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Blacks Beat and Strip a White Man

Video here.

This video was making the rounds in the White Racist Sphere, an odd part of the Net consisting of White nationalists, White anti-Black racists and White race realists. I pass on most of these videos, but I did grab this one.

A White man is caught late at night in the ghetto where a gang of Blacks confronts him, knocks him to the ground, beats him up, and strips his pants off, all apparently for no reason. Black females participate in the chaos. Black males hoot and holler the whole while. The White man pulls his pants up at the end of the video, shocked by what has happened to him.


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Human Bigfoot Hybrid From China

Incredibly weird video from China. The footage is from Sichuan Province, China. Although it is all in Chinese, I am familiar with this story.

The boy’s mother said that she was kidnapped by a Yeren, the Chinese wildman or Bigfoot which probably does exist in China, and raped repeatedly, then abandoned. She went back to her village and gave birth to this son nine months later. He never learned to speak any language, but he did obtain passive language competence, that is, he could understand what was said to him. He died at age 33. I don’t know much else about the case.

Skeptics are insisting that he is microencephalic, but that could not be, as such persons are small in stature. I’m sure there has never been a microencephalic anywhere near this tall. They are also saying that his mother was ashamed of giving birth to a retarded kid, so she made up the story about being raped by a Yeren.

He does somewhat look like a Bigfoot-human crossbreed. His head and jaw look funny and somewhat ape-like. His arms seem to be extremely long. His head sits right on top of his shoulders, and he seems to have no neck. His shoulders are very wide.When he sits, he just plops his ass right down.

The American Indians of the NW said that Bigfoots would sometimes kidnap young women and take them away. The women would sometimes return later. At times they would be pregnant. The offspring were viable, but they were not quite right. Often they had very long, gangly arms. Some were so wild that they could never be tamed properly.

There have been 12 documented cases of human-yeti/Almas/Yeren breeding in the 20th century from Russia and China. I don’t have any more details on these cases.

There is a famous case from Abkhazia of an Almas named Zana who was captured, tamed, and subsequently bred with a local man and had four children by him.

One son was named Kwit. He was extremely strong; he could lift up a chair with a man sitting in it with his teeth! Kwit was normal, except he was extremely strong and had a very quick temper. He died, and his grave was excavated. His skull had some odd features, and aspects of it were outside the human range. Nevertheless, some experts pronounced it fully Homo sapiens. Kwit’s DNA has been tested, and it came back 100% Homo sapiens, which is odd once again. The grave of the mother, Zana, was never able to be located.

The Almas are the most civilized of the Bigfoot types. They reside in the Caucasus and have long history of interactions with humans. They have long hair on their heads that extends down to the middle of their backs. The females have long, droopy breasts that are hairless. Their faces are more human and less apelike than the American Bigfoots. They sometimes use clothing which they steal from the local humans, and have even used tools such as clubs. For the most part, they reside in caves.

However, they are covered with hair. Russian investigators have long thought that Almas were relict Neandertals.

Bigfoot DNA is currently being sequenced. Results have come back “Homo, but not human.” If these yeti types really are in the human line, then possibly they could indeed breed with humans, but the results would be less than ideal from a human point of view.

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They Walk Among Us

Neandertals, that is.

New data indicates that all of the Out of Africa (OOA) people (that is, everyone but Blacks) are related to Neandertals, in part anyway. About 1-4% of our genome is Neandertal. This % is much mistaken. White nationalist sites are saying that this means the difference between Blacks and Whites is 4%, while the difference between humans and chimpanzees is only 2%. Whoa! Another blow to the multiculturalist scum! Turns out “niggers” really are apes anyway, or worse, apes are more human than niggers!

Forget it. They didn’t do the math right. The Neanderthal difference between Whites and Blacks accounts for a whopping .04% of the total. It’s not much of anything. And those high percentages of genetic convergence with non-humans can be misleading.

Multiculturalists like to shriek about how much genes humans share with each other, but so what? Humans share 98% of their genes with chimps. So? So are humans chimps or what? Nope, at least not most of us. We share something like 75% of our genes with flatworms. So are we flatworms? No, not most of us anyway.

Sequencing of the human genome to look for human-Neandertal interbreeding has been going on for some time. For a long time, there was no evidence of any human-Neandertal breeding, but that was because they had not finished sequencing the entire genome. Now that they have finished, it’s clear that there was breeding between humans and Neandertals.

