Dead Kids for Freedom

The latest outrage, as combat fatigue sets in across a battle-weary America.

We ought to start a new political group with just that name. I suppose dead kids are a small price to pay to live in a free society.

So far this year, there has been nearly one school shooting every two days in these broken, blighted, benighted, and benumbed United States.

That sentence right there is completely insane. It sounds like something out of a science fiction novel. This shows that reality here in America in the current year is so extreme and bizarre that it is almost surreal or something out of fiction. It’s as if our day to day lives have turned into something you see in a theater. What is real and what is fiction (or speculative fiction!) anymore? It’s as if we are living in a dream, and not a sweet one either. Maybe it’s time to dig out our copies of Society of the Spectacle and reread them.

For all of you lunatics out there who think that this bad weirdness is normal in any rational world, I ask you: Why is it that this madness occurs only here in the US and nowhere else in the world? If it’s part of the human condition to shoot up schools every couple of days, shouldn’t it be happening everywhere?

Guns don’t kill people. High schools kill people!

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153 responses to “Dead Kids for Freedom

  1. Jason Y

    Well, truth be told we’re going to have turn schools into prisons, so to speak. I mean, there isn’t much of an alternative. Anyway, it’s way more important than Trump’s wall.

  2. Jason Y

    Well, they say, “Abused as a child, executed an adult” and I agree, but there isn’t much we can do to the 18-year-old but imprison for life (but probably there execution will be done)

    Anyway, though, this stuff was unheard of in my parent’s time of the 50s, 60s, and even their older years in the 70s and 80s. What changed to make this commonplace. I mean, there have always been bullies and weird kids, but now it’s exploded to this point.

  3. Jason Y

    I’ve seen these types of warped personalities in my own family. Basically, as Robert pointed out in the article about bullying, these types need to be bullied. They need someone to scold them for being a dick. Otherwise, they morph into serial killers, school shooters etc..

    Also, this dumb incel shit is not an excuse.

    The problem with these punks is everything is a fantasy and a joke, a video game, and there is no real compassion or love – or anything remotely human.

  4. Jason Y

    Well, it does seem the shooteris tied to extremist groups In fact, what school shooting hasn’t been inspired by them? So why is it the mentally ill as in, What about Bob?. are now linked with killing?

    Also, where are the people on here? Why are they such weenies, not commenting?

  5. Jason Y

    Come on Beaureguard. Say something.. LOL

    • Beauregard

      There may be a depopulation agenda.
      With the advent of technology, work becomes more efficient and it may be that people who have limited technological training are deemed “useless”.

      Looking at things like Abortion, sex-negative feminism, etc. it is not hard to believe.

      Why would you want to give guns only to the powerful, the people want to depopulate us. If the general public has guns, yes, they’ll still be eliminated, but at such a high cost to the powerful they are discouraged from doing it.

      • Jason Y

        Well, I tried to argue my argument on social media. As usual, I’m ignored as stupid or weird. Most of the comments instead focused on increasing security or not banning guns, typical narrow-minded macho Tennessee stuff.

        Anyhow, looking at the root cause which nobody wants to discuss – indeed, elitist ass-wipes who view everyone as degenerate weak slime and effeminate would no doubt have no problem mowing down a mall or school – especially in a multi-cultural (which they hate beyond reason) area.

      • Jason Y

        There may be a depopulation agenda.
        With the advent of technology, work becomes more efficient and it may be that people who have limited technological training are deemed “useless”

        Oddly enough, a lot of liberal elites are as much de-population Nazis as the alt-right

        Looking at things like Abortion, sex-negative feminism, etc. it is not hard to believe.

        The alt-right only wants an end to abortion to further a narrow superior group of white people.

      • TRASH 2


        You place to much faith in the 1%, bro. They are just unconcerned with how the planet will adjust to a world where nobody with an IQ under 147 will be employable.

        As for the welfare needed for 90% of the world when 10% has a job…they sure as shit will not pay it.

        • Jason Y

          nobody with an IQ under 147 will be employable.

          We’ll make great pets, LOL

        • Jason Y

          As for the welfare needed for 90% of the world when 10% has a job…they sure as shit will not pay it.

          I’m cynical about the same thing. I mean, I know Robert is for socialism and all – out of compassion, but realistically, there’s no way to pay for it in the future.

        • Beauregard

          What I’m envisioning is something like the “Great Leap Forward”.

          The parts of the country that aren’t “advanced” (flyover) has special forces swoop in, enslave the populace in the menial labor required to keep the technological industries running smoothly.

          There was more of that ‘menial labor’ in 1958 China. Whereas ‘only’ 56 million Chinese were killed then, a higher proportion of Americans might be killed now.
          But the overall theme would be the same.

        • Jason Y

          Only 56 million? Is it any wonder people are paranoid of Communists?

        • Beauregard

          I put it in quotes…
          and I am not a communist but I would point out that revolutions in general tend to be bloody.

      • TRASH 2


        “Sex-negative feminism” and do-it-yourself porn and homosexuality will reduce the populations of whites, Asians and Jews but the soulful jungle rhythm of reproduction among other groups and “victory by the cradle” Catholicism of other minorities ain’t going to change.

        My guess is that most Jews in 40 years will pay top dollar for retirement homes staffed by sullen but attentive Amy Winehouse types who spend their nights off turning tricks in the Bronx but your average white or Asian-American is going to be towel-whipped by irate black orderlies in filthy wards of the state that look like the NGO medical clinics in Cameroon as the white and Asian population retreats to zero growth.

        That is if, and Detroit is evidence to the contrary, such groups are even capable of running a fucking economy.

        My guess is that White Hispanics (Cubans of the Al Pacino shade; George Ramos castizos) will rule the roost in Haciendas ignoring the Anglo-Saxon rubes like Winnie Mandela flying a chopper over a Boer camp.

        • Beauregard

          I fear that White women will be completely excused from their role.
          They hate White men and shack up with NAMs.
          White men simply respond to their hatred and shack up with Asians and mostly-White Hispanics.

          What’s better, a country of Hapas and Criollos or of Mulattos?
          Yet of course White women will never have to take responsibility for their actions.

          Alt-right autists will blame men in a White-knight attempt to get laid.

        • Jason Y

          Actually, only fat girls, for the most part, are going after blacks. And white men going after Asians are possibly an Asiaphile minority along with old men that cannot attract young women.

          So fat women are responding not to political correctness but political incorrectness, in that guys are snobs, too shallow to date them, even if they’re only slightly big.

        • Jason Y

          The politically correct go on and on about fairness and justice, but their world hasn’t really made fat acceptance or skinny acceptance a big thing (no pun intended) among the masses of men. Actually, they’ve simply promoted Health worship and a sort of snobby yuppies mentality.

