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Sexually Transmitted Parasitical Infections

Concerned Assman writes:


You mentioned in an earlier post on this general subject that something like 60% of Gay man have nasty parasites in their gut. Where does this come from? From stuff like licking asses and drinking evacuated enema water? I love licking my girlfriend’s ass, but she has impeccable hygiene — however, I do not want to get any nasty parasites in my gut that don’t belong there. Not worth it.

The figure is incorrect. It is not 60% of gay men that have parasites, it is more like ~100% of them do, or at least that was what one study found. I said that they have on average 60 different species of parasites in these gay men. I think most of them are harmless, but still.

Gay men get that from licking asses, which is something they really love to do. They really go to town when they do it too. I have seen a few videos and photos. They go for it like a man who hasn’t eaten in 30 days. It is quite a sight to behold.

I do not think that gay men commonly drink evacuated enema water. Or I certainly hope they don’t. There are probably a few that may do such a thing. I have never in my life heard of gay men engaging in this activity. Neither have I heard of any straight people doing this either, thank God.

The thing is that the gay male population is totally saturated with these parasites, so you are dealing with a disease base or reservoir that is unbelievably infected with these critters.

However, your average straight man has zero parasites in his gut. The same study found both zero parasites in straight men and 60 different species in gay men. It was a health clinic, not sure what kind.

There are only a few of these that are going to get you sick: Giradiasis or Giardia, Ameobiasis or Amoebic dysyntery, and shigella or shigellosis.

There is also Hepatitis A. Gay men at least in the past experienced frequent big outbreaks of Hepatitis A in some of our big cities.

Almost no straight men get Hepatitis A heterosexually. I have never heard of Hepatitis A being transmitted heterosexually, but anything is possible. The problem once again is that the gay male pool is or was heavily infected with Hepatitis A. Further, many to most people who contract it never get it and just become carriers who can infect others. Straight people do not get Hepatitis A heterosexually probably just because the reservoir  is so clean. Few heterosexual people have Hepatitis A, so the reservoir is clean enough that your risk of getting it heterosexually is very low.

There are a few other diseases that can be transmitted this way like typhoid fever. Yes, there have been a few cases of Typhoid fever among gay men, but maybe only ~5 cases in the whole literature.

Most of the other things that can be transmitted this way are more or less harmless and are only a problem for the very young, the very old and the immunosuppressed such as people with HIV.

I did a huge lit search on parasites being transmitted sexually and only came up with 5-10 cases. However, those did occur in recent years. I think it was giardiasis. I still have the notes on that and I can turn it into a good post if I want to but I was afraid to do the post because I was afraid people would attack me for writing about this subject.

If you were going to get something this way from your girlfriend, you would have already gotten it by now due to all the exposure you already had to her. And it’s doubtful that she is a carrier of giardiasis, shigellosis or amoebiasis. After six months of living together, peoples gut bacteria tend to harmonize. What is really happening here is that after six months of living closely together, everyone has eaten enough of each other’s shit (in tiny miniscule amounts) so they all now have the same gut bacteria.

Really you are eating shit all the time, and not just figuratively like with me in my life. I mean literally. Even if you live alone, you are eating your own shit. Surely you are consuming tiny bits of your own shit on a regular basis.

It is sort of like life. The thing that your own shit is not a problem. It’s other people’s shit that is a problem. In other words, the problem is not you, it’s other people, which is my favorite saying.

As in life, so in the human gut.

You can probably even eat your own shit, though I would not recommend it. You might vomit, but you cannot catch a disease. The reason is simple and that is that you cannot catch a disease that you already have. I will leave you to think about that brainteaser a bit.

People like to go on and on about the horrible toxic deadly E. Coli that is found in our guts and our shit. The thing is that this E. Coli strain is pretty much harmless. Just keep it our of your vagina, your urinary tract and especially your blood. As I said, you can even eat shit that has E. Coli in it and nothing will happen except you might puke because it is so disgusting.

The problem here is confusion about strains. The E. Coli strain that causes this nasty outbreaks in humans, sickening and even killing some very young and very old, comes from cows. That’s the nasty strain. You get it from a cow. On farms, cows shit all over the place, so cow shit can get in irrigation water and then on crops, so this is how you might get it from food. Some of these outbreaks are coming from Mexico where farms are not so hygienic.

