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Terrified and Unarmed: The Best Male Society

I actually rather like the idea of a society were all the men are terrified of each other, and yet everyone is pretty much unarmed or at least it’s illegal to be packing..

I go through life with the attitude that if I seriously dis some guy, he has a right to hit me. And if I say certain things to him – attack his masculinity, fire nukes at his Achilles Heels – he might just have a right to kill me. I treat all men as if they are potentially homicidal.

Result: I am real nice to other men.

How do mean act in return: I have been told that I look sort of scary, so men don’t really give me any shit, ever, really. So I am really nice to other men, and they are at least civil and polite back to me. It’s the optimal world!

I am even pretty damn nice to men who seem very bad. Really those are the guys you should be really polite too. I don’t want to antagonize a bad man! When I have to deal with a man who looks like a bad man, the first thing I think is, “Don’t antagonize him!”

People say an armed society is a polite society but I do not necessarily agree with that. The problem with an armed society is sure all the men are terrified, but they are also armed. An armed man is going to act bad because once you are armed you can be a real dick. I have a gun, I can be an asshole! See?

So it’s better that men be terrified and unarmed.


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The Most Evil Woman on the Internet

Here. Definitely NSFW! Adults only please. I must warn you that this Tumblr blog contains a lot of pornographic writing. There are no pornographic photos or videos on the blog, but there is a lot of pretty dirty writing. So if you do not like to read pornographic prose, don’t go to the site.

I suppose I should just let you peruse the blog for a bit so you can figure out what this evil bitch is up to, but in lieu of that, I will quote her About page here, and that should give you a clue as to what she is about.

I’m better than you.

I am a 20 year old sociopath recently graduated from university. I had a long-distance boyfriend for 2+ years who I cheated on all the time, until he finally caught me (well, for the second time) sucking my flatmate off.

Then I went out with a virgin and cheated on him while keeping him a virgin, fobbing him off with excuses and broken promises. I let him catch me fucking twice in a row which is when I ended it with him.

Now I am back with the earlier guy, having been teasing and tormenting him online for a long, long time and making him obsessed about being back with me. I promised I wouldn’t cheat on him again…I’m doing my best ;)

I don’t need you to tell me I’m a bad person. I know I am and I don’t care what you think. Before you send me what you’ve angrily written, don’t you think I’ve had it all before? I’ve had all manner of death and torture threats. It doesn’t make you look like any better a person, just a hypocrite morally speaking. I just love sex and I love fucking around and being nasty. But I know I’m bad.

For every person who loathes me with a passion I have ten people who love what I do here.

NO I won’t put personal photos up for obvious reasons (I’m not completely thick, once on the internet forever on the internet). If you don’t like that you know where to go.

Don’t send me cuckold shit and no I won’t cybersex with you. I also won’t answer things I’ve had a million times over. I get a huge amount of asks and I do have a life. Pay me if you want a PM conversation lol.

Fuck kik.

Don’t use your pop psychology on me, I don’t give a shit and you don’t know shit. The vast, weird ocean of sexuality is beyond your understanding of common decent human behavior. Everything I do and say is because of fetishes I hold. Including a big cock fetish, emotional cruelty fetish and a vanity fetish.

Let the cheating continue.

Bottom line is this is a sociopathic psychobitch with a lot of narcissism going on too. In fact, I think narcissistic sociopath is a better characterization of her personality.

The behavior displayed on this woman’s blog completely validates Game Theory as elucidated by Roissy, Roosh and all the rest. In some pretty important ways, these jerks are simply correct.

What is even more terrifying about this blog is that there are many women writing in to her who have the exact same mindset as she does. They have Beta or Omega boyfriends and they wish to humiliate and mock them, deny them sex, and cheat on them with Alphas. The hatred and sheer, utter contempt that these women have for their boyfriends is stunning. A lot of them are flat out using these guys as portable wallets. They have no attraction to them, they don’t love them in any way, shape or form, and most of them are denying their boyfriends sex in some way or another.

