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Why The ETA Political Wing Was Banned

Repost from the old site.

I received an interesting email from one Gonzalo Polo (website here), a Spanish nationalist. I am publishing the parts of it that can be published here. I normally don’t post the names of emailers as it is a violation of Netiquette, but he issued a veiled threat to me, so he gets named. If you don’t want me to reveal contents of your mails, don’t threaten me.

I always supported the Basque and even Catalan separatist causes. In the Basque movement, I supported the armed wing called the ETA. This mail points out some less than flattering things about the ETA, so I am running it, and it also tells us some interesting stories about the history of the Iberian Peninsula.

I am posting it to provide another perspective to the National Question in Spain.

I still think that Spain should allow a referendum on independence, and that is really what this whole fight is all about. I understand that Spain will never hold this referendum, which makes me wonder when they crow that only a minority of Basques support separatism. So hold the referendum already. Truth is, I do not think that Spaniards are civilized enough to split up their nation.

Few nations are.

Only the former USSR and Czechoslovakia have broken up peacefully, with Quebec and and the UK showing a willingness at least. Spaniards have always been terribly intolerant as a people, a tradition like the peculiar one of church-burning that is proving hard to break.

At least the intolerance part is traced by Carroll Quigley back to the Arab occupation, said influence of which makes the area from Latin America across the Mediterranean to Pakistan the Peru-Pakistan Axis, as he calls it.

That much of Spain’s industry is in the Basque Region makes separatism supposedly lethal for Spain, but I doubt it. Spain is a mature and wealthy country and I think they could handle separatism just fine, but Spaniards are just too backwards to do it. I include the famously liberty-lovers the French in this backwardsness, and all of Asia, including those supposedly more highly evolved humans in Northeast Asia.

China is utterly insane when it comes to Tibet (as we saw in the past few days) and Taiwan, and in this way they are firmly in a backwards Asian tradition. Burma, Indonesia and India won’t tolerate separatism either, and the result has been horrible massacres and even genocides.

I suggest that a willingness to break up one’s country is the ultimate act of a civilized people, and it is a litmus test for seeing how civilized you are. By that test, most of the world fails except for some Europeans, but that makes sense. Europeans are the only people who will even try to play by the rules of war either.

The Catalans seem to be debating separatism in their media, and there are some interesting debates going on. One of them is revolving around the nature of the ethnic nationalism that Catalan nationalism is. There are good progressive arguments saying that all ethnic nationalism leads to some variety of fascism, since, like the anti-Semitism I discussed previously, the impulse has nowhere to go but to the Right.

Put another way, internationalism is language of the Left (yet note armed separatists are often Leftists) and nationalism is the language of the Right. It was only the stew of 70 years of internationalism that so wore down the nationalist sentiments of the USSR and enabled them to cleave off 15 republics with very little bloodshed.

There were bloody and fascist-like nation-building episodes in many of these new countries, but that’s just the normal nation-building experience, and if we had to deny the legitimacy of every nation that had ever done this, we would have few countries left on the globe.

It’s probable that that same evil Commie internationalism allowed the Czechoslovaks to separate so amicably. You can’t say that 43 years of Goulash Communism didn’t do any good at all.

Nationalism created the Axis in World War 2 and probably led to World War 1 too. All these fetishists of the state that demand states have their precious “monopoly on violence” and that all armed non-state actors surrender all arms immediately or be destroyed as “terrorists” might want to think that one over sometime. Note that the worst enemies of the Axis ultranationalists were the armed partisans, often Communists.

If you lurk around Internet fascist, Nazi or nationalist forums long enough (and I like to do this for a lark) you will notice that these types hate no one worse than Communists. As nationalists are often not members of the towering heights of capital, one wonders what all the fuss is about.

Fascists, and the nationalists who dress up like them once in a while, Halloween-like, hate Commies over the nationalism question. Commies are dubious, at best, about nationalism. The blood drenched soil of ethnic and Lazarus-like nationalism is the essence of fascism. That’s what the whole bloody Commie-fascist fight is all about in a nutshell.

There’s also the fact that fascism is a last-ditch effort of capital to preserve its privileges in the environment of a serious threat by the Left. The seriousness of the Left Threat provokes a deadly anti-Communist reaction in the fascist. Commies are no longer some ludicrous phantasm – they are marching in the streets – and we need to kill as many of them as possible and put the rest in jail.

It’s curious why more don’t support ethnic separatism. Ask an American, if you can get lucky and find one who even understands the concept, and 90% chances are they support the state and oppose the armed separatists everywhere on Earth. Most folks you meet on the Net are the same way.

But go to a separatist region and you will find large numbers who support separatism. It seems we are not empathizing well enough with the national aspirations of our brother humans.