On the other hand though you can certainly catch a disease from eating other people’s shit but in most cases you probably will not, although I do not recommend going around eating other folks’ shit. It is not such a great idea.

Besides it’s gross. I mean really people, come on now.

I suppose if the commenter is going to lick his girlfriend’s ass, I would have her wash that area with soap and hot water well beforehand.


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No Generalizations! Gay Men, Checking People Out and Cunnilingus

A gay SJW writes:

Hey! Just wanted to let you know that u r wrong! I’m gay, and I’ve never “checked out” a man or women when going into a room, so does that mean I’m not sexually attracted to people? No, haha,

Guess what, I’m gay and I have PLENTY of friends who are bi/pan (Don’t know what that is, look it up), and they DO exist. My friends have “eaten pussies” and had sexual encounters with men before. Also, although I am a guy man, I am not afraid of nor would I kill myself over “eating a pussy.” Next time, please try to be a little less ignorant when offending a large group of humans.

A couple of things here. This post is more of the typical PC stuff we get all the time.

Newsflash: Gay Men Don’t Check out Women!

First of all, I find it hard to believe that this gay man has never walked into a room anywhere and checked out anyone, male or female but especially male. If Justin Beiber is in the room, this guy won’t check him out? Get real.

I would wager that most human beings with a normal sex drive have walked into a room where there were attractive post-pubescents present and checked them out, males or females, depending on the orientation of the person doing the checking out. A person that has gone through their whole lives never doing this is either lying or strange, sorry.

My mother told me that gay men never look at women. She said she had a job once in college in San Fransisco in a big office. There was one man there who they always wondered about. Finally people decided that he was gay. But she said, “One thing. He never looked at women, ever. Not even once.” Since then I have noticed other gay men who did the same thing. I had a gay boss once.

The secretaries were always coming around to my desk for some reason, maybe for business or maybe just to flirt with me, I am not sure. But it was pretty fun. So there were these hot women sort of circulating around my desk off and on every day. Well the whole time, I worked there, my fag boss never once looked at any of those women. It was if there were not even there, like they were furniture, desks, carpet. They might as well have been nonhuman office furnishings to him for all he cared.

And once I caught him looking at me like I was a T-bone steak.

The next job I had was in another office. Offices are often full of gay men and I was working in publishing and there are lots of gay men in publishing. There was a man there named Arthur who was definitely gay but who was not out at all. In fact he was seriously closeted. But he was gay as Hell, and I figured this out from almost the moment I met him due the way he acted when he first met me.

He acted towards me the same way a man acts towards a hot woman, let’s put it that way. He had a hot girlfriend, but other than that, he seemed to have no interest in women. He was 28 years old. I now feel he was a closeted gay man pretending to be straight (out) or bisexual (covert).

I have now met a number of other young men just like this, married or with girlfriends and in their 20’s. Nowadays many of these men identify as bisexual, however they spend most of their time hanging around with gay men and in gay venues. It’s pretty clear where their real interest lies. Usually by their early 30’s,most of these men have come out as gay. The “bisexual” thing is some fake phase that they undertake while young because they cannot accept the fact that they may be gay.

I used to eat lunch in the lunch room sometimes with Arthur across from me. We had a lot of hot women working for us, and they would come into the lunch room all the time. The whole time I was there I saw women come into that room many times while Arthur was sitting there eating his lunch. He never even looked up once. It was as if they were ghosts.

I have since seen many more cases like this. Also I have some gay counseling clients and some of these men have affirmed to me that they pretty much never check out women when they are out and about. They are only looking at the men.

My mother also told me something else. She said when a beautiful woman walks into a room, all of the males in the room, “from nine to 90” will turn around and look. Even the 90 year old guys who can’t get it up anymore. I mean, they may be old, but they’re not dead, right? She said that is what straight men do, they all do it, and it’s a good way to tell if a man is straight or not because it is such universal behavior. She also said that if there is a gay man in the room, he won’t notice the beautiful woman at all.

This sort of thing is called “the wisdom of the ages.” It just so happens that the wisdom of the elders contradicts just about every insane thing that the Cultural Left believes. So who is right and who is wrong? If I were a betting man, I would put my money on the wisdom of ages, sorry.

