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Look, Don’t Touch


Control yourselves, guys.

You hear endless lies about teenage girls. About how being attracted to them means you are a pedophile. About how fantasizing about them means you have pedophilic fantasies. About how having sex with them is pedophilia or even “child molestation.” None of those females above are girls. Not even one of them.

I am not sure if they are completely women either, but at least two of them are 100% woman in terms of their bodies, which is the only thing most men think about anyway.

I have seen a number of girls who look like the one in the center. In general, they were 17 heading towards 18 pretty damn soon.They’re still airheads, but so what. In other words, once a female is that developed, she’s either a woman or about six months away from being one.

The one on the left has to be at least 16. Every girl I see that looks like that is at least 16 and often 17. I don’t see how she is younger.

The one on the right looks younger and personally she looks way too much like a young girl for my tastes. I bet she is 16 too though. A lot of 16 year old girls have faces that look very young.

They’re beautiful, but you look at them, shake your head and say, “My God! That is such a young girl!” and while indeed 16 year old girls are full-blown women in a sense, if you actually listen to them or even worse talk to them, you realize that she also very much has the mind of a girl. You think so called grown women are airheads? Try a teenage girl sometime.

The brain of a girl (or at best a girl-woman) in the body of a woman. A girl-woman would be a creature that acts part of the time like a woman and part of the time like a girl. Unfortunately, a lot of 16 year old girls act like girls a lot more than they act like women. They’re simply insanely immature. And that’s a pretty big turnoff right there.

I would say that the above are definitely women in their bodies and in some ways, they are 100% women in their minds too. That means that they think like women. But it’s not hard for a girl to think like a woman. Once that sex drive hits usually at age 13, the girl starts turning into a woman right then and there. That is, she starts “thinking like a woman,” and she’s not really “thinking like a girl” anymore.

As I mentioned, at age 13, the woman comes out to play. Not does the full sex drive of a woman come on, but I have noticed that they actually start “thinking like a woman.” I mean thinking like a woman in terms of sex. Now this means something different from just wanting to screw. Have you seen all those Game sites that try to understand female sexual psychology?

Have you noticed that they endlessly discuss not only the female sex drive, but instead that particular way of “sexual thinking” that is a component of that drive. I am thinking of lust for bad boys, contempt for betas not to mention omegas, ferocious competition for the Alphas, a somewhat masochistic attitude towards sex, the frequent attachment of love to the sex act, possessiveness, devotion, wild emotions, the whole nine yards.

I know this because I have read stories of men who had sex with 13 year old girls.

At any rate, what I noticed in those stories about those 13 year old girls seducing those men is that those girls were already “thinking sexually like a woman.” If you go to the Game/PUA sites, you will find that female sexuality is bound up with a tremendous number of emotions, complexes and attitudes. Female sexuality is a lot more than just wanting to screw. There is this whole other vast universe of thinking (call it the Sexual Female Mind) that goes along with it. And this is the Pandora’s Box that the Game/PUA sites are trying to figure out.

What I found stunning was that as early as age 13, with the onset of the sexarche, girls are already displaying this Female Sexual Mind that the Game sites discuss endlessly. Go to those sites and read up on how women think when it comes to sex.

I did some casual online research on the onset of the female sexarche recently (along with pubic hair onset and breast onset). I did this by going to forums where young teenage girls were talking about such things among themselves.

I discovered that sexarche (the onset of the true female sex drive) seems to come on around age 13 nowadays (quite possibly coinciding with menarche). Pubic hair onset (not that anyone needs that stuff anymore) comes on about age 12, so sexarche occurs about one year after pubic hair onset. Breast development was not discussed on these sites, but it typically precedes pubic hair onset by two years, so let us assume that breast development occurs at ~age 10. I know the 10-11 year old girls running around this complex don’t seem to have much in the way of breasts. Hell, even the 12 year old girls don’t. They’re basically still little girls at that age, and they are typically still playing with the younger kids.

I found a couple of cases sexarche onset at age 14 and even one at 15, a few cases of onset at age 12 and one case of onset at age 11. The sexarche onset at age 11 was accompanied by compulsive masturbation to Internet porn, and I found that very disturbing. There is something so wrong about that picture. Little 11 year old girls should not be compulsively masturbating to Internet porn. That’s just crazy.

