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Game: My Story – The Beginning

Tulio writes:

One more thing, You said you were considered very good looking in your hey day. I’ll tell you this being an average guy. Good looking guys WAY overestimate their game. They tend to think that they get laid a lot because they are so smooth and have game when the real reason they are getting laid a lot is because they are good looking. I’ve known guys like this. An average looking dude could say the same things they say but it won’t have the same result.

Lucking out by being good-looking had a lot to do with my success as a young man. In fact, it actually has a lot to do with my success as a middle aged man because women my own age continue to go on and on about how handsome I am. But I do not think a lot of younger women think I am hot anymore. Apparently, I am an “old man” to them.

Men should try to be attractive to females in their age range. The idea that every man has to be desired by all age groups of females is insane, but many men have this absurd and idiotic mindset. Ideally, you would be considered attractive at least by women in your own cohort and honestly you should expect no more. I have a right to hope that women 45-60 find me attractive, but it is asinine for me to expect 95% women aged 18-24 to be drooling after me. I should assume that I am too old for most of them, and indeed I am.

Honestly a man should have both Looks and Game. Really you need both. A very good-looking guy with absolute crap game will not do well at all. In fact, he may wind up incel. Sure, women will be attracted to him, but they will notice his crap game and reject him.

I lucked out by ending up good-looking. Apparently I wasn’t particularly handsome or attractive to girls until I was 16 or so. Before that, I was a complete geek, and local girls used to laugh at me and make fun of me for not having a girlfriend.

Then I started to grow my hair long, smoke weed, surf and ski, and hang out with bad boys. Also I transformed from geek idiot loser into cool guy surfer stoner dude.

My father was furious at this transformation and he thought I had turned into an evil hippie scum. He thought my loser geek friends with the coolest guys on Earth. He hated my long hair. He said I looked like a girl. There were wild, insane fights about my hair all the time. It didn’t help that it was very curly and sort of feminine in that way. I told my father that if you had short hair, girls would have nothing to do with you, and if you wanted to get girls, you had to grow your hair long. He considered that to be incomprehensible and insane. It was like telling him 2 +2 was really 5. To him that was the craziest, stupidest idea he had ever heard.

I got mad at my father because as far as I was concerned my father was trying to keep me from getting chicks. Back then we thought gay guys were all straight guys who “turned gay” and most guys were scared of turning gay. From my vantage, my own father was trying to turn me into a faggot. Not deliberately of course, but still it pissed me off.

The transformation and the looks started getting me girls. Also I started hanging out with a bad crowd of delinquents who drank, smoked pot and took LSD and I started doing to wild teenage drug and booze parties all the time. The parties helped in getting girls too.

I fucked this one girl who the whole school wanted to fuck but she hardly fucked anybody at the school. I think she fucked one guy at our whole school. The fact that I fucked this chick somehow when no one else could sort of made me semi-famous at school.
And then I am not really sure what happened, but at junior college, things got way better really fast.
I would like to close by saying that Game alone will have dubious success if you have average looks or if you are a homely man.


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One Major Complaint against the Game Community

Robert I don’t think I’ve ever heard Roosh say he does anything like that guy you mentioned. He has a number of books out about how he seduces women. It’s pretty much just game and logistics.

I’ve never read any of those books because I always thought that stuff was disgusting. I don’t even read about or use other people’s pickup lines. It seems cheap, sleazy and lame. Of course I use lines or pickup lines if you want to call them that, but I prefer to make up my own.

This brilliant invention these idiots claimed they just discovered in the last 5-10 years called Game is nothing new. There were books out in the 1970’s called How to Pick Up Girls. By watching my friends and learning by observation and being sharp, I now realize that we had already perfected a 1970’s version of Game that looks a whole lot like this “new” one.

This stuff has been around forever. There’s a Latin classic called On Love. Maybe Cicero wrote it. He should have titled it, How to Pick Up Girls in Rome in the Yeah 200 BC. Because that is exactly what that book is about. And the things that Roman guy is saying are quite similar to the stuff I was learning on my own in the 1970’s, and both look a lot like these characters and their “brand new invention” called Game.

