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Protected: Girls’ Coffee Klatch and Hen Party

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Protected: Boys’ Tree House (No Girlz Allowed!)

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Alt Left: The Cultural Left Freakshow – Two Steps forward and One Step Back

Back in the 1970’s we had the idea that most men had a feminine side and most women had a masculine side, the degrees varying among different folks. We straight men had a lot of freedom in terms of gender expression. This was the glam rock and disco era, and we could do all sorts of crazy things without getting called gay. The assumption was everyone was straight until proven otherwise, which makes sense to me. No one talked about homosexuality much. Gays were not much out and consequently you hardly saw one or heard about them. Obviously they were walking about invisibly, but one could almost delude oneself that homosexuals barely existed.

If I wore now those crazy outfits I wore back, people would insist that I was gay. This would be a proven fact and no amount of arguing could convince anyone otherwise. This would also be the case if I acted as androgynous now as I did then. I always had a strong masculine side, but I had a strong feminine side running along with it in such an incomprehensible mix that a lot of people threw up their hands about my sexual orientation. I can’t tell you how many times people asked me in exasperation, “Are you straight or bi or gay or what!?” I didn’t make sense.

I was able to be a much softer, gentler, kinder, man, and I connected to women much better. Most of my friends were women because it seemed like I thought like them and that made it easy to click with them, and frequently macho males often made me sick. I used to joke that guys either wanted to fuck me or beat me up and sometimes both.

I’m angry and sad. I enjoyed having more of my feminine side out. It’s a beautiful part of me, and it softens a lot of my typically male aggression. I adopted a hard, tough, Alpha masculine role, and while I could do this, I had to lower my feminine side to do it. Hypermasculine is not bad and a lot of women like it, but I often feel that I don’t act like myself anymore,

The rise of gay rights also reduced a lot of gender expression for straight men because straight men began constricting their gender expression to hardening the masculine and reducing the feminine as a way to not be seen as gay.

If you want to know why men act hypermasculine, here you go. I am straight but I have been gay-bashed three times, once with a baseball bat. He was beating me in the head with the bat and screaming faggot. Also, people often thought I was gay or bi, and radfems might disagree, but this is not a good thing for a straight man in straight society, as it causes a lot of stupid problems that never seem to go away. And gay men won’t leave you alone.

You can solve all of these problems, avoid getting beaten by bats, and keep gay men at much more of a distance if you just macho it up to hypermasculinity. We men are not stupid. We don’t act hypermasculine to scare off women or hate women. Often it just makes life so much easier.



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Alt Left: We Are All Trans Now!

Actually, according to trans people, you, me and everyone else are all already trans! What little I knew! This is because I of course have masculine and feminine components, though I am a man. All women have masculine and feminine components also. So the fact that I am a masculine man who definitely has a feminine side somehow means that I can’t be a man, but instead I am some weird species of trans creature! Perhaps I am one that science has not discovered yet. None of you women are women either as you are all both feminine and masculine.

The only way to be a man is to be 100% masculine! Wow, that’s virulent toxic masculinity in a nutshell, that not only bashes gay men but also bashes a lot of straight men for being “fags” too. Such are men socialized into hardcore masculinity. It’s either that you or you get called gay your whole life, plus you get your ass kicked a few times.

The only way to be a woman is to be 100% feminine. Isn’t that a bit ridiculous? Like some swooning Southern belle, a silly, petty, giggly, and ultimately usually moronic creature who has gone so overboard on the femininity train that she is a caricature.

We are all trans now!

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Alt Left: Transsexuals and Transtrenders

Real transsexual people are the truly committed, perhaps with early onset of serious gender delusions.

Transtrenders are just masculine women and effeminate men who have jumped on the trans bandwagon to be cool. Transtrender is actually a widely used insult in and around the trans community.

I guess there are real men and fake men (transmen) and real women and fake women (transwomen). That’s four genders.

In addition, I guess there are real transwomen and fake transwomen and real transmen and fake transmen. That gives us a good six gender species right there.

Someone call a taxonomist.


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Alt Left: Putting “Transsexual” Minors on Hormones Boils Down to Child Abuse

70% of “trans” minors grow out of it by age 18. I know a man who tried to transition as a teenager. Then he went back. He now has some permanent physical damage and deformation to his body (3 inches too short for instance) due to his normal development as boy getting hijacked by powerful hormones. He calls his trans phase a delusion (which it is), and he’s deeply depressed, even suicidal. Oh, and he’s also incel. And consequently he’s really pissed off on top of the suicidality and self-hate.

Giving these “trans” kids those insane hormones boils down to child abuse.


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Alt Left: Women Throw a Shit Fit over True Facts


How women define “truth.”

Does that statement make women look good? Yes ——————————> Statement is true.

Does that statement make women look anything less than stellar? Yes ———————> Statement is false.

What do you know! A brand new theory of moral philosophy, feminist style!

* Actually these are not really women per se. Instead they are a subgroup of women called Feminist Retards. I should have known. Sorry for any real women who got offended by me calling you feminists. I’m sorry. I really am.


