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On Paul Stanley

I watched a video of Paul Stanley the KISS singer the other day because people keep saying he acts like a flaming faggot. In truth, I feel he is basically a heterosexual who has fucked more chicks than your average army but on the other hand, there is some solid evidence for some lesser bisexual interest which probably isn’t very important in his sexual life.

One of the first things I noticed about him was that hard, cold masculine face that he has. Stanley is my age now and by the 50’s, men’s faces are pretty well carved up by decades of emoting such that we hardly have to emote at all anymore as it’s already carved into our faces anyway. I did notice some funny mannerisms at the same time such as a dainty way of holding his hands together in his lap and a slight oddness to his speech.

On the whole, I did not feel he was particularly effeminate. Maybe just slightly. But honestly, if you want to analyze the 1000’s of microbehaviors that all men engage in, you will find a Hell of a lot of men who have some few effeminate microbehaviors in their somewhere. The way the guy holds his coffee cup or his cigarette, or how he fidgets with his nails, how he sits or stands, on and on.

But that face carved by 50 years of emotion was the most interesting. That and reading his history made me conclude that he has a hard core masculine aspect to his psyche and he is mostly oriented towards women as masculinity = heterosexuality more or less. I suppose the best way to describe him would be to say that he is an androgyne.


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What Is a Hardass?

A recent thankfully permanently departed girlfriend called me a hardass. I was staying with her for a few weeks and she looked over and me one night and shrugged and said, “You’re just an old hardass. That’s all you are. You don’t care. You act like you don’t care.” Other than the “don’t care” part, which is disturbing but I guess is part and parcel of FTW, I am wondering about this hardass word.

I didn’t really know what to say to that because my personal self-image is that I am a great big gigantic pussy (at best – you really do not know what my self-image is at my worst). I could not believe my ears. Me? The pussiest of pussies? A hardass? WTH.

What the Hell does this word mean anyway? I have never heard it used that much before, especially in a positive light. I have only heard it used in a negative light, like, “That Drill Sergeant sure is a hardass. That cop was just a hardass. My boss is a hardass!” It seems to be a euphemism for “asshole.”

But there must be more to it than that.

Does it have any relationship to masculinity? The definitions I am reading seem to imply that being a hardass is on the far end of ultramasculinity or hypermasculinity. Which is fine by me. I don’t see why anything masculine is bad, as long as it doesn’t kill me. I’d rather be a hardass than a wuss or a faggot. There are worse things in life you know.

Everything masculine is good, everything pussy and wussy is shit. Masculine gets you everywhere, wussy leads you only to an eternal world of shit.

That’s pretty much what I have learned in 57 years. Actually that is a pretty damn sad statement, isn’t it? Especially considering that I actually like some wussy stuff.


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Russell Brand


This guy comes up in a lot of discussions of  “effeminate straight men.” I had never seen the guy on video before and this was my first exposure to him. You go on a lot of forums and you see these endless comments like, “Who is this fag?!”

I checked him out because I am interested in the phenomenon of so called effeminate straight men although I think they hardly exist.

From right off the get-go from when he walked towards the stage, I knew this guy was straight. First of all, I could tell by his face. Straight men have a certain something about their face a lot of times. Their face has a “masculine” wear about it or their face somehow “looks masculine.” Now by this I do not mean how they were born. But the fact is that there are all sorts of different ways of “carrying your face” so to speak.

Gay men often exude effeminacy and it shows up all through their face. A masculine man simply “carries his face” in a masculine way. It is hard to describe but the only way I can describe it is that such things as masculinity, femininity and effeminacy are expressed in our faces somehow via our emotions, thoughts and vibes.

What is interesting about this is that over time, these ways of “carrying the face” actually tend to carve the face into particular shapes. It has been argued that many gay men have expressed certain effeminate emotions facially so many times that the effeminacy is by now actually carved into their faces naturally.