So despite Mr. SJW’s “What about the exceptions?” objection, it looks like we are onto something here.

Gay Men and Cunnilingus

Next Mr. Gay SJW says that he knows many bisexual and pansexual men who like to eat pussy.

Well that’s nice to know. Always nice to hear about more men taking up this enjoyable activity.

I never argued that bisexual men don’t eat pussy. Maybe they do, maybe they don’t. I would say that the more straight-leaning they are, the more they will want to do this, and the more gay-leaning they are, the more they would just as soon pass.

I have now spoken to a few women who were married to gay men or men that they suspected were gay. Every single one of these women told me, “He didn’t like to eat pussy.” Incidentally, they all also said that all of these men preferred doggy style from behind, presumably so they could fantasize that they were with a man when they were having sex with the woman. It’s well known that gay married men often fantasize that their wife is a man when they have sex with her so they can get through the act which otherwise they haven’t much interest in.

I have also read quite a few women who have husbands or boyfriends who are or are suspected to be gay or having sex with men surreptitiously. It is very common when reading these reports to notice that these women often say that the man in question didn’t like to eat pussy.

One more thing. I had a friend who was a haircutter. He went to beauty school. Although he and his brother mostly got in on haircutting to get women I think, they told me that there were a lot of gay men in hairdressing and hair styling.

Sometimes I would be hanging out with my haircutter friend in Hollywood at the home of one of his gay hair stylist friends. There were often a number of other gay men in the room.

My friend and I used to torment these poor guys. We would start talking about sexual exploits in detail. We would say, “Oh man last weekend I fucked this beautiful chick. She had the nicest pussy. Nice and red and juicy,” and then we would hold our hands up like we were opening a clam and flicker out tongues at it. We would say this very dramatically with a lot of hand gestures and exclamations. The gay men would flip out when we did this. A lot of times they would start yelling at us. “Shut up! Oh gross! Ew disgusting! I think I’m going to be sick! Make them leave, make them leave now! If you are going to talk about that gross stuff then just leave ok?”

We thought this was absolutely, hilariously, side-splittingly funny.

So there’s a case of a room full of gay men reacting to tales of cunnilingus as if it were the most disgusting thing on Earth.

So once again this idea that cunnilingus is probably gay men’s least favorite sex act looks pretty accurate. It’s once again looking like we are onto something here.

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Why Is It That Many Gay Males Sound Different from Other Males?

I answered this question on Quora below. Let me know what you think of my answer.

Why is that many gay males sound different from other males?

Not always, but often I can tell that a person is gay from the way they speak, particularly from pitch and by the way they pronounce the ‘s’ sounds (also d, t, and z). For example, in a documentary I was just watching, the interviewees at ~ 5:10 & 11:45, sounded gay to me (and in fact are gay).

Most of these answers are simply going to be wrong in that particular PC, Gay Identity Politics way which is sadly so common among gay men these days. It is sad that gay men have taken up Gay Identity Politics because like all IP, it is based on lies. Gays take up IP like any other group does- to protect themselves. With most IP groups, there are negative things about that group that are flat out factual.

The purpose of IP for gays or anyone is to exalt their identity, blow up all the great things about themselves and play down or usually to flat out lie about all of the bad things about the group. The purpose of this is simple: the IP group feels that the truth is dangerous, and if the truth about the negative things about the group get out, that could lead to prejudice.

This is not a completely irrational fear. Because the IP group fears more prejudice, they lie and deny all the negative things about the group. Sadly, in most IP groups, this leads to near incessant lying, sophistry, logical fallacies and all sorts of lawyerese, diplomat-speech, half- truths and all manner of bullshit.

The Gay IP claim is that gay men are no more likely to be effeminate than anyone else. Yes, some gay men are effeminate, but some straight men are effeminate too, they say. This is factually correct, but like most sophistry it is a form of lying and deliberately obscures the truth.

I have been around gay men for much of my life. I hung out in Hollywood for years and Hollywood is gay as Hell, maybe even gayer than San Francisco. After about 10 years there, I had a crash course in homosexuality. Also, I have known a fair number of homosexuals. In addition, for some reason, I am gaybait for gay men, countless numbers of whom have hit on me over the years. I have no idea why they love me so much. You tell me. Anyway, after all that, I feel I could write an encyclopedia entry on male homosexuality.