What was interesting was that the sexarche onset at age 13 was typically accompanied by a sex drive that came on like gangbusters, a majority of girls that age beginning to masturbate regularly, and a shocking number of them say they are doing it every day or “as often as possible.” For some reason, I find the notion of 13 year old girls that are horny as Hell and masturbating every day to be quite disturbing, as they are ready to have sex but they are insanely immature. That’s simply too young for a sex drive to come on with a ton of bricks. Are they really mature enough to handle something as complex as sex at age 13!?

The onset of the sexarche means not that females can reach orgasm, as they can clearly do that before, but also that something turns on in the female brain that finds other humans (mostly boys and men) sexually attractive along with a desire to have sex with them. Now this is very interesting. What is it that actually turns on in the female brain at sexarche? It’s not the ability to reach orgasm – they had that earlier. Is there some actual “locus of sexual attraction and desire to actually mate with other humans” in the human brain? And what might this structure look like?


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Do Teenage Girls Openly Seduce Grown Men?

You’re darn right they do.

Not only have I read enough stories about it on the Net (which rang very true to me), but I have seen a lot of it with my friends. A number of my friends were seduced by 15 and 16 year old girls. The men were usually around age 30.

On the Net, I have read stories of men who had sex with 13 year old girls. The stories rang very true to me in terms of details and I know that girls that age do this anyway. In the stories I read, the girls out and out openly seduced the men. The men were either stepfathers or mother’s boyfriends.

In one case, the girl and the man were sitting on the couch watching TV. At some point, the girl leaned her head back and rested it on the mother’s boyfriend’s lap. This went on for a bit and soon she was massaging his cock, unprovoked, through his pants. The man said he thought about it a bit, then just said the Hell with it and went ahead and had sex with her. He just lost control of himself.

In the other case, the stepfather was in bed in the morning. The girl opened the door and came in the room. He was awake in bed under the covers. The girl started laughing and jumped into bed, fully clothed, with the stepfather. Yes, young teenage girls do that sort of thing – actually they do it a lot! The stepfather thought what the Hell and let her jump into bed with him. The femiscum haven’t made that illegal yet I assume. All perfectly legal. Stepdaughter wants to hop in bed with you with her clothes on – no law against that.

Anyway she looked under the covers and the stepfather had a typical morning erection. She reached down and grabbed it and said, “What’s this?” He said something like, “That’s my cock,” and apparently she started playing with it. The stepfather thought a bit and figured, “Ah the Hell with it,” and let her continue. Then he figured that as long as tehy were this far along, he might as well step up the game. And so he did. “No you are supposed to suck on it like a popsicle,” he suggested helpfully. And thus she did, giggling. She was apparently pretty good at it too although she had never done it before. And when it came time for orgasm, she did as told, no problem.

There were no unpleasant aftereffects in either case.

I point this out to note that our discourse regarding sex with teenage girls is just insane. These girls are always pure innocent little snowflakes who are getting “child molested” by evil man with evil man-dicks practicing evil male sexuality. This falls into line with Feminazi theory that penises are evil, the male sex drive is inherently violent and evil, and consequently males (except those wonderful gay men the feminists love so much!) are evil. Bottom line is heterosexual men are evil.

But more importantly, we come to the problem of temptation. Yes teenage girls seduce men. They do so with such regularity that it’s not even unusual. Even more so, they try to seduce men and I assume that the men turn them down. I have had 12 and 13 year old girls openly proposition me before. That is they openly said they wanted to have sex with me and would I be interested in doing it with them. In both cases, I just laughed and said no.

The problem I assume is that a lot of men are just weak. If a teenage girl tries to seduce them, a lot of men will find themselves in a situation of overwhelming temptation. And you know what? Humans are weak? Wave a handful of hundred dollar bills in front of someone and watch all the crazy things they will do just to get their hands on that stash. Why? Because humans are weak. And vast numbers of humans are as weak when it comes to sex and money as cocaine addicts are when a line of coke is staring them in the face taunting them saying, “Neener neener. You caaaaan’t take me! You’re cured, remember. You can’t take me anymore. So I am going to sit right here on this mirror and laugh at you, taunt you and tease you and defy you to sniff me, just because torture is fun. Well I have known a lot of “ex” coke addicts (actually there is no such thing as an ex coke addict in my opinion). In general, if you shove a line of coke in front of them, no matter how long they have been sober, they lose it all right there, grab the straw and sniff up that line line a man dying of thirst in the desert discovering a water hole.

I think a lot of men who mess with these girls are basically good men. But men are weak, very weak. A teenage girl is right there in front of you, grabbing your penis of her own free will and smiling devillishly. Your frontal lobe is screaming, “Don’t do it! 10 years in prison!” and your limbic system is screaming, “Shut up! I’m going to do this anyway! The Hell with it!”

