Donald Trump: Dotard

Asked about Donald Trump, a former Wharton professor said,

Donald Trump was the dumbest goddam student I ever had.

A reporter recently noted:

Professor Kelley told me 100 times over three decades that ‘Donald Trump was the dumbest goddam student I ever had.’ I remember his emphasis and inflection — it went like this — “Donald Trump was the dumbest goddam student I ever had.’

Another biographer, Gwenda Blair, wrote in 2001 that Trump was admitted to Wharton on a special favor from a “friendly” admissions officer. Obviously he couldn’t have gotten in otherwise.

But let’s get real here for a second. Donald Trump can’t even read! I told you he was a pinhead. I suppose he has dyslexia. It is said that he reads at a 5th grade level. His aides make sure to give him briefs that are no longer than one page long. If longer than that, make sure to include charts, drafts, and drawings. Jesus. That sounds like the reading materials you might create for a child.

Let’s face it though. Trump’s illiteracy is exactly what his arrogantly ill-educated and aggressively ignorant deplorable base wanted, right? They hate technocrats and experts, people who read, weigh facts, and make proposals based on evidence, preferring low-brow, shoot-from-the-hip, unreflective living. Trump is their anti-intellectual hero, exactly what they voted for.

This is what happens when an entire political party disdains education, intellect, learning, scholarship, etc. We are on the road to Idiocracy. From Dan Quayle to George W Bush to Sarah Palin and now Trump. Heaven help us.

People who lived in New York during the Trump Era report in:

Nobody actually liked Donald Trump. Even then. He was obnoxious, if colorful. My (Old School Conservative, WWII vet) Jr. High teachers (I went to school in a fairly conservative area) cited Donald as evidence of crass 1980’s materialism and of how far this “younger generation” of 80’s yuppies had strayed from their generation’s principles of decency. Donald Trump was always a predictable turd.

I am/was a yuppie, and I and my yuppie NYC buddies all loathed Trump,not only because of his crassness but because we knew that he was a lying grifter and an unmeritorious opportunist.

If you want to know what Donald Trump is really like, ask New Yorkers. The suffered through him for decades. Nobody but nobody but nobody in New York likes that man!


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35 responses to “Donald Trump: Dotard

  1. Beauregard

    Neocons love that shit.
    Get a guy who appeals to and acts like a caricature of a redneck to sell policies formulated by (((people))) 🙂 who regard said rednecks as cattle.

    Neocons are completely unscrupulous psychopaths and Trump was probably their plant from the beginning.
    Breitbart sometimes purposefully uses titles with bad grammar to appeal to these rednecks.
    Titles that essentially are like ‘Why going down yonder and dying for Israel is really America first’

    • Jason Y

      Cough… You’re the one who is praising hypermasculinity, Beau.

    • Jason Y

      Yes, they did the same with W. Bush, but not sure how much was real and how much scripted. Anyhow, though, the cultural left is indeed snobby – any way you look at it.

      • Beauregard

        There is a massive problem with SJWs. There is a massive problem with Muslim migration to the west. Problem is Jews (along with many others) vastly support these.
        Yet they brainwash rednecks into believing that they’re just normal Whites victimized by evil “Moslem hordes” as well, even though they’re behind it precisely in order to gain this sympathy!

        The layers of deceit are breathetaking.

        • Yup. Runaway SJWs, NAMs, Muslims are all set of issues that are totally separate from Flyover issues. Flyover issues are the inability to catch up with the times, inability to go beyond the 1980s, inability to adapt in a changing world, inability to upgrade to the new economy skills. They are still celebrating the depleted post WW2 windfall. NAMs and Flyovers are both economically uncompetitive, at least NAMs don’t have that Post WW2 economic participation medal to gloat about.

        • Jason Y

          Yeah, but Muslim Hordes are indeed wanting to establish a caliphate! This isn’t insane conspiracy talk.

        • Jason Y

          Flyovers don’t hate moderate gays, women, or whatever freak. It’s when they become overkill, too bossy, and cunts! I mean, this isn’t the Mississippi 1950s.

        • Beauregard

          braindamage- I would hazard that you’re only partially correct.

          It’s not about the flyover getting a “participation medal” during the Greatest Generation (really, the flyover led the way. I mean White collar workers in Northeastern cities weren’t the cause of America’s hayday, sorry),
          but more about complacency.

          They were so prosperous they got cocky, spoiled their kids (relative to their own upbringing) and could never adapt.

