Is There Life After Death?

I told you so.

But I already figured this out before they proved it. I don’t need Mommy Science to prove things for me. I can figure them out on my own and prove them on my own via my own use of the empirical method, which we all use every day, all day long, anyway. So we are all little scientists. And we little scientists don’t need the Big Scientists to tell us what’s true and not true or real and not real  when we have already figured these things out on our  own via our own empirical investigations.

This was my latest theory – that you live for at least a couple of hours after you die, and the article seems to back it up. There is a very convincing account on Quora of a man who was apparently dead for two hours and then regained life somehow. Don’t ask me how that works.

This man also has a very convincing testimony of reincarnation.


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5 responses to “Is There Life After Death?

  1. 8Ball

    Have a heart attack in your sleep and die.
    Wake up.
    Find you’re dead.

    Wat do?

  2. Lin

    Bob, Come to your senses:

    1) It means ‘brain death’ might need a definition revision. That’s all about it.

    2) About 50 millions people on Earth die each year, just how many reincarnation claims one can spot. It’s about as rare as a lottery 1st prize winner claimed his/her dead mom told him/her the winning numbers in a dream. As I said, cybernetic reincarnation (uploading the memory of the dying to a computer) will happen but not quasi-religious mumbo jumbo.

  3. Jason Y

    Physics seems to suggest there is more than what meets the eye.

  4. If you want to know about the process of death (and the Buddhist view of the nature of reality) read Francesca Freemantle’s commentary on the Tibetan book of the dead, called Luminous Emptiness.

    Also, here is the American doctor talking about the passing of the 16th Karmapa, one of the greatest and most highly regarded Buddhist masters of the 20th century.

  5. Jason M

    I think our physical reality is just one among an infinite number of manifestations of BEING. From the greatest context possible there are only two “actors”, BEING and NON-BEING.

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