fully 1/3 of straight men have at least some homosexual arousal.

The reason so many straight guys would rather take a bullet to the head that have sex with a guy is because they are homophobic! It’s the homophobia that making them react that way. So I say, “Thank God for homophobia!” It does have its uses you know. If you want to minimize the amount of men having gay sex in your society, just dial up the homophobia.

And once a man is extremely “Hey, whatever dude! There’s nothing wrong with it, man! There’s nothing wrong with gay sex!” Well, if there’s nothing wrong with it, then why not just go out and do it a bit or at least experiment a bit? I mean there’s nothing wrong with it, right?

If you are interested in questions like this you might want to head on over to Data Lounge, the coolest gay site on the Net. They talk about this and a lot of other issues that straight men might be interested in:

  • How can you tell if a man is gay or not?
  • Are bisexuals really gay after all?
  • What’s the difference between feminine and effeminate behavior?
  • Do most straight men have or want a gay friend?
  • Are aggressive homophobes really gay?
  • Does gaydar even work?

Of course, there is some Cultural Left infection over there as you would expect with any group of gay men. But a lot of those guys are really cool and will give you a lot of answers that completely go against the Cultural Left lies on all of these topics.

It’s also the only place I have ever met men who truly understand the meaning of masculinity (that’s where I heard the brilliant phase “quiet masculinity”).

It’s totally pitiful that some of the least masculine men of all, gay men, are apparently the men who understand things like masculinity far better than most straight men or straight women. The overwhelming majority of straight men and even women are too wrapped up personally in notions of masculinity – usually crazy notions – that they just can’t think straight about the issue. I have found that when straight women get to age ~50, they finally start to get it as far as what masculinity really is, as opposed to the bullshit lie that society says it is – “macho = masculine, not macho = not masculine,” which is crap.

There are also a number of straight women and a surprising number of straight men on some of those Data Lounge threads.

* I know of a case of a man who was violently homophobic and was always accusing other straight men of being gay due to the way that they acted. None of these guys were effeminate, but a lot were sort of “feminine” as I describe below. One time he beat one of those straight guys with a baseball bat while screaming, “Faggot! Faggot!” That’s a pretty extreme case, but it also shows you that a lot of straight guys get gay-bashed too (homophobia isn’t limited to gay guys).

That’s also a pretty extreme case. However, later I heard from someone who roomed with him later that he had found gay porn under the guy’s bed! I knew this homophobe well, and no way was he gay. He wasn’t a 100-0 either. I suspect he was maybe a 90-10 or an 80-20 at most. It’s not so much that some violent homophobes are really gay. What’s more likely is that some, while being mostly straight, may have a small amount of homosexual attraction that really freaks them out so they project away in reaction to that.

But there have been a few wild homophobes who later came out as gay or at least bisexual. That’s called reaction formation. But I doubt if that is what is going on with most aggressive homophobes. A lot of these guys are just macho assholes who really, really hate homosexual men. Gay men need to get that through their head and get off the “homophobes are secret gays” trip. That’s just a self-serving defense for gay men.

** For a straight man to have some feminine traits is not a bad thing, and there’s nothing wrong with it. Being soft-spoken, gentle, passive, sensitive, liking to read, write, and cook, etc. falls into this category. In fact, I would consider myself to be pretty “feminine” like that myself (but then there is another part of me that is super-macho, so I am a weird mixture – an androgyne), but the Hell if I am effeminate, as a lot of gay man are, that is, the Hell if I act like a woman.

I would be mad if someone said I acted effeminate, and I’ve heard it a few times. It’s a great big insult, and I just don’t see it that way. I figure anyone who says that is either an idiot or obviously doesn’t know me very well. Because no one who truly understands me would ever say that.

I have seen a lot of straight men to be somewhat feminine like this. But these men often have a sort of a quiet masculinity about them as well that most people are too retarded to spot (but of course I can spot it). But one thing straight men usually are not is effeminate as in acting like a woman. A few straight guys are sort of faggoty like that, but it’s just not common, thank God.


