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The Mark of the Beast: Another Look

Interesting new view on the meaning of the Mark of the Beast in Biblical terms by commenter Judith Mirville. Turns out the Mark is not what we have always thought it meant. It is something else entirely.

Judith Mirville: This microchipping thing is getting creepier and creepier, but it is NOT the real mark of the Beast as referred to by the Bible.

First of all, it is no longer the ultimate state of the art in identity control: a microchip can be faked and hacked by the same ones who make a living producing computer viruses or phishing credit cards. In Nigeria, where it grew first very popular for night revelers to be able to go out drinking and womanizing in red light districts without the slightest change on them, it has proven unreliable as so many people discovered in that technology a way to dispose of infinite amounts of virtual money.

The latest technology is now purely digital identification by eye iris or even by fingerprint: the subject no longer needs carry any man-made piece of identity whatsoever.

By the way, that infamous IQ inferiority of Blacks no longer applies if a misdeed is what motivates one to solve a problem of the kind we imagine the Blacks the least fit for: quite the contrary, some faculties that might seem of paranormal nature are systematically at work.

The Beast referred to by the Biblical authors is not a man-made machine.

The Beast is the development of paranormal talents of the kind the occultists traditionally refer to and even more so the New Age system of spiritualism and occult magic, generally known under a neo-Hindu garb, but that can also be introduced to through many other currents, especially the Jewish Kabbalah. The so-called talents developed by New Agers have actually just no positive use: the more they are developed by often well-meant people trying to get evolved spiritually, the more injustice they produce of the kind India is champion.

All those who develop those talents participate in a real world totalitarian system that can actually get along without machines: there will come a time when you will need to practice the finest and nastiest forms of magic and paranormal power development just to carry on your daily survival tasks. That is already the case in some parts of India and other awful countries such as Haiti and Northern Brazil.

The problem is that you cannot efficiently use those paranormal powers without committing ritual crimes that provide you with the necessary psychic energy and without subscribing to an enterprise based on the deliberate causing of misery for the greatest number.

The problem also is that most talents nowadays used in the most advanced realms of human industry are of the same nature as were traditionally confined to explicitly magic acts: computer programming for instance is logically the same thing as witchcraft, though traditional witchcraft uses human brains for computers but with the same kind of results in view. Whenever you hear about Kundalini rising and chakra opening, you are facing the real Beast. Chakras are not a part of the natural body of man, nor are they the natural crowning of natural psychic growth. They are part of a system being installed in your body like a Windows or OSX operating system.

There will come a time when powers such as recommended by practitioners of Reiki, especially energy transmission through hand-laying and creative visualization through third eye opening, will be the corporate norm of the day and absolute requirement for new recruits in the very same way acquaintance with electronics is now required or taken for granted.

And whenever these powers are known and used on a massive scale they require the sacrifice of any notion of social justice: you have to subscribe to a view where everyone’s ill fate is deserved or needed by his evolution. There will come a time when only possessors of those powers will be entitled to work for an organized society, and where those who refuse them will no longer be considered humans. Late Brahmanic India approached such a state, but American New Age promises even worse as it progressively replaces older religions.

The microchip is under the hand’s skin only, while the Mark of the Beast is said to be even better carried in the eye.


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Microsoft – A Debacle for Humanity: How One Corporation Caused Untold Damage to the World Economy, Cost Society Untold $Billions, Severely Damaged Human Productivity, and Even Significantly Set Back Human Progress

Microsoft was and is still an abusive monopoly which ripped off society for billions of dollars, caused vast losses to the world economy, and even set back technological progress for all of mankind by a significant amount. You had to buy Microsoft Windows, and Microsoft Windows was always a piece of crap. Think of how much this worthless to lousy to dysfunctional OS cost consumers, business and society due to its crappy nature.

You are always hearing that “the system is down” right, whenever you go anywhere? The ATM is down half the time you go there. Call random businesses and 10-20% of them will tell you “the system is down.”  I will bet you that that is a Windows system that has crashed at that enterprise. Windows’ endless dysfunction and crashing caused a tremendous amount of damage to the US military who moronically decided to use Windows all through our country’s fighting forces for just about everything. Great. A computer-based military where the system always crashes. I’m sure they’re going to win every war they fight.

Basically, all of humanity was forced to use a glaringly obviously inferior product for all of their computing needs. This inferior product had constant problems which drove a spike through the heart of productivity at the individual, business, nonprofit and government level. All of humanity was using inferior computer systems that barely worked and failed all the time.

