Why Would Anyone Like America?

Good question!

Answered on Quora. I got a comment on this article from a woman that I think is very interesting. First she said, when I think of America as a person, I feel very uncomfortable. And well you should! Narcissists and sociopaths make a lot of people shiver. Then she tried to answer the question of how in heck did this country end up this way. She traces Radical Individualism, the true and only religion that America has ever had, to the type of immigrants who came to our shores. She may be onto something.

If you are conservative to reactionary, it’s a great place to live, as the US is clearly one of the most rightwing places on Earth and has been for a long time. Do you believe in radical individualism or “let em die” Libertarianism. America is the home for such things. America is one of the most callous countries on Earth and its foreign policy has always been vicious and wicked. It believes that there one set of rules for it and another set for its enemies.

It commits Nazi-like wars of aggression against its enemies all the time. America is the worst bully on the planet and has been for a very long time. America has always been for the rich and the corporations and has always treated its workers, poor, low income, and minorities like complete garbage. It hasn’t even treated its middle classes very well, but it took them forever to figure it out.

The hatred of working people and unions in the US is off the charts. This one of the only countries on Earth that actually hates labor unions. America is one of the only countries on Earth that hates government. Any time the government tries to help the people, Americans react in rage and revolt. This is one of the only countries on Earth where people hate paying taxes because that means that they have to share with other Americans. Americans are the most aggressively selfish people on Earth.

This is one of the only countries on Earth that actually hates public education (because it helps the people), and it has been rolling it back and privatizing it ever since. Botswana is the only country besides the US that does not have a government health system. This is because Americans are so callous that they don’t care if other Americans get sick or die. The message is that if you are not rich, you don’t deserve healthcare and you need to die.

American foreign policy has only helped the top 20% of the people in the countries it engages. Anytime any country tries to help its workers or its ordinary people in any way, for example trying to help the 80% bottom instead of the 20% top, it gets attacked in one way or another by the US.

A prime example is the minimum wage. Many nations in Latin America have been attacked by the US for simply daring to wage the minimum wage! Aristide in Haiti raised the minimum wage and built more schools in eight years than in the previous 200. For these crimes, death squads were sent against its people, killing thousands of them, and kidnapping Aristide at gunpoint.

The President of Honduras raised the minimum wage. For this, he was ousted by a US coup, imprisoned in a foreign embassy and threatened with death, a new coup government was put in by the US, and the US set up death squads that have now murdered over 1,000 people.

Any time a country tries to do anything nationalist to keep from being a colony of the US and its allies, the US attacks it. The US wants to keep most of the Earth in bondage to the US, their resources plundered, their people immiserated, so all of the wealth in the land goes to the US. America is the new Roman Empire and most of the world is made up of our vassals.

The purpose of the US military is to threaten any nation that tries to help itself or its people with annihilation. That’s what you are signing up for when you join the military. Thing is that Americans love all of this. They cheer for it, for this is the essence of US patriotism or jingoism. Even US liberals support almost everything that I wrote above. I am always shocked when I speak to US liberal Democrats by how much they have bought into the patriotic reactionary swill.

The basis for all of this is something called radical individualism. US foreign policy is based on something called US imperialism that says that the US is dictator the world and most of the countries in it are slaves and colonies of the US. The American people love radical individualism and US imperialism. Even many liberal Democrats do. Almost all liberal Democrats support US imperialism to the hilt.

All of this is maintained by a completely controlled media controlled by very rich people and huge corporations. This media is viciously anti-people and only supports the rich and the corporations – the only two groups the US has ever represented and fought for.

We have never had a single day of democracy in this country. We started to finally head that way in the 1970’s and 1980’s, and the rich and the corporations founded think tanks and wrote many papers on how to shut down radical democracy in the US. The results of this are, among other things, mass voter disenfranchisement and Jim Crow style voting restrictions designed to keep Black people from voting.

Since 2000, the wealthy and corporate elite discovered voting machines and started stealing elections this way. They have been doing it ever since and it has only gotten worse with time. In 2000, the Supreme Court legalized an actual theft of an election. In 2016, many states went to court to stop recounts in states that were obviously stolen by Republicans with voting machines. Courts in all of these states ruled that recounting the stolen elections was illegal.

