More #Metoo Idiocy


This man used to work Oxfam America. While he was down in Haiti working for Oxfam 20 years ago, he hired prostitutes, no doubt because he wanted to get his rocks off. This is a scandal? Why? Why can’t this guy hire all the whores he wants? How the Hell is that sexual misconduct?

He is also accused of hosting sex parties with prostitutes for entertainment. What’s wrong with that? Why can’t he have any parties he wants to have? What business is it of his employer’s what sort of parties he throws when he’s off work?

More #metoo misandry and Puritanism from sex-hating, man-hating feminist bitches.

Hey bitches! How about if you take your #metoo BS and shove it right up all of your asses?

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2 responses to “More #Metoo Idiocy

  1. Jason Y

    A big load of douchebag males want to complain about men’s sexual adventures, and also, of course, the man-hating women etc.. Note, among the men, there is massive hypocrisy – as they do the same thing more than not.

    Anyway, religious types who really don’t do that, criticizing men is bad enough – but really burns me up is the male hypocrites. For instance, how about some army guy now into Rush Limbaugh who is a puritan. He wasn’t 20 years ago when he was banging hookers off the army base !!

    So I see a lot of this as a douchebag power struggle among men – also among women who might be jealous because of immature reaction to rejection possibly.

  2. Jason Y

    A lot of men are drawn to be cunts – whining like babies over discrimination, rejection etc. as much as a lot of women. But OK, it’s fine to be upset – but they always start massive projection. But of course, supposedly, that’s manly in our world – but crying isn’t. Actually, crying would make me far less angry, to be honest.

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