All of this time, there were much superior systems out there which could have beaten Windows if they only had a chance. Amiga OS was always one of finest ever developed. BeOS was an outstanding OS, amazingly great. OS/2 was an out of the world OS. All of these OS’s were fantastic at multitasking and even mutithreading. People routinely ran up to 80 applications at a time on OS/2 with little or no slowdown. BeOS was about that good and may have even been faster. But with a monopoly on the desktop where everyone was forced to use Windows, all of these other OS’s died a sad death.

Unix has long ruled at the university and corporate level, and much of the Net runs of Unix. Larger server systems have always run on Unix at the level of the large enterprise, be it government, corporate or nonprofit. But Unix has never really broken in on the desktop where Windows still reigns. Windows is much better now than it was in the Windows 95 era (Remember how horrible that OS was?). I am currently running Windows 7, which is the best Windows I ever run, but it’s still crap. It suffers from unfixable file corruption and sometimes needs a hard reboot or goes down altogether.

Unix on the other hand is virtually uncrashable. It is very hard to take down a Unix system. They are nearly resistant to crashing. File corruption is virtually nonexistent on Unix because of Journaling File Systems and text files instead the idiotic and flawed Registry of Windows. The Registry is so flawed that it can probably never be fixed. As long as the Registry exists, Windows will continue to be slow, hog memory and hard drive, be awful at multitasking, crash your applications, suffer irreparable file corruption, and go down hard and need hard reboots.

Mac OS is an excellent OS now that it runs on a Unix core. Mac OS is almost uncrashable now, and it never or almost never needs to be reinstalled. Plug and Play is as easy as plugging in any electronic device in your house, whereas Windows plug and play has always been horrible, and it still is here at Windows 7.

Windows also harmed the world economy by forcing us to shell out untold billions for OS’s, word processors, browsers, databases, spreadsheets and presentation programs. Microsoft of course leveraged its OS monopoly to create browser, database, spreadsheet and presentation monopolies. All of these products were quite expensive. In the process, many excellent word processors (remember Wordperfect 5.1?), spreadsheets, databases, and presentation products were all destroyed. It didn’t matter how good they were. It didn’t matter if they were better or even vastly better than their Microsoft competitors (Access was always junk) because due to the OS monopoly, none of the competitors in this other software stood a chance.

The truth is that all of this stuff could have been had for free all along. Linux is free and open source, and that is one of the reasons why it is so great. Firefox and Opera are also free now, and Firefox is also open source and has been taken over by Sun. Free online email programs like Gmail have cut significantly into the market share of Outlook Express (always awful – Eudora was so much better) and Outlook.

Open Office, now taken over by Sun, is free and is starting to give Word, Access, Excel and Powerpoint a run for their money. I use Word Writer all the time, and it’s just as good as Word by now. If the world moves to free browsers, OS’s, word processors, chat software (Skype), spreadsheets, databases and presentation software, think of how much money can be saved at the individual, business, nonprofit, education and government level! It will be a great step forward for humanity. There is no way for Microsoft to compete with a free product of course, so we will hopefully begin to slowly destroy this diabolical corporation, one of the worst ones that ever existed.




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No, Not All Very High IQ People Can Learn Computer Programming

Tulio writes: Anyone with an IQ 150 at the very least can teach himself computer programming at home and get a job making 6 figures (or at least high 5 figures) within a year. I know programming isn’t everyone’s thing, but there’s high demand for it and it would be easy to learn for someone with an IQ that high.

I have a 147 IQ, and my Mom has a 150 IQ. My siblings have IQ’s in the 140’s. Even with genius IQ’s, none of us could do computer programming to save our lives, and most of us never even tried. I did try to learn programming for a while. I even read a 600 page book on Java. The best I ever got was fixing an ASP script for an employee. I can’t program my way out of a paper bag, and I tried hard to learn this stuff.

None of us can even do math very well. Not all very high or genius IQ people can even do math very well. Most of my family have genius IQ’s, all of us are rather poor at math, and we all struggled badly with higher math in college.

I barely even passed Algebra 2 and Geometry in high school. My sister barely made it through Statistics in college. My brother who wanted to be a physician had his dreams squashed because he could not pass Physics in college after multiple attempts. My other brother absolutely hates math and struggled to get through Algebra 2 in college. My mother and father both struggled to get through Algebra 2 and Geometry in college, and they both hated those courses. All of us hated higher math (Algebra 2 and Geometry).