That ethnic nationalism brings out the caveman in anyone is shown how the separatist Catalans are total nationalist pigs when it comes to granting the Occitan speakers their legitimate human rights.

The ETA political wing was banned (although their men were elected in the last elections to the Basque Parliament under another name, and therefore they act as deputies in the Basque Parliament and mayors in some villages) because they used the public money they earned to send it to the ETA, and also because they gathered information about politicians and submitted it to ETA.

They have decided to boycott Spanish elections so they do not present candidates.

The current President of the Basque Parliament (the moderate Basque PNV) and all political parties of Euskadi (including leftist radical but non-violent Basque parties) define the ETA as a terrorist group (the EU and the US also).

In the last general elections of Spain the political wing of ETA asked Basques not to vote. Even considering that in the villages where ETA supporters have more influence, that this means that if you vote you become a target, people who decided not to vote grew 10 per cent since last elections.

ETA murdered a retired socialist politician who walked in the streets along with his wife and daughter a day before the elections. He was a poor man who worked in a highway booth and handed tickets to the drivers. ETA political wing’s major of the village of Arrasate-Mondragon refused to condemn the assassination.

For this reason all the rest of the parties who governed the town in coalition with this party (including radical left parties) determined not to back her position. This means that there will be soon be another mayor in this town formed by a coalition of the rest of the parties.

For your information I would like to highlight that the PNV (the moderate Basque party) is so scared about the ETA that in the last Basque elections, they could not find candidates for some towns. The Spanish socialist and conservative parties found candidates and, for instance, Mrs. Regina Otaola (Otaola is a Basque name and she is 100% Basque) is the current mayor of Lizarra.

All socialist and moderate candidates in the Basque Country have bodyguards. The man who was murdered two days ago had no right to have a bodyguard because he retired from politics so he was an easy target.

I also would like to inform you that the population of the Basque country is diminishing, the reason being that about 1/3 to 1/4 of 100% Basques have determined to run away from their homeland – the reason being that they want their children to live in a non-violent atmosphere so they have moved to other regions of Spain, for instance my brother-in-law Mr. Aguirre Ormaetxea (100% Basque).

For your information, the language spoken in Galicia is not a dialect of Portuguese, although both languages have a common origin. In the 8th century the Arabs invaded the entire Iberian Peninsula except the mountains of the north. Only the mountains of the North of Spain from Galicia to Catalonia were not invaded.

The original Spaniards (a blend of races and peoples united under the Roman Empire and highly sophisticated at that time, as opposed to people from Northern Europe) started to recover territory from North to South.

Little kingdoms such as Portugal, Castilla, Navarra, Leon and Aragon started to fight Arabs. Galicians joined the kingdom of Leon and Portuguese created the kingdom of Portugal.

Catalonia at that time was invaded by the Emperor of the Sacred Roman Empire, a German emperor of the tribe of the Francs who controlled France and Germany under the blessing of the Pope. The Catholic Church maintained the fiction that the Roman Empire was still alive.

Catalans expelled the Francs from the Hispanic Mark (the name of Catalonia at that time that included a province that nowadays belongs to France) and joined the kingdom of Aragon (a big kingdom that nowadays covers the regions of Aragon, Catalonia, Majorca and Valencia). The French Catalans do not have a Catalan department; Catalans have no rights as a minority in France.

The valley of Aran is part of the province of Lerida (Catalonia), although it is located in the Northern part of the Pyrenees Mountains. People from Aran speak an Occitan (Langue d’Oc) dialect similar to the one was spoken in all Provence before the Germanic tribes imposed French (the former Langue d’Oil that was spoken in Norther France).

Occitan is not spoken nowadays in France. The nationalist Catalan parties do not allow the Aranese language to be taught at school, and they force children to learn Catalan instead of their native language.

The Catalan and Spanish languages are spoken in all the Mediterranean coast from the Border of France to the region of Murcia (including the Balearic Islands). Catalan was never spoken in the current region of Aragon except in the border with Catalonia where children are able to learn the Catalan language thanks to the Aragon Government.

In the Regions of Majorca and Valencia, Catalan is freely spoken as well as Castilian. The people of these regions vote PP or PSOE – Spanish conservative or socialist parties. In the last general elections, the winning party was the Socialist Party, and nationalist CIU party obtained only 11 seats. Furthermore, the president of the Catalonian Parliament is also a socialist.

Catalan radical nationalists pretend to create a new country that would include the regions of Catalonia, Valencia and Majorca together with French Catalonia. French Catalans, Valencians and people from Majorca want to remain in Spain and dislike Catalan imperialism.

