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Best Zombie Line Ever

George Romero’s classic Night of the Living Dead (1968), one of the greatest horror movies ever made.

One of the finest two minutes in modern cinema and one of the most terrifying horror movies ever made. God-damn that movie was scary!

Favorite line:

Reporter: Are they slow-moving, chief?

Chief McLellan: Yeah…They dead. They’re all messed up.

Believe it or not, those lines were not in the script. They were made up and ad-libbed right on the spot while shooting.

RIP to whoever that actor was who played the sheriff. He might still be around, but I doubt it. He’d be about 90 by now.

Update: The actor’s name is George Kosana. He was one of the original investors for the movie, and he also got a bit part. When he was not acting, he worked in a steel mill in Pennsylvania, a job that eventually killed him. He was 33 years old when he starred in this movie. He died only two years ago at age 81. He shot his last film, My Uncle John Is a Zombie!, in which he once again starred as Sheriff McLellan, the very year that he died.

P. S. George Romero is the Godhead. Let us all bow down before him for just one moment.

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He’s Dead, Jim

A little edification for your Monday.

You’re welcome.

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Why Doesn’t He Hurry Up And Die Already?

His name is Henry the K., but we leftwing children of the revolutions of the 1960’s always just referred to him as “Satan.”

People who truly know me know that I came out of the Vietnam War protest era, although I actually worked for Richard Nixon’s aptly named CREEP at age 15 in 1972, at my mother’s behest, for which I will always forgive her.

However, in 1968, I went door to door with my Cold War Liberal father campaigning for “Clean Gene” Eugene McCarthy, a forgotten Democratic politician who ran on a strict antiwar banner in the fateful Democratic primaries of 1968. I was only ten years old.

The well known riots at the Democratic Convention came later that year. I remember those also. Mayor Daley turned his police loose on protesters and many relatively peaceful protesters were badly beaten by police. A nearby park in Chicago was taken over by protesters and named “People’s Park.” Inside the convention, an equal amount of chaos ensued, with the party coalescing around establishment candidate Hubert Humphrey, who did not run on an antiwar ticket. I remember Humphrey well too. He seemed a decent enough man at the time.

The Chicago Seven were later placed on trial for conspiracy after the demonstrations. They included Abbie Hoffman, Jerry Rubin, and a number of others, mostly Jewish. They were represented famously by Jewish radical attorney William Kunstler, who has always been one of my favorite people. Although my father was against the Vietnam War, he really hated those hippies. He used to inveigh against “Ay-bie Hoffman.”

By 1974, I’d added long hair, rock music, LSD and marijuana to my high school studies. I hung out with hippies, potheads and acidheads. I remember once David A H, a bisexual hippie senior who nevertheless always left me alone. He used to take windowpane LSD by putting it right on his eyeball.

Nixon was one of our villains. You have to understand that in that era, if you identified with the hippie movement, still going gangbusters in 1975, Nixon was probably automatically your enemy. Hating him was almost a cultural requirement. He represented, all in one man, of everything we were against. The perfect human voodoo doll.

One day David said matter of factly, “Nixon always looks like he hasn’t shit in a month.” A good one-liner!

I always felt that that was one of the best summaries of Tricky Dicky I’d ever heard.

K. was Nixon’s right-hand man. Although he was not an attractive man, ponderous, overweight, nerdy, homely and bespectacled, he had an odd reputation as a playboy, often seen escorting various actresses in public. I remember one morning at the breakfast table my father was looking at the latest pic of him with some comely model draped on his arm.

“Boy,” my father remarked. “This administration’s really got problems if Kissinger’s their playboy.” A good zinger!

The more I read about this man, the more convinced I am that he is something approaching pure evil. He has to be a psychopath of some sort. He’s one cold-blooded bastard at least. He look in his face and you see a man with heart of ice. There are probably few people as hated among my anti-Vietnam War cohort as this man. I’m getting very impatient waiting for him to kick off so I can dance on his grave. He’s stuck around far too long already.

Just hurry up and die already, Henry!



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Why Do Alt-Right Antisemites Love Super-Jew Donald Trump, the Jewiest Gentile of Them All?