The truth is this: 75% of all gay men experience something called Sissy Boy Syndrome when growing up, and 75% of sissy boys end up becoming gay. As gay men are only 3% of all men, and 75% of sissy boys grow up gay, you can see that sissy boy backgrounds are incredibly more likely among gay men than among straight men. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

75% of gay men were sissy boys. These are feminine to effeminate boys who renounce the usual rough and tumble, dog eat dog, trial by fire, Masculinity Boot Camp called Normative Boyhood. Most heterosexual men go through this cruel, sadistic, vicious and brutal process by which rather sensitive boys are beaten figuratively and literally into masculine men. Most come out of it ok, but some are damaged.

Gay men as boys seem to sit out this whole process. The effeminate boys did not play with us, and we taunted, teased and ridiculed them mercilessly. Effeminate boys were not welcome in our boy circle, and I fear for any effeminate boy who might have tried to join and I am glad none did because we would have tormented them mercilessly.

My understanding is that while most straight boys are going through Camp Pendleton for Boys, pre-gay or gay boys are in the kitchen with Mom baking muffins. Now I could be wrong. But this is my perception.

I do not blame gay boys for bailing out of Boy Boot Camp, as it is one Hell of a savage and mean place. But by never having their masculinity questioned much, perhaps the feminine behaviors in gay boys get stuck. I have no idea.

Now why so many gay men were sissy boys is not known. It is probably biological, and the effeminate behavior probably goes along with the homosexuality.

Perhaps gay men have brains that are like women’s brains. After all, the female brain wants to have sex with a man. And the gay male brain wants to have sex with a man also.

In order to attract a man for sex, women act feminine and fluttery. When a woman wants sex, she often turns up the feminine behaviors to where she is almost a Southern belle. By the way, this is one way to tell if a woman wants to have sex with you! Women do this because feminine behaviors turn on men and make men want to have sex with the feminine female object. It’s all sexual signaling.

So when gay men want to have sex with a man, they act feminine just as straight women do in order to turn on the man. Perhaps gay men, still being men, are turned on by feminine behavior as all men are. Hence gay men are turned on by effeminate behavior in other gay men.

Also, when gay men hit on you, they dramatically increase their effeminate behavior for some reason. I know this because it has happened to me many times. I am not sure what they are doing. Sexual signaling?

Anyway, many or really most gay men are at least somewhat effeminate in behavior. Often the most noticeable behavior is voice. Gay men themselves note this many times as in the common saying, “I didn’t know he was gay until he opened his mouth, and a purse fell out.”

Also there is pressure in the gay community to act effeminate, as straight-acting men can be treated badly. I recall one straight-acting gay man was a bartender in a gay bar and dealt with constant comments of, “Fire the straight guy,” “What’s this straight guy doing here? “Since when do you hire straight guys?” “Why does this bar have a straight bartender?” etc.

In fact, effeminate behavior, especially voice, in a man is a pretty good way to out a homosexual man.

The problem here is that many conflate feminine men with effeminate men. Many heterosexual men could be called feminine. They have soft voices, are sensitive, pretty, soft, wimpy, passive, or kind and often are just not very masculine or certainly not hypermasculine or macho.

However, most of these soft straight men do have a certain “soft” masculinity about them. A gay men pointed this out to me for the first time and a light went off. I do think that gay men understand the nature of masculine – feminine – effeminate men much more than any other humans. And they have an excellent understanding of masculinity itself, often better than straight men. The men in my life who understood masculinity best of all were gay men, which is odd if you think about it.

If you can ever learn to tell the feminine men (who are mostly straight) from the effeminate men (who are mostly gay), then you are halfway there already.

It is often said that there are effeminate straight men. Technically this is true, but once again this is sophistry. Yes, I have met a few effeminate straight men in my life, and more commonly you see straight men who are effeminate sometimes and not at other times. In other words, they turn it on and off.

Some straight men who are feminine, passive, and wimpy can become defeated by life and essentially run up the white flag and surrender. At these times of low self-esteem, the passivity, wimpiness, helplessness, etc. gets an effeminate component added to it.

