The Latest Feminist Insanity


Boy, feminists really hate high heels, don’t they? SMH.

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4 responses to “The Latest Feminist Insanity

  1. I don’t see anything wrong with this.

    Most women I know actually hate wearing high heels and only wear them on occasions that “require” them wearing them.

    Otherwise, at least the women I know, are like anyone else and wear shoes that are most comfortable.

  2. Lin

    BTW, as Chinese,let me explain the background of Chinese ‘foot binding’.

    It was an old custom, more than a 1,000 yrs old and was banned after the 1911 Chinese republican revolution. It was a custom of women above the peasant class. Because of the binding, the feet were small and deformed, and the women could only walk slowly and couldn’t do heavy manual work like farming or pulling a trolley. It was said to be class division mark for the ‘higher’ classes. But writers or historians claimed it had another more important purpose: a sexual one:

    1) Walking on binded feet required exercising the pelvic/coital muscle harder and made those women more enjoyable receptacle for men.

    2) Binding the feet was quite unhygienic and the feet emitted certain rotten ‘arousing’ odour many men loved to sniff…I suspect high heels have certain attribute of item (1).

  3. Jason Y

    The feminists are little different than nuns in a lot of ways.

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