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Most Patriotarded Thing Ever

From here.

Most patriotarded t-shirt ever made.

Most patriotarded t-shirt ever made.


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Great Song from the Disco Era

Turn the Beat Around by Vicki Sue Robinson from 1976! She was a great mulatto singer from that era.

The disco scene was fairly multiracial. As long as you dressed up and danced, any person of any race could be part of the scene, and a lot of the best disco bands were Black, like KC and the Sunshine Band.

Most people think that all music from the disco era was horrible, but that is not necessarily true. I think there was some really great music being made in those times. Of course, I was a part of that era, so maybe I am biased, with my silk and cotton scarves, my velvet pants, silk shirts and four-inch blue platform heels. Unfortunately, there was also quite a bit of male homosexuality and bisexuality in that scene, which I am not too happy about. But mostly it was just all about rich young Whites flaunting their wealth at discos, and it was also wildly heterosexual.

When I was 18, a friend of mine and I worked as car-parkers (What is the name for that?) at a disco in Anaheim, California. We got lots of tips. However, we were required to give all of our tips to the asshole manager, and he said we were not entitled to one penny of those tips. We thought that sucked, so we started “stealing” tips. It wasn’t really stealing to us because we figured that we earned them fair and square. We would give that asshole Manny a certain portion of the tips (maybe 1/3 to 1/4) while keeping most of them for ourselves. He caught on real quick and insisted that we were stealing tips, but we always pleaded innocence.

My best friend M. and I would carpool to the job in Mark’s pickup truck with a camper shell on it (what do you call those?). We would lift up the camper shell and throw the money in the back. At the end of the night at around 2 AM, we would count up all the money and split it 50-50. We used to get some huge tips. Guys would pull in in Lamborghinis and give us $20 tips just to show off. We would take the really hot sports cars out in the back and race around in them. Manny found out about that and told us to knock it off. One time we found some disco chick out in a car in the back getting fucked by some guys.

It was good times, good times!

Unfortunately, M. had a bit of a homosexual problem (not uncommon in that scene) and that among other things (including the fact that I was selling pot to his younger brother) led to the ending of our friendship. But I will save that crazy story for another day!

What was funny was whenever I went around in those disco clothes, a lot of guys would call me a faggot, but some of those clothes drove women and girls wild. Especially those green cotton scarves and cowboy bandanas tied like scarves. Chicks went insane with lust when they saw those things!

Guys can call me a fag all they want. Just give me the pussy!


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Save the White Race!

The problem with the White nationalists and White supremacists screaming about White genocide and saving the White race from extinction is that to be completely honest, there really is nothing much left to save anymore.

Back in the hippie era, we thought we were creating a whole new era of mind expansion and liberation. Instead we got mind reduction, idiocracy and a race to the bottom of depravity of ghetto and anticivilizational culture. We were wrong to promote drugs and unlimited license. Woodstock was one thing, but from the soil of Woodstock inevitably grows something like this.

What White race? There’s nothing left. Look at the video.

White people RIP!


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Our Future

By 2050, the United States of America will finally join the Americas, not just figuratively as always but now literally.

By 2050, the United States of America will finally join the Americas, not just figuratively as always but now literally.

The torch has passed on White America, or will pass within most of our lifetimes. By 2050, the US will be a majority non-White country. The largest group will probably be a partly-White or at least half-White group called Hispanics for lack of a better term. The history of the Americas has been, for better or worse, the marriage of two great races, the Amerindian and the European. From this foundry, the Americans were molten over 500 years from hunter gatherer bands to modern hopelessly mixed race societies.

Catholicism, Iberian culture and lingering Amerindian ways have characterized this societies, along with patriarchal, conservative views that created such things as “machismo” and “the Madonna/whore” syndrome. There is also a profound Arabization, via Iberia, that is unfortunately apparent throughout the region. Even the Whiter Latins such as the Argentines suffer profound identity confusion, being part of the White European world but at the same time being outside of it. Hence the indulgent Argentines use more psychotherapy than any group on Earth and the couch has become a national obsession.

Around the Caribbean and into Brazil, a heavy Black element comes into play, often mixing with the European and even Indian elements in Venezuela, Colombia and Brazil. The vibrancy, musicality, vivid colors and pagan religions mean that Africa tossed its ingredients into this wild mix.

