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How do Gay People Identify Other Gay People?

Answered on Queera.

I can’t speak for lesbians at all and I can’t really speak for gay men. I can only speak from the POV of a straight man.

I don’t think they have the faintest idea who is gay. How would you be able to tell? As evidence, gay men have been going after me, a straight man, and most of my goodlooking straight friends for decades now. This has happened to me so many times I can’t even keep track of it. So either I act gay (Do I? I have no idea, but I hope not), or they have no idea who is gay and who isn’t. Incidentally, none of my friends who they went after all the time acted gay (as in effeminate) either. However, many of them were rather soft men, and they were all extremely handsome, often in a very pretty or even feminine way. They were “pretty boys.”

Think about it. If gay men are constantly hitting on straight men, they’re either sociopaths who like to go after straight guys, or they have no clue who is gay and who isn’t.

I know one thing. Gay men go after good-looking men. I had a few straight friends who were male models, and they told me they were fighting off gay and bi men night and day.

There is a lot of nonsense about some Gaydar that gay men have that allows them to figure out who is gay and who is not. I have no idea if this works, but my experience in life is that this Gaydar doesn’t seem to work at all or at least it has a huge false positive rate.

Think about it. If this Gaydar works so great, why do gay men swarm on some straight guys like mosquitoes in Alaska?


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Do Some Women and Men Choose To Be Lesbian or Gay? If So, Why?

Answered on Queera, I mean Quora.

Many straight women have gone gay. It happens all the time. And the reverse.
However, many lesbians appear to be true biological lesbians. The lesbianism is early-onset and is often associated with a masculinized female. I’ve studied many of their histories, and it looks biological somehow.

Straight and bi men cannot change their sexual orientation, at least after age 15. Before that, we do not know. I know of one case where a boy went from straight to gay between ages of 9–11. However, choice may not have been involved. Males may be able to somewhat change orientation in childhood, but this is a black hole of theory, as it is never studied.

Some straight men have chosen to live a gay lifestyle, mostly because females have seriously rejected them. This is maybe 5% of gay men, if it is even that high.

Also quite a few straight men choose to engage in varying amounts of gay sex. They prefer women, but they have sex with men on a lesser basis for a variety of reasons. They are simply choosing to do this. Why any straight man would choose such a thing is absolutely beyond me. Among the crowd I grew up, there would be nothing worse than for a straight guy to do such a thing. It was the ultimate taboo.

The number of straight men who have chosen a gay lifestyle must be very low.
Most gay men, 95%+, are biologically gay. They got wired up this way, probably in the womb due to hormonal fluctuations. They had no choice in the matter.

If you have read this far, you can see that sexual orientation is different from sexual behavior, and they do not always line up. Straight men can absolutely choose to engage in gay sex! They do it all the time. But their orientation does not change.


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Why Is Being a Gay Man Looked Down on More Than Being a Lesbian?

Answered on Quora. It’s getting upvoted to Hell by all sorts of non-straights and non-binary folks. I was terrified that they would report me over this post, so it’s nice to see that they like it. I would like to think these good folks for upvoting my post.

I asked my mother this before because she used to really dislike gay men, but she had no issues with lesbians. She told me it was the extreme promiscuity that so many gay men practiced and the diseases that often result from this. I think she may have also mentioned anal sex, and yes, most gay men (70%) do engage in this act, which a lot of people find disgusting. She had a look of disgust on her face when she said this. So my Mom’s attitude was, “The behavior of gay men is disgusting.”

She is totally turned around now, and she’s pro-gay men, but this is how she felt for many decades. And I am sure a lot of folks still feel this way.

Straight men, at least those I have been running with my whole life, mostly have a profound revulsion for gay sex. And in most of the crowds I have run with, if anyone found out that a guy was having gay sex, he would be run right out of that crowd and told to never come back. The rule of most straight groups that I have been a member of is that homosexual behavior is absolutely unacceptable in any man in the group. If you want to be part of that group, you can’t be doing things like that.

Of course this is all wrapped up in masculinity. I think a lot of masculinity is simply denial or rejection of male homosexuality. The most masculine men are the most virulently homophobic, contrary to the fake studies you read. When I see a man strutting around with an almost comically exaggerated masculinity, I now think it is as if he is screaming as loud as he can, “I’m not gay, dammit!” I think that is one of the messages that hypermasculinity is trying to convey to others.

