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Are Straight Men as Likely to Have an Effeminate Affect as Gay Men?

Another question answered in Quora. The Cultural Left BS is that gay men are no more likely to be effeminate than straight men. It’s a lie. A flat out lie. Why they say this, I have no idea. I suppose they think associating effeminacy with gay men will lead to homophobia and bigotry. But that’s not a good reason to lie.  This is just one more thing the crazy Gay Lobby or Gay Identity Politics faction of the Cultural Left lies about, and this faction tells many a lie.

I would recommend Chris’ response below. It’s not PC but it’s correct. Gay men are vastly more likely to be effeminate than straight men. There’s no contest.


Straight men, as a group, are far more likely to fear being considered effeminate if they express perfectly normal variations in gender expression.

They are heavily socialized to this view.

Exactly. Straight men are extremely paranoid of being considered gay. Which ones? Well, just about every straight man I ever met? They will go to incredible extremes so as not to be perceived as gay. This is the main reason for the exaggerated hypermasculine behavior you see in so many straight men. To me, one reason for hypermasculine behavior is a way of screaming at the world: “I’m not a faggot!” The more hypermasculine they are, the louder they are making that statement.

Considering the straight men I have known, one of the worst possible insults would be to tell them that they act or you thought they were gay. Just imagining the straight men I have known and imagining me implying that they act gay, I can see almost every single one of them getting angry about that. Some might get dangerously angry. It’s a real slap in the face. I generally never imply that about any straight man because I don’t want to get hit or killed. To me that’s a good way to get punched. In some places, the person might even try to kill you. It’s not worth it.

I’m not sure why straight men do not want to be perceived as gay but they just do. Obviously it’s all wrapped up in masculinity but there is more to it than that. For one thing, to be a straight man perceived as gay is an endless headache in straight society both with women and men. And don’t even bring up girlfriends. Straight society simply does not accept straight men who are perceived as gay in any way. They’re not ok with it. Period. It’s just one never ending pain in the ass. The best way to not have your life weirded out by this situation is to act as hypermasculine as possible. Problem solved.

Another reason is that if you act hypermasculine, you can often can along better with other straight men. It’s easier to bond with them if they don’t think you’re a pussy. And bonding with straight men is quite difficult if they suspect that you are gay. A close friendship is nearly impossible. Being respected as a fellow masculine man earns massive points in straight society.

One more thing. It sounds nuts, but there is no down side to hypermasculinity. I don’t really act that way as am a bit of a pure androgyne (extremely strong masculine side by also a strong feminine side).

But sometimes I get a complex where I worry about my behavior and I try to compensate by angrily acting in what to me is an absurdly exaggerated masculine way. This behavior seems so odd to me that I am amazed that everyone is not laughing in my face when I act this way. But bizarrely, no one will laugh at you. No one will ever look at you twice. And a whole lot of men who were not friendly to you before show a strange new respect for you. They signal to you, nodding their heads or giving thumbs up. They are saying you are one of us, the hypermasculine guys, oh man do I respect that, Hell yeah.

A lot of these men will be older White men, but others will be “redneck” working class young White men. No one is going to give you any problems for this behavior. Everything is going to go smoothly with every man you meet. Considering that hypermasculine behavior smooths the way so much in straight society, why should we be surprised if men do it.

Another thing is women. Women are more attracted to hypermasculine behavior than you might think and it’s not uncommon that it actually turns them on mentally or physically. Where I live, the women are all Hispanics and they never look at me twice. When I go into hypermasculine caricature mode is the only time they look at me with sexual interest.

There are other reasons too. For instance, if you are straight, the more effeminate you act, the more like gay and bisexual men are going to come after you sexually. So hypermasculine behavior is surely seen as a way of warding off gay advances. I would say that it works pretty well too.

One of the responses to Chris’ answer says that all males have these effeminate behaviors, but the straight men just had it beaten out of them. That’s sad but true. The socialization of straight boys is quite a brutal affair and a lot never really make it out without scars. It’s like Bootcamp for Manhood. Boyhood is training and socializing period for becoming a man. Little boys are quite sissy, sensitive and wimpy. They break into tears a lot. As you get older as a boy, you learn pretty quickly that boys who cry get hit.

