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New Interview with Me Up: Robert Stark Interviews Alt Left Blogger Ryan Englund

I am actually one of the interviewers on the show along with Rabbit, von Goldstein and Stark. All in all, this was a truly fantastic show ,and I have a great deal of respect for all three of these men.

Rabbit has always been very nice and respectful towards me, and I respect him for that. I also think he is a fine writer with some good ideas.

Alex von Goldstein was also on. Although he is Jewish, he is probably the most Alt Right of all of us. He also is quite smart, and I gained new respect for him on this show.

Ryan Englund is a brilliant new member of the Alt Left who has rapidly risen to become one of its stars. I honestly cannot believe how smart and learned he is. Of all four of us on the show, he may well have been the smartest and most educated person there. He’s a really nice guy, he’s very easy to get along with, he’s sane, rational, stable and calm, and he’s also a very smart political strategist (I’m not the most diplomatic person out there, so I’m probably not really great at politics). At the moment, I would say that Ryan is one of the leaders of the movement. Although I founded it and Rabbit was the next early adopter, nearly Rabbit nor I put in nearly the work on it that Ryan does.

Robert Stark Interviews Alt Left Blogger Ryan Englund

Robert Stark, Alex von Goldstein, Rabbit, and Alt Left founder Robert Lindsay talk to Ryan Englund. Ryan is from Alberta, Canada, and blogs at Samizdat Chronicles.

Topics include:

Ryan’s political journey and his early experiences with censorship from both the Right and Left.
The political situation in Canada.
How Ryan’s interest has always been in labor and economic issues rather than Identity Politics.
Ryan discovered the Alt Left through Rabbit’s Alt Left Manifesto and Robert Lindsay‘s blog.
Ryan’s manifesto The Alternative Left – What It Is.
Subtypes on the Alternative Left.
The Left Wing of the Alt Right, who are most open to race realism and opposed to mass immigration but are also inclined towards some kind of economic socialism or social democracy.
The Red Enlightenment, which includes Transhumanism, Fututirsm, and an outlook based on science and reason.
The brocialistsRyan’s article on on Warren Farrell‘s book The Myth of Male Power and how it relates to Marxist theory.
The Gamergate Left including The Amazing Atheist and Sargon of Akkad.
The new Alt Left entryists who are trying to impose SJW Political Correctness on the movement and purge some of the original members.
Life of Brian – The People’s Front of Judea.
The Regressive Left and how SJW’s are the new fascists.
The effects of mass immigration on workers and how the labor movement was historically for immigration restriction.
How corporations have no loyalty to their nations.
Ryan points out a quote from the Communist Manifesto.


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“Creepy Indian Men on the Internet,” by Magneto

Creepy Indian Men on the Internet

By Magneto

I’m sure we’ve all gotten creepy and weird messages from random Indian men on the Internet before, especially if you’re a White woman too. Anyway, I get 100s of messages a month on Facebook from random Indian men, and it’s obvious that the only reason they want to be my “friend” is because I’m a White guy living in India, so if they were to become friends with me, it would boost their own social standing and popularity mecause they’d be able to brag to their friends “Look at me, I am friends with a foreigner!”

Naturally I am unable to reply to 100’s of messages a month since I am pretty busy with different things, so every once in a while, one of the Indian guys will write a very nasty message saying something like, “Fuck you man! Why don’t you reply! You fucking asshole!”

Whenever this happens, I fucking lose my cool and explode at them. I ask them, “You think my life revolves around answering Facebook messages from random weird Indian stalkers?” Then they always go into their basic defense, “Fuck you man! You need to leave my country! You’re a foreigner!”

To this I reply, “I have more of a right to be here than you since I am a real follower of Hindu culture and religion, and therefore I am a true Indian. You are just a subhuman who happened to be born on this land.”

Then the creepy Indian man will usually say something like, “My father/uncle/brother is … (in some high position in society)” and then I reply “Oh really? So I guess it won’t matter then if I report this conversation to the police and to my two different lawyers who work for me then?”

At this point the creepy Indian guy will freak out and say some last-ditch insult in an effort to regain his pathetic ego which has by now been shattered to pieces before he blocks me. And this exact incident has happened probably at least 10 different times with 10 different Indian men. It always follows the basic same pattern, which I have outlined above.

So yes, the whole “creepy Indian stalker” stereotype is indeed very much real. I can’t even imagine how bad White women must have it. I’ve seen conversations where an Indian man will send a White woman a message, and then when she doesn’t reply within an hour, he will send another message, then another message, going days and weeks on end, sometimes sending 100’s of messages. And not only are the messages creepy, but they are also pathetic as Hell. I remember reading one message where an Indian man had written to some random White woman “Hello my little tulip rose.” LOL! What a pick up line!

