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The End of Sex or, When Sex Ends

kbet writes:

There is MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way), a modern, albeit fatalistic Men’s Liberation movement. Those guys, from what I read on your blog, could use a man such as yourself to help contribute to them, and you might feel at home there.

How could I help these MGTOW guys? I doubt if MGTOW would work. These guys have given up on women, correct?

There’s often one or more women running around in my life, and it’s not uncommon for me to have one or more wild, crazy, out of control, rollercoaster passionate movie style love affairs going. I continue to date women and have sex with them whenever I can find a willing female. I go stay with women for periods of time, and they come visit me here and stay with me for various lengths of time.

The End of Sex

And yes, I am still sexually active, though at age 57, that does get a bit iffy.

Most people my age have frankly given up on sex. 50% married couples age 55-60 had absolutely zero sex last year. I hear even gay men my age are not having a lot of sex.

What is ridiculous is that many of my haters on the Net like to say, “Well Lindsay, you obviously can’t get laid!” Not only is that not true historically or even much at the moment, but at my age, that’s not even an insult. You can’t insult people my age by saying, “Well you aren’t getting any sex, loser!” That’s because at my age, it is 100% normal to be getting no sex whatsoever! If you sneeringly say a guy my age isn’t getting pussy,  you are simply stating that is he is normal. How is it an insult to say that someone is normal?

I guess this is just a time of life when people move on to other things than sex.

When Sex Ends

Although I can’t see living without women as a MGTOW type, I may be forced to. Due to age, I am apparently not seen as attractive by most young women, with some exceptions. In recent years, I have dated several attractive to beautiful young women age 26-29, and they were attracted to me. I am not sure how or why they found me attractive, but a few said I had a “bad boy” aura that they liked. I have been running Bad Boy Game since I was a teenage juvenile delinquent and it works pretty well to get females. Bad Boy Game is pretty much my Game style. I will probably be a bad boy when I am 80.

However, most young women surely are not attracted to me. A lot of women in their 30’s and 40’s act like they are not attracted to me either. And many women my own age are either hideously ugly (a lot of them look like wild animals or Bigfoots) or they have given up on sex and love or both.

For a guy who has been seen as attractive by large numbers of women most of his life and who has dated maybe 200 women and girls, at this point, I am for all practical purposes an Omega. It’s a weird feeling, but I can now relate to what these Omega, Delta, Gamma and incel guys go through. It’s a pretty harsh world to live like that.


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Do Schoolteachers Believe in HBD?

Anti-Hereditarian writes:

Stupidity is rarely a cause of school failure, poor achievement deals more with deficient executive functions, one’s hardships with focusing and persevering with their schoolwork. If teachers are not really fond of HBD, it’s not because they are blind leftists but because they see students that have attitudes that are not compatible with academic excellence.

I do not know. I taught school in the Los Angeles area for 6 years. I started out as a somewhat blind environmentalist with some HBD leanings.

After 6 years teaching all sorts of different ethnic groups, I could practically predict the behavior and the intelligence of a classroom as it filed in the door merely by observing the ethnic makeup of the group. Interestingly, the intelligence of the groups lined up almost perfectly with IQ scores. Further, behavior conformed to stereotypes.

The Japanese and Jews were smartest and best behaved, then the Whites, then the Filipinos, then the Hispanics, then maybe the Polynesians (close call) and then the Blacks. Perfect lineup. As as the intelligence of a group went down, the group become more disorderly, loud, confrontational, lazy, combative, destructive, menacing and even violent. As the intelligence of a group rose, they became a lot more calmed down and sedated. You would think a classroom full of Japanese kids has been sedated with Valium.

Now apparently my observations are not scientifically proven. That’s fine. Science has hardly proven anything we believe in in our day to day lives. If we had to operate our day to day lives only on things proven by science, we wouldn’t even be able to get out of bed. I assure you that 95% of the things I believe are not proven by science, and I could care less about that.

I simply make observations. Where I see the same pattern repeating over and over, which I do all the time, I make a generalization type of opinion about what is “basically” going on here. Now 98% of the time, that generalization is not proven by science, but so what?

Personally, I did feel that stupidity was a cause of school failure. Of course it gets complicated because as the group gets dumber, they try less in school, and you end up with whole classes full of kids who do nothing but screw off all class.

I did have some Black male students who I felt very sorry for though. We were studying Shakespeare once with some Black sophomores in Compton, and some Black girls were really getting into it. I forget what we were discussing, but this 15 year old Black boy was getting involved, and he really wanted to learn whatever we were learning. But it was painfully obvious that he simply was not very intelligent at all. I even think he realized it on some level and was depressed about it. Seeing that boy like that almost broke my heart, it was so sad. I felt so sorry for him.