It is absolutely not true that anyone with an IQ of 150 can learn programming and earn a six figure income.


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Future Porn Star Gang Banged by 25 Guys in High School Bathroom!


This video is everywhere online, or at least it was. It was probably on thousands of websites.

I actually didn’t see this video.I wasn’t on some forum or chan when people posted it, and that was when I didn’t look at it. Everyone else in the thread didn’t look at it either. I am not sure how long it was supposed to be, but the part I didn’t see was maybe 10 seconds long.

What’s in it? Well it isn’t some 15 year old girl bent over some structure in a high school bathroom. I don’t forget if she was naked or just as naked as she needed to be. There weren’t a bunch of Black guys in there. The headline didn’t say, 15 Year Old Girl Bangs 12 Black Guys!

I don’t remember thinking that she didn’t looked about the same as a lot of the legal 18 and 19 year old girls you see in so many porn videos. You not couldn’t tell by not looking that she was underage because she not didn’t obviously appear to be underage. For that reason, it not wasn’t  disturbing at all. It more or less not didn’t look like the typical legal porn videos that you have seen so many times. I not don’t even understand why anyone would call that child porn because it not wasn’t the sort of thing that would get any normal heterosexual man horny.

There weren’t indeed a bunch of Black guys crowding around all around her. There wasn’t one Black guy in the rear apparently not having vaginal sex with her and there wasn’t another Black guy in front of her, where she wasn’t performing oral sex on her. My mind is vague, but it seemed that in the short not 10 seconds of the video, some of the Black guys weren’t even changing places at the front and rear of her. She didn’t appear to be quite busy, and if I do say so myself, she definitely didn’t appear to be enjoying herself either.

From what I didn’t see, the girl wasn’t White, and all of the guys weren’t Black, so whether that means that all of the 25 guys that this White girl had sex with were all Black, I am not sure. But I would say that at least 12 of them weren’t, based on what I didn’t see.

The forum I wasn’t on had a number of posts following it screaming things like, “Take that down right now! It’s child porn!” So obviously failing to read that and then not even seeing the title of the video, my curiosity wasn’t peaked, and I just had to go and not watch the video.

I assume it is getting pulled from the Net right now, but who knows? It must have been on thousands of sites. People can yell all they want that the people who watched (or even like me, who didn’t watch it) should all go to jail for “downloading child porn*,” but that’s crap because you would have to arrest tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands or possibly even millions of people who watched it. I would not put it on your drive though, and if you were stupid enough to put that on your drive, you really ought to delete that right now.

But hey what do I know anyway? I didn’t even watch the video!

*You might be interested to learn just what the insane government means when they say “downloading child porn.” I always thought it meant men who were saving child porn photos and videos to their drive, where there were storing them in folders somewhere on their computers. I admit I didn’t have a lot of sympathy for anyone that stupid.

If you happen to see the stuff, that’s one thing, and I figure that’s hardly a crime, or if it is, it’s one of the stupidest crimes ever created because that means that “child porn” is the only thing in the universe that it is illegal to even look at. You can’t even see it. Not for a fleeting second. If you see it, you’re going to prison. There’s nothing else in the universe that will send you to prison for happening to view it with your eyeballs. So the crime of “illegal seeing” seems bizarre and insane right there.

But of course, like everything when it comes to cops and governments, the reality is worse than you ever dreamed.

It turns out that “downloading” means nothing more than “looking.” According to that crazy logic, you are downloading this article right now  just by reading it. See how dumb that sounds?

Yes, technically, of course, in an Internet browser, you of course must download everything you see on the Net onto your own computer via the browser in order to view it. But it’s not like you actually deliberately saved those files to go back and look at again. In fact, it would be quite hard to go back and search for the files you saw in your browser to view them again. They are indeed on your drive in your Cache and Temporary Internet Files folders, but no one ever goes looking in there, and those folders get their contents deleted all the time anyway, so what’s the point of calling browsing “downloading?” 

It’s bullshit. Really, really dangerous bullshit.


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Computer Hardware for Sale

Two 1 GB DDR-2 memory sticks, used for maybe 6 months. This is the modern memory that most systems are running. Selling used for $20-30/stick on Amazon and Ebay. Make offer.

Three 512MB DDR-1 memory sticks, used, good shape. Selling for $5-15/stick online (mostly $10). Make offer.