The US and especially Canada were always outliers. They thought they could resist the inevitability of becoming a part of the Americas. By 2050, the US will have joined with the Caribbean, Mesoamerica and South America and will officially be dragged kicking and screaming into the continent which it always denied it was a part of it.

Interesting times lie ahead.


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The Cruel and Soulless World of Academia


In the corporate world, this would simply be a footnote, but academia is now nearly as soulless, cruel and mean-spirited as the corporate world. 50% of courses are now taught by “adjunct professors.” They make on average maybe $25,000/yr. In a bad year, they make $10,000. They get little to no health benefits. Some go on for decades like this. I do not want to live in a nation where the average professor scrapes by on part-time work at $25,000/yr. Screw that. Especially when the university president is making $700,000/yr. That is just garbage.

This woman’s house was actually collapsing in on her and it was becoming a dangerous place to live. She simply did not have the money to fix it up. Further, medical bills were cleaning her out. She was forced into retirement by the university, who gave her no severance or retirement package.

This is so not right. American values? USA, USA, go go go! We’re number 1! We’re number 1!

Why bother with any of that? What are American values anymore? The above. That’s American values. American values are now corporate values.

When corporate values become the normative American values, you can kiss Mom, apple pie, baseball and all the good stuff goodbye. American values become crap values and only a moron would be a patriotard. You would look at the damn flag and your heart would sink. That is what we are all coming to.

Enjoy the ride folks!

Late capitalism, ain’t it just peachy?


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Racism among Different Ethnic Groups in California: Perpetrators and Targets

Mr E2me writes:

Derek: “They treated me like kin. Asians don’t hate blacks, that is just another white man’s lie to fuel black-Asian hatred.”

I don’t agree with that comment. My experience has been that Asians tend to be the most racist. As a White guy who has spent the last 2 decades in L.A. stewing in the cultural melting pot I have some very definite opinions on whom exudes the most racism.

Asians towards Blacks is def. #1
There is a definite difference in culture for this sort of thing amongst Asians ie, Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, but I find them very united in their dislike of the dark people. They can be very intolerant of Whites as well.

Black towards White is 2nd.
Not as prevalent as the Oriental disdain, but there is a definite intolerance of Whitey by a lot more dark people than there is the other way around.

Tying it up @ 3rd, 4th and fifth would be

Mexican towards Black
White towards Black
White towards Mexican.

These sentiments are there; I just find them fewer and further between than number 1 &2 .

I would tend to agree with this.

1. US Asians do not like Blacks at all. The ones that hate them the most seem to be the Japanese. They have a strong and abiding dislike for them. Black men do things like run around and have 30 different kids by 17 different women and then don’t marry or support any of them. To a Japanese man, that is the ultimate in dishonor. To them, a man who acts like that is acting like a dog! That is exactly what unfixed dogs that run around in the streets do – knock up as many bitches as they can, make lots of puppies, and then don’t form long term bonds with any of the bitches and don’t support the offspring.

2. Here in California, Blacks definitely hate Whites way worse than Whites hate Blacks. CA Whites are very PC and are almost racism-neutered. CA Whites are not supposed to be racist. It is seen as immoral and a social faux pas. If you make a racist remark in public, people will often basically tell you to shut up. Black people are not very PC, and their racism is often open.

3. Black racism against Asians would be next. Blacks pick on and prey on Asians mercilessly in schools and in the streets, whereas White racism against Asians is pretty much not allowed in PC California, and anyway, many Whites here like Asians, and there is a lot of White-Asian intermarriage.

4. Next would be Mexican racism against for Blacks. That is actually quite strong among most Hispanics from Latin America. They are not very PC, and are not burdened with White guilt, so they just say and think what they want to. Hispanic racism against Blacks is often open, blunt and unashamed. On the other hand, the local gangsta types tend to emulate ghetto Blacks.

5. There are not very many of them, but American Indians here have a profound dislike for Black people for some odd reason.

6. Down on the list would be White racism against for Blacks and White racism against Hispanics. Around here, you will hear more of the anger towards Hispanics because there are more of them, and disliking Blacks is considered really wrong here in PC California. Also there are not many Black people around here.

