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Species and Subspecies in Current Races of Homo sapiens sapiens

We already dealt with the racist nonsense about Black people being a different species than the rest of us. By the way, this is just another way of saying, “Niggers aren’t human,” which is exactly what a lot of anti-Black racists say about Black people in precisely those words.

I hate to break it to these guys, but Black people are as human as the rest of us. We are all one species.

I did a lot of research on the question the other day because I wanted to see if there was anything to the racist argument. The overwhelming opinion, based on multiple lines of excellent evidence is that all races of human are part of a single species. I won’t go into the lines of evidence here, but you can go look them up if you want. And it’s good science too, not junk science.

One of the lines is that no human race has any particular type of DNA that is particular to its own race. In different species, the new evidence is that all species have areas of DNA that are specific to just them. This is true even in species that can and do interbreed.

In studying two types of butterflies in the Amazon that readily interbreed, it was found that one area of DNA in each species never transferred to the other. Obviously when you mate two different lines, you end with each line contributing a lot of its DNA to the offspring. This is the DNA that carries over so to speak in interbreeding. The areas of DNA that never carried over or transferred in interbreeding were two areas: one that gave it its blue flavor and another that deals with how the blue butterfly is able to recognize others of its kind. In the orange butterfly, the non-transferring DNA was also for orange color and for how the species recognizes its own species. This is where we get the notion that “species breed true.”

Another is that humans can readily interbreed with other humans. For an example of what happens when humans breed with other hominid species, we can look at the evidence of human-Neandertal breeding.

Human-Neandertal breeding was very difficult and most of the offspring did not survive for some reason. Neandertal males mating with human females was rarely successful. However, human males mating with Neandertal females apparently worked sometimes.

The example given that species can interbreed is dog and wolves. However, science now says that dogs and wolves are one species. From my study of birds, when two different bird species start interbreeding a lot, after a while, they usually merge them into one species on the basis that they interbreed.

Crossbreeds of different species often produce sterile offspring. Yes, a horse can breed with a mule but the offspring is a donkey and donkeys are sterile. I believe that ligers, the offspring of lions and tigers, are also sterile. There are other species that can interbreed, however the offspring are weak, sickly and fail to thrive.

If any human races were separate species, we would expect to see something like the results of the human-Neandertal interbreeding and we don’t see that. Blacks and Whites can interbreed just fine, immaculately, in fact.

The question then boils down to whether any races could be said to be subspecies. The German Wikipedia has done some work on that and they have concluded that based on geographic separation, Negritos, Aborigines and Khoisan (Bushmen/Hottentots) could probably be seen as subspecies. On looking at their work, I think the writers on the German Wiki are basing their argument on good, solid science.

I would also argue that these three could be seen as subspecies based on genetic distance. The genetic line of Negroid Africans specifically does not go back all that far. They are a new race that only arose 9,000 YBP.

However, the Khoisan are one of the oldest people on Earth with a specific line going back 53,000 years.

Previously, a type of Negrito Australoid in Thailand, the Orang Asli, had been found to be the oldest race of living race with a line going back 72,000 years.

The Aborigine of course are very ancient. They are quite distant from all other humans. In fact the two races with the greatest distance between them are Aborigines and African Negroids. If anyone would have a hard time interbreeding it would be them, but there’s no evidence of any problems. On the other hand, few if any of them have bred at all. African Negroids and European Whites are dramatically closer to each other than Africans and Aborigines. If Africans and Aborigines are one species, how could Africans and Whites be two species? Makes no sense.

It is important to note that by their nature, all subspecies can interbreed. They are only called subspecies because for whatever reason, they only live in a restricted geographical area. In addition, there are some anatomical and genetic differences in all subspecies. At some genetic and anatomical difference level, two types of a species are said to be separate subspecies. Since no humans are restricted to any separate geographical areas, we cannot use that metric for setting aside human subspecies. However, I would no problem with setting aside Aborigines, Negritos and Khoisan as human subspecies. There’s nothing derogatory or racist about that statement, at least to any rational person, which leaves out all SJW’s.

