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No Good Deed Goes Unpunished


What an ingrate!

If you ever want to know why men hate women, it’s because of stuff like this. Well, let’s say we hate women who do this sort of thing. And we sort of hate women who defend this sort of thing. But when that gets to be hating way too many women, which it usually does, we forget it and let it slide.

Let’s put it this way. This sort of behavior by women really pisses men off, and we don’t like it one bit! We wouldn’t necessarily hate her. We might just say, “Oh well, typical dumb bitch,” and let it slide. But we have a pretty low opinion of this sort of thing. If you women want men to like you (an open question) please do not engage in this sort of behavior.

Note that the people most likely to defend this sort of crap are SJW’s and feminists anyway, so if you don’t want to be one of those, don’t condone this.

Men have a pretty low opinion of women using the word “creep” anyway because usually it just means “a guy I am not attracted to is showing interest in me.” Let’s say that at my age, if I show interest in just about any female on Earth, I guess I am being creepy. Whereas when I was 23, it was the opposite. At my age, I am not allowed to have any sexual feelings towards just about any women (except for a few outliers), and if I do, I am simply a creep. So at my age, if I have a sex drive at all, I am a creep.

It’s worse than than that. If I ever try to talk to just about any young women and quite a few not so young women, I am apparently a creep. Because I guess I am not even supposed to talk to women anymore. Because, you know, if I am trying to talk to a woman, that obviously means I am trying to fuck her, right? More retarded female thinking. Keep on creating your own rejection, you dumb bitches. We men have a right to our low opinions of you. They are very well deserved, and you have earned them very well.


P.S. if any of you commenters start defending this sort of behavior by women, I might just warn you and then ban you. I’m justified in banning on that. We are pretty MRA on here. No White knighting, no Captain Saveahos, no male feminists, or if in the unfortunate case that you are one of these things, you need to keep quiet about it. Some people are just the enemies of us men, and we need to start standing up to them for once and quit being so pussywhipped.


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Game: Putting Women on a Pedestal

What do you think it means to put a woman on a pedestal? I doubt if I do this, but I want to make sure I don’t anyway. I have seen a lot of definitions on the Net, but I am still confused.

If you know what the definition is, can you give me some examples of a man putting a woman on a pedestal?


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Adult-Minor Sexual Attraction in Adult Homosexual and Heterosexual Men

Tulio asks:

And one question, are gay men more likely to be attracted to young boys than straight men to young girls?

Actual pedophilic attraction is much more common among gay than among straight men. That is because 35% of all child molestations (age 12-under) are of boys and almost all of those are done by adult men and not adult women. Only 3% of men, at most, are gay, according to the latest surveys. So 3% of all men are committing 35% of all child molestations. I used to go to a site called Wikisposure, an anti-pedophile site that profiled a number Net pedophiles. They had ~300 pedophiles profiled there. I noticed that far more than 3% of the profiles were of boylovers. In fact, a huge % of the profiles were of boylovers. 35% would not surprise me at all.

The Cultural Left has gone nuts with this finding and has come to the bizarre conclusion that gay pedophiles are somehow not gay! Because, you see, gay men are turned on by men, and pedophiles are turned on by boys. Therefore, 0% of gay men are pedophiles. Of course that makes no sense at all, but never mind. The PC crap was good enough for the American Psychological Association (gone over to the Cultural Left long ago) to imbibe, so it must have been good stuff.

A ready explanation is available. The best current theory is that homosexuality is a developmental disorder that is caused by fluctuations in sex hormones during pregnancy. Pedophilia also seems to be a developmental disorder with similar origins. So it follows that if they are both developmental disorders, it would not be unusual for more than one developmental disorder to be present in an individual given a common pathway.

But gay men are much more likely to have sex with young teenage boys than straight men are to have sex with young teenage girls.

25% of all gay men age 25+ have had sex with a boy under the age of 16.

Only 6% of straight men age 25+ have had sex with a boy under the age of 16.

Also studies have shown that for straight men, the most attractive females are age 24.

For gay men, the most attractive males are age 19-20.

So you can see that gay men are much more wired towards younger males than straight men are towards younger females.

There’s a lot of truth to the stories about chicken hawks and gay men and gay teenage boys. The love between adult men and teenage boys has been idealized as a gay ideal dating all the way back to Antiquity (Greece and Rome). It continues to this day in places like Afghanistan with the bacha boys phenomenon. Death and Venice was not written in a vacuum. There’s something to it after all. Sometimes I wonder if gay men’s attraction towards younger males is biological, although I know that sounds nuts.


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Is “Pedophilia” Normal in Adult Men?