The breeding occurred when we first moved out of Africa 70,000 YBP, when the breeding occurred in the Middle East, and later on, there was more breeding in Eurasia. That breeding occurred soon after we moved out Africa in the ME means that all Out of Africa humans are related to Neadertals. Blacks are the only humans with no Neandertal in them.

Range of the Neadertals in Europe, Eurasia and the Middle East. They lived from about 400,000 to 30,000 YBP.

Much nonsense is being parroted about about this interbreeding. It was interbreeding because Neadertals and humans are so far apart genetically that Neandertals are a completely separate subspecies from modern humans. Subspecies of living organisms can always interbreed, but are usually prevented from doing so since they do not inhabit overlapping territories.

The fervor on the White nationalist boards is high, and predictably idiotic. WN’s all around the globe are swooning over these hideous, primitive Neandertal creatures.

A Neandertal kid. Good Lord, even the kids are hideous. I think they might still be alive, actually. I've seen kids like this around some trailer parks.

We bred with Neadertals! Niggers didn’t! Dontcha realize that this makes Whites superior to niggers, and it makes niggers inferior? Many theories are tossed about. Whites bred with Neandertals, and that’s what makes us superior to inferior niggers (those cool Neandertal genes), bla bla. Many posts are glorying in the wondrous beauty, brains and achievements of the great Neandertals.

Yeah, like I want to be related to this guy. Get real.

I had to LOL the whole time I was reading this stuff. This is one of those times I feel like playing Lou Reed’s song, “I Wanna Be Black.” Seriously, Blacks are superior for not having any fucking non-human Neandertal blood in them, not inferior! That Neandertal, non-human blood in us doesn’t make us better than Blacks, in fact, it’s an embarassment! At least Blacks are fully human! We Whites are part non-human. FFS, how humiliating is that?

I realize that there's porn for every fetish out there, but it's hard to believe there would have been much of a market for Neandertal porn. I hear Black guys never fucked these chicks. Good for them!

Neandertal women were incredibly ugly. Yes, our people mated with them. To me, this means that either guys will fuck anything, or human females love to fuck stupid hulking brutes who can barely even speak (Neandertals were apparently not able to speak human language, but they probably had advanced sign language).

There are many posts suggesting that breeding with Neandertals is what gave Whites and Asians their brains, since, you know, Neadertals were so damn smart and all. It’s true that Neandertal did have a large brain. But so what. So does a fucking elephant. But some suggest that most of the brain had gone over to memory. One theorist suggested that a Neandertal could remember every single day of his life, nice if he ever got questioned by the cops for an unsolved Paleolithic murder, but not much good otherwise.

In addition, all OOA folks have Neandertal in them, including Papuans (IQ 64) and Aborigines (IQ 62). Yeah, lot of good those super Neandertal rocket scientist brains did them, huh?

It’s clear that the Out of Africa folks (Yeah, the “niggers”) thoroughly outcompeted the Neadertals. Much is made of the Neandertal toolset, but the OOA folks had a better one. And the OOA folks had speech, which may have trumped them all. No one knows if we exterminated the Neadertals or if they just could not compete in a changing environment (I figure we took them out) but at any rate, the OOA folks handed the Neandertals’ asses to them quickly.

That WN’s are falling all over themselves for these hideous Neandertal non-humans shows how stupid racial nationalism is. At the end of the day, its sin is the sin of pride. As pride makes  a man act foolish (consult any good Greek tragedy) so does racial nationalism, nothing more than egotism writ across the entire race, with the volk subbing for the ego.

It's possible that either some Neandertals still live among us, or some Whites have a lot of Neandertal genes. Some researchers say that Nickolai Valuev, a Russian boxer, may be up over 90% Neandertal. Looking at him, it's clearly possible, but his genome has not yet been sequenced. He eats multiple pounds of red meat every day, another clue to his possible Neandertal roots.

One last theory.

Jews are Neandertals.

That’s the Jews are so evil, you know. Because they aren’t human. LOL.


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Neandertal Walks Among Us

Russian/Tatar boxer Valuev has recently been proven to be a Neandertal

Russian/Tatar boxer Valuev has recently been proven to be a Neandertal

He also says he eats 6 kilos of meat per day. He says he really wants to eat woolly mammoth, as that is his favorite, but unfortunately, they went extinct thousands of years ago.

People were long puzzled by his strange phenotype, but Russian scientists, examining his genome, have now proven that he is a throwback, a true Neandertal.


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