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Domesticated and Feral Strains of Many Mammals Can Differ Starkly in Behavior

I have heard that there are breeds of dogs who are very intelligent and others that are almost as dumb as rocks. Surely they are all the same species. Intelligence and behavioral differences are no matter. Dogs and wolves and dogs and coyotes are pretty much the same species. Dogs can and do breed with wolves and coyotes both. So what? Take a domesticated dog breed and put it in your house and what does it do? Probably makes itself at home and becomes your best friend. Now capture a wolf or coyote, drug it, put it in a cage, take it to your house, and open it up. When the coyote or wolf wakes up, what will it try to do? It will run out the cage, run around your house, tear stuff up, make a huge racket, and in a lot of cases, it would even try to attack you.

I am not going to make an analogy between Whites and Blacks and dogs and wolves here, but racists are free to draw their obvious conclusions.

Just for starters, say I find an unconscious Black human somewhere, and for some reason, the best thing to do would be to take the person to my house and take care of them for a bit. I lie them down on the couch. They wake up after a while like the wolf woke up in the cage.

Now is this Black person going to rampage around my house, make a huge racket, destroy a lot of stuff, and probably attack me? Well, not immediately for sure, and that’s true for even the worst ones. But some of the bad ones, if you keep them around a bit though…you get the picture.

A Black human is less feral and far more domesticated than a wolf is. Between wolf and dog the difference between feral and domesticated nature is stark and even frightening. Between an average Black and White human, the difference between a wilder human and more domesticated human is dramatically less stark. Black people are not feral humans in the sense of a wolf to a dog. A true feral human would be like those Wild Children that have been raised in the woods by wolves or bears. A Black human is orders of magnitude more domesticated than that.

Black humans, as you can see, after all are quite domesticated as far as mammals go. But are they still a bit more wild than Whites and Asians? Well, maybe so.

Saying that intelligence and behavioral differences between Blacks and Whites – well-documented – are prima facie evidence of two different species is utter madness. A more feral and more domesticated strain of any mammal can show marked differences in all sorts of behavioral and cognitive variables.

The domesticated and feral strains of all sorts of species are dramatically different. Even domesticated cats gone feral are often impossible to properly tame, and they are from a genetically domesticated line!

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Interesting Racial Arguments: Blacks As Less Domesticated Humans, and Whites and Asians as Domesticated “Slave Races”

Great comment from Francis Melville. 

African Blacks are humans, period.

The main mistake about that by those who see them as a parallel species closer to apes than man relies upon the infamous argument of neoteny: evolution from ape to man (so as devolution from man to ape as some religious fundamentalists postulate) is supposed to have happened through greater and greater retention at adult age of traits only the primitive species’ infants shows before losing them at adult age.

But that argument, however seducing it seems, is fallacious the way it is used: clearly, for instance, dogs as we know them are descendants of the wild dog, which is a parallel species of wolves to the point only zoologists can distinguish them from other wolves. And from that lupine ancestry, dogs have evolved far more than humans are supposed to have evolved from more primitive men, they have kept infantile traits at a degree humans themselves never went to…yet they remain dogs and show no sign of turning into a kind of speaking intelligent species capable of writing with all fours.

Though they cannot survive outside an apartment and require the same care as a human infant or even more, they still bark and bite each one according to its capacity. Neoteny produces domestic or more domesticable animals out of wild ones and nothing beyond. Neoteny alone cannot make a lineage change of species, nothing of that kind of phenomenon has ever been observed under any microscope or otherwise through paleontological history. You could still invent more and more puppy-like races of dogs under the pressure of lawmakers prohibiting Rottweilers, none of these new races would end up being human-like or humanoid-like in any way, none of these dogs would suddenly learn to speak like Pluto, though they may look like cartoon dogs more and more.