I actually think that a lot of men just cave in the face of temptations like that. We know that presented with overwhelming temptations, a lot of people simply cave, lose it and give in. Sure they feel bad afterwards, but so what. They still caved.

You think you’re strong, but you never know how strong you are. Go find some woman and ask them what happens when you throw a plate of chocolate chip cookies in front of them. A shocking number of grown women will tell you that they lose control and just gobble up the whole plate on the spot. They simply cannot help themselves.

I am not here to tell men to be good boys and resist temptation. You’ve all been told that a million times already.

Instead, a more important lesson comes from religion itself. From religion we get the interesting notion that the best way to resist temptation is to not even get yourself into tempting situations in the first place! I am sure you can think of a lot of situations in life where you thought the temptations were so great that you wondered if you could resist.

What I would suggest is even better. When you see a situation like that, instead think,”Wow, that looks like a really tempting situation. I am going to run as far away form that situation as possible.”

In other words, simply do your best to avoid putting yourself into those insanely tempting situations in the first place. See that 16 year old knockout with the thin body and the curves made in Heaven. Sure you could go over and talk to her. She might even talk to you. They talk to me sometimes. Hell, sometimes they walk right up to me with a big smile, introduce themselves, and proudly shake my hand!

But why even go there. Why even put yourself in that tempting situation. Why not just bail on her altogether? Why voluntarily put yourself in potential harms way and test your sublimation and self-control abilities. Why not just try to avoid as many tempting situations as possible in the first place? Sure, you think you’re strong. Most of us do. But you might just be a Hell of a lot weaker than you think and knees buckle quite easily in humans.


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Do Prepubescent Girls Have a Sex Drive?

In my opinion, the answer is basically no. Little girls have no sex drive. Period. Give it up, pedos.

I did a lot of research on the subject, and I just could not come up with anything. I know the pedos insist that little girls are these incredibly sexual creatures just dying to fuck men and boys. I’d say that’s wishful thinking on the part of the pedos. Even worse, I would say it’s a great big fat pedo lie.

Thinking like a girl is essentially sexless thinking. The pedos keep insisting that prepubescent kids have strong sex drives. And I’ve never seen any evidence for this myself. I didn’t have much of a drive myself before puberty. Sex seemed like something weird, boring and stupid, and I didn’t even understand it very well, in part because of the less than optimal sex education. In fact, when I was told the details of sex at age 9, I was absolutely horrified. “You mean he actually puts it in her?!” That seemed like such a weird and horrible thing to do!

I’ve done a lot of research on prepubescent female sexuality (mostly to test out the pedos’ theories), and I can’t find anything there. Yes indeed, young girls can and do start masturbating as early as age 5 (and it’s a lot more common than you think), and they can actually have an orgasm by manipulating the clitoris. Not a few little girls figure out how to do this on their own.

Look around the web for confessions from adult women about how they learned to have orgasm at age 5, 7, 8 or whatever. A lot of interesting stories. Also I have had girlfriends who masturbated regularly from age 5 on. Some of these girls were sexualized early from molestation (another reason molestation is bad), but others just learned it on their own, mostly accidentally.

The bizarre thing is that even when little girls learn to reach orgasm, they never seem to develop an actual sex drive. Sure, they learn to pleasure themselves, but they don’t start getting turned on sexually by men and boys. In other words, they can get themselves off but they are not turned on by anyone, and they don’t actually want to have sex with anyone! Now that is very odd, and it is something that requires observation and explanation.


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White Male-Asian Female Couples in Australia

This is an old post that ran quite some time ago under the title Letter from Australia. I thought I would repost as we are talking about similar things a lot on here these days.

I received this letter from Savvas Tzionis, a Liberal Race Realist (The movement is spreading!) in Australia. He’s a good, solid progressive person, and he’s one of my favorite commenters.

I don’t agree with all of his post, but I do agree with some of it. Womanless and often aging bachelors in China are indeed going nuts and committing mass murders, possibly because they are not getting any nookie due to China’s one-child policy combined with Chinese discrimination against women resulting in mass abortions of female fetuses. This has created a hug imbalance in the male-female ratio, and there are now many more men than women in China. A similar thing is occurring in India for similar reasons.

I have nothing against Asian women; in fact, I am an Asiaphile, a Rice King or whatever you want to call us.

That’s right. I like to fish for yellowtail. They put up one Hell of a fight, but once you reel them in, they sure look great in the sack. They say we Rice Kings have a fetish, and maybe we do. So what?

