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Men’s Acceptance of Alpha – Beta – Omega Theory Seems Based on Level of Experience with Women

I would like to point something out. I know lots of men with varying experience with women. I have known a number of men who were “super-players.” They’re Alphas by default because according to one definition, if you’ve had sex with 100+ females, you’re Alpha, period. Only 6% of men have had sex with 100+ females.

What I always find, 100% sure, that the more experience a man has with women, the more of a player or womanizer or whatever he is, when I bring up this subject, whether he’s heard of the theory or not, he immediately latches on to this Alpha – Beta – Omega thing and says, “Well of course! Of course that is true! Anyone knows that!.”

And I notice that the less experience a man has with women, the more he tends to reject this whole theory.

Now that is telling me something.

Also I notice that men’s rejection of the Alpha- Beta – Omega theory is heavily tied into male feminism. The more feminist or liberal the man is, the more he rejects this theory. That to me smells like they are rejecting it on ideological grounds.

Honestly I do not see how any man can live on this Earth long at least in Western society and not notice that this theory is what he’s been seeing right in front of his face for all these years.


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The Problem is Not Feminism or Women, It’s That the Women Are All Feminists

A previous post argued that the problem was not feminism, it was women period. I would like to amend that. In societies where most of the women are not feminists, women should not be much of a problem other than that they can be challenging and difficult to deal with and can cause a lot of annoyance and heartache.

But they can also be a lot of fun if you are smart, know what you are doing and know how to handle them and deal with them. If you’re not smart and don’t know how to deal with women or handle them, you might just experience an endless nightmare in dealing with women. Bottom line is women, especially women in a feminist society, need to be “gamed.” That’s how Game came into play in the first place.

I like to say that women are like chess. They are like a difficult board game where you have to think about every move.

I think about everything I say and do around women because they are so sensitive that one sentence can blow up a whole relationship. You really have to be careful to not say things to hurt their feelings because honestly women are always getting their feelings hurt.

I never understood how the “treat em like crap” guys deal with women because the women I have known were all hypersensitive and often took comments to be subtle digs and insults. In fact, they seemed to look around for hidden digs and insults.

I spent a lot of my time apologizing for poor choices of words. The “treat em like crap” guys say never apologize to a woman, but that would never have worked in my case because there were regular mini-crises over things I said, and it seemed if I did not apologize, that just made everything worse and the entire relationship was threatened.

Try to get along with them, and not piss them off or insult them (because they can sniff out hidden insults under 10 feet of snow) and try not to hurt their feelings, and you should be able to get along with them pretty well. And you need to stand up to them and not tolerate any of their crap. You also need to know how to respond to their shit tests, etc. which is easier said than done.

It also helps if you are goodlooking, because women like goodlooking men, and they treat them a lot better than homely men. I feel sorry for homely men.

Women have been telling me that I am goodlooking most of my life, so it is possible that the relative amount of fun, good times and sex I had with a boatload of women may have been more related to that than to me my charming personality which I always chalked it up to.

I regularly meet men who have been treated like dirt by women their entire lives. Some of these men are 40-50 years old. I feel sorry for them, and had I been born with different looks or personality, perhaps I would have had a similarly nightmarish life history with women.

Many women do not want to go to war with us. Some goodhearted women really object to the idea that the feminist projects they support hurt men. They really doesn’t want to hurt men at all. But these women are not really feminists because feminists want revenge, and they either don’t care if they hurt men or not or else they gloat about it. These women are more anti-feminist, and their hearts are in the right place.

So in the West, the problem is that the women are all feminists. The problem isn’t feminism or women, it’s both because in the West, woman = feminist, pretty much.

I would add that a lot of women do not like the puritanical anti-sex garbage that feminism pushes. A lot of women hate sexual harassment crap, and they do not want to remove sex, flirting and asking women out from public spaces because they think that’s what makes public spaces fun – lots of horny men out there!

Anyway, women who like men can deal with horny men after them – they just laugh them off and don’t blame the men for going after them. A lot of women love male attention and the feminist project seems designed to end all male sexual attention towards women in public. Many women who love men and male attention are not going to be happy about that.