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A Gay Reader Requests Advice

WillS writes:

I have a client that I cut his hair and he knows I’m gay But he still comes to me. Every time I cut his hair I feel the same vibe he is really good looking and I make no secret of that. Now he says he is straight and my life style is not for him but he would never judge me but I can’t help the feeling that he would do a little something if he knew he could get away with it. I mean when I shampoo his hair I give a long scalp massage ,take my time on cut and styling then when all is done I massage his shoulders. Now I know when a “straight man” doesn’t want all of that. What could I say or ask to find out 100% rather he would play in our play ground.

This is so difficult for me. Sorry my gay friend. I really do not have any good advice to give to a man for picking up another man for gay sex! Because I’ve never even done it! It’s a tough call because it is very easy to infuriate someone when you make a pass at them. I can imagine that it must be difficult for a gay man to make a pass at a man who is basically straight. Many straight men could  act with outrage and fury which is how a lot of women act when men ask them out. For straight men it must be even more enraging because a gay man made a pass at them.

I don’t feel bad about giving this gay guy some advice because the straight man’s behavior could be seen as slightly suspicious. Also I figure it’s inevitable that any very goodlooking man gets hit on by homosexuals all the time. Since this man is very goodlooking, he’s dealt with gay and bi men quite a few times before and he’s unlikely to flip. Also to the charge of promoting gay sex I would just say that if this straight guy is as straight as he says he is, he will simply turn down the gay man for sex.

If he doesn’t turn him down, I figure that that is because he is already interested in such things, and it is not unusual at all for predominantly straight men to engage in a bit or more than a bit of gay sex on the side. I’ve seen so much of this in my life it is shocking.

I’ve always been able to tell if a man is gay or bi or not because honestly if you spend a bit of time around a gay or bi man, he starts to give off some pretty strong vibes like he is attracted to you in a sexual way. There’s nothing special about the vibe. It simply looks exactly like the vibe a woman gives off when she has a sexual interest in you, real or otherwise.

But my gaydar has gotten a bit broken in the last several years because much to my surprise, young obviously gay men do not give off that “I’m attracted to you” vibe that almost all gay men give off. At first it shocked me, but then I decided humbly that it must be because I am getting old. I’ve long known that 98% of young women are just not interested in me anyway, and I assure that those same women would have acted a whole lot differently if they had met me when I was young.

So if it works for women, surely it works for men too, although young gay men seem to retain the attraction for older men a lot longer than young women do. I’m so old now that I simply don’t even turn on these young gay guys anymore! Amazing. But then, like so many other things, you simply say, “Ah,” and feel that blink of recognition where so many seemingly complicated things are surprisingly logical and simple once you strip away all the barriers to meaning and grab at the true deep meaning behind so many seemingly disparate things.


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Nobody Wants the Old Guys

There are young men in this town who are obviously gay and they don’t even seem to be interested in me, and they would have been when I was younger, that’s for sure.

But if I change it from official business (ordering something at a counter) to more friendly banter, I do see something turn on in them. I suppose that it’s inevitable that as a man ages, he not only becomes less attractive to women, which is obvious, but he also becomes less attractive to men. It’s more that that thought never even occurred to me.

But now thinking of it, they say in the gay community, “Nobody wants the old guys,” and the position of an older gay man in the gay world is even more tragic than many gay lives are already. If you think straight culture is youth-obsessed, you should check out gay male culture. It’s insanely youth obsessed.

Some say it is so bad that once you are over 25, you are considered an old man and are no longer desirable. Quite a few older gay man compensate for this by entering into Daddy-Son type live-in relationships where the older man plays the Daddy and the younger man is the “son.” I have seen some of these relationships and I have heard about many others. It’s not uncommon that the older man is paying the young man’s way at least in part in these relationships. I don’t know a whole lot about male prostitution, but I have heard that it is often older gay men with some money buying sex from very goodlooking young gay men who would apparently be not very accessible otherwise.

