There’s No Red Baiting in California

Beauregard: Again, is social control always good?

Most people think a commie like yourself is something society shouldn’t tolerate, and you should hence get the shit beat out of you until you change.

No one is going to hit me for being practically a Commie. Some of the locals know about it and they don’t care, or they even like it, being Hispanics from Mexico and El Salvador. No one really knows I feel this way. If you walk around wearing a Communist t-shirt or  passing out Communist flyers, you might get some shit,  but unless you do that, no one is going to know.

Around here, no one cares if you are a Commie or nearly a Commie. Most people will shrug their shoulders or act like, “Well, that’s weird,” or “I don’t accept that at all, but I am going to overlook that about you,” or “Well, that’s ridiculous.” In all cases, they act like, “Well I am going to ignore this weird fact about you and still be your friend.”

This is California. No one cares about leftwing politics here, and there have always been a lot of Commies and Leftists of all sorts around this state. Look at the Bay Area. LA is full of all sorts of left-wingers. It’s been that way forever. Even if people are not Commies, liberalism is huge here. Most liberals don’t hate Commies. They’re not Commies and they don’t like the philosophy but they are not hardcore anti-Communists. Many people here call themselves progressives, and even out and open Leftists and self-proclaimed socialists are not rare. Most people regard Hard Left politics as interesting, amusing, or odd. Mostly people act like it is your personal business. California is not a state where Commies get beat up.

I’m not really a total Commie anyway. I am sort of an undifferentiated liberal to Commie leftwinger. I support most all of the Left.


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6 responses to “There’s No Red Baiting in California

  1. Beauregard

    Well if you lived in Miami and passed out communist fliers, the exiles would kill you and cook you in a Cuban sandwich.

    They almost got lee Harvey Oswald this way.

    • Jason Y

      Oswald was a fascist. He was a double agent also. He defected to Russia, came back, no questions asked or penalty was given.

  2. Jason Y

    Robert wonders about the appeal of normies. Well, if you are dealing with kids and a society that is highly conformist (Tennessee, as in they don’t like commies.) then being a normie is a survival mechanism. Kids simply will eat alive weird adults who are teachers.

  3. TRASH 2


    Well John Benders principle was right, wasn’t it?

    “Go visit John Bender in 5 years. You’ll see how bitchin’ he is.”

  4. Greg Rambo

    As far as leftism in California is concerned (having been born and raised in Los Angeles), I’ve always wondered what influence the Catholic church exerts when it comes to social issues. Things such as the death penalty, immigration and so forth.

  5. TRASH 2

    Since most Catholics are Mexicans I’d assume the answer is obvious.

    If you watch the Dirty Harry films they took place AROUND the Irish Catholic milieu-Scorpio was an Irish-Catholic alter boy who’d been damaged in Vietnam, Bobby Maxwell was a “Paddy Dude” as described by a black guy, Dirty Harry was a “Mick” as referred to by an Italian.

    But the Irish-Catholics are now replaced by the Mexicans so their positions are reversed.

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