I would also like to point out that Guernica is a painting the Republican Legitimate Spanish Government asked Picasso (Picasso was born in Andalusia, namely in Malaga) to paint in order to show the world the horrors of the Spanish Civil War. Once the painting was finished, it was shown for the first time in the Universal Expo of New York, namely in the Spanish pavilion.

The US government refused to return the painting to Spain once the war was over, and it remained in the Metropolitan until Franco died. I would like to point you out that around one million people died in the Spanish Civil War. Guernica was bombed by the Germans, but many other Spanish towns were also bombed and destroyed by the Russians.

I would like to highlight that neither the US nor the European democracies helped the Republican Government of Spain because they were scared about Hitler so they preferred not to see what it was happening except for Germany (who backed Franco) and Russia (who backed Republicans.)

Once the Civil War was over, many republicans ran away from Spain and stayed for years in concentration camps in France (my grandfather among others).

Many democrats felt that the US and the European democracies were acting in bad faith, so many people (like Hemingway) came to Spain to fight as volunteers with the Republic.

P.S. In a recent poll published by The Economist, you can read that only between 1/4 and 1/3 of Spanish Basques back independence. In the last elections to Spanish parliament Basque PNV party obtained only 300,000 votes in the Basque Country.


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San Francisco: Murder by Concrete

The great San Francisco architectural critic Alan Temko on the slow death by construction, as opposed to death by destruction of the great city of San Francisco:

…a variety of villains: real estate sharks, the construction industry and its unions, venal politicians, bureaucrats, brutal highway engineers, the automobile lobby, and – in some ways worst of all – incompetent architects and invertebrate planners who were wrecking the Bay Area before our eyes.

He long opposed the Embarcadero Freeway. I’ve driven on it many times, but I always thought it was an abomination. In 1989, the hand of God struck the Embarcadero down via the Loma Prieta Earthquake. The monster was then demolished.

He described the Armand Vaillancourt Fountain on the Embarcadero as a thing:

…deposited by a concrete dog with square intestines.

Nice writing! Here’s the fountain. See what he means?

The fountain in question. For some idiotic reason, it is called "Quebec Libre."

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Andre Breton, “Sunflower”

The traveler who crossed Les Halles at summer’s end
Walked on tiptoe
Despair rolled its great handsome lilies across the sky
And in her handbag was my dream that flask of salts
That only God’s godmother had breathed
Torpors unfurled like mist
At the Chien qui Fume
Where pro and con had just entered
They could hardly see the young woman and then only at an angle
Was I dealing with the ambassadress of saltpeter
Or with the white curve on black background we call thought
The Innocents’ Ball was in full swing
The Chinese lanterns slowly caught fire in chestnut trees
The shadowless lady knelt on the Pont-au-Change
On Rue Gît-le-Coeur the stamps had changed
The night’s promises had been kept at last
The carrier pigeons and emergency kisses
Merged with the beautiful stranger’s breasts
Jutting beneath the crepe of perfect meanings
A farm prospered in the heart of Paris
And its windows looked out on the Milky Way
But no one lived there yet because of the guests
Guests who are known to be more faithful than ghosts
Some like that woman appear to be swimming
And a bit of their substance becomes part of love
She internalizes them
I am the pawn of no sensual power
And yet the cricket singing in the ashen hair
One evening near the statue of Etienne Marcel
Gave me a knowing look
Andre Breton it said go on

From L’Amour Fou (Mad Love) 1937.

The woman in “Sunflower” is Jacqueline Lamba, an artist who was Breton’s second wife.

Andre Breton, "Automatic Writing," 1938.

The Surrelalists’ political platform, which they attempted to ally with the French Communist Party, was threefold:

1. Dreams
2. Mad love
3. Freedom the color of man

The Communists were not buying it.

Breton was barely allowed to speak at the meeting of the Communist Writers for the Defense of Culture meeting in 1935. He was initially banned, but after Rene Crevel’s suicide, they reluctantly allowed him to speak, but only at midnight after most had left.

A year later, Breton broke decisively with Stalin and aligned himself with the Trotskyites. In 1938, he and Jacqueline spent four months with Trotsky, Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera in Mexico. Trotsky and Breton co-wrote Manifesto for an Independent Revolutionary Art. Two years later, Trotsky was dead, an icepick in his skull.

The War was beginning. By 1941, the Bretons were fleeing internal exile in Marseilles on a ship for New York City, a place he hated. He would have hated anywhere that kept him away from Paris. Within a year, Jacqueline left him, and he fell into depression. Two years later, he met another young woman in a New York cafe.

After the war, he was back in Paris with a new wife, but it was not the old Paris. Many of the old Surrealists had joined a French Communist Party which wanted no part of Breton. Others remained in exile. Still others were in asylums or graves.

