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Are Bad People Ever Right? Yes. Are Good People Ever Wrong? Yes.

The Manosphere is a horrible place full of awful men. I want to vomit whenever I go to one of their sites, especially the PUA sites as those are the worst of all. MGTOW sites are ok but the misogyny is extreme and very hard to take. My enemies say I am an MRA. If I am an MRA, why am I repulsed by most MRA sites? They also say that I am a misogynist. If I am a misogynist, why am I almost physically repelled by the misogyny of the Manosphere?

Even though the Manosphere is awful, sadly many of the things they say are true.

This is where all PC and Identity Politics goes wrong. PC types and gender feminists say that the Manosphere and those in it are awful people and therefore everything they say is a lie. But this is not true. Sadly, awful human beings are often correct in many of the often brutally honest things they say. Just because someone is awful doesn’t mean they are wrong. And good people are not necessarily telling the truth. Many good people are full of nonsense.

In Logic, this is called an ad hominem fallacy. The argument tries to say that the opponent is a bad human being somehow and therefore what he says is either wrong or cannot be trusted. But this is a fallacy for the same reason I gave above. Bad people are often correct about many things they say.

If you hang around them long enough, you will notice that PC types, gender feminists and the rest utilize logical fallacies constantly. This is because they are ideologues and ideologues not only lie all the time but they specialize in logical fallacy. Also it shows that PC in general is based on weak thinking and poor to nonexistent theory. PC has almost no valid theoretical underpinning behind it. It’s a castle of sand.


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Apparently I Am Emotionally Unavailable


This article is telling all women that if your man checks yes on even one of these, you need to ditch him right away. I think I got 4 for 7. So really I suppose (All? Some?) women need to ditch me or avoid me right away.

1. He’s Already in a Relationship with Someone Else. I am single sometimes, but there is usually a woman or two, or three, or whatever, floating around somewhere in the wilds of my life. I am in some sort of a relationship most but not all of the time. Then again I am always collecting new ones, so hey. But yeah, you hook up with me, and chances are I am not alone.

2. He’s Not Ready for a Relationship. Ready for a relationship? Sure. I always am. Ready to settle down? Don’t think so.

This was a hard one to answer.

I do like serious relationships as opposed to just sex. For one thing, the sex is so much better when you and the woman are wildly in love with each other. Love makes sex better or even possible for women. Plus it makes them horny as all get out. Want to turn a woman into a wild, raving, nympho sex maniac ready, available and panting at all hours? Easy. Just get her to fall in love with you!

Men don’t need to be in love to have sex, but sex in a wild love affair is better than casual sex, FWB’s, hookups, or whatever. It’s just a lot more fun. Hard to explain.

3. He’s Self-Absorbed.

Yep. My fatal flaw. A common complaint is that I lack empathy or don’t care, but I do not believe that is on the mark. Instead, I am simply solipsistic. I am all wrapped up in myself all the time. So, yeah, other people come second. Sorry about that!

4. He’s a Conflict-Avoider.

Yep, I hate conflict.

Women love conflict. They live for it. They like it. They like to fight. They like to be fighters. Women take pride in describing themselves as moody, mercurial, hot-tempered human hurricanes. Women actually brag about this sort of thing. They are quite proud to be “fiery,” or “passionate” or whatever other euphemism they can come up with for being nuts. For women, fighting is fun. They get off on it. To a woman, a real relationship means fights. If there’s no fighting, it’s not a serious relationship.

Of course, most of us men think this is nonsense, and the fact that women think this way proves they are crazy. Which is probably the most common male complaint about women: women are crazy, nuts, psycho, loony, wacko, etc. All of that is a reaction to the emotionality of women.

In Man World, a man who is as emotional as the average woman is a flake, a nut, a kook, an idiot. And there is also a suggestion that he is not so much of a man. Bottom line is we are disgusted by the fact that he just can’t seem to control himself.

So to men, women are borderline if not de facto out of control flakes and kooks a good part of the time. This doesn’t mean that the male judgement of women is factual. It only means that from the point of view of men, this is how women seem: nuts.

Now personally, I am a great big fat pussy. I never want to fight about much of anything. Nothing is worth fighting over.

Now if you attack me, that’s a whole new ballgame. Now I’m going to have to kill you. See how fast that conflict avoidance went away?

I hate fighting, and I would love to be in a relationship with a woman with little if any fighting. That’s hardly even possible. But some shy, introverted or nerdy women can come pretty close to this cherished goal.

Anyway, yeah! I avoid conflict! You got a problem with that?

5. He’s Indecisive.

I suppose. See, I even hedged on the answer.

Mostly I just suffer from inertia.

