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Robert Stark Interviews Robert Lindsay about the Oregon Shooter

There is a new interview with me up. Mostly about the latest mass shooting. Give it a listen and let me know what you think.


Another Incel Shoots up College, 10 Dead, 7 Wounded
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Beta Uprising
How America’s Hyper-individualism and Atomization Leads to Mass Shootings
The Oregon School Shooter and Asperger’s
Depression and Suicide
Homicidal Fantasies
Study: Males and Females Differ in How They Rate the Attractiveness of the Opposite Sex
What Is This Man Doing Wrong? ( Why hasn’t Game Worked?)


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Know Your Enemies! The Poor Walk among Us!

Remember that conservatives area all for incentives, which is why we all need to be conservatives. And never mind that the rich and the poor are equals. So say conservatives. Or do they?

Remember that conservatives are all for incentives, which is why we all need to be conservatives. And never mind that the rich and the poor are equals. So say conservatives. Or do they?

Recall that conservatives say that contracts entered into by the folks on the right and the folks on the left are “contracts between equals.” Hey, they’re fair contracts! Everyone signed on the dotted line, so everything’s legal and it’s all good. If you think this is preposterous as Hell, please join me.

Also keep in mind that as a Moronican, those humans on the left are the “good people” and those humans on the left are “bad people.” As proven by moral philosophy of course! So your contempt is all science-based, and now you can sleep well at night. It’s always proper to assume that our hatreds and loves are based on science (meaning it is a scientific fact that they are either good or evil). We need to scientifically prove that those we hate are bad and those we love are good, otherwise we can’t sleep.

Americanisms are many and varied. They are required if you want to reside here. Otherwise you are an America-hater. Along with this preposterous idea called “the most pitiful poor of all are my deadliest enemies” we have to follow along with the Jews and their amoral Talmud and agree “anything for a buck” and “all’s fair in love, war and business.”

Once you agree to these basic precepts, you are as American as Mom, apple pie, baseball and jello casserole.

God bless America! Thank you for your service!


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Something Wicked This Way Comes

From here.

Schindler is on to something here, something which few have acknowledged. The current trends in America, Wall Street getting richer, everyone else getting poorer, politicians of both parties feeding brazenly at Wall Street’s trough, the party of the Left in full blown attack gear not on inequality, which it has done nothing to address, but picking at and rubbing raw the scabs of identity politics — this can’t keep going on indefinitely without something really bad happening.

Indeed, we can’t go on like this indefinitely without something really bad happening: like, for instance, Donald Trump.

All I have to say about Mr. Trump’s rising candidacy is that Americans deserve him. You morons brought this nightmare on yourselves. Both parties created this Frankenstein. They deliberately created the conditions amidst which a monster like Trump could not only be born but was only certain to thrive.

Infected with blind optimism, the ruling class thought they could push an insane combination of a freakazoid Cultural Left Social Project combined however bizarrely with a vicious Neoliberal Economic Project forever. A project like this is bound to please no one. The Right is sure to hate the Cultural Left Circus Act. The Left or what’s left of it anyway is sure to hate the vicious harvests of the pro-oligrach, any-everyone else, TINA, Neoliberal Human Reaper Economic Project.

An economy for the 1% and fuck everyone else!

A culture for the Freaks, and fuck all the normals!

What a plan! What could possibly go wrong?

And then string all this incongruity together via some Rube Goldberg Machine and let the Media Fog Machine mist it all over until no one can even see it anymore, and it’s just normative Zeitgeist that no one even questions, the sun rising over that hill to the east.

This shitheads want to think that there is no such thing as society when it comes to economics, but there’s an all-encompassing, ever expanding Freak Culture that hates normal people when it comes to sociology. There is no society, except there’s society. There is no culture, except there’s culture. It’s all so clear! How could anyone possibly think it’s a scam?

I have no idea why anyone thought this marriage from Hell was going to work, as it was a circular firing squad from Day One. Your average person may be a fool, but he isn’t stupid. Most humans are not permanent marks, and they’re more streetwise than you think. The Elites are arrogant and think that as long as they control the media and the political parties, they can be con and fleece us forever. The scam goes on forever.

Surely in this case the wolves will always be wolves, but there’s no law that says the sheep won’t catch on. The Elite’s problem is that the masses are just not dumb enough. If we were just a bit stupider, they could con and scam us forever and always leave us holding the bag.

