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Most Women Seem to Want Monogamy

I do not meet many women who say they are willing to enter into non-monogamous relationships with men. In fact, almost all women I date or even talk to on dating sites tell me they want monogamy. When I date them, they usually tell me that if I want to date them, I must agree to monogamy. Yes, women will agree to open relationships, and I have been negotiating these devious contracts with women since I was 19 years old.

They generally go along with it, sometimes in order to seem “cool” or “hip.” I usually negotiate them on the basis of, “We can both go out with other people, but just don’t tell each other about it. What we don’t know won’t hurt us.” They verbally agree with this, but you can tell that they don’t like the idea much. Maybe they figure it’s the only way they can keep me around, so it’s worth it.

My experience has been that humans don’t do “open relationships” very well. Usually women say, “Oh fine. Open relationship. No problem! Me too!” But then as soon as they find out you got involved with or especially started having sex with or worse, got into a deep relationship with some other women, it’s, “You cheated! You Goddamn sonofabitch! I am going to kill you!” Months of regular threats and abusive phone calls and text messages follow, during which time, your life becomes a bit Hellish.


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Women: You Will Not Be Killed by a First Date or Bar Pickup

Ingrid Lyne, a 40-year-old mother of three, went missing April 9 after attending a Seattle Mariners game with a man she met online. Her purse and keys are still in her house, but her car is missing. Now, body parts have been found in a recycling bin outside a home in Seattle. The remains are believed to be those of Ms. Lyne. The man she met, John Charlton, is now under arrest.

Very few women will ever die this way, and almost no killings like this occur from a man who kills a woman on the first date or a woman he takes home from a bar. The reason is quite simple – how many people saw him leave that bar with her? How many dozen people saw him leave that bar with her?

Likewise with dates, although I would advise all women to get the name, home address, phone number and maybe email of any man they are going out with.

I had a woman do that once on a date with me once, and it totally freaked me out when she did it because of the implication that she thought I might even be capable of killing her. She lived with her Mom, and we were over at her Mom’s house.

I had picked her up after work in Century City, and then we went to some barber shop in South LA where she got her hair cut. There were a bunch of older Black guys in there who acted like they hardly ever dealt with a White man. One was a bit frightened and leery of White men but we still sort of hit it off anyway and I hope I showed him that not all White man are evil.

The other was from South Carolina, and we had a good conversation about Gullah. It was pretty cool to meet some really authentic Black men who hardly ever dealt with White people. I will say that I thought both of them were very good people, but most older Black men you meet either working regularly or retired are almost always very cool people. I think most of the really bad older Black men are dead or in prison. And one of the wisest humans you will ever meet is that retired Black man with a twinkle in his eye who looks like he has seen the whole world and then some.

From there we ended up at her house, but her Mom was not home. This was a Black woman who actually lived in South Central LA. She went over to the calendar, looked at me very suspiciously (which I did not appreciate) and asked for my name and phone number. I told her I lived alone, but that was not good enough for her. She wanted a relative’s contact number, so I gave her my Mom’s. She wrote my name and number on the calendar.

The date that followed is a very long story.

Even on a first date with that woman, how many people saw him come to her house and pick him up? How many people saw him leave with her?

However, all women should at least write down the names, addresses, phone numbers, etc, of the men they date on their phone numbers.

A man who kills a woman on a first date (psycho killer) is almost always automatically arrested. Men rarely kill their casual dates. They do hit them and beat them up a lot of course, and they rape them a lot. But kill them? No.

A man who kills a woman he leaves a bar with is often arrested very fast. There was a guy 20 years ago who killed a few in a row, but that might be harder to do now. How many witnesses saw him leave that bar with her?

Even killers are not morons. In fact, they are often far more intelligent than your average guy. Few if any of these guys ever want to get caught.

Killers like this (psycho killers) prey on strangers or sometimes very casual friends. They do kill women that they know, but almost never on a casual date or a bar pickup. Instead they will break into her house, kill her and leave. If they are good at disappearing bodies, they can even kill women who come visit them, but this is not common because most men cannot disappear bodies. It’s a million times harder than you think.

There are many cases where a man, a suspected killer, was the last person to see a missing woman alive. The key is that her body vanished. Just being the last person she was seen with is not enough to arrest any man, ever!