I have studied a number of studies that have tested how widespread pedophilic interest is in adult males in the lab. The tests show various things. The results can be summed up below.

83% of men react strongly to adolescent girls
54% react to little girls
20% show a “pedophilic” response – strong response to little girls as strong or stronger than their reaction to adults
1% are preferential pedophiles

Men’s sexual attraction to adolescent females.

Several studies have shown that the rate is actually higher than listed above.

One study found that 100% of males react strongly to all females age 13+

Another study found that 83% of Italian military recruits reacted strongly to 13 year old girls.

Another study found that all adult men react to girls age 16-17 at the same rate as they reacted to older women. Reactions to girls age 13-15 were less but were still 70-90% of maximum.

I do not care at all if men are turned on by teenage girls because when a  man tells me he is turned on by teenage girls, to me that just means he’s normal.

You notice that feminists have a real problem with this idea that men are turned on by teenage girls.

Men with sexual attraction to little girls.

Next comes attraction to little girls, a time bomb of a discussion. But even this study found that 53% of normal men are physically aroused by little girls. I am sure that is shocking to most people. However, I have seen other studies in which much higher percentages were reported.

Two reported that all men were attracted to little girls. In one group, the men were aroused by females aged 7-12 and in the other to females age 2-12.

Another study found that 90% of men were turned on by girls age 2-12.

I am not sure if the two studies simply aggregated that 2-12 group together and tallied up the group as a whole or if they found that men were attracted to girls at every age of that group. I find it stunning that men would be turned on by very little girls, but anything is possible.

The one study that broke little girls down by age found men attracted to girls aged 7-12 but no attraction below age 7, which is logical to me. The attraction to girls age 7-12 ranged from 10-60%, with declining attraction as the girls got younger. This also seems logical to me. I find the idea that men are attracted to girls age 7-12 understandable, but I can’t stomach the idea that normal men are attracted to girls age 2-6. That’s just crazy. Normal men are not babyfuckers.

Men with both strong sexual attraction to mature females and strong or pedophilic attraction to little girls.

Now we come to the most shocking realization of all, that anywhere from 20-26% of all men test “pedophilic” in the lab. That means that they are as attracted to little girls just as much or more than they are attracted to mature females. That is a very high level of attaction to little girls; in fact, it is as high as the attraction that actual preferential pedophiles experience.

One wonders why 20-25% of all men are not seeking out child porn or molesting children. I assume that if you are maximally or highly attracted to mature females, even if you are turned on by little girls at a high level, you would probably just ignore or even suppress your attraction to little girls and simply focus on mature females instead. You would do this because attraction to little girls, not to mention having sex with them, is seen as anywhere from societally unacceptable to say the least to a criminal act of the worst sort.

Men with preferential pedophilic sexual attraction to little girls.

And here we find a critical difference: the difference between a preferential pedophile and a man with a mere pedophilic response. The difference is that the former is not turned on by mature females at all, while the latter is strongly to maximally attracted to them. The preferential pedophile is a man who is very turned on by little girls but has little to no interest in mature females. So the only way he can fulfill his sexual orientation is by committing a crime.

Preferential pedophiles are dangerous for this very reason. This is because the only thing the gets them off is little girls, and mature females do nothing for them. In order to fulfill his sexual desires, the preferential pedophile has to have sex with a little girl, a serious crime. And preferential pedophiles are much more likely than men with both strong pedophilic and mature attractions to be seriously wrapped up in fantasies about sex with little girls to the point where they are fantasizing about sex with little girls and masturbating to those fantasies a good part of their time.

In a word, the preferential pedophile is simply obsessed with having sex with little girls. The other 20-26% of men who react similar to pedophiles in regard to little girls have the advantage of being highly attracted to mature females also. Therefore, they can just blow off their antisocial pedophilic attaction and focus on the socially acceptable attraction to mature females.

This study found that 1% of men were preferential pedophiles. Another study found .1% or 1 in 1000 men were pedophiles. I am not sure which figure is correct, but it would probably not surprise me if 1% of all men were actual preferential pedophiles. Nevertheless, that is a shocking figure to behold. That means 1 million preferential pedophiles in the US alone. That means 340 preferential pedophiles in my small city alone.

A few conclusions:

All or almost all men are attracted to teenage girls. Such attraction is natural, normal and healthy. There is nothing wrong with it. It’s not sick or evil or pedophilic or any of those things, and anyone who says it is is either insane or retarded or both.

