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Numbing Out As Either a Symptom-Derived or Core-Derived

Messi writes:

Schizoids are really attached to their aloofness for some reason. I don’t really get it, it just makes me feel vulnerable and trapped.

As for the neurology vs. psychology argument, I’m not sure. Some parts are unquestionably neurological – you can’t “think” your way out of flat affect. Yet at the same time, the most effective tips are usually psychological.

It seems like their 2-levels of schizoid-ness. There’s the emotional depersonalization and blunted affect, which can only be fixed through physical changes like sleep deprivation, anemia or medication, and the psychological layer beneath it with the withdrawal and vulnerability. You can’t work on the bottom layer without breaking through the top first.

It is looking like the top layer of schizoidness is the symptom cluster and it seems to be biological. In this case the numbing is core-derived in the brain. This can only be altered as Messi points out by actually changing your brain.

The commenter points out that he doubts if you can think your way out of a flat affect. I would add that I doubt if you can think your way to a true flat affect either.

What is the difference between flat, blunted and constricted affect? A therapist told me I have constricted affect but not a blunted or flat affect.

I used to be very emotional but I just deliberately and gradually numbed myself out in order to cope with a lot of ugly life stresses. At the time, I could not think of any other way to cope. Every time something awful would happen to me or around me, I would feel myself numbing out just a bit more. It seemed to be a perfectly logical thing to do. I wasn’t even thinking about it or whether or not it was a good idea, I was just doing it without questioning it as there didn’t seem to be any alternative.

I do not really mind that much but it is true that a lot of people really do not like it one bit. They think I am Spock or a robot. It’s not true as I do have emotions, but it more than they are muted in terms of showing them to the outside world. I have been trying to get my emotions back for many years now since I pretty much deliberately killed them off, but I do not seem to be able to do so. Why that is I have no idea.

I know a lot of wildly emotional people, mostly females.

Quite a few girlfriends have been like this. I remember once I was lying in bed with a girlfriend one morning and she was looking at me and suddenly she looked stunned and she said, “You don’t have any feelings. How come you don’t have any feelings?” She was a notorious emotional rollercoaster, probably a Borderline, though she was wildly, head over heels, out of her mind in love with me. I said, “I don’t want to end up like you. Look at you. That’s what happens to emotional people. Your emotions are all over the place, here, there and everywhere. I don’t want to be like that.” She seemed to think that was a pretty good answer.

Also I look around at Man World and it seems like in US Man World, a lot of men have pretty much cut off or shut down their feelings. That seems to be simply a normal way of being a mature, adult, masculine man. We use words like “businesslike, controlled and stable” to refer to these people. So I feel that by numbing out, I am just being a normal, masculine man in my society. What’s wrong with that? Men are not supposed to be all emo.

I remember when I was pretty emotional, it seemed like every time I got emo people, mostly men, would start giving me a hard time about it. They acted like I was screwing up or blowing it by showing those emotions. I guess the message really is, “You’re acting like a girl.”

The whole message I got is that in Man World they want you pretty much shut down. One thing was for sure, that’s that you can’t get sad. In and in the world of offices, you can’t get mad either. The life of many middle class men in our society seems to be, “You can’t get mad and you can’t get sad.” Of course a lot of them do anyway, so what you find is a lot of men masking rage and especially depression with drugs, alcohol, gambling, sex, workaholism, and probably numbing out.

I hear that all sorts of folks numb themselves out and you should not confuse this symptom-derived numbing with core-derived personality structure numbing, which may be biological, as in the case of schizophrenia, schizoid PD and schizotypal PD.

In the former type a formerly emotionally full person simply numbs out as a defense mechanism to cope with life. Probably emotionality is recoverable somehow and anyway, in most cases, they are probably not as numbed out as you might think. A lot of them probably have emotions that they are just hiding pretty well.

In the latter case the numbing out is a core essential part of the personality structure, possibly biologically mediated. If it is biologically derived, there was never a full emotional life to numb out in the first place. They were numbed out biologically from Day One.


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New Interview with Me Up


There is a new interview with me up at Robert Stark’s site. In this interview, we discuss some of my recent articles and some other themes:

Topics include:
Racist Mass Shooting in Charleston, South Carolina.
The shooter’s motivations.
The characteristics and causes of mass shooters.
Dylann Roof’s Manifesto.
White Nationalism, Sex and Gender.
On Sluthate.
Why People Say Looks Don’t Matter for Men.

Feel free to let me know what you think of it if you choose to listen to it.


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Why People Say Looks Don’t Matter for Men

Everybody wants to think that looks don’t matter for men. There are different reasons for that. How many times have you heard a woman say, “I don’t care what a man looks like! I want him for his personality, not his pretty face!” LOL yeah right baby.

From Sluthate (my comments in italics) :

Men: Guys want to revel in their bluepilled delusions that they can get a girl as long as their personality is good. Exactly. Most men are only average or unattractive. The majority of men are simply not good-looking. So it is very comforting for the average/unattractive majority of men to believe that “looks don’t matter” and “all I need is a great personality.”

Women: Girls want to pretend they care about personality so they don’t appear to be shallow as fuck. Yep. And you know what the truth is? Women are shallow as fuck. LOL. But they don’t want this dirty little secret getting out there, so they keep repeating these lies like “I don’t care about looks! I love him for his personality!” LOL.


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List of Definitions from Sluthate

Pretty interesting stuff.

My comments follow in italics.

-cel Suffix denoting involuntary celibate. Used in the formation of the words: gymcel, heightcel, baldcel, workcel, wristcel, etc. The stem word indicates the condition that made him incel, or the activity that the incel spends to compensate for his lack of success with women. For example, a baldcel is a balding man who is unattractive to women because of his hair loss. A gymcel is a man who spends his free time exercising in the hopes that a more fit body will cause him to become more attractive to women. See incel for specifics.

-mogged Suffix indicating being dominated by another person. The stem word denotes the feature that one is being dominated by. This sort of thing actually happens.


heightmogged Being dominated by another’s height.

wristmogged Being dominated by a man with a thicker wrist.

skullduggery Being dominated by a man with a better shaped or bigger skull.

