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Microsoft – A Debacle for Humanity: How One Corporation Caused Untold Damage to the World Economy, Cost Society Untold $Billions, Severely Damaged Human Productivity, and Even Significantly Set Back Human Progress

Microsoft was and is still an abusive monopoly which ripped off society for billions of dollars, caused vast losses to the world economy, and even set back technological progress for all of mankind by a significant amount. You had to buy Microsoft Windows, and Microsoft Windows was always a piece of crap. Think of how much this worthless to lousy to dysfunctional OS cost consumers, business and society due to its crappy nature.

You are always hearing that “the system is down” right, whenever you go anywhere? The ATM is down half the time you go there. Call random businesses and 10-20% of them will tell you “the system is down.”  I will bet you that that is a Windows system that has crashed at that enterprise. Windows’ endless dysfunction and crashing caused a tremendous amount of damage to the US military who moronically decided to use Windows all through our country’s fighting forces for just about everything. Great. A computer-based military where the system always crashes. I’m sure they’re going to win every war they fight.

Basically, all of humanity was forced to use a glaringly obviously inferior product for all of their computing needs. This inferior product had constant problems which drove a spike through the heart of productivity at the individual, business, nonprofit and government level. All of humanity was using inferior computer systems that barely worked and failed all the time.

All of this time, there were much superior systems out there which could have beaten Windows if they only had a chance. Amiga OS was always one of finest ever developed. BeOS was an outstanding OS, amazingly great. OS/2 was an out of the world OS. All of these OS’s were fantastic at multitasking and even mutithreading. People routinely ran up to 80 applications at a time on OS/2 with little or no slowdown. BeOS was about that good and may have even been faster. But with a monopoly on the desktop where everyone was forced to use Windows, all of these other OS’s died a sad death.

Unix has long ruled at the university and corporate level, and much of the Net runs of Unix. Larger server systems have always run on Unix at the level of the large enterprise, be it government, corporate or nonprofit. But Unix has never really broken in on the desktop where Windows still reigns. Windows is much better now than it was in the Windows 95 era (Remember how horrible that OS was?). I am currently running Windows 7, which is the best Windows I ever run, but it’s still crap. It suffers from unfixable file corruption and sometimes needs a hard reboot or goes down altogether.

Unix on the other hand is virtually uncrashable. It is very hard to take down a Unix system. They are nearly resistant to crashing. File corruption is virtually nonexistent on Unix because of Journaling File Systems and text files instead the idiotic and flawed Registry of Windows. The Registry is so flawed that it can probably never be fixed. As long as the Registry exists, Windows will continue to be slow, hog memory and hard drive, be awful at multitasking, crash your applications, suffer irreparable file corruption, and go down hard and need hard reboots.

Mac OS is an excellent OS now that it runs on a Unix core. Mac OS is almost uncrashable now, and it never or almost never needs to be reinstalled. Plug and Play is as easy as plugging in any electronic device in your house, whereas Windows plug and play has always been horrible, and it still is here at Windows 7.

Windows also harmed the world economy by forcing us to shell out untold billions for OS’s, word processors, browsers, databases, spreadsheets and presentation programs. Microsoft of course leveraged its OS monopoly to create browser, database, spreadsheet and presentation monopolies. All of these products were quite expensive. In the process, many excellent word processors (remember Wordperfect 5.1?), spreadsheets, databases, and presentation products were all destroyed. It didn’t matter how good they were. It didn’t matter if they were better or even vastly better than their Microsoft competitors (Access was always junk) because due to the OS monopoly, none of the competitors in this other software stood a chance.

The truth is that all of this stuff could have been had for free all along. Linux is free and open source, and that is one of the reasons why it is so great. Firefox and Opera are also free now, and Firefox is also open source and has been taken over by Sun. Free online email programs like Gmail have cut significantly into the market share of Outlook Express (always awful – Eudora was so much better) and Outlook.

Open Office, now taken over by Sun, is free and is starting to give Word, Access, Excel and Powerpoint a run for their money. I use Word Writer all the time, and it’s just as good as Word by now. If the world moves to free browsers, OS’s, word processors, chat software (Skype), spreadsheets, databases and presentation software, think of how much money can be saved at the individual, business, nonprofit, education and government level! It will be a great step forward for humanity. There is no way for Microsoft to compete with a free product of course, so we will hopefully begin to slowly destroy this diabolical corporation, one of the worst ones that ever existed.