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Some Thoughts on MRA Movements

All the MRA’s suck,  and all the MRA movements suck. There’s nothing there for a progressive man. They’re all reactionaries. Now, I do like some of the ideas of MRA’s and I think progressive men could theoretically get involved in some form of MRA especially against the lunacy of radical and gender feminism, the misandry or popular culture and the fact that in some ways, the state has become a Radical Feminist Matriarchy set up to attack men.

But the fact that all these guys are Neandertals really turns all progressive men off. We want nothing to do with them.

Most MRA celebrities are nuts. Warren Farrell is one of the biggest of all, and he is a lunatic like all the rest of them. Even Paul Elam seems pretty unhinged.

We used to have something called Men’s Liberation which was like MRA for progressive men. It was pretty crazy in a lot of ways too, but at least it wasn’t reactionary. That’s history now. There will never be one slight hint of Men’s Liberation on the Left ever again. All politically active Left men are faggots, pussies and cuckolds now. They’re all gone over to radical and gender feminism in the worst ways. These “men” are basically women with dicks. They should just get a sex change and be done with it.

To be on the Left as a man now, you have to swallow the strap-on dildo of radical feminism down your throat hard. I guess you are supposed to deep throat it til you puke. You would not believe how these retarded men talk. Anytime a Left man talks about “losing his male privilege” head for the door. He’s gelded already.


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Welcome to the Western Matriarchy

Women are in charge now in a lot of ways, and as usual, they’re screwed up everything like they always do. That’s because when women get into power, they will enact all sorts of rules, strictures and laws based based purely on sentimentality and especially women’s feelings. This is how a female thinks: “If it hurts my feelings, it should be against the law.” There’s a reason men tend to run most societies. Because putting women in charge screws up everything and you start having a society with rules based on feelings instead of reason, logic and rationality.

I agree with women in positions of power in government, but they should only be in those positions if they are prepared to govern according to the rules of men, not the rules of women.


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Repost: Are Blacks Just as Intelligent as Whites?

Original post here.

This is another old post that was getting posted around today. The people who posted it, as usual, called me a “cracker” (give it up) and said I could barely write in English. Just the usual PC garbage.

However a commenter came to my defense and said that Lindsay focuses on racial differences, not things like anti-White racism, White genocide and extinction, the role of Jews in multiculturalism, etc. that the White nationalists focus on. This is correct. I could care less about White genocide and extinction, and I’m not extremely worked up over the role of Jews in racial politics. I’d rather talk about that shitty little country full of fascist squatters occupying other people’s land.

Also I would like to talk about race and racial differences in as nonracist a way as possible, assuming that can even be done, and actually it probably can’t be because you get called racist just for writing about this stuff in the first place.

But it’s a good goal. I would rather just talk about different races and perhaps discuss metrics and differences, but I’d prefer to leave judgements out of it. You won’t find me throwing up a bunch of race data and saying, “And that’s why Black people suck.” I would rather throw up the data and let other people discuss it. If some particular race is experiencing some sort of problems or difficulties, I would to try to figure out how we can get them to function better. Anyway, that’s my focus on this site in case anyone is interested.

Mike, you seem to think that I’m saying blacks are a different species. I’m not. The blacks I’ve been acquainted with have been no smarter or dumber than anyone else I know.

What gets my goat about your comments is that you’ve taken an equally offensive position by saying Africans are more evolved than Europeans, without even having had a major civilization technological advances to back it up (Egypt doesn’t count).

Basically, what it boils down to is: certain groups of Africans are evolved to run fast, run longer, rule the boxing ring and football field etc. Now if you agree with this statement, as you said you do, then it is reasonable to say certain groups of Asians and Whites are evolved to be better at maths and science, as they dominate both fields. Simply put, if Africans could, they would.

I would certainly disagree with this statement: The blacks I’ve been acquainted with have been no smarter or dumber than anyone else I know.

I have met a tremendous number of persons in my life, both White and Black. Surely it is in the 10’s of 1000’s. I used to teach school, whole classes of all Blacks, all Whites, all Japanese, all Jews, all Filipinos, all Samoans, whatever. If you have an open mind when you do this, behavior and intelligence differences between groups are so obvious that they leap out and hit you in the face.

Now previously, I believed that the races were all equal in intelligence. I believed that the IQ tests were biased and failed to accurately measure the intelligence of certain races like Blacks. In short, I was a typical liberal.