        • Jason Y

          Filipina girls are incredibly hot – even if they’re for the desperate – in the sense, they’re targeted by the handicapped and old. I guess it proves there really is justice, LOL.

          But unless someone is into their culture, marrying them can be sort of dumb – as with most cross-cultural stuff. A sort of “I’m with Stupid # 2” thing. But maybe not. I got along fairly normal with some, but always, it was a thing where you’re a tourist. You’re always an outsider in Asia cause it isn’t America, not necessarily cause of the race.

        • Jason Y

          Myself, I’m tall and skinny, so I can’t understand why what society considers as “normal men” cannot women, why normal white guys can’t get normal white women. I mean, in my case, it’s obvious, it’s just the women don’t like weird guys, they discriminate against because of looks – as mean as that is.

        • Jason Y

          As a final note, though, people like me due to bad college major choices and shyness around rednecks (don’t want to work blue collar where there would be about a 100 percent chance of a fight – leading to my dismissal) I cannot make any money. So combined with being weird looking, a situation with nothing – leads to no women – at least no normal white women.

        • Beauregard

          LOL, haven’t you said that your best friend is a “500 pound Black lady”.

          Right, coalburning is overexaggerated both in how often in occurs and its implications.

          But at the same time I’ve known feminists who HATE men who marry “Asians or Hispanics” and hate the women as well.
          When feminists are racist, it’s okay.
          They never apologized for lynchings, anyway.

        • Jason Y

          There is no doubt feminists are snooty hypocritical bitches – for sure. Showing evil human nature comes out in us all. And also black women hate white women who date black men. The list goes on and on. But as you say, they want to demonize conservative whites as being the only “evil” racists.

        • Jason Y

          Note also, how I told my family via social media posts, how Asians were just as or more racist against black people – and my brother even took notice and mentioned it on the last visit at his house. This seems to be new news to the college-educated crowd like my brother – but they’re changing their mind.

        • Zed

          Jason y, unless blacks get their shit together and not destroy peaceful cities and turn them into violent hellholes they will continue to be seen with aghast. Have you evere thought how come every race has something negative wrt their experience with blacks? How come once great Chicago, Atlanta, Minneapolis are fast turning into a no-go zone? Chicago is well on its way to become another Detroit. You do realise people are getting increasingly tired with gentrifying blacks despite the Jew media trying it’s best to shove jigs on our faces with jewlywood movies like Black Panther

        • Atlanta is not a no-go zone. I spent a couple of weeks there recently. However, we avoided the Black side of town in the west, and one night, we were there at night ~9-12 PM, and my friend freaked out and started yelling that we needed to get out of there.

          It is only something like 53% Black. We saw White people everywhere, especially the neighborhood I was staying in which was very White. We hung out in local clubs and bars which were almost all White.

        • Jason Y

          I have been to Atlanta also – seeing it’s only 5 hours away by car. Yes, it’s full of blacks. They’re racist. They commit crime. However, though, there are probably a few good black neighborhoods, cause all blacks don’t fit the stereotype and if they have families – they would want to move somewhere better ASAP. Nobody wants crime – even by thier own kind.

        • Jason Y

          Zed has some valid points. But not all blacks are bad. However, I’m not going near any dangerous black neighborhood (as opposed to a good one, maybe with church people or something). Anyway, it seems places with 50 percent blacks – for the most part have gone to the dogs. The good blacks have moved out to be minorities in mostly white areas or have made good black neighborhoods maybe on the outside of Atlanta and other cities.

          Saying “A good black is a dead one is sort of dumb.” However, a generalization that a 50 percent black place is to be avoided – especially at night – is not.

        • Jason Y

          Blacks given over to trash, like whites doing the same is of course bad. I would feel empathy for either group – but I’d watch myself. Anyway, I don’t care for Jewly wood either, even though I’m not against racial intermarriage nor follow other hardcore WN ideas.

          I think Hollywood is pumping out trash – mostly of the “free love 1960s, “Do your own thing” variety” It’s wrecked havoc among poor blacks and whites – destroying their civilization. But for the rich, it has also, somewhat, but they have so much money to buy themselves out of problems.

        • Jason Y

          I would like a few Hollywood shows like “Sanford and Son” or “Good Times” cause they teach family values somewhat. But generally, Hollywood seeks to poison blacks like the whites – and even Zed can agree.

          I don’t venomously hate blacks like Zed. Some blacks are OK and a great deal is simply victims of the trashy culture.

        • Jason Y

          Zed and others are simply feeling the effect of the media (maybe certain Jews and others) trying to play race games. They want to pit races against each other, cause resentment and hate. Basically, because they won’t admit non-whites are also racist and it’s just as bad

        • Jason Y

          What blacks and whites etc. . need are not race fighting and games but a return to family values. The family values are the problem – not the race. You can only blame race for so much. Anyway, it’s immature and dumb to blame race for everything.

  6. TRASH 2


    In really geographically irrelevant places like the Rustbelt cities of Flint or Northern Ohio that serve zero purpose to anyone at all the US government is more or less doling out the bare essentials.

    What basically happens is that much of the US interior becomes a ghost town.

    Also drugs become an economy.

    In 20 years it will be “Brain Damage” or “Zero Chip”-some microchip that can be inserted under the skin for 20 minutes to give your neurons a dose of paradise and murder will be committed for a single microchip as the bored and poor seek some brief vacation in fantasy land.

    • Jason Y

      At that point the elites will have no more use for the poor – then the Robots on Terminator did in 2055 or whatever.

    • Jason Y

      I think a big problem with these – “white people” is narrow-minded-ness in outlook. Myself, I’m into web development. I’m so ahead of these people who only watch TV – mind you, with the exception to maybe check out computer porn. I mean, these people, not being an elitist prick saying this, just don’t have hope and a clue.

    • Jason Y

      Infomation and knowledge is power, but it has to be more than just getting on Facebook, posting funny memes and watching cable TV. These interior folk are in the dark – cause they don’t know anything about marketing and information technology.

  7. TRASH 2


    That ain’t nothing new. Portugal deported a bunch of orphan girls and prostitutes to Brazil in the hopes of populating the place but they generally tended to drift into the orbit of slaves and today their ancestors fill the Brazil slums.

    The American Indians of Brazil intermarried with the Portuguese and after a time they assumed control of the country. Today Brazil is run by white mestizos or pure white Portuguese while the lower class are Mulatto produced by unions between Portuguese girls and African studs.

    • Beauregard

      It’s new for the Anglo world.
      Having the United States become a Brazil or Cuba-like country is not good.