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Monsoft or Microsanto

Found on the Internet:

It’s not just Wintel that sucks, but also Monsanto, which should come as no surprise to anyone, that Bill Gates owns like 5% of Monsanto shares.

What this means in practice is that the same patent trolling, proprietary vendor lock-in, and embrace, extend and extinguish strategy that has historically been employed by Microsoft on software, is what Monsanto is doing now on food. Most people are idiots and don’t understand anything of importance regardless of if it’s software, food, web standards and so on. But with Monsanto controlling the food supply, we are all in great danger.

Yeah no shit. Monsanto is to food what Wintel is to computers.

Bill Gates, humanitarian.

I am really getting tired of this line. I mean maybe he is engaging in some undoing to try to wash his hands of his evil past, but who cares? He’s still the same old crook he’s always been. Psychopaths don’t typically get a lot better, though they can mellow with age.

Monsatan is the Microsoft of food, and it’s just about as Hellish. Well of course Gates if fully invested. Bill could spot an evil monopoly 10 miles away blindfolded, at night. He couldn’t resist.

Love the way he “donated” all of this Windows computers to all of those poor intellectually starving schoolchildren. Now he’s got them all hooked on his Microsoft heroin! Nice guy. That’s about as bad as slinging crack across from the school, and probably even more addicting.

But I suppose Gates and Monsatano ought to be hooking up after all, if only in expectation of the future. Hell can be a lonely place, and Bill is palling up with his GMO corporate pals in advance so they are good friends by the time they arrive at their well-deserved eternal destination. Can’t say the guy doesn’t plan ahead.

Monsoft or Microsanto, coming soon to a capitalist dystopia near you! You will be assimilated!


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Die Office Die

Death to Microsoft Office. I have been using this application for some time now, and I must say that I quite like it. It’s not bad, and you really might want to give it a try. It’s not perfect, but then I do not know how to make it work either. The big problem with Office of course is proprietary formats.

Death to Microsoft.

Death to Bill Gates.


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Monopoly Capitalism Is Worthless

Proprietary formats, the natural product of computer software monopolies,  are all shit, and they are one reason why computer software is one of the most evil capitalist industries on Earth. Quite literally, competing applications refuse to work with each other. Not only that but they try to attack each other and shut each other down.

What if your Evilco microwave would not work unless you had all other Evilco products in the kitchen. What is it refused to work because it detected a Worldco coffeemaker. What if every time you went to use your Worldco coffeemaker your microwave would make it break and not work right? What if in order to make your microwave work, you had to buy all your other kitchen appliances from Evilco too? What sort of bullshit is that?

What if the biggest car companies took over all the gas stations and made it so that only their cars would run on a certain gas brand. There you are on the highway, running out of gas in your Toyota, and the only gas station up ahead is a Ford station where the gas only works on a Ford.

Computer software is a natural monopoly like power, water, gas, roads and phones. All natural monopolies are either owned by the people or regulated by the people in the interest of the people to keep the monopolies from getting out of hand and abusing the people too much with their market power. It’s worked pretty well except for phones because we stopped regulating phone companies a long time ago.

High speed internet and cable TV are also natural monopolies and as such ought to either be run by the people or at least regulated by the people. Instead they are unregulated monopolies and they are abusing consumers in horrifying ways.

Worse, there is really nothing you can do about it. In any given area, DSL is owned by Evil Phone Company A. Sure their service is overpriced, evil and shit, but you have nowhere to go. You can go to Evil Cable Company A, but they’re just as evil as the phone company. The cable and phone companies each have a monopoly in your area and each other abuses customers as much as they get away with. And they don’t compete on price either. Instead the phone and cable companies collude to fix prices at a very high level.

E-publishing is a catastrophe. Sure Kindle sounds cool, and there are nice things about the device. However, Amazon’s Mobi and AWZ3 formats refuse to read the formats of its competitors, Barnes and Noble’s Kobo format or iBooks’ ePub format. So if you buy a Kindle, you now have to buy all your ebooks from Amazon for all of eternity!

It would be like if your bookshelf only held certain books. You would have to buy all your books from Satan Booksellers because if you bought them from any other booksellers, the books would simply fall off your Satan Booksellers bookshelf. So you’re locked in.

