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First World Problem of the Day


It can’t get a bank account because it can’t make up its mind about whether it’s a boy or a girl. It insists that it’s not a boy, and it’s not a girl either. It was born a girl, but now it calls itself non-binary genderqueer, whatever that means. Apparently it retains a female body. It also can’t go to college because you can’t go to college unless you check either male or female on the form. If you’re a human, you are not allowed to be a Thing. You have two choices: you are either a Male or you are a Female, one or the other. You gotta make up your mind.

I am not sympathetic to this confused teenage girl at all. It’s pretty damn dykey, but that’s not unknown or unheard of nowadays. But even dykes for the most part still claim they are womyn. In fact, a lot of them, like the lesbian-feminist idiots, shout that they are wimmin to the skies. This thing can’t make up it’s mind and claims either not a boy and not a girl, or else maybe it is a boy and a girl at the same time, or maybe it is a boy on Tuesdays but a girl on Sundays. You get the picture.

Yes there have always been sexual perverts, deviants and freaks among us, but people mostly used to keep this crap to themselves. Now they’re right out in the open, demanding that we not just tolerate their weirdness but that we actually cheer for them.

This seems like some teenage temper tantrum. “Waah! The world won’t go along with my crazy ideas!” This is what happens when you never say no to your kids. They grow up like this.

The Cultural Left thinks that just because you say you are something, that’s actually what you are. But psychiatry and philosophy would argue otherwise. There is a psychiatric case record of a man who insisted he was a lion, despite much evidence to the contrary. He was diagnosed with Delusional Disorder, which was a correct diagnosis. I suppose SJWtards would insist that this guy really is a lion or something like that.Bull.

You can stick feathers up your butt and cluck, but that doesn’t make you a chicken. Someone ought to tell these SJW idiots that.

No sympathy for this girl! It’s a teenager trying to get attention.


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94% of all Women Are Maximally Attracted to Men

Nebulous Maximus writes:

What about the really butchy Bull Dykes? They don’t seem to be into teh cock at all.

2% of women are lesbians. Maybe 5% lean lesbian. But even the leaners like a dick now and then! I know because I have met them!

94% of all woman are maximally attracted to males.

6% of all women are maximally attracted to females.

51% of females are sexually attracted to other females, and 49% of women could be technically said to have a bisexual orientation.

Of the 51% of females who are attracted to other women, 86% of them lean straight.

Of the 49% of women who could be technically be called bisexuals, an equal percentage, 86%, lean straight.

Even “bi” women overwhelmingly lean straight.

This is just what I suspected. All over the world, everywhere you go, women are all the same. They all want one thing. The lives of most of them all seem to revolve around one thing.

Most women are all about men. Most girls are all about boys. Even old ladies still like men. I can tell when I deal with them.

Women like dick. They like cock. They like men. They want to have sex with men, and they want to fall in love with men. For many to most women, a major aspect of their daily lives, spiritually, romantically, emotionally and physically, all revolve around men.

When a woman is in a relationship with a man, that is typically the most important thing in her life. When she is not in a relationship with a man, she is often looking rather prominently to start up a new relationship with a man as soon as possible. Most of women’s sexual fantasies are about men. Even women who also fantasize about sex with women too fantasize about men a lot more than women. Most women who have sex with men and women would rather have sex with a man than a woman.

When a drive is that intense, you can’t help thinking that it’s biological. Somehow and in some way, females must be strongly wired up to be attracted to men sexually and to deeply desire romantic sexual relationships with men, typically of a long-term nature.

I assume they pop out of the womb already wired up this way, although the actual sex drive probably doesn’t hit them until they are ~13, at which time it hits like gangbusters.