There was a boy in 5th grade named DN. He was called “Fig” for short as a first name for reasons I won’t go into. “Fig” got turned into “Fag” awful fast. He was an extremely sensitive boy who always looked like he was going to cry. Worse, he had the habit of always busting out in tears, often at school. My memory is of incidents where people would say, “Look! DN is crying! Beat him up!” Then I would rush over with about twenty other boys to kick DN’s ass.

It was deliriously fun to beat up this boy who cried all of the time. In case you think I am a sociopath, many other boys joined in, and most were quite normal, not the bad bullies at all. Just regular, violent boys. Of course, the more we beat him up, the more he cried, so it was sort of dumb to hit him, but 10 year old boys don’t think like that.

Why did we beat him up? We beat up for crying, mostly crying for no reason, also just for crying way too much. I never thought twice about why we attacked him instantaneously for crying. It was almost a primal thing. The message is pretty clear, right? You cry and you’re going to get your ass kicked. Man up. Boys don’t cry. A man never cries. Get it?

I am actually afraid to cry nowadays because I honestly think someone is going to hit me because I associate tears with fists. When we were boys, we played a lot of games. One of them was called Kill the Man on the Hoppityhop. It’s a violent game, but boyhood for straight boys is quite a violent affair. You either make it through or you don’t. Boot camp. This game involved riding in a gigantic rubber ball with a handle that you could actually travel along on by bouncing it up and down. You could bounce your way all across a yard on that thing.

In the game, one boy would ride the hoopityhop while all of the other boys would try to throw him off. The boy riding the hoppityhop had to stay on the ball and at the same time fend off all of the attackers. The attackers were pretty violent about throwing you off the ball. Another name for Kill the Man on the Hoppityhop was Smear the Queer.

Think about that. The boy on the hoppityhop was the “queer.” You know what queer means. The job of all of the other boys was to basically destroy the queer riding the ball and throw him of the ball. Whoever was the queer got smeared. Everyone tried to destroy you and throw you off the ball. What’s the message here? Queers get smeared. Queers get attacked and destroyed. If you are a Queer, all of the other boys will attack you with violence. It’s pretty obvious the message that gets internalized with such games.

And that was not the only homophobic of femininephobic game that was played in my youth. It was only one of many.

Are you speaking of effeminate behavior or feminine behavior? Because they are very different. Effeminate means acting like a woman. Feminine is very different. A feminine man might be soft, sensitive, pretty, like to cook, gentle, passive, quiet, like to read or write, and maybe do some other stereotypically feminine stuff. He’s just in touch with his feminine side. e 73% – 3%. That is a pretty extreme difference.

I would estimate that 70–75% of gay men are obviously effeminate or very wimpy in some way or another. The figure may even be higher. I have only encountered two stereotypically hypermasculine gay men in my life. Both were on Youtube videos.

There are indeed some effeminate straight men, but mostly they only act effeminate some of the time and not all the time. I would estimate that no more than 1% of straight men are obviously effeminate. The number of very wimpy straight men must also be small. Perhaps 1–2%.

So the figures are like 73% – 3%. That’s a pretty extreme variation.


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Can Gay Men Still Be Attracted to Women in Some Sort of Way?

I smash one more insane Cultural Left lie below.

The Cultural Left regularly states as one of its theorems that most if not all gay men get turned on by females on a regular basis. Why the Cultural Left wants to insist on this nonsense, I have no idea.

In general, the Cultural Left hates “generalizations.” They don’t want any laws or rules about anything. Or corollaries or theorems. Or well-supported conclusions. It’s scientific nihilism all the way.

We cannot “generalize” (which means form a conclusion by testing a hypothesis against the collected data) about anything on Earth. Nothing means anything. Or everything means nothing. Or nothing means everything. Or everything means everything. Or everything means anything. Or something. Or something. Or whatever. Or mumbo jumbo. Or bullshit.