I know of one guy who was the last man seen with several women who disappeared and were presumed murdered. I think the body of one was found. He has not been arrested to this date. Just being the last man seen with a murder victim is not enough to arrest usually. No DA in the nation will ever file on that case. But these guys do not make first dates with women and kill them. They tend to kill women who were casual acquaintances. Often she was seen at his place or he at hers shortly before she vanished. That’s not enough to file!


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Crack Smoking Parties, Wilshire District Los Angeles, 1986

I had gone out on a date with what you might call a High Class Crack Whore, and after a date that ended us up smoking crack in a mixed race party in the Wilshire District, I got mad at her and left the bitch at that party very late at night, which is exactly what she deserved. I had gone off to another party with some other Black woman who pulled me away from the crack whore. This new bitch turned out to be nothing other than Middle Class Crack Whore #2.

Well, I got an hysterical phone call from my own mother the next afternoon. “Bob!,” she screamed. “What did you do to that woman!?” I said, “Whaaat?” I had no idea what had happened. Her mother had called my mother the next afternoon because the girl never came home from her date with me, which was news to me. All I knew was that I had left her at some party in the Wilshire District the night before. I had no idea what happened to her after that.

I told my mother what had happened and how she refused to go home with me, so I just left her at a party in the Wilshire District at 2 AM with no way to get home. Since she had no way to get home, I assumed that she never made it home. My Mom called the girl’s mother back and told her my story.

I was pretty upset with my Mom for thinking that I had killed a woman on a date and left her in a ditch or even for thinking I was capable of that,and I told her so.

I had left the party, and we had both gone out to my car where a stupid argument took place. She left my car and went back into the party. I sat out in my car waiting for the dumb bitch for a very long time. Then I met some other people from the party who were leaving the party. I asked them where the girl was, and they said she was back at the party. I told them that I was waiting for her to leave with me, but they told me that she said she was not leaving with me and was instead sitting up at the party talking crap about me. I swore at her and called her a bunch of names.

The other Black women took sympathy. One of them grabbed me and said, “Oh, you’re cute! I want a cute White boy! Hey, you come with me baby! You’re with me now. That bitch doesn’t even like you. I’m your date tonite, not her.” Then she grabbed me, put her arm around me and started kissing me really hard while talking very dirty in my ear. The other Black woman acted like this was absolutely disgusting maybe because some Black women think the idea of sex with a White men is sickening.

Well, we went back to her place with some other people, mostly Black but also one White guy. There was a bit of a party at her place now. Well, that did not go very well either, and long story short, I left that party too, equally disgusted at Bitch #2.


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Women Versus Porn? Porn Wins

This guy is onto something. But as long as there are 10 men competing for every decent woman, nothing will ever change.

This is true even for the hottest 50 year old women. Men aged 56-62 are all fighting like wildcats over her, and she usually has a list of 5-10 guys she can call up any night of the week to come over and have sex with her. Basically it never ends.

You read needless articles about how in middle age, there is a man shortage, but there certainly is not one for the best women. For the best women, it’s the usual cockfest of men fighting over them, and these women have a smorgasbord choice of men to pick over.

Nothing really ever changes. High school goes on through most of life or at least until the middle of middle age.

I met a 55 year old woman once. She looked great! She also had some brains and money which is not unusual for a woman that age. First she sent me some nudes, but then she said she didn’t want to go out with me. She only sent them to get revenge on some bastard who screwed her and dumped her. Anyway, it’s always nice to get nudes from a hot woman, and for my age bracket, she was a 10.

She sent me her dating site page. I went there, and it was one of the most depressing things I have ever seen. There was a mile of men, often quite decent men with about everything going for them, all lined up to fight over this 55 year old woman.

Yes, that is right. A 55 year old woman, and it’s still high school when it comes to getting a date with her. Like I said, high school never ends. That’s one of the first things you need to learn about life: that high school is no illusion or aberration. High school is like the trailer for the movie called Life. High school shows you what life is going to be like from here on in. If it’s great, you may have a good life in store. If it blows, you’re looking at a life of crap unless you make some changes.

People don’t act all that differently depending on their ages. When it comes to sex, teenage girls act exactly like adult women. That is why I find this notion that teenage girls are special snowflakes when it comes to sex so idiotic and annoying.

Sure, a 13 year old girl is a little girl. Ever met one recently? I have. But in so many special ways, she’s also a full blown woman. When that female sex drive comes on at age 13, it’s girl to woman right there. All of those things you read on PUA sites about women’s sexual behavior apply to 13 year old girls perfectly. Female sexuality never changes. When it’s on, it’s on, and when it’s off, it’s off, and when it’s on, it has only one speed and setting.

