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Mother Cat Talking to Her Kittens

There’s your cute cat video for the day, folks. After that, it’s back to all that ugly politics, etc. stuff.

I believe that is actually a feeding call. She is calling them to feed – to nurse at her breasts.

Mother raccoons also make that weird purring sound when they have their kits with them. I used to hear it at my house in the mountains. People would say, “What in God’s name is that noise?” It was that same weird purring sound. Then with a flashlight, I would find a mother raccoon with three or four kits behind her. The kits walk in back of the mother, which is probably typical.

Baby quail stay with their mothers a pretty long time for birds. In the mountains, I used to see mother quail with baby quail behind them all they time. They often run when they are in a line like that, especially if your car is coming up on them. It’s actually rather funny to watch.

I assume with most mammals and land walking birds, the kits or fledglings walk in a straight line in back of the mother when they go walking around.

Some animals like birds like to walk in lines period. Even adult ducks or geese will often walk in a line for some odd reason.


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Post of the Day

No comment, or rather, create your own caption.

No comment, or rather, create your own caption.

Is this a metaphor that speaks to some deep truths about life and the world, or instead is it just another idiotic Internet meme?



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Are Cats and Dogs Genetically Domesticated?

Badc writes:

Progressive in this case is domestication, I remember an experiment by soviet scientists to domesticate silver foxes, the results was that the domesticated foxes had smaller snouts.

Robert, have you read about the domestication of silver foxes.

I think east Asian are the most domesticated race.

I think you may be correct. The more progressive races do seem more domesticated.

Yes I have read about those experiments. I think our cats and dogs have had domestication actually bred into them. That is, even when they are first born, they are already different from purely wild cats and dogs of the same species.

We think that our cats and dogs act good because we trained them that way, but I think there is more to it than that. They come out of the womb already part domesticated. In other words, with some more wild cats and dogs, you could raise them from birth and they might never settle down very much. It’s well known that some species just do not domesticate well.

Why are cats and dogs genetically domesticated? Maybe we have been breeding them that way for 9,000 years. Humans weren’t always so nice. When humans had pet dogs and cats 1000’s of years ago, some may have come out of the womb wild and never settled down. Their human owners may have just killed these wilder offspring because they are just not compatible to be pets. Or perhaps they turned them loose. Or perhaps they were likely to run away.

Possibly the very first dogs and cats to be domesticated were already pretty docile as this is what allowed them to be domesticated in the first place. Perhaps after the first domestication, pet stocks were repeatedly reinfused with new pets captured from the wild. The ones likely to be captured from the wild and adjust well in captivity were probably already more docile.

We don’t really have any wild cats and dogs to compare to our pets. Sure, we have bobcats, mountain lions, etc. and coyotes, wolves, etc. I have heard that coyotes don’t make very good pets. I saw a man at a gas station with a strange little dog that looked like a coyote. He told me it was in fact a coyote and its parents were killed and they took it in as a pet. I believe he said they didn’t make very good pets. I believe that the so-called dingo in Australia is simply Canis domesticus that has been running around wild for 40-50,000 years. They are just about the same species as Fido. I hear that dingos are pretty wild.


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Cat City

Cat City, Whereverland.

Cat City, Whereverland.

Just think guys, you could go lie down amidst those cats and assuming you didn’t scare them so they all ran away, you would be literally drowning in pussy.


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Wind Power Kills Birds!


Click to enlarge. Cats kill far more birds than wind turbines do.

Disgusting rightwing idiots on Fox News have been going on an on about wind power lately. They have suddenly become environmentalists. They are really fake environmentalists, because they are opposed to environmentalism almost 100% of the time and only support it cynically when it suits their needs. Anyway, these fake enviros have been going on lately about wind power and how bad for the environment it is. Why is it bad? Because it kills birds! Since wind power kills birds, it’s bad for the environment and we should all oppose wind power!

One wonders why idiot rightwingers even oppose wind, solar and other energy in the first place. I mean, energy’s energy right? Are there not capitalist enterprises utilizing wind, solar and other forms of energy to make a buck? Ok, so why are they bad then? Turns out that all conservatives are whores for the fossil fuel industry. The fossil fuel industry is opposed to alternative energy because they don’t like competition! Real simple. That’s all it is. We need to keep on burning fossil fuels until we burn the whole planet down with our global warming.

