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ForeverUnwanted Posts One of My Posts


They link to my post Women Hate Guys Who Don’t Get Any, which is actually true. Women hate incel men more than they hate cockroaches. ForeverUnwanted is for extremely hardcore incels. It is depressing as Hell.


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Alpha Fucks, Beta Bucks

That same experiment again that all the morons insist is not true, expect we keep doing the experiment over and over and it keeps coming out the same way every time. Yet the morons keep saying it’s not true.

Oh and one more thing if you hadn’t figured it out already. There’s no such as a creep. Not really anyway. A creep means “a man who is interested  in me who I am not attracted to.” That’s really all it means. Women will insist that that’s not true, but women lie. About everything. All the time. You heard me. Women lie about everything all the time. And until you get redpilled enough to know that that’s the damn truth, you will never understand women, and you may well suffer a lot as a result of it. The less you understand women, the harder of a time you have with them. The more you understand women, the better of a time you can have with them. Ignorance is weakness. Knowledge is power.

The blue pill is the road to failure. The sooner you quit being bluepilled, the better.


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Boyhood Is Vicious Because It Has to Be

I don’t think being bullied toughens anyone up, I’ve not seen such a phenomenon. I think people say that in order to wash their hands of any responsibility so they can go back to having fun. If parents of bully children would simply spank their boy/girl, this would diminish bullying. I’ve know people who were disciplined early in life like that and yes, they cut the shit.

You can’t stop boys from bullying other boys. Especially the nearly universal bullying of the serious outliers. Nearly everyone is going to get in on that. The very serious bullying by the psycho, evil “professional bullies” or superbullies who bully many other boys does not seem to be helpful or at least it didn’t help me anyway. I could never figure out what I could change about my behavior to get them to stop. Actually I think there was nothing I could have changed about my behavior to satisfy the psychobullies.

It toughened me up. Not the bullying. I didn’t get bullied that much anyway. That’s because I acted normal enough so as not to become a universal target of bullying.

But I got toughened up by the whole vicious culture of boyhood. I think it is good that boyhood is vicious. It has to be.

I got toughened up by the threat of bullying. There were certain behaviors that were so extreme and disliked that if you acted that way, you might just get hit. And by bullying the outliers who were acting in seriously inappropriate ways, I learned the lesson of, “You act like that, you get hit!” So I tried very hard not to act like that, and it was good for me to learn that.


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In Defense of (Some) Bullying: The Necessity of Male Rules of Behavior

RL: Getting bullied doesn’t make you tough. What makes you tough is making through boyhood by being tough enough or masculine enough that you don’t get bullied in the first place, see? And bullying (not being bullied) toughens up boys too because the objects of their contempt are idiots, assholes, psychos, hypersensitive wusses, boys who cry all the time or even effeminate boys.

Jason Y: Seems like just another attempt to push conformity on people, normie behavior. Except of the case of psychos. I can understand that situation. Those people have to have their ass kicked.

Well we would not have bullied Jason as long as he was a regular guy. I was a brain myself and had a reputation for being a bookworm also.

Those boys who bullied Jason might have just been the local assholes or mean boys. We had those too and they bullied quite a few of us. They definitely bullied me, but I only got bullied by the worst bullies of all, and the boys as a whole pretty much left me alone or even accepted me. I am not sure if getting bullied by the worst bullies is helpful. I doubt if it helped me in any way. Their contention was that I was gay, and I’m not gay. I got in a really bad fistfight with one of the bullies in the 8th grade. It was a real hardcore fight with an audience and everything.

My point is about the boys who are getting bullied by almost everyone. Well, that is just not ok. There is something wrong with those boys, sorry. If everyone at school is beating up on you, you’re an outlier. There’s something wrong with you. You’re doing it wrong. And you need to change your behavior because you are getting hit so much because your behavior is so abnormal and unacceptable.

