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PUA/Game: Warning to Men – Teenage Girls Are Dangerous!

Women of all ages hardly look at me at all anymore which of course is due to aging. Most young women are just not into men my age. And I hardly blame them. They say that they do not find us attractive. This makes perfect sense to me and I do not begrudge them for feeling this way. However, even women in their 40’s do not seem all that interested. The overall effect seems to be that almost no one finds me attractive. Of course some women and even teenage girls find me attractive. Actually teenage girls stare at me all the time, and women in their 20’s to 30’s almost never do. I don’t get it.

I even had what must have been an 18 year old girl go into robot/hypnotized/blank stare mode at me the idea. That’s always a good sign. It means you turn her on. It doesn’t necessarily mean she’s going to have sex with you, but it means that a part of her would like to have sex with you. More properly, she is fantasizing about having sex with you in a way. Now whether she is really going to act on that feeling is another matter. People must understand that females probably get turned on by good-looking men on a regular basis, the vast majority of whom they never have sex with. So does that mean your average woman wants to have sex with all of them? Of course not. But women fantasize too. Looking and doing are completely different things.

A year ago, I had a 17 year old girl (only a couple of months short of 18, so she was just barely illegal) after me. She was anywhere from beautiful to cute depending on who you talk to. Before anyone freaks out, let me point out that she had a 100% body of an adult woman. For all intents and purposes, she was a woman. She wasn’t really a girl at all in any real sense if you take girl to mean “little girl.”

She was not underdeveloped in any way, shape or form. Her body was a bit different in that way that girls age 16-18 can be. At that age, many of them are thin but still have all of the perfect curves of a woman. On the other hand, their hips have not completely widened to point necessary to optimally carry a baby (this occurs at age ~19-20). So the effect is something that you do not see often in adult women, a beautiful female with outrageous curves who still has a quite thin body. I am not trying to be ephebephile here and I love older women’s bodies too, but that “thin body with perfect curves” is in some ways one of the best female body shapes of all. Unfortunately, it is usually wasted on females that are basically untouchable.

She kept saying she wanted to hang out with me, and my attitude was, “Sure, why not?” But she wanted me to hold her hand and put my arm around her when we were out in public, and I was really worried about that.

I used to take her around town anyway for coffee and whatnot. I got quite a few outraged stares an more than a few people acted like they wanted to hit me. Some acted like they were going to call the police on us. Every time I pointed that out to the girl, she laughed and said, “Good, let’s piss some more people off.” She was actually getting off on the fact that people were acting like they were going to beat me up for being with her. She thought it was hilarious. She kept trying to up the ante, saying, “Here, hold my hand, that will make them even more mad,” but I was too freaked out to do so. I wasn’t usually scared, but I was terrified to hold her hand or put my arm around her.

Although these are pretty innocent acts, it’s quite possible you could go down on child molestation charges even for something and inconsequential as that. There is a very ugly law in California called “annoying or molesting a child” that cops use frequently to bust me on very little cause. There are defense attorneys who specialize in getting men off of this specific charge. The crime has nothing to do with molesting a minor. If you did that, they would hit you with another charge.

Instead it is an insane “anti-grooming law” which means you can pretty much get arrested for so much as talking to an underage teenage girl. I recall one case where a man was arrested for having a conversation with two 15 year old girls, both runaways, in a pet store. I have no idea what they were talking about. The man said they were just talking. Well someone called the cops and he got arrested. I am thinking maybe if you held hands with a teenage girl or put your arm around her, you might go down on this stupid anti-grooming law.

Even if you don’t go down on that, there are some other moronic laws like corrupting the morals of a minor and contributing to the delinquency of a minor that you could go down on.

In fact, I was a bit worried about going down on this anti-grooming law just for hanging around this little hottie, but I doubt if they will arresting you just for associating with a teenage girl as long as you don’t do anything. I even had her over a few times. But she kept trying to seduce me. I kept telling her, “I can’t touch you. I can’t touch you,” and she kept laughing and saying, “Yes you can.” She was totally egging me on. I told her I could go to prison and she kept saying, “No one is going to find out.”