Is there something wrong with Indian men? Has the pollution in India or the culture just made them completely retarded? There was actually a TV show on Indian television a few years ago called “What’s Wrong with Indian Men?” It was meant to be a comedy show, and it was mainly a bunch of Indian women complaining about how creepy and weird Indian men are and sharing their own stories about bad experiences they’ve had with creepy Indian men who tried to stalk them.

That’s the difference between feminism in India and feminism in the West. In the West, feminism has turned into a man-hating movement. Whereas in India, feminism is just trying to achieve basic equal rights for women and to also get Indian men to start treating Indian women with respect. So I actually support feminism in India. Hopefully feminism will force many Indian men to evolve and start behaving like a decent human being instead of a creepy stalker.

This is why I do not even reply to these guy’s messages because if I reply once, they will send 50 messages in return. Do Indian men lack all self-awareness or capacity for introspection? Do they honestly not realize how creepy their behavior is? Indian men have massive egos, and they cannot handle the slightest hint of rejection. Indians are probably the most insecure people on earth, and that is why they get offended so easily.

Let’s end this article with a true story. I was at a bar with a couple of Indian guys, and there was a table of five Indian girls sitting across from us. I was just sitting there at our table calmly drinking a beer, and I noticed my two Indian male friends were staring at the Indian girls. A long, sustained stare which made me literally cringe with embarrassment. I tried starting a conversation so they would focus on our own table again and it worked for a minute or so, but then they both turned around and started giving the death stare to the Indian girls again. At this point I was thinking “Holy shit, what the fuck?” but there wasn’t a whole lot I could do.

I just told them, “Let’s get out of here,” and we all left and as they walked past the ladies table, they gave the same intense stare the whole time. And both of these guys were pretty educated. One of them was a very intelligent, cultured Indian guy who was familiar with Western Classical Literature and had no trouble picking up White tourist women and having one night stands with them. I was just freaked out by this behavior and didn’t really know what to make of it. So if even highly cultured and educated Indian men behave this way, then you can’t even imagine how sick, backwards, and misogynistic the uneducated and rural village Indian men behave.

Uneducated rural village Indian men are literally living in the 12th century, and yet these people are flooding into the Western world as “refugees”. These people are incapable of integrating into 21st century modern European culture. Why? Because they are 10 centuries behind Europe, so how can we ever expect such a bunch of savage barbarians to even be capable of integration?

The average White European or American has not yet consciously understood how savage and barbaric most of these 3rd World immigrants are, because if they did there would be a civil war by tomorrow morning. If White Europeans and Americans actually understood the danger that these 3rd World barbarians pose to the West, I believe White people would fight back and send them all back to their own countries, and would have no hesitation in using force to accomplish this.

To any Indian men reading this? Please stop it with the death stare. It makes the person you are staring at very uncomfortable, and it makes you look like a very creepy stalker. Learn some manners, don’t harass women, and especially don’t harass tourists. Because you guys harass tourists and make them feel very uncomfortable, this is why India has such a bad reputation worldwide. And please stop stalking White women on the Internet. It makes you look pathetic and makes your country look like a country full of rapists.

But then again maybe that really is what India truly is- a country full of men who abuse women, rape women, and treat women like crap. If you guys ever want to evolve and join the rest of the world in the 21st century? A good place to start would be to change the way you behave towards women and learn how to behave with women in a normal, non-creepy manner.


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Obligatory Anti-White Male Comment of the Day

The fact is that White males are the pinata of the whole country right now and it’s ok for everyone to beat the Hell out of them. Therefore, I thought I should speak up. I am an appropriately self-hating White male who now calls himself a transnigger androgyne in a feeble attempt to do what can never be done – atone for the limitless sins and evils of my pathetic race and by lowly, debased gender. Yet even I cannot stand by and lets these – our – my – transgressions go forth unpaid. I must shed my endless layers of privilege, cast them aside in the breeze, and take part of the well-deserved flagellation of myself and my people. I humbly present my bare naked White ass to you non-White non-male exalted ones for your pummeling pleasure.

I am in gratitude to SJW Central. As an organization, they are doing their best to doing their best to give us the beating we so well earned until we repent our ways and present ourselves to the non-Albinos and vagina’d ones for our overdue punishment. In order to help with the cause, SJW Central is offering $10 for every White male bashing post published for the next three weeks. Long overdue!

