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Is It True That Sexually Sadistic Serial Killers Rarely Have Partners?

Paula: TWO killers is odd….two sadistic people who commit crimes together is very very unusual….I’m leaning towards one person with a grudge and one person tagging along, IF there were indeed two people….

This is a very common belief and you hear this all the time. Particularly women seem to believe that these fellows usually act alone. I suppose women in particular find it impossible to understand how two men could find each other and plot a series of the worst crimes of all. Men find it hard too. I mean I have had some bad friends who stole, shot drugs, you name it. They had done a few stints in jail. I’ve had some really bizarre conversations with my friends. You name it, we discussed it. But never in my life have I had a friend say, “Hey Bob, let’s go out rape, torture and murder some women. What do you say?” I cannot fathom a conversation like that between two men. Where on Earth do they find each other?

But actually these men acting with partner(s) is quite common. Sexual sadists often have partners in crime. Usually another man or even men, but sometimes a woman – a wife or girlfriend. The woman comes under the influence of the man, and that is why she helps him to commit these crimes. She usually is not bad per se. In other words, if she had not hooked up with that bad boyfriend or husband, she would probably never have done such a thing.

I believe Freeway Killer William Bonin had maybe six accomplices. Dean Corll had many accomplices too. One of the Santa Rosa Hitchhiker Murders is thought to involve three men. The Smiley Face Murders, bizarre drownings of up to 90 young college men in the middle of the US, if these are even real crimes at all, are thought to involve a number of people, maybe up to 3-4 men, operating out of a van.

The Hillside Stranglers, the Sunset Strip Murders, Bittaker and Norris, it goes on and on. It is suspected that Randy Kraft‘s roommate, a deep S/M freak, helped him to commit some of the murders.

The latter four are right here in southern California, and they were all operating in a short period of time in the late 1970’s.

The Operation Miranda killers, Charles Ng and Leonard Lake, Otis Toole and Henry Lee Lucas, the list goes on and on.

Ken and Barbie Killers Paul Bernardi and Karla Homulka and Sunset Strip Killers Doug Clark and Carol Bundy are two cases where the female partners of the men participated in the crimes. In both cases, the women willingly went along with the crimes and even helped participate in them. After a while, they came to enjoy committing these crimes and even got into the sexual aspect of them. Homulka and Bundy are both pretty sociopathic, but if those women never met those men, they never would have done anything like this.

In addition to the above, I can think of three other cases where men had partners, in two cases, two men as a team in one case and a man and a woman who came under his influence in the other. Problem is I cannot remember the names of the killings nor the participants.

And I think there are more cases than I have gone over above.


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Does LE Have Any Good Suspects in Mind for the Delphi Killings?

Note to commenters 1:

I am getting tired of saying this over and over, but most of the material below is made up of rumors and my own opinions and theories. None of that is represented as fact. Furthermore, I am not using rumors as reliable sources as has been alleged. I never said they were reliable sources. How reliable is a rumor? That’s for you to determine, but in general a rumor is not considered to be a reliable source, and they are not treated as such below. 

The only thing that is represented as fact are statements sourced from LE or the media. If you have issues with rumors, theories, opinions. etc., just quit reading right now and save yourself the heartache. 

Note to commenters 2:

I thought I made this one thing perfectly clear as Richard Nixon used to say:

I have no sources whatsoever among the families of the girls.

I have no sources whatsoever in LE, local or otherwise. 

There ya go.

What I do have is sources close to the families. These people generally live in Delphi and the surrounding region. So that makes my rumors even more hearsay. I’m not even talking to the families. I am talking to people who talk to the families!

Of course I have no LE sources. I thought I made that clear. Never have. Yes, I have talked to some of them, but of course they didn’t tell me a thing. A couple of times they told me that a certain person was a POI or that a certain person had been cleared with an airtight alibi. I suppose they don’t mind giving out that information. But other than that, they don’t tell me jack. It’s hard enough to even get them to call you back. I think if I asked them if my name was Robert Lindsay, they would say, “I am sorry, but I cannot comment on matters relating to an ongoing investigation.” That’s how bad it is.

So what do I have? Once again, I have sources who are close to LE. They get their information from LE, then they talk to me. So once again this is even more hearsay, as I am not even talking to LE but to the people who are talking to LE.

I really wish people would quit claiming I have LE or family sources. I just don’t. If you think I have these sources, just quit reading my stuff right now and go away. You will not be missed!

NOTE TO COMMENTERS 3: The lies never end. The latest is “Lindsay takes other people’s theories and claims they are his own.” Of course I don’t. This website is nothing but a compendium of rumors from all over the Net regarding this crime. I go through the rumors and try to rank them on a scale of weak to strong. I compare them against other rumors to see which one is better. All sorts of theories have been flying around since day one. I report those too.

The theories are really just more rumors. I’d say the overwhelming majority of theories presented here were thought up by other people. I find most of my theories on other sites about this crime. That’s how it works, you know. You get theories about the crime from others. Yes, you use your own theories and you use other people’s theories. I really do not have time to down through the list of theories and say where I got them from. I have come up with a few of my own, but even with those, I guess someone else thought of them first. Also a lot of the theories here are also the result of constant brainstorming I do with my fellow sleuths.

Kathy: Robert,

Do your sources know if LE knows or suspects who is responsible for this horrible crime? Do they believe it is someone local?

No. I do not know. From my own sources, I am hearing that their perception is that LE is baffled and has no clue who did this crime.

I had another source a while back, a Secret Service agent, who said that they know who did it, but they are just building a case against him. Who this suspect was, I have no idea. Also I was told this maybe one month ago.

I am hearing so many contradictory things about this that I do not know what to think.

From people who are not my sources, I am hearing two people saying that LE has their guy. Both rumors have merely one proponent and as such are weak rumors.

1. Ivan Brumbaugh

Obviously one is this Eric Alter who is fingering Ivan Brumbaugh, who he insists is the suspect and who he claims that LE are just wrapping up their case against. However, reading between the lines, what I got was that Eric Alter knows for certain that Brumbaugh did this crime, but possibly LE does not share his views and is not taking Brumbaugh seriously.

I have several other people who also like Brumbaugh as a suspect, but they have no good sources for that information. Personally, I am very dubious that Brumbaugh is the man who killed these girls especially now that we have two separate DNA sets back representing apparently two killers, neither of which is Brumbaugh. Mr. Brumbaugh, in my opinion, seems to be guilty of contaminating a crime scene, but that’s not a crime last time I checked. Incidentally, Brumbaugh has completely lawyered up and seems to be holding out in his home.

Certainly Brumbaugh has some dubious events in his past. He has an old child molestation conviction from the late 1970’s, but we know nothing about this charge and he does not have to register on the RSO list because it happened too long ago. I am quite certain that Brumbaugh is neither a pedophile nor a hebephile. If anything, he seems to be a womanizer and a playboy who continued to date attractive young women far into middle age. There are suggestions of strong bisexual tendencies, but there is no good evidence for this either. Brumbaugh is certainly not pedohebephilic, nor is he a homosexual. He seems to be mostly attracted to mature females, emphasis on the plural.

Several years back, Brumbaugh’s ex-wife’s house burned down, and the woman barely escaped with her life. The fire was mysterious and apparently arson, but no one was ever charged in the crime.

Brumbaugh is a Shunned Amish, yes, but this means nothing. Apparently half of the Amish community are these Shunned Amish and the Shunned Amish and the regular Amish continue to associate with each other, with the exception that the Shunned tend to be a little wilder.

There are allegations of problems with women, anger towards teenage girls who do not engage in proper behavior and an angry man subject to explosive rages.

I would add that Brumbaugh is very familiar with the Mears property on which they girls were raped and killed and almost certainly is familiar with the barn that was used.

The source for all of this behavior is Mr. Alter. Not one person has corroborated Alter’s charges.

Brumbaugh is said to have a rock solid alibi for the time of the girls’ abduction. Alter says that it is only Brumbaugh’s girlfriend who is  providing the alibi, and she would lie for him.

Personally I regard this man as a most unlikely suspect to commit such a horrific crime at age 63, the first such crime of his life. One simply doesn’t wake up one day at age 60 and decide to be a serial killer. It just doesn’t work that way. From what I know about this man, I simply do not feel that he has it in him to commit a crime like this and further he seems quite an unlikely suspect to have done such a crime. He just doesn’t seem like the type.

What I am getting is that LE is not taking the Brumbaugh matter seriously and does not seem to regard him as a serious suspect.

