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All Hail Richard Nixon!

Jason Y writes:

He was probably the last “moderate Republican.” At heart, probably a good man, but a “tough love” believer. For instance, civil rights for blacks, yet still negative views about them, among other things.

He wasn’t totally against business (as the far left is), and thought he could work with them to promote pro-worker policies. However, slowly business, ultimately, showed they wanted profit, at the “total” expense of the workers. This was in full show under Reagan.

I respond:

At heart, probably a good man, but a “tough love” believer.

American culture is a “tough love” culture. Always has been. Goes along with rugged individualism and radical individualism.

He wasn’t that much of a tough love type. Anyway, the whole society has gone tough love now ever since Clinton got rid of AFDC. Even Democrats are tough-lovers.

Nixon was absolutely outraged when Clinton wiped out AFDC. He said he would never have done such a thing. He had nothing but contempt for both parties. “Look at them,” he said. “How pitiful are they? Going after the single Moms!”

All hail Richard Nixon!

For instance, civil rights for blacks, yet still negative views about them, among other things.

Big deal. Most sane people have negative views about Black people because Black people act bad. I mean way too many Black people act way too bad. That’s the cause of 90% of anti-Black racism right there. Black people acting terrible.

Nixon told the truth. Nixon was crucified for telling the truth.

He also told the truth about Jews.

He made some comment about the Jew York Times editorial board saying they all wore yarmulkes. The stupid Jews flipped out like they always do and screamed that Nixon was an “anti-Semite,” the favorite bullshit epithet of the Jews. I do not think Nixon was anti-Semitic in the slightest. And about the Jew York Times, he was correct. At the time he made that statement, the whole editorial board was nothing but a bunch of Jews. Not that there is anything necessarily wrong with that – I am not philosophically opposed to papers stuffing their editorial boards with Jews though it does smack anti-Gentile discrimination – but Nixon was simply stating an obvious empirical fact. How stating obvious scientific facts is anti-Semitism is news to me.

Show me one Far Left politician in the US who is “totally opposed to business.” Name one Far Left US political party that is. I don’t think even the Communist Party USA can be seen as anti-business anymore.

I keep hearing this from DNC nuts that the DNC was needed because liberal Democrats had turned “anti-business” and the party was unpopular because of this “anti-business” attitude. Show me a case of when the Democratic Party was ever against business, even for one second.


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The Lie of Declining Homophobia in America

Probably because schools are so homophobic. Seems like all schools, and including colleges are hate laboratories. I mean there has always been fighting at school, and some kind of caste system, that’s just part of growing up. Nowadays, though, it’s gotten really on the edge.

I will tell you one thing that has gotten way worse is homophobia*. In the 1970’s, no one cared. The assumption was all guys were straight until proven otherwise and no one really worried about this stuff. The gays were mostly closeted and there was not a lot of fagging around by straight guys.

Let me tell you, men had a lot more behavioral freedom in those days because standards of masculinity were so relaxed. This was the era of David Bowie, the New York Dolls, Aerosmith, Mick Jagger, T Rex, Iggy Pop, Mott the Hoople and all sorts of seriously androgynous mostly straight rockstars. It was hip to be a straight androgyne. We do not have that freedom at all anymore, and people are vastly more homophobic now than they were then.

Let us put it this way. If I walk, talk, move, sit, stand, dress, or have mannerisms like I did in the 1970’s, I would be being called a faggot all day long nowadays. Back then, I didn’t hear it much, and most people just assumed I was straight even on first meeting me. Guys would meet me as total strangers and right away start talking about women. It was sort of like, “Well I see you like to fuck chicks, dude. Me too. Let’s you and me go get some chicks, stud.”

Because we have so much less space now, I have started acting a lot more conspicuously masculine. Maybe even macho, I have no idea. And even then I hear that I must be gay now and again. Because, you know, I sit with my legs crossed, so I must be a faggot. I do not mind acting this way, as there is part of me that is like that anyway so I can just plug into that part of myself, but it’s not like I am free to be myself.

If you look at male porn stars from the 1970’s, they were much more androgynous than they are now. Nowadays male porn starts are covered with tattoos, jacked up and hypermasculine looking. They look like they want to kill you. I cannot remember the last time I saw a 70’s style male porn star in a recent porn film.

All this gay rights stuff is a smokescreen. Most straight people are wildly homophobic. Straight men are a disaster, especially Black and Hispanic men who are basically psychotic on the subject. And most straight women are outrageously homophobic too, but only in a strange way. They spend a Hell of a lot of time accusing various straight men around them of being gay!

The gays came out of the closet all right, but I do not think people got any saner as a result. It seems like Gay Lib just made people even nuttier on this subject. I think we were much saner about male homosexuality in the 1970’s than we are now.

We have really gone downhill. Sex roles have totally regressed and we are back into stupid rigid traditional crap.

I would like to close by pointing out that the vast majority of who are gay baited or victims of anti-gay harassment or even gay-bashing are actually straight men. I figure 85% of men who are gay-bashed, gay baited or gay bullied are actually straight. Gay men probably only make up maybe 15% of that total.