After a while of this, I had to diassasociate from her because it was just getting too scary and further, I was starting to get seriously tempted and I was worried that I might cave and give her the dicking she wanted. Everyone acts like some man with a barely underage girt is some sort of a predator scum, but this girl came after me all the way. She befriended me and asked me for my number and then started bugging me to hang out with her. I mean she was a little seductress all the way.

These idiots say that these hot young thing never try to seduce men, but oh yes they do! And I have read other experiences along these lines from other men. Kids grow up fast these days and 17 going on 30 is not unusual at all. I think a lot of men going down on bonking teenage girls are probably being overtly seduced by these girls. Some probably resist for a while, but at some point they just cave, give in and say, “The Hell with it. I’m going to do this little hottie! I won’t get caught and I don’t care if I do!” Of course he does care if he gets caught. And probably a lot of the time, the guy gets turned in by someone. I know that in a huge percentage of cases, the girl refuses to cooperate with the prosecution and tries to get the system to drop the charges, but they usually don’t do it. I’m not completely opposed to these laws but who exactly got harmed when the “victim” insists she was not a victim urges the system to let her “attacker” or “rapist” go.

What was funny was that even with all the hate looks we got, women started checking me out a lot more just by being with her. Instead massive SMV boost, even though I guess I was a “creepy pedophile.” And the local high school girls at the coffee shop we went to were literally in awe of me when they saw me with her and a lot acted like they would like to take her place.

I ended up playing Wise Older Man with her, but I end up doing this with most women in their 20’s that I date lately. Most women in their 20’s haven’t figured out life as well as you think. She was almost literally in awe of me like I was some sort of a God and I have heard that this is often the case even with women in their 20’s and middle aged men. They almost worship you like you are a statue. It’s pretty good for your ego. Hugo Schwyzer recently made the argument that middle aged men should stop dating younger women because they are in awe of us and almost worship us and they don’t put many demands on us. Whereas a lot of middle aged men say that dating women their age is like interviewing for a job. Schwyzer is correct that older women are a lot more demanding of us. Schwyzer says that by dating young women, we are avoiding the crucial tasks of learning how to deal with women our own age who will be a lot less tolerant of our bullshit and who, yes, will place a lot more demand on us. Schwyzer says we are copping out by chasing young things and not dealing with the realities of life.

I will say though that I have dated women around age 50 recently and I am not afraid of them, nor do I think they are unattractive. I have no preference for younger women and I do not believe that women “hit the wall” and become unattractive at age 30 either. It’s disgusting the way a lot of us older men say that women our own age or even in their 30’s are not attractive. Hell, the guy who is saying is about as attractive as the women he is calling ugly. So it’s pretty unfair. I love older women and in fact I love women of all ages from 18 up to over 50. They’re all great and in different ways too.

In closing, I would just say that not only middle aged men but even men in their 20’s and 30’s need to exercise serious caution around underage teenage girls. The main truth here seems to be not only, “A lot of these (16-17 year old) teenage girls are fuckable!*” but also that, “Teenage girls are dangerous!” You need to be very careful around them. It’s like playing with dynamite.


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In Praise of Rape Culture

I got this from some idiot comment from someone who had previously been banned, no doubt for good reason, as most Culture Left types get their lunatic asses banned from this site right quick, thank God.

I never really knew what rape culture was. Of course, there are some pretty rapey cultures in the world, but they usually tend to be non-European White ones.

Now I don’t rape, unless you want to use the feminist daffyntion of rape, in which case of course I have been raping since I have been sexually active, and I must say that the fake rape the feminists love to go on about sure is fun.

Anyway, leaving aside the feminut definition of rape which is really non-rape, I don’t rape. I drug rape and booze rape, but I don’t even date rape, which is something that millions of men in the US do every year. In the rest of the world, men are even worse.