African Blacks show many traits (though not all) of less or no neoteny compared to the mean European and even more compared to East Asians (for instance African babies learn to sit and adopt various other adult postures at an earlier age than other humans), but that may make an African a wilder human, NOT a lesser human…in the very same way Sub-Saharan Africa seems to be by its ecological vocation the conservatory of the wilder versions of so many other species, like the wild dogs, the wild asses (which include the zebra as well as countless other onagres), the wild buffaloes, and the famed wild elephants.

African elephants, for being wild and having never been domesticated, are not less elephantine than the ones used in India and Indochina as beast of burden or transportation, in the same way the wild African buffaloes are by no means less bovine than the domestic buffaloes used in India to till the soil: quite the contrary, anybody would qualify the African elephant as more elephant-like by its spectacular bodily features than its more modestly-looking Indian far cousin, for the same reason wild bulls and buffaloes have always symbolized the epitome of bovine nature with far more intensity and sacredness than domestic oxen.

Europeans are not more human than Africans, they are more domesticable and amenable to so-called civilized life, actually it is a more polite expression to say they are easier to enslave and put to hard work by neurological programming rather than by mere physical shackles only.

Some say among Haitian and Benin voodoo practitioners that Whites and Asians were the first species reduced to a more fragile and specialized one but far easier to put to useful work by the process of trans-generational domestication and bodily modification by the first animal tamers: according to them, non-Blacks are born out of the will of malevolent sorcerers to dispose of population of dependent slaves by birth. That is probably a short caricature, but there seems to be something real about it.

So many proverbs from so many cultures are wont to say laughter is what really makes humans human, animals being so serious in comparison of the most serious humans. Do Black Africans laugh less?


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Serves Him Right



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Man Shoots Dog; Dog Shoots Man – Film at 11


Who knows? Maybe karma exists after all.


Every action has an equal and opposite reaction? Maybe so, and maybe that’s a damn good thing sometimes.

I am convinced that God has set aside a particularly nasty slice of Hell particularly for animal abusers. And they probably have to have a wall of around this area to keep the other denizens of Hell from killing them again and again.

Bad people have more morals than you think. It’s often not so much that they have “no morals” but that they have their own peculiar and perverse moral hierarchy. But a lot of bad people definitely believe in the concept of transgression, and they don’t like those they call immoral one bit. In fact they hate them far more than we do. They hate the violators of their own moral code so much that they will out and out murder them without a care in the world, while few of the rest of us would stoop that low.


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Are Cats and Dogs Genetically Domesticated?

Badc writes:

Progressive in this case is domestication, I remember an experiment by soviet scientists to domesticate silver foxes, the results was that the domesticated foxes had smaller snouts.

Robert, have you read about the domestication of silver foxes.

I think east Asian are the most domesticated race.

I think you may be correct. The more progressive races do seem more domesticated.

Yes I have read about those experiments. I think our cats and dogs have had domestication actually bred into them. That is, even when they are first born, they are already different from purely wild cats and dogs of the same species.

We think that our cats and dogs act good because we trained them that way, but I think there is more to it than that. They come out of the womb already part domesticated. In other words, with some more wild cats and dogs, you could raise them from birth and they might never settle down very much. It’s well known that some species just do not domesticate well.

Why are cats and dogs genetically domesticated? Maybe we have been breeding them that way for 9,000 years. Humans weren’t always so nice. When humans had pet dogs and cats 1000’s of years ago, some may have come out of the womb wild and never settled down. Their human owners may have just killed these wilder offspring because they are just not compatible to be pets. Or perhaps they turned them loose. Or perhaps they were likely to run away.

Possibly the very first dogs and cats to be domesticated were already pretty docile as this is what allowed them to be domesticated in the first place. Perhaps after the first domestication, pet stocks were repeatedly reinfused with new pets captured from the wild. The ones likely to be captured from the wild and adjust well in captivity were probably already more docile.