      • TRASH 2


        It ain’t new in Detroit. And you’d be surprised how fast it happens. Detroit was white in the 70’s and 80’s. It takes no more than 20 years.

    • Jason Y

      Come on Trash! This is so comical. Surely, they didn’t run so easily into those black bucks, huh??

      • TRASH 2

        JASON Y

        Part of it is post-industrial of course. Miami has had its ups and downs but was always a lovely place. Detroit is a cold, miserable swamp on the Canadian borderlands. Its fundamentally unlovable.

  8. Jason Y

    I like what Beaureguard and other WNs say – some of it. but no doubt they’re the type to shoot up a school. Not saying they would, but their resentful talk and de-humanization of everyone (calling them dumb, effeminate, morally inferior, intellectually inferior) no doubt make murder easy !!

    Is Cruz a racist? Let’s not kid ourselves here.. Of course !!

  9. Jason Y


    Small town yokels serve Facebook, making them rich. But they can’t utilize these tools to make themselves rich or broaden their horizon beyond tripe funny memes reinforcing views they had already.

    • TRASH 2

      Social media is for the mass. Show me one “elitist” (Even a would-be one like me) who wants his life to be the equivalent of a toilet stall wall that people scrawl on crossed with a lonely hearts club.

      I have an e mail. Family and people I can make money with, of which unsurprisingly there are few, know it.

      The fuck I want to be on FACEBOOK talking about my life.

      Blogs are like a pay toilet used to be-people come in and write opinions “Screw you, Nigs!” “Up Yours Honky”.

      Nobody on here or any other blog would know me or my real name or anything about me.

      I’d DENY that I ever said any of these things.

      • Beauregard

        Big brother utilizes social media and related platforms.
        Part of the reason the alt right and WNs are buffoons is that they don’t realize (((Breitbart))) is essentially neocons consolidating their opposition in one place that they can watch and mold to fit their interests.

        Facebook is similar.
        Look at how the Dems are now screaming for action against Russia and Iran because of a 100% concocted story of election meddling….

        • TRASH 2

          BEAUREGARD Andrew Cunanan Story

          Social Media platform shouting is a disease of Generation Y.

          If Andrew Cunanan were on his murderous spree TODAY, he’d be caught 4 weeks before he assassinated Versace posting Miami gay night clubs to his Facebook account.

          Gen Y grew up in the 1990’s when celebrity all of the sudden became the ONLY THING that mattered (As evidenced by Cunanan’s assassination of Versace) and they associate any image of themselves in public with the media.

        • TRASH 2


          4 Chan and Return of Kings really only illuminate one thing-Gen Y and Millennials are post-adolescents with no capacity for any kind of independence or freedom. They are living at home at age 25 because medium and small-city economies have dwindled to a few fast food jobs and retail positions-and maybe cops.

          Gen X was disaffected but financially independent by dent of economics at a far earlier age-the Gen Y on 4-Chan today would have been the type of 18 year old Gen X who did an Ethan Hawke and fucked off to Seattle or somewhere and played in a shitty band and grew a shitty goatee.

          Gen Y and Millennials live at home at 25 and jerk off to porn all day and have never left their city.

        • Jason Y

          A poisonous ideology like the WN one has a lot of justification – but then again no. It’s sort of a yes and no thing. Basically, it’s a no-no because it encourages elitism and cruelty to the weak and also violence. It’s not surprising, then, when Kruz or that guy in Norway goes out and goes berserk, and kills these human trash etc..

          Why were these folks in Florida killed? Because they’re multicultural hippies? That would be justification for a typical WN.

          No, they’re not hippies, but it’s a multi-cultural area and a well-off one, at that.

        • Beauregard

          Anybody born after 1965 in the U.S. is pretty much united in a dislike of the boomer generation.

          The boomers can’t really talk about how great they did things and how terrible “the kids” are when the country went to shit under their watch.

          That’d be ridiculous.

        • Beauregard

          a matter of perspective
          You and I are generations removed.
          My generation mocks the older generations, particularly the boomers cheering on boneheaded policies that did nothing but screw them over.

          For instance, on 4chan, they have a cartoon of an obese sports-jersey wearing man with a hat that says “boomers greatest generation”.
          He wants to invade more Muslim countries for “freedums” (=refugees), allow more “Rican baseball players” and related nonsense.

          It is a caricature but nonetheless has a large basis in reality.

    • Jason Y

      Facebook is the massively dangerous cause of your name. recently I wrote what I said here about Florida on there. But here that will get you heckled, mean looks, the works. But anonymously, it don’t mean shit. Nobody cares.

      • Jason Y

        Why? Cause people hate me. Why am I called a cocksucker, when there are blabber mouths (saying conservative views mind you) 24/7, on the hour, non-stop ?? It’s because PEOPLE FUCKING hate me – Tennessee – cause it’s redneck and racist. That’s all that can be said. It would be like me saying the truth about blacks in Atlanta (via social media). You’d get your ass stomped.

      • Jason Y

        The fucking homophobic, racist shit-hole has never liked me. I’m always simply reduced to a quiet worm who just sits in his room and never speaks about anything controversial – even more so than the most oppressed Indian untouchable.

        Nobody respects my intellegence here and if I did speak anything intellectual I have to monkey the typical stuff that’s popular here.

        • TRASH 2

          JASON Y Feeling Your Pain

          Half the people I knew in Michigan died, went to jail, committed suicide…the rest simply roared off to California with whatever fit in their car.

          In the time I was overseas, which is now approaching 19 years, nobody did shit really. Or they did it out in California.

          The people that stayed in Michigan sat in the houses their parents had left them and trudged off to dwindling economic opportunities.

          Nothing, and I mean nothing, ever happened in their lives in Michigan.

        • Jason Y

          Your situation is like those whites in Lousiana who left after the hurricane.

        • Jason Y

          I don’t think Michigan people are too Jewish friendly, I was in Rome Michigan waiting for plane rides to Asia and a few Jew remarks (since I look Jewish, but not Jewish) I think the place is very resentful of the establishment and also a conversation with a local woman at the motel revealed she was some anti-government extremist, LOL.

        • Jason Y

          Ironic that Detroit is the hub to go to Asia in the 2000s when it was a place of opportunity, while Detroit and Michigan itself are resentful, decaying areas.

  10. Jason Y

    Quote Zed

    Jason y, unless blacks get their shit together and not destroy peaceful cities and turn them into violent hellholes they will continue to be seen with aghast. Have you evere thought how come every race has something negative wrt their experience with blacks? How come once great Chicago, Atlanta, Minneapolis are fast turning into a no-go zone? Chicago is well on its way to become another Detroit. You do realise people are getting increasingly tired with gentrifying blacks despite the Jew media trying it’s best to shove jigs on our faces with jewlywood movies like Black Panther

    Black Panther is another “fire up the white resentment” movie like Django Unchained or 12 Years a Slave. The idea, of course, is to gain sympathy from whites – but all it does is backfire and produce more hatred of blacks.