Straight effeminate men can easily be mistaken for being gay because, well, to act effeminate is to act like a gay man.

There are some straight married men, often with 3–5 kids, who are absolutely, flamingly effeminate to the point where you notice them. They always baffle people, who shake their heads and somehow accept them anyway. Such a man will be very accepted in straight society, even though people will say, “He acts like a faggot!” Others will quickly point out the wife and four kids, and then the name-callers  will quiet down. In straight society, the wife and kids are enough to get accepted, albeit reluctantly, as a heterosexual. It’s not how you act, it’s what you do.

However a gay man I know said he has followed these married flamers over a period of time ranging from 5–20 years, and he said that all of these married flamers had come out as gay and left their wives and kids during that time frame. So if you meet one of these flaming straight men who are married with children, a bit of skepticism may be in order.

While effeminate straight men are maybe 1% of the straight population, if that, effeminacy is much more common among gay men. I would guess that maybe ~65–75%??? of gay men are effeminate to one degree or another.

Those that are not are commonly not so much masculine as wimpy (commonly extremely wimpy, much more wimpy than a straight man) or soft like the feminine straight men described above. This may be ~15%??? of gay men.

Some gay men do indeed act out and out straight. They look and act no different from any “regular guy.” However, I think that they are not common. The % of truly straight acting gay men may only be ~15%??? Anderson Cooper is a very famous and excellent example of a gay man who acts completely straight. In fact, I watched him for years and thought he was just another straight man until he stunned me by coming out.

There are even some gay men who are not just straight acting but are actually hypermasculine to macho in the exaggerated manner of many straight men. Jack Donovan is an extremely masculine gay men. He is one of the most masculine men out there, and he is totally gay. I saw another hypermasculine gay man in a movie about bugchasing. This was one of the most masculine men of any orientation that I have ever seen (he reminded me of a longshoreman, sailor or merchant marine). I almost fell out of my chair when I saw that he was gay.

Hypermasculine or macho gay men are extremely uncommon. Less than 1% of gay men are like this.

So, like everything else, the continuum of hypermasculine – masculine – feminine – effeminate behaviors among gay men exists as it does among straight men. However, the graphs will look dramatically different when we plot them out, and effeminate men will be dramatically more common among gay men, and hypermasculine men will be profoundly more common among straight men.

So gay men do tend to be more effeminate than straight men, but it is just a tendency, not a hard law. And straight men do tend to be more macho than gay men, but once again this is a tendency and not a law.

If true male homosexuality is biological as it seems, then the effeminate type behavior seems to be part of the package that results from this biological mechanism. In other words, the homosexual orientation and the effeminate behavior are bound hand in hand. And if the effeminate behavior is caused by the same biological mechanism as the homosexuality, then it might be hard to change. Anyway, after years of effeminate behavior, many gay men will develop a behavior pattern that becomes ingrained and second nature and is extremely difficult to change.

If the effeminacy is as biological as the homosexuality, maybe we ought to give effeminate gay men some slack on the grounds that they can’t help it. If we are to accept their orientation, perhaps we should accept the effeminate behavior that rides along with it.


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Where’s the band? All I see are the Nip chicks (pronounced Nippochikko). So who’s playing the music? God? The Emperor?

Ok here’s the band below. It’s pretty of hard to play music without a band.

The lead singer chick’s name is Moa. She’s hot! Gimme Moa! God I love Nip chicks! Those have got to be the sexiest women on Earth. Don’t you find the sexiness of them rather disturbing though? I mean they look like little girls? Neoteny. And then they act like little girls too. And that is apparently why we find them so sexy*. Good God.

We are all pedophiles now!

*However, it has been shown throughout the world that women tend to have a a more neotenous look than men, and this is apparently why men find them so attractive. Not because men are naturally pedos (though that is possible) but more because neoteny implies youth.


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Sluthate, Incels, Etc.

From the Net, a commenter opines on Sluthate and related sites and the incel phenomenon in general:

Chasing women around like dogs and failing at it hundreds of times before one or two say yes – that’s what traditional masculinity thinks being a “real” man is all about. I feel sorry for these angry Omega males.