Of course, I date older women around 50, so they are not worried about unwanted male attention – rather they like it. But even some young women I know are not too upset by male attention. Some of the young women I have met in the last ten years worked in the sex industry. I met a few who worked in the porn industry. I assure you that these women were not up in arms about men looking at them, coming onto them or asking them out in public, although some said that prolonged stares made them uncomfortable.

A common complaint of women who identify as non-feminists is that feminists are all a bunch of man-hating dykes. Of course there is a lot of truth to that. Feminism is swarming with lesbians, and it’s also shot through and through with man-hatred. It is this aspect that turns many sane women off from it because bottom line is most women do not hate men. In fact they like us or love us.


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Two Ways of Looking at the Alpha – Beta – Omega Spectrum

Let us look at the Alpha – Beta – Omega spectrum. Feminists and leftwingers all insist that this spectrum is pseudo-scientific nonsense, but I assure you that this theory is on solid grounds. Humans are competitive and hierarchical, and there is not much we can do about it.

There are two ways of looking at them, hierarchical and behavioral.

Heirarchical or Statistical

Society is divided into Alphas (15-20%), Betas (60-70%) and Omegas (15-20%). People seem to be able to move around in these categories but these percentages will always stay the same in any society. Y

You can never have a society of 100% Alphas, and you probably can’t have one of 100% Omegas. Women will probably always slice off the top men and monopolize them with sexual attention and priority, and they will probably always lock out the bottom men no matter how these men behave, if only because they are on the bottom. The Betas in the middle will be treated variously by women depending on the society.

Let us say you had a theoretical society where all of the men acted Alpha. An average woman would be approached by easily 10+ very high value men every single day. What’s a girl to do? Go out with all of them? Have a gangbang every day? Not going to happen.

Women being hierarchical-minded creatures, when faced with a society where 100% of the men acted Alpha, women would probably cream off the top 20% of the Alphas (the Super-Alphas) and shower them with sex and attention.

Women would probably slice off the bottom 15% of the Alphas (the Lesser Alphas who are nevertheless quite Alpha in behavior) and ignore or mistreat them as failures and rejects.

And women would probably put the remaining 60-70% of the Alphas (the Ordinary Alphas) into some sort of a Beta category and treat them however Beta men get treated in that society.

It’s probably always going to be this way no matter how men act. Women will always look for the top 20% of the men, slice them off from the rest, designate them Alphas and reward them with sex and attention. Why? Because of this quote:

“Women always want the best.”

-Oscar Wilde

That’s why. Think about it, and you might just agree with me.

The 20-60-20 rule will probably be static in most any society because otherwise you would end up with situations like on the PUA blogs where you have 80% of the retarded men all claiming to be Alphas – in other words, on PUA sites, 80-100% of the men all insist that they are in the top 20%. Can someone explain to me how 80-100% of the men can be in the top 20%?

It would be like Lake Wobegon where everyone is above average. It’s not happening. The insanity of the PUA fraudsters and con artists is that they insist that 100% of men can be in the top 15-20%! Tell me how that is supposed to work.

A Game site called Return of Kings which is full of PUA con artists linked to my critique along these lines, beat around the bush and refused to answer the question just like con artists always do. Nevertheless, the point remains. There are only so many spaces at the top. No more than 15% of the men can be in the top 15%. Think about it! Real hard!

Please do not ever call yourself an Alpha whether you are one or now. It’s gauche, crude, rude and very un-Alpha to ever refer to oneself as an Alpha. Let other people do that for you. Whether you are in the top 15% or not is frankly for others to decide and not you.

You can run around like an idiot screaming, “I am an Alpha!” like these clowns on PUA sites, and it won’t necessarily make you one. It is as if saying you are rich would suddenly mean you can buy a mansion. Your opinion of yourself is irrelevant. Where you end up on that spectrum is for others, particularly women, to decide, not you.


The other way of looking at Alpha – Beta – Omega is behavioral. In this sense, there is Alpha behavior, Beta behavior and Omega behavior.

We all know what Alpha behavior is. The Game sites have gone over it endlessly. There are many definitions of it but I am sure most of you get the picture.

We also have a pretty good idea of what Beta behavior is from multiple descriptions on Game sites.

And Omega behavior where no woman is attracted to you can also be easily envisioned.