If you have read this far, you can see that living life as a straight man at least in my generation (I am 60) meant extreme revulsion and taboos against homosexual sex. Engaging in such behavior would mean all or almost all of your friends would never speak to you again. So don’t even think about it. You can see how straight men growing up like this develop some rather strong attitudes about male homosexuals.

It just hits too close to home, and it is all wrapped up in masculinity, one of our dearest things. Many straight men will fight or even kill to protect their masculinity. And there are gay men, seeming to thumb their noses at the thing we hold most dear. How do you expect us to react? A lot of straight men regard the flagrant rejection of masculinity by so many gay men to be an outrageous affront to one of their most profound values.

In contrast, most straight men could care less about lesbians, and bisexuality in women is considered to be a turn-on by most straight men.

Most straight women don’t seem to have very strong attitudes about lesbians or lesbianism. They mostly just shrug their shoulders. Lesbians do not arouse strong emotions in straights of either gender.

I can tell you right now that many straight women are wildly homophobic. Sure, they have their gay friends, but most of them will not tolerate .00001% of homosexual behavior among their boyfriends, husbands, or the men they date. A recent casual survey found that most young straight women would refuse to date a bisexual man.
There is something about male homosexuality and gay male sex that seems to arouse pretty strong emotions among straights, mostly men but also women.

In contrast, most straights are simply indifferent to lesbians.

I am not trying to justify any of the attitudes above. I am simply telling you why so many straight men think the way they do.


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Male Homosexuality as a “Syndrome”

Roy Kozlowski: I love being fisted, have it elbow deep and a few times double fisted. Always have gloves and plenty of crisco. Was at a party a while back and let 6 men and 3 women fist me I loved it. Swallowed at least 12 loads of cum it was awesome would like it again.

This is a rather typical statement from a gay man. I can’t even count the number of times I have seen gay men write something similar. Face it, gay men are extreme whores, they are incredibly sleazy and they are sexually degenerate as Hell. And this is coming from a sexual libertine.*

I don’t necessarily begrudge them being this way because I think they are always going to be this way.

This behavior seems to be a permanent feature of male homosexuality. It is part of the “syndrome” of male homosexuality, and it is indeed a syndrome.

This is why clinicians insisted it was a mental illness for such a long time. Now I do not think it is a mental illness for a variety of reasons. First, there’s no cure or treatment. Second, the person is often completely happy and is not making everyone around them miserable. We generally only diagnose mental illness when the person is upset about it, when it is messing up their lives or when it is causing them all sorts of interpersonal problems with others.

Homosexuality fails on all of those tests. Another important test would be the sanity of gay men. If homosexuality were a mental illness, gay men would all be pretty nutty. Yes, gay men are pretty nutty. Go hang around an area that is swarming with them for years and you will figure that out for yourself. And they are significantly more mentally ill than non-gay men, although most of the pathology is in relatively minor things like depression and anxiety, which are always elevated in groups of gay men.

However, the fascinating thing is that there are gay men who are not just healthy but incredibly healthy. I know because I have met them. If there are significant numbers of gay men who are the picture of mental health, we cannot possibly call it a mental illness because robustly sane people cannot be said to have a mental illness.

So homosexuality is not a mental illness although, I would argue, it acts like one! That is, it is a syndrome. Homosexuality usually comes as a package with a lot of other things attached to it, and quite often those “barnacles” are pathologies of one sort or another. So whatever causes the homosexuality might cause the other issues too.

My current argument is that it is a developmental process in the womb – that is, homosexuality is a developmental disorder like, say, left handedness. Studies show that gay men in the most pro gay nations have just as much psychiatric pathology as those in homophobic countries, implying that the mental stuff is a feature, not a bug. However, purely anecdotally, in recent years, the young gay men that I meet seem to be so much mentally healthier than the ones I grew up. They’re so healthy that sometimes I wonder if they are really gay!

Before we knew what this illness was all about – We used to think homosexuality was caused by childhood upbringing and straight guys turned gay, even against their will, meaning you could turn gay at any time. I actually used to worry that this would happen to me. I imagine I was not alone, as jokes about turning gay were very common in that era.

Back in that era of ignorance, the subject of gay men would come up. My mother would always look at me gravely and say, “They’re not happy. That’s one thing about gay men. They’re just not happy.”

