Crimes of the US-supported UN in Iraq and Haiti

The UN is also completely controlled by the US. Notice that they went into Iraq after our Nazi-like war of aggression and subsequent occupation and colonization of Iraq. They went in there to give the UN’s stamp of approval to this sickening and completely illegal war of conquest. I am so happy that Zarqawi bombed the UN building, killing the UN official assigned to give cover to the occupation of Iraq along with 41 other UN thugs.

Remember when the US staged a coup to over throw Aristide in Haiti? His crime? He raised the minimum wage. This even angered the Clintons, as the Clintons have assets in low-wage factories in Haiti. He also built more schools in eight years than had been built in the previous 200 years. Any country in our Monroe Doctrine backyard that tries to help its people in any way is usually called Communist and attacked by the gangsters in the Pentagon and CIA.

After Aristide was overthrown, the US put in a new government and formed a new military because “liberal Democrat” Bill Clinton had forbidden Aristide to have a military! With no military, this set him up for a coup cooked up by the CIA with a fascist army operating out of Trujillo-land, I mean the Dominican Republic.

The CIA helped reform the Tonton Macutes reformed, who soon set about murdering Aristide supporters. In a short period of time, the reformed Macutes murdered over 3,000 Aristide supporters. During this period, the criminal UN were called in to ratify the US coup. UN soldiers from three different countries stood by and did nothing while the Macutes death squads raged across the land. In fact, the UN army spent most of its time on the edges of the huge slums trying to keep the people from fighting back against the death squads. In this way, the UN army was actually part of the death squad apparatus, pacifying the slums and encircling them so the death squads could murder with greater impunity.

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13 responses to “Crimes of the US-supported UN in Iraq and Haiti

  1. Jason Y

    I’ve always wondered why democrats push government programs harshly in the US for NAMS, but won’t for NAMS in other nations.

    • It’s insane, isn’t it?

      I try to tell liberal Democrats about this, and all they do is get angry and call me a liar. Their beloved Democrats can do no wrong. They refuse to believe that the Democrats are part of the bad guys too.

      • Jason Y

        Possibly the Democrats in the US need the US NAMS for votes, but they don’t need NAMS in other countries.

      • Jason Y

        Also, this makes you wonder about rather the help is really compassionate (in regards to US welfare programs)? It’s like a dog crawling in your lap only cause they want food.

  2. TRASH 2

    …Section Ape holds none of the mysticism of Earthquake ravaged villages in Nepal.

    The poverty of craggy Irish villages has some mystique to it; John Bender’s life down the road from high school does not.

    Educated middle class whites who have more or less followed the rules of society can read about the poverty of distant places and want to make a difference. They look at John Bender asking them as Jason put it “would you like fries with that Big Mac on your way to your skiing trip?” and do not believe he even deserves a $2 raise.

    Of course there are reasons. John Bender is abused at home; his Dad burned him with a cigar (Though in this day and age even two-parent white trash is rare) for spilling paint in the garage; his mouth got ass beatings from jocks in high school; principles threatened him and “nobody would listen to him.”

    But none of this has the misty romance of poverty in Africa or Nepal.

    • This comment is completely off topic. Look at the title of the post:

      Crimes of the US-supported UN in Iraq and Haiti

      That is the only thing you should be writing about here.

    • Jason Y

      Yeah, this is good literature and maybe comical, but off-topic.

      Anyway, though, and we can continue debating on another thread, why would poor in Ireland seem cool but not trailer trash? Is it cause the architecture is beautiful – even for the poor?

    • Jason Y

      Common dwellings in the US have no appeal, but an African mud-hut does. That’s nice rationalization for liberal elitism. ha ha..

    • Jason Y

      Yeah, but liberal elites like say, in the interracial dating movie, “Save the Last Dance” romanticize basically an inner-city Chicago shit-hole, making it cool and appealing. But they wouldn’t do the same for a trailer, the exception being “Raising Arizona”. 😆

  3. TRASH 2



    I apologize, I misunderstood Jason’s comment.

  4. TRASH 2


    On the subject of Iraq, we have been paying for Bush’s crimes since the day he stole the election in Florida from Al Gore.

    Bush has been out of the White House for 10 years and we are still suffering the consequences.

    I don’t personally believe that Obama had much of an impact either way. He was an acceptable domestic president who extracted the US from the economic damage Bush did and was largely despised for cultural reasons by the Pence demographic-urban, black, Democratic, a lawyer, a Muslim, a third culture kid.

  5. Jason Y

    To be honest, I’m a bit of a wimp. I can’t even stand mall cops – much less, death squads. So I’d Latin America is a hell – NO WONDER – they want to illegally immigrate !!

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