I don’t think that White women are being left out in cold, though certainly many of them deserve to be! Perhaps that would discipline them a bit.

I’m not wild about tight pussies either. As an Asiaphile, I’ve had plenty of experience with that, and I don’t see what all the fuss is about. I kind of like my pussy loose myself.

One problem with White man-Asian woman thing is kids. Her body is not designed to carry that big White baby. Lot of C-sections!

I’m putting this up here for comment, and hopefully this will stimulate some interesting discussion.

Here in Australia the increase in the number of these White man-Asian woman couplings has in the last 18 months gone through the roof if my perception is of any worth.

I really really hate this.

I feel like going up to the couple and asking the White man if he is worried about his sister finding a man with all the available White men going for Asian women. And likewise, asking the Asian women if her Asian brother is attached.

Because let’s face it, not many White women are going to date Asian men.

For one thing, his doodle won’t be able to do the job! Which these weak White men are getting plenty of. Tight twat!

What are your views? Because of mass migration from East Asia, the numbers are staggering.

This never happened during the Southern European migration period of the 1960’s and 1970’s.

I actually call it the Social Time Bomb. The Asian men are bottling up their rage and will explode. Whether they kill the (Asian) women…or the (White) man I am not sure.


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Game/PUA: What Country Has the Most Beautiful Women?

I would say Thailand. They seem to have more beauties per capita than in any other country. That is, if you like Asian women. They look extremely exotic, even much more exotic than the Japanese, Korean and Chinese women with whom we are most familiar. They are a mix of native Paleomongoloid types with quite a bit of Indian in them that came in quite a while ago. Also very long ago, about 900 years ago, a massive infusion of Chinese flooded into Thailand, contributing a huge part to the gene pool. So they are native Paleomongoloid (maybe Malay type) overlaid with an  old Chinese layer and a rather smaller but still significant Indian layer.

The Indian element is interesting and combined with the Paleomongoloid base, probably contributes to their extreme exotic looks. However, the Indian element should not be ignored. Some Thai women almost look like Caucasians. But if they do, they often look like Indian Caucasoids. They look like a Punjabi or high caste woman for North India, very fair and light but with that Indian phenotype.

Sometimes I think these Thai men were geniuses deliberately breeding their women like livestock, culling the uglies and selectively breeding various strains of beauties to create a variety of total knockout gorgeous strains of women. There can be no other explanation for why they are so hot.

But Thai women are exotic as Hell. Even the total knockouts look very exotic and even a bit odd to a Westerner. Asians in general sort of look like aliens to us, but Thai women look the most alien of them all.  But if Thai women are aliens, then they came from the Planet of the Beautiful Women!


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Game/PUA: A Few Words on Friends with Benefits or FWB’s

That’s Depressing writes about this article:

That is so disheartening to hear. It sounds like there’s no way to have truly fun sex other than to go for prostitutes.

Forget about “girlfriends”, how about that kind of relationships called “friendship with benefits?” Can’t you get those going without it being stressful the way you describe?

Life is stressful period! All the way through and it never lets up til the end.

Also there is a down side to everything my friend! Even dream lifestyles such as in the above case, every man’s dream, often have massive downsides.

I suppose FWB’s stuff can work out pretty well, but it just that I haven’t really explored it too much.

The only problem with those is one of the parties, say Party A (often the man!), often starts to fall in love with Party B (often the woman!), and then Party B (woman) either ends the FWB thing or completely flips out and has something like a panic attack. Looking around, I have noticed that FWB’s seem to turn into love affairs on the part of at least one of the parties after a bit. It’s often the man who falls in love with the woman, and the woman who only wants sex! How how is that for a turnaround of stereotypes?

Another problem is Party A (often the woman) starts to fall in love with Party B (often the man), but doesn’t exactly come out and say it explicitly, and is quite duplicitous about it. Party B (man) notices Party A (woman)  falling in love and points it out to Party A (woman). Party B (man) is often starting to fall for Party A (woman) anyways, but he might be holding back cautiously to see if things will be reciprocated. In this case, Party A (woman) angrily denies that they are falling in love even though they are, freaks out in something like a panic attack and angrily ends the relationship. For some reason, it is often the woman who is in denial about being in love.

The women in the two examples above are often modern young women. These women often have intimacy issues, and it is common to hear them say that they have never been in love. They often also cannot reach orgasm during sex, even though they can easily reach it with masturbation.

