Bullying as Social Correction: Society Will Never Stop Giving You Negative Feedback about Your Unacceptable Behavior

Beauregard: Again, is social control always good?

Most people think a commie like yourself is something society shouldn’t tolerate, and you should hence get the shit beat out of you until you change.

Only young kids should be able to do this (within reason). Beyond that it’s dangerous. It’s a bad precedent.

I don’t understand you guys. You guys never fought as boys? You never teased, picked on and bullied each other? When most everyone was bullying of the severe outliers for being radically unacceptable, you never joined in? You never bullied one of the designated victims? I thought all boys did this sort of thing.


Bullying pretty much ends by high school. There’s not a lot in high school and especially after high school.

But I tell you what. I can think of about 15,000 different ways I could act when I walk into the store that people would not like. When I go to the counter, there’s 50,000 things I could say that will not go over well. Those are your social rules.

If you are still an autist idiot as an adult, no one will bully you, but you will get endless messages that you are not ok, which is correct.

If I go into my local stores and act effeminate, I will get a hostile response. The guys that know me will first tell me to knock it off. Then they will ignore me. If I hit on the guys I know homosexually, boy, will that get a hostile response. I might get it! And I will fully deserve it.

If I burst into tears in public, I guarantee people will become hostile. Even if I look like I am on the verge of tears, a lot of people, especially women, will not like it.

If I go around looking psycho, people will blow me off, return hostility towards me, or act suspicious of me. I will constantly get the message that my behavior is not ok, which is proper.

Society never stops giving you messages about your behavior. Even my local culture here in this barrio has a lot of pretty complicated rules I have to follow. If I don’t follow them, rejection will soon follow. If I don’t follow some of them, I might even get hit! It’s pretty easy to get hit around here. Day to day functioning around here is in part a continuous effort to keep from getting hit. Hence respect everywhere you go, and don’t diss people.

What boys are doing is that same thing. They are just being cruder about it and more physical.

Of course adults can’t bully adults, and they should not. Where adults bully adults, it often looks pretty ugly.

But Antifa says fascists need to get hit just like boys say crybabies need to get hit. It’s the same mindset. Antifa feels that fascism is so dangerous that the only response is a “wake up call” in terms of a fist. Antifa is telling fascists that they are not acceptable. Is it ok for Antifa to “bully” fascists?


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44 responses to “Bullying as Social Correction: Society Will Never Stop Giving You Negative Feedback about Your Unacceptable Behavior

  1. Beauregard

    I was the largest boy in my class (height and weight) until late middle school. So I was not bullied.
    In high school I once shoved this guy who was fucking with me into a brick wall and he stopped.

    I don’t disagree if you apply your thinking in a narrow sense, but you shouldn’t be cavalier about it.

  2. Wow, very well-reasoned. This should be shown to every loser beta/omega male (and I could have used it many years ago).

    • They’re doing it for their own good. The severe outliers are being bullied and the bullies are saying, “Knock it off! Act normal! We will keep bullying you until you get your shit together and quit being so messed up/lame/weird/stupid/whatever.

      When 90% of the kids are bullying the 10% outliers, the bullies are not evil. If you say these bullies are evil, then 90% of children are evil. You believe that?

  3. Beauregard

    “Antifa is telling fascists that they are not acceptable. Is it ok for Antifa to “bully” fascists?”

    Antifa wants to behead you Saudi-Arabia style for being ‘Cis White male rapist scum’. Fuck them.

    • Beauregard

      “fascists”=A Gay Jew shock jock who brags about sucking black cock and mainly mocks feminists.
      = A gamer who trolls SJW game designers.

      Economically may want proles to starve to death in gutters or die on curbsides near a hospital…
      but that’s different than rounding up and gassing people based on race. Not even close.

  4. Beauregard

    “Fascist”= Non SJW.

  5. TRASH 2


    If you remember the film BAD BOYS where a 16 year old Sean Penn was in a juvenile camp where the ages ran from 14-19 he bashed two bullies nearly to death.

    In the suburbs in high school the tough guys are more likely to bully because nobody is going to throw a rock in a sock and bludgeon them-lower class whites do not give a shit in places like Detroit and bullies know (Especially with blacks) that it will escalate to a situation involving knives and even guns or at the very least that Sean Penn beating there is actually LESS bullying by whites.

    Most whites in middle-class suburbs by the time they are old enough to actually seriously injure others do not want to end up in a Juvenile Prison like Penn was sentenced to.

    I knew a 16 year old black bully who tried to stab a grad student (He was 16 in the ninth grade and 6’2) and was sent to an adult max facility for something like 20 years. Motherfucker would have gotten out pushing 40!

    • Trash, the post is about therapeutic bullying done mostly by kids.