2. Unknown RSO from the Surrounding Area

A woman met with LE the other day and showed them photos of an RSO living within 50-100 miles of Delphi. Photos included him lifting weights. Her vibe was that LE felt that this was their man. I have no idea who this man is. There was said to be a Youtube video accusing him of this crime but it has been taken down.

3. Cleared Suspects

Ron Logan’s Son

Logan’s son is said to have disappeared since the killings. This is not so. Instead he is simply  laying low due to the media circus. I am told that he has been cleared by LE.

David James Lucas

Another man is a David James Lucas, fat good old hillbilly guy who likes to drink beer and has a huge belly. A video was made accusing Lucas  of being the Bridge Guy. However, my information is that Lucas is innocent and has been cleared by LE. Sadly the people of Delphi were being so accusative and threatening towards Lucas that he has since left town for his own safety.

Cemetery Groundskeeper

The cemetery groundskeeper has been mentioned as a possible suspect. We sleuthed him out and found a thin older man with a kindly face. Not Bridge Guy at all.

Conclusion: LE Clueless

Some of my investigators have been conducting interviews with LE in the area. These usually go 45 minutes or so. They come away from these interviews saying that LE has its hands up in the air, and they do not have a clue who did this. I am also hearing this from a number of other people just based on a general vibe. Also there have been a number of news stories lately that seem to be giving off the vibe that LE is utterly clueless about who did this.

At the moment, there is no good, hard evidence that LE has any known suspect in mind who are they are building a case against. Perhaps they do, but we do not have sufficient evidence to suggest that.

My general feeling is that LE is baffled and has its hands in the air with the palms up, without any idea of who the killer or killers might be.


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A Brief Summary of the Shocking New Rumors in the Delphi Murders Case

Note to commenters 1:

I am getting tired of saying this over and over, but most of the material below is made up of rumors and my own opinions and theories. None of that is represented as fact. Furthermore, I am not using rumors as reliable sources as has been alleged. I never said they were reliable sources. How reliable is a rumor? That’s for you to determine, but in general a rumor is not considered to be a reliable source, and they are not treated as such below. 

The only thing that is represented as fact are statements sourced from LE or the media. If you have issues with rumors, theories, opinions. etc., just quit reading right now and save yourself the heartache. 

Note to commenters 2:

I thought I made this one thing perfectly clear as Richard Nixon used to say:

I have no sources whatsoever among the families of the girls.

I have no sources whatsoever in LE, local or otherwise. 

There ya go.

What I do have is sources close to the families. These people generally live in Delphi and the surrounding region. So that makes my rumors even more hearsay. I’m not even talking to the families. I am talking to people who talk to the families!

Of course I have no LE sources. I thought I made that clear. Never have. Yes, I have talked to some of them, but of course they didn’t tell me a thing. A couple of times they told me that a certain person was a POI or that a certain person had been cleared with an airtight alibi. I suppose they don’t mind giving out that information. But other than that, they don’t tell me jack. It’s hard enough to even get them to call you back. I think if I asked them if my name was Robert Lindsay, they would say, “I am sorry, but I cannot comment on matters relating to an ongoing investigation.” That’s how bad it is.

So what do I have? Once again, I have sources who are close to LE. They get their information from LE, then they talk to me. So once again this is even more hearsay, as I am not even talking to LE but to the people who are talking to LE.

I really wish people would quit claiming I have LE or family sources. I just don’t. If you think I have these sources, just quit reading my stuff right now and go away. You will not be missed!

NOTE TO COMMENTERS 3: The lies never end. The latest is “Lindsay takes other people’s theories and claims they are his own.” Of course I don’t. This website is nothing but a compendium of rumors from all over the Net regarding this crime. I go through the rumors and try to rank them on a scale of weak to strong. I compare them against other rumors to see which one is better. All sorts of theories have been flying around since day one. I report those too.

The theories are really just more rumors. I’d say the overwhelming majority of theories presented here were thought up by other people. I find most of my theories on other sites about this crime. That’s how it works, you know. You get theories about the crime from others. Yes, you use your own theories and you use other people’s theories. I really do not have time to down through the list of theories and say where I got them from. I have come up with a few of my own, but even with those, I guess someone else thought of them first. Also a lot of the theories here are also the result of constant brainstorming I do with my fellow sleuths.

Although the post is not even begun yet, I decided to let my readers in on most of the new findings that will be reported in that update.

The findings deal with:

  • Probable return of at least one killer to the dump site at 9 AM
  • How many killers there were
  • How many sets of DNA were recovered
  • Whether there were any hits on the DNA in databases
  • The nature of the crime scene – pristine or contaminated
  • The type of attack that caused the death of Liberty and gravely injured Abbie
  • Other damage that occurred to one of the girls in the process of the fatal attack
  • Condition of one of the girls’ fingernails,
  • The nature and  length of Abbie’s most unpleasant ordeal and what crimes were probably committed against her
  • Why the crime was so long and drawn-out
  • How the girls were kidnapped and trapped on the bridge on which end of the bridge
  • What happened to the girls at the bottom of the hill that may be the source of the screams that follow the “down the hill” order shortly after it was given
  • Weapon and method used in this probable attack
  • Securing of girls
  • Location in the vehicle where the girls were placed to be driven to the kill site
  • Disposition of vehicle in regard to the kill site
  • How the girls were transported in the vehicle back to the SE corner of the cemetery where they were taken out and dragged down a trail
  • How many men dragged them down this trail to the dump site
  • Attempted camouflaging of girls at the dump site and whether it was successful or not
  • Killer’s emotional reaction on seeing the condition of the girls
  • Spearing of one of the girls in the stomach with a large pointed stick and the probable reason why this was done
  • Whether or not Abbie was found to be pregnant on autopsy
  • Whether Abbie had a boyfriend and if so, what his age was

That’s about it.

Now down to the nitty-gritty. As I said before, just when you thought this crime had been taken to the end of horror where it’s as bad as it gets, and we thought this crime could not possibly get worse, this crime does just that. The truth is even worse than what we have heard before.

If you are easily offended by gruesome descriptions of crimes, just quit reading right now and spare yourself the heartache.

Brief Chronology of the Delphi Murders, 2-13 to 2-14, Delphi, Indiana

They two girls dropped off, started hiking, and at some point, BG or one of his pals started following them. Libby was alarmed and posted to her friends that some scary man was following them. Abbie walked across the bridge. Libby was already at the end. He closed the gap with them very fast.

He cornered them at the end of the bridge. The photo was taken at the south end of the bridge near the end. There’s nowhere to go at the south end of the bridge. There’s nothing there. Hikers who cross the bridge always cross from north side to south side, then when they get to the south side, turn around and walk back across the bridge to the north side. So he trapped them at the end of the south side.

“Down the hill,” he said.

They went down the hill to a barely used road that used to be used by bridge workers for maintenance. A vehicle was waiting there. One or more men were in the vehicle. Once they got near the vehicle, BG probably hit them with his gun over the head. That’s probably when they started screaming. The two girls were then probably tied up and quite probably thrown in the trunk of the vehicle.

The vehicle took off and drove 5 minutes to the north side of the bridge by the cemetery and made its way across to the barn. The vehicle pulled into the barn, and the dirty deeds began. Libby was killed sometime on 2-13 possibly because she was giving them such a hard time. This was a vicious killing because her fighting back really pissed them off. Libby had several opportunities to leave, but chose to stay by her friend to the end. Libby was probably raped, abused and mutilated.

The cause of death or grievous injury was not throat-slitting with a knife as often thought, or having the necks broken as a recent good rumor said, but instead was with a method that easily wraps the two rumors together into one: garroting, probably with piano wire.

Libby was garroted early on probably because she was giving them so much trouble. The first garroting was unsuccessful, so they tried to garrot her again. This time she put her hands up to her neck to stop the garroting, but the garroting was so fierce that the garrot not only cut her neck very badly but also cut off her fingers, anywhere from 2-8 of them. The garroting was so vicious and violent that Libby was almost decapitated. It is hard to decapitate someone by garroting, as it probably hits a bone towards the back. The garrot probably hit this bone, and the garroting stopped.

No doubt Abbie witnessed that but, she may have been gagged or gagged and bound. Abbie was raped, tortured, abused and maybe finally mutilated slowly over the entire night. This was by design because the men were in all probability sexual sadists who like to prolong the assault on the victims for a long time so the victim will suffer more. Abbie was then garroted also, but this garrot was not very successful.

While several materials can be used for garroting, I have reason to believe the famous old Mafia standby, piano wire, was used in this case. This type of garrot will cut your neck for sure.