Date rape is almost normal among men. But that doesn’t mean it’s not crappy. I have commenters who date rape. They admitted it in the comments. Bill Clinton date raped women. So did Trump. I don’t think that makes them bad. It just makes them typical men, but I think I am better than that.  I just will not force myself on a woman. Forget it.

I also seduce.

But don’t force yourself on women, date rape or otherwise. Don’t threaten them. Don’t menace them. Don’t use false imprisonment. That means locking them in places where they can’t escape and attacking them. That’s just about kidnapping. No matter where you have her, she’s always “free to leave” as the cops say.

So from my vantage point, I would say that we White men have one of the least rapey cultures on Earth. Are there problems? Sure. But we are probably less rapey now than at any previous time in our history. Since this is obvious fact, I was always mystified by how the US was somehow a rape culture.

I never even knew what rape culture was. And now I have learned in the definition below. It turns out that rape culture is simply normal human culture. If you have a normal, regular, sane, society that’s not weird or insane, apparently it’s a rape culture. In that case, I would say that rape cultures are pretty cool, assuming they are low-rape like European White Northeast Asian cultures. According to feminuts, a culture is rapey apparently to the degree that it is normal.

This non-rape culture that the feminuts postulate here is a culture that is so freakish and bizarre that it may not even be possible, as it goes against nature. And if it did exist, it would be some Weirdo Freakazoid Culture that I would not want to be a part of.

So you see there is no solution to their rape culture bullshit nor should there be. Rape culture is good culture.

Rape will always be here. It will never go away outside of some weird sci-fi society. Yes, there will always be an expectation that a woman may get raped, but that’s just normal. That’s how it is in most normal societies. Men objectifying women is rape culture, but cultures where men objectify women are called normal cultures.

Yes, men “sexually harass” women, but sexual harassment is usually a good thing.

Rape culture is also culture where men act masculine, and women act feminine, and each is expected to act that way. That sounds like normal culture. Once again, rape culture is just normal. If you live in a rape culture, thank your lucky stars!

Stupid link about rape culture.

Rape culture is more than a society in which the physical act of rape is evident. Rape culture is a culture in which it is a societal norm for women to be objectified, for the fear of rape to be ever present, and where it is accepted that it is not possible to conceive of a society in which rape does not exist. For a more thorough descriptive list of what a rape culture entails, this blog serves as a good guide.

The expectation and acceptance of objectification, harassment, and thus also the potential for rape is highlighted by a study in which a high percentage of women working in male-dominated professions reported experiencing sexual harassment. However, rather than blame the perpetrators, the victims questioned their own sensitivity and attributed the behavior to just ‘men being men’ (Fine 73-75).

Binary expectations of gender thus contribute to a culture of victim blaming, where it is not the responsibility of men to behave with respect but of women to overcome a perceived weakness in how they respond. For women working in a male dominated workplace failure to accept such a culture could mean losing their own position, thus the choice is either to be a perpetually harassed victim, or an unemployed victim.

The everyday acceptance of such a culture would suggest that ‘the rapist’ is not an exotic and unusual individual, but someone whose behavior mirrors the expectation of male domination within society. Indeed empirical research has failed to find the “typical” rapist, instead evidence suggests that an environment in which men are expected to prove their manliness, that is to prove their dominance over women, results in a society in which rape is more prevalent.

In our society, men demonstrate their competence as people by being “masculine” (p.49).

The social requirement for males to perform masculine qualities is thus indicative of a socially constructed gender binary. Where human attributes are divided in two, where men suppress the “feminine” and women suppress the “masculine”, rape becomes “the logical outcome” (Herman 52). Therefore in order for rape culture to be overcome, it is necessary for our society to be transformed into one where both sexes are equally able to access the multifaceted and contradictory human qualities that have thus far been halved.

Much sociobiological research into rape has however concluded that rape is a biological rather than social behavior. Yet this research has been criticized for basing its conclusions upon extrapolations made from studies upon animals. A study carried out by Thornhill et al concluded that rape had an evolutionary function, serving as a way in which men could reproduce should attempts of “co-operative bonding” or “manipulative courtship” fail.