I would argue that although no more than 15% of men can actually be Alphas, nevertheless, it is perfectly possible to have societies where all men act Alpha, or act Beta or act Omega for that matter. How men behave can be divided up in all sorts of ways, and it has no limits other than 0-100% (think about it).

In this case, I would argue that most men would probably do better with women if they acted more Alpha. If you want to know what acting Alpha is, go to the Game sites and read up. If you are not acting Alpha now, and if you start incorporating more Alpha behaviors into your personality, you may indeed find that you are doing better with women. I find that I do better with men too when I deliberately try to be Alpha.


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Test to See if a Man Is Gay or Not



There are huge numbers of men in our society, millions to tens of millions, who would insist that they are not turned on by that female at all. They would also insist that a man who is turned on by this female is a “pedophile,” a “predator” who needs to be beat up, killed or imprisoned.

I have some news for you. All of you men who say that female doesn’t turn you on and say any man who likes that pic is a pedophile…guess what? You’re all gay! Every single man who thinks like this is gay. Gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay! Only a gay man is not aroused by that female.

We need to start attacking all these idiots running around screaming “Pedophile!” at every man who looks at a teenage girl. Next time a man says that to you, laugh in his face and call him a faggot. Tell him he’s gay. A homosexual. A queer. A nancyboy. A fruit. A swish. A girl. A woman. Tell him he’s not a man. We need to start shaming these men who are working for the enemy – the women.

Sure women say any man aroused by this female is a pedophile, but what does that prove? It proves that on certain subjects, the vast majority of females are dumb cunts. But you already knew that. Nothing to see here, move along.


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On Incel Women

Steve writes:

There are also women who are not getting laid or in relationships throughout their 20’s. Yes, you may say they could offer themselves up and get laid easily but they don’t have that kind of personality or the desire for one night stands. There are incel women but they don’t make a fuss about it like testosterone fueled incel men. Men are more prone to rage.

I do not have a lot of sympathy for incel women. Incel men pretty much say they just want to have sex with a woman, period, and their requirements for such a woman are rather low. There is a Reddit sub called Foreveralone Women, and if you go there, you lose sympathy for them very quickly. It is just the typical female complaint of “no good men.” Also I would argue that an incel woman has probably not experienced a lot of rejection by men. I doubt if she has approached 3,000 men and got rejected by all of them. Yet incel men often wrack up huge rejection numbers.

Incel women could get a man any time they want to but only for their pickiness. Lots of women go without sex for long periods of time. I have known women who went without sex with up to 7-8 years and I dated a woman not too long ago who had not had sex in 4 years. It’s quite common actually. Most women going long periods without sex don’t seem to really care all that much. It sort of bugs some of the younger ones, but it’s just not the same thing.

Basically, women can go without; they do it all the time, and it’s no huge deal. Men can’t. Incel is much more painful for a man than for a woman.


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The Reality of the Incel Situation and the Benefits of Game

Steve writes:

Like I’ve said before, I feel sorry for these guys. Just like some men are so handsome, many women will like them regardless of game, there are men who have tried a lot and not had success, maybe never even kissed a girl or found a girl who was attracted to them. That is why they resent game and they have a point, in regard to themselves.Its certainly not impossible for them to meet someone but they often have developed a very negative attitude, let their presentation deteriorate and are really down on themselves. They need a different sort of coaching to PUA I think. Something gentler, more encouraging, more realistic for them.

However, a lot of what they say is wrong. They have a distorted view and exaggerate to an extreme when they say that only the top 10-20% of men can attract women and in future such elite men will have harems etc. That’s nonsense.

The standard PUA line you see on the Internet is utter shit. Although there is good stuff to be learned there and I do go them from time to time learn, those sites are all run by the biggest assholes on Earth and they are very intimidating. I usually can stand to read maybe one article before I want to vomit or smash the screen.

On the other hand, the incel sites are full of some seriously maladapted men. Their main problem seems to be rage. Most of them are mean as snakes and they don’t grant anybody anyway leeway. They seem to attack everyone around them. Also their notions of what an attractive man or woman is are insane. There are women I would call 10’s who these incel clowns insist are 6’s. In other words, these are the pickiest men on the Earth when it comes to women’s looks, and honestly, these are the men who logically have the least right of all to be picky. They can’t get laid with God’s help, but their standards for an attractive woman are worse than a modeling agency. Ridiculous.