Until you understand that that 13 year old “girl” is exactly the same as that 55 year old “woman,” you will never understand females. When it comes to sex, there’s no such thing as “girls” and “women” after sexarche. There are only girl-women when they are minors and women-girls as adults or at least until menopause when it all shuts down for good.

A 13 year old girl is a little tiny woman.

A 50 year old woman (hopefully) is a great big pubescent girl.

Humans are mammals. The notion that we are higher mammals, somehow above those disgusting lower mammals like the elk and the sea lions, is a relaxing conceit, but it’s as false as any comforting lie.


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How To Compliment Yourself Without Bragging

I have always thought I was very goodlooking since age 18 or so, but I never talked about it to anyone. Because if you look good, the compliments just start rolling in, and there’s no need to talk about yourself. Just let others talk for you. Besides, someone’s opinion of whether they are goodlooking or not doesn’t really matter because people cannot be objective about this. Ugly people think they look good, and beautiful people think they are ugly.

Besides it is very rude to go around telling people that you think or know you are goodlooking. You never say, “I am goodlooking/handsome/hot, etc.” even if you are. If you think you are, fine. Shut up about it, and let the world decide. If you really do look good and are not too weird, the world is going to start telling you about it on a regular basis.

Even if they don’t tell you to your face, sometimes you can overhear them. When I was around 17 in high school, I heard some girls below me in grade talking in the hall. They were talking about my brother who was closer to their age. He doesn’t read this site, and he doesn’t care what I think anyway. I have no idea if he is goodlooking or not. He’s a very macho guy and makes good money and that’s all that matters. He’s gotten hot girls and women his whole life, even though he’s an asshole.

These two cute girls were saying that no my brother was not goodlooking, but he has a brother who’s cute. Then they both looked right at me. That was around the time people first started telling me I looked good. I have no idea if I was a handsome little boy, but it seemed like no one ever told me so.

If you do look good, you are probably going to get told so a lot by the opposite sex if you are heterosexual. Actually a frightening number  of homosexuals and bisexuals are going to tell you also,  not that I care. I sometimes  think gay guys have thought I was hotter than females did. However, women tell me that this is a good thing as gay men are said to have very good taste in men, so if the guys are gushing after you, there’s a pretty good chance that you do look good.

You always say, “Women say I am goodlooking” or “A lot of people say I am very handsome” or something along those lines. Also it helps to act sort of shy or embarassed when you say that, as if you are bashful like a little boy. If you talk about your achievements or attributes as if you are embarassed by them, it is much less likely to come off as bragging. I refer to others’ praise of me fairly regularly, but I hardly ever toot my own horn about horn. I always say, “People always tell me I am very smart”, or “Women say I am sexy as Hell”, or “A lot of people think I am pretty funny” when it comes time to discuss such things.

But you should not go around tooting others’ praise of you too much either as that can come off like bragging too. And I have the shy little boy embarassed by the kind words thing down like a Hollywood actor. Bottom line is I almost never get told that I am bragging which is what you want to hear as being a braggart is one of the worst things a grown man can be. A braggart man is not even a man. He’s a teenager for the rest of his life. Boys brag, even teenage boys. A man doesn’t brag. Men who brag far into adulthood have simply never grown up, and immaturity like that looks terrible in a man.


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High School Confidential: Cool Guy or Die

In junior high, I was not popular with girls or with much of anyone. But one nerdy girl seemed to worship me from afar. She would always nominate me for Class President or other accolades. I’d get maybe two votes, hers and mine, and that’s it, but it was interesting.

In ninth and tenth grade, I was an idiot. I was a nerd. I hung around with “the brains” a bunch of very smart guys who were complete nerds. I ate lunch in the Chess Club. That was all brilliant nerdy boys and zero girls. No girls like us or me either. None of those nerds could girl a girl with a million bucks and God’s help. And a lot of them were wimpy, feminine or even effeminate. I have no idea if anyone of them were gay, but a surprising number of those wimpy nerdy boys acted like effeminate faggots.

