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Serves Him Right



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Man Shoots Dog; Dog Shoots Man – Film at 11


Who knows? Maybe karma exists after all.


Every action has an equal and opposite reaction? Maybe so, and maybe that’s a damn good thing sometimes.

I am convinced that God has set aside a particularly nasty slice of Hell particularly for animal abusers. And they probably have to have a wall of around this area to keep the other denizens of Hell from killing them again and again.

Bad people have more morals than you think. It’s often not so much that they have “no morals” but that they have their own peculiar and perverse moral hierarchy. But a lot of bad people definitely believe in the concept of transgression, and they don’t like those they call immoral one bit. In fact they hate them far more than we do. They hate the violators of their own moral code so much that they will out and out murder them without a care in the world, while few of the rest of us would stoop that low.


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Are Cats and Dogs Genetically Domesticated?

Badc writes:

Progressive in this case is domestication, I remember an experiment by soviet scientists to domesticate silver foxes, the results was that the domesticated foxes had smaller snouts.

Robert, have you read about the domestication of silver foxes.

I think east Asian are the most domesticated race.

I think you may be correct. The more progressive races do seem more domesticated.

Yes I have read about those experiments. I think our cats and dogs have had domestication actually bred into them. That is, even when they are first born, they are already different from purely wild cats and dogs of the same species.

We think that our cats and dogs act good because we trained them that way, but I think there is more to it than that. They come out of the womb already part domesticated. In other words, with some more wild cats and dogs, you could raise them from birth and they might never settle down very much. It’s well known that some species just do not domesticate well.

Why are cats and dogs genetically domesticated? Maybe we have been breeding them that way for 9,000 years. Humans weren’t always so nice. When humans had pet dogs and cats 1000’s of years ago, some may have come out of the womb wild and never settled down. Their human owners may have just killed these wilder offspring because they are just not compatible to be pets. Or perhaps they turned them loose. Or perhaps they were likely to run away.

Possibly the very first dogs and cats to be domesticated were already pretty docile as this is what allowed them to be domesticated in the first place. Perhaps after the first domestication, pet stocks were repeatedly reinfused with new pets captured from the wild. The ones likely to be captured from the wild and adjust well in captivity were probably already more docile.

We don’t really have any wild cats and dogs to compare to our pets. Sure, we have bobcats, mountain lions, etc. and coyotes, wolves, etc. I have heard that coyotes don’t make very good pets. I saw a man at a gas station with a strange little dog that looked like a coyote. He told me it was in fact a coyote and its parents were killed and they took it in as a pet. I believe he said they didn’t make very good pets. I believe that the so-called dingo in Australia is simply Canis domesticus that has been running around wild for 40-50,000 years. They are just about the same species as Fido. I hear that dingos are pretty wild.


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Can You Train Wolves?

From the Internet, an interesting question. Since wolves are so much more vicious than dogs in terms of police attack dogs, why not train wolves to take down suspects instead of dogs? As it turns out, we’ve already tried it, and it is a total failure. Dogs, even German Shepherds, are pretty much great big pussies most of the time, and wolves are wicked, savage, untrainable, permanently wild beasts who do not belong anywhere near humans. We have even bred dogs down to where they were 1/4 wolf, and they were still completely wild and untrainable. Amazing.

A friend of mine lived in Alberta, Canada and he told me wolves were everywhere up there. He absolutely hated wolves. “Wolves are a plague,” he said. “If you don’t have any near you, consider yourself lucky.”

A long time back… I trained dogs. A lot of them were for the police.  Someone had the idea that we should be training wolves. I have seriously never been afraid of a dog. They just like me. I know the right body language…I know their body language…they can sense that startle response, and you learn to suppress it. I know when to stand there and let them smell you.

We realized pretty quickly that full wolves were not going to be trained so we bred them with German Shepherds down to quarter wolves. They were still wild. We couldn’t make a connection with them under any circumstances. They almost never made eye contact, which made it seem like they had a crazy look in their eyes. They looked right through you.

When you attack train a dog, there is a lot of non-verbal communication while the dog is sizing up the situation…usually…it’s a game to the dog until the last second right before they take you.

None of that takes place with a wolf. There is no game. They don’t care what you want. When they get hold of you [wearing pads], it’s different than the same size German Shepherd. They fling you down and start towards your neck. And getting them to stop…they will turn on the handler.