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Alt Left: A Little Respect Goes a Long Way

Jason: I hate to play the devil’s advocate, but sometimes women, children, men are asking for violence. In other words, without a culture of fear, these people would become so tyrannical as to be worse than possible people who would punch them.

I have always said that the world of men or Man World operates on a Terror Principle. The glue that holds the whole damn thing together is what I call “the threat of a punch in the face.” We men are so violent. Many of us men are terrified of other men. There are countless rules in Man World, and when you break some of them, the penalty can be a punch in the face or worse. I’m nice and decent to men and follow the rules of Man World mostly so other guys won’t punch me in the face.

Or worse!

As a result, I have gotten into quite a few fistfights with other men. Hell, I still get into about one fistfight a year, and I’m 60 years old! I have pulled large knives on and pepper sprayed other men, been roughed up by cops a couple of times, had detectives threaten to beat confessions out of me in their office. I took a baseball bat and smashed someone’s front door down with it. I’ve made bombs that blew up car windshields and firebombs that set lawns on fire. I’ve slashed people’s tires. I’ve turned cars upside down with groups of other men. I’ve blown out glass doors with slingshots.

I’m not bragging here but I know just how dangerous men are. Hell, I’m even dangerous myself! How’s that for confirmatory evidence?

And I am actually a pretty pacifistic fellow. It’s just that I don’t take any shit from anyone, and I believe in paybacks. Almost all of the above, someone attacked me first or harmed me in some serious way.

Women sure act a lot better when they defer to men and are afraid of us. I run into this all the time, even with teenage girls. They defer to me and act a bit like they are afraid of me. As a result of this fear, they defer and are also very nice and almost submissive. My end of the deal is to be very nice back to them, a perfect gentleman.

It’s as if they are saying, “I am afraid of you, so I will defer to you and act submissive to you. In return please don’t hit me or kill me and please be nice to me.”

The men say, “Thank you for your deference and submissiveness. I will be very kind and gentlemanly to you as a result.”

It works perfectly. They have their end of the deal to uphold, and I have my end of the deal to uphold. If I act like a dick, they’re free to turn into bitches real fast, which most of them will do, and is their right.

This is how civilization works. Notice how Japanese women or sometimes even men bow in front of you when they meet you. Everybody’s pretty much kissing everyone else’s ass all the time. It may seem degrading and humiliating, but if people are always kissing your own ass too, it’s no big deal. I kiss other people’s ass; they kiss my ass, no problem.

You end up with a very polite society – so polite it is almost neurotic and too polite. It is sort of a transactional thing. People are cutting these ass kissing deals (shows of pure respect) and in response, the person who received the pure respect has to be grateful for the respect and kind to the person who gave it to him.

The Japanese almost like Blacks in a way in that they think the worst thing is to “diss” someone. It’s just that if you diss a Japanese, he will just think you are either a caveman or barely human, almost on the level of a dog and he will act disgusted with you. When you diss a Black man, he puts a bullet in your head. In both cases though, it’s quite clear. Humans, especially males, demand respect. When it’s not given to them, it can be an unpretty picture.

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Alt Left: Modern Western Women Have No Fear of Men. Is That Rational?

I think women should fear men a lot more.

Let me give you an example.

I know my people. I am terrified of men. I know what we are like. Already several men have tried to murder me, and the only way I got away was to try to kill or possibly kill them first (I didn’t stick around to judge the results of my counterattack.) And this doesn’t not even account non-fatal attacks like kidnappings, sexual assaults, and beatings, including being jumped by five men at once and being beaten by a baseball bat.

To radical feminists, male violence against men is meaningless, and radfems have zero empathy for male victims of male violence. For radfems, it’s all about the wimmins. And maybe the chillins. That’s right. The only male violence that radfems care about is male violence against women and kids!

As a result of my experiences, I am not impressed by radfems erasure of male violence against men.

Men are violent period.

It makes no sense to single out violence against women. There’s nothing special about violence against women, and I doubt if most is driven by misogyny. Men are just violent period and they lash out at everything around them for various reasons. I haven’t really been a woman beater in my life (I’ve hit a few but they hit me first, and I didn’t do much damage), but if I were a violent man looking around for something to take my rage out on, I would surely attack a woman before a man simply because she would be an easy target to me. I don’t think women realize how dangerous it is for men to attack other men.

As a result of my experiences, I am terrified of men, and I defer to them almost always, even completely breaking down and going disgustingly submissive if I have to keep a violent man at bay. I don’t start fights with men. I don’t insult men and I am very careful of everything I say to men so as not to inadvertently insult them. I never call a man gay unless I am pretty sure that’s what he is. I never attack a straight man’s masculinity. Where I live, you call a straight man gay or attack his masculinity, you are going to get hit. Period. And no one will call the police or defend you.

I have been appalled my entire life at how fearless women act around men. They deliberately pick and start fights with us, and in many cases they seem to be trying to push men to their limits or past them. That’s called “trying to get murdered” in Man World. In Man World, you do that and some guy beats you up or kills you, everyone at the bar will blame you because you basically poked a tiger with a stick. When women fearlessly provoke men like this, it’s as if they are taunting a grizzly bear with a stick and defying it to attack them.