We were the normal, regular, everyday boys. We were not even the mean boys or the bullies. A lot of us were actually sort of nerds. A couple of us were fat. Some were rather ugly. A couple were pretty serious nerds, me included. None of us were with the popular crowd at all. Girls didn’t like any of us. But we ourselves were not being bullied for the most part because we were normal. The boys we picked on were the severe outliers who were acting so abnormal that just about everyone was hitting them. They’re getting hit for a reason.

Idiots: You had to be really bad. Yes, some of us bullied some idiots, but those guys were like nerds on steroids, like Ultra Nerds. I mean they were seriously, badly geeked out. The kind of guy you look at and start laughing because he is so lamed out. We did this is the 8th grade. I remember the guy we bullied, MD.

I saw him later at a party when I was 16 or 17. Someone started a rumor that he was seen walking home with another boy from school, and they were kissing, and I repeated it. That was very bad back then because being gay was like having the plague. You wanted to avoid anything like that at all costs if you were straight. You did not want to be seen as gay at all, and you did not want to do anything like that or honestly even think of such a thing. It was unthinkable.

He confronted me at the party and made me take it back, and it was like he was going to hit me if I didn’t. He insisted it was not true, and he wasn’t gay. So I took it back. But between 8th grade and 11th grade he had completely changed, and he was a 100% normal cool guy. So people can change, and no one has to be an idiot. I wonder if all that bullying back when he was an idiot helped turn him into a normal cool guy.

Assholes: All right, these boys were mean. Like “Dogdoo Dickie.” Dickie was an asshole. Sure, he was a product of his environment, and everyone treated him horribly, but he was still a serious asshole. He got bullied frankly because he was so mean and antisocial.

Psychos: Dickie was a psycho too. He was bullied because he was a psycho, like an incipient serial killer or a future criminal of some sort. He was bullied for being a violent nutcase.

Hypersensitive wusses: Dickie was a hypersensitive wuss. I told you about the Hunt Brothers, who we called the Cunt Brothers because they were such effeminate flamers. Well, they were not hypersensitive. They would not rise to the bait. I think we gave up on the Cunts after a while because they would not take the bait.

But Dickie always rose to the bait, so he got teased mercilessly. So Dickie was bullied endlessly because he couldn’t take a joke and he kept reacting to people who baited him. It’s lame to be a hypersensitive wuss, and if you are like that, you need to get bullied to learn that that’s not ok.

Boys who cry all the time: This is like DN, the boy who in 5th grade was always breaking into tears for no reason. “Look, he’s crying! Beat him up!” That pretty much sums up the socialization of boys right there. But I knew him again around age 18-23, and he had completely changed. He was still sensitive, but he had become very goodlooking, and he was one of the most legendary slayers in the neighborhood. So everyone respected him. Some still hated him from when he was a boy, but that was not fair.At any rate, he was no longer a crybaby, and that’s all that was important.

He later got seriously into bisexuality, and I always used to wonder if us beating him up all the time for being a sissyboy somehow turned him a bisexual man.

Effeminate boys: As in the Hunt Brothers, the Hunts, or the Cunts if you will. I prefer the latter as it has a nice ring to it. The Cunt Brothers were bullied because they acted like effeminate flaming faggots, that’s why! These were 5th grade boys aged only 10 years old. and they were acting like flaming queers! Well, what the Hell is the matter with some boy who is acting like a flaming homosexual at such an early age?! There’s something wrong with him. He’s going to get bullied. Most other boys see that behavior as 100% unacceptable to say the least and any boy who acts like that is going to get bullied pretty bad.

I think they ought to be bullied because normal boys need to learn that that effeminate nonsense is a 100% unacceptable way to behave. That’s what I learned out of that. The lesson I learned was, “You act effeminate, you get your ass kicked.” So I was not an effeminate boy, and I certainly do not see myself as an effeminate man either.

You have to put a stop to this sort of behavior otherwise a lot more boys might act effeminate and a lot more men might become effeminate men. There are too many effeminate men as it is if you ask me.

This behavior should be kept to a minimum. Sure, there are always sissy boys and gay men, many of whom are effeminate, but the less of this behavior, the better. It needs to be discouraged.