Nevertheless, I had an open mind, and I started studying racial differences in IQ all the way back in my late teens, probably spurred by my liberal mother, who always held that there were racial differences in intelligence.

My liberal father would not tolerate such talk and would start pounding the table and order everyone to shut up. “You don’t understand!” he would holler. “That means there’s no hope! That means there’s no hope!” What my father meant was that if the IQ tests were correct and Blacks were indeed ~13.5 points below Whites, then there was basically no hope for the Black race ever closing the gap, which probably seemed unlikely even to my father.

My liberal sister couldn’t handle it either. She would throw a yelling fit, call people racists and order everyone shut up. Everyone’s appetite would be ruined. She was the product of a Sociology degree at UC Santa Cruz (The People’s Republic of Santa Cruz), and that shows you what a degree from a place like that will do to your brain.

It was only after several years of teaching thousands of Blacks, Whites and others that I really started thinking about this stuff. It got so that as I saw the class filing in, looking at the ethnic (and gender) makeup, I could almost predict the intelligence levels and social behavior of the class. One wild card was gender with Blacks. Even in the heart of the ghetto, there are university level courses filled with Blacks. But they are almost all Black girls. There would hardly be a Black boy in the room. And the behavioral level of Black females, especially the brighter ones, was vastly better than Black males.

Then I really started doing some thinking, and I started printing out Richard Lynn’s work. I gave a printout of it to my mother once on a visit.

She was working for a psychologist who conducted testing for corporations. He also gave out a lot of IQ tests. He had given over 600 IQ tests in his time. He was very liberal and had always been taught that there were no differences between the races, but he was starting to wonder if it was true.

After he read Lynn’s work, he said to my mother, “You know, I have always wondered if this was true. They come in here from all walks of life, and I can almost predict the IQ when the person walks in. The Asians and Jews are the smartest, then the Hispanics and last are Blacks.

“Education doesn’t seem to have much to do with it. I ask these high IQ Asians, ‘So I guess you studied real hard in school, right? And they laugh and say, ‘Are you kidding? Why study? School was easy. We mostly screwed around, maybe study a little the night before a test.’ Then a lot of your 100 IQ types said they studied all the time but still got relatively poor grades. I started to question the idea that people were smart because they studied all the time.”

The psychologist said that Mormons were stupid. “Very nice people, the nicest people you’ve ever met,” he said. “But they sure are dumb. As dumb as rocks.”

During this period, I taught all different races in school for years and in addition dated a few Black women, including one with whom I had a long term relationship. She was a university grad, but she wasn’t all that smart. She was having me write her university English papers for her because basically she wasn’t smart enough to write them. And she was one of the smart ones.

My conclusion after dealing with tens of thousands of Whites and Blacks up close and personal is that the intelligence differences between the races are quite apparent. They are not immediately obvious, and many, many Blacks are “smart enough.” They are often excellent at basic intelligence, social intelligence, and reading people psychologically.

Quite a few Black males are great at fixing just about anything that needs fixing around the house. Obviously there are highly intelligent and intellectual Blacks (one is the co-owner of this site with me), but they are simply not that common.

The intelligence difference between Whites and Blacks is not immediately obvious just talking to various White and Black folks you may know. Black intelligence is such that it appears quite normal on the surface for some reason, probably because most casual interaction doesn’t require a whole lot of brains. Also there seems to be something to the notion that Blacks can “fake it” and seem a lot smarter than they are.

I am also ashamed to admit that a very large number of White people act very dumb in casual encounters, have little to no intellectual sense and have so little knowledge of current affairs that they seems like morons.

The B-W differences on the observational level only seem to come up after years of interaction and are most obvious on highly intellectually demanding tasks. For the vast majority of tasks needed to function in society, Blacks are perfectly smart enough.

My conclusion is that the ~1 standard deviation difference on IQ tests between Blacks and Whites is not just an artifact produced by biased testing, but is a real intelligence difference between the races. The reality of these test scores’ conclusion has been born out by my casual investigations in over fifty years of life, in which I concluded that Blacks are simply not as intelligent as Whites.

However, I am not certain what causes the difference in intelligence between Whites and Blacks. Perhaps it is genetic or biological or perhaps it is environmental. All I will say is that at the moment, Blacks on average are not as intelligent as Whites. Whether they will be able to close the difference in the future or whether the gap is closable at all are things I consider uncertain.

If you think this website is valuable to you, please consider a contribution to support the continuation of the site.


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Repost: Black Males and Testosterone: Evolution and Perspectives

This is one of the most linked articles on the site.