Really most to all men could use help or techniques to help them attract, get and keep women. Hell, I could use some myself.

Game Works

I am always reading this stuff to try to up my Game, and trust me, Game works! At least for me it does. It’s not all down to looks! There are times when I am low, miserable and down and just hate the world. My looks are the same as ever, but when I go out with that mindset, I can’t get one woman on Earth to even acknowledge that I exist.

I have no idea what I look like anymore, but I am probably not attractive to most young women. Nevertheless, if I add some killer Game to whatever my looks are, the whole world changes and even high school girls start checking me out. It is the utter opposite of the situation above when I am a ghost.

Nevertheless I think there is some base level of attractiveness above which Game can work and below which all the Game in the world is about useless. Game probably acts as a “force multiplier” and adds (or doesn’t add) to whatever you start with.

It would be nice to have some sites up to help guys get girls that were not run by PUA dicks or incel psychos.

Even the incels say that most of them could get a woman if they only set their standards low enough. Most of the guys on the incel sites say all they want is a looks-matched woman. In other words, there are guys on there who are objectively 5’s and 6’s who say they would settle for a 5+ or 6+ woman, and they can’t even get that. They say the best they can do is a 3. I hear this stuff all the time. These guys could get hambeasts and landwhales, but they don’t want them, and who could blame them?


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Evidence for Female Hypergamy

Steve writes:

It would be nice if some of the quantitative rigor of HBD was brought to bear on manosphere/game concepts such as female hypergamy. As I pointed out elsewhere, the studies I’ve seen on number of sexual partners of men and women don’t vindicate the theory that a small percentage of men are monopolizing the woman. In fact, quite the opposite.

Also, Oscar Wilde never let the truth get in the way of a witty pronouncement.

As you can see from these quotes, Wilde understood women better than almost any man ever. And of course he understood women better than women because women have zero understanding of their nature.

“Women always want the best.”

– Oscar Wilde

Wilde is correct, and I can even give you some real-life examples in some future posts.

They are probably not monopolizing all the women; more likely the Alphas are monopolizing the best women.

6% of men have had sex with 100 or more females.

There does seem to be some evidence for female hypergamy. OKCupid study showed that 80% of the women were chasing only the top 20% of men and ignoring all of the rest. There have been repeated studies at STD clinics that show that 80-90% of the women at the clinics are having sex with only 10-20% of the men. When they go trace partners back to see who the women got the STD’s from, nearly all of the women only got them from a few men at the top.

There is also anecdotal evidence.

When I was in high school, I finally noticed something, “Well Goddamn! 10% of the guys are getting 90% of the best women!” I don’t think I was hallucinating.

A post on the Net from someone who just got out of law school said most at the school were in their 20’s and 30’s going back to school. The poster said that while he was getting his degree, he noticed that there were maybe 15% of the guys who were the best guys and were going through all the best women, The Alphas. The poster said that by the time he graduated, all of the best available women had cycled through these guys at least once. They didn’t stay with them because those guys make lousy partners, but they all cycled through the Alpha Candy Store at least once.

When I told my mother this story and my high school anecdote and then related the Alpha – Beta – Omega scale, she got very interested. Then she shrugged her shoulders and said, “Well of course.”

My mother is basically the source of “timeless wisdom of the ancients.” If you ever want to go figure out what people have always known all down through time, ask her.

It also goes along with common sense. All men with a lot of experience with women know that female hypergamy is true. The men who question often are male feminists or don’t have a lot of experience.

Also from my own experience during periods in my life when apparently I was in this top 10-20% group, I assure you that as word got around that I was a player, more and more females kept coming around. The more females I got, the numbers of females coming around kept growing larger and larger. They were all ages too, from 14 all the way up to my my female relative’s best friend who was 45 years old and throwing herself at me when she saw I was cleaning up with young women and girls. Basically, once they figure out you’re a player, they all want to fuck you. That’s an exaggeration, but there’s truth to it.