This is shit. It’s like if you buy a Ford car and Chevrolet owned half the roads in town and the Chevy roads slowly destroyed the tires on your Ford car. So if you want to get around town, you need to buy a Chevy just to drive on certain roads. What these assholes are doing, from Bill Gates to ATT to Comcast to Amazon to the rest, is they are forcing you to buy their shit. I thought capitalism was supposed to be about choice? I thought capitalism was supposed to be about competition. Once you get rid of choice and competition in capitalism you have gotten rid of the two best things about capitalism, and you may as well go to socialism where the State Shoe Company is the only outfit making shoes.

I do not necessarily mind regulated capitalism that accentuates the positive things about capitalism (I think capitalism has some great aspects, and Karl Marx agreed with me), while at the same regulating and attacking the negative aspects of capitalism that assault workers, consumers, the environment, society and life itself, but I do not see the point of monopoly capitalism. It seems like it is just a gigantic pile of steaming shit. The only people who get anything out of it are the whores who slut it up with the monopolists. Everybody else gets fucked. Even the monopolists’ own workers get screwed because monopolies tend to treat their workers a lot worse than companies in competitive industries.

What is wrong with Americans? They act like they love monopolies. What are we, a nation of masochists?


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Computer Software Capitalists Are the Worst

Rantus writes:

Oh boy oh boy. Look, Microsoft sucks, it always has. Google at least innovates and Facebook was founded BT a backstabbing rat that double crossed two trust fund kids and stole their ideas.

The software industry, and computing in general is still very, very primitive. You show me one emerging industry that wasn’t horribly ruthless at its inception. Once the industry evolves then it will at least become somewhat more equitable, but that will take some time.

There are lots of emerging industries in this land that are not run by scums. Software is a natural monopoly. That’s the whole problem right there.

Show me one other industry that forces you to use their shit.

Show me one other industry where competing products refuse to work with each other and try to actively sabotage each other. Could you imagine if you went to turn on your microwave and it refused to work or worked very poorly because it detected that you had a coffeemaker from a competing company? Could you imagine if Ford cars could only use “Ford gas” and “Ford oil” and “Ford parts” and would only run on “Ford roads?” This is what the world would look like if all the other capitalists were as scummy as the software capitalist criminals.

Show me one other industry that forces you to upgrade your product even when it is working fine. Could you imagine if your microwave was working fine and then one it just stopped working by some preset mechanism and you were forced to go spend $500 to buy a new one? With all other products, you simply use them until they stop working, and even then, you can nearly always repair them to make them work again.

Name one other industry where such a thing as abondonware exists at all?

Name one other industry where you purchase a product that you cannot resell, and you can’t even see it in your hand nor can you fix it when it goes bad (Microsoft preinstalled OS).

I used to be in newsgroups with these scums. I met a few decent people in the industry, but most of them were just pure garbage. I met a lot of the people who ran these companies. I thought a lot of them were nothing more than criminals.

These are some of the shittiest human beings on Earth.

A solution for the software industry:

Open source is a model for the software industry that will force software makers to make money by being decent human beings and will prevent them from making money by being scums, which is what they have done all along.

Notice I do not have much of a beef with the hardware industry except Intel, which is an illegal monopoly. In the hardware industry we have no forced upgrades, no abandonware, no planned obsolescence, no products you can’t hold in your hand, resell or try to fix, no products that refuse to work with competing products, no forcing you to use their stuff.


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Windows NT Registry Optimizer

Repost from the old site.

Windows NT Registry Optimizer, a program out of Germany. Great little free file (contribute if you wish) that does a great job of fixing the Windows NT, 2000 and XP registry. A lot of these programs cause more problems than they fix, but this one is conservative and seems to work pretty nicely. I run it fairly regularly.

If your NT-based Windows OS is starting to get flaky, run this program right away. I’ve nipped many a problem in the bud by running this program as soon as a weird problem developed.

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How Bill Gates Forces You to Buy and Use His Crap

Well, it has always been possible to use different OSes on a standard PC- with the Acorns for one thing you couldn’t as the OS was hard-coded in ROM! I meant to add you could always use other software applications too- like with IE and Netscape (now Firefox, Chrome etc.), or perhaps Wordperfect, Lotus, StarOffice etc. (now OpenOffice/LibreOffice) instead of MS Office…

Not really true as many websites were IE-only and many still are! See how Gates tries to force you to use his shit. These stupid fuck web companies and web designers make their site to work in IE only and make it so it fails in everything non-IE. Just lazy coding. It is very simple to use web standards to make sites that work in all browsers.