Bullies and neighborhood delinquents made fun of me. They would circle around me like vultures, call me gay and run in to hit me and then run away laughing. I would never fight back but instead I just stood my ground and took the abuse. I denied the charges and tried to slap them away, but I never ran away. Eventually they would quit and give me some of their pot they were smoking. Girls made fun of me for not having a girlfriend.
They openly mocked me. After a while of that, I decided I was going to be a cool guy. There were various tracks open to coolguyhood, but most were closed off to me.

But there was always stoner or better yet, drug dealer. So I turned into a drugger, a stoner. I grew my hair long, started listening to rock and roll, smoking weed and even taking LSD. Back then if you had short hair, you had “geek hair” and no girl would want you. If you wanted to get laid, you had to grow long hair like a hippie/surfer/doper/delinquent/bad boy. Pretty soon I was going to booze and pot parties. It wasn’t long before I was getting girls and having sex. And now a modicum of popularity opened up to me, and by my senior year in high school, I was at least somewhat popular. I was lost in a marijuana haze most of the time and my grades suffered, but I could care less. It was cool guy or die.

By this time I had turned  into a bit of a bad boy and delinquent myself and I had a few brushes with the law. So I tuned the bullied victim role completely around.


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Game/PUA: Get Two Females at Once!

Picking up or acquiring two hot women at once and especially interacting sexually with both of them at once in public is one of the hottest and greatest sexual achievements a male may ever hope to achieve. It’s so great that it’s almost as if once you do it even one time, you can pretty much die happy the next day with no regrets as you would have led a full enough life. One  achievement like that trumps decades of typical male heterosexual drudgery and routine.

I do not have the faintest idea how easy this is to do. I will say that it has only happened to me maybe 5 times in my life, and I can count those times on the fingers of one hand. Perhaps this is simple nowadays and most guys can do this easily. I have no idea.

But when I was doing this between the ages of 17-34, I virtually never saw or even heard of a guy picking up two hotties at once. My position is that getting two hotties at once is one of the most difficult things that any (non-swinger) heterosexual male can do in his life, and people say I have a good track record of success with females. If it was hard for me, I must be dead hard for your average guy.

I assume that it is still hard as Hell, but who knows.

One time I picked up two 15 year old girls at once on a church weekend outing about human sexuality (LOL!) and spent the whole weekend with both of them just about glued to me. I know that the youth minister was very angry at the fact that I had those two girls  with me. It was one of the best experiences I have ever had and I was a mere lad of 17 years old. It’s a long story and I will elaborate later.

On two separate occasions, I picked up two women at once at rock concerts. These were punk rock concerts and this once in Summer 1982  and another time possibly in Summer 1983. I picked up two punk rock chicks at once each time! It was great!

The first time was in Summer 1982 when I was 24 years old. I had tickets for the punk rock show held 100 yards away. The two young punkers approached me and asked if if I had any tickets for sale. I told them I did not. They started chatting me up and pretty soon, they asked me to buy a ticket for each of them. I laughed and asked them why the Hell I should do that. One of them winked at me and said, “We will make it worth your while after the show. Both of us. Trust me when I say that.” The other woman nodded her head enthusiastically. So the deal with buy these two women tickets to the show and then I get a 3-way with them at the end!

I bought them tickets and then walked into the concert with my arms around both of them as they were locked to my sides. I had to walk a gauntlet of young punkers towards the entrance and most looked shocked. Some of them insulted me to their friends, saying, “Look at that guy. He’s a loser. An idiot. He doesn’t have his shit together.” Jealousy. It was still one of the greatest nights of my life!

Another time we left a punk rock concert in downtown LA where a punk band was playing. This must have been the summer of 1983 and I was 25 years old. I was sort of dating the lead singer of the band at that time who eventually turned somewhat famous and released a few albums. I was also dating most of her friends! That didn’t really bother me, and every time I nabbed one of her friends, she just got acted even hornier and more turned on by me.

A lot of us went to the Tokyo Cafe in downtown LA, a famous late night or even all night hangout for punks in the early to mid 1980’s. I picked up the two women, one 18 and the other 23, as the group was walking towards the restaurant. We then had dinner together which ended up being one of the dirtiest dinner conversations I have ever had. The women were openly asking me if I wanted to do a 3-way with them in earshot of other diners. Other diners could not believe their ears and were peering over their tables to look down at us in stunned shock. It was a blast! One of the greatest nights of my life!

There were three other times where both of the women were my friends, sort  of like best friends.

