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Jared Taylor and White America

It is often said that Jared Taylor, the head of the American Renaissance White Advocacy site, wants to preserve a White America, and I believe that is something that he wants to preserve.

However, what do we mean by that? I do not think that Taylor wants to kick one non-White person out of this country except for maybe illegal aliens who have no business here anyway and probably guest worker scabs who are being used by cynical US corporations to drive down US wages by replacing mostly White US workers with low-wage and  low-quality scab labor imported from Asia.

It is true that both of these groups are mostly non-Whites, but the fact that these non-Whites need to take off not now but yesterday does not mean that all non-Whites need to leave. So I assume that Taylor is ok with letting all of the non-White legal immigrants and citizens of the US stay here in the country. He only wants to limit future non-White immigration and illegal immigration, but that is just border stoppage, not eviction.

So what does Taylor mean when he says he wants to preserve a White America? I know Taylor very well, as he is an acquaintance. I believe that what he wants is the same as we have always had, a White-dominated culture in the US. US culture has always been synonymous with White culture.

Yes, there were Indian cultures, but they were never dominant in the land after White settlement.

Yes, there has been a Black culture in the US for centuries, but it has never been dominant. Even in the South, Black culture has never been dominant even in any single state. White culture has dominated in every way including politically in the South forever now. Not one state is majority Black, not even Mississippi.

Latinos have always been here in the Southwest, but the Southwest has never had a Latino-dominant culture except maybe in New Mexico, and those are pretty much White people.

Now maybe this is changing with the growing dominance of Hispanics in California. But even to this day though I do not feel that California’s culture is dominated by Hispanics, but parts of the state, like my town, are indeed dominated by Hispanic culture. Nevertheless, wealthy Whites have always run this city, and they continue to do so to this day as a politically dominant minority here (the city is 27% White), and I do not see this ending anytime soon.

Yes, there is Hispanic culture in Florida, but Florida culture has not become an Hispanic culture. Florida culture is still pretty much White culture, except maybe towards the South.

Asians have always been here, but Asian culture has never been dominant in the US or in any part of it really except maybe Hawaii.

Furthermore, if you wanted to assimilate in US society, you generally assimilated to some sort of White culture except maybe in a few places like Louisiana or the Rio Grande Valley. Nevertheless, Louisiana culture politically and otherwise, has always been dominated by Whites.

The fear is that as Whites lose their majority, White culture will no longer by the dominant or de facto culture of the country. Also people like Taylor  are afraid of Whites losing their majority. The fear is that Whites are going out, and that in 200 years, there will not be many Whites left in the US. Taylor has made it clear that not only would he like to preserve White culture as the dominant culture of the country but that he would also like to preserve White people as a racial stock.


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New Interview with Me Up

In this interview, Stark interviews Charles Lincoln and me about Los Angeles, the 1980’s, the movie Blade Runner and quite a few other things.  Hope you enjoy it!

Interview here.

Robert Stark Talks to Charles Lincoln & Robert Lindsay about LA, the 1980’s, & Blade Runner

This is a continuation of the discussion on True Stories

Topics include:

The demographic transformation of Southern California.
Robert Lindsay’s experience as a substitute teacher
Beverly Hills.
The film Fast Times at Ridgemont High set in the San Fernando Valley in the early 80’s.
The depiction of adolescent sexuality in the film.
How in the 70’s and early 80’s, hedonism existed with less materialism and higher social trust than today.
How the rise in hyper-materialism coincided with the popularity of Reagan.
How Robert Lindsay was involved with the punk scene in the 80’s.
The film Earth Girls Are Easy.
The porn industry in the San Fernando Valley.
Southern California mall culture.
How the decline of traditional mall culture symbolizes how all of society is becoming one giant mall.
How strip malls in LA are being replaced by higher density development.
The debate about density and urbanism.
Mexican culture vs. Mexican American culture in California.
The film Blade Runner, which is set in LA in 2019.
Whether Blade Runner is an accurate depiction of the future.
The genre of dystopian future films (ex. Hunger Games, V for Vendetta, Mad Max)
Neon signs of Blade Runner.
The film Her which depicts the future of LA as an eco-friendly SWPL utopia.
The decline in the quality of products.