As a White male of course and I am not only evil racially but I am also inept genderwise. As such, of course I am too lame to work. Anyway, I should remove myself from the workforce to allow non-Whites and breasted ones to please partake of my earnings instead of me. I don’t even ask you to share. I’m worthy of being shared with. Please enjoy it yourself and leave me to my justified solitude, poverty, and penance. What I am trying to say is that as an evil incompetent White male, of course I am too malign and lame to work, so I will gladly jump at the chance to earn $10, especially by pounding my ill-begotten kind:

Found on the Net:

The fact that Trump will win among White men while so many other groups find him so odious should tell you something about why white men have such a bad reputation among so many people.

Ouch! That hurt! No matter how much you love us palefaced penised ones, you have to admit that is painfully true. As noted above, that we are deplorable should go without saying.

There, I did it. OK, you happy now?

Now give me my ten bucks, you freaks!


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Cultural Left Idiocy of the Day


This stuff is just getting nuttier and nuttier all the time, you know?

I am going to start posting this sort of insanity on a regular basis I think.


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Feminut Brainwashing in Australia


There’s not going to be any end to this. Third wave feminism was bad enough, and now we are in 4th wave, and I have no idea even what that is.

I actually like some 2nd wave feminists. No really, I do. Sex-positive feminism, one of the only useful feminist currents, came directly out of the Second Wave and the Porn Wars. I understand that Jezebel is officially sex-positive, and I have never found that site to be anti-men. They’re anti-asshole, but that’s not the same thing as being anti-men. I always thought I could make alliance with Jezebel types. They seem like they like cock too much to hate men.

This has been the fatal downfall of many a feminist – they need the dick. The more of a cock addict you are, and it’s worse if you’re strictly dickly as so many women really are if you get right down to it, the more that is just going to pull you away from the really nutty feminism right there.

Let’s face it, feminism is man-hatred. They scream and yell, “They say we all hate men! It’s not true!” Well, you know why we say that? Because so many of you are, really, truly and objectively, man-haters by any stretch of the imagination.

Even more accurate is to say that feminism plugs in to the anger and resentment many ordinary straight non-misandrist women feel towards men. Most women have some sort of anger and resentment towards men and vice versa. It’s fairly normal, and it’s called the War of Sexes.

The problem is that feminism plugs right into whatever lingering anger and resentment any particular woman has towards men, and almost all have some. Even with women I have known fairly well, I see their faces harden and become colder when feminism is brought up. They take positions that are deliberately designed to privilege women and screw over men. I point this out, and they shrug their shoulders. So what! It’s paybacks! Feminism is all about paybacks and revenge against the men. Well screw that. I’m a man, and the Hell if I am going to support you attacking me legally and societally by taking revenge on me.

My message to feminists if you want men to quit calling you man-haters, how bout if you quit hating men so much? I mean, just for starters?


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Robert Stark, Rabbit, and Alex von Goldstein Talk about the 2nd Presidential Debate, Milo & the Alt Left

Here and clickable title below.

This is a great show with Stark, Rabbit and von Goldstein. It’s not an interview – instead it’s just them discussing various things. They discuss me a fair amount here, so obviously it’s a great interview! Yay!

The first half they are mostly talking about Trump and Hillary and the election. All three of them support Trump, but the things they attack Hillary on are absolutely correct. She does indeed represent the worst of the Right and the Left.

They go on to discuss social democracy, health care models, and Trump and Hillary on US foreign policy in Syria.

They then go on to talk about the Alt Left a lot, including Rabbit’s piece, A Proposal to Go Away which takes on the newer Alt Left entryists who have heavily taken over the movement and are moving it away from Rabbit’s and my alternating views on either White advocacy, race realism, the Jewish Question, gender realism, Pedophile Mass Hysteria or other taboo topics some of which Rabbit and I have specialized in.

Rabbit takes offense to one of the entryists saying that Rabbit’s wing does not even belong on the Alt Left at all, when Rabbit practically founded the movement! Rabbit is a bit outraged about that. He also notes that the same person said that I might be ok, while Rabbit isn’t. Rabbit points out that I am not so sweet and innocent either and that I am tainted like he is. He makes the point that the whole idea of the Alt Left was to be a Left where you could talk about all sorts of taboo topics like race and gender realism, Red Pillism, MRA’s, PUA/Game, anti-feminism, sexual orientation realism, gender identity realism, etc.

Rabbit notes that first of all, I have been writing about Left Race Realism for a very long time – up to seven years. He also notes that if you go back and look at my older stuff you will find all sorts of incendiary material on Jewish influence, my being attracted to teenage girls (no apologies folks), etc.