Almost every state in the US is radically gerrymandered so that democracy is shattered. For instance, a Democrat could win the popular vote and still lose 86% of the seats to Republicans. This is the case in Alabama, Wisconsin, Virginia, and many other places. The Republicans only need two more states, and then the rich and the corporations will write a constitutional convention to rewrite the constitution to take out everything democratic in it to perpetuate continuous rule by reactionary rich people and corporations. At that time, democracy will have surely died.

With the election of Donald Trump, we see an actual American fascism taking shape. Of course this fascism has always lurked in the background, and in fact I would say we have always been a fascist country or at least a radical rightwing authoritarian country in many ways. But this is the most overt fascism we have seen in the US in a very long time.
The hatred for democracy runs deep in the bones of Americans and right now, maybe 1/3 of the population is overtly fascist. I would say that America has always been a great country for rightwingers, as it has been a far rightwing country for most of its history. The jingoists, patriots, and flag wavers are almost all rightwingers and always have been. This is their paradise and it always has been.

That is why rightwingers, reactionaries, and fascists have been flooding to the US for many years now. This is considered to be the Rightwing Dreamland of the rich and corporate classes the world over. In fact, our immigration policy was deliberately set up for many years to favor rightwingers and reactionaries and to keep leftwing immigrants out. This only made the country more and more rightwing. Incredibly, the Democratic Party supported this favoring of rightwing immigrants and opposing of leftwing immigrants.

The Democratic Party and Democratic Presidents have been part of the whole process above for most our history. They just push it forward less hard and sometimes they tinker around the edges to do something for the people. We had a large populist uprising from 1910–1920 in the US and then again in the Great Depression. For the first time in its history, the US government actually worked for the people and did many things to benefit the common man instead of just taking money from the bottom 80% and giving it to the top 20% or even 1%, which has been the American Way from Day One.

I would say that if you are a conservative or even a “liberal” who thinks all of the above is the greatest thing since sliced bread, you are correct. America is your paradise. A lot of people love this conservative – reactionary or even now fascist or Libertarian land. It’s their oyster. It’s the apple of their eye. I don’t blame them for feeling that way.

But it has always puzzled me how liberal or leftwing Americans could love this wildly reactionary country. I believe they have been brainwashed by patriotism and bullied into going along with the project. I have seen many liberals and even out and out Leftists shouting jingoistic tripe, screaming that America is the best country on Earth (83% of Americans believe this silliness), and ordering anyone who disagrees to leave the country. The enforced jingoism runs deep.

But really what is there to like here for a liberal to progressive person? Honestly not even one single thing. How could the most rightwing country on Earth be some leftwing paradise? It makes no sense.

So there you have it. America is great for rightwingers. This is their ultimate dream. For liberals and especially for progressive people, it has always been a dystopian Hell, one of Dante’s nine circles.

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8 responses to “Why Would Anyone Like America?