One more thing: from the reports online, things seem to have changed dramatically since the 70’s and 80’s. If reports are correct, female hypergamy is much worse now. Now these guys are either making correct observations or else they are making stuff up or hallucinating. I choose to believe the latter. These guys who are complaining are onto something.

Everyone knows that female hypergamy is real. The question is more about how bad it is.


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Oscar Wilde on Women

If you want to understand female nature, the last person on Earth you should ask is a woman. She will only give you a list of self-serving lies, if she even admits there is such thing as female nature at all (most feminists, including my own mother, reject the very concept). That women are incapable of even examining and understanding themselves is utterly pitiful, but there is probably a logical reason for that, as there’s a reason for almost everything.

The most brilliant insights into female nature that I have ever read have come from men.

And few men have understood women as well as Oscar Wilde. At first this seems senseless. How could a gay man possibly understand the tiniest thing about women? They don’t even have to deal with them. However, when we realize that there has been a longstanding alliance between women and gay men going back a long time, it all starts to make sense. Wilde knew many women well. As we know, gay men often have many close female friends. He was also very close to his mother.

One of my favorite quotes from Oscar Wilde about human nature is this:

“Women always want the best.”

– Oscar Wilde

Now, if you plug that quote into some of the things we are talking about lately such as female hypergamy, mass movements towards male involuntary celibacy, Alpha fucks/Beta bucks, and Game, Redpill and PUA Theory, doesn’t that quote start making a lot of sense?

I will leave you to contemplate that.


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There’s a Reason for Almost Everything People Do

There’s a reason for almost everything. That people often do things for no reason at all is one of the biggest lies about human nature. Think about that: most everything human beings do is for a reason, and in a sense for a logical reason or at least one that conforms with their own logical system. Sure, maybe it’s crazy logic, but crazy logic has its own set of rules like any other logical system.

The problem with women is that if you don’t understand them, at least some of their behavior seems insane, evil or both. And indeed on the surface, it is not unusual for female behavior to seem insane or even evil or malevolent. Men who see this shake their heads at the crazy behavior and simply conclude that women are nuts. They are outraged at the evil behavior and conclude that females are diabolical at least some of the time.

Both of these are misconceptions.

From a lifetime of studying women, I now conclude that most female behavior, no matter how nuts it seems, is actually done for some logical reason. The problem lies in figuring out the weird logic behind it because female behavior is often bizarre, erratic, convoluted, counterintuitive, hypocritical, and/or contradictory. However, even most of this apparent “irrationality” actually makes sense when you finally start to figure it all out.

Much of what looks evil, wicked or malevolent about female behavior is probably not intentionally done this way. I concluded a while back that most female “evil” is simply due to women following their programmed biological imperatives. She only appears evil when she is acting like a lower mammal, but her behavior is no more evil than that of a female seal or female elk. In other words, they usually aren’t acting evil on purpose; instead, they are just behaving unthinkingly on a very primitive level like lower mammals.

The problem is figuring out the crazy logic or the primitive atavism that is driving any woman at any particular time.

There is a danger to seeing women as crazy. Most men, exposed to the bizarreness of incomprehensible female behavior, simply throw up their hands and conclude that women are insane. They usually start hating women to some extent too, probably due partly to that reason. Low level misogyny seems extremely prevalent among men. I see male clients all the time who display it.

Of course concluding that women are diabolical is likely to make a man pretty misogynistic. Often the same men who think women are lunatics also feel that there is some diabolical about them, and this only increases their misogyny.

Once you realize that the lunacy is simply a wildly convoluted logical system, and the evil is simply a female human acting like a female sea lion, a lot of the confusion, rage and hatred that many men feel towards women can dissipate.

Game and Redpill theory already goes into female “evil” and usually concludes that that “evil” is about as unthinking as the “evil” of a female bird. The problem is that despite that, a lot of redpillers waste a lot of ink going on and on about the evil nature of women. Much of this analysis is exaggerated or flat out wrong. Worse, it tends to accuse women of deliberate wickedness. I do think women act deliberately malevolent at times, but I do not think that is their basic nature, and male deliberate evil causes vastly more societal problems than female malice.

In future posts, I will go into female nuttiness, give you some examples of it, and show you how I analyzed this craziness as actually having logical reasons behind it.