Trump is the worst neocon president that has ever lived. No President has ever been closer to Israel and no President has ever been as “Jewish” as Donald Trump. Everything about Trump screams the sleazy, debased, aggressive, lying, cheating and stealing culture that the Jews have created in New York. If you want to know why New Yorkers are so loud, brash, rude, arrogant, unpleasant and greedy then look no further than the fact that New York has the largest Jewish culture outside of Israel.

New York is about a lot of ethnicities, but to say it is not Jewish is not correct at all. Nevertheless, it is as Italian, Irish and now Dominican, Puerto Rican, and Black as it is Jewish and most of these ethnicities have damaged New York as much as the Jews if not more so. Further, most of them have adopted their own loud, brash, in your face culture which is also particular to Africanized or better yet Arabized Sicilians who form the base of New York Italian culture.

And I assure you that the Catholic Italians/Irish and the Jews hate each other, but it’s not because one group is crooked and the other is not. More precisely, it is that they are all three crooks and this is a case of nearly organized crime level ethnic criminal groups (almost gangs) or competition among criminal groups. There are no good guys in New York. Anyone with a shred of decency left that charnelhouse some time ago.

Considering that Trump has now made Israel nearly the official 51st state of Israel (it was de facto before and it is de jure now) and the fact that he out-Jews 90% of Jews (and not in a good way – put a skullcap on Trump and this lying, cheating, conspiring, swindling schemer would be quite at home in either The Protocols or Der Strumer) – one is mystified by the Alt Right’s support of this ultra-Jew called Donald Trump?

Does the Alt Right hate Jews? If so, why support the Jewiest Gentile around, Donald Trump?

Does the Alt Right love Jews? Well, that explains the Trump love but not their anti-Semitism.

Is Trump one of the good Jews and the rest part of the rat Jews? Hardly. If Trump converted tomorrow, millions of Jews would wring their hands and rue the day. “This is not a good day for the Jews!” They would cry.

It’s hard to understand why the fanatical anti-Semites on the Alt Right love this super-Jew Trump so much. I just don’t get it.


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Bullying as a Form of Social Control (Lesson-learning Bullying) Versus Bullying by Sadistic Psychopaths (“Criminal” Bullying)

Jason Y: I don’t understand if Robert is saying this is good or bad. In this one, he’s saying siding with bullies is bad, but in the other thread, he was saying it was a good thing.


Two different kinds of bullying.

Bullying by the Masses

When you are getting bullied by normal people, when everyone is bullying you, when 90% of the normal boys are joining in with bullying you, something is wrong. Normal boys are healthy. They are not sadistic psychopaths. If your behavior is so off and abnormal that even the normal boys are bullying you, the message is you really need to change your behavior.

Furthermore, bullying severe outliers and setting up rules for boyhood ends up making the sort of men out of boys that you want your society to look like. What sort of men do you want in society? You need to create those types of men in boyhood and it’s not a pretty process.

I don’t like it and in a lot of cases it does a lot of damage, but some kids just need it.

All of us boys “got bullied” in a sense that we displayed behaviors which were met with disapproval until we changed our behaviors. Boys get masculinity beaten into them. A lot of it is verbal but a lot is physical too, especially at the elementary school level. I don’t mind that masculinity was beaten into me. That’s how you learn to be a man.

Bullying Geeked-Out Idiot Autist Morons

If you are acting like such an idiot that everyone is bullying you, you are screwing up. I mean even the normal kids are bullying you. You need to quit being such a geeked-out idiot moron. Once you do, they will leave you alone.

If we quit bullying total fucktards, you could end up with a society of men who are behaviorally pretty much autists. You want this? You want a society of nerds?

There was a boy in the 8th grade called Mark D. We called him Mark Dickblow because that sounded a lot like his last name. Everyone bullied him, even my friends and I bullied him, and were part of the normal non-psychopathic boys. “Dickblow (last name)!” we yelled at him, and he would run at us and try to hit us but he was such an autist idiot that he ran and hit like a girl. Or perhaps a retarded girl. He acted like was literally retarded. He had an expression on his face that retarded people have. That’s how geeked out this idiot was.

Well, I met this guy later on at a party. when I was 16-17. We were all smoking weed and drinking beer and I got seriously totaled. I went out to my car, puked and passed out. 10 second later I woke up, and two hours had passed.

But when I was still conscious, I met him and talked to him at the party.  The point is that this geeked-out idiot was now the coolest, slickest, hippest guy you could imagine. He was “Joe Cool.” So you see, he changed. We probably beat that Joe Cool behavior into him literally.