I do not think the Gay Lobby has been helpful for these straight men at all. In fact, I think they have just made things even worse for them. Gay Lib was a great idea, but I don’t think many people got liberated.

*When I refer to homophobia, I mean male homosexuality. I do not think anyone cares about female homosexuality. I mean how many women get told, “Well obviously you are a lez. Hey, you act like a dyke.” I never hear anyone saying that to any woman. Women can act any way they want to.


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Robert Stark Interviews Matt Forney about Millenials


I really enjoyed this interview. I like all interviews with Matt. Is there something wrong with me? I am a Leftist, but I keep finding myself nodding my head in agreement at all of these “Alternative Right” guys?. What’s going on?


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America Lied, People Died #’s 32,869 and 32, 870

After the war had slaughtered Vietnamese in vast numbers, most of them women and children, Johnson’s secretary of defense, Robert McNamara, confessed that the Tonkin Gulf attack had never occurred.

After the war had slaughtered Iraqis in vast numbers, most of them women and children, Bush confessed that the weapons of mass destruction never existed. “The most lethal weapons ever devised” were his own speeches.

In the following elections, he won a second term.

In my childhood, my mother used to tell me that a lie has no feet. She was misinformed.

Eduard Galeano.

It isn’t strange that the US lies its way into wars. Many nations do this, the US is not unique. What is a bit odd is that the American people fall for this crap over and over, and tens of millions still think that the word of the lying media is gold.

Not only that, but even after their leaders are proven to have lied to them and made them out to be utter fools, they reward the con artists who put one over on them with another term in office. I don’t get it. Is America suffering from Stockholm Syndrome. Do we enjoy being made to look like suckers, fools and idiots?

The Gulf of Tonkin was in 1964. The Iraq War was in 2003. Over almost 40 years, Americans haven’t learned a damn thing. Truly pitiful. Now we are doing it again, and American fools are falling for the lies one more time. What are Americans but congenital rubes?


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Westernization and Re-Africanization of New World Blacks

Jason Y writes:

What about blacks? Again, no connection to race, the bad attributes of some of them are due to choice, and environment. The genetic role is way exaggerated.

I used to believe that about Black people too, until I started doing some research on the Blacks of the Caribbean and then I had extensive dealings with the Blacks of Africa. It slowly began to dawn one. This is an exaggeration of course, but my God!

They’re the same everywhere!

That’s what I thought.

It isn’t 100% true of course. But a lot of the stereotypes we have about US Blacks, good and bad, are reproduced with amazing accuracy in the Caribbean and then to a far greater extent, at least on the downside. As far as the negative side, African Blacks reproduce all of the negative qualities of US Blacks, except African Blacks display these qualities in far more exaggerated ways.

Bottom line is that as much as we like to put down US Blacks, they are far more civilized than African Blacks, and I think they are even more civilized than Caribbean Blacks, who have done a pretty good job of being civilizational incompetents down there. I will say though that Caribbean Blacks also are much more civilized than African Blacks.

This begs the question of why, as their genes are the same.

US Blacks do have some White in them at 17% of their gene pool. Is that really enough to dramatically change their behavior for the better. Caribbean Blacks are 9% White on average. Inject 10-20% White in a Black man and he acts vastly better? I am very dubious of this. Also the IQ increases in US Blacks are far above what we might expect to see based on White admixture. With White admixture alone, US Black IQ might be 73. Yet it is much higher than that at 86. British Jamaican Blacks also hit 86, while Jamaican Blacks back home score 72. Simply by being born and raised in the UK, a Jamaican Black gains an incredible 14 IQ points!

Similarly, US Black IQ’s are 13 points higher than we would expect them to be based on White admixture.

What’s going on?

Blacks have been breeding eugenically. Since 1900, Black head size has increased dramatically, and in addition, archaic features have faded while more progressive features have heightened. Hence modern Blacks and Whites look more like each other than either resembles their own ancestors.

I believe that some combination of eugenic breeding, epigenetic factors, improved environment and nutrition probably account for the unexpected 13 point IQ rise in US Blacks.

For UK Blacks, it is probably just an improved environment that is raising IQ’s by up to 14 points.

In addition, Blacks have been in the US for 200-350 years. During at least a good portion of that time, they were Christianized and in addition, they were raised under the umbrella of White civilization. White civilization is generally a civilizing environment. US Blacks were Christianized, Westernized and raised in a civilizing White environment for up to 350 years. Over that period, I would assume that a lot of the African has gone out of US Blacks.

In addition, Caribbean Blacks seem much more civilized than US Blacks. They are experiencing a booming Flynn Effect in IQ, but so is Kenya for that matter. What else is going on? Most Caribbean Blacks, like US Blacks, have been raised under White civilization for about as long as US Blacks have.

The best developed Caribbean islands have a White core that holds down the ship, creates and helps maintain a civilized appearance and keeps the economy chugging along. It’s not that Bahamas is where it is simply due to its 13% White population, but I believe that that small White core plays a role in “holding down the ship” or “keeping the train on its tracks.” That is, if that White population left the Bahamas next year, I believe that over a relatively brief period of time, the Bahamas would sink.

