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About Matt Moneymaker

I understand that Matt Moneymaker of the BFRO has recently been diagnosed as having Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

But we already knew that, right?

The thing about NPD is that he is probably not going to get better. These people typically do not get better. The reason is because they do not want to get better. Generally, the problem is everyone else and not them. That right there is the essence of the disorder itself. So if you don’t think there is anything wrong with you, why would you want to get better? Another problem is that NPD’s usually enjoy being narcissistic. They get off on it. It’s fun. It’s the way they like to live. And they can’t see that it causes any problems or if it does, they don’t care because it’s too much fun to change and they like being that way.

There are some NPD’s that get into therapy. Therapy with them is typically difficult and long, but results can be achieved after some time.


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Bigfoot News November 19, 2014

More on the Rick Dyer claimed Bigfoot killing. This saga is continuing. Rick now claims that he and his team killed two Bigfoots at this location in Pennsylvania. You might want to head on over to Randy’s site, as he is keeping up on this story more than I am. I am not really interested in another one of these crazy Dyer stories, so I will just hand it over to Randy and let him take the ball. Randy insists it is another hoax, and indeed, every time Rick claims to have killed a Bigfoot, it ends up being a hoax. The best predictor of present behavior is past behavior. And Rick’s record in this regard does not inspire confidence. I have some photos below of Rick’s latest adventure.

However, Walter Shrum issued an angry video claiming that I lied when I quoted him in an interview I did with him. He said that that tarp over the Sasquatch was clear and not blue and he claimed that I accused him of saying it was a prop. I never accused Shrum of saying that. Mr. Shrum has problems with reading comprehension.

Walter Shrum interview. I would like to clarify what Shrum did say to me in his interview.

He stated that he, his wife and a grandson drove four hours to see the Sasquatch at Rick’s request. When they got there, the Sasquatch was wrapped in a tarp. Walter said it was the same blue tarp that you can see on Rick’s photos, but when you get up next to the tarp, it is actually more transparent than it seems on photos. He described it as semi-transparent. They were all issued surgeon’s masks and were given some sort of Vicks Vaporub to rub all over themselves. He said that he could not tell if the Sasquatch had a smell about it as they could not smell anything with the Vicks stuff all over them.

He said he was able to get down to within about two feet of the Sasquatch in the tarp. He got a very good look at it from the feet up to the shins. He said the feet were hairless on the bottom but haired on top and on the shins. He did not describe much more of it. He said he tried to get a good look at the face, but for some reason, he could not see it well. It was at this part in the interview that I decided that this tarp was maybe not so transparent as it was being made out to be. He described the central part of the body around the chest as being very wide.

Shrum also said that the Sasquatch was turned on its side but with the top part of the body facing upwards. He said he thought there was an actual Sasquatch in the tarp based on what he observed. Shrum did not feel that it was a fake. He described it as “a hairy man.”

This was the extent of what Shrum told me in his interview. I honestly do not see what all the fuss is about between Shrum and me except that Rick is trying to stir stuff up like he always does.

Photos of Tarpsquatch episode. Below are a number of photos of the latest purported Dyer Sasquatch body. In some of these photos, I refer to the object as a Sasquatch. I do not mean that it is really a Sasquatch. Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t. I do think that Rick has something. He either has a dead Sasquatch or he has another doll like he had last time.

But I have no idea what is in that tarp, and Rick has a very bad record as far as these things go. In fact, 100% of the time he has claimed he had a body, the whole story was either an obvious hoax or was so wrapped up in a hoax that no conclusions could be drawn and at any rate, no body ever shows up. Bottom line is every time in the past Rick says he has a body, it turns out he doesn’t have squat. So will this time be different? I have no idea, but look at the law of averages.

Rick and the gang with masks they put on to protect themselves from any diseases the Sasquatch might have.

Rick and the gang with masks on.

In the photo above, Rick and his crew don masks to guard against any diseases the Sasquatch might have.

Tarpsquatch at the campground.

Tarpsquatch at the campground.

The photo above shows the object wrapped under some sort of a tarp at the campground. The object appears to be in a fetal position.

Sasquatch dead in the forest.

Sasquatch dead in the forest.

This photo shows the purported Sasquatch after it was shot dead in the forest. Biff is pointing a rifle at the object. A tree appears to have fallen on the object. I am having a very hard time making out the contours of this object or seeing any identifiable features in it. Maybe my graphics guy can help me.

Sasquatch dead in the forest. Another view.

Sasquatch dead in the forest. Another view.

Here is another photo of the subject after it was reportedly killed by the men. Rick and Biff are pointing rifles at the subject, which seems to be under a fallen tree. Once again, I have a hard time making out identifiable features on the object.

Tarpsquatch piled with ice.

Tarpsquatch piled with ice.

This is a photo of the object wrapped in a tarp with ice piled on it for preservation. I am not sure where this photo was taken, but it looks like it was taken in someone’s yard.

Tarpsquatch and ice again.

Looks like the back of their truck or van.

This photo looks like the back of an SUV piled high with ice.

Sasquatch wrapped in tarp.

Sasquatch wrapped in tarp.

This photo shows the object wrapped in a tarp. This seems to have a similar shape to the object in the campground photo.

Dyer tying the Sasquatch in the tarp.

Dyer tying the Sasquatch in the tarp.

This photos shows Dyer tying the tarp on the object after he wrapped the object up in it.

Artist rendering of Sasquatch wrapped up in a tarp.

Artist rendering of Sasquatch wrapped up in a tarp.

This photo was drawn for me by my graphics girl who has seen Sasquatches in the wild numerous times. She told me when this story first broke that she thought Rick probably did have a Sasquatch. She said it is probably not that difficult to kill one of these things. “I probably could have killed a few of them myself,” she told me.

We have not discussed the story much since, but she recently sent me this drawing of what she thinks the object in the tarp looks like based on its contours in the tarp. Make what you will of this. That is either a drawing of the Sasquatch she thought Rick killed or of the Sasquatch doll he has made, based on her artist’s eye. I am not going to comment on this photo of all except that I can see how she came to the conclusions that she did.

Enlargement of Sasquatch Ontario photo. I released this photo in my last report. My graphics gal found this screen grab while going through Sasquatch Ontario’s films. This one was taken when Paterson left his camera out for a while. When he came back, he said there were numerous photos on the camera. He said that the Sasquatches must have used the camera somehow. Perhaps they figured out how to work it. That seems completely insane, but whatever. There were a lot of weird photos on there, mostly closeups of the eyes of numerous creatures in the woods. One of the photos was this odd photo below.

This is a photo of what is apparently two Sasquatches in Canada. There is a small one at the top, once again covering its face with its forearm. On the left is the shoulder of another Sasquatch.

This is a photo of what is apparently two Sasquatches in Canada. There is a small one at the top, once again covering its face with its forearm. On the left is the shoulder of another Sasquatch.

I could not make out anything in this photo, so I sent it to my graphics lady. She sent it back marked up.

Markup of a possible woolly Sasquatch baby.

Click to enlarge. Markup of a possible woolly Sasquatch baby.

I have no idea if that photo is what my graphics woman says it is, but it is certainly possible. I will leave it up to you to decide and I will take no stance on this photo for now.

That’s it for now. More later!


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Bigfoot News November 14, 2014

Rick Dyer Sasquatch kill – continuing story. The story about the supposed Sasquatch kill by Rick Dyer is ongoing. I really urge you to follow it over at Randy’s blog as he keeps up on it far better than I do. His commenters are horrific, but I think Randy himself is a great guy.

I spoke with Walter Shrum, who was one of nine people who were able to see the Sasquatch. However, I must note that Walter saw it inside the blue tarp like the rest of us did. However, he did say that the tarp was somewhat transparent (which is not obvious in the photos) and he could see through the tarp somewhat. Walter feels that this definitely looked like a Sasquatch. He described it as “looking like hairy man” that was “very wide.” On the other hand, viewing it through the tarp, he was not able to see it as well as he could have outside the tarp, and I feel that it is possible that he could have been looking at a prop instead of a Bigfoot.

Walter also told me that he would not be in on a hoax in any way, shape or form. He said that if Rick asked him to be part of a hoax or if he discovered this was a hoax, he would simply refuse to be a part of it because he doesn’t want to taint himself with that, and that sort of thing goes against his strong Christian morals. Yet he did not get a good look at the object, and he could well have been looking at a prop in that tarp.

Shrum also stated that Rick Dyer is the nicest guy you have ever met, and Shrum thinks Rick is a great guy.

Of course many people say this on meeting Dyer, as he can be very charming and gregarious, as these types so often are. We’ve known that since Cleckley, right? I mean, that’s a hallmark trait.

There is not much else to report about this purported Sasquatch kill except that Dyer is promising a press conference in February (Where have we heard that before?) which will apparently be in Georgia. The body is said to be safe in Georgia at the moment.

I would like to add my standard disclaimer here due to the incessant trolls: there is not yet any good, hard, solid, convincing evidence that Rick actually killed a Sasquatch in Pennsylvania at the end of October.

Once again, the onus is on Rick. Prove it, Rick.

Amazing new Sasquatch photos uncovered! All of the photos below came to me via Ray Crowe. They all appeared in his great book, Bigfoot Behavior. I cannot recommend this book highly enough. If you own one Sasquatch book, it might as well be this one.

Ray Crowe's superb book, Bigfoot Behavior. I cannot recommend this book highly enough.

Ray Crowe’s superb book, Bigfoot Behavior. I cannot recommend this book highly enough.

Ray is not a born writer, but he has taught himself to write. At any rate, he has developed his own unique voice that stays constant through all of his writing. I actually enjoy his charming, whimsical and always somewhat skeptical authorial voice. He is a delight to read.

Closeup of the northern Arizona Sasquatch.

Closeup of the northern Arizona Sasquatch. Copyright Lyle Vann.

This is a photo of a Sasquatch taken in Northern Arizona. This is one amazing photo. It was shot by a man named Lyle Vann, who has copyrighted it. The date on the photo is December 2002. As far as I am concerned, that is a Sasquatch, no two ways about it. It’s not a man in a suit. I suppose it could be a statue, but I have never seen a Sasquatch statue that looks this good. The resemblance to Derek Randles’ Ridge Watcher Sasquatch is remarkable. I know nothing about Mr. Vann or the circumstances surrounding this photo except that he is some sort of a Sasquatch researcher.

This is the original of the newspaper photo and the resolution is much better.

This is the original of the newsletter photo, and the resolution is much better.

Dennis W. Marsh is the man who is said to have reported two Sasquatch killings, the first in Wyoming in 1968 and the second in Alabama at a later date. This is a part series of photos he took of a Sasquatch he spotted south of Fayetteville, Arkansas. Once again, as far as I am concerned, that is simply a Sasquatch, especially with the other photos to go along with it. The figure is much too large to be a man in a suit. The other three photos are described below.

Crowe knew Marsh and felt that he was credible, but Ray had not talked to him in 11 years. Ray forwarded me the last communication he had with the man, and here it is:

* 8/28/03 (Dennis W. Marsh)
Been wondering how your research and meetings are going. Rocky called me today, and said that there were some guys that came into his restaurant today and told him about a sighting on their farm. They were cutting trees down, clearing the land to build a house, and when they stopped cutting to take a break, something threw a rock about the size of a 5 gallon bucket at them.

They got to looking around and saw an 8 to 9 foot Bigfoot looking at them, and then it started throwing sticks and limbs at them. They said all they did was to leave the area. I’m not sure if Rocky is going to call the government or not about it being there, so I do not know if he will take it down (shoot). If we do, I need to know how am I going to keep the blood fresh. I am going to do my best to get skin and hair from it also. The Feds lied to us again. They said there were no more of them in that area.

Four stories from unknown newsletter. The first one is Dennis' photo of the Sasquatch in Fayetteville, Arkansas in 1997. The upper right shows the Sasquatch photographed in North Arizona which resembles Derek Randles' Ridgewalker

Click to enlarge. Four stories from unknown newsletter. The first one is Dennis Marsh’s photo of the Sasquatch in Fayetteville, Arkansas in 1997. The upper right shows the Lyle Vann’s Sasquatch photographed in North Arizona which resembles Derek Randles’ Ridge Watcher.

This is a much smaller version of the same photo above. One of the photos apparently came from a website called, which is a website promoting the small nation of Brunei nestled in northeastern Sarawak in Malaysia. The photo at the bottom right is a feature piece on Lyle Vann. The bottom left photo is of some bizarre skeleton of a sea creature that washed up on the beach somewhere. It has nothing to do with Sasquatches.

Purported killed Sasquatch north of Casper Wyoming 1968

Purported killed Sasquatch north of Casper, Wyoming in 1968. One of the men with the gun may be Dennis Marsh, the man said to have helped kill the Sasquatch.

This is an absolutely amazing of a dead Sasquatch said to have been shot dead north of Casper, Wyoming in 1968. Dennis W. Marsh, the same man who photographed the Sasquatch in Arkansas, is said to have shot and killed this Sasquatch.

What is fascinating is that this is an old story in Sasquatch lore than has been going around the community forever. I discussed it in my long piece listing all reports of claimed Sasquatch kills, bodies, burials and funerals up to the present. The photo goes along with this story:

1968: North of Casper, Wyoming. Three men, including Dennis W. Marsh, were hired by a rancher to kill a Sasquatch that was killing his cows and sheep by tearing off their legs. Afterward, the body was picked up by a government helicopter and taken to a research facility in Almogordo, New Mexico to be autopsied and studied. Government coverup. Reported by Ray Crowe.

As you can see, this is another story of a government coverup. Apparently the government found out about this killed Sasquatch quite quickly, rushed to the scene, grabbed the Sasquatch and then sent a helicopter to come pick it up and haul it off to a government lab in Almogordo, New Mexico. I do not know much about that region, but I believe that where we have nuclear weapons testing labs. This is also where the first nuclear bombs were tested before we used them on Japan.

Marsh said his companions killed another Sasquatch in Alabama at some later date and this time the government got mad at him and told him to quit killing these things or else. The disposition of the Alabama kill or the circumstances surrounding it are not known.

Dennis photographed this Sasquatch in Fayetteville Arkansas in 1997.

Dennis Marsh photographed this Sasquatch in Fayetteville, Arkansas in 1997.

I really do think this is a Sasquatch, especially with the other photos to go along with it and the fascinating Wyoming photo. Notice the huge size of the figure and the odd stance it is taken as it appears to be frozen. The resemblance to the Hovey Sasquatch is striking. That’s not a man in a suit. I guess it could be a statue, but then he had to make two other statues for the other photos, and that makes no sense.