In one case I had known them for a bit as I had them in my junior college class. We were all 20 years old. I dated one of the hottest chicks in the class for a bit but then it ended abruptly and she dropped the class. The other two, a blonde and a brunette, heard about it and homed in on me.  The relationship was strictly friendship until one day they were walking on either side of me and I put my arms around both of them and walked through the campus with both women’s arms around me. People’s jaws dropped when they say that spectacle.

Another time was on a ski trip to Aspen Colorado in 1978. I made friends with these two hot young cuties a blond and a brunette once again. They were about 18 and I was 20. The bus had a keg on it and it turned into an insane drunken party. I picked up this woman at the bus party, literally grabbing her and pulling her out of some poor schmuck’s hands. We went back to our seat and messed around most of the night. It was fun but let’s face it you are limited as far as what you can do sexually in public places and I am not in favor of having sex on crowded buses surrounded  by strangers. It seems rude. One should not impose public sex on other people.

Anyway, morning rolled  around and my beer googles were gone and she looked a lot worse than the night before. I got very uncomfortable with her and she ditched me pretty quick. My two little friends saw this and liked me a whole lot more now after I nabbed that girl. I went to their seat and sat in between them smoking weed and goofing around for the rest of the bus trip. In a few hours, we were best friends. When we got  to the hotel, the next afternoon I was walking around the hotel with both women wrapped around my arms. A friend saw me and he demanded to take a pic of us like that. It was great!

The last time was in 1992 at a university. I was 34 years old and I had been assigned two hot partners for my project, a brunette Indian woman in her late 20’s and a brown haired woman in her early 30’s. Both were married with a couple of kids. We become best friends . Near the last day of the project, I was walking them out to their cars with me in the middle and them on either side of me. I reached out and grabbed both and them and put my arms around them. They locked onto me and we marched through campus a bit like that. Apparently neither woman was completely faithful to her husband!

Here is how to do it.

If you ever get a chance and you end up with two chicks at once, this is what you do:

There’s been times I got 2 girls at once and I would turn have one on one arm and one on the other walking around. It’s pretty hot and people don’t know what to think. A lot of guys get mad and try to insult you.

But if you ever get two girls, one on each side of you, and it seems ok, just reach over and put one arm around one and then put the other arm around the other, and now you got two girls, one one each arm! It’s such a great feeling! I have done it with maybe 10 different females, 5 different female pairs.

You know what’s even better than that? Turn your head, grab one girl’s head and start kissing her. She will probably let you do it, or if she doesn’t, she will just laugh it off kindly. So now you are kissing one girl on one side with another girl on the other side. The girl on the other side will probably start laughing or giggling. She might say, “Hey give me some of that. Equal time!” or something along those lines.

Kiss the one girl for a bit, and then turn your head to the other side and start kissing the other girl. If you already kissed the first girl, you can definitely kiss the second girl because females are insanely competitive and the second girl doesn’t want to feel like a prude. She’s still more or less competing with the other girl for you. Or at the very least, she doesn’t want to be a party pooper. Or better yet, if she doesn’t kiss you, she just lost you to the first girl, and females hate to lose a man to a competing female. They will anything to avoid that.

Now you are kissing the second girl. She probably started laughing when you started kissing her too. You can say something like, “Hey, equal time!” before you kiss the second girl. Make a joke out of it. She second girl will probably go for it hard because now she’s competing. In fact, she might try to kiss you even better than the first girl did. Yep. Females actually do try to out-slut each other! Isn’t post Sexual Revolution life grand?

Then you can turn it into a contest to see which one kisses better. Kiss one girl and then say, “Ah that was lousy! You call that a kiss?” But say it like a joke. You can actually get pretty far with females by accusing them of being prudes or lousy at sex. They take it as a direct affront and actually a challenge and most females will get this determined look on their faces and say, “Oh yeah. You think I’m a lousy lay? Just try me then. I’ll show you how good of a fuck I am!”

Anyway, kiss one girl, say it was lousy and ask the second girl if she can do better. Say, “Let’s have a kissing contest. Let’s see who’s better.” Then kiss the second girl. She will probably get really dirty and try to out-kiss the first girl and she might even take it further. Now you basically have the two of them locked into a Slut Contest and whenever you get two women in a Slut Contest, as a general rule, they will try to out-slut each other. Yay!