One time I stayed over at a friend’s house who was living with a gay man. I met him early in the AM and then later on for breakfast. I told my mother about it the next day as I had just gotten out of college and was still at home. She looked at me deeply. “They’re not happy,” she said. It perked me right up and lights went off in my eyes. “Yes!” exclaimed with stunned recognition and acknowledgement of her wisdom. “He wasn’t happy. He wasn’t happy at all.” I shook my head. “Yes,” she said, nodding her head.

A very popular book about lesbianism forever now is called The Well of Loneliness. One of the best plays ever written about homosexuality (I highly recommend it) is called The Boys in the Band A group of gay men in their 40’s get together and talk about life. Their basic unhappiness is palpable and tragic. Once again, the basic unhappiness of homosexuals seems more of a feature than a bug. Somehow or other, it’s part of the “syndrome.”

If we see homosexuality as syndromal, so many things light up for us.

The vastly decreased lifespan; the frequent hatred for women; the hatred for their fathers; the effeminacy; the bitchiness; the extreme and nearly deranged promiscuity and polymorphous perversity; the obsession with seducing straight men; the love of opera; the almost bizarre obsession with sex; the increased and often extreme sadism and masochism; the somewhat elevated rate of pedophilia; the marked preference for younger males (the preferred age is 18-20); the very frequent obsession with pederasty and teenage boys; the seeming death-wish underneath so much of the behavior; the basic unhappiness, the elevated levels of depression and anxiety, the heavy use of tobacco, drugs, and alcohol; the very frequent domestic violence; the nearly messianistic proselytizing; and even the apparently elevated creativity…it’s all part of a package.

And if you go back and read the earlier analytical literature on homosexuality, they may have been wrong about the cause, but their description of homosexuals was immaculate and touched on everything above. The reports often had a numbing sameness about them through decades. In terms of descriptive psychology, the portrayal was almost perfect. And although the profession got far off track in trying to cure it, even Freud said it was basically incurable. He also said it wasn’t really a mental illness even if it was not exactly an optimal outcome.

The usual Cultural Left comeback is that straight people are like that too.

Really? Did you see how that gay man acted at that party?

Just how many straight men go to sex parties and orgies and act like that? How many straight men like to get fisted in their asses, much less double fisted? I can tell you, having researched this, that it is very few.

How many women live like this? How many women go to parties and get fisted and double fisted by groups of people. There are now some women in porn who are getting fisted, mostly in BDSM porn (you can see a lot of this at but that is a very bad trend. I have never met a woman who liked to get fisted in the ass. Most are not even wild about anal sex, for Chrissake. How many women go to parties and suck off 12 men and swallow the semen of all of them? I’ve never met one woman in my life who did such a thing, and I’ve met and dated a lot of women.

The number of straight people who engage in such over the top ultra-whorishness and near-deranged perversity is very small. In fact, I’ve never met one in my life. But this level of sexual debasement and degeneracy is very common in gay men. Statements like you see above are not uncommon at all. Go to gay websites where they talk about their sex lives and read around.

The Cultural Left keeps insisting that gay men are just like straight men except for the PIV sex. Well…no, they’re not. Gay men are…well…they’re different, and it’s not just about where they stick their dicks. They’re different from us on a completely different level, so different that male homosexuality is nearly a syndrome or cluster of common behaviors in and of itself.

* I would like to add that not all gay men are like this. Some gay men are upset and condemning of the profound whorishness of gay men. I knew a gay man who was not like this at all. In fact, he had been celibate for the last five years. So while a lot of them are like this, it is definitely not all of the. Some gay men are rather conservative sexually.


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PUA/Game: The Fake Sexual Assault and Fake Rape Sex Panic

JackiLB: And on the subject of women reporting real sexual assault and the abuse of power – good for them! The ones who are milking or lying are just creating a ‘one up mans ship’ to some of the shit men amongst you who throw shit at us. Iam not saying that is good for anyone to lie and condemn the opposite sex, but those feminists are just using the opportunity to score a ‘home goal’. Get over it and watch some male shit heads treating women like dogs!

Sexual assault is mostly bullshit too. Guys are always grabbing women’s asses, tits, bodies and whatnot. I don’t generally do that, but I have grabbed women before, and I was not in a dating relationship with them. But they asked for it because they were always touching me! I would only do it if I got a very serious green light or if she started touching me.