Come to think of it, White Nationalists are some of the biggest Beta males ever, angry too.

Actually I rather like Sluthate. It’s like a PUA site without all the cocky arrogant, strutting roosters, tools, dicks, jerks and especially douchebags who ruin those sites. You can get the same advice on Sluthate as you can on the PUA sites, and actually these poor angry Omegas are much less offensive to me than the jerkoffs strutting around on your average PUA site, who I usually feel like punching in the face. These Omegas are sad, but hey, life is sad. So I can relate. Life’s not supposed to be easy, and it’s isn’t.

I feel sorry for those angry Omegas myself. I have had a lot of success with women but there have also been dry spells where I couldn’t get date with God’s help, so I can sort of relate to what these guys are going through. Anyway, most single men are incel periodically anyway. How many single men can get sex anytime they want without paying for it, year in and year out, every day of the year? Hell, a lot of married men can’t even do that.

I would say that the natural state of man, at least single man, is Periodic Incel. After all, that’s why men get married. You are supposed to get married in order to get steady sex. If you ask a lot of men and they answer honestly, this is what they will tell you.

This is why there is so much pressure on single men to get married: it is seen as the road to lots of sex. Single life is seen as idiotic loserdom: bachelor life = no pussy. That’s not necessarily true, but it does seem to be true that it is hard to get a regular and steady supply of sex year in and year out without buying it if you are a single man.


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Sex: Get It While You are Young, Guys

All I have to say to men is if you guys like to fuck, do it, and do it now when you are young. Get as much as you can without a thought for the future. There’s not a moment to lose. You have nothing to lose but time. You have a world of sex to win.

If you delay, next thing you know, you will be 50, and it will all be over, and you will standing there holding the empty bag of condoms wondering where all the great sex went. Don’t be that man. It’s a sad way to go, guys.


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Girls and Women, Boys and Men, and Girl-women and Boy-men

oops I did it again writes:

All objects have surface meanings and deep meanings. The deep meaning is the true meaning of what the object is.

I am fine with that, as long as it’s acknowledged that both meanings (let’s think a little about the word “meaning”, shall we? Meaning a bridge… meaning it’s a connection between our mind and the unreachable object of your knowledge; meaning is not what is at the other end of the bridge, but the bridge) are constructs of our mind, just like the verb “to be”, and the ideas of truthfulness and falsity (let’s say it: all what we can think).

Instead of to Heidegger for details on what sets girls and women apart from each other, I point you to Schopenhauer, and Hindu sapience, for some sobering humility and sense of one’s own proportions, if I say so. (Read “you” as in “you, Western civilization of the last 18 centuries”. A very plural pronoun.)

I wrote the post because I work as a mental health counselor. I have quite a few clients who get very upset at the fact that they get turned on by young teenage girls. Like age 14 or so. I was given photos of these girls to look at, and I almost fell over laughing. I told the clients, “That’s not a girl. That’s a woman! She turns you on because she looks like a woman, or in a sense, she simply is a woman.”

Why does a man get aroused by a 14 year old that looks like a woman? Because his brain looks at it and the brain thinks, “woman” because, let’s face it, the brain does not work very well by thinking, “Hey wait a minute. That is only the optical illusion of a woman. That is not a real woman because of ‘years lived’ or some weird statistic like that. Therefore she does not turn me on because I only get turned on by statistics like ‘years lived’.”

Hell no!

Your brain looks at that and if it looks like a woman, your brain screams, “Woman!” and it turns you on, just like that.

You argue for the other definition, that is she is not a woman due to her mind. In the mind, the teenage girl is not a little girl. But she is also not a woman. If you spend a lot of time around them as I have, you will see that yes, it is a woman, very, very much so, in some important ways. But in some other ways, it is still a pretty silly girl. It’s not a woman at all. So it’s neither a woman nor a girl, but something in between, or it’s both a woman and a girl at the same time.

Personally, I call them girl-women, and I call teenage boys boy-men.

I remember when we were in high school, the teachers habitually addressed as “young men” and “young women.” This felt very respectful to me, and I knew deep down inside that it was correct. It is very insulting to high school students boys and girls. It’s very demeaning, and it’s not even correct. I remember when I was 16 and 17 years old. I am not sure exactly what I felt like, but I do know that I sure didn’t feel like that boy that I had been for so many years up until maybe age 13 or so! Teenage boys are young men. Teenage girls are young women. This is the old fashioned way in which we referred to them for hundreds of years here in our country and it was not wrong.