However, it is very important for men who want to get along with women to read her blog at least for a bit because sadly it will help you to understand the female mind.

See those guys who the women are portraying as Beta or Omega boyfriends? The ones that they are humiliating, degrading, denying and cheating on? That’s the guy you don’t want to be.

See those studs the women are cheating on their boyfriends with? That may just be the guy you want to be.

I wish you didn’t have to choose between being a loser and an asshole – two lousy choices – and there may be more choices than that, but still, this is a good introduction to female psychology.

This is pretty much what happens when you unleash women. You see me on here talking about “feral women?” A lot of people hate me for talking like that. Well, guess what? Feral women are a real thing, and they are becoming increasingly common these days as modern women turn more into what I call “Cavewomen,” and this blog is an excellent example of a feral modern Cavewoman. There’s a good reason men put a check on female sexuality in a lot of societies. When you take the controls off and let women run wild, this is one of the nightmares you end up with – women like this blogger.

One more thing I would like to point out as much as it pains me to say it, but there is a little bit of this bitch, at least, in just about every woman including the women you love most, the best and most beloved women in your world. Your mother, your wife, your sister, your daughter. Yep, there is a little bit of this psychobitch Cavewoman in all of them.

Why? Because this nasty behavior is an integral part of heterosexual female sexuality, that’s why. Most societies have figured out ways to control this bad side of women, so down through history, this type of behavior has been pretty well blocked and inhibited by society, often with extreme force. You heard me right. In a lot of parts of the world, a woman who acts like this blogger does would simply be killed, just like that. And nothing would be done about it. There would be no investigation, no arrests, no crime report, no nothing. A terrified woman is a well behaved woman.

There is obviously a dark side to the Male Principle or Masculinity. This is clear. Men can be downright genocidal.

But there is also a very dark side to Femininity or the Female Principle and this is a good example of it.


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Why Hating Your Mother Is Worse Than Hating Your Father

For a man, that is. Not for a woman.

Beast Ganon wrote:

‘Also I think it is much worse for a man to hate his mother than to hate his father. It’s pretty normal to hate your Dad. Millions of men hate their fathers. But hating your mother is very bad news.’

Why is it so much worse to hate your own mother, Robert? Please give me a reasonable explanation.

Hating your father is almost normal. I saw a recent study that showed that 37% of all men said they hated their fathers. The worst thing that can happen to you if you hate your father is you might turn into a criminal. You go into a prison, and every man there will tell you he wants to kill his father, but then they all have Mom tattooed on their shoulders. And you better not call that guy with a tattoo a Momma’s boy.

But men who hate their mothers often have problems with women all through their lives because they see every woman they get involved with as their mother. So they have endless problems and difficult, unpleasant, often rancorous and even violent relationships with women. Their lives with women are not a pretty picture. More like a war zone.

And yes, if you hate your father, you may turn into a criminal, but most men who hate their fathers do not become criminals. But if you go into a prison, sure you will find every man there hates his father, but you will also find some prisoners who hate their mothers too, and trust me when I tell you that those are some of the worst criminals of all. Think Ted Bundy. That’s what a mother-hating criminal can end up like.


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“Trying to Get Murdered”

Jason Y writes:

A fight with a female would be a joke, but they use psychological terror to drive you bat shit until the man kills someone, or abuses the woman. We see men hitting women and abusing them all the time. Every wondered why?

Yes females consistently engage in a behavior I call “trying to get murdered.”

In Man World, there are some things you simply never say about a man. All men have very sensitive issues and Achilles Heels that if you bring them up, they will go completely insane and often try to attack you.

In Man World, you know never to bring up a man’s Achilles Heels unless you want him to try to assault or kill you. That’s why I generally don’t do that. I figure that if I attack a man’s masculinity or pound his Achilles Heels, I am “trying to get murdered.” Also in my system of morality, that man has an absolute right to defend his pride if I attack him like that. He has a right to try to assault even kill me. It’s justified because in my system, force or lethal force is justified to defend male pride.