53-100% of all men are attracted to little girls but generally at a level substantially lower than their attraction to mature females. Therefore, being attracted to little girls, at least on a minor level, is completely normal in adult males. Even the low figure of 53% is still a majority, and one definition of normal is something that is done by a majority of the population. I would say it is completely normal to be attracted to little girls at a low level, but if you feel that way, it is probably not something you want to focus on or even think about much as there are much more pro-social ways to meet your sexual needs.

20-26% of all men are attracted to little girls at the same or greater level than mature females. That is, 1/4 – 1/5 of all men have a strong pedophilic response. Therefore, if someone comes to me and tells me that little girls turn them on, I am not necessarily concerned. What I would want to know is if mature females turn him on also.

There is a 95-96% chance that a man who is turned on by little girls is attracted to mature females just as much or at least very strongly. I would simply urge such a man to focus on his desires for mature females and preferably ignore or even suppress his desires for little girls, which are – let’s face it- -, antisocial. If you have two strong desires, one antisocial and one pro-social, why not substitute the pro-social one for the antisocial one?

The last conclusion, that 1% of men are preferential pedophiles, is shocking, but we will need to deal with it nonetheless. First of all, if preferential pedophilia is really that common, then we need to stop all of the pedophile witch-hunts and looking for pedophiles hiding under every bed. The truth is they’re everywhere. If they’re everywhere, we can’t exactly spend all of our time running around hysterically persecuting all of them, and if there are 1 million of them in the country, we cannot well put them all in jail or prison either.

These men need to set up an ongoing relationship with a therapist, the goal of which would be to try to keep them from offending. There are other ways for preferential pedophiles to satisfy their needs than molesting a little girl. Unfortunately one of those ways is via the use of child pornography, the use of which is nearly as illegal as molesting a girl. Given that the use of child pornography is very high among preferential pedophiles, this leaves us with a conundrum. We want to prosecute possession of child porn, but we can’t exactly put 1 million men in prison for doing so.

I have no solutions to these conundrums right now, but they should give you something to think about.


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This Is How Evil Feminists Think Normal Heterosexual Men Are

The feminists have conflated heterosexual men’s attraction to teenage girls with attraction to little girls, and they call the whole stew “pedophilia.” Hence men who are attracted to teenage girls are “pedophiles.” Well if they are, then I am quite confident nearly all if not all men are pedophiles.

Can you see what feminists have done here? They have completely pathologized normal heterosexual male sexuality by referring to the natural, moral sexuality of heterosexual men as something horrible: “pedophilia.” Pedophiles are the most hated people on Earth, and many people want to kill them on sight. So what feminists have done here is to say that all heterosexual men are the most hated people on Earth that you should naturally want to kill on sight. See how they did that? Feminists really hate us straight men, don’t they?

They really hate us!


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Masculine and Feminine Principles in Men: The Masculine Principle

All men have a masculine side and a feminine side. Otto Weininger called these two the Masculine Principle and the Feminine Principle and he argued that each one was probably present in every human.

Now personally, I like my masculine side, and it is actually super masculine. I feel as hypermasculine as any man who ever lived, be they Vikings or John Bunyan or John Wayne. But that’s just one side of me. What’s interesting is that most really masculine guys can see this part of me, and that is why they have always accepted me, even if in sort of a hesitant way.

The homophobic morons who gay bash, discriminate, abuse, taunt and gay bait men, typically straight men for God’s sake, are more likely to be “insecurely masculine.” They often act very masculine, but it seems to be based on something insecure and worrying; that is, it has a shaky foundation. Probably because it is insecure masculinity, they have to constantly state it over and over again all day long, and one of the best ways to do that is to accuse all the guys who don’t measure up in the hypermasculine department of being gay.

Truly masculine men generally do not give a damn about this sort of thing flying fuck and they don’t overthink things, so their attitude would be more like “straight until proven otherwise” or something along those lines. Plus, true, hard masculine men can always sense if another man has that component in him, and if he does, he automatically gets a least a certain amount of respect, even if he does seem a bit weird or dubious.

However, I also have a very strong feminine side, and this has been the source of a lot confusion, problems, and heartache in my life.


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Masculine and Feminine Principles in Men: The Feminine Principle

Most people do not understand the difference between what I suppose I would call “feminine:” behavior in men and what I call “effeminate” behavior in men. The two terms are quite similar, and doubtless that causes quite a bit of confusion. Almost 100% of the straight population, both male and female, completely conflate these two things, a response which is caused by homophobia more than anything else. The fact that people moronically equate male “feminine” behavior with male effeminate behavior is the reason for all the insane gay-baiting, gay-bashing and even anti-gay discrimination that “feminine” straight men have to deal with.