If there are any gay men among our readers, perhaps they could give our gay friend here some advice?


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Prostitution Is Created By Artificial Scarcity

The prostitution market is created by scarcity.

Some capitalist markets are also driven by scarcity. There is obvious scarcity in all capitalist markets.  There is a scarcity of fruits and vegetables because we can’t just go out and pick our own in the wild fields for free; there is a scarcity of IPhones because we can’t make our own smartphones, on and on. However, some capitalist markets are characterized by artificial scarcity.

I believe that the precious gems market is such a market. The whole market is controlled by if not one family (of Jews) than by one ethnic group or extended family if you will (of Jews). The gems are mined by a Jewish family in South Africa, and then the market is run by Orthodox Jews in Belgium and New York. However, my understanding is that they only mine a certain number of diamonds in order to make them quite scarce and that they could easily mine many more diamonds, but that would flood the market and drive down the prices.

There may be some other markets like this but I can’t think of any offhand.

The artificial scarcity that creates the straight prostitution market is one of differential sex drives. Males desire and give out sex much more than females do. Females are dramatically more choosy and less promiscuous than males, and there’s your artificial scarcity right there.

This is why I laugh whenever people insist that men can get sex anytime they want to. Almost all women believe this. This is because women are solipsistic by nature. Women know that any woman can have sex anytime she wants to, so, in their solipsism, women assume that the same must be true for men too because they are so wrapped up in themselves that they cannot imagine life as a man.

To this day, women insist to me that a man can get sex anytime he wants, although they admit that it’s a bit of a hassle. Women often tell me, “Well, all a man has to do is go to a bar, right, and then he can get a woman? I mean if a man goes to a bar, it’s a given that he can find a woman to take home and have sex with her.” Hey, head on over to the Incel sites, and tell them that all they need to do is go to a club or a bar, and they can all get laid that night, guaranteed.

Just going to a bar or a club is no guarantee whatsoever that you can pick up a woman to take home and have sex with. I have been to bars and clubs many times, and at the end of the night, I was driving home alone in my car. And it wasn’t like I was turning down women all night. Quite a few times there weren’t even any to turn down.

The thing is that once sex gets so liberated that any man can go to a bar or club and be guaranteed of free sex that night, there goes the Whore Market. There goes the Sugar Daddy Market. There goes the Kept Woman Market. There goes the Trophy Wife Market. It is in women’s interest to create an artificial shortage of sex in the form of available women. By doing that, like the DeBeers, the female sex can drive up the cost of sex due to supply and demand, provision money and material things from men and incidentally create a massive and lucrative whore market for women.

Every time a woman tells me that any man can just go to a car or club and walk out with free sex for the night, I laugh and tell her that’s not so. “If it were that easy for men to have sex, then why is there is a Whore Market?” And it’s true. In a post-scarcity world of heterosexual sex, there would probably be little or no whore market. Why would there be one at all? If most men could get it for free anytime, why would they spend good money to buy a whore? Makes no sense. Indeed the fact that a vast whore market exists at all is proof positive that, no, men cannot just go out and get some free sex anytime they want to.

But the gay male prostitution market seems to prey not on an artificial scarcity of differential drives and willfulness but more on an artificial scarcity due to age.


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Why Do Women So Often Become Furious and Hateful If a Man Is Interested in them Sexually?

I mean I have a lot of experience with women, but still all through my life, women have flipped when I asked them for their phone numbers or asked them out. They practically acted like they were going to call the police on me. I really do not understand why women need to flip out so much just because some guy finds them attractive and wants to go out with them. Why is it “evil” if he does this?

I mean everyone needs sex, love and sexual companionship. All adults do. It’s a need like eating. Do people flip out when someone goes into a restaurant and orders a burger? No? Well then why do women flip out, go insane and start hating our guts when we merely ask them for their phone numbers?

I don’t get it.


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