Let’s get real here. In the societies of both boys and men, it’s not ok to be an idiot, an asshole, a psycho, a hypersensitive wuss, a crybaby or effeminate flamer. Boys and men have very good reasons for attacking that sort of behavior. There are good reasons why those behaviors are highly discouraged in adult male society. All of those behaviors are seriously dysfunctional and need to be kept to a minimum. All of those behaviors are toxic to male society and to men’s relationships with other men. A man displaying any of those characteristics in a group of men is like a turd in a punchbowl. He’s messing up the whole group just by being there. He’s toxic.

If you are a boy who is acting like that, I would say stop doing it. If you are a man who is acting like that, I would say you need to knock it off and the sooner, the better (although I will give effeminate men a break if they are truly gay).


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If White Boys Act Bad, Then What Right Do We Have to Complain about Black Boys?

Jason Y writes:

I don’t agree much with what said. There were some white guys like that when I was in seventh grade, throwing pencils, spitwads, calling people names. The only way to deal with them is for the school to harshly punish them.

You think that only some boys are like that? LOL. All boys act like this. If you were a boy, and you did not go through this crap, I wonder what was wrong with you. If you didn’t go through this, then you were on the other end, right?

Boyhood is bully or be bullied!

Take your pick! No fence-sitting, you need to choose sides.

We weren’t even bad, and we weren’t even all that tough. Most of my friends were not macho boys at all, and we were not macho adults either. Not really anyway. We were just normal.

The bad boys the commenter refers to were the boys who stood out from the crowd and were the worst bullies of all. Of course we had some of those, and some of them bullied me pretty badly. But it was more or less normal to get tormented by those assholes. Lots of people did. What was not acceptable was to be one of the designated victims who got nailed by everyone. Not ok!

As I said, we were not even bad. That behavior in boys isn’t even bad. It’s normal. Compared to us, the bad boys you refer to were flat out evil. They were basically scum, and a lot of them were sort of petty criminals and juvenile delinquents.

What I don’t get is people bitch about ghetto blacks, demanding segregation, criticizing them for hyper-masculine behavior, then do a 360 and praise such behavior among white people, saying it makes boys tough. Really? Well, isn’t that the point of the behavior in other races also?.

Because it’s so much worse! Sure, White boys act bad, but all boys do. If  a man didn’t act bad as a boy, I say would ask what is wrong with him? Is he ok?

Compared to the way White boys act, Black boys are flat out stone fucking evil, ok? And all of the White boys get viciously tormented by the Blacks, all of them, 100%. It doesn’t toughen them up or make men out of them or anything as far as I can tell. All it does is turn them into viciously racist White adults.

Go look in to the childhood histories of a lot of the racist White men who post on here and some of the White nationalist guys on other sites. One thing you will find in common is going to an integrated school often where Blacks were bussed in. The behavior of too many of these Black boys was flat out horrific. A lot of these Internet White racists were viciously bullied by Black boys at school or else witnessed their monstrous behavior.

White boys don’t need to get bullied by Blacks to toughen them up or make men out of them. It doesn’t do either of those things well or at all anyway. Socializing with other White boys takes care of that well enough.

Getting bullied doesn’t make you tough. What makes you tough is making through boyhood by being tough enough or masculine enough that you don’t get bullied in the first place, see? And bullying (not being bullied) toughens up boys too because the objects of their contempt are idiots, assholes, psychos, hypersensitive wusses, boys who cry all the time or even effeminate boys.

By bullying these boys, boys are taught that idiots, assholes, psychos, hypersensitive wusses, crybabies and sissy boys need to and do get their asses kicked. So you learn that if you act like that, you may well get it. So you learn that being an idiot, an asshole, a psycho, a hypersensitive wuss, a crybaby or a sissy is toxic behavior that may well cause you to get hit with good justification. So as a man you try very hard to not act this way.