I am not defending male violence against women (or anyone really). But is it too much to ask women to not go out their way to deliberately pick fights with, antagonize, prod, and provoke dangerous men into violence? At the very least this seems profoundly stupid. Of course women have the right to defend themselves. But I’m not talking about that. I’m talking about starting stuff with innocent men, which women do constantly, especially nowadays. How does that make sense? Why pick a fight with a maniac, which is what most of us men are? I don’t get it.

If I am terrified of male violence as a man for God’s sake, why aren’t much weaker women as afraid of men as I am?

Women must regard men as inherently dangerous creatures who are capable of violence, even homicidal violence, at almost any time. The advice would be for women to either avoid dangerous men or at least tread carefully around them, right?


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Alt Left: The Madness of the Cultural Left Freakshow Known as the Nonbinary Community

This group also ties in the “queer” movement, which really means nothing at all, pansexual people, which makes little more sense, and nonbinary, which doesn’t make much sense either.

All of this craziness has been taken on by of all people radical feminists, who are not known for being rational. But on this issue they are straight up sane. Radfems argue quite logically that there are only two genders: you’re either a male or a you’re a female. Transwomen are men who think they are women, and radfems are not fond of them for a variety of reasons. Transmen are women who think they are men. Radfems don’t talk about them much, but one criticism is that they are about as extreme as a female self-hater can get. That’s hard to argue with.

Let’s look at some of these silly words coming out of the Queer, Intersectional and Third Wave sex-positive feminist movement (radfems are actually Second Wavers from all the way back in the 1960’s)

What do any of these words mean? Bisexual, lesbian, gay, straight, ok, straightforward and descriptive.

What is queer? So far, no one has given me an answer that makes sense. A professor who I read has recently come out as queer. He’s a geeky straight guy with a normal girlfriend and a little kid, but he’s a radical professor always writing about modern insurrectionary or revolutionary movements.

I don’t care that he’s a dork. His girlfriend loves him and some men are just this way. But as far as I can tell, he identified as queer simply out of solidarity with gay/lesbian/bi/trans people. That’s his way of being an ally. This guy is hardcore straight. He’d never touch another man and he’s not remotely feminine. So he’s completely straight and 100% “cis.” So what does his calling himself queer even mean? What does it mean when anyone says that? I will tell you what it means. Queer means absolutely nothing at all. Put it in the word trashcan.

I don’t like pansexual either. This is an idiotic term. Look, you can be straight, bisexual, or homosexual (lesbian or gay).

Trans is nonsense. It’s nothing. These are very feminine men or very masculine women who mostly have gone so far off the gay scale that they now believe they are opposite sex. Well, that’s dumb.

Look, let’s get real. If you are a very masculine woman and a lesbian, why not just be a lesbian? Everyone knows that extremely masculine lesbians are not rare. In fact they are quite common.

Ok, say you are a very effeminate man who is homosexual. Once again, that’s not uncommon. A recent study found 70% of gay men were effeminate but only 3% of straight men were. This makes sense to me as people have always known that many gay men are at least somewhat effeminate. This goes along with the homosexuality. Not everyone likes it but most just think, “Well gay men are just like that. It’s normal for them to be femmy.”

But what is a pansexual? Does that word even have a meaning? I am a linguist and to me that is an empty semantic concept that is just a “fill in the blank with whatever meaning the word has to you” type thing. In other words, word trash can.

What are pansexuals? Pans will have sex with men and women. Not a problem. Those people are called bisexuals and they are quite common, more common than homosexuals. So why not just be bi? Why go full idiot all the way to pan? Well, pan as best I can tell means you will have sex with cis men and women (in other words, real men and women who lack delusions about their gender). Fair enough.

But bi is not ok here because in addition to that, you will also have sex with these trans creatures, who are just men who think they are women and women who think they are men. Obviously they are human, but pan implies that they are not men, nor are they women. Well what are they then? Are they identifying as humans? Humans are all either males or females. What are you if you are neither? An alien?

So pansexuals will have sex with regular men and women. Cool. But they will also have sex with these trans oddities, which are also regular men and women except they are nuts. But according to “pan,” there’s men, there’s women, and then there are these trans creatures, who apparently are two varieties of hominids that are neither male nor female. What a dumb word that is.

Demigirl and Demipan are two of the 133 different types of gender. Each has some silly slice of meaning that I cannot recall now. I have been called a reactionary forever now for calling bullshit on this nonsense. Facebook recently offered users 133 different genders to choose from. Male and female don’t cut it anymore, folks! This should be the subject of a joke, but instead it really happening, and most folks are taking it seriously, shrugging their shoulders, and saying, “Cool, 133 different genders. Like Baskin Robbins, but better.”

Almost all of these crazy genders are simply varieties of homosexual and in some cases bisexual. As far as I can tell, straight people do not go “non-binary.”

The reactionaries laugh at the Left, but can you blame them? The Left is a laughingstock.


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