This website takes a lot of time, and I do not get paid anything for it. If you think this website is valuable to you, please consider a a contribution to support my work.

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Robert Stark Interviews The Truth Will Live about Redpilling Your Family & Catholicism

I am going to run this interview, as I did listen to about half of it. However, this woman has such a boring and poor delivery and she has such rightwing views (We are the
Alternative Left after all!) that I do not think I am going to run her stuff anymore. If any of you readers like The Truth Will Live, then I will continue to run her stuff so you can enjoy it. After all, you readers sort of run this blog in a way.

Interview here.

Topics include:

Wife The Girl by Uncuck the Right.
How the Truth Will Live was Redpilled.
How she was able to Red Pill most of her family.
How most of her family was relatively moderate to conservative to begin with.
How the first reaction to the Redpill is often a hysterical, but after that the person changes their views.
How women tend to be more conformist than men.
How it’s easier to Redpill people of the same gender.
How to Redpill liberals by bringing up how mass immigration harms workers and the environment and that immigration and feminism are driven by capitalism.
How we live in neither a true Patriarchy nor Matriarchy but rather a  culture driven by consumerism and profit.
How our culture is in a spiritual and moral crisis.
Her video Why Have Children?, a response to anti-natalism.
Social Atomization and how it leads to psychological problems.
How Americans are expected to put on a facade of happiness.
The Paleo diet and lifestyle.
The Catholic Church and how it has changed since the 2nd Vatican Council.
The end of the Latin Mass.
How the Catholic Church is suppressing traditional music such as Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, and Gregorian Chants.
How Catholicism has become more like Protestantism.
Aesthetic standards in religion and how it was affected by the prohibition against idolatry.
Traditional Catholics who reject the Vatican.
E Michael Jones and how he views Protestantism as similar to Judaism (ex. Prosperity Doctrine).
How modern Christianity has become synonymous with prole culture and has driven away creative types.
Missa Luba, a choir in the Belgium Congo that was taught to sing the Latin Mass by missionaries.


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New Interview with Me Up


It is mostly Robert interviewing Charles about the film and topics related to it. I never saw the movie. However, I do join in from time to time. I am not really an interviewer or an interviewee. I am just sort there. Original was a 2 hour interview. Apparently they edited it down to an hour. I think I am interviewing a lot better lately. I am so much more relaxed.

Robert Stark interviews Charles Lincoln about True Stories, which is a 1986 American film that spans the genres of musical, art, and comedy, directed by and starring David Byrne of the band Talking Heads. It co-stars John Goodman, Swoosie Kurtz, and Spalding Gray. Byrne has described the film as, “A project with songs based on true stories from tabloid newspapers. It’s like 60 Minutes on acid.” Robert Lindsay also joins in on the conversation

Topics include:

The setting of the film, a small fictional town on the outskirts of Dallas, Texas that is undergoing change.
How the town in the film is celebrating the 150th anniversary of Texan independence.
Charles Lincoln’s personal connection to Dallas.
How the film shows both the Old America and the New and how that is symbolic of America in the 1980’s.
The depiction of diversity in the film.
The conspiracy theorist preacher in the film.
The depiction of crass materialism and how the culture of the 80’s was more upfront than today’s hybrid of materialism and social justice.
The marginalization of highbrow culture (ex. scene in the film depicting a janitor singing opera).
Emile Durkheim’s theory on anomie, which is the breakdown of social bonds between an individual and the community.
The music in the film by the Talking Heads.
Ronald Reagan and how Charles Lincoln opposes Reagan from a traditionalist standpoint and Robert Lindsay from a Alternative Left standpoint.
How Reagan’s credit policy encouraged suburban sprawl which is depicted in the film.

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Definition of Bragging about Your Intelligence

“Bragging about your intelligence” – Revealing that you are smart or intelligent at any time to anyone is considered “bragging.” Never tell any other human being that you are smart! You don’t want to be a braggart!

“Bragging about your IQ score” – Revealing your IQ score to anyone at any time for any reason is bragging! That’s horrible! Don’t brag! Never tell anyone your IQ scored ever at any time. keep it a secret until your death! You don’t want to be a braggart!