However, a nonsexual attraction to men and a desire for romance with men seems to be present even in prepubescent girls, as seen in the boy band and teen idol posters decorating any tween girl’s room. She doesn’t want to have sex with any of those men because I don’t think prepubescent girls have a sex drive, but she’s still strongly attracted to them in some sense (she thinks they’re “cute”) and she feels romantic feelings for them. Tween girls around 11 years old also get strong crushes on adult men. The content of these crushes romantic or sexual is not known, but they do exist, as I have experienced them.

Give it up, radfems. Lesbianism will never catch on. Women seem to be biologically wired up to want and prefer men.


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(Statistical) Alphas, Betas and Omegas

S. D. writes:

Many women want cuckolds.

They wish to have children and be penetrated by Alpha males but be provided for by Beta males who will raise these children.

In modern society we see this constantly – an attractive woman has “kids from a previous relationship” by a brute and marries a sweet Beta male who provides and cares for these kids.

Omegas are the “swinging bachelors” of the modern world. They prefer casual sex, porn, prostitution or sex tourism.

I agree with the first three paragraphs of our great commenter S.D.’S comment.

The first paragraph is a fact, but do all women want cuckolds? All women want to marry a Beta they can cuck by screwing Alphas on the side? Are there any women who want to marry and fall in love with a Beta and have a great love and sex life with him?

If women want cuckolds, then why is that nearly every woman I end up with demands monogamy of me, often aggressively or even violently? Also most girlfriends I get are jealous of me, often almost to the point of being nuts. They usually don’t trust me and seem to always wonder if I am cheating on them. They are crazy suspicious and jealous of me to the point of seeming like madwomen. Women are also often crazy possessive of me to the point of saying they will beat up or kill any other woman who tries to get her hands on me. If they wanted to get with me to cuck me, why are they so psycho-jealous?

I do not agree at all that statistical Omegas are the swinging bachelors of the modern world. Most swinging bachelors nowadays are statistical Alphas, as this is a rather typical Alpha lifestyle at least when young. Young women are getting so promiscuous nowadays that I think even some statistical Beta young men are swinging bachelors.

I seriously doubt if any statistical Omegas are swinging bachelors, but they can always buy it. Omegas are not attractive to women by default. It’s hard to see how a man who is not attractive to women is somehow leading a swinging bachelor lifestyle.

I have known quite a few players and womanizers in my time, and some might say I led that lifestyle myself for a bit. Most of the “swinging bachelors” that I have known in my life were goodlooking men. The most notorious of all were always, in every single case, very good looking men with male model or Greek God good looks. Womanizing is the province of handsome men, not rejects.

Omegas are the guys who can’t get laid with God’s help. These are the incels.

Statistical Alphas (~20-25% of men) – These men are attractive to most but not necessarily all women. Alphas are first choice of ~80% of women and at any given time, up to 80% of the women may be pursuing the 20-25% of Alphas at least as first choice anyway.

Statistical Betas (~60-65% of men?) – These men are attractive to some but not most women. Betas are the first choice of maybe 20% of women. However, with 80% of the women pursuing the 22% of men who are Alphas, obviously there are not enough Alphas to go around, so many women settle for a Beta on that basis. Also Alphas usually make awful boyfriends and even worse husbands, partly because they are incorrigible cheaters, so most women either think or learn that Alphas make awful longterm partners.

When women hit their 30’s, they often want children and a family, so they settle for a Beta.

However, I feel that many women who get with Betas in LTR’s or as husbands come to love them. I have seen many Beta men in very good relationships with women where the women are deeply in love with them, and the men are getting lots of sex. The idea that all women who settle for Betas are unhappy is not true.

Statistical Omegas (15% of men?)- These men are attractive to none, almost none, or better phrased, few if any women. However, I know seriously Omega men who got with homely or fat women who were not attractive at all and were involved in deep loving relationships with these women with plenty of sex. If you’re an Omega, you can always grab a landwhale or a hambeast, fall crazy in love with her and fuck your brains out. So not all is gloom and doom for Omegas.