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Sissy Boys and Gay Men

I realize I have gay readers and that bullying effeminate boys is not good for the boys getting hit by it, but it is beneficial for incipient straight boys  in a sense because it hammers into your head that effeminate and faggoty behavior is absolutely not ok at all and you are never to act that way for any reason ever. It helps so that when boys grow up into straight men, they do not act effeminate because straight men should not act that way. It also keeps straight men from straying off the straight path into experimental or opportunistic homosexuality, which is extremely common behavior in young straight men.

It may also prevent bisexuality in men. Whether it prevents homosexuality also in men is not known, but it’s certainly possible. We still don’t know what causes homosexuality, but 75% of gay men were “sissy boys” when they were growing up*, so there is a strong link between sissy boy behavior and growing up to be a gay man. The implications of the link between the two behaviors is not known. We don’t know whether sissy boy behavior causes homosexuality or whether they are both representative of a common behavioral pathway that was set up beforehand.

* Note that fully 25% of sissy boys grow up to be heterosexual or straight-identifying men.

I am not sure what sort of men they turn into, but the boy who cried all the time later become one of my best friends. He was quite a soft, pretty and sensitive men and he got called gay all the time, but this guy was one of the most legendary womanizing slayers that ever lived. However, he also got into homosexual behavior later. I think he may have become bisexual because I hate to say it, but he always had a bit of an element like that in him.

I believe the last I heard of him, he was living in a big house in Santa Barbara with some woman. I assume that he probably married and had kids and turned into a suburban husband and father at some point. I have no idea if he knocked off the gay stuff, but he might have. I lost touch with him after he started queering around because you really cannot continue to associate with a guy who is doing that. It’s just not going to work at all.  I could give you some reasons for that, but that would be better for another post.


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The Purpose of Macho Behavior: Macho as Masculine Code

Raja Hindustani writes:

Respect from other machos, connections among machos to get things done and most importantly lower class pussy. That is the point in being macho.

Macho guys have always pretty much accepted me. They often think I am weird, and they can’t figure me out and say I don’t make sense, but generally they do accept me because there is a part of myself that is exactly like them, and I can bring it out very easily. The other machos see that I have this deep macho part of me (but it’s only a part), and they generally respect it because I know how to act like that and especially I control my feelings pretty well. And while I have feminine stuff going on too, I also have a lot of strongly masculine behaviors, mannerisms and especially ways of thinking going on at the same time.

Macho guys are really smart. They are very intelligent when it comes to this macho stuff, and they are experts in picking it up in other men. As long as you have a core set of observable behaviors and a mindset that conforms to that macho style, most macho men and really most men in general will pretty much give you a break, give you a modicum of a basic amount of respect and they most importantly they will leave you alone. There is a whole complicated set of rules that goes into acting this way, and most of us men were socialized into it as boys.

It’s women who don’t seem to understand masculinity. Women are actually a lot more demanding about masculinity in men than macho guys. With macho guys, you just have to conform to that basic set of behaviors and more importantly the mindset (yes, these guys are so smart that they can even see a macho mindset in your head),and you get some sort of basic level of respect. It’s not necessarily a high level of respect, but it is a
“basic” level that says you are “good enough.” Women on the other hand have an extremely poor understanding of masculinity and they are actually much worse and more demanding about it than even macho guys in that sense.


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The Socialization of Boys into Masculinity and Heterosexuality

Boyhood for me was an endlessly masculinity boot camp. All my friends were probably not really machos, but as a boy, the whole thing was to be a man, to act like a man, to not act like a woman or a girl and especially not to be a faggot. So I was hardened up this way all through the toughening up process that frankly is what boyhood is all about.

Boyhood is not about being a pussy. If you’re a pussy in boyhood, you get your ass kicked. I figured that out real quick. So in boyhood, you have two choices. You are going to be a reject or a pussy who gets beat up or else you will avoid, that and in that case you will probably become one of the tormentors and bullies, picking on younger boys and the “neighborhood rejects” and of course the pussyboys. It’s not kill or be killed, but it’s hit or be hit, and it’s definitely bully or be bullied. Take your pick. You want to take it, or you want to dish it out? And no sitting on the sidelines, sorry. You need to pick one role or the other, or we will pick a role for you and you might not like that very much.