The equivalent of Africa in the Caribbean is Haiti. There are many Caribbean islands that are nearly all Black and which only have a miniscule White population. However, most of these were White colonies for a long time and long has a solid White core to hold down the ship and keep things moving along.

Haiti has not only lacked a White colonizer for 2 centuries, but for 200 it has not only lacked a White core, but furthermore, has developed completely in the absence of any White civilizational structure to envelope or or even to keep the trains running. Haiti is what you get when you pull all the White people out of a New World Black population and let Black culture take over. The result is a return to Africa. And indeed, in Haiti, African civilizational structures in many forms have carried on to this very day. Haiti is a Black nation that has been “re-Africanized.”

Pull all the Whites out of any New World Black population and over time, a Haiti situation should develop. It may take some time, but that seems to be the inevitable result.

“Back to Africa” or re-Africanization can even occur in the 1st World. In the worst of our inner city Black ghettos, much of the sheen of 350 years of civilizing impulse seems to have weathered away. And indeed, the scariest slums of America nearly resemble the squalor, casual violence, disease, dysfunction, chaos, dilapidated, corrupt, criminalized and insipid modern African nations.

At the same time, during horrific national disasters like Hurricane Katrina with no government response, law stripped bare and society gone anarchic, the civilizational veneer is rapidly stripped off and Africa comes rushing in as sure as those roiling muddy 30-foot killer waves.

In short, long exposure to White civilization has been excellent for New World Blacks. Their health, education, lifestyle, values, and behavior are all dramatically improved by growing up in under the cloak of a White society. Indeed, a White tent over the land may even be good for Black people’s brains at the physical level. Culture is a powerful superstructure that can drastically alter human beings socially and maybe even physically.

Yet in the darkest ghettos or when all Hell breaks loose and the rule of law withers away, even US Blacks can re-Africanize very quickly, even in a matter of days.


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The Attitude Towards Fraud Shows the Difference Between a Civilized Country and a Shithole

Actually that kind of sociopathy where locals make fun of idiots is common everywhere. People will cock off to you saying the most rude things, and nobody cares about your side of the story.

Certainly there are many Americans who will ridicule anyone who gets caught in a scam. As a rule, these folks are simply potential victims who have not yet been nailed! In our anti-scammer group, it is more or less a rule that if the person had not been scammed themselves, their attitude was, “How could these people be so stupid?” There were almost no exceptions to this rule. Almost no one who had never been scammed a lot of sympathy for victims. It got to be a real problem in the group that we started making rules saying no attacking victims, etc.

The only people who really showed any sympathy for victims were people who had been nailed themselves. I think this is a basic rule of human nature. I also met quite a few people outside the group who had zero sympathy for the victims, but it was not universal.

And that really is the difference between civilized people and uncivilized barbarians and animals.

The difference between a civilized country full of civilized people and a Turd World shithole full of animals and scumbags is in part due to the feeling people have about scams and fraud.

For instance, the US is very civilized, mostly because its culture is Western and Northern European culture which is extremely hostile to scammers and fraudsters. US prosecutors go after scammers and fraudsters very aggressively. Most DA’s are aggressive in pursuing fraudulent businessmen. They throw these people in jail and prison where they belong all the time.

Also, many Americans think scammers and fraudsters are bottom of the barrel garbage scum. I found that in Nigeria, that attitude was very uncommon. Very few people thought that scammers and fraudsters were scum, and most of them thought they were very admirable people. This is why I think you have whole nations of sociopaths in some parts of the world – their biggest heroes are dirty criminals.

If you go to police in the US as a victim of a fraud or a scam, the officer is not supposed to laugh you out of his office. In fact, most large police departments have specific, well-staffed offices devoted exclusively to fraud. If they laughed all the victims out of the office, they wouldn’t have any work to do.


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Lynn Anderson, “Rose Garden”

This topped the country charts in 1970. It’s a great song.

Country music! The only real pure American music is country music.


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The Latest Stupid Idea from Lunatic American Gun Culture


That’s stupid. Now all those idiots getting wounded in gun accidents are going to die instead. Brilliant.

The gun nuts are really like any other conservative. Every single thing a gun nut says is a lie in some way or another, or is at least irrelevant. They have no good arguments about anything, and they never have.


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Guy Clark, “Stuff That Works”

This is great music. The genre is said to be straight up country music, but Clark also helped found two genres, progressive country and outlaw country. He also sings in the Texas country and folk genres. Not sure what genre this fine song falls into – I will call it country music because I can’t think of what else to call it.

Country music is interesting in that it really is pure and true 100% American music.

I received that revelation while barreling down Highway 395 through the Owens Valley in Eastern California with a head full of very strong LSD, the dizzying escarpment of the eastern slope of the Sierras on my left, Death Valley on my right. It was the first time in my life that I actually enjoyed country music. After the acid wore off, I was back to hating country music again.

I am now mellowing as I age, and I realize there are some real treasures in there.

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Happy Birthday

You are 238 years old today.


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