If he isn’t ready to bring all of himself to something as simple as his career, his workout routine, or anything else that he claims is important to him, what makes you think he’ll be committed to a relationship with you?

Exactly. I don’t bring 100% of myself to much of anything. Why the Hell should I? No matter what I am doing, there is always a part of me that is somewhere else.

6. He Ignores His Own Needs.

Sometimes men will go into caretaking mode and try to take care of everyone else’s needs around them. Although this may seem charming at first, it often comes at the expense of not getting his own needs met.

In the end it’s hard to tell where he really stands. He’s so disassociated from himself that he’s barely “there” at all. And if he isn’t even there, how can he be emotionally available for you?

I don’t get this one. I do not caretake for much of anyone. I can barely take care of myself. How can I take care of others too? But yes, I do ignore my own needs to some extent. But that’s more due to fear and inertia than anything else.

7. He Has Very Specific Expectations for You.

Of course, it’s good to have standards, but expectations can be limiting. They turn the process of having a relationship from actually enjoying one another to more of a matter of finding someone to play a role in your life, whether that role be “girlfriend” or “wife.”

And when he starts to see you as a role in his life, it’s going to be difficult to connect with you as a person. Instead it’s all going to be about how well you fit the role. That isn’t the kind of relationship that I imagine you want for yourself.

I do not think this one applies. My only expectations would be things like expecting her to want to fuck all the time (most women already want to do this anyway, so generally it is not a problem) and wanting to her not be a bitch or quit being such a bitch if she is one.

Quit yelling and screaming.
Quit bitching out.
Shut the Hell up woman.
Don’t be suicidal.
Quit being suicidal.
Quit trying to kill yourself.

Those are the type of expectations I have of women. Pretty reasonable I would think.

Well there you have it, ladies. I am emotionally unavailable. But women are always falling in love with me. There’s no end to it. They won’t leave me alone. If I am so unavailable, why are they always falling for me?

I don’t get it.

Anyway ladies, apparently I am best avoided, and if you can’t avoid me, you need to get rid of me fast. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


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A Friend Appears on the Steve Harvey Show


A friend of mine named Yossi was recently on the Steve Harvey Show. The segment was 21 minutes long. I wonder if he is making any money off all this exposure. Yossi is the guy in the funny hat.

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Repost: Roosh on the Endgame of Feminism

This one is getting posted around nowadays. It fits in great with the theme lately.


The take-home point, from the final paragraphs:

Truth is, feminists are worse than an annoyance. They’re a menace to us men. They’re dangerous. They are out to get us put in jail or prison for nothing. They are out to get us fired from our jobs for fake sexual harassment charges, thereby depriving us of a means to earn a living.

Feminists are our deadly enemies, and there can be no peace accords with them.


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Some People Need to Be Terrorized into Acting Good

Jason Y writes:

It’s almost a sure thing those two douche women were targeting me cause word got around I “stared” at some young girls. Being an older man, that made me look like a pig and an SOB. So they call me a mamas boy, a faggot, mock my speech, tell me I suck, etc.. I felt like the biggest worm after their chastisement. Maybe I should just throw myself off a bridge. and wish my mom never gave birth to me :lol:

I am very sorry to hear this. Please do not feel bad about yourself. I do not think you did anything wrong, and even if you did commit some minor social transgression, such things are easily reparable. For instance, you might try investing in sunglasses.

What those bitches have done is what I call declaring war. They have declared war on you. People do not declare war on me very often, but when they do, I might counterattack, and it’s not a pretty picture.

I am basically a psycho, and I am very proud of this.

Thank God no one has gone off on me like they did to Jason in quite some time now, but some idiot bitches complained I was “looking at the women” in a coffee shop 10 years ago and tried to get me thrown out.

1. Is it illegal to look at women? No.
2. So what is the Goddamn problem?

I have been looking at women my whole life because it is something I liked to do. It never caused me the slightest problem until around age 45-50 when I started running into some problems over it. Apparently the whole matter is due to age. Once you get to a certain age, you need to be careful about how you look at and interact with young women because you can’t look at them like you used to anymore. You can still look at them. I look at women of all ages all the time, and honestly it is not a problem, but at my age, you have to change the way you look at younger women or else you might get into trouble. You simply have to start looking at them in other ways or with new methods.

I appealed to management, got reinstated as a customer, but I didn’t go there much anymore. Also some idiot saveaho fag white knight mangina girlie boys took the bitches’ side and were almost challenging me to fight. I complained to top management about the saveaho mangina fag who kept trying to start fights with me, and I got the sonofabitch fired from his job.

That is another thing I might try to if you go to war with me. I might try to get you fired from your job.