The war had taken its toll on everything. Even Breton’s poetry was dying. For the next 20 years, he wrote little while Existentialism, Pop Art and the New Novel supplanted Surrealism. By Fall 1966, he was dead.

He died too soon. Had he lived two more years, he would have seen French students shouting his lines in the streets. Even later, Surrealism had infiltrated the entire modern visual realm.

Andre Breton!

Breton is the founder of Surrealism, a man who frequently dresses entirely in green, smokes a green pipe, drinks a green liqueur and has a sound of knowledge of Freudian psychology.

Time Magazine, reporting on the Surrealist Exhibition at MOMA in New York, 1936.

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Zionism Rots the Brain

Repost from the old site.

Once more, via my friend Joachim Martillo, another article, Zionism Rots the Brain. Martillo is a Jewish convert to Islam who lives in Boston. He is active in the Palestine Solidarity Movement. While somewhat monomaniacal, I find him worth reading because of his delectable prose style and the fact that he is one of the smartest guys I know. Zionists should be honored with such worthy and weighty opponents.

This article deals with a couple of things. First of all, some recent comments by actor Will Smith, which the US Jewish community has gone nuts over, calling them “pro-Hitler”. Whether they are or not depends on Smith’s state of mind.

I suspect that he had no anti-Semitic intentions in making that comment, which was: “I think he woke up in the morning and, using a twisted, backwards logic, he set out to do what he thought was ‘good.'” That’s probably a correct analysis. Most modern leaders actually wish to do good and not evil.

The open desire on the part of prominent human beings to do evil is part of a Devil Worship Cult that became popular via Aleister Crowley in the early 1900’s. This gave rise to post-modernist artists such as William Burroughs (one of my favorite authors) who wallowed in the lowest perversities that man is capable of. The statement is a modification of a previous Western avant-garde artistic statement.

The prior statement was a rebuke of the Christian notion that man is elevated morally above the lower animals. These artists constructed a vision in which man’s behavior was just as low as any lowly and lower animal, an artistic vision that repelled conservatives and outraged extreme rightists like fascists who found it coarse, devolved and debased.

Much later in the 20th Century ( Naked Lunch – highly recommended – was published in 1959) the Western avant-garde took it one step further and began to portray man as not only as low as lower animals, but in fact lower than any lower animal! This is a profound statement about mankind and conservatives are still reeling from that one.

Anyway, from this corrupt modernist artistic vision has derived a cult that has taken pride in “being evil”, worshipping Satan, and whatnot. The point here is that this is basically a modern phenomenon in the civilized world. Especially among world leaders, those who have deliberately sought to do evil are probably few.

Analysis of the Nazi worldview is difficult, and many did reject Christianity and dabble in Occultist arcana, but still I doubt that Nazism was objectively some sort of devil-worshipping cult that sought to do evil. Instead and as usual, they saw themselves as good guys fighting evil Jews, Gypsies and Communists.

Aryan and White was good and glorious and Non-White, Jewish and Communist were dark and wicked and needed to be destroyed to bring about the Master Race World. So, yes, I suppose Hitler did think he was doing a good thing – getting rid of the worst evils on Earth – Communism and Jews – in a dual blow.

But lots of wicked people fashion themselves psychodefensively as good persons fighting evil, and not the admittedly perverse vice versa. So, as such, Smith’s comments are not obviously anti-Semitic and Jews are overreacting as usual. But maybe we can hardly blame them?

A good post along the lines discussed here from the interesting Overcoming Bias blog is Are Your Enemies Innately Evil ?

Martillo also discusses how the German Jewish community attacked a very sensible Jewish intellectual named Tony Judt, who has written on junking Zionism and setting up some sort of single state project in Israel – Palestine.

He was granted the Hannah Arendt Award in Bremen, Germany by Hannah Arendt Prize Committee, the Heinrich Böll Institute and the Bremen Senate, probably for his prose. The Arendt prize was particularly appropriate as the great Hannah Arendt was a non-Zionist or possibly even an anti-Zionist.

Just another case of Jews policing their own to get them into line. Kevin MacDonald discusses the brutal and very effective Jewish technique in dealing with “treasonous” dissidents in his Understanding Jewish Influence II: Zionism and the Internal Dynamics of Judaism Here is Part I and Part III. Highly recommended!

On December 22, 2007, actor Will Smith made the perfectly reasonable statement about Hitler, “I think he woke up in the morning and, using a twisted, backwards logic, he set out to do what he thought was ‘good.'”

Throughout the media and blogosphere reports turned the statement into something of the order “Will Smith believes Hitler was basically a good person,” and Jewish groups demanded apologies.

ADL national director Abraham Foxman summarized the situation, “Unfortunately, in citing Hitler in what appears to be a positive context, Smith stirred up a hornet’s nest on the Internet, where hate groups and anti-Semites latched on to the remark and praised it.”