The two girls were trundled into the trunk of the vehicle. The car was then driven to the cemetery and then to the southeast side of the cemetery. The gate was opened and the trail was 10 feet away. Both men dragged the bodies down to trail to the dump site. With each man dragging a body, this scenario works a lot better. They got to the dump site and covered both girls with leaves.

One or more of the killers returned later for some odd reason and found that Abbie had crawled a ways away somehow, and she was still alive, which he determined by observation. He was enraged that she was still alive, so he grabbed the stick and speared it into her abdomen, killing the fetus and also no doubt killing Abbie very quickly.

Abbie died at 9 AM, so this spearing attack must have been in the morning in full daylight! The killer rapidly left and got to the vehicle at the SE end of the cemetery where his friend was waiting. Both men got into the vehicle and took off somewhere to points unknown, whether far away, very close to home, or anything in between.

Later the crime scene got contaminated, possibly by Ivan Brumbaugh touching the bodies, but now that that has been done, it will be hard to prosecute the case because the defense attorney will point to the contamination to try to negate the DNA evidence.

Not one but two sets of DNA were recovered from the crime scene (this would be in addition to Brumbaugh’s DNA, if present). So there were two killers. We know this because there were two sets of DNA. However there were no hits in the databases for either DNA sample, meaning that those persons have not been convicted of felonies, at least not in recent years.

Abbie was found to be pregnant on autopsy, a shocking finding. However, she did have a 16 year old boyfriend whose name is known. It is not known whether they were having sex or not, but if Abbie was pregnant, they were probably having sex.


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Thanks for the Donations – Delphi Murders Update Coming Soon

I have been sort of on strike recently regarding updates to the Delphi Murders case. This is really my only job right now and I have some serious expenses lately, including car repairs. I do have another job, but the business has dried up lately. So it’s the meager trust fund and donations to this site, and that’s it. I’m not healthy enough to work full-time for a stranger, so the only work I do is whatever I can scrape up on the side on my own, for instance, a counseling practice.

However, I just received $110 in donations today from readers! Thank you very much! This doesn’t solve the financial situation, but it sure makes it a whole lot better. I am actually over budget now by ~$45.

Anyway, the donations have motivated me to cook up a new Delphi Murders Update. I definitely have some new information on the killings. It is in the form of rumors as is all of the information, but I happen to think these rumors are good. They were obtained independently from three separate sources close to the families. That either good data or a heavy duty rumor that’s flying around.

The most shocking information, sadly, includes updates on the crime itself and what exactly was done to those poor girls.

Just when you thought it could never get any worse, it’s about to do just that.

There is also some new evidence regarding the state of one of the girls’ bodies that, while not necessarily tragic, is certainly rather bizarre and interesting. The new rumors are quite gruesome and go beyond even the horrors you have already heard. Sensitive people are urged not to read this update.

Should be showing up soon, maybe in a day or two.

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The Latest News on Mr. X, the Best Suspect in the Evansdale Child Murders

The latest news on the Evansdale Child Killer case (see here for a profile of the best suspect) is quite interesting. The best suspect in that case is an Iowa man named Mr. X. The case against him is quite compelling, but it is all circumstantial evidence, hence they really have nothing on him. The FBI themselves have stated that all of the evidence against Mr. X is circumstantial.

Circumstantial evidence is generally not sufficient to arrest or much less try someone on a homicide charge. DA’s generally refuse to take such cases. If they ever do take such a case, any good defense attorney can win an easy acquittal because circumstantial evidence is simply not good enough to convict in a court of law in the US.

There never were any good suspects in the Evansdale killings of Lyric and Lizzie in July 2012.

The only suspect that was considered was dead by the time he was investigated. This man was a child killer who abducted two girls after the Evansdale murders. He killed one of the girls, but police closed in on him while he held the other girl captive. He committed suicide as police closed in. The only evidence at all against this man was the fact that he committed a similar crime a while after Evansdale. That’s not very good evidence. Police are now quite certain that this suspect was in another town a ways away at the time the Evansdale girls were abducted at 12:30 PM on that fateful day.

Other than the dead man who honestly never had a good case at all against him, the only other decent suspect was Mr. X, a resident of Cedar Rapids, Iowa. The evidence against Mr. X in this case is laid out in the document linked above.

Some have suspected that the Delphi and Evansdale murders were connected. There are indeed a list of remarkable similarities between the two crimes that would seem to defy the laws of chance. Here is a list of some of them:

  • The dates are exact mirror images of each other: 7.13.12 and 2.13.17!
  • Two girls aged 8 and 10 and two other girls aged 13 and 14 abducted five years apart.
  • Both occurred on the 13th day of the month: Friday July 13, 2012 and Monday, Feb 13, 2017!
  • Adding dates of birthdays and years may add up to 32 depending on how you do it. The number has a lot of negativity to it from history particularly in the occult when it is thought to represent “sacrifice” to Satanists.
  • Crimes both occurred in daylight hours (afternoon).
  • Girls were at local parks but in an area where they were separated from other visitors.
  • Both tiny rural towns.
  • Small, inexperienced (in major crimes) police forces.
  • State Rd 218 exists very close to both murders, perhaps less than a mile from 4-lane highways.
  • Trails are located at both Monon High Bridge in Delphi and Meyers Lake in Evansdale (Evansdale Nature Trail/Cedar Valley Nature Trail).
  • Two set of girls have similar body types.
  • At least one of each set of girls was an avid online communicator.
  • At least one of each set lived part-time with a grandparent.
  • Girls’ bodies were found 50 ft. from a slow moving river.
  • Body locations suggest that the suspect had a familiarity with the area surrounding the park.
  • Body locations are fishing/hunting/outdoorsman spots.
  • Bridges exist at both locations.
  • Geocaches were hidden at Monon High Bridge, Meyers Lake (Evansdale abduction site) and Seven Bridges (Evansdale body dump site).
  • “Rails to Trails” is an active organization in both locations.
  • Weichman Pig dealing operations exist in both areas.
  • Transco Railway products/services exist at both locations or very close by (Logansport).

Although many have suspected a link between the two crimes, the case against Mr. X is much better for the Evansdale killings than for the Delphi Murders.

The only evidence against Mr. X in the Delphi killings is:

  • Mr. X was off work on 2-13-27
  • Although Mr. X lived five hours away in Iowa, he had a truck delivery job that took him to the area around Delphi in Indiana on a regular basis. He often stopped at a hotel in Logansport and spent the night before heading back to Iowa. A worker at that hotel thought he recognized Mr. X as one of the truckers who regularly stayed there.
  • Mr. X’s ex-wife, who publicly accuses him of the Evansdale murders, stated that the suspect on the bridge in the Delphi case is her ex-husband based on visual identification, the principal suspect in the Evansdale killings.

That’s not a very strong case, not even as strong as the circumstantial case against Mr. X for Evansdale. Nevertheless, the Indiana State Police stated that Mr. X was a suspect in the Delphi murders. The last I heard was that they wanted to talk to him. I have no idea if detectives spoke to him or if so, what happened in the course of the interview. I also have no idea of the status of the case against Mr. X for Delphi – whether he has been cleared or is still considered a suspect. Nor is it known if LE has talked to the ex-wife at all, who now resides in Arkansas.

Now for the very interesting news.

As of last week, Mr. X has vanished off the face of the Earth. He is no longer in Cedar Rapids. He owned a home there, but it is not known whether he sold it or not. He has gone off the radar, and no one seems to know where he is at all. Why Mr. X has disappeared and where he has gone is not known.

So there you go folks, the latest on Mr. X, a strong suspect in the Evansdale killings and a much weaker suspect in the Delphi killings.


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April 30, 2017: Possible Major Breaking News in the Delphi Case!

It is being reported (rumors only) that at 3 AM EST, a large number of LE were gathering outside the Sheriff’s Office in Delphi, Indiana!

I have just heard that they were gathering “in response to a tip.” Mer said that before a couple of the major raids in this case, many LE gathered at this very station. So it appears that they may be getting ready to get a search warrant and/or to plan a major search or raid.

Just received some important information on this matter! At 5 PM, an officer was flagged down on the street by a citizen who said he had information regarding the Delphi Murders. The officer took down his information and then told him to go to the police station.

Now we can tie these two together. It appears that the urgent tip given by the anxious man may have been so significant in what he gave to the officer and/or what he elaborated upon that at the police station, if he ever showed up there, was a matter of sufficient urgency in the case that a large number of officers gathered early in the AM at the police station in Delphi. This could mean either another large raid or a significant break in the case.

I will keep you updated!


