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Robert Stark Interviews Matt Forney about Tag the Sponsor


He also refers to one of my articles.

I enjoyed this article, but I am starting to feel cold about the Alternative Right stuff. All of these morons keep insisting that I am a rightwinger, but I go to rightwing sites and I want to punch the computer. I do not agree with these people at all. Matt is very much anti-Left and that is a big turnoff. I am against the Cultural Left, but not the Left per se. Forget that.

Topics include:

Matt’s article Tag the Sponsor Exposes the Depravity of Modern Women about Instagram models who whore themselves out to Arab oil sheiks in Dubai

The depravity of Dubai and other oil rich Arab Gulf states

Do these women become irreparably damaged?

How society’s sexual mores have declined

Matt’s article on Cassandra Lynn’s Death Shows Why You Should Never Wife Up Broken Girls

Matt’s review of Jared Taylor’s Face to Face with Race

Matt’s article The Triumph of Hope Over Experience about Mayor Bill De Blasio and New York City

How New York City’s gentrification killed it’s created energy and how it’s symbolic of today’s decline in creativity


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The Enigma of Female Pain Freaks

Sam writes:

“RL: …demanding that I shit in her mouth…”

Sam: I don’t understand this at all. I have no clue. Blank. How this can in any way be pleasurable I can not fathom. The only thing I can think of is the girl is mentally ill and wants to be abused. Why girls want this, I don’t know. It may be possible that it’s a remnant from the ancient past. When villages were attacked in cave man times the Men were all killed. It would make sense that only the Women who could become completely submissive could survive. Any trouble and they were killed. So maybe a psychological defense for abuse survived in those Women whose relatives were all killed but them.

She definitely was into being abused. That was what she was all about. She wanted me to do all sorts of crazy and kinky things to her which you folks really do not need to know about. I agreed to most of them. I take requests you know. I played the role she wanted me to play like an actor in movie playing a character. I wasn’t taking it seriously. It was like a great big game, which is all sex is to me anyway.

Except I won’t shit in a chick’s mouth. Not yet anyway. I hope I am strong enough to never do that. Personally, I do not think any self-respecting man should ever do anything like that to any woman ever, for any reason.

A man who does that – I don’t want to call him a loser. He’s disreputable. Sinking. He’s turned himself into whale shit, and that’s at the bottom of the ocean. Something essential inside of him has died.

I think if I ever did an awful act like that, I fear that a very important part of me might die, perhaps that last Gnostic flickering dim light of humanism left in my corroded heart, the flickering match among the ruins, might wink out one last time, I would go black, blank and lost, and the night would last forever.

If I ever descend so low as to do something like that, honestly I hope I just kill myself. Seriously. Because then I would be a monster, and ghouls must not walk among men.

A man should retain some dignity in life if only so he can sleep well at night, and I sleep very well, thank you.

I have to look at myself in the mirror too, you know.

I won’t go into details, but a few times I violated my own moral code so badly that I couldn’t look in the mirror for a dozen weeks afterwards. Every time I looked at that glass I saw this ugly monster glaring back at me, and I would swell up with bubbling rage, so badly did I want to kill that man in the glass. It was all I could do to keep from actually hitting the glass.

I was also suicidal. On those same few occasions when I have morally abased myself by my own standards, I wanted to die for weeks afterwards. Just to it. Get it over with, dammit. Smash the mirror, kill the ugly mirror-man hiding in the glass, then off the trembling sack of bones while you are at it for a double play and a home run at the same time.

Adhering to a moral code is important for my self-esteem, and I doubt if I am the only one. It is so much easier to like yourself if you think you are basically a good person.

And it might be nice to get to ~80 without looking back on your life, wincing, cringing and plunging your head into your cupped hands.

Back to the crazy girl. After that scene, we did some really perverted, kinky, twisted and crazy stuff at her request, and I got into it a bit, but it was more stage acting than mining a part of myself.