Both examples seem to imply an intimacy fear or issue with intimacy. They have fallen into a FWB lifestyle of somewhat uncomfortable and slightly awkward loveless sex, and there are ups and downs to that. One of the downs is a near-phobia of commitment that results in a life without love but with plenty of sex along with a lot of orgasm-less sex compensated for by orgasm-rich masturbation sessions of which the latter mainly serve to painfully accentuate the former. I have read a number of articles about young women nowadays who display these characteristics. I suppose it is some societal trend.


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Game/PUA: What Is It Like to Have More Than One Girlfriend At Once?

I will tell you what it is like. It is a great big hassle, one of the biggest hassles you can get yourself into in life. In addition, it is not all it is cracked up to be, and not only that, but like many things that seem like dream lifestyles, there is a huge downside to it that not many talk about.

Basically a woman, especially a hot one, is a full time job.  So many men want hot women, but the hotter they are, the more of your time they consume. High maintenance means more than money. These women are also high maintenance in the emotional department.

I don’t have statistics on it, but back in the day, I used to try to regularly run 2-3 women at a time, except when I only had one girlfriend, which was more common than you think. I don’t really do this too much anymore as I am getting old, and honestly I simply do not have the energy to play this exhausting game.

The goal was to have three girlfriends at once, which honestly is the closest thing to Paradise I have ever experienced in life. But the weird thing was I could never really have more than three at once, and often I could not even run three because even running three was damn hard. But once I got over three, the situation not only got even more hectic and insane, but I would very quickly drop back down to three again. It is like for me anyway, three at once is the upper limit. Any more than that is just not doable.

One more thing, running all sorts of women like that is incredibly time-consuming because if you practice this stuff as an art form, women can take up an unbelievably number of hours of your time. It takes a Hell of a lot of work just to keep one relationship not only going smoothly but going at all. Now imagine doing that with more than one at once or an ever-changing revolving door of females.

Living like this also requires incredible people skills, and you have to know females inside and out and six ways from Sunday because there is a right and wrong thing to say and do with any particular female at any given time. Not only that, but there is not a lot of spontaneity in your life because just about everything you say and do has to be done in a calculated manner. You have to think carefully about most anything you say or do. So it basically turns you into a calculating, somewhat sociopathic fuck, or at least into a great big phony.

In addition, you are pissing people off all over the place.

Females’ boyfriends or girls’ fathers are flipping out or at the very least looking at you very carefully. You are getting regularly threatened by other males whose females you are basically stealing, and it’s hard to stay out of confrontations, especially fistfights, with other males. “Hey, that guy says if he ever sees you again, he’s going to kick your ass,” is something you start hearing a lot.

Although you are having a blast, there is also a lot of emotional negativity going on as females are screaming at you, swearing at you, threatening to hit you, making all sorts of insane threats to you, ringing your phone off the hook to berate you, or calling you periodically just to cuss you up and down. You start losing friendships because you are getting involved with the sisters or female friends of your friends. When things go sour, at least your female friends in these cases start to think you are a major shit.  Your male friends in the same cases either think it is entertaining, or they are proud of you.

It is unbelievably time consuming. When I was running three at once, it honestly seemed like it was a 40 hour a week job and a very stressful one at that. You are running around here, there and everywhere all the time, on the phone half the time, usually taking lots of drugs (actually, often you are actually dealing – don’t ask me why) and drinking quite a bit.

Most importantly, you are lying like crazy to just about everyone all the time, which is tough because you start to forget your lies and get them generally all mixed up with each other. People catch on after a while, and you keep getting busted for switching your lies around. Soon most people, even your friends, are regarding you dubiously as some sort of serial confabulator whose words are not worth much of anything, and you come to be regarded as a pathological liar, which you are anyway, so there’s the added pain that the insult is actually true.

People (usually females) are often screaming at you, telling you what a lowlife, scum and piece of shit you are, and if you have any conscience at all, you can start to feel pretty guilty. People are also insisting that you hate women, which generally isn’t true at all – if anything, the opposite is true. It’s like accusing a kid in a candy store of hating candy because he wants everything in the store.

If you have a severe conscience as I did (now eroded by time and massive cynicism), you was feeling guilty a good part of the time. Everyone’s telling you you’re a bad person. If you’re a bad boy, an asshole or a true sociopath, maybe maybe you can handle it or even think it is a compliment, but if you are a regular guy with some morals, it starts to really hurt.

Despite my behavior, I still thought that I was basically a good person. And I was with the exception of the Woman Question, but it hurt my feelings so bad that everyone was telling me what an awful human being I was. I can’t describe how bad I felt. I started to feel like a major shit, and it wasn’t a good feeling.