If you have been wondering what I have been doing today, I have been spending most of the day giving this piece a massive work-over, and it’s not even finished.

I have just given it a massive work-over and I think it is a lot better now. However, it is still a work in progress. It gets posted around quite a bit, but unfortunately, most of the people posting it are racist White people.

It also gets posted around to some PC fora, where they absolutely flip out, dismiss the entire paper as a massive lie, and viciously attack me in the most brutal ways. Oh yes, and they always say the paper is “racist.” A lot of Black people come to the site due to this article and post here for the first time. They usually come in the door swinging and are immediately banned. 95% of comments from Blacks on this article are unbelievably hostile.

Nevertheless, I do believe that I am onto something here and at this point, I think we can make a good case that Blacks have higher testosterone than Whites, although the PC Brigade is fighting that notion like madmen and they will probably accept that idea over their dead bodies if at all.

Anyway, I thought you folks might like to read this article. I must say it is one of the best pieces I have ever written.

Feel free to comment. This is a hot area of research.

Black Males and Testosterone: Evolution and Perspectives

by Robert Lindsay

Development of agriculture in modern Blacks also seems to have led to high testosterone levels. Groups with the highest testosterone in the world today are primitive agriculturalists.

Hunter-gatherers tend to have lower testosterone. This is because in hunter-gatherer society, women need men to survive. So they grab one pretty quickly and get married.

In primitive agricultural societies, women do not need men, since they can farm on their own. So they can afford to be choosy. These societies have tended to develop in a polygynous way, where a few high-ranking males monopolize most of the females, and the rest of the men get few or none.

Sub-Saharan Blacks are highly polygynous, and this resulted in intense competition for fewer women and selection for very robust male body types. SS Blacks are more robust than Whites on all variables. In Namibia, the polygynous Kavango have much higher testosterone than the much less polygynous !Kung.

Broadly speaking, lifetime exposure to testosterone is reflected in the incidence of prostate cancer, with the world’s highest incidences being among African-American men (Brawley & Kramer, 1996). It was once thought that lower incidences prevail among Black West Indians and sub-Saharan Africans, but this apparent exception is now ascribed to underreporting (Glover et al., 1998; Ogunbiyi & Shittu, 1999; Osegbe, 1997).

This picture has been confirmed by a recent American study:

From the 1970’s to the current statistical analysis of the National Cancer Institute Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Results program African-American men have continued to have a significant higher incidence and mortality rate than European-American men. Autopsy studies show a similar prevalence of early small subclinical prostate cancers but a higher prevalence of high grade prostatic intraepithelial neoplasia.

Clinical studies show a similarity in prostate cancer outcome when pathological stage is organ confined but a worse outcome when disease is locally advanced and metastatic in African-American vs European-American men. There is increasing genetic evidence that suggest that prostate cancer in African-American vs European-American men may be more aggressive, especially in young men.

It was also confirmed by a recent British study (prostate cancer rates are somewhat lower in Black British men because a higher proportion of them have one White parent):

Black men in the United Kingdom have substantially greater risk of developing prostate cancer compared with White men, although this risk is lower than that of Black men in the United States. The similar rates in Black Caribbean and Black African men suggest a common genetic aetiology, although migration may be associated with an increased risk attributable to a gene–environment interaction” (Ben-Shlomo et al 2008).

We are only just beginning to identify the actual genes that account for the White/Black difference in prostate cancer risk. The most recent study was Benson 2014.

The 2:1 black-to-white ratio in prostate cancer rates is already apparent at age 45 years, the age at which the earliest prostate cancer cases occur.

This finding suggests that the factor(s) responsible for the difference in rates occurs, or first occurs, early in life. Black males are exposed to higher testosterone levels from the very start.

In a study of women in early pregnancy, Ross found that testosterone levels were 50% higher in Black women than in White women (MacIntosh 1997). Ross speculates that exposure to such high levels in utero might reset the “gonadostat feedback loop” which regulates testosterone secretion to a higher level. According to Ross, his findings are “very consistent with the role of androgens in prostate carcinogenesis and in explaining the racial/ethnic variations in risk” (MacIntosh 1997).

Testosterone has been hypothesized to play a role in the etiology of prostate cancer, because testosterone and its metabolite, dihydrotestosterone, are the principal trophic hormones that regulate growth and function of epithelial prostate tissue.

Many studies have shown that young Black men have higher testosterone than young White men (Ellis & Nyborg 1992; Ross et al. 1992; Tsai et al. 2006).