While the study recognized that there are more proximate causes of rape, e.g. the desire to dominate etc, the evolutionary instinct for reproduction is claimed to be the ultimate cause. As a consequence, the conclusion, such as it is, is shown to be utterly facile when met with any degree of contrary evidence, stubbornly repeating “evolution did it”, as examples of other causes, unrelated to reproduction, continue to present themselves (Fausto-Sterling 193).

By accepting a biological cause of rape, these studies accept rape as an unchangeable part of our society and has potentially dangerous consequences when considering how rape should be dealt with both in terms of the potential punishment of the rapist and in regard to rape-prevention – the onus is upon potential victims to avoid rape rather than upon the perpetrators to not commit it. The responsibility thus falls upon the victim, and examples of this will not be unfamiliar.

Women are told how to avoid rape by changing their own behavior, whether that means not going out alone or not drinking as much; they are told to avoid strangers, and to avoid strange places; they are told to leave extra lights on when home alone, to drive with the doors and windows locked. To avoid being raped a woman must live as if every man she meets is a potential rapist. The message is such that the behavior of the rapist is effectively ignored. This culture of victim blaming is evident in the 2008-9 anti-rape campaign by South Wales Police, a campaign which included a poster aimed at women that stated “Don’t be a Victim”.

Not only does this poster, and indeed all of the advice described, place responsibility of rape onto the victim, it also ignores the crucial statistics that show clearly that the vast majority of rape is perpetrated by men known to the victim (often partners or husbands) and thus the “advice” is both irrelevant and in fact actively harmful, as it creates belief that rape could be avoided if only women were more careful.

The theory of a biological cause of rape is a convenient conclusion for those who do not wish to see social change. It is a theory that allows men to continue their domination over women and for patriarchal norms to remain unchallenged, as rape is considered an innate evolutionary behavior. The evidence however is weak, and the counterargument, that the socialization of gender roles create norms of masculine dominance that are learned, is far more convincing.

Thus rape culture can be challenged, but it must be done on the systemic level; if we truly want to see the end of rape, patriarchy cannot be allowed to survive. Rape culture thrives in our society because of the entrenchment of binary gender roles. And it creates a paradoxical situation where men who are kind, considerate, and loving can state with the best of intentions that men should protect the women in their lives, an intention derived from the gender norms that allow men to be a threat. In the words of Mary Edwards Walker:

You are not our protectors… If you were who would there be to protect us from?”


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Get Her Drunk! Give Her Drugs! Have Sex with Her! Yay!

That is, I get loaded or drunk on dope or booze with women and then I fuck them. Of course the women and girls are willing participants, but feminuts say it’s rape anyway. Anyway, intoxicated sex is a blast, and I recommend it to all discerning degenerates. I have gotten high on a lot of drugs with women and then had sex with them, mostly marijuana and cocaine, and pills. The only pills were tranks like Xanax. They are ok for sex as they relax you.

I’ve never done psychedelics, Ecstasy or PCP and had sex. It sounds a bit frightening. I don’t do speed. I’ve never done narcotics and had sex, but that sounds like a bad idea anyway, and the only narcotics I ever took were pills, and I hardly ever used them. Narcotics kill sex anyway.

Don’t dose women. That’s as sleazy as it gets, and it’s quite illegal these days.

Do I feed women drinks to get them drunk? I dunno? As I usually drink along with them, I guess not. Don’t feed women drinks to get them drunk.If you want to get her drunk, I understand, but you may as well drink along with her. It’s only fair.

If a woman gets drunk and has sex, it’s rape and she’s not responsible, say feminuts. That can only be possible if women are children. So are women children? I guess women are children.