Yes, she was full-on submissive, into being abused. She told me that she wanted to be some sort of a submissive sex slave for a dominant master, preferably a great big mean Black guy.

The sex scene continued off down the hallway and into the bathroom – you will have to use your imagination here. In the bathroom, knees on the floor, hysterical with crazed lust, she suddenly blurted out, “I want to be branded!”

Branded! Huh? Yeah that’s right. She wanted to be branded with a hot branding iron like a cow. Nuts. What kind of a human wants to be branded like a cow with a hot metal branding iron? I don’t get it.

I do not think I could brand a woman. That is too over the edge. Once a man starts branding women with hot irons, he should check himself into the nearest prison to protect society from his own black heart. Monsters and men must walk apart.

I can’t inflict much pain on women during sex, even when they are masochistic and actually request it. It doesn’t do anything for me, and it feels weird to be making another human suffer physical pain like that. You’re actually torturing another human being you know.

I had this girlfriend once who was a masochistic submissive, totally into pain. She was also the world’s biggest fag hag, and she had this whole circle of twisted gay male masochistic pain freak friends. She would regale me with stories of her gay best friends. Making an inch or two with her fingers, she would recount, mesmerized, “He’s not satisfied until the welts are this big!” Her eyes would go huge and wild, and she would circle her head around when she recounted these tales, staring straight ahead with a frozen hypnotized deer in the headlights expression.

I would shake my head, act disgusted and say, “Quit talking about your crazy fag friends. These guys are sick fuck fags, and hearing about them makes me want to puke!”

This crazy woman wanted me to squeeze her nipples during sex. Hard. Real hard. I mean real hard! Then she would writhe and collapse onto her stomach, moaning in pain, “Aaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh!” I would look up dazed and shake my head around, eyes batting confused while I thought, “What the Hell is wrong with this flipped out bitch? Why the God’s name am I doing this anyway? It feels so weird to hurt someone like this. It doesn’t even really feel good.”

I didn’t even particularly enjoy it, and I chalked it up to not being much of a sexual sadist. I felt like a maniac, and it felt more creepy, disturbing and frightening than anything else.


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Do Women Become Irreparably Damaged after Allowing Arab Princes to Defecate on Them?

Question of the day for you all. Inquiring minds need to know!

Which reminds me…

I really do not think I could crap on a woman or certainly not crap in her mouth. Sure I’m depraved, but even I have limits.

I was with a girl once who wanted me to do that to her. She was in back of me on her knees doing whatever you imagine she might be doing back there. She asked me to shit in her mouth!

I thought a bit, and then said, “No way!” Incredibly, she got angry at me, started crying and began beating her fists against my ass cheeks, demanding that I shit in her mouth. Despite the tantrum, I still refused. We did do some other shockingly depraved, twisted and perverted stuff later on that night, but that one demand was just too far. I really do not think I could shit on another human being for any reason, and I surely could not shit in someone’s mouth. I think if I ever did that to another human being, an important part of me would die forever. There are some doors that you just won’t through no matter how easy it is to turn the knob.

15 year old girl.

I was 21 years old, a mere boy.

It was only 1979, but it was long ago in another world.

When I reached 22, I quit having sex with underage girls. I was still getting requests from my teenage girl platonic friends who wanted to fix me up with their friends who supposedly wanted to date me (some as young as 14), but now I was turning them down. I was starting to get seriously afraid of cops, handcuffs and criminal records. It’s been 36 years, and I haven’t so much as touched a girl since. And in this climate, it needs to stay that way.


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Tag The Sponsor Exposes The Depravity Of Modern Women

Via Return of Kings.

Written by my friend Matt Forney. Deals with game, whores, sex, airplane tickets, the French Riviera, sex parties, Instagram, “models”, “modeling”, “being blessed,” whoring yourself out to rich Arabs for oil money and engaging in the most depraved sexual acts known to mankind, orgies, coprophilia, lesbianism, bisexuality, degradation, humiliation and the utterly debased morals of wealthy Gulf Arabs.