Also I do not grab. I often touch very softly instead. Do you realize that every time you touch a woman without her consent, it’s a sexual assault!? I touch women in public fairly regularly, generally women I know. But even then, I touch them very softly on the back or shoulder with my index finger. I touch them so softly that I am amazed that they can even feel it. And then I act deferential and almost apologetic when she turns around.

If you touch them very softly like that and don’t act sexual when she turns around, it’s pretty hard for them to get upset. I don’t think grabass is a normal part of sane and healthy flirting unless she is really ramping it up. To tell you the truth, women and girls have grabbed and touched me in the back, ass, side, and cock. They’ve done it many times. Or they rubbed their bodies up against yours. They’ve done that to me countless times. When I used to wear my leather jacket to punk rock concerts, the punker girls were always coming up and running their hands all over it and saying how much they loved my jacket. A lot of times they do it subtly. Like they start scratching the back of your hand very softly when they are standing next to while turned away from you.

I have never complained because I am a man, and I don’t particularly care if women touch me. In fact, I usually like it. It’s a compliment at the very least.

These women are babies. They act like we men have cooties or something. Now grabbing tits and asses is not cool if you do not know her quite well already or if she did not greenlight you, but it’s not raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaape!

But if you go around grabbing female strangers tits, asses and other body parts out in public, you might just get arrested. And you know what? You will deserve it. Don’t do it!

Feminists have endlessly extended the definition of rape way beyond what it used to be. My Mom always told me force or the threat of force, that’s the definition of rape. Basically you can do just about anything you want short of that. That’s the only sane definition of rape that makes sense.

Now feminists say you need affirmative consent before you do anything. If I am on a date, I have to ask her every time I touch her. Well, the Hell with that. I ain’t doing it. If we want to kiss women, we have to ask their Goddamned permission. Well, you know what? If this goes through, then all men will be lifetime virgins. You don’t ask for permission to do anything with a woman unless you both have your clothes off and are having some sort of sex. Even then you don’t ask permission. You ask, “Do you want to bla bla bla?” Sometimes you ask permission, like if she wants you to spank her.

One thing I learned very early on in dating, all the way back in highschool when I first started dating at age 16, is you never ask permission to do anything sexual with a girl or woman. And especially, you never ask her if she wants to have sex. She’s just going to say no.

Seduction is the art of trickery because often females don’t want to do it. So we men have to trick them or fool them into doing sexual things with us. The number one rule of seduction is, “Shut off her damn brain!” You’ve got to shut off her silly brain because otherwise it will be sending her all these contradictory signals, and she’s going to be changing her mind all the time, bailing on sexual things she previously agreed to, and all sorts of idiotic, crazy, childish bullshit.

Once you get that brain shut off, it’s a lot more fun for both you and her. You have to get her to where her brain is off and she is just caught up in the moment of being horny and she’s not thinking! Nothing kills sex more than thinking. And I can’t think of a worse anti-aphrodisiac then, “Do you want to have sex?” I have had a lot of sex in my life, and I have never asked that stupid question one time. You don’t even ask it with long-term girlfriends. You just start doing things or she starts doing things and you just take it from there. Sex only works when it is mostly a non-verbal and non-intellectual experience.

Now it’s sexual assauuuuuuuuuuult or raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaape if you to anything sexual with her without getting her Goddamned permission first.

Had sex with her without getting her damned permission? It’s raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaape.

Didn’t have sex but did other sexual things instead? It’s sexual assauuuuuuuuuuult.

Had sex with her and she didn’t say no? It’s still raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaape because you couldn’t read her Goddamned mind and figure out she didn’t want to do it because she was too stupid to say no. Because for some insane reason, silence doesn’t equal consent. Well, yes it does!

Talked her or argued her into it and had sex with her? It’s raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaape. Done it hundreds of times. Part of the art of seduction is figuring out how to talk her into it. And there are many or possibly endless different ways to do this. You have to use whatever method is going to work best with that female at that time.

Gave her orders and had sex with her? It’s raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaape. Hell yeah, done it scores of times. Just say sternly, “Get over on that bed right now!” and watch her scamper submissively over to the bed and then sit up obediently with an ashamed look on her face. She’s acting like a little girl! Many females actually love to be given orders and told what to do. It brings out their submissive side.