About two minutes into the video, and I had this Brand guy all figured out. First of all, he’s not effeminate at all. Back in the 1970’s, this is how you were supposed to act. If you wanted to drown in pussy, you put on this act X 10 and no one thought a thing about it. You would be assumed to be straight until proven otherwise with good solid evidence and you would not be called gay very often.

The behavior that he is doing is simply 1970’s rock star androgyne. This guy is just Mick Jagger born too late. The clothes are just some glam androgyne get up that he is doing for some funny reason and they don’t have much to do with him as a person. I think he might be wearing those clothes just to get a rise out of people and piss people off.

I also noticed how he was interacting with the four females on the board. I could tell immediately that he is attracted to females simply by the way he was acting around these women. He said, “It’s so nice to be with a group of women.” This type is “the player.” There are two kinds of men who like to hang around women all the time:

  1. Gay men.
  2. Players, womanizers, manwhores, etc.

This guy is in the second category. When he interacts with these women, you can see his sexual energy almost radiating out of his body in all of their directions. It’s like he wants to fuck every woman on the panel.

I would agree that he has a feminine aspect but all androgynes do. But I get a very strong masculine vibe off this guy. A man with a strong masculine vibe who also has a visible feminine aspect is the very definition of a strong androgyne. That both of these aspects are quite strong and often going at the same time is why true androgynes are so confusing. Nobody knows what to make of them.

Bottom line is I do not think this Russel Brand is effeminate at all. That behavior you see as effeminate is actually his feminine aspect settling into its natural role as he is surrounded by his own kind (women). Another thing that is mistaken for effeminacy is his strong sexual energy towards these women. This sexual energy is extremely sexy (indeed he exudes sex from every pore as many androgynes do) and men who are acting very sexy often seem to be mimicking a female sort of sexiness – soft, fluid, flowing, insinuating, intimate.

All in all, he comes across sort of like Paul Stanley.

PS, this Brand character also clowns around a lot. You notice his main mode is simply clowning. Look at all the funny faces he makes.


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On the Epithets of the Cultural Left

I utterly hate PC types because of how they have treated me over the years. They have called me every name in the book: Nazi, KKK, White Supremacist, bigot, racist, hater, sexist, homophobe, Islamophobe, etc. They often top it off with modifiers such as “vicious racist, extreme racist, wildly racist, very racist,” etc. The truth is that I am not any of these things.

First, some definitions:

Racism or bigotry means hatred of some particular race or group of people.

Sexism means hatred of the opposite sex.

Homophobia means hatred of homosexuals.

Transphobia means hatred of transsexuals.

I do not see myself as particularly racist at all. I have negative opinions of a few ethnic groups for good reason, but I harbor no animus or hatred towards entire races of people.

I am supposed to be a vicious anti-Black racist, but two of my all-time heroes are Malcolm X and Martin Luther King.

The antiracist movement, despite its extreme flaws, is one of the Great Human Emancipation Movements.

I certainly don’t hate women, in fact, in spite of their nuttiness, I like them much better than my own gender. I have always supported equity feminism (equal rights for women), and I am a strong supporter or reproductive rights. In fact, at one point, I was actually a member of the National Organization for Women (NOW). I have major issues with radical feminism or gender feminism, but that is not the same things as equity feminism. The movement for women’s equality or equity feminism is one of the Great Human Emancipation Movements.

I am a strong supporter of gay rights and I am actually on the mailing list of some of their organizations. I support most of their political causes so far. I am not particularly wild about gay men because I have had too many bad experiences with them, but I do like a few of them and I have one gay friend at the moment. Despite my personal feelings, I wish all truly biologically gay men the best and hope they have as happy and healthy a life as I do. I feel that gay rights, along with antiracism and women’s rights, is also one of the Great Human Emancipation Movements.

I am said to be a transphobe, and it is true that I find such folks extremely strange. I am sorry, but it simply does not seem normal at all to me. Nevertheless, I support equal rights for transsexuals at least in the sense that anti-discrimination laws ought to apply to them too.

