Welcome to Sweden


Welcome to “Sweden.” 

Diversity is our strength.

Something tells me that this radical experiment is not going to end well. Actually, it’s not even starting well, forget the end. Let’s deal with the beginning for starters.


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44 responses to “Welcome to Sweden

  1. TRASH 2




    Why don’t you and I go to Bahamas or Dubai (Or one of the few functioning Muslim or black countries) and just do what these assholes do?

    Start impregnating 13 year old girls until we have a bunch of Mulatto kids running around or make some Arab woman have 10 kids and demand that the oil windfall pay for it.

    Raise hell.

    Oh, yeah…we would end up in jail being tortured. What do you think happens to white males who gang rape Arab girls in Dubai?

    You would not have the life expectancy of a housefly.

    Can you imagine if we were busted “grooming” girls in a Muslim country.

    You don’t want to. Their Dads would simply come over and shoot us dead.

    • Jason Y

      Or how about pay for a bunch of blue-eyed hillbilly kids as National Socialists would have – cause the Nazis are actually leftists – favoring a mixed economy. Name people who support Naziism and you find they’re often losers wanting special favors much as many of the NAMS do.

      See, that’s why I’m so cynical, seeing that in my family, so many white thieves, swindlers, good for nothing people – who also happen to be racists and would support Naziism 100 percent. Why? Because they’re losers trash, human garbage – and ones now resorting to white identity politics and hate.

      • Nazis are NOT Leftists. Nazism was NOT a Leftist movement. Hitler didn’t give two flying fucks about economics. He cared nothing about it whatsoever. He turned it over to others and said do what you want.

        Now granted I actually would not mind a socialist Alt Right faction – Hell, at least they would be socialists!

        Hitler never went after the Rich. He worked a lot of his workers to literal death. Workers had few rights. All of their unions were smashed.

        Hitler went after first: Communists.
        Second: Socialists
        Third: Labor unionists
        Fourth: JEWS.

        See that? He hated Communists, socialists, labor unionists WORSE than Jews.

        Hitler put that “socialism” in the party name as a con job to fool workers into voting for the as socialism was very popular with workers. But Hitler HATED socialists. He killed countless socialists and decimated their parties. There WAS a Nazi Left, Strasserism, and I do not mind the Strasser Brothers that much. Hitler had the ENTIRE NAZI LEFT MURDERED in 1932 in an event called The Night of the Long Knives. He killed the socialist/Leftist wing of the party, murdered them all.

        The problem with fascists is not their economics. They often run economies fairly well. The Nazis were a smashing success economically. The Nazi economic model is not a bad model to follow in some ways and I would recommend adopting it.

        • Jason Y

          The Nazi model wasn’t really different than the American one and in many ways FDR and maybe even Obama are Nazis. Sounds silly but true. The US is truly fascist as those leftys claim. But in the US, you see way less protectionism – but the government favored industry thing is the same. The Nazis favored certain companies – so does the US. It’s all integrated with the government. And of course, the Nazi regime is massively racist – unlike the US.

        • WrathfulGrape

          Actually, Nazis were less racist in some ways. An SS soldier may practice yoga and look East for spiritual guidance, essentially a “gook troop” by US standards at the time.

        • Jason Y

          Actually, Nazis were less racist in some ways. An SS soldier may practice yoga and look East for spiritual guidance, essentially a “gook troop” by US standards at the time.

          Well, they would need it after – murdering all those women and chidlren LOL

        • Frito Pedejo

          The hitlerites conception of socialism wasn’t that public ownership of property or socio-economic equality as such. But really a form of communal-ism, as the volk,(society) was seen as 1 big family, with everyone expected to do whatever they could to help out there country men.What isn’t so recognized by most people was NS Germany has an extensive welfare system, free healthcare, social security, subsidized housing, more expansive than even the Scandinavian social democracies ever got. So socialism was different in those kind of ways, as opposed to what everyone thinks what socialism means.

      • Exactly. Both sides are seeking entitlements. One side argues that entitlements are for everyone and the other side argues that entitlements are only reserved for the kind of people that helped develop the country.

        Basically it doesn’t matter whether Trump or Obama is in office as long as one is willing to work hard, plan forward and is willing to adjust and adapt.

        What does matter with Trump are his racial and populist rhetorics which may harm productive non-whites, a significant chunk of the US economy; trade and security relations with other countries.