She’s intoxicated on alcohol or any other drug and you had sex with her? Done it so many times I cannot even count. It’s raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaape. Bullshit. If she’s passing in and out of consciousness, it’s a dickkiller anyway, and you really can’t do it. If she’s out cold, it is rape and you are part necrophiliac. If she’s passed out, don’t do it, you necros! Dosing her with a date rape drug is just out and out rape, period. Don’t do it! You want to go down on a rape charge? It’s a very sleazy and dirty thing to do anyway. But if she’s loaded or drunk and horny, go for it!

Threaten to break up with her unless she has sex with you? It’s raaaaaaaaaaaaaaape. It’s a bit dirty, and I never did it, but it’s not rape. People issue ultimatums like that all the time, threatening to break up with someone unless they do this or that. So what!


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The Sexual Harassment Bullshit: A Puritanical Moral Panic

Jacki LB writes: And on the subject of women reporting real sexual assault and the abuse of power – good for them! The ones who are milking or lying are just creating a ‘one up mans ship’ to some of the shit men amongst you who throw shit at us. Iam not saying that is good for anyone to lie and condemn the opposite sex, but those feminists are just using the opportunity to score a ‘home goal’. Get over it and watch some male shit heads treating women like dogs!

It if is real sexual assault or abuse of power, I don’t have a problem with it, but a lot of this crap didn’t even rise to that level.  A lot of it was just flirting, come-on’s, passes, advances, etc. Sure, a lot of the time it could be called clumsy flirting, come-on’s, passes or advances, but that doesn’t make it assault. So what? So some guy tried flirting with you. Big deal! What’s wrong with that? So some guy came onto you. So what! Why is that a bad thing to do? So some guy made a pass at you? Big deal! What’s so bad about that? So some guy made an advance to you? Who cares! People do this stuff all the time. Why do men have to lose their jobs for flirting with women, coming onto them, and making passes and advances at women, even in the workplace? What’s wrong with doing any of those things anyway?

A lot of these men  who are going  down in this Puritanical Sex Panic didn’t even do anything. A lot of this was back in the day when people did this stuff all the time, and no one cared. A lot of it is unwanted advances. So what? Unwanted advances! The Hell with that. You have to make unwanted advances. If you don’t make unwanted advances, you will literally never get laid. Many advances will be unwanted. You won’t know they are unwanted until you do them. If you outlaw all unwanted advances, then you just banned flirting. Way to go, women!

This is no definition of sexual harassment. Right now it is anything that makes those poor, fragile, pretty little girl-women uncomfortable. Oh boo hoo! Poor babies!

Look, women are crying! Sad!

This is bullshit, ok? People make me uncomfortable all the time. I have unwanted encounters with people all the time. I am sure that I make people feel uncomfortable a lot because often when I try to talk to people, I am sure it is an unwanted encounter and I made them feel uncomfortable because they don’t even answer back.

Bullshit on this baby women nonsense that everything that makes a woman-baby uncomfortable is harassment. No it isn’t!

I swear to God, women are such babies. It’s like they never grow up at all. They just stay tearful little girls their whole lives. Boo hoo! Sad!

Look, there is only one definition of sexual harassment that makes sense. It is continuous, ongoing, and persistent and he has been told to stop but he keeps on doing it. In other words, guys who don’t know the meaning of the word, “No.”

To tell you the truth, I went back over a lot of the stuff these guys did, and I felt they were out of line. For the most part, they were doing things that I just would never do. I am actually pretty shy, and I am terrified of being called creep, so I am extremely cautious when I am around female strangers and even women I know who I have nothing going on with. Also I can read vibes extremely well, and if I get red-lighted, I just don’t flirt or I stop flirting if I had already been doing so.


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PUA/Game: Getting Redlighted and the Wall

Nowadays I get redlighted constantly. In fact, I would say my whole damn life is one gigantic red light at this point.

The Wall

The most common form of redlighting is this thing I call The Wall. I get it all the time now, especially from women. It’s like they throw up this wall between me and them – like a see-through glass panel that you could even move through if you wanted to but you don’t want to because it’s a barrier.

I get it from young women a lot, almost constantly. They also turn quite serious, lose their sense of humor, refuse to laugh even at good jokes, and adopt a strictly businesslike attitude.

I also get conversational shut-downs all the time too, mostly from young women once again. I get a lot of one word or one sentence responses that make it seem like the conversation is over. That’s mostly part of the Wall, but if the conversational shut-downs start to get a cold or icy feel about them, you are dealing with what I call a Bad Wall.