With respect to the Black/White difference in testosterone level, African Americans have a clear testosterone advantage over Euro-Americans only from puberty to about 24 years of age (Abdelrahaman et al., 2005; Ross et al., 1986; Winters et al., 2001). This advantage then shrinks and eventually disappears at some point during the 30s (Gapstur et al., 2002). The pattern then seems to reverse at older ages. In later years, White men have higher testosterone than Black men (Nyborg, 1994, p. 111-113).

This makes it very difficult if not impossible to explain differing behavioral variables, including higher rates of crime and aggression, in Black males over the age of 33 on the basis of elevated testosterone levels.

Critics say that more recent studies done since the early 2000’s have shown no differences between Black and White testosterone levels. Perhaps they are referring to recent studies that show lower testosterone levels in adult Blacks than in adult Whites. This was the conclusion of one recent study (Alvergne et al. 2009) which found lower T levels in Senegalese men than in Western men. But these Senegalese men were 38.3 years old on average.

These critics may also be referring to various studies by Sabine Rohrmann which show no significance difference in T levels between Black and White Americans. Age is poorly controlled for in her studies.

More seriously however, she used serum samples that the National Center for Health Statistics had earlier collected as part of its Third National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES III). Only 1,479 samples were still available out of an initial total of 1,998, i.e., one quarter were missing. An earlier study had used the same serum bank for research on a sexually transmitted disease: Herpes Simplex virus type 2 (HSV-2).

That study found that more than 25% of the samples for adults between 30 and 39 years were positive for HSV-2. It is likely that those positive samples had been set aside, thus depleting the serum bank of male donors who were not only more polygamous but also more likely to have high T levels. This sample bias was probably worse for African American participants than for Euro-American participants.

Young Black males have higher levels of active testosterone than European and Asian males. Asian levels are about the same as Whites, but a study in Japan with young Japanese men suggested that the Japanese had lower activity of 5-alpha reductase than did U.S. Whites and Blacks (Ross et al 1992). This enzyme metabolizes testosterone into dihydrotestosterone, or DHT, which is at least eight to 10 times more potent than testosterone. So effectively, Asians have the lower testosterone levels than Blacks and Whites. In addition, androgen receptor sensitivity is highest in Black men, intermediate in Whites and lowest in Asians.

Let us look at one study (Ross et al 1986) to see what the findings of a typical study looking for testosterone differences between races shows us. This study gives the results of assays of circulating steroid hormone levels in white and black college students in Los Angeles, CA. Mean testosterone levels in Blacks were 19% higher than in Whites, and free testosterone levels were 21% higher. Both these differences were statistically significant.

Adjustment by analysis of covariance for time of sampling, age, weight, alcohol use, cigarette smoking, and use of prescription drugs somewhat reduced the differences. After these adjustments were made, Blacks had a 15% higher testosterone level and a 13% higher free testosterone level. A 15% difference in circulating testosterone levels could readily explain a twofold difference in prostate cancer risk.

Higher testosterone levels are linked to violent behavior.

James Dabbs, Jr., studied 4,462 men in 1990 and found that “the overall picture among the high-testosterone men is one of delinquency, substance abuse and a tendency toward excess.” These men, he added, “have more trouble with people like teachers while they are growing up, have more sexual partners, are more likely to have gone AWOL in the service and to have used hard drugs,” particularly if they had poor educations and low incomes.

A separate study by Dabbs of young male prison inmates found that high testosterone levels were associated with more violent crimes, parole board decisions against release, and more prison rule violations. Even in women, Dabbs found, high testosterone levels were related to crimes of unprovoked violence, increased numbers of prior charges, and decisions against parole.

The latest study by Dabbs et al., which pooled data from two groups of prisoners, measured testosterone levels in the saliva of 692 adult male prisoners. The researchers found that inmates who committed crimes of sex and violence had higher testosterone levels than inmates who were incarcerated for property crimes or drug abuse. In addition, they say, “inmates with higher testosterone levels… violated more rules in prison, especially rules involving overt confrontation.”

Studies suggest that high testosterone lowers IQ (Ostatnikova et al 2007). Other findings suggest that increased androgen receptor sensitivity and higher sperm counts (markers for increased testosterone) are negatively correlated with intelligence when measured by speed of neuronal transmission and hence general intelligence (g) in a tradeoff fashion (Manning 2007).

Black females have higher IQ’s than Black males. Black female IQ is 2.4 points higher than Black male IQ. There are twice as many Black females as males with IQ’s over 120 and five times as many females as males with IQ’s over 140.

Acknowledgements: I would like to thank Dr. Peter Frost for his invaluable help in writing this paper.