Oh, and no labels! The Cultural Left hates labels because labels imply definitions and in the wild and woolly bonkers world of the insipid Cultural Left, definitions are generalizations, and generalized conclusions are bigotry. All generalizations are racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, ableist, looksist, speciesist or just some generalized form of oppression by the dominant paradigm of whatever the beaten down subaltern of the day is.

If you notice, the asinine scientific nihilism of the Cultural Left is straight out of the social sciences, where notoriously nothing can ever be proven except whatever silly PC theory the social scientist wants to prove, typically with no evidence, while the obvious common sense wisdom of ages is all “scientifically disproven” by a bunch of fake social science studies and is at any rate waved away as racism, sexism, fat-shaming, slut-shaming, homophobia, transphobia or whatever whatever bla bla. Oppression Olympics.

My answer to this question on Quora:

Newsflash: Gay men don’t get turned on by women! Isn’t that shocking?
Most of the gay men posting below are simply lying. Endless studies in the lab have shown that the typical gay men reacts in the following way:

maximal attraction to males

minimal attraction to females

In fact, this is one of the most robust findings in social science! They’ve tested it so many times that no one wants to test it anymore because everyone knows how it comes out.

To put it another way, how many straight men are turned on by men? Most of them are not, and even those that are have quite low levels of attraction to men.
Hard bisexual men are not common. Most men lean hard one way or the other. Most bisexual men lean straight and usually hard straight. A much smaller percentage of bisexual men lean gay ,and many of those lean hard gay. Fully 87% of men with a bisexual orientation in the lab lean straight. The other 13% lean gay and those vary 2/3 leaning hard gay and 1/3 being significantly bisexual.

I have not the faintest idea why all these gay men below are falling all over themselves to lie that they get hard for women on any regular basis.

Is there some sort of shame in not being turned on by women? So you’re not turned on by women? So what? Or as I would say, lucky you, now you don’t have to be driven insane by them like we are!

If you asked a group of straight men on here if we ever get turned on by men, would they be falling all over each other to deliriously confess how they regularly get hard for Brad Pitt? These gay men trying to desperately to prove that they get hard for women strike me as self-haters. The implication being that a man who cannot get turned on by women is defective somehow. Sad.

I work as a psychological counselor. In the course of my counseling, I have many people who come in with problems that involve sexuality in some way. In these cases, I do a sexual orientation assessment of my male clients. Contrary to the nonsense you are reading below about “don’t believe in labels,” the truth is that labels are completely appropriate for men when it comes to sexual orientation.

That is because by no later than age 15, it has been proven in the lab that male sexual orientation is completely fixed. Not only can gay men not be turned straight (as proven endlessly in the lab), but, even more pessimistically than that, gay men cannot even be moved anywhere towards straight on the orientation scale. A 0-100 gay man cannot even become 10-90. A 20-80 gay man cannot become even a 30-70.

There is no data on whether straight men can turn gay, but if it works one way, it must work the other. In fact, there is one intriguing case in the literature of a miserable and hopelessly heterosexual male college student who hated women and desperately wanted to be gay. He spent most of his time hanging around gay men trying to turn gay. He told the clinician that he had tried everything he could think of to turn gay, and nothing had worked.

We men are simply up the creek as far as our orientation goes. We are whatever we got wired up to be, and that’s that.

The sexual orientation assessment simply assesses what the man was turned on by as a child and then up until age 15, as I don’t care what happened after that, as nothing could have happened anyway. All gay men told me that they were strongly attracted to males from puberty on, and some told me that they were into males even as early as childhood. Most of them reported no attraction to females during childhood, puberty and adolescence.

So far, all of my gay male clients have told me that in general:

  • They rarely look at women and check them out sexually, in most cases never do so. They’re checking out the guys, all guys, all the time.
  • Even more importantly, they never fantasize about sex with women. Like never, ever. All men, all the time.
  • Perhaps most importantly of all, they never think about women when they masturbate. Not even once, ever. It’s all men, all the time.

I have not yet had one gay man in my practice who had any significant attraction to women. Now that’s anecdotal, not scientific, but it ought to tell you something.

Some of the men above who showed no significant reaction to women had identified as 25-75 bisexuals to me on my scale, which is reasonably bisexual. A 25-75 man is maximally attracted to males and attracted to females at only half that rate. However, my 25-75’s practically speaking had no real attraction to women at all. So you see gay men often identify themselves as much more bisexual than they are.