    • Jason Y

      I don’t want to banned from the blog, but I’m very cynical as to whether leftist movements – including white racism (ironically) would ever work. I suppose among some hyper-educated people leftism could work well.,

      But it seems to run into massive problems even among the white race. Normally it’s like throwing a bird into a jet engine – messing things up, bringing on economic slowdowns and the like – and the Big Brother tyranny is beyond belief. SO don’t be shocked when the retarded/handicapped are murdered, the PC police watch your every word, and all society has it’s genetic code surrendered to Washington DC.

      • White racism is not a Leftist movement. It is always considered to be a movement of the Far Right. That said, it hasn’t much to do with economics.

        And the Nazi economy, and the Jap one for that matter, were smashing successes.

        The Japs are having some trouble. It’s called deflation. It hit after capitalist bubbles burst and never regrew. The problem was caused by capitalism. Since then the government has tried everything reasonable to do to restart the economy and nothing has worked. A radical rightwing economics would not work either. It would obviously make everything so much worse. Japan is one of the wealthiest nations on Earth and it scores in the Top 10 in just about everything good. And this is after 25 years of almost no growth economics!

        The South Korean economy has done great. The Chinese economy does fantastic.

        What is all this Big Brother shit? Are you some Libertarian now?

        • Jason Y

          No, the Nazi one failed because they ran out of resources – causing them to seek war which destroyed them. As for the Japanese, possibly their tie-in with the US has kept them from total destruction – but rather some sort of really comfortable economic limbo. What if the US wasn’t there? Would they make it or not?

  2. TRASH 2

    In order to get votes, Hitler chose to call his party “National Socialists” in order to convince socialists interested in the protection of worker’s rights to vote for him.

    It was more or less false advertising. Being German-American and semi-socialist I’m aware of this.

    • Jason Y

      Yeah, but did the Nazi platform back key socialist ideas? Survey says, “Yes”.

      Note: This is just facts, shouldn’t get me banned for saying so.

      • Yeah and they never implemented any of them and then they murdered the whole socialist wing of the power right before they got into power.

        NO ONE but NO ONE ever says Nazis were Leftists or Nazis were socialists! The ONLY fucktards who say this are rightwingers. NO legitimate political scientists say that the Nazis were Leftists or socialists. Now I would not mind if the Nazis had been socialists. As I said, the problem with Nazism and fascism isn’t usually economics. Sometimes their economics is ok, especially the Nazis, who were excellent on economics. The problem is the other stuff about the philosophy.

        You do not have to look hard to find Leftists, Communists, etc. who were complete monsters. Start with the Khmer Rogue. Mao killed lots of people. Stalin killed quite a few people too. North Korea is a murderous regime.

  3. Tulio

    Photos like this probably get a lot of hype in alt-right circles but I’m not so sure this is even representative of what you’d see in Sweden. I was recently watching a video on youtube of a guy who was traveling in Scandinavia and he just took out his camera and walked through the streets of Stockholm. I hardly even saw a non-white to be honest. I mean Sweden looked about as white as Montana from his video. There might be the occasional brown skin guy with a kebab stand or something.

    • That photo is probably from Malmo or some place that is flooded with these refugees. I do not think this radical refugee experiment that Sweden is engaging in is going to work well. There is already good evidence that is not working. It was just a bad idea.

      Those Muslims and Blacks in that photo are not exactly cream of the crop and the symptoms of their less than optimal quality are evident in Swedish society. If they want to take in a few best and brightest Muslims or non-Whites, I am ok with it. The main problem is they are taking in way too many Muslims and incompatible non-Whites and most of these folks are low quality. It’s fucking up as I write this.

  4. Tulio

    And another thing, at the top of that guy’s Twitter feed is a pretty blonde woman that was killed by Muslim who ran over pedestrians in London. I guess showing the photo of a woman that looks like a Barbie doll is done for maximum emotional impact.

    But would this asshole ever show photos of all the Muslims civilians killed by American and UK bombs over the last half century? All so that we can control their resources. These white nationalists make me sick to my stomach. Whites have killed on orders of magnitude more Muslim civilians than the other way around. But because our Western media sanitizes the death and destruction we bring to nations like Iraq and Libya, Westerns scratch their head wondering why these people would ever want vengeance.

    When will this guy also post photos of dead Arab babies killed by Western bombs alongside the picture of that dead blonde? Maybe “diversity” has nothing to do with it but Western foreign policy is the cause. Funny that Singapore is very diverse with tons of Muslims everywhere and has no problem with bombings and violence. Maybe it’s because they mind their business aren’t trying to control other nation’s resources at gunpoint.

    • That guy who posted that is a White nationalist and he is a nasty one too. He’s basically a Nazi. But even Nazis are right sometimes, and I do agree with some of the stuff he is complaining about. The insanity of the modern West is that it is almost illegal to complain about all the stuff he is bitching about, so consequently on the people who do not give a fuck the most of all are writing about it – in other words, Nazis, White Supremacists and other fucktards. The idea is that if you are a decent person you cannot talk about any of these things and if you think any of these are real issues, you must be a White Supremacist Nazi.