I have always opposed Nazism, extreme racism, especially extreme White racism, White nationalism, White supremacism, the KKK, skinheads  and related organizations and movements, fascism, male supremacism, misogyny, most forms of reaction, extreme homophobia, gay bashing, and extreme machismo.

Nevertheless, because I discuss race realism and believe in it to some limited extent, I get bashed endlessly as a “virulent racist.” Not only is this untrue, but it is painful and it makes me angry, which I suppose is why they call me that in the first place.


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It’s About Time

We can finally get pregnant.

This is so cool. I have been wanted to get knocked up my whole life, but as I’ve only been screwing women, I don’t see how anyone can breed me, right?

God what I would give to be preggers.


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Bitch World Tour

SHI writes:

It’s extremely common for British and Scandinavian bitches (especially Sweden and Denmark) to suffer from entitlement mentality, feminazi mindset, support for emasculation of men, heartless cruel behavior, lack of human warmth, betrayal and cheating in relationships. These are the ones that are 100% likely to act bitchy in a nightclub especially because you gave them the wrong look and don’t have enough money. Their expectations from men are unreal and according to them, there’s not a single man worthy enough to touch the ground they walk on. They’re all gold-diggers or rich wannabes and it’s their worst behavior which is copied by other cultures – they’re like a bad infection that has spread in every other country. Ever wondered why Englishmen are always found drunk at the pubs and suicide is highest in Sweden. It’s a lack of love and basic human intimacy which we take for granted in other cultures. It’s not wrong for women to pose a challenge to men but acting with wanton cruelty is just vile.

Englishwomen and Scandinavians are bad to the bone. These creatures are deluded enough to believe that they are the best any man can get and will act whatever way they please with no consequence. It’s simply not true, there are hundreds of millions of good choices to make.

For example, French and Italian women are an absolute delight. They take care of themselves, can act bitchy but in a feminine and demure way which only increases their appeal to men. They aren’t nearly as manipulative and filled with hate.

German women are a mixed bag and can be a bit on the masculine side. What separates them from the Brits is their unrelenting honesty and realistic expectation from men. Also they’re a lot more approachable in any situation.

Spaniard and South American girls are absolutely down-to-earth and like their French and Italian counterparts, absolutely great for casual flirting and even serious relationships. They’re playful, flirtatious, won’t make you feel bad even if you don’t have enough money and will call back if they like you. Absolutely no pretensions. Latin women are least likely to be gold-diggers.

Russian, Ukrainian and other Eastern European women are gold-diggers universally except their expectations are more reasonable compared to the English. Also they can make a man feel real good in their presence.

What do you think, guys?

I will admit that Latin American women are great in general, except that they have this machista/machisimo expectation that a lot of us won’t be able to live up to. I have had some good luck with Russian women. I never knew any Ukrainian or East European women except a Polish-American girl whose people had been here a while. She was really cool and so was her Mom. Of the Spaniards, Italians and Frenchwomen, I have only dated Frenchwomen. They can be charming, but I had a French girlfriend who was twice my age as a young man (I was 21, she was 37) and she turned into a Hellacious ballbreaking bitch. But other Frenchwomen can be quite sweet.

I don’t have a lot of experience with Italian women, only friendship, but they are very feminine. The men run the show over there, and the women are resigned to that. Upper-class Spanish women are complete bitches. I have known some German women but not really dated them. They can be a bit masculine, but really most of them are just regular women deep down inside. I have no experience with Scandinavian women except Americans. I knew a Finnish-American whose people had been here a while. She was great and a total beauty. I also knew a Swedish-American “Black Swede” whose people had been here a long time. She was nice when I met her but then she stood me up for a date.

I have had mixed experiences with British women but overall pretty good. I haven’t run into the entitled mindset.

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Question for the Men on the Site

She’s In Parties writes:

Topic question for male posters.