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Updated April 26: Sexually-Motivated Double Homicide in Delphi, Indiana, February 13, 2017: Liberty German and Abigail Williams

This is my long-awaited update. But a lot of new text has been added including things that have never been revealed in the media. I hope this is useful to you (I don’t want to say I hope you enjoy it as that sounds terrible)

Note to commenters: Please stop referring to Unsub as a pedophile. He may well be one, but that’s something that cannot be determined from this crime, as it was not a pedophilic offense. Pedophilic crimes only refer to those against victims who are 12 years old and under.

A hebephilic crime would target a victim of 11-14 years of age. As you can see, there is some overlap around the tweens. Instead of being a pedophilic crime, this was a hebephilic offense. And while the perpetrator could certainly be seen as a hebephile, he’s not necessarily one. If you want to refer to the nature of the offense, use the word hebephilic instead of pedophilic. If you wish to refer to Unsub’s paraphilia, please refer to him as a hebephile and not a pedophile.

Pedophilia: Strong or exclusive sexual preference for girls 12-under.

Hebephilia: Strong or exclusive sexual preference for girls ~11-14.

Age of victims: 13 and 14

You do the math.

Thank you so much for this. 

Note to commenters 2: I am getting tired of saying this over and over, but most of the material below is made up of rumors and my own opinions and theories. None of that is represented as fact. Furthermore, I am not using rumors as reliable sources as has been alleged. I never said they were reliable sources.

How reliable is a rumor? That’s for you to determine, but in general a rumor is not considered to be a reliable source, and they are not treated as such below. The only thing that is represented as fact are statements sourced from LE or the media. If you have issues with rumors, theories, opinions. etc., just quit reading right now and save yourself the heartache. 

Sexually-motivated double homicide of two teenage girls, one 13 and the other 14. For some background on this heartbreaking case, see here.

This is a new update containing lots of new information, mostly in the form of photos, including the first ever published photos of the actual crime scene! This should be a blockbuster post.

How Do I Know All This Stuff?

First: How do I know all this stuff?

Question: “Robert, How Do You Know So Much about Serial Killers, Pedophiles, Hebephiles and Sexual Sadists?”

I have done a lot of research on this case including released information, rumors and statements by LE. I have also spoken to people close to the case, including those close to the search party and LE. I also spoke to other sleuthers and people interested in the case. I am getting my very best information from people who are close to the girls’ families. Of all of the rumors and information I get, these are some of the best. Other information is derived from my own theorizing about the case.

So there’s the source of all of the information.

My Musings on This Case

This was not a crime of opportunity. He planned this very well. He plans his crimes with the utmost meticulousness. That is why he is armed with the gun and disguising himself. Source: My speculation based on the nature of the offense and the obvious skill involved.

Unsub is 5’10, 180 pounds with a bit of a middle aged man’s stomach paunch.  Source: Expert on CNN, paunch obvious in photo.

In my opinion, Unsub’s age is ~60. LE’s latest estimate is that he is 40-50 years old, but that’s seems too young to me. At the very least, that style of pants is outdated, and nowadays is only worn by men over 40 in that area. Conclusion: Anywhere between ~40-60, with an emphasis on the high end. t Sources: LE, sleuths commenting on the photo.


Excellent drawing of Unsub from an LE artist.

Clearly Unsub has a pistol, a .45 or 911. The pistol was holstered to his right side, which means he is left-handed. The outline of the pistol can clearly be seen in the photo released of the man. A photo exists showing the pistol outlined with graphic software. Source: Gun is obviously visible in photograph. Left-handedness concluded from the holstered gun pointing backwards on the right side.


Photo clearly shows a semiautomatic .911 or 45 mm handgun holstered on his right, which means he is left-handed. If you cannot see that obvious gun there, I do not know what to say to you.

Unsub may be trying to disguise himself in the photos by using a hat and a scarf. Source: LE.

Unsub is wearing a hat, a jacket with a hoodie and blue jeans in the photo. In my opinion, the hat is a camouflage hunting cap with padded ear muffs. Unsub is overdressed for the weather. He seems to have layers of clothing on. He has almost his entire body covered with clothing. Part of this is no doubt to disguise himself, but another reason is so he will have few exposed areas of his body where the girls could leave scratch marks if the girls fight back hard, although they still could scratch up his face pretty well. Source: LE, my own theorizing and conjecture, common sense.


In my opinion, this is the type of cap that Unsub is wearing.

What LE refers to as a fanny pack is actually what is called a deer kit. This contains knives, scissors, etc. for cutting up the deer after you kill it. So he is a hunter and he is going out to hunt these girls, and it appears he might be ready to do something terrible to their bodies. Source: A fellow sleuth researched it and discovered that that is actually a deer kit such as a hunter would use. It is too flat to be a fanny pack. Unsub must be a hunter. I doubt if he is a non-hunter because no non-hunter would know about a deer kit.


GIF image of Unsub photos run together.

There has been much talk about whether or not there were two murderers or one. Initial statements by LE implied that there were two killers, but they have not made any statements to that effect in quite some time. Conclusion: At the moment, the two killers theory is pretty dead ,and it looks like LE is leaning towards one killer. Source: A variety of LE statements and lack thereof.

There have been persistent rumors since even before the case was released to the media (these early rumors coming from family members) that Abbie survived until the next day, 2-14. There were different rumors, including that she was found alive but died on the way to the hospital, that she was alive when found but died soon after, that the coroner said she survived the attack but died of hypothermia in the woods, that her body was still warm when found, etc.

These rumors started almost instantly from people close to the family. We now have some excellent information that she somehow survived the attack and tried to crawl a ways away until she died. I am still getting reports that Abbie died on 2-14, and her body was still warm when found from some of my best sources close to the families, so this version is still strong.

Conclusion: The best analysis now is that Abbie did indeed survive the initial attack and died at some point later on on 2-14. The thing we do not know is how long she survived after she was attacked. She lingered for anywhere from 5-7 hours, which is my theory, and actually, that is nothing short of miraculous considering the gravity of her wounds. Sources: Rumors, people close the family, people close to LE.

Rumors from the search party stated that the girls had to have been moved since the dump site found on 2-14 had been searched on 2-13. The searchers were adamant that they had searched the dump site thoroughly on 2-13.

There is now evidence stating that searchers ran a thermal imager over the area on 2-13 (perhaps with an aircraft?), and while there were plenty of living things down there, none of them were human. In other words, the only things alive in that woods when the imager was run were wild animals. One would think that if the girls had been put there by 4 PM or so on 2-13 that the bodies would have shown up on the thermal imager.

In addition, there is now excellent information that the girls were removed immediately to a structure nearby where they were tortured, raped and homicidally attacked over a period of at at least ~12 hours. LE now accepts that they were removed and returned to site. Also they had to be returned after 2:30 AM when all of the searchers left and no doubt before dawn in the morning, as returning them in the daylight would have been stupid and crazy. Dawn was at 7 AM that day, so they had to be returned between 2:30-7 AM. Sources: People close to the search party, people close to the families, leak from LE.

dump spot with FBI(rz)

The actual body dump area with Ron Logan and an elegantly dressed FBI gumshoe. Dig the long tails on that jacket. Stylin!

Truck at cemetary on edge of dump site(RZ)

Truck parked at SW corner of cemetery at the edge of the trash dump ravine.

Dump site from road to cemetary(resize)

Trash dump ravine from the road to the cemetery. The killer drove down this road from the barn to the cemetery, then to the cemetery, then through the SE gate to Ron Logan’s land and the trail where he dragged the bodies. The entire distance from barn to beginning of trail is no more than 200 yards.

Cemetery on edge of ravine(resize)

The SW side of the cemetery near the trash dump ravine.

Drag area(resize)

This is the actual trail down which the bodies were dragged very early AM 2-14.

Part of cemetary near edge of ravine dump site(resize)

SW corner of the cemetery near the edge of the trash dump ravine.

Trash at dump site(resize)

More trash at the trash dump site on the SW end of the cemetery.

Drag area(resize)

This is apparently the trash dump site on the SW corner of the cemetery, a ravine where people throw trash. At first we thought this was where he dumped the bodies, but then we found the SE gate and the trail and it all made better sense

Dump site(resize)

This is the trash dump site on the ravine in the SW corner where people throw trash. Initially thought to be the body dump site, we realized that that was not possible. My investigator could not walk down that ravine in daylight and he wasn’t dragging two bodies either. We concluded that there was no way for the killer to drag two bodies down  this un-navigable ravine in the middle of night. You can’t even walk down it in the daytime with no bodies. How do you do it at 3 AM dragging two heavy bodies. Just forget it.

gate at SE corner of cemetary(rz)

Gate at the SE corner of the cemetery. The killer drove down a road to this gate early in the AM, opened the gate and drove 10 feet on Ron Logan’s horse pasture to the beginning of a trail to the dump site. He dragged the bodies down this trail in the middle of the night.

