Boyhood is Boot Camp for Manhood: The Benefits and Drawbacks of Bullying among Boys (1st – 8th Grade)

Justin Y: I don’t advocate bullying to the extreme Robert does. I’m just saying bullying is necessary to mold good character of some kids. It’s because those kids are devoid of compassion. They need a reality check

I don’t really advocate it. But kids are going to bully. Ain’t nothing you can do about it. I and my friends and brothers did it until age 13 or so. But we bullied the “designated victims,” not just anyone. And we bullied and teased each other and  fought all the time. Damn it was great. I loved fighting all the time. It was awesome.

I told my mom about this, and I said, “Boys will always bully and fight with other boys, you can’t stop it.”

She shrugged her shoulders and said, “Sure.”

Look at the examples here.

  • My friend DN got bullied for being a crybaby wussyboy. Later he manned up. Connection? Did we beat manhood into him?
  • Look at the other guy, MD. He was the most retarded nerd dork geek autist fool in 8th grade. I met him 3 years later, and he was Joe Cool, 100% normal human. Connection? Did we beat the retarded dork out of him?

Problems of Bullying

Problem is that a lot of kids who get bullied, especially in junior high, turn into damaged adults. Whether it beats any sense into them is dubious, and some don’t deserve to get bullied. I know a lot of adults with low self esteem, and they were all seriously bullied as kids, especially in junior high. Heavy bullying for years seems to damage some people far into adulthood. So this is the downside.

I don’t know the solution.

Boys Will Never Accept Severe Outliers

You really think 10 year old boys will accept wussy crybabies among them? Hell no! They’re gonna get hit until they stop crying!

You really think 10 year old boys are going to accept 10 year old boys who act like total flaming faggots? Why should a 10 year old boy act like a flaming queer anyway? I mean a lot of men act that way, but boys? Why? Boys that age will never accept seriously effeminate boys.

You really think 13 year old boys will ever accept totally geeked out autist tard idiots? This MD was dork! Have you seen the expressions retarded people have on their faces? He had expressions like that on his face. When he fought you, he ran like a girl and tripped over his own feet. He stuck his tongue out of the side of his mouth like a damned retard. And he swung his fists like a girl. He was the Dorked Out Idiot of the Century. Boys will never accept boys who are that geeked out and tarded. Never going to happen! And MD was not “born” an autist geektard. I met him at 16 and he was normal. He had just gotten into some massively lamed out tarded behaviors, and the other boys were beating them out of him. They were beating him into normalcy. 

Don’t you understand? When boys bully those severe outliers like that, the boys are sending them a message:

“Dude! You are a retarded autist moron laughingstock! Knock it off!”

If he starts acting like a damned human, they leave him alone.

Being an autist tard is not acceptable behavior.

Likewise, when boys bully wussyboy crybabies, they are sending him a message:

“Boys don’t cry, dammit! We are going to hit you every time you cry until you quit being such a pussyboy! Understand, crybaby?”

As soon as he quits bursting into tears all the time, they leave him alone.

Wussy crybaby males who burst into tears all the time are not acceptable! Society will not tolerate crybaby men!

The lesson I got was,

“If you cry, you get hit.”

I don’t cry much as a man. Maybe I should. But my society value is “Boys don’t cry. Men don’t cry.” I got it beaten into me (psychologically but also somewhat physically) just like all the other boys. Most boys get manhood literally beaten into them. We all go through this. Boyhood is Boot Camp for Manhood.

Likewise, twisted psychos with hate and murder in their eyes who are so sick that they are attacking everyone for no reason are not acceptable!

They’re a menace, and we worry about their future. It’s not ok to be a future serial killer!

Likewise, effeminate boys are not acceptable!

Boyhood is about learning to be a man. At the very least, the other boys have to be taught that effeminate behavior will be seriously punished. The lesson I got was:

“Act effeminate, get hit!”

So I decided that no way was I going to be effeminate. To this day, I don’t think I act effeminate, but others may differ. I also despise effeminate behavior in men. It’s disgusting!

Human society has always been this way. Aberrant behavior is not tolerated, and people will try to force severe outliers to knock it off and act like normal humans act in that society.


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15 responses to “Boyhood is Boot Camp for Manhood: The Benefits and Drawbacks of Bullying among Boys (1st – 8th Grade)

  1. Jason Y

    Your right Robert (somewhat), but honestly, the opposite, the super conformist like my brother is basically a sell-out, a chicken, an Uncle Tom, cuck Do you think bullying can produce these despicable personalities?

  2. Beauregard

    Again, is social control always good?

    Most people think a commie like yourself is something society shouldn’t tolerate and you should hence get the shit beat out of you until you change.

    Only young kids should be able to do this (within reason). Beyond that it’s dangerous.
    It’s a bad precedent.

    • Jason Y

      Conformity is fine to a point. But middle school assholes are trying to beat everyone int being exactly the same And oddly enough, once you get into high school, these same kids encourage you to be different LOL> They say, “Why not grow your hair long?”. Why don’t you quit being such a square? Afros are cool for white people.

  3. Jason Y

    So much emphasis on boys! The girls are just as mean. Look at the movie Carrie.