Alvergne, A., C. Faurie, and M. Raymond. 2009. Variation in Testosterone Levels and Male Reproductive Effort: Insight from a Polygynous Human Population. Hormones and Behavior 56: 491-497.Ben-Shlomo, Y. S. Evans, F. Ibrahim, B. Patel, K. Anson, F. Chinegwundoh, C. Corbishley, D. Dorling, B. Thomas and D. Gillatt. 2008. The Risk of Prostate Cancer amongst Black Men in the United Kingdom: The PROCESS Cohort Study. European Urology 53:99-105.

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New Interview with Me Up

Let me know what you think of it.


Robert Stark Interviews Robert Lindsay about Personality Types

Topics include:


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Are These People Gay?

This is from a documnetary show by Ondi Timoner that reviews recent documentaries. This documentary is called Spanish Lake and it is about White flight in St. Louis. It’s a fascinating movie but we don’t get to see much but a few clips here in this show.

I was reading down the comments and some of the more racist commenters were insisting that the director and producer of the film, Philip Andrew Morton and Matt Smith, were gay and that the female host, Timoner, was lesbian. I found this fascinating because I am fascinated by sexual orientation. In particular, I am fascinated by how gays act and how their behavior differs from straights. And let me be completely honest  here. The PC people are all crazy and they’re all lying.

Most gay men do behave in a rather distinctive manner. It’s not always completely obvious that they are gay, but it’s usually clear after you have been around them for a while.

I’ve been fooled by maybe one gay man in my whole life, and even he didn’t act masculine at all. I just didn’t think he was gay, that’s all.

This was a man who was married to my mother’s friend. He was said to be chronically impotent for many years. I asked my Mom why he was impotent. Was he gay or what?

She said with a bit of disgust, “No, he’s not gay,” she sighed. “He’s just Catholic!”

I always thought that was pretty funny. I met this man once and the one thing that I noted about him was that he was very passive. He fathered a few children. Near the end of his life, his wife finally fessed up to my Mom and told her that her husband had been arrested more than once for engaging in gay sex in public at highway rest stops. Then we learned the reason for his impotence – he was gay.

One thing I have never done is peg a man as gay who was completely straight. I am very careful about who I call gay. It’s one of the worst things you can call any straight man and many will hit you or even kill you over that accusation, and I don’t blame them.

I never accuse anyone of that until I have figured it out very well and have excellent evidence, and I never accuse anyone of that to their face. Nor do I never ask any man if he is gay or not, because that’s one of the shittiest questions you can ever ask anyone. Anyway, it’s none of my damn business. Asking a man if he’s gay or not is de facto homophobic right there. It’s like asking someone for a videotape of his sex sessions with whoever he fucks.

I think who you fuck is a profoundly personal matter, and it is unspeakably rude to ask anyone any questions about their sex life at all. That includes “Are you a virgin? When was the last time you got laid? Have you ever had a girlfriend? Are you bisexual?” There is never any reason to ask any man a question like that.

Anyway, I am always fascinated when people claim that they can identify someone as gay simply based on the way that they talk or act.

First of all, the woman, Ondi Timoner. I don’t think she acts dykey at all. When she first came on, I thought she was hot as Hell, and honestly she reminded me of an ex-girlfriend. So no way is she lesbian because my exes aren’t dykes. In the clip, she alludes to a 10 year old son. Most lesbians don’t have sons.

I did some Googling on her, and I found nothing about her being a lesbian, and she’s a pretty famous person.

Look at these images of her. Look at how feminine she looks. Her face, the way she holds her body, her eyes, her smile, everything. She’s a little tough-looking, but no way on Earth is she a lesbian.

A PC lie is that lesbians act just like all the rest of us. Bull. Most of them are pretty damn mannish. And one thing they are almost never is feminine. They just aren’t. The “feminine lesbian” is a big fat PC lie.

Now onto the men. I had already watched 5-10 minutes of the video before I read that commenter insisting that these two filmmakers were gay. I had assumed nothing about them, which means I thought they were straight.

Philip Andrew Morton is the blond-haired, slight director on the right. He doesn’t act very gay at all, although he is a bit soft-spoken. But his mannerisms (the way he moves, the way he holds his face, the way he walks, the way he poses) are all actually rather masculine. Gay men just don’t act like this. Truly masculine gay men are like 4 leaf clovers. I Googled Philip Andrew Morton and found nothing suggesting that he was gay. Nor did I find anything suggesting a wife or kids. I conclude there’s no evidence he’s gay, and he doesn’t act that way.