    But it’s natural blacks would like a movie with blacks in it, so online I see that many are enthusiastic about it.

    Obama was the biggest “shove it in their face thing”. And of course, most blacks like Obama.

    Anyway, as Trash has probably experienced and I have, the problem with blacks is a lot of them are dickheads. Like they might say “Get out of my way honkey, stuff like that”. So while whites might at first pity the poverty, if they’re really trapped there with them, say living in their neighborhood or in prison, army etc.. They will develop a crazy hatred of them.

    But being a dick is the way a small amount of any population is. If you’re a Christian, you’d say it’s cause of man’s fallen nature. But the bullies will try to excuse it as “having fun”, “freedom of speech”, “a justified resentment” etc..

  11. TRASH 2

    “Resentful Areas”

    If you are a New Orleans citizen caught in Katrina you are resentful at BEING TRAPPED.

    The Trapped (We’ve gone through this a gazillion times) in Detroit and Michigan are:

    1) Young parents who never had the opportunity to earn money in early adulthood because they became parents at 19,20,21.
    2) The unskilled who cannot even scrape together a Greyhound Ticket and $1000 to start anew on the West Coast.
    3) Junkies who usually also have a record/on probation whose every single cent goes into their next crack cocaine rock (Or Meth or whatever is the latest drug).
    4) Ex-convicts who went to prison on charges that a middle-class kid would have beaten. Scott for example, probably would have gotten off if his parents had gotten him a decent lawyer.
    5) Older people who are trapped in houses worth shit.
    6) Ugly women (Usually with a kid early in life, often mud sharks) who cannot latch on to some guy in California or Florida or dance in a titty bar.

    These are what we call TOWNIES.

    • Beauregard

      Katrina is perhaps a great example of what Barack Obama even acknowledged in his books…
      many Black community leaders are utter crooks (during Hurricane Katrina, Ray “Chocolate City” Nagin) who skimp on vital planning and infrastructure, completely f*cking his community.

      When the Federal and State government also doesn’t give a shit about ‘those n*ggers’ it is extremely important that the Black community leaders have their act together.

      • TRASH 2


        On Gen X

        Richard Spencer and Roosh are kind of pathetic, actually.

        They both look old enough to have graduated from college when Matchbox 20 was on the radio!

        I read Roosh write about PUA and clubbing and his beard is grey. He’s hanging around college bars and he is 40 years old! He looks old enough to have been sneaking into Meat Market Bars in 95. He and Spencer would have graduated from high school when? In 1995?

        These oldsters in the Alt-right are fucking joke!

        They are talking about male anger and they are 40 years old.

        I’ll tell you exactly where these two were in the 1990’s. They were dorks and “professional students” hanging around campus getting Bachelor’s Degree when the rest of Gen X was graduated and making money.

        Roosh in particular looks like a Mad Mullah from Tehran whose about to lob off some guy’s head in a club for drinking an alcoholic beverage. This guy is a “pick up artist.”

        Roosh in particular did not like my comments on his blog and wrote me on my e mail.

        Gen X in the “Alt-right” are aging fucking nerds.

        • VanillaRice

          To me the alt-right old man is Dr. Duke, most older men are stuck in alt-light and can’t adapt beyond kosher White nationalism. Spencer’s a crossover similar to Taylor but not as extreme. Taylor fathered Spencer in before publically disavowing him for scaring jews, Taylor sacrifices a lot for jews and Whites. Better to just pick a side or both will hate you. Spencer is a longterm relationship guy. Gaming looks silly at old age, believing in something greater than yourself like WNs do is respectable . Roosh has stated he only cares about himself and getting laid, closer to a guy like you than any alt-righter like Spencer. Your attacks are like AIDs Skrillex calling a guy “old” and “White male” repeatedly as an insult. We all age, even Rabbis.

        • TRASH 2


          My response to Carl the Cuck is merely that I am German-American. So what?

          As the leader of White Nationalism a perpetual student who was still in college at age 30 like Spencer just does not impress me.

          Here’s the problem with the Alt-Right. They are townies and underachievers. None of them are actually captains of industry or finance.

          Roosh is an Arab. He sure as shit looks like one, though I suppose he has a white mother.

          I was not fond of Detroit’s diversity but to truly get away from this you have to simply move to another country.

        • TRASH 2


          I’m not a Jew and I have never been to synagogue and do not care if Jews gloat over the fact that people in Guatemala or Zambia are too f*cking stupid to run a country.

          Spencer is typical of whites in the South who need a DNA test to find out what country they are from.

          My family is from Munich and East Berlin, thanks.

      • TRASH 2


        The “Yes-Man” SJW lip service has nothing to do with the actual political machine.

        You will say comforting words if you just got drunk and ran over somebody’s kid at a birthday party, won’t you?

        Your main thought is how much the lawyers and trial will run you and the big black bull queers in the prison yard looking for fresh meat.

        Also, state power has receded to the Northeast and maybe to the West Coast and in addition the Rustbelt in particular has no money and is of no value-for tourism, for anything.

      • Beauregard

        Roosh in particular did not like my comments on his blog and wrote me on my e mail.

        Do tell.

        • TRASH 2


          He stated they were “low quality”. I apologized and he banned me, there was a request by some other commentators to keep me on the board and I returned under another avatar.

          One commentator asked me to submit an article and Roosh actually commented that I had nothing to add because I was a loser.

          There were many other people on the board posting gibberish-over and over again-but Roosh seemed took exception to my comments.

          They were actually apolitical. For example, I suggested in an article about serious urban situations with blacks or Mexicans that a person being pursued is best off hitting a yard with bushes because generally blacks and Mexicans (Though not trailer trash) will not get their shoes dirty going through bramble even if prepared to commit murder-shoes and life amount to more or less the same thing. Maybe life is worth less, I suggested.

          A few called me a “coward” and “beta cuck” who was a shill for Hillary. But anyhow.

          The ROK posters tend to be young and having been out of the US for 20 years it was fascinating to communicate with them. In 1998 when I was their age a man living at home at 24 would have been unheard of. Gen Y is trapped by economic circumstances. Also, they are rather pathetic about porn.

          I don’t find Gen Y very worldly. Most Gen X born in the 70’s were more jaded because they lived away from home. That site is full of 24 year olds who, as one sadly admitted, are “Internet thugging while in the toilet tugging.”

          Living at home and hoping your mother does not catch you jack off in the toilet because you do not have the money to even cross the street must be demoralizing experience.