Furthermore, in interviews with women married to closeted gay men, the wives say that their husbands displayed no interest at all in their bodies, even when they were naked. The husbands were often fascinated with male bodies, some claiming to be sports fans and collecting bodybuilder or other magazines that showcase jacked handsome men. They report that their husbands showed a particular aversion to cunnilingus.

The husbands often preferred sex from the rear position, and some liked anal sex a bit too much, if you catch my drift. Others reported that the husband showed little or no interest in sex. Reports of longterm impotence among closeted gay husbands are common. Girlfriends have told me that they have disrobed partially or fully in front of gay or suspected gay men, and the gay men did not look at them for one second and even acted like nothing in the room had changed!

This has actually been born out in the lab, as until recently all studies of so called “bisexual” men found that they tested in the lab exactly the same way as gay men:

  • maximally to men
  • minimally to women

The researchers concluded that “bisexual” men were simply gay men who cannot accept being gay due to stigma or prejudice, so they identify as bisexual because that is more acceptable to society.

This scenario continues to this day, as males in their late teens on through their 20’s identify at fairly high rates as “bisexual.” A common scenario is young men in their 20’s identifying as “bisexual” while they have wives or girlfriends. Yet these men spend most of their free time in gay bars and clubs. If you follow these men to age 30, you will find out that nearly of them have come fully out as gay by then. It simply took them all through their 20’s to accept that they were gay. Sad.

However a study was recently reported where researchers found a group of “bisexual” men who were actually bisexual in that they reacted significantly to both men and women in the lab. So it appears that they do exist. However, pure bisexual men or 50-50’s seem to be quite rare. Surveys show that only 1% of men can be classified this way.

Men are leaners. We either lean straight or we lean gay, often pretty hard one way or the other. This is even true of bisexual men. I do not know why this is, but that is what the research shows us.


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“Is It Homosexual To Like Ladyboys?” by Magneto

Is it Homosexual to Like Ladyboys?

by Magneto

Unfortunately, I missed Gay Day otherwise I would have submitted this article for that day. Anyway, a lot of people say it’s “gay” to like ladyboys. But is it really?

The more feminine they are and the more a ladyboy looks like a real woman, the higher she will be able to charge. I only went with the highest quality ones, ones that if you saw on the street, you would think they were a real woman.

Homosexuality means being attracted to the same sex. But since ladyboys strive to look as feminine as possible, I don’t think it really falls into the category of homosexuality at all. It’s still the masculine attracted to the feminine.

The only real difference between a real woman and a ladyboy is that the ladyboy has a penis, although a lot of ladyboys are taking high doses of estrogen and other hormones, which makes it harder for them to get an erection, very difficult to ejaculate, and if they do ejaculate, it’s generally a very small amount.

I was on Misc at the Bodybuilding Message Board and some guy created a thread “Does anyone else get turned on when they see a cumshot?” This is another gray area. But obviously watching cumshots is pretty popular because you can find tons of Cumshot Compilations or Handjob Cumshot Compilations on any porn site.

So in this regard, being with a ladyboy it’s like watching a cumshot but with a female orgasm face. There’s something incredibly arousing about the whole thing. But it’s definitely not homosexuality. I don’t know how it should be classified, but there’re plenty of guys who are also attracted to ladyboys who are not homos and have no sexual attraction towards men.

Ladyboy porn is also the fourth most searched for porn genre, so it’s obvious that there’re a lot of guys who are into this stuff, but most of them won’t come out publicly  and admit it though.

My advice to gay men is this: If you want to have sex with normal heterosexual men, start taking estrogen and hormones. Get a good boob job done. Try to appear as feminine as possible, and then you will have no shortage of straight heterosexual men who are ready to engage in sexual acts with you.