Arkansas Sasquatch uproots a huge stump to throw at Dennis.

Arkansas Sasquatch uproots a huge stump to throw at Dennis Marsh.

The Sasquatch in this photo is said to be pulling a huge stump out of the ground to throw it at Marsh. Amazingly, the photo appears to be of just that. That figure is massive. That is not a man in a suit. It could be a statue, but now we have a man making multiple statues.

Arkansas Sasquatch walking away. Notice the resemblance to Patty.

Arkansas Sasquatch walking away from Dennis Marsh. Notice the resemblance to Patty.

This amazing photo shows the same Sasquatch, this time walking away. It is indistinct, but I call your attention to the right leg that is kicked up in back at precisely the same angle that Patty’s is. If you have seen Thinker Thunker’s video showing how humans and Sasquatch walk completely differently and how the Sasquatch gait cannot be reproduced by humans, we see a perfect image of that right here.

Note also the right foot lifting up. Remember in the Patty footage when she lifts up her feet as she walks away. The soles of her feet appeared white, precisely the same color as this Sasquatch. This one actually could be a dead ringer for Patty. Sasquatch palms also appear white in a lot of footage in a similar anatomical development. Talking with a friend of mine who works at the Smithsonian, he said it was his opinion that the soles were not really white but instead they may be light grey. He felt the palms might be the same color, but he was clear that neither the palms nor the soles were actually white. He had an explanation for why the grey bottom skin on the extremities looks white, but it eludes me at the moment.

A few photos here. First a smaller photo of apparently Dennis and another man with the Sasquatch Dennis shot in 1968. Bottom left is a sideways view of the 1997 Arkansas Sasquatch walking away. Bottom right is the 1997 Arkansas Sasquatch uprooting a stump to throw at a human.

A few photos here. First a smaller photo of a man who may be Dennis Marsh and another man with the Sasquatch Marsh helped shoot in 1968. Bottom left is a sideways view of the 1997 Arkansas Sasquatch walking away from Marsh. Bottom right is the 1997 Arkansas Sasquatch uprooting a stump to throw at Marsh.

Here are the same photos in their original form as they came to me from Crowe. The two bottom photos were turned on their sides and we had to right them. We had to blow up the Wyoming photo. I think Marsh may be the man with the rifle. I am not sure who the man with the pistol is.

Self-explanatory markup of the Wyoming Killed Sasquatch photo from 1968. The Sasquatch appears to be covering its face with its arms in a very similar fashion as the famous video of Matilda the Sleeping Sasquatch out of Kentucky 2005.

Self-explanatory markup of the Wyoming Killed Sasquatch photo from 1968. The Sasquatch appears to be covering its face with its arms in a very similar fashion as the famous video of Matilda the Sleeping Sasquatch out of Kentucky 2005.

One of my sources does excellent graphics work, and he manipulated all of these photos for me. He also marked up the photo above. The markup is based on his theory and is not mine. I do not know what to say about this theory except that it is possible that the markup is just what we are seeing here.

Here is his statement about the markup above:

OK, so here is a diagram/comparison of what I think is most likely the image configuration. In the wild, I and others have observed that the Sas often cover mouth and nose reflexively to hide. The dying Sas probably did the same.

This is a photo of what is apparently two Sasquatches in Canada. There is a small one at the top, once again covering its face with its forearm. On the left is the shoulder of another Sasquatch.

This is a photo of what is apparently two Sasquatches in Canada. There is a small one at the top, once again covering its face with its forearm. On the left is the shoulder of another Sasquatch.

I have no idea what is in this photo above. Here is my graphics guy’s description of it:

The other image here is of a very wooly Canadian Sas similar to Matilda @ Kentucky. This young Sas is holding the right hand over nose and mouth. To the left is the shoulder of an adult Sas. In upper center is the squinty right eye, the left eye (also squinting) is ringed with lighter fur. Below the eyes is the right hand, fingers bent. The right pinky is below the left eye. It is a large image, so zoom out a bit to see it.

I cannot see any of these things that he refers to. Hopefully I can get a marked up image of this photo also. I also know nothing whatsoever about the back story of this very odd photo.

The end.

I have quite a bit more to write about (a ton of notes), but I will save that hopefully for a later post.


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Bigfoot News November 10, 2014

Here is my statement on the recent purported killing of a Bigfoot in Pennsylvania by Rick Dyer.

Statement on the recent Bigfoot shooting:

A friend asks: Any new Bigfoot news? What’s your opinion on Dyer’s latest claim on killing another Bigfoot?

My response: Not much in the way of new Bigfoot news. I do not know what to think about it.

A good friend of mine named Walter Shrum is said to have seen it, and he reportedly drove four hours to go look at it, and he swears to God it is real. For the life of me I do not understand why he would lie, but maybe I don’t know him as well as I think I do. From what I know of him, he seems to be a very decent, straight up, rather conservative “redneck” rural American with strong Protestant Christian beliefs. He does indeed reside in Southwest Pennsylvania where this Bigfoot was supposedly shot.

Another good friend of mine, Rex Dutton, saw a photo of it via some photo share program that Rick showed him and issued a description of it. Here is Rex’s description along with what seems to be a statement by one or two other parties:

I saw a creature laying on the ground, and then 45 minutes later tied upside down between two trees. That creature was totally covered in brown or reddish brown hair. Only his feet, hands and face were partially not covered in hair. The hands were large and blackish, and so were the feet. But his humanoid face was bluish looking. Both Rick and I spoke about how blue his face was. Mr Dyer allowed me to see this by iPhone FaceTime…

Very broad shoulders…

Earlier Rick mentioned height and weight at 5′ 10” & 350 to 400 lb, so my guesstimation is I’d say he’s a Shorty Sasquatch.

Rick said anyone could come and see it. I’m in Maryland, so I’d love to see it :). Walter Shrum drove for hours at Mr Dyer’s invitation and saw the body with his wife. So proud for Walter. “Searching For Bigfoot” is a great song!

The nose is wide at the nostrils, yet skinny on the bridge. Weirdest thing is the facial skin not covered in hair is blue. But the eyes are huge and alien looking. Does not look human and does not look like an ape. Oh, and the back of the hand is not hairy, but leathery. It almost looks like an armored glove? Just thought you guys would be interested. They started taking precautions against parasites and diseases, as you saw, and it smelled bad. I think that about sums up about all I know that I am allowed to share. Official confirmation tomorrow. Then wow!

The problem here is that the promised official confirmation never took place, as with so many things Dyer. Rick Dyer and broken promises go together like peanut butter and jelly.

Now maybe Rex saw a real Bigfoot or maybe he saw a dummy, but he saw something for sure because I know for a fact that Rex doesn’t lie. Then again, I do not think Walter lies either, but I don’t know Walter as well as I know Rex.

But Rick has not provided us with any evidence that this Bigfoot exists other than his word, so at the moment, we know nothing.

I know that it was said to be a young Bigfoot, possibly an adolescent, and the sex was not given. It was supposedly shot in Southwest Pennsylvania by the four guys and they all shot at once, so we don’t know who killed it. The Bigfoot was shot at some locale where the residents had been feeling it regularly, so it was semi-habituated to humans, similar to the Bigfoot “Hank” rumored but never proven to have been killed also by Dyer in San Antonio in 2012.

Rick released a photo said to be of the Bigfoot. A friend of mine sent it to me and said it definitely shows the dead Bigfoot, but honestly I could not make out much of anything in the photo. The photo shows Rick and Biff pointing at some furry object lying on the ground with sticks. So that photo is definitely inconclusive.

Rick then released a photo of Rick and Biff standing in front of two trees and what looks like a Bigfoot hanging from the tree in between them. But the Bigfoot’s features are blurred out with a blur tool, so we do not know what it is. Maybe it is a Bigfoot, maybe it’s a dummy, who knows?

But Rick made some big promises about this thing, and then it seems to have vanished off the face of the Earth. He did not fulfill even one of his grandiose early promises including scientific confirmation which adds a layer of dubiousness to the story.

At the moment, there is no good, hard, conclusive scientific evidence whatsoever that Rick has killed a Bigfoot in Pennsylvania or for that matter that he has killed a Bigfoot anywhere at any time.

On the other hand, as with the Hank story, no one has ever proven that Rick did not kill a Bigfoot that night in Texas either, and this story is the same: the naysayers are insisting that this is another hoax, but they have not proven that either. To sum it up, there is no proof that Rick killed this Bigfoot, but on the other hand, there is no proof that this is a big hoax either. The matter, as with so many things Bigfoot, remains frustratingly inconclusive.

Bottom line as with all his claims, is “Prove it, Rick.”

A very in depth and excellent treatment of the matter, including all of the relevant statements and photos, can be found at Randy’s blog here and here.

Sorry this is so brief but I am too tired to write much more and also my back hurts.


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Bigfoot News October 19, 2014

Additional evidence in favor of the Stacy Brown story. As you remember, I broke a story a while back about Stacy Brown being offered $500K for a supposed Bigfoot arm he dug up, selling it to a man from Ohio, then buying an alligator arm from a taxidermist and pitching it around to everyone as the Bigfoot arm to the point of even having it DNA tested to prove it was an alligator arm.

Most people have rejected this story, in particular, Randy did over at his blog. His idiot supporters claim that Randy proved that I was wrong. He did no such thing. He simply laid out the evidence and made his case that the story was not true. That’s all he did. He didn’t prove one single thing. As it stands now, no one has proven that the story is either true or false.

But I recently got corroboration from a second party about this story. This man is widely known in the community and has a good reputation. He is not a researcher so much as he is a reporter. Keep in mind that this man, though we are acquaintances, does not necessarily agree with me. In fact, he is dubious of a lot of my breaking stories because he thinks too many of them lack good supporting evidence. However, he did think there was something to this one. This is what he told me on October 1:

Hi…I was told by a reader and Bigfooter (who I believe to be honest) approx two weeks ago (on September 16) that Stacy Brown and an associate had a scheme in order to sell an actual Bigfoot arm (he said ‘body part’) to an enthusiast. I hadn’t heard or read anything else…but when I read your information, it seemed to be on the same wavelength.

Well at least the story has been corroborated coming from an independent source. That doesn’t mean it is true. But it does mean that it is not just coming from me – it is coming from independent sources also.

The nonsense about Rick Dyer. While there are some sites that milk the Dyer rumor mill for all it is worth, I have given up on it entirely. I must be honest and tell you that I and many of my friends and colleagues feel burned by Rick. He ripped off a lot of people, including us. That’s what he does. He rips people off. He’s a con artist. He doesn’t know how to do anything other than con.

About whether or not Rick shot a Bigfoot, whether he shot at it and missed, whether he shot at it, hit it and wounded it, whether he shot it and killed it, we will simply never know. However, I feel that it is quite clear that Rick was shooting at real Bigfoots that night. That is also a real Bigfoot in the Tent Video. And in Shooting Bigfoot, there are two real Bigfoots in the night scene – the first one that Rick is shooting at (maybe he misses it, maybe he hits it and wounds it, and maybe he kills it), and the second one that knocks Morgan Matthews down. There may also be a baby Bigfoot there. You can hear audio that sounds like one.

To me it is simply obvious that those are real Bigfoots in the Tent Video and in Shooting Bigfoot. The Dyer-haters have gone into conniptions trying to prove that this footage is faked, and they have failed utterly and completely. They have never produced the mask, costume or stunt man for the Tent Video. They have never produced anyone confessing it is fake. They have never produced the stunt men (two of them), masks, and costumes used by the stunt men in Shooting Bigfoot either, and they have had a lot of time. They have never produced one statement from anyone around the film stating that the scene was faked.

If those are obviously real Bigfoots in the night scenes, we know that Rick is shooting real bullets at them. How do we know this? Because Morgan Matthews stated that Rick was shooting real bullets that night. But after that, we know little. We do not know if the bullets missed the Bigfoot or hit it. And if they hit it, did they wound it or kill it? No one knows. Not only that, but we will probably never know, so there is not much point fighting about it. The anti-Dyer case is profoundly weak and truly preposterous. It rests on many absurd assumptions that defy all logic and common sense. Nevertheless, 99% of our community believes them totally.

Morgan Matthews was in on a hoax to hoax Bigfoot footage in a documentary movie. That is truly ridiculous. Anyway, documentaries must be truthful and cannot include faked or hoaxed footage.

The Bigfoots were produced with stunt men, masks, costumes or CGI. There are no credits for costume designers, special effects studios, stunt men or CGI in the final credits. There would have to be if any of those were used in the footage. The notion that Matthews would use any of these and not give credit for them is insane.

The entire scene was hoaxed by the film crew: You would think that with all the people in on this hoaxed movie, someone would have come forward now. That no one has come forward blowing the whistle is truly bizarre.

Masks, stunt men, and costumes were used. The problem is where are these masks? Where are these costumes? Which special effects studio produced them, if any? Matthews was operating on a tight budget and so was Rick. They could not afford to hire a fancy special effects studio. Then Rick would have had to have made them himself. How could Rick Dyer have made two of the greatest Bigfoot masks and costumes ever produced? Makes no sense at all.

The Bigfoot that hit Morgan is holding up a mask. They never proved that.

The Bigfoot that hits Morgan has a face that does not move. I do not believe this is important, nor does it prove that it is not a mask. Anyway, I am told that the face does move.

Morgan was slapped down and beat up by a stunt man: Matthews was beat up fairly bad after his encounter. Apparently all the Bigfoot/stunt man did was slap him down with its bare hand. Can you show me how any stunt man on Earth can slap another human being onto the ground with a bare palm, leaving them badly beat up by being slapped? Not possible. No way.

Morgan Matthews lied and said those were real bullets when they were really blanks. Come on. Get real now.

Rick was shooting real bullets, but he was shooting them at his stunt man, and he was deliberately missing. I do not think even Rick is nuts or evil enough to do so.

Matthews admitted that a stunt man in a costume knocked him over. The quote below is typical of this attitude. Yet it is 100% untrue. Nevertheless, probably 99% of our community believes this:

MM did end this. At the film showing in Edinburgh, when asked what had attacked him, he said he knew it was someone in a costume.

Yes, and that is not what he said in Edinburgh at all. In fact, I do not think he even addressed the question in Edinburgh.

Matthews admitted that the body was a fake. He did no such thing. Here is an example of this line:

Matthews admitted privately to someone closely connected to the movie that the so called “tent” video never happened and the alleged Bigfoot seen in Shooting Bigfoot was a guy in a suit.

Totally fake story. Apparently this is a deliberate lie put out by the Dyer haters. The Dyer haters put out and endless series of deliberate lies, passed out fake info and lies as truth to all sorts of good people, and just in general behaved with horrifying depravity all through this episode. The worst lie manufacturer of all was a scumbag named Don Boucher.