Would you fuck Casey Anthony? Basically would you fuck/date a woman who killed her own child? She did it but got off. Huge national story.

I wouldn’t in a healthy state of mind. But I’m rarely in that state. I’m highly neurotic with a high dose of low self esteem and sense of self. Ultimately I would do it. I think a lot of males, including healthy ones, would do too.

Can you date a notorious figure? With all eyeballs on you. Oppose to just fucking her randomly, and the public having no knowledge of situation.

I wouldn’t feel threatened in her presence, despite being an obvious social path/psychopath. She may do something to fuck me over, but I wouldn’t feel my life was in danger. Aileen Wournos was convicted serial killer who died by lethal injection. I wouldn’t spend a second with her if she was alive, and I knew about her or some woman that was going around town suspected of killing johns for obvious reasons.

PS: Sorry if my writing sucks. Intellectuals bother me.

Would you fuck Casey Anthony? I think it’s a great question to pose.

Well, guys, what do you say? Would you date a notorious woman?


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What Does the Word Effeminate Mean?

From the Net:

I don’t believe truly effeminate straight men exist. Yes, there are straight men who are meek, submissive, sensitive, artistic, or who like to do “domestic” activities like cook, entertain or shop, but none of these traits are truly and exclusively “effeminate”. Lots of very masculine men have traits associated with women, like being nurturing, gossipy, or prone to easy excitement/emotions. Doesn’t make them effeminate at all though.

For me, effeminate means acting and speaking like a woman, and only (some) gay men or latent transsexuals actually do like this. A guy who doesn’t act stereotypically butch is not automatically effeminate, just like an aggressive and outgoing woman is not necessarily “butch”/lesbian/secretly wishing to be a man. Some people just don’t adhere to traditional gender roles in every aspect of their lives. A soft-spoken man who likes to sew can still have a low-level, easy-going masculine vibe, even if he’s not slapping you on the back while screaming at the game on TV.

Like said, the only “effeminate straight men” I’ve known have all been closet cases in the end. Lived next door to a HUGE flamer with a wife and kids for years, then they moved away, heard they divorced, yadda yadda yadda five years later, I see the husband drunk in a gay bar. Not shocked at all. Everyone else just thought he was “colorful” and eccentric. PLEASE…

…Along the lines of discussion—it matters how you’re defining ‘effeminate’. Some seem to only define it as extreme queeniness – everything short of Richard Simmons doesn’t qualify. Others cast the net too broadly and label everything short of a grunting meathead alpha persona as ‘effeminate’…

…So my question is, is a man who wears makeup considered effeminate even if he otherwise sounds and acts basically masculine?…

…Effeminancy to me is a guy who is hung up on little details/anal, passive-aggressive/ manipulative, dramatic and over-the-top in his emotions, narcissistic/conceited … all deal-breakers with me…

…Truly femme straight guys don’t exist. There is no heterosexual male on this planet who acts like the Figure Skater Johnny Weir…

…No such thing. There is difference between a straight man with feminine tendencies and someone who is overtly effeminate and obviously gay…

…As has been discussed elsewhere, men of certain ethnicities register as gay to Americans because we have this John Wayne-Clint Eastwood ideal of the perfect man being this quasi-psychopathic, uncivilized, violence-prone loner. Any man who’s well-groomed, has good social skills, is empathetic or prone to feelings other than rage and sadistic joy at someone else’s suffering is regarded as a possible gay…

Any comments on this? I agree with these sentiments in general, except for this one:

…Effeminancy to me is a guy who is hung up on little details/anal, passive-aggressive/ manipulative, dramatic and over-the-top in his emotions, narcissistic/conceited … all deal-breakers with me…

Ridiculous. None of that is effeminate to me. To me, effeminate is femme as in a stereotypical male homosexual – a man who overtly acts like a woman. You know what I mean – that campy, bitchy, faggoty, swishy, limp-wristed, lisping, fluttery style so many gay man have to one degree or another.