Honestly, Americans’ obsession with shaming anyone who admits to being smart is simply another aspect of their deeply ingrained anti-intellectualism, something that has been noted about this country for a very long time going all the way back to De Tocqueville.

After all, you allowed to discuss any other achievements you have made in life. You can talk about your success with women or how attractive others say you are. You can talk about how much money you make or how rich you are. In fact, the more you do this, the more dates you will get! It works like magic.

You can probably talk about how well you did in school because for some reason, this is ok while IQ scores are evil!

You can discuss your physical prowess or how good you are at sports. In fact, you will get more dates if you do that too.

You can talk about how good of a job you have. You’ll get more dates if you do that too!

You can talk about your achievements in life such as authoring books, putting out albums, winning contests or awards. You might get more dates if you do that too!

Obviously there is a time and a place for everything, and it is important to be very careful about how you toot your own horn or discuss your personal attributes and achievements. There is a right and wrong way to do these things.

I do not go around all the time talking about my intelligence or my IQ score in real life. In fact, I do not discuss it much at all.

But it does tend to come up because whenever I meet a new person, it’s not long before I hear, “Jesus Christ how in the Hell do you know all this stuff!? God-damn you’re smart! How come you’re so f-ing smart anyway?! You’re the smartest person I’ve ever met. You’re the smartest person I know. You are like a walking encyclopedia”

I realize this sounds like bragging, but I am simply telling you what my life has been like and what it is like to be me. It’s not like I plant thoughts in their brains telling them to compliment me in amazement. They do it on their own via sheer willpower. So of course when you get comments like that, you can discuss the facts of your brain, including that fancy IQ score of yours.

There is also a right and a wrong way of discussing your achievements, whether how many women you slept with or that skyscraper high IQ you have. There is a way to say it that sounds like shameful and disgusting bragging, and there is a way to talk about your achievements that generally does not offend people.

One thing you can try is “false modesty.” This is where, when discussing any achievements of talents you may have, you talk about these things in a low, shy voice, almost as if you are embarassed to have such fine attributes. Make sure to look down at the ground when you say this as if you are ashamed.

You can also discuss them in a very matter of fact way, in the same tone in which you would say, “I am going to get a glass of water to drink,” or “It sure is cloudy outside, isn’t it?”

Only talk about your achievements and attributes with those who already like you. Most of the people who get upset and accuse you of bragging for talking your talents and achievements already don’t like you or indeed they may even hate you. If someone already hates you, the last thing on Earth they want to hear about is your attributes.

So you only say such things to you friends. In general, your friends tend to like you already, and people who already like you are usually quite happy to hear about your talents and achievements as long as you are not obnoxious about it. In fact, your friends will often be proud of you for having talents and making some achievements in life.

I rarely get in trouble in real life for discussing my talents and achievements, and of course I don’t talk about this stuff all the time. Instead I only talk about it sometimes.

The only place I have ever gotten in trouble over it is on the Internet, where it’s apparently “bragging” to ever discuss your talents or achievements at all.


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American Exceptionalism Is the Culprit

Found on the Net:

Americans are the Exceptionalist nation.

They can do whatever they want to whomever they want whenever they want – no matter how many millions of people they slaughter (see the invasion of Iraq or the Vietnam War) or regions of the world they destabilize (see the Middle East and Central Asia).

At base, the West in general suffers from a psychopathic delusion that they are a Force for Good – hence, all their wars of aggression are perfectly justified or at worst an unintended mistake.

At base, Americanism and Westernism are one and the same with Zionism.

Just as the Zionists believe that Jews are God’s Chosen People.

Westerners and Americans believe that their nations are God’s Chosen “Democracy” – which is just their Orwellian way of saying that they are God’s Chosen Empire.

This is the worldview and value system of the American/Western/Zionist threat.

This is 100% true and the majority or possibly eve4n the vast majority of Americans actually believe this drooling idiocy. Even my father, a lifelong liberal Democrat, believed in this. The US Democratic Party believes in this completely. The Democrats and Republicans only differ on how hawkish they are going to e ab out US exceptionalism – the Democrats are flat out batshit nuts imperialists, and the Republicans are far worse.