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“Why Do Indian Women Have Huge Egos?” by Magneto

Why do Indian Women Have Huge Egos?

by Magneto

I’ve often pondered this question and been a bit dumbfounded by it. One reason why it confuses me is because Indian women are probably the second most unattractive women on this planet, with the first being African women. How is it that a very ugly race of women walks around thinking they are God’s gift to humanity? The only reason a White man would find Indian women attractive is if he has a fetish for them. Otherwise, I remember back when I was more attracted to White women, it seemed that Indian women were literally invisible to me. I didn’t even register them on the attraction scale.

The main reason for this is due to how desperate and thirsty most Indian men are. By thirsty I mean they have zero game at all and will just write out stupid shit on Indian girls’ public Facebook or Instagram profiles like, “Hey, I wanna talk to you” or something like that. Never mind that she is a complete stranger and probably has 1,000s of men messaging her.

Actually I did a test once to confirm this. I created a fake Indian female account on Facebook along with a couple of pictures of an Indian woman. Within three days I had gotten over 500 messages. I also did the same for OKCupid, an online dating site. I created a fake profile of an Indian girl, and within 24 hours, I had reached the 300 message storage limit. This is called Indian male thirst.

Put yourself in the woman’s place. If you have literally 1,000’s of men messaging you, you are naturally going to develop an abundance mentality and not put much importance on any one man, since you know that you can find a new man within seconds. On the other extreme, Indian men are operating out of a scarcity mentality and think they are lucky to get just one or two replies from a girl.

It’s therefore natural for women to develop “bitch shields” when they are being hit on from 1,000’s of different men. Unfortunately it ruins it for men who have Game because it makes it a lot harder to approach such women. Are there any solutions to solving male thirst? I’ve thought of a few solutions.

  1. Men need to stop putting women on a pedestal and thinking of women as some lofty creature
  2. Men need to develop an abundance mentality in relation to women. This will solve the problem of stalking because an Indian man won’t put all of his efforts on one woman anymore and thus the tendency to send 100s of messages to the same girl will vanish
  3. Legalize prostitution so that any male who wants sex can get it by simply paying for it.

Implementing these solutions will not be easy though, as women enjoy their privileged positions. Taking women off of the pedestal that thirsty men have put them on will require some fight. After all, there is nothing more empowering for men than to legalize prostitution and thus create a sexual abundance market. Therefore it’s not surprising to know that it was primarily Christian women who demanded that prostitution as well as drugs, alcohol, and gambling should be made illegal back in the 1920’s.

On this topic, there is a very intelligent Indian blogger named Rookh Ksatriya who has written a few articles talking about how Christianity and feminism are intertwined because they both share common values like sexual repression. I’ve also wondered why feminism seems to take hold very strongly in some countries but not others. For example, let us take the countries of East Asia like Japan or South Korea and compare them to America and Europe. Both East Asia and the West are highly advanced technologically, but feminism and Cultural Marxism have only caught on in the West, whereas in East Asia, it really isn’t very strong at all.

The primary differences between these two geographic areas are race and religion. Ignoring race, Western countries are founded on Christian values, whereas East Asia is founded on Buddhist or atheistic values. The question could therefore be asked – Does Christianity put women on a massive pedestal? Another interesting point is that as Europe has been moving away from the values of Christianity for the past few decades, society has been becoming less repressed, and drugs, marijuana, and prostitution are legalized in a few European countries now.

Hinduism as a religion and culture puts women on the highest pedestal ever in history, far higher than Christianity ever did. And that might be the explanation for why women in India are put on such massive pedestals, with society considering them  to be “living Goddesses.” It doesn’t take a degree in psychology or sociology to understand that if you’ve been put on a massive pedestal your whole life and told you are a Goddess, of course you are going to develop a massive ego and act very rude towards people.

As we continue to pull the old Gods off of their pillars, it will also have the effect of bringing all humans down closer to the earth. Humanity has had its head in the clouds for so many thousands of years now that it’s time to come back down to earth and realize that the Divine exists right here on Earth. This is the missing key in all religions.

In the East it is known as Tantra. In the West it is known as the “Left Hand Path” or Luciferianism. It’s also interesting to note that the rise of these ideas began in the West around the same time as the mass usage of LSD and other psychedelic drugs became popular in the 1960’s. I remember when I was on LSD, I had the realization, “We are all Gods and this Earth itself is Heaven”. When you realize something on acid, it’s not like something theoretical, like you maybe think this is true. It’s a realization that is coming from the core of your being with complete conviction.