-pill Refers to embracing a type of philosophy. Coined from the movie The Matrix where the character Morpheus gives Neo the option to accept reality by swallowing a red pill or go back being connected to the matrix by swallowing the blue pill;

Usage of this term

red pill Confronting the true pretense of an aspect of a particular thing, especially in regards to the mechanics of socialization, in the incel contexts. Red pilling is the way to go.

blue pill The preference of believing in a comforting or convenient lie, especially when it concerns a person’s world view, with emphasis on the pretense or opinion that goes contrary to the research suggesting physical attraction is utmost in social or sexual situations. Blue pilling is just stupid.

black pill A fatalistic/depressed version of red pill. This is someone who has given up.

aspie An aspie is one who has Asperger’s Syndrome, which is believed to be part of the autism spectrum. Aspies, while being quite gifted verbally, have social, emotional, and sensory integration difficulties, among others. They engage in repetitive behavior in a restricted area of interest and have low social awareness. The exact cause of Asperger’s is unknown. There is no working treatment. Most people with this improve as they mature to adulthood, but social and communication difficulties may persist.

AMOG Short for ‘Alpha Male of the Group’. This actually exists. There really are Alphas.

AMOGing Originally a PUA slang which refers in degrading a man who’s trying to interfere with your sexual conquest.

Andreas Lubitz Incel co-pilot of Germanwings Flight 9525. Purposely crashed a plane full of slayers and 8+ JB into a mountainside killing 150.

bald theory Argues that you can never be 8+ if you do not look good Bald.

barebacking/going bareback Having sex without condoms.

BBC Big Black Cock. Often used to address blacks on the forum. The topic of whether it is true are not is brought up time and time again.

BBC Theory  This theory argues that blacks are in fact the quintessential of masculinity and sex appeal. Many looks theory coincides with this idea.

BDD Usually refers to “Body dysmorphic disorder” a psychiatric illness where one is irrationally concerned about one’s physical appearance, manifest in inaccuracy with fastidious attentiveness.

Be smart enough to know when you are lucky theory Take the opportunity even if it’s sounds too good to be true, in some cases you are actually hitting the jackpot.

beta eyes/big eyes/big round eyes Eyes that appear big. Not necessarily unattractive in a male. Sometimes also called bug eyes or frog eyes. This is very interesting stuff. A man’s eyes may indeed play a role in his attractiveness.

beta provider A man who financially supports the woman in a relationship. It could also be a man who emotionally supports her by being overly romantic, sometimes to the detriment of his personal boundaries and to the health of the relationship. This can turn into a bad thing.

BF Also means boyfriend.

black knight, blackcel A black incel. Also known as an niggacel. There are more of them than you think!

bug eyes/frog eyes/bulging eyes Eyes that pop out. Could be caused by retruded or downward infraorbital rim placement. Sometimes called big eyes or beta eyes. More fascinating eye stuff.

butterface A woman who has an amazing body and an ugly face at the same time. Comes from ‘but her face’. LOL.

butterbody The reverse of butterface. LOL.

Cho Refers to Seung-Hui Cho, the Virginia tech shooter.

cold approach Former PUA term refers to meeting strangers in public hoping this will get the person laid. The cold here means that the woman hasn’t been prepared or worked up in any way prior to meeting him. This at a social situation like at a party within a group of friends this would be called ‘warm approach’. I always thought this was idiotic.

Colez (Pronounced coals). A legendary slayer who brought us from the dark ages of twinky male models. Extolled the virtues of masculine, high testosterone features (like a wide face, wide clavicles, a well developed chin that could cut diamonds) and how they are what makes women attracted to you. These masculinity guys are just wrong. How did David Bowie get more pussy than any man alive?

Colez biker gang A random collection of users creating ludicrous meme like bad boy characters to parody the masculinity crew using exaggerations. Generally normal people can pick them out of the posters since they sound like cartoons, but aspies can’t so some of them actually worship this group.

cope Actions intended to make sense of unpleasant reality.

copecelling An incel coping mechanism intended to makes sense of an unpleasant reality. It’s generally seen in the manlet and ethnic variety, or when a perceived incel is dating out of his league. Usually a pathetic display of black and white thinking, and overall shortsightedness and ignorance.

Height is all that matters. Tall guys can’t be incel.

Being white is all that matters. White guys can’t be incel.

How can she be dating him? He is a manlet/ethnic!

Note that this does not apply to any of the LMS triumvirate, as this is scientifically proven and accepted fact. Referring to any of these as the cause for one’s inceldom would not in any way be considered as copecelling, but rather observing the reality of one’s unfortunate fate.

cuckold (1) A man with an adulterous girlfriend/wife. (2) A beta provider whose girlfriend/wife gave out free casual sex to other men, before she started dating him. Truly pathetic. This is becoming a big subculture?!

DOM Short for dominant. It commonly refers to a ultra-masculine face, but could also refer to an intimidating presence or dominant behavior. Not a bad idea.

ED Short for erectile dysfunction.

ER Elliot Rodger the Isla Vista killer.

escort theory A pragmatic philosophy that proposes to isolated adult virgins that they should just man up and get over their issues with safe prostitutes until they fix their sexual frustration. Some advocates consider this the only option for incels as long as they live. Maybe a good idea. At least they get laid.

escort crew Incels who only have sex with prostitutes.

ethnic Meaning depends on location, but in the U.S. it usually refers to those of nonwhite ethnicity who are believed to be repulsive to women, usually due to their lower social status and differing physical features as compared to whites. I am not sure that ethnics do worse than Whites in the US.

ethnicel A non-black and non-white incel, such as Indian, East Asian etc. Typically considered the lowest of all incel races.

face theory/face law/F.A.C.E. The theory that face is most important and overshadows all other qualities when it comes to dating. F.A.C.E stands for “Face and Age Conquer Everything”. Probably very important.

failo effect The opposite of the halo effect. When someone is physically attractive, they are assumed to have other attractive non-physical features. The failo effect states that an ugly person will be assumed to have unattractive non-physical features on account of being physically ugly. Common among incels. See ‘halo effect’ for more. This is actually very true. Amazing how life works.