I would like to point out that a lot of females have sexual inhibitions, and they deliberately drink themselves to get themselves loosened up enough for sex. I have been a party to such self-dosing on many an occasion. Taking the feminut theory logically, I guess these women are raping themselves by getting themselves drunk, but even when women rape themselves, I guess men are still guilty.

After all, feminists insist that women are eternal children, objects who have no agency. I agree that women are objects, but I do not agree that they have no agency.


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In Praise of Sexual Harassment – Disrespect a Woman Today!

According to feminuts, sexual harassment means a man asked a woman out for a date, a man checked out a woman, a man leered at a woman, a man made a sexual remark to a woman, a man flirted with a woman, a man asked a woman for her phone number, or a man touched a woman’s body. Obviously all of these are forms or horrific sexual harassment. We can’t have any of that, now can we? I am serious. Feminists actually say that all of these things are sexual harassment. In other words, whenever a man is trying to get laid or get to know a woman for romance/sex, it’s apparently sexual harassment.

According to feminuts, treating women “with respect” apparently means never being sexual with them, never touching them, never looking at them sexually, never leering at them, never flirting with them, never asking them out, never asking them for their number and generally never trying to have sex with them. The best way to respect a woman is to never try to fuck her! Wow! Well in that case, I must say that women are deserving of absolutely no respect whatsoever. Disrespect a woman today! She might even like it. Wink wink.


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Seduction Is a Scam

Of course, all seduction is trickery, a scam, a game, con artistry if you will. You can always try to be honest about your seduction like these feminist “consent” freaks, but the problem with seducing honestly is not only that it is an oxymoron but that it doesn’t work, and if you limit yourself that way, you’ll probably die a virgin.

So if you want to get laid, take up trickery (seduction).

Boozing and doping always helps.

Psychological manipulation helps, but I don’t want to be too evil about it. Instead, my psychological manipulation takes more the form of games, trickery, etc. of what I see as as an innocent sort. I don’t get down with sociopathic manipulation.

You can also use verbal persuasion. I have done this many times. You can’t threaten them, but you can use every verbal and psychological trick in the game to sweet talk her into bed. You can argue her into bed too. I’ve done it many times.

Anyway, all of this is just normal. It would be nice if we could just get laid without going through all this Game bullshit, but women don’t really cooperate on that end, so it’s time to wheel out the Seduction Scam.

Anyone who tells you that seduction is honest is lying. Seduction is deceit by its very nature. It’s also a con, a scam, and a game. Seduction is synonymous with trickery. If that sounds horrible, I am sorry, but I am just telling you what seduction is. You are always free to refuse to use it, but the guy next door using seduction (trickery) will be having 10 times more sex than you playing Honest Abe.

Your choice, guys! Wink.


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Getting Rid of Gender Won’t Stop Rape and Violence against Women

Feminists say the way to end rape culture is to get rid of gender. This means that men would act like faggots at least half the time, and women would act like dykes at least half the time. Do that, and wa-la! Rape culture vanishes with the wave of a wand.

Problem is that won’t get rid of rape, sexual harassment and violence against women at all. It would probably make all of these things even worse.

Furthermore, I am quite that in this fagged-out, dyked-out, genderless wormboy plus momma wears army boots society, there would still be lots of rape. This is a society where the men act like faggots half the time while the women act like dykes half the time. According to feminists, a culture like that is normal.

Problem is that it would still be rapey as Hell. Fagged out men are even rapier than than straight men. The date rape rate in gay male culture is so high that it would knock you out of your chair. There are endless reports from gay male culture about how date rape and sexual harassment (even quid pro quo) and sexual blackmail are all epidemic in the gay male community. So is domestic violence. Gay men beat their partners at twice the rate that straight men do. So fagging men out doesn’t work. Even when they are gayed to Hell, they still rape and harass like crazy and are shockingly violent…probably because…they are men?

Even worse, gay male society lack female gatekeepers. Probably the only reason that date rape, sexual harassment and sexual blackmail is lower among straight males than among gays is because females play a gatekeeper role in straight society blocking and blowing the whistle on men who try this sleazy stuff. So straight men are constrained by the roadblocks of women, which is probably a good thing because otherwise we would probably be as debased and nihilistic as gay men.