      Did you ever bully anyone when you were a boy? Did you ever fight with other boys? Did you and other boys tease and torment each other to try to get a reaction out of them. The post is also about how boys get turned into men. How did this process work in your boyhood. How were you turned into a man? Were you part of a group of boys who were friends? How were they trying to turn each other into men?

      I also want to know about serious outliers: very effeminate boys, crybabies, psychos (future serial killers), and complete autist dorked out geekazoid boys.

      There is a situation where most all of the other boys are bullying a small group of outlier boys, such as the types above. Were there any designated victims among the boys you grew up with? Did you and your friends bully them? I also want to know about if you had any experience with the types of outliers described above.

      • TRASH 2



        Ben the Appalachian

        Ben’s Dad was engineer and they moved to Michigan from Kentucky. He was in fights the first week he arrived. He was a nutcase psycho about 6’1 and 205 by the age of 16. That is big enough to bully people in the 10th grade-some people.

        On one occasion a black adult Marine beat the shit out of him though he was only 16. Ben then went to the black guys house (He was underage) and smashed up his car with a lead pipe.

        The black Marine came to HIS HOUSE and HIT HIS MOM right in the face and then his Dad called the cops.

        A few months later a 19 year old punk whose Dad had money who did not do anything except hang around the suburbs fucking 14 year old girls slammed Ben into a wall (The 19 year old was about 25).

        Ben and some friends jumped him and the 19 year old’s mother called our private school and Ben was expelled.

        Then Ben’s DAD kicked his ass. This kid was a bully but he was also caught in a cycle of futility.

        Ben dropped out for a few years and just became another part-time job waster while the rest of us went to college.

        But then, after a few more assaults, he was sentenced to prison at a young adult age. He came out a vegetable.

        “Cry Babies”

        Mikel was a fat Polish-Canadian kid. He was always in trouble at school. His parents moved to Detroit because his Dad was an engineer.

        He was a bit of a loner and definitely a bully. One day, and I honestly forget why, myself and a bunch of other 10 year old kids started spitting on him. Maybe 10 of us. He started crying and could not stop.

        His parents actually PULLED HIM OUT OF SCHOOL. For some reason, to this very day, I think that moment in his life determined it. It probably stayed with him for the rest of his life that he had been spat on by a bunch of other kids. But that is only my personal op.

      • Jason Y


        blockquote>Did you ever bully anyone when you were a boy? Did you ever fight with other boys? Did you and other boys tease and torment each other to try to get a reaction out of them.

        I never did those sorts of things and only a large minority of them do (Note I said large). But anyway, I don’t like bullies – except in the “knock it off” cases of an older brother (sometimes). For instance, if some kid is a future “Joker from Batman” type, then something went wrong somewhere. At some point, people just tolerated someone’s idiot psycho behavior. So, that;s what happened with the Colorado school shooters and also the Florida shooter.

  6. TRASH 2


    I had a few amazing ones as an adult.

    On one occasion I made a phone call in a seedy Motel Lobby and a large black man saw me LEAVING and started screaming “What are you doing here?” as I left the building.

    I ignored him with an expression one would wear if they stepped around dogshit in the gutter.

    He jumped INTO HIS SHITTY CAR and drove down the road shouting at me “IF I SEE YOU HERE AGAIN I’LL KILL YOU!”

  7. TRASH 2


    In my opinion, at least in a Rust Belt state where the class-stakes are high, this happens by default through socio-economic stratification.

    The fuck ups will end up fucking up young-they’ll have a kid at 19; they’ll get hooked on some drug (It was meth and crack when I was young); they’ll do some serious time in jail.

    These rites of passage for the lower class whites-jail time, addiction etc.-define lower class white manhood.

    Middle-class whites are defined by university. Which is to say college experiences.

    In the Rust Belt the socio-economic striation between the middle-class whites and the poor ones is pretty steep.

    • Jason Y

      Having a kid at 19 isn’t abnormal. IN fact, maybe in the Old West, families started at 15. The problem, instead, is the young man has no trade school or college background to get a good job.

      • TRASH 2

        JASON Y

        I never knew anyone in Detroit who had a kid at 19 whose entire life was not then drenched in complete and utter poverty.

        Or for that matter, their kids.

        • Jason Y

          Supposedly Trump with all these tariffs and the like will bring auto jobs back. You think this is a joke?

  8. TRASH 2

    “Very Effeminate Boys”

    The obvious gays where I grew up hung around girls from age 6. Also, they were put into Alternative High Schools so they would not be harmed. You have to remember that I had a fairly gritty, if middle class, upbringing.


    White kids who are bullies really have to segregate. By 13 blacks are willing to use guns or knives and most Detroit blacks are tough with their fists. Blacks on their own part understand territoriality well and avoid white suburbs or needless to say the sticks. Whites generally do the same. You can be the toughest white hick Assault Merchant but if in Detroit you are going to think twice about fighting.

    “Cry Babies”

    We had a few of these.