I do read Roissy and some of the other scumbags sometimes when I am not feeling too nauseous, and I have a barf bag handy in case I have to retch. Sadly, those guys are dishing out some very disappointingly true lessons. Their lessons suck because people suck. Women suck. Men suck. Society sucks. Jerkoffs clean up and nice guys finish last. It’s all true, and it is valuable to learn this sleaze. Why? Because, trust me, it comes in handy, as I use these lessons all the time, but by God it is so depressing and cynical.

And of course I use my own version of Game and have for many, many years now, ever since I was a teenage boy. And I have been perfecting it all along, too.

Face it. Seduction is a scam. It’s a game, a con, a ruse, a trick, a spell. At best, you are casting a spell on her. At worst, you are pulling a sneaky con on her while you scam the Hell out of her. But hey, that’s the game. If you don’t have this attitude towards seduction, I do not think you will do well.

If women don’t like it, they need to learn Game Countermeasures to counteract men’s seduction scamming. Or learn how to scam, con, trick, and cast spells on us men. Which of course they do all the time to us anyway. Even in the midst of the wildest, most crazy, head over heels passionate love affair, both parties are trying to get their ends meet any way they can. Which tends to involve a lot of scamming, tricking and fooling people.

I must say though that I so hate the way these idiots have made up a whole series of sports-like plays and moves to describe the various steps in the seduction process. These clowns are going about seducing women as if they were at a chess tournament! I forget the various terminology they use, but they had some stupid sports-like word to describe every aspect of their seduction tennis.

Yeah it’s tennis, but so are conversations. And conversations and seduction both work only because we don’t treat them like drill sets or football scribbages.

The woman would do various things and these would be described as shields or blocks or words like that. Then he would do other things like wash or wave or reorder to whatever to try to remove the shields or blocks.

I am serious, they were going about it like it was a game of chess! She moved her knight and took my rock, and then I checked her queen! She agreed to go home with me! Checkmate!

Fuck that.

And when they finally get to the point where they got her into bed, I think they call that a “close.”


A “close.”

Two human beings are about ready to have sex and you call it a close.

That is just awful. Now keep in mind this is coming from a guy who girlfriends accuse of being unempathetic, “the worst man on Earth” and such, and these guys even seem like scumbags to me.

They are treating the dance of seduction like a tennis, boxing, ping-pong or even chess match.

You finally get her into bed, and you have the nerve to call that a close?

You know what?

Fuck you.

I cannot describe how appalled I was when I read these guys run through their insane rugby match play-by-plays about they seduced this, well, let’s be real here – object – because she’s not really a human, now is she? She’s about as human as that tennis racket in your hand or that rook you just took his bishop with.

Guess what clowns? You are a human beings. I know that is very hard to comprehend given the appalling way you act, but science tells us that you guys are actually human, no matter how disgusting that may sound to the rest of us.
And guess what? That thing, that object, that red queen or ping pong racket or whatever it is that you just closed your stupid choreographed match with? She, too, is a human being. But when these men run through these seduction play-by- play scripts that read like lines of computer code

if x, then y,

in doing so, they are not treating her like she is a woman. Hell, they are not even treating her like she is a human.

And this is coming from a man who is routinely called an anti-feminist, who ends up on MRA and anti-feminist lists all over the Internet, and who despises the aspect of feminism that rants on and on about women being treated as sex objects or objects or women’s objectification or whatever when what they are talking about is mating displays among human mammals looking for sex.

I hate it when feminists say “that reduces women to a sex object.”

But these guys…yeah…they are reducing women to objects, or worse. A sex object sounds like it’s alive.

They way these guys treat these women, it’s like they are trying to seduce an Android, not a human being.

Color me Beyond Disgusted.


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The Worst Men Get the Most Women: An Experiment

Tulio writes:

Also, I think every woman who doesn’t like this type of male behavior should call their girlfriends out on dating bad boys over nice guys. There’s hardly a woman alive(in the West anyway) that hasn’t passed up a perfectly decent guy because he didn’t have an edge to him. Often these are the type of guys who would’ve probably married young and been pillars of their community in a different era.