But there is a huge amount of intermarriage going on between Whites and Hispanics. This is more of a cultural issue. If you bring a certain type of Hispanic woman home to Mom, she will look down on you because she is “low class.” But another type of Hispanic woman, who is more cultured, more White acting, less barrio and less into “Mexican culture,” would be just fine.

Whereas if you bring a Black girl home to your family, it is still a pretty big deal even among White liberals here in California. I ran into that somewhat when I was dating Black women.

And I do know a few Whites who are angry at South Indians for taking over all the gas stations, 7-11′s and hotels.

7. Negligible:
White racism against Asians or American Indians.
Black racism against Hispanics or South Indians.
South Indian racism against anyone.
Asian racism against Hispanics (they don’t care about them) or South Indians.
Hispanic racism against Asians or South Indians.


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Moronicans are Complete Idiots

Just how stupid are Americans?

Real stupid.

Consider exactly how idiotic your average Moronican is. Now consider that they may well have graduated from a public high school. What precisely did they learn in those 12 years of school anyway? Anything at all? Nothing? If people graduating from 12 grades of education without knowing their ass from a hole in the ground, why did we even bother spending the money to educate them in the first place?

It’s kind of nice to meet a college graduate, but some of them are stupid too. A friend of mine had a BA from Cal State Long Beach. A BA in what, I have no idea. In 1988, I asked him who he was voting for, and he said, “Reagan?” I told him Reagan wasn’t running (it was Dukakis versus Bush), and he was surprised. The Presidential election had been going for a long time, Ray Gun had been out of office for months, and this fool didn’t have the foggiest idea. I met a Mexican-American college graduate (criminology degree) who got mad at me when I told him that Hispanics were a mixture of White and Indian. He said that wasn’t true. In fact, they were pure Indian. Or something. Or whatever.

I had a Black girlfriend once. She had a BA, but it was in Homemaking. You can get a BA in that? She was taking some courses at a junior college, and she was so dumb that I had to write her papers for her. She wouldn’t understand my papers, and she would get mad at me and rip up the papers.

Half the time I start a conversation with someone and it quickly ends. They don’t have the foggiest idea what I am talking about. That does not compute! I start to explain, and they get annoyed or their eyes glaze over. “Moron alert!” Screams my brain.


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The USA Is a Shithole

And it’s not just the government that sucks. That is a conceit. If the government sucks, it’s usually because you suck. Usually but not always. People get the governments they deserve. In many cases, governments simply reflect the political culture of the people. This is especially true in the case of representative democracies. If the US government is a rightwing nightmare, it’s because the US people made it that way. The government is rightwing because the people are rightwing. We could throw these idiots out anytime we want to and replace them with others, but we don’t because we have the government we like.

People get on my case for blasting other nations or even talking smack about some non-White races or ethnic groups. But the truth is that I am an America-hater. Probably one of the worst America-haters out there. And I have been for a very long time. I have been an America-hater possibly since I was 23 years old or so, if not sooner. It took me a while to realize how much this place blows.

Thing is that I hate most other countries too, so I probably would not be happy anywhere. I hate most governments and I hate most societies. I also hate most cultures. People’s political cultures pretty much suck everywhere. When they don’t suck, the government sucks.

This is pretty common on the Left. America is an insanely rightwing country, one of the most rightwing political cultures on Earth, or possibly the most rightwing political culture on Earth. What’s a Leftist to like? You’re living in a rightwing country. This is supposed to make you happy or what? US politics sucks, but the politics of Americans sucks. US political culture sucks. How long has it sucked? Forever, pretty much, but it’s been getting worse for decades now.

Most American people are pretty much good and decent people just like people most anywhere. As long as you don’t ask them about their politics, you can get along great with them.

I talk to people all over the world, especially in the 3rd World. Most of them hate their countries. They tell me that their country blows. And why not? The 3rd World blows, come on. 1/3 of the world wants to come to the US. That’s because the 3rd World blows so much that they want to come here. They don’t want to come here for the great political culture, they want to come here for the money. It’s all about the money. If you study human history, people were always trying to move from a lousy place to a better place. That’s the history of most human migrations and invasions in a nutshell.

There are some other things I despise about US culture. It’s unbelievably shallow and materialistic. All everyone cares about is money. Everyone is judged based on how much money they make or how good of a job you have. It’s not so bad for women, but it’s a nightmare for men, trust me.