FB or fb Facebook

FB Also means fuck buddy.

fish lips Big misshapened lips or big lips. Blacks and ethnics are sometimes referred to having “fish lips” due to their size. Also some male models or celebrities like Johnny Deep are accused of having “fish lips” due to their size. However, big lips are not necessarily unattractive on men. Very interesting stuff about lips.

FOB Short for Fresh Off the Boat. Refers to immigrants, usually East Asian and Indian immigrants who have thick accidents. LOL.

FWB Friends with benefits

G4P or g4p Means ‘gay for pay’, it’s heterosexual men doing solo erotic shows for homosexual men for money. There are way more of these guys out there than you will ever believe.

GL Short for good looking.

Good Looking Loser/GLL A pick-up artist guru who is critical of some mainstream PUA beliefs and practices. Unlike some other PUA’s Good Looking Loser emphasizes that looks do matter. These guys are talking sense.

GF girlfriend

go outside theory The theory that if you go outside and interact with other people, you have a better chance of getting laid than trolling internet forums for hours per day. Duh.

halo effect The psychological effect when people ascribe personality characteristics or other qualities based on their impression of a person. For example, good looking people are perceived as smarter, better leaders and more successful even without properly getting to know the person. Masculine looking men are perceived to be respected more by their peers, more mature and more dominant. This is completely true, but it is amazing.

height theory Refers to the scientific research that suggests height is a distinctively or the prime attractive feature for men. Sadly, these guys may be onto something here.

high inhibition A person who sacrifices his/her happiness due to the irrational fear that pursuing personal goals will result in people’s social disapproval. In layman’s terms it’s somebody who can’t stand up for himself and chooses passivity/safety. Well, a lot of people are like this, myself included, believe it or not.

heightism Prejudice or discrimination based on one’s height. Maybe more common than you think.

high E High estrogen. In females, this results in large breasts, an hourglass figure, a rounded buttocks and lustful facial features. High E females typically desire high T males. Low E females typically prefer low T males. While both males and females can be high E, the term is typically used in reference to females. The opposite term is High T (high testosterone). Never heard of this, fascinating.

high T High testosterone. In males, this results in a masculine (high) fWHR, low inhibition, large interior skull volume, increased muscularity, thick bones, a prominent supraorbital ridge, and high horizontal punching power. High T women have similar features. Very interesting. Looks like it was inborn then.

hooded eyes The appearance of eyes like Sean O’Pry’s, where an fold of adipose skin covers the upper crease of one’s eyelid. More great eye stuff.

horizontal punching power Referring to the amount of force generated by a single punch. Polynesians are widely known to generate the most horizontal punching power. Fascinating.

hump and dump Having sex with a female with the female expecting a relationship, but instead of the man pursuing a relationship, he rejects her. ‘See pump and dump.

hunter eyes Vertically narrow eyes, usually covered by big brow ridge and tilted eyebrows. Different from DOM eyebrows which are straight. Amazing stuff about eyes.

hypergamy Usually refers to a facet of evolutionary psychology regarding women especially in regards to their sexual partners, preferring to marry above their league in either physical beauty or wealth. These guys are onto something, but this is nothing new. Women and girls were doing this in my day too. I remember in high school I started thinking, “10% of the guys are getting 90% of the best women.” See?

incel An involuntary celibate man. Refers to state in which a person who is willing and physically able to engage in sexual relations is unable to find a partner. The term applies to people who have not yet engaged in sex, those who have had sex at least once but are unable to find another partner, and those in a relationship with a partner who is unwilling to have sex.

most common types of incel discussed on this board

baldcel A man who is either bald or balding which drastically affects one’s aesthetic value. I honestly think this is important. My friend used to slay all the time until he started going bald. After a while, he was only attracting 3’s. He went out and bought a nice hairpiece and started slaying again.

framecel An adult male with the bone structure of a 15 year old kid. Frame refers here to body frame. Interesting.

workcel Someone whose work preoccupies any freedom to enjoy any activities that may be conducive to the chance of sexual intercourse. Good point.

slavecel An extreme version of the workcel. A workcel whose work has a great a hold over him in terms of time and energy. He is practically a slave.

heightcel/shortcel A short guy who is incel because of his height. They may be onto something with this height thing.

gymcel An incel who thinks he can compensate with muscles for his low LMS. I am not sure this is going to fix everyone.

virgincel An incel whose lack of sexual experience makes him even more socially awkward. I feel sorry for this man.

inhibitioncel A person whose social inhibition is extremely high. Probably the major reason for any incel periods among men.

wristcel An adult or fully grown incel whose wrist bones are of small circumference and/or of womanly or childish size thus it effects his masculinity or sense of manliness. Typically it means wrists less than 6.5″ inches. Fascinating. I thought I had skinny fag wrists, so I measured mine. 8 inches. Guess I just have David Bowie wrists.

incel rage A form of emotional outburst of an incel due to the build up sexual frustration, it can manifest in many forms. Sometimes it’s verbal abuse, ranting, doing crazy shit on the webcam. Sometimes unfortunately it can lead to violent behavior in certain troubled individuals. A real phenomenon. If you deny men sex, a certain number of them are just going to snap and flip. That’s just a fact and there is nothing you can do about it.

incel rule of thumb If you are attracted to her, then she is out of your league. LOL.

IOI Originally a PUA slang. Short for indicator of interest. Actions that may indicate that a woman is interested in you. This is extremely important and men really need to figure this stuff out.

jailbait An attractive female who is under the age of consent. It refers to visible fertile women of high school age.

JB Short for Jailbait

Jomon The original Ainu descended inhabitants of Japan. A robust, masculine race before they were outbred by Yayoi and Chinese.

juggernaut law If a woman is below average height, has wonky teeth, Dumbo ears, this makes guys feel like they have a CHANCE with her, as opposed to if she were more “perfect”, less flawed. So this means that even girls that are AVERAGE and BELOW still have guys hitting on them. You can’t stop a woman’s dating potential. She is like The Juggernaut. If she is a single mum, then more guys will think they are being her prince charming by rescuing her from all the “other bad, bad men out there”. She is UNSTOPPABLE. Any flaw she has JUST MAKES HER STRONGER in the dating world. Fascinating. I think they might even be correct here.

jock A stereotypical athletic high school student that is popular with girls.