What positive context?

This stupidity of this controversy topped the recent nonsense in Bremen.

According to Lob und Tadel by Frank König in Jüdische Zeitung, Dezember 2007 (Martillo’s English translation of the German, amended by me, starts, followed by the original German text):

Judt, the Hannah Arendt Prize Committee, the Heinrich Böll Institute and the Bremen Senate were sharply criticized in an “open letter” from the Executive Committee of the Jewish Committee of Bremen. Because Judt injected an outspoken “anti-Israel” tendency in his essays in the last year, according to the Executive Committee, the Committee opposes the prize conferred on Judt by the three entities listed above.

In particular, an article that Judt published in 2003 in the New York Review of Books, as well as Judt’s later opinions, are “intolerable” for the Jewish Community of Bremen. Judt accuses Israel of propagating a form of state-nationalism, that makes it impossible to bring about a rational solution in the Middle East conflict between Israelis and Palestinians.

Judt argues for a one-state and binational solution to the conflict. In making this stance, said the Committee in its “open letter”, Judt acts on behalf of “the official Palestinian, propaganda view of the history, while throwing in some invented and twisted facts as well as some anti-Israel vocabulary”.

Kritisiert werden Judt, die Hannah-Arendt-Preis-Jury, die Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung sowie der Bremer Senat besonders scharf in einem «offenen Brief» vom Präsidium der Jüdischen Gemeinde Bremen. Dass Judt in Aufsätzen der letzten Jahre eine ausgesprochen «antisraelische Haltung» lanciere, spreche nach Auffassung besagten Präsidiums keinesfalls dafür, einen solchen Preis zu erhalten.

Speziell ein Aufsatz, den Judt 2003 in der «New York Review of Books» publiziert hatte, sowie eine Auffassung Judts seien für die Jüdische Gemeinde Bremen «unerträglich». Judt werfe Israel vor, eine Art von staatlichem Nationalismus zu propagieren, der überhaupt nicht angemessen sei, um eine sinnvolle Lösung im Nahost-Konflikt zwischen Israelis und Palästinensern herbeizuführen.

Judt spricht sich für eine einstaatliche und binationale Lösung dieses Konflikts aus. Damit vertrete Judt «die offizielle palästinensische, propagandistische Sicht auf die Geschichte, samt der erfundenen und verdrehten Fakten sowie des antiisraelischen Vokabulars», wie es in dem «offenen Brief» heißt.

In other words the Bremen Jewish community attacked Judt just the way the American Jewish community attacked Arendt – for skepticism about Zionism and for proposing a one-state federated solution to the Middle East conflict. Finding a more appropriate recipient for the Hannah Arendt Prize would have been difficult.

I used to think the sort of Jewish behavior that characterized the Smith and Judt insanity resulted from Zionist/Holocaust brain-rot in combination with the arrogant belief that Jews are the moral arbitrators of everything, but the irrationalization of all discussion of Hitler, the Holocaust, Zionism and the State of Israel effectively prevents sensible debate over US and EU foreign policy in the Middle East.

I have even found evidence of the coordination between the Boston Jewish community and the German Jewish community over the last three years in ongoing projects to attack deviations from Zionist and Holocaust orthodoxy.


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Cool Surrealist Art

Anticipation of Autumn by Ivan Khokhlov. I love this kind of art. Reminds me of Hieronymus Bosch.

Now that I think of it, there’s also a lot of Dali here, no? The artist is from Russia.

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The Past Was Not Always Worse, and the Future is Not Always Better

There is a thread about Hebrew going in the comments. It started out with a reactionary arguing, in the post against reaction, that the revival of Hebrew was a reactionary act.

Well, not really. Revival of ancient, dying, endangered, or even extinct languages is not considered to be a reactionary act. Many progressives support it, including linguists. Language evolution is not really a sign of progress. The languages of today, or the most modern ones, are not necessarily better languages than the language of the old days. Other than with the use of modern terms to describe modern items and concepts, they’re no better at all.

True, humans progress with time, but some things don’t get better. Language is one of those. Philosophy, literature, poetry, writing, art, music, etc. is another one. We have not figured out any better ways to live our lives than the folks in Socrates and Plato’s time had. The human condition is the same, and common sense wisdom has not progressed at all. In fact, ancient disciplines like yoga hold a lot of wisdom for us modern folks.

We don’t write any better than we ever did. Milton, Shakespeare and Dante have not been toppled, and who knows if they ever will. With time, we can’t figure out how to put sentences together any better than we ever did. Writing relies on the human intellect, and the brightest of us in the 1300’s-1600’s were as smart as the brightest today.