What I am trying to say is that there is a massive downside to being a manwhore, and most people do not realize that.


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Sexless Marriages Are Everywhere in the West Nowadays

Spamby: I don’t understand how you can rape your wife. If she’s your wife then you have the right to have sex with her don’t you?

RL: Actually in the US and UK you cannot. There are lots of sexless marriages over here. It is quite common in the US, Canada and Europe for wives to just give up sex and refuse to have sex with their husbands anymore. The cases that I am familiar with are in the US, Canada, Germany and Romania.

The women are usually about 35-50 years old and they have had a couple of kids, but in one case I know of the couple is in their late 20’s to early 30’s with a kid, and boy is he angry about it. He is resorting to having affairs which I do not blame him for at all.

One common denominator seems to be kids. The woman is 35-45, the couple has a kid or too and then she cuts off the sex. A variety of reasons are given including that kids take up all your time, they are very stressful and exhausting, etc. I also assume that a lot of women are not attracted to their husbands anymore. I would assume that any normal woman who was highly attracted to their husband who screw him about as much as he wanted it. Most women are rabid nymphos whenever they get with Chad Thundercock or any Alpha for that matter.

All of this is starting to make me feel really good about not only never marrying but even better yet not having kids. Even if the marriage is fine sexually, apparently she pops out a kid or two, and the sex is pretty much over.

I am also laughing so hard at all my idiot married man friends who used to chide and insult me that I was not married, implying that either I wasn’t getting enough or wasn’t getting any. They made it a big point to tell me that they were getting tons of sex, often every night. I think they were jealous of me though because sometimes I would get a girlfriend, and usually whenever I have a girlfriend she is a nympho for some reason and we are screwing like hours a day so much that I start worrying I am going to permanently damage my dick.

My idiot married friends would hear me drowning in sex about it and get very uptight, challenged and upset, and then they would come back saying that, “Yeah, but married guys get it every night, single guys don’t.” Which was usually true with these guys who were in their late 20’s to early 30’s.

That is the worst age for a man – men at this age are the most arrogant and insufferable of men of any age. My basic feeling is that not enough bad things have happened to them yet. By the time most people are 40, not a whole lot of folks are arrogant anymore. No matter how special you are, by age 40, you have already had about a million really lousy things happen to you, and most folks find that a humbling experience. People who are still arrogant and highly narcissistic after age 40 are generally bad cases, and it’s a sign that there is something seriously wrong with you.

Even when I have a girlfriend, I am usually not getting it every day except for maybe 1-2 week stretches.

Now I am finding out that marriage is not exactly the sexual wonderland it is said to be, especially after you have those glorious kids that put the stake in the heart of the married sex life if the wear and tear of the marriage has not already done the bedroom in.

Not having kids. Which was another stupid thing that these married weenies were always chiding me for never having.

I stayed single and never had kids, and nevertheless despite the typical feast or famine bachelor life, often had at least one woman in my life and led a life full of wild head over heels movie-like love affairs of the century, had a ton of awesome sex with more attractive to beautiful females than I can count.

Yay for me!

Even if I never have sex again, which is possible at my age sadly, I can still die happy tomorrow. I’ve already done everything I wanted to do, and honestly it almost doesn’t matter if not one good thing happens to me for the rest of my life because I can just coast on my memories until I drop sometime in the next few decades.

Staying single and never having kids! Yay! Two of the smartest decisions I ever made.

Spamby: Well, I mean you don’t have to be rough. You can just feel her up gently and then fuck her couldn’t you? Or do they just shut down all sex completely?

RL: I do not know. They shut it down, get really bitchy and angry, and if you try to get something going with them, they say “Ew,” get mad and push you away. When they cut you off like that, you are not going to charm her into giving it up. Sometimes the cutoffs are temporary, but often they last a long time. She typically cuts you off for a long time, and a lot of guys just quit asking for it. They often take separate beds or even separate bedrooms. The woman might have her own bedroom downstairs for instance.

Sometimes they ration it out, but it’s usually starvation rations. A girlfriend of mine had a girlfriend about age 42 who said she gave her husband a blowjob once a year on his birthday. They slept in separate bedrooms, and he retreated to his mancave at night where he did a variety of things, including smoking pot, drinking, watching porn and jerking off. He was not very happy about this situation at all.

There’s nothing you can do about it. I have heard many cases like this, and none of the men raped their wives after they get cut off. But then maybe I run in some classier circles. Maybe lower class guys do just rape the bitch, so to speak.