Landwhale An obese human female, often morbidly so. Generally seen as being of very low desirability and extreme low worth to men and at the lowest end of the totem pole in regards to female attractiveness. Alternatively called a fat cow, hog or warpig. LOL.

Lanza Refers to Adam Lanza the Sandy Hook shooter.

legit It means true. Denote one’s agreement to particular opinion or fact.

LMS (L)ooks, (M)oney and (S)tatus. Concept developed by PUAHate suggesting that what matters in attracting women are looks, money and status. It denies personality, confidence or game to be significant factors. This is very important stuff. However, Game is also important. I would throw both personality and confidence in with Game since these things are a part of one’s Game.

long-term relationship A relationship that lasts a long time, especially with those who are planning to live together, are considering to be exclusive with each other, or are possibly considering to marry. The sex gets boring due to low perceived mutual attraction and sexual variety.

looksism Prejudice or discrimination based on one’s looks. Probably a lot more of this than you might think.

looks theory/looks law A theory which holds that looks matter a lot in dating. Compare to PUA advice and the usual “be confident” advice. Very important. PUA’s are retards.

looksmaxing Maxing out one’s own appearance. Great idea.

low inhibition Refers to a person who doesn’t care what others think of him, generally it’s the mindset of a functioning adult male, in extreme cases refers to antisocial criminals. Important to take note of. On the other hand, a high inhibition male is not going to turn into a low inhibition male.

LTR or ltr Means longterm relationship.

luck theory A theory that states that luck plays a role in a man’s success in wooing women. How lucky you are is typically genetically based and determined at birth. Many times when a man is seen dating a woman outside of his league, it is assumed he has a great personality or is very wealthy. This is true in many cases, but there is also the possibility he is just lucky. I cannot emphasize the importance of this.

male model nuthugger/MM nuthugger A term used by the masculinity crew to deride those who like male models – who are too feminine to be considered attractive by them.

manlet A short male who is less than average height (5’10” / 177 cm). LOL. Hilarious.

masculinity crew A group of men who believes in masculinity theory or adheres to it by going to the gym. They are onto something, but pretty boys do great too.

masculinity theory The theory which claims that a masculine appearance (in both face and body) is important to a man’s attractiveness. A masculine face, a robust bone structure and high muscle mass are regarded as attractive. It claims that women don’t find feminine faces, narrow faces or a skinny body attractive on men. Women like both. Women love pretty boys and even skinny guys.

mental masturbation Useless intellectual debate that has nothing to do with reality anymore and only serves to bloat up the person’s ego.

MGTOW Refers to ‘men going their own way’. The term describes a group of men who believe that their social isolation, passive-aggressive behavior, not having children, and theories they posted online will collapse society as it is. Interesting but depressing phenomenon.

MM Male Model

Morph Theory/morph game To digitally manipulate your online dating profile images to appear more aesthetic.

NEET a person who is Not in Education, Employment, or Training.

normalfag The average everyday boring person.

normalfag theory The average everyday boring person’s dating strategy, which is dating people who are just good enough for sex from their small pool of prospects and this selection takes place when their level of sexual frustration exceeds their fear of rejection. Very bad idea.

NT or nt Short for neurotypical, normal people who don’t have autism.

numbers game The more women you meet the more easy it is to find one who likes you. Probably.

one-night stand A one-time sexual encounter. The sex is usually more exciting than in long-term relationships due to sexual variety and increased perceived mutual attraction.

ONS One-night stand.

Our Heavenly Father Refers to David Gandy. A group of incels here consider him the living god of male aesthetics. LOL.

Peppers life/dat Peppers life Being an isolated virgin and living on welfare as a mature person. Comes from the actual lifestyle of the user ‘Brian Peppers’ on this forum. LOL.

PJ or Plain Jane Refers to an average-looking female rated 5 to 6/10

POF or pof Refers to the dating site PlentyofFish. Lousy site, never maintained, nothing works.

pretty boy A male considered attractive, but with a relatively feminine face. An example is Justin Bieber. The masculinity crew views pretty boys as cuckolds or “asexual handbags”–having no sexual appeal to women. The masculinity crew is just wrong.

prostitute A woman who exchanges sex for money. It includes women who are in relationships with beta providers. LOL at the second sentence.

subgroups of prostitutes:

streetwalker Low class prostitute that walks the streets, they are source of STD’s, sell drugs and mug some of their clients. Preferred by poverty class people and sociopaths. Please avoid these women. My friends have had bad experiences with some.

escort Higher class prostitute who only works through websites and has her own place to service the clients. Some of them visit the client or go out with them to social gatherings. Contrary to popular beliefs these women are clean and safe. Preferred by middle and upper class men. They are clean and they are safe, yes.

gold digger Women who only date rich men and they do this because of their money. Technically they sell sex for money but only to one customer at a time. LOL at the second sentence.

provider game Tactic used by men who wants sex. Basically the man jumps through hoops by going through multiple dates hoping that the woman will eventually reward him with sex. In a relationship he will support the woman financially or emotionally. I say this is idiotic, but that is just my opinion. I used to do this. My experience was that this is very, very lame.

proximity theory Refers to the statistically demonstrated fact that most people date people who live close to them and are in the same social group. Proximity theory argues this is the number one preference of most people due to it’s convenience and their risk aversion. Of course.

pump and dump Having sex with a female with the female expecting a relationship, but instead of the man pursuing a relationship, he rejects her. ‘See hump and dump.

PUA ‘Pickup Artist’ originally coined from the belief that picking up women is a form of art. Used to describe the members of the seduction community. Now it refers to a group of fraudulent men who sell overcharged useless/untested self-help advice on dating to naive sexually inexperienced people. Exactly, these guys are con artists.

pickup autist Derogatory term used to describe people who are addicted to products of PUA’s and engage in this in a repetitive way like an autist who has his daily rituals. LOL.

rat face refers to a face characterized by a disproportionately long midface, narrow skull and overly tapered, narrow- often receding chin. Fascinating.

roids Anabolic steroids. A form of chemical enhancement used to increase muscle growth.

raw sex appeal (RSA) Term used by the masculinity crew to refer to attractive qualities. Interesting.