    Again, look what happened to Dahmer in prison. Maybe he was a tough guy up against gays but he got killed as soon as he entered Gen Pop.

    There are always a few white psychos who do not give a fuck about anything but the only thing that is going to happen to them is serious injury unless they are really clever.

    • Jason Y

      Dahmer’s stuff is all over porn now. I mean human furniture ??? That’s what’s getting people off now. 😆

    • Jason Y

      Dahmer was simply acting out the stuff that’s normal porn these days. And Harvey Weinstein was doing the same (blackmail fantasy).

    • Jason Y

      The obvious gays where I grew up hung around girls from age 6. Also, they were put into Alternative High Schools so they would not be harmed. You have to remember that I had a fairly gritty, if middle class, upbringing.

      I think it’s normal for boys to hang around some girls and they don’t become gay cause of it. Myself, some girls were neighbors so I’d ride bikes with them and I played house with one girl all the time. OK, this sounds freakish,but I’m just being honest. But… I also played tackle football with some boys too, but generally aside from that, I was a loner, wandering the mountains like John Denver.

      But… I have no clue how gays become THAT effeminate. Possibly its cause they have no dad to correct them. What dad would put up with boys talking like girls ??

      • Jason Y

        I never socialized with boys much cause I lived too far from town, so there wasn’t any team sports participation, etc.. It’s at least 10 miles from my parents home to a town which is a lot when you can’t drive.

  9. Jason Y

    But Antifa says fascists need to get hit just like boys say crybabies need to get hit. It’s the same mindset. Antifa feels that fascism is so dangerous that the only response is a “wake up call” in terms of a fist. Antifa is telling fascists that they are not acceptable. Is it ok for Antifa to “bully” fascists?

    The problem is most of these creeps are beyond redemption. They needed to be bullied (as in the fascists needed to have bullying done to them) way back in elementary, middle school etc.. I mean, after a certain point, it’s not fixable.

    So what’s the point in punching some Archie Bunker idiot? Well, it’s frustration and seeing an abomination, basically.

    • Jason Y

      What would cause bigots to change? Well, possibly, they need their ass kicked, but it would have to be way worse than a punching. Of course, other things could happen too, tragic circumstances causing a change of heart. I mean, your dealing with someone like a drug addict etc..

      • TRASH 2

        JASON Y

        Outside the hollows in the real world the average Clint type (Well he was more middle-class whereas the real white thugs are not) who gets his ass kicked or goes to jail for kicking someone’s ass will end up a broken man.

        • Jason Y

          I think I saw this a lot with ex-cons working restaurants. They seem super nice, but as youth I’m sure they were bullies and the like.

  10. TRASH 2


    I worked for a semester in college at a Big Boy in Mt Pleasant, Michigan.

    Man…that will want you to remain in the middle-class and stay in college.

    There was Kurt, who was 28 years old and had a kid at the age of 18. He had another job as a security guard at an Indian Casino but could not make ends meet and take care of his kid without the spare job.

    Kurt was always on the verge of going to jail for missing child support payments.

    …Much easier to get a blowjob from a crack whore for $30. Does not cost you a thing. But 20 minutes of fun with some stupid small town fecund lower class white girl will cost you for decades!

    Then there was Mike the Methhead. I showed up one day and he was gone. “What happened to Mike” I asked.

    “They bitched him,” replied Dwayne the black cook.

    Bitched meant “habitual”. Mike had been pulled over with stolen parts in his car AND a bag of meth. Third or fourth offense. The judge gave him 28 years.

  11. TRASH 2


    …Adult life BULLIES THEM. Minimum or near minimum wage job. No 401 K. No money. Cops always watching you. Boss lives in Hawaii and does not give a shit about you.

  12. A lot of bullies are just assholes, and they bully because they get away with it. Their targets are often just people they know they can get away with bullying. Its made worse when the school system, and conventional morality tells these kids they must not ever, ever fight back.

    If you buy into this, you become a target. Fight and act aggressive, the teachers give you hell. So what to do?

    Antifa remind me of bullies at school. They invent reasons to attack you, and then make post-hoc justifications. They do it because they get away with it and get a thrill. I’m pretty sure of the law came down hard on Antifa, or attacks against them were considered self-defence and not given charged, most Antifa would give up, as bullies usually do.

    • Jason Y

      I don’t really care if anti-fas punches alt-right dickheads. But I don’t think it will reform them. In fact, it would just embolden them to be worse.

  13. Yee

    “Society Will Never Stop Giving You Negative Feedback about Your Unacceptable Behavior”

    WOW… The same theory to excuse rapists in some society – the woman was not wearing acceptable clothes, so she deserves it.

    Human everywhere aren’t so different after all… They have the same logic.