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A Few Words on Female Homosexuality

RockT writes:

What about female homosexuality? That, I think, is more of a problem when it comes to trendy. fad type sex. That causes habits to form and takes the away from doing important things by screwing around in fruitless relations.

Of course, like all heterosexual men, I am absolutely repulsed by the idea of two women having sex with each other. And the more beautiful the women doing this, the more disgusting it is. In fact, just writing this about two beautiful women having sex with each other made me physically gag. I ran to the bathroom and dry heaved a few times into the sink, but fortunately nothing came up. It is really that disgusting.

Only 2% of US females are lesbians. But no one knows what causes lesbianism, and quite a few lesbians appear to be lesbians by choice. So if women can choose to be lesbians, that opens up an ominous potential that the rate of lesbianism in women could increase beyond 2%, which in my opinion, would not be a good thing. Unless all the psychobitches converted to lesbianism, in which case, I would say it would be a good thing. Actually the psychobitches should all just kill themselves. I would not want to impose them on my sisters, even my lesbian sisters.

Women of my generation do not seem to have gone in for bisexuality in a big way. However, it is not uncommon at all to find a woman of my generation who say, had sex with another woman once, often in a three-way with another woman. And they may have played the passive role too. Less commonly, you will find a woman my age who experimented with bisexuality for maybe a two week phase in their younger years, often when they were nearly blinded with drug and alcohol googles to the point where they barely even knew or cared what they were doing anymore. These women typically come out of these experiences by concluding that they are just not into women at all and that apparently they are strictly dickly.

I don’t date a lot of younger women because most of them think I am too old for them, but I have dated some young women in the last 15 years. They were definitely more open to the idea of bisexuality. Two of them had tried it once, and both told me that they liked it. These women were aged 23 and 27. Other young women I dated told me that they were open to the idea of it or out and out wanted to do it. One of these had already had sex with another woman twice in some booze or drugged up haze, but she told me that “she didn’t remember what happened.”

The impression I get is that females basically like cock. They want dick.

Lesbianism or even lesbian-leaning bisexuality is never going to catch on big. It seems to go against basic female nature.


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Most Women All Around the World Seem to Revolve Most of Their Lives around Men

The impression I get is that females basically like cock. They want dick. Even with the woman here who had had sex with women twice, her whole life revolved around men and sex and love with men. Whenever she brought up sex or love, she always talked about men. She talked to me a lot about her sexual fantasies, and they almost always involved only men.

I have dated quite a few women and have been friends with many more. Also since the onset of the Net, I have talked to a lot of women all over the world. My impression is that women all over the world seem to revolve their entire lives or much of their lives around men. Not so much sex, although that is important. More around finding a man to love, form a longterm relationship with and even marry. Marriage and LTR’s have not gone out of style at all. In fact, I think most single women desire first and foremost love and in that context especially an LTR or even marriage. Also most women desire monogamy.


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Most Women Seem to Want Monogamy

I do not meet many women who say they are willing to enter into non-monogamous relationships with men. In fact, almost all women I date or even talk to on dating sites tell me they want monogamy. When I date them, they usually tell me that if I want to date them, I must agree to monogamy. Yes, women will agree to open relationships, and I have been negotiating these devious contracts with women since I was 19 years old.

They generally go along with it, sometimes in order to seem “cool” or “hip.” I usually negotiate them on the basis of, “We can both go out with other people, but just don’t tell each other about it. What we don’t know won’t hurt us.” They verbally agree with this, but you can tell that they don’t like the idea much. Maybe they figure it’s the only way they can keep me around, so it’s worth it.

My experience has been that humans don’t do “open relationships” very well. Usually women say, “Oh fine. Open relationship. No problem! Me too!” But then as soon as they find out you got involved with or especially started having sex with or worse, got into a deep relationship with some other women, it’s, “You cheated! You Goddamn sonofabitch! I am going to kill you!” Months of regular threats and abusive phone calls and text messages follow, during which time, your life becomes a bit Hellish.