          There was also a rather sad acknowledgement that blacks were more Alpha.

        • Beauregard

          I’ve never set much store by PUA or MRA sites.

          They have an extremely narrow range of acceptable discourse.
          When they talk about hating “betas” they’re hating 80% of men (who they claim to want to help).

          So naturally its doomed to fail.

        • Beauregard

          “McAlphas” exist somewhere between betas and alphas. They are “pickup artists”

          They are good at getting some women but they can’t really get women that are long term material.

          And they’re less novel now, people of both genders see through them.

        • Jason Y

          I think these punks are incredibly dangerous – cause they’re likely to shoot up a school cause they can’t get any. No doubt they’re into other extremist crap like the Florida shooter. Well, anyway, they’re impossible to stop, but we can only beef up security – and you can’t ban guns cause they’re is too much of an NRA culture in the US.

          Anyway, I don’t like that they insulted Trash like that. I don’t think he’s a coward to that degree – BUT I feel like he hasn’t looked at all his options. But then again, these masturbating mama’s boys at those sites haven’t either.

        • Jason Y

          I’m somewhat of a coward also, but I think that’s just being human. Well, if I truly became like Roosh people, I’d be selling my soul, being the biggest dick you could ever imagine. It just isn’t me and it’s massively phony.

  12. TRASH 2


    There are two kinds of people in shitty areas-bumblefuck towns, rundown Rustbelt cities or regions.

    …Those who stay and those who LEAVE.

    The ones who stay have no imagination or initiative.

    • Jason Y

      No, Trash, they beef up their muscles (but don’t leave mama’s basement, mind you) and go on websites where they mock liberal cucks.

      But then again, I bet these Roosh people are lying about bodybuilding.

  13. TRASH 2


    People who were born in the 1970’s and came of age in the 1990’s are really stuck in the Watergate-Clinton axis. We were too young for the Cold War and too old for Iraq and the Recession.

    I do think that Gen X is far more cynical than the Millennials and Baby Boomers.

    • Beauregard

      as Jordan Peterson has described men of Gen X didn’t have any outlet for their masculinity like the Greatest Generation and even boomers (men are at the very least discouraged from pursuing women by feminist mothers and pussy-whipped fathers), there’s a lack of ability to provide for yourself and family, etc.

      So they invent these “McAlpha” personas- observable in Richard Spencer and Roosh.

      • Jason Y

        I think the ability to provide is the big thing. I don’t think to be a male asshole was ever considered cool behavior, not even in the 50s.

        Anyway, these idiots don’t have any real problems I bet. They’re not skinny or fat, disabled,, so why are they so uptight? Surely they can get chicks?

        • Jason Y

          OK, I contradicted myself in the next comment. I’m going to say now that the Roosh crowd is a mix of dorks, skinny, fat, disabled guys with massive insecurity.

        • Beauregard

          What you’re getting at is that
          stoicism used to be a fairly popular form of masculinity,
          but it would be laughed at?

        • Beauregard

          The stuff that TRASH says about coalburners has someone basis in reality, in that coalburners more frequently only understand a very crude form of manliness.
          I would consider a good ole’ boy farmer (not White trash) more manly than Tyrone for abstract reasons such as ingenuity and self reliance(, but coalburners cannot.

        • I dunno Beau, I have been a stoic for a long time. It’s gotten worse over the years to where some people call me “Spock.” I had a gf freak out recently. We were in bed (well I was climbing out of bed) and she looked up from her pillow in shock and fear and said, “You don’t have any feelings!”

          I get that quite a bit. My last therapist said I had feelings though. He just said they were sort of muted. You had to look to see them, but they were there. There’s all sorts of feelings there, they’re just not real strong, so you have to look to see them, but if you watch me closely, you might see all sorts of micro-feelings flashing through me.

          I used to have much more dramatic feelings, but I killed them off on purpose as part of some psychological defense. My primary defense was to numb out. Whenever something bad happened to me, I would numb out some more. Then a whole string of bad things and I was just getting number and number with each one. At this point, I feel I have lost a lot of my feelings and honestly I want them back.

          Most men see my stoicism and they like it. For the men of all ages I hang with, stoicism = masculinity, period. It’s part of being hard, tough, etc.

        • Beauregard

          Maybe you have a much older peer group? (maybe only the men you know are older 😉 )

        • No, the young guys I know are like this too. They respect stoicism and it gives you a Masculinity Card right away.

          But the people I associate with are poor and working class Hispanics, some Arabs (Syrians and Yemenis), and a few working class Whites. And some of them are young. One guy I know really well is a 23 year old Yemeni. I knew some of his brothers too, and they were all the same. Arabs like and respect male stoicism and Hispanic men wrote the book on it.

          Believe me, those Hispanics and Arabs REALLY respect stoicism and masculinity in general. It’s ALL about masculinity with Arab and Hispanic men. That’s ALL of it.

        • Jason Y


          Stoicism is NOT being an asshole. It’s not the same thing. Anyway, where do we draw the line between being emotion-less and being a puppet? Where I live all the guys are puppets and fake.

          For instance, take the new shooting. Lots of Facebook replies about increasing security but NONE about why he killed. I offered some reasons but was mostly ignored. They were good reasons, though. But you cannot say them, without looking like a pussy. Some reasons? OK, he professes an ideology of supremacy – much like the Muslims. He’s a dick.

        • Jason Y

          I despise this area cause it’s fake. You have to be fake to survive here and live. Otherwise, you have to be quiet and act invisible. I suppose it’s cause of this dumbass masculinity. Well, I know it is. But anyway, I don’t believe in being emotional – as odd as that sounds. But enough to where you’re not fake. So this would be the polar opposite of politically correct areas where people are emotional – but the emotionality is fake. Funny isn’t it?

        • Jason Y

          Latinos? They’re either dicks or emotionless, but yes, they never cry or nothing like that. If they happen to be the 1st, then they’re a terror to be around. They won’t stop picking on you.

        • Jason Y

          It think what it boils down to is/

          White supremacists are stoics and assholes. Being stoic is good, but being that combined with the other is not.

          Also, their stoicism isn’t really stoicism (to a degree) because truly manly guys wouldn’t be that racist. They wouldn’t blame other races for ALL their problems. They wouldn’t blame Jews. It’s just being a blamer and wussy. How is that different than some woman blaming men or some black blaming whites?

          So now these creeps are being cunning and sly in their attempt to label all empathetic men, all nice men, to be effeminate cucks.

        • Beauregard

          I should’ve taken exception to Hispanics. Hispanic men of all ages respect it. Gavin McInnes said his books were unitentionally extremely popular with young Hispanic fathers.