I am seriously nuts and when people go to war with me like the way they just did with Jason, they are really in for it. I will stare them down and menace them. I even start carrying pocket knives around and when I see my enemies, I will pull the big knife and say, start picking at my teeth with it while smiling like a psycho maniac and staring them down. I start carrying around things like large coffee thermoses and I make it a point to hold it at all times like a potential weapon that I could use to smash you in the head at any time. I also carry my car keys openly in one hand with some sharper keys pointed outwards, and I wield these keys a lot like a quasi-weapon just to let people know that I am ready to rock and roll anytime they want to. Mess with me and I will jab your eyes out with these keys.

When people do stuff like that to me, my personality transforms, and now I am “Ted Bundy Lindsay,” and my enemies better look out. I don’t really do anything to my enemies, but I just go into my “serial killer” personality which is just an acting role I play as I have never done anything like that nor do I wish to.

But I can play it very well and people have told me that a lot of people say they are really scared of me when I get like that. They supposedly refer to me as “dangerous, creepy, maniac, psycho, criminal, psychopath, predator, nut, kook, scary, etc.” I have been told that some of my enemies are absolutely terrified of me and just want me to go away or get out of their world.

I don’t care about any of this as I generally never hurt my enemies. I just want to scare them. I feel no guilt about this, and if they don’t like it, they should have thought about it before they declared war on me.

Honestly though, I live in a city of 50,000 people at the moment, and I do not have a single serious enemy in this whole city. There are people who apparently don’t like me very much, but that doesn’t matter. My enemies are idiots who have made the fatal error of actually declaring war on me. I have had some enemies in this town, but that was a while ago, and they are not around anymore. I prefer to have as few enemies as possible. Zero is best. But some idiots want to go to war. And my attitude is that if you make the mistake of declaring war on me, I will make you wish you were never born.

Bottom line is people do not really mess with me much or give me a lot of hassle or problems, which is excellent by me.


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Teenage Girls Are Dangerous

Keep in mind this was 1979 when all sorts of guys were screwing underage teenage girls, from Roman Polanski to David and Angie Bowie to Steve Tyler to Jimmy Page, 13-14 year old girls were all the rage. And 15-17 year olds? Well that was just normal.

But people were still going down in this stuff back then. The charge was called “statutory rape” and it was the subject of a lot of jailbait jokes. Depending on your age, you could go down. A 21 year old man could do some short stretches, harassment meant to teach a lesson. A 53 year old man having repeated sex with several 15 year old girls might be looking at three years in prison. There was no Sex Offender Registry and not one sane person thought screwing a teenage girl was child molesting or pedophilia. Instead teenage girls were regarded as dangerous vixens. For a man to have sex with them was regarded as a normal but dangerous temptation that wise men avoided for fear of a few weeks to a few years in the Graybar Hotel.

For men my in my cohort age 24+, I figure 94% of us managed to avoid underage girls. There were a few guys swimming with the girl sharks, but it was probably only ~6%. Things were not as depraved as you think.

Feminism was unpopular then so there was no Pedophile Mass Hysteria. Most people figured that most men would probably like to boff an underage teenage girl, but the idea was you should just say no for fear of possible arrest. It was more of a legal question than a moral or psychiatric one.

Men, especially Black men, were regularly arrested on these charges. In my all-White town, I knew two Black men who got in trouble for having sex with 15 year old White girls. One was my teacher, Mr. Matthews. He got fired, but at least he didn’t go to jail. Another one was my adult friend M. D., a former football player built like an ox.


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The White Slum Siren Song Beckons

We 16 year old delinquent boys we would hang out at M. D.’s place, drink wine and smoke weed and go off on weed-booze space voyages. All the local delinquent girls our age from about 14-16 hung out over there, smoking weed and drinking wine. Supposedly, the idea was to try to boff the girls, but hardly any of us were doing it. Most of us were clueless idiots, blind boys stumbling in the dark. We had no idea what we were doing in the strange and frightening world of the girls.

My parents had forbidden me from hanging out at M. D.’s apartment complex because it was a known source of very bad bad influences. They were correct as that place was frankly the local White slum. Specifically, there were a lot of divorced parents living there as single Moms. My folks felt these single parent homes were a horrible influence that Virgin Bobby needed to be protected from. I protested, and then agreed to the restriction.

But late at night, I kept sneaking out to ride my bike or walk alone to the beckoning slum. White slums are sleazy, but there are horny teenage girls and their even hornier single Mom parents over there. There’s weed galore and as much booze as you can drink and then some. There were depraved young adults we called friends who specialized in contributing to our delinquency and corrupting us minors. They let us into their pads so we could drink Boons Farm, smoke pot and space travel.

Sure it was a slum but White slums can be wonderful in all sorts of sleazy ways.

