Just Flew to Turkey Last Night

Last night I went to Turkey for a Linguistics Conference! It was only a dream, but so what! I tell you what, I definitely saved on the airfare flying there in REM time!

Anyway, let’s hear what happened!

Dream starts below for you slowpokes:

After a while, I got a pissed off call from my Mom:

“Bob! It says long distance! How much is this going to cost me? What the Hell are you doing in Turkey?”

“I dunno Mom. I didn’t sleep for 18 hours, and I thought, ‘I’m going to Turkey, dammit’,  and next thing I knew I was at the airport, waiting for my plane to Turkey, and here I am.”

“But you didn’t get any sleep! You haven’t slept for 18 hours! Did you sleep on the plane?” (Moms never change.)

“Nope. No sleep on the plane and I’ve been awake since landed. I know I’ve been up for hours, but I don’t care. That’s sort of making it more fun because I’m so sleep deprived, I can I can hardly figure out where I am or what’s going on most of the time.”

“Where did you get the money? You just spent all your money!” (Like I said, Moms never change.)

“Yeah, I dunno about that Mom. Somehow I had X dollars before I left, and now I still have X dollars. It’s like the flight didn’t even cost anything. I have no idea how that happened. I don’t get it.” (Actually I do get it. Airplane flights can be totally free in dreams. Isn’t that cool?)

What do you mean it didn’t cost anything!  That doesn’t even make sense!” (I told you they never change.)

“I have no idea, Mom. Maybe someone paid for it? Maybe the organizers paid for the ticket? I really have no idea.”

“Well, have fun!” (It sounds more like a demand than a wish, but I told you they never change.)


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3 responses to “Just Flew to Turkey Last Night

  1. Jason Y

    Don’t bring hashish into Turkey. LOL

  2. TRASH 2


    Is US prison better for smuggling 2 kilos of hash?

    Should I suck your dicks now?

    Of course now with Muslim anti-US feeling you’d be killed and not raped but US prison is harsh.

    Big blacks shoving turgid penises in the screaming mouths of white punks.

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