Furthermore, the American people either support everything the US government does or simply do not care about US foreign policy, so the US Deep State just does whatever the Hell it wants because the American people say, “Go ahead and do whatever you want to.” Then when the inevitable blowback comes from diabolical US foreign policy, Americans simply get even more exceptionalistic and jingoist and start demanding even more crazy wars and aggression which was what caused the blowback in the first place which in turn creates even more blowback.

When was the last time the American people ever said, “Hey, we really oppose US foreign policy here?” Vietnam. Vietnam was the end of the “bipartisan foreign policy consensus” whereby both the Democratic and Republican Parties agree on the basic of US foreign policy and only differ on how crazy, psycho and hawkish they should be about it. However, the bipartisan foreign policy consensus was reinstated a while afterwards when Reagan came in and it’s been there ever since.

Think about it. Vietnam was the last time we had any real debate about US foreign policy. Ever since then, Americans have been “good Germans.” Vietnam was the last time we marched in the streets to protest US foreign policy.

Don’t think the Deep State doesn’t know this. They know that Americans have given them the green light to go ahead and do whatever the Hell they want to. In fact, they can usually get most Americans to agree on whatever the nuttiness du jour is via the 100% control that the Deep State has over the US media. Realize that six huge corporations (all of them part of the Deep State in effect) own 90% of US media. Realize that when it comes to foreign policy, all media outlets in the US say exactly the same thing with no variation whatsoever.

Therefore, polls show that ~70% of the American people, when polled, tend to agree with US foreign policy on whatever foreign policy question is put before them. They do this obviously because they have been completely brainwashed by the media. And keep in mind that it is typical that only ~30% of respondents have typically even heard about whatever foreign policy question that is asked. So ~70% of Americans typically know absolutely noting about the major foreign policy questions of the day and of the ~30% who do, typically 70% of them whatever the whatever Deep State position the media has been brainwashing them into believing.

That a strong majority typically backs the Deep State on whatever it wants to do cannot be a coincidence. The only reason those people can possibly have felt that way is because they have been brainwashed by the media into feeling that way. Since obviously the vast majority of Americans simply blindly allow the media propaganda machine to brainwash them into believing whatever it wants them to believe, it follows that Americans must have extreme faith in the US media and that the media and state is telling them the truth.

After all, if large numbers of Americans thought they were being lied to to 24-7, they would not mimic like Myna birds whatever the media line of the day is. Obviously the vast majority of Americans do not think that the government and media is lying to them all the time.

After all, we live in a free country with free speech and a free press, not a totalitarian state where the media is 100% controlled by the State and its functionaries. But that is indeed what is the case. Our free speech and free press is useless because the opposition has no way to get their message out. States in which all of the media is controlled by the state (in our case, the Deep State) and its functionaries are not democracies. They are properly called totalitarian or authoritarian states. Therefore, on that metric, the US is an authoritarian or totalitarian state. But We the People are 100% at fault for this state of affairs because we have shrugged our shoulders and let them get away with it when we were not cheering them on.


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American Born Confused Desis: How True Is the Stereotype?

Shi writes:

Robert, I haven’t been to the States but based on what I heard from the Yanks I know personally as well as “desis” living there and online forums of course, Indians don’t really blend in too well. I heard that the “desis” in America are weird, social misfits even up to the 2nd generation. They are stereotyped as nerds and rejects. I mean the Oxford English Dictionary even has a term for these people with identity issues – ABCD – American born Confused Desi.

I would like to spend some time in United States, and of course my no.1 priority is to visit nightclubs in Las Vegas, music fests in Austin, Texas and partying at the beach in Miami – I want to meet lots of pretty girls:) but don’t really want to be clubbed with one of those loser ABCD’s. In what ways can I avoid being stereotyped? In one way I do stand out from them, I have a lovely accent, girls LOVE HEARING my voice.

Is it something to be taken seriously, do you have any advice for me? From my recent experiences in Europe, I did not face any disadvantage for being an Indian. However, I did not always announce my nationality unless someone asked. Most Europeans automatically took me for an American because of my accent and would act surprised that I’m not one.