  1. There is a problem with American identity : its founding mythology, its constitution which is supposed to be the result of an Enlightenment-Inspired humanistic democratic republican revolution against a colonial empire. This can be understandable in as much as most scholars tend not to know too much was the real Enlightenment movement was : a movement of the filthy rich of their times who wanted first and foremost to do away with the various particular and limited rights many rather modest or middle-rank people had inherited from the Christian Middle Ages on a caste-basis most of the times. American-style slavery was the epitome of the ideals of Enlightenment as applied to political economy and if you care to have a look you will see that the bulk of the clientele of those ideologues were the slaving classes on both sides of the Atlantic. But the problem now is that the truth about 18th-century Enlightenment cannot be sold due to popular hope worldwide. Another big identification problem stems from the very word “democracy” : in ancient Greek, it did not mean at all the modern ideal (not the reality) of a government held in check by the commoners’ right to depose tyrants and vote down laws felt as abusive, it never meant government of the people by the people for the people, it meant government by a single governing party (dêmos, from verb daiomai, I divide, I take apart, like the latinate word party which is related to the very partire meaning taking apart) Eastern European style (minus any form of social ideal however mendacious) or by a closed-access class, and moreover it meant that this ruling party or class had or felt no responsibility towards greater good but cared for their group interests only as a gated community is managed. It was not different from the modern concept of oligarchy. The ancient concept of oligarchy was rather government by a team so small everybody knew who did what and who ordered what : as soon as the elite while comprising no more than 1 or 2% was just big enough for the power it exerted to be anonymous and without any real possibility of influence from any single individual within it, it was called dêmokratia, and especially when the real leaders preferred to keep their identity secret thanks to the anonymous crowd they manipulated at will, which was the case in Athens whose symbol of the owl meant that ideal of secrecy and shady dealings. When such a ruling class or body felt responsibilities towards the greater good, the regime was no longer called a democracy but a timocracy (government according to honour fostered by personal contribution to the greater good) : timocracy was a government of takers and givers, democracy of takers only and if you have a check on ancient Athenian mentality it considered any form of productive work (poiesis), even the production of poems, a dishonour (another gross insult was demiurge, which meant nothing more than a productive artisan at the city’s disposal). Greek had a work to denote the right of the commoners to vote down tyrants and bad laws, it was called Laodicea (the common people judging), but such a city existed in Phrygia only, in Asia Minor, not in Greece proper who had to high an opinion of themselves as a superior kind over all humans to stoop down to such a regime. In the 18th century most scholars still knew more or less what real Athens was about in the classical times, a government where the rich and well to do were told by no one they too had duties towards a higher political or moral authority. The partisans of “democracy” just wouldn’t admit to be compelled to practice the same religion as was needed to keep their inferiors in line. That was the real meaning of “democracy” under Jefferson’s pen. The ideal sold thereafter to the European commoners was meant as a propaganda trick for useful idiots only, exactly like the worst aspects of totalitarian marxism later on. That is the identity problem I would like to terminate as regards America.

    In a certain sense, I want that country to turn officially fascist, that would be actually more in tune with the real Founding Fathers’ will. This country should no longer be declared owing its existence to the Founding Fathers of the American Revolution, nor even to the Mayflower Pilgrims, that doesn’t describe its real essence in the ears of most. The US should officially declare to owe their existence as the first White predator political entity on the American continent to the Viking invader Eric the Red, and all Americans should idealize the conquering Viking as their ideal ancestor, thanks to whose blood and example the Wild West could be conquered as a prelude to the imperialistic conquest of the whole world. America did not appear on the map devising a perfect constitution for the human gender, it appeared as a reality of the soil of its continent as an enterprise to genocide all Indians and all others all too romantic bums of that kind to make room for slaving plantations furnished with Negroes and Irishmen. The main difference with Nazi Germany is that whereas Nazi Germany postulated that the Germanic race was the only worthwhile and successful predator in the world and can propagate only through physical breeding, America postulates that the Viking predator, apart from having ideal blood, has even more value as the most perfect example anybody in the world can follow as a model of self-transformation into a monster, though some races like the Viking-descendant Wasps and some Jews are statistically nearer that ideal type than others. The US should officially declare themselves to be the fatherland of all predators of the world, and of all religions having declared war onto common humanity. Any delinquent in the world committing vicious acts of predation or betrayal against its community of origin (as the Vikings were for instance, and as the Jews were according the American Protestant ideal of what a Biblical Jew should be) should be considered a de facto American citizen. LBJ used to say, in order to justify his policy of desegregation and of temporary establishment of his “grand society”, that the real reason for his move was for the elite to be able to roll back America to official racism and segregation at the time most badly needed in the future for the White thrash to be ready to jettison all human rights and accept a dictatorship together with an Indian-style caste society in exchange for their only real dearest right, that of knowing that however hard they have it, Blacks will have it ten times as hard as servants of the lowest of their own servants, quoth the Bible. And I for one think that time has come. Ideally, the future official religion of such a country formed during or after a second Civil War to come as a revenge for the first, should be some form of Hinduism with the Jews being the Brahmins, the Vikings being the Kshatriyas, and the contemporary Indians being the Vaishyas.

    • VanillaRice

      Jews seem more like merchant class, they generally prefer money to spirituality. Vikings are a good warrior ideal and there is a bit of history there. Indo-European groups tended to have caste type system, a Celtic Druid is vaguely similar to a Brahmin for one. Every city in the US has its own identity. Boston Irish, Brooklyn Yids, Detroit Africans, ect. America has strengths, I see its essense as raw and untapped frontier as John Adams alluded to.