I would never do this to any man unless I had declared war on him. I do declare war on men sometimes, and they all deserve it. I have forced men to move from their homes because I terrorized them so much. But when I declare war on a man, I figure he now has a right to try to hurt me or kill me because those are the rules of war. If you go to war, it’s normal that the other side is trying to kill you.

In fact, there are some things you just cannot say to me or about me. There is one particular incident where I was warring with some guys and they hurt me very badly. You are not allowed to take their side in that war, and if you do, I will jump up and get in your face and threaten to kill you right there on the spot. I have threatened to kill people a number of times for violating this rule. One of the rules of being my friend is you have to take my side in that war (which was quite some time ago). If you take their side, you are my enemy, and you can no longer be my friend. That’s probably the only the thing you can say to me where I will actually threaten to kill you.

I actually think maybe we should bring back duels. That’s how much I believe in an honor system.

Most men do not shoot nuclear weapons at other men’s Achilles Heels because they know what the consequences are. I generally do not do this either because it is unseemly and unbecoming of an honorable man, and I am an honorable man. Also I think shooting nuclear weapons at other people’s Achilles heels is not manly warfare because it’s fighting dirty. I hate men who fight dirty. I think they are not even men. A man who fights dirty is nothing but a bitch, a little bitch. I can’t put into words how much contempt I feel for a man who fights dirty like a bitch. If you want to fight, fight, but fight like a man!

The thing is that women do this all the time. I have been in relationships with women where I divulged all of my Achilles Heels and most sensitive issues.

Anyway what I have noticed about women is that they are rather evil. Typically in a relationship with a woman, you notice that every time she figures out that some issue is extremely sensitive with you, she perks up her wicked little ears and her devious eyes twinkle. They pick up on that stuff very easily, and they store it in this war chest in their brain to be used in fights with you. After you have been in a relationship with a woman for some time, she will have gathered quite a few of these evil little weapons to use against you. She’s collecting your Achilles Heels. Women do this all the time. They don’t do all do it, but way too many of them do. And it’s a major reason why we kill them.

Anyway, when you have huge fights, depending on how evil of a bitch she is, she will start whipping out your Achilles Heels and attacking them. She will not just attack your Achilles Heels, but she will actually shoot nuclear weapons at them. Women don’t fight fair. They use nukes, biological warfare, chemical warfare, you name it. If there is a banned weapon out there, women will use it.

Men think that fights and wars should have rules. Women think that the idea of rules in fights and wars is ridiculous. That’s why women often fight dirty. The fact that women fight dirty as Hell on a regular basis is one of the major reasons why men say women are “evil.” In the world of men, fighting dirty is evil. A decent man abides by basic rules of war. Men who fight dirty are the scum of the Earth and deserve nothing but contempt.

Anyway, when a woman is deliberately targeting my Achilles Heels, my most sensitive areas, and she is actually firing nuclear weapons at them, I call that “trying to get murdered” because in Man World, that is exactly what it is.

Women do this all the time. They are always “trying to get murdered.” And honestly, that’s probably one of the reasons why men kill women. These women are basically asking to get killed. When you push someone to their limits or past their limits, that’s called “trying to get murdered.” And if you try to get murdered regularly, you should not be surprised if another human, usually a male human, takes you up on your offer and tries to kill you. A lot of people who get killed are flat out asking for it. I have almost no sympathy for them and honestly I feel like they got what they deserved. They got what they asked for.


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Much Gendered Behavior Is Genetic and Biological

Alan2012 writes:

Bob: “If there is one common sense thing I have learned in life, it is that males are much more aggressive and violent than females at all life stages. It is simply common sense.”The issue is to what extent (if at all) the observed behaviors are intrinsic or hard-wired. It may be “common sense” that the observed behaviors are 100% intrinsic — but that would be the common sense of blind fools. We have no idea how much is intrinsic, and how much is environmental or conditional. If girls rather than boys were given toy guns and tanks, and were expected to participate in violent sports and other activities, would the outcome be the same?