In discussing Ryan England’s article, Rabbit, Stark and von Goldstein all agree that they would be on the Left Wing of the Alt Right. Rabbit also notes that he likes Ryan, and I agree. I like him very much. Actually this is still probably the biggest wing at the moment and the biggest Alt Left group on Facebook is apparently a problematic Left Wing of the Alt Group. They talk about Rabbit’s article about how Milo, whoever he is, is not one of us. He’s not Alt Right for sure, and no way on Earth is he Alt Left. They then go on to discuss why Rabbit never felt at home on the Alt Right – for much the same reasons I never did either.

They also discuss Retro Futurism, New Retro Wave, Synthwave, etc. and how some on the Alt Right are adopting some of these movements. Honestly, I have no idea what these movements are at all.

Robert Stark, Rabbit, and Alex von Goldstein Talk about the 2nd Presidential Debate, Milo & the Alt Left

Trump’s debate performance far exceeded the first debate and was consistent yet combative from the beginning.
How despite that, Trump did more to solidify his base rather than appeal to undecided voters.
How Trump responded to the leaked lewd comments of his.
Trump vows to get rid of the carried interest loophole, despite his support for tax cuts for the top 1%.
WikiLeaks Dump: Hillary Dreams of ‘Open Trade and Open Borders.
Excerpts from $Hilary Clinton$’s $Wall Street Speeches$.
How Hillary Clinton represent the worst of both the left and right (corporate plutocracy, anti-worker, anti-white and male discrimination, and neoconservative foreign policy).
In contrast, Bernie Sanders proposed policies that would have benefited the working and middle classes and like Trump posed a threat to the establishment.
How the political ideal would be to combine the best aspects of Trump and Sanders (ex. Radical Centrism).
How Trump’s economic policies are not ideal, but he is going as far as he can within the limits of the GOP’s Overton Window.
Health care in the debate, how Trump focused on criticizing Obamacare but only briefly touched on his proposal to allow insurance companies to compete over state lines.
Robert’s point that in the American health care model you’re screwed if you can’t afford health care, but in the public model in England where he lived, everyone gets health care, but the quality is not the same as private hospitals in the United States.
Rabbit’s point that socialized medicine works best in small homogeneous societies but not on a large scale in the United States.
Robert’s point that the Swiss Model for Health Care is the best of the existing models, but ideally insurance should be a usury-free public utility.
Trump correctly admitted that Russia, Iran and Assad are a counter balance to ISIS and Wahhabism to the dismay of GOP foreign policy hawks.
Why there needs to be restrictions on democracy.
Rabbit’s article A Proposal To Go Away about the Alt Left and how many of the new members are saying that Rabbit isn’t Alt Left, despite his being involved much longer.
How Alt Left founder Robert Lindsay has been involved in Left Race Realism for a long time.
The article Sub Types on the Alternative Left, and how Rabbit as well as Robert and Alex fit into the Left Wing of the Alt Right.
How the Trump’s campaign, Milo, and Breitbart are bringing mainline conservatives into the Alt-Right, and the Alt-Left is attracting disaffected Bernie Sanders supporters who still hold onto a degree of Political Correctness.
Rabbit’s article Milo Inc. – Not One of Ours Either about how Milo is a mainstream capitalist conservative, is not Alt -Right, and supports importing foreign tech workers and neoconservative foreign policy.
How despite that, Milo has been useful in trolling Political Correctness.
How Rabbit’s socially liberal views and interest in futurism and modern art often make him feel out of place in the Alt-Right.
Robert’s point that the Alt-Right is adopting Retro Futurism, New Retro Wave/Synthwave, and Vaporwave  (ex. Alt-Right Synthwave Artist Xurious).
Rabbit’s response that they are attracted to the aesthetics and popular memes but still hold onto reactionary traditionalist views.

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Introducing A New Writer on Beyond Highbrow

Hi, this is a new writer who will be writing for me, Magneto. He’s writing under a nom de plume because he told me that if he wrote under his real name, he might get physically attacked or even killed. That’s how nuts Indians are about criticism of their culture. He’s very smart, and I think he is also quite a good writer. He’s also a really nice guy. So welcome aboard.

Introducing A New Writer

by Magneto

Greetings to you all. I am a new writer for the blog, and although I don’t want to reveal much about myself, I will say that I am a White person from a Western country who has been living in India for the past few years now. As a result I’ve gained a tremendous perspective about India that most outsiders could never gain, and I am eager to share my realizations with people. Robert has kindly given me an opportunity to do so.

Not all of my future articles are going to be solely focused on the negatives of India. There are indeed some positives, and I’ll be talking about that too. But for now, and since this is my first article, let’s focus on what I would consider as the Number One problem in India – sexual repression.