      You see what they are doing? People are getting shoved into nutty Right and nutty Left. Hate SJW’s and the Cultural Left? Fine, you get shoved into the insane Trumptard Right along with White Supremacists, Nazis and all sorts of other shits. Want to join the sane people on the liberal-Left? Well, first you have to agree with the whole Cultural Left Freakshow, even as it gets more insane and extreme every year. Don’t agree? Fine, they throw you out and order you to join the Trumptards. There’s literally no middle for anti-Cultural Left liberals like you, Tulio.

      That’s why we made the Alt Left – so normal people could complain about some of this stuff without being labeled Nazis, etc.

      PS One of the largest Alt Left wings is now run by a Black guy. Almost the whole Alt Left has rejected even mild race realism, so the Alt Left is bailing on the whole race thing. The Alt Left now is just anti-Cultural Left liberals and Leftists, which might be up your alley.

      I would love to see a Black Alt Left faction form. It would be interesting what they would talk about. I’m not opposed to factions as long as we agree on basic stuff. My original idea was “everyone form your own wing.”

      • Jason Y

        A person showing compassion in the right wing is a pussy (cuck) and a person showing rationality on the left is a Nazi. What has this world come to?

      • Matt

        Very few blacks I’ve met have any patience with cultural left insanity. Most are too culturally conservative for me, if anything. I would really love to see these internal contradictions come to the fore in a big way.

    • Not a whole lot of love between Chinese, Hindus and Malay Muslims in either Singapore or Malaysia. The Chinese and the Malay Muslims pretty much hate each other in both places. And there are rising frictions between Hindus and Chinese in Singapore due to Hindu 1-B mass importation of cheap Hindu labor for the tech industry, which the Hindus are destroying of course just like they destroy every tech industry in every country that they infest.

      That said, I agree with you. Apparently only White lives matter. This is what I always hated about this tribalism crap. They were always running around screaming about Black violence – which I don’t mind and I feel it is something to scream about. However, the only thing that bothered them about Black violence was that some of it was directed at Whites.

      This always pained me. For the life of me, I do not see why it is any worse when Black violence targets a good White person as when it targets a good Black person. Why should I have LESS sympathy for a Black woman or even man ruined by Black violence. A feel no less solidarity with a good Black victim of Black violence than with a good White victim.

      Really Blacks get nuked by Black violence. 89% of Black homicides are directed at other Blacks. Blacks are 13% of the population, but Black killers kill Blacks 89% of the time. Blacks are obviously overselecting their own kind by a massive amount and they are dramatically under-selecting White and other non-Black victims to an incredible degree.

      On the other hand, most White Nationalists are isolationists and they have opposed almost all of these neoconservative wars in the Middle East. They think all of these wars are just for the Jews, and to a great extent, they are correct. I think we should call all of those wars Wars for the Jews.

      • Greg Rambo

        Should the U.S. only accept immigrants from white European countries? That appears to be Trumps’ basic point. He feels that the reason America has gone downhill is because it has accepted too many non-white immigrants. It would be interesting to get the comments of the general public at large, pro or con.

        • Look, my attitude is that I want high quality immigrants from any country. I am supposed to oppose some Kenyan guy with a Master’s Degree (that’s almost the typical Kenyan immigrant) because he’s not White?! Screw that. People do not realize how selective we are with African immigration. Our African immigration is already somewhat racist in the sense that we only want the best of the best coming in here, and we may not demand so much from other places. That’s just fine with me!

          Let me give you an example. Nigeria is pretty much the shithole of the whole world, if not the whole universe. There are huge lines to try to get a US VISA and Nigerians try all sorts of scammy shit like marrying a White woman to get in. We reject over 98% of prospective Nigerian immigrants outright. I have met four Nigerian immigrants. Two were university students – one was in school to be a nurse. The other’s parents were school principals in Nigeria. The two others I met were Physician’s Assistants with Master’s Degrees, very competent folks.

        • Tulio

          Why would whites from other Western nations want to come here? They’d have to be crazy. In their own countries they have universal healthcare, more even wealthy distribution, generous work-life balance and vacation pay(a full month paid in some places), child leave, no mass shooting every week, no Mercers and Kochs buying off their government, little poverty, better environmental regulations, less wars, better schools for their kids and often debt free university. There is absolutely nothing here that would draw whites from other Western countries, maybe with the exception of some rich people want to take advantage of our neoliberal-friendly business environment.