Any one of you men might really want to read this article here.

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Human Butcher Shop

Click to enlarge.

Click to enlarge.

Good chart for any of you cannibals out there.

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Another German Cannibal Case


Never heard of this one before.

Similar to the case of Armin Meiwes, a computer programmer who met a man online who wished to be killed and eaten. Meiwes fulfilled the man’s request, chopping off his penis first. He cooked the penis in a frying pan like a sausage while the man sat in a corner bleeding to death. Weiss then ate part of the penis, which he said was rather chewy as far as meat goes.

Meiwes met the man on a German website where self-proclaimed cannibals meet those who say that they wish to be killed and eaten. Before killing the man he hate, Meiwes had received 200 letters from other men who also desired to be killed and eaten. Some request to be barbequed slowly while they are still alive.

Now here is another case. A veteran police detective met a German businessman on the same website. The detective stabbed the man to death in the neck as per his request. Then he chopped the body into many pieces, a process which took ~5 hours. After, he buried the parts of the body in the Ore Mountains near the bed and breakfast that the detective also runs. The detective said he did not eat the man though. The cops found the grave and dug up the body, which was in many pieces.

The website were the quartet met claims to have over 3,000 members. Weiss himself estimated that there are ~800 “chefs” (killers and eaters of men) and “longpigs” (those who wish to be killed and eaten) in Germany.


It’s a whole movement!

If you think this website is valuable to you, please consider a contribution to support the continuation of the site.


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Penis Soup Anyone?


A gang of 29 members of an anti-cannibal cult, including 8 women, were arrested for murdering 8 sorcerers, chopping up their bodies into pieces. They happily munched on the brains raw (there is no better way to eat them to be honest) and they also cut out hearts, livers and other juicy bits and gave them to their chief trainers of the cult to use to create concoctions for the members of the cult to use in some way or another, probably by consuming them.

They took the juiciest bits of all, the penises, and made a hearty and delicious soup out of them. Now I have eaten a lot of weird foods before, but I have yet to sample penis soup. The bodies of the victims have yet to be recovered. A local police commander offered up a theory, “They have probably already been eaten up,” he suggested.

In the photo below, a man who looks like a Filipino seems to be taking a huge bite out of what looks like either an arm or a leg. No, not a leg of lamb silly! A leg of human! Wonder what it tastes like?

Personally I do not see why penis soup is such a big deal. So they eat penises. Lots of people like to do that. Head on over to San Fransisco if you don’t believe me.

Man consuming an appendage of some sort.

Man consuming an appendage of some sort.


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Great New Recipe for Thanksgiving

Long pig.

Anyone tried it yet?

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One Maniac, One Icepick

I am sorry I did not get to this story earlier. I started on a draft of it 3 weeks ago, but the story was so upsetting that I could not bring myself to write about it. Every time I would think about writing about it, I would get very nervous and would not be able to follow through on it. Finally, 3 weeks later, here is the story. There really is more to the story, but this short piece should be enough for now.

You may have already read about the Luka Magnotta case. Magnotta was the male model/porno star who murdered his gay male lover, chopped him into pieces, had sex with his body parts and his dead body, and ate his dead body, recording all of it on video. He uploaded the video and titled it One Maniac, One Icepick. Then he cut up his gay lover’s body and started mailing parts of the body to Canada’s political parties and to the Prime Minister.

An APB was put out for him after the body parts were found in a trash bag near his abandoned apartment in Montreal, Canada. He took off for Europe, stayed in Paris for a few days, part of the time with a gay man, then took off for Germany where he was caught in an Internet cafe reading stories about himself.

Magnotta had previously made a video in which he killed a kitten. Animal rights activists were trying to get him for that one. He was reportedly linked to psycho Karla Homolka, girlfriend of a Canadian serial killer who served 12 years in prison. However, these reports were in error, and it appears that he tried to link himself to Homolka as an act of sick publicity.