This man invented an endless series of lies and tall tales all proving that this was a scam. If I am not mistaken, the execrable Mr. Boucher made up this lie too and then passed it out as truth. I might add that liars like this guy make it all harder for us to do our job. I am sure that even Dyer haters like Randy do not appreciate being fed lies and crap from his own team. After all, Randy appears interested in uncovering the truth as many of us are.

Now we get to the meat of the story. The body. Rick has so massively and totally bungled this end of the story with his lying, cheating, stealing and general horrific criminal and sociopathic behavior that even if there is a body (still a possibility) I am quite certain that it will never see the light of day. Why? Because Rick Dyer destroyed this story so badly that any body that might exist can never be allowed to turn up. If you think this is odd, check out my past stories about Bigfoot shootings and killings.

There are over 100 documented Bigfoot shootings and 43 documented Bigfoot killings. Now we do not know if any of these are real. Those are just stories. But there are nearly 200 shooting stories and 43 killing stories. What do we have to show from all of that? We have jack. Nothing. F-all. Were there any real Bigfoots shot  or killed in those 250-odd cases? Really no one knows. Not only that, but no one will ever know. Maybe they were, maybe they weren’t. Maybe there have been bodies in the past, maybe there haven’t. Maybe the stories are true, and maybe they aren’t. No one knows.

It’s all a big mystery. I would like to suggest that the Rick Dyer shooting and killing go down in history along with these other 250-odd tales of Bigfoots being shot and/or killed. I suppose it’s about as likely to be true as any of those other stories, and it has about as much evidence for truth as any of those other stories, which is zip, jack all, nada, nothing, none.

I think this is a good place to leave the Rick Dyer story. What could have been a great story, possibly even including a body, was utterly destroyed via the incompetence, sinister behavior, criminality and sociopathy of a two-bit con man and crook named Rick Dyer. Rick has now poisoned the well so badly that nothing truthful or provable can ever come out of this story. And we may as well just leave it at that.

The main problem here is that the finest Bigfoot footage since the Patterson film, the Tent Video and the Shooting Bigfoot footage, is now also tainted for all of time. The finest Bigfoot footage ever shot is now regarded by 99% of our community as a pitiful hoax. And the sole reason for that is because this killer footage is associated with Rick Dyer. Because it is associated with Dyer, it is hoaxed, goes the obvious logical fallacy. If we can get over the unproductive and probably unprovable argument over a body which will in all probability never turn up anyway, we ought to be talking about the movie footage. But we aren’t. And we never will. And that is a tragedy.

Charges never answered. Rick-haters have posted these questions a long time ago. It is very interesting that none of these questions have been answered, even partially. These questions revolve around the idea that the San Antonio footage was a hoax:

1. Whose idea it was.
2. How the whole thing was developed.
3. Who was in on it: Dyer, Musky, FBFB, Matthews, some of them, all of them?
4. When Musky came into it.
5. What role FBFB played in funding, whether it was as collaborators or supporters.
6. How and when the Tent Video was made.
7. Who was in on it during the doc filming, and what costume was used.
8. Whether Matthews was in on it altogether, and if not then why he agreed to keep quiet and play along rather than expose Dyer’s outrageous assault, which arguably would have been a more devastating conclusion to a film about desperate men
9. Whether Dyer will ultimately escape the wrath of those with grievances against him

It is stunning that skeptics are no closer to answering any of these questions than they were when those questions were published. The problem is that none of those questions can be answered because they are all based on a false premise that the San Antonio footage was hoaxed.

Other players. The problem with the nutty conspiracy line is that it has to include all sorts of people. We can’t just agree that Rick is a scumbag who took a lot of good folks, for a ride, nope! His victims have to be in on it!

Here is something of the idiocy being tossed about attempting to implicate FB/FB and Musky Allen in “the hoax,” which incidentally they have never proven to be a hoax. If they mean the fake body, then clearly FB/FB were badly burned victims here, and Musky, instead of being in on it, was the hoax-buster who uncovered it and pulled the plug!

There is not one single word of truth in any of the following:

Matthews must have at least planned the end scenes with Dyer. If Matthews was attacked by a real Bigfoot (which he wasn’t), then Dyer’s story about shooting one would most likely stand up. (which it didn’t) If there was a dead Bigfoot body then a professional cameraman would have conclusive, in-focus 100% undeniable footage (Which there isn’t any).

Plainly Matthews movie set out to take the piss out of redneck Bigfoot hunters, He got all the redneck stuff but needed a big finale, what better than “I was attacked by a Bigfoot…believe it or not.” Then he went home and kept his mouth shut so he could air his movie, mission accomplished. He used Dyer as a the egotistical fool he is, then pissed on him, so good on MM.

FB/FB were coming out with a book and needed promotion, when they heard dyer was in a BF movie = they paid dyer thousands to help promote the book. Lynk and Clancy said someone gave him thousands$.

Of course MM was in on it you fools. If he didn’t agree to keep his mouth shut in some form of agreement with Dyer he would have blabbed about Dyer lying.

Mathews needed a ending for his movie, otherwise that movie was just another yawn fest BF documentary.

FB/FB wanted to push sales on their sorry book which wouldn’t of sold any with out the hype of this hoax.

Rug Boy paid Musky Allen = as soon Allen gets paid he does interview with FB/FB on Youtube about viewing the body.

There’s no way Matthews wasn’t in on it. Come on…they’re out in the woods together, just the two of them? How does Dyer coordinate a hoax on Matthews out there? Matthews may be a sissy but he didn’t become a successful director by being oblivious to what’s going on around him.

I just moseyed over to for the first time in a while and there’s a pretty interesting discussion that’s been going on in the comments among Larry Perkins and some others. We have to remember that this has to go deeper than Dyer to have gone so far, and we need to be as enraged at his accessories (or handlers) as much as him. In my mind that includes Matthews and Issleb, but I’ve been back-and-forth about “Jack Barnes.”

The recent comments over there, including some long ones from Perkins, actually have put me back onto thinking FBFB was in on it…you just can’t look past their claims that seven people and two MD’s examined the body and thought it was real, or at least couldn’t say it wasn’t. That is absolutely laughable.

Was it a psychological experiment? A scam to sell books? Both? They and Musky have been tied together so closely from the beginning, culminating in their trip to see Musky after the premiere to get him to verify the creature when the movie didn’t cause a stir.

They actually claimed to show him many frames from the film which “Musky” absolutely verified as the same creature he saw, and which they then claimed they deleted because of “copyright concerns” without showing anyone else…no other researchers or anyone saw it but Musky. Why not show someone with real credibility if it was truly better than PGF??? Even in private???? That was the big clue right there that they had to make up a quick scenario to keep things going, and it worked.

I’ve been back and forth but now I’m back. Consider that “Jack Barnes” is a successful businessman with a lot of money to blow…these kinds of men are not wishy-washy doormats such as the profile that’s been created to support the theory that he was not in on it. Being calculating and devious is one way to build a fortune, but being a starry-eyed fool is decidedly not.

I strongly disagree that Dyer should be held totally separate from Matthews and Musky and FBFB. It’s a matter of degree.

Dyer may be the ugly face of the thing, and he may regularly go rogue with horrible actions that they wouldn’t condone, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t responsible for creating the monster and constantly nourishing it.

If Matthews and Dyer cooked this up, then Dyer is the instrument, but Matthews is just as culpable and should be held equally accountable for all of Dyer’s misdeeds. Even if Dyer pulled the hoax on Matthews and he simply “went with it,” its really no different. That’s true in any court of law and should be true in this case.

Surely Musky is equally accountable. Whether he planned it with Dyer or came in as an “accessory after the fact” is strictly a matter for the sentencing judge.

As for Barnes and the FBFB gang, they either helped plan and finance it; came in after the incident to promote their agenda; or were duped and just ran with it. Again, it’s a matter of degree.

Dyer could not have done this without Matthews, Musky, and Barnes. Barnes is the only one who could be completely innocent (except of being a fool), but that is looking less likely day by day.

The idea that Matthews or Musky should be applauded for sticking it to Dyer after collaborating with him is giving Dyer too much credit and giving them too much benefit of the doubt. Whatever Matthews and Musky may have done “to” Dyer (lessening the impact of the movie’s BF footage and exposing the fake tour body, respectively), it’s not the same as them totally going “state’s evidence” with clear confessions that publicly hang Dyer out to dry.

And the “Matthews is just a filmmaker” arguments ring hollow to me. He didn’t make Citizen Kane. If anything, exposing Dyer in the film or at any point afterward would have heightened the profile of a film that’s turned out to be just another one of a million documentaries no one cares about anymore. As as Dyer started pulling his shenanigans like accusing Liam Gray of bestiality, Matthews was the only one who could have shut him down, and he didn’t.

Documentary be damned…but Matthews was in too deep I think, and would have exposed his own complicity. At the very least he would have to admit that his “documentary” hedged on telling the whole story, which could affect his reputation. He wasn’t “hyping” a movie like it was some Hollywood blockbuster, he was keeping his ass covered.

That’s my belief at least.

Musky Allen. The argument is that Musky was in on the “hoax” from the very start. They have never proven this. In fact, they have never presented the tiniest bit of evidence that he was in on any sort of a hoax at any time. In fact, the best evidence indicates that he actually uncovered the part of this even that was hoaxed – the fake body taken on tour. So instead of being a hoaxer, Musky instead is the opposite. He is just like the folks at Randy’s blog – a hoax-buster!

The report with resulting audio of Musky’s visit to look at the body of Hank in some government facility has never been disproven, despite tremendous effort expended to do so. I find the report to be very convincing, but then that means that there had to be a body, for which there is not a lot of evidence. In fact, some of the only evidence in favor of a body is Musky’s testimony.

The problem is that Musky’s testimony has not been proven true either. Did he go see a real body at this facility? Was he shown a fake body? Was the physician there at the time a stunt man placed there by Rick? Was this a real government facility? Where was it located? Which branch of the government had the body? Why did the body smell like formaldehyde and embalming fluid?

The truth is that just as skeptics can not and will probably never prove that the Musky body-viewing was made up and never occurred, those of us who find it convincing in spite of the fact that it implies a body will probably never be able to prove that the Musky episode occurred at all. Perhaps it happened. Perhaps he was shown a fake with stunt men. Perhaps he made up the whole thing and is such a great actor that he ought to move to Hollywood.

In Bigfoot history, once again there is nothing new here. If you look at my past body reports, you will see that there have been a number of cases of witnesses reporting that bodies were taken by government officials or were taken to government labs or research hospitals to be studied. The stories have never been proven, but they have never been shown to be lies either. They are just unsolved mysteries which will remain so for all of time. And so it is with the Musky Allen body viewing story – another mystery that will never be solved.

Even more dubious is that Musky was in on “the hoax” from the very start. All  accounts suggest that Musky was a particularly belligerent loudmouthed skeptic who dared Rick to prove his body claim. Rick then took him up on the offer. He later produced a Paul on the road to Damascus audio in which he seemed, stunned, shocked, emotional and newly converted to an unwanted but necessary belief that these creatures were real.

He then reluctantly takes up with Rick based on his conversion experience. Much nonsense follows, including an episode in which he taints all prior testimony by admitting to lying a few times, first about the location of the body and then about feeling me wrong information (which he never did). Sorry this story also has a sorry and sleazy ending, but the skeptics have still never proven that Musky was “in on the hoax.” In fact, other than the fake body, there have never proven that the rest of the story was a hoax at all, try as they might.

Facebook Find Bigfoot. These guys are some of the true losers in this event. They got taken for a ride badly with Rick’s fake body, investing $50,000 in what turned out to be an elaborate hoax that even fooled two physicians. Their reputation in the community is very poor, which is sad because they are very good people. They are regarded as hoaxers and of course they are not. Both are furious at Rick and are considering taking legal action against him, which I can now report for the first time.

What about Andrew Clacy? Just another guy who got played. Andrew is a rather sleazy person, as you can see in the report below someone who knew this scammer back when he was in high school. But then again, this is Late Capitalism we are living in now, and just how many successful folks are not scammers in one way or another anyway? You scam, you win, you play fair, you lose. Late Capitalism is a pond where the scum rises to the top. Virgins and altar boys live hand to mouth when they are not homeless and living out of their cars.

I went to school with Andrew Clacy and now live in the same town. He was full of it at school, and many of his Internet sites prey on the gullible & lonely ( funny that’s how I would describe Clacy). I only got interested in this when Clacy went on local TV saying he was going on tour with a dead Bigfoot.

Straight away I new it would be a hoax. Then I researched Dyer and it all fitted together. I listened to Clacy’s interview and it sounded just like school days. “It wasn’t me miss, I didn’t do it, he made me”. Strangely though he is dumb enough to have been sucked in. But he did say at the start he knew for sure it was real, and he did take part in fleecing money from people. Seems all involved are full-time losers. Glad people are waking up to Clacy. He got blood (if not from a Bigfoot) on his hands.

I do not believe that this is accurate. As we can see, back in school days, Clacy saw the economic writing on the wall and decided to be a successful scammer, er, I mean capitalist! He got involved in the Internet “industry,” surely one of the slimiest, dirtiest and filthiest scam-filled capitalist cesspools, er, I mean industries, on Earth. It’s utterly unregulated, so it’s crawling with liars, cheaters and thieves. In fact you will probably run across 50 people trying to rip you off on the Internet for every one you find in real life. That’s because fraud in real life is illegal (except in India) except on the Internet, where fraud is apparently perfectly legal, thanks to the “don’t regulate the Internet” scum screaming at the top of their lungs every time we try to do something about it.

I figure Clacy figured this was another one of his barely legal Net type scams from the start. He wasn’t sure if the thing was real or not. He didn’t say it was real from the start. I have an inside quote from him from inside TT where he says he is 70% sure it is real. As the tour went on, I have no idea what he thought, but I am certain that he was not certain it was a fraud. We are told that he was getting more and more angry and suspicious as the tour went on.

After Musky and Jeff Barnes uncovered the fake body, Clacy immediately packed up shop and left disgustedly, which was the proper and decent thing to do. I doubt if he did this because his scam was now uncovered. He probably did it because it was the respectable thing to do, and because he was angry at being one more victim of Rick’s scams.

And here is the latest nutty news about Rick. Quote:

Big news on the Rick Dyer front.