With this understanding, you do not put any person higher or lower than another. If women are Goddesses then men are Gods and therefore equal.


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Gay Day on Robert Lindsay

Sorry folks. The site’s going to be all fagged out today. There’s going to be nothing but a bunch of gay posts. I have to get all this pent-up fagginess out of my system. After that, I can breathe a sigh of relief and carry on as usual.

So today’s Gay Day. Today on the site it’s the queer, all the queer and nothing but the queer. Should be lot of fun here today, but you might want to watch your back or be careful when you bend over until the day’s over. After midnight, you can relax again and not worry about whatever odd or queer thing might be lurking in back of you.

Anyway, hoping you all have a gay old time today!



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Why Am I Gay? Is It True That People Are “Born Gay”?

Question from Quora:

My answer:

And no one knows if gay men are “born that way” either, however, the latest research indicates that male homosexuality appears to be a developmental issue or developmental disorder if you will.

Something goes wrong in the womb with the mother’s hormonal levels, and this appears to cause male homosexuality along with a lot of other things such as left-handedness. In fact, left-handed men have an elevated rate of homosexuality. If it really is a developmental disorder like left-handedness, then people are indeed “born that way.” Not only born gay, but also born straight and perhaps bisexual, etc.

Females seem to be able to move around a lot more, and some lesbians can be changed in the lab. Whether they go from lez to straight or to bisexual is not known, but they are able to react to men after therapy in the lab. So at least some females can change their orientation.

If males are stuck at whatever their orientation is, they have no choice other than to accept it. If you are gay, you’re gay. If you’re straight, you’re straight. If you are bisexual, you’re bisexual. Quit trying to change yourself, and just be happy with who you are.

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Approximately at What Age Can Someone Truly Define Their Sexual Orientation? Even with No Sexual Experience?

Question from Quora.

My answer:

It is 100% proven that male sexual orientation is fixed by age 15. This comes from studies showing that not only can gays not be turned straight after that age, but also gay men cannot increase hetero attraction and decrease homo attraction by that age. So gay men just can’t turn straight. Homo attraction cannot be decreased and hetero attraction cannot be increased.

Now we do not know if the opposite is true because no one ever comes to the lab wanting to turn from straight to gay, although there is one case written up in the literature. Despite desperate attempts to turn gay over years, a college-aged man was not able to do so. He was stuck with women.

But if it works one way, it works the other. If gays are stuck by age 15, then straights are too. If gays can’t turn straight, then straight men cannot turn gay.

To me this implies that male sexual orientation is determined possibly in the womb, but I cannot prove it. Early childhood experiences have not yet been ruled out.

What we do not know is if male sexual orientation is malleable before age 15.

But yes, if you are age 15+ and male and cannot figure out your sexual orientation, scientifically this makes no sense. You are fooling yourself or have some anxiety disorder or something is wrong. Sexual orientation is as clear as air for the vast majority of males.

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Would You Be Angry If a Gay Guy Hits on You?

From Quora.

My answer:

From the point of view of your average straight man, gay men are a plague. A lot of us support equal rights for them and some even support almost their entire political agenda. For instance, I am on the mailing list for some gay rights organizations and I happily participate in their political campaigns. On the other hand, most of us want gay men to keep as far away from us as possible and from my point of view, the fewer gay men I have to interact with in this world,  the better. It would be nice if they would keep 50 or 100 yards away from me at all times. They do not add anything pleasant or good to my life and they often cause me problems. So they’re nothing but a problem and there’s no reason to want them around at all.

Now, to answer the question. It makes me extremely uncomfortable.

Do I get angry at the gay man for hitting on me? No, I would not get angry at the man because that’s rude and mean, and I am not a mean person. Would I get angry afterwards? Quite possibly. Or disgusted.

First of all, this has happened to me so many times I cannot even count them. For a long time, it just made me feel extremely uncomfortable.