3 point turn SW of cemetary bodies dumped to right near stick pile(resize)

This is a three point turn SW of the cemetery leading to a ravine where people throw trash. Originally we thought he threw the bodies down here or dragged the bodies down the slope, but the slope is too steep to hike down, much less drag two bodies at night. And tossing the bodies over would not put them at the dump site. Later we focused on the SE corner of the cemetery where there is an unlocked gate leading to Ron Logan’s horse pasture. 10 feet further, a trail begins down the slope. This trail takes you directly to the dump site. So the killer must have driven to this spot, parked and dragged the bodies down the trail to the dump site. This is doable late at night, though difficult.

There is a rumor about how the girls were moved to the dump site. The rumor said that searchers followed drag marks, presumably left by the girls, to the dump site. So the killer returned the girls to the forest where they were abducted somehow. But this might not be difficult as he kept them alive for at least 12 hours in a barn across the road from Logan’s property. No searchers would have gone near Ron Logan’s outbuildings as they were located far from the search zone, so he had no fear of being caught.

Hence the killer was torturing, raping and homicidally attacking the girls at the same time that searches were ongoing for 10 hours straight. But from the kill site, the killer had a perfect view of the area, and he could determine when the searches were going on and when they stopped. Therefore, he knew when the searches had stopped at 2:30 AM, and he returned them sometime between then and 7 AM that morning.

The kill site is only 200 yards from the cemetery. He took the girls from the kill site to the cemetery and drove to the SE corner of the cemetery. There is a gate there that is open. When you walk through the gate, you are on Ron Logan’s horse pasture. The trail that the girls were dragged down to the dumpsite starts only 10 feet from the cemetery gate.

It is not known how the killer kept the girls quiet, but perhaps he terrorized the girls with a gun. Surely he must have bound and gagged them, probably very soon after he said “Down the hill,” in the tape. They were definitely bound when they were kept in the barn. It also makes sense that he would have kept them alive during this time. The killer remained with the girls the whole time they were in the barn committing his crimes right under the noses of the search parties!

I believe that the homicidal attack on the girls, no doubt the throat slitting, may have been done not long before they were dumped on the hill. One more thing we need to note is that there is no way the killer dumped those bodies there on 2-13 or even up until 2:30 AM on 2-14, as there were loud and obvious searchers with their shouts and lights in the area. You don’t dump bodies right in the middle of a search party that is looking for just those bodies. No one does that.

Yet somehow he dumped those bodies there between 2:30 AM-7:40 AM on 2-14.

There is a rumor says that the killer thrust a large pointed wooden stick into Abbie’s stomach. This brutal spearing must have occurred at the dump site, especially since even that spearing somehow did not kill Abbie! In fact, she survived for at least 3 and maybe 7 hours afterwards! He would not have speared her before being placed at the dump site because it makes no sense to drag a girl with a spear in her down a hill. Further, Abbie survived the spearing, which means she must have been speared at the dump site.

Obviously they were dragged down the hill, placed at the dump site, and then the killer speared Abbie in the stomach as one final Parthian Thrust shows the profound rage, hatred and contempt that this killer must have felt for his victims.

Source: Leaks from LE, people close to the families, my own theorizing. The theory that he removed them from the site to the barn is quite solid, and I believe it is fact, in addition to the location where they were driven in the early AM to the trail where they were dragged, which I also regard as fact.

Fence around cemetary road to Ron Logans(resize)

Fence around cemetery on the road to Ron Logan’s horse pasture at the SE end of the cemetery at a gate. The killer drove this route very early in the AM on route to body dump.

Barn crime scene(rz)

This is the photo that initially led us to consider the barn as a kill site. What is that cop with a dog doing there? That’s a crime scene, and a bad one. We noticed this photo of police with dogs searching the barn and put two and two together. We knew an outbuilding had been used, but we had no idea where it was. The media reports got this all wrong, describing this photo as a search of Ron Logan’s land, when actually it was a search of the Mears property, probably especially the barn.

The first ever photos of the Delphi kill site – -the barn on the Mears property across the street. Here is a side view.


The first ever photos of the Delphi kill site – the barn on the Mears property across the street. Flowers in the barn. This, in addition to the photos of dogs searching the barn and my investigator’s discussions with Mears family members, solidified my conclusion that this was the kill site. No one knows exactly where the girls were killed. Perhaps it was here?


The first ever photos of the Delphi kill site – the barn on the Mears property across the street. Here is the ill-fated barn. Even in daytime, you cannot see inside the barn. My investigator was only able to see objects at the very front of the barn. Everything else was hidden. You could also pull a car in there as it is big enough to fit a car. The car also would not be seen. Barn is about 50 yards from the road but from the road, visibility into the barn even in daylight is about zero.


The first ever photos of the Delphi kill site – the barn on the Mears property across the street. Interior of the ill-fated barn. As you can see, it is quite spacious inside. Also people inside are invisible to those on the outside even in daylight. Cloudy weather is worse.


The first ever photos of the Delphi kill site – the barn on the Mears property across the street. One last photo of the barn, this time from inside the barn. As you can see, you can easily pull a car into that barn.

Someone posted photos supposedly from the body dump site on a website frequented by Delphi residents. The photo was quickly taken down, but a number of people saw it anyway. The photo shows the two dead girls and the coroner. The person who posted the photo had some text saying that the bodies were positioned in an odd way. The only sense that the poster could make out of this odd posing of the bodies is that he thought it might have been some sort of a ritual, possibly a Satanic ritual.

I believe this is called “posing” the bodies and is a favorite with serial killers. There are no details on how the girls were positioned. Conclusion: This is probably a good rumor as people posted what they saw on the site on a family members’ site, and none of the family members said that the information was false. Source: A number of people who saw the Delphi resident’s web page.

The crime scene does not make sense in this case. The girls seem to have been attacked soon after Unsub said, “Go down the hill.” The entire south side of the creek was roped off as a crime scene. I do not feel that this is a homicide site; instead, I feel there was some sort of an altercation here as he tried to put them in a vehicle he had placed there for this purpose.

People are now saying that the whole attack was over soon after it began, and there are reports saying that the 6-minute audiotape contains the horrifying record of a homicide. This would imply that the girls were murdered very quickly. But the logistics of the case do not support a homicidal attack soon after abduction, at least in the case of Abbie.

Reports that the crime was over quickly after it began do not make sense for a variety of reasons. Furthermore, assuming Abbie’s body was still warm when found, if she was murdered at 4 PM, how does she linger for 17 1/2 hours until the next day? Simple, it didn’t happen.

However, there is some brutal audio and perhaps video that Liberty recorded on her phone. Some of the audio was recorded right before the abduction, and there is 40 minutes after that. The audio right after the recording of the man saying, “Down the hill,” records the girls screaming.

Does that imply that the girls were attacked soon after being told to go down the hill? Yes.

There is a big question about the phone.  After 5:30 PM and for several hours, Liberty’s phone was pinging all over town which means it was not in Liberty’s possession. The question about the phone is whether or not it was recovered. The latest and best theory seems to be that Liberty’s phone was not recovered and all of the audio and video was taken from the Iphone Cloud. There is an option on an Iphone to immediately save all data to the Cloud.

If she threw the phone in the woods, it should have been found by now.

OK, so why was Liberty’s phone pinging all over town for several hours during the search? This would make sense if the phone was in the woods, but it appears now that the phone was not in the woods. So why did it ping all over town?

The killer had the two girls in his remote structure soon after they were abducted. If the structure was not far from the dump site, the phone could have been on Liberty’s body while she was in the structure as Logan’s property is near the forest where they were taken. Perhaps in the process of disrobing her, the killer found Liberty’s cellphone. Perhaps it was dead by this point.

Under this scenario, Unsub either disposed of or destroyed the phone after it died, and this is why it has never been found. Perhaps he smashed it to bits. Perhaps he discarded it in the garbage somewhere. Or even better yet, he threw it in the river. Conclusion: It now appears that the phone was indeed not recovered, but that is not as solid of a fact as we would like it to be. Source: People close to the search party, people close to the case.

Fallen tree on north side hiding spot for Unsub(resize & rotate)

A large tree down the slope from the north side of the bridge. We believe the killer may have hid here lying in wait for the girls to start across the bridge, at which point, he followed them from north to south and essentially trapped them on the south end of the bridge.