He claimed to be mostly straight in his private life and only “gay for pay” but that does not appear to be the case. Instead, he seems to have been mostly gay, hanging around in many gay bars and clubs, having a gay boyfriend who he killed in addition to staying with other gay men. He traveled all around the Northern Hemisphere and spent time in Europe.

In his male model photos, his eyes always look very cold and mean. He never looks nice or friendly. He’s apparently a sociopath, but he also has extreme narcissistic traits which are apparent during an interview with him for a Canadian newspaper. The interview was done before the killings. He set up number of very narcissistic webpages all about himself. On one of them named after his moniker, there is a great deal of psychologically aberrant material detailing resembling paranoia.

He’s definitely one sick cookie.

The movie is probably hard to find, and it’s one of the sickest movies ever made. Watch it if you dare. I haven’t the faintest idea where to find it, but you might look here, who knows?


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There Be Cannibals!

Repost from the old site.

My understanding of cannibalism is not good. It’s well-known that starving people in just about any society will eat their own dead. Clearly, the Anasazi Indians of Arizona and New Mexico, ancestors of today’s Pueblo Indians, engaged in cannibalism during the 1300’s. I don’t care what the Indians say. Indian tribes are notorious liars when it comes to denying anything that makes them look bad.

The cannibals and head-hunters of New Guinea are well-known, and some were said to continue to engage in the practice until the mid-1960’s. Cannibalism was well-known in other parts of the world, especially Polynesia and Fiji. It was legendary in New Guinea and widely practiced in Australia too.

The cannibals of the Congo below were not the only ones in Africa, just some of the more notorious. There were also cannibals in the Brazilian Amazon and a few in North America here and there.

But Polynesia, especially New Zealand, had some of the worst cannibals of all. A Maori wife of a chief killed in combat would offer herself to be killed and eaten by her enemies, becoming dinner to show her love for her husband. A Fijian husband’s power over his wife was such that he could kill her and eat her at any time for any or no reason at all.

In some societies, people were eaten if they were loved. In Australia, people ate the corpses of their relatives and friends in order to pay tribute to their lives.

In New Guinea, old folks, having a hard time straggling through life, were hanged from trees or killed in other ways, often by their own kids, in a big party with the whole village gathered around. After they were dead, they were chopped up and eaten. Beats mortgaging your house for Mom’s nursing home, eh?

Smoking a fish is a good way of making it more flavorful, and logically it follows that it adds a little zest to roast human. Humans waiting to be eaten were “tenderized” in water or other liquids to make the flesh less beef jerky-like.

Tribes from Africa to Polynesia went out on hunting parties, like armies of Jeffrey Dahmers, looking for human prey to kill and cook up.

Although women definitely are better looking then men, some cannibals insist that we guys are more delectable. Others prized female flesh most of all and went to great woman-chasing lengths to obtain it.

Dying in battle is bad enough if you are to be a meal afterwards, but being wounded and then hauled away to be served on the dinner table must have been a particular horror.

Slaves were captured, kept in chains and horribly mistreated for long periods, knowing all the while that one day that would serve as a main course.

What is interesting is that so many cannibal societies insist that Roast Human tastes great, even better than many or most domesticated or wild animals. One wonders why we taste so great. Did we evolve to be good eatin’?

In many places, White explorers were told, “Of course we eat people! Don’t you?” One New Guinea tribe had a legend about how they became cannibals. One day the men went out hunting. They came back with some wild pigs and whatnot. The women berated them, “Is that all you can give us – that lousy stuff?

The humiliated men, their masculinity at risk, figured that the women wanted people to eat, not some dirty animals. So they took off to a neighboring village and came back. They came back with humans to eat, the women danced all around and their manliness was intact.

Biting off the nose of a corpse is pretty horrible, and cannibals deny that they do this. They only bite off the noses of those others kill, not those they kill themselves! They do have some class. If boiling a dead man’s heart is too much for you, just get your daughter to do it, and then drink the delicious juice. A rack of rib sounds pretty good, but would you eat it if it came from a seven year old girl?