The problem for our sociopathic elites is that victims tend to wise up after a while and turn on their abusers.

Hence I present you with Donald Trump, a monster created by the US Elite and both the political parties.

I really have no sympathy for people who deliberately bring catastrophe on themselves via their own hubris and pigheadedness. I am prepared to say that we Americans richly deserve every bad thing that is going to happen to us in the near future, and that includes a possible President Trump.

You can’t say we didn’t ask for it. Reap what you sow, dammit. We sowed it, and we reaped the inevitable result, so we might as well lie back and enjoy it. As long as there’s TINA, right?


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Numbing Out As Either a Symptom-Derived or Core-Derived

Messi writes:

Schizoids are really attached to their aloofness for some reason. I don’t really get it, it just makes me feel vulnerable and trapped.

As for the neurology vs. psychology argument, I’m not sure. Some parts are unquestionably neurological – you can’t “think” your way out of flat affect. Yet at the same time, the most effective tips are usually psychological.

It seems like their 2-levels of schizoid-ness. There’s the emotional depersonalization and blunted affect, which can only be fixed through physical changes like sleep deprivation, anemia or medication, and the psychological layer beneath it with the withdrawal and vulnerability. You can’t work on the bottom layer without breaking through the top first.

It is looking like the top layer of schizoidness is the symptom cluster and it seems to be biological. In this case the numbing is core-derived in the brain. This can only be altered as Messi points out by actually changing your brain.

The commenter points out that he doubts if you can think your way out of a flat affect. I would add that I doubt if you can think your way to a true flat affect either.

What is the difference between flat, blunted and constricted affect? A therapist told me I have constricted affect but not a blunted or flat affect.

I used to be very emotional but I just deliberately and gradually numbed myself out in order to cope with a lot of ugly life stresses. At the time, I could not think of any other way to cope. Every time something awful would happen to me or around me, I would feel myself numbing out just a bit more. It seemed to be a perfectly logical thing to do. I wasn’t even thinking about it or whether or not it was a good idea, I was just doing it without questioning it as there didn’t seem to be any alternative.

I do not really mind that much but it is true that a lot of people really do not like it one bit. They think I am Spock or a robot. It’s not true as I do have emotions, but it more than they are muted in terms of showing them to the outside world. I have been trying to get my emotions back for many years now since I pretty much deliberately killed them off, but I do not seem to be able to do so. Why that is I have no idea.

I know a lot of wildly emotional people, mostly females.

Quite a few girlfriends have been like this. I remember once I was lying in bed with a girlfriend one morning and she was looking at me and suddenly she looked stunned and she said, “You don’t have any feelings. How come you don’t have any feelings?” She was a notorious emotional rollercoaster, probably a Borderline, though she was wildly, head over heels, out of her mind in love with me. I said, “I don’t want to end up like you. Look at you. That’s what happens to emotional people. Your emotions are all over the place, here, there and everywhere. I don’t want to be like that.” She seemed to think that was a pretty good answer.

Also I look around at Man World and it seems like in US Man World, a lot of men have pretty much cut off or shut down their feelings. That seems to be simply a normal way of being a mature, adult, masculine man. We use words like “businesslike, controlled and stable” to refer to these people. So I feel that by numbing out, I am just being a normal, masculine man in my society. What’s wrong with that? Men are not supposed to be all emo.

I remember when I was pretty emotional, it seemed like every time I got emo people, mostly men, would start giving me a hard time about it. They acted like I was screwing up or blowing it by showing those emotions. I guess the message really is, “You’re acting like a girl.”

The whole message I got is that in Man World they want you pretty much shut down. One thing was for sure, that’s that you can’t get sad. In and in the world of offices, you can’t get mad either. The life of many middle class men in our society seems to be, “You can’t get mad and you can’t get sad.” Of course a lot of them do anyway, so what you find is a lot of men masking rage and especially depression with drugs, alcohol, gambling, sex, workaholism, and probably numbing out.

I hear that all sorts of folks numb themselves out and you should not confuse this symptom-derived numbing with core-derived personality structure numbing, which may be biological, as in the case of schizophrenia, schizoid PD and schizotypal PD.

In the former type a formerly emotionally full person simply numbs out as a defense mechanism to cope with life. Probably emotionality is recoverable somehow and anyway, in most cases, they are probably not as numbed out as you might think. A lot of them probably have emotions that they are just hiding pretty well.