This is of course an old cliche. I usually do not worry myself about it too much, except that I find it utterly disgusting that women stay with vile men who repeatedly steal from them and abuse them in all sorts of ways.

But that’s because I can usually get a woman. On the other hand, I may even benefit from such a setup, as most girlfriends usually say that I am a bad boy. I don’t know why they say it, and I don’t know what I am doing that makes me a bad boy, but if it works, don’t fix it.

We can actually test this theory out right here on this blog. Just recently it hit me that the very worst men who have come to this blog appear to be having tremendous success with women. Most of the men who come here and talk about doing well with women aren’t very nice people. There is sort of an ugly, mean aggression about them. Shi is an exception.

Then it finally hit me. Many of the men on here who were most successful with women ended up getting banned by me. Generally these guys come here and get aggressive right away, and try to start a fight with me. They come in swinging, at me. Sometimes I let them stick around for a while before I permaban them.

Some are very sneaky about how they insulted me, and though I try very hard to not be paranoid, going back over even their comments that I let through as nonassualtive, lo and behold there were nasty little insults buried in there, often hidden very well.

Most of these men were smart.

There is one guy who was banned very quickly after he showed up because he started fighting me immediately. Among other things, he kept accusing me of being gay, which is a pretty macho insult. Then he got banned, and even after he got banned, he regularly posted comments which I read in the spam bin and then deleted. I let maybe 5% through. Since 95% of his comments get deleted, I have no idea what he was trying to accomplish except that maybe he knows I read comments that I don’t post, so he still gets to insult me even if his stuff never shows up online. This fellow could well be 70, and I recently learned that apparently he still cleans up with women, including some that might be 40-50 years older than he is.

Another fellow started a fight with me immediately, and then I completely jumped down his throat like a drill sergeant and told him if he didn’t knock it off, he was going to get banned. He backed down very fast and apologized. He was good the rest of the time, but he sure came in swinging. This guy has had sex with more women that just about any man I have ever met.

Another fellow generally posted non-insulting comments, and he made it known that he was my good friend. But now and again, he would viciously attack me.

This would take me aback. “We are best friends, and you rip me to shreds?” I guess so. I learned that many of these men think that is this is how male friendships are supposed to go. They tell me that they fight and argue with their male friends all the time, and they think this is 100% normal behavior. To me it seems awful.

This man did extremely well with women, especially for an older guy in his 50’s. Finally he ambushed me out of the blue one too many times and I gave him the HAND. He sent me an email which seemed to be coming from a place of hurt feelings on his part and deep betrayal on my part.

I never understood. You’re my friend. You know what that means? It means you don’t insult me. If you insult me, you’re not my friend. Friends don’t do that. That’s what your enemies do.

Then I thought back and realized that remember two more men who and made it clear that they did well with women. They were both in their 40’s, and both were highly aggressive men with a belligerent, somewhat menacing and frightening posting style. One man regularly carried a gun on him, and thought noting of it. They tended to speak in brusque, blunt, clipped short sentences. There was a real sense of threat coming out of their postings. Neither of them seemed like very nice guys. They seemed too scary for that, and a bit cold. Even though neither of them ever attacked me, they rather came across as aggressive men who seemed like real motherfuckers most of the time. Scary men.

When you think about it, that’s really depressing. These are the worst men who ever came to my blog. They picked fights with me right away. They all had an aggressive posting style that oozed hostility, threat and violence. The best of them came across as a bit scary, cold and mean, and the worst were simply out and out complete pricks.

So of all the men who came to my blog, females are deliberately selecting the very worst, ugliest, most aggressive and unpleasant men and joining their harems. You know that younger women do this. What shocked me was that asshole worship continues among women into a man’s 40’s, 50’s and maybe even up towards age 70.

I also noticed a lot of the guys on here who said they weren’t getting any were some of the nicest guys I ever had on my site.

So women have been monopolizing the worst men who came to my site and apparently mass-rejecting the best guys on here.