Now, I like pork myself, but “long pig” is said to be more delicate, and it never makes you so full you feel ill. We all like to get together with the family for Thanksgiving, but how about the New Guineans, a woman and her two daughters, who dug up the corpse of one of the daughter’s baby and consumed it? Gives a new meaning to three generations at the table for dinner, eh?

The Dobudura in New Guinea liked to keep a fresh supply of meat on hand. So they would capture a man and keep him alive for up to a week, cutting off bits of his flesh any time they felt hungry. They used a plant medicine to keep the food supply from bleeding to death. When he is nearly dead, they would poke a hole in his skull and scoop the brains out with a spoon, brains being a major delicacy and all.

One way to ensure a delicious meal is to roast a man while still alive, for the meat tastes better when prepared this way. Deboning a chicken makes for better eating, and humans may be similarly deboned. What to do with the giblets? Well, with human giblets, just give them to the kids, who roast them in the fire and eat them up.

With the coming of “evil Western colonialist missionaries” all of this quaint “indigenous” cultural behavior was laid to rest once and for all, or so we thought (but see below). Many cultures became ashamed of their former cannibalism and refused to discuss it.

The Aborigines were puzzled at why it had been outlawed. Why were we not allowed to eat our friends anymore, to have a party and say what a great guy he was? None of it made sense.

I suppose the Cultural Leftists, in love with all cultures, wicked, sublime and in between, as long as they are not White and Christian or Jewish, want to resurrect all this delectable human-chomping.

As the Congo War devolves, we are receiving reports that Congolese militias are once again reverting to old habits of cannibalism. In particular, they are killing the Pygmies (the Bantus have waged a long genocidal campaign against both Bushmen and Pygmies) and cooking them up for chow.

Almost all roads in the Congo built by those evil colonialists are now in disrepair – not due to weather or abuse, that is normal. It is that in the Congo now, when a road falls apart, no one ever fixes it. Never. Ever. Hence, roads just pretty much do not exist.

The apartheid Whites of Southern Africa, of paternalistic mind, always said that when the White man left Africa, Africans would “go back to the bush”, in every conceivable way.

That’s not necessarily the case in all Africa. See an optimistic post about a disaster zone called Nigeria, and note the good economic growth the continent has been experiencing, with the sole exception of Zimbabwe, which is disgustingly tossed out by White racists as an exemplar of all of Africa. Yet in Congo, it appears that this depressing forecast is being borne out.

Delicious quotes follow, from Troubled Heart of Africa: A History of the Congo. Check out the title – I suppose the anti-racists assume it must be “racist”, no? Dark continent, heart of darkness, the horror, the horror, and all that?

Racists salivating over this post as an exemplar of “nigger innate savagery” be warned: cannibalism was not generalized over all of Africa. It was a cultural phenomenon primarily confined to the Congo, which then grew, strangely, in the 1800’s, to encompass more of the colony via cultural transmission.

For their part, the Malela were delighted by their diet of human flesh, describing it as “saltish in flavour, and requiring little condiment.” Unfortunately for their neighbors, their search for human flesh led to widespread slaughter. Edgerton, 85

But the Basongye, or Zappo Zaps as they were often known, sold slaves to their neighbors knowing that they would be eaten; they also ate their own dead. Soon after the end of the Arab War, they would work for the Free State and spread cannibalistic terror across the Congo.

Other societies such as the Baluba, for example, ate the hearts of virtuous or brave people to gain their strength, but they also ate the bodies of criminals and slaves to prevent them from doing evil to their masters or haunting them. Ibid, 86

In some Congolese societies, people ate human flesh only occasionally to mark a particularly significant ritual occasion, but in other societies in the Congo, perhaps even a majority by the late nineteenth century, people ate human flesh whenever they could, saying it was far tastier than other meat and, perhaps surprisingly, that male human flesh tasted better than female.