Now what’s even better is to do it in public. You have two girls, one on each arm. Everybody’s looking at you anyway. Most of the guys are looking at you like they want to kill you or else their faces are clouded with envy. A lot of the females are looking at you like they want to trade places with the girls on your arms! I am serious! Ok now turn around and kiss one girl, and then turn around and kiss the other girl, and then look out at the people who are gathered around you in your public space and smile and start laughing. I have actually done this before and it was one of the greatest feelings I ever had in my whole life! Good times!

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Johnny Thunders, “There’s a Little Bit of Whore in Every Girl”

Johnny Thunders! Johnny Thunders is God! I also like that he is a true pure androgyne. But then all the Dolls were pure androgynes. As were all the fellows mentioned below.

If you watch that video, can you see where the Dolls gets their shtick? The Dolls are the Rolling Stones! And of course if you look at the video carefully, you will notice that Johnny Thunders can only be Keith Richards, though I think there is a bit of Sex Pistols in him too. David Johansen can only be Keith Richards and of course that’s exactly who he is if you have been following him for long.

You will also notice one more thing if you look at this video closely. The Dolls were punk rock! And there were punk rock before there even was punk rock! Punk hadn’t even started yet and the Dolls were already punk. Born too soon! But then again? Were the Rolling Stones punk rock? One wonders. Aerosmith? Queen? Roxy Music? T. Rex? Mott the Hoople? I can see all of that leading right up into punk rock honestly.

But then a lot of these were glam bands and the Dolls if nothing else was the epitome of glam. And glam led right straight into punk rock.

If you want to know what I am like, I am this guy. I am also David Bowie. And Marc Bolan. I am David Bowie, Marc Bolan, the New York Dolls, Iggy Pop and Mick Jagger all wrapped into one.

Which is apparently where a lot of the sexual orientation confusion comes from I suppose. Not that I am not getting sick and tired of it because I am. But if I am just David Bowie then it all makes sense and I should not expect anything different.

I loved this guy when he was in the Dolls too. There are a number of photographs of him in this video. This is said to be a live in the studio version bujt that’s not the case. It’s actually from a song that was played live in a Swedish radio station!. Other than that, it’s never been heard before.

P.S. I more or less agree with the sentiment behind this song, but I don’t think it applies to all of them. And a few years after menopause, I suppose it doesn’t apply to any of them.

That’s an even better version, a lot more cleaned up. I have no idea what this version is off of.

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Sexual Assault for Beginners

RL: Who is sending men to prison in the UK for banging a 15 year old or grabbing a woman’s tits 30 years ago?

Jason Y writes: Grabbing a woman’s tits? 😆 That sounds like naughty fun. Too bad the YouTube videos etc.. on the subject seem staged and fake.

I’ve done it. Grabbed their tits, their asses, their pussies or just their bodies in general. Or I just felt them up discreetly. I have not gotten in trouble yet. No female has pressed charges or even threatened to. But I don’t go around grabbing or even touching females all the time. I am very careful about how I do it, and I only do it if I can read some pretty strong green light vibes from her. If you’re not getting those vibes and you start grabbing or touching her, you are asking for trouble.

Once I was with a party after a concert, and we were going out to eat very late at night. This one woman, the lead singer of a fairly popular gothic punk rock band, had been teasing me all night, and I was starting to get mad. So as the group was walking into the restaurant, I grabbed her, shoved her into a wall and kissed her really hard. There was another woman there who I was also sort of dating, and she looked at me and said, “Boooooooob?” Then they purposely sat the woman I kissed a ways away from me at the table.

She got what she deserved. She deserved it for teasing me all night like that.

All the females I have touched, grabbed, forcibly kissed, etc. mostly went along quite willingly. I would estimate that 90-95% of the time I have grabbed, touched or forcibly kissed females, they just went for it, usually responding very strongly.

There was one time I had this 15 year old girl in my car with me late at night. We had just gone over to her friends’ house to buy some pot and cocaine. Her friend was this 17 year old girl who was living with this 39 year old guy. The guy started out dating her Mom who was about his age, and then he dumped her for the daughter. The girl seemed quite proud of this caddish behavior. They were totally cool people, both of them.

I got back to her place around 10 or 11 and parked in front of her house. We both just sort of looked at each other a bit, and I read the vibes that said it would be ok. So I just assaulted her very aggressively. I lunged at her and started making out with her like crazy, kissing her really hard. She totally went crazy kissing me back really hard like a maniac. That was all I did with her that night though because she lived at her parents’ house, and there was no place to go.