Is it a man? Not really. “Young man” means something like “becoming a man.” The phrase young woman means something like “becoming a woman.” They are on the road, transitioning. But are they children? Hell no! For females, children are what we call “little girls.” If it’s not a little girl, it’s not a child. Period. A teenage girl is not really a little girl, though a 13 year old girl can come close. So it’s not a child. Maybe it’s not an adult either yet, but it sure as Hell isn’t a little girl for Chrissake.

Does your brain look at a 14 year old girl who looks like a woman and think, “Oh no! That doesn’t turn me on because it has the brain of a girl! It thinks like a girl, so it doesn’t turn me on.”? Hell no! The brain does not work that way. The brain doesn’t get turned on by a female or not based on how she thinks. The brain gets turned on by a female based on how she looks or appears.

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Homophobia as Default Setting in Heterosexual Men

cheez121 writes:

I agree homosexuality should not be constantly promoted like it is today, but it should not be persecuted either. Just leave it alone. I am curious what you mean when you say homophobia is the default.

It is 100% normal for heterosexual males to be homophobic. It’s just the way they are.

One of the main rules of straight male culture is: No faggotry, dammit. There can be no homosexuality or even suggestion of such at any time. Even the slightest bit of homosexuality in straight male culture is like throwing a turd in a punchbowl – it ruins the whole thing.

Imagine that there are twenty straight men in a room. There are all sorts of rules that go along with that situation, but No faggotry is surely one of them. That’s just not allowed. If any man starts violating that rule in the room, he’s pretty much destroyed the whole gathering. It’s hard to say how the others would react. I’m not sure I’ve ever been in a situation like that.

Let me give you an example. I am friends with some of the local Yemeni Arabs at the store.

I am convinced that most straight men have a deep and abiding hatred of male homosexuality. Not male homosexuals necessarily, although that would probably be their first instinct. Nowadays most straight men would probably check that instinct and say, “Oh well, be nice to him, he can’t help it.”

Nevertheless, straight men are in general pretty leery around gay men, for good reason. Straight men and gay men are never going to be friends. I just can’t see it. I used to think it was some groovy idea, but boy was I in for a horrifically rude awakening. My life has shown me that straight men and gay men in general cannot be friends at all and need to keep at arms’ distance. It might be nice if it worked, but it just doesn’t. The main problem with friendships between gay men and straight men is gay men won’t stop trying to have sex with us.

The level or revulsion that your average straight man has for male homosexuality is very high. It’s a very strong reaction, an aggressive and almost violent sort of repulsion.

Male heterosexuality is about a lot of things, including masculinity.

In fact, I feel that one of the principal components of masculinity and male heterosexuality is aggressive denial and revulsion towards male homosexuality. Macho or hypermasculine behavior seems to be a way of saying, “I’m not gay, dammit!” The most macho or hypermasculine man of all is screaming, “Hell no, I’m not gay!” the loudest of all. Seeing as some level of homophobia seems to be the default in straight men, along with the extreme disgust, repulsion and contempt that most straight men have for male homosexuality, I don’t think that this sort of background homophobia is going away anytime soon.

What is changing though is that although homophobia is still the default, many straight men are incorporating a certain level of tolerance along with that background revulsion that they have towards male homosexual behavior. The attitude is, “We hate that activity, but you have to be kind.”

Hence a lot of the acceptance of male homosexuality among straight men is more tolerance than anything else. Most straight men nowadays are not about to beat up a gay man or even taunt or harass one. That is actually seen as uncool. If you did that, other straight men might grab you and say, “Hey leave him alone, ok?…Whatever, man…Let him live how he wants.” On the other hand, these same men stopping the man from harassing gay men probably have some pretty serious background homophobia themselves in the sense of revulsion and disgust for that behavior.


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Arab Men as Classic Hypermasculine Heterosexual Men

I am friends with the local Yemeni Arab men at the corner store. These men are aggressively masculine and even sexist in all of the stereotypical ways, so it should be instructive to examine them to see how normative hypermasculinity and homophobia works in general straight male culture.