Bigfoot press conference will be in Atlanta on Jan 15 2015, Dyer says Hank has been in Georgia since Sept 12, 2012. There will be 26 experts who worked on Hank speaking at the presser. Hank is frozen in a large case and will eventually go to a museum. Dyer invited David Durrett and Pinkfoot to come back if they want. Press conference will be in a 400 plus venue, 100 seats for press. Dyer to release photo of freezer truck and photo of Hank dead. Yikes.

Well, this is most interesting, but Rick has promised us this press conference for some time now, and over and over, it has proven to be a false alarm. It is time to yawn at all of these claims and say put up or shut up. If and when Rick has a body, he needs to show it to us, fake or not. Then we will evaluate if it is even real, as this scumbag has already presented us with two fake bodies. If he has a real body, great. He will go down in history, though this honor could not happen to a less deserving person. Until then, we should not put much stake in this boy who cried wolf announcements.

Update: Rick has recently stated that this press conference may be delayed again and there is a good possibility that it will not even occur. So here we go again, with the endless delays. Really this guy needs to be ignored until once again he shows us something we can examine.

Great Wild Bigfoot Tales. Some great stories about close human Bigfoot encounters, including Bigfoots being hit by trains and trucks, being shot at by teams of humans and a man who was attacked and kill by a Bigfoot. The man even has a name! Note, about the man killed in Alaska, should we not try to track down his relatives or ancestors?

Bigfoots Hit by Vehicles

Unknown City, Hwy 101 location, January 1973. A truck driver hit a 7 foot Bigfoot on US 101. The front of the logging truck was badly damaged, but there was no report on the condition of the Bigfoot.”

Powers, Oregon. One Bigfoot was hit by a train, and a farmer kept it in a barn until it was better.

Portland, Oregon. A Bigfoot was hit and was on the side of the road.

The Apes Among Us, by John Green

Nulato, Alaska: Albert Petka of Nulato, AK was attacked by a reported Bigfoot on his boat. His dogs drove the creature off, but Mr. Petka later died of his injuries.

The Historical Bigfoot, by Chard Arment

Meadville, Mississippi: In 1868, a hair-covered, bipedal creature was pursued by hunters with hounds after terrorizing people in Meadville, MS. The hounds chased the creature westward to the banks of the Mississippi River where they bayed it. When the hunters got there, they urged the dogs onward, and the dogs tried to catch it (dogs are commonly used to catch wild hogs, etc.).

The creature killed one of the dogs, and the men began to fire at it, at which time it leaped into the river and swam for the other side. It should be noted that the river is very wide at this point.


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Bigfoot News Birthday Edition Part 2

Shocking news about the Stacy Brown “Bigfoot arm”: A Beyond Highbrow exclusive story!

The official story has already gone out. A possible Bigfoot arm was found on a man’s property in Florida. Stacy Brown’s team went to investigate and took possession of it. The original bone was said to be large and had some hair on it. A FWS biologist was called in, and he verified that it was a primate arm. Brown then issued a statement that they were going to have the arm tested. 11 days later, Brown released a story saying that the arm had been tested and had been proven to be an alligator arm.

Actually, the official story is not true. So what really happened?

Here is what happened.

The arm was found on a law enforcement official’s property in an area of heavy Bigfoot activity. The arm was dug up by a dog and had been worked by animals. The arm had hair on it. A FWS scientist was called in and said the arm was a primate. I know someone who saw the arm with hair on it and was there when the FWS made that determination. In order to believe Stacy Brown’s insane story, we have to believe that a FWS biologist is so stupid that he cannot tell a reptile arm from a mammal arm.

Within one hour after taking possession of the arm, Brown received a phone call from a very wealthy Bigfoot enthusiast in Ohio. He wanted to get involved. Brown said no. The man asked how much would it take you to give up that arm. Brown quoted a very high figure – I can now reveal that that figure was $500,000. The man bit, unbelievably enough. The sale was made immediately, and incredibly, the entire $500K was wired into Stacy’s account, and the arm was in the mail just like that.

Brown then started putting out fake stories about how they were going to test the arm even though they didn’t even have possession of it anymore. Very quickly, Brown called up a taxidermist friend and asked him how much it would cost to buy an alligator arm. The man quoted $600. Brown said fine and bought the reptile arm. They then put out a fake story about the arm being tested and having been proven to have been an alligator, all to cover up the huge amount that Brown made on the sale of the arm. Brown is now, like the man in Ohio, a rich man. He is also a great big liar. On the latter count, in Bigfootery, he has found a happy home.

My source for this information: An anonymous source very close to Beyond Highbrow has revealed this very exclusive information to us. I know him well and believe him implicitly. This man is extremely close to Stacy Brown. He was present when most of the important events in the above story occurred, in other words, this is eyewitness testimony. The source reports that some members of Brown’s team are disgusted and feel that Brown sold out Bigfootery for money. They feel that the arm may have been a real Bigfoot arm, but now it is off to some rich man, and we will never know what it was.

Because my new story will probably be torn to pieces, I will have a question and answer session below.

Where was the arm found? Somewhere in Florida.

Was it found on the property of a credible person? Yes, he is a law enforcement official who wishes to remain anonymous.

Is there activity in the area? Actually, there is a lot of Bigfoot activity in and around that property, including a trackway that was found before the arm.

How was the arm found? It was dug up by a dog.

Does that make sense? Yes, Bigfoots bury their dead.

What shape was it in? The bone had been worked over by animals.

Did it have hair on it? Yes, it had patches of brown hair on it.

Is the arm human? The LE official immediately ruled out human.

What is the arm? It is the arm of a non-human primate.

What did the arm look like? It was large enough that the team thought it could have been a juvenile Sasquatch. It also had a certain amount of hair on it.

Where any photos released? Yes, two photos were released. The first one was said to be the original “primate arm,” and the second one was said to be the same arm after testing proved it was an alligator.

What was in the two photos? Both photos were of the alligator arm that was purchased by Stacy very soon after he acquired the primate arm. So skeptics are correct that that is an alligator arm in the photo, and they are also correct that both photos line up perfectly; indeed they do because they are two photos of the same alligator bone.

This is the original released photo, said to be a Sasquatch arm, was actually a gator arm purchased from a taxidermist.

This is the original released photo, said to be a Sasquatch arm but was actually a gator arm purchased from a taxidermist.

So Stacy lied and knowingly put out a photo of a known alligator bone and claimed it was a photo of the primate bone they found? Apparently this is what occurred.

Is there hair on the bone on either of the photos? Apparently not. What might be hair is just dirt, decomposed flesh or skin.

Was a photo of the actual primate arm ever released? Actually a photo was released! Photos were taken of the primate arm as soon as it was acquired, and one of these photos was uploaded to the site of Brown’s team (The Sasquatch Hunters) immediately. This photo stayed up for only a short time until the arm was sold to the man from Ohio. Then it was quickly taken down and shortly replaced with a photo of the newly acquired gator bone.

What about people who say that both photos line up perfectly so Brown’s story is correct? They are right. Both bones line up. That is because they are two photos of the same gator bone bought from a taxidermist. But that doesn’t prove Brown’s story is correct at all, of course.

This is the second photo of the same gator arm, this time said to be the "primate arm" after it was proven to be a gator. The same purchased gator arm was used for both photos.

This is the second photo of the same gator arm, this time said to be the “primate arm” after it was proven to be a gator. The same purchased gator arm was used for both photos.

Were any photos of the real primate bone taken? Yes, they were. See above.

Did you try to obtain some photos? Yes I did, but they were not available. Stacy has photos of the real bone, but he is keeping all of that very close to his chest.

What does the bone look like to you? I haven’t the faintest idea. I am not an anatomist, and I know nothing of what any sort of bones look like, mammal, reptile or otherwise. Don’t ask me.

Where does that leave us? The real arm is either the arm of an ape or monkey that was running loose in Florida or it is the arm of a Bigfoot.

How could an ape or a monkey be running loose in Florida? Reportedly there are monkeys and possibly even apes running loose in Florida having escaped from collectors and having been freed via recent hurricanes.

Is there any specific evidence that tell us whether the real arm was from  a monkey/ape or a Bigfoot? Not that I am aware of.

Will we ever hear about this primate arm again? Possibly no. The rich man has taken possession of it, and we may never hear of it again.

Why was the rich man so anxious to buy the arm? I have no idea.

How did the rich man figure out so quickly that the arm had been recovered? I have no idea.

Who is the rich man? I wish I knew.

Is Stacy Brown rich? He is now.

Is Stacy Brown a liar? Sure looks like it.

Is Bigfootery about Big Money? It sure can be, no?

Why is this post titled Birthday Edition? Put on your thinking cap.


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Bigfoot News Birthday Edition, 2014

Another Bigfoot body found!? Yes, that is correct. An excellent source has revealed to me that another Bigfoot body, or possibly part of a body, has been obtained somewhere in the United States.* I will hopefully have a lot more information about this shocking news in my next update. I will have more on this soon. The more you bug me about it, the quicker I may write it up. You may ask question about this body or partial body in the comments section. I will try to answer them there or possibly in a new post.

Sorry for not writing. But there really has not been much to write about in Bigfootery. Also I have been very tired. And plus I am sick and tired of all of the dangerous nutcases loose on the Bigfoot scene, a scene that has more frightening kooks in it than most other sociocultural scenes.

Lunatics to emerge. I fully expect the nutcases, mostly deriving from the anti-Dyer** movement (who are mostly quarantined at the moment over at Randy’s blog in order to keep them from infecting the rest of the scene with their deadly and nearly untreatable anti-Dyer virus), to come out in full force to smash down this latest news, just like they always do.

*I actually know a lot more about this than I am letting on here. I am just giving you a tidbit or two.

**And no, this body has nothing at all to do with a lunatic named Rick Dyer, thank God.


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New Bigfoot Photo out of Northern California!

What do you guys think?

What do you guys think?


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Bigfoot News July 12, 2014

List of Bigfoot shootings in chronological order. This post is going to be exclusively about the topic of reported incidents of humans shooting and/or killing Bigfoots from 1829 to the present day. I have a lot of other Bigfoot stuff to write about in my notes, but I am a bit overwhelmed by the many notes that I have. Please bear with me.

This is a post I have been working on for some time. I finally lost interest in it, and it does need a bit of updating with the Sierra Kills and the Shooting Bigfoot Rick Dyer incident. Both of these may be included in the list for this reason: the list is merely of purported or reported shootings or killings of Bigfoots by humans, and Justin and Rick definitely reported shooting Bigfoots and frankly presented us with more evidence than most of the other folks below have.

Anyone who wants to write up the Sierra Kills and/or Dyer incidents in an objective, reporter-style matter of fact way as a police dispatcher would report an incident that someone is calling in (descriptive only) is welcome to try their hand at it. What I mean by descriptive only is you just write down what Justin and Rick said happened in those incidents in reportorial style without commenting on the validity of the claim.

Obviously, none of these claims have panned out yet, but it is pretty amazing that for a creature that supposedly does not exist, we have so many excellent shooting stories, often from otherwise credible, ordinary day to day folks who have never been known to make things up or lie.

This is a good research piece, and nonprofit websites are free to repost it. Feel free to comment if you any new cases or if you can provide more information to any of the cases below.

Note: Long, runs to 61 pages.

Bigfoots Shot At, Shot and Wounded, or Shot Dead by Humans

Unknown date: Klakas Inlet, Southern Alaska. In far southern Alaska on Prince of Wales Island, a Bigfoot was shot and buried at the mouth of a stream on the north side of the inlet. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record.

Unknown date: Sonora, Mexico. Rich Grumley reported that a hunter shot and killed a Bigfoot, then buried it.

Unknown date: Desoto, Louisiana. A man’s dogs were fighting with a Bigfoot. The man then shot the Bigfoot. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record.

Unknown date: Lewis, Washington. A sheriff shot at a Bigfoot in a pasture. The Bigfoot tore down a fence while escaping. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record.

Unknown date: Skamania, Washington. A Bigfoot threw a rock at a truck. The truck driver then fired on the Bigfoot. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record.

Date unknown, modern era: Location unknown. A wealthy hunter shot and killed a Bigfoot, then paid a taxidermist to stuff it, and the specimen is on display in a ritzy country club on the East Coast. Reported by Ray Crowe.

Unknown date, modern era: Yankton, Oregon. Near the Colombia River north of Portland, a hunter shot a Bigfoot four times between the eyes and killed it. It rolled off the road. The man came back 24 hours later, and the body was gone. There was a set of three tracks, possibly a family group – a male, a female and a juvenile. Reported by Ray Crowe.

Unknown date, modern era, Amboy, Washington. Near Mt. St. Helens, a hunter reported that he shot and killed a male Bigfoot on an old logging road. Upon hearing that there was a $10,000 fine for killing a Bigfoot, the hunter hung up the phone on the researcher. Reported by Ray Crowe.

Unknown date, modern era: Pound, Virginia. Someone shot at a Bigfoot roaring outside his home at midnight with a 12 gauge shotgun. The shot missed. Reported by the Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Organization.

June 20, 1829: Okefenokee Swamp, Georgia. A team of hunters set out in an attempt to track down and kill a Bigfoot in the swamp. After tracking for two weeks, they were set upon by the Bigfoot one night. The men opened up with all their guns, but it seemed useless. Five of the men were killed by the Bigfoot, who then tore all of the men’s heads off. The surviving men opened up on the Bigfoot, finally killing it. Reported by Augusta Chronicle, March 12, 2000 – “Hunters Told of Swamp Creature’s Attack.”

Mid to late 1800’s: Bexar, Texas. The Legend of the Converse Werewolf. A rancher sent his 15 year old son into the woods to hunt and told him not to come back until he had killed a deer. The boy never came back. People went searching for him and found the boy’s dead and mutilated body. A Bigfoot was standing over it. The rancher fired a shot and chased the Bigfoot into the woods. The others in the search party reported that the rancher never made it back alive, apparently also killed by the Bigfoot. Reported by the Texas Bigfoot Research Conservancy.

1856: Ohio or West Virginia. Possible Bigfoot skeleton found with bullet holes in its skull. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record.

Late 1800’s: Winston, Alabama. A moonshiner shot a Bigfoot that was following his mule wagon.

October 1879: Williamstown, Vermont. Two men hunting in the woods were surprised by a Bigfoot. One shot and wounded it. The Bigfoot chased them out of the woods. Reported by the New York Times, October 18, 1879.

1882: Inyo, California. A man, Jack Ferral, shot a Bigfoot five times. Reported by the Inyo Register, March 19, 1981 referring to articles in the Bishop Creek Times of 1882, noted in the Bigfoot Co-op April 1981, p.2.