In the latter case the numbing out is a core essential part of the personality structure, possibly biologically mediated. If it is biologically derived, there was never a full emotional life to numb out in the first place. They were numbed out biologically from Day One.


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Kevin Hannan Wrote for This Site

Wikipedia entry here.

Interesting. This man was quite famous, and incredibly enough, he wrote for my blog for some time. But he did so under a pseudonym, so I never had any idea of who he was. He used to write me from time to time to send me his new stuff. He said he was an academic who had left the US and fled to Eastern Europe.

From Wikipedia:

After resuming his research near the end of the 20th century, Hannan widely travelled in Ukraine, Poland, Russia, and the Balkans. He came to the conclusion that civic cosmopolitanism, divorced from localized ethnic values as embodied in long-lasting ethnic groups (often imagined as nations), failed people, leaving them to the anonymous and dehumanizing economic forces of supply and demand. An epitome of such a situation he saw in his native United States, which, according to him, explained a constant increase in genealogical research in the country, observed since the 1970s. In this line of thinking, a person can find one’s identity only in one’s ethnolinguistic ancestry, not in the technical rationalism of law and economy. Hence, the United States or any other settler state could never become a ‘real ethnic country’. Hannan blovated on this in Why I Left America: Reflections on History, Culture and Religion / Dlaczego wyjechałem z Ameryki, which he published under a pseudonym in 2003, fearful of possible backlash that would bar him permanently from obtaining a position at a Western university.

As a positive alternative to the de-ethnicized United States he posed the ethnic values of Poland in his My Poland: Essays on Polish Identity / Moja Polska. Eseje o polskości from 2005. He did, on occasion, make note of the failings of Polish nationalism and national statehood such as the long-lasting preservation of serfdom and the never-ending quest for ethnolinguistic purity, which led to vast ethnic cleansing in the communist period (1944–1989). He was especially critical of the relentless Polonization of Belarusians, Rusyns (Lemkos), and Ukrainians, who, in his eyes, preserved ‘real Slavic spirituality,’ as encapsulated in Greek Catholicism, Orthodox Christianity, and the liturgical language of Church Slavonic.[1]

Hannan chose Poland as his adopted homeland in preference to the Czech Republic, which he perceived as an example of an overexclusive ethnic nationalism, which led to the 1993 breakup of Czechoslovakia, producing this nation-state and another, Slovakia. He qualified any strong-Polonist sentiments by saying that ‘his Poland’ was the southern half of the country skirted by the multilingual, multiethnic, and multiconfessional Carpathians.

Hannan was a character. He absolutely hated Communism and didn’t think much of Jews either. I had a hard time publishing him because, honestly, Hannan was an anti-Semite, though not a particularly virulent one. He opposed the Jews of Poland because during and after the Communist era, Polish Jews had gone on the warpath against the Polish people and the Polish nation.

What I found fascinating was that after 1989, there were perhaps 10,000 Polish Jews left in the whole country, yet one of them owned one of Poland’s largest newspapers. Hannan absolutely hated this man, and indeed this Polish Jewish media magnate spent much of his time dragging the Polish people and their nation and identity through the mud. Hannan felt that since 1945, the Polish Jews had been waging a campaign that could be summed up as “Poles are evil.” Note the similarities to the Jewish War on Whites in the US.

Hannan was very much a traditionalist, and in his favor, I will say that he told me that he was a socialist, but he was not a Communist. I suppose his position could best be summed as a socialist nationalist. He felt that the globalized McWorld had destroyed everything of value that humans had created, and he thought that the only antidote to corporate globalized atomization was local cultures, traditions, religions and strong ethnic identities.

Hannan should not be considered a Polish nationalist. In fact, he opposed mainstream Polish nationalism which seeks to obliterate all other ethnicities and languages in Poland, saying they are all Poles speaking dialects of Polish.

The wars the Poles have waged on the Lemkos, Silesians and Kashubians have a tragic history. Most Polish linguists have been overtly politicized for a very long time. Polish textbook, in particular history books, are some of the most wildly politicized and propagandized in all of Europe. Your average Pole gets a pitiful brainwashed version of an education. Polish nationalists are ferocious, and like all ethnic nationalists, they are stupid, belligerent, ignorant and opposed to facts, science and knowledge.