One fateful night in 1974, a boy named Bobby slipped out of his home and rode his bicycle in dark to the white slum, the cramped city of sin.


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And Then One Night a Man Was Born

One night wasted out of my head in the depraved White slum, I had wild sex with a drunken 14 year old girl while she panted like a wild animal. It was 2:30 AM, and we did it on the roof of the apartment complex. I was 16 years old, and I was a virgin no longer.

We had been at a party that night. The girl was there with her Mom. The girl and her Mom kept eying me all night. They were saying many a weird thing under their breath about me. Apparently the Mom was going on and on to the daughter about how cute I was and how much she would love to fuck me. The girl may have been saying much the same thing. They literally went on for hours like this, staring me down.

I was stoned out of my head, and back then, pot highs were literally like LSD trips. Journeys to another planet. Somehow I got the girl up to the roof with a bullshit excuse about going up there to smoke a joint. She insisted that some 13 year old boy go with us for protection “so I wouldn’t rape her.” Yeah. She was really afraid I was going to rape her!

I was just a boy, and had no idea what I was doing. Up on the roof, first thing I did was get rid of the idiot kid sending him off to get rolling papers. Then I simply attacked her. The feeling was mutual, and the battle of the sexes was on.

I somehow stumbled my way home on foot at 3 AM and snuck back in my parents’ house. I crashed on the bed, completely wasted. The room would not quit spinning in circles. I closed my eyes and was gone. Late in the morning I woke up, partially hung over. Over in the corner was a dying boy in his final death heaves. He looked just like me.

I called him Bobby. Bobby Dying.

He took one final deep breath lasting almost a minute. Then the chest went flat.

A fire lit up the room and then slunk back down to flickering embers. Out of the hot sparkling dust, a huge figure of a sculpted, mature, toned man with a hawk-like nose and arms as huge as wings loomed up, nearly as big as the room itself.

I called him Robert. Robert Rising.

A whole new world of manhood stretched out in front of me. I had high hopes for the wild ride.


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On Paul Stanley

I watched a video of Paul Stanley the KISS singer the other day because people keep saying he acts like a flaming faggot. In truth, I feel he is basically a heterosexual who has fucked more chicks than your average army but on the other hand, there is some solid evidence for some lesser bisexual interest which probably isn’t very important in his sexual life.

One of the first things I noticed about him was that hard, cold masculine face that he has. Stanley is my age now and by the 50’s, men’s faces are pretty well carved up by decades of emoting such that we hardly have to emote at all anymore as it’s already carved into our faces anyway. I did notice some funny mannerisms at the same time such as a dainty way of holding his hands together in his lap and a slight oddness to his speech.

On the whole, I did not feel he was particularly effeminate. Maybe just slightly. But honestly, if you want to analyze the 1000’s of microbehaviors that all men engage in, you will find a Hell of a lot of men who have some few effeminate microbehaviors in their somewhere. The way the guy holds his coffee cup or his cigarette, or how he fidgets with his nails, how he sits or stands, on and on.

But that face carved by 50 years of emotion was the most interesting. That and reading his history made me conclude that he has a hard core masculine aspect to his psyche and he is mostly oriented towards women as masculinity = heterosexuality more or less. I suppose the best way to describe him would be to say that he is an androgyne.


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What Is a Hardass?

A recent thankfully permanently departed girlfriend called me a hardass. I was staying with her for a few weeks and she looked over and me one night and shrugged and said, “You’re just an old hardass. That’s all you are. You don’t care. You act like you don’t care.” Other than the “don’t care” part, which is disturbing but I guess is part and parcel of FTW, I am wondering about this hardass word.

I didn’t really know what to say to that because my personal self-image is that I am a great big gigantic pussy (at best – you really do not know what my self-image is at my worst). I could not believe my ears. Me? The pussiest of pussies? A hardass? WTH.

What the Hell does this word mean anyway? I have never heard it used that much before, especially in a positive light. I have only heard it used in a negative light, like, “That Drill Sergeant sure is a hardass. That cop was just a hardass. My boss is a hardass!” It seems to be a euphemism for “asshole.”

But there must be more to it than that.

Does it have any relationship to masculinity? The definitions I am reading seem to imply that being a hardass is on the far end of ultramasculinity or hypermasculinity. Which is fine by me. I don’t see why anything masculine is bad, as long as it doesn’t kill me. I’d rather be a hardass than a wuss or a faggot. There are worse things in life you know.

Everything masculine is good, everything pussy and wussy is shit. Masculine gets you everywhere, wussy leads you only to an eternal world of shit.

That’s pretty much what I have learned in 57 years. Actually that is a pretty damn sad statement, isn’t it? Especially considering that I actually like some wussy stuff.


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