RTT Roided, Tatted and Tanned. Commonly claimed to project a “bad boy” or masculine image. Probably does project that image.

SA or sa Short for ‘Shitty Advice’

SAP Small Asian Penis. Used to address Asian males. LOL! Especially at the second sentence.

shitcunt A morally deplorable female e.g. a complete cunt. Yes, they exist.

short-term relationship A relationship that may not last a long time. Includes a causal relationship, an affair and possibly a one-night stand. The sex in a short-term relationship is usually more exciting than in a long-term relationship due to increased perceived mutual attraction and sexual variety.

SIG or sig Short form for signature.

slay Sexual conquest which presumes getting peer approval automatically.

slayer Alpha male who slays. Generally refers to an attractive male that has sex with multiple women very easy.

sloot A substitute for “slut”.

slut A woman who has casual sex with multiple men. Usage depends on circumstances, if the woman sleeps with the person than being slut means she was wild in bed, if she rejects the person it means she’s hypergamous and a stuck-up.

social proof A special case of ‘halo effect’ it refers to people who have a certain status in a group and whatever they do is filtered through that resulting in the group accepting that behavior from this person even though they would never swallow this from a complete stranger. This is so true, but it is amazing.

Sodini Refers to George Sodini, the man who shot women at LA Fitness because they had rejected him.

sperg A person who has Aspergers. See ‘aspie’.

stormfrontcel Racist whitecels who rage about ethnics and blacks. Often become angry about interracial dating. LOL.

STR or str Means short term relationship.

sub-8 A man who is not good-looking enough. Hmmm.

sub-5 A man who is less than 5/10 on a Looks rating or LMS rating. Condemned to a life of fapping, escorts and incel rage. This seems dubious to me.

suey To visit Gandy.

supreme gentleman A narcissistic title given by Elliot Rodger to himself. LOL.

twink Demeaning term for a men who has a weak appearance. Usually used to refer to young Justin Bieber and the like who are considered unattractive by the masculinity crew. LOL but this is lame.

theory theory Refers to the obvious fact that the more you mentally masturbate on a subject the less happy and more socially isolated you become. LOL but true.

to make it To become a slayer. See ‘slayer’ for more.

truecel Kiss-less and touch-less virgin — has never had any sort of physical interaction with a member of the opposite sex. Also known as a permacel. LOL but sad.

upper eyelid exposure Visible lines in the upper eyelid. Not necessarily unattractive. More fascinating eye stuff.

visit Gandy To kill oneself; to visit “God” aka “David Gandy”, some of the posters consider him the god of male aesthetics. LOL but frightening.

Visit Grier Alternate of form of “visit Gandy.” LOL.

Visit Orton Masculinity crew’s version of “Visit Gandy.” LOL.

visit Kinney Alternate of form of “visit Gandy.” LOL.

volcel A voluntary celibate. Someone who can get sex but choose not to. Contrast it to incel. I know a guy like this.

warpig A type of obese and piggy-looking female. Often quarrelsome and bellicose, these females look to create war with people (particularly men) that don’t find them attractive. LOL!

whitecel A white incel. Also known as an albinocel.

white knight Believing that women will be impressed by protective behavior and coming to their rescue. Guys do this in the hope of a sex reward. This is so lame I cannot put it into words. I hate these guys so much. These dicks have been cockblocking me my whole life and I am mad.

whore Slang for prostitute. See ‘prostitute’ for more.

wizard A man who is a virgin until the age of 30. Wizardchan parodies a meme that if a man maintains his virginity until the age of 30 he’s going to achieve supernatural powers like a wizard. Elliot Rodger once frequented that site too. LOL! I had no idea what this meant until now.

womb to tomb To live as an incel for life. Used to describe a man so ugly and aspie that he will be a truecel for life. Incels that never made it. See “to make it” for more. LOL.

yellow fever A debilitating degenerative disease characterized by the unnatural attraction towards mongoloid creatures. Symptoms include: small phallus, low testosterone, short stature, weak facial bones, high voice, effeminate behavior, childlike brain, gracile bone structure, head trauma during childhood. LOL!


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Rate Me

We are talking so much in these threads about the importance of male looks, so I may as well toss my hat into the ring.

How good looking do you think I am?


Go ahead and rate me. You can even rate me down through the years if you wish.

If you give me a low rating, try to be very nice about it and I assure you that I won’t ban you. If you give me a low rating and are really mean about it though, you are going to make me mad. Or you can just post the comment under a fake name (you can do that with any comment on here – just change it in the comments box – and then I won’t know it is you). I don’t even care about low ratings honestly because I am so egotistical, I am just going to say you are lying. If you rate me a 1, I will probably just laugh at you.

People are saying that men need to be at least a 7 in looks to even get 5 women these days. That implies that a 5 man can do no better than 3 woman. That may well be true; I have no idea.

But the truth is that I continue to slay to this very day, even though I am supposedly an old man now. I get women my age who are easily 7-10’s for their age group (which is honestly all I can hope for). Some of them are even former models.

I can even get young women sometimes, aged maybe 26-29. For some reason I can still do ok in that age group. A few years ago, I got a 26 year old woman who was a hottie. She worked as a stripper in a bar, and I think you can’t be a stripper unless you are as good-looking as a porn star. So I can still get 26 year old strippers, or at least I could several years ago.

Keep in mind that I have absolutely no idea how I am able to pull this stuff off. I have no money and no status. I may be semi-famous as a blogger, and I am starting to get women now via the blog. Yes, there are “blog groupies” if you get big enough. As far as status, I have no idea. In my town and anywhere I go in meatspace, I have no fame or status.

I only have Game, and my Game is not bad. I may still have looks. I have no idea. Some women my age say I look fantastic. A few young women say I look hot too. But to be completely honest, most young women could not be less interested in me and their attitude is, “Get away from me, old man.” I am basically an Omega incel as far as most young women are concerned.