When you think about it, that’s damn depressing. And I would say that this experiment validates the theory.


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A Word About Bisexual Men

Joe Bione writes:

Regarding your comment: “A word about bisexual men. Unfortunately, this is very common.”. Why is this “unfortunate”? Are you opposed to certain orientations??

Yes I am not real wild about bisexual men. I like gay men a lot more than bisexual men. I would respect a mostly-gay bisexual man I suppose.

Bisexual men are a plague. They are all through straight society, they are married to women, raising children, living in suburbia, and are found in all of the straight hangouts mingling with all the straight people more or less pretending to be straight. Most people have no idea that these guys are not straight. They are almost all living secret lives and lying to their wives and girlfriends. They are a great big huge PITA because you can’t spot them very easily, and they are all over straight places so you can’t really avoid them.

If you do not wish to mingle with gay men, just don’t go to their spaces. They have their own spaces where they like to hang out in, and there are not many straight guys there, if there are any at all. So gay men are fairly trivial to avoid if one wishes to do so.

So what it boils down is that a fair number of the men you meet in straight society are actually also batting for the other team. You make friends with them, make small chat with them and all of a sudden BAM! They reveal themselves, and it is quite a traumatic shock when they do. They are very hard to spot, as many of them act like regular straight guys. They’re all lying to their girlfriends and wives, and in general they are making these women miserable and confused.

If you don’t want gay men coming after you sexually, it is not extremely hard to avoid them. You simply avoid their spaces. Also a lot of them are pretty easy to spot due to their behaviors. Bisexual men are like spies or undercover agents in straight society. I don’t feel very good about them, to be honest.

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Status, Fame and Power

Ken writes:

I agree with pretty much with everything here, but what is the difference between fame, power and status? They seem like similar adjectives, but of different sizes:

I see a man with status as being respected by the men in his social circle and desired by the women. I see a man with fame, as someone respected by men and desired by women outside his social circle. Lastly, i see a man with power as someone with even more social capital than men that have fame and status.

Ken’s comment is very perceptive, and I agree with it. An excellent summary. I have been wondering about the differences between status, power and fame for a long time now. They seemed to be different, but I had a hard time putting my finger on it.

  1. Status: A man who is respected by the men in his social circle and desired by the women.
  2. Fame: A man who is respected by men and desired by women outside his social circle
  3. Power: A man who has even more social capital than men that have fame and status.


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Good Looks Alone Will Not Get You Women

Most people are certain that money is necessary to get women. Surely it helps. This is what you need to get women past your early 20’s:

  1. Status
  2. Money
  3. Fame
  4. Power
  5. Looks
  6. Game

Number 5, looks, without any of the others is utterly worthless.

In the last town I lived in there was a man who may well have been the handsomest man in town. I am not sure if he actually as the handsomest, but you get the picture. He also had some sort of anxiety disorder going on, and he had a rather social phobic attitude towards the world and women. I do not know if he had Social Phobia, but he was quite afraid to talk to women and even other people all that much. When he did talk to women, he often got nervous, and of course the women would just shoot him down immediately which is what they do to nervous or anxious men.

Nothing will kill you worse with women than nervousness or anxiety. They truly hate it worse than anything at all. Also due to the anxiety stuff, a lot of people were just stupid and thought he was weird and dangerous. The guy was as dangerous as a fly. No wait, flies are way more dangerous than this guy, but people are idiots.

Humans truly cannot tell who is dangerous and who is not. Sure they can often spot out truly dangerous people, but the problem is that there is massive amount of false positives. In other words, humans massively over-predict dangerousness and say that many of the most harmless people on Earth are actually the most dangerous people on Earth. Now perhaps that is adaptive. Perhaps you will live longer being paranoid and cautious and over-predicting dangerousness. But on the other hand you will accuse a lot of innocent people of false crimes. And you will be wrong a lot. Indeed, you will be convincingly wrong, which is even worse than just being wrong.