          Would you say Blacks don’t respect it as much?
          Or coalburners?

          Blacks dominate the pop culture of delinquent upper middle class white kids as well…

        • Beauregard

          iiuc Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius turned this normal male behavior into a philosophy.

          It’s likely why latinos emphasize it

        • Beauregard

          I used to think a lot of cock waving was stupid too, Jason.
          But then I got into somewhat of a confrontation with a female coworker and realized that men generally are just primed to run things..generally.

          But I mean you have to understand, it goes with the territory. If men weren’t masculine there’d be no civilization.
          Cock waving is a neccesary evil

        • Jason Y

          The alt-right, white supremacists are not about males dominating. I mean, there is enough of that listening to Fox News. No, they go beyond the call of duty into being psychotic wife beaters, over-the-top racists and anti-disabled or anything else unkind.

        • Jason Y

          Gavin, and I used to watch him also on The Red Eye (Fox News) is not alt-right, even if they adore him. He’s just like Bill Hannity, the other Fox people.

        • Jason Y



          I’ll give you an idea of what Hispanic men, the ones who aren’t tamed by a church, are like. They’re asshole beyond reason. Yes, cock-wavers all right. What they do? They humiliate men they don’t like – much like the Arabs in Germany. They act nice, mock you behind your face, and literally FUCK YOUR WIFE. I think it even happened in my family. What’s the motivation? They don’t like liberal or even centrist men – and they’re VERY JEALOUS of successful white men – especially if they’re liberal.

          How is this behavior commendable Beau? Tell me? I think it’s behavior worthy of death, to be honest.

        • Beauregard

          It’s not commendable. But trying to smash men is suicide in any advanced society.

        • Beauregard

          It’s like this…while we all agree that Nazis are bad.

          But because “Nazis are bad” we should destroy Whites and things Whites have built? Nope.

          Because a few men act like monkeys, these feminists want to do away with due process for rape allegations…
          you yourself are not immune, Mr. Yiddish.

        • Beauregard

          *We all agree Nazis are bad.

        • Jason Y


          I kind of see Nazis and Cultural Left Nazis as filp sides of the same loony bin, to be honest. I’m sure you agree, but probably a little less than me.

        • VanillaRice

          “Nazis are bad mkay.” Not all. Some NS were heroes, rescuing kids and the like. Most just see them as “evil” without researching them properly.

      • Jason Y

        This is a big load of fantasy. Guys can always come on to women and get them – and women are horny and want them. But I observe that a lot of these Roosh sissy-boys are actually skinny, fat, disabled, dorks etc. but instead of dealing with it in a cool manner – they’re into projection.

        I mean, no doubt, they’re getting rejected, but they’re now reacting in the wrong way.

  14. Jason Y

    Males don’t have to resort to being assholes. If they were respected in the beginning, they don’t have to do that. Only idiots with severe personality problems lose the respect of women and have two choices:

    Be a cuck (not necessarily in the racist WN sense, but just a generally pussy-whipped guy).
    Be an asshole and force the woman to submit to a man (himself) that is degenerate creep not worthy of respect

  15. Jason Y

    In response to Zed again. I think it’s beautiful blacks want to be into thier heritage (black power, Black Panther movie), but the problem is that, to WNs and other right wing Americans, it sometimes seems like black stuff is shoved in their face.

    But honestly, if blacks live in the US as US citizens, then it’s normal that they should get a share of media attention. To complain of that is being unreasonable.

  16. TRASH 2


    “Better Them Than Me”

    I was fortunate to be born in 1974, one of the last years of those who came of age during the Clinton Era where anybody who had a Bachelor’s Degree in any subject could scamper off from a shitty East Podunk or in my case Rustbelt USA to wherever they wanted to as young adults.

    The parents of Gen X were disillusioned boomers when we were born-my father had just done 6 years in Vietnam as an Army Medic, for example, Watergate was in full throes, post-industrial malaise, the Oil Crisis.

    Gen Y’s parents were Yuppies from the late 50’s and early 60’s who raise their children during the last great decade of prosperity-the 1990’s.

    By the time THEY came of age in the Bush era everything had flushed down the toilet bowl.

    So of course these young people cannot get decent jobs, are stuck in bumblefuck towns or suburbs, are 24 and cannot afford to go anywhere.

    Unlike Gen X, these folks came of age in a fairly nice era of 90’s peace and prosperity that some must miss.

    • Beauregard

      It seems like the decline of industry (ironically) coincided with the decline of the Soviet Union.
      U.S. corporations could use slave labor in the third world without fears that the Soviets would incite those new slaves to a Marxist rebellion.

      This with Reagan smashing unions destroyed worker special interest allowing for outsourcing.

      • TRASH 2


        …Here is a bizarre thing, too. The US has some new electronic toys but in terms of actual appearance on the street the place has taken on a rather second-world appearance.

        When you drive through the average Midwestern bumblefuck city the wooden houses look about 150 years old.

        No way does this compare with the massive concrete and steel sprawl of Asia and Dubai.

        Another words, it sucks.

        • Beauregard

          Singapore and Dubai are financial hubs for the respective industries of the local region.

          You might see an extremely fancy modern building that says “The Bank of Mexico” in a shitty city near the border or Ford’s headquarters in Mexico City but just a few miles away there are hovels.

      • TRASH 2


        Its not so bad for the skilled labor class like police officers and fireman and plumbers.

        They walked into basic training in 1992 and now they are in their late 40’s and fine.

      • Jason Y

        OK, there are some checks and balances there. Always need that.

    • Jason Y

      It’s odd that these “so called” dorks in the white supremacy and militia movements (some of which aren’t racist) were actually right on the money with their talk – all the way from the 90s. Indeed, the US has become an apocalyptic hell-hole – or is at least to a significant degree becoming that way.

      • TRASH 2

        JASON Y

        They voted for Bush and he flushed the country down the toilet in the year 2000. Remember all the hopes we had in the year 2000?

  17. Jason Y

    Trump and Fox News among other things are trying to divert attention away from this apocalyptic zombie nightmare people are in by pointing at family values, masculinity, stoicism. But it’s putting a rug over the dirt, I think.

  18. Jason Y

    Respect? Again respect is earned from the ladies, children, subordinate officers, enlisted men. It’s not forced as with what Rooosh people think. If a man has to force it, it means he’s a degenerate creep. And indeed, these Roosh people are that. And of course, degenerates come in two forms, as mentioned above

    Roosh assholes who force women to obey them – though they hate it.
    Effeminate guys who are pushed around by women, people in general.