        • Tulio

          Good article. I had no idea that the first Norwegian immigrants to the US fared so poorly.

        • Jason Y

          I’m a little cynical on the issue of high-quality refugees. When I was in South Korea, obviously, I was thrown into the “losers who can’t make it back home crowd” – and it hurts too. Anyway, note their definition of a loser is often people thrown into their corrupt system – which they created.

          Anyway, as Trash noted, most of the immigrants all thru history were not cream of the crop. I mean, the cream of the crop often don’t want to leave – with the exception of maybe some Indian doctors.

        • Jason Y

          Koreans. They bitch about drunk foreigners – yet they totally drag them into their drinking culture. They bitch about low-quality, but they have no standards of entry – nor training to make up for the deficit.

        • Jason Y

          True, Norway was a dump when it was the most attractive to leave it – something idiots like Trump cannot comprehend.

        • Jason Y

          According to Ep-gah, Korea is this macho culture which in a Darwinian fashion weeds out all the pussies and morons. But in reality, that’s not the case. Instead, they just set up people for gladiator ring where nobody can survive. So the person surviving isn’t competent – probably just lucky – possibly because they come from a nation Koreans like and a race Koreans like.

        • Jason Y

          Thru US history, a vast majority of native-born have always hated immigrants and have always denied there was discrimination against them – much as in South Korea now. Instead, they claim they are going after the cream of the crop but for various unfortunate reasons they have to accept morons – and they praise the few immigrants who survive as being competent – when in reality, probably corrupt reasons granted them favor.

          Finally, in the mess of all this, the immigrant can’t complain or he is weak, a cunt, and should go home.

  5. TRASH 2

    ROBERT Children of Norwegian Immigrants

    David Soul (Solberg) STARSKY AND HUTCH

    Walter Mondale

    Marilyn Monroe’s father

    Lance Henricksen (Father)

    Robert Mitchum (Mother, father an immigrant from Ireland)

    • Jason Y

      True, and their ancestors came when Norway was a dump.

      • TRASH 2

        David “Hutch” Soul is your typical Midwestern Norwegian. A big, burly, scowling, hard-drinking, icy-eyed, distant, reserved blonde guy.

        Lance Henricksen too. Every word that he speaks seems to come out reluctantly.

      • TRASH 2

        Norwegians came to the United States in the 1920’s through the 1940’s. When I was growing up in Michigan the few “old timers” were still around from Norway.

        It was like Russia before the discovery of oil. A frigid backwater.

        Anyhow you cannot find many in the South. A white from South of Dixie assumes everybody is British with a little “injun” in them.

        • Jason Y

          Ironically, genetic tests (on my cousin, uncle) showed we aren’t Amerinidan, only German. However, my pop looks too much like one – so I’d say there was some error. However, those tests might be right with other southerners who are exaggerating stuff.

  6. Shawn

    Robert most white people (including myself) are not racist. Most white people don’t hate non-whites or believe whites are superior over non-whites.

    However at the same time I’m sure most whites (including thyself) don’t want to see whites become a minority in Western nations. This isn’t because whites hate non-whites or anything like that it’s just because whites don’t want to become a minority, feel alienated, and eventually go extinct in their own indigenous homeland. Most whites just want the West (particularly Europe) to remain white just like they would want Africa to remain African, China remain Chinese, India remain Indian, etc. It’s not racism but just a form of self-preservation.

    Sure I don’t agree with those far-right shitheads in general but when it comes to the subject of mass non-white immigration (especially into Europe) they are 100% on point.for not wanting it. However like old the adage goes ‘even a broke clock is right twice a day’.

    • Greg Rambo

      Shawn, as a black guy, I understand where you’re coming from. Unfortunately in the world of today, it’s a very uncomfortable subject to discuss.

    • Greg Rambo

      Shawn, as a black guy, I understand where you’re coming from. Unfortunately in the world of today, it’s a very uncomfortable subject to discuss.

    • Jason Y

      Are these Nazis as angry at robots as with darker people? They should be – considering half or more of the problem is robots.

  7. Jason Y

    I think the photo is one of those “Is the glass half-empty or half-full?” ones. A Nazi sees a nightmare but a hippie sees love and peace.

  8. TRASH 2

    The hippies have always been fairly violent from the Yippies through to the Antifa. That is 45 years of violence and chaos.

    • Jason Y

      Well, Rolling Stone is certainly a cultural left extremist magazine. They hate Trump even a billion times worse than W. Bush.

  9. Jason Y

    Norway Immagrants ??? Shit, almost every black guy would be at the dock wanting to get a trophy wife 😆

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