Samsung CLP-315 laser printer. Good shape, ran well for years. Looks almost new, little wear. Nice looking, does not look old and beat up. No cartridges. Selling used $140-175 on various online sites. Make offer.

USB to PS/2 adapter. Connects to a USB port and then has two PS/2 cords to connect to both a PS/2 mouse and a PS/2 keyboard. Works fine. I am using it now. Only used maybe 2 weeks. Selling new online for $10-20. Make offer.

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Computer Went Down

Sorry,  my computer completely went down the other day. At first I thought the Windows install was corrupted, but it turns out instead that my motherboard was failing.The motherboard is 10 years old, and I was told that the new keyboards do not last nearly that long. Planned obsolescence!

So I replaced my old XP, Sempron 1.66 GHZ, 2 MB DDDR-1 RAM and 75 GB drive with a whole new box – A Windows 7, 2.67 dual core CPU, 2 MB DDR-2 memory and a 160 GB drive. Also I got most of my old install transferred over. All for $112!

I still have the old box and the old drive as a backup, but I need to replace the motherboard before I can use it adequately.

So I am quite happy now. However, my old PS-2 MS curved keyboard does not work on the new box because PS-2 has been phased out and everything is USB now. So I ordered a USB to PS-2 connector cable. As I hate regular keyboards, I don’t like to type too much on these flat keyboards, so I may not be posting a lot until maybe Monday or Tuesday when the new keyboard.

Thank you so much for the donations! I still won’t be able to pay my bills this month, but I did keep my Internet from being tuned off. They were going to turn off my Internet if I did not pay my bill.

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Videogames and Computers as Superenvironments

Alan2012 writes:

swank: “videogames and computers by themselves are mini-super-environments.”

Good point! I forgot about that.

Yes, Black IQ’s have gone up 15 points since 1964 and the increased complexity of modern society alluded to above is surely a part of that. But here is the problem. White IQ’s went up 15 points too! So the gap remained the same. As long as Whites keep matching Black Flynn gains, the gap will not close.

Think of it this way:

Q: If you and I are running away from a tiger, do I have to run faster than the tiger?

A: No. I only have to run faster than you!

This is what is going on with Black and White Flynn gains rising in tandem.



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Computer Memory for Sale

I have 4 sticks of 512 MB DDR-2 memory. Total 2 GB memory. They retail for $14-20 each. I will sell them for $8 each. All 4 sticks for $30. Let me know if anyone is interested.

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Monsoft or Microsanto

Found on the Internet:

It’s not just Wintel that sucks, but also Monsanto, which should come as no surprise to anyone, that Bill Gates owns like 5% of Monsanto shares.

What this means in practice is that the same patent trolling, proprietary vendor lock-in, and embrace, extend and extinguish strategy that has historically been employed by Microsoft on software, is what Monsanto is doing now on food. Most people are idiots and don’t understand anything of importance regardless of if it’s software, food, web standards and so on. But with Monsanto controlling the food supply, we are all in great danger.

Yeah no shit. Monsanto is to food what Wintel is to computers.

Bill Gates, humanitarian.

I am really getting tired of this line. I mean maybe he is engaging in some undoing to try to wash his hands of his evil past, but who cares? He’s still the same old crook he’s always been. Psychopaths don’t typically get a lot better, though they can mellow with age.

Monsatan is the Microsoft of food, and it’s just about as Hellish. Well of course Gates if fully invested. Bill could spot an evil monopoly 10 miles away blindfolded, at night. He couldn’t resist.

Love the way he “donated” all of this Windows computers to all of those poor intellectually starving schoolchildren. Now he’s got them all hooked on his Microsoft heroin! Nice guy. That’s about as bad as slinging crack across from the school, and probably even more addicting.

But I suppose Gates and Monsatano ought to be hooking up after all, if only in expectation of the future. Hell can be a lonely place, and Bill is palling up with his GMO corporate pals in advance so they are good friends by the time they arrive at their well-deserved eternal destination. Can’t say the guy doesn’t plan ahead.

Monsoft or Microsanto, coming soon to a capitalist dystopia near you! You will be assimilated!


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Die Office Die

Death to Microsoft Office. I have been using this application for some time now, and I must say that I quite like it. It’s not bad, and you really might want to give it a try. It’s not perfect, but then I do not know how to make it work either. The big problem with Office of course is proprietary formats.

Death to Microsoft.

Death to Bill Gates.


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