Bullying Feminine and Effeminate Behaviors

I don’t like that pre-gay boys get bullied for being effeminate, but I bullied those boys when I was a boy.

We hated those effeminate boys. They were disgusting! 10 years old and these two twins acted like raging faggots! Their were called the Hunt Brothers or the Hunts but we called them the Cunt Brothers or the Cunts because they were such outrageous fags.

Their over the top faggoty behavior was an outrage and nobody liked it. I am not saying these boys were gay sexually. They simply displayed the effeminacy of a typical effeminate homosexual “queen” type man. It’s bad enough that men act that boy but we can sort of accept it if they are only 3% of the population, but it’s outrageous in boys. Why did they act like such faggots? Were they “born that way?” Were they born effeminate somehow and had no choice about this faggoty nonsense. Well, perhaps, but that remains to be proven. Effeminate behavior in males strikes me as chosen behavior.

I knew this Hunt guy again in 10th grade. By this time I was a good friend of his.


Anyway, in 10th grade, this Hunt boy was still effeminate, so I guess our bullying didn’t work. I never heard if he ended up gay or just an effeminate straight man.

I still do not have a high opinion of effeminate males. It’s disgusting.

Boys bully the gay or pre-gay boys. At the same time, any display of femininity or effeminacy in normal boys (all normal boys have this) is attacked the in the same way as the gay boys are.

We all get anti-feminine and anti-effeminate bullying.

Boys get it until they man up and quit being such pussyboys. I did.

We also played games taught us some serious lessons in subtle ways.

One game was Smear the Queer. We played this when we were 10 years old. One guy was the “queer” and he would jump on the ball and everyone would waste him. It was also called “Kill the Man on the Hoppityhop.” I played that with my friends and none of us were gay. Nevertheless, what lesson did I take home? Queers get smeared. Queers (the guy on the ball) even get killed. Be gay, get smeared, get killed. Mostly get your ass kicked. To this day, I associate effeminate and gay behavior with a punch in the face. That’s one major reason I don’t do those things or act like that. “Fags get hit” means “don’t be a fag.” It’s not hard to do. It’s stuff like that that keeps straight men in line acting masculine and keeps your country from turning into Afghanistan.

Bullying Crybabies and Sissyboys

One of my best friends was a crybaby when young. When he was 9-10, he was always bursting into tears for no reason. This utterly outraged us, all the other boys. People would say, “Look! He’s crying again!” The boys would all look at my friend and get mad at him for crying. People would say, “He’s crying! Kick his ass! Beat him up!” So we would all run over there, 10-15 boys, and we would all kick his ass. The odd thing is that none of us ever thought about what we were doing. There was something instinctively outrageous about a crybaby that needed to be destroyed.

This friend was getting masculinity literally beat into him.

I met him later on when he was 18 or so, and we became very good friends. He manned up tremendously, and he turned into one of the wildest playboys I have ever met. He was still rather sensitive, soft, and pretty, and morons kept saying he was gay. The subtext was that I was a fag too for hanging around with a known homo. Considering this guy was screwing more girls than the average army platoon, I considered that a completely moronic question. He wasn’t gay at all. But later, he got into bisexuality bigtime, and I cut off our friendship because you have to do that when one of your friends fags out bigtime like that. He didn’t need to do that. He did it by choice. He likes women just fine. I could go into details about why it was mandatory to cut this guy off if you don’t mind, but it was necessary for sure.

Point being this guy’s behavior changed as a result of those beatings. He manned up quite a bit and quit being such a damned pussy. 

On the other hand, the gay boys get bullied. But suppose we quit bullying effeminacy and feminine behavior in boys. You could end up with a whole culture of effeminate and feminine men. That’s good. Boyhood is where men are created. Once you get rid of all the rules, you say you don’t care if boys turn into men. Bad idea. Boys need to be turned into men. With relatively harmless violence (childhood fighiting) if necessary.

Bullying Psychos and Disturbed Boys

We bullied violent, crazy, disturbed boys. We called them “psychos.” We basically tormented them. These boys were the type where you wonder if they are pre-serial killers. They were disturbed. We bullied boys like that simply for being psychos. The message is, Don’t be a psycho. Don’t be a disturbed, dangerous maniac. You want to quit bullying psychos? You could end up with a society full of sociopathic men.