So let’s see how you guys rate me and let’s put your Looks Theory to the test.


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White Nationalism, Sex and Gender

Roosh is a Bahai (and a Bundy) wrote:

On Sluthate they call guys like him stormcels = Stormfront incels.”


To be fair – have you seen the Stormfront women? OUCH! And the men are nothing to look at either. No wonder all of them protest when you suggest they breed at replacement rates.

I haven’t seen many White nationalist chicks, honestly. WN men are unbelievably sexist usually to the point of being misogynistic. I do not know how many of them actually hate women; the main thing is they simply think that women are inferior to men.

A lot of those guys can’t seem to get laid. It is quite common for hardcore WN’s to be long-term celibates, either volcels or incels, I am not sure. Sometimes they other WN’s take off on the long-term volcels and start calling them faggots. Then the volcel comes on and defends himself and gives some weird, monastic, misanthropic explanation for why he is taking a years’ long vacation from women.

A lot of these guys also seem to be quite puritanical about sex. I am not sure why that is, but Nazis were puritans also.

Some of them are the opposite. A friend of mine was a hardcore White nationalist/antisemite and he was a wild womanizer. He said there was a crowd of White nationalists/fascists who were some sort of swingers, and they would throw sex parties. At one of them some White nationalist chick – the wife of the guy who threw the party – got gangbanged by a bunch of White nationalist/fascist guys. My friend participated in this degeneracy. So I guess they are not all puritans. Some fascists just wanna have fun.

I would say that sex is the weakest link for WN men. These guys are men first and foremost and racists distantly second to their gender. They are horny, pussy-crazed and think with their dicks just like all men.

However, they are only allowed to have sex with White women, and even then, they are not supposed to screw around. Instead they are supposed to grab one, marry her and have lots of White babies. They are absolutely forbidden from having sex with Hispanic, Asian, or especially Black women. Here is where the problem comes in. A fair number of these guys, simply being men, put pussy first and politics second. Quite a few of them have been called out for dating Asian and especially Hispanic women. It’s like dangling candy in front of a boy. Sure your ideology tells you can’t take the candy, but what’s a boy gonna do, being a boy and all that?

You got it.

There are almost no women on those sites. The few women on there are often mercilessly attacked by the men, mostly just for being women! Those forums are not safe places for women at all.

I believe Stormfront has some Women’s Forums where men are not allowed to or cannot post. That is probably a good idea. I assume the women do not feel so threatened in there. It would be interesting to check out a Stormfront women’s forum to see how the women act.

Stormfront also has a Dating Forum, I believe. Single male and female WN’s post on there to try and hook up. I assume the men are much better behaved on there.

What little I have seen of hardcore WN women, these chicks are scary as Hell! They are extremely mean, scary, and belligerent. Truly frightening women. They seem like ball-busters on steroids.

Hardcore WN women are under extreme pressure to not be sluts. Quite a few of them are single and apparently don’t date and instead just hole up with their Nazi cats or whatever. I get the impression that some of them have a hard time not being sluts, as that is a Battle Against Nature for a lot of women. How well they avoid the temptation, I have no idea.

There are a fair number of sexual oddballs in White nationalism. I have no idea why this is. Especially in the truly hardcore White nationalist sector, quite a few of the men are homosexuals. The rate seems higher than normal, but I am just guessing. Some of them are long-term closet cases. There was a famous Nazi guy down south who was always organizing these Nazi gangs of very good-looking young White men and photographing them with their shirts off on his website. He was a longstanding closet queen.

John De Nugent has been a closeted homosexual for a long time.

James O’Meara is a homosexual. Greg Johnson is a homosexual. The latter two are very much out.

A number of these guys have been caught with child porn. Kevin Strom was actually a fixated pedophile who went to prison for child porn charges.


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On Sluthate

Tulio writes:

I think you have more social isolation now. People are more atomized and alienated. I think with the rise of internet in the 90s, you have a proliferation of echo-chambers where people will segregate into ideological camps to reinforce views like their own. For example, it’s no surprise that Eliot Rodgers spent time on PUA Hate. I just clicked onto the which seems to be the re-branded PUA Hate and it’s still full of a bunch of bitter, dejected, morose men who just reinforce one another’s view of the world.

I went to Sluthate because some of my stuff got linked over there. Although it’s awful, it’s not nearly as awful as Game/PUA sites that recite the lies referred to in previous pieces. Also the atmosphere on Game/PUA sites makes me want to smash my computer screen. I hate douchebags, and some of the worst douchebags on Earth hang out at those sites.

Sluthate actually has a lot of good stuff. They are doing a lot of research on facial proportions, different types of smiles and eyes, height and shortness in men, male ethnics vs Whites success with women, how wide your wrist is, on and on. They give a lot of great advice. A number of these guys are actually going off and having facial surgery done to make themselves better looking, which I think is nuts, but whatever.

And Sluthate takes a strong stand against the Game “looks don’t matter” bullshit, yet they are not opposed to Game theory in principle. Many of them are red-pillers, and they openly advocate red pilling up.

There are also endless threads on making yourself a better man, working out, diet, dressing right, how to talk to women and shyness, on and on. Guys will post describing an interaction and say, “Was she flirting with me?” and then everyone tries to answer. Sounds like a lot of them are trying to figure out how to get women, and they are helping each other in the process.

Of course it is also full of furious, bitter, despairing men, and that can be a bit hard to take. There are also many references to go “going ER.” I had no idea what that meant, so I looked it up and all I got was “When should you go to the emergency room?” Finally I figured out that it means “going Elliot Rodger.” That there are so many topics referencing “going ER” is quite disturbing.

The worst thing about the site is some idiot with a gay porn gif of some guy sucking some other guy’s cock, and this idiot posts in every thread. I almost want to join the site so I can block him and still read stuff. Assuming these guys are not queers, all gay porn on that site should be banned. They’re trying to help guys succeed in getting girls. not showing guys how to suck a cock better.