A pack of cigars maybe left by a hunter under the tree where the killer may have lay in wait for his victims. The cigars are not the killer’s. My investigator told me that the entire area seemed to have been gone over with a fine tooth comb by LE. It seems that LE was suspicious of this area on the north side just as we are. Perhaps their theory is the same as ours.

beginning of bridge on north side(resize & rotate)

The beginning of the bridge on the north side. We believe that the killer accessed the bridge from the north side like all hikers do and set off down the trail to the north side of the bridge, where he descended and lay in wait for his victims.

The south side of the river was roped off as a crime scene, not the north side. Yes, the tape was removed two days later, but so what? This is standard procedure in a park. But if the south side was not a homicide scene but instead some other sort of scene such as an abduction scene, it could have been gone over quickly, and there would be no reason to keep it roped off. The girls were not attacked much at the dump site, as the dump site was described as pristine. Conclusion: The best theory right now is that the south side was the scene of some scuffle probably as he was trying to tie them up and get them in his vehicle. The best evidence now suggests that the girls were killed in the barn across the street from Ron Logan’s property. Sources: LE, media reports, sleuths.

The FBI interviewed a man who had property on the south side of the creek. They asked about his gun(s), his vehicle(s), and whether there were any outbuildings. From this we can conclude that the FBI believes that a gun, a vehicle and an outbuilding were used in this crime.

In addition, the notion of the barn as kill site fits well into the very earliest statements from family members 1.5 hours before the media even reported the crime saying that the girls were found raped and killed in a cabin. Since the girls were found dumped in the forest, the rumor about being found in a cabin made no sense.

But now there is a way that we tie this all together. Sure, the cabin or structure played a serious role in the crime, but not as a dump site. Instead, the cabin (actually a barn) was the place where they were abused, raped and killed! So the Cabin Theory (actually a Barn Theory) makes a new appearance, this time making a lot more sense. Conclusion: The Cabin Theory is fact, except the kill site was a barn and not a cabin. As the cabin talk started up right away, this also implies that LE found the kill site very soon after they found the bodies. Sources: Family members, people close to the family, leaks from LE.

There is a rumor stating that LE says that Liberty could have escaped several times, but she chose to stay by her best friend’s side to the end. In real life, they were inseparable. That means that Libby is truly a hero for giving her life in order not to abandon her friend. And it makes this crime even more sad. Conclusion: It is probably true. It is hard to understand why LE would make up such a story, and LE would be the only people to know. Source: Person close to the family.

There is indeed a voice recording of Unsub saying, “Go down the hill.” The next thing you hear on the tape is the girls screaming. This is part of an audiotape heroically recorded by Libby by turning on the recorder on her phone as the girls were being abducted. It has also been implied, terrifyingly, that the audio is actually a recording of the rapes and murders. Conclusion: The four words are fact. From the behavior of LE, it does seem as if something quite terrible is on the rest of that audio. Source: People close to the family.

There is a rumor that says that there is not 6 minutes of video/audio but instead there is 40 minutes of video/audio! Someone posted this on a site that the families frequent, and no family members asked to take it down for being inaccurate, so there is something to it. I believe there is little more video, and most of that 40 minutes is audio. And I have heard that it’s ugly and nasty stuff, so terrifying that LE does not want to release it. Strong rumor.

Conclusion: Almost certainly true. Surely there is nasty stuff on that audio, and it makes sense that it would last 40 minutes and not 6 minutes. Furthermore, the person who said there was 40 minutes posted it on a site frequented by family members and none of them said it was false. And they would have spoken up if it were not true. Source: Posting on a website frequented by the families of the girls.

Monon bridge trail(resize)

The Monon High Bridge Trail before it gets to the north side of the bridge. The girls set off down this path on their fateful journey at 2 PM, 2-13.

There is talk of a car that can be barely seen in the lower left of the photo of Abbie on the bridge below the bridge. No one even knows if that is a car or not in that photo. Many people say they cannot make out a vehicle in the photo.

That road is a very little-used road that almost no one has even heard of, and it is quite hard to get to. My on the ground investigator was not able to find this road, but he is sure it is there. It appears to have been a road used by workers to maintain the bridge. A new rumor says that LE believes that the killer’s vehicle was parked at a trail head on the south side. Conclusion: Of course a car was used in this crime, and of course it was parked on the south side on a small road or truck trail that parallels the river. There is no other way this crime could have occurred. Source: Sleuths analyzing the photo of Libby on the bridge, people close to the family.


A possible vehicle can barely be seen circled in blue.


The “vehicle” is very hard to make out in this photo, but I do see what appears to be a vehicle in that photo. At any rate, no one even knows if there is a vehicle in that photo or not. I think it is a vehicle, but that is not proven yet at all.

Man hiding and watching

Is that a man hiding and watching Abbie on the bridge? I have another photo taken recently and that black figure is simply not there.

Photo without man watching(rz)

A photo of the exact location of the “man in hiding” in the photo above taken days after the crime. Notice anything? No “man in hiding” anymore. Huh? If that was just some normal shadow effect, clearly it would have been seen there at all times. But here it is not there. I am starting to think that may be the killer hiding behind that tree near the north side of the bridge waiting for his victims.

Car with man circled

Another car photo with a possible man or human figure standing next to the car. The human figure is circled.

There is evidence from various statements from the family that Libby put up a huge fight. The condition of her body at the funeral adds weight to the notion that she fought back very hard and sustained many defensive wounds because she had many small wounds on her body and face. In addition there is a new rumor now that states that Abbie fought back so hard that her nails were shredded. However, I believe they are confused and it was really Libby whose nails were torn up.

Unsub may well have scratch marks if Libby fought like a wildcat, which it seems she did. It addition, the throat slitting attack on Libby was much more severe than on Abbie and it was Libby who was beaten to the point where she was nearly unrecognizable, not both girls. The horrendous beating and the vicious throat attack imply that the killer was enraged with Libby for fighting back so hard, so he attacked her viciously in response. Conclusion: This is certainly true, at least the part about her fighting back violently. We know this by the condition of her body at the funeral. Source: People at the funeral, common sense.

I believe the gun obviously holstered on the right under the jacket of Unsub was used to control the girls. He also got them to keep quiet with the gun. However, the gun was not used to shoot the girls either to kill or wound them. These girls have no gunshot wounds. Conclusion: Now that we know the cause of death, there is no way a gun was used in this crime. There has never been the slightest rumor that these girls were attacked with gunshots.  Source: Common sense, witness reports.

There is a rumor that both girls had their throats slit. This is a strong rumor. Funerals were open casket, and both girls had scarves covering their necks, more to cover something up than as clothing. This adds weight to the theory that their throats were slit.

There is a rumor that Liberty was nearly decapitated. A recent version of this rumor said she was decapitated. However, if so, I do not understand how Unsub dragged a headless body down that trail, presumably with a human head in his hand. Further, Liberty’s head was very much on her body at the funeral. It is hard to imagine a funeral director putting someone’s head back on. This is a strong rumor as I have now heard many versions of it and no rumors saying that it is false.

It appears that the the wound to Abbie’s throat was not a particularly grievous wound. In other words, if he was trying to kill her, he did a poor job of it. If Libby did survive for at least 3 and up to 8 hours after she was homicidally attacked, her throat must not have been cut too grievously because otherwise she would not have survived for so long afterwards.

Conclusion: Of course the girls had their throats cut and this was the cause of death at least in the case of Liberty no doubt and a contributing factor in the death of Abbie. The rumor that the attack on Liberty’s neck was particularly vicious seems to be well supported as it keeps coming up and no one has said it was not true. Obviously, if Abbie survived as long as she did, the attack on her neck was not particularly grievous. Sources: Family members, people close to LE, people at the funeral.

There is a rumor saying that both girls were beaten so badly in their faces that they were nearly unrecognizable. However the latest version of this rumor says that only Libby was given this treatment. Conclusion: The best conclusion seems to be that Libby was the one who was severely beaten in the face. If Abbie was beaten in the face at all, it was not nearly so badly.  Source: Source close to the family.

This offense was clearly sexually motivated, and it seems quite clear that sexual assault occurred in the course of the crime. The very first rumors from the family members said both girls had been raped. However, a new rumor says that neither girl was raped and instead both girls were sexually mutilated, which is in fact much worse than simply being raped which is bad enough. We can only imagine what sort of mutilation was involved here.

We are dealing with a real bad guy here like Ted Bundy or Jack the Ripper. He not only kills girls, but he likes to cut them up too. This is not your ordinary rapist-killer, however it is common in serial killer rape-murders that the females’ bodies are at times mutilated in some way or another,  so if our Unsub is a serial, then this sort of attack is right up his alley.