I would like to conclude by reiterating my principal point here. Most human behavior, no matter how nuts, is being done for some sort of a logical reason the logic behind which is often internal to that individual. Sure you can point out how the behavior is ultimately stupid or irrational, but the motivation behind it was some sort of a logical system.

Few things happen for no reason. There’s a reason for almost everything. Maybe a bad reason but a reason nonetheless.

I will now leave you to think about this for the rest of the day if you wish. It is an interesting idea to contemplate.


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Take the Black Pill

This is a video from one of the most popular posters on the Robot9000 board on 4chat where the Oregon shooter may have posted before he did his dastardly deed.

I would listen in particular to the section from 14:00-16:00 where he predicts a pre-civilizational future where the top men amass harems of 10-15 women each and the rest of the men get none. It sounds crazy but…

The feminists, the male feminists, the blue pillers, the SJW’s, the Left, almost all women, and quite a few men flat out say that all of these incels are imagining things. There is no Alpha, Beta, Omega, etc. It’s all made up pseudoscience. There is no Game, or if there is, it is pseudoscience that doesn’t even work. All these incels have brought this matter on themselves. The feminists say that all they have to do is bathe regularly, practice good hygiene, get some decent clothes, work out, get a job and act halfway normal and they will find a woman just like that. Their whole problem is a lousy attitude.

Yet there is a very important question at stake here. Has the Sexual Marketplace indeed changed since the 1960’s, 70’s, 80’s and even beyond. I certainly don’t recall anything like these mass incel movements before. We never saw anything like this in the 70’s and 80’s. Sure there were guys who couldn’t get laid to save their lives, but they were not common and everyone assumed they were bringing it on themselves. Of course there were many fat and homely men of all sorts, but most of them seemed to be able to find a similar woman with ease. There was no talk of Chad Thundercock, incels,  Game, hypergamy, PUA gurus, PUA bootcamps or any of that. Now these things may well have existed, but no one was talking about them.

According to the the feminists, the male feminists, the blue pillers, the SJW’s, the Left, almost all women, and quite a few men absolutely nothing whatsoever has changed about the Sexual Marketplace between the 70’s and today. All of these clowns could go get a woman anytime they want to. In other words, they are imagining all of this. They’re hallucinating. They’re making it up. They’re getting all upset about something that’s not even real.

And yet…and yet…I can’t help thinking that the Sexual Marketplace has indeed changed since the 1980’s. I also have a nagging feeling that these poor, lost, forlorn men may well be onto something. I know the Game/PUA guys are onto something.* I am frightened that there is more than a grain of truth to  what they say and on some level, they may be complaining about some real phenomenon that is manifesting itself as a substantially changed Sexual Marketplace. I don’t think they are making this stuff up or hallucinating. And sadly, I don’t think they could get a woman by snapping their fingers either.

Everybody thinks that when I write about this stuff, I am complaining. I’m not. However, aspects of the incel movement resonate with me as a longterm bachelor who experienced the feast or famine of the dating world. I’ve had some incel periods myself and in those times, I can see myself in the faces of these poor sods. But to answer the question, no I am not complaining? Why should I? All indications are that if this phenomenon exists, I’ve been benefiting from it since age 17.

If this is some real new sociosexual phenomenon, I think it might be interesting for some bright minds and scholars to look into it. Right now all the work is being done by amateurs. The scholars are all ignoring the phenomenon and claiming it doesn’t exist. But it would be nice to get at least a conversation going about this subject.

As usual, I have no solutions. It is erroneous to think that life is full of solutions. Most chronic human problems are more or less unsolvable. Apparently most people can’t bear the thought of that, and this is why you always see people going on and on about how to “solve” this or that problem. It’s a delusion, a defense against the painful truth that on a lot of levels, we’re pretty much screwed and there’s not a thing to be done about it.

* I know for a fact that Roissy and the rest of the dirtbag PUA’s are onto something. This “Game” stuff is nothing new. These guys haven’t discovered anything. Sure, they have come up with some nice theory, but there are no groundbreaking new discoveries. I and most of my friends figured out this “Game” stuff back in the 1970’s when I first started dating. It’s nothing but the timeless wisdom of ages that men have always used as tools of seduction and understanding the female mind. Female nature now is the same as it’s been for 2,000 years.


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