  4. Jason Y

    Rock and roll is the ultmitest anti-conformist lifestyle and so many willingly become weird in high school after undergoing bullshit retarded conformist oppression in middle school.

    Where I live young kids, and even many high schooler and adults are so fucking stupid they call long haired guys “LadyMen”, “GirlBoys” 😆 Wow, this conservative Christian propaganda is really working here. It thought that thinking ended after the 50s.

  5. Jason Y

    I hate 10-year-old boys There were these two faggots at a gym where I was at – always sitting on their ass while everyone was working out – but of course, kids can’t workout, they’re not allowed. But they just sit around like Beevis and Butthead and make fun of everyone there, at least everyone weird.

    That’s always the case with these kids, mocking people who could smash them into pieces if the adults didn’t fear the law.

  6. TRASH 2


    Yes, well, many a date rapist has wound up at the receiving end of a huge black penis in prison haven’t they?

  7. Jason Y

    I think kids are not being bullied for the most part for being extreme outliers but rather being slightly different. Yee made the point in the other thread. However, though, the exception to “criticism of bullying” would be pre-alt-right warped fucks These kids have to be brought down, otherwise, you get school shooters, future Adolf Hitlers, future Josef Mengeles and like (often first posing as YouTube gurus (David Duke etc..)

    Myself, I was bullied for being slightly different in middle school. I fought back and then like a storm of bees everyone in the school made me a target.

    • Jason Y

      Two examples of this warped personality are santo-culto on here and also that black guy (forgot his name) I mean, as much as I’d like to say they’re just being human and joking around – I really think they’re sick fucks just like I’d say the same for the Anglin guy from Daily Stormer.

      These are horrible people, but they haven’t committed an actual crime – so they’re not in jail. It’s all crimes of a warped mind.

    • I will only support bullying of severe outliers. I agree that a lot of others get targeted, but if there’s nothing much wrong with them, there’s no lesson to be learned here. If you were only slightly different, what was the object lesson being made in bullying you? What was the point? What’s the point in trying to change someone who is only slightly different? There’s nothing wrong with them, and they are adaptive.

      I definitely condemn the bullying that was done to you, Jason.

      I will however point out that kids bully, tease, torment and fight with other kids. All of my brothers and I did it. All of my friends did it. For a while, we had girl cousins living with us, and they did it too.

      Why are you condemning as pathological and evil behavior that is neraly universal among kids. You act like bullies are some sort of evil people. But the sort of teasing bullying I am talking about is engaged in by almost 100% of kids. So according to Jason, almost 100% of kids are evil. This makes sense?

      Once again, I am sorry this happened to you. I don’t think you deserved it. This seems to be a case of criminal type bullying. It is hard for me to say this, but kids can indeed be evil, and in cases, even majorities of kids can be evil. Nevertheless, their evil is rather normal.

      • SHI (reloaded)

        Hello — from Singapore. Remember me?

        Did I miss out on an important rite of passage because I never really got bullied in childhood, school, college or employment?

        Probably early on as a child I learned that you should never let people walk over you. As a schoolboy, I would get into plenty of brawls in the playground or after school. Ugly ones which often led to a bloody nose. Medically, I was considered unfit. That didn’t stop me from enjoying a decent fight. I LOVED FIGHTS. .

        I never failed standing up to bullies and even older boys. They would completely whoop my ass but I still enjoyed the adrenaline rush. Sometimes it would pain so much that I couldn’t walk straight for a few days. We’re talking about mid-90s in India. I prided myself for being a little warrior who would fight till the death when needed, even when the odds are against him. They (onlookers) had to always split the fights out of fear for my life. But back down. NEVER!

        I’d say I just got lucky. Had I been raised in a really violent environment, say around African-American kids, it could have led to an early obituary.

        Only in 7th grade I learned that it’s not OK to engage in physical confrontations to settle disagreements. This made perfect sense as by then I was old enough to understand that a juvenile prison isn’t a pretty place.

        Even though I magically became non-violent (much to the relief of my parents), that streak of aggression never disappeared. Every time somebody pushed me around, I would play dirty to defend myself. Screaming and yelling never got out of my system.

        1- High school/college — Almost no hazing. I never respected any seniors who were being “playful”. It was supposed to be a rite of passage where you address your seniors as “Sir” and be obsequious. I never understood it. They left me alone.

        I did have a hard time in engineering college when I was sharing an apartment with a bunch of aggro co-students. All of them were violent sociopathic types. We fought sometimes but were mostly friends. Out of all the 7 room-mates, I endured physical violence with only 2. Can’t call that hazing as we were in the same class.

        2- Workplace — Worked under many a sadistic boss. I do have a tendency to only care about the top bosses, and ignore immediate supervisors. That probably saved me the day-to-day grief.

        No fear = No bullying — Yes, I’ve been kicked out of a few jobs. But mostly I was the one who went ahead with the resignation.

        Just to add in a summary. I’m not a violent person but I do have a violent streak that might intimidate a few people. Especially women. I’ve hit my girlfriends a few times in the past but I regret it now. I don’t hit women anymore. Really that phase is over.

        I’m 35. Somewhere there is this uncontrollable rage left within me but by now, I have learned how to bottle it up.

        Moral of the story: Kids should get into fights. When they grow up, they will not fear anyone.

      • anyone

        Since when are you sorry?

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