There was this one boy who later became my best friend who was a very sensitive boy. In the 5th grade, he was always bursting into tears. For some reason, we hated that. Every time we saw him crying, we would all get very angry, and the other boys would all yell, “Look! He’s crying again! Beat him up!” So we would all rush over there and beat his ass just because he was crying. Because you know, boys don’t cry. We also called him a fag because, you know, if you are boy who cries all the time, you are a faggot who needs to get his ass kicked, right?

So that message of boys don’t cry gets taught to you one way or another as a boy, and if you’re not paying attention to the lesson or catching on, the other boys are going to start berating you and even hitting you until you figure out that boys don’t cry. People wonder why men don’t cry. WE had the tears beaten out of as boys, that’s why.

We had absolutely no idea why he was doing that except that he was this very sensitive sort of pussyboy type boy. We had no idea why it made us so mad. We had no idea why we were beating him up. We had no idea why it was so much fun to kick his ass. Boys do things for very important reasons, but they usually have no idea what logic is behind their feelings and actions.

This all seems odd to me now, but boys don’t really think of the consequences of the mean stuff that they do. I am told that I used to torment and beat up someone I grew up with, and this person is not too happy about that. He wanted me to apologize and while, sure, I will apologize, I have to admit that at the time I saw absolutely nothing wrong with provoking him into hitting us so we could kick his ass.

I mean after all, he was smaller and younger, and you are supposed to beat up people who are weaker than you, right? Also he was very easy to provoke. Boys don’t seem to have much of a conscience. The whole time I was doing all this bad stuff, beating up other boys, bullying them, etc., I never for one second thought I was doing anything wrong. And I was not even much of a bully. I was probably less of a bully than most of the boys I grew up with.

There was this mean kid on crutches who everyone picked on. His name was Dickie. His older brother tormented him mercilessly, and even his own Mom ridiculed him horribly. He had some sort of genetic condition that made him a cripple, but boy could he run fast on those damn crutches. Well, we tormented this guy because he was mean. If he would have just laughed this stuff off, we might have made friends with him. He got beat up for being an oversensitive wuss.

We called him “Dogdoo Dickie,” which for some reason was hilarious. We would torment him, and then he would take off after us with those crutches of his using them like an accelerator to speed himself up. He would chase us all over Hell and high water, and we would just laugh and run away from him. We always had lots of rocks, dirt clods and berries, and we would just cream him with these objects as we ran away from him. We would run away and throw rocks and berries at him really hard! It was a blast!

The more we and his family tormented him, the meaner he got, so it was a vicious circle. We thought we were 100% morally correct in what we were doing. I hope he turned out ok, but I always worry he turned into a serial killer.

We used to play this game called “Kill the Man on the Hoppityhop.” It was also called “Smear the Queer.” There was this thing called a hoppityhop which was a great big blue ball with a handle on it that you could ride by bouncing it along. One guy would get on the hoppityhop and try to ride it for a while, and all the other guys would waste him and try to beat him up and throw him off the hoppityhop.

I actually think the main object was to throw him off the ball, but he usually got wasted in the process. The hoppityhop guy would try to get away. It was actually great fun. But the other name for it was “Smear the Queer.” The guy on the hoppityhop was automatically designated the “queer,” so of course everyone had to waste the queer because…because he was a queer, right?

I would like to apologize to my gay male readers for this, but this is all part of the socialization process of heterosexual boys. I don’t know if this process makes us straight or if we start out that way, but this is how it goes. Boys who are designated “queers” or “fags” either as a game role or due to sissy behavior as with the crying boy above are objects to attack verbally and physically. If it’s a fag or a queer, you yell at it and maybe you hit it if it is being too overtly and obnoxiously pussy.