July 4, 1884: East of Yale, British Colombia. In the Fraser River Region, railroad men working on a British Colombia Express Company’s train stopped their train at what appeared to be someone sleeping near the tracks. After they stopped the train, a juvenile male Bigfoot woke up, barked and started to climb up a steep bluff. The workers decided to chase him. One got up above him on the slope and dropped a rock on the Bigfoot. It disoriented the Bigfoot enough that the men were able to get a rope around him, capture him and put him on the train.

They named the Bigfoot “Jacko.” Jacko had bruises on his head and upper body, and they assumed that he had gotten too near the edge of the bluff and had fallen over and landed, stunned, near the tracks. Jacko had been seen in the area where he was captured recently, but residents thought he was either a bear or a stray Indian dog.

Jacko was 4’7, weighed 127 pounds and was covered with shiny black hair. He was extremely strong. Jacko did not communicate other than making half-bark, half-growl sounds. He was fed berries and milk.

There are conflicting reports on what happened to Jacko. Some reports said he was taken into Yale where a man made a pet of him. Other reports said that Jacko escaped from the train before it got to Yale.

There are other reports that say this whole matter was a hoax, but I believe it was true. For one thing, John Green received a letter from Adele Bastin, whose mother remembered that people continued to talk of Jacko long afterward. Reported by The Colonist of Victoria, British Colombia, July 4, 1884. The best analysis of this incident was by Myra Shackley.

There are reports that soon after Jacko was captured, a Bigfoot matching Jacko’s description was shot and killed in the same general area by a group of men.

June 1885: Watauga County, North Carolina. Northwest of Seven Devils, NC. Roughly 15 to 20 miles northwest of Grandfather Mountain. A 13 year old Cherokee girl went to gather food along a creek. Then she heard gunshots. She hid under a bush because at that time it was dangerous for an Indian girl to be caught in the woods by a White man. She heard someone running down the hill.

As something ran past her, to her surprise she noted that it was a male Bigfoot. It seemed to have been wounded by the shots. The Bigfoot went down to the creek and buried itself in a pile of leaves, sticks, dirt and debris to the point where it was invisible. Then she heard the sounds of more people coming. She thought it was the White men so she left. Reported by the Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Organization.

1890: Brookings, Oregon. Two men shot and wounded a Bigfoot. The Bigfoot retaliated, slamming the men against trees and tearing them apart, killing them. Reported by the Bigfoot Track Record.

1900: Prince of Wales Island, Alaska. An Eskimo shot and buried a Bigfoot. The Eskimo came out of the forest onto the beach and was met face to face with a Bigfoot. He opened fire and killed the Bigfoot. He and two other Eskimos then buried the Bigfoot on the beach. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record.

1904: Lane, Oregon. On two separate occasions, men shot at Bigfoots that were prowling around their cabins. Both shots missed. In one case, the Bigfoot threw a rock at the man who shot at it. Reported by the Bigfoot Encounters website.

1905: Gardner Canal, British Colombia. On the coast of central British Colombia, a Bigfoot was shot and killed, but there are no further details. Reported on the British Colombia Scientific Cryptozoology Club website.

Summer 1917: Cass, Texas. A family coming home at night in a mule driven wagon was alerted by a screaming, advancing Bigfoot. The man shot at the Bigfoot, missed, and it ran away. Reported by the Texas Bigfoot Research Conservancy.

1917: Nowata, Oklahoma. Men shot at a Bigfoot that had gotten trapped inside of a barn. Reported by the Texas Bigfoot Research Conservancy.

1920’s: Walla Walla, Washington. Hunters shot and wounded a Bigfoot, but the Bigfoot ran away. A second Bigfoot appeared and threw boulders at the hunters. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record.

1920’s-1930’s: Lake, California. A man hunted red-haired wildmen that lived in caves above a lake. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record.

1921: Terrebone, Louisiana. Hunters killed a Bigfoot and dumped the body in an old well. Later a skeleton was found and taken to Tulane University, where it disappeared. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record.

1924: Deschutes, Oregon. A prospector shot a Bigfoot five times, but the Bigfoot was only wounded and ran away. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record.

1924: Ape Canyon, Washington. Near Mt. St. Helens, miners Marion Smith, Roy Smith, Fred Beck, Gabe Lefever and John Peterson, shot and killed a Bigfoot, which fell off a cliff into a river below. Other Bigfoots retaliated and bombarded their cabin with rocks. Reported by Fred Beck.

1928: South Bentnick Arm, near Bella Coola, British Colombia. On the coast of central British Colombia, George Talleo shot and killed a Bigfoot. He left the scene and did not come back. Reported by the Sasquatch-BC website.

1930: Kwaltwa Kitasu Bay, Swindle Island, British Colombia. Tom Brown saw a Bigfoot in the shallows at night. He shot at it, and it screamed. He went back the next day, but there was no body. Reported by John Green.

After 1937: Green River, Washington. In the Cascades east of Tacoma, a hunter saw a bear grubbing in a log and shot and killed it. Turned out he had killed a Bigfoot. Feeling that he had shot a “hairy man” (a human being), he buried it under a pile of rocks and never told anyone until he confessed on his deathbed. Reported by Datus Perry.

1940’s: Yukon Territory. An man saw a 10 foot Bigfoot and shot at it with a 30.06. Reported by John Green.

1940: Southeastern Missouri. Jared Sparks killed an apparent Bigfoot (he described it only as “like a gorilla”) that had been killing horses and cattle by tearing them apart. Disposition of body unknown. Reported by John Keel in Strange Creatures.

Fall 1941: Near Basket Lake, Manitoba. A 17 year old boy, Paul Shebaga, was hunting out of season shot and killed a Bigfoot that he thought was a moose. He left it in the forest because he thought it was human and because he was hunting out of season. He went back sometime later, and the body was gone. Shebaga has since died. Researchers who interviewed him found him a highly credible witness. Reported on BFRO site.

1943: Georgia, near the South Carolina border. A Bigfoot was shot and killed by shotguns, hit with 60 bullets after it was tracked by a group of men because it was killing sheep and calves by tearing off their legs. The reddish-brown Bigfoot was buried on the outskirts of town. Reported by Rich Grumley. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record.

Winter 1943: Clarke, Alabama. Three men spotlighting deer in river bottomlands shot a Bigfoot. The Bigfoot may have died, but they did not stay around long enough to find out. Reported by the Alabama Bigfoot website.

1946: Lebanon, Pennsylvania. A man shot a Bigfoot. Reported by Rick Berry, Bigfoot on the East Coast.

June 18, 1948: Franklin County, North Carolina. A Black family hunting in the woods at night shot and wounded a Bigfoot. It screamed, and they all ran away.

1949: Clackamas, Oregon. A man shot a Bigfoot that was eating a turkey. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record.

Fall 1949: Coos, Oregon. A man shot a Bigfoot chewing on a live cow. The Bigfoot was wounded and ran off. Reported by the BFRO site.

Early 1950: Near Boston, Georgia. A man shot at a Bigfoot when his dogs cornered it on a porch. Reported by Rick Berry, Bigfoot on the East Coast.

1950: Indiana, Pennsylvania. People shot a Bigfoot. Reported by Rick Berry, Bigfoot on the East Coast.

1951: Thomas, Georgia. A man shot at a Bigfoot next to a porch. Reported by Rick Berry, Bigfoot on the East Coast.

1953: Alder Creek Canyon, Sandy, Oregon. East of Portland, a hunter shot and killed a Bigfoot, then buried the body. Reported by Peter Byrne.

1956: Shasta, California. A man may have shot a Bigfoot. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record.

1957: Near Jackson, Tennessee. James M. Meacham shot repeatedly at a Bigfoot with no effect. Ivan T. Sanderson, Abominable Snowmen: Legend Come to Life, pp.122-3.

Late 1950’s: Cambridge Springs, Pennsylvania. A group of young people were sitting in a house waiting for a Bigfoot to come back as it had been banging on houses earlier in the night. The Bigfoot approached the house and ran away when people shot at it. Reported by Grover Krantz.

1957: Deschutes, Oregon. A hunter shot and killed a deer. A Bigfoot then ran out, grabbed the deer and started to run away with it. The hunter then shot the Bigfoot, but the Bigfoot was only wounded and made off with the deer. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record.

1958-1960: Overton County, Tennessee. A Bigfoot stealing chickens was shot dead by the owner of the chickens. They drove it around the area to see if anyone could identify it. Disposition of body unknown. Reported by Mary Green.

1959: Knoxville, Tennessee. A Bigfoot was shot at when it came near a man’s home. Reported by Fifty Years with Bigfoot: Tennessee Chronicles of Coexistence, by Mary Green, p. 192.

1959: Carroll County, Maryland. A police officer shot at a Bigfoot. Reported by Rick Berry, Bigfoot on the East Coast.

October 1959: South of Tenmile, Oregon. A black Bigfoot chased two boys up a hill and across a ridge. One of the boys shot the Bigfoot seven times with a 30.06 shotgun. The Bigfoot slumped down but then picked itself up and kept coming after them. Reported by John Green, The Sasquatch File, p. 19.

Summer 1960’s: Morris, Texas. Two girls sitting on a bed talking at night looked outside and saw a Bigfoot in their yard. They called their grandfather. He came with a rifle and shot the Bigfoot. The Bigfoot roared and ran away. Reported by the Texas Bigfoot Research Conservancy.

Winter 1960’s: Wildwood, California. A Bigfoot was spotted peeking in the windows at a dance held at the inn. A man ran outside to grab his 30.06 rifle from his pickup truck. He shot the Bigfoot, and it screamed and ran off. Men tracked it to the Trinity River where they lost the trail. Reported by Ben Foster, Williamsburg, Indiana.

1960’s: Douglas, Oregon: In the Cascades west of the Umpqua National Forest, a farmer shot a Bigfoot and then somehow managed to take it back to his house, where he left it outside. Other Bigfoots then came that night and retrieved the body. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record.

Winter 1960: Watson Bay, Roderick Island, British Colombia. Timothy Robinson and Samson Duncan shot at a small Bigfoot that they saw on a snow-covered beach. They found blood on the snow where it had been but were too afraid to follow the blood trail. Reported by John Green and Bob Titmus.

October 1963: Smith, Texas. Men hunting coons in the woods at night were alerted when dogs treed an animal. A beagle came running back, badly wounded with its guts hanging out of its body. The men came to the tree, and there was a Bigfoot in the tree with hounds circling around the trunk. The Bigfoot was howling and shaking the tree. One of the men shot the Bigfoot twice with a .22, but the Bigfoot only screamed even louder. The men all became frightened and ran away. Reported by the Texas Bigfoot Research Conservancy.

1965: Near Fouke, Arkansas. James Lynn Crabtree, age 14, shot a Bigfoot three times in the face, but the Bigfoot did not die. Reported by BFRO site.

1965: Yakima, Washington. A boy shot a Bigfoot but only wounded it. The Bigfoot then tore the boy apart, crushing his ribcage and killing him. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record.

1965: Kitimat, British Colombia. On the coast of central British Colombia, a Kitimat man shot and killed a Bigfoot near town. He was trying to drag the body away when other Bigfoots came out and tried to attack him. He barely escaped to his canoe. Reported on the British Colombia Scientific Cryptozoology Club website.

October 1965: Nisqually Hill, near Olympia, Washington. While driving at night, Russell Gels and Dennis Lensgrave saw a white 7 foot Bigfoot in their car headlights and shot at it. The Bigfoot ran away. Reported by The Sunday Olympian, October 24, 1965.

1966: Erie, Pennsylvania. Men shot at a Bigfoot. Reported by Rick Berry, Bigfoot on the East Coast.

January 1966: Wildwood, California. Bob Kelley and Archie Bradshaw saw a Bigfoot looking in their window. One of the men fired his shotgun at the Bigfoot and thought he hit it. The Bigfoot’s tracks were followed down to Hayfork Creek. Reported by the Redding, California Record Searchlight.

May 1966: Spillimacheen, British Colombia. A man watching two Bigfoots have sex while another watched shot the Bigfoot that was watching the other two but missed. The man was hunting grizzly bears at the time. Reported by the BFRO site.

Summer 1966: Near Richland, Washington: Several boys – Greg Pointer, Roger True, Tom Thompson, Carl and Jim Franklin, John McKnight, Alvin Anderson, Selby Green, Roger Howard, Bob McDonald and Ron Blackburn – saw an 8 foot whitish-gray Bigfoot and shot at it several times with no effect. Reported by John Green, Roger Patterson and Rene Dahinden.

October 1966: Near Yakima, Washington. Mike Corey’s dog was attacked by a Bigfoot. He shot at it as it ran away. Corey’s dog was later mysteriously killed. Reported by Roger Patterson.

Late 1960’s: Chuska Mountains, New Mexico. Two Navajo shepherds shot a Bigfoot. It ran wounded into a canyon. Two other Bigfoots helped it. Reported by a Mrs. Chessman in John Green, The Sasquatch File.

February 1967: Hartley Bay, British Colombia: Two men saw a Bigfoot on an island and shot it. It screamed and ran away. Reported by Bob Titmus.

May 1967: Wasco, Oregon. Dennis Taylor and his friends often watched Bigfoots crossing the highway near the cemetery while going from the hills to the river, usually around 11:30 PM. Several times they shot at them with various weapons. Once one was hit at close range with buckshot and it fell down. It leaped up and crashed through a barbed wire fence, taking out three fence posts. Reported on the Oregon Bigfoot website.

Fall 1967: Winlock, Washington: A grayish Bigfoot had been seen in a necking spot for high school students. Some high school boys went out with a 30.30 and took a shot at it, but it ran away. Reported by the BFRO site.

Fall 1967: By Chehalis River near Chehalis, Washington. Billy Brown was hunting when he saw an 8 foot tall white Bigfoot. He shot it in the head, and it screamed and ran into a swamp. Reported by Roger Patterson.

December 1967: Teton National Forest near Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Two college students from Marshalltown, Iowa – Lyle Bingaman and Mike Burton – shot and killed a Bigfoot, thinking it was a bear. They were terrified that they had killed a human being and that they would be prosecuted for murder so they left it where it fell. Reported by Peter Byrne.

1968: North of Carson, Wyoming. Three men were hired by a rancher to kill a Bigfoot that was killing his cows and sheep by tearing off their legs. Afterward, the body was picked up by a government helicopter and taken to a research facility in Almogordo, New Mexico to be autopsied and studied. Reported by Ray Crowe. Government coverup.

May 1968: Delphi, Indiana: A man and a woman were finishing their breakfast when a 5 foot tall “monkey” (Bigfoot) approached their residence. When the creature was 20 feet away from the door, the man gut-shot the Bigfoot in the stomach. It screamed, held its stomach and ran away. Reported by the Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Organization.