      • In the Hindu varnadharma system, pure finance, usury and speculation are brahminical (though demon-inspired, not deva-inspired) whereas commerce and production of tangible goods is vaishya. Brahmins who serve demons rather than gods or angels don’t lose their ranks as Brahmins in this life though they might incur downwards incarnation thereafter if they take too much undue pleasure or ego-inflation doing it. Same thing for kshatriyas : whether they serve benevolent or malevolent political powers doesn’t change their varna which is a warrior’s. It must also be noted that Hinduism makes very little case of political or public morality of any sort : good people never get interested in economics or politics, and those who do must do it for bad reasons so to speak so as not to squander the energy of ultimate goodness into mundane pursuits. When it comes to interaction with the outer world of politics or business the only big sin to avoid is to respect the varnadharma : if you are a brahmin you must engage in intellectual activity of any sort and at any cost so as to survive and be respected as a person of this rank, and if you are not a brahmins you must avoid all too intellectual discussions. Brahmins in India have been playing the role Jews would like to play in the West : the monopolizers of all culture and information in the name of the grand common faith to all. When Buddhism triumphed for about one millenium Brahmins seemed an odd detested lot that survived mostly thanks to occult sciences and various financial shady dealings, and they managed to make a comeback at the beginning of the Middle Ages (sixth century onwards) first by propounding religious forms far more playful and thought-freeing than moralistic buddhism, and then by establishing a climate of supernatural terror and cosmic pessimism justifying their role as tax and interest collectors for all kingdoms ready to deal with them.

      • TRASH 2

        Brahmins in India are similar to Jews. At some level, they have a great deal of influence in the media in India.

  2. Rishi Jha

    Oh cmon Robert…I often notice, and have been noticing ever since fast access to internet became available(circa 2002) that most human beings are never satisfied, and incredibly inward looking. A New Zealander says “We are the laughing stock of the world”; a Gabonese says ” What will the world think of us”….well guess what? No one really cares! No one has the time nor the inclination to care. What is the perfect country? Can there be a perfect nation? Go to Scandinavian nations and they have their own set of issues. Japan is a model example of everything that the west is doing wrong- a self contained society with no desire for immigrants and look at the hellhole their country has become. In other words there is no perfect society. Most things will never be resolved.

    The older I get the more I realize that these concepts- religion, race, nationality- they are not only superficially useless but they manage to divert a man’s attention from trying to seek the ultimate truths of life….understanding the human brain or astronomy for example- You know, real questions. Neitchze’s Ubermensch or the Superman as a theory is a man beyond these petty concerns, trying to find answers to far bigger questions. Because I feel, deep down we are all the same- clueless hapless beings floating across the Cosmos on a spherical space ship, our lives way too minuscule and short to find answers.

    Everything you wrote could just as well apply to England and had you been born there, maybe you’d write the same stuff and only exchange the nationality names. You think America is bad, then what does that make India? Americans are the most aggressively selfish people on Earth? Really? You of all people should know Indians are way, way, way ahead of Americans in this regard so it basically moots your entire point. And there are probably a hundred other nations which are just as bad.

    You could write Americans are some of the most whatever insert here, and then maybe it makes more sense.

  3. 8Ball

    America’s shit.

    • TRASH 2

      What do you care, if you’re not American?

      Some queer homosexual serial killer just buried six bodies in his nice Ontario backyard. Meanwhile in Greece the mass rioting continues. We won’t even go into Eastern European because one only need watch a “Rocco” porn video to see the economic conditions driving Hungarian girls to take massive penises up their ass for $400.

      Maybe you are a Filipino. If so you are most famous in the United States for abusive fathers who turn their kids into gay serial killers who kill the fashion designers who dicked the butt with pathogens.

      Because Americans definitely do not have interest in your country and its own problems.

      At the bottom of every anti-American is a guy who half-wishes his grandfather had got onto the boat back when anybody could sail through Ellis island.

      Its a gamble of course. One German immigrant ends up being Dahmer’s grandfather in Milwaukee and another has a kid who is a billionaire-perhaps both were regarded as assholes in their European village but if Friederich Trump had stayed in Kallstadt today Trump’s grand daughter would likely be the victim of a rapefugee.

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