Further, I feel that the mutilation may well have been done with the stick that he impaled in Abbie’s stomach before he left. This is a theory of my on the ground investigator, and I think he may well be correct. Furthermore, it solves the DNA problem for the killer. If a stick was used, there will be no DNA other than oak or pine DNA.

Conclusion: Sadly this theory is probably correct at least as far as mutilation goes. The very first statements by family members before this was even reported in the media was that the girls were “raped and mutilated.” Statements that they were mutilated have continued since then, including one very recent statement. Sadly, this is quite probably what was done to these girls. The theory of using the stick to mutilate the girls is on much shakier ground as it is pure speculation by my fellow sleuth and me.  Sources: Family members, people close to LE, general rumors, sources close to family.

There is uncertain information about the state of the bodies when found. Early statements were that Abbie was nude and Liberty was clothed. But if both girls were sexually mutilated, there was no way that Liberty was clothed. This killer is not about to put clothes back on a dead girl after he kills her. Conclusion: The theory that best explains the facts is that both girls were found nude. Sources: Rumors, sources close to the family.

There is conflicting information about the DNA collected at the scene. One report said the DNA is back, but there is no match to any known person.

Another says that the DNA that came back is that of Ivan Brumbaugh, the man who found the bodies. However, it is mere tough DNA, and it is is so weak that it was not even found at first and was only found two weeks later. Further, Brumbaugh states that he touched the bodies when he found them. In addition, if Brumbaugh is the killer, I would expect that they would have something better than a tiny bit of touch DNA, which is much more suggestive of his story about touching the bodies when he found them than that he is the killer.

Conclusion: No one knows! It does appear that DNA is back. That much seems to be certain. Whether it matches no one or Brumbaugh, no one knows. Further, the only information on the Brumbaugh theory comes form a man who is certain that Brumbaugh is the killer and has made a video to that effect. He also says he was the one who turned in Brumbaugh and that he is going to get the reward. This man has a large stake in Brumbaugh being the killer, so he is not a very good source. Until we get corroboration on the Brumbaugh rumor, all we know is that DNA is back and it either matches no one or it matches the man who found the bodies.

Source: A good source in Delphi, LE, media reports, a video maker on Youtube who is making a serious claim that Brumbaugh is the killer.

There is a rumor that boot prints were found at the scene. These boots are thought to have been worn by Unsub. This would make sense, as LE had some boots in an evidence bag a few days after the killings. They innocuously said that the boots had nothing to do with the crime, but they were probably lying. They probably did not recover Unsub’s actual boots themselves. Why would Unsub discard his boots at the crime scene and walk away shoeless? Makes no sense. It is more likely that LE matched the boot prints to that type and size of boot, indicating that Unsub was wearing boots of that make and size at the time of the crime.

There is a new rumor that Indiana Packers in town was raided and a pair of boots were seized from the site. This rumor is hard to understand. Who if anyone owned the boots that they seized? Why was this man not arrested? Conclusion: Of course boot prints were found at the site. We know that for sure now. And the type of boot was surely the one shown in the evidence bag. Sources: LE, source in Delphi.

The girls’ clothing was found in the creek. This was no doubt an attempt by Unsub to destroy any DNA evidence. The clothes were probably from both girls and both were no doubt found nude. Conclusion: Certainly true as it was reported by as news reporter at the scene. Source: Statements from reporter at the scene, common sense.

There is an incredible rumor that victim Abigail Williams, age 13, was pregnant at the time of the attack. It is now known that she definitely had a boyfriend, who was 16 years old. He has been located, and we know his name. Conclusion: At the moment this is a weak rumor, but it does explain some other things such as the spearing attack. It has only been stated by one person and has not been corroborated, but there have also been no reports saying it is false. Source: A sleuth.

There is very gruesome rumor saying that Abbie’s body was found with a pointed branch driven into her stomach. In other words, Unsub stood over Abbie and plunged the stick into her belly, pinioning her like a shishkebab. If this is true, it is even more incredible for her to survive the attack and even to crawl around with a stick in her body. Conclusion: As bizarre as it sounds, this rumor is quite possibly true. It has been repeated by a resident who posted crime scene photos on his page and corroborated by those who saw his photos. Source: A source close to the family, a Delphi resident who posted crime scene photos on his site and others who viewed these photos.

Tying together both of the shocking rumors is the suggestion that Unsub knew that Abbie was pregnant, and the stick attack was an attempt to kill the fetus too. Although this makes sense, one wonders how he could have possibly known that she was pregnant given that she was not very far along. Look at Abbie in the bridge photo. Does she look pregnant in that photo? So how would Unsub discover that she was pregnant? When people are under the control of a potentially murderous person who is assaulting them with what looks like homicidal intent, a lot of victims make various pleas to their attacker(s) to please spare their lives.

These take the form of appeals such as, “Please, no, I have a wife and three kids!…No, spare me, I am the sole breadwinner for my family of five!,” etc. I am sure there are many more. Victims make all sorts of pleas and engage in various manipulations of the person assaulting them in an attempt to stay alive. Most people do not want to die and will try all sorts of desperate measures in an attempt to not be murdered.

Sometimes they work, the attacker has a change of heart and decides to spare one or more victims. If Abbie pleaded with Unsub that he would be killing not just her but another potential life, then Unsub would have learned of her pregnancy. Conclusion: No one knows if the rumor that Abbie was pregnant are even true, but the stick rumor surely is. At any rate, there is no evidence tying the stick attack in with the possible pregnancy other than a speculated theory. This was merely the conclusion of a fellow sleuth, who is actually very good. And she is a woman too. Source: Speculation by me and a fellow sleuth.

Ron Logan, the poor soul whose land the bodies were found on, is still the source of much speculation that he is the murderer. There are websites where all they do is go over and over this man as a suspect. Quite a few people still believe he is the killer. I do not believe that Ron Logan is the killer, nor do I believe that he had anything to do with this crime. However, LE seems to think he may know more about this crime than he is letting on. This was apparently behind the apparent efforts to sweat him out by throwing him in jail for a probation violation for violating his drunk driving probation.

He was supposed to neither drink nor drive and he did both on the day of the killings. Logan did indeed go to the dump and many people think he was disposing of evidence there. However, he went there at 11:30 AM, so he could not possibly have been disposing of evidence as this was 3.5 hours before the girls were even abducted. Instead, Logan was in Lafayette 25 miles away buying tropical fish, but mostly drinking in a bar somewhere, probably some “old man’s tavern.” He is said to have been drinking beer. He lied about this to LE in order to cover up his probation violation, and LE was not happy that he lied to them.

However, Logan’s wife, who has a low opinion of him, states emphatically that he is innocent of this crime and that there are time-stamped photos of him, probably taken by surveillance cameras. These time-stamped photos cover the period of the abduction, so he could not have done this crime. Logan returned at 5:30 PM from Lafayette, where searchers asked for permission to search his land, which was granted.

One thing that kept Logan’s name on people’s tongue is that his property was thoroughly searched once and maybe even twice. They are even said to have searched the interior of his home in addition to his outbuildings. His car was also searched and it was even impounded for a while. The second search of Logan’s land certainly set tongues wagging ferociously.

However, my investigator has now determined that the media was quite wrong about this search. The media said Logan’s land was being searched, but the main search was of the Mears property across the street and of course the barn. The simply mistook the Mears’ land for Logan’s land. Logan’s property may well have been searched also, but the focus was clearly on the Mears property.

Conclusion: Of course Logan is innocent. The dump accusation is false and there is hard evidence that he was in Lafayette at the time of the abductions. His land was probably searched because this poor fellow had the misfortune of having two dead girls dumped on his land.  The much-ballyhooed second search of Logan’s land was falsely reported. It was actually the Mears property being primarily searched, not Logan’s. Almost everything accusatory you hear about Ron Logan regarding this crime is surely false. I really wish everyone would lay off this poor soul.

Probation officer report for Ron Logan

The entirety of LE’s case against Logan. People made much of this paper because it says he went to the dump. This apparently proved that he was disposing of articles after killing the girls. But he went to the dump at 11:30 AM, 3.5 hours before the girls were abducted, so unless Logan can time travel to the past, he could not have been disposing of murder items at the dump as the homicide or even abduction had not even taken place yet!

Ron Logan is indeed a drunk and a probation violator and I have learned that he has a shady past. 5-10 years ago, he had a girlfriend who he used to beat up on a regular basis. One time perhaps 7-8 years ago, he nearly beat this poor woman to death. He is also said to be quite strange sexually and he has freaked out a number of local woman with his sexual interests. He is also said to be very much into sex, but that can be said about millions of male Americans and quite a few females too.