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Women: You Will Not Be Killed by a First Date or Bar Pickup

Ingrid Lyne, a 40-year-old mother of three, went missing April 9 after attending a Seattle Mariners game with a man she met online. Her purse and keys are still in her house, but her car is missing. Now, body parts have been found in a recycling bin outside a home in Seattle. The remains are believed to be those of Ms. Lyne. The man she met, John Charlton, is now under arrest.

Very few women will ever die this way, and almost no killings like this occur from a man who kills a woman on the first date or a woman he takes home from a bar. The reason is quite simple – how many people saw him leave that bar with her? How many dozen people saw him leave that bar with her?

Likewise with dates, although I would advise all women to get the name, home address, phone number and maybe email of any man they are going out with.

I had a woman do that once on a date with me once, and it totally freaked me out when she did it because of the implication that she thought I might even be capable of killing her. She lived with her Mom, and we were over at her Mom’s house.

I had picked her up after work in Century City, and then we went to some barber shop in South LA where she got her hair cut. There were a bunch of older Black guys in there who acted like they hardly ever dealt with a White man. One was a bit frightened and leery of White men but we still sort of hit it off anyway and I hope I showed him that not all White man are evil.

The other was from South Carolina, and we had a good conversation about Gullah. It was pretty cool to meet some really authentic Black men who hardly ever dealt with White people. I will say that I thought both of them were very good people, but most older Black men you meet either working regularly or retired are almost always very cool people. I think most of the really bad older Black men are dead or in prison. And one of the wisest humans you will ever meet is that retired Black man with a twinkle in his eye who looks like he has seen the whole world and then some.

From there we ended up at her house, but her Mom was not home. This was a Black woman who actually lived in South Central LA. She went over to the calendar, looked at me very suspiciously (which I did not appreciate) and asked for my name and phone number. I told her I lived alone, but that was not good enough for her. She wanted a relative’s contact number, so I gave her my Mom’s. She wrote my name and number on the calendar.

The date that followed is a very long story.

Even on a first date with that woman, how many people saw him come to her house and pick him up? How many people saw him leave with her?

However, all women should at least write down the names, addresses, phone numbers, etc, of the men they date on their phone numbers.

A man who kills a woman on a first date (psycho killer) is almost always automatically arrested. Men rarely kill their casual dates. They do hit them and beat them up a lot of course, and they rape them a lot. But kill them? No.

A man who kills a woman he leaves a bar with is often arrested very fast. There was a guy 20 years ago who killed a few in a row, but that might be harder to do now. How many witnesses saw him leave that bar with her?

Even killers are not morons. In fact, they are often far more intelligent than your average guy. Few if any of these guys ever want to get caught.

Killers like this (psycho killers) prey on strangers or sometimes very casual friends. They do kill women that they know, but almost never on a casual date or a bar pickup. Instead they will break into her house, kill her and leave. If they are good at disappearing bodies, they can even kill women who come visit them, but this is not common because most men cannot disappear bodies. It’s a million times harder than you think.

There are many cases where a man, a suspected killer, was the last person to see a missing woman alive. The key is that her body vanished. Just being the last person she was seen with is not enough to arrest any man, ever!

I know of one guy who was the last man seen with several women who disappeared and were presumed murdered. I think the body of one was found. He has not been arrested to this date. Just being the last man seen with a murder victim is not enough to arrest usually. No DA in the nation will ever file on that case. But these guys do not make first dates with women and kill them. They tend to kill women who were casual acquaintances. Often she was seen at his place or he at hers shortly before she vanished. That’s not enough to file!


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Crack Smoking Parties, Wilshire District Los Angeles, 1986

I had gone out on a date with what you might call a High Class Crack Whore, and after a date that ended us up smoking crack in a mixed race party in the Wilshire District, I got mad at her and left the bitch at that party very late at night, which is exactly what she deserved. I had gone off to another party with some other Black woman who pulled me away from the crack whore. This new bitch turned out to be nothing other than Middle Class Crack Whore #2.