Autumn 1968: Point Isabel, Ohio. Larry Abbott, his father and Arnold Hubbard saw a 10 foot tall white Bigfoot. The men fired on it. It vanished in a white mist. Reported by Leonard H. Stringfield, Situation Red – The UFO Siege!, pp. 65-6.

After 1968: Alabama. The same man involved in the Carson, Wyoming case above shot another Bigfoot later on. This time the government found out about it and was angry at the man for killing another Bigfoot. Reported by Ray Crowe. Government coverup.

New Years Day, 1969: Franklin, Missouri. Arbie Boyer pumped nine bullets from a .22 rifle into a Bigfoot 20 feet away from his home. It turned and slowly walked away. Then man then shot it with a 45/70 rifle and hit it in the shoulder. Reported on the Bigfoot Encounters website.

1969: San Juan, New Mexico. Shepherds shot a Bigfoot and wounded it. Two other Bigfoots then came to help the wounded Bigfoot away. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record.

1969: Whiteface Reservoir, Minnesota. A hunter shot and killed a Bigfoot, then put the body on ice and displayed it for awhile before replacing it with a plastic replica. The famous Minnesota Iceman story.

Late February 1969: Khutze Inlet, British Colombia. Ronnie Nyce and two other men shot a Bigfoot that ran screaming into the woods. Reported by Bob Titmus.

November 1969: Burlington, New Jersey. A man shot at a Bigfoot. Reported by Rick Berry, Bigfoot on the East Coast.

November 1969. Calaveras Big Trees State Park, California. Mike Scott shot a Bigfoot three times from 30 feet away, wounding it. Slate and Berry, Bigfoot.

1969-1972: Homosassa Springs, Florida. A group of teenagers were hanging out at a rock quarry at night when one of them shot and wounded a Bigfoot. Reported by the Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Organization.

After 1969: Clark, Washington. Neat Mt. St. Helens, a man shot and killed a Bigfoot, then tried to sell it, but stopped when he thought it might have been illegal to kill the Bigfoot. No further details. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record.

Early 1970’s: Chelan, Washington. Men shot at a Bigfoot holding and biting a 150 pound pig. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record.

Early to mid 1970’s: Burr Ferry, Louisiana. A coon hunter shot a Bigfoot, and it screamed loudly. Reported by the Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Organization.

Summer 1970’s: Evangelina, Texas. Fishermen camping on the Neches River heard noises down by their bait box and boat and smelled a bad smell. The grandfather fired in the direction of the commotion and then a terrible scream was heard. Nothing was found the next morning except footprints. The grandfather said he had shot a Bigfoot. Reported by the Texas Bigfoot Research Conservancy..

1970’s: Sylacauga, Alabama, on the slope of Marble Mountain. After a series of incidents involving Bigfoots on a small farm, the sheriffs were called out. A sheriff’s deputy saw a Bigfoot standing near the house. Although he did not know what it was, he emptied his revolver at it. It ran off. The deputy then told the family that he would not come out to the house at night alone again. Reported by the Alabama Bigfoot site. Government coverup.

1970’s: Gray’s Harbor, Washington. A man shot at a Bigfoot. Four Bigfoots then attacked his pickup truck. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record.

1970’s: Oregon. A man unloaded four rounds from a 30.06 into a Bigfoot, but the shots had little effect on the Bigfoot. Reported by Oregon Archives, University of Oregon.

1970’s: Idaho. Two men fired their rifles, one .22 and one .44 magnum, at a Bigfoot, but the shots had little effect.

1970: Spokane, Washington. Grover Krantz reported that a hunter shot and killed a Bigfoot.

1971-1976: Citrus, Florida. Men shot Bigfoots. Reported by Rick Berry, Bigfoot on the East Coast.

1972: Citrus, Florida. A man shot a Bigfoot. Possibly the same as the previous incident. Reported by Rick Berry, Bigfoot on the East Coast.

June 1972: Rusk, Texas. A Bigfoot watched campers at a campfire for about four minutes. The men then opened fire on the Bigfoot, and it ran away. Reported by the Texas Bigfoot Research Conservancy.

1973: Fayette, Pennsylvania. A man shot twice at a Bigfoot. Reported by Rick Berry, Bigfoot on the East Coast.

June 1973: Maryland. A man shot at a Bigfoot. Reported by Rick Berry, Bigfoot on the East Coast.

June 1973: Collowash River, Oregon. A man was sitting by a campfire when a Bigfoot walked by. He shot it, and it ran screaming into the woods. Reported by John Green.

July 1973: Greensburg, Pennsylvania. A doctor fired several shots at a Bigfoot that tried to enter his trailer home, but it just walked away. Reported by Pat Morrison, UFOs and Bigfoot Creatures: An Adventure into the Unexplained, p.29.

Fall 1973: Albany, Kentucky. Many people saw a dark 6 foot tall Bigfoot. It killed some livestock in the area. People shot at it, and farmer Charlie Stern finally wounded it, and the sightings stopped. Reported by Loren Coleman.

November 1973. Near Uniontown, Pennsylvania. A man saw a Bigfoot at night and shot at it with his revolver. It ran away. Later he shot it with a rifle. It screamed and ran away. Stan Gordon, “Pennsylvania Creatures Busy,” Shylooh:77, pp.15-16.

1974: Near Stone State Park, Sioux City, Iowa. A man shot and wounded a Bigfoot with a deer rifle. Reported by the Des Moines, Iowa Sunday Register, November 12, 1978.

1974: South Mountain, North Carolina. A 7 foot Bigfoot stood up by a campfire. A man fired at it, and it went away. Reported by John Green.

January 1974: Lee, Florida. A Bigfoot killed a pony. A man then shot at the Bigfoot in response. Reported by Rick Berry, Bigfoot on the East Coast.

January 9, 1974: Palm Beach, Florida. Patrolman Robert
Hollemeyal shot a 7-8 foot tall, dark Bigfoot. The Bigfoot was only wounded and ran off at 20 mph. Reported by Rick Berry, Bigfoot on the East Coast.

February 1974: Fayette, Pennsylvania. Men shot multiple Bigfoots. Reported by Rick Berry, Bigfoot on the East Coast.

February 6, 1974: Uniontown, Pennsylvania. A Bigfoot was shot at and then disappeared. A UFO was seen nearby. Stan Gordon, “Pennsylvania Creatures Busy,” Shylooh:77 pp.14-17

May 1974: North Carolina. A man shot a Bigfoot. Reported by Rick Berry, Bigfoot on the East Coast.

July-Aug. 1974: Watova, near Nowata, Oklahoma. A Bigfoot was seen many times around the property of Mrs. Margie Lee. She called sheriffs, and Deputies Gilbert Gilmore and Buck Field came out. The deputies shot the Bigfoot, but it was uninjured. Reported by Clark and Loren Coleman, Creatures of the Outer Edge.

Mid-October 1974: Near Holly Springs, Arkansas. A Bigfoot was sighted several times. A man shot it, but it lived. Reported by the Arkansas Gazette, November 2, 1974.

November 1974: Corkscrew Swamp, Collier County, Florida. A group of men hunting at night were being stalked by a Bigfoot. They opened fire on it with their shotguns. It screamed and ran off. Reported by the Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Organization.

December 1974: Bootlegger Trail, Montana. A coyote hunter shot three times at a 7-8 foot tall Bigfoot with a 30.06. The Bigfoot kept coming at him, and he jumped into a car and escaped. Roberta Donovan and Keith Wolverton, Mystery Stalks the Prairie, p.90.

February 1975: Alachua, Florida. A man’s car hit a Bigfoot on the road and knocked it down. The man got out of his car and shot the Bigfoot. Reported by Rick Berry, Bigfoot on the East Coast.

February 2, 1975: Cape Coral, Florida. Richard Davis shot a Bigfoot, then later repented. Reported by Rick Berry, Bigfoot on the East Coast.

September 1975: Nowata, Kansas. Men shot at a Bigfoot. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record.

September and October 1975: Nolde, Oklahoma. Kenneth Tosh, Marion Parret, Clifford Bentson and Gerald Bullock tried to shoot and kill a Bigfoot on repeated occasions over a 2-month period. They were unsuccessful; the Bigfoot survived. Reported by by Jerome Clark and Hayden Hewes.

Early October 1975: Lummi Indian Reserve near Bellingham, Washington. The captain of the police force shot at a 6 foot+ tall Bigfoot. Reported by John Green, Sasquatch: The Apes Among Us, p. 17.

October 1975: Fayette, Pennsylvania. A man shot at two Bigfoots. Reported by Rick Berry, Bigfoot on the East Coast.

October 1975: Washington, Pennsylvania. Men shot at a Bigfoot. Reported by Rick Berry, Bigfoot on the East Coast.

December 26, 1975: Vaughn, Montana. Two teenage girls shot over the head of a Bigfoot. The Bigfoot fell to the ground and was helped into the brush by other Bigfoots. Reported by Roberta Donovan and Keith Wolverton, Mystery Stalks the Prairie, pp.87-9.

1976-1977: Linn, Oregon. A man shot a Bigfoot but only wounded it. A man met two young women in a casino in Las Vegas who told him a fascinating story. Shortly before, they had wanted to go hiking in Oregon so they hired a guide to take them to the forest.

At one point, they came across a Bigfoot, and the guide raised his rifle and fired on it several times, seemingly to no effect. The Bigfoot then tore the man apart, killing him. The man’s body was evacuated via a heavily armed US Forest Service helicopter. The Forest Service grilled the females for seven hours, trying to convince them that the man had been killed by a bear, but they stuck to their story. The ranger then told the women to never come back to the forest again. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record. Government coverup.

1976: Kern, California. A man shot a Bigfoot ten times in the chest with a .22 rifle. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record.

January 1976: Elm Creek, Texas Panhandle. Three men shot and killed two Bigfoots. The first one charged them, so they shot it. Then another one charged them, so they shot it too. They dropped both of them, a male and a female. They buried the bodies down by a nearby creek. They were afraid they would be prosecuted for homicide. Recently told their story anonymously on a radio show.

April 26, 1976: Near Flintville, Tennessee. A Bigfoot tried to abduct 4 year old Gary Robinson. A 6-man posse made up of Deputy Sheriff Homer Davis, Melvin Robertson, Stan Moore and three others chased the Bigfoot and shot at it. Reported by Jim Brandon, Weird America, p.205

June 1976: Baltimore, Maryland. As unlikely as it sounds, a Bigfoot was reported here in May 1976. Police were called, and K-9’s initially refused to track it. Finally, the dogs tracked it to an interstate tunnel. A police officer then saw it run under the interstate. The next month, US army personnel were called out to deal with the Bigfoot once again. Reports indicate that soldiers captured or killed the Bigfoot. No further information. Reported by Rick Berry, Bigfoot on the East Coast. Government coverup.

July 1976: Citrus, Florida. A man shot a Bigfoot. Possibly the same case as another Citrus case reported above. Reported by Rick Berry, Bigfoot on the East Coast.

July 1976: Gaston, North Carolina: A man shot a Bigfoot. Reported by Rick Berry, Bigfoot on the East Coast.

January 23, 1977: Blewett Pass near Ingalic Creek, Washington. David Kernoul and Dean DeWees saw a Bigfoot near a chicken pen and shot at it. Reported by Wenatchee, Washington World, January 26, 1977.

April 13, 1977: Rising Sun, Indiana. Tom and Connie Courter saw a Bigfoot on a hill late at night. Tom fired 12 shots at it, but there was no trace of the Bigfoot the next day. Reported by the Cincinnati Post, April 20, 1977.

May 12-13, 1977: Wantage Township, New Jersey. A Bigfoot visited the Sites family farm and killed some of their rabbits. It came back later, and the family shot at it. Reported by S.N. Mayne, “The Wantage Event,” Pursuit:10-4,,, pp. 124-7.

Summer 1977: Cheshire, New Hampshire. Hunters may have shot at a tan-gray Bigfoot. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record.

July 1977: Jones, Texas. A Bigfoot threw a rock at a human and hit him. In response, the human shot at the Bigfoot. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record.

August 1977: Stilwell, Oklahoma. Brian Jones and two boys with the last name Ritchie saw a Bigfoot looking in the window. Jones went outside, and an 8 foot tall Bigfoot picked him up but dropped him when others appeared. The boys fired at the Bigfoot, which responded by throwing rocks. Reported by the Bigfoot Research Society.

August 15, 1977: Sussex County, New Jersey. A man shot a Bigfoot in the front yard of a house with a .22 pistol. The Bigfoot screamed and ran off. Reported by the Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Organization.

August 20, 1977: Belt Creek Canyon, Montana. Staff Sergeant Fred Wilson and two others saw a 15 1/2 foot tan Bigfoot standing in some bushes. They fired at it, but drove off in their car when it ran towards them. Great Falls Tribune, August 20, 1977.

October 1977: Broward, Florida. A Bigfoot tore at a man’s shirt. In response, the man shot the Bigfoot. Reported by Rick Berry, Bigfoot on the East Coast.

October 1977: Westmoreland, Pennsylvania. A man shot a Bigfoot. Reported by Rick Berry, Bigfoot on the East Coast.

October 1-2, 1977. Near Bend, Oregon. Gary Benson and Ronald Kershey said a 7 foot tall black haired Bigfoot with silver shoulders attacked them. They fired four shots at it. Reported by INFO Journal:6-4, p.15.

November 1977: Marion, Florida. A man shot a Bigfoot. Reported by Rick Berry, Bigfoot on the East Coast.

Mid-November 1977: Ocala National Forest, Florida. A hunter fired 6 times at an 8 foot tall Bigfoot weighing 800 pounds. Ocala Star-Banner, November 19, 1977.

1978: Fort Pierce, Washington. Edwin Godoy, a soldier on the base, shot a Bigfoot in the chest. The Bigfoot moaned and ran off. Reported by the Bigfoot Encounters website.

1978: Fayette, Pennsylvania. A Bigfoot smashed a windshield of a car. A man then fired on the Bigfoot. Reported by Rick Berry, Bigfoot on the East Coast.

April 1978: Pennsylvania. A man shot a Bigfoot. Reported by Rick Berry, Bigfoot on the East Coast.

April 1978: Danbury, Connecticut. A boy called deputies out to a farm where he saw a Bigfoot. Deputies came out, saw the Bigfoot and shot at it. Reported by the Bigfoot Encounters website.

June 26, 1978: Crossett, Arkansas. Mike Lofton, age 10, was feeding his dog when his dog began to tremble. Mike then saw a Bigfoot approaching the house from the woods. He ran and got his .22, shot at the Bigfoot, and the Bigfoot ran off. Reported by the BFRO site.