Matt Jordan Smith is a confusing fellow. Some of his mannerisms, especially the way he moves his mouth when he talks, could be seen as faggoty. But then there was also something quite masculine about him. At the end of the day, I thought he was just another soft-spoken straight guy. I did some Googling on him too and found nothing about him being gay. Nor did I find anything about a wife or kids. Then I found his homepage. He’s a director, writer and actor. Click photos on his homepage. No way on Earth is this man gay. Look at the expressions on his face, in his eyes, how he holds his body and his face. There is a real hard masculinity about this man. I don’t see how it’s possible that he’s gay.

One more thing to consider is that I lived and worked in this area for years. I hung out in Hollywood almost every weekend for years. Hollywood is a bizarre place. Sure, it’s full of gay and bisexual people, but not everyone there is like that, trust me. But one interesting thing is that a lot of the straight men around Hollywood act a little bit queer. That’s just the “Hollywood way to act.” You’re simply supposed to sort of talk like a queer and act like one. That’s called “being Hollywood.” You would be surprised how many straight men in Hollywood act a little faggoty just because that’s considered hip behavior in that crazy city.

I really thought both of these guys acted more “Hollywood” or “Californian” than gay, and as I found out below, I am probably correct.

Later I found out that both of these men live in West Hollywood. WeHo of course is a very gay city in Los Angeles. It’s full of gay men.

However, it’s also Ground Zero for the film industry in LA, and it’s full of actors, actresses, models, directors, producers, writers, film editors, stylists, photographers, cinematographers, musicians, etc. I am quite certain that these men are living there because they are in the industry and not because they are gay.


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Indians as a Damaged People

Sid25 writes:

Indians are certainly damaged by Indian culture. More accurately I’d say, they are stunted by it. Indian culture is what you get when you have when youngsters are raised with the idea that, as long as you gain success in terms of career and status in society, nothing else really matters. There’s all there is to it. They are never encouraged to take up moral and social responsibility. Hindu society, whose prime obsession was preservation of caste and status, has resulted in this today.

Here’s how I’ve come to see it. Very few really mature beyond 15, the age where they probably had their first encounter with the other gender, booze or cigarettes and the age at which they start giving the first of the series of competitive exams that no Indian can escape if he or she wants ‘success’.

Therefore when they encounter varied of different social situations or when it comes to enjoying something abstract, they are dumbfounded and react with denial or imitation. And like a school child never grown up, the only sort of enjoyment they get is in pulling down others, outsmarting people, disobeying rules, abuse of power, mockery, humiliation and bragging.

Little wonder most Indian males posses these attitudes on most subjects.

Public places: As long as it’s not their home or my society, and as long as they don’t need to be there regularly, they don’t care about it.

Parents: Children are perpetually slaves to the older generations. Rebellion comes at a cost they would never be ready to bear. It’s better to conform.

Friends: All is well as long as no one is better than the others at anything. If someone is, he is put down regularly till everyone is equally useless.

Sexual partners and dating: She’s either a virgin princess who they can corrupt, trick and dominate, or a slut they can use and throw. Of course, dating like in the West is slowly becoming more popular, but considering how almost everyone ends up with an arranged marriage, all that amounts to nothing.

Things did vary across India. In many areas of south India in the past, people used to value education and a stable family, and were encouraged to take up responsibility at a young age. Bengal had a fairly progressive culture for a long period. But now, as new things have flood India such as white collar jobs, new tech and porn, Indians react the same way they do to anything new…confusion and imitation.

Everyone would love to live in the city of Mumbai, and everyone’s favorite holiday spot is Goa. It’s not surprising that these two are one of the few places heavily influenced by Christian culture. But ask any Hindutva nut about Christianity and let him react: Hypocrisy, denial and stupidity.

Good post from an Indian that sums up Indian culture quite well and shows how almost anyone growing up in this culture is going to be damaged by it. There’s probably no escape from getting damaged. Perhaps you can leave and move to the West. Perhaps you can be a sort of rebel or dropout like Shi or Pranav or some of the other Indians on here, but that seems to have a cost.

I always wondered why Indians were so greedy and materialistic. Literally the only thing that has any value at all in the world is money, status, job title, and stuff. Everything else is pretty near worthless. I almost think Indians are even more grasping and avaricious than Jews. Indians are something like Jews in a sense. They have many the bad qualities of Jews in spades but few if any of the good qualities.