Likewise with violence. Gay men beat each other up so much because men are violent. Couples with two men are going to be way more violent than couples with one man.

Now dyking out women is no solution to rape culture either. In fact, the dykier women are, the more they beat each other up. Yep, domestic violence rates for lesbians are extremely high, twice as high as for straight men. Dykes are always beating the crap out of each other. Why? Because dykes act like…men? And women who act like…men…might tend to be a lot more violent than feminine women because men are violent, and if you act like a man, you are going to act more violent?


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I Am Sexist, Objectifying, Homophobic and Proud

From the Net:


Is It Natural or Learned for a Heterosexual to Find Homosexuality Gross?

I’m not a homophobe. I fully support all the rights of LGBT people. But i find that two males (not females) having sex incredibly repulsive. And when i think that a man is sexually attracted to me, it makes me feel sick.

Is this learned? Is this because we live in a homophobic society? Or is it natural?

Answer: I’ve known a lot of men like you who find homosexual males repulsive and not females. That is sexist and homophobic and objectifying lesbians. The only reason you do not like gay men but do like gay women is because you find two women having sex sexually attractive. To be blunt, you are homophobic, despite your pleas you are not.

Answer: I mean, if you find two males having sex repulsive, then you’re homophobic. You have distaste towards homosexuality.

Answer: Disgusting is an extreme word to use though. Chances are, if you find gay sexual acts disgusting , you will find gay men disgusting too. That’s homophobic.

I normally would not check all three of those boxes except for the objectifying women part, which I admit that I do. I am very happy to objectify women sexually and it makes me feel very good to do so. When I was younger, a lot of women used to objectify me sexually as I was said to be very handsome there for a while. Now of course I am middle aged and I don’t think any humans objectify me anymore, and I’m depressed as Hell. Why do these ditzy bitches get so upset about being objectified? Come on, it’s fun to be treated this way.

I suspect that most of the women who complain about men objectifying women are either lesbians or ugly or both, in either case in which they should not even worry. I am an unrepenetent objectifier and I will go to my grave as one, even if I can’t get it up anymore. I am almost hoping that the feminuts will make objectifying women illegal so I can go to jail for my glorious cause.

Up with objectification!

I am also totally grossed out by male homosexuality and I actually flinch backwards in real physical disgust when I see two men kissing. It literally sickens me. But of course I love me some lesbian porn. So if that makes me sexist, objectifying and homophobic, so be it. I never knew it could be so much fun to be a bigot.

Regarding the question in the title, I am not sure of heterosexual male disgust for male homosexuality is learned or inborn. It is definitely an interesting question!


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When You Bet on the Body, You Bet on a Losing Horse

Most younger women seem to think that I am not attractive at all. That’s the message I seem to get from them all day long every single day. Compared to younger men, I suppose I do not come across well.

I was supposedly very goodlooking as a young man. I assume so because I heard this constantly.  I even had 2-3 offers to be a male model, all around age 24 which is when I assume I looked my best. I was also quite thin at that age, all the way down to 150-165. Do they want male models thin like they want female models?

I applied at one agency. They told me I was goodlooking enough but they were not sure if I could handle the rest of the job because modeling is more than just being goodlooking.  I turned down the modeling jobs because I was afraid of all the gay men. I was having way too much hassle with gay men at that point in my life anyway. Actually they were turning my life into something resembling a nightmare that would never end. Every day I got up and it was here we go again.

People think most male models are gay, but it’s not true. Actually most of them are straight. I know a man who was a male model and he told me that 1/3 of male modes are gay, another 1/3 are regular guys with a wife or girlfriend and another 1/3 are trying to screw every woman on Earth. He also told me that all straight male models have to fight off gay men all the time, “like mosquitoes in Siberia” is how he described it to me. This suggests that gay men do no go after men that they think are gay like everyone thinks. Instead I assume that they simply have no idea at all who is gay and who isn’t and instead they simply go after any goodlooking man. Their gaydar is a pitiful joke.