Art is another one. Technically, the finest art was done in the Renaissance by Michelangelo and the rest. Early modernists realized this – that they could not surpass the Masters – hence we moved on to Cubism, Surrealism and whatnot. Now that all that’s been done, we move on to anti-art like pissing in a jar with a crucifix or photographing guys standing next to crosses looking crucified with dead and torn-up farm animals all around them. Bottom line is, technically, we can’t figure out how to draw better than the Masters, so we are just fucking around.

Same thing with music. The classical music of 300 years ago with Beethoven, Mozart, Tchaikovsky, etc. is written as well as we can write music today. Technologically, music has gotten better, but we can’t figure out how to write music any better than we ever did.

It’s not that the old stuff was better per se, but it’s more that we can’t seem to figure out how to do these things any better than we did them in the old days. Progress has hit a wall or a ceiling with regard to certain things.


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“Girls,” by Alpha Unit

Gil Elvgren was a Minnesota-born painter who is famous for his pinup art. Some think of him as the most important of all the pinup artists.

To Elvgren, the ideal model had the face of a 15-year-old and the body of a 20-year-old. It is always noted that his art combined the two.

I’ll say that for artistic purposes, Elvgren’s ideal woman was probably between 17 and 18, only because the average of 15 and 20 is about 17–the age that men evidently find women to be most beautiful (see here). To me, the women in Elvgren’s paintings appear mainly to be adult women who might be posing as 17-year-olds.

The artist George Petty, on the other hand, seems really to have captured this image of the 17-year-old in his pinup art, not only because of that big, wholesome smile he gave his girls but because a lot of them are on the telephone! The women in these idealized portraits of American White womanhood are always called pinup “girls.” Just as dancers of all varieties are called girls. Models are routinely called girls. So are prostitutes.

When women are presented for mostly male “consumption,” they are nearly always presented as girls.

Many men describe young women as “happy,” which is part of their appeal. In a Bob Seger song about a man who has fallen for a dancer he likes to watch in “a little club downtown,” he says of her:

Unlike all the other ladies, she looked so young and sweet…

Young. Sweet. Happy. An infatuating combination.

You don’t stay young. So you don’t stay sweet. But a charming older woman is one who has retained a spark of that girlish sweetness. Or at least one who can give that impression.


Seger, Bob. 1976. “Main Street.” On Night Moves [Record]. Hollywood, CA: Capitol Industries-EMI.


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What’s With This Chick, Anyway?

Repost from the old site.


She’s Jewish, too. You know shit like this just drives the anti-Semites crazy.

Continuing a trend exemplified here, here (Hermann Nitsch), here , here, etc., etc.

And our very own commenter Whodareswings. I guess you’ll have to ask him for samples, though. Or you can buy the book.


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WTF Is the Matter With You? Part 2

Repost from the old site.

That question is directed to Thistle Harlequin.

I won’t upload the movie, and I think it’s copyrighted anyway. It’s pornographic, and we don’t host porn on the site. Rarely, we link to it, if there is some artistic or political reason. In this case, it’s more art or performance art than porn per se.

It’s called Putrid Sex Object, a movie performed by Thistle Harlequin (adults only, and don’t watch unless you want to be horribly grossed out).

This is part of what my artist brother calls the new art – “that gross, sick, fag shit.” He says this is the new thing in art, because everything else has been done already.

Examples include Aliza Shvarts’ abortion jelly exhibit where she gave herself repeated miscarriages via morning-after pills after inseminating herself and then filmed the miscarriages, bottled them and exhibited them in an exhibit. Except the whole exhibit never came off, but that was part of the performance.

Our very own Who Dares Wings is an artist in Seattle who makes Disasterware and something called Spone Funerary Ware – granulated calcified human cremains (cremated bones of dead people) over a porcelain slip in a riff on the time-honored tradition of bone china, which was made in part with ground human bone.

He also makes things like porcelain vases and teapots with Hitler’s face on them with things like “Forgiveness” inscribed below.

There was a guy in New York who was doing some of this art using dead embalmed bodies. He would take the bodies and then pose them in all these weird positions and then take pictures of himself intermingled with the dead bodies. The cops finally had enough of the publicity and raided the guy – I guess what he was doing was illegal. He was getting the bodies from Mexico.

Along the same lines are Andres Serrano’s Piss Christ, a crucifix photographed in a jar of urine.

There is another fellow, Hermann Nitsch, who takes cow carcasses, slits them open, then makes himself look like a crucifix with the cow carcass as a “cross” background. He ends up covered in blood. His friends stand around him and they all get covered with blood too. There’s blood all over the ground and they shoot a photo of the whole thing and voila, instant art!

Women are bottling their own menstrual fluid and using the blood to make blood paintings. It’s called menstrual art.