August 1978: Near Owensboro, Kentucky. Larry Nelson, his brother and two friends shot 3 .45 bullets into a Bigfoot’s chest. It ran off into the woods unhurt. Reported by Keith Lawrence, “The Fairview Horror,” UFO Report, May 1979, p.30.

Mid-August 1978: Near Owensboro, Kentucky. Several men cornered a Bigfoot beside a pond and shot it at a distance of 10 feet with a pistol. It ran into the woods, leaving no blood trail. Reported by Keith Lawrence, “The Fairview Horror,” UFO Report, May 1979, p.70.

August 14, 1978: Oceana, West Virginia. Policeman Bill Pruitt shot at a Bigfoot. Reported by the Charleston, West Virgina Gazette, August 15, 1978.

August 16, 1978: Fowlerville, Michigan. Gary Browning shot at a Bigfoot that ran out of the underbrush. Reported by the Lansing, Michigan State Journal, August 18, 1978.

October 1978: Colombia, Oregon. Men shot a Bigfoot between the eyes on a road. The Bigfoot rolled off the road, and the men took off. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record.

April 30, 1979: Dunn Lake, near Barriere, British Colombia. Tim Meissner was fishing with friends when he saw a Bigfoot across the lake. He came back later with a gun and shot at it. Reported by the Vancouver, WA, The Columbian, May 6, 7 and 9, 1979.

Late Spring 1979: South Mountain, North Carolina. A fisherman saw a Bigfoot in the underbrush. He came back later with a gun and shot at it. Reported by Robert L. Williams, “‘Knobby’, North Carolina’s Bigfoot,” UFO Report, September 1979, p.27.

October 1979: Oregon. A Bigfoot put a hand on a boy’s shoulder. The boy ran to the men he was with, who got guns and fired into the woods at the Bigfoot. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record.

Mid-October 1979: Knox County, Indiana. Two boys who were predator hunting at night with rabbit-in-distress calls called in a Bigfoot. They shot at it, and it ran off. Reported by the Bigfoot Encounters website.

1980: Vinton, Ohio. A man shot a Bigfoot. Bigfoots threw boulders at trailers in response. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record.

September 1981: Cleveland, North Carolina. A man shot a Bigfoot. Reported by Rick Berry, Bigfoot on the East Coast.

October 10, 1980: Fleming County, Kentucky. A Bigfoot raided J.L. Turney’s freezer. Turney chased it and shot at it. Reported by the Flemingsburg, Kentucky, Times-Democrat, October 15, 1980.

November 1981: Taylor County, Florida. A Bigfoot approached a camp of hunters in the middle of the night. A man fired a gun at it several times to make it go away. It crashed off into the woods. Reported by the Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Organization.

1982: Oglethorpe, Georgia. A woman went outside to tend to the dogs and was surprised to see a Bigfoot there. She ran back in the house yelling for her husband. The man was in the bathroom and shot through the bathroom wall at the Bigfoot, hitting it. The Bigfoot ran off. Reported by the Bigfoot Encounters website.

1982: Colombia, Oregon. A fisherman shot a Bigfoot. He followed the blood trail until he lost it. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record.

Spring 1982: Maryland. A man shot a Bigfoot. Reported by Rick Berry, Bigfoot on the East Coast.

Fall 1982: Cherokee, Texas. A man shot a Bigfoot with a shotgun three times and with a .357 revolver five times. The Bigfoot apparently survived. Reported by the Texas Bigfoot Research Conservancy.

Fall 1983: Morgan-Monroe State Forest, Indiana. A college student was having a drinking party at his house with two friends. Early in the morning, he heard a noise and went outside. He saw what appeared to be a Bigfoot. He went back into his house, got an automatic weapon and shot at it. It ran off into the woods. Reported by the Bigfoot Encounters website.

October 13, 1983: Wilson, Oklahoma. A Bigfoot, apparently mad at a man for some reason, charged into a man’s house and tore the house apart. The man grabbed his shotgun and shot the Bigfoot. Then the man and his family chased the Bigfoot out of the house and barricaded the doors. Reported by the Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Organization.

November 1983: Tillamock, Oregon. A hunter tried to shoot a Bigfoot, but the gun was empty. The Bigfoot then growled at the hunter. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record.

Mid 1980’s: Johnson County, Arkansas. A Bigfoot kept taking a farmer’s animals – chickens, pigs and calves – but by fall, he would only take no more than 1/2 the farmer’s animals, leaving the other half for the farmer. The farmer got fed up and one night lay in wait for it with a shotgun. When the Bigfoot appeared, the farmer shot it with a shotgun, wounding it. The Bigfoot ran away and never bothered the farm again. Reported by the Texas Bigfoot Research Conservancy.

Mid 1980’s: Johnson County, Arkansas. Two men were poaching deer with spotlights at night when they spotlighted a Bigfoot. One man shot at it, wounding it. The next day they found blood from the Bigfoot. Reported by the Texas Bigfoot Research Conservancy.

October 15, 1984. Jefferson, Texas. A man was squirrel hunting in Pine Islands Bayou in the Big Thicket National Preserve when his dog started barking. He then noticed a Bigfoot wading in the bayou. His dog charged the Bigfoot, and the Bigfoot threw a log at the dog. The man then fired on the Bigfoot, but he did not know if he hit it or not. The Bigfoot ran off into the underbrush. Reported by the Texas Bigfoot Research Conservancy.

1985: Pierce, Washington. A Bigfoot charged at men. Men then fired on the Bigfoot, got in their car and drove away. The Bigfoot chased the pickup truck as it was driving away. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record.

1985: Ripley, Oklahoma. A group of people out partying by the Cimarron River saw a Bigfoot. The Bigfoot then crashed off into the brush. Men left to go get guns and came back to shoot at the Bigfoot. They saw it and shot it. It screamed and ran away. Reported by the Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Organization.

October 20, 1986: Los Angeles County, California. Father and son deer hunters hunting in the San Gabriel Mountains noticed something rustling the brush very forcefully. They fired a few shots at it, then it came out of the brush and stood in front of them. It was a Bigfoot. They both ran away. Reported by the Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Organization.

1987: Pacific, Washington. A Bigfoot chased rafters along a river for seven miles, throwing rocks at them. A man fired into the brush at the Bigfoot. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record.

May 1987: Maricopa County, Arizona. A group of men were fishing for catfish. They fell asleep. At 2 AM, one awoke and noticed a female Bigfoot standing only 10 feet away from them. This situation went on for a while, as the one man in the group who had a gun pointed it at the Bigfoot to hold her at bay. At one point, she charged the men, and he opened fire at close range with a single shot shotgun. The Bigfoot grabbed her chest and ran across the lake to the other side, crashing through the brush. Reported by the Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Organization.

1988: Atoka, Oklahoma. A hunter shot a Bigfoot with a 30.06 rifle, but the Bigfoot was only wounded and ran away. Reported by the Texas Bigfoot Research Conservancy.

1990’s: Nowata, Oklahoma. A farmer shot at a Bigfoot. Reported by the Texas Bigfoot Research Conservancy.

1990: Clark, Washington. A woman shot at a Bigfoot in the brush near her chicken coop. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record.

May 1990: Cooke County, Texas. Men shot a Bigfoot in the chest with a shotgun while on a camping trip. Reported by the BFRO website.

September 1990: Glenn, California. A Bigfoot that had been shot at by other men ran past a group of men. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record.

1991: Indiana. Two young men were hunting at night when they saw a Bigfoot. They freaked out and opened fire on it with a shotgun. It screamed and then chased them half a mile through the woods. Reported by Mary Green.

August 1992: Between Westal and Crosstal, Tennessee. A man and his sons were out hunting squirrels in the woods. At 3:30 AM, the father woke up when a Bigfoot was trying to pull him out of the back of his truck. He thought it was one of his sons so he yelled at them to stop. After a bit, he realized it was a Bigfoot. He shot it and wounded it, and it walked away. Later, it came back and walked around the camp breaking branches and menacing the campers. Reported by the Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Organization.

August 1992: Iowa. Two fishermen camping beside a river saw a Bigfoot walking along the bank on the opposite side early in the morning. One man fired three shots at it with his .22, and it ran over the top of the bank and disappeared. Reported by The Sasquatch Report Issue #84 March 1997.

May 1993: Clark, Washington. Deer poachers shot a Bigfoot and wounded it. Blood was found, but the Bigfoot escaped. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record.

December 1994: Deschutes, Oregon. Hunters shot and wounded a Bigfoot in the leg and followed the blood trail for several miles. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record.

November 1996: Coos, Oregon. Spotlight hunters took long shots at a spotlighted Bigfoot. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record.

May 1997: Mendocino, California. A man shot at a female and some juvenile Bigfoots. Another Bigfoot then attacked the man and broke some of his bones. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record.

September 1997: Tillamook County, Oregon. A hiker shot at a Bigfoot standing on a rock outcropping early in the morning. The Bigfoot ran off.

July 1997: Jones, Texas. A Bigfoot threw a rock at a man, hitting him. The man then shot back at the Bigfoot but missed. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record.

October 1998: Madison, Virginia. A man was camping in the woods when he saw a Bigfoot up on a ridge only 80 feet away when he woke up in the morning. He emptied his revolver at it, and it ran off. Reported by the Bigfoot Encounters website.

November 1998: Longview, Texas. Two men were out squirrel hunting in the woods when they came across a Bigfoot. It ran across the trail and took off into the woods. The men decided to leave the area quickly, but five minutes later, they smelled a bad smell. They looked around and 20-30 feet to the side in the woods was the Bigfoot again. One man fired three shots at it, hitting the Bigfoot.

The Bigfoot screamed and then chased the men all the way back to their house. Then it roamed the woods around the house all night, yelling and breaking branches. Later in the night, one of the men fired on the Bigfoot again.

November 4, 1998: Greenbrier, Tennessee. A man out hunting was scared off by a Bigfoot staring in the window of his truck. He drove off quickly, but the Bigfoot had blocked the road with a downed tree. The hunter called his friend to come cut up the tree.

They drove off and came to the main road when they saw some deer. The hunter decided to shoot a deer so he got out. But then the two men saw a Bigfoot heading towards a neighbor’s barn. They fired shots at it, but it kept moving towards the barn. As they fired more, it turned and ran towards them. They jumped into their trucks and drove away very fast.

The hunter and his friend went to their homes, but then they heard the Bigfoot again. The Bigfoot yelled and burst out of the trees 40 feet away. The men unloaded all their guns at it, and it fell to the ground and started crawling away. The hunter told his friend to stop shooting at it because they didn’t know what it was. They followed the blood trail 1/2 mile to a creek where they lost the trail. Reported by the Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Organization.

April 6, 1999: Hawkins County, Tennessee. A farmer was plowing his field with his tractor when he saw a Bigfoot come out of the trees. He thought it was a bear, so he pulled out his 30.06 rifle and shot it. They tracked it for six hours but could not find it. Reported by the Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Organization.

September-October 1999: Northwestern Alabama. A woman sighted a Bigfoot and reported it to law enforcement. The next day at 4 PM they saw helicopters flying over the area. The copters had .50 caliber machine guns and were firing into the woods. This went on until midnight. Apparently they hit the Bigfoot because residents heard horrible screams from the wounded Bigfoot. It is not known if the Bigfoot was killed or not.

When people asked law enforcement about the helicopters, citizens were told that the police had been eradicating wild boars in the area. However, there had not been any wild boards in the area for 20 years. Reported by the Southeastern Bigfoot Research Organization. Government coverup.

January 2000: Honobia, Oklahoma. The Siege of Honobia. Bigfoot apparently shot and killed as part of a group that was raiding and harassing a rural residence. Other Bigfoots apparently carried off the dead Bigfoot. Reported by the BFRO site.

August 2000: Fort Mitchell, Alabama. A man and his friend were camping at Rood Creek Park Campground and Boat Landing on the Chattahoochee River, Georgia. One of the men’s dogs started whimpering, and the man went to check on it. Then he saw a Bigfoot coming out of the woods and approaching the camp. The man fired two shots from his pistol at the Bigfoot, but they didn’t seem to faze it. The Bigfoot then grabbed the man’s dog and tore it to shreds. Reported by the Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Organization.

October 11, 2000: Lewis County, Washington. A mother and two of her children saw a Bigfoot walking across the road. It looked as if it had a gunshot wound in the lower back. Reported by the BFRO site.

April 27, 2001: Orange County, Indiana. A hunter was in a blind calling turkeys in the woods when he heard a noise 50 feet in back of him. He turned around, and after a little bit, a Bigfoot stepped into view. Soon the Bigfoot charged the hunter’s position. The hunter fired one shot at the Bigfoot’s face and hit it. The Bigfoot turned and ran down a steep ravine where it stumbled around for 15 minutes or so. A trail of blood was found leading to the ravine. Reported by the Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Organization.

October 4, 2001: Woodville, Texas. A woman saw a Bigfoot standing in her backyard. She told her son, who grabbed a gun and took off into the woods after it. Soon he heard two men shouting along with gunshots. Then the men said, “Let’s get out of here!” They had apparently been shooting at the Bigfoot. Reported by the Texas Bigfoot Research Conservancy.

2002: Sawyer, Oklahoma. An old man shot a Bigfoot. Bigfoots then started coming to the house, throwing rocks and sticks at it. One day the old man died of a heart attack. Reported by the Texas Bigfoot Research Conservancy.

Late January 2002: Monster Central, Louisiana. This is a 1,500 acre zone in northwest Louisiana south of Shreveport. A hunter gut shot a Bigfoot and wounded it. Other men with dogs were called in to track the Bigfoot. They tracked it to a tree on the edge of a stream, but it jumped down out of the tree and into the stream. One of the men shot at it again but missed.

Then the men became worried that some of the other Bigfoots might come around to defend the one they shot. Some blood and vomitus were taken for analysis, but the wife of the man who had the samples accidentally threw them away when she found them in the freezer. The results came back “unknown primate.” Reported here.

July 16, 2003: Lincoln County, Tennessee. A man shot a white Bigfoot that was making noise in a yard at night. The Bigfoot stumbled and then ran away. Reported by the BFRO site.

November 12, 2003: Lafollette, Tennessee. A creature had been killing peoples’ animals. A goat and cat at the very least had been killed. A woman called the sheriff’s, they came out with a team of deputies and told everyone to get their pets indoors as they were going to eliminate these animals. They tracked the Bigfoot and shot it dead over the next hill.