I can promise you that you won’t find a country that is more sexually repressed in this whole world than India. The root cause of this is due to the egotistical pride of Indians. They pride themselves so much on their backwards, ancient culture that they refuse to change and consider accepting a better way of doing things. And if you even so much as suggest to them that there is a better way of doing things, they get offended and turn around to attack and insult you. Most Indians have very fragile egos and are very insecure, and this is why when Indians come to the West, they stick to their own ghettos and don’t integrate with White people or other cultures. It’s because they are very insecure, and deep down inside they feel inferior to White people, and thus they are too afraid to ever try to became part of a different social group.

Indian men demand that their wives are virgins at the time of marriage. But they also want to have sex with tons of women. Now, how can you have sex with tons of women if you force the women to remain virgins until marriage? What women are you going to be having sex with since they are all virgins?

Indians also are hypocrites, and I’ve had a few honest Indians tell me this directly. Because most Indians are still brainwashed by their backwards, ancient culture and religion, they will publicly put on a moral face and act like sex is a bad or dirty thing. But in private, they are the horniest and most lusty people you will ever find. So why not just stop being a hypocrite and stop trying to treat sex as something that is morally wrong or dirty and just embrace it?

Anyway, most Indians don’t have sex until marriage, so if you’ve been a virgin you’re whole life, and you finally get married around age 30 and have sex, all of that sexually repressed energy is going to come flooding out, and there’s no way that one sexual partner will be able to satisfy you. This is why India has the highest infidelity rate in the world. As one Indian girl told me in her own words, “Indians don’t have any sex until marriage, and then after marriage they have so much sex”. Now, all of these extramarital affairs takes place on the down-low. And adultery is actually still a crime in India, even in the 21st century!

Another example is how the vast majority of hotels in India won’t rent rooms to unmarried couples. And since most young men and young women still live with their parents (Indian women live with their parents up until the time of marriage, even if they get married at age 30 or 35), where are they supposed to have sex, since they obviously can’t have sex at their parents’ houses? Well, you’ll find many Indians having sex in dark public parks at night, or in abandoned buildings, or in cars, etc. The situation really is quite pathetic.

Another negative side of India’s sexual repression is that many men grow up and never learn how to interact with women in a normal way, since young men and young women are basically segregated due to the conservative religious culture. So they literally have no idea how to behave around women, and they watch these stupid Bollywood movies which shows the hero stalking the heroine and eventually winning her heart by continuing to stalk her.

That explains why Indian men will stalk women online, and if a woman doesn’t reply to their message, they will send another and another and another, and sometimes it will add up to hundreds of messages. I’m not criticizing the poor guys, I truly feel sorry for them. The darkest side of this is that Indian men also do not know how to handle rejection because they’ve never had any real experience with women before, and so if a woman rejects their advances, they explode with rage. This rage leads to sexual assault, rape, violence, acid attacks, and murder.

Since most Indian women are so sexually inexperienced, they also have zero idea of how to have sex, and sex with the average Indian girl is quite disappointing. Sex for most Indians means the missionary position. That is the full extent of their sexual lives. And because Indian men are so sexually repressed, most of them will last only 2 or 3 minutes in bed. So it’s not hard to understand how sexually unsatisfied most Indian women are either.

What is the solution to India’s sexual repression? People have to be willing to evolve and change. And that means being willing to admit that their backwards ancient culture and religion is not the absolute answer to everything and that outsiders (non-Indians) might just have better ways of living. Some very simple solutions:

  • Make it illegal for a hotel to deny an unmarried couple a room
  • Get rid of the adultery laws and make it legal for people to have sex with whoever they want to
  • Legalize prostitution
  • Promote more liberal sexual values in the media and schools including sex education
  • Stop considering sex as a sin
  • Be honest and admit that you like sex and stop feeling guilt about having sex


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Vocal Fry

This is the latest silly way of speaking that a lot of teenage girls and young women have taken up nowadays. A recent study found that 70% of US college coeds use this speech style. It is also common in women all through their 20’s. I had no idea what it was until a friend turned me on to it. Apparently people have been talking about it for a long time now and I am just not hip enough to keep up with all the latest groovy fads and trends.

Below is an example of Vocal Fry. No, not (((Lauren Southern))), the bizarro Alt Right Danish Aryan Jew (WTF). The college girl, a relatively well-known UCLA feminist, who is playing SJW in berating a Lyft driver for having some Hawaiian tiki doll or something glued onto his dashboard. Apparently this tiki doll is oppressing Native Hawaiians just by being stuck onto that dashboard. They get into a big argument about the doll and he eventually practically throws her out of the car without even taking her home, which is apparently his right.

The refers to “the continent of Hawaii.” Based on that, it is unknown how she managed to get into a university in the first place. She is also covered in gross tattoos like a total slut, but whatever. I bet she goes on lots of Slut Walks.