However, I would disagree with the men above. I have indeed mat some pretty faggoty straight guys. I am 100% certain that they were completely straight as I knew them pretty well, and I can figure out these things pretty quickly after talking to a man only a few times. That said, they seemed to be able to turn the faggoty thing on or off at will, unlike a lot of gay men who are on all the time.

I have also noticed that some men who are normally passive, meek, soft and withdrawn can, in times of high stress when they feel particularly defeated by life, act very faggoty. I actually have some relatives who I have seen act this way. The one I am thinking of is in no way gay at all as I knew him well growing up and he had a vast collection of girlie mags. No young gay man would ever collect such magazines.

In this case, the femme, effeminate, faggoty behavior is a temporary mode that this passive, meek, not particularly masculine man went into from time to time. It probably signified that at that moment, he felt particularly defeated and negated as a man and his response from this was to totally withdraw from the male role altogether into this faggoty stuff.

Another time I was over at friend’s house. The friend was a bit of an asshole, but he was completely straight nonetheless. He had a roommate who seemed like a regular guy except he could get pretty faggoty in his behavior. I am sure that if he were gay, Randy would have told me this important fact. So one night we were sitting around downing beers and taking bong hits with Randy and his roommate and we got to talking.

The roommate was faggoty as all Hell but he wouldn’t stop talking about women. This guy apparently had pussy on the brain 24-7. Also I got no gay vibe of attraction off of him, and I almost always do from a gay man. I have met many gay men and I have never in my life seen a gay man rant and rave about women and pussy like that. I assume it simply doesn’t happen.

So I would say that campy, femme, faggoty straight men do indeed exist, but often this is simply a mode that they go into from time to time and not a regular habit, but in some cases, they may be on most or all of the time.

On the other hand, most straight men who are accused of being effeminate are nothing of the sort in that they are not femme in that faggoty way that gay men are. They simply not living up to the macho roles of masculinity that society lays down for us.

Also some straight men speak with a lisp. My understanding is that a lisp is often a speech impediment and is not always indicative of homosexuality.

And I would say that straight men can surely wear makeup. I knew some guys in a band recently who wore makeup all the time. Apparently it’s the thing to do nowadays. They were also into “kissing guys” which I thought was pretty weird but was told that this along with the makeup was some sort of hip, Hollywood, glam thing to do nowadays. All of these young men were completely straight and they were all quite masculine. In fact, they gave off such masculine vibes that one might peg them as street gang members. They all had totally hot girlfriends or wives and I think some had little kids. That combined with the makeup and the kissing guys thing made for a pretty bizarre mix.


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Genius Syndrome

I read an article on very high IQ people the other day. These were folks who had IQ’s of 160+. Many of them were men. It was a very interesting piece. Many of them had very low incomes and quite a few were living in poverty or near poverty. Many lived alone and most rarely dated, even though they were heterosexual. Terminal bachelorhood seemed to be chronic. Consequently, many were very lonely. Quite a few were either unemployed or employed in jobs far below their abilities.

It was common for them to be very introverted, odd, strange, weird, nervous or anxious. The introversion was often so strong as to be be described as “painfully introverted.” The author did not feel that any of them were autistic or Asperger’s types. Instead, they were more properly what we think of as “neurotics.” Nowadays, idiotically, everyone thinks that odd introverts are “Aspies.” But this is not true. In fact the vast majority of odd introverts are probably just neurotic, or perhaps they are just introverts. Introversion and oddness have been known to go together for a very long time.

Another thing the author noted was that many of them had turned into some sort of misanthropes. They were disgusted with the world and humanity, mostly because they thought the world was full of “idiots,” as they put it. They had gotten so tired of dealing with what they considered to be a moronic world that many of them had just given up and sought solace in solitude.