When Sluthate is more palatable and tolerable than Game/PUA sites, you know the Game/PUA sites are truly awful.


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Friendzoning Is Not as Bad as You Think

This was formerly part of another post, but I cut it out and made it into its own post as I think it sits well as a single topic.

If you like women more than you like men, you might just end up being around women most of the time. Don’t worry about not being able to hang around men if this happens because a lot of guys will notice you hanging around chicks all the time, and all of a sudden you will have a lot of brand new male friends and a lot of old friends will come back. They will want to hang around with you to hopefully get in on some of the action.

Now say you are that sort of guy, what might you life be like?

You start making a lot of female friends and end up being around females most of the time, which, assuming you don’t hate females, is pretty fun.

Lots of guys hate being friendzoned, but if you already have relationships going on, you shouldn’t care about being friendzoned. Even if you aren’t dating, just lie and say you are, and the friendzoning should go well.

A lot of guys want to screw every woman they know, even the ones who just want to be friends. This is a typical male caveman mindset, and most women hate it.

So you just end up being friends with women and hang around with them all the time. As I said, friendzoning is irrelevant as long as you are dating too, in which case, friendzoning should not be frustrating, insulting or enraging.

Pretty soon your new female friends will start trying to fix you up with their friends. In this case, what they are really doing is fucking you by proxy. Your female friend wants to fuck you on some level, but something is preventing her, so she fixes you up with her friends and then hears the gruesome details, and this way she gets to fuck you by proxy and still not actually do it physically with you which is something she is trying to avoid.

I used used to have girls who were my friends, and I would go over there and hang out, and they would fix me up with their girlfriends. In some cases, I got to be friends with their sisters too. It was often a younger sister. The younger sister would see the older sister fixing her friends up with me, and she would get jealous and then pull me aside and try to fix me up with her friends. Why? Because females are ridiculously competitive.

How to Act around Your Female Friends

With your female friends, you just leave them alone. Don’t mess with them. A lot of them will be married or with guys anyway. Just be really cool and hang back and be friendly and don’t try anything sexual other than looking at them and fantasizing and maybe an occasional comment. “Leave yourself open,” and they might start grabbing you and whatnot. Arrange “friend dates” with your female friends like tennis dates or study dates. It’s not uncommon for these “friend dates” to take a sexual turn towards the end of the date.

Also if you just hang back, respect your female friend and do nothing but devour her with your eyes while “leaving yourself open,” after a few months, a lot of your female friends will start trying to seduce you. Why? I have no idea. I think women are used to guys who just try to grab them all the time and can’t be friends with them, and they are intrigued that you keep your hands off of them, while at the same time you are a Hottie with Game. For some reason, after a while of this, a lot of them will try to seduce you.

The thing is most guys freak out at being friendzoned. Most men try to screw any female who gets significantly close to them, with the end result being that most men are simply not capable of being friends with a female. So women are intrigued by Mr. Hottie with Game dude who for some mysterious reason isn’t trying to fuck her. You’re not desperate either, as she knows about your dating exploits.

That you already have women you are involved with signifies what the Gamers call “abundance mentality.” By the same token, the fact that you are not grabbing at your female friend all the time like most idiots can also signify “abundance mentality.” Your female friend will think you are not desperate, and you are sexually satisfied enough to not try to fuck her, just because you can afford to as you already have your hands full. Also the fact that you are not trying to screw her all the time is intriguing, and it sets off their curiosity. And after a while, a lot of them get frustrated and start grabbing you, propositioning you either overtly or covertly or start making all sorts of sneaky and seductive moves with hidden motives.

I think women find “abundance mentality” very intriguing because most guys come across desperate, like they haven’t been laid in years, and they are moving Heaven and Earth in a desperate attempt to fuck any chick at any cost. Women are somewhat disgusted at such guys, as they are coming across as desperate, and that’s lame and Beta. But this satisfied Hottie Cool Guy with Game who is respectful enough to keep his hands off her and is not even 1% desperate? Now that is a very intriguing fellow, and it spikes her curiosity, and a seduction attempt may well follow.

A lot of females get frustrated if you don’t try to screw them pretty fast.

I have been on dates where girls said, “So, are you going to kiss me or not?” or “Are you going to fuck me or what!?”

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PUA/Gamers Are Selling a Fraudulent Product

Roosh is a Bahai and a Bundy writes:

“And yes a lot of PUA’s are scammers, notice how none of these PUA’s have real jobs? And charge thousands for lessons?”

He’s not a PUA (but he has them speak at his “conventions”), but Anthony “Dream” Johnson is charging $25,000 for a “lifetime pass” to all of his future 21 Conventions. And that’s a “deep discount” from the $50,000 he claims such a pass is valued at.

But I think his wife might have a real job somewhere.

I am not familiar with this particular fraudster.

Game has a lot of depressing, infuriating and discouraging and cynical uncomfortable truths to teach us about women, men, dating, sex, etc. A lot of what these guys say is right on the money, but it’s just the same stuff I was hearing and learning from my womanizing buddies when I was growing up on the beach with a surfboard in one hand a joint in the other.

On the other hand, PUA’s are also selling a number of fraudulent notions, so in a sense, PUA/Game is a fraud, because a lot of the package is just out and out lies. Of the lies, like all marketing lies, are designed to make the product seem more valuable and useful to the AFC.