          They didn’t address the rise of the far east. Vietnam War was also a mistake in that it escalated with China to the point that having diplomatic relations where they essentially rape us at everything (began under Nixon) were a Defense strategy and not about the negative economic impacts to the U.S.

        • Beauregard. Yes, The Flyovers led the way in the economic boom of post WW2. The economic growth of the 50s onwards was not due to some US strategies but rather the decimation of major economies due war. Prior to WW2, the US’s main industries were mostly resource based fuelling the growth of Europe. At the start of WW1, some European industries were disrupted which led to the beginning of US manufacturing. It was only after post WW2, they took off to fill the void left by European manufacturers.

          In the 18th century, East Asian economies were close to 40% of the world output. By the 19th century it was replaced by European economies (and colonies). Post WW2, both East Asian and European economies were non existent leading the way to a spectacular economic growth in the US that even those without education or skills can have a car and a house enjoying the “middle class” life. By the 80s, both Europe and East Asia caught up. Now the pie is shared by more players. Flyovers are back to square one. Thats what I meant by “Participation Medal”.

          The only way the Flyovers can regain the heydays of the 50s is to instigate a massive war in Europe and Asia. I think Europe and Asia are different nowadays. A massive war is not going to happen.

          Another way is to adapt and use the economic equity built up over those years to out compete the competition. Are Flyovers ready to re-educate, think outside the box, embrace the demographic changes, embrace the diversities of the world? Seems not.

        • Post WW2 when Flyovers occupied all the manufacturing jobs, Lowel level jobs went unfilled. That’s where the 1962 Immigration and Nationality Act came into play. It is not about the US being enlightened, Kumbaya and all that.
          It was an economic necessity. The economic growth was off the roof.

          Prior to 1965, most immigrants were of European origins. The 1965 INA allowed non Europeans to get legal residencies to fill the employment gaps. Now, Europe and East Asia caught up economically, non-European immigrants are established, naturally Flyovers will feel that the supposedly non-ending bonanza of decent paying jobs were taken away from them.

          A good case would be the Philippines. The Philippines post WW2 was the most affluent in East and South East Asia. GDP per Capita back then was higher than Japan. What happened was, the Philippines was not affected much by the war and the US being a former colonial master extended its business operations to the Philippines plus the Naval bases provided much needed revenue for the country. What happened after the 1980s? Marcos, US’s best friend was no longer needed. Deposed in 1981. The Philippines became of basket case. I see parallels here between the Flyovers and Flips.

        • Correction. Philippines’s GDP per capita was the highest after Japan in Asia. In the 50s and 60s anyway. The top ten GDP per capita in the 50s were from countries not affected by the war that much.

          1 United States $9,573.00 1950
          2 Switzerland $8,939.00 1950
          3 New Zealand $8,495.00 1950
          4 Venezuela $7,424.00 1950
          5 Australia $7,218.00 1950
          6 Canada $7,047.00 1950
          7 Sweden $6,738.00 1950
          8 Denmark $6,683.00 1950
          9 Netherlands $5,850.00 1950
          10 Belgium $5,346.00 1950

        • Beauregard

          Absolutely and of course
          World War II devestated the infrastructure of Europe as well as put a dent in their population.

          Much like the Black Death, the top echelons were deprived of what they had control over; it had to all be built from scratch, giving the masses more leverage. There was also hence initially a surplus of natural resources.

          It seems more Europeans admitted between 1945 and 1965 were ‘refugee’ types. Able bodied men stopped coming and to compensate immigration was opened up to Filipinos, South Koreans and later, everyone.

        • Jason Y

          Well, at least with the Germans, they brought on the situation. Times got tough and they sold their soul. So they went down and also Europe with them, but a lot more Europeans were pro-German than you think, despite their government.

        • Jason Y

          Why did Europe fall?

        • Post WW2 pre 1965 not only saw European refugees but also a massive brain drain to the US.

        • Beauregard

          braindamage- it completely reorganized European society to the benefit of “proles”.
          The United States received fewer immigrants from the working class but more from the elite class.
          Big business needed non-Whites for cheap labor.

          Jews did not even think of portraying themselves as “fellow victims of the browns” until the 1990s. That’s about the only benefit they reap- and there’s also the fact that the collapse of America means Israel gets fed to the dogs, the same dogs it’s chained and beat for years.

        • Jason Y

          Well, to be honest, whine all you want, but resource-less people are bound to be slaves. It’s inevitable. So yeah, Europeans became servants to either the US or Soviet Union.

        • Jason Y

          Resource-less as in no oil, but of course, if it’s Saudi since they don’t have a military with the oil, it’s a different ball game.