The guy’s problem was he was weird. People think weird = dangerous in a man. People also think anxiety = dangerous and nerd = dangerous in a man. The last two are completely false, but this is how people think. The men accused most of being dangerous creeps are utterly harmless. Women simply label them dangerous and creepy because they are unattractive, anxious and nerdy. This is a completely false way of thinking. In fact, the more nervous/anxious, introverted, nerdy, or awkward a man is, the less dangerous he is. I can’t prove this but I know this is true.

Introverts in general are not very dangerous but Americans think they are because in the US, introversion is seen as weird. And weird = violent and dangerous. In truth, probably 95% of the male violent crime in the US is committed by extroverted men but people will never see it that way as in the US, extroversion is valued and seen as normal, calm, safe, and sane. The more extroverted a man is, the less dangerous and crazy he is. The truth is actually the opposite, but Americans can’t seem to get it through their heads.

The truth is that there are two types of weird people. There people who are dangerous weird and there are people who are harmless weird. I can pretty much tell the difference, and anyway, the dangerous weird ones are quite rare, but most people can’t figure out, so they just do the shorthand, weird = dangerous.

I can pretty much tell harmlessness from dangerousness too. It’s not that hard.

Anyway, I lived in this town for about 20 years, and I think he had one date in 20 years. And he was the best looking guy in town.



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Do Alphas Get Women Because They Have Money?

There are guys who can get laid no matter what. A lot of Alphas don’t even work. They are often unemployed or they are criminals and live off crime. They often live off women too, seldom paying their way. They’re bastards.

I haven’t the faintest idea if I am an Alpha (or Sigma) or not, and it is not my place to make that judgement. By at least one metric I am. But I can get laid even when I live in poverty, often with beautiful women. I just live off the women or have them pay for everything because I can’t afford to. They buy gifts, take on vacations, buy me plane tickets, put me up at their places, etc. I guess my part of the deal is to be a great companion.

That said, lack of funds really does get in the way of getting women.

But trust me, it is quite common to find natural Alphas in their 30’s and 40’s with pretty much nothing to show for their lives, who have hardly worked or only work at low paid jobs or crime, and most commonly, who simply live off women. Jails and prisons are full of Alphas. These guys could probably get laid if they were homeless. Once you acquire “natural Alpha” type skills, they never really go away, no matter what happens in life. These guys are sort of indestructible self esteem wise. They think they are Gods, and no amount of bad things that happen in life is ever going to change.


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Legalize Theft

Well at least this kind.

I honestly think this sort of theft should be legal. You lose something in public, it’s gone. Finders keepers, losers weepers.

You leave your stuff out in the open for anyone to take, screw you. I might just steal it, and in all other circumstances, I am not a thief at all. In fact, I am profoundly unthieving for a male in Hyper-Capitalist Ultra-Individualist Reactionary Asshole Libertarian America.

On the other hand, I believe in punishing people for being idiots.

In Man World, if someone is a moron, he needs to be punished somehow. Most men feel that idiots, fools and dipshits deserve whatever meager punishments they receive. Anything more than that is pushing it, and punishments should not be excessive.

But in Man World, there is little enough sympathy for the truly deserving, especially in Ultra-Individualist America. There is a vast political movement called American Conservatism dedicated to the notion of “No sympathy for anyone, dammit, and whatever happened, it’s your own damn fault and you deserve what you get.”

The stupid and especially the criminally stupid pretty much have it coming to them in Man World. We laugh at people like that. If a man is so insanely stupid to do something so ridiculously dangerous that he might stand a good chance of getting hurt or killed, we men do not care if they get hurt or die.

We laugh at their misfortune, and we do not feel bad about it. We give them Darwin Awards and say they deserved to die.

We say, “I will not weep for him…He got what he asked for…He got what he deserved…Serves him right.”

Man World is a brutal, vicious, savage, coldblooded, merciless place. It’s a damn jungle. Most other men are probably out to screw you over in some way, and who can blame them? I mean they are just being men, right? It’s like getting mad at your cat for acting like a cat.

In Man World, you are expected to be smart at all times. There is no sympathy for dumbasses. In a jungle, the dumb animals get killed off real fast, and they asked for it anyway. Man World feels the same way.