Conclusion: Drunk, yes. Probation violator, yes. The other accusations are quite disturbing but he has never shown an abnormal interest in young girls such as pubescent teenage girls. I believe that Logan is a kinky drunk who likes to slap his women around. That’s not exactly optimal, but there are probably millions of men like this in the US. But there is huge difference with having the dubious qualities above and being a depraved rapist-mutilator-murderer of young teenage girls.

In addition to the rest of the evidence, Logan simply does not have it in him to do this crime in my opinion. His ex wife, who is not a Ron Logan fan at all, says that whatever else Ron is, he is not a murderer as she feels he is not capable of it. The social media circus around this man is most unsavory if not outright wrong. It’s time to pack up the Ron Logan theory and take it out to the dump where it belongs. Sources: A Delphi local who knew the ex girlfriend very well, Logan’s ex-wife.

There is a rumor saying that the case against Ron Logan is completely corrupt and is being led by a man who could care less if Logan did these crimes or not. All this man wants is to see Logan destroyed. This man is another local with whom Logan had a falling out. The man has money and has long wanted to buy Logan’s 40 acres, however, Logan was never willing to sell. Logan’s property is said to be choice land with waterfalls, etc.

This man figures if he can get Logan prosecuted for murder or at least have his life ruined by these allegations, then at some point, Logan will sell his land, possibly to pay his legal bills. This man figures that ruining Ron Logan will allow this man to somehow acquire Logan’s property. Conclusion: Weak rumor only from one source, which seems to be Ron Logan’s attorney. Impossible to prove until we get evidence but it is interesting. Source: Source close to the families.

Three other posts in this series:

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Delphi Murders: A Request for Delphi Readers

I am all set to go with a major new post which will include a lot of information that has not yet been released on any large sites. However, I have many photos of the area, mostly focusing on the kill site, the cemetery and the trail leading from the cemetery to the dump site. Actually I have a number of photos of the kill site from different views and angles.

Problem: The files are huge (1-6 MB) and I need them shrunken down to web size, hopefully below 100 KB or up to 200 KB if necessary. I understand this is trivial for anyone with graphics skills.

Thing is, I cannot publish this new post until I get those files shrunken. If any of you Delphi readers know how to do this and would like to help me, I would greatly appreciate it.


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Delphi Commenters: On the Lack of Posts

Sorry folks, I am not able to work. I survive on a small trust fund and whatever side jobs I can scrape up. I could probably work for a friend or relative with a very flexible schedule, but I could not work for a stranger 9-5. The thing is, I cannot stay awake! This has been going on for over 20 years now. The last job I had, I was taking so many stimulants that my blood pressure went nuts, and it was either keep working and die or quit working and live. I love to work, but I decided I like life more than work, if that’s the choice.

The only thing they ever figured out was chronic sinusitis and allergies. I am now getting checked out by a sleep specialist. I have had two sinus operations. They only things that have ever worked are things that treat the sinusitis and allergies. Mondafinil or Provigil is one of the only drugs that helps. I drink 5 cups of coffee a day and take Wellbutrin, but those don’t do much. I probably need another Provigil script.

Well, anyway, it is pollen season, and I have been sleeping 14-18 hours a day lately. Yes, I have another Delphi post to write and a profile update, among other things. Sorry for the delays, everyone.



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Psychological Effects of Their Work on Slaughterhouse Workers

Good comment from Kim, one of our excellent commenters. It’s not related to the murder case, but it shows you Delphi may not be the idyllic small Indiana town that everyone thinks it is. There is a very high percentage of RSO’s for such a small town, apparently related to the slaughterhouse in town. Slaughterhouse employees in turn develop psychological effects that would be at odds with the image of a peaceful and easy-going small town.

So beneath the cozy image, there does seem to be a very dark undercurrent running under the town of Delphi.

Kim: This is an article cited from another site about Registered Sex Offenders (RSO’s) and meat-packing plants. It may not be relevant to the crime, but it paints a grittier picture of the Delphi area.

Originally Posted by Blighted Star

No, you read right the first time. Those 54 RSO’s are are all linked to the very small town of Delphi, population 3,000. Check the other “known addresses” on most of them & you’ll see “Indiana Packers Co-op” (or something like it) on over 40 out of the 54 – because the abattoir up the road from the high bridge seems to have a hiring program for RSO’s. They’ve got men designated “sexually violent offenders” working on their kill floor & it doesn’t seem to occur to them that in that particular field of employment, it’s not necessarily a good thing to hire people who might be enjoying their work.

Holy crap!

This excerpt is taken from:

Killing for a Living: Psychological and Physiological Effects of Alienation of Food Production on Slaughterhouse Workers

By Anna Dorovskikh University of Colorado at Boulder…xt=honr_theses

In Perpetration-Induced Traumatic Stress: The Psychological Consequences of Killing, the study by Rachel M. MacNair describes Perpetration-Induced Traumatic Stress as a from of post-traumatic stress disorder with symptoms of drug and alcohol abuse, panic, depression, paranoia, dissociation, anxiety, and depression stemming from the act of killing.

One study found that slaughterhouse workers, especially those responsible for the direct delivery of the act of killing and participating in the process of slaughter on a daily basis, may be susceptible to PITS as form of PTSD (Dillard, 2008).

One of the symptoms of PITS is having recurring dreams of violent acts, and there are several reports of workers being taken to the mental hospital for treatment of severe cases (Dillard, 2008). Certain jobs like having the responsibility to be the first to kill the animal may have stronger effects on the worker than other jobs. Oftentimes substance abuse of drugs such as methamphetamine (Schlosser, 2002) and alcohol is very common amongst slaughter employees as a coping mechanisms of the emotional toll (Dillard, 2008).

A former hog-sticker (worker who stabs hogs to bleed to death) said, “A lot of the slaughterhouse hog killers have problems with alcohol. They have to drink, they have no other way of dealing with killing live, kicking animals all day long. If you stop and think about it, you’re killing several thousand beings a day” (Dillard, p. 397, 2008).

Another employee explains that slaughter workers can’t care about animals they’re killing.

“The worst thing, even worse than the physical danger, is the emotional toll of the job. If you work in that stick pit for any period of time, you develop an attitude that lets you kill things but doesn’t let you care. You may look a hog in the eye that’s walking around down in the blood pit with you, and think, God, that really isn’t a bad-looking animal. You may want to pet it. Pigs down on the kill floor have come up and nuzzled me like a puppy. Two minutes later I had to kill them by beating beat them to death with a pipe.

Use of a pipe to kill hogs came up quite a few times reading through literature and general websites. Another employee interviewed said: “It’s called `piping.’ All the drivers use pipes to kill hogs that can’t go through the chutes. Or if you get a hog that refuses to go in the chutes and is stopping production, you beat him to death. Then push him off to the side and hang him up later” (Eisnitz, p. 53, 2009).

Some employees even report killing animals for fun without feeling any remorse, suggesting that they are suffering psychological damage to the point of developing abnormal cruelty. Mental changes of this sort would generate concern amongst the general population (Dillard, 2008).

Several studies on empathy amongst farmers in animal agriculture show that slaughterhouse workers and farmers exhibit lower levels of empathy towards animals than the general population. Desensitization was not an uncommon factor amongst the employees of this sector (Dillard, 2008).

A study done on butchers working in the slaughterhouse and retail meatpacking business revealed that as butchers work in a negative environment almost every single day, they displayed the highest levels of somatization and anger hostility among the general occupation of butchery. Once factors like age and education were accounted for, this study of 82 male butchers found higher rates of work accidents, injuries, physical disorders, use of alcohol and drugs, as well as a higher employee turnover (Emhan et al. 2012).

Usually fully aware of the kills that go on every single day, the workers either become very distressed and leave the job or they become numb and begin to display signs of apathy. Some even begin to enjoy the infliction of pain (Helle 2012). Some become less empathetic under conditions of stress as well. See this example:

“This is kind of hard to talk about. You’re under all this stress, all this pressure. And it really sounds mean, but I’ve taken prods and stuck them in their (hogs’) eyes and held them there.” (Eisnitz, p. 53, 2009).

Lower empathy in slaughterhouse workers may be responsible for higher crime rates in neighborhoods where such facilities are located including homicides carried out in a manner of animal slaughtering practices (Dillard, 2008). Amy Fitzgerald, a sociologist investigating the effects of slaughterhouses on communities tested a “Sinclair effect,” a theory Upton Sinclair proposed more than 100 years ago, noting that slaughterhouses had negative effects on workers and communities through increases in crime and unemployment rates.


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