There were sirens wailing, and the Bigfoot screamed as it was shot. The woman left the scene. People saw a black body lying in a field the next morning. Ten minutes later, it had vanished. Planes flew around the area night and day for two weeks. Locals reported that there had been a hostile Bigfoot in the area and they were trying to appease it by leaving food out for it so it would not kill their animals. The next day the woman who reported the incident went back to the area, and someone had taken the body away. Reported by Mary Green. Government coverup.

February 2006: Navarro, Texas: At a road crossing, a man shot a Bigfoot twice with a 30.06. The Bigfoot was wounded but walked away. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record.

August 2006: Slim Buttes, Pine Ridge Reservation, South Dakota. A Bigfoot that had been named Chiye-tanka was shot and killed on the reservation. It was later given to the School of Mines to study. They sent it back, and it was given a ceremonial burial by Lakota elders. Reported by Ray Crowe. Government coverup.


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John Titor Shows Up on Beyond Highbrow After 13 Year Hiatus

This is very exciting news! John Titor was a famous time traveler from the year 2036 who returned to Earth for some time around the years 200 and 2001 when he made a number of historic posts to the Internet. Most of those posts have disappeared, but some are available on Internet archives. He wrote in a lot to the Art Bell Show.

During and after his appearance, there was a long controversy about whether or not John Titor was really a time traveler from the future. An Italian TV company hired a private eye to investigate. He felt that John Titor was a hoax originated by Larry Haber, a Florida attorney, and his brother John Rick Haber, an IT expert. This is certainly not true as I am personally convinced that obviously John Titor is a man time traveling from the future.

The real John Titor disappeared from the Net in 2001 to back to the future, and has not been seen since. If this is the real John Titor making his first appearance since then, it is exciting news since it means that he has time traveled again back from the future.

This question though is whether this is the real John Titor or not. It is an excellent question. If it is the real John Titor, then obviously John is still alive and has decided for unknown reasons to return from the future again. However, it could be a very clever imposter who is merely someone from our own time pretending to be the famous time traveler.

His prose style does resemble that of the original John Titor. An expert analysis of the original John Titor’s prose concluded falsely that Titor was a hoax created by one of the Haber brothers. This is wrong because we know for a fact that John is a real time traveler. However, if we could compare his corpus on this site with John’s original posts we could come to a conclusion about whether he is real or not.

One thing that I found very interesting is that the John Titor who showed up on this site has extensive knowledge of obscure facts about early Apple computers. When he showed up before, he also had deep knowledge of this information which is barely known by but a few people. However, all of his Apple trivia subsequently checked out. Now here he is again, spouting Apple arcana.

Whether this is the real John Titor from the future or merely a clever imposter from our own time is not known, but it should be a fun ride.

I also wonder why he chose a Bigfoot post of all things to show up on.

All John Titor appearances showed up on the May 28 Bigfoot News entry.

I will post all of John’s posts here below for your viewing pleasure:

Hello Robert Lindsay, I have come here to go public with the information which I am allowed to divulge.

Bigfoot is actually of the subfamily of primate Homininae and it diverged from the homo exactly 4.2 million years before present, which was 0.73 million years prior to the evolution of Australopithecus afarensis, whose presence in the Horn of Africa was verified by specimen AL 288-1.

Bigfoot was a pseudo-“missing link” between the Austaliopithecines and the Ergaster genus of species agglomerate. Due to its vestigial anatomorphological inheritance from its ancestral Southern Apes, it bore a conspicuous resemblance to Chimpanzees and the so called “Sasquatch” of Sino-Tibetan and Nepalese myths, as well as the Algonquin-Blackfoot indigenous North Americans’ legend of Da-Ne Kasedanuki, leading many leading anthropologists of the first few decades of the 21 st century to assume that Bigfoot was a hoax perpetuated by cryptozoologists.

Bigfoot’s mitochondrial megahaplogroup clusters derive from their Most Recent Common Maternal Ancestor which diverged from the maternal lineage Mitochondrial Eve descends from about 4 million years ago. Therefore, their mtDNA diverges from ours on a rate of 1 out of 1,735 base pairs. By contrast, human nuclear DNA across global populations diverges an average of 1 out of 1,150 base pairs on average.

Their Y-chromosome is more visceral and simian. By analysis of their pseudoautosomal region on their Y-chromosome, which is the outermost fringe region of the chromosome which can recombine with homologous regions on the X-chromosome, (however the bulk of the Y-chromosome is incapable of homologous recombination with the X) we have concluded that about 0.0032 more of their sex chromosome base pairs are capable of recombination.

The deterioration of the pseudoautosomal region in the Y-chromosome has begun since the divergence of the X and Y chromosomes from their ancestral chromosome 166 million years before present. As evidence, most ectothermic vertebrates lack the gender-determining function in their genome, but rather possess an environmentally determined gender system.

The decay of this pseudoautosomal region has been constant at a rate of 12 base pairs per 5 generations, however this is in highly prolific reproducers, and as reproduction has decreased inversely proportional to the increase of cognitive function and prefrontal cortex gerantomorphication, the decay of the pseudoautosomal region has been exponentially retarded. Therefore, we can assume that the paternal lineage of Bigfoot could not have been separate from homo sapiens more than 6 million years, which suggests that paternally, Bigfoots are closer to Bonobos and Lowland Chimpanzees than to humans.

The actual scientific name for Bigfoot is Intermissiosius Panhomonidae. This taxonomical classification was derived from the Latin “intermissio” (in-between) and “Pan” (the scientific terminology for the Chimpanzee-Bonobo genus) “Hominidae” (human). “In between human and ape,” would be the formally equivalent translation.

There are actually two subspecies of Bigfoot, one is passive-aggressive and possesses a capacity for semi cognitive autonomous determination, which is to basically state one is partially capable of free will and self-introspection. This particular one has a reduction in the triad of Machiavellian personality and extroversion, but is able to utilize these characteristics more efficiently, meaning they lie, cheat and kill less, but are able to do this more efficiently than their sister sub-species.

My name is John Titor and I am willing to divulge more information for the return of information on a retrocomputer. The IBM 1500 is the device of which I speak of, and I will leak more information in return for any information on the location and availability of the IBM 1500. Thank you, and I apologize that I must use a proxy, however, I cannot reveal my personal Internet Protocol Address, due to confidentiality reasons

I have an IBM 5100 in my possession. In the IBM 5100 there exists the capability for reading the BASIC and APL coding languages. However, what most computer experts fail to realize is that there exists a debugger code which acts as an emulation perforator for the algorithm on which the APL is based.

In 2025, former CIA Director John Boehner and then Secretary of State Eric Dahmer put their intellectual facilities together to create a series of covert operations which placed nuclear remote detonation devices all over Eurasia. This was used for leverage against the anarchists and Libertarian neoliberals who were preparing for a coup d’etat against the newly formed United European Emirates. These anarchists were radical Christian ultranationalists who opposed the Muslim dominated European government and the mixed market policies they installed.

The locations of these devices were kept in a closed circuit network which was coded with a language based on the APL, but very convoluted and complex. However, it still retained a mirror version of the algorithmic formula used for the APL.

When an inside job succeeded in infecting the network with several viruses, the viruses scrambled our codes based on their own algorithmic formulas, however, these formulas were also mirror versions of the APL’s, because such was a prerequisite to tangibly manipulate the network’s own code. Think of it as a wave. If two opposite waves collide, they cancel each other out. However, when two harmonic waves collide, they synchronize.

The IBM 1500, however, is an instructional computer. It, however, contains a hardware part which can be used to fully connect the 5100 to the network. We would also need the IBM 5125 and the IBM 1700, but we could manufacture those because we retained a complete blueprint.

I already possess an IBM 5100, but I am now in need of an IBM 1500 and a DX-175 microprocessor. I am running out of time, World War Three shall begin next year. I must return to 2036 before the deadline in the current timeline.

In your words, I guess “it really depends”. Bigfoot was examined by District 4 United States scientists after the World War (III) destroyed a significant amount of local flora, forcing some of them into the open. You see, in my timeline, a series of uprisings between 2004 and 2008 led to the secession and breakdown of the United States, causing us to split into 5 separate districts.

We were christened DSUA, or the Districts of the United States of America. Do you remember how when Obama was reelected in 2012 many states threatened to secede? Well in my timeline this occurred in 2008 during his first election and the secession was successful because no petitions were filed to the federal government for secession. As you know, an act of secession is considered illegitimate by the federal government.

Your timeline differs from mine due to my actions. You see, the universe is actually a section of “potential” called a p-brane. Potential is what you refer to as “space-time”, and there are sections of those floating around everywhere outside of the universe, but this is on a scale of 17 dimensions, something your science based on quantum mechanics and string theory would find incomprehensible. When two sections of potential collide, they hypercondense into one dimension.

Afterwards, they hyperinflate into 4 dimensions. This is known as the “Big Bang”. The uniformity of a potential’s section is dismantled and depending on the multidimensional trajectory of collision form its compressed “pockets” of potential. The p-branes eventually tear from the acceleration of expansion, creating infinitesimal Einstein-Rosenberg bridges which periodically collapse, creating “waves” in the p-brane, which converts to “matter”. Baryons, such as protons and antiprotons. Electrons and positrons. These are oppositely charged on the electromagnetic scale and annihilate each other.

Because an elementary particle takes all possible trajectories, the frequency of collision is uneven. Therefore, an imbalance in matter-antimatter is created.

On a “quantum” scale (based on your quantum mechanics), this divergence of trajectories occurs under observation. However, on a macrocosmic scale, this is an unobservable phenomenon. This creates parallel universes.

This Everett-Wheeler interpretation dictates that humans do not choose between whether to eat that apple or orange. They choose both, but in separate parallel worlds. This is termed temporal divergence. This is rated on a scale of 0-100. A divergence in apple/oranges type choices are attributed a point of 0.01. 0.10 would be a divergence in directions, friends, and sleep habits. A 1 is achieved when major world events occur, such as wars or groundbreaking inventions.

Our world temporally diverges from yours by 1.73 and therefore your world has not experienced many of the events ours has.

I deliberately orchestrated events which would prevent the Second Civil War of America. For example, I convinced the Air Force to allow the terrorist attacks of 9/11 to cascade by unimpeded. This caused severe Islamophobia amongst Americans, which led to Islamophobia being labeled as politically incorrect. This led to many leftwing Americans voting for Obama based on both his color and middle name of Arabic origin (though Obama is a Christian).

This prevented the 2008 secession.

I altered your timeline. However, a world war weighs at least 5 points. I must reach 5% divergence prior to the deadline in 2015 or travel back to 2036. I do not know if Bigfoot will be discovered in this timeline. If I am successful in averting world war, it will not be brought to mainstream attention.

In my timeline:

Lupus Erythematosis was cured in October 12th, 2003.

A successful vaccine against 65% of HIV strains was developed in 2011. This vaccine was effective in 85% of the population.

Quantum entanglement was manipulated to teleport information from four protons 10 miles away each successfully in 7/3/2012.

An apparatus for artificial cardiopulmonary animation was developed in 2012. This was composed of organic material as opposed to the artificial hearts consisting of polysaccharides in your timeline.

Also, the attacks of September the 11th never occurred.

World War Three begins in 2015. However, the exact day the first two nations declare war has been delayed due to the 1.73 temporal divergence rate. Unless I achieve a 5 percent divergence rate, the world war will not be averted. A world war or a war fought by more than 3 nations takes a 5 percent divergence to revert, whereas a war fought between two or three nations requires a temporal divergence rate of 1 to nullify.

In my timeline (let us refer to it as timeline A), World War Three began when Petro Poroshenko and Vladimir Putin failed to reach an ultimatum or a compromise. Russia began shipment of oil to China, and Xi Jinping cut off ties to North Korea, deeming Russia as an acceptable substitute. NK leader Kim Jong Chul (Kim Jong Un never ascended to power, his brother did instead) attempted to rehabilitate their relations with South Korea, and merge as a single, capitalist nation.

However, this was thwarted by the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu through District 3 of the United States. District 3 was heavily Republican, and the GOP supported Israel. Through diplomatic negotiations, Israel convinced the United States to plant seeds of doubt in South Korea’s mind as to the authenticity of North Korea’s desires to peacefully merge.

Netanyahu did this because they needed a shipment of North Korean experimental military technology to continue being manufactured under the Communist regime, thereby allowing clandestine export of said materials to the Arab world. This would allow Israel to justify transgressing international regulations by possessing a plethora of nuclear devices themselves, their justification being self defense in the face of impending Arab nuclear incursion. They were employing classical Horkheimerian reverse psychology to convince the world they were justified in possessing nuclear warheads.

However, the Islamic percentage of representation in the parliaments and semi-presidential governments of Western Europe increased over time, and favor shifted from the Judeo-Christian geopolitical axis to the Islamic axis. The world now favored Palestine and Iran over Israel and the Districts of the USA.

The North Korean government felt threatened by the South Korean government’s blatant refusing of their peace offer. The demilitarized zone was breached and the United States District 1 Navy, the South Korean ROK Marines, were deployed into combat after SK declared war.

China wanted nothing to do with either Koreas due to their recent alliance breakup with NK and their sociopolitical contrasts with SK. However, Russia made a last ditch effort to support NK, and attempted to pull China in with them. Xi Jinping lent his support to Putin, which caused massive riots to break out in China, as the Chinese did not want war with SK and their favorable view of Putin had drastically shifted to an unfavorable view.

This led to Taiwan and Nepal’s guerrilla forces invading China as retribution for historical crimes, taking advantage of the weakened Chinese social infrastructure. This caused American Districts to self-manufacture all its goods it once imported from China, and this caused a drastic deflation due to high availability of goods.

However, due to the high availability of jobs, credit, and the sudden increase in the dollar bill due to the deflation, the corporate directors increased the price of goods exponentially, causing a huge inflation and market crash. This could have been prevented by the federal government’s regulations, however there were 5 state governments for the 5 Districts as opposed to a central government. They had difficulty in communications and basically there were too many leaders and not enough followers willing to comply. The amount of legislature approved decreased by 85%.

This resulted in a reunion of the United States to recover the economy. The reunited USA declared war on Iran, NK, China, and Russia, with full Congressional approval. The war efforts would reboot the economy, however, the United States made the mistake of attempting to destroy Russian nuclear warheads by detonating them in Russia through a series of signal scrambling projections.

Nuclear war erupted. Many of the nuclear warheads were destroyed mid flight by United States RIM-161 SM-3s, however there was significant damage to the stratosphere and destruction of wastelands led to ozone depletion, as destructive polyatomic synthetic material went airborne.

After the war, all of Western Europe united into the United European Emirates under Islamic rule.

That is all I can tell you without negatively affecting the timeline should members in positions of power read and believe my statements.


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