There were two other boys, identical twins called the Hunts. These twins were both very effeminate. I have no idea what happened to them, if they turned out gay or what. They were also very intelligent, and I later become friends with one of them, D., in high school. He was still faggy as Hell in the 9th grade, but by that time, I didn’t care. We yelled at them and tormented them and called them faggots. We also called them the “Cunts” instead of the “Hunts.” Clever, huh? They were the “Cunt Brothers.” They ignored us and didn’t rise to the bait, so we never beat them up, but if they would have bit the bait and tried to attack us, we would have delightfully wasted them.

So when the boy gets on the hoppityhop, he’s the designated “Queer,” and now he’s Enemy #1. So our Number One Enemy was this thing called the “Queer.” If you want to know where straight guys get their homophobia and revulsion towards homosexuality, it all goes back to boyhood. The #1 enemy of all boys is this thing called the “queer” or the “fag,” and he needs teased or even get hit or get his ass kicked if he gets too out of line.

So Smear the Queer is a symbolic game in that it socializes boys into being straight and also probably masculine at the same time because the “Queer” object is hated not just because it’s gay but also, let’s  face it because it’s pussy, sissy, effeminate or not masculine. Or instead of turning boys straight maybe it solidifies boys who are already headed that way.

The boy designated “Queer” on the hoppityhop is of course just playing a role. He’s a stand-in for the hated concept of the homosexual or homosexuality. Nobody thinks he’s really gay. He’s just an actor in a play so to speak. All boys delight in taking turns being the Queer on the hoppityhop, and they all get wasted when they are all on the ball.T here’s no shame in playing the Queer role because you are playing the role of the Queer object that gets wasted, so you are part of the theatrical process, and you are playing a homophobic role yourself even as the Queer. When playing the Queer, you are not saying “I’m gay!” You are saying, “here I am, playing the role of a faggot, now everyone come kick my ass please!”  Get it?

But you can see the hatred of gays and gay behavior that gets hammered into your head with a sledgehammer as a straight boy. People always wonder where homophobia and gay-bashing comes from, and I hate to say it, but it may well stem from the natural masculinization process that straight boys go through that take a frail and tearful boy and run him through years of torture and torment in hopes of turning out a hardened man at the end.

I don’t know what to say to gay men about this, but gay boys or incipient gay boys probably ought to keep their sissiness discreet. That means no bursting into tears all the time like a wuss. And if they are sissies, which most of them are, they need to toughen up and not rise to the bait when catcalled. Boys who are getting teased usually get beat up not because of the teasing but because of the reaction to the teasing. As with the Cunt Brothers, if you don’t rise to the bait, usually nothing happens. And incipient gay boys might want to learn how to fight.

I wish I could say more on this, but I am afraid that any effort to make boys PC is not going to work. I also think that unfortunately the inculcating of hatred for homosexuality is useful in the process of forging a boy into a man. It helps turn him into a good, solid, more or less masculine straight man, which in my opinion is a good thing to be. I realize that some gay or sissy boys get hurt in the process, but the process still seems essential somehow. I am sorry for gay and sissy boys who get beat up as boys. I’ve been beat up myself quite a few times, and it’s not pleasant. I wish I had more to say on this, but I am at a loss for words.


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Machismo in a Working Class Mexican City in the US

Jason Y writes:

Not all Mexican guys are macho, and not all Mexican women are knockouts, these will go out with each other. I’ve seen no evidence these Latin nations are full of macho guys. Just as anywhere else, the majority are average, not gay but average.

I am wondering if the commenter lives with Mexicans. I live with Mexicans. All Mexican men are machos, 100%. Pretty much. I believe it is a cultural mandate, and if you don’t go along with it, you are probably in for a rough ride. I am talking about the ones in my city who are born in Mexico. I saw this soft young 2nd generation Chicano at the bank, and his young wife was just pummeling him verbally.

As far as the Chicanos, around here, the men are 100% machos because this area is poor and working class. There may be a few exceptions such as a few young Chicano married men in the 20’s with a couple of kids.

With the White guys, not so much, but still a lot of them are pretty hard.

We also have some Blacks around here, and they are all machos too, regular tough sort of ghetto or Blacks deep into “Black culture.” I think in ghetto or traditional Black culture, all the men have to be pretty macho. It seems like there’s no other way to be. Once you get outside the ghetto or traditional Black culture, Black men can start to vary more.