Here are some jokes on “desis”, well there is a ring of truth to them.

Well, around here we just have Punjabis and a few Gujaratis. The 1st generation Punjabis keep to themselves, but some of the younger ones are assimilating to US culture in a very big way. First generation Punjabis males of any age tend to be very masculine and sure of themselves. I would even call them macho. The only reputation they have around here is that the older ones do not want to mingle with Americans, even White Americans, at all. A lot of them are not even very friendly. But a lot of the younger ones are quite friendly.

The 2nd generation Punjabis around here are “Joe Cool” types. They remind me of the surfers that I grew up with. They are some of the coolest dudes in this whole town. They are very, very smart and value intellectual stuff a lot. 2nd generation Punjabi males have all assimilated 100%. They are just like me.

The females do not assimilate too much, and they tend to marry other Punjabis. But a lot of them are very beautiful. The young Punjabi immigrants are often very bright, and they tend to hang out with each other in social groups of males and females.

The males are “Joe Cool” types, the women tend to be beautiful, and they both spend a lot of time in coed study groups. They do not want to mingle much with non-Punjabis. They are very much into studying all the time though. But these are weird “Joe Cool” types that nevertheless study all the time. It is like studying is cool in their culture and not nerdy.

I suppose there are couples among the young people, but you do not see much of that. I have heard though the grapevine that the Punjabi girls are very reluctant to give it up even to Punjabi guys, and they practically want to be virgins until they are married.

We have a few Gujaratis around here who are part of the merchant caste, whatever that is. They are rather uppity and arrogant and really do not associate at all with non-Gujaratis. They are all immigrants. Some of the women are quite beautiful.

Bottom line is around here there are few if any of the “Indian nerd” types. I assume this stereotype exists, but we just do not have that stereotype around here. No one hates Indians around here or thinks they are nerds or anything like that. The only reputation they have is being clannish and sticking to their own kind. There is no downside to the local women in being an Indian male in this town.


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Why Americans Blindly Support US Foreign Policy

Whenever the government or the media announces another “designated enemy” of the US, the vast majority of the US population just goes right along with the program and starts hating the new designated enemy. Polls usually show ~70-75% of the population starts opposing that nation happens to be, and around that same number starts calling that nation a threat to the US.

Granted peer pressure is involved in a lot of this. If you support the designated enemies of the US like I do, there are very serious repercussions including ostracism at the very least.

If there is a war going on, no matter how retarded, insane or evil the US is in fighting the war, you have to be a good German and “support the troops” which means support the stupid war effort. To not do so not only leads to social ostracism but also to serious anger and threats of violence.

Most people just want to go along. If the price of opposing US foreign policy means social ostracism or opposing a war means threats or getting punched, most people are not going to do it. Who wants to be a social reject or get hit? Only people like me who are socially ostracized by default and don’t care if they get ostracized even further are going to go out on a limb like that. When it comes to supporting US foreign policy, Americans are surely a nation of sheep. Ignorant sheep.


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Frontline Runs Anti-Assad Propaganda


They have been running pieces forever now and every single one of them bashes the Syrian government and promotes the US-supported Islamist jihadis.  What is PBS anyway? Sounds like it is run by either the CIA or the US government. I thought it was supposed to be independent.

We have a free press, right? Fine show me one single major US newspaper or newsmagazine or TV or radio news station that is not taking either the US government line on Syria or worse? Show me one, one, one, one. I want to see one! Show me one single mass media outlet that is supporting Russia’s efforts in Syria and not taking the 100% phony lying US government line?

Americans are absolutely hopeless. They believe everything the media and the government tells them. They must be some of the most brainwashed people on Earth. I bet we are more brainwashed than North Koreans.

There is no free press in the US.

There is no free press in the UK either. Show me one single British mass media outlet that does not support the foreign policy of the British state. In fact, show me one single mass media outlet anywhere in Europe that does not blindly follow the foreign policy of the state. I can’t even think of one. Can you show me one single Western mass media outlet that supported Russia on the Ukraine? Can you show me one that is supporting Russia in Syria.