If girls rather than boys were given real guns and tanks, and were expected (even compelled) to go out and KILL for their country, would the outcome be the same? Would there still be a much higher rate of violence for men vs. women? Who knows? Probably not. It would be a matter of degree, and no one knows the degree.

Gender is absolutely not constructed. Gender is a real biological and genetic entity.

Yes the vast differences between males and females in terms of violence and aggression are of course due to males having 7-8X more testosterone than females. Anyone with a brain knows that. Furthermore, the violence is females is typically much more low key, verbal, and petty. Women’s aggression and violence causes very little damage to society. Men’s violence and aggression causes unbelievable damage to society.

Females’ mothering, nurturing and empathetic instinct is inborn. Males have little natural parenting instinct, and low in nurturing and have much less empathy than females. These differences are all inborn.

Yes societies can make men more or less violent than they already are. Some societies have been able to substantially curb males’ violence and aggression or channel it into prosocial forms. These are the societes you see with very low crime rates. But even in these societies, the males can explode at any time into mass organized violence which often causes many more deaths and injuries than unorganized violence.

Societies can also probably encourage females to be more aggressive and violent than they are I suppose.

Why do men act “masculine?” Because it is natural and normal and genetic and biological for them to do so. And testosterone plays a role in masculinity.

Why do women act “feminine?” Because it is natural and normal and genetic and biological for them to do so. Estrogen may play a role in these behaviors or perhaps specific brain structures are involved in typical femininity.


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Scientific Consensus on Links between Testosterone and Behavior in Humans and Animals

Swank writes:

No, I’m not. Countless studies find no link between increased testosterone and those negative outcomes, and many find relationships with positive outcomes.If testosterone was so important, the BJS chart wouldn’t look the way it does, period.

That’s not true.

Is the commenter suggesting that female humans are just as aggressive and violent as male humans? Isn’t it quite obvious to the commenter that males are far more aggressive and violent than females all over the globe at all times? If there is one common sense thing I have learned in life, it is that males are much more aggressive and violent than females at all life stages. It is simply common sense.

Scientific consensus now links testosterone reliably to the following behaviors:

  • Testosterone is reliably linked to aggression in all animals, even chimpanzees.
  • Testosterone levels rise in human males confronted with an a situation that would require an aggressive response in the lab.
  • Testosterone peaks in males between the ages of 7-33. This is exactly when males are most aggressive, violent and criminal. Middle aged men have much lower testosterone levels than young men and are much less aggressive, violent and criminal.
  • Testosterone has been reliably linked to criminality. Most studies that looked at testosterone and criminality found a relationship, but it was mostly in males. The effect size is small because females are included.
  • Testosterone has also been reliably linked to antisocial behavior and heavy drinking. Most studies have shown a link between higher testosterone and greater drinking and increased antisocial behavior.
  • Steroid abuse, which raises testosterone levels to 2-3X normal, has been reliably and repeatedly linked to high levels of aggression. Roid rage is a real thing. Steroid abuse has also been linked to hypomania, depression, mood swings, and anxiety disorders. Steroid abusers are more likely than controls to meet criteria for antisocial personality disorder when they are abusing steroids. It’s quite clear that the high levels of testosterone seen in steroid abuse are reliably linked to aggression. However, what is more up in the air is whether much lower levels of testosterone, while still elevated, have a link to aggression.
  • 95% of the prison inmates for violent crimes are males. Males commit the overwhelming majority of homicides, rapes, etc. in the US.