I would argue that there is a good side of men simply embodying the feminine side of their personality, which all men have. Now, you don’t have to do this of course, and in hypermasculine America, you are not supposed to anyway, and hardly any men even want to. This feminine side of men is simply the Feminine Principle, which I believe constitutes half of the world, the Masculine Principle encompassing the other half.

I have no problem with men having a feminine side, but I do not believe that heterosexual men should engage in effeminate behavior. In males, feminine behavior would simply be the soft side of men, while effeminate behavior would mean acting like a woman, which is the way a lot of gay men act. Obviously many straight men have an observable feminine side, but I would argue that few straight men are effeminate.

On a popular gay chat site called Data Lounge that also has many female and straight male commenters, this matter came up in a thread. And one gay man made one of the most profound observations that I have ever heard on this subject.

He said that while many straight men have feminine or soft behaviors, truly effeminate behavior such as the way a lot of gay men act is not common in straight men. This is completely true, and it is a remarkable observation. This is the first time I ever heard anyone make that observation.

Then he said something truly profound. He said that even many softer straight men have a sort of a “soft or quiet masculinity” about them. This is the first time I had ever heard anyone make that observation, and of course it is 100% true. Even your softer and quieter straight men often have a certain masculine vibe about them.

I also just now realized that many to most nerdy men actually act in a masculine manner – that is, they act rather hard, have deep voices, move in a rather rigid way, stand straight, control their emotions well, etc. We miss the masculinity and can’t see it due to it’s being clouded over and confused by all of the nerdiness and social awkwardness.

That is, the nerdiness forms a sort of a mask over the man such that we cannot see the obvious masculinity that he embodies. Because we cannot see it, we say that it’s not there. But just because you can’t see something, even something right in front of your face, doesn’t mean it’s not there. And of course it is true. Nerds are often masculine. They’re nerdy, but they’re still masculine. They act like men, not women.

What was amazing is that it took a gay man to finally figure out what masculinity really is. Most straight men and even straight women just don’t get it.

They think:

masculine = hypermasculine

feminine  = effeminate

feminine  = gay

soft      = effeminate

nerdy     = effeminate

But the truth, if you will only think about it and open up your mind a bit, is that none of those equations are true. With the exception of the first one, those statements are not even partly true. In fact, a most of them are more false than they are true. And the second one is not even true at all, since if you are one, you are not the other, or at least you cannot be both at the same time.

What was truly shocking about seeing this was that the first human I have ever met who seemed to truly understand masculinity was a gay man. Straight women don’t really get it, and many are just as homophobic if not worse than straight men. And straight men do not understand masculinity at all, which is both curious and sad, because they build so much of their lives around that very principle.

This is really an indictment of straight people that they are so closed minded and brainwashed by Normies that they don’t even get what masculinity really means in its totality.

Think about that. The first man I have ever met in my entire life who truly understood masculinity was a gay man, who understood it better than any straight man or woman that I have ever met.

Come to think of it, that is downright pitiful.

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The “Crazy” Personality Disorders: Borderline Personality Disorder

People with Borderline Personality Disorder can seem quite crazy. 80% of cases are women. These women are often called nuts, crazy, crazy women, crazy woman from Hell, etc. These are the classic crazy women who display remarkable mood changes from depression to happiness to ecstasy to anxiety to rage, perhaps all in one day or even in a single morning. The PD is characterized by frequent and dramatic mood changes.

Borderlines also engage in a lot of push-pull behaviors, teasing and seductiveness and dramatic shifts between love and hate. They tend to either idealize people as near Gods or demonize them as completely evil. They also often switch back and forth with the same person, seeing him as both wonderful at one time and diabolical the next.

This is called splitting. It is a primitive defense that children frequently use. Young children split the world between good and evil. Good is pure good, and evil is pure evil. The child loves his parents one minute, and the next hates the parent’s guts when they are thwarted or reprimanded and sent to their rooms. How often have you heard a small child scream, “I hate you Mommy!” and run to their room crying?

Most people get over this Manichean view of the world by the time they are adults, but Borderlines never do that.

Relationships with Borderlines are characterized by constant chaos and drama that never ends. If you are in a relationship with a Borderline, you need to get out of it because it is going to be nothing but continuous chaos and drama as long as you are with them. Borderlines often do not think there is anything wrong with themselves, or perhaps even more disturbingly, they actually enjoy being crazy. The latter is my theory from being around Borderlines quite a bit. I am convinced that they actually love being nuts. Perhaps it is exciting.

Borderlines are often in and out of the hospital. They are very commonly suicidal. I met two Borderline women, one in her late 20’s and the other in her early thirties. One had tried to commit suicide 13 times, and the other had tried 8 times. The suicide attempts are often deliberately fake which is something women do a lot. They actually want the suicide attempt to fail. They probably do this as a means to get attention, and there is a good chance that it is a cry for help too. They are trying to get people to pay attention to their misery and chaos.

