How Well Can Very High IQ People Do High Level Work of any Kind after Say One, Two, Three Drinks or under the Influence of Other Drugs?

This is a question I asked on Quora, so obviously I cannot answer it. I got some answers that were quite interesting though.

There are 11 different answers here, and you are welcome to look them over.

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10 responses to “How Well Can Very High IQ People Do High Level Work of any Kind after Say One, Two, Three Drinks or under the Influence of Other Drugs?

  1. it depends whether the work is comfortable or at the edge of their capacity while sober. And maybe also whether its more based on reasoning or knowledge.

    Being drunk definitely lowers your IQ (but it can also make you more honest). I know a guy who says each drink lowers your IQ by 7 points.

  2. TRASH 2



    …Intelligent people I knew in college got the most screwed up by abusing LSD. It was everywhere in the 90’s. The really intelligent people I knew who took more than 10 trips became neurotic, schizoid-paranoid etc. The dull people I knew who took acid could take 100 trips, no change in their personality.


    When Type A egocentrics and control/power freaks with pushy or dominant tendencies take cocaine that’s it…their life will revolve around it. The rest of us will sniff a line, do whatever we sniffed it for, take or leave cocaine as a stimulant. This is doubly ironic because the egocentric would-be Trump Alpha Dog ends up sucking dick in an alley way to get more and down and out. ADHD people also are prone to turn into mad cokeheads-often primed in childhood by Ritalin.


    Meth hooks those who are prone to depression to begin with.

  3. Jason Y

    I think with drugs it’s a chance game like the lottery or being caught for child porn. I mean sure, there are PhD doctors doing heroin, but there are also high school kids who are now dead or need assistance in bathing/bathroom use. In fact, there was a sad story of a really smart kid, like Harvard smart – reduced to a vegetable.

  4. Jason Y

    All in all, I’m not for banning drugs, something the alt-right wants. In fact, they want a drug war Filipino style. However, though, that doesn’t mean drug use is a positive good, though. We need major changes in the culture to eliminate the appeal of the stuff.

    • TRASH 2

      Perhaps they should introduce Filipinos to Oxy. I mean it got white trash of meth.

    • There are a lot of things in this world that can harm us. We can ban drugs but something else will take its place. More crime and smuggling. The prohibition era was a good example.

      The world today is more complicated than it was in the past. Today’s world benefits those that have self control, delayed gratification, strategic life planning and higher cognitive ability. While these traits were applicable in the old world but with modern technologies, automation and maximized efficiencies, they are more crucial for survival than before.

      Many in alt-right and alt-left movements are just reacting to the helplessness they feel against the speed of globalization and modernization. It is predicted that in coming years, automation will kill 100s of millions of jobs. In its place, in the richer countries obviously, will be universal basic income. Countries like the Philippines will be screwed big time. Banning drugs or not it will not make any difference.

  5. TRASH 2

    I smoked Shabu a few times in the Philippines. No big deal. Most people who smoke it do not get addicted. It gave me a queasy high, I was sort of rundown the next day and dehydrated and never did it again. It gives you a headache like a motherfucker and in a hot climate you dehydrate faster.

    A Chinese-Filipino I worked with made small amounts in a shack on some property.

    It is not particularly addictive. You won’t go nuts and jump off a building thinking you can fly like PCP or LSD or have a heart attack like cocaine.

    Not that I advocate drug use.

    But it is no big deal.

    Prior to shabu, pot was popular in the Philippines. There is nothing to do when you have no job, no clothes, no house, no car, no money, no possessions, nowhere to go. Life is boring.

  6. Frito Pedejo

    I I’m a bit stupid @ times even when I’m not high on anything, hence 1 reason I never really got into drugs, not really out of anything moral, as what I’m really am is below the influence, unlike most people who are the other way around, so me not being a druggie in my case @ least, just really comes to show how I’m actually below most people for that.

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