Scientific consensus shows that lowering testosterone lowers aggression:

  • Testosterone lowering drugs given to sex offenders cause serious reductions in aggression.
  • An experiment in which boys were given a testosterone lowering drug and then testosterone shots to keep their levels in the low-normal range found marked reductions in aggression.
  • Castrated animals become markedly less aggressive. Even testosterone shots later in life do not increase aggression.
  • Castrated humans have very low levels of aggression.

Scientific consensus shows mixed results on testosterone and aggression.

  • Aggression: As far as a relationship between elevated testosterone and aggression per se, studies have been much more mixed. Results have been equivocal. The relationship between testosterone and aggression is no doubt complicated in humans and may rely on other factors beyond the two being studied. Studies looking directly at testosterone and aggression have been mixed – half find a link, and half don’t. Studies showing links to testosterone and aggression continue to appear all the time though, although they are mostly in boys and men and not in girls and women.


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Biological, Personality and Life History Correlates of High and Low IQ in Adolescent Boys

John writes:

Being introverted doesn’t necessarily cause social awkwardness. It may cause someone to appear shy, but I think a large intelligence gap is usually what causes social “breakdown.” More introverted types are probably more intelligent on average, but that’s just a guess–do you know, Robert?

Introversion, lack of athleticism, few to no sexual partners, lower testosterone – all of these are associated with higher IQ in teenagers.

Extroversion, athleticism, popularity, greater number of sexual partners and elevated testosterone are all associated with lower IQ.

Looking at teenagers, as testosterone levels rise, IQ goes down. As testosterone levels fall, IQ goes up. It is nearly a linear relationship.


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Effects of High Testosterone on Human Behavior and Possible Implications for Black Men

Testosterone Linked to Violent Behavior

James Dabbs, Jr., studied 4,462 men in 1990 and found that “the overall picture among the high-testosterone men is one of delinquency, substance abuse and a tendency toward excess.” These men, he added, “have more trouble with people like teachers while they are growing up, have more sexual partners, and are more likely to have gone AWOL in the service and to have used hard drugs,” particularly if they had poor educations and low incomes.

A separate study by Dabbs of young male prison inmates found that high testosterone levels were associated with more violent crimes, parole board decisions against release, and more prison rule violations. Even in women, Dabbs found, high testosterone levels were related to crimes of unprovoked violence, increased numbers of prior charges, and decisions against parole.

The latest study by Dabbs et al., which pooled data from two groups of prisoners, measured testosterone levels in the saliva of 692 adult male prisoners. The researchers found that inmates who committed crimes of sex and violence had higher testosterone levels than inmates who were incarcerated for property crimes or drug abuse. In addition, they say, “inmates with higher testosterone levels… violated more rules in prison, especially rules involving overt confrontation.”

An accumulation of evidence is converging on the conclusion that Blacks have higher testosterone than White men from age 7-33. From 33-40 it is about equal to Whites, and after age 40, Blacks have lower testosterone than Whites. My paper here offers clear evidence in the form of numerous scientific studies that Blacks indeed have higher testosterone than Whites.

Most everywhere they live in the world, Blacks are associated with high crime rates, in particular high violent crime rates. They are associated with high levels of violence in general. These elevated violence rates hold true for Blacks in the US, UK, Africa and the Caribbean. It seems odd that Black people would have coincidentally the same violence and crime-promoting environment in Africa, the US, the US and the Caribbean.

Black boys have more problems with teachers and elevated rates of delinquency, at least in the US.

In addition, in the US, UK, Africa and Caribbean, they have more sex partners than White males. It seems odd that wherever they are found, Blacks would find some sort of environment that coincidentally causes them to be more promiscuous than others.

It is not known where Blacks use drugs, including hard drugs more than Whites, or if they cause more problems in prison in terms of rule violations or violations involving force. It is also not known whether they get their parole denied more often. It is also known whether Blacks go AWOL in the service more than Whites.

However, increased delinquency, discipline problems at school, crime rates, violent crime rates and number of sex partners in Blacks suggest that these elevated behavioral variables may be related to increased testosterone since all of these are known correlates of high testosterone in men.