Bullying by a Few Sadistic Psychopaths

Then again, very large numbers of boys who are not bullied by the masses (a red flag that something is wrong) do get bullied by the neighborhood pre-psychopaths, the true bullies. These are just asshole, mean, often sadistic boys who bully large numbers of relatively normal boys. In this case you need to side with the victims. There’s no lesson being learned here than that psychopaths bully most everyone. Boys and men who act normal need to be protected from sadistic, psychopathic bullies who are picking on them for no reason or no good reason.


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Americans Hate Bragging and Open Superior-Inferior Talk

White middle class Protestant Americans anyway.

Both are seen as rude, somewhat shameful and disgusting. A lot of people brag and talk like they are better than others, but in the US, that’s a very quick way to get regarded as an asshole. You might start losing friends too.

We don’t really have the situation that Yee described this country. I can’t think of any state in the US where people think they are better than other people. And I can’t think of any region in the country that thinks it is better than other regions. You aren’t supposed to think like that if you are an American.

STEM students think that their major is the only rational one. They would like to make it so that STEM and business are the only things that are offered at a university. I doubt if STEM people think they are better than Liberal Arts students. They just think that Liberal Arts degrees are useless and a waste of money. I have two Liberal Arts or Humanities degrees – three is you count teaching.

1. Journalism, BA
2. Teaching, credential.
3. Linguistics, MA.

I have hardly met one single person who has ever told me that those degrees are useless or stupid or said that their degree was better than my degree. You are not supposed to talk like that. It’s very assholey behavior.

Rednecks don’t really think they are better than other types of people, at least not that I am aware of.

A lot of Americans don’t like people from some states or regions or maybe they don’t like city people or country rednecks, but they won’t say it is because they are superior to them. People like me with say that Alabamans are living in the Dark Ages or they are backwards, racist people. We don’t think they are inferior – they just have a point of view that is not compatible with modern society.

A lot of liberals hate conservatives, and conservatives hate liberals.

But liberals don’t think they are better than conservatives to my knowledge. We just think they are backwards, wrongheaded people with a frankly disgusting and immoral point of view. They’re not inferior though. We might say they are bad. But bad doesn’t mean inferior. It means they have a political view that you feel is very harmful and dangerous.

Conservatives think the same about liberals. But I am not aware that conservatives think they are superior to liberals. They just think we are bad, wrongheaded, or even evil. But in the US, evil doesn’t mean inferior. In this sense, conservatives think that the liberal POV is so pernicious and dangerous that it is going to be harmful to society.

These political views are framed as moral matters, not superior-inferior things.

I cannot emphasize strongly enough how much American society opposes bragging and talking about superior people and inferior or acting like you are better than other people. If you go around all the time talking about how you, your state or your region, your ethnic group, or your college major is superior to other states, regions, ethnics or majors, pretty soon you will not have any friends. I learned this pretty early on in life. You are simply not allowed to talk like that.

If I went out today and starting talking about how Californians are superior to people from other states, it would be very soon that someone would tell me to shut up. And I live in California! I couldn’t even say the West is better. People would tell me to shut up then too. Of course if I say Whites are better, I will get told off in a hurry. Or Germans, or British, or whoever. Certainly if I said my college majors were superior to some other inferior majors, I would get told to shut up too.

Yee: I heard that American culture encourage people to brag about themselves.

Actually you are not supposed to put it like my area/people/ethnic/field of study or whatever is superior and some others are inferior. You are not supposed to talk about the superior people and the inferior people in the US. It’s called putting on airs and it is looked down upon to a profound degree. Nobody, but nobody, but nobody likes it! You will get told to shut up real quick, and if you don’t learn your lesson, soon no one will talk to you.



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How America Has Achieved the Classless State of Communism (in an Odd Sense)

Granted, rich and middle class people think they are better than poor people. A lot of Whites or Asians think they are better. There is still some ethnic chauvinism around.

Nevertheless, I have had a low income for decades. I talk to people who make very good incomes sometimes, and they are very friendly to me. Some of them were even quite close to me, as in relatives. My income situation is not brought up. I am intelligent and highly educated and polite, and a lot of higher income people think people like that are interesting people regardless of their income. So those wealthier people will treat me well because I act like a White middle class college educated American. They don’t care about my income. That’s not important. What’s important is if you walk the walk and talk the talk. That actual particulars are somewhat irrelevant. A lot of culture in the US is about display more than essentials.

