Teach Your Children Well


It is important for even very young children to be exposed to a wide range of sexual diversity. This young child is learning about the fascinating, normal, healthy, non-perverted lives of gay men. It is good to expose children to this as early as possible so they can decide to be gay like this gay Dogman, or bisexual, or pansexual, or God forbid, straight. Well, we hope they don’t choose the last one because that’s no fun! After they choose a sexual orientation (hopefully a really cool, non-straight one!), the child can decide to whether it is a boy, a girl, both, or neither! Maybe the child will decide to be a dog like this normal, healthy, sane, well-adjusted gay man in the photo! It’s a new world! You can be anything you want! Maybe you could decide to be an attack helicopter! Wouldn’t that be cool, kids?


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6 responses to “Teach Your Children Well

  1. TRASH 2



    Why don’t people face up to the fact that homosexual buggery is dirty and spreads diseases (Or for that matter any sort of buggery) or that homosexual women who share sex toys often pass around certain STD’s?

    It is a fact that a homosexual society will be full males spreading dick-pathogen borne anal parasites and women will walk around scratching their crotch from infections as a result of 10 lesbian women sharing the same vibrator.

    Also let us face the fact that homosexual relationships are often about power and control and dominance. As the picture indicates.

    • Halal Butcher of Lhasa

      2 ways to look at it:

      — As I said, homosexuality has become a religion:


      — Humanity is at a crossroads and might evolve into something quite different, like pansexual cyborgs with multiple body existences, on and off planet, and might even have a unified mental existence. If the latter part could happen, with further advances in relativistic physics, humanity will become GOD. As I mentioned before, GOD is a hermaphrodite. Just what’s the fun of being an omnipotent GOD if choice of gender is not available to ‘Him.’

    • Jason Y

      Trash, you hypocrite !! No offense, but you used to praise gays – saying they were crime-free and a model for society. Do you want me to bring up where you said that?

  2. Jason Y

    Oh, he’s probably just a punk rocker 😆

    But let’s also take note he chooses to act this way. The poor fat girl mocked in another post did not choose anything. Also, people of a different race didn’t choose how they look.

  3. Jason Y

    I am of the opinion that kids should be raised traditionally unitl it’s very clear they are gay or some other weird thing. Any, though, the real fuss is over Big Brother control, something both fascists, liberals, and Communists are all into.

    So if the family isn’t raising the kids, the government will, and that’s what they want – so who knows what evil the state will indoctrinate kids into, evils like: racism, homosexual acceptance, war-like patriotism etc..

    • The problem with everything is Big Government?! Wtf is wrong with you, Jason? And how to liberals want Big Brother? That’s the last thing we want.

      Rightwingers have been saying LET THE FAMILIES DO IT for as long as time. I got some news for you, pal. It doesn’t work!

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