Well, I got an hysterical phone call from my own mother the next afternoon. “Bob!,” she screamed. “What did you do to that woman!?” I said, “Whaaat?” I had no idea what had happened. Her mother had called my mother the next afternoon because the girl never came home from her date with me, which was news to me. All I knew was that I had left her at some party in the Wilshire District the night before. I had no idea what happened to her after that.

I told my mother what had happened and how she refused to go home with me, so I just left her at a party in the Wilshire District at 2 AM with no way to get home. Since she had no way to get home, I assumed that she never made it home. My Mom called the girl’s mother back and told her my story.

I was pretty upset with my Mom for thinking that I had killed a woman on a date and left her in a ditch or even for thinking I was capable of that,and I told her so.

I had left the party, and we had both gone out to my car where a stupid argument took place. She left my car and went back into the party. I sat out in my car waiting for the dumb bitch for a very long time. Then I met some other people from the party who were leaving the party. I asked them where the girl was, and they said she was back at the party. I told them that I was waiting for her to leave with me, but they told me that she said she was not leaving with me and was instead sitting up at the party talking crap about me. I swore at her and called her a bunch of names.

The other Black women took sympathy. One of them grabbed me and said, “Oh, you’re cute! I want a cute White boy! Hey, you come with me baby! You’re with me now. That bitch doesn’t even like you. I’m your date tonite, not her.” Then she grabbed me, put her arm around me and started kissing me really hard while talking very dirty in my ear. The other Black woman acted like this was absolutely disgusting maybe because some Black women think the idea of sex with a White men is sickening.

Well, we went back to her place with some other people, mostly Black but also one White guy. There was a bit of a party at her place now. Well, that did not go very well either, and long story short, I left that party too, equally disgusted at Bitch #2.


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The Alt Left Position on Homosexuality and the Gay Lobby

I am not crazy about the Gay Lobby, though I do support gay rights at least to a certain degree. I actually participate in gay political campaigns and am on a lot of their mailing lists. On the other hand, due to a lot of bad experiences, I am not crazy about gay men, but that is more of a personal matter between me and them.

I also think that the Cultural Left is lying a lot about homosexuality, and we ought to tell the truth about this subject – Sexual Orientation Realism or Gay Realism, along with Gender Realism and Race Realism  -ought all to be pillars of the Alt Left.

In addition, I am completely opposed to the propagation of homosexuality as the Latest Cool and Groovy Trend. Sure, biological gays should be supported, but straight people have a tremendous potential for bisexuality, and it should not be encouraged or turned into a fad.

In addition, the mechanics of female homosexuality are not well understood at all. Furthermore, no one quite knows how biologically gay men get wired up either, and there is no guarantee that homosexuals will remain at 2% of the population of any society forever. Societies past and present have given the stamp of approval to cultural recreational homosexuality for men, although few of those men were biological gays. As you can see, levels of homosexuality can go up or down depending on society.

My opinion is:

  • 2% homosexuals is quite enough for a healthy society
  • Homosexuality in general is bad for society but nevertheless normal for a small number of people,
  • Levels of homosexuality in society ought to be kept to a reasonable minimum,
  • Homosexuality should not be propagated as a recreational activity or fad for the mostly-straight masses (who, as mentioned, nevertheless have a huge bisexual potential).

If you wanted to pin me down, I would of course support all truly biological bisexual men as I would support any biological gay men, but I would oppose recreational of fad bisexuality among predominantly straight men, the levels of which in any society are probably subject to dramatic changes in either and up or down direction. I do not think it should be normal for your average mostly straight guy to think that sucking a cock now and then is the latest cool and groovy thing to do.