  14. Your conformist society in China has intricate, profound and myriad rules about acceptable social behavior. You’re far worse than we are in that area. In China, if you don’t act right, you will get lots of negative feedback. This is human nature everywhere, and it is right and proper.

    Of course, people use this theme for bad ends, as you describe above. In the US, most people think that those acting inappropriately need to get negative feedback about their behavior, but they also reject that women deserve to get raped for dressing sexy.

    On the other hand, let me tell you something, if you as a woman go out into a lot of our society dressed like a complete whore (other than certain places where you can dress that way) you will for sure get negative feedback about that, mostly from your fellow women.

    • Yee

      Your topic says “Bullying as Social Correction”.

      It sure isn’t acceptable in China, however conformist we are. Bullying is an attack, not a feedback.

      Chinese have a clear opinion on attacks – whoever starts a fight deserves no pity if being beaten to death.(先撩者贱, 打死无怨) Slutty women, sons who abandon their elderly parents etc., will get shunned, not attacked.

      I don’t understand why you’re trying so hard to justify bullying, and I’m going to agree to bullying.

      • Yee

        I’m NOT going to agree to bulling.

      • Well…

        Bullying is done for the most part by children here in the US, mostly age 6-13, at least boys. In addition, in families of boys, there is teasing, bullying, fighting and all sorts of conflict. Much of it is just mean or nonsensical, but some of it they are trying to get you to act better.

        In boys in the US, bullying is universal as the world of boys is a very aggressive and even violent one full of all sorts of aggression and even violence. This like a boot camp. This is the sort of thing you go through at boot camp. If you make it through, you come out a man. If not, you end up damaged and not much of a man. It is a trial by fire. Most cultures have such things that boys must go through to become men.

        Boys will tease, fight and even bully each other, but mostly in groups or families. It’s ugly, but how will you ever stop it? A lot of it is ugly, but how will you stop that either.

        Some boys are just bullies. They are a minority and they bully most other boys. These bullies are like psychopaths or criminals.

        But there are cases of designated victims who are bullied by most other kids. There were boys who were bullied by 90% of other boys, and THEY ALL DESERVED IT. Their behavior was so unacceptable that most other boys were attacking them to tell them their behavior was not ok and to try to get them to act better. These boys were severe outliers whose behavior was very unacceptable.

        For one thing, this will never stop. For another thing, the bullying is correcting. The boys are attacking the aberrant boy in an attempt to change his behavior. I agree with this as long as there is no long term or permanent harm.

        I am quite sure that boys are mean, fight and bully each other in China too. Maybe girls too. Children are quite mean.

        Corrective bullying declines to a low level in high school and only extreme outliers are attacked. It goes on for a few years after high school and then it is over. Whatever bullying remains is of a psychopathic or criminal nature.

        Bullying is a childhood thing. It will never stop or end. In many cases, they are trying to force other kids to quit being such fools and get their act together.

        When we were boys, we badly bullied one boy who was a crybaby. No longterm or permanent harm was done.

        This was THE RIGHT THING TO DO. Crybaby boys are not acceptable and they need to be forced into line, by bullying if necessary.

        • TRASH 2


          An odd memory.

          There was a Polish kid in our 5th grade. A big and blubbery tow-headed kid with wide Slavic cheekbones and loud buffoonish manner.

          One day about 10 kids encircled him (I was actually the instigator) and spat all over his face and chest.

          He ran off and returned with the principal, face tear-streaked. We were all punished but anyhow I have to wonder how this affected him.

          Did it make him more of a loner? Did he brush it off, unconcerned? He would have had to face a great many of these kids again. Every day (I went to a different school).

          So what was the effect of such an utter total rejection by peers? Being spat on right in the face and chest by 10 kids?

        • Yee

          I don’t think it matters what behaviors are being picked on. They are just excuses.

          If you want to pick on someone, you can always find something. Not necessarily a crybaby, perhaps he stutters, too thin or too fat or too short, hair too straight or too curly, voice too high or too low… anything will do. The only thing unchanged is that it’s always the strong bully the weak. It’s the animal cruelty in human.

          Like I said in the other bully thread, human are born as animals, growing up is a training to be less animal. Because in the grown-up’s world, ranks are not established by bullying other people, but by getting better grades, jobs, status, money, etc.

        • Jason Y

          Yeah I agree with Yee. It’s bullying on dumbass subjective stuff. For instance, how many times has a fat person been called fat or a skinny person “string bean” ?? Also, not everyone looks down on the victim, only a crowd of assholes.

        • Jason Y

          But honestly,and I’ve been to South Korea and among Chinese – Asians are big ass fucking bullies, no offense. 😆

          Nothing is good enough for them except absolute perfect people and they extend that to foreigners also.

        • Jason Y

          But I did defend bullying in the case of warped behavior In other words, kids that fucking weird, and not sweet or cute. Like, if the kid is making jokes about Jews in gas chambers, then that’s a red flag.

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