As a man, you end up in an arms race with other men in search of how can make the most money. I played this game for a while, and then I gave it up pretty quickly. It was obviously a rat race road to nowhere. At one time, I was making some pretty good money. I told some guys about it, and they immediately stiffened up and told me I wasn’t making crap, and they were making more than I was. That made me angry at them and I wanted to beat them. I spent most of my time frustrated and angry at guys who made more than I did and trying to beat them. I finally realized that even when I started making some more money, I would just run into a bunch of idiots who were making even more money than I was.

And so the rat race and keeping up with the Joneses goes on forever. You’re always angry and frustrated and jumpy, trying to make more money. You always feel like a loser and a failure. You are jealous and envious of the guys who make more and you are out to beat them. It occurred to me that obviously there is no end to this insanity.

At the same time, when I thought I was making good money, every woman I dated told me what a loser I was because I wasn’t making enough money. This was especially true when they made more than I did. “Bob! You’ve got to start making more money!” At this time, I was working two or three different jobs.

That relationship would end, and I would meet married matchmakers. They would tell me that they had lots of single friends who they wanted to fix me up with but I needed to make a minimum of $X per year. It turned out that I was not making $X per year, so I had to turn her down. I figured out that most women are nothing but whores since all they want is money. My opinion of women plunged precipitously.

In America, a person’s moral worth is judged by how much money they make. If I make more money than you, I am a better human being than you, and you are nothing but a subhuman worm, haha. If you make money than I do, you are superior to me and I am a failure and a loser. That’s one Hell of a garbage way of judging the moral worth of human beings!

At that point, I became a total society dropout who wants nothing to do with society anymore. I’m anti-society. I am sitting here giving a gigantic middle finger to society. I want nothing to do with it anymore.

I would say that even though America blows for sure, most places in the world are way worse.


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White Trash and Ghetto Subcultural Negotiating Styles in Blacks and Whites

Jasmine writes:

How many whites are “white trash?” I am not ghetto and my IQ tested at 151. How come if a black person smokes pot and drinks that means they’re “ghetto” when white people do that all of the time without any label?

And I saw someone talking about black people rallying around MJ? And? Are you blind to the fact that a great deal of his die-hard fans are also white?

And look at how many NON-blacks have rallied around Zimmerman who, racist or not, is a murderer and behaves like a sociopath without a shred of remorse for killing an innocent teenager.

People see things through tunnel vision and I’m sick of it.

And what are you referring to when you say that that man is a “real black”? What is his accent?? What is a “black” accent??….

Were you joking when you said that Heil Hizzle Mein Nizzle’s comment was astute??? You can’t be serious. You were joking, right? I’m honestly asking. I feel like I’m reading a joke blog…..

First of all I would like to congratulate this young Black lady for her 151 IQ. There are very few Whites with IQ’s that high and much fewer Blacks. I hope she can use it to go far in life. If more Blacks had 151 IQ’s, we wouldn’t have nearly so many problems with them.

This is certainly not a joke blog, but it is extremely non-PC or even anti-PC.

Certainly quite a few Whites are “White trashy” to one degree or another. Some of my White friends are even White trash to one degree or another, and I don’t mind that at all. In fact, in this part of California, many of the Whites are “White trash.” I have a certain amount of respect for White trashers, and I would much rather live around them than live around ghetto Blacks. White trash is really just a White uncivilized mode similar to Ghetto Black. Many White people negotiate and travel in between White Trash and Civilized modes the same way that many Blacks negotiate Ghetto and Civilized cultures.

Unfortunately, around here, we refer to a person who has a certain amount of “ghetto” in them as a “real Black.” It’s not exactly a compliment, but it’s not calling them a ghetto nigger either. A lot of these people are the “floaters.” For instance a friend came over here to help me move some stuff. While he was here, that retired schoolteacher lady rang the bell and stopped by. I had told me friend about her and he met her for the first time. After she left, I said that’s the woman I have been telling you about. She’s not exactly ghetto, but you know? Yeah, he said, I know. She’s not ghetto, but she’s definitely a real Black.

A Black person deeply immersed in Black culture, we call, “a real Black.” The more civilized ones, we call them, “White Blacks,” as a joke. My friend says, “Yeah, but they’re not even Black. Those are ‘white Blacks.’” So in the crowd I run with, White = civilized, and Black = ghetto and uncivilized. Of course a Black person can be as “White” as any White person, depending on how they act, but then we do tend to call them “White Blacks.”