There are some Arabs who run the local store and they are all badass, hard, macho guys too. The Arabs accept me, the Chicanos not so much, but some of them do.

The Mexicans maybe, but you can’t really talk to them, as they don’t speak English, and they keep to themselves.

Some of the Blacks accept me, but the ones around here are mostly lousy people who you don’t want to know anyway.

With the rest of the Chicanos, I would say that most of them are machos but not all. Once you get to the 3rd generation, you do start seeing some variability that way, but you are never really sure if those men are full Chicanos or only part. Once you get to 3rd generation, you start to see a lot more assimilation, as the Chicanos also started getting mixed in with Whites, especially Med Whites like Italians. You also start seeing Filipino-Chicano mixes and other more exotic types.

This area is poor, and the only way for a man to act around here is to be a macho. In poor and working class neighborhoods, all the men are rather tough and hard. There’s really no other way to be. I assume that most all the men around here have conformed to this behavior pattern because this is how you are supposed to act here. There are probably some unpleasant consequences around here if you do not act that way.

I assume there are gay men who get raised in those environments, but I believe the gay men get out of here as soon as possible and move to some big cities. The gay men I know who came from this town seem like they all split to Fresno or even Frisco once they hit ~18. There are definitely some real faggoty guys in this town, but they all work at more upscale places like the ATT store, Starbucks, places like that. And few if any of them live here. They all live in Fresno instead. This is probably not a pleasant town to be gay in.


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Mexican Lowrider and Gang Culture in the 1970’s

Jm8 writes:

I’m curious, how was low rider culture different from the modern East LA Chicano culture (I know vert little about the former)? Was it mainly just less violent and criminal?

They were a lot nicer and easier to get along with. I actually used to hang around with them a bit in high school. I was one of the few White guys who would associate with them. They kept to themselves. They had this certain outfit that they would wear, the women wore way too much makeup and there were a lot of teardrop tattoos. I am not sure what those meant, but I always thought it meant that they felt that life is sad. They had this general sadness about them, both the boys and the girls. But it was a rather appealing sort of fatalistic and resigned sadness.

The boys supposedly had some sort of a gang, but the gang really didn’t do anything. I think maybe they would fight with another gang, but it would just be fistfights and not deadly weapons like it is nowadays. The difference between now and then was that the  lowriders  were approachable and more or less friendly even though they only wanted to hang with themselves.

Nowadays the Chicano are a lot more hostile and standoffish, and they also have a lot higher self-esteem. The lowriders were this low self-esteem, beautiful loser type crowd. The new ones are much more criminal and dangerous and also a lot more machista. The lowrider boys were not that machista. A number of them were skinny as rails, and no one cared. I think the culture was based on souped up old cars lowered to the ground and cruising.

One of my very first girlfriends was actually a Mexican gang girl. She used to get in fistfights with other girls! They didn’t use deadly weapons like nowadays. Whatever gang she was in (apparently some sort of a Chicana girl gang), it was rather harmless as all they did was get into fistfights with other girls sometimes. She was mostly into smoking pot and getting laid (she was a notorious slut).

I was 17 and she was 15.

Chicana gang girls were very different back then. They were far more assimilated, and they were a lot less dangerous and criminal. She was so assimilated she was just about White. And they were not so demanding of a machisimo boy. But this was also the hippie 1970’s, and you really didn’t have to be macho to get girls. You just had to be the cool guy. If you were Joe Cool, goodlooking and had good game, you could get girls. It was not necessary to be a tattooed caveman.

This is proven by the fact that she went for me, but it was supposedly because I was cute. Actually she and her friend both more or less picked me up at a weekend sex education retreat we were on with the Church. They said I was the cutest guy at the retreat, so they were going to grab me and hog me for themselves and keep all the other girls away from me. I later had sex with both of them, one after the other, in a church at 3 AM! Screwing two 15 year old girls in a church in the middle of the night! Yay!


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