Welcome to Paris, Crown Jewel of the West


Well, not anymore I guess. Jesus Christ, what a mess. Spengler Reloaded, nearly a century too late.


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10 responses to “Welcome to Paris, Crown Jewel of the West

  1. TRASH 2



    I went to Paris with my parents as a 10 year old in 1984 just for a holiday and it was a clean city.

  2. Shawn

    Truly a genius (((idea))) to import millions of Africans and Muslims into Europe.

    What could go wrong?

  3. Jason Y

    Not all clean societies are good ones. Note, Japan was clean – but it also went on an imperialist rampage murdering millions.

    • The Japs haven’t gone nuts in 70 years. Neither have the Krauts. I would much rather live in a nice, clean society that might go nuts once in a blue moon than live in a society of pure Hell 24-7, 365.

      Paris A used to be a nice, clean city.

      Paris B imported countless useless African “refugees” (mostly fleeing nothing) and they have turned one of the most beautiful cities in the West into a 3rd World shithole.

      Which do you prefer? Paris A or Paris B?

  4. Tulio

    Not sure why you’re promoting this stuff Robert. Look at the comments in that link. A bunch of alt-right, Trumptard supporters. Anyone can selectively post photos of nearly any city and make it look bad or great. Anyone can focus on a small minority of Muslims that commit terrorist acts while ignoring the vast majority who are pretty normal people(I actually am friends with a Muslim Algerian woman who lives in Paris, she’s awesome, and super hot too).

    If Paris was as bad as portrayed by a few selectively handpicked photos, it wouldn’t be one of the most touristed cities in the world. How many people would spend thousands of their hard-earned dollars to visit a place if it was that bad?

    I’m willing to bet most of the Trumptards commenting on that Tweet have never even set foot in France in their life. These are the type of fuckers who probably don’t even own a passport because they’re terrified of the entire planet.

    • Sometimes the conservatives are just right. This isn’t about Muslims in France or even Africans in France. This is about REFUGEES, MOSTLY AFRICAN REFUGEES, in France. I am sure you are aware of the refugee crisis in Europe. Most of these African refugees are simply economic migrants. They are not fleeing any wars or anything like that. They need to go home.

      The refugee crisis is a catastrophe for Europe. It’s just a disaster that’s not working. I don’t know what to do, but this mess is a great big mistake.

      As far as African legal immigrants or citizens in France, that is another subject I am not addressing here. Nor am I addressing North African Muslims in France, most of whom are legal immigrants or actually citizens. That is another matter altogether. North African Muslims didn’t create that mess on the sidewalk. African citizens or legal immigrants didn’t either.

      Let’s get it straight what I am complaining about first, ok?

      And yeah Trumptard scumbags are right about some things. So are White Nationalist scumbags. Hell, Nazis are right about some stuff. Bad people are often right about all sorts of things. Being right about some stuff doesn’t make them not bad.

      You are engaging in fallacious logic here. Ad hominem fallacy = bad people can’t possibly be right because they are bad.

      • Tulio

        Okay gotcha. Yes, if we’re talking about illegal economic migrants, I’m completely opposed that too.

        You know I read a story recently about Magic Johnson and Samuel L. Jackson taking a trip to Italy. They were dressed very casually, you might not have assumed they were celebrities. They were sitting on a park bench next to bags from designer clothing stores. Someone took a picture and it went viral. The caption was that these were two African refugees on welfare spending the money to buy luxury clothes.

        It’s pretty fucked up, but so many Africans have poured into Italy that black American tourists, even rich celebrity ones may seen as refugees. I visited Italy back in 2007 or so and had no problem with racism. I might be afraid to go though ten years later. All those people pouring in from Africa may have made them start to be unwelcome toward us.

        Here is the photo that sparked the outrage:

        • Jackson is smart, and he is one of our finest actors.

          You know who else is smart? Kareem. I figured Kareem Abdul Jabaar was just some dumb basketball player, but I learned more about him.The guy’s basically an intellectual, reads books all the time. I’ve read some stuff he has written too. Nice writing, a true intellectual. He’s underrated as a brainy guy.

          I am also starting to enjoy Ta Nehisi Coats, although he is a bit of a radical. He’s a fine writer, and he’s an excellent thinker. I think he is one of our top intellectuals.

          Of course I have always loved Cornel West. That guy is smart as a machine gun. When he gets that brain going, it’s like “intellectual rap” or even “intellectual jazz.”

          Micheal Eric Dyson is one smart fucker too. Another public intellectual. He has that same machine gun rat a tat tat brain that West has. Sometimes I wonder if there is a “Black intellectual” or even “Black genius” style. If there are racial differences in brain structure (which is not necessarily a bad thing), Black geniuses may tend to have a certain style that White geniuses don’t have.

          I have already noticed a difference with very bright women. Some of them seem have what I call “the female genius” style. It’s quite different from the male genius. It’s almost like a free flowing stream of consciousness like a river. It’s also absolutely brilliant and it relies a lot on emotion. I also think there is a female genius you see in some female singers and actresses. Strong reliance on emotion. Check out Marianne Faithful from her early days all the way to later in life. That’s the Female Genius for you. Nico is another great and similar example.

          Laurie Alexander almost seems like a male genius in a female body. She sure is brilliant though.

      • Halal Butcher of Lhasa

        I just checked Ethiopia population reaches 1.05 billion and at present rate could double in another 30 yrs. Its more a semite nation than a ‘negroid’ one and its a stern Christian civilization mentioned in the Book of Genesis. If might make a slight dent on their demographic pressure if say 10% or 105 millions move to Europe.

      • Halal Butcher of Lhasa

        Bob, my mistake: The Ethiopia population now is 105 millions, not 1050 millions. 10% would be 10.5 millions

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