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The End of Sex or, When Sex Ends

kbet writes:

There is MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way), a modern, albeit fatalistic Men’s Liberation movement. Those guys, from what I read on your blog, could use a man such as yourself to help contribute to them, and you might feel at home there.

How could I help these MGTOW guys? I doubt if MGTOW would work. These guys have given up on women, correct?

There’s often one or more women running around in my life, and it’s not uncommon for me to have one or more wild, crazy, out of control, rollercoaster passionate movie style love affairs going. I continue to date women and have sex with them whenever I can find a willing female. I go stay with women for periods of time, and they come visit me here and stay with me for various lengths of time.

The End of Sex

And yes, I am still sexually active, though at age 57, that does get a bit iffy.

Most people my age have frankly given up on sex. 50% married couples age 55-60 had absolutely zero sex last year. I hear even gay men my age are not having a lot of sex.

What is ridiculous is that many of my haters on the Net like to say, “Well Lindsay, you obviously can’t get laid!” Not only is that not true historically or even much at the moment, but at my age, that’s not even an insult. You can’t insult people my age by saying, “Well you aren’t getting any sex, loser!” That’s because at my age, it is 100% normal to be getting no sex whatsoever! If you sneeringly say a guy my age isn’t getting pussy,  you are simply stating that is he is normal. How is it an insult to say that someone is normal?

I guess this is just a time of life when people move on to other things than sex.

When Sex Ends

Although I can’t see living without women as a MGTOW type, I may be forced to. Due to age, I am apparently not seen as attractive by most young women, with some exceptions. In recent years, I have dated several attractive to beautiful young women age 26-29, and they were attracted to me. I am not sure how or why they found me attractive, but a few said I had a “bad boy” aura that they liked. I have been running Bad Boy Game since I was a teenage juvenile delinquent and it works pretty well to get females. Bad Boy Game is pretty much my Game style. I will probably be a bad boy when I am 80.

However, most young women surely are not attracted to me. A lot of women in their 30’s and 40’s act like they are not attracted to me either. And many women my own age are either hideously ugly (a lot of them look like wild animals or Bigfoots) or they have given up on sex and love or both.

For a guy who has been seen as attractive by large numbers of women most of his life and who has dated maybe 200 women and girls, at this point, I am for all practical purposes an Omega. It’s a weird feeling, but I can now relate to what these Omega, Delta, Gamma and incel guys go through. It’s a pretty harsh world to live like that.


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Repost: Black Males and Testosterone: Evolution and Perspectives

This is one of the most linked articles on the site.

If you have been wondering what I have been doing today, I have been spending most of the day giving this piece a massive work-over, and it’s not even finished.

I have just given it a massive work-over and I think it is a lot better now. However, it is still a work in progress. It gets posted around quite a bit, but unfortunately, most of the people posting it are racist White people.

It also gets posted around to some PC fora, where they absolutely flip out, dismiss the entire paper as a massive lie, and viciously attack me in the most brutal ways. Oh yes, and they always say the paper is “racist.” A lot of Black people come to the site due to this article and post here for the first time. They usually come in the door swinging and are immediately banned. 95% of comments from Blacks on this article are unbelievably hostile.

Nevertheless, I do believe that I am onto something here and at this point, I think we can make a good case that Blacks have higher testosterone than Whites, although the PC Brigade is fighting that notion like madmen and they will probably accept that idea over their dead bodies if at all.

Anyway, I thought you folks might like to read this article. I must say it is one of the best pieces I have ever written.

Feel free to comment. This is a hot area of research.

Black Males and Testosterone: Evolution and Perspectives

by Robert Lindsay

Development of agriculture in modern Blacks also seems to have led to high testosterone levels. Groups with the highest testosterone in the world today are primitive agriculturalists.

Hunter-gatherers tend to have lower testosterone. This is because in hunter-gatherer society, women need men to survive. So they grab one pretty quickly and get married.