Sure people think like this. It is considered in very bad taste to brag about how rich you are or even to visibly look down on people of lower classes. If you do so openly, you are going to get told to knock it off in one way or another. I guarantee that you will be very disliked.

There was a guy at my junior college whose parents were rich. I went on a ski trip with him and other students to Colorado. From early on in the trip, he bragged all the time about how rich his family was. It wasn’t long before everyone on the whole trip hated him. People talked about him a lot behind his back. Others started making subtle remarks telling him to knock it the Hell off.

I roomed with the guy and three other guys. Towards the end of the week-long trip, I made some oblique comment about how his bragging about being rich was really angering a lot of people in the group. I didn’t come out and say it. Instead I said it in a sort of hidden code. He figured out what I meant, and he told me in an annoyed tone that he had gotten the message loud and clear. And he did pretty much knock it the Hell off.

We are very much a class-oriented society, but we are supposed to pretend that we are all equal. It is almost as if America has actually achieved a classless state of Communism. In that sense, we are a Communist country. We have extreme class differences, but you are not allowed to mention class in the US, so there is this sort of idea that we are all the same somehow regardless of money.

I lived in a working class White community for a while. There were a lot of well to do people there who had high paying jobs. Everyone was very nice to everyone else, even the trashmen, the clerks in the 7-11’s, and gas stations, basically all of what you would call lousy, low paying jobs. It is quite amazing to see how polite an attorney will be to a trashman or gas station clerk in a town like that. There is also this attitude in White culture that “you never put down a man for working at a job.” It goes along with “any job is a good job.” If you had a good job and treated the trashman or gas station clerk with disdain, a lot of people would see you and think very poorly of you. It is just not something you are supposed to do.

I am aware that Chinese think like that, along with Asians in general. Indians are notorious for this thinking. It may be common in some other parts of globe.

Americans consider this sort of thinking to be a sign of a backwards culture.


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Americans Love Winners and Hate Losers

Jason Y: Robert said a macho man won’t complain about personal stuff – that makes him a wuss. I appear to be doing that about Korea.

You are complaining about other people being assholes. No one will mind that.

I am saying you cannot complain about stuff that makes you seem weak or lame. You can complain about anything outside of that. In particular, women really, really hate it if you complain about anything that makes you seem weak or lame. Have you ever had pets? Notice that one cat is sort of weak and submissive and frightened? Well, what happens? All the other cats, seeing that weak, frightened, submissive cat, instinctively attack that cat. That sort of behavior brings out the desire to attack in most mammals and we are nothing if not mammals. I am more afraid of women thinking I am weak or lame than men. Women are far harsher on men than our fellow men are.

The cause of “toxic masculinity” is women!

If you say you are being bullied for being weak or you complain about anything that makes you seem weak, women just instinctively hate that in general. The nicer ones will be pleasant about it, especially if she loves you. But a lot of women (and men too) have this winners – losers mindset. If you got bullied for whatever reason by mean, evil fucks, a lot of women and men will both side with bullies and see this as an example of you being a failed pussy wuss. I have actually had this happen to me. I did not get bullied too much as a kid (some) but I did get bullied some as an adult believe it or not. It was just a couple or a few people each time.

People will side with evil people if they bully you for being weak, a wuss, a pussy, etc. A lot of people, men and women, think if you didn’t act so damn weak, wussy, pussy, etc. you would not get bullied. It is called Blame the Victim. America is a Blame the Victim Culture. That is one truly shitty thing about this country.

And if you are siding with evil bullies tormenting some poor schmuck for whatever reason, being a wuss or whatever, frankly you are thinking like a sociopath.

The bullies are the winners. The bullied are the losers.

Americans side with winners. Americans hate losers – this one is particularly true.

This is a winner take all society.

America is a sociopathic country in that sense.


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Cascada, “Summer of Love”

Summer of Love was about hippies, not Beach Boys and Sheryl Crow, although Crow married hippies to the Brian Wilson, and surf culture at least in the 1970’s was very much a badass fringe hippie and especially drug culture.

The beach summer is called the Endless Summer, not the Summer of Love.

The latter’s Frisco, flowers in your hair, peace/love/dope, and all that good stuff. We actually used to say that. We would hold up a peace sign and say, “Peace love dope!” It was supposed to be a joke, and it was, but it was also dead real.