Persons to be eaten often had both of their arms and legs broken and were made to sit up to their necks in a stream for three days, a practice said to make their flesh more tender, before they were killed and cooked.

Teeth filed to sharp points were widely thought by Europeans to be the mark of cannibals, but in some societies whose people actually were cannibals, teeth were not filed at all, and in others that did not practice cannibalism, people nevertheless filed their teeth to sharp points.

As Sydney L. Hinde noted during the Arab War, the Batetela were such devoted cannibals that children actually killed and ate their parents “at the first sign of their decrepitude,” but they did not file their teeth. Ibid.

In 1907, the Bankutu people were seen by a European traveler to hunt people for food as other Congolese hunted animals. They served human flesh in “little rolls like bacon.” As late as 1923, American traveler Hermann Norden reported that cannibalism was commonplace.

One Congolese man reprovingly scolded him for not eating some human flesh when he was offered it: “You know the flesh of man tastes better than the flesh of a goat.” A Belgian companion of Norden’s admitted that he had probably been served human flesh and had eaten it unknowingly.

In 1925, Hungarian anthropologist Emil Torday reported an encounter with a Muyanzi man who boasted about cooking human brains with a pinch of salt and red peppers, then dipping his bread in it. “Then he would smack his lips and run away like an imp.”

Missionary and explorer A.L. Lloyd reported that when a European told a Bangwa tribesperson that eating human flesh was a “degrading habit,” the man answered, “Why degraded? You people eat sheep and cows and fowls, which are all animals of a far lower order, and we eat man, who is great and above all; it is you who are degraded.” Ibid, 86

While in the Congo, Livingstone saw human parts being cooked with bananas, and many other Europeans reported seeing cooked human remains lying around abandoned fires.

British captain and medical officer Sydney L. Hinde, who would take part in the Free State’s war with the Arabs in 1892-93, reported an incident in which a Basongo chief asked a Belgian officer’s tent to cut the throat of a little slave girl he owned. He was cooking her when soldiers seized him.

British adventurer Herbert E. Ward once asked a group of Congo tribespeople whether they ate human flesh. Their immediate answer was “Yes, don’t you?”

Later, Ward witnessed cannibalism on numerous occasions and was often offered human flesh to eat. He recalled an occasion when a young Bangala slave was killed. Soon after, the chief’s son, a boy of sixteen or so, “nonchalantly” said, “That slave boy was very good eating – he was nice and fat.” Ibid, 88

Several European officers in the Force noted with a mixture of horror and approval that because Congolese on both sides of such battles cooked and ate all of the dead and wounded, burial parties were unnecessary and diseases were kept under control. Cannibalism had become so routine that one Force Publique officer admitted he had become quite “bland” about it.” Ibid, 100

At least a thousand Arabs were killed – then smoked and eaten. Ibid, 102

While some Free State officials were exploiting Congolese and others tried to care for them, a constant concern of these Europeans was cannibalism. It was not simply the eating of human flesh that repelled them, but that so many people were murdered expressly so that others might feast upon their bodies.

Early in the 1660s, Englishmen Andrew Battell escaped the Portuguese who had enslaved him, to spend sixteen months among the Jaga people near the Congo’s Atlantic coast. He reported that they preferred human flesh to their own cattle.

Later, as we have seen, healthy children were stabbed to death to provide a feast for their owners, and men were known to help sick coworkers “die,” then smoke their body parts for later consumption.

Six Bangala men on the Stanley, a thirty-ton, stern-wheel steamer, were suspected by the ship’s captain of killing two crewmen who fell ill. They pleaded innocence, but smoked human body parts were found hidden in their lockers.

Some men showed no restraint in their appetite for human flesh. When one of Gongo Lutete’s wives was killed in battle, his own men ate her. Enraged, Lutete ordered these men killed the next day and eaten. None of the Europeans were surprised that Africans on both sides of the war with the Arabs routinely cooked and ate not only the dead they found on the battlefield, but the wounded as well.” Ibid, 108


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