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Minnows Versus Food: Anatomy of a Lie

Water wars are a permanent part of the state’s landscape. In recent years, the wars have centered around a fake “fish versus farms” lie. The Farmer-Liars (because all they do is lie) have set this up as “minnows versus farms.”

This is because a small fish called the Delta Smelt was declared Threatened a while back. This smelt lives in the Delta of the San Joaquin and Sacramento Rivers in California.

There are huge pumps in the Delta that suck water out of this Delta and send it south to farms mostly on the west side of the Central Valley where really nobody should be doing irrigated farming anyway. The reason is because there is a clay layer at a shallow depth in this soil.

So water goes down maybe eight feet, hits the clay layer and cannot go any further. Because the land drains so poorly (this entire area used to be a vast wetland-swamp which was drained to grow food), the water comes back up to the surface and leaches all of the salt and minerals out of the soil. So the runoff water from the irrigation is so polluted with salt and minerals, especially selenium, that it is basically toxic and no one knows what to do with it.

For a long time it was running into a place called Kesterson Reservoir, but the selenium levels got so high there that soon there were massive bird die-offs due to the birds laying bad eggs that gave birth to deformed chicks. So you had all these birth defect baby birds running around with coming out of their beaks and whatnot.

I remember in the 1980’s hearing about this Kesterson problem. I read about it for years, but no article ever told what was causing the problem. Why wouldn’t these journalists tell me what was causing the problem? Because we have free speech (TM) in this country!That freedom of speech enabled them to write articles for years about mysterious birth defects in birds while acting like it was all some sort of miraculous bafflement. The writers knew full well what was causing it, but they never told us because their corporate masters were bought off by Agribusiness and the editors didn’t want to blow the whistle on the fellow plutocrats.

What good is freedom of speech in the US if the media will never tell you what’s really going on?

I had to do a lot of digging to finally figure out that it was poisoning drainage water from irrigated lands that was the cause of the whole mess.

I am not sure what has happened in the meantime, but the farmers apparently still have a lot of toxic runoff water on their hands. The farmers keep demanding a canal of some sort to run over to the coast or the San Fransisco Bay so they can dump their horribly polluted mess in the Bay or the Sea. Naturally the liberal Bay Area reacts with horror to such mad scientist type ideas.

But it shows you what wonderful people these poor downtrodden farmers are! So generous of them! Demanding to dump their polluted, poisonous mess in our bays and oceans! Nice guys!

At any rate, the pumps have been overpumping way too much water out of the Delta for agriculture for a very long time now. The canary in the coal mine was the Delta Smelt (and now some other species are now going extinct too).

For it is not just the Delta Smelt that is in trouble. The smelt is crashing because the entire Delta ecosystem is in danger of collapse. Who is causing the collapse? Why those hardworking, salt of the Earth, sons of the soil, poor suffering farmers, that’s who!

Thing is, it is not just a minnow versus food story. The Delta used to have a huge striped bass and salmon fishery. The salmon runs are now all threatened or endangered and some are in danger of extinction. So it’s really one industry versus another.

And it goes beyond that. The Delta is part of the Commons of California, a piece of our collective endowment. What right do these farmer-pigs have to destroy a precious part of our state?

My position is quite reasonable. No, you farmers do not have the right to destroy the ecosystem of the California Delta! We will do whatever it takes to preserve that ecosystem, even if it means limiting the water you get on land that should never have been irrigated in the first place.

I believe that is a quite reasonable position.

However, I live in Moronica, where seldom is heard an original word and the brains are all cloudy all day. No one has an original idea ever, and the masses just conform to whatever ideology they have been told to think or else just think whatever everyone else is thinking.

There are regular conversations about the water issue around here. 99% of the local morons see it as “minnows versus food.” “Give us our water!” they cry. All the other sheeple nod their empty heads. I try to explain what’s really going on, and everyone looks at me like I am a lunatic.

We’re Number One!

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Libertarianism – The Enemy of all Non-Human Life on Earth

As several posts on Occidental Dissent make clear, libertarianism (and its mainstream congener, neoliberalism) is utterly incompatible with the preservation of any non-human and non-domesticated or non-utilitarian life forms. Libertarians like to throw up weird scenarios whereby preserving wildlife, wild spaces and wild places would somehow be more economically viable than exterminating them, exploiting them, and devastating them.

The problem is that this never works out in praxis. Even when we environmentalists produce reports showing that preserving forests and meadows is worth way more than chopping them down or ruining them with cattle, 100% of libertarians always line up with exploiters. I’ve been reading them forever. Libertarian environmentalist is an oxymoron.

Since neoliberalism is just libertarianism, neoliberalism also can never support environmentalism. Market-driven environmental policies must be some kind of a cruel joke. They can never work. In strict economically rational terms, it is either never or almost never economically rational to save species, habitats or places. Destruction and extermination is where the money is, and in neoliberal theory, maximum return is the only variable we are allowed to consider.

Libertardarians now argue that humans (I guess maybe those of White European stock) now care enough about environmentalism that we can zero out government, privatize everything, and everything will still be hunky dory for the bighorns, the spotted owls and timber wolves. Yeah right.