In certain surroundings, some of my friends use the word “nigger.” I can use it too around them, and I do sometimes. Almost always the word “nigger” refers to an uncivilized or ghetto type Black. It’s seen as uncool, taboo or even racist to call one of the “White Blacks” a nigger. In my circle, we call that racist. There are also many folks in my circle with whom I can’t use the word nigger, and that’s ok.

My handyman has a very deep Southern, “Black” accent. There is no reason on Earth for him to speak that way. The man was born and raised in Fresno, California. We call Blacks outside the South who speak with deep “Black accents” to be “real Blacks,” at best!

Zimmerman is my hero! He is my main man! I don’t see why he should have any remorse for killing that thug bitch. He did the whole world a favor by killing Trayvon. It was a “public service killing.” One less ghetto Black in this world! Praise the Lord!

Of course I do not think that a Black person who drinks and smokes pot is automatically “ghetto.” Actually they could do even worse drugs than that and still be non ghetto, but it’s not that common. Unfortunately, most Black drug users are at least somewhat “ghetto” types. In many cases, they are the “floaters” who I described in my piece, who navigate between Civilized and Ghetto modes. Most of the “White Blacks” want so hard to be non-ghetto that they often are very straight laced, don’t drink a lot and often don’t smoke pot either because they associate all that with the ghetto culture they are trying to escape from.

Hizzle von Nizzle’s comment was very astute, and was not particularly racist at all. It was certainly in line with Liberal Race Realism, which is partly what this blog is all about.

It’s not necessarily ghetto to rally around Michael Jackson. A lot of non-ghetto Blacks rallied around him. Here is Hizzle von Nizzle’s excellent comment:

Blacks, in addition to being heavily conformist and consumerist (i.e. blowing all their disposable income in a kind of arms race over sneakers or spinning rims) are also deeply oppositional. If they see that whites generally don’t like a black person (i.e. OJ Simpson in the early 90s, or Michael Jackson in the 00′s) they will rally around that black person. Similarly, a black or blacks who perceive that the white people in their environment are made uncomfortable or angry by “ghetto” behavior will increase or exaggerate their ghetto behavior in order to rankle the whites.

Also, insecure blacks (either insecure in their melanin density or masculinity) will place a premium on their ability to navigate black street culture (think Toure or Michael Eric Dyson on MSNBC). Sharpton and Jesse don’t have to act. They are from the sewer.

I certainly agree with this comment in part if not in whole.

Blacks are very oppositional in the US.

I am not necessarily sure that Blacks always escalate their ghetto behavior thing when it seems like Whites do not like it. In fact, they may well turn it off.

I used to teach school in Compton. There was a Black secretary there at one of the schools I was working at. She was kind of nice looking, and that was before I had given up on Black women. I walked into the office, and she and the other Black women in the office were speaking the thickest, most horrific Ebonics you have ever heard. It disgusted me, as to me it sounds “sloppy” and “uncivilized.”

A lot of these Black ladies were pretty civilized types who dressed and behaved themselves at their office secretarial jobs. Blacks who work in schools have to act good. The ones who act bad simply do not work in the schools. Even at the worst ghetto schools, most of the Blacks who actually work there are more or less pretty good people.

Anyway, I walked in at the end of the day, and I was checking out. This one Black woman liked me. She had the most insanely massive tits you have ever seen and she was rather pretty. She immediately and completely turned off the Ebonics crap 100% and went into “civilized White person” mode all because of me. She was also acting really flirty. All of the other Black ladies in the office were like, “Whoa! She likes him. Get him, girl!”

I can think of countless other cases when Blacks have modified of shut down their ghetto behaviors just to deal with me or other Whites. It happens all the time. Do they sometimes turn it on too? It is hard to say. Maybe if they think you are hostile to them, but I usually try to act really friendly around most Blacks, even ghetto types.

I also do not agree that Sharpton and Jackson are from the sewer. I don’t mind either of them. They are more idiotic than anything else, and I consider both men to be quite civilized.


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American Culture in a Nutshell

This is it. This is the end. Obviously the Apocalypse is at end. And what’s become of White people anyway? Why are they all turning into Black people now? I thought they were separate races.


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