As a young man I had girls and women after me all the time. Unfortunately I also had men after me all the time too! Now why this is, I have no idea, but I have been gaybait since my teens. Maybe someone can tell me why this is.

It felt pretty good to be the hot guy that everyone wanted or at least liked to look at. But looks don’t last. Now matter how handsome or beautiful you are, there will come a day when your looks are shot all to Hell. I suppose I am approaching that point. My looks are pretty much history I suppose. It is a natural process but it is hard to take. It’s like going from the handsomest man on Earth to the ugliest man on Earth. It’s a pretty serious blow especially if you have some egotism going on, which of course I do.

The Buddhists say, “When you bet on the body, you bet on a losing horse.” Yep.


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The Pitiful Joke Called Gaydar

Actually, I think most gay men do not have the faintest idea who is gay and who is not. Their gaydar is one of the most pitiful cognitive devices devised by man. Bottom line is it’s a fraud. Idiotic gay men and their even  more stupid straight worshippers insist that gay men have perfect gaydar, but that is a comically idiotic statement. If it works so great, why were they always hitting on me and so many of my friends? Couldn’t they tell we were straight. I think we should resign gaydar to the realm of urban myth.


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When Your Girlfriend is 30 Years Younger Than You Are: Problems of Attraction

dat writes:

I think it’s fine if 2 consenting adults want to be in a relationship regardless of age, but there is a certain point where it’s just awkward… when it’s a man above 60 trying to date women 18-25, that’s kind of odd. I feel like only a woman with very little future prospects would fall into that type of situation. When I was 18 or 22, I felt like I had a bright future ahead, why would I want to be with an old fogie who already lived most of his life?

If I were uneducated and had no path in life, perhaps I would have tried to go that route in hopes of gaining a future of financial stability out of him… hopefully I would inherit the bank. If he didn’t own a home or have money, no way in hell I would have been seen with him. My point is, the only woman who does that is one who is not confident in her ability to build her own financial stability and wealth. All this stuff goes out the window after 30 or 40. At that point date whatever age person you want, you’ve lived, you’ve worked, you probably know where you are in life.

For men, it makes them feel good about themselves when they are with a younger woman. It makes them feel younger and more desirable. it also gives them a hard-on, which apparently is the main goal of men. Plus, it’s easier to control younger women. Less experience, less hard headed, less confidence, less financial stability, less income. It’s easy to get them trapped, get them in a comfortable place away from their families and become their source of income…

I am 58 years old. In the last few years, I have had relationships with a few young women aged 26-29. All of them had serious older man fetishes. Two of them were hot, and the other was not. One was a model! However, there were some pretty serious problems with these relationships, in particular due to attraction. A couple of them started off the relationship by saying how hot and sexy I was and what a great body I had.

A 55 year old man with a great body wtf? Then after a while they started telling me that they were not attracted to me, often because I reminded them of their fathers. This has never happened to me in my entire life. No woman has ever told me she was attracted to me and then changed her mind I decided I was undesirable. Once a woman thinks you’re sexy, it’s for life. Women don’t decide you are goodlooking and then change their minds about it.

But maybe with middle aged men it is different as for a female to get attracted to us in the first place is not that easy. The truth is that it is almost impossible for a man my age to get a younger woman, especially one in her 20’s. It’s even hard to get a woman in her 30’s. It’s even not that easy to get a woman in her 40’s! I have dated a few women in recent years who were in their 40’s, but they were in their late 40’s.

If you are my age, and you are somehow able to get a much younger woman, even in her 30’s but especially in her 20’s, you are kicking ass. Everybody thinks this is an easy thing to do, but it is not easy at all. 99% of the young women I meet act like they want nothing to do with me sexually. The basic message is that I don’t turn them on. I guess they think I am unattractive or ugly. One can hardly blame them.


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