But you have to scope out the situation very, very carefully beforehand to see if it is going to be ok. When a female is giving off some pretty strong feelings or vibes like that, you can grab them, touch them discreetly, scratch them, tickle them or whatever just about anywhere.

If you don’t read the situation correctly and you’re not on a date, and you grab or even touch some female who does not wish to be touched, you are definitely committing sexual assault. That said, this sort of thing happens all the time.

But you are definitely risking it if you grab females who have not been giving off strong green light vibes beforehand. She might threaten to call the cops on you, or she might actually do so. And you can indeed be arrested for sexual assault for what boils down to attacking females like this.

If I do not get those strong green light vibes, and I am not on a date, I will not try to touch her at all. On a date of course, I always try to touch them, but you have to figure out how to do it just right or else you mess up the whole thing. And even on a date, you need to be reading the situation the whole time and looking for green lights.

Grabbing women is actually called sexual assault in the law. Every time you grab some woman’s body in however way or grab her and kiss her really hard, it’s called sexual assault because you are supposed to ask permission to do these things I suppose. But I’ve never asked permission to do any sexual things in my entire life outside of a bed, where things are quite different.

Bottom line is if you don’t “assault” females, you will probably die a virgin.

Asking a female permission to do anything sexual with her is insane because she will probably say no.

The rule #1 of seduction is to not give her a chance to think about anything sexual. You want to get her to shut off her brain any way you can because as long as her brain is clicking along, she will often bail on various sexual activities. You want to get her into a situation where her brain is shut down and she basically can’t control herself around you anymore. She might hate you for making her lose control of herself, but that’s part of the game. Never ask permission to do anything. Just do it.

In dating, assault is mandatory.

It can be very gentle assault where you grab her chin tenderly, look deep into her eyes and slowly bend down to kiss her very softy, sweetly and lovingly. But it’s still assault technically if she decided she didn’t want to do it. If she goes along with it, I suppose it’s not assault. So committing sexual assault in one way or another is mandatory if you are going to date at all. Later when she gets to be a close girlfriend, you can discuss things more, but I still would never ask her if she wants to have sex. That’s giving her a chance to think.

Have fun sexually assaulting women, guys!

But be very careful, and don’t get carried away. A jail cell is not a fun place to be. I have been in those cages a couple of times. You probably never want to go there at all if you can help it.


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Shakespeare Updated

“First thing we do, let’s kill all the feminists.”

– Robert Lindsay, channeling William Shakespeare

I am serious.

Feminists need bullets.

These satanic harpies have for all intents and purposes declared war to the death against us men for the crime of having sex with females is how I see it.

They’re out to ruin our lives forever, get us put on fake sex offender lists for life, jail us for merely having sex with females of any age, imprison us for merely touching females of any age, jail us when girls pretend to be adults and trick us into sex, when  women say, “Don’t cum inside me!” and five minutes later we do, when we have sex with women with broken condoms, when we have sex with women without condoms, when we have sex with our own wives, when we use trickery to get a woman into bed (this is arguably the definition all of seduction – seduction is all about tricking women into bed), when we have sex with a drunken woman, when e don’t get consent from women in writing before we have sex with them (!?), when as children we play doctor with each other in childhood sex play, when as teenagers we take nude photos of our own selves (!?), when we pay legal aged teenage girls for sex, when we have sex with one of our legal aged or even adult students, when as teenagers we exchange nude pics of ourselves with each other, when as teenagers we talk dirty to each other on the phone, when as adults we talk dirty to teenage girls on the phone, when as adults we so much as kiss teenage girls, when as adults we so much as talk to teenage girls (!?), when we as 13 year olds run through the hallways slapping girls’ butts, when we misrepresent ourselves in order to have sex with women (which arguably is one of the essential methods of seduction).

The feminists want us arrested and strip searched, all of our possessions ransacked and some of them destroyed, charged with serious crimes that land us 10-20 years in prison, convicted of these crimes and sent to prison for decades, and put on the sex offender registry for all of time.

In other words, the feminists’ agenda is to destroy as many men’s lives as possible. Them’s fighting words, bitches.

We didn’t start this war, the feminists did. We didn’t ask for it, it came to us.

There will be no truces, no ceasefires, no armistices, no peace talks, no prisoner exchanges and of course no humanitarian missions. There won’t even be any refugees unless we men turn celibate.

This war will only end when one side takes out the other one. Either we take out the feminists, or the feminists take us out.

There will be no peace with the feminists.


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