Hannan opposed Polonization efforts of Belarussians, Ukrainians and Lemkos in Poland.

Hannan told me on numerous occasions that he had to write his political pieces under a pseudonym, as he felt that if he wrote under his real name, he would never be able to get a job at a US university. He hinted that he was mainly afraid that Jewish influence would keep him from getting a job due to his Jewish-critical writings.

He died in 2008. I was informed of this by a friend of his sometime after the fact. I actually liked this fellow. He was a very interesting man. I will see if I can find any of his old essays so I can republish them.


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Hunter Wallace on the Charleston Shooting


Yes, Mr. Wallace is a White nationalist, with all of the problems that that entails. On the other hand, he doesn’t want to kill all the Jews. He was horrified that a colleague with a radio show was actually advocating such a thing and he broke off all contact with him. For Wallace, mass murder or genocide was a bridge too far.

He comes from Alabama, with the mindset prevalent among Whites in that area. In fact, he comes from an interesting part of central Alabama called the Cotton Belt. If you follow the Cotton Belt through the South, you will notice that a large number of the Blacks in the South are congregated in this somewhat narrow swath through the heart of the South. This was the heart of the cotton-growing region of the South. Of course, huge numbers of Black slaves were used to work on this crop. After slavery ended, many of the Blacks never moved away, and even today, the Cotton Belt remains the heart of the Black community in the Southern United States.

As far as White nationalists go, Wallace is rather tame. One thing I always did like about him is that he is a fine writer. He is one of the best writers to ever come out of that movement. I dare say he is a better writer than I am. I know there are people who write better than I do. It is a bit painful to talk about them, but it’s always nice to have people to look up to, our betters whose skills we can aim to approach or meet.

This article is absolutely excellent. Of course he does not support the mass shooting in any way. Actually he condemns all of the White nationalist terrorist attacks that have taken place in recent years, along with mass murders of Whites by Blacks (yes there have been a few) and other assassination attempts and mass shootings. He tries to find that the ties that bind all of these disparate shootings together, and I think he got somewhere.

He also throws in Bruce or Caitlin Jenner and Rachel Dolezal, the woman who is breaking the frontier for the newest insanity that I assume the Cultural Left will now be promoting – transracialism. I am serious – I fully expect the Cultural Left Freakshow to start promoting this fairly soon. After all, if you can choose which gender you are – today I am a man, tomorrow I am a woman, then gender is as fluid as your choice of socks.

If this is Wednesday we must be in Paris and I am agender, if this is Sunday, it must be Vienna and now I am a bigender, if this is Friday, it must be Madrid and I am now pangender. Deciding what gender to be is becoming like drawing straws – short straw gets to joyously change his gender today, long straw has to stay their birth gender and suffer alone.

Well if we can choose our gender, why can’t we choose our race too? Why not be transracial? Why can’t a Black man identify as White? Why can’t I be Black anyway? I’ve always wanted to be Black. Why can’t a Polynesian choose to be a Pygmy? Why can’t an Aborigine say he is an Eskimo?

Surely if gender is as fluid and changeable as the Lunatic Left says it is, then race should be a choice too, no?

What could possibly tie all of this together? Fantasy ideology, Wallace says, quoting from another work. I think he is onto something here. Good thinking.


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Good Looks Alone Will Not Get You Women

Most people are certain that money is necessary to get women. Surely it helps. This is what you need to get women past your early 20’s:

  1. Status
  2. Money
  3. Fame
  4. Power
  5. Looks
  6. Game

Number 5, looks, without any of the others is utterly worthless.

In the last town I lived in there was a man who may well have been the handsomest man in town. I am not sure if he actually as the handsomest, but you get the picture. He also had some sort of anxiety disorder going on, and he had a rather social phobic attitude towards the world and women. I do not know if he had Social Phobia, but he was quite afraid to talk to women and even other people all that much. When he did talk to women, he often got nervous, and of course the women would just shoot him down immediately which is what they do to nervous or anxious men.

Nothing will kill you worse with women than nervousness or anxiety. They truly hate it worse than anything at all. Also due to the anxiety stuff, a lot of people were just stupid and thought he was weird and dangerous. The guy was as dangerous as a fly. No wait, flies are way more dangerous than this guy, but people are idiots.