Once as a teenage boy, I was hitchhiking, and a very nervous man gave me a ride and then asked if I would give him a blowjob. I got very offended and angry, said no and demanded to be let out of the car right then. He got upset, started crying and said he wanted to take me home. All the way home he was crying and saying, “I’m not a bad person.” This was 1973 before things got so liberal. This is a very sad story, and I did feel sorry for this tragic man.

On the other hand, when I told people about his incident, I automatically became a “suspect” because they said. “That’s not how it’s supposed to work. The gay guy is supposed to ask to suck your cock. He’s not supposed to ask you to suck his. If he does, it’s because he thinks you’re gay.

It is generally not true that straight men who get angry when gay men hit on them have “issues.” Issues implies that these straight men are secretly gay themselves or some other idiocy. This is the standard Cultural Left response to any straight man who gets angry or upset if a gay man hits on him. It means we’re gay, 100% scientifically proven, no doubt about it.

This goes back to the stupid but very popular notion that homophobes are all gay themselves. They’re not. Yes, there are men who are engaging in some reaction formation and this is where the silly theory comes from. Most men engaging in this reaction formation are probably not gay. Instead, they men are probably basically straight with a small amount of homosexual interest. I suppose they can’t handle having that bit of interest, so they assault gay men or men perceived to be gay. They also flip out if a gay man hits on them for a variety of reasons. Reaction formation is probably only one of those, and it’s probably not even the most common.

I have found instead that the more masculine and aggressively heterosexual a man is, the more he reacts negatively towards gay men. So most homophobes are not gay at all. Instead they are hypermasculine and hyper-heterosexual men who simply hate and despise gay men.

Gay men need to get over this crap that all homophobes are gay. Maybe a few are a bit gay, but most of them just hate your guts. Yes, gay men, there are a lot of men who just out and out hate you for whatever reason. This is a bitter pill to swallow, so maybe that is where the “homophobes are gay” nonsense came from.

People want to know why straight men punch gay men who hit on them. Well, here is the reason, and I have quite a bit of experience with this.

As I said, I have gotten hit on by gay men more times than I can count, mostly when I was a young man in my 20’s. I was often told that I was very handsome back then, so maybe that was it. Also a fair number of people used to think I was gay myself, so maybe that was part of it too.

Now, when I told people that gay men hit on me, I got this aggressive, violent reaction that typically boiled down to the person calling me a faggot. The reasoning goes like this: to a lot of homophobic men, a man should be so aggressively macho or hypermasculine such that it would be dead obvious to anyone, including a gay man, that he was not gay. So a real man would never get hit on by a gay because all gay men would figure out he was straight and leave him alone.

You follow?

Ok, now following on from that, these same homophobes say that if a gay man hits on you, that means you’re gay. Yes, they actually believe this, and quite a few times, when I related how gay men wouldn’t leave me alone, that was the response I got: “Well obviously that means that you’re gay, Bob.”

Get it? See how people think?

Along the same lines, a lot of homophobes think that if a gay man hits on you, then that is because you give off a gay vibe. In other words, if they hit on you, it’s because they think you’re gay. And why do they think you’re gay? Obviously because you act gay! So when you admit that a gay man hit on you, you are admitting that you act gay.

I admit that I often worried about this long ago in my late teens and into my twenties. When a gay man hit on me, I used to get quite worried. “Why did he hit on me? Does he think I’m gay? Why does he think I’m gay? Do I act gay? Do I look gay? Why do I seem gay? What am I doing wrong here?”

Now most straight men find it very insulting if you tell them that they act gay. It’s such an insult that if you say it, you might just get hit.

One more thing: masculinity. Masculinity is a huge deal to most men, though none of them will ever admit it. It’s also a vast deal to most women, and none of them will ever admit it either. Masculinity is sort of the elephant in the room that no one talks about. Actually masculinity is  far bigger deal to women than it is to men. It’s women who make all the fuss about it. Men are a lot more relaxed about this. Feminists complain about hypermasculine men and even masculine men and the idea that masculinity itself is a problem is current nowadays. “Toxic masculinity” is the latest Cultural Left meme.

Now when a gay man hits on a straight man, the straight men see it is he has just given us the message: “I think you’re gay.” Other possible messages are: “You are gay…You act gay…You seem like you are gay”, etc. etc.

