How the White Working Class/Middle Class Thinks

Here is a list of some comments I lifted from White working class people on articles about Trump. It exemplifies very well the way that these people think. They are not liberals. They are conservatives and they always have been!

They like Trump because he “talks smack” like a macho, tough guy (the prototypical White working class man):

I sometimes wonder if people even share the same planet as I do. Down here in the blue collar working class world “talking smack” is a time honored tradition. So we find Trump’s tweet to Kim hilarious and on point because it is something we would say to Kim personally if we could.

Liberal and Democratic man are wussies = girls, women, pussies, wimps and fags. The Democratic Party is the party of the women, the fags and the cucks. Real men vote Republican! Also I have been in White working class bars, and they are pretty tough. They are also a bit dangerous. I have to go into a particular mindset in order to go into a bar like this and function well. I have to psych myself up for it. Last time I was in a bar like this, some psycho White working class guy stared me down and tried to start a fight with me. He was just looking to start a fight. You also might get shoved. It you get stared down or even if you get shoved, just look away or walk away. This signals your submissiveness and they will generally leave you alone if you back down.

But I really have to get my mind into “badass tough guy mode” to even walk into a place like that. I call it “latent serial killer” mindset. If I can get into my Latent Serial Killer mindset, I can usually function pretty well in these bars. It is also an extremely anti-intellectual atmosphere, so don’t even think about that.

Also: no fags! Gay men or even men who appear like that are absolutely not welcome in these establishments. I have no problem with gay men going to bars, but they are really risking it if they go to a place like this. They need to go somewhere where they can feel welcome.

That said, there are some tough, straight acting gay men who look and act exactly like other White working class men who frequent such places. A friend of mine made friends with a couple of these idiots and  went  back to their place to party with  them.  Boy was he in for a shock. He figured out the gig after a bit of denial. He told them he was straight over and over, but they spent several hours not taking no for an answer and continually  hitting on him. Gay men always do this, never take no for an answer, and this is why I generally refuse to deal with them anymore. To straight men, gay men are a plague!

The problem is you people are a bunch of wussies who would last about 10 seconds in a Midwestern working class bar.

Trump is a guy you could have a beer with in a working class bar:

I could perfectly envision Trump sitting down and having a beer with me and my pals after a hard day’s work laughing and having a good time talking smack.

See? We are pussies and fags and the working class guys would kick us out the door as soon as we opened our effete snob mouths:

You upper middle class bougie snobs would get your arses beat out the front door the moment you opened your mouth.

This is how they see us! Not only as wimps, but also as geeks and nerds. Of course, guys like that are not considered to be real men either:

You people are geeks, nerds, and feminized losers.

Trump is a “regular guy.” You hear White working class men use this phrase a lot and you need to understand what it means. Fags, pussies, wimps, nerds, geeks, and idiots are not regular guys! Regular guys are masculine! What the Left thinks is insane is what we think is masculine!

All the behaviors that the Left cites as indicating that Trump is insane are the same behaviors that will get him re-elected! It’s SO good to have a regular guy in the OO! TRUMP! TRUMP! TRUMP!




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10 responses to “How the White Working Class/Middle Class Thinks

  1. Tulio

    It’s just beyond my comprehension how they can think this guy represents the average working class Joe in the heartland.

    I mean the guy lives in a fucking gold-plated penthouse in the sky above Manhattan and has a private 757. How IN THE FUCK did Trump become a working class hero?? The right wing has absolutely lost their damned minds. And none of his policies this year have done anything whatsoever to help the working class. He talks like populist but governs like any typical Republican giving massive tax cuts to the rich, deregulating corporations, and warring against the social safety net. Yet these people thing Trump is awesome! I have no idea how you even begin to wake these people up.

    Also, as for the rough and tumble type of working class white guys(I’m thinking young Mark Walburg types), they probably don’t vote anyway. Most thuggish type dudes aren’t the civically engaged type.

    • Jason M

      I have noticed that many lower class angloamericans have this “poor noble” mentality, “I may not be rich, yet, but I am white”. Maybe that has a lot to do with it. Whiteness is a sign of civility in the west and that is fucking ironic considering that the Greeks and the Romans thought northern euros were a bunch of dirty savages.

      They drop any macho man mentality when it comes to the fucking jews, ugh I can’t stand that servile anglo saxon judeophilia. Goddamnit we need a new Titus, this time we’ll send those fuckers to Mars.

    • Jason Y

      The masculine nature of Trump isn’t the issue:

      A male bitch in the sense of an unpleasant, rude or nasty person.

    • Jason Y

      But Trump simply mirrors more than half (or more) of the alt-right movement.

  2. Tulio

    Yes, I can see how Trump’s style may be relatable to simple minded, non-intellectual white people. I think a large swath of middle America has a culture of anti-intellectualism, a candidate such as Trump is a possibility. In any other of our peer nations, he’d have been laughed off the stage as a buffoon. Sure there were Trump-like candidates running in Europe too, such as LePen, but they are actually smart people.

    We also have our culture of celebrity worship and deep admiration of wealthy people, and a lot of low information/single issue voters. All these factors came together to give us Trump.

  3. “Gay men always do this, never take no for an answer, and this is why I generally refuse to deal with them anymore.”

    A lot of people feel this way about STRAIGHT men….

  4. Shawn

    Trump doesn’t come across as the type who would go to some local bar Bumfuck, Oklahoma and sit down and have a beer with the local white trash there and partake in badinage with them. He talks shit in the same manner as like a Don or boxer (very arrogant and brazen manner) that comes results in him coming across as overly self-assured which is the reason he says so many stupid things because in his mind he probably thinks he’s never wrong.

  5. Jason Y

    Where was Trump in Vietnam? Has he ever done anything manly?

  6. Jason Y

    Trump is a “regular guy.” You hear White working class men use this phrase a lot and you need to understand what it means. Fags, pussies, wimps, nerds, geeks, and idiots are not regular guys! Regular guys are masculine! What the Left thinks is insane is what we think is masculine!

    It’s possible to be a regular guy – without being a cocksucker or prick. This is what the alt-right cannot understand.

  7. Jason Y

    W. Bush was a guy you could have a beer with – but he wasn’t alt-right. But he was defensive at times, maybe seeming like a prick – because he was under vicious attack by the cultural and economic left.

    But his level of unpleasantness was nothing compared to Trump or David Duke – who surpassed him 95 percent. Trump and Duke (and other alt-right like ep-gah and santo-culto commentators on here) are massive narcissistic psycho creeps who rival Hannibal Lecture – and I really believe this.

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