We don’t really have any wild cats and dogs to compare to our pets. Sure, we have bobcats, mountain lions, etc. and coyotes, wolves, etc. I have heard that coyotes don’t make very good pets. I saw a man at a gas station with a strange little dog that looked like a coyote. He told me it was in fact a coyote and its parents were killed and they took it in as a pet. I believe he said they didn’t make very good pets. I believe that the so-called dingo in Australia is simply Canis domesticus that has been running around wild for 40-50,000 years. They are just about the same species as Fido. I hear that dingos are pretty wild.


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Can You Train Wolves?

From the Internet, an interesting question. Since wolves are so much more vicious than dogs in terms of police attack dogs, why not train wolves to take down suspects instead of dogs? As it turns out, we’ve already tried it, and it is a total failure. Dogs, even German Shepherds, are pretty much great big pussies most of the time, and wolves are wicked, savage, untrainable, permanently wild beasts who do not belong anywhere near humans. We have even bred dogs down to where they were 1/4 wolf, and they were still completely wild and untrainable. Amazing.

A friend of mine lived in Alberta, Canada and he told me wolves were everywhere up there. He absolutely hated wolves. “Wolves are a plague,” he said. “If you don’t have any near you, consider yourself lucky.”

A long time back… I trained dogs. A lot of them were for the police.  Someone had the idea that we should be training wolves. I have seriously never been afraid of a dog. They just like me. I know the right body language…I know their body language…they can sense that startle response, and you learn to suppress it. I know when to stand there and let them smell you.

We realized pretty quickly that full wolves were not going to be trained so we bred them with German Shepherds down to quarter wolves. They were still wild. We couldn’t make a connection with them under any circumstances. They almost never made eye contact, which made it seem like they had a crazy look in their eyes. They looked right through you.

When you attack train a dog, there is a lot of non-verbal communication while the dog is sizing up the situation…usually…it’s a game to the dog until the last second right before they take you.

None of that takes place with a wolf. There is no game. They don’t care what you want. When they get hold of you [wearing pads], it’s different than the same size German Shepherd. They fling you down and start towards your neck. And getting them to stop…they will turn on the handler.

They scared the shit out of me. I seriously doubt you could survive an attack without some fluke luck of some kind. None of the tricks I knew were recognized or acknowledged by the quarter wolf. We gave up with zero success.


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Juggalo Dog

The similarity is uncanny. Is there a geneticist in the room? Can someone please tell me what happened to this dog?

The similarity is uncanny. Is there a geneticist in the room? Can someone please tell me what happened to that dog?

Haha! That Rottweiler looks like he has Juggalo makeup on.

That dog is down with the clown til he's dead in the ground!

That dog is down with the clown til he’s dead in the ground!

Notice the similarity!

Insane Clown Puppies LOL! Is he a Juggalo or a Doggalo? Damn that dog looks like one of those moths with wings on it. I am wondering if this dog is really a true Juggalo though? Is he bad at rapping? I bet this dog doesn’t know how magnets work either, right? Does he drink Faygo out of his water bowl? I think this dog has an advantage over real Juggalos though – unlike real Juggalos, the dog can be trained not to shit on the carpet.

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Great Alltime Questions from Yahoo Answers


My boyfriend put peanut butter down there and the dog…?

I came home early from work and walked in my boyfriend and my room and he had his unit out with peanut butter on it and the dog was licking?? what should i do is this cheating im so confused should i be worried?


Best answer, and I agree:

Jennifer K answered 5 years ago

I wouldn’t exactly call it cheating although he is a perv and maybe you want to break up with him just for that. Then again you may like watching him have peanut butter licked off his unit. Who knows.

Yep. Most of the rest of them are saying turn him in to the cops haha. One woman said, whatever you do, don’t suck his cock now (though not in so many words)!

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Shut Down Wildlife Services Now

This is just stupid. The agency is completely out of control. Shut it down now!

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