M$ made this all much worse by coming up with M$ only computer languages, M$-only fake JavaScript, M$ only JavaScript coding that fails in everything else, M$ only HTML (MSHTML) with HTML codes that break in all non-IE browsers. Furthermore, IE deliberately violates all web standards all the time, so if you try to design to standards, IE will often deliberately break it, forcing you to incorporate separate IE only code on your page. Since IE forces you to make IE only code anyway, a lot of designers say screw it and just make the page IE only and forget about standards.

IE has always been by far the worst about implementing web standards. They either don’t care due to huge market share, or they are out to deliberately break and destroy all standards.

Wordperfect was always better than Word and may still be. Bill Gates personally destroyed the best word processor.

Can you name any other industry where the inferior product always beats the superior product? This is what happens in software due to its monopoly nature. Gates leveraged his monopoly to destroy all the competition. The result was that his inferior programs always beat all of the superior competing programs. This can only happen in a monopoly and computer software is a natural monopoly, and this is why so many application areas get overrun by one monopoly vendor.

The whole idea of an inferior product overrunning and forcing superior products out of business by monopoly means is insanity and goes against everything capitalism is supposed to stand for – vigorous competition and a product range varying from superior to inferior with choice up to the consumer. There is almost no other industry where inferior products always run superior products out of business and end up with monopolies. Most industries are sane. Computer software is insane.

We have always tried to make standards for all applications. We tried to have a word processor standard so all word processors could save in that file format and any WP could read anything produced in any other WP. M$ deliberately broke it. M$ deliberately made their crappy Word program so that it would not open or read files in other formats. Also Word files could not be read by competing products because M$ refused to release the Word protocol so competitors could fix their product to read Word files. Reading Word files has always been guesswork as the protocols are proprietary.

M$ did the same for .odf which they are trying to make into a standard word processor file format that can be ready by anyone anywhere. M$ has made their own competing M$ .odf which is not the same and breaks .odf. All the while M$ is singing about how much they love standards.

We also tried to make standards for database files and for spreadsheet files. As it is, you need to read .xls files for work, so you let Bill Gates fuck your ass while he forces you to buy overpriced Excel.

Databases written in M$ file formats cannot be read by other databases. Result: You are forced to buy Bill Gates’ Access program to read work files.

You see how Bill Gates forces you to buy his product? You see how computer software is a natural monopoly?

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Why the Cable Monopolies Suck

At least cable companies used to be pretty much a natural monopoly, or at least only had to compete with the traditional Telco that still used copper wire on the one hand, and with satellite TV on the other. There’s only so much wiring and infrastructure that will fit in any town.

It has not always been possible to use different OS’s. Many to most programs only run on Windows. If you want to use those programs, you have to use Windows. I have always wanted to move away from Windows but I have always been stopped by the application lock-in. Also even your Net provider often mandates Windows. If you use a non-Windows OS and you have problems with your Net connection, your Net provider will often refuse to help you as they say, “We only support Windows OS.”

You do not have any choices with cable. Cable prices are far above what they would normally be in a competitive environment. Can you please explain to me why I should pay $50/month just to fucking watch TV?! Yeah, I want to watch TV. That ought to cost me, max, $30/month, right?

And the cable companies do not compete at all with the satellite assholes and the broadband phone company assholes. The telcos are now offering TV, and the satellite companies always have.

Well you have a choice:

  • Evil cable company monopoly offer: $50/month just to watch TV (way overpriced).
  • Stupid satellite company monopoly “competitive offer”: $75/month just to watch TV, plus $300 to buy the dish (some competition).
  • Evil Telco monopoly offer: $50/month just to watch TV (like they are competing).

As you can see, they are hardly even competing with each other! They are all monopolies, and each one is offering to sell you ridiculously overpriced monthly TV coverage. Isn’t that stupid?

Yeah, you got a choice in cable companies. Check out this choice! You can move to different cities so you can get screwed by different cable companies!

Live in City A. Offer: Evil cable company A.