Some Borderlines can be dangerous or homicidal. Many or possibly even most male Borderlines are or were incarcerated in jails or prisons. Male Borderlines are much more dangerous than female Borderlines. I do not think I have ever met a male Borderline, but I have heard that they are very bad news. You probably do not want to have a man like this anywhere near your life.

I have met extremely ill Borderlines who appear at first glance to be extremely crazy. I have seen some where I thought, “Wow, this is the craziest, most insane person I have ever met.” These very ill types can appear psychotic. I am not sure if they are actually psychotic or if they just appear that way.

They present as chaotic people who tell all sorts of wild, dramatic, often contradictory stories about their lives, many of which seem to be completely made up or delusional notions. These stories often have to do with enemies who are supposedly persecuting them or wild and chaotic stories of abuse when they were children. Upon close examination, many of these disturbing stories are not even true. The person is either making them up, has a poor boundary between reality and fantasy, or is delusional.

They can be litigious, battling their enemies in court. Even female Borderlines are often arrested, often for wild fights with one of their enemies or lovers. Sometimes a disturbing level of violence is used in these fights. The murderer Jody Arias is an example of a homicidal female Borderline.

They are hated by clinicians and mental health workers because of their constant drama and chaos which often involves extreme anger, tirades, tantrums, threats, and generally Hellish behavior. There are clinicians who hate Borderlines so much that they refuse to take them. Not that it matters because they usually don’t get better in therapy anyway.


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2,000 Reasons to Love Bill Clinton


Wow! 2,000 women! I knew he had been with a lot of chicks, but 2,000? Whoa! I was starting to dislike Clinton there for a bit, but I just found 2,000 great reasons to love this great man.

Monica FTW!


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In Our Modern World, The Cultural Left and SJW’s Are Actually Normie Entities

Jason Y writes:

The posts about mixed race like transniggers as well as the stuff about transsexuals hinted of normie thinking. Of course, the transsexual thing is a total thing for choice, as opposed to mixed race which someone is born with. People have been mixing since the start of time, and many groups like the Irish and Scotch Irish normally have members with frizzy curly hair etc. Fortunately they don’t enslave them.

There’s nothing wrong with agreeing with society’s rules and views if you think those views are correct.

That’s not what Normieism is all about.

This page here is all about Normieism.

I don’t think some of you get it. Normies are assholes! Just because I agree with some of society’s views and that makes me conform does not make me a Normie. There’s nothing wrong with going along with society if you happen to agree, but when society’s views are simply insane, as they often are, then you are an idiot to conform, and you should be smart and reject society.

The problem with Normies is that they go along with society’s rules because they feel that they have to and they are afraid of rejection if they go against them. And they have never stopped to think if society’s rules and views make sense or not. They simply adopt those rules and views without even thinking. Normieism is unbelievably closed-minded and incurious.

Nowadays it is practically Normie to love trannies! To love trannies, gays, bis and whatevers, and whatever sexual perversions and deviancies du jour, to be idiotically “anti-racist,” a race denier, and a gender feminist. All those things are Normie. I get massacred by Normies all the time for violating the SJW/Cultural Left agenda. You either go along with the Cultural Left or you are an evil hater bigot.

Bottom line is SJWism and the Cultural Left nowadays is Normie thinking. The Cultural Left line is the normal, accepted, conforming view for most of society. If I go against the Cultural Left here in my town or even with the people I hang out with, I am going to stir up a hornet’s nest full of troubles.

Even my Mom and siblings are very Cultural Left. They are mostly going along with the whole crazy project – gays, trannies, sexual perversion du jour, genderqueer, being nongender or neither male nor female, and on and on, it’s all a-ok in my family. The attitude is, “Hey, whatever. Let people do whatever they want to. None of this stuff is a serious problem. Any of these people can do whatever they want to along these lines. and it’s nothing to the rest of us or society at large.”

On feminism and race, they go more against Normieism. Two siblings are opposed to gender feminism, and two siblings and my Mom are quite realist on race. There is one sibling that is SJW all the way. In addition, they are sadly the worst feminazi in the family, but most of the time, they never talk about it, so it’s not a problem.

My Mom is very sensitive on gender stuff because she’s female, and she is a gender feminist to some extent. I believe she is “supporting her people.” Normally I think everyone should support their own people, but the feminists take this too far beyond actual support all the way to waging warfare against men. If supporting your people means punching me in the face, I will not support your endeavor. You need to find a better way to support your kind that doesn’t involve hitting me.


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