In the first place, this would only work with White people, because only Whites can be environmentalists at the moment, and only more advanced Whites in North America and Europe need apply even here. That’s because Whites in Latin America and Russia have proven to be utterly capable of taking care of the environment. Native Americans and Siberians can probably preserve things too, but they don’t run any states.

Let’s test out the libertarian theory on most liberal-minded of the more progressive Whites on Earth, the ultra-liberals in California (though not a White state anymore, nevertheless, California is one of the most pro-environmental states in the nation).

The argument that humans now care enough about species to preserve them is proven wrong here in the West. Even here in ultra-liberal California, the glorious salmon are nearly extinct. The striped bass fishery in the Delta and Bay has also been ruined. The vast herds of Tule Elk that roamed all over the valleys and coastal areas of our state have been decimated and only exist on miniscule preserves that look like petting zoos. Fishers and spotted owls are being driven extinct by the timber industry as we speak.

A lot of CA endangered species are not real celebrities, but salmon would seem to have quite a bit of worth. Yet the salmon fishery in CA and up and down the West has been decimated. And even the ultra-liberal CA senators like Dianne Feinstein insist that we have not creamed the salmon enough, and need to take them out once and for all now. Feinstein’s mostly doing this for one of her rich Jewish buddies, Stewart Resnick of Beverly Hills. So much for liberal US Jews!

The notion that humans (Anywhere!) now value wildlife enough to be trusted with preserving them in a libertarian society is seriously wrong, and we can prove it right here in California.

In the 3rd World, humans are so bestial, venal, animalistic and backwards that they indeed are well on the way to extrerminating everything non-human, non-domesticated and non-utilitarian in sight.

An excellent argument in favor of White superiority (which I agree with) is, as I noted above, that Whites are really the only humans on Earth (who run states) that care about non-human life enough to preserve it.* Virtually every other race and ethnic group of man will gladly exterminate every single non-domesticated species and non-utilitarian species in its land at the drop of a hat.

Preserving species is something only Whites can do. And it’s something that only White governments can do, the White private sector haven proven endlessly to have failed at this endeavor.

*I honestly wish that non-European states were capable of not exterminating everything in sight, but I doubt it. The Middle East is an environmental catastrophe. The only environmentally decent place is Israel, but that’s populated by White people. The only environmentally progressive place in Latin America is Costa Rica, but once again, that’s a White country. It seems that all Arabs and mestizos can do is destroy.

Asians seem like a nightmare in environmental terms. They aren’t even capable of tender feelings towards cats and dogs, which they massacre for sport and food, so how can they possibly be trusted with non-domesticated things. The Japanese have been some of the worst scofflaws in international fishing and their bestial exploits in whaling have earned them the scorn of the planet.

True, in some ways, Koreans and Japanese seem to want to preserve what’s left on their lands, but environmentally, those places are pretty much human-nuked anyway, mostly by overpopulation. A preservationist impulse isn’t worth much if there is nothing left to preserve.

The hunter-gatherers of Southeast Asia never had the caretaker mindset of American Indians, instead opting for the more primitive mindset of “kill everything that moves.” The extinction process in SE Asia is very advanced and the state does very little to stop it. Environmental consciousness is extremely low.

Probably Vietnam is one of the more standout states. China is just now starting to develop an environmental ethic, but it doesn’t seem to be very advanced, and in a lot of ways, environmentally, China looks like America 1890.

I’m amazed that anything non-human and non-bovine is still walking around in India, where the extinction process is quite advanced, the state is extremely weak, and poachers are everywhere.

Russians have always been some of the most backwards and barbaric of the Whites, and environmentally, that’s still the case. Since the collapse of the USSR things have really fallen badly apart. Market hunters and poachers stalk the land. In Siberia, the poacher harvest of salmon is the same size as the legal harvest. The Amur Leopard and the Siberian Tiger are hanging on by their bare claws, and I expect them to go extinct soon.

Africa has to be one of the worst places on Earth to be a species of wildlife. Africans are primitive people, and primitives tend to kill anything that moves, usually for food. The only reason that there were still huge wildlife populations 50 years ago is due to White colonists, who forbade the Africans from wiping out the animals. With decolonization, Africans quickly set work slaughtering anything that moved.

That they had not done so in centuries past was due only to the crudity of their weapons. You can’t kill many animals with a spear. In 1965, Africans with firearms were a threat the animal population of the continent. The large megafauna were only saved when the former White colonists were called back in by concerned Africans to save the animals.

Many of the large animal populations still exist, but poachers and bush meat hunters take a devastating toll. I don’t see anything positive in the future. Africans don’t seem to be capable of not exterminating animals.

One argument is that non-Whites do these things because they are poor.

Equatorial Guinea now has a PCI of $21,000/year. Anyone seen any nice environmental initiatives coming out of there? Has the wealth of the Japanese prevented them from killing whales? Has Korean wealth prevented them from waging mass pogroms against dogs and cats? Has the relative wealth of Brazil and Argentina prevented environmental devastation in these places? The Gulf Arab countries are extremely wealthy, but my understanding is that they are environmental wrecks.

So much for the “they do it because they are poor” line.


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