Now these guys never bring up the subject of male homosexuality, however, which is probably the way it ought to be. Most straight men would probably prefer to talk about such things as little as possible.

These guys are quite sexist, but they also really like to fuck. They love to talk about sex. The father man is my age, and we talk about screwing women all the time. He’s a classic dirty old man, and I get the feeling that that is normal in their society.

And they are extremely macho, but not in an exclusionary way like so many American men. For instance, all of those macho Arab guys accept me completely. The way to get along with those guys is simple: act macho, act masculine. You do it, and they do it back. You have to act like a man. That may be all you need to do to get their acceptance, but I would argue that is it necessary to get their respect. If you don’t act masculine, they will probably not respect you.

You do not actually have to be married to be accepted by Arab men. There are men in Arab society who never marry. As long as they act very masculine, no one is going to care. Some of these are known to not like women very much, but most Arab men will laugh about that, as they are brutally sexist themselves. There’s generally not a suggestion of homosexuality in an unmarried man in that culture.

If you are a single man, you are pretty much ok, but you can become much more ok if they know you screw women. In their culture, single men can’t screw women at all, so if you are a single guy screwing women without marrying them, to them, that is a source of amazement and jealousy. Those guys have seen me with goodlooking women from time to time, and they know that women come stay with me from time to time. They also know that I go stay with women sometimes. Also I have picked up women and phone numbers and dates with them right in front of their yes. And women sometimes come in the store asking the guys if they’ve seen me.

That’s all you need to do! If they know you get laid, you are in like Flynn. And it helps if the women are goodlooking. You don’t even have to get much sex. If you get any at all, they think that is amazing since you are single.

One of the other rules with those Arab guys seems to be: No faggotry. They don’t even discuss it. I’m straight, but I assume that if I started talking about screwing guys or flirting with those guys, they would get pretty upset. That’s something that is simply not done and would be seen as very outrageous.

The rules for getting along  with Arab men are simple:

  1. Act macho, act like a man, be tough and hard as nails.
  2. Marriage is not necessary, but it very much helps to get laid now and again.
  3. No wimpy, pussy, sissy or feminine behaviors: no complaining, no bitching except in a macho way, no admitting you are depressed, no cowardliness, etc.
  4. A sense of humor is very helpful. Arab men love to laugh and take it easy.
  5. No homosexuality period, dammit.


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Idiotic Cultural Left Insanity of the Day


Even a lot of lesbians hate this sort of nonsense, especially the more militant ones.

Now the truth is that I despise lesbian-feminists.

However, I will give these lesbian feminist bitches one thing. They say two thumbs down on the idea of lesbians marrying men. Why? Because they say it’s nuts, that’s why. They say the definition of lesbian means exclusively or predominately attracted to other women for romance and sex. That doesn’t necessarily preclude sex with men on occasion, but surely that is not what a lesbian prefers. And of course a lesbian would never marry a man. Why the Hell would she do that?

And what sort of a feminist man pussified idiot would marry a dyke anyway? I have heard of a few of these insane relationships. The men are often rad fem men. Yes, there is such a thing. These are men who hate other men, hate masculinity and think men are just evil in the way they treat women. They’re traitors to their brothers off consorting with the enemy, their sisters.

These pussies boy-men never learned one of the first rules of Man World that a boy learns in life: Bros before hos. Rad fem men are often very sissy and effeminate. Quite a few of them are gay men. They’re down with their sisters because these sissies identify with femininity. There are actually some very sissy straight men who are radfems. These are heterosexual men, but a lot of other males think they are gay, and they have been getting gay-baited and gay-bashed since school. There was one fellow that was writing on the web a while back who I actually enjoyed.

The radfem argument against these moronic “married lesbians” is quite simple If you are a “lesbian” who falls in love with men and marries men, guess what? That means you’re not a lesbian!


The Gay Politics crowd has always been one of the nuttier wings of the Cultural Left because, well, let’s get real here for a moment. Although healthy homosexuals (especially biologically gay men) definitely exist, any sane person who has studied the gay community for any length of time has to realize that a lot of gay people are crazy, weird, and bizarre.


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