Moral Dilemma: Found Wallet with $500:

Suppose you find a wallet with five $100 bills. Moral dilemma. What do you do? Most men would say pocket the cash, keep the wallet and try to return it to the owner somehow. Mail it back to the owner, or put it in an envelope and drop it off at the guy’s house, turn it in to the police – there are all sorts of things you can do with it.

Cops suck, and in Man World, a lot of men hate cops. Even many good men hate cops. Why do they hate cops? They hate cops because cops suck. Real simple.

Turning it in to the cops is stupid. Cops suck, so they might think you stole the wallet. But if you stole the wallet, why would you turn it in to police? But cops don’t think like that because they suck.

The cops might grab you and try to get your name.

One thing you might want to do is call the police department and see what their policy is for turning in lost items.

One problem with going to the person’s house is if you ring the doorbell and give it back to the person minus the money, they might get into a nasty fight with you if they think you stole the money in the wallet.

So maybe put it in an envelope and drop it on their doorstep, ring the doorbell and run to your car. Drop it off in the middle of the night. Leave a message on their door with your phone number asking them to call you to arrange returning the wallet. Tell them you are not really interested in meeting up with them, but you will arrange some sort of a drop-off in a public place.

Most sane people who lose a wallet are overflowing with gratitude just to get it back at all.

In Man World, if you lose your wallet:

  1. You are an idiot, and you deserve what bad things flow from that incident.
  2. Consider all of the money gone. Be overjoyed if there is $1 left. Consider the credit cards gone. Be overjoyed if even most of them are there. Bottom line, consider anything valuable gone. You have no right to expect to get one dime of your money back because you were stupid enough to lose your wallet.

Most decent men would try to return the wallet in some way. Many good men would take some or all of the money. No good man would ever steal even one of the credit cards. That is a bridge too far.

A very good man would not steal one dollar from the wallet, would return it to the party with all the money intact and would not accept any reward or would even turn down a reward. In Man World, this man would not be put down, but he would be considered a male Mother Theresa, and most men would say, “He’s a better man than I am…”

Some men would return the wallet with all of the money in it, hoping for a reward. In Man World, if you give a wallet full of money back to a man, he should give you a big reward. In fact, it is absolutely mandated that he at least offer you an award. If it had $500 in it, he should give you $100 minimum. A man who does not give you a reward is being an extreme jerk and idiot, and he is widely hated as a small, mean, vicious, petty, womanly man with no sense of honor.

Many good men might pocket $100 and turn the wallet back in on the off chance that the person you return it to is such an jerkoff that he won’t give you a reward. Then they might give it back in person with $400 on the off chance that the guy might give you some of the money as reward. Others would avoid this option, as as the returnee might be so small-minded at the missing $100 that they would accuse you of taking it, and a scene might ensue.

Some good men might pocket the $500 and then return the wallet somehow. In Man World, you can do this and still be a good man. The idea is that once you lose a wallet with money in public, just consider all the money in it to be gone. Be grateful if you get even one note back.

The guy who took the money is not a bad man. Yes, he is opportunistic, but many good men are opportunistic and try to take advantage, get one up or get away with things, simply because they are weak humans who are susceptible to the temptation of minor moral corruption. In Man World, many good men are always fighting off their perfectly natural, normal and understandable temptations and urges to be bad people.

A good man in Man World is simply a man who is able to resist many if not most of his temptations towards minor transgressions. In Man World, it is accepted that most good men will fail morally at times, hopefully in minor ways, simply because Man World has somewhat of an Original Sin type philosophy similar to Christianity that sees men as “born sinners” in a sense that we men only act decent because society forces us to, not because we want to.

If we succumb at times to petty moral crime, this is perfectly understandable, as in Man World, male humans are morally weak, fragile and subject to extreme, nearly innate temptations to act bad simply due to our base animal nature. This view is quite similar once again to the classic Christian view of the Fall from Paradise and the notion that we are basically no good but only rescued for moral salvation by the miraculous intercession of religion and whatnot.