      • Beauregard

        Take EP-GAH for example. He fanatically loved Israel on the grounds that it had Whites being terrorized by NAMs.
        Little did he know that Strategy for Securing the Realm discussed appealing to right wing elements in the US under the guise of “we’re the only Western country in the ME”

        Eventually this devolved into Breitbart, and the likes of Trump/Gorka/Bannon:

        • Jason Y

          Not sure if he loved Israel. He was a white supremacist, but he would defend neo-con policies. Anyway, back in the day, WNs wanted their ranks to join the US military – despite some major disagreements, to prepare them for a race war.

          I mean, even today Trump is defending Israel 100 percent – but still the alt-right, neo-Nazis adore him.

  2. Bruno

    François Mitterrand, président of France from 1981 to 1995, considered as very well read, through to the non – it was explained by his advisor Jacques Attali – all présentation that would be more than 1 page long. He didn’t even warn people of this practice so some of them had been preparing for years presentations who have all finished in the bin without him reading any of it . He thought that peop’e who couldn’t explain him a situation in less than 3 minutes shouldn’t be heard att all. But if he had questions , they should be able to explain the details .
    Most criticism I hear against Trump – and yours – are pure bullshit .

    • Bruno

      threw to the bin

    • You can’t talk to me like that, monsewer. I’m am going to have to ban your ass.

      Violation of comments rules: No attacks on blog owner.

      Bye Felicia!


      • Bruno

        I didn’t intent to be disrespectful at all. I used bullshit for most comments about Trump and the including yours was a mistake, I meant I disagree with yours. I am sorry and apologize for this . I would understand if you publish my comment and still uphold the ban. It wouldn’t be unfair. I wish you the best.

        • I will let you stay if you agree to abide by the rules, my mon ami.

        • Bruno

          I fully agree.

          First, nobody should be insulted in his own house as you said. Second, I try to never offend anybody. Third, I find you a very intelligent and interesting person, with ideas who are sometimes liberal, sometimes conservative, wich is very interesting. So, the belittling ideas that I wouldn’t express normally, never even pop up in my mind in your case a fortiori. Just for you to know where I stand. Also, my english is far from perfect, because I don’t use it except for entertainment purpose (in esse neither profesionnaly not personnaly).

        • Hey Bruno, you are very welcome to the site! And yes, the ban is rescinded of course. I can tell you are a good person. You can’t support Trump on here though. We don’t allow it. We are socialists here after all (on economics anyway).

  3. Jason Y

    Let’s face it though. Trump’s illiteracy is exactly what his arrogantly ill-educated and aggressively ignorant deplorable base wanted, right? They hate technocrats and experts, people who read, weigh facts, and make proposals based on evidence, preferring low-brow, shoot-from-the-hip, unreflective living. Trump is their anti-intellectual hero, exactly what they voted for.

    Isn’t that what the WN base calls cucks, though. Little girls? Even if, like John McCain, they underwent torture by Viet Cong ??

  4. SHI

    How long is this Dotard going to be around? Robert Mueller shouldn’t be taking that long when he has already gathered the evidence needed to force an impeachment or resignation.

    Better yet simply try and extract a confession out of Donald. Dimwits like him crack really fast when it’s someone like Mueller who does the grilling.

    Trump’s only other choice is pleading insanity in case of which he will have to resign anyway.

    I thought it all started as a Simpson’s joke.

  5. SHI

    Robert Mueller indeed looks very scary like some ghoulish messenger of death.Trump probably shits his diapers while having nightmares about this person.

    • Beauregard

      He is very competent, but he didn’t always use his abilities for good.

      He’s one of those guys who went along with the Neocon cabal of the Bush administration out of pure ambition….

    • Beauregard

      I would like to see him essentially “clean house”.

      John Podesta didn’t file paperwork on the “in kind” contribution from the Ukrainian government (dirt on Manafort).

      Comey and McCabe perjured themselves on the Carter Page warrant.

      Kushner has violated the emoluments clause and blackmailed the nation of Qatar in an official capacity after they wouldn’t become his creditors.

      Ivanka got her Chinese trademark fast-tracked shortly after meeting the Chinese premier for the first time.

  6. Bruno

    Trump as lost – follonwing Forbes – one third of his weathl since he became a candidate. He is name has turned into a liability. Most former president with a corrupt activity – like Putin – are scared of losing power because they know, everyone is going after them; and death is often the end. So I find it very doubtful that money could be a mobile of his actions. It can be glory and narcisim. It can also be the love of America.

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