    • Jason Y

      I was a teacher before, I’ve been thru hell trying to be a leader – so I know all about it. I know human nature. Now, myself, I failed a lot of times because my program was weak making me to be a fool. But I could not force students to like me – that only exploded cause I don’t have any real power over them. You know like a wife beater does. So that means I just become a pussy, (a Ju-hung-ee as they say in Korea).

      But though it sounds un-stoic, I think the schools were responsible. Anyway, now if I do any business, I always do things in a well-prepared fashion and I want to control everything. So that way I have the good image and the respect.

      • TRASH 2

        JASON Alt Right

        Richard Spencer is not the spokesman I want for German-Americans and I am sure that most Irish-Americans would want PJ O’Rourke.

        The problem with the Alt-Right is that they are not Captains of Industry capable of harnessing the sort of economic power necessary to transform some desirable area of North America into a white ethnic state.

        They are average guys, or in Richard Spencer’s case a rather unimpressive man with a slightly effete manner.

        On the subject of white identity the Norse and Teutons of the Upper Midwest just don’t desire living in some Arkansas Ethno State with a bunch of hillbillies and rural whites from Old Colonial stock. The Italians do not want to. Whoever.

        • Jason Y

          Spencer is a fag? So many Nazis are also. They’re all over forums. Not surprising. So much Nazi Art/Propaganda was homoerotic. It’s actually quite comical, to be honest.

          Come, on bring on some Yiddish movie makers – so we can finally get some straight stuff going. Please, LOL

      • Jason Y

        They can’t do anything but spread white supremacist harassment. Offend people. They can’t really take over anything. Not even Trump has given them real power – and THANK GOODNESS !!

        These people are so cool? Look what they said about mixed raced kids on Daily Stormer – calling them Garbage Pail Kids. I certainly don’t want to these vile monsters (of the heart) running anything.

  19. TRASH 2

    Blaming Jews

    Jews could blame Anglo Saxons for controlling the primary economies-ranching, mining, fisheries, oil.

    The Northeast essentially controls air-public thought, law, media.

    Who can eat that?

    • Beauregard

      I blame them for the neocon lobby although that may not have been possible with evangelical Gentiles’ psychotic fantasies of the end times.
      Some troubled kids think they’re more than willing to kill Arabs but then get burnt out on it and disillusioned in the military (think Timmy mcveigh)

    • Jason Y

      What is there to respect about Arabs and their civilization? Considering they really do want to conquer the west, the really are macho humiliators – much like Latinos, then I think the Jews were on to something – suggesting gentiles should join them in stopping them.

  20. TRASH 2


    Mexico city looks awful. But you won’t find hovels like it in East Asia. You will in the Philippines, because this country was run by the Spanish. Not Singapore or Hong Kong, not anymore.

    Dubai and other Gulf States no longer have hovels.

    But the Midwest is a grim-to me-place. Old houses, decaying cities. I’m talking about the rust belt.

    The Gulf War had nothing to do with Israel (No I am not a Jew who is chimping out). It had to do with Kuwait. The country was a hub of oil production. This was crucial. When was the last time you saw US troops deployed to Israel? You probably never will. It has no oil, Kuwait does. Bush was notoriously unpopular with Jews in fact.

    • Beauregard

      Jews clearly believe that thousands of Arab lives are not worth one of their fingernails.
      Saddam killed like 100 Israelis during that war so they went ballistic and
      duped us into preemptive war and destabilization that’s killed about 700,000 Arabs (roughly 400,000 Syria; 200,000 Iraq; 100,000 elsewhere) by direct violence, and many more by famine, medical embargos.

      • TRASH 2


        Absolute rubbish. There were no Israelis in the US Embassy in Kuwait OR Kuwait city.

        I’VE WORKED AT A US EMBASSY IN THE MIDDLE EAST-Jews are not hired. Period. Full stop.

        Saudi pressured Bush to invade Kuwait because if Iraq invaded Saudi it would have seriously affected the world’s oil supplies.

        Doubtlessly, Israel did not want to lose ITS oil supplier either.

        That is just nonsense that Bush went to war over 100 Israelis. He would have not gone to war if Iraqis had invaded Tel Aviv.

        It was oil. This is MUCH more important than Israel. You overstate the importance of Jews. Oil is much more important that stupid television shows or self-help books or porn producers.

    • Beauregard

      TRASH I’m aware that Saddam would’ve controlled to much oil.

      But the subsequent wars were dreamed up by Israel:

      P.S. get a load of this shit:
      “The report explained a new approach to solving Israel’s security problems in the Middle East with an emphasis on “Western values.” ”

      Might as well be Trump/Bannon/Gorka, lol.

      • Beauregard

        The Israeli firsters dreamed up this stuff but then enlisted Haliburton, who would seek to make a killing by reducing the supply of oil, making there’s more valuable (think of the movie GOLDFINGER)
        but the Israel lobby was the primary actor.

        Cheney was just along for the ride.

        • TRASH 2


          We could argue that was the case for the Iraq War but not the invasion of Kuwait.

        • Beauregard


        • Beauregard

          Oil Barons regard the Evangelicals as idiot rednecks and wouldn’t let Israeli into their gulf clubs.

          Lunatic Likud Israelis regard both Evangelicals and Oil Barons as inferior cattle.

          Evangelicals are sort of the well-intentioned people that have been unknowingly gang-raped by the two former groups for decades.

        • Beauregard

          *Golf club.

          Although “Gulf” club fits better in this situation, lol

        • Hey Beau, I am so glad that you came back here. An interesting thing though. You were gone for what – a year? Anyway, when you came back a year later, I’ll be damned if you are not a whole Helluva lot smarter than when you were here before. And you were pretty damn smart before too. Also you seem to write better. How old are you if I may ask? 23?

          I have a theory that you might show dramatic apparent gains in intelligence, knowledge, and writing ability at a young age. A college senior may well seem far smarter than when he was a freshman. On the other hand, if you compare me to four years ago, I doubt if you will find much change. It follows that earlier in life, gains in intelligence, knowledge, ability, etc. will show up rapidly and dramatically, while later in life, gains, if any, are much more subtle.

        • Beauregard

          Thank you, Robert.

          If the SAT is a decent IQ test and kids do drastically better on it as time goes on (I.E. sophomore year versus senior year) it would appear that you’re correct?

          I am also one of the idiots who didn’t really get woke to how corrupt everything was until Trump put an ugly face to it, although it had always been going on.

      • TRASH 2


        Ban Khat (An organic speed) grown in Yemen? Never happen baby.

        Ban prostitutes from Russia and even Persian prostitutes?

        Not a chance.

        I’ve lived there.

      • Jason Y

        Is it Beau? Are radical Islamists targeting freedom? That’s not a mask of the Jews, but a real statement.