Along the same lines, in Putrid Sex Object, Thistle Harlequin, a gay man, plays a woman who is wandering through a haunted house at night getting more and more frightened. Finally, she comes into a room where they are some severed cow’s heads on the floor.

She falls to her knees, starts licking the cow’s head and then starts playing with it, getting blood all over her body. Then he pulls out a penis and it turns out it’s just some fag drag queen. He then puts his penis in the cow’s head and fucks it for a while, pulls out, and jacks off while covered with cow entrails. That’s it.

That’s called art I guess.

Wow, we really are reaching the end of civilization, are we not?

My opinion on all this sick art is much the same as my brother’s. I’m not impressed.

This is just gross, sick, fucked up stuff. Art is supposed to make you react, and in a way, it is supposed to be “beautiful.” It’s not supposed to be ugly, sick, repulsive and nauseating. Yes, we are all familiar with shit, puke, wet farts, mucus, snot, piss, blood, dead stuff and dead people, menstrual fluid, on and on. Why frame it up and call it art? Color me confused. Plus it’s not even funny; it’s just gross.

Truth is, modern art has just clean run out of ideas. There’s nothing left to do. This is all that’s left, pushing the final boundaries. After this? I have no idea. Kill people? Kill yourself? Who knows.

Seriously, there’s nothing left.

Buy a famous sculpture, call the cameras in, gather around you and your artist friends, and smash it to bits? Done. The Surrealists were doing this stuff back in the 1930’s.

Duchamp made a sculpture of a toilet and then he shipped it to a museum. He called it “Toilet” or something dumb like that. Along the way, it got partially destroyed via shipping. The museum called him up all apologetic and said, “Oh, we are so sorry that your sculpture got so messed up.”

He rushed over to the museum, looked at his ruined sculpture and said, “NO! This is perfect! Better than the original!” It went on to become a famous sculpture. Surrealism was always a bit of a joke. The destroyed sculpture is better than the real one – OK, that’s funny.

The Surrealists would run out in the streets of Paris in the 1930’s and assault priests walking by in their habits. Assault them, with fists and kicks. No one got seriously hurt, but the Surrealists called that Performance Art – assaulting a priest in habit. OK, that’s funny too.

There are artist – musician types out there now who hold “concerts” where they show up on stage and then lower these sound speakers from the ceiling. The speakers dangle about ten feet above people’s heads, just out of reach. Then they turn up the speakers really loud with this extremely annoying noise playing right out of reach of the audience.

The audience gets more and more angry while the performer stands up on stage, laughs at them and insults them. OK, I have to admit, that’s pretty funny.

I believe there are similar artists out there who will schedule a show and advertise all the cool stuff they are going to do during the show. They cover the stage with all these props and it looks like a good show is going to happen. The theater fills up with suckers who shelled out $20/ticket.

The performer’s not there.

After a bit, someone comes out and says that the performer was delayed but will be there shortly. This goes on for a bit, and the big gag is that the performer never shows up. On purpose. The audience slows drifts away angrily over about an hour demanding a refund, but there will be none. That was the show. No artist. You got burned. Performance art!

I have to admit that’s pretty humorous. Man Ray would have looked at that and said, “Two thumbs up.”

I saw the Germs at the Hong Kong Cafe on December 31, 1979. It was Darby Crash on vocals, Pat Smear on guitar, Lorna Doom on bass and Don Bolles on drums.

Joanna Went, performance artist, opened for them. She came out looking totally nuts, all made up like a clown, wearing some stupid outfit. Shrieking, “Catatooooonic! Schizophreeeeeeenic!” (that’s all I remember), etc. etc.” with these really wild eyes.

She had on what looked like a football jersey on top with what looked like shoulder pads. She tore open the shoulder pads while screeching incoherently. Inside, the shoulder pads were packed with vast quantities of shredded cheddar cheese. Then she started to throw it at us, the audience. We threw it back at the bitch.

I went to the bathroom.

Darby Crash came in, saw me, and asked in this totally gay faggot voice, “Heeeey, you got any Tuuuinols?” Tuinols are a depressant pill.

I thought for a second, looked up and said, “No, but I have some Tuinol cigarettes. Want to buy any?”

He got this sneering smile on his face, and snorted, “Tuinol cigarettes!?” and walked away.

That was my only encounter with the famous Darby Crash.

Pretty soon, the Hong Kong Cafe was full of flying shredded cheese and you could hardly even see anything. Through it all, Joanna was screeching away. OK, that was pretty funny.

The Germs played next. They all wore black leather jackets with a blue circle on the sleeve – that was their emblem. They were out of this world, of course.