The West is dead and gone. There’s no free press and instead there is nothing but government and mass media propaganda and nonstop lying. What’s worse is that pitiful Westerners think that they live in free countries with a free press and freedom of speech. Hell they may as well be living in the USSR. Westerners are all brainwashed and hopeless. They believe every lie their governments and controlled media tells them!

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Take the Black Pill

This is a video from one of the most popular posters on the Robot9000 board on 4chat where the Oregon shooter may have posted before he did his dastardly deed.

I would listen in particular to the section from 14:00-16:00 where he predicts a pre-civilizational future where the top men amass harems of 10-15 women each and the rest of the men get none. It sounds crazy but…

The feminists, the male feminists, the blue pillers, the SJW’s, the Left, almost all women, and quite a few men flat out say that all of these incels are imagining things. There is no Alpha, Beta, Omega, etc. It’s all made up pseudoscience. There is no Game, or if there is, it is pseudoscience that doesn’t even work. All these incels have brought this matter on themselves. The feminists say that all they have to do is bathe regularly, practice good hygiene, get some decent clothes, work out, get a job and act halfway normal and they will find a woman just like that. Their whole problem is a lousy attitude.

Yet there is a very important question at stake here. Has the Sexual Marketplace indeed changed since the 1960’s, 70’s, 80’s and even beyond. I certainly don’t recall anything like these mass incel movements before. We never saw anything like this in the 70’s and 80’s. Sure there were guys who couldn’t get laid to save their lives, but they were not common and everyone assumed they were bringing it on themselves. Of course there were many fat and homely men of all sorts, but most of them seemed to be able to find a similar woman with ease. There was no talk of Chad Thundercock, incels,  Game, hypergamy, PUA gurus, PUA bootcamps or any of that. Now these things may well have existed, but no one was talking about them.

According to the the feminists, the male feminists, the blue pillers, the SJW’s, the Left, almost all women, and quite a few men absolutely nothing whatsoever has changed about the Sexual Marketplace between the 70’s and today. All of these clowns could go get a woman anytime they want to. In other words, they are imagining all of this. They’re hallucinating. They’re making it up. They’re getting all upset about something that’s not even real.

And yet…and yet…I can’t help thinking that the Sexual Marketplace has indeed changed since the 1980’s. I also have a nagging feeling that these poor, lost, forlorn men may well be onto something. I know the Game/PUA guys are onto something.* I am frightened that there is more than a grain of truth to  what they say and on some level, they may be complaining about some real phenomenon that is manifesting itself as a substantially changed Sexual Marketplace. I don’t think they are making this stuff up or hallucinating. And sadly, I don’t think they could get a woman by snapping their fingers either.

Everybody thinks that when I write about this stuff, I am complaining. I’m not. However, aspects of the incel movement resonate with me as a longterm bachelor who experienced the feast or famine of the dating world. I’ve had some incel periods myself and in those times, I can see myself in the faces of these poor sods. But to answer the question, no I am not complaining? Why should I? All indications are that if this phenomenon exists, I’ve been benefiting from it since age 17.

If this is some real new sociosexual phenomenon, I think it might be interesting for some bright minds and scholars to look into it. Right now all the work is being done by amateurs. The scholars are all ignoring the phenomenon and claiming it doesn’t exist. But it would be nice to get at least a conversation going about this subject.

As usual, I have no solutions. It is erroneous to think that life is full of solutions. Most chronic human problems are more or less unsolvable. Apparently most people can’t bear the thought of that, and this is why you always see people going on and on about how to “solve” this or that problem. It’s a delusion, a defense against the painful truth that on a lot of levels, we’re pretty much screwed and there’s not a thing to be done about it.

* I know for a fact that Roissy and the rest of the dirtbag PUA’s are onto something. This “Game” stuff is nothing new. These guys haven’t discovered anything. Sure, they have come up with some nice theory, but there are no groundbreaking new discoveries. I and most of my friends figured out this “Game” stuff back in the 1970’s when I first started dating. It’s nothing but the timeless wisdom of ages that men have always used as tools of seduction and understanding the female mind. Female nature now is the same as it’s been for 2,000 years.


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