Bad Walls

When she  doesn’t even  respond to a lot of your comments, that is a very Bad Wall, and it means she’s really giving you a serious message that she’s not interested in you, and you need to figure this out. Once you start getting Bad Walls like refusals to even respond to comments, try to minimize your contact with her. She’s sending you a message. Continuing contact with her in the form of even significant conversations will just result in more Bad Walls and icy behavior. In fact, the Bad Walls may get worse and she start acting annoyed or angry.

Different Types of Walls

Getting redlighted and getting the Wall other than the Bad Wall is not hostile, but it’s not friendly at all. There’s something cold about it, but it’s not really icy. Icy Wall responses from women are nasty beasts indeed. Of course I get them sometimes, but they are not much fun. They have a very bad feel about them. They are hostile. It’s hard to tell the difference between a Cold Wall and a Rock Wall. It’s usually more or a Rock Wall, like a solid slab of sheer rock. What it means is that they don’t want anything to do with you sexually or romantically, and this is designed to make sure you know that, so you don’t get any ideas.

I’m not mad at them for doing this to me, but it’s pretty discouraging and it’s downright depressing. It’s also one of the worst confidence killers I have ever encountered. It’s like you are balloon and this walls and needles that puncture the balloon and deflate it.

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PUA/Game: Life Is a Shit Test

You’ve seen one woman, you’ve seen them all. AWALT. No doubt that world over. Surely it’s in the chromosomes somewhere. Of course they are not all alike in all ways and many differ greatly, but if you have known enough females in life, you keep seeing the same patterns over and over. So in some ways, they are all the same. But so are us men.

Females make us insane, but I don’t think God screwed up when he made them.

Females are like a test. Think of them like high school, the SAT, getting through college, getting a Masters Degree, landing a good job, scoring some tough achievement in life.  That’s what a good woman is like. She’s a tough nut to crack, but it’s not supposed to be easy. You want universities to have hardass standards for advanced degrees, right? Well then you should want hot women to have hardass standards for us men. They pick the best and weed out the rest, just like with all the other examinations/degrees/shit tests/competitive clusterfucks in life. Life’s an odd’s game. Some win, some lose. Even in socialism or Communism, you never get rid of the competition. No matter how much you even everything else out, women will still winnow out the best men. There is no sexual socialism and there will never be any.

So life is an IQ test, but it is many other things too.

First, foremost, and forever:

Life is a shit test.

Once you get that, you’re redpilled for life no matter your economics or politics or anything.

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PUA/Game: The Honeybees

I saw her a year later with some of her teenage girlfriends at carnival and I had to admit she was nice enough. We both sort of smoked a peace pipe. I went over to her booth and bought something from her. She was 17 years old, sitting at a desk with two of her friends at the carnival.  She saw me long before I saw her. Those eyes like daggers, but soft, more inquisitorial and penetrating than menacing. The love had still not faded. Perhaps it never would. I was 21, at the carnival with my friend MJ.

I went over She must have told her friends, “Hey I fucked that hot guy,” because as I left I saw three teenage girls heads all buzzing together making those honeybee sounds they do when they talk about boys, men and sex. I call them the honeybees. Bzzz bzzz bzzz. By the way, when you move on a girl and you see her and her friends to the honeybee maneuver, take note of that. Those heads buzzing together are saying, “Who was that hot guy?” If you dated a female and you see her later and her friends start doing the honeybee maneuver, take note of that too.

Those heads buzzing together are saying, “You messed with that hot guy?  What happened? Was he any good? Tell us all the gruesome details. And if the girl you interacted with looks proud even if you just dumped her ass, take note of that too. She’s saying, “Yeah he’s hot as Hell and we had a hot sexual time, but he’s as bastard and an asshole.” Maybe. She’s also sort of bragging about you. You tell if you look at her face. It has that proud look on it, see?

I have mostly seen the honeybees in girls and young women aged 17-20, but I assume you can see them at all ages, assuming the Woman hasn’t completely killed of the Girl yet.

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PUA/Game: Freud’s Eternal Question: The Hamster Wheel, Strong Emotionality, Female Self-Delusion – Self-Annihilation Drive, and Feminism

If you start to figure out females, pat yourself on the back. You’re better than 75% of both men and women in that regard. Even Freud could not figure out these endlessly baffling, complex and mystifying creatures.