Darby Crash was crouching at the back of the stage with a sneer on his face. Everybody was throwing stuff at him – that was the idea – throw stuff at Darby. We took the ice out of our drinks and threw ice at Darby Crash. He crouched down at the rear of the stage like a tiger, loving the abuse and singing like a maniac.

Germs (GI), produced by Joan Jett, is one of the best albums I have ever heard. There’s also a great cut, Lion’s Share, recorded by Jack Nitzsche, on the soundtrack to the movie, Cruising (1980) – good movie, starring Al Pacino and directed by the great director William Friedkin. The Cruising soundtrack is a great album, too.

Re-formed band, The Germs Return.

Don Bolles turned into an alcoholic and goes to AA meetings with his alcoholic girlfriend. He has a long history of drug abuse and run-in’s with the law. Darby killed himself (see below). Pat Smear went on to form the Foo Fighters.

Lorna, Don and Pat re-formed the band, with actor Shane West as the new Darby Crash, and they go on tour. Here’s the new band, and Lorna is as beautiful as ever. Myspace page. They must be pushing 50 now. Punks til death. Heck, why not?

Later, Darby Crash deliberately OD’d on heroin as part of a suicide pact with some idiot punk chick. I never hung around with these nuts, but some people I know did. They would do stuff like get drunk and hit people over the head with beer bottles – supposedly Pat Smear did that once.

Great article on the Germs from the Orange County Weekly.

We were leaving the Hong Kong Cafe at 2 AM on January 1, 1980. The LA punkers, drunk and menacing, were outside the cafe throwing beer bottles against the wall and watching them smash. We moved away quickly.

We were walking through an alley back to the car, drunk and stoned. Someone came reeling behind us, walking very fast. We turned around. There was a young man about 25 years old. He had glasses on, but he had been hurt somehow. One of the glasses lenses was smashed over his eye.

He was holding his eye with the smashed glasses lens, and there was blood pouring out of the area around his eye as he reeled drunkenly down the alley. We didn’t know if he had gotten beat up while drunk, or if he was really drunk and had fallen down, but he was in bad shape. We got out of his way before he would have crashed into us. He moved past us, careening back and forth down the alley, dripping blood all the way.

“Let’s help him,” I said.

“No way!”

We looked at each other and both said, “Wow! Let’s get out of here!”

We hurried to the car and drove home on the empty LA freeway, dodging the drunken vehicles along the way.

It was the end of the Seventies, but it may as well have been the end of the century.


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Weirdest Book Ever Written

Voynich Manuscript, hands down. Also one of the world’s great mysteries. Nothing about this book seems to make any sense at all, not the bizarre, undeciphered language, code, or cipher, not the weird drawings of plants that don’t exist, not the astronomy based on no known astrological system, not the cosmology based on no cosmological system ever encountered, nothing.

The date it was written is thought to be around 1500, but the author or authors are unknown, and the subject of much speculation. None of the theories really completely add up or make sense. It’s just one gigantic, endless pile of weirdness, the solution to which went to its grave with the author(s).

You can download the whole book in pdf here. I haven’t bothered, but some of you arcana buffs may wish to give it a whirl.

Runner’s up? Marienbad, My Love (2008). Go ahead, read it! It’s only 30,000 pages long.

Tired of Hemingway’s short, clipped, sentences? Have no fear. A 2,000 page single sentence in this book will cure of that forever and make you come running back to Hem or Bukowski.

One of the things we love about English are the lack of those annoying monosyllabic words that the Asian languages have. Our words can be quite long. For instance, this book has a single word that is 750 pages long. You can live, die, get resurrected and still never make it to the next word. Talk about leaving you hanging on every word.

Even weirder is The Story of the Vivian Girls, in What is Known as the Realms of the Unreal, of the Glandeco-Angelinnian War Storm, Caused by the Child Slave Rebellion (1973), 15,500 pages illustrated by several hundred pages of drawings and paintings, produced by the super-weird author Henry Darger. Want to read it? Too bad. It’s never been published. He didn’t dash it off like these supermarket novel authors. On the contrary, the book took him a mere 60 years to complete.

I am convinced that Darger did not have schizophrenia, as is often speculated. Darger’s is a good example of “outsider art.” I think outsider art is really cool, but then I’m pretty damn weird myself.

Outsider music is pretty boss, too. I prefer The Shaggs, Captain Beefheart, The Residents, Syd Barrett and Roky Erikson. Forget Wild Man Fischer. Fischer, Barrett and Erikson all clearly suffer from schizophrenia. Their best work was produced in the early stages of the illness, as one might expect.

Erikson was a leader of the great pyschedelic band, The Thirteenth Floor Elevators. Check out Roky Erikson and the Aliens, The Evil One, a cult classic album from 1981, recorded when he was very mentally ill. It’s great stuff, man!


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