A very good example of Vocal Fry is the reality TV stars Kardashians. It is said that all of these women talk in Vocal Fry, but Courtney seems to use it the most. The Kardashians of course have now spawned about 19,000 separate spinoffs. I believe they have also started up their very own business called Sluts ‘R Us, which is becoming very popular, especially with young men.

So this is what it’s come to, eh? All of these girls and young women are imitating the speech of the Kardashians of all people. In other words, millions of young American females have decided it’s hip to talk like retarded whores.

Speech pathologists say these these ditzy teenage girls and young ladies are actually damaging their vocal tracts in addition to sounding stupid, but I doubt if that will stop any of them.

I actually do not know any girls or young ladies who talk like this, but I am only close to a few teenage girls and young women in their 20’s. Unfortunately, most but not all of them are now outside my dating range.

Another silly way of talking is called Upspeak. This means speaking with a rising intonation at the end of a sentence. It sounds as if they are turning every sentence into a question. This is a well known feminine speech style. It makes you sound weak and insecure because it seems like you are not even sure that what you are saying is even the right thing to say, but that is part of femininity you know. Anyway, males should not talk like this unless you want to sound like a complete pussy. I don’t know much about Upspeak except that Asian women sometimes talk like this. I rather like Upspeak because it makes women sound feminine.


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Game/PUA: Grab Them in the Pussy!

That’s a great motto, isn’t it? I like that. It has a nice ring to it, sort of like an ad jingle, right?

So, what do you all think of the latest blowup with Mr. Trump?

Surely you have heard of the sex scandal with the 2005 recording with Billy Bush and Trump recorded before a TV show in Hollywood.

In it, Trump brags about how he grabs and kisses women without getting their permission beforehand.

Supposedly this is sexual assault, but this is just how you do it. Up with sexual assault! The only way I have ever gotten laid in life is via sexual assault.

Sooner or later, you grab her. You grab her hand and put it in yours. You put your arm around her. You put your hand on her leg. You put your arm over her neck and reach down to feel her breasts under her shirt. You lunge at her in the passenger seat and kiss her like a madman. You take your foot and put it gently into her ass as she stands in front of you. You start feeling her clothes.

You start feeling her shoulders. You put your hands on her face. You gently lean forward, put your hand on her chin, and start kissing her. You grab her, throw her up against the wall and start kissing her really hard. You grab her ass. You put your hand in her dress pocket. You start feeling up her tits. You reach down, unzip her pants and start feeling her pussy. You start taking her clothes off.

I have never asked for permission to do any of these things. Why should I? You never ask for permission to anything sexual with a woman. You just do it. If she likes it, she reciprocates, often wildly. If she doesn’t like and firmly says no, you better knock it off. Why don’t ask? Because if you ask her, she will probably say no! The dumbest question ever to ask any female is, “Do you want to have sex?” But “Can I kiss you right now?” is not far behind. We are supposed to ask for permission to do any of these things now? Forget it. That’s madness. Down that road leads the monastery.

Of course I have mostly done this sort of thing in dating situations, but not always.

The thing is, I only do this when I get a signal. And you should too. Sexual assault is only ok if you get strong signals that it’s ok, and even then you knock it off as soon as she gets angry.

I used to get them quite often when I was young, but even then if it was not a dating situation, I was scared to assault her due to what is happening to Mr. Trump right now.

But the signals are pretty unmistakable. It’s talking without words. You look at her, and her mind is sending out a message that says, “Kiss me” or “Go for it”, or “If you want to go for it, go ahead”. Sometimes she looks at you, catches your eye, says, “Hey, Bob,” and nods her head a bit. That meant “If you want to go for it Bob, go right ahead. I am giving you the green light.”

I know these signals are real and I am not imagining them. You know how I know that? Because I hardly ever get them anymore! That’s why? I’m the same guy as I was back then. Was I hallucinating then and I’ve only stopped hallucinating now? Hell no. Am I getting the same signals now as I was then, only then I read it one way and now I read it another way?

Hell no. I can read women very, very well. And if there is one signal I get very, very often from women these days, it is, “Sorry, not interested.” There are 10,000 ways to convey that, and I know them all. Once again it’s mind reading, but it’s not hard to do.

My philosophy would be that of course you sexually assault women on dates in the sense that you grab them, touch them, kiss them, poke them, etc. without asking for permission. Legally that’s sexual assault, but sexual assault makes the world go around. If you don’t assault females, you will die a virgin. And on dates, when you she knocks your hand away a few times, you might consider stopping the assaulting. It’s pretty low to keep after her the whole date while she’s slapping you away the whole time. A lot of males do it just like this and yes you can wear them down over time, but it’s sleazy and it’s pretty rapey too. And it’s not very nice at all. It’s a dick move another words.