Watch out for the brown acid. That’s some bad stuff. Sprouted in the Haight, bloomed at Woodstock, and Waterloo at Altamont, or so goes the historical song progression. But that was always more myth than reality, as hippie culture never really died, as 70’s culture at least where I grew up was very much hippie culture and certainly drug culture. Drug-hippie culture to be exact.

There were probably numerically more actual hippies in the 70’s than 60’s, as the movement went mainstream and descended down to the high schools and Core Youth.

College kids aren’t really Core Youth unless you believe in infantalizing adults. We do that in this dumb culture, but it’s not a good thing. Peter Pan is fine – I’m channeling him as I write this – but babying is no good.

Babying took off badly with these millennials and this gender bent and identity obsessed pan-everything Generation Y is probably going to be even worse. They’re so babied they can’t even decide if they are males or females! That’s literally like a baby – a baby or toddler can’t figure out gender much either. Freud was onto something. Gender if not sexuality is diffused and polymorphous in the first few years. The fact that boys and girls exist and are quite different identities comes as quite a revelation to the toddler. I guess Generation Y never got the memo. They say they are 19, but too many of them are still three.

College kids are more properly young adults. Quit calling them kids. They don’t appreciate it anyway. Even teenagers hate being called kids.

Anyway, once again another Eurodance song by this great German dance outfit. This really is so much better than Abba you know. C’mon guys. Abba is so pussy.

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Cascada, “Because the Night”

More Electropop, this time out of Germany. Check out the statuesque Tuetonic blonde Nico type fronting the band.

This is actually a new musical movement called Eurodance. This did indeed come out of House and Techno DJ dance music of an earlier era, moreso than Electropop.

The original song is by Patti Smith, and it is excellent. I cannot recommend Patti Smith highly enough. She was one of the original punk rockers and she was actually a poet. Her music is real poetry set to music. She even shacked up with playright Sam Shephard for a while. She’s a bit butch, but she was always heterosexual. This is what I liked about the genderbending of the 1970’s. You could be an androgynous man like the guys in Mott the Hoople or Queen, Bowie’s band or the Dolls and still be 100% heterosexual. Mott were actually hyper-heterosexual, but a lot of people said they dressed like faggots.

Similarly, sure, Patti Smith is a bit butch for a woman, but she is ravenously heterosexual. Once again, in 70’s thinking, even fairly masculine women can be wildly heterosexual, and no one cares.

We are really getting away with this with the insane Cultural Left modern gay culture and the much more insane Trans Culture. We are getting back into essentializing gender again. I thought feminism was the opposite of that? The 1970’s were definitely the opposite of that. Gendered behavior was uprooted from sexual orientation. Men could be feminine. Chicks could be masculine. All without being faggots or dykes. Yay!

The crazy way we are now, most fairly feminine men have either gone over to gay somehow or are quite likely to be bisexual, often by preference and not biology. Worse, feminine behavior in men is seen as proof positive that you are a bit Tranny. There are even radical Trans activists who insist that all gay people are really trans and they all need to come out and transition and get it over with. Gay Politics birthed its child, Trans Politics, and now the offspring is attacking the parents. Once again the Cultural Left keeps sprouting and watering the seeds of its own destruction. Sort of like, you know…capitalism? Cue Marx.

Masculine women who would have been straight in the 1970s are now almost all lez or bi if not out and out transmen as gender has once again been essentialized moronically by the Cultural Left. What is nuts that is that another Cultural Left wing, Feminism, has always hated the essentialization of gender. This hatred is the raison de etre or feminism itself. So the Cultural Left’s various factions promote their own contradictions (cue Marx again) and the contradictions go to war against each other, tearing the host asunder.

If a man is as feminine as Bowie or Marc Bolan or the Dolls nowadays, he’s nearly always gay or bisexual if not out and out trans. All of these men, if growing up nowadays, would have gone seriously bi if not gay and at least Bowie would probably be a damned transwoman by now.

Do you see how the modern Cultural Left has limited the options of men and women. Straight men and women are once again shoved into masculine and feminine boxes, and you step outside, that’s prima facie evidence that you’re not straight and probably not cis anymore.

Way to go Cultural Left! Thanks for bringing 1950’s gender roles back to straight people.



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