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How Common Is Sex among Siblings among Teenagers and Young Adults?

Sammy writes:

“Brothers and sisters fuck quite a bit, as teenagers…”

Really? Brothers and sisters who grew up together from day one in the same household? How do you know of this? I’ve heard of it happening between step brothers and sisters, but never heard of it happening between actual “blood” brothers and sisters who both share the same parents and grew up in the same household. Percentage-wise, how often would you say the latter happens (and what are you basing this on)?

Unfortunately a lot of this falls under the category of “child molestation,” but it usually isn’t. A lot of teenage boys have sex with their vulnerable younger sisters. With the sisters, it is often more or less consensual. Childhood sex play often involves brothers, sisters, cousins, and their friends. The age ranges of childhood sex play can range from six all the way up to 15 for both sexes, and it is possible that all ages can be involved at the same time. For instance, scenes, often with brothers, sisters and cousins, can occur with groups where the age ranges from 8 all the way up to 15 and can include both homosexual (often lesbian) and heterosexual conduct.

Not only do brothers and sisters have sexual experiences particularly in adolescence, but sisters have a lot more sex with each other than you could possibly imagine. Young teenage sisters around the ages of 13-15 who are just discovering the joys of masturbation (as almost all teenage girls are nowadays at a very early age, typically 13) have lesbian sex with each other, mutually masturbate each other, etc. I would say that maybe 5-10% of sisters in this age group engage in this activity. All of the cases I saw involved girls with a predominantly heterosexual orientation. So most sisters who are doing this are not lesbians. Instead they are straight or possibly bisexual.

I discovered a lot of this activity when looking through forums where younger teenage girls were discussing sexual issues such as onset of first pubic hair and sexarche, onset and frequency of masturbation, and some other sexual things. It is from these forums that I derive my 5-10% figure because ~5-10% of the girls on that forum admitted to having sex with their sisters. The age range for this sister-sister sex was 13-15.

Sources: I work as a counselor, and I hear stories of childhood sex play from clients constantly.

Teenage boys having sex with their younger sisters is extremely common as we can see from recent famous cases. It is typically brushed under the carpet, as it possibly ought to be.

Arrest in these circumstances is just wrong, and in California, other than rape, all sex between juveniles of all ages is legal. You simply cannot arrest two kids for doing consensual sexual things with each other. If there is a serious age discrepancy with a teenager (usually a boy and typically a brother) doing sexual things with a young child (usually a girl and typically a sister), the teenager must be told that this is unacceptable and must stop, and they should have to undergo counseling.

Generally this sort of thing is handled by Social Services, social workers and therapists in California and not law enforcement, which is how it ought to be. In extreme cases of teenage boys serially molesting young girls, they may be remanded to the juvenile justice system, but they may not be tried in the adult system. At any rate, clinically this behavior means little as according to the DSM, pedophilia cannot be diagnosed in people age 16 or younger.

There are videos on the Internet of brothers having sex with their sisters or at least of people claiming to be brothers having sex with sisters. I have no idea how old they were, but they appeared to be older teenagers. I felt that they were genuine.

To give you an example of how common this activity can be at least in certain circumstances, in Egypt, due to a housing crisis, young people are not able to move out of the parental home, so young adults of the same family are often living under the same roof. Not only that, but living conditions are so overcrowded that these late teens and  young adults are often sleeping in close quarters in living rooms, etc.

A recent article in the US press noted that there is an extremely high level of sexual activity among brothers and sisters occurring in urban Egypt in these circumstances. The brothers and sisters engaging in this activity were ~16-23. Egyptian society didn’t seem to be interested in doing anything about it. I assume that this behavior was either denied, brushed under the carpet or dealt with in the family, probably by silence and willful ignorance. Law enforcement was not getting involved.


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Game/PUA: For God’s Sake, Whatever You Do, Don’t Rape Her!

At times women do require a bit arguing and debate about whether we should fuck or not or whether she should go home with me or not. But when it’s like that, you simply bark orders at them: “Get over on that bed right now!” She meekly scampers over to the bed like a frightened mouse, but you know she wants to be doing just this. Then she’s lying on the bed.

If she keeps on holding out, I recommend th PUA guys’ freeze-out. I do not know how they do it, but I usually just give up and say, “Fine, you don’t want to fuck, no problem. I’ll just go to sleep on the couch and you sleep in my bed. See you in the morning.”