When not on dates, sometimes you can assault women, but these opportunities do not happen a lot. It’s better to do this very subtly. Invade her space. If she stays there, you’re ok. If she moves away from you, leave her alone. The assaulting should be a lot more subtly and gently than when on dates, and it should only be done if you get a clear signal. Even then, if she knocks you away or acts angry, just stop. And if you see her again, remember the message she gave you last time, and don’t do it again.

Mr. Trump is not really guilty of assault here because he states that though he assaults them, which is ok in my book, the vast majority of the time, the women go along with it. So it’s consensual. Consensual sexual assault is not even sexual assault. It’s consensual sexual behavior. It’s sex of one form or another.

A number of other cases have come forward of Mr. Trump acting very creepy and rapey towards even married women, sometimes when they were with their husbands! He kept bothering them and assaulting them, trying to get them into bedrooms, shutting doors behind them and not letting them leave, and he wouldn’t keep his hands off of them. And some were married women! That’s just messed up, and yes it is more or less sexual assault, not that anyone should go down on such a thing, but it’s a dick move and it’s a crappy thing to do to any woman.

On the other hand, men do this. Bill Clinton has done such things. Mr.
Guiliani has. Roger Ailes has. I have commenters who have forced themselves on women. Date rape is as common as dirt.

Not that that justifies it, but it’s just that sleazy, creepy and rapey behavior in the date rapey sense is extremely common among men. If you started throwing every man who did that in jail, you’d jail have the men in the land. We can’t even get a handle on actual stranger or violent rape. Let’s tackle that first. Then maybe we can move on to the he said, she said minefield of date rape and acquaintance rape, where once again, you will have to jail millions of men. After that, we will work on the sexual assault and the grabby dudes with the wandering hands.

First things first, ok?


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Game/PUA: New Radio Show with Me Up

Here is a new radio show with me. Daryl Basarab and I discuss the whole Alpha/Beta/Omega thing. We have some differences of opinion on it, but overall, it’s a great discussion.

Daryl Basarab: I disagree with “Game theory” because different PUA’s use completely different game. Robert Lindsay befriends females and slowly sneaks up on them romantically while Return of Kings advises you to do the opposite. Here’s my take: It’s not as much the motus operandi as the amount of time you devote to it. If you talk to a bunch of women in clubs and bars, eventually you’re going to find women who want to engage in sexual acts. Is it really worth the time investment? I answer that question with no.

In the radio program, I made my point that prostitution if done on street corners is a good value. If you make $40k a year, that’s about $20 bucks an hour. If you spend five hours in a club, you’ve clearly exceeded the $20 bucks on the corner.

Lots of talk about PUA/Game stuff if you are into that, especially something I call Friendzone Game, which is something I came up with. This is basically a Game to run when you are more or less friendzoned by a woman so you can take it out of the Friendzone and into sex/relationship, etc.

We also discuss what Alpha/Beta/Omega, etc. are all about. Basarab thinks they have more to do with Status, Money, Power, etc., but I opt more for Looks and pure Game. So yes, Donald Trump got women via Status, Money, Power and Fame, but he’s also good-looking, and I imagine he has some insanely killer Game too.

People who become Alpha simply by running into a lot of money, such as Omegas like Bill Gates becoming Alpha simply by becoming rich and famous are not real pure Alphas in my opinion. Those are what you might call Artificial Alphas. You take all that money away, and that guy is back to being an Omega again.

There are also what I would call “Synthetic Alphas.” These men are not really Alphas, but they can fake it pretty good. They are able to fake it good enough that it pretty much works. The old fake it til you make it thing. I’m not sure if people can tell the difference between a pure Alpha and a good faker.

Now to me, a pure Alpha is not dependent on Money, Status, Power or any of that. He’s the guy who walks into the room, and most of the women in the room think, “Oh I want that guy!” That’s the pure Alpha. And the pure Alphas don’t even need money. Many Alphas are poor and never have any money. Many others are criminals. Jails and prisons are full of Alphas. Even in to middle age, many Alphas are living in cheap apartments and driving older cars. Yet these guys still continue to date beautiful women. I would say that an Alpha could even get women if he’s homeless.

I also point out that the Alpha/Beta/Omega thing is only useful for sex and romance between males and females, and it has little other utility outside of that. I suppose even male society breaks down into Alphas, Beta, Omegas, etc. but it’s not as rigid or even as brutal as the terms that females place on us. I have not thought much about Alpha/Beta/Omega stuff with men, but I suppose there’s a possible useful theory out there.

I’m just not interested in hierarchy among men. I suppose I am sort of a Sigma in that regard.