What does a woman want?

– Sigmund Freud, father of modern psychology.

And yes, the fact that females don’t even understand females is seriously pathetic. Misogynists take note. Here’s one more weapon for your arsenal!

But it’s probably not as bad. Most people are not as evil as their enemies say they are, and the MGTOW’s and redpillers overestimate their opponent, a natural human tendency. Remember the Missile Gap? Remember the SALT Talks? North Korea, Iran, Russia, and Venezuela are current cases. It must be a natural human tendency:

  • Always grotesquely exaggerate the danger and evil of your opponent.

So the charge like so many misogynist beefs is probably false. Actually women probably really do understand women, if they have any sense anyway. No wait. Well, anyways. Moving right along.

Women probably understand women as they understand so many things, but women spend most of their lives blinding themselves to cruel reality because it doesn’t line up with their fairy tale dream of what life is. These self-delusions that women are constantly spinning as, frankly, a defense mechanism, are what is known as the hamster wheels.

So women are not really stupid. More that they are in general self-deluded. The delusions or hamster wheels were created typically by emotions, and women are extremely emotional. So the wild emotions are like your pet rat on the wheel. They’re the fuel that powers the hamstering.

The strong emotions created the delusions (as a defense mechanism) because the truth about life is so awful that many women find it horrific, and they just can’t handle it. Really none of us can handle life (men mostly just fake it), but men are much more like to say, “If life gives you a shit sandwich, eat it whole!” Women shrink back remarks like that, being the Tender Sex. And with their natural tendency towards depression and even annihilation, worldviews like that rapidly tumble them into depression that often becomes suicidal. Almost all women will become suicidal at some point in their lives. Suicidality is nearly a feature of the feminine. I have had enough girlfriends to where I almost wonder if it as an actual drive towards self-annihilation.

On the other hand, we males are born with a drive to annihilate others, so maybe the born suiciders level out the born homiciders and somehow harmony is created.

The takeaway point here is that all the female hamstering and self-delusion is a defense mechanism, probably against depression and suicide. One can hardly fault women for creating defense mechanisms against such things, and there’s an excellent argument that such defenses are necessary.

So they make up the fake reality and call it real. In general, most women cannot tease apart the fake reality from the real reality in all cases, but the best women can tease it apart in 80-90% of cases. These are the women you want in your lives. The more wild hamstering and self-bullshitting with no capacity for reflection at all, and the more problems you are going to have with that women, in my opinion. You will have problems with her if you choose to live in actual reality while she chooses her hamster world.

That’s a recipe for endless fights and outrages. She probably also thinks you are a scum or you’re evil. Women look at men who see life as it is and say, “Wow! Look at how that man thinks! He’s scum! He’s so evil!” This is because in our world people who do not buy the pretty lies about life (usually created by women) are regarded as evil. This is because in the reality of the Hamstering World, the way it is set up is that anyone who refuses to see the reality of Hamster World is simply evil. Hamster World is a nice place full of lots of pretty little lies. Anyone who refuses the reality of this beautiful world in favor of a worldview which is much more evil (even if it is grounded in reality) is seen as having an evil worldview.

People with evil worldviews are bad people. Assholes, bastards, pigs, wankers, creeps. We’ve all been called them all. Being called those names is the price you pay for being a man who sees the world as it is really is – a shitty, lousy, down and dirty rat race dog eat dog jungle full of dangerous apex predators of both sexes. Notice I said of both sexes. This is important. Women call us predators, but all humans are predators. More importantly, all men are predators due to their male imperative. However there is also a female imperative that makes women just as predatory as men. Both sexes are preying on each other. Our prey is our needs. This goes for both sexes. Dog eat dog, and eat or be eaten. I choose to eat, thank you very much.

We see Hamster World in women’s politics first and foremost, such as feminism. Feminism is simply the worldview of women, which is largely constructed of self-delusions created to make the world seem like it is the world women want to live in instead of being the pretty damn lousy world that women really do live in. This is why feminism is so nuts and irrational. It’s also why it is as devious and conspiratorial as the Protocols. Feminism is a philosophy with a based on massive self delusions about how the world works, so it literally cannot be rational, and the psychological drives pushing the Hamstering logic make it crafty, conniving, devious, deeply unfair, and somewhat wicked.


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