And mind you, I believe that Jews do have a lot of good qualities. In fact, my mother always told me that I was basically a Jew in Gentile clothing so to speak and that based on my behavior, I belonged in a Jewish family, not a Gentile family. And from an early age, I have always wanted to be a Jew. Not the Ugly Jew like The Ugly American, but the good side of the Jews, especially the reverence for intellect and love of knowledge and the progressive, even revolutionary desire to be a light unto man and make the world a better place. I would not do well with the insane materialism of Jewish life; in fact, I would oppose it so much that it might make me think twice about being a Jew.

This piece helps me to finally understand why Indians are so shallow and greedy. It’s all down to Hinduism! What mattered in Hinduism? Status, status and status. Caste was nothing if not a status system. Now that India is somewhat post-Hinduized (many middle class Indians are probably fairly secular), the Hindu elevation of status as the sole value in life has been transferred to its secular counterpart. To be a “Brahmin” now means to have a great job title and career, a high income, and great material success, much of which can be wasted on showy, ostentatious displays of conspicuous consumption. To be an “Untouchable” in India now is simply to be poor.

And like a school child never grown up, the only sort of enjoyment they get is in pulling down others, outsmarting people, disobeying rules, abuse of power, mockery, humiliation and bragging.

It stands to reason that in a society where status is the be-all and end-all of everything, this behavior would be normative. This is how status-obsessed people act – forever in competition with everyone around them, always insecure, trying to pull down everyone else, mockery and humiliation of perceived lessers, wild narcissism and bragging, and a single-minded pursuit of grandiosity and success that causes one to bend rules, steamroll over everyone around you, trick and fool people, and abuse any power so acquired like a mad, shameless dictator.

Of course the West is full of such idiots. Go to the PUA blogs, and this describes most of the authors and commenters. But in the West, a lot of these people are openly despised as douchebags, jerks and assholes, and that’s when people are being nice.

Douchebag behavior is not yet normative in the West, if it ever will be. Especially in White and Asian culture, many people actively despise these types and think they are awful or lousy human beings. That’s the difference between the West and India. In the West, these types are often successful yet widely despised as lousy people, and in India, this is simply the normal way to be. No one seems to be able to conceive of a different way to behave. There literally is no other way.


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As Bad As an Asian Man Gets

Don’t get me wrong, I know exactly what you’re getting at. That whole sort of corrupt dictator that can be charming and funny one minute than hack up his enemies with a machete the next. I just think it’s more a cultural thing than inborn. What about guys like Pol Pot and Kim Jung Un? Are they in that same tradition? The Kims are a particularly interesting case. They can pall up with Dennis Rodman and be fans of Hollywood movies, then turn around and have their opponents and their families imprisoned and tortured.

Sure, a dictator is a dictator, and some dictators can be fun-loving one minute and murderous the next and hardly skip a beat. But look at Idi Amin’s personality. Or General Butt Naked’s personality. You see any Kim Jung Un in there? I am just not seeing it. Kim is a rather typical Asiatic personality type with the bad side of the Asiatic type dramatically amplified. Neither Kim nor Pol Pot act anything like Idi Amin or General Butt Naked in basic personality or style.

Look at Idi Amin in that clip. That’s the Black personality type in all of its glory. In that little clip, we see more of the good aspect of it – the infectious, engaging, gregarious sort of “I would love to have a beer with that guy” charm.

Pol Pot was just a vicious man. His personality was not like Idi Amin’s or General Butt Naked’s. He was also a serious, cerebral sort who was quite cold and vicious. Also I doubt if he was gleefully sadistic. He just didn’t have that wild, infectious, extroverted, engaging charm of Amin, nor did he have Amin’s massive, larger than life, God-like ego. Pol Pot was a classic Asiatic personality type with a lot of emphasis on the bad side of that personality type.

The bad side of the Asiatic can be seen in the Japanese generals, maybe in Mao, in the Kims, in Pol Pot, in the Indonesian generals of 1965, and in countless Chinese warlords and leaders.

They are ice-cold, callous, logical to a fault, often cerebral, somewhat humorless, lacking in showy displays in egotism and engaging, infectious, devil may care charisma, usually not wildly or comically delusional, usually not but sometimes sadistic (the Japanese were very sadistic, but they seem more mean than gleeful), more introverted than extroverted, with an eliminationist mindset towards the enemy and an often collectivist or utopian view of life.

Basically, in the East, life is cheap. There are too damn many people. You look out at 1.6 million Chinese, and you can’t even see humans anymore. You see ants. Human ants. It’s easy to kill an ant. I do it all the time. Just squash it. When places are that overpopulated with lookalikes, and you start seeing people as ants, you can squash them by the 100,000’s like bugs very easily.


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