  21. TRASH 2


    To The Southern Anglo-Stock Posters From A German American

    None of you met a real Nazi (I mean from Germany, immigrated) in your lives. Outside a few places in Texas there are not German-American communities.

    I knew a few. They came after the war and just became US citizens. One was a construction company owner in our neighborhood. They did not GIVE a solitary shit about Jews. None of them were afraid of Jews, so far as I could remember. Jewish influence did not stop them from enjoying the American Dream.

    Why is it that you Anglos in the South do not worship William Wallace or Winston Churchill or Charles De Galle.

    You are not German-Americans, I’d lay odds on that. German Americans are from the Upper Midwest. You are from Old Colonial British and Dutch (And maybe French) stock.

  22. TRASH 2


    “Evangelicals Gang Raped”

    …Well they are dumber than shit for the most part.

    It is the reason that in Bumblefuck, Missouri the only lawyers and surgeons in the rural city are Jews.

    On the East Coast wary and distrustful Sicilian Catholics and Irish-Catholics raised on grassroots corruption can hold their own better.

    And Hispanics from Mexico and Cuba likely understand corruption too. Ditto Asians.

    • Beauregard

      This is a good point.
      Plenty of ‘lower IQ groups’, including Africans are a helluva lot more cynical about corruption than the evangelicals.

      Maybe their own leadership isn’t as subtle about it? Or they aren’t “brainwashed” because they don’t have any brains to wash?

      • TRASH 2


        These folks understand violence and money.

        They are not square dancing at church or riding their bike in the rain to a football game.

        They understand drugs, profit, pussy, pimping, corruption, government handouts and brute force. Jews and Italians seem to have a better grasp of bribery and corruption. That is ALL they understand.

        The average Evangelical going to Rodeos and watching The Simpsons has no idea how cynical people who live day-to-day like blacks, Mestizos, Jews, East Coast Italians, South Asians are.

        • “They understand drugs, profit, pussy, pimping, corruption, government handouts and brute force.”

          “They understand money, power in man and machine, drugs, pussy.”

          You repeated yourself almost word for word again, Trash.

        • Jason Y

          This is simply a generalization of the ghetto and of course, it would be only of the overlords (a minority). The average people quite timid as they are in Latin America and every other oppressive area.

      • TRASH 2


        No Jew or black or Hispanic can recite the entire pledge of allegiance to the Flag or gives a shit about the 13 Amendments.

        They understand money, power in man and machine, drugs, pussy.

        Point blank. In the canyons of the cities they have never ridden a jet ski or watched the Simpsons are done anything but scheme to make money, get laid, do drugs, pay this or that person off, hustle someone else. Nothing else matters.

        And they are right. Few Jews know how to square dance and few of them live in States asking for Federal bailouts. They do not care about the Declaration of Independence or the Civil War. Cash brought them to the United States. The Mexican feels the same way. He responds only to direct stimuli such as coca, chicas, machismo, mi barrio, gringo, la policia.

    • Beauregard

      Stupider doesn’t equal easier to brainwash.

      For instance, these brutal wars in Sub-saharan Africa where they literally hack to death 10s of thousands at a time are usually not religious based. They are tribal.

      These countries are said to have almost no religious tension whatsoever. People there don’t take abstractions such as religion as seriously as the lizard brain takes tribe.

      • TRASH 2

        Macho ROK posters will talk about blasting Section Apes and Soy Boys but blacks in urban environments have a furious sort of invention for violence; so do Hispanics; so do Italians in North Jersey.

        As you say, it is impossible to brainwash people who say “Muh Dick” to everything that is not as direct a stimuli as KFC, crack cocaine, hos.

        In the case of the Northeastern US the Italians and Jews rather think the rest of the US population are fools.

        To some degree, they are. They have been easily brainwashed and all the power and money is not rooted in what? Three states on the Northeast Coast.

        • Beauregard

          It could be that NAMs and Italians do not really watch MSM. They watch Jersey Shore, which has limited opportunities to get political…

          The Evangelicals woke up to hallowed out towns and poverty. And because they were brainwashed not to see corruption, they have no real answers.
          So they blame “demons”:

          It is very sad.

        • Jason Y

          Alex Jones appears to appeal to WNs but actually, he’s libertarian. WNs are state-oriented much like Communists. The only thing libertarians and WNs have in common is a feeling of white persecution, often justified.

        • Beauregard

          I likened him to the Evangelicals, not WNs.

          Not all WNs are NS. There is sort of a natural anti-government slant with them as they believe it unjustly compels Whites to support non-Whites through taxes or other.

    • Jason Y

      Yep, Cruz is a WN. Strange this is ignored by the media. Not saying they could do anything about it, though. All that can be done is make schools like airports – metal detectors etc..

    • Jason Y

      What a coward. Yeah, shooting up a middle school is the same as combat in Vietnam! I mean, at least this pussy could have taken on the high school ROTC. At least be that manly.

    • Jason Y

      These WNs are such pretentious punks they would even say this macho US soldier pictured is a cuck.

      When I say pretentious, I mean really so, as in Cruz never had combat training past video games. 😆

    • Jason Y

      Pretentious faggots are these WNs. Whether it be the engineering student asshole or the Call of Duty enthusiast. Of course, with real army experience, it becomes less so – I suppose they just become plain and simple “assholes” LOL

  23. TRASH 2

    Jones probably voted for Bush himself, they tend to do things on principle. Also the Northeast sucked a great deal of power out of the region.

    Back pre-internet if you did not want to see a porn store you lived in Texas and if you wanted to be blown in public you lived in NYC.

    • Jason Y

      Jones is a libertarian. Thier core beliefs conflict with neo-cons and WNs. If WNs are adopting libertarian rhetoric, it’s only to fool people to give them power. Once in, they do like Hitler and create a Gestapo state – no guns, no freedom, Big Brother is your friend. 😆

  24. TRASH 2

    Alt-Right White Nationalists

    1) Betas seethe at the success of other groups and your average ROK poster will blame everything on Jews. Who is the Beta living with his mother and who is they guy getting his wing-wang squeezed behind the wheel of a Ferrari he bought from the sale of a screenplay to a studio in California? Jews are tasting the best in life while “Beta” Alt-rights drink beer on rickety wooden porches in Strugis and brood.

    2) “Cuck” Well, black women are not cucking black males. But even if a few do, Tyrone does not care. He simply says “Muh Dick, dat white boy be having his dick in da ho’s throat down to his scrotum…Word up, yo” then he returns to his stable of white bitches and hos. So the Alt-Right is the cuck.

    3) White nationalism….except that White Nationalists tend to be fuzzy on their actual European ancestry and need DNA tests. White Nationalism is less appealing in the North East where people fly the flag of Ireland or Poland in their front yard.

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