I think we should also oppose the cultural conservatives’ line on gays, and we must also oppose homophobes. White I am not crazy about gay men, I dislike homophobes about 100X worse, partly because for some insane reason, they mostly brutalize and torment straight men. I am assuming they are enforcing norms of masculinity for men. Homophobes are in general probably not very healthy people who mostly bully, pick on, persecute, attack, assault and discriminate against people who are mostly minding their own business.

Whatever harm homosexuality causes to society is surely overridden by the tremendous damage that hate-filled homophobes cause in part because many of their victims are men who are 100% heterosexual. So you see that therefore, in addition to being vicious and cruel, homophobes are also stupid and absurd.

Surely homophobia is not an Alt Left value. Let’s leave that for the cultural conservatives. They do homophobia so well after all.


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The Alt Left Position on Feminism

On the woman question, Rabbit ( does not seem to care much about feminism, while I believe that Gender Feminism is nothing but a man-hating movement, and most women involved in it are there to nurture feelings of anger, rage and mostly resentment towards men. As a man, I do not see why I should support a movement of people who hate me.

I think we should support Equity Feminism though, the movement for women’s equal rights. We should support the Equity Feminist movements in much of the world where women’s rights are much worse than they are. These women deserve their just and healthy Liberation.

I would like to look into Sex-positive Feminism to see if it fits with the Alt Left. I feel good about the Sex-positive Feminism of the Jezebel website. One beef against gender feminists is that they are very puritanical and seem to hate heterosexual men, normal heterosexual male sexuality and even masculinity itself, which they call toxic.

The Alt Left supports straight men and thinks there is nothing wrong with heterosexual male sexuality. We also are not opposed to masculinity, do not think it is toxic but nevertheless do not believe it should be fetishized in a homophobic way. We feel that straight men ought to choose their own paths to their own particular brand of masculinity, even if that involves some healthy androgyny. Different straight men have different masculine styles, and this ought to be respected.

Nevertheless, effeminate behavior in straight men should be opposed, as it is disgusting, degrading and absurd. Effeminate behavior in gay men is simply normative and getting mad at gay men for being effeminate is like getting mad at your dog for barking. This is simply the way most of these men are, and I assume it is tied somehow in with their biological homosexuality.

The Men’s Rights Movements have made some valid points, but most of them have turned into the mirror of Gender Feminism. MRA’s hate women the same way most gender feminists are hostile to men. Neither movement is any more valid than the other, and neither sex deserves to be hated or even praised more than the other.

The sexes are different, but most of the differences are biological, and men and women probably have little control over their gendered behavior. Getting mad at women for causing drama and chaos (the bad side of the Feminine Character) is like kicking your cat for acting like a cat. This is simply women’s normative behavior, and while it should not be encouraged, neither should women be hated for their bad side. At any rate, the Male Character has an extremely bad side too, which appears to be much worse than bad side of the Female Character.

Bottom line is that the sexes have each a good and bad side to their characters, and neither sex deserves to be hated more than the other one. Misogyny is as irrational as misandry. All forms of hardcore sexism ought to be as proscribed as hardcore racism.

You can see where this is headed. The Alt Left thinks that the Feminist Movement has gone way too far and has verged off into Female Supremacism and hatred of men. That doesn’t sound like Liberation to me, and hence the Alt Left rejects the Gender Feminism of the Cultural Left as a hate movement against men that engages in hate speech towards men.

But the Alt Left, while rejecting Cultural Left Feminism, also rejects the regressive, discriminatory, prejudicial and demeaning anti-feminism of Cultural Conservatism. The movement for Women’s Liberation was to free themselves from the shackles of Cultural Conservatism, and at core, this movement was and still should be at least theoretically a good thing.

So the Alt Left position on feminism and women would be moderate, rejecting both Cultural Left Feminism Cultural Conservative Antifeminism.

I believe that one must not hate men in order to be part of the Alt Left. One of the pillars of the Alt Left is the rejection of the man-hatred of Cultural Left Feminism. If you hate men, you can’t be part of the Alt Left. It’s a dealkiller.


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