Now many men perceive messages like that to be attacks on their masculinity. And in a way it is. So a gay man who hits on a straight man is committing a serious assault on that man’s masculinity. By doing so, the gay man is telling the straight man that he’s not a man. He’s calling the straight man a faggot.

One thing I never do is attack a man’s masculinity. I also never call any man gay ever for any reason, even if he is flaming. There’s no reason for me to care or worry that some guy I am talking to is gay or not. If he is, I will find out soon enough. Gay men usually reveal that they are gay by acting like they are attracted to you very quickly in the first  5-10 minutes of conversation if not sooner. If a man hasn’t given off gay vibes like that pretty quickly, he’s probably pretty damn straight. Gay men simply cannot hide their orientation. When confronted with a handsome man, they can’t help but act like they are attracted to him.

I know my gender very well, and I know that many straight men will defend their masculinity aggressively. If you seriously attack a man’s masculinity in any way, you are likely to get an angry response. You might get hit. You might even get killed.

So what it boils down to is that I consider all men to be potential killers (sadly that’s what they are), and I am so frightened of men that I would never insult a man’s masculinity for fear he might kill me.

So there you have some of the reasons why straight men react angrily or violently if a gay man hits on them. It’s not a bafflingly irrational act. There’s a logic behind it. You may not agree with the logic, but it’s there all right.


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Why Are Straight Men Generally More Depressed and Repressed Than Gay Men?

From Quora.

My answer: 

They aren’t. Repeated studies done over many years have shown that gay men have much higher rates of depression than straight men. And anxiety for that matter. It’s not even debatable. Now why this is, is not known.

Repressed? Well gay male culture is pretty wild, and sex is a lot easier to come by. Gay men have told me that getting sex in gay culture is as easy as filling up your gas tank.

Straight men have to deal with the inhibitions of women, so that may well make us more inhibited. It’s just not so easy to get sex from women if you are a straight man. It’s much easier to obtain sex of you are a gay man, which is why gay men statistically have far more partners than straight men.

Straight men have to be careful about everything we say and do. Talk to the wrong woman? Whoops, you’re a creep. Looking at that woman over there? Call the cops, that’s creepy! And that’s not to mention anything remotely resembling a come-on, where people’s reaction often seems like you set off a grenade in the room. And on and on forever and ever.

Straight society is full of cockblocking idiots of both sexes. Married men are some of the worst cockblockers of all. A lot of young married men seem to have no other goal in life but to cockblock all the single men in sight. Modern feminism is extremely puritanical, and the idiotic specter of “sexual harassment” looms over much if not all straight interaction in public and even in private. When I go out in public, it often seems like the whole world is deliberately cockblocking me. White people are by far the worst cockblockers of them all, vastly worse than Blacks or Hispanics.

Gay culture is much more Wild West when it comes to sex, and they do not have to deal with a lot of the anti-sexual nonsense that women put out as the gatekeepers of sex.

Still, a lot of straight people are really opening up about sex and having lots of sex nowadays, so we are less repressed that we used to be. But most straight men would probably be uncomfortable in orgies and maybe even threeways. On the other hand, the number of gay men who have gone to such things as orgies or have threeways is extremely high. Group sex is definitely a common aspect of modern gay life.

What with the orgies, threeways, very high partner counts and general anti-Puritanical atmosphere of gay culture, it should be no surprise that gay men are more loosened up about sex than we are.


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When an Actor Says His Sexuality Is Private, Can We Say That He Is Gay but Doesn’t Want to Come Out?

Question from Quora.

My response:

Most of the answers were typical Cultural Left insanity and idiocy. Most of them said that it’s not an indication of anything if an actor says this. They also said that many straight actors may well answer this way because they think the question about their private affairs is stupid. Obviously, that’s utter nonsense. Few if any straight actors would refuse to answer a question like that.

As a good general rule, yes, of course it means they are gay. I suppose there have been some cases where some straight actors have given that answer also, but I sure would like to hear about them. Whenever I hear an actor say their sexuality is private, I simply assume that they are gay. I haven’t been wrong yet.

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