Humans truly cannot tell who is dangerous and who is not. Sure they can often spot out truly dangerous people, but the problem is that there is massive amount of false positives. In other words, humans massively over-predict dangerousness and say that many of the most harmless people on Earth are actually the most dangerous people on Earth. Now perhaps that is adaptive. Perhaps you will live longer being paranoid and cautious and over-predicting dangerousness. But on the other hand you will accuse a lot of innocent people of false crimes. And you will be wrong a lot. Indeed, you will be convincingly wrong, which is even worse than just being wrong.

The guy’s problem was he was weird. People think weird = dangerous in a man. People also think anxiety = dangerous and nerd = dangerous in a man. The last two are completely false, but this is how people think. The men accused most of being dangerous creeps are utterly harmless. Women simply label them dangerous and creepy because they are unattractive, anxious and nerdy. This is a completely false way of thinking. In fact, the more nervous/anxious, introverted, nerdy, or awkward a man is, the less dangerous he is. I can’t prove this but I know this is true.

Introverts in general are not very dangerous but Americans think they are because in the US, introversion is seen as weird. And weird = violent and dangerous. In truth, probably 95% of the male violent crime in the US is committed by extroverted men but people will never see it that way as in the US, extroversion is valued and seen as normal, calm, safe, and sane. The more extroverted a man is, the less dangerous and crazy he is. The truth is actually the opposite, but Americans can’t seem to get it through their heads.

The truth is that there are two types of weird people. There people who are dangerous weird and there are people who are harmless weird. I can pretty much tell the difference, and anyway, the dangerous weird ones are quite rare, but most people can’t figure out, so they just do the shorthand, weird = dangerous.

I can pretty much tell harmlessness from dangerousness too. It’s not that hard.

Anyway, I lived in this town for about 20 years, and I think he had one date in 20 years. And he was the best looking guy in town.



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Robert Stark Interviews Charles Lincoln about Las Vegas, New Orleans & Vice

I listened to quite a bit of this interview, and I did enjoy it. Charles is a friend of mine.


Topics include:

Contrasting the histories of Las Vegas and New Orleans

The ecological impacts of building cities in the desert

How both cities serve a function as a destination for escape, hedonism, and vice

How bread and circuses distract the masses.

How without the law, there would be no vice.

How when vice becomes suppressed, it becomes more cruel.

How New Orleans has gentrified since Hurricane Katrina.

How the culture of New Orleans is one that enjoys life because it accepts death.

How in New Orleans there’s no pressure to be either moral or immoral.

The European cultural influence in New Orleans.

The cult of youth.


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Does Capitalist Economics Inevitably Lead to Ayn Randism?

Yeah, but right wing people could easily call socialists and economic failures pussies, fags, and wimps, and they do.

Why should the business world pity the small guy? Why not just mock him and shove a pile of shit in his face?

Hypermascuinity runs capitalism. It’s a place where crybabies aren’t allowed, and no empathy exists period. Hasn’t anyone seen the Oliver Stone movie “Wall Street”? Gordon Gecko (Michael Douglas) practically says that quote.

That’s American capitalism. Most countries of the world are heavily collectivist, and this sort of mindset does not run society like it does in America. And most of these same nations have capitalist economies. Capitalist economics does not inevitably lead to Ayn Randism everywhere it infests.

I do not believe that most cultures on Earth mirror the American capitalist culture of radical individualism, rampant sociopathy, hyper-competition, and utter lack of empathy.

And I do not believe that the business sectors of most nations attack the little guy like the capitalist culture here in the US does. US business culture, reflected in American culture itself, is somewhat unique in that regard.

There is no such thing as a human who is an “economic failure.” That such humans even exist at all is a huge lie perpetrated by American culture and believed by the overwhelming majority of Americans.


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Happy May Day!

Happy May Day comrades!

Did you know why the US Labor Day was put in? It was anti-Communism during the Cold War. May Day was the international holiday of the working classes all over the world for many years. However, it was strongly associated with the Left and socialist and Communist parties in every country where it was celebrated. May Day celebrations in places like the Soviet Union were vast, expensive affairs.

Putting Labor Day way off in September was a way to kill support for May Day and the Left, Socialism, Communism and all of those other evil things.

You will note that May Day is hardly celebrated here in the US and anyone celebrating May Day is viewed with suspicion as a Communist.

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