My attitude towards my male competition is generally, “LOL. What competition? You see any competition? I don’t.” To me there’s no such thing as male competition. I’m not sure if I actually think I am better than other men so much that I think I’m hot stuff, and the other guys are simply not even in the picture. Some highly accomplished males might be on my level, but in that case, we are comrades or wingmen and not competitors. I like life better that way. I don’t want to get into the whole male hierarchy thing of bettering and one-upping other men. It seems like it just makes you always frustrated and never satisfied, and it probably gives you a heart attack in the end.

I don’t want to fight other guys anyway. I would rather have females fight over me. I have always said:

  • Betas fight over women. Alphas have females fighting over them.
  • Betas spend money to buy women’s affection. Alphas have females trying to buy their affection.
  • Betas buy women gifts. Alphas get gifts from women.
  • Betas support women. Alphas get supported by women.

Now we tend to think men like this are assholes, and they are in some ways, but that’s Alphas for you. Alphas are not very nice. It’s no accident that penitentiaries are full of them.

I would say that if females are fighting over you, you’re Alpha. If females are buying you gifts all the time, you’re Alpha. If you are living off women instead of the other way around, you’re Alpha. As you can see, Alphas turn normal male Game dynamic on its head.

Male society is dominated by males competing for women among other things. It’s all about men fighting each other for women, trying to buy women, supporting women, etc. The guy who fights off the other guys gets the woman. The guy who buys the most gifts gets the women. The guy who supports women the best gets the women.

Alphas have completely dropped out of normal male society and have turned the whole thing upside down on its head. They invert reality. It’s actually quite amazing.

I also point out that Alphas need Looks and Game usually. Looks minus Game is nearly worthless. I have known guys who were the best looking men in town who went 10-20 years without even one date. Game  minus Looks is just about worthless too. An unattractive man can have the greatest Game on Earth, and it won’t do him the slightest lick of good.

Basarab felt that there was nothing much to Game, and if you just put yourself out there enough, you would get women. He felt that men only had good Game in that they put in a tremendous amount of effort into getting women. Beyond that, he conceded that men with good Game probably had good social skills.

I argue that there is way more to Game than that, and I feel that Game is so deep and complex that you could nearly write an encyclopedia about it. Men with good Game do a lot more than put in the time, and anyway, incel forums are full of men putting in a lot of effort trying to get women forever and having no luck at all. And there’s way more to it than just good social skills. I know lots of men with good social skills who don’t have much Game at all. Their Game is pretty much zero.

The PUA sites are correct to see Game as a science to be studied like any other science.

I have always said that women are chess. It has never been easy for me to get women, and I am apparently pretty good at it. But even back when I was very good at it, it still was not easy.

Women simply don’t put out the way that men want them to. The heterosexual dating scene is not the gay male dating science. There is no guarantee of getting laid even if you go to a bar or nightclub.

If it was that easy to get hot women, why is there a whore market? There’s a whore market because women deliberately create a sex shortage and ration out sex very carefully, generally in return for love or some sort of provisioning. The whore market exists because of the economic conditions created by artificial scarcity that women have deliberately created to in essence drive up the price of pussy as high as possible.

The near-hysterical women’s rantings about “pedophilia” for men who in perfectly natural and normal fashion pursue jailbait teenage girl is also economically related – it’s related to the pussy market. Simply put, women fear the competition of jailbait teenage girls. If teenage girls were more available, more men would flock to them, and in a number of cases, JB’s would out-compete women for men. Flooding the pussy market with jailbaits serves to create an abundance of cheap pussy (as teenage girls hardly cost a nickel) and serves to in effect drive down the price of pussy that the women wish to keep as high as possible.

As I said, women are chess.

All relationships with women must be Gamed. Even your wife or girlfriend must be Gamed constantly. The only way to keep the relationship going smoothly at all is to run continuous Game on even your wife or live-in girlfriend. It is true that once you get close to a woman, you can relax your Game somewhat, but you still need to be cautious. Women are very sensitive creatures, and they get hurt and upset very easily. I have blown up whole relationships with a single sentence.

When I am with a woman, I am typically quite calculating, at least until I get very close to her. I carefully think about most things that I say or do. I am not spontaneous at all because to me spontaneity ruins relationships by causing you to say and do stupid things without thinking.

Seduction is a performance. It is a performance art. Not all men are good actors or even actors at all. Some few men are born actors, but the finest actors of all, the stars of the silver screen, are few and far between. As it is in celluloid, so it is in Game. Men with superlative Game are more common than great actors, but they are still not common. It’s a fine art and skill to be honed over a lifetime, and most men never get extremely good at it. Those few who do should be studied as one studies the greats in Acting School.


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