In primitive agricultural societies, women do not need men, since they can farm on their own. So they can afford to be choosy. These societies have tended to develop in a polygynous way, where a few high-ranking males monopolize most of the females, and the rest of the men get few or none.

Sub-Saharan Blacks are highly polygynous, and this resulted in intense competition for fewer women and selection for very robust male body types. SS Blacks are more robust than Whites on all variables. In Namibia, the polygynous Kavango have much higher testosterone than the much less polygynous !Kung.

Broadly speaking, lifetime exposure to testosterone is reflected in the incidence of prostate cancer, with the world’s highest incidences being among African-American men (Brawley & Kramer, 1996). It was once thought that lower incidences prevail among Black West Indians and sub-Saharan Africans, but this apparent exception is now ascribed to underreporting (Glover et al., 1998; Ogunbiyi & Shittu, 1999; Osegbe, 1997).

This picture has been confirmed by a recent American study:

From the 1970’s to the current statistical analysis of the National Cancer Institute Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Results program African-American men have continued to have a significant higher incidence and mortality rate than European-American men. Autopsy studies show a similar prevalence of early small subclinical prostate cancers but a higher prevalence of high grade prostatic intraepithelial neoplasia.

Clinical studies show a similarity in prostate cancer outcome when pathological stage is organ confined but a worse outcome when disease is locally advanced and metastatic in African-American vs European-American men. There is increasing genetic evidence that suggest that prostate cancer in African-American vs European-American men may be more aggressive, especially in young men.

It was also confirmed by a recent British study (prostate cancer rates are somewhat lower in Black British men because a higher proportion of them have one White parent):

Black men in the United Kingdom have substantially greater risk of developing prostate cancer compared with White men, although this risk is lower than that of Black men in the United States. The similar rates in Black Caribbean and Black African men suggest a common genetic aetiology, although migration may be associated with an increased risk attributable to a gene–environment interaction” (Ben-Shlomo et al 2008).

We are only just beginning to identify the actual genes that account for the White/Black difference in prostate cancer risk. The most recent study was Benson 2014.

The 2:1 black-to-white ratio in prostate cancer rates is already apparent at age 45 years, the age at which the earliest prostate cancer cases occur.

This finding suggests that the factor(s) responsible for the difference in rates occurs, or first occurs, early in life. Black males are exposed to higher testosterone levels from the very start.

In a study of women in early pregnancy, Ross found that testosterone levels were 50% higher in Black women than in White women (MacIntosh 1997). Ross speculates that exposure to such high levels in utero might reset the “gonadostat feedback loop” which regulates testosterone secretion to a higher level. According to Ross, his findings are “very consistent with the role of androgens in prostate carcinogenesis and in explaining the racial/ethnic variations in risk” (MacIntosh 1997).

Testosterone has been hypothesized to play a role in the etiology of prostate cancer, because testosterone and its metabolite, dihydrotestosterone, are the principal trophic hormones that regulate growth and function of epithelial prostate tissue.

Many studies have shown that young Black men have higher testosterone than young White men (Ellis & Nyborg 1992; Ross et al. 1992; Tsai et al. 2006).

With respect to the Black/White difference in testosterone level, African Americans have a clear testosterone advantage over Euro-Americans only from puberty to about 24 years of age (Abdelrahaman et al., 2005; Ross et al., 1986; Winters et al., 2001). This advantage then shrinks and eventually disappears at some point during the 30s (Gapstur et al., 2002). The pattern then seems to reverse at older ages. In later years, White men have higher testosterone than Black men (Nyborg, 1994, p. 111-113).

This makes it very difficult if not impossible to explain differing behavioral variables, including higher rates of crime and aggression, in Black males over the age of 33 on the basis of elevated testosterone levels.