I am starting to suffer from the last one – misanthropy. Not because I like misanthropy – actually I hate it. But increasingly I feel like I am surrounded by idiots, and I do not mean people with low IQ’s.

I mean people who do not know how to think about the world. I mean people who have stupid ideas and stupid attitudes, not low IQ’s. I mean people regard whatever garbage and lies society told them as some sort of a cookbook about how to live your life. I mean people with black and white, either/or thinking to whom nothing is a shade of grey. I mean people who are allergic and hostile to the very idea of shades of grey or continua in the first place.

I mean people who do not know how to reason logically, which has little to do with IQ. Many people with IQ’s of 90-100 can reason very logically. I mean people who won’t think outside the box. I mean people who do not know the meaning of words. I mean people who understand little or nothing about human psychology and the psyche.

I mean people who cannot seem to grasp logical, simple, obvious truths of the human condition because they go against whatever “cookbook” they were brought up with. The main problem seem to be people trying to get along by thinking only along society’s dictates and not moving out and forging their own way in thinking and in life. Societally mandated thinking and it’s preposterous “logic” which is not logical at all is nothing but a prison, but it is a comfortable one.

I guess what I am getting at is wisdom. A lot of folks are pretty wise, but it is the ways in which they are not wise that bothers me most.

It’s really starting to get on my nerves.


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A brony convention, whatever the Hell that is.

A brony convention, whatever the Hell that is.

Bronies are a bizarre new postmodern phenomenon in which a large group of grown men aged 18-35 have become fanatical fans of a cartoon show for little girls called My Little Pony.


They have conventions in which they all dress up as cosplay players representing cartoon characters on the show. I am not sure exactly what they do at these conventions. Maybe it is like the Star Trek Trekkie phenomenon. In fact, bronies seem much like Trekkies in character and personality. These people are best described as “nerds.” There are also quite a few females involved in this scene, and some of the women look pretty cute.

Bronies have been widely derided for much the same reason that Trekkies are except bronies are even worse because this is a subculture of grown men obsessed with a cartoon show for little girls. There have been many attempts to troll bronies by 4chan members, and the show’s bulletin board had to be shut down because of 4chan troll invasions. I do not know why the chans hate bronies so much, perhaps because it is a group of grown men obsessed with a cartoon show for little girls.

Like many cartoons, My Little Pony does operate on several levels as the writers are quite clever. One level is for little girls who obviously cannot get sophisticated in-jokes. The other level is aimed at adults in which there are all sorts of clever allusions to modern life, other TV shows and characters and even movies. I confess to being a Spongebob Squarepants (mostly due to the cool first name he has), and it operates on this level also. But no way would I go to a Spongebob convention dressed as a kitchen sponge or whatever.

We really ought to see this as harmless fun I suppose as these folks are nerds who feel alienated and rejected by society. Many are highly introverted and have problems with socialization. It doesn’t hurt anyone, allows them to socialize and meet other humans and have a good time for once in a society that is probably largely rejecting of them.

A very large percentage of the males in this fanbase (really the whole MLP genre) are obese and I assume that they also tragically have very small penises, which used to make me fear that they would not reproduce much. However, my fears were alleviated, and many little bronies are now being popped out. Nerdy guys are males after all, and they need pussy like all the rest of us. Nerdy girls are sort of sad creatures, but they deserve the pleasures of motherhood.

Below is a post by a brony couple (yes these nerds do get together, marry and even mate and produce offspring – see above) who outrageously named their baby girl Pinkamerica Zecora. Supposedly that is a “pony” name.

Weird screengrab of bronies naming their little girl a really stupid name.

Click to enlarge and read. Weird screengrab of bronies naming their little girl a really stupid name.

I am sorry, but that is just messed up. Don’t give your kid weird names like that. They turned their own daughter into a joke. That seems just wrong.

That kid is probably going to end up an otherkin, a transsexual or a porn star, and I bet she offs herself before age 25. But I hope none of that happens.


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