Cherchez la Femme!

Comment  of the day:

You are so damn spot on. You give women a little and I mean a little bit of freedom and power they think they are GOD!! Tell you what women, here’s a small bit of reality you don’t seem to understand. You’re not the only one with a vagina!! So hold out on your guy, and I bet he finds someone else to give it up to him.

Damn right! Put out or else, ladies! You’ve been warned!

Extra gold star for anyone who can tie the pedantic title in (somewhat obscurely and sarcastically) with the post.

+10 extra credit points if you can tell us what the title really means. I don’t mean what it really means, I mean what it really, really means.

And yeah the true meaning is sexist, but so what! All in good fun, ladies! And don’t worry, I might give you some equal time. We haven’t renounced the Fairness Doctrine here on Beyond Highbrow yet, but it sure is tempting, I gotta admit.


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2 responses to “Cherchez la Femme!

  1. Jason Y

    I think this is true for anyone. It’s called rubbing it in. That’s why Apartheid didn’t work in South Africa, why rednecks cannot handle Facebook – and so on and on….

    • Jason Y

      Sorry meant to say, “It’s why freedom from apartheid didn’t work in South Africa and it’s also why the system, itself, didn’t work.

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