They scared the shit out of me. I seriously doubt you could survive an attack without some fluke luck of some kind. None of the tricks I knew were recognized or acknowledged by the quarter wolf. We gave up with zero success.


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Juggalo Dog

The similarity is uncanny. Is there a geneticist in the room? Can someone please tell me what happened to this dog?

The similarity is uncanny. Is there a geneticist in the room? Can someone please tell me what happened to that dog?

Haha! That Rottweiler looks like he has Juggalo makeup on.

That dog is down with the clown til he's dead in the ground!

That dog is down with the clown til he’s dead in the ground!

Notice the similarity!

Insane Clown Puppies LOL! Is he a Juggalo or a Doggalo? Damn that dog looks like one of those moths with wings on it. I am wondering if this dog is really a true Juggalo though? Is he bad at rapping? I bet this dog doesn’t know how magnets work either, right? Does he drink Faygo out of his water bowl? I think this dog has an advantage over real Juggalos though – unlike real Juggalos, the dog can be trained not to shit on the carpet.

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Great Alltime Questions from Yahoo Answers


My boyfriend put peanut butter down there and the dog…?

I came home early from work and walked in my boyfriend and my room and he had his unit out with peanut butter on it and the dog was licking?? what should i do is this cheating im so confused should i be worried?


Best answer, and I agree:

Jennifer K answered 5 years ago

I wouldn’t exactly call it cheating although he is a perv and maybe you want to break up with him just for that. Then again you may like watching him have peanut butter licked off his unit. Who knows.

Yep. Most of the rest of them are saying turn him in to the cops haha. One woman said, whatever you do, don’t suck his cock now (though not in so many words)!

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Shut Down Wildlife Services Now

This is just stupid. The agency is completely out of control. Shut it down now!

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Dog Imitates Baby

Pretty amazing video! Never seen a dog imitate a human before.

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The Most Sickening Photos on the Web

Repost from the old site.

There is some truly awful stuff out there on the web: Two Girls One Cup, Two Girls Fingerpainting, Two Girls One Finger, Four Girls Fingerpaint, Eight Girls No Cup, BME Pain Olympics, Kids in a Sandbox and Chechclear.

But the truth is there is much, much, much worse stuff out there than this. There are pics so horrible that people have had to go to emergency rooms afterwards with panic reactions. Reactions have mirrored cardiac events, rashes and gastrointestinal disorders. Psychological reasons have been many and varied. After seeing these pics, some have had insomnia, agoraphobic, anxiety and vomiting reactions.

So, I am warning you, if you do not think you can handle these pics, do not even bother to look at them! You have been warned!

This picture of a rabbit stealing a cookie is probably the most disturbing of them all. Here are some reactions: “When I first saw this pic the other day, I have to admit it messed up my sleep for a day, but I’m fine now…” “I ain’t looking at this pic till tomorrow cuz its night right now, and I don’t wanna f-g have nightmares lol.” “Yeah, I strongly suggest nobody looks at this pic!!!” “I almost puked when I saw that…and I was eatin’ sum chicken.”

Even worse, the furious housewife who baked the cookies killed the rabbit in cold blood with a meat cleaver soon after he committed this crime.

Here are some reactions: “This is one of my most f-d up things I have ever seen.” “Holy f-g s-t that is raw. I swear I just finished eating a tuna fish sandwich before watching this. TAKE EVERYONE’S WORD – DO NOT LOOK AT THIS IF YOU ARE WEAK.” Many similar reactions were reported after seeing this saccharine, sickening and idiotic photo of a dog supposedly praying in front of a holiday cake.

Here are some reactions to this sick photo: “I almost fainted from looking at that picture. Double f-g shock value. Not only was it painfully sad but gross!” “Jesus Christ that was terrible, and if you laugh at this pic, that’s just f-d up…”

This is a viral pic circulating around the Web on shock sites. Here are some reactions: “Wow, that was crazy. I’ve seen some internet pics, but that one was just too up close for me. I don’t even want to go outside anymore.” “Dude, I just saw that. Is that even real? Looked hella gruesome.”

What makes this pic all the more horrible is that the dog woke up soon after this pic was taken and ate the chick alive in one gulp. Truly awful stuff.


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Monkey Hearts Dog

Strange video, looks like it was shot in Mali after all…


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