Critics say that more recent studies done since the early 2000’s have shown no differences between Black and White testosterone levels. Perhaps they are referring to recent studies that show lower testosterone levels in adult Blacks than in adult Whites. This was the conclusion of one recent study (Alvergne et al. 2009) which found lower T levels in Senegalese men than in Western men. But these Senegalese men were 38.3 years old on average.

These critics may also be referring to various studies by Sabine Rohrmann which show no significance difference in T levels between Black and White Americans. Age is poorly controlled for in her studies.

More seriously however, she used serum samples that the National Center for Health Statistics had earlier collected as part of its Third National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES III). Only 1,479 samples were still available out of an initial total of 1,998, i.e., one quarter were missing. An earlier study had used the same serum bank for research on a sexually transmitted disease: Herpes Simplex virus type 2 (HSV-2).

That study found that more than 25% of the samples for adults between 30 and 39 years were positive for HSV-2. It is likely that those positive samples had been set aside, thus depleting the serum bank of male donors who were not only more polygamous but also more likely to have high T levels. This sample bias was probably worse for African American participants than for Euro-American participants.

Young Black males have higher levels of active testosterone than European and Asian males. Asian levels are about the same as Whites, but a study in Japan with young Japanese men suggested that the Japanese had lower activity of 5-alpha reductase than did U.S. Whites and Blacks (Ross et al 1992). This enzyme metabolizes testosterone into dihydrotestosterone, or DHT, which is at least eight to 10 times more potent than testosterone. So effectively, Asians have the lower testosterone levels than Blacks and Whites. In addition, androgen receptor sensitivity is highest in Black men, intermediate in Whites and lowest in Asians.

Let us look at one study (Ross et al 1986) to see what the findings of a typical study looking for testosterone differences between races shows us. This study gives the results of assays of circulating steroid hormone levels in white and black college students in Los Angeles, CA. Mean testosterone levels in Blacks were 19% higher than in Whites, and free testosterone levels were 21% higher. Both these differences were statistically significant.

Adjustment by analysis of covariance for time of sampling, age, weight, alcohol use, cigarette smoking, and use of prescription drugs somewhat reduced the differences. After these adjustments were made, Blacks had a 15% higher testosterone level and a 13% higher free testosterone level. A 15% difference in circulating testosterone levels could readily explain a twofold difference in prostate cancer risk.

Higher testosterone levels are linked to violent behavior.

James Dabbs, Jr., studied 4,462 men in 1990 and found that “the overall picture among the high-testosterone men is one of delinquency, substance abuse and a tendency toward excess.” These men, he added, “have more trouble with people like teachers while they are growing up, have more sexual partners, are more likely to have gone AWOL in the service and to have used hard drugs,” particularly if they had poor educations and low incomes.

A separate study by Dabbs of young male prison inmates found that high testosterone levels were associated with more violent crimes, parole board decisions against release, and more prison rule violations. Even in women, Dabbs found, high testosterone levels were related to crimes of unprovoked violence, increased numbers of prior charges, and decisions against parole.

The latest study by Dabbs et al., which pooled data from two groups of prisoners, measured testosterone levels in the saliva of 692 adult male prisoners. The researchers found that inmates who committed crimes of sex and violence had higher testosterone levels than inmates who were incarcerated for property crimes or drug abuse. In addition, they say, “inmates with higher testosterone levels… violated more rules in prison, especially rules involving overt confrontation.”

Studies suggest that high testosterone lowers IQ (Ostatnikova et al 2007). Other findings suggest that increased androgen receptor sensitivity and higher sperm counts (markers for increased testosterone) are negatively correlated with intelligence when measured by speed of neuronal transmission and hence general intelligence (g) in a tradeoff fashion (Manning 2007).

Black females have higher IQ’s than Black males. Black female IQ is 2.4 points higher than Black male IQ. There are twice as many Black females as males with IQ’s over 120 and five times as many females as males with IQ’s over 140.

Acknowledgements: I would like to thank Dr. Peter Frost for his invaluable help in writing this paper.


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