Sticky: Christmas Fund Drive for Beyond Highbrow

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Sorry I have not been writing recently, but I had a setback and I have been very down over it. I sincerely hope you all had a great Christmas because I sure did not, sorry to say.

You see, right before Christmas, my car broke down again. Yes, I know. We bought that car for $800 and put a used transmission with 70,000 miles on it because it needed a new transmission. Ended up sinking a total of $4,000 into the thing  just to get it running and actually a total of $9,000 all told since I bought it. So I paid $9,000 to purchase the car and drive it for a year is what it boils down to. Well the transmission was probably bad from the very start based on some noises and it only lasted 10,000 miles before it blew right before Christmas. I have $1,000 to fix it but I may well need more than that. With the $1,000, I could buy and install another used one, but I already did that, and I would not do it again if I could avoid it.

Last Christmas, I did a fund drive, and I got $450. I’m hoping I can get around that this time.

I haven’t been writing because I have been so down, and the past couple of days, the stuff I wanted to write was pretty negative and did not seem to be in the Christmas spirit, so I decided to spare you. But all of this time, I have been working, mostly on my piece on the Chinese languages, which is now up to 142 pages. I’ve added another 57 pages just recently.

The writing is very slow-going because for each new page you add, it seems like you subtract one because I am constantly going through it and rewriting it and cutting stuff out. Furthermore, it’s hard to add much data to it because I really know very little about the subject off the top of my head, and just about everything I write in there is a result of research done concurrently with the writing. It’s more or less of a continuous rewrite.

One of the world’s top Sinologists is encouraging me on this project and he has also been helping me on it a bit. He’s sort of the impetus that keeps me going. Sorry but I can’t give you his name as I don’t want all my haters to associate him with me.

Even when I am dead down and out, I usually still do some sort of productive work. Even when I am dead depressed, I still feel like I need to do something productive. If I am not being productive in some way, I feel like a real piece of crap. Must be that work ethic I got brought up with. In the past few days, I have been writing most of my waking hours. Also most of the current news out there seems so horribly depressing that  rather than write about it or even read about it, I can go off and write about Chinese languages, and it doesn’t depress me one bit.

By donating to the site, you not only keep the blog going but you are also contributing to by far the finest sleuthing forum for the Delphi Murders anywhere on the web. There are ~10,000 comments on the forum now and a vast trove of photographs about the crime.

Yes! Send Bob a Christmas present to cheer him up and support the great work of his sleuths on the Delphi Murders case..



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20 responses to “Sticky: Christmas Fund Drive for Beyond Highbrow

  1. I will donate, however, in all seriousness how did you put 9k into a car that cost less than 10% of that?

    • The car was not running at all when I first bought it for $800. It took almost $4,000 just to get it running at all. Needed all kinds of stuff. Then in the first 10,000 miles, all sorts of stuff broke. The engine blew pretty quickly, so I had to put a whole new engine in. And a lot of old stuff broke. Bought car with 225,000 miles on it.

  2. Hey Robert! What about Trump Jerusalem move.

  3. just a quick note. find an old 90 something buick lesabre, they run forever

  4. TRASH 2



    You are a psychotherapist (You’ve mentioned your clients) and I presume your hourly rates are quite high. My presumption is that you probably also worked with Special Ed kids in the public school system as child psychologist of some sort.

    For middle-class Americans getting to be my age (40 and above) this capitalist 1% system is really screwing us in middle age. I of course had (No choice unless I wanted to work for minimum in Detroit) to spend my working years overseas.

    When I actually look at the reality of the US economic situation (Worsened by what Trump’s tax shit is going to do to pensions and social security) I realize the situation we are in.

    1) Most of us are going to die in poverty if we live to be 100 which looks like it will become the average for people born after 1955. There is no way the people robbing Peter to pay Paul in our tax system are going to let us enjoy the sort of autumnal years my grandparents did (Which was not that great but comfortable considering they arrived penniless from Europe as kids)>

    2) Those of us who remember a middle-class society are going to age in a society full of pissed off single parent feral young people from pretty much every ethnic group. It seems unfair that I always practiced birth control so that I could go into middle age surrounded by the children of people who made me pay for it and will repay me with a bunch of disadvantaged feral young people raised in single-parent environments by women whose orgasms make a trip to the corner store after dark a dangerous proposition.

    3) I lived to see every other country accept the fact that “trickle-down” economics do not work and low minimum wage did not create jobs but rather a load of people who work 8 hours a day and then go home to the homeless shelter because the stupid fucking rural whites believe that some Jewish collectivist alcoholic slut named Rand wrote a Torah of economics.

    At 43 in Asia my Christmas was a special trip to the one US fast food franchise 40 km away from my house.

    • I am a peer counselor. I can’t call myself psychotherapist or therapist as I lack the degrees, credentials, licenses, etc. But my work is not that different. Because I lack all of those things, I cannot charge high rates. My rates vary from $20-50/hour.

    • Jason Y

      Speaking of Rand, what’s your all take on society being full of moochers, government bureaucrats stealing from the talented and/or hardworking class? That was her idea.

      Anyway, if Communists took all her family property, then wouldn’t she have a right to be resentful?

      • TRASH 2

        JASON Y

        We are so far into the late stages of techno-industrial capitalism that this argument is like unions.

        And still with a surplus population.

    • Jason Y

      Trump has a tax cut, not in power, but do you guys think it will work? Obviously, not, but why? Anyway, my take is that the economy is going down faster than Monica Lewenski – whether we like it or not. I mean, as I was reading, how can the economy recover, regardless of what party, when the spenders are dying off. It’s like Japan in 1990.

    • Anon

      Us millenials are even more screwed. It seems you need a phd in astrophysics just to get a basic middle class job. And even if you have a job, you have to be a “rockstar” at it because there’s countless slaves ready to take your place.

      The answer is minimalism.

      • TRASH 2


        “Minimalism”. Yes, poor people have a degree in this. The problem is the components of minimalism which include a) living in a bad area full of criminals b) possibly being the wrong color c) having a lowly paid job means that you will end up a pauper in old age d) at the end of it if you have not paid for a house nobody cares if you are in the road…and a myriad of other woes.

      • TRASH 2

        “The answer is minimalism”

        That works in the Philippines, India or the rest of the Third world.

        “Countless slaves to take your place”

        See the Third World.

    • ELD

      Do you believe that Ayn Rand actually collected social security and medicare when she became ill…even though she railed against it for the rest of us? Go figure! I guess it was a good enough institution for her to take advantage of when needed.

  5. Jason Y

    I don’t think Trash has looked into all options. You can always make money blogging – and if really ambitious, you can write your own blog. Anyway, it’s not hard to learn how to do.

    • TRASH 2

      JASON Y

      I wrote for newspapers and later magazines in the 1990’s and early 2000’s when I was young.

      Making $10 (Or week) with a blog is hardly a “job”. It is not even a hobby that pays for itself. It is a labor of love.

  6. Greg Rambo

    Let’s get Mr Musk to donate a new car to Rob. He can afford it plus, Highbrow has given him a lot of free publicity (whether he likes it or not). All in favor?

  7. Greg Rambo

    Let’s get Mr Musk to donate a new car to Rob. He can afford it plus, Highbrow has given him a lot of free publicity (whether he likes it or not). All in favor?

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