Not giving back the wallet if you could figure out who the owner was would be considered minor bad behavior. The idea is that a good man should somehow try to give the wallet back, because wallets are important for various reasons, especially credit cards, driver’s licenses, bank cards and whatnot.

Bad men would simply pocket everything valuable in the wallet and throw it out or toss it in a field somewhere. They would surely steal the credit cards. This man would get little or no respect from most men in Man World. Bad men are widely disliked in Man World, and we men give other men wide latitude and breaks in terms of  “acting bad.” The men we say act bad, well, they act very, very bad. Our attitude is “Don’t put him in the jail, put him under the jail.”


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How to Go Invisible

Real simple:

  1. Be a man.
  2. Age yourself slowly over a medium low heat on a slow cooker to anywhere between 47-57 years old.
  3. Turn down the heat to low and allow to simmer  for 7-17 years until you are now between 47-57 years old.
  4. Remove from heat and walk around in the world encountering fellow humans where they can get a good look at you.

Wa-la! Congratulations! You are now invisible to most of the female population! At the very least, you are invisible to almost all women between the ages of 18-25 and a very large % after that. You won’t be invisible to a lot of the women your own age, but by a trick of nature, a lot of them are turning invisible too, even more invisible than you. And not only that, but they even starting to become invisible to you!

Internet porn is your friend at that age.

That is if you haven’t had to call 911 on your dick yet.

Take care of that hard drive, young man. One day that drive is going to fail, and you will lose all your female data if you don’t have any backups. Not only that, but you will be left with a floppy drive as your only drive.


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No Wonder Return of Kings Is So Awful

ROK is here.

It turns out that Return of Kings was created by Roosh in 2012! So the whole site is shot through with Roosh’s monstrous worldview from start to finish. All of the authors and guest authors along with most of the commenters are seeing the world through Roosh’s eyes.

It only took me a few trips to that site to decide that it was horrifying. Bottom line is that place is ugly, mean, nasty hypermasculine, wildly misogynistic and utterly lacking in empathy. In other words, it’s a typical Manosphere site!  I agree it’s not quite as bad as the sociopathic Heartiste but few sites in that sphere are.

It’s all starting to add up now.

I do think there is a need out there for Manosphere sites – sites where men can discuss what it means to be a man in all of its manifestations and in particular talk about ways to get women and get along with them after you get them. I mean all men want to know how to get women and how to get along with them once you reel one in. These are universal male concerns.

Why every such site dealing with these universal male concerns is insanely misogynistic and fanatically reactionary, I haven’t the faintest idea.

It wasn’t always like this. I grew up in the 1970’s with magazines like Hustler, Playboy, Penthouse, Chic and High Society. Most of these magazines were coming from the Left, although Hustler did try to appeal to the working class redneck guy.

The very idea of a society where the playboys are all rightwing fanatics is simply bizarre. Womanizers have been progressive men in the West for hundreds of years.

However, like I said, there is a need for Manosphere-type sites for men who actually don’t hate women, are not strutting, assholey, douchebag blowhards, and who have sane Centrist to Left politics.

As it is men have a choice between two insane views to line up with:

Male feminism: About as stupid, incompetent, wimpy and pussy as you can get. Your average male feminist looks like he needs to lose 75 pounds and even after that, he couldn’t get laid with God’s help. These white knight, save-a-ho, cock-blocking, fanatically PC Cultural Left men are truly pitiful. They’ve more or less gone over to the enemy and they’re traitors to their gender. They’re male Andrea Dworkins. How pathetic.

Manosphere: See above.

There’s literally nothing in between.

It’s like race where you have a choice between being a classic modern antiracist idiot or a hardcore White racist or White nationalist. People get shoved into one box or the other. The antis are so insane that anyone who isn’t 100% anti and as nuts they are is instantly labeled “a virulent, vicious, repugnant racist” and shoved over towards the American Renaissance types. The Amren types say you’re either one of us or you’re a “liberal,” a moronic anti and a supporter of White genocide.

Once again there’s nothing in between.

People are shoved towards one whacked out pole or another and forced to choose which brand of insanity tastes better.



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