Wind turbines do kill birds, especially in certain locations like Altamont Pass. Last time I drove there, I saw quite a few dead birds of prey like owls and hawks dead by the side of the road. A sorry sight.

However, as you can see, the number of birds killed by turbines is vastly surpassed by the number of birds killed by cats. 5,200 times more birds are killed by Killer Kitty than by turbines. Cats are an extremely serious problem in terms of killing mammals, birds and rodents. You really ought to keep your cat inside. If you do let it out, put a bell on it. A belled cat will almost never kill a bird. Not so sure about other animals. Cats will kill wild animals no matter how well they are being fed. You can’t feed a cat enough to make him stop killing. Killing is in his blood, in his nature. He simply can’t stop. He’s addicted to killing.


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The Most Sickening Photos on the Web

Repost from the old site.

There is some truly awful stuff out there on the web: Two Girls One Cup, Two Girls Fingerpainting, Two Girls One Finger, Four Girls Fingerpaint, Eight Girls No Cup, BME Pain Olympics, Kids in a Sandbox and Chechclear.

But the truth is there is much, much, much worse stuff out there than this. There are pics so horrible that people have had to go to emergency rooms afterwards with panic reactions. Reactions have mirrored cardiac events, rashes and gastrointestinal disorders. Psychological reasons have been many and varied. After seeing these pics, some have had insomnia, agoraphobic, anxiety and vomiting reactions.

So, I am warning you, if you do not think you can handle these pics, do not even bother to look at them! You have been warned!

This picture of a rabbit stealing a cookie is probably the most disturbing of them all. Here are some reactions: “When I first saw this pic the other day, I have to admit it messed up my sleep for a day, but I’m fine now…” “I ain’t looking at this pic till tomorrow cuz its night right now, and I don’t wanna f-g have nightmares lol.” “Yeah, I strongly suggest nobody looks at this pic!!!” “I almost puked when I saw that…and I was eatin’ sum chicken.”

Even worse, the furious housewife who baked the cookies killed the rabbit in cold blood with a meat cleaver soon after he committed this crime.

Here are some reactions: “This is one of my most f-d up things I have ever seen.” “Holy f-g s-t that is raw. I swear I just finished eating a tuna fish sandwich before watching this. TAKE EVERYONE’S WORD – DO NOT LOOK AT THIS IF YOU ARE WEAK.” Many similar reactions were reported after seeing this saccharine, sickening and idiotic photo of a dog supposedly praying in front of a holiday cake.

Here are some reactions to this sick photo: “I almost fainted from looking at that picture. Double f-g shock value. Not only was it painfully sad but gross!” “Jesus Christ that was terrible, and if you laugh at this pic, that’s just f-d up…”

This is a viral pic circulating around the Web on shock sites. Here are some reactions: “Wow, that was crazy. I’ve seen some internet pics, but that one was just too up close for me. I don’t even want to go outside anymore.” “Dude, I just saw that. Is that even real? Looked hella gruesome.”

What makes this pic all the more horrible is that the dog woke up soon after this pic was taken and ate the chick alive in one gulp. Truly awful stuff.


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Cat Makes Friends with Dolphins

Screw education. We’re going to sit around watching cute animal videos all day!

How did that cat get on that boat in the first place?


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Felis Catus, Serial Killer

Great video.

Keep Kitty indoors! If not, I had good results with belling, though studies claim it’s ineffective. Also, studies seem to indicate that capture, neuter, release doesn’t even work, though it is promoted by feral cat lovers. Sure, the already wild cats quit breeding, but since their numbers are constantly being replenished by new cats being dumped off, the population is continuously resupplied with new breeders.


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Part Cat, Part Frog

Anyway, it was raining cats and dogs outside when I went into my living room. There was this weird cat stuck on my wall with its suction paws. I pulled it off the wall and put it back outside by the pond where the rest of the frogcats were croaking.


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Kill This Bitch Now

Goddamn her. And I know what you’re saying. She’s White. Also very nice, proper and decent looking.

She didn’t even know that cat. She was a complete stranger.

I hope it lived though.

This is what animals get for trusting us.


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