Some PUA/Game lies:

“Every man can be an Alpha.” LOL.
“Every man can be a slaying PUA.” LOL.
Every man can be “good-looking.” LOL.
“Looks don’t matter, any ugly or average guy can be a PUA.” LOL.
“The only women worth going for are 8’s, 9’s and 10’s.” Lame.
“LTR’s are for schmucks and losers.” Lame.
“Love is for Betas, or love is beta.” Lame.
“The way to get chicks is to treat them like shit.” Um, no.
“Women like being treated like shit.” Not most women, nope.
“The way to get a woman to stay with you and leave you is to treat her like shit.” I’m sure that works great.
“If you are nice to women and treat them well, you will never get laid.” Bull.
“If you are nice to women, all women will leave you.” Nope.
“All men can be winners.” LOL.
“You are a failure if you are with anything other than an 8-10 woman.” LOL.
“If you act like a fag, you will never get laid.” Actually the opposite.
“If all men learn Game, all men will be slayers.” LOL yeah.
“They way to win friends and influence people is to act like a great big asshole.” Very bad idea.
“Sociopaths are your heroes.” Bad idea.
“Being “Dark Triad” – narcissistic, sociopathic and Machiavellian – is really cool.” Nope. Another bad idea.
“Betas are deserving of contempt.” Are you in 8th grade?
“Bullying is a great way to behave.” Bad idea.
“If you buy Roosh’s books, you will become a slayer.” LOL.
“$5,000 PUA bootcamps are a great investment.” Haha.
“PUA’s are not fraudulent scamming con artists who are selling a defective product.” Afraid not.
“If you have to convince women to be with you, you’re a loser.” Get real.
“Walking up to strange women and saying rude sexual things right off the bat is a great way to get chicks.” This is a joke, right?
“Getting a woman to go off with you is called “closing.” You’re sick.
“Misogyny is the coolest philosophy on Earth.” Screw you.
“Never make a slut your girlfriend or wife.” Nah.
“Sluts make lousy gf’s/wives.” Not necessarily.
“Manwhores are boss, but sluts are the scum of the Earth.” Uh-huh.
“Even though we despise sluts, we should fuck them anyway.” Sheesh.
“Always pump and dump a slut.” Lame.
“Choking out women is boss.” Way to give her a TIA, Einstein.
“Hatefucking women is the ultimate in cool.” Who are you, Ted Bundy?
“Women like to be hatefucked.” Dubious, or not most of them anyway.
“Monogamy is for Beta idiots.” Come on.
“Any Omega can become an Alpha, just buy Roosh’s books.” LOL.
“Negging women is a great way to get a chick.” Really lame or at best sick.
“On a first date, pull down your pants, whip out your dick and put her hand on it.” Really, really bad idea. That’s not rapey or anything like that.
“Guys who are less than 5’s in looks are condemned to a life of incel, jacking and buying whores.” Stupid.
“No man should get a woman who is a 5 or lower.” Idiocy.
“When all men get Game, feminism will be overthrown.” LOL.
“Feminism is evil.” Not precisely.
“Women should not be allowed to vote.” Unbelievable.
“Working women are not feminine; all women should quit their jobs.” Unreal.
“It’s cool to slay and then pump and dump virgins.” Awful idea, and extremely sick.
“Wearing stupid hats like Mystery does and dressing like a circus freak will get you women.” LOL, dubious.
“Women are inferior and deserving of contempt.” Sheesh.


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Game Minus Looks Equals Zero

K. I. Asher wrote:

If he has game, his lady isn’t going to give a shit about his looks. She only will tire of him without Game. That’s the reason for her discontent. Recent study reported that woman actually prefer a man with a bit of a belly. Her reasons…Not having to worry about competition from other females or losing her man to someone hotter. Sure looks don’t hurt, but an aloof bastard is what keeps them motivated. Their little hamster cage a spinning.

Yeah, and I don’t agree with that thinking for even one second.

I know a guy who was quite good-looking, but he started to lose his hair. If you ask any woman, she will lie and say she loves bald guys or shaved heads. I don’t think this is true.

He told me that as he slowly started to lose his hair, one thing he noticed was that good-looking women were looking at him less and less. He still attracted women, and women still acted like they were interested in him because he can always get a woman for some reason, but he told me that as he became balder and balder, increasingly the only women who would come after him were slowly getting uglier and uglier, exactly in tandem with his hair loss. He said it was a linear relationship, and you could nearly plot it on a graph as the curves followed each other so well.

At the same time, he had slowly gained 45 points over 2-3 years due to being on a drug that caused weight gain. That probably had something to do with the hotties drifting away too.

Finally he got really mad, and he went out and spent good money on a nice hairpiece. He said no one can ever tell he has one, and he now has good-looking women after him again just like the old days. He also went off the drug, and all the weight he gained dropped off just like that.

Everyone says women hate guys who wear those pieces, and supposedly women think they are lame and laughable, but he had a number of girlfriends since he bought the piece, and he said none of them even care, and they all say he looks better with it than without it.

I haven’t known many homely guys who had great Game. I think there were some. My opinion is that this is not going to work very well, and anyway, most guys who are not good-looking never seem to get good Game for some reason, so the very premise is a bit silly.

I wonder how well it would work at any rate. I used to attract young women like crazy when I was a younger man. It happened so much that a part of me still assumes that it is going to happen again when I meet a young woman. Of course I am typically rudely awakened. Most young women (with a few exceptions) don’t want anything to do with me as far as dating goes. Worse, almost all of them will hardly even talk to me. I try to start conversations with them, and they shut them down just like that bam. If I show sexual interest in them, I am labeled as a “creep.”

My Game is as good as ever. The only problem is that I am middle-aged now, and I am simply too old for a lot of younger chicks.

That comes straight down to looks, the very thing that idiot Gamers say doesn’t matter. I can’t attract them due to my looks, period.

As a consequence of my fading looks my Game, which is still very good I assume, is nearly useless. I may as well look and act like a total Omega. I would do about as well.

I had a few young women girlfriends in the last several years aged 26-29, and one of them told me her friends were teasing her and ridiculing her for “going out with that old man.” Some her friends were outraged and contemptuous of her for going out with me! My girlfriend didn’t care because she liked much older guys, but that shows you how young women think about most middle aged guys once there gets to be ~25-30 years age difference.

I don’t care about that study.

I have had a number of friends who gained weight and got a big belly. Many told me that their wives quit fucking them or reduced the sex to very infrequent. The wives also started calling them things like “useless fat bastard” and such.

I think women care about as much about looks as men do as far as sex goes. A lot of women seem to require a good-looking man in order to get horny enough to want to fuck. Sure, a homely man may marry or get a girlfriend, but she may well cut off the sex after a bit and turn into a shrew. In a lot of other cases, she will insist that she loves him deeply – on a romantic or spiritual level – but because he’s not attractive, she won’t fuck him anymore.


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