Then turn away from her or go into another room to sleep. If you turn away, soon she will be cooing, “Come over to the bed,” in plaintive little girl cries. Or if you go into another room, then she will get up, come to your room and drag you back into the bed. If you’re at the bar and she all of a sudden decides that she doesn’t want to go home with you, you just laugh and point at her and say, “Hell no! You’re going home with me!” And smile when you say it.

Just give her some orders. Most women actually enjoy being ordered around in sexual situations, believe it or not. Then she might say, “Ok let’s arm-wrestle to see if I go home with you. You win, I go with you. I win, I go with my friends.” And then of course you destroy her like you always do when you arm wrestle a woman.

Have you ever noticed that when you get with a new woman, and it is getting down to where you are going to have sex with the first time, the woman or girl says, “Hey, let’s arm wrestle.” Then you just destroy her, and it seems like she actually likes getting totally destroyed for some reason. It’s almost sexual. Hell, maybe it is sexual. Oh heck, it is sexual, of course it is. You beat her at arm wrestling and she caves in, becomes submissive and let’s you take her, just like in caveman days. Most of us don’t carry clubs anymore, but we haven’t changed as much as you think.

And while we were having sex sometimes, I did some things in the sex act that they were not too happy about. To put it mildly. One woman was cursing at me nonstop in Spanish and English mixed, “Cabron! Cabron!” She looked like she was going to hit me or beat me up.

If you ever do a something in sex she doesn’t like, well, just apologize and say you won’t do it again. And you probably need to keep to that promise. When I have sex, I always tell women, “If I ever say or do anything you don’t want, just tell me, and I will stop.” And they never say stop of course. This is a very good course of action.

It’s not just that sex must be consensual, but that consensual sex is the only fun sex. Nonconsensual sex is no fun, or at least it seems like it is, judging by how women reacted when I did things they did not like in bed. If she’s not going along with it passionately, what fun is that? When everything is enthusiastic and consensual, the woman is telling you that she really, really wants to be with you. Isn’t that a great feeling?

If you have to rape a woman to get laid, what in God’s name does that say about you? Let’s see now, you basically can’t get laid by any woman unless you force her. What an insult! An insult to you! You are the ultimate pathetic loser. If you have to force women to have sex with you, that is utterly pathetic. The statement is really that no woman will have sex with you unless you coerce her…because…why? Because you are so undesirable! Because you are below Beta to the lowest of the low Omega scourges. It says you can barely get laid with God’s help. It says the entire female half of the world is rejecting you and laughing at you. That’s why you must rape. Because you are a worm.

If a woman doesn’t want to have sex, hey, I ain’t going to force her. Why? That doesn’t even sound fun. That sounds weird and psycho. You want to meet a lot of guys who like to do that? Go to a prison or a jail. Those guys like to do that sort of thing. If you coerce sex from a woman, you are as low as those dirtbags behind bars and maybe even worse because they are locked away from all the women for a while whilst you are still running about loose menacing half the world.

Anyway, no need to rape a woman!

Bottom line is if you’re not getting laid, you’re not getting laid. It’s the fate of most men on most nights, I assume. So what? Go home and be alone. If you need to get your nut, just jerk off. There is so much more pleasure and dignity in jerking off than there is in coercing sex with women.

One more thing about the freeze-out. When she says she doesn’t want to have sex with you when you have gotten all the way up to the lead-up to the bed, it’s pretty unfair, but for God’s sake, you can’t rape her! All’s fair in love and war, and sadly she has a right to change her mind between when you are fooling around on the couch and the move to the bed.

By shrugging your shoulders and saying, “Oh well, you don’t want to do it, fine. See you in the morning,” while you shake your head and snort mockingly at her, you show tremendous strength. You are Alpha with a capital A. Because an Alpha doesn’t care whether he gets laid with you or not, ladies! Why? Because he’s the Man with the Golden Sperm! He’s not desperate! You don’t want to do it, fine, no problem, he will probably just go call up some other woman and send you home.

Women are intrigued when an attractive man laughs at them and says he doesn’t care if you want to have sex with him or not! What’s wrong with him? Almost all men are desperate for sex, often nearly or utterly pathetically so. I think women are secretly contemptuous of men who are pathetically desperate for sex. It is such a sign of weakness! Why don’t you just crawl to her on your knees and beg her? And cry while you do it? And call, “Mommy! Mommy! She won’t have sex with me! Make her Mommy!” That’s what desperate men must look like to women.

The man who could care less about bedding you because because presumably he has so many other options is very intriguing, and this truly is the height of Alphaness, not pathetic desperate pussy-beggars who sniff at women’s feet and whimper like poodles.


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