  • Move to City B. Offer: Evil cable company B.
  • Move to City C. Offer: Evil cable company C.
  • Move to City D. Offer: Evil cable company D.

Wow, that’s a lot of choices! You actually get to choose which asshole company you let fuck you over!

There was an easy way around all this bullshit. Have the state lay the cable lines everywhere. Or I would say have the state take the cable lines from the cable companies (I guess we would have to reimburse them). Now that the state owns the lines, all sorts of cable companies can now compete to use the lines. See?

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Why Microsoft Sucks

Stalker writes:

I agree Linux and Mac have made life tough for Microsoft and Bill Gates, but the comfort level and user friendliness associated with or provided by MS is missing.

For example I could easily format my drive in case of Registry issues in MS, and formatting doesn’t take much time these days. For OS 7 and O2 8 all we need is spend some 30 minutes. And all the bugs and issues with use are easy to fix in Windows, and chat assistance (customer service) provided by MS is more or less useful in that way. Where as we cant say the same about the others right?

Not true, the Mac has always been way more user-friendly and comfortable than Windows. I understand that the latest Linux GUI’s are as comfortable and easy to use as Windows.

You act like formatting your hard drive (a catastrophic measure) is some kind of a cool thing to do! I hate formatting my drive. I always lose lots of data, programs, setting and browser add-ons. You have to reinstall all of your programs. It’s like tearing down a town because it’s got some problems.

Microsoft assistance is $39/call. You call that friendly. MS bugs and issues are NOT easy to fix on Windows. OK, I have some file corruption in a program or in the OS (probably in the Registry). You got any brilliant ideas on how I can fix that without System Restore (another catastrophic function)? You don’t have any because all you can do is System Restore.

Furthermore, Microsoft is the most evil corporation in the last 30 years by far. Among the hierarchy of corporate criminals, Microsoft is like the serial killer with the biggest body count. I read up on Microsoft’s evil ways and recalled all the times I had been forced to use their products and it made me so angry that I simply boycotted them as much as I could. Why reward evil? When you stick up for Bill Gates and Microsoft, you are cheering for evil. It’s like being a serial killer groupie.

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Microsoft and the Netscape Episode

Steve said

He did whatever he could to make Microsoft as successful as possible and make his products successful and beat the competition. He leant on PC makers to include IE instead of Netscape. Isn’t that the logical thing to do? Strike deals, use your leverage, to beat the competition. Clearly I don’t know enough about the history of Microsoft or the law but the what I’ve read about the Netscape stuff doesn’t seem that bad.

The Netscape episode was all illegal. They were leveraging their monopoly in order to force you to use their other stuff by bundling the browser with the OS. You can’t do that. It’s illegal. You can’t bundle other products with your monopoly product (that everyone has to buy) in order to leverage your illegal monopoly to destroy the competition for other products.

He leaned on PC makers to include IE instead of Netscape. Isn’t that the logical thing to do? Strike deals, use your leverage, to beat the competition.

As Microsoft had a monopoly on the Windows OS, he could force computer makers to exclude Netscape and include the crap IE instead (which to this day is an inferior browser). How? Because they needed to have a low price on Windows in order to sell computers. Gates threatened to not sell them Windows OS’s or to sell them to them at a very high price if they included competing products. You can’t do that. You can’t say, “If you use my competitor’s products, I will fuck you and destroy you. If you use my competitor’s products, then we won’t allow you to carry any of our products, or we will charge you 5X as much for our products.” That is illegal. And this is what monopolists do.

All of Microsoft’s products were always inferior to the competition, but it never mattered since once you have an illegal monopoly, an inferior product can beat a superior product because you force everyone to use it.

Do you understand law at all? Do you understand US and international law regarding illegal monopolies? Do you understand why they are illegal? Because Microsoft was a monopoly, they were able to charge vastly higher prices for their products than if it were not a monopoly. Also their products hardly improved at all. Monopolies never improve their products because since everyone is forced to use them anyway, The only reason to improve a product is because the competition is threatening you. If you have a monopoly and everyone is forced to use your stuff, why would you waste money improving the product? All that money spent improving the product would be wasted since there is no reason to improve it.

Illegal monopolies are illegal under US law. They’re not fair. No one, but no one, but no